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McConnell delays August recess to complete work on health-care bill, other issues

Senate delays recess until third week of August as health-care disagreements linger

Healthcare disagreements roil U.S. Senate Republicans

The Health 202: Cruz picks government health care subsidies as lesser of two evils

Senate GOP health bill preserves Medicaid. The math proves it.

Senate GOP tries healthcare do-over

Defunding Planned Parenthood could overwhelm other clinics, leave women with few options

Senate Democrats seek new allies in effort to scuttle Obamacare overhaul: Republican governors

The Memo: Russian cloud casts new shadow over GOP agenda

Republicans have no idea what to say about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer

GOP senator: I need 'a complete overhaul to get to a yes' of the health care bill

This week: Crunch time for Senate’s ObamaCare repeal bill

GOP Health care bill on the brink (again)

Republicans debate Plan B if ObamaCare repeal fails

GOP governors to party’s senators: Do no harm to health care

Utah would have 72 percent more uninsured under Senate Republican health care bill, compared to Obamacare, study finds

Meet the faces of Medicaid in Colorado, where one in five people receives government health benefits 

Four scenarios that could doom Senate Republicans’ health-care bill (again)

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Trump is empowering Putin 

Trump's tweets about Putin not going over well with Republicans

Trump wall moves to center of shutdown fight

Trump largely absent in final health care sprint

Republicans increasingly uncertain of a legislative victory before August

Cruz points to 'steady progress' on healthcare bill

US Senator McCain says Republican healthcare bill likely dead

2 GOP senators suggest bill to repeal health care law 'dead'

Senate Republicans head back to work with no health-care deal

GOP senator warns colleagues: Don't mix tax reform and healthcare reform 

GOP faces critical month for budget 

Senate GOP and White House plan final, urgent blitz to pass health-care law

GOP pessimism rising on ObamaCare repeal

White House 'surprised' by McConnell's talk of bipartisan health care approach

Republicans thought they could force 2018 Democrats to cut deals, but Trump keeps sliding in polls

McConnell signals doubts about ObamaCare vote

McConnell says GOP must shore up ACA insurance markets if Senate bill dies

Conservative warns McConnell to not give up on ObamaCare repeal

Why Ted Cruz faced off with a ‘dirty’ liberal and other health-care opponents this week

A town hall in Kansas shows Republican struggles with health-care bill

Chaffetz uses first appearance as Fox News contributor to deride GOP fumble on health care 

Brooks and Marcus on Trump meeting Putin, Republicans diverging on health care

Sen. Ron Johnson: 'Avalanche of media leaks' threatens national security

GOP tensions rise over Cruz proposal

Right threatens McConnell's Obamacare repeal

Republicans Are Drunk on Repealing Taxes and Regulations 

One reason the GOP health bill is a mess: No one thought Trump would win

Republican Rep. Steve Scalise, who was wounded in June shooting, undergoes surgery for infection, remains in serious condition

Questions linger even after Paul Ryan holds town hall meeting

Speaker Paul Ryan calls North Korea 'No. 1' foreign policy concern

Rep. Scalise is readmitted to MedStar Intensive Care as doctors feared new dangers

Pressure on McConnell to deliver ObamaCare repeal

Cruz plan could be key to unlocking healthcare votes

Activist groups to protest Senate health care bill on Roebling Bridge

The GOP healthcare plan just got more brutal poll results

Tax breaks promised in GOP health plans go mostly to top 1 percent

The Five Charts You Need to See on the Republican “Health Care” Bill

Do Senate Republicans have a Trump recruiting problem?
 (Part 2)

Constituents lobby GOP senators on healthcare at July Fourth celebrations 

At parades and protests, GOP lawmakers get earful about health care

The Finance 202: Looming beyond the health-care fight is a GOP deadlock over the budget

6 Ways the New GOP Health Care Bill Will Waste at Least $10 Billion a Year

Five changes GOP might make to healthcare bill 

On July 4 visit to Kabul, GOP senators say U.S. needs to win in Afghanistan

Here's where Republicans' health care plans stand

In rural Maine, fear of GOP Medicaid cuts runs deep

Meet the 6 governors leading the charge against the Senate health plan

How Badly Trumpcare Will Hurt States With Republican Senators and How To Contact Them

Senate Republicans Have Asked CBO to Score 2 Versions of Revised Health-Care Bill: Report 

The Trumpcare Fight Shows Mitch McConnell Knows Just How Overrated He Is 

GOP leaders have few sure votes on debt ceiling

Congress is cool to Trump’s proposal to end heating aid

Immigration battle shifts to Senate, testing Dems

Senate GOP pressures budget refs for better score on ObamaCare replacement

Senators Debate the Future of Healthcare: Medicaid for All?

Sasse: Cancel August work period if GOP can't replace ObamaCare

Lee on healthcare: Lumping too much into one bill dooms its chances

Rand Paul: 'I don't think we're getting anywhere with the bill we have'

Gov. John Kasich on the Senate health care bill

Price: Trump can 'do more than one thing at a time'

As GOP struggles with health care, Democrats forge ties with ‘resistance’

Lawmakers: Chaffetz has a point on housing stipend

GOP Leaders Notably Silent As Trump Tweet Endorses Violence Against Journalists


NJ Politics Digest: First Shutdown in 11 Years

GOP bill would let churches endorse political candidates

GOP’s latest worry: White House turmoil dividing Trump, Pence staffs

GOP lawmakers urge party leaders to cancel August recess

Surprise war vote points to shift in GOP

Trump, GOP lawmakers struggle with messaging

Republican Health Care Bills Defy the Party’s Own Ideology

Republicans grow increasingly anxious about heading home without a health plan

Ted Cruz is pushing for an addition to the Senate healthcare bill that could kill it

See which states would be hit hardest by the Senate’s Obamacare repeal bill

CBO: No, seriously, the Senate bill cuts Medicaid spending

Mitch McConnell, America’s No. 1 obstructionist, is trying to make big things happen

In surprising rebuke to Trump, GOP committee votes to repeal authorization for use of military force

The Memo: New GOP angst over Trump tweets

GOP’s message to Trump: Please stop

After Trump’s harsh tweets, Hatch says we all need to be ‘responsible for our speech’

While Trump was tweeting about Mika, Congress gave him a win on sanctuary cities

‘Honor our contract’: Lawmakers press Trump not to deport foreign-born military recruits

Shields and Brooks on GOP’s health care bill gridlock, Trump tweet backlash

Why is it so hard for Republicans to pass a health-care bill?

How the push for a Senate health-care vote fell apart amid GOP tensions

GOP leaders prepared to make big boost to healthcare innovation fund

GOP scrambles to win centrist votes on ObamaCare repeal

GOP health-care debate turns to stark question: help vulnerable Americans, or help the rich?

If these two Republicans can’t agree, the Senate can’t pass its health-care bill

Grassley says he won't take stance on health-reform bill while it's a work in progress

Thousands of Utahns sign petition, urge Hatch, Lee to oppose GOP health care bill

Disabled protesters arrested at Sen. Cory Gardner’s Denver office after 2-day sit-in

Healthcare wish lists: What moderates, conservatives want

Unresolved issues, very little time for Senate GOP

What you need to know about preexisting conditions in the Senate GOP health plan

Medicaid becomes big threat to GOP’s healthcare revival

Senate bill would cut Medicaid spending 35 percent in 2036: budget analyst

'I Didn't Come Here to Hurt People': Republican Senator

Kasich: People are 'fed up' with partisanship

As Affordable Care Act Repeal Teeters, Prospects for Bipartisanship Build

Senate passes deal to advance Russia sanctions bill

Senate Intelligence committee will see the Comey memos

GOP operative tried to get Clinton emails from hackers, claimed ties to Flynn

House passes 'Kate's Law' and bill targeting sanctuary cities

GOP lawmakers blast Trump's 'Morning Joe' tweets 

McCain: Trump's MSNBC Remarks Are 'Beneath the Dignity of the White House'

Trump's attack on MSNBC host sparks uproar

Despite GOP pledges, health care remains in limbo

GOP infighting erupts over healthcare bill 

‘Repeal and replace’ was once a unifier for the GOP. Now it’s an albatross.

Who’s afraid of Trump? Not enough Republicans — at least for now.

Rand Paul released a list of demands for the Senate health care bill, and it shows why it might be impossible to pass

McConnell is trying to revise the Senate health-care bill by Friday

The Daily 202: Secrecy backfires on Mitch McConnell as Senate health-care bill teeters

GOP senators mull cutting tax break for wealthy

Senate GOP focuses on insurance premiums, but would health plans be affordable?

The dirty little secret of the GOP’s health care push: Not even Republicans are demanding this

How Health Costs Would Soar for Older Americans Under the Senate Plan

The GOP health-care plan threatens to kill jobs nationwide

AARP to Sens: We're Watching, Don't Vote for GOP Health Bill

Veterans need Medicaid too — and are speaking out against GOP health care bill

Poll: Just 17 Percent Of Americans Support The GOP Senate Health Care Bill

Poll: Majority prefer Obamacare over Senate GOP health care bill

Why the Senate’s health-care plan wouldn’t work in the real world

Forget Obamacare, here's the real health-care crisis D.C. needs to fix

How Republican governors could kill the GOP’s health-care bill

GOP governors could help bring down Senate health bill

GOP-controlled House subcommittees reject Trump budget cuts

Facing revolt on health care bill, U.S. Senate Republicans delay vote

Facing GOP opposition, Senate leaders postpone vote to overhaul Obamacare

Mitch McConnell is forced to delay vote on Senate GOP health-care bill as several members oppose plan

Facing GOP opposition, Senate leaders postpone vote to overhaul Obamacare

McConnell delays vote on health care bill until after July 4 recess

Behind closed doors, tensions in the GOP

Susan Collins says she doesn’t support GOP health bill

Heller under siege, even before healthcare

This is why so many Republicans are ready to ignore public opinion on health care

House Speaker Paul Ryan defends the Senate Republican health care plan

Senate GOP health-care bill's tax cuts would be a big boon for the rich, analysis says

Senate GOP's proposed Medicaid cuts would slash aid for special needs kids

Senate bill to repeal Obamacare won't reduce the cost of health insurance

Tip for saving money under the Senate health-care bill: Don’t be old

The CBO Score Proves It: This Healthcare Bill Is a Con

House budget deal held up on mandatory spending snag

The Senate wants tough new sanctions against Russia, but key U.S. allies are furious. Here’s why.

Susan Collins: Trump hasn't learned how to work with Congress 

Republican senator to block arms sales over Qatar crisis

The Trump-McConnell bond is being tested. So is the GOP agenda.

Read the CBO report on the impact of Senate Republicans' health care bill

22 million fewer Americans insured under Senate GOP bill

Three numbers to understand the CBO report on Senate Republicans’ health-care bill

New CBO analysis imperils GOP ObamaCare repeal

Senate GOP health-care bill appears in deeper trouble following new CBO report

The Senate’s health-care bill is going to be a politically difficult sell, in four charts

The GOP’s health care push is both highly misleading and remarkably un-conservative

McConnell allies confident in healthcare win

Rival Senate factions push competing agendas as healthcare measure hangs in balance

GOP’s message on ObamaCare is us versus them

Senate GOP updates health care bill to include 6-month lockout for uninsured 

The Republicans’ health-care cuts would affect 62% of the Americans in nursing homes

Senate Republicans just released a significant change to their healthcare bill

As Senate dithers on health-care bill, here's how states are edging closer to single-payer

GOP senators call for more time to debate, change health care bill

Senate Republicans reluctant to rush vote on healthcare bill

Here's where Republican senators stand on the health care bill

Senate health-care bill faces serious resistance from GOP moderates

Senate Republicans face key week as more lawmakers waver in support for health-care bill

GOP sen: 'We should not be voting' on healthcare this week

Collins: 'It's hard for me to see the bill passing this week'

Rand Paul: 'If you offer me a 90 percent repeal, I'd probably vote for it'

GOP senator on healthcare bill: 'Right now I am undecided'

Price: 'Thin needle to thread' to get lawmakers to support healthcare bill

Kasich on Senate GOP healthcare bill: 'I am against it'

Healthcare bill 'not the last step' to repealing ObamaCare, Republican says

The Republican tax-reform plan isn’t reform at all

GOP Push for 20-Year Tax Cut Grows as Ryan Seeks Permanent Fix

The Memo: GOP pushes Trump to curb Mueller attacks

With five holdouts on health-care bill, McConnell is in for a final frenzy of negotiation

Ernst isn't ready to take stance on controversial health care bill

Trump reaches out to lawmakers on healthcare as another says 'no'

Trump joins the effort to pass a health-care bill, but another GOP senator is opposed

Opioid crisis threatens GOP ObamaCare repeal

GOP at decisive moment on Planned Parenthood

In health-care bill, two prized Republican goals converge

Meadows: Senate bill lacks conservative support to pass House

Koch chief says health care bill insufficiently conservative

How the GOP health care bills help the rich

Freshman GOP rep calls for Mueller recusal from Russia probe

U.S. Rep. Scalise, wounded in Virginia shooting, is out of ICU 

Senate GOP plan to replace Obamacare complete text

The Senate’s health-care bill could be in trouble

Senate health-care bill holdouts need to push for 3 key changes

Dean Heller of Nevada becomes fifth GOP senator to come out against health-care bill

Republican Senator Dean Heller opposes health care bill

Utah’s Lee, three other GOP senators could doom the Senate Republican health care bill

Grassley, Ernst signal receptiveness to health bill, but they aren't firm 'yes' votes yet

Where Senators Stand on the Health Care Bill 

McConnell’s Calculation May Be That He Still Wins by Losing

The Senate health bill would hugely roll back women's health care

Planned Parenthood Battle Could Sway Fortunes of G.O.P. Health Bill

Shifting Dollars From Poor to Rich Is a Key Part of the Senate Health Bill

Another day, another poll showing how deeply unpopular the GOP health-care bill is

Shields and Brooks on the Senate health care bill unveiled, Trump’s tape clarification

We've introduced legislation that will help the US keep its competitive edge

The GOP's trillion dollar tax problem

Senate GOP finally unveils secret health care bill; currently lacks votes to pass

Live coverage: Senate GOP unveils its ObamaCare repeal bill

Here are the details of Senate Republican Obamacare replacement bill

Read The Full Text Of The Senate Health Care Bill

We finally know what’s going to be in the Senate version of Trumpcare — and it’s not pretty

Four GOP senators will not support current Obamacare replacement, push for changes

Four GOP senators oppose Senate health-care measure in its current form

The Hill's Whip List: Senate ObamaCare repeal bill

Sen. Cory Gardner should demand more transparency on health care bill

Rocky rollout for Senate healthcare bill

GOP opposition imperils Senate health care bill

Some GOP senators expected to oppose health care proposal

Senate GOP releases ObamaCare repeal bill with deep cuts to Medicaid

The Senate Puts Medicaid on the Chopping Block

Abortion Adds Obstacle as Republicans Plan to Unveil Health Bill

McConnell courts GOP centrists for health bill

Capitol Police forcibly remove health care protesters outside Mitch McConnell's office

Senate Republicans’ claim of saving individual health insurance markets could prove hollow

What the Senate bill changes about Obamacare

Five things to watch in Senate GOP’s ObamaCare repeal bill

Here's what didn't change in the Senate's health care bill: $1 trillion in tax cuts

Wounded GOP Rep. Steve Scalise's condition improves to fair

Republicans are thrilled by their victory in Georgia, but the celebration may be brief

Republicans claim a big victory — and Trump promptly exaggerates it

GOP victories give Trump agenda a little breathing room

The Health 202: McConnell places all his chips on health care gambit

WATCH: McConnell signals Senate GOP will jam through Trumpcare after a few hours of debate

GOP hits the gas on ObamaCare repeal

Republicans who decried Obamacare secrecy now writing legislation in secret

Senate health-care draft repeals Obamacare taxes, provides bigger subsidies for low-income Americans than House bill

After weeks of secrecy, US Senate to unveil health-care bill

Senate Republicans criticize own party’s healthcare process

G.O.P. Rift Over Medicaid and Opioids Imperils Senate Health Bill

G.O.P. Health Plan Is Really a Rollback of Medicaid

Senate Republicans set to release health-care bill, but divisions remain

The Big Lie Republicans Are Using To Defend Their Secret Health Care Bill

Senate to White House on health care: No Trump, please

Abortion language may be cut from Senate ObamaCare bill

This short interview shows exactly why the Senate is keeping its health care bill secret

Republican Karen Handel defeats Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia special election

Republicans hang on to House seat in key Georgia election

GOP hangs on to South Carolina House seat

Senate GOP speeding towards health care vote next Thursday

Senate GOP leaders will present health bill this week, even as divisions flare

McConnell: Healthcare bill to be revealed Thursday


Susan Collins won’t back down on health care

These GOP lawmakers are pushing for more gun rights after baseball shooting

Senate Judiciary Committee Will Probe Trump for Obstruction

GOP considers canceling August recess to salvage agenda

Yes, Mitch McConnell’s secretive lawmaking is really unusual — in these 4 ways

Gaze in Awe at What Mitch McConnell Hath Wrought

The Not-So-Secret Truth About the Senate GOP’s Secret Health Care Bill

This week: Senate plots path on healthcare

Moderates may lose a major fight on Medicaid

Juan Williams: GOP fumbles on healthcare

Republicans debating remedies for corporate tax avoidance

Trey Gowdy now has the House Oversight gavel. But will he investigate Trump?

Chaffetz: On transparency, not much difference between Trump, Obama administrations

A Republican voter data firm likely exposed your personal information for days — and you don't have much recourse

New ad campaign to pressure five GOP senators to vote against health-care overhaul

ObamaCare: Six key parts of the Senate bill

GOP rep: Let Mueller do his job

Senate GOP shifts focus to Lynch

Help wanted: Why Republicans won’t work for the Trump administration

Many GOP officials reportedly worry working for Trump will damage their reps

Republicans divided as Trump reverses some Obama Cuba policy

Key GOP senators to watch on ObamaCare

GOP Senate leaders aim to bring health-care legislation to the floor by end of June

Senate is straining to pass Obamacare overhaul in next 14 days

Why G.O.P. Senators Are Creating a Health Plan in Secret

Grassley rankles GOP with new Comey investigation

So Congress is challenging the president about sanctions? That has a long history.

GOP Rep. Steve King: Obama partly to blame for climate that led to Scalise shooting

GOP Rep. Mark Sanford: Trump is 'partially' to blame for rhetoric that led to Va. baseball shooting 

The GOP’s fantastically anti-democratic quest to kill health care in the dark

I’ve covered Obamacare since day one. I’ve never seen lying and obstruction like this.

Republicans brush off Trump calling health bill 'mean'

The Republican response to reports of an investigation into Trump, annotated

Senate intel panel to steer clear of Trump obstruction question

It Is Time for Republicans to Tighten Gun Control Legislation 

Virginia Primaries Signal Republicans Even More Divided Than Democrats

Top Republicans Tell Trump: Make Obamacare Work, for Now

How an early morning baseball practice turned into terror for GOP lawmakers

Shooting turned GOP baseball practice into ‘killing field’

Rep. Steve Scalise shot at GOP baseball practice

Capitol Hill shaken by baseball shooting

Scalise 'will require additional operations'

Lawmaker Steve Scalise critically injured in GOP baseball shooting; gunman James T. Hodgkinson dies in custody

U.S. Senate backs legislation to slap new sanctions on Russia, force Trump to ask for Congress' approval to ease them

Senate overwhelmingly votes to curtail Trump’s power to ease Russia sanctions

GOP considers keeping ObamaCare taxes

House GOP leaders blame media for Mueller storm

G.O.P. Senators Might Not Realize It, but Not One State Supports the A.H.C.A.

Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate Comey firing, Clinton email probe

Former RNC chair Ed Gillespie projected to win; Northam wins Democratic gubernatorial primary in Virginia

Senate reaches deal on Russia sanctions

McCain strikes back as Trump’s chief critic

McCain 'very worried' GOP will lose House 

Column If Republicans lose the House, Trump will be impeached

Senate rejects effort to block Saudi arms sale

Insurer exits bolster GOP case for ObamaCare repeal

Health groups want their say on Senate Republicans’ plan

Republicans to Trump: Hands off Mueller

Former Trump critics Romney, McCain and Graham go out of their way to praise president, skip commenting on Comey testimony

GOP senator says Trump’s too incompetent to collude with the Russians

Senate's Obamacare reform bill reportedly due to be finalized Monday night, but no plans to show public yet

Senate GOP reins in expectations for killing Obamacare

Gianforte pleads guilty to assault in incident with reporter

Collins: Trump should give a 'yes or no' on tapes

The Latest: Fellow Republicans press Trump about tapes

GOP senator: Comey 'doesn't strike me as someone who would lie under oath'

GOP senator: Trump should not have discussed Flynn probe with Comey

Lindsey Graham warns Trump not to 'betray democracy'

Graham: Trump could 'go down' because he can't stay quiet

Republicans worry Trump too vocal

McCain says American leadership was better under Obama: report

Gingrich: Congress 'should abolish' special counsel after Comey testimony

GOP senator: Trump 'obviously' not under investigation

Comey fallout weighs on the GOP

Senate GOP sees path to ObamaCare repeal

Conservatives want to restrict abortion so much they’ll endanger their own health care bill

Conservatives say they're losing health care bill fight

House panel demands Trump release Comey 'tapes'

Senators debate bringing in Comey for Round 2

Grassley blasts Trump legal opinion that would cut off Democratic oversight

Away from the national spotlight, GOP guts Wall Street safeguards

Ex-GOP congressman: Ryan would look into impeachment if a Democratic president acted like Trump

Senate Republicans consider keeping parts of Obamacare they once promised to kill

While you focus on Comey, Senate Republicans are launching an audacious plan to pass Trumpcare

Bad news for President Trump: Republicans aren't rushing to his defense

Republicans’ emerging Trump defense: A naif in the Oval Office

Greg Gianforte to plead guilty for assaulting Guardian reporter

Parliamentarian threatens deadly blow to GOP healthcare bill

Exclusive: GOP lawmaker talked stocks with colleagues

Senate push for new Russia sanctions gains momentum

House Tax Policy Chairman Says Trump’s Corporate Tax Rate Is Too Low

Key GOP panel picks Trey Gowdy as next House Oversight chairman

House passes sweeping legislation to roll back banking rules

House passes sweeping bill to strip back financial rules

Lindsey Graham: “Half of what Trump does is not okay”

Fractured Republicans get options on healthcare

Senate Health Bill May Alienate G.O.P. Conservatives

RNC: Trump's firing of Comey was 'the right thing to do' 

Georgia GOP Candidate For U.S. House: 'I Do Not Support A Livable Wage'

Comey tests GOP loyalty to Trump

Trump, GOP plot path for agenda

GOP congressman-elect, still facing court date, files for reelection

Senate GOP eyes July vote on healthcare

Too many cooks threaten GOP healthcare bill

GOP lawmaker blasts Washington Post reporter from House floor

As Trump lashes out, Republicans grow uneasy

Senate Republicans fear ‘train wreck’ in September

GOP running out of time for legislative achievements

Senate returns more pessimistic than ever on healthcare

The Senate's 4 Big Problems With Health Care

GOP senator: Tax reform more likely to come before ObamaCare repeal

GOP senator: Trump can implement extreme vetting without travel ban

GOP senator: Trump's travel ban 'too broad'

Paul Ryan's Montana Misery Continues: Gianforte May Face House Ethics Investigation

Climate deal exposes areas where Israel, Republicans radically depart

Senators want governors involved in health talks

GOP is running out of time, and options, to repeal and replace Obamacare

Republican Sen. Burr pours cold water on GOP health care bill’s chances in 2017

GOP hopes data investment will boost midterm odds

Republicans grapple with Medicaid as lawmakers return to Washington

House Republicans just passed a bill that will change pay for overtime workers



A new reminder of the possible political disaster looming for Republicans on health care

How GOP sabotage is creating an unintended 'Trump tax'

Congress faces tough road to balanced budget

First on CNN: Senators asked Comey to investigate AG Jeff Sessions for possible perjury 


Jack Ciattarelli lays out a plan to fix NJ Transit  Read More: Jack Ciattarelli 

Republicans lower expectations of health care overhaul

Republicans look to fulfill Trump's vow on 'Kate's Law'

House urged to ‘go ugly early’

GOP debt ceiling uncertainty grows

Poll: GOP health bill a far cry from Trump promises

Republicans like Pence better than Trump. That’s unprecedented.

McCain: Trump's Actions Have 'Unsettled' Allies and Americans Alike

Lance Opposes Trump Budget and a Few Other Things

Mitch McConnell vows not to use 'nuclear option' to pass bills in Senate

McConnell juggling diverse demands on Republican health bill

GOP pushes new minimum sentencing laws

Republican US Rep. Lance contrasts with Trump, gets applause

GOP Senator Wants Investigation Of Kushner Family China Deal

How Congress dismantled federal Internet privacy rules

From the Party of Lincoln to the Party of the Body Slam

Five goals for Republicans this summer

GOP leader tempers ObamaCare expectations

Durbin: GOP Should Work With Dems to Save Health Care

Senators locked in turf battle over Russia probes

Graham: It's 'stunning' Comey never told Congress about fake email

Former GOP officials criticize Trump’s NATO approach

Defense hawks gird for budget brawl

GOP leaders launch internal review into leak

Trump family members met with GOP leaders to discuss strategy

House Republicans will not concede they broke a fundamental health-care promise

GOP leaders move to break health care gridlock

Republicans go to battle over pre-existing conditions

The GOP congressional districts that may face the biggest health care backlash

McConnell May Have Been Right: It May Be Too Hard to Replace Obamacare

Senate Intelligence Committee requests Trump campaign documents

The GOP inherits what Trump has wrought

A Republican strategist is now confirmed to have colluded with Russian hackers 

Republican wins Montana election one night after being charged with assault

Hill demands answers on Robert Mueller probe

Senate Intel heads get broad subpoena power in Russia probe

Video: Health-care premiums will increase under the GOP health plan

Senate Republicans have all the evidence they need to reject the House-passed health-care overhaul

GOP health-care bill could cost women $1,000 more per month for 'maternity' insurance coverage — and even more when they have kids

AARP warns Republicans it has 'strong opposition' to Obamacare replacement bill

Top Republican tears up about family after discussing the latest CBO score on the GOP healthcare bill

How the Obamacare repeal could affect your employer insurance

Senate takes lead on Trump’s infrastructure proposal

Border-adjustment tax proposal at death’s door

GOP frustrated by slow pace of Trump staffing

Ryan: GOP House candidate should apologize for altercation with reporter

Republicans blast Montana candidate charged with assaulting reporter

23 million fewer Americans insured under House GOP bill, says CBO

CBO report on the GOP health care bill (full text) 

The three numbers you need to understand the CBO report on Republicans’ health-care bill

New CBO score triggers backlash

Senate feels pressure for summer healthcare vote

GOP senators bristle at Trump's Medicaid cuts

Mitch McConnell sees tough path for passing health-care bill

Republicans’ health-care bill just claimed its first political victim

Republicans give Trump's budget the cold shoulder

GOP congressman rips Mulvaney: Trump's budget 'presumes a Goldilocks economy'

Paul Ryan wants to put tax reform on Trump's desk by Christmas

Republicans in Congress struggle with this question: Do you trust Trump’s judgment?

Paul Ryan: James Comey is not a nut job 

Paul Ryan’s agenda has been a much bigger liability for the GOP than Trump’s scandals

GOP candidate allegedly 'body slams' Guardian reporter


NJ Politics Digest: Christie Defends (But Doesn’t Endorse) Guadagno

Sen. Rand Paul plans to force vote on $110 billion Saudi arms deal

Trump undermines Senate GOP’s Medicaid backers

Divisions emerge in the Senate on pre-existing conditions

Why Trump's budget can't pass Congress

Lawmakers declare President Trump’s budget proposal ‘dead on arrival’

Trump's budget is facing massive blowback in Congress — and Republicans are some of the loudest complainers

A lot of 'red states' would get hit hard by Trump's budget

Trump trip gives GOP a breather

McConnell steps into Obamacare firing line

Frustrated Republicans try to rewrite Congress’ rules

Ryan bucks White House, setting up clash on taxes

Republicans fearing for their safety as anger, threats mount

House panel looks at Trump campaign communications adviser for Russia ties

A GOP congressman from Kentucky wonders: Is ‘this Trump thing’ sustainable?

Senators run into obstacles, consider options on health bill

Rep. Jason Chaffetz says Oversight committee is 'certainly pursuing' Comey documents

Steyn: Republicans Sending a 'Very Dangerous Message' to Their Voters

'It's been a long week': Republicans tire of Trump 'chaos' on Capitol Hill

GOP senator wouldn’t be ‘surprised’ if Comey forced to cancel testimony

Here comes the GOP bloodbath

GOP talks of narrowing ‘blue-slip’ rule for judges

Trump turmoil is spreading far beyond Washington to state and local races

5 questions Congress needs to answer about Trump and Russia

How the GOP Health Care Plan Could Take Another Big Bite Out of Medicaid

Republicans want to talk taxes but can’t, because of Trump-Flynn saga

GOP tries to keep spotlight on taxes

Republicans’ nightmare is starting to come true



Gowdy front-runner to be next Oversight chairman

There's a chance the House might have to vote again on the GOP healthcare bill because of a procedural mistake

GOP lawmaker: Time to do whatever is necessary

Republicans Go Into Hiding As Donald Trump's Scandals Deepen 

Donald Trump’s presidency imploding, Republicans must demand better

The Memo: GOP talk of impeachment highlights Trump’s troubles

House majority leader to colleagues in 2016: “I think Putin pays” Trump

GOP senator: Flynn 'not cooperating' in Russia probe

TV networks can’t find any Republicans willing to defend Trump

John McCain: Throw Turkish ambassador out of US

Why is Jason Chaffetz, who is about to quit Congress, suddenly the face of its investigation into Trump?

Senate Intel panel asks Comey to testify publicly

GOP’s loyalty to party over country will doom us

The Memo: GOP anger at Trump is building

GOP Sen. Thune to Trump: It's up to you to get the 'train back on the track

Republicans’ extreme frustration with Trump, in one congressman’s middle finger

Republicans increasingly call for answers on Comey, Trump conversations

First Republicans talk possibility of impeachment for Trump 

Another Trump crisis craters GOP agenda

Chaffetz: Trump’s sharing of intel with Russia should be probed — by House Intel panel

Cory Gardner on Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian diplomats: “We simply have to have more information.”

GOP nears total exasperation with Trump

Trump undercuts his own administration again, and now the GOP is taking notice

DuHaime: GOP Should Speak Up on Comey

Another GOP Congressman Calls For Special Prosecutor To Probe Russia's Election Meddling

Consternation on Capitol Hill over White House bombshells

Republicans Are the Only Ones Who Can Stop Trump

As Trump’s woes mount, congressional Republicans arrive at a moment of reckoning

House Republican writes letter to constituent's employer complaining about her progressive activism

House GOP not sold on Ryan’s tax reform plan 

Senate battle lines harden in FBI fight

Congress exasperated as White House in 'downward spiral'

Report: GOP Senators Pulling Away From Trump

Why Congress will probably never see Trump’s ‘tapes’ of his conversations with James Comey

Republicans Display a Mix of Defense and Alarm on Trump Allegations

GOP senator: Comey firing 'exacerbates the erosion of trust in our institutions'

Republicans and Democrats agree: If Trump has tapes, he’ll need to turn them over to Congress

GOP senator: Trump needs to 'back off' Russian investigation, stop tweeting

GOP wins in reversing Obama-era rules on guns, environment

Rival Senate healthcare group seeks to make waves

Ryan: 'Planets are aligned' on tax reform

Sens. Mark Warner and Mike Lee on replacing James Comey at the FBI

Comey’s firing jostles Senate investigation — but adds new pressure not to slow down

Republicans silent and under pressure over Trump's Comey claims

GOP: FBI firing won't slow agenda

Senate GOP’s agenda is at a moment of reckoning with unpredictable Trump

U.S. Senator Richard Burr talks Comey firing, Russia investigation, and President's tweets

Historically black university in Texas cancels Senator's speech

Senate Blocks Trump’s Repeal of Obama ‘Methane Rule’

McConnell promises women can take part in healthcare meetings

Republicans misstate, again and again on TV and at town halls, what’s in their health-care bill

Comey’s sudden ouster has Republicans divided

Third-ranking Republican Sen. Thune says Comey firing is a distraction for GOP agenda

These are the Republicans who spoke out against Comey’s firing

House Oversight chairman asks DOJ inspector general to probe Comey firing

GOP lawmaker who helped write Trumpcare returns to hundreds of angry constituents

Senate hard-liners outline health-care demands with Medicaid in the crosshairs

Senate unexpectedly rejects bid to repeal a key Obama-era environmental regulation

GOP resists calls for special prosecutor after Comey firing 

Senate panel invites Comey to testify next week

GOP senators on Comey firing: Where they stand

Senate Republicans face their own divisions in push for health-care overhaul

GOP healthcare effort dogged by gender inequity

Senate rejects repeal of Obama drilling rule

Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenas documents from Flynn in Russia probe

Russia probe: Senate requests Trump documents from agency that monitors money laundering

CBO score of GOP's latest Obamacare repeal bill expected week of May 22

GOP Intelligence chairman troubled by Trump's firing of FBI director

Paul Ryan says Senate is 'a month or two' out on Trumpcare bill

Who will decide what the Senate’s health bill looks like? Follow the Medicaid-state senators. 

The Health 202: Republicans are just starting the hard part on health care

Republicans Confront Health-Bill Backlash

GOP reps return home to angry constituents in health care town halls

GOP town halls go viral

House Republicans struggle with costs of tax overhaul

Grassley, Chaffetz rebuke HHS secretary for muzzling agency employees

First on CNN: Senate Russia investigators ask Treasury for Trump team financial information

This week: Senate Republicans search for deal on ObamaCare repeal

Republicans Disregarded the C.B.O., but It Won’t Be Ignored

A Republican Principle Is Shed in the Fight on Health Care

AHCA Is A Disaster For Your Health and Wallet

Juan Williams: GOP health moves set to backfire

They Voted to Repeal Obamacare. Now They Are a Target.

Trump held tax reform hostage, and the GOP paid the ransom 

House healthcare bill faces upheaval in Senate

Five senators to watch in healthcare fight

Collins: 'The Senate is starting from scratch' on healthcare

Blunt: Senate will wait for CBO score before healthcare vote

Cruz: 'Catastrophic' if Senate fails to pass ObamaCare repeal

As some Republicans rush to defend House health bill, Senate GOP warily pauses

Republicans tout GOP healthcare bill on Sunday shows

Republicans defend having no women in health care group

Price: Medicaid will be more 'responsive' under GOP plan

‘No District Is Off the Table’: Health Vote Could Put House in Play

John Kasich full SOTU interview

Obamacare repeal vote upends 2018 House landscape

GOP senator: Border adjustment tax would be 'dead on arrival' in Senate

GOP braces for healthcare blowback at home

The insider and the outsider: McConnell and Trump try for a deal on health care

Five changes the Senate could make to the ObamaCare repeal bill

House Republican didn’t know the health care bill he voted for could cost his state $3 billion

Town hall erupts in boos after GOP Rep. says 'nobody dies' from lack of health care

ObamaCare vote throws curve into tax reform

The GOP Health-Care Bill Is the Ultimate Reverse Robin Hood

20 Republicans Vote Against GOP Healthcare Bill

This is what Americans will really dislike about the House ‘Trumpcare’ bill

A huge section of the GOP bill undoing Obamacare isn’t actually about Obamacare

This Is What’s In The Health Care Bill House Republicans Just Passed

Column All the horrific details of the GOP's new Obamacare repeal bill: A handy guide

Republican Obamacare replacement could bar aid to NY and California insurance buyers because of abortion rule

Senate GOP vows big changes for ObamaCare bill

While House passes GOP health-care bill, Senate prepares to do its own thing

Senate asks Trump associates for details on Russian contacts

House Republicans pass bill to replace and repeal Obamacare

The House Votes to Repeal Obamacare

House Republicans rush to pass Trumpcare before its impact can be calculated

Look at how your representative voted on the Republican Obamacare replacement bill

Before passing the AHCA, the House voted to make it apply to themselves too

Here’s what you need to know about preexisting conditions in the GOP health plan

What's in the Health-Care Bill the House Just Passed?

How the GOP Health Bill Affects Sick People

Got Asthma? That'll Cost You $4,000 Extra Under the Republican Plan

GOP's Obamacare replacement bill would protect just 5 percent of people with pre-existing conditions: Analysis

Did Republicans just wave bye-bye to their House majority?

With House vote, Obamacare replacement heads to more skeptical Senate

Hold that victory lap! This GOP Obamacare replacement has almost no chance in the Senate

While House passes GOP health-care bill, Senate prepares to do its own thing

Senate approves measure to fund the government through September

Why the next funding fight will be tougher for Trump and Congress


Joe Piscopo will not run for governor, endorses Kim Guadagno

House to vote Thursday on Obamacare repeal bill

Republicans plan health-care vote on Thursday, capping weeks of fits and starts

House to vote Thursday on health care bill: GOP leader

High-risk pools won't match Obamacare's protections for pre-existing conditions

Republicans push new health-care tweak in effort to protect preexisting conditions — and to garner votes

Paul Ryan straight up deceives people in a last-ditch attempt to sell Trumpcare

Trump meeting with Reps. Upton and Long swings them from 'no' to 'yes' on GOP Obamacare replacement bill

Republicans’ health-care bill could be in danger ... again

Lawmakers plot to oust Tuesday Group leader over health bill

House votes to approve roughly $1.1 trillion spending bill to keep government funded through September

GOP senators dismiss Trump filibuster change


"Better" – Kim Guadagno's First TV Ad For New Jersey Governor

Republicans still don't have the votes to pass health care bill

GOP Congressman supports covering pre-existing conditions, but only for people who ‘lead good lives’

Republicans 'need to look at Plan B or C' if they fail to pass Obamacare replacement this week, conservative rep says

GOP health-care push faces new obstacles as concerns about preexisting conditions grow

GOP bill hung up on pre-existing conditions

Congress Allocates $120 Million for Trump Family’s Security Costs

House GOP’s new challengers: Scientists mulling campaigns

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejects President Trump's filibuster idea

Senate confirms Trump’s pick to lead SEC, signaling new era

The House just passed a bill that affects overtime pay

Trump, GOP off to a rocky start

GOP struggles to find ObamaCare repeal votes

GOP on verge of losing health care vote

How preexisting conditions could derail House Republicans’ health-care bill, explained

What the GOP health care bill really says about pre-existing conditions

GOP congressman: Greater risk, greater premium 

Here's a list of what you need to know about health care

Does the president know what’s in the Republican health-care bill? And does it matter?

GOP growing frustrated with Trump's trade threats

Congress Totally Ignored Trump's Cuts to NIH Funding

Trump: GOP health care bill 'guarantees' coverage for pre-existing conditions

Republicans begin final push on killing Obama-era regulations

Congress at 100 Days: Frenetic Action but Few Accomplishments

Republicans’ Fiscal Discipline Wilts in Face of Trump’s Tax Plan

GOP can't find the courage to actually fix their health plan

ObamaCare repeal: GOP seeks new game plan

McConnell: Senate expects to pass short-term funding bill before shutdown deadline

House GOP backs down from a last-minute push to vote on health-care bill, smoothing way for government to stay open past Friday

New ObamaCare repeal bill on life support

The new health-care bill may be little more than an exercise in blame-shifting

The Hill's Whip List: 21 GOP no votes on new ObamaCare replacement bill

GOP Moderate MacArthur: Millions Will Be Hurt If Health Care System Collapses

Trump tax plan prompts GOP fears about deficit

What Hill Republicans think of Trump's tax plan: 'Not even close' to reform 

Trumpcare is so awful that House Republicans are building an escape hatch for themselves

Freedom Caucus endorses latest Republican plan to revise Obamacare

Republicans offer spending plan without border wall, but Trump vows that it will be built

House Freedom Caucus leaders back new health-care plan

House GOP circulates new changes to health bill

Meet the centrist trying to strike a deal on healthcare

Public pans Republicans’ latest approach to replacing Affordable Care Act

Hatch talks Bears Ears on Senate floor

Disconnect: Trump, GOP not on same page

Decision time for GOP: Trump’s ire or government shutdown

Senate staff perplexed by unusual White House private briefing on North Korea

Juan Williams: Trump's 100 days wound GOP

Trump’s wall jams GOP in shutdown talks

Republicans hope to avert shutdown, enter the week unclear on details

Ryan: Focus is on keeping government open, not healthcare

GOP lawmakers told they’re inching closer to ObamaCare repeal deal

Ryan promises to keep government open — and makes no promises on health care 

History tells us that Republicans are taking on too much this week — and that it isn’t likely to end well

White House officials, craving progress, push revised health bill

ObamaCare repeal: Where the GOP-Trump plan stands right now

The GOP’s latest health-care plan is comically bad

How is Medicare affected by the House GOP health plan?

A New G.O.P. Health Proposal Evokes the Old Days


NJ Gubernatorial Candidate Debates Announced

Prominent Women Lawyers meet with Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno  on Tuesday the 18th to discuss issues facing women in the legal profession. 
Jody Carbone, Jeralyn Lawrence, Stacey Adams, Susan Feeney, Denise Mariani, Dorothy Bolinsky Christine Bator, Nicole Bearce, Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, Michele Gasparian, Ayesha Hamilton, Kim Yonta, Andrea Sullivan, Debra Rosen and Lynn Newsome.


Republicans have a new plan to repeal Obamacare — and here it is

House Republicans near potential breakthrough on health care

New GOP health plan still misses the mark

House Republicans Have a New Plan to Make Your Healthcare Worse

The Growing Gap Between the House and the White House on Health Care

GOP under pressure as tax reform deadline slips

Guadagno says property tax plan would help middle class, not millionaires

Guadagno Breaks With Christie Again, This Time on Horizon

Chaffetz decision stuns Washington

Chaffetz will leave behind Oversight panel he used to investigate Obama White House

Jason Chaffetz and Devin Nunes were both faced with investigating Trump. Now both are stepping aside.

Republicans avoided calamity in this month’s two special elections, but a lot more peril lies ahead

Picking 2018 candidates pits McConnell vs. GOP groups

Control of Congress aside, Americans view the GOP as the more divided party

Poll: Trump woes take toll on GOP

Three months in, President Trump and Paul Ryan have a … complicated relationship

V P Mike Pence ,S Korea ,White House news,Breaking News 4/16/17,President Trump Latest News Today

GOP Sen. Flake was asked to defend Trump’s Mar-a-Lago trips. It didn’t go well.

Watch a GOP Lawmaker Get Drowned Out with Boos Over Planned Parenthood Comments

Oklahoma congressman under fire for saying constituents' taxes do not pay his salary

‘Nobody’s got to use the Internet’: A GOP lawmaker’s response to concerns about Web privacy

GOP leaders urge patience — not panic — amid Trump’s early stumbles

Republicans may be making a mistake by swinging only for the fences

Republicans may not want Trump to end Obamacare payments

Republicans try to tame their rowdy town halls

$1M Ad Blast Targets Individual Congressional Republicans Over Healthcare Support


Exclusive: Guadagno Memo Claims ‘Significant Lead’ over Ciattarelli in NJ Gov Race

GOP centrists push back on ObamaCare repeal

GOP House leader says there are ways Republicans can forge ahead on health care

After record quarter of fundraising, Paul Ryan dips a toe into Georgia House race


Guadagno, Asked About Gilmore, Says OceanCounty Is Key to Victory

GOP infighting imperils agenda

GOP wrestles with big question: What now?

Republicans hang on to win Kansas House seat

Republicans undertake unexpected rescue mission in deep red Kansas

Border tax is latest flashpoint between Kochs and the GOP

Seven House Republicans face TV ad attacks over health care

Midterm trends threaten GOP House majority

Trump Knocks the Air Out of Republicans

Ryan and McConnell flip-flop on use of force in Syria to deter chemical weapons

Reversal: Some Republicans now defending parts of ObamaCare

Obamacare survived 5 weeks of drama. What's next for the GOP?

In Georgia, a Democrat's 'Make Trump Furious' campaign rattles Republicans

Republicans on Capitol Hill leave town with most of their agenda stuck in limbo

GOP leaving town with little to crow about

Senate confirms Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

McConnell’s shining moment

GOP health bill in shambles, House commences two-week break

Senate goes 'nuclear' to advance Trump Supreme Court pick

Senate GOP triggers nuclear option to break Democratic filibuster on Gorsuch

GOP 'goes nuclear,' ends Democratic blockade of Trump's Supreme Court pick

Senate goes 'nuclear' in move toward confirming Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

GOP healthcare talks stall

GOP House leaders tweak health-care bill after Trump demands action

House Republicans propose federal high-risk pool in bid to jump-start Obamacare replacement bill

Surveillance uproar puts GOP on the spot 

Republican Health Proposal Would Undermine Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions

New GOP health plan could raise premiums; no vote scheduled

McConnell: ‘Nuclear’ option helps Senate. McCain: ‘Whoever says that is a stupid idiot.

Republicans considering broader change to Senate rules

Poll: Republican approval sinks 'because of' President Trump 

Window closing for Republican stealth assault on U.S. regulations

GOP stuck in the past

Hatch, Lee join other GOP senators to advance Gorsuch nomination to high court

Senate begins debate on Gorsuch; McConnell says he has votes to go ‘nuclear’

Senate plunges toward historic rules change in Supreme Court standoff 

The new GOP Obamacare replacement could have a fatal flaw

GOP Healthcare Proposal May Cast Aside Pre-existing Conditions Mandate

Pence presents new healthcare offer to Freedom Caucus

Centrists push back on new ObamaCare repeal plan

Ryan tamps down expectations for new ObamaCare repeal bill

The GOP is blowing it on tax reform

Ryan’s Border Tax on the Ropes as Trump Ponders Overhaul Plan

Ryan transfers record $7M to House GOP's campaign arm in March 

Carson assures advocates that White House will include housing funding in infrastructure bill

Gov. John Kasich will deliver his annual State of the State address on Tuesday, April 4th at 7:00PM ET. Please use the information below to watch live online:

Don't look for Congress to quickly pass overhaul of tax code

Facing angry constituents, more Republicans voice concern over Trump’s Russia ties

The 7 big questions Republicans have to answer on tax reform

Paul Ryan May Not Want to Immediately Blow Up Obamacare After All

GOP faces backlash over attack on internet privacy rules

Republicans’ views of blacks’ intelligence, work ethic lag behind Democrats at a record clip

Hill Republicans trying to avert a shutdown need Democrats — and Trump

GOP revival of healthcare repeal makes little progress

These NJ congressmen voted to allow internet companies to sell your private info

Trump threatens hard-liners as part of escalating Republican civil war

Ryan opposes Trump working with Democrats on healthcare

House GOP has high hopes, but not high likelihood, of reviving health-care bill

Republicans seek to lower odds of a shutdown

Senate Intelligence Committee to start Russia probe interviews next week

Republicans take new steps to keep Trump's tax returns secret

Schiff calls out Nunes as tensions escalate over House Russia probe

McCain threatens shut down if continuing resolution is on the table

Sen. Cory Gardner would go “nuclear” to support Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court


Ciattarelli Qualifies for Matching Funds in NJ Governor’s Race

Republicans not yet ready to abandon health care

GOP torn over what to do next

Republicans are poised to roll back landmark FCC privacy rules. Here’s what you need to know.

Wounded Ryan faces new battle

The looming split between Trump and Ryan

House Intelligence Committee meetings canceled this week


Exclusive: Guadagno Qualifies for Over $830,000 in Matching Funds

Who Stopped the Republican Health Bill?

This week: GOP picks up the pieces after healthcare defeat

GOP controls federal government but struggles to govern

Here’s what would happen if Republicans cut funding for Planned Parenthood clinics

Why Ryan will never win as long as Trump is around

Who cleared Devin Nunes into the White House?

Storm builds around Intel chair after secret White House trip

Lee: Healthcare 'absolutely not' behind us

Freedom Caucus chairman: 'This is not the end of the debate' on healthcare

Freedom Caucus founding member: GOP health plan did not meet campaign promises

First casualty for House Freedom Caucus after health care meltdown

Cotton: House 'moved a bit too fast' on healthcare

The GOP’s health-care failure is no one-off event. Welcome to our fragmented politics.

All eyes on Trump, Ryan relationship after health care defeat

Donald Trump is giving a lot of mixed messages about whom to blame on health care

A new dynamic may be emerging in the House: A right and left flank within the GOP willing to buck leadership

John Kasich State of the Union full interview

Kasich: It's pathetic if Dems, GOP can't work together on legislation

Trump, GOP fumble chance to govern

Why Republicans were in such a hurry on health care

Here are 3 things we learned from Republicans’ failure to repeal Obamacare

The Memo: Winners and losers from the battle over health care

House Republican completely shuts down Steve Bannon after being told they had 'no choice' in Trumpcare vote

GOP senators pitch alternatives after House pulls ObamaCare repeal bill

Trump, GOP look to tax bill for lifeline

Paul Ryan reportedly tells Trump the GOP lacks votes to pass Obamacare replacement

Ryan, Trump Cancel Vote on Obamacare Repeal Bill

Ryan: Nation ‘living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future’

House cancels ObamaCare repeal vote as GOP defections mount

GOP health-care bill: House Republican leaders abruptly pull their rewrite of the nation’s health-care law

Who Will Republican Voters Blame for the Failure of the GOP Health-Care Bill?

The Hill's Whip List: 36 GOP no votes on ObamaCare repeal plan

NJ Republicans help scuttle Trump healthcare overhaul


"Really?" – Join Kim Guadagno and oppose the $300 million plan to renovate the State House

House GOP leaders postpone key vote on Obamacare repeal in blow to Trump

House GOP postpones ObamaCare repeal vote

Centrists balk at GOP ObamaCare bill

The Hill's Whip List: 33 GOP 'no' votes on ObamaCare repeal plan

Revised GOP health bill saves less money than original, number of uninsured stays the same

GOP lawmakers leave Trump White House with no deal

Full text: Updated CBO score for GOP health bill

The CBO score for the updated version of 'Trumpcare' is out, and it's even worse than the original

CBO: Latest House GOP health-care bill would mean as many uninsured by 2026

CBO releases new score for ObamaCare repeal bill

Senate Republicans voted today to kill federal privacy rules


Guadagno weighs in on issues dominating Trump agenda

Ahead of Gubernatorial Race, State Affordability Is Key for Young NJ Republicans

GOP Obamacare repeal bill betrays key Trump campaign promise

GOP Rep. Brooks bashes party’s health care bill ahead of key vote

After long day, GOP still scrambling for health care deal

GOP faces risky decision on ObamaCare vote

Thursday’s vote on the GOP Obamacare replacement bill is going to be veeeery close

How House Republicans Are Planning to Vote on the Obamacare Replacement

Which Republicans are opposing the Obamacare repeal bill? 

Defying Trump, Freedom Caucus insists it'll oppose GOP ObamaCare replacement

GOP health-care plan, facing conservative revolt, lacks the votes for House passage

Every House Republican who could sink the GOP health care bill

How House Republicans Are Planning to Vote on the Obamacare Replacement

GOP health plan would cost Mass. $2 billion, Baker says

Despite repeated Trump overtures, Sen. Mike Lee remains a no on health care bill

Trump, GOP struggle to find healthcare votes

Key conservative: GOP doesn't have votes on healthcare repeal

Trump to GOP critics of health care bill: ‘I’m gonna come after you’

Graham suggests Trump 'may get impeached' if he reauthorizes waterboarding 

NEWS ALERT: House Republicans unveil changes to their health care bill

Republicans Are Likely To Use The ‘Nuclear Option’ To Confirm Neil Gorsuch To The Supreme Court

Republicans tweak Obamacare bill as Trump moves to promote overhaul

Republicans reach a major impasse on their own health care bill

Paul Ryan says he has wanted to reform Medicaid since he was 'drinking at a keg'

Paul Ryan: AHCA has to do more for older Americans

Ryan announces major changes to Trumpcare, wants vote before Congress learns its impact on Americans

Conservatives on health care bill: Negotiations are over

Republicans revamp health bill, boost benefits to older Americans

HHS Secretary says passing health care bill through House and Senate 'a fine needle' to be thread

What's likely to change in the GOP bill to repeal Obamacare

Mulvaney: 'Only way to get truly universal care is to throw people in jail'

Cotton: Private insurance market provision a big problem in GOP healthcare proposal

Republicans take heat on Trump's tax returns

GOP rep: Trump should apologize to Obama

Four Republican Governors Voice Opposition to House GOP Health-Care Legislation

Republicans threaten to deny poor people medical care if they aren’t working

Voters show health care 'angst' at Ernst town hall meetings

GOP speeding toward vote on altered healthcare bill

The Republican bill to repeal Obamacare has made Obamacare repeal less likely

There are now almost 70 Republicans with major concerns about the GOP’s health care bill

Sen. Susan Collins comes out against House GOP healthcare bill 
This West Virginia newspaper front page should scare Republicans

Shutdown politics return to the Senate

THE MEMO: GOP breaks from Trump in 'wiretap' furor

GOP health plan ‘bad medicine’ for Latino families, advocates say

GOP health-care plan: Key House panel calls for work requirements, additional cuts in Medicaid

Debt ceiling returns, creating new headache for GOP

GOP leaders want details before funding Trump’s border wall

Nervous GOP senators rooting for Ryan to fail

Senate Intel chair: 'No indications' Trump Tower was wiretapped

Paul Ryan backs intel committees: 'No such wiretap existed,' as Trump claims

GOP senators are fed up with DOJ’s silence about Trump’s wiretapping accusation

HHS Secretary vows GOP health care bill is 'so much better' than Obamacare

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton dismisses 3-phase health-care plan: It's just 'spin'

White House, senators plot major changes to Obamacare repeal bill

Ryan: Health care plan must change to pass the House

President Trump helped write embattled Obamacare replacement bill, Speaker Ryan says as he defends plan

Nearly 60 members of Congress are seriously worried about GOP Obamacare replacement. And those are just the Republicans

Paul replaces Cruz as GOP agitator

The ultra wealthy will get a $207,000 tax cut in the Republican health-care plan

No Magic in How G.O.P. Plan Lowers Premiums: It Pushes Out Older People

Here's one group the GOP health-care bill hurts the most that isn't getting any attention

The House Republicans Calling for Climate Action in the Trump Era

Rattled by CBO report, moderate Republicans turn against GOP bill

GOP does damage control over healthcare score

The Republican health care struggle is real

The Hill's Whip List: Where Republicans stand on ObamaCare repeal plan

Senate leaders shook by CBO report on GOP's Obamacare replacement

Republicans are threatening to expose Trump as the emperor with no clothes

GOP: Why Should Men Have to Pay for Prenatal Care? 

Steve King has a model of the border wall he wants to build to protect our ‘superior civilization’ 

GOP Rep. Barton tells man to ‘shut up’ in testy town hall 


"My Job" – Kim Guadagno For New Jersey Governor Web Video

Ciattarelli First Republican to Offer Specifics on School Funding Challenge

GOP healthcare bill hangs in the balance

GOP senators see CBO report as call to change plan

There are now enough skeptical Republicans to doom the GOP’s Obamacare replacement bill

The GOP’s Obamacare replacement bill had a very bad day Sunday

Trump budget opens new fight among Republicans

Republicans Pose Growing Challenge to Trump’s Trade Agenda 

Cleveland Clinic CEO: Here's what I don't like about the GOP plan to replace Obamacare

AARP Opposes GOP Healthcare Plan — Here's Why

Mulvaney: GOP healthcare plan a 'framework'

Price on ObamaCare replacement: 'Nobody will be worse off financially'

Ryan foresees 'bloodbath' if GOP fails to pass healthcare legislation

House Freedom Caucus chairman: We will work with Trump on healthcare plan

Kasich: 'When you jam something through just one party over another, it's not sustainable'

Cotton warns House: 'Do not walk the plank and vote for a bill that cannot pass the Senate'

McCain predicts further revelations about Trump's ties to Russia

McCain calls on Trump to clarify wiretapping claim

McCain to Trump: Retract wiretapping claim or prove it

Schiff: 'I don't expect we're going to see any evidence' of Trump's wiretap claims

Full Kasich Interview: 'Political Parties are Disintegrating'

Senate Republicans eyeing alternative tax reform plan

GOP lawmakers concerned about roadblocks to tax reform

Credibility a question for GOP-led probe of Russia, election

House GOP advances Trumpcare at 4:30 in the morning

'Trying to force a giraffe through a keyhole': An obscure Senate rule could kill the GOP's Obamacare replacement 

Trump Supporters Have the Most to Lose in the G.O.P. Repeal Bill


The poor ‘just don’t want health care’: Republican congressman faces backlash over comments

Republicans are rushing right into charges of Obamacare hypocrisy

Right targets Ryan — not Trump — on ObamaCare plan

Top vote-counter on ObamaCare bill: 'We're gonna get this done'

Either Paul Ryan doesn’t understand insurance or you don’t understand Paul Ryan

Mitch McConnell doesn't think tax reform possible by August

Doctors, hospitals and insurers oppose Republican health plan

Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals Oppose the New Health-Care Bill

Healthcare groups unload on GOP bill

The major critics of the GOP’s health reform plan, in one chart

The Republican health-care bill threatens Trump's voters

The Republican health-care bill threatens Trump's voters

A side-by-side comparison of Obamacare and the GOP’s replacement plan

GOP health-care plan: Two House panels approve legislation as Trump tweets reassurance

Lawmakers take up Obamacare revision without an independent scorekeeper

Budget referee caught in ObamaCare crossfire

Vulnerable Republicans feel the heat on ObamaCare replacement bill

House Obamacare replacement 'can't pass Senate without major changes,' says GOP senator

Twitter doctors Ryan's PowerPoint on Obamacare repeal

Paul Ryan gives GOP the hard sell

GOP campaign chair disses Trump's wall

Republican senator to call Trump’s bluff on Obama wiretapping accusation

Mitch McConnell’s refreshingly honest answer about Mexico paying for the border wall

Mitch McConnell thinks tax reform will take longer than Trump claimed; Spicer insists nothing changed

American Medical Association 'unable to support' GOP's Obamacare replacement

Health Groups Denounce G.O.P. Bill as Its Backers Scramble

Trump warns of 'bloodbath' for GOP if Obamacare survives

The Hill's Whip List: Where Republicans stand on ObamaCare repeal plan

Who Wins and Who Loses Under Republicans’ Health Care Plan

Income separates the winners and losers in Republicans’ health-care plans

Why Even Some Republicans Are Rejecting the Replacement Bill

Conservatives Savage GOP Obamacare Plan Despite Trump Praise

Millions of Californians likely would lose coverage under GOP Obamacare replacement, experts say


How the GOP's plan for health care would affect N.J.

Outrage over $400 million tax break for health insurance executives under GOP Obamacare replacement plan

Why President Trump will never sign the GOP's corrupt health care bill

Battle erupts over 'TrumpCare'

GOP sails into the health care storm

Republicans will regret ignoring the Congressional Budget Office

Sen. Cotton: House GOP moving 'too quickly' on Obamacare repeal

GOP Sen. Susan Collins: House Obamacare repeal bill won't be 'well received' in Senate 

GOP tries to discredit agency reviewing its health care bill

Graham, Whitehouse ask government for evidence Obama wiretapped Trump

Republicans shrug off Trump wiretap claims

GOP Hill leaders back away from Trump on wiretap allegations

GOP representative: Trump should ‘purge’ White House

House GOP health bill adds up to big tax cut for the rich

CNN/ORC poll: Public splits on revoking individual mandate

The People Helped by the Republican Health-Care Bill

Right revolts on ObamaCare bill


Conservative groups blast GOP healthcare plan

The three GOP factions that could doom Republicans’ Obamacare replacement bill

Here's the price tag for GOP health care plan: $600 billion

Rep. Jason Chaffetz: Americans May Have to Choose Between New iPhone and Healthcare

If parts of the GOP's health reform law look familiar, there's a good reason for that

10 million may lose health insurance coverage under GOP's Obamacare replacement plan, S&P says

Here's the 'ugliest thing' about the GOP's Obamacare replacement plan

Health insurance companies would get $1 billion or more windfall under GOP Obamacare replacement plan

Republicans unveil bill to repeal and replace Obamacare 

House Republicans release long-awaited plan to repeal and replace Obamacare

GOP releases bills to repeal and replace ObamaCare

Introducing the American Health Care Act

Obstacles ahead as GOP begins ObamaCare repeal

The Obamacare Sticking Points Behind Closed Doors

It's Do-or-Die for Repeal-and-Replace

Sen. Cory Gardner defends Medicaid expansion as GOP reveals Obamacare replacement

Senate votes to kill worker safety rule aimed at federal contractors

Graham vows to 'get to the bottom' of Trump's wiretapping claims

GOP congressman thinks poor people don’t want health care, ‘just like Jesus said’

Politico: Paul Ryan Plans Obamacare Replacement Vote in 3 Weeks

What we know about the GOP's healthcare bill

Ryan slams Paul for 'publicity stunt' search for ObamaCare bill

Two Republicans sign on to effort demanding Trump’s tax returns

GOP leaders may dare fellow Republicans to vote against Obamacare repeal

Pressure mounts on GOP leaders to back special counsel

GOP takes heat for ObamaCare secrecy

Republican Unity on Health Care Is Elusive, Despite Trump’s Support

Trump gives jolt of energy to GOP

Trump speech leaves GOP encouraged, but still divided

GOP charges ahead with ObamaCare repeal

Why the GOP's alternatives to Obamacare are political time bombs

Why the Trump Agenda Is Moving Slowly: The Republicans’ Wonk Gap

Trump touts spending plan, but promise to leave entitlements alone puts GOP in a quandary

Fight over debt ceiling could accelerate Trump’s budget clash with GOP

Top House conservatives won't back draft ObamaCare replacement

Speaker Ryan faces crucial stretch

229 House Republicans just voted to keep Trump’s tax returns secret

GOP leader: Leaked ObamaCare replacement 'no longer' viable

Top GOP senator: It will be 'difficult' to get key House tax proposal through Congress

GOP senator: Trump budget 'dead on arrival'

Trump throws curveball at Republicans with call for immigration deal

Trump’s Budget Is Aspirational. Reality in Congress Will Change It.

Top House conservatives won't back draft ObamaCare replacement

March is the biggest month for GOP in a decade

House Intelligence chairman denies evidence of Trump team’s ties to Russia

Republican lawmaker: Russia investigation needs special prosecutor 

Republican Congressman calls for independent prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump 

GOP rep: We'd better have the votes to repeal and replace ObamaCare

GOP grapples with how to handle town halls

GOP Obamacare Plan Would Cover Fewer People; Blowback Grows

GOP governors confront Medicaid divide

GOP governor: Republicans need to pay attention to town hall protests

Boehner: Obamacare repeal and replace 'not what's going to happen'

GOP healthcare plans push health savings account expansion

GOP senator says she’s open to demanding Trump’s tax returns as part of Russia probe

Under fire, GOP congressman calls for Trump tax returns

Republicans distance themselves from Trump’s agenda at rowdy town halls

In New Jersey, a record crowd at town hall presses Rep. Lance to get tough on Trump

Resistance Report: Republicans spar with angry constituents, as Lady Liberty wears a new sash

Five Questions Republicans Can’t Answer About Their Obamacare Replacement

Watch an Angry Voter Confront Mitch McConnell Over People Losing Their Health Care

ObamaCare fix hinges on Medicaid clash in Senate

GOP sets sights on internet privacy rules

Republicans defend media amid Trump attacks 

Angst in GOP over Trump's trade agenda

GOP leader warns Trump critics ‘are putting Californians at risk’

GOP health plan: Lower costs, better care, or road to ruin?

Republicans play clean up on Trump's foreign policy

Three Republican plans that could replace the Affordable Care Act

To Fund Health Plan, G.O.P. Considers Limiting Popular Tax Break

Senators want Russia-related materials preserved

Speaker Ryan to take quiet border trip

GOP Congress unnerved by Trump bumps

House committee probes Russia payment to Flynn

House GOP discusses Obamacare replacement ideas — but doesn’t call them a plan

GOP lawmakers glued to Trump's 'riveting television'

Republicans may bring earmarks back to the swamp

GOP senators unnerved by Trump-Russia relationship

Hill Republicans are eager to talk policy. But Trump is getting in their way.

Congress had a chance to get Trump’s tax returns. Republicans voted it down.

Are Republicans Losing Momentum on Obamacare Repeal?

House conservatives: No wall money without paying for it

Guadagno Announces Second Round of GOP Endorsements

Republican lawmakers grow wary of 'town hall' events

First on CNN: GOP senators push Trump on 'expansion' of Guantanamo Bay

With billions at stake, a federal judge just nullified the GOP's most cynical attack on Obamacare

GOP shifting on immigration

GOP senator: Don’t box Trump in on Russia

GOP fights ObamaCare PR war

Republicans dismiss growing protests at home

GOP frets over too-high expectations

US Senators denounce Trump plan to focus counter-extremism program on Islam

Under-the-radar change to congressional ethics watchdog may weaken it

GOP states move to block sanctuary cities after Trump order

How Would Republican Plans for Medicaid Block Grants Actually Work? 

House Republicans put 2 federal departments on the chopping block

Newest Republican Obamacare plan: 'Reconciliation Plus'

Mitch McConnell Aimed to Silence Two Powerful Female Voices Last Night

Rule 19: Senate GOP defends rebuking Warren with obscure action

Republicans didn’t silence all the Democrats who read Coretta Scott King’s letter on Senate floor

Trump, GOP leaders rally to support Labor nominee Andrew Puzder

Senate votes to silence Warren after speech against Sessions

Republican lawmakers face rising anger at town halls

GOP gets bolder in breaking with Trump

GOP senators aim to cut legal immigration by half

A tax that could pay for Trump’s wish list is already dividing the GOP

Republicans begin to grumble: Why haven't we repealed Obamacare yet?

Republicans Call Out Trump for Putin Comments

Trump ready to crack the whip on GOP Congress

Ryan: Enforce the Iran nuclear deal, don’t dismantle it

GOP senator: 'We don't have any so-called judges'

Skeptical McConnell distances from Trump on Russia, travel ban 

McConnell: No federal money should be spent on Trump's voter fraud investigation

GOP senators blanch at Trump’s latest defense of Putin

'The Senate is coming apart' 

Congressional Republicans Move to Block Mexican Wall

Senate advances DeVos education nominee, repeals Dodd-Frank rules

The obscure law allowing Congress to undo Obama regulations on guns and coal in a matter of days

GOP suspends rules to push through EPA pick despite Dem boycott

Republicans impatient with anti-Trump civil servants

GOP talk shifts from replacing ObamaCare to repairing it

Republican plans will cost trillions. Can they pay for them?

Chaffetz: Committee may investigate Trump's conflicts of interest

Republicans aggressively push approval of Trump Cabinet nominees

Two GOP senators to vote no on Betsy DeVos

Bannon’s power puts Republicans on edge

Ryan defends Trump immigration order but regrets confusion

McConnell: If GOP unites, we will win

From order to disorder: How Trump’s immigration directive exposed GOP rifts

Hill staffers secretly worked on Trump's immigration order

Senate Republicans block attempt to overturn Trump’s immigration ban

Whip Count: Here’s where Republicans stand on Trump’s controversial travel ban

Why most congressional Republicans probably won’t be speaking out against Trump’s travel ban

Top Republicans left in dark about Trump’s travel ban

This week: Republicans aim to break jam on Trump nominees

Officials worry that U.S counterterrorism defenses will be weakened by Trump actions

Portman: Trump's order 'not properly vetted'

Whip Count: Here’s where Republicans stand on Trump’s controversial travel ban

McConnell: We don’t have religious tests in this country

McCain, Graham lead in GOP criticism of Trump ban, many others stay mum

McCain: Bannon's spot on NSC a 'radical departure'

Inside the GOP debate over strengthening defense spending, despite the cost

U.S. Senate Leader McConnell opposes lifting Russia sanctions

John McCain is quickly becoming Trump’s chief antagonist in the Senate

McConnell all but rules out filibuster change

What a week! Trump's frenetic pace just made the GOP's job tougher

Behind closed doors, Republican lawmakers fret about how to repeal Obamacare

Republicans in Congress don’t want anything to do with Trump’s voter-fraud probe


Trump to GOP lawmakers: ‘Our chance to achieve great change’

Hill Republicans leave retreat with few answers on key questions

As Trump Thunders, G.O.P. Lawmakers Duck and Cover

GOP expects sweeping change at Trump’s FCC

GOP wants Trump to get in sync

Hill Republicans want answers. On Wednesday, Trump gave them only more questions — and fresh headaches

Trump's talk puts GOP in a jam

Chaffetz on Trump's charge of widespread voter fraud: 'I don't see any evidence'

McCain on Trump torture stance: 'The law is the law'

House Speaker Paul Ryan says President Donald Trump to address joint session of Congress February 28

Top Republicans accept 'alternative facts' from Trump

GOP leader outlines legislative agenda for next 100 days

GOP Congress, President Donald Trump Face Complex Dance

GOP senators present Obamacare alternative

Trump, GOP set to battle on spending cuts

Mike Pence: Trump 'getting very close' to Obamacare replacement

Trump scrambles GOP's healthcare plans

Guadagno hits at Christie while launching campaign

Trump puts pressure on GOP Congress

Guadagno to launch campaign for governor on Tuesday

Rand Paul previews Obamacare replacement plan

It will only get harder for Republicans aiming to repeal Obamacare

Paul Ryan widens the crack between Hill Republicans and Donald Trump

Trump’s business ties prompt a showdown between a tiny ethics office and the GOP

Senators wrestle with whether to back Tillerson 

Senate Intel panel to probe Trump team's ties to Russia

John Lewis: 'I don't see Trump as a legitimate president'

Ryan presses forward on Obamacare repeal as House conservatives waver

Anxious lawmakers to GOP leaders: What’s the plan to replace Obamacare?

Senate approves Jan. 27 deadline to draft Obamacare repeal legislation

Republicans pass sweeping bill to reform 'abusive' U.S. regulation

NJ gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli: I’ll beat this cancer — and win the race!

It’s official: Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno running for governor of NJ

Live coverage: The Senate's 'vote-a-rama'

Senate heading toward late-night marathon session

Trump Medicare promise causes heartburn for GOP

John McCain: I gave Russia blackmail dossier on Trump to FBI

Trump, GOP at crossroads on repealing ObamaCare

GOP pumps the brakes on Obamacare repeal, pushes for deadline extension

Ryan: GOP's goal is to replace, repeal ObamaCare 'concurrently'

GOP expected to take aim at local tax deductions 

Republican plans to quickly confirm Trump nominees hit snags

Trump advisers to begin tax talks with Speaker Ryan

Trump, GOP Explore Ways to Fund Border Wall
Hill Republicans embrace building of border wall, despite cost

Angst grows in GOP over ObamaCare repeal plan

GOP won't promise ObamaCare fix will cover all

GOP aims to rein in liberal cities

GOP chairman hopes to spin off air traffic control under Trump

Here's what the GOP will rip out of Obamacare to get a deal 

GOP meets to discuss dismantling Obamacare, Dems search for ways to save it

GOP wins first Obamacare fight in Senate budget vote

Congress opens with a Republican stumble, showing battles ahead between Trump and GOP

US senators introduce bill to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, move embassy

Here's how GOP repeal of Obamacare would swell the federal deficit

Motley Fool: 7 Ways GOP's Proposed Social Security Changes Will Hit Your Wallet

Ryan reelected Speaker in near-unanimous GOP vote

GOP Congress storms into Trump era

Trump blasts House GOP for ‘weakening’ ethics office

House Republicans pull plan to gut independent ethics committee after Trump tweets

Trump slaps GOP for vote on ethics watchdog

House GOP reverses course on gutting ethics office after Trump backlash

US Republican senator introduces Obamacare repeal resolution

House passes rules aimed at preventing lawmaker protests

Republicans in Congress ready to repeal Obamacare, may fight Trump on Cabinet picks

Republicans Take Control Facing Internal Tensions

Claiming mandate, GOP Congress lays plans to propel sweeping conservative agenda
Top 10 twists of the GOP Congress


House, Senate headed for clash on Medicare

GOP rep: New Congress will take 'holistic' approach to jobs

Grand Old Party? Donald Trump remaking GOP in his image

The GOP might not repeal Obamacare until after the 2020 election

Republicans are doing some real verbal gymnastics on Russia’s hacking

Trump Faces GOP Challenges to Border Wall, Deportation Plans

Sen. John McCain says he has 'concerns' about Trump's Tillerson nomination

GOP zeroes in on changes to Medicaid

There's a Very Good Reason Paul Ryan Wants Congress Doing Business in Secret

Republicans plan to overhaul the tax system. Here's what they're thinking so far

Did the RNC just compare Trump to Jesus in its official Christmas statement?

It’s mostly kumbaya so far for Trump and GOP in Congress

Five Republicans who could buck Trump in 2017 

GOP considers holding off on repealing ObamaCare taxes

To fix Obamacare, the GOP needs to tackle this major flaw in the health care system

GOP Girds for Race to Repeal Obama’s Final Rules Before Deadline

Donald Trump is serious about smashing GOP orthodoxy

Editorial: GOP war on women is going nuclear

Congressional push for sanctions against Russia could set up clash with Trump

New GOP resistance in push to create Senate committee on Russia

GOP: Electoral College voters will back Trump 

GOP voters warm to Russia, Putin, WikiLeaks, poll finds

RNC Lobbying Electors For Trump Electoral College Vote

GOP faces daunting deadlines in 2017

Pence plays role of Trump’s ambassador to nervous Republicans

Dispute over Russia reflects growing Republican resistance to Trump

GOP seeks to limit Russian probes

McConnell, Ryan Back CIA After Trump's Attacks on Hacking Probe

McCain Weighs In on Russian Hacking Claims

Trump's Tillerson pick sparks concerns from some key GOP senators

GOP heavyweights with ties to Exxon pushed Tillerson

McConnell announces Senate probe of suspected Russian election interference: ‘The Russians are not our friends’

Trump faces first significant postelection pushback from Republicans over CIA report on Russia

Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson Faces Senate Dissent as Potential State Pick

Republicans in Congress prepare obscure tactic to gut Obama regulations

GOP's 'Obamacare' repeal path worries health care industry

GOP introduces plan to massively cut Social Security

Republicans ready to launch wide-ranging probe of Russia, despite Trump’s stance

GOP eyes big gamble on ObamaCare

GOP aims to grow majority in final Senate race, amid shades of Clinton-Trump fight

GOP plans new assault on unions

For GOP lawmakers, an attempt at harmony — and a potential collision course with Trump

Ryan: Trump should handle conflicts ‘however he wants to'

GOP leaders reveal stopgap spending bill

McConnell: Repealing Obamacare 'first item up in the new year' 

House G.O.P. Signals Break With Trump Over Tariff Threat

GOP congressional leaders struggle to balance Republican principles in Trump era

Top Republican says he won't back Trump's plan for huge tariffs

Never-Trump Senate Republicans Grapple With His Upset Victory

Republicans want to grease tracks for Trump
Republicans angling for posh ambassadorships, RNC chair

After Trump-Romney feud, genuine effort to join forces 

GOP in talks about helping insurers after ObamaCare repeal

Republicans raise red flags about ObamaCare repeal strategy

Senators crafting bill to limit deportations under Trump

GOP lawmaker: Our party must take back the ‘narrative of hope and inclusion’
GOP Eyes Lightning Strike on Obamacare to Kick Off Trump Era

House in driver’s seat on healthcare

GOP senators wary of nuking filibuster

Priebus: Trump will require 'some movement' from Cuba for relationship

McConnell Pledges Obamacare Rollback But Cautions About Overreach -

GOP divided over secretary of state choice

Trump adviser tells House Republicans: You're no longer Reagan's party

US Senate Republicans gain leverage in opposing President-elect Trump

GOP debates going big on tax reform

Willing To Oppose Trump, Some Senate Republicans Gain Leverage

How to pay for Donald Trump’s trillion-dollar agenda? Congressional Republicans aren’t saying.

GOP leaders face crunch in Trump's first 100 days

Juan Williams: Republicans face up to reality on ObamaCare


As GOP looks ahead, a realization it must deliver

These GOP foreign policy pros are wary of working for Trump

Where a GOP Senate leader says he'll play ball and where he'll buck President Trump


GOP braces for Trump’s $1T infrastructure push

GOP opts for short-term spending bill

Tax reform shaping up to be one of Washington’s first fights under Trump

No, Republicans don’t control enough states to change the Constitution (but it’s close)

Ryan stops vote on bringing back earmarks

Despite talk of GOP unity, Trump's programs face fight from Republican budget hawks

GOP votes to keep Mitch McConnell as Senate majority leader

What these 'ominous numbers' should be telling the GOP

 GOP votes to keep Paul Ryan as House speaker

GOP rushes to embrace Trump

GOP governors 'giddy' in wake of Trump's win

The cracks are already starting to show between Donald Trump and Republicans

Republicans face divisions over ObamaCare repeal

Republicans face divisions over ObamaCare repeal

Full interview: Paul Ryan

Speaker Ryan Welcomes President-Elect Trump to the Capitol

After GOP wins, Paul Ryan puts Medicare in the crosshairs


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RNC chairman seeing 'a lot of surprises here at the end'

The GOP’s corrosive hyperpartisanship

Ryan says he'll seek to remain Speaker


RNC to judge: Pence doesn’t know what he’s talking about

Even as Donald Trump rises, GOP’s hopes of keeping the Senate looking dimmer

With Trump surging in polls, GOP leaders need to get on the Trump train 

Republican voters coming home to Trump

Chatter grows that Ryan could step down

Why the GOP’s Clinton witch hunt could backfire

GOP Told by Judge to Turn Over Any Trump Poll-Watching Deals

GOP seeks boost from FBI down ballot

GOP Judiciary chair calls foul on Comey, FBI

GOP braces for turmoil after Election Day

Down Ticket #24: Trump only cares about himself. How that’s hurting the GOP in the homestretch

Republicans Rode Waves of Populism Until They Crashed the Party

Republican women increasingly fear party is alienating female voters

GOP dead zones: You won't find any Republicans to vote for in big areas of L.A. County

A new ‘war on women’ breaks out. This time, it’s inside the Republican Party.

Republicans reportedly planning long-term investigation of Hillary Clinton

Republicans pounce on news of increases in health insurance premiums

GOP's early vote worries mount

GOP vulnerables dial back Hillary attacks

Senior House Republicans fighting for their lives

Senate Republicans may be hitting the panic button

News roundup: GOP frets about Democratic turnout in early voting

Panicking GOP makes major last-minute Senate investment

Trump stops holding high-dollar fundraisers that were raising big cash for the GOP

GOP frets over Donald Trump’s down-ballot impact

Republicans fear Trump's woes will flip Senate control to the Democrats and erode the House GOP majority

Paul Ryan is losing popularity among Republicans in the wake of Donald Trump's campaign

GOP vowed to do better with women. What happened?

GOP plan: Link Dems to an email scandal

RNC chairman: Ryan one of 'brightest stars' in Republican Party

RNC chairman defends Trump after refusal to say he'd accept election results

Luntz: This should have been a 'slam dunk for the GOP'

High anxiety for GOP

Trump leaves GOP leaders shell-shocked and fearful


Trump creates new headaches for Republicans in final debate

GOP senators avoid Trump questions on rigged election

GOP victory party may be missing one thing — GOP candidates

Some in GOP say Trump has gone too far

Republicans bristle at notion they failed to vet Trump

RNC members agree with Trump: It's rigged

Donald Trump rally crowd breaks out into 'Paul Ryan sucks' chant

Republicans warm up to Assange

Republicans fear for party's future

GOP strategists see only an epic collapse stopping Clinton presidency

GOP sources: Trump still competing in Virginia

Is G.O.P. Dodging a Landslide? Trump’s Polling Hasn’t Collapsed (Yet)

John Kashich's dire warning for the Republican party: EVOLVE OR DIE

Speaker Ryan tries new Trump strategy: Ignore him

North Carolina GOP County HQ Firebombed

Cut Ties to Donald Trump, Big Donors Urge R.N.C.

GOP insiders: Trump's chances fading

More Than 160 Republican Leaders Don’t Support Donald Trump. Here’s When They Reached Their Breaking Point.

GOP's Trump crisis could spur fresh money battles in these races

Republicans eyeing 2020 struggle with Trump


For or Against Trump, GOP Fears Intensifying Civil War If He Loses

GOP rep would 'consider' pulling support if Trump said he liked rape, promptly apologizes

The GOP civil war is finally here. And Trump is winning

Major GOP Donors Are Asking Trump for Their Money Back

Veteran GOP strategist: Trump is a 'fascist'

GOP on the precipice

27 days before elections, GOP at war with itself

GOP leaders advise members to proceed with caution on Trump

Republican Party chairman reassures members: We're sticking by Trump

How much does Trump really need the Republican Party?

Trump still going after second debate, but Republican party in tatters

The GOP tumbles toward anarchy: ‘It’s every person for himself or herself’

RNC chairman: We're fully behind Trump

How Donald Trump Could Send Republicans Crashing Down

Why Republicans Are Probably Stuck With Donald Trump
Ethics chairman calls on Priebus to 'stand up' for the interests of the GOP

The floodgates are opening with prominent Republicans calling on Trump to step down

Republican women are done with Trump

Amid growing GOP calls to withdraw, Trump says ‘zero chance’ he’ll quit

Chaos in GOP: Calls grow for Trump to drop out of race

Senate Republicans wrestle with dumping Trump

Growing chorus of Republican leaders call for Trump to drop out, but Trump refuses to quit

GOP senator unendorses Trump, urges him to leave ticket

Kasich: Trump's 2005 Statements on Women 'Indefensible'

McCain withdraws support for Trump

Utah Sen. Lee Calls For 'Distraction' Trump to Step Down

Cory Gardner calls for Donald Trump to step aside; won’t vote for him

Pence: 'Cannot defend' Trump lewd remarks

No. 3 GOP Senate leader says Trump should withdraw

Trump and Ryan's rocky history

Republicans slam Trump -- but slow to pull endorsements

The GOP’s biggest fear appears to be coming true: Independents ditching Donald Trump

GOP chairmen slam 'unusual restrictions' on FBI Clinton probe

GOP distances itself from Trump -- again

RNC Official Praises 'Willie Horton-Style' Ad Against Kaine

GOP unveils new 'Willie Horton'-like attack ad on Clinton VP Tim Kaine

'What a nightmare': Top Republicans aren't too happy with the Trump campaign

Trump sex tape comments frustrate GOP supporters

As A Republican Who Worked For George W. Bush, I No Longer Support The GOP

Why Bill Clinton’s sex life is becoming a GOP campaign issue

GOP lawmakers give Trump bad reviews on debate performance

How the GOP became indifferent to lies

Early vote emerges as key strategy for Iowa Democrats, Republicans

Priebus predicts Trump will be 'consistent, measured' at debate

Not your father’s GOP — not even George H.W. Bush’s GOP 

Republican lawmakers under fire for racially insensitive comments after Charlotte unrest

Hill Republicans frustrated with GOP disunity over Trump

GOP Super PAC to Take Aim at Battleground States

Reince Priebus vowed to punish Republicans who don’t support Trump. It’s an empty threat

The GOP's next civil war is brewing

The GOP has become a pity party for white males

GOP dupes small donors to fund Trump's campaign

Republican insiders are breaking up with their friends over Donald Trump

RNC throws a ‘brush-back pitch’ at anti-Trump Republicans

GOPer Hank Paulson touts Clinton, says Trump populism 'rooted in ignorance'

RNC Considers 'Penalty' For Breaking Promise to Back Nominee

Republicans Are Slow to Back Donald Trump’s Paid Maternity-Leave Plan

GOP hopes of keeping Senate brighten with Trump


Pence rallies GOP before final stretch

Worried Republicans are pouring resources into North Carolina

Pence to House GOP: Trump needs your help

Will John Kasich vote for Trump in November?

Senate GOPers odds of holding majority suddenly look better than they have all year

Op-ed: Republican women should join me in voting for Clinton

Priebus: 'Consequences' May Come to Those Who Break GOP Pledge

Republicans warn that Trump’s critique of Clinton’s ‘look’ fuels accusations of sexism

If you’re a Republican looking to jump off the Trump train, now is your last, best chance

House GOP hoping a ‘disciplined’ Trump can win

Undecided GOP-Leaning Voters Provide an Opening for Donald Trump

Trend alert: Even more Senate Republicans are betting they’ll win off a Donald Trump loss

Donald Trump and the Hispanic GOP disaster that lies ahead

Clinton team may be guilty of obstruction of justice: GOP chairman

NY Times: RNC Canceled Plans to Praise Trump's Immigration Speech

Republicans back Clinton, but will she put them in Pentagon?

The Republican Party is staffing up its field operation. But will it keep prioritizing Donald Trump?

Trump’s Florida Ground Game Lags as GOP Rides to His Rescue

The Republican Party’s civil war actually began decades ago

Why Mitch McConnell’s strategy to quash the tea party is working

GOP Lawmakers Ask For Special Prosecutor on Clinton Foundation Access

Poll: Majority of GOP voters wish they chose another presidential nominee

How Much Is Donald Trump Hurting the G.O.P.? Here’s a Way to See

Donald Trump's Horrendous Campaign is Bankrupting the Republican Party

As Donald Trump Repels Minority Voters, G.O.P. Fears Its Future in the West

Juan Williams: Trump's race politics will destroy GOP

At Least 110 Republican Leaders Won’t Vote for Donald Trump. 
Here’s When They Reached Their Breaking Point.

Priebus: Trump will deliver major immigration address 

Response to Trump has GOP rethinking immigration

GOP shifts focus from Clinton's emails to daily State Department schedule

In the Race for Registered Voters, Republicans Are Gaining

Republicans confident in strong early-voting ground game for Trump

Trump, GOP see gold in Clinton Foundation attacks


GOP: Trump needs to make election about Clinton

RNC chairman: Trump is 'getting into a groove'

Republicans to query firms that ran Clinton’s private server

RNC chief: Trump could lead Clinton by Labor Day

The 4 ways Republican lawmakers are warning of a looming GOPocalypse

Pence earns GOP raves in first month as Trump VP

Win or lose, Trumpism may be here to stay in the GOP

House GOP Campaign Group Sees Drop in July Donations

Republicans say party can’t afford to cut ties to Trump

Republicans Worry a Falling Donald Trump Tide Will Lower All Boats

When it comes to Trump, GOP senators battling for their seats are used to contortions

GOP preps tough perjury case against Clinton

Trump's campaign changes have GOP donors talking -- but will they write checks?

Down Ticket #4: Trump is turning North Carolina blue. Why rest of the Republican ticket should be terrified.

NJ GOP Operative Signs Priebus Letter Asking for Focus on Congress, Not Trump

Republicans deliver letter to RNC urging it to divert money from Trump, to congressional races

Trump hurts GOP, but probably not enough to flip House

When it comes to Trump, GOP senators battling for their seats are used to contortions

House Republicans outline their case against Hillary Clinton for perjury

Time running out for Trump

Frustration abundant, GOP could be near Trump breaking point

GOP lawmakers urge RNC to cut ties with Trump

Ayotte: I will 'stand up' to Trump but will vote for him

House GOP lays out case for Clinton perjury over emails

RNC: 'No discussions' on cutting off Trump funds

G.O.P. Urges Donald Trump to Broaden Outreach to Black Voters

Utah’s lieutenant governor says, barring huge changes, he won’t vote for Donald Trump

What Paul Ryan's primary could tell us about Donald Trump and the GOP

Rochelle Riley: It's time for GOP to end the 'Donald Trump Show'

GOP senator considering Libertarian ticket

The Latest: Pence suggests he may release tax forms

Site connected to Russian hackers posts Republican emails

Trump Running Mate Mike Pence Tries to Get Republicans on Board

The Hill: GOP Fears Grow Trump Facing 'Landslide Defeat'

Is Trump in danger of losing GOP?

GOP could be near Trump breaking point; frustration abounds

Republicans Need to Get Ready for the Trump Aftershock

Trump warns GOP he could stop fundraising

GOP donors, fearful of Trump-fueled electoral rout, direct big money down-ballot

Trump just confirmed every Republican's worst fear

Gloom sets in for GOP

1 in 5 Republicans wants Donald Trump to exit the race

70+ Republicans Petition RNC: Cut Trump Funding

Exclusive: The Republican Party’s Chairman’s Warning to Donald Trump

Sarah Palin Attacks GOP for Picking Off 'Commonsense Conservatives'

The Daily Trail: Has the Republican Party had enough of Donald Trump?

There may not be a Donald Trump effect, but there’s something going on in these GOP congressional

Republican exodus from Trump grows

The list of Republicans endorsing Hillary Clinton just got a whole lot longer

Clinton Republicans a 2016 trend

Major GOP donors are turning to Clinton over Trump

Clinton-Trump debate sites plan for a third podium

Ryan wins primary

One of Hollywood's most prominent Republicans just endorsed Hillary Clinton
Carly Fiorina eyes major political position

The Clinton imperative

Two former Republican EPA administrators throw support to Clinton

Rove: Time for Trump to Fight Hillary, Not the GOP

Five reasons Trump is losing GOP on national security

Steve King endorses Trump, Pence at Sioux City rally

Donald Trump Adopts G.O.P. Tax Cuts, but Balks at Trade Pacts

New Clinton email fight: Bill Clinton's schedules

Mac McCann: The GOP is dying; let's pull the plug

50 top GOP national security officials sign letter warning Trump would be 'the most reckless president in American history'

Third-Party Candidate With GOP Backing, Money Joining Race

Democrats are much more excited about Hillary Clinton than Republicans are about Donald Trump

George P. Bush tells GOP to support Trump: report

GOP senator Susan Collins: Why I cannot support Trump

Republicans warn Trump: Right the ship or lose Senate

George W. Bush administration official announces support for Clinton over Trump
Paul Ryan worried Trump could derail plans to keep house majority

A second Republican congressman just endorsed someone who isn't Donald Trump

 Republican officials say Trump could lose to Clinton in key battleground states

Republicans (Still) Haven’t Unified Around Trump

Full Interview: Gov. John Kasich

Capital Beat: Some planting seeds for N.H. Republicans to abandon Trump at polls

Trump looms large in primaries

Report: GOP strategists are getting ready to ditch Trump for the down ticket

GOP rep. touts ‘Better Way’ economic plan

Palin doubles down on backing Ryan's primary challenger

Senate GOP on edge over Trump’s falling polls

Republicans are among a new list of foreign policy experts denouncing Trump

Veterans ask GOP to withdraw Trump endorsements

Mike Pence follows Donald Trump's lead in declining to endorse John McCain

'A sense of panic is rising' among Republicans over Trump, including talk of what to do if he quits

GOP reaches ‘new level of panic’ over Trump’s candidacy

Rauner surprises GOP with action on birth control, abortions

Giuliani: Newt Started Trump 'Intervention' Talk

GOP officials think Donald Trump might drop out of election

Report: GOP Plots Trump 'Intervention' Amid Bad Publicity

RNC: Trump will be on ballot

New Rough Patch for Trump Campaign Roils Republicans as Defections Grow

Republican Party Burns Down One Last Institution: Itself

Inside Ryan's primary strategy

The GOP's Donald Trump freak-out

POLLS: Donald Trump's feud with the Khan family was very damaging

Netanyahu, at variance with Republican platform, tells GOP senators he favors two states

Mike Pence endorses Paul Ryan, Donald Trump still 'not there yet'

Meg Whitman joins chorus of Republicans supporting Hillary Clinton

GOP congressman says he can't support Trump: 'I'm an American before I'm a Republican'

NEWT: Trump's recent campaign behavior is 'very self-destructive'

Newt Gingrich: 'Self-Destructive' Trump Needs to 'Slow Down'

Right blames Ryan for rebel’s loss

Worried GOP tells Trump: Get on message

Trump declines to endorse Ryan, McCain for re-election

Uneasy Republicans, confident Democrats diverge on ‘Jewish’ issues

Will GOP officials jump ship on Trump?

Here’s What Happens If Trump Decides to Quit

Former top Christie aide isn’t just #NeverTrump — she’s voting for Hillary!

While Trump says Clinton is the devil, Christie says 'No'

Christie says Trump wrong to criticize dead soldier’s parents

Top Jeb Bush adviser leaves the Republican Party

The list of big-name Republicans in Hillary Clinton’s corner just got even longer

Mitt Romney, moderation, and the third party revolution

Paul Ryan Warns That Some Republicans Are Flirting With Progressivism

The Latest: Ryan refuses to respond to Trump's provocation

McCain in tough spot with Trump

GOP confidence in Senate majority builds

Ryan and McConnell Praise Khan But Fail to Repudiate Trump

Top two Congressional Republicans signal disagreement with Trump

Republicans denounce Trump as confrontation with Muslim parents escalates
 Billionaire Republican Donors Urge Kochs to Back Trump

Democrats have stolen the GOP's best rhetoric — and Republicans have noticed

Marvin Bush endorses Gary Johnson

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University pulls out of hosting presidential debate over safety concerns

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‘Never Trump’ delegates gather signatures needed to force roll-call vote

Anti-Trump delegates say they will force roll call vote on rules

California GOP delegation to anti-Trumpers: never

Colorado delegates walk out in anti-Trump effort at Republican National Convention

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Deal-making attempt delays, but doesn't end, Republican rules debate

Darryl Glenn wins a big-time speaking slot at the Republican National Convention

GOP fractures further as House freedom caucus aims to impeach IRS head

Top Republicans criticize Ruth Bader Ginsburg but don't back Trump's call for her to resign

Paul Ryan pans Trump's deportation plan

No room at RNC for campaign finance watchdog? Group’s director doesn’t buy it.

GOP platform gets Trump-ified

Republicans okay platform excluding ‘two-state’ language

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg is under fire from all corners of the political field for her criticism of Trump

Anonymous GOP donor pledges $5 million if Trump releases tax returns

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In new GOP platform, ‘undivided’ Jerusalem is in, ‘Palestine’ is out

GOP draft platform sidesteps two-state solution

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Plans for Trump convention still lack promised pizzazz

House overwhelmingly passes opioid bill

Jewish groups slam ‘xenophobia’ in US election

Trump vents frustration with GOP

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Anti-Trump Forces Close to 'Conscience' Vote at Convention

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Taking a stance on Trump

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Kristol: 'Last Chance' for GOP to Back Effort to Unbind Delegates

Diversity of House GOP at risk in 2016 election

Trump statements put Southwest at risk

Juan Williams: The GOP's pointless ObamaCare war

Arizona senator says Trump's border wall not 'advisable'

Jill Stein, the Green Party’s Presumptive Presidential Nominee, Makes Inroads

Trump rivals divided over attending convention

Top GOP rep: Attacks like Orlando may become 'the norm'

Newt: NYT, WashPost in 'All-Out War' Against Trump

Unpredictability Is Hallmark of Convention to Crown Donald Trump

How a vulnerable House Republican is running for reelection in the age of Trump

Donald Trump starts a trade war — with the Republican Party

OpenSecrets denied credential to Republican National Convention

GOP donor Paul Singer says Trump would cause a depression

Two Cache GOP officials resign, leave party in protest of Trump nomination

New anti-Trump super PAC aims to build 50-state coalition

McConnell bids to shelter GOP senators from Trump upheaval

RYANCAVES: House speaker tells GOP he will allow vote on gun measure, source says
Never Trump plots its last stand

GOP Plots Against Trump

Mitt Romney: No Donald Trump, no Hillary Clinton, no independent bid

With 'free the delegates' rallying cry, upstarts seek to block Trump nomination in Cleveland

Mitch McConnell has no good answers when it comes to Donald Trump

GOP shifting to become the anti-trade party

Senate passes Puerto Rico debt relief bill

McConnell says Trump 'getting closer' to being credible candidate

Who will show up? Who will pay? The many unknowns of the GOP convention.

White nationalist group says it will be at Republican convention

Mark Cuban had dinner with Bill Clinton
(Interview about Trump)

When will GOP Senate campaigns throw Trump under the bus?

Steve Forbes: This 'Election Is Trump's to Lose'

O'Scanlon: QuarterlyPensionPaymentsSetState Up For Failure

Ernst for VP? Reward comes with risks for Iowa senator

More Donald Trump Delegate Tremors

Donald Trump and R.N.C. Crack Down on Rebelling Delegates

Hardly anybody wants to speak at Trump's convention

Utah’s Rep. Mia Love will skip Republican National Convention

Many experienced GOP strategists unwilling to work for Trump

RNC Using 'Hard-Nosed Tactics' to Stop Revolt Against Trump

McConnell dodges on whether Trump is qualified to be president

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Republican ex-Treasury chief Paulson slams Trump, to vote for Clinton

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Marco Rubio: I can win Florida even if Donald Trump loses

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McConnell quashes Senate effort on guns

Anti-Trump ad calls on GOP establishment to unbind delegates

Gingrich to GOP: If You Can't Vote Trump 'Don't Go to the Convention'

Dump Trump Movement Preparing Fight at GOP Convention

Poll: 73% of Republicans Say Party Out of Touch With Voters

GOP leaders alarmed by Trump’s ‘devastating’ fundraising start


The 2016 election is demonstrating exactly why people don’t trust politicians

Republican Brent Scowcroft backs Clinton

Jeb Bush backs Rubio for Senate, still no Trump endorsement

WATCH LIVE: House Dems hold sit-in as GOP seeks to seize floor

GOP aims to end Democratic sit-in

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Rubio will run for reelection

Senate Republicans may defy NRA on gun bill

Betrayed! 1,000 delegates to ditch Trump?

Facebook executive coming to GOP’s turf

November is fast becoming what the GOP fears: A referendum on Trump

Trump knocks GOP leaders, says they 'shouldn't be talking so much'

RNC delegates launch 'Anybody but Trump' drive

Republicans Consider ‘Conscientious Objector’ Rule for Convention Delegates

Senate GOP deeply concerned over Trump effect

Report: RNC's Priebus in Quiet Talks to Stop New 'Dump Trump' Effort

Charles Koch Donates $3M in GOP Senate Races, But Not For Trump

GOP taps party insider as convention chair rules committee

Paul Ryan: This Election is a 'Very Strange Situation'

Paul Ryan says he might sue Donald Trump if he tries to enact a Muslim ban

Florida lawmaker drops Senate bid to make way for Rubio

Why Sen. Pat Toomey is trying to pull the GOP to the middle on guns

It might be time for Republicans to start panicking about Donald Trump
An Unlikely Savior Emerges to Help Endangered Republicans: George W. Bush

Dozens of GOP delegates launch new push to halt Donald Trump

GOP rebuffs doctors on gun research

Senate GOP Rebuffs Trump on Gun Control Call

Many Utah Republicans say they're sour on Trump, and Libertarians sense opportunity

Barry Goldwater ‘would be appalled’ by Trump raising money in his home, his widow says

From Barry Goldwater to Pete Wilson to Donald Trump: Is GOP on verge of losing Latinos for a generation?

Trump on shaky ground with GOP

The Trump Show isn’t funny. Time for GOP leaders to walk out.

House Republicans lay out proposals to rein in presidential power

Democrat Chris Murphy: Senate GOP Agrees to Gun Control Votes After 15-Hour Filibuster

Paul Ryan says American freedoms at risk in separation-of-powers debate with Trump

McCain: Obama 'directly responsible' for Orlando massacre

McCain backtracks after blaming Obama for shooting in Orlando

'You can't make this stuff up': Paul Ryan reacts to Donald Trump's demand GOP leaders 'be quiet'

Trump's Campaign Hits New Low as Republicans Join Obama in Rebuking Candidate's Response to Orlando Massacre

In wake of Orlando shootings, gun control getting a fresh look from GOP

5 reasons why GOP is worried about the 'Trump effect'

McConnell: GOP is “open” to keeping guns from terrorists — but not the way Democrats want

Top Republicans join Obama in condemning Trump’s words

GOP lawmakers distance themselves from Trump after Orlando remarks

Paul Ryan stands firm against Trump's proposed ban on Muslim immigration

Paul Ryan breaks with Trump on his immigration plan

Rubio says he will reconsider running for re-election

Trump's post-Orlando message falls flat with Republican establishment