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DAILY NEWS (Page 6) BEGINNING September 2, 2020


Republicans who voted for Trump’s impeachment receiving death threats

Trump leaves behind a Republican Party both broken and still in his grip

Republican lawmaker to ask Justice Department to investigate Trump's response to attack on U.S. Capitol

Impeachment trial tests Trump's grip on Senate GOP

Sasse, in fiery op-ed, says QAnon is destroying GOP

In calling out Trump, Nikki Haley warns of a more sinister threat

'Hell, Yes,' Republicans Are Headed for a Bitter Internal Showdown

Rand Paul Warns One-Third of Republicans Will Leave Party if GOP Senators Back Impeachment

Pompeo’s last-minute actions on foreign policy will complicate Biden’s plans for a new direction


GOP lawmakers explain why they voted for Trump's impeachment: 'It hurts my heart'

Former GOP congressman says he's leaving party: 'This has become a cult'

Republican lawmaker to ask Justice Department to investigate Trump's response to attack on U.S. Capitol

GOP divided over Liz Cheney's future

Abandon Trump? Deep in the G.O.P. Ranks, the MAGA Mind-Set Prevails

Sasse: Capitol rioters 'came dangerously close to starting a bloody constitutional crisis'

How the rioters who stormed the Capitol came dangerously close to Pence

Pence calls Kamala Harris to offer assistance ahead of inauguration

Mike Pence Has Nowhere to Go

Congressional Republicans balk at Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief plan, complicating push for quick passage

The post-Trump Republican Party has been gutted in almost every way imaginable


McConnell about to school Trump on political power for the last time

GOP senators in spotlight as second impeachment trial looms

Pressure Mounts on Republicans to Buck Trump Amid Impeachment Battle

Few House Republicans defended Trump’s conduct as they opposed his second impeachment

Republicans’ Corporate Money Problem Is Getting Worse By The Day

Republican Party faces rage from both pro- and anti-Trump voters

McCarthy won't back effort to oust Cheney

Murkowski says it would be 'appropriate' to bar Trump from holding office again

GOP lawmaker buying body armor to protect against Trump supporters

The Republican Performance at the Impeachment Debate Set a New High-Water Mark for Shamelessness

The conscience of some conservatives
(The Republican Party launches an overdue civil war over Donald Trump)

Rudy Giuliani torched his credibility for Trump. He’s just the latest to find that wasn’t enough.


McConnell blocks quick Trump trial, unsure how he'll vote

Trump impeachment trial likely during Biden presidency as McConnell refuses to reconvene Senate early

Republicans eager to subvert the 2020 election last week now insist the time has come for unity

Many Republicans sympathize with those who stormed the Capitol

Republicans Accuse Liz Cheney of Reading Constitution

Jordan calls on Cheney to step down from House leadership

Lindsey Graham Should Really Just Shut Up

Graham urging Biden to get Pelosi to 'call off' impeachment proceedings

GOP congressmen afraid they'll be killed if they vote to impeach, House Democrat says

A vote of conscience.’ Five House Republicans explain why they will vote to impeach Trump today.

The 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump

Stimulus: Rubio calls on Biden to increase direct payments to $2,000 'on the first day of your presidency'

Cotton: Senate lacks authority to hold impeachment trial once Trump leaves office

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn Was Armed With Gun During Insurrection He Helped Incite

Impeachment vote reveals GOP torn over how to deal with Trump

Trump Impeached—Again
(The U.S. president was impeached on charges of “incitement of insurrection” in a vote that laid bare deep divisions within the Republican Party over its post-Trump future.)


McConnell Reportedly Pleased about Impeachment, Wants to Purge Trump from GOP

Growing number of GOP lawmakers say they support impeachment

Rep. Liz Cheney announces she will vote to impeach Trump

Early warning signs emerge for GOP after U.S. Capitol riots

‘There will be folks who try to kill us,’ says Republican congressman on going against Trump

Fractured by Trump, the G.O.P. Can’t Agree on a Way Back to Power

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley: There's 'very little opportunity' for Trump to lead the Republican Party, regardless of impeachment

Mitt Romney: ‘There must be a meaningful consequence’ for Trump inciting Capitol attack

Three House Republicans say they will vote to impeach Trump

Hawley, Cruz face rising anger, possible censure

GOP Sen. Tim Scott opposes impeaching Trump

'Stop the Steal' Organizer Says Several GOP Congressmen Helped Plan the Rally

Rep. Jim Jordan refuses to acknowledge Biden legitimately won the election

Former RNC chair says GOP will not be a governing majority again as long as it embraces Trumpism

Giuliani hit with disbarment complaint, faces possible expulsion from New York lawyers association


Republicans block 25th Amendment resolution to oust Trump

GOP lawmakers told Trump takes some responsibility for Capitol riot

House GOP leader tells members to quit spreading lies on riot, antifa

Republicans gauge support for Trump impeachment

Congressional Republicans struggle to mount a response to Capitol riot

Nearly 6,000 lawyers and law students call for disbarment proceedings against Cruz and Hawley

GOP looks to win back Senate in 2022, as new NRSC chairman defends vote to reject Pa. results

After frosty few days, Pence, Trump appear to reach détente

“The Republican Party has a real opportunity to turn their backs on Trump”—calls to oust him grow

‘War for the soul’: Capitol riot elevates GOP power struggle between pro-Trump conspiracy theorists and party establishment

Treasury Department announces sanctions tied to Giuliani’s Biden attacks


As Trump leaves office weakened, Republicans wonder if his wounds are fatal

Lawmakers may have been exposed to the coronavirus in Capitol lockdown, attending physician says

Republicans largely silent about consequences of deadly attack and Trump’s role in inciting it

Lawmakers who voted against Biden are denounced back home

Gosar's siblings push to have him removed from Congress after Capitol riot

Momentum for Trump impeachment soars as some in GOP say it's warranted after Capitol riot

Colin Powell: 'I can no longer call myself a fellow Republican'

Seemingly abandoning Trump, Pence said planning to attend Biden inauguration
(Reports say US vice president has decided to attend January 20 ceremony; incoming president says he’d be ‘honored to have him there’)


He’s on his own’: Some Republicans begin to flee from Trump

Some Senate Republicans are open to impeachment, but path ahead is uncertain

‘GOP senator: Trump 'committed impeachable offenses'

Sen. Josh Hawley becomes public enemy No. 1 on Capitol Hill

Angry Trump supporters harass Lindsey Graham at D.C. airport: 'Traitor!'

Arizona county's Republican committee votes to censure Cindy McCain

Majority of Americans want Trump removed immediately after U.S. Capitol violence: Reuters/Ipsos poll


McConnell circulates procedures for second Senate impeachment trial of Trump

Member of Senate GOP leadership: Impeaching Trump 'not going to happen'

Republicans Splinter Over Whether to Make a Full Break From Trump

Republican senators now regret not doing more to contain Trump

Republicans rethink Trump support amid Capitol siege fallout, administration exodus

The GOP’s sudden and convenient distancing from Trump’s voter fraud claims

Sasse says Trump was 'delighted' and 'excited' by reports of Capitol riot

Ted Cruz Touts Courageous Record of Opposing Trump for Past Two Minutes

‘I want him out:’ Murkowski becomes first Senate Republican to call for Trump to resign

'Acting President Pence'? 25th Amendment can rein in Trump even without removing him from office

Video surfaces of Oregon GOP Rep holding state Capitol door open last month, allowing protesters to enter



The Mob Is Gone, but the Crisis of the Republican Party Has Only Begun

The 147 Republicans Who Voted to Overturn Election Results

Insurrection:’ Mitt Romney blames Trump as a mob of his supporters storm the U.S. Capitol

‘Rep. Matt Gaetz and other GOP politicians baselessly suggest antifa is to blame for pro-Trump mob rioting into Capitol

‘Enough is enough’: A slew of Trump’s GOP allies finally hit their limit

Some Republicans hedge their bets on removing Trump from office

First Congressional Republican Openly Calls For Removing Trump With 25th Amendment

Cruz hits back after Ocasio-Cortez calls for his resignation

Shellshocked GOP ponders future with Trump

Cotton, Rubio Condemn Republicans Who Opposed Electoral Certification ‘For Political Advantage’

Six Republican lawmakers among rioters as police release photos of wanted

New GOP House member: I don't want my kids afraid 'every time that mommy goes to D.C.'

Pence opposes removing Trump under 25th Amendment

Trump's ex-White House chief of staff John Kelly supports using 25th Amendment to remove the President

Barr says Trump's conduct is a 'betrayal' of the presidency


Mitch McConnell’s forceful rejection of Trump’s election ‘conspiracy theories’

Ted Cruz’s electoral vote speech will live in infamy

Utah Rep. John Curtis criticizes GOP challenge to electoral votes

Lindsey Graham says 'enough is enough' on Trump bid to overturn the election: 'Count me out'

Key GOP senators withdraw objections to Electoral College count

Republicans wake up, way too late, to Trump’s assault on democracy

Editorial: Republicans must stop this madness by dispelling Donald Trump’s lies
(The onus is now on Republicans to fix this mess)

GOP senators blame Trump after mob overruns Capitol

Texas Republicans remove party officer who celebrated attack on Capitol

Mike Pence rejects Trump’s call to overturn Biden election

Pence declares Biden winner of the presidential election after Congress finally counts electoral votes


Wall Street urges GOP to accept election results even as some donate to Georgia Republicans

Dividing party, Republicans poised to challenge Biden win

The GOP’s identity crisis is about to get messier

Trump sabotaging GOP on his way out of office with push to overturn election

How worried do Republicans need to be about Trump targeting them for defeat?

Sen. Cruz to object to Arizona electors who certified Biden’s win when Congress counts the votes

GOP pollster says ‘the next 48 hours are going to be among the worst’ ever for Republicans

Republican Party faces defining moment under Trump's shadow

Are Republicans tilting at windmills with their electoral challenge?

George W. Bush to attend Biden inauguration

Kentucky GOP Set To Strip Dem Governor’s Emergency Powers To Control The Pandemic

Pennsylvania Republicans Spark Chaos By Refusing To Seat Democratic State Senator

Pence’s Choice: Side With the Constitution or His Boss

Pence told Trump he doesn't have power to block certification of Biden win

Mike Pompeo Appears To Finally Acknowledge Trump Loss, 9 Weeks After Election Day


GOP congressman suggests he regrets his vote for Trump

The Cheneys take on Trump

Senate GOP opposition grows to objecting to Electoral College results

Republicans condemn 'scheme' to undo election for Trump

Central Washington Rep. Dan Newhouse won’t join GOP effort to block Biden electoral votes

Mitt Romney calls Republican effort to reject Electoral College votes a threat to democracy

Tom Cotton and Chip Roy inject some logic into the GOP’s alogical electoral college gambit

How Republicans challenging Biden’s win are trying to have it both ways

Freshman senators backing Trump’s baseless election challenge showcase Republican radicalization

Trump sabotaging GOP on his way out of office with push to overturn election

Trump pressure campaign on Georgia backfires with GOP

Republican senators in Georgia runoffs get late boost from real estate, Wall Street donors

Georgia Secretary of State Blocks Caller After Receiving Unhinged Threats


Bitter GOP split upends the pomp as a new Congress takes over

Cruz disrupting the electoral college count won’t change anything. It can still hurt democracy.

Cruz says people accusing him of sedition need to 'calm down'

Republicans condemn 'scheme' to undo election for Trump

Cotton breaks with conservative colleagues who will oppose electoral vote count

Hogan says lawmakers' 'scheme' to overturn election results 'makes a mockery of our system'

A GOP lawmaker objected to seating US representatives from battleground states in response to colleagues that plan to object to the presidential election results

Paul Ryan excoriates planned GOP effort to challenge Biden's Electoral College win as 'anti-democratic and anti-conservative'

Skeptical Lindsey Graham suggests GOP Electoral College challenge is 'a political dodge'

Chris Christie says GOP lawmakers' objection of electoral college certification 'will go nowhere'

Conservatives push back on Washington state’s COVID-19 restrictions with protests and legislation


Cruz, cadre of other GOP senators vow not to certify Biden win without probe of baseless voter fraud claims

More GOP lawmakers enlist in Trump effort to undo Biden win

More GOP lawmakers enlist in Trump effort to undo Biden win GOP torn over disputing electoral college results
(McConnell asks party to accept Biden’s win, but some are heeding Trump instead.)

Pence 'welcomes' efforts of lawmakers to 'raise objections' to Electoral College results

‘Grace and humor’: The vice presidents who certified their own election losses

Romney: Plan to challenge election 'egregious ploy' that 'dangerously threatens' country

Lindsay Graham slammed Mitch McConnell for delaying $2,000 stimulus payments: 'Going from $600 to $2,000 doesn't make you a socialist'

As Some Deficit Hawks Turn Dove, the New Politics of Debt Are on Display

Nearly half of Americans blame Republicans and McConnell, and 32% blame Democrats and Pelosi for the lack of $2,000 stimulus checks, a new poll shows

McConnell, Pelosi homes vandalized after $2,000 relief fails

Sen. Hawley tramples the 2020 vote in his run to 2024

Five GOP contenders — other than Trump — for 2024


Congress overrides a Trump veto for the first time with Senate vote on defense bill

Frustrations flare as $2,000 checks blocked for fourth straight day

Graham bucks McConnell: $2,000 payments 'not socialism'

Rep-elect on Trump's Electoral College challenge: 'There's no question in my mind that I think he won'

Romney urges sweeping vaccine plan as U.S. surpasses 20 million COVID-19 cases

Loeffler, Perdue run hard-line pitch in swing state Georgia

Judge dismisses Gohmert lawsuit seeking to stymie Biden electoral college count

Ex-GOP senator suggests forming new party, calls Trump 'ringmaster' of Republicans


McConnell refuses to budge on $2,000 stimulus checks as Schumer offers separate votes on other Trump demands

Sen. Sasse calls effort to overturn electoral college vote a 'dangerous ploy'

GOP Sen. Ben Sasse slams Republicans who plan to delay certification of Joe Biden's win

GOP lawmaker criticizes Trump, colleagues for 'trying to discredit' the election

Lindsey Graham calls for stand-alone vote on $2,000 stimulus checks

Early Voting Numbers in Georgia Senate Races Put G.O.P. on Edge

Sen. David Perdue became wealthy outsourcing work to Asia. Now the former CEO stands with Trump, who wants to ‘end our reliance on China.’

Georgia’s Perdue to quarantine after possible coronavirus exposure, on weekend before Senate runoffs

The Unbearable Weakness of Trump’s Minions
(Senator Josh Hawley isn’t just engaging in civic vandalism—he is an emblem of a weak and rotten Republican Party.)

Vice President Pence seeks rejection of lawsuit that aimed to expand his power to overturn the presidential election


McConnell says push by Democrats, Trump for $2,000 stimulus checks has ‘no realistic path to quickly pass the Senate’

Hawley’s plan to contest electoral college vote certification ensures drawn-out process

GOP senator to object to Electoral College results, forcing Congress to vote on overturning Biden's win

Trump upends GOP’s renewed focus on deficits, splitting party with push for $2,000 checks


McConnell blocks Democrats’ attempt to quickly approve $2,000 stimulus checks amid pressure on GOP to act

Senate GOP blocks swift vote on Trump’s $2,000 checks

GOP pollster says Trump’s demand for $2,000 stimulus checks is a nightmare for Republicans in Georgia

GOP Sens. Loeffler, Perdue Announce Support For Trump's $2,000 Stimulus Checks Drive

GOP senator says he'll block consent for $2,000 stimulus checks

Growing GOP Support for Independent Counsel To Investigate Hunter Biden’s Foreign Business Dealings

Ted Cruz Got $35 Million For Billionaire Fracking Donors In Last COVID-19 Aid: Report

Pence refused to sign on to plan to overturn election, lawyers say

Luke Letlow, GOP congressman-elect from Louisiana, dies of covid-19


GOP official hospitalised twice with Covid since attending White House Hanukkah party

Congressman, other Republicans sue Vice President Pence in last-ditch effort to overturn Biden win


Five GOP senators to watch in next month's Electoral College fight

GOP Problem Solvers Caucus co-chair says he'll vote in favor of $2,000 checks

Growing number of House Republicans warm to proxy voting

GOP senator on Trump pardons: 'It is legal, it is constitutional, but I think it's a misuse of the power'

‘Sad and an utter scam’: Republican congressman accuses Trump of temper tantrums and conspiracy theories

Marco Rubio accuses Fauci of having ‘lied’ about face masks and ‘distorting’ facts

Violence against women surges during COVID-19 crisis as Senate Republicans block anti-domestic violence law


Graham: Trump 'more determined than ever' to get bigger stimulus payments

Lindsey Graham finally wants to begin a dialogue about the debt

Despite smooth election, GOP leaders seek vote restrictions

Judge dismisses Nunes's defamation suit against Washington Post

Former Bush Official Lashes GOP For Supporting 'Delusional' And 'Unhinged' Trump

Mnuchin’s loyalty to Trump could end with painful setback as president shreds stimulus deal
(Democrats and Republicans had thought Mnuchin was speaking for the president in negotiating the $908 billion pact, but Trump quickly called it a ‘disgrace’)


GOP turns to Georgia White evangelicals to save Senate majority

GOP seeks to avoid messy Trump fight over Electoral College


Trump's Attack on Coronavirus Relief Divides GOP and Threatens Recovery

Judge throws out GOP lawsuit to close Georgia ballot drop boxes after business hours

House Republicans block Democrats’ effort to advance $2,000 stimulus checks pushed by Trump
(The Christmas Eve move came as Trump was refusing to sign a $900 billion economic relief package into law)

Relief bill being sent to Trump in Florida

FL Gov. DeSantis won’t prioritize essential workers for vaccine


GOP senator on Trump pardons: 'This is rotten to the core'

Republicans waiting to see what Trump does on relief package

Republicans vent over surprise Trump move on COVID-19 relief

Trump Directs His Wrecking Ball at the COVID-19 Relief Bill and Mitch McConnell

McCarthy to offer UC request to revisit foreign spending in omnibus

We've finally arrived at the moment every Republican should've seen coming


McConnell: Senate to return Dec. 29 for potential Trump veto override vote

Exasperated over last-minute budget vote, Utah’s Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez find rare agreement

Sen. Romney against $600 stimulus checks, wanted smaller relief package

Rick Scott was one of six senators to vote against spending bill. Here’s why

Graham responds to 'clueless' Biden: 'It's not personal'

Republicans plunge into open battle over attempts to overturn Trump’s loss to Biden

Growing number of GOP lawmakers back Electoral College challenge

Republican Leaders in Congress Could Stop This at Any Point. They Choose Not To.
(The profitable vein of idiocy running through American conservatism—and, therefore, through the Republican Party—will continue for the foreseeable future.)


Senate approves huge spending package, sends economic relief measure to Trump for enactment

As Senate pro-tempore, Grassley could preside over counting of Electoral College votes if Pence is unable

'In the Senate, it would go down like a shot dog,' Senate Majority Whip John Thune says of House GOP attempts to overturn the election

Republicans desperate to avoid floor fight over Electoral College vote

As Trump pushes baseless fraud claims, Republicans pledge tougher voting rules

McConnell vows to hold votes on Biden's Cabinet picks

Anger as Republican lawmakers who played down pandemic jump vaccine queue


Senators reach deal on Fed powers, setting stage for coronavirus relief passage

Senate majority leader announces approximately $900 billion deal on emergency relief package

Hill leaders reach $900 billion Covid relief deal in breakthrough following partisan disputes

Here’s what’s in the new $900 billion stimulus package

Congress to approve $1.375 billion for border wall in 2021

Republican officials say Colorado elections are fair. Some Republican voters doubt it

Romney: Trump has 'blind spot' on Russia in face of hacking 'invasion'

'Really sad': Romney says Trump should tout vaccines instead of election conspiracies


Lawmakers reach compromise over GOP proposal to rein in Fed’s powers, clearing path for a stimulus package deal

Senate GOP absences snag Trump nominees

GOP congressman says he will not take the Covid vaccine because he’s ‘an American'


GOP senator blocks bill to provide $1,200 stimulus checks

COVID-19 stimulus talks hit an unexpected setback when a GOP senator insisted on extra rules to throttle lending by the Federal Reserve

Top Republicans offer conflicting messages about Trump’s loss while campaigning in Georgia

GOP turns to Georgia White evangelicals to save Senate majority

Judge skewers GOP over suit targeting newly registered voters in Georgia

An outraged Kemp blasts pro-Trump conspiracy theorists harassing his family

GOP inches toward an unprecedented attempt to overturn the 2020 election


McConnell signals stimulus checks are one of the 'major pillars' of the deal

McConnell getting much of what he wants in emerging relief deal

Top GOP senator warns of potential for brief shutdown

Sen.-elect Tuberville suggests he'll back effort on challenge Electoral College vote

Romney: 'Stunning' for White House not to respond on Russian cyberattack

After Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis, GOP Lawmaker Deletes Post Mocking Precautions

GOP places focus anywhere but Atlanta in Georgia runoffs

Chuck Grassley hasn't called Joe Biden, but says 'I would talk to him' if he calls

Texas lawsuit was the last straw. I'm leaving the Republican Party: Former NH GOP chair

Pence said planning to visit Israel on international tour starting January 6


McConnell's knockout blow against Trump

Senate GOP to Trump: The election is over

Johnson, Lee don't plan to challenge Electoral College results

Sen. Mike Lee acknowledges Joe Biden is president-elect

Ron Johnson Ran a Grievance-Laced Puppet Show Starring the President*'s Disgruntled Devotees

Ron Johnson could take his last stand Wednesday as Trump’s most stalwart Senate defender

How Republicans are spinning their election fraud falsehoods now that many are acknowledging Biden’s win

Rand Paul claims election 'in many ways was stolen' during Krebs hearing

Republicans hold slight edge in Georgia Senate runoffs: poll


McConnell congratulates Biden, warns Senate Republicans not to reject president-elect’s victory

McConnell acknowledges Biden win: ‘Our country officially has a president-elect and vice president-elect’

McConnell urges GOP senators not to object to Electoral College vote

McConnell says Senate won't leave until Covid aid is passed

McConnell sets up a clash with Trump over who’s in charge in the GOP

Mitt Romney says he knows losing hurts, but blasts Trump for claiming fraud

Longtime GOP strategist Steve Schmidt announces he's registering Democrat

GOP gubernatorial candidate in Virginia calls on Trump to declare martial law

Virginia county Republicans condemn GOP congressman for considering vote for Biden

Georgia GOP senators dig in on refusal to recognize Biden win

Turning the page? Republicans acknowledge Biden's victory

Mitt Romney and Joe Manchin: How we compromised on covid-19 relief


McConnell plans final push on Trump judges

In a first, leading Republicans call Biden president-elect

Michigan congressman leaving GOP over Trump's attempt to overturn election

Senate GOP leaders seek to put an end to election disputes

Hogan on Republicans who won't accept election result: 'They are out of runway'

A GOP stalwart, he stood up to Trump
(The stunning reward for Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling: death threats.)

As Rep. Rob Bishop leaves Congress after 18 years, he says his biggest beef is no one there listens anymore

Senate GOP warns Biden against picking Sally Yates as attorney general

Most Americans want stimulus checks, reject GOP's 'red line' on liability protections, poll shows


Trump allies in Congress to challenge election results

The GOP’s Minority Rule Caucus reveals its contempt for democracy

The G.O.P. Can No Longer Be Relied On to Protect Democracy

Wallace grills Scalise on Texas lawsuit: 'You were talking about disenfranchising the 10 million Biden voters'


Trump and his GOP allies vow to ‘fight on’ after Supreme Court rejects legal challenge to overturn election results

Republican officials have followed Trump along his dangerous and destructive path

The Texas GOP had a fit after the Supreme Court rejected their bid to flip the election in Trump's favor, and now they're hinting at secession

The Supreme Court Rejects Texas’s Shameful Lawsuit, But There Has to Be a Reckoning

'An Indelible Stain': How the GOP Tried to Topple a Pillar of Democracy

After dud Texas lawsuit, Republican Sen. Ben Sasse says that the Supreme Court 'closed the book on the nonsense.'

DeSantis defends incident involving former health employee: 'It was not a raid'

GOP Congressman-Elect Praises Maskless Trump Supporters: 'This Is A Phony Pandemic'


Supreme Court dismisses bid led by Texas attorney general to overturn the presidential election results, blocking Trump’s legal path to reverse his loss

House Republicans who didn't sign onto the Texas lawsuit

Texas GOP chair floats secession for 'law-abiding states' after Supreme Court defeat

Giuliani says Trump team 'not finished' after Supreme Court defeat

Ted Cruz says Senate will likely blockade Biden's nominations based on debunked election fraud allegations

Trump Ally Nunes Seeks to Derail Key Bill Funding Intelligence 
(The spy agencies will still get money, but Trump’s House allies are trying to hobble much-needed reforms.)

Congress votes to send defense bill to Trump with veto-proof majorities

Sen. Mike Lee blocks bills to create U.S. Latino, women's history museums

Republicans have ‘concerns’ about Trump — but won’t let reporters quote them by name about it

It’s Not Just Trump’s War on Democracy Anymore
(Republicans have gone far beyond merely humoring their losing leader.)


McConnell rejects bipartisan Covid relief plan while House adjourns until next week

Missouri Republican Sen. Hawley unveils plan for second $1,200 stimulus checks

Relief talks show GOP divisions

Economic relief talks in disarray as congressional bickering intensifies
(Hopes for a $908 billion deal are fading as Senate GOP leadership distances itself from the talks)

Senate squabbling sparks shutdown threat

House GOP ready to sacrifice military bill and troop pay to appease Trump

Shutdown a possibility as Rand holds up defense bill

Graham says Stacey Abrams 'conned' Georgia GOP into helping Biden win

GOP puts big money on Georgia runoffs

With time running out, Trump and GOP allies turn up pressure on Supreme Court in election assault

The GOP Abandons Democracy
(One hundred and six Republican members of Congress, and 18 state attorneys general, are asking the Supreme Court to overturn the election.)


Romney: 'Nuts' to invite doctor who questioned coronavirus vaccine to Senate hearing

Republicans plot their first and last Trump rebellion
(The annual defense policy bill is where GOP lawmakers draw the line)

GOP Texas senator questions 'legal theory' behind Trump's lawsuit to challenge state's election results

GOP senator won't rule out challenging Electoral College results in Congress

Trump asks Cruz to argue Texas case

Senate rejects attempt to block Trump's UAE arms sale

The Republican fixation that’s blocking more stimulus


Supreme Court rejects GOP bid to reverse Biden’s Pennsylvania win

As Biden passes 'safe harbor' milestone, Republicans on inaugural committee refuse to say he won

Mitt Romney tears into Republicans who are threatening to protest the Electoral College vote that will confirm Biden's election victory

McConnell and McCarthy say they believe in democracy — but stand by as Trump incinerates it

McConnell backs off demand for liability protection in Covid stimulus negotiations

White House pushes Senate GOP to include $600 stimulus payments in relief package

Republicans Make Clear Their Georgia Senate Strategy: Attack Warnock

GOP officials overwhelmingly side against Trump’s voter fraud claims — when forced to decide

What Brian Kemp reveals about Donald Trump's true nature


Mitt Romney ‘can’t wait’ to get the vaccine

GOP women’s record-breaking success reflects party’s major shift on recruiting and supporting female candidates

Many Georgia Republicans put Trump ahead of party and expect him to stay as president, hurting chances in Senate runoff

Senator says Trump, McConnell likely to back COVID-19 relief

Coronavirus liability protection for companies remains 'red line' and 'poison pill' of stimulus talks

McConnell says Senate will pass defense bill despite veto threat

Trump critic: I am not afraid of Trump

Cruz offers to argue Pennsylvania election case before Supreme Court

Conservative nonprofit group challenging election results around the country has tie to Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis


Trump’s refusal to concede stalls GOP reckoning over 2020 loss

GOP White House hopefuls wait to see what Trump does next

Georgia governor rebuffs Trump’s call for special session to overturn election results, top official says

Krebs says it's "well past the time" for GOP to acknowledge Trump defeat

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani tests positive for COVID

Barr considering stepping down before Trump's term ends


Senate GOP brushes off long-shot attempt to fight Biden win

Just 27 congressional Republicans acknowledge Biden’s win, Washington Post survey finds

GOP Rep. Kinzinger wages a lonely fight against Trump’s falsehoods and right-wing disinformation

William Barr’s Break with Donald Trump


How Sen. Mike Lee proposes to end ‘discrimination’ in U.S. immigration system

Ron DeSantis Is the Yammiest of the Vulgar Talking Yam's Lackeys
(In perfect imitation of his idol in the White House, the Florida governor sidelined any real experts that he had on hand in Florida.)

Florida Governor Misled Public on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mitt Romney blasts Trump for 'heartbreaking' loss of life caused by poor leadership


Pelosi and McConnell resume talks as Congress rushes to strike a Covid stimulus deal

Momentum builds for bipartisan $908 billion stimulus package as more GOP senators express support

Senate confirms Christopher Waller to the Fed board as Judy Shelton’s path narrows

Chuck Grassley: Congress should approve aid to help states administer coronavirus vaccine

Georgia Republicans Contort Themselves to Avoid Trump’s Fury

Trump roils Georgia GOP as party waits to see if presidential visit helps — or hurts — in crucial Senate runoffs

Republicans need to move beyond Trump ahead of Georgia Senate runoff, say GOP strategists

David Perdue appears to tacitly acknowledge Biden’s victory in video call with Republican group

Trump reportedly derailed a GOP meeting about the Georgia Senate runoffs by praising QAnon

Mo Brooks planning to challenge Electoral College votes

Republican U.S. judges choose Constitution over Trump as election fraud cases keep failing

Giuliani rips Dems who act like they have more credibility than thousands who signed affidavits

Trump's Lawyers Are Making Such a Mess That Newt Gingrich Felt Compelled to Say Something


McConnell, Schumer seem far apart on unemployment benefits, stimulus proposals

Senate GOP leader sticking with partisan COVID-19 relief plan

Lamar Alexander's parting shot: Senate needs 'a change of behavior'

Romney and bipartisan group propose a $908 billion emergency COVID-19 relief package

‘Someone’s going to get killed’: GOP election official in Georgia blames President Trump for fostering violent threats

GOP leader McDaniel to run for 3rd term with Trump's backing

GOP lawmaker blasts incoming freshman over allegations of presidential voter fraud

Republican frustration builds over Cabinet picks

List of Republicans breaking with Trump grows longer

Trump's threat to veto annual defense policy bill falls flat on Capitol Hill

Mike Pence Backs Away From the Trump Election ‘Fraud’ Train Wreck


McConnell shoots down bipartisan $900 billion coronavirus stimulus plan as stalemate drags on

McConnell offering new coronavirus relief bill after talks with Mnuchin, Meadows

McConnell shrugs as Georgia Republicans excoriate Trump and Washington over bogus election claims

Senate coronavirus aid proposal calls for $17 billion for airlines

Cruz urges Supreme Court to take up Pennsylvania election challenge

US Supreme Court asked to block Biden win in Pennsylvania

Senate Republicans called out for hypocrisy after complaining about Biden nominee's tweets

Ohio GOP lawmakers are trying to impeach Gov. Mike DeWine over his covid-19 rules. He says they’re ignoring reality.


Mitch McConnell is still playing hardball on coronavirus relief

Senate confirms two Trump picks for energy regulation panel

GOP lawmaker says he's been called a 'traitor' by people close to him for recognizing Biden win

Graham: Trump should attend Biden inauguration 'if' Biden wins

Predictably, some Republican voters in Georgia are turning on the party

Marco Rubio is already suiting up for the politics of destruction

Biden budget pick sparks battle with GOP Senate

How Sen. Mike Lee proposes to hold Facebook, Google, Amazon more accountable

Rand Paul: Anthony Fauci owes apology to 'every single parent and school-age child in America'

Trump’s latest Fox News rant was one of his most dangerous. Republicans can’t ignore it.


With all eyes on Georgia, RNC chair tries to convince Republicans to vote in runoff elections

In Key States, Republicans Were Critical in Resisting Trump's Election Narrative

GOP turns to Biden transition

South Dakota's governor encouraged people to go shopping the same day the state reported its highest single-day COVID-19 death total

Pennsylvania Republican ‘informed of positive Covid result while in meeting with Trump’


McConnell halts in-person Republican lunches amid COVID-19 surge

GOP congressman calls party's refusal to acknowledge Biden's win a 'massive grift' and says Trump 'forgot he was serving people and not himself'

Republicans lob accusations of elitism at ‘Middle Class Joe’ — a sign of the upended politics of populism

Former CIA head, Cruz trade jabs over killing of Iranian nuclear scientist: 'You are unworthy to represent the good people of Texas'


Republicans ready to become deficit hawks again under a President Biden

GOP mulls its future after Trump

Texas Supreme Court denies Republicans’ petition to throw out more than 100,000 drive-thru votes


Trump’s baseless election fraud claims in Georgia turn Senate runoffs into a ‘high-wire act’ for Republicans

GOP effort to invalidate more than 2.5 million votes in Pennsylvania dealt another setback


McConnell still mum on Biden’s win as Trump administration begins transition

Former Republican House speaker Paul Ryan tells Trump to concede and stop ‘undermining democracy’

Nearly a sixth of the Senate Republican caucus has tested positive for coronavirus

Governor of Wyoming tests COVID-19 positive

Georgia secretary of state says he's a Trump voter 'now being thrown under the bus by him'


McConnell pushed Trump to nominate Barrett on the night of Ginsburg's death

Biden seeks swift Cabinet votes, but GOP Senate stays silent

Rubio signals opposition to Biden Cabinet picks

Sen. Mike Lee continues to defend Trump’s questioning of election results

Sen. Chuck Grassley says he's planning to return to work next week after COVID-19 diagnosis

Giuliani admits to exaggerating claims of voter fraud after saying Detroit had more voters than citizens


Republican national security experts call on Trump to concede, begin transition

Why the Trump campaign’s big legal flameout in Pennsylvania seems like a turning point, even for Republicans

GOP senator says Biden's vote lead 'has not changed,' urges country to 'move forward'

Biden moves forward as GOP breaks with Trump rise

Trump relents on transition as Republicans join mounting calls for him to acknowledge Biden’s win

John Kasich Stunned GOP Isn't Defending Democracy Against Trump

Guadagno: GOPers ‘cowardly and shameless’ for backing Trump election claims

Republican official: Trump efforts to undermine Georgia results could 'suppress the vote' in U.S. Senate runoff elections

Murkowski calls on Trump to begin transition process, decries 'pressure campaign on state legislators'

Pressure grows from GOP for Trump to recognize Biden election win

GOP senator calls for cooperation on Biden transition: 'I'd rather have a president that has more than one day to prepare'

Trump’s quest to overturn election runs into quiet resistance from local and state Republicans

Kasich: Republicans 'either in complete lockstep' or 'afraid' of Trump

Chris Christie calls the conduct of Trump’s legal team a ‘national embarrassment’

Duty or Party? For Republicans, a Choice on Whether to Enable Trump

Reporter Carl Bernstein names 21 GOP senators who 'repeatedly expressed extreme contempt for Trump'


GOP lawmaker patience runs thin with Trump tactics

GOP senator congratulates Biden, says Trump should accept results

Most Republicans greet Trump’s push to overturn the election with a customary response: Silence

GOP Michigan ex-governor says state board will certify Biden winner over 'bully' Trump

Republican leaders ask Michigan election board to delay certification of results, in latest GOP effort to cast doubt on the vote

Republican leaders swore an oath to defend the Constitution. That means telling Trump it’s over.

Republicans bring out the big guns in Georgia runoff election, but Trump’s refusal to concede sparks concern

Republican Resistance Looms in the Senate for Biden's Nominees


Mitch McConnell says Congress should redirect unspent stimulus money to prop up small businesses, backing Mnuchin in his fight against the Fed

McConnell proposes shifting funds to COVID aid

Cheney, top GOP lawmakers ask Trump campaign for proof of election fraud

GOP governor, a Trump critic, calls for end to president’s ‘ridiculous challenges’ of Biden win

Mitt Romney calls Trump’s actions ‘undemocratic,’ while the Utah GOP stands with the president

More conservatives break with Trump over election claims

Analysis: With silence, GOP enables Trump's risky endgame

Sen. Rick Scott tests positive for Covid, says he has ‘very mild symptoms’ and will work from home


McConnell, Pelosi hunt for funding deal as shutdown deadline looms

GOP increasingly accepts Trump's defeat — but not in public

Romney on Trump election tactics: 'Difficult to imagine a worse, more undemocratic action' by president

Sasse condemns Giuliani's 'wild press conferences': They 'erode public trust'

The corrosive consequences of GOP leaders humoring Trump as he sows doubt in democracy

GOP’s post-election tactics are causing more concern about suppressing the Black vote, even after it happened

Why the GOP is sticking with Trump’s election deceit

Utah’s two senators split over Trump’s move to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, Iraq

Pompeo Visits West Bank Settlement and Offers Parting Gifts to Israeli Right


Republicans Confirm Another One Of Trump's Unqualified Court Picks

Senators move to block Trump's $23B UAE arms sale

GOP breaks with Trump firing of cyber chief: Adds to 'confusion and chaos'

GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler accused of violating ethics rules with fundraising pitch

Graham rebuffs 'the Squad' on calls for him to resign over Georgia meddling

Mitt Romney criticizes Trump for withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan, Iraq

Trump allies more outraged than Democrats over his Afghanistan pullout

Sen. Mike Lee again gripes that Twitter, Facebook are biased against conservatives — including him


McConnell: Transfer of power will happen on time

Republican Officials Have Got to Start Telling Their Voters the Truth About the Election

McConnell: Transfer of power will happen on time

Sen. Charles E. Grassley, third in line for the presidency, tests positive for covid

Senate blocks Judy Shelton nomination to the Fed

The Republican governors who are changing their tunes on masks

Republicans sound alarm on Georgia Senate runoffs as they privately weigh Trump’s influence

In reversal, GOP officials in key Michigan county certify ballot count after striking a compromise with Democrat

GOP senator: Trump shouldn't fire top cybersecurity official

GOP senators congratulate Harris on Senate floor

Graham becomes center of Georgia storm

Ted Cruz Tweet About Mask-Wearing Senator's 'Fake Virtue' Falls Flat On Its Face

State GOP lawmakers say they'll seek to impeach Whitmer


Md. Gov. Hogan tells Trump 'the time has come' to concede

Georgia secretary of state says Graham, other Republicans have pressured him to toss legal ballots

Graham denies pressuring top Georgia election official to throw out some ballots

Third GOP senator comes out against controversial Trump Fed nominee

Iowa governor reverses course, issues statewide mask mandate

State GOP lawmakers say they'll seek to impeach Whitmer

Pulling US troops out of Afghanistan would be as 'humiliating' as Vietnam War defeat, top Republican says

Chuck Todd: Every GOP senator declined interviews this weekend


GOP leaders in 4 states won by Biden quash dubious Trump bid to flip electors
(Rejecting a scheme backed by some of the US president’s allies, Republican lawmakers in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin say they won’t defy the will of the voters)

GOP shows limited appetite for pursuing Biden probes

2 more GOP governors push Trump to start the formal presidential transition process with Biden

Republicans increasingly urge Trump to begin formal transition

John Bolton urges Republicans to publicly reject Trump's voter fraud claims

GOP Sen. David Perdue won't debate Democratic challenger ahead of run-off election

A secretive Republican group called Amish PAC ended the election cycle with money in its pocket

‘The showdown of all showdowns’: Control of the Senate hinges on Georgia’s wild runoff elections

Biden Asked Republicans to Give Him a Chance. They're Not Interested.


COVID-19 is threatening the economy. So are McConnell and the GOP

Republicans face setbacks in three key legal challenges; Trump law firm quits

North Dakota governor changes tack and issues mask mandate

Minn. GOP State Senate Warns Only Republicans Of COVID Outbreak


RNC to spend at least $20 million on Georgia's Senate races

Trump and GOP rush to “quietly pack the FEC with partisans” after election, watchdog group warns

Young Kim takes down Democrat in California House rematch

Rep.-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene, supporter of QAnon, denounces House mask requirement

Spencer Cox rejects Trump’s claim of voter fraud, says there’s ‘no evidence’


Senior GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley says Biden should receive classified intelligence briefings from Trump administration

Trump and his followers are on the 'crazy train' with unhinged election conspiracies, Republican congressman says

Senate Republicans relent, say Biden should start getting access to intel

Growing number of Republicans say Biden should have access to classified briefings

How long can Republicans keep helping Trump delegitimize the election?

Karl Rove was a warrior in the GOP’s voter fraud crusades. Even he says it’s over for Trump.

‘Utah Politics’ podcast: Mitt Romney on the election, conspiracy theories and more

Texas senator suggests it's too soon to declare Biden the winner because Puerto Rico is still counting votes

‘We’re the ones who won’: McCarthy guarantees 2022 House majority after GOP stymies Democrats in suburbs

Arizona's GOP attorney general: Trump likely lost state, no evidence of fraud


McConnell says he does not expect interrupted presidential transition

GOP Senator Pat Toomey Calls on Trump Admin. to Cooperate with Biden Transition Team

GOP senator says Biden should get access to intelligence briefings

Why GOP superlawyer Ben Ginsberg is bucking his party and blasting Trump’s baseless election claims

Republicans echo Trump’s baseless election claims, undermining Biden’s transition

Arizona's GOP AG says people voted Republican, but not for Trump

Mitt Romney says wearing masks doesn’t show lack of commitment to conservatism

Florida Gov. DeSantis’s new data analyst: an anti-mask sports blogger with no credentials

Republicans who could serve in a Biden government


GOP unveils $1.4T spending bill amid post-election turmoil

Like Mitt Romney, Utah Rep. John Curtis now recognizes Joe Biden as president-elect

GOP senator says Trump should cooperate on transition

Baker slams Trump challenge to election results; says it is ‘not in the best interest’ of the country

Utah Sen. Mike Lee still refuses to say Biden won election

GOP senator: Trump 'may not have been defeated

Republican Sen. Thom Tillis defeats Democrat Cal Cunningham in North Carolina

Martha McSally refuses to concede Arizona Senate race even as math shows she can’t win

Invigorated House Republicans aim to squeeze Democrats

Pennsylvania Republicans plan 'extraordinary measures' to delay election results

Trump wants a recount in Wisconsin, but the RNC is shifting staff from that state to Georgia for Senate fight

Most Republicans don’t yet dare to cross Donald Trump
(For now they have more to gain from indulging him than from accepting his defeat)

If Republicans Push This Long Enough, It Will Take on a Life of Its Own

Barr sparks DOJ firestorm with election probes memo

Supreme Court appears ready to uphold Affordable Care Act over latest challenge from Trump, GOP


McConnell declines in floor speech to congratulate Biden as president-elect

Mitch McConnell: Trump is '100% within his rights' to challenge election

Lindsey Graham’s curious and conspiratorial argument for why Trump should fight election results


As Trump Refuses to Concede, G.O.P. Remains Divided

Even in defeat, the embers of Trumpism still burn in the Republican Party

Trump supporters launch small, disparate efforts to fight election results as no GOP or Trump allegations of irregularities have been proved

Trump readies suits; allies dig in
(Senior Republicans stand by president’s refusal to concede as President-elect Biden plans for transition.)

Georgia GOP senators call on Georgia secretary of state to resign

31 former GOP House members urge Donald Trump to accept Joe Biden election win

Barr clears Justice Dept. to investigate alleged voting irregularities as Trump makes unfounded fraud claims


Top Republicans Are Silent on Biden Victory as Trump Refuses to Concede

Lindsey Graham: If Trump concedes election, Republicans will 'never' elect another president

Republicans split on Biden win as Trump digs in

GOP senator hedges on acknowledging Biden win: 'It's time for the president's lawyers to present the facts'

Romney: A ‘graceful departure' is not in Trump’s nature

George W. Bush congratulates Biden on win and his 'patriotic' victory speech

Republican Maryland governor: 'Whether you like it or not, it's time to get behind the winner of the race'

Republican Philadelphia official responsible for vote counting says office getting death threats


Cruz, Graham add fuel to Trump's inflammatory, false vote-fraud charges

Trump lost — so what happens to the GOP?

Joining Trump's war on voting was a test of loyalty for the GOP. Will it keep up the fight?

Trump Is Deliberately Eroding Faith In Democracy. The GOP Is Helping.


For continuing Election Results

McConnell and Pelosi are once again at odds over the size of a coronavirus stimulus package

McConnell says big stimulus bill not needed after better-than-expected jobs report

Pennsylvania Republicans win Supreme Court order to enforce separation of late-arriving ballots

Supreme Court orders separate count of late-arriving Pa. ballots

Republican Senator: No evidence to support Trump’s vote-fraud claims

Romney: Trump's election fraud claim wrong, 'reckless'

Republicans must follow Mitt Romney’s example and rebuke Donald Trump

GOP splits over Trump’s false election claims, unfounded fraud allegations

Graham: Biden 'deserves a Cabinet' if he wins

Backing Trump’s falsehoods, two Senate allies attack legitimacy of vote count
(Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz warn Republicans may reject ballot results if they turn against president)

With GOP at crossroads, Trump team employs fear tactics in bid to keep Republican lawmakers in line

Republicans are amplifying the president’s lies. This has never been more dangerous.

Fight for Senate majority boils down to Georgia

Georgia Senate race between Perdue, Ossoff heads to runoff


For continuing Election Results

Mitch McConnell is already preparing to torpedo Joe Biden's Cabinet picks

Mitch McConnell Has Let It Be Known He Will Continue to Be an Obstructive Jackass If Joe Biden Wins

McConnell opens door for lame-duck deal on emergency spending

Romney after Trump briefing: 'Counting every vote is at the heart of democracy'

Graham to donate $500K to Trump's legal defense fund

Republicans rebuke Trump over claims of voter fraud

Election splits Congress, GOP bolstered as Democrats falter


For continuing Election Results

McConnell says reaching an economic stimulus deal is ‘job one’ when Senate returns

Republican allies break with Trump, say take time to count all the votes

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham to Win Reelection over Well-Funded Challenger Jaime Harrison

Collins Wins 5th Term in US Senate as Gideon Concedes Costly Maine Race


Last stand of the Republican moderate

Cindy McCain reveals 'the final straw' with Trump that led to Biden endorsement

Ex-RNC officials won't back Trump

Martha McSally’s Humiliation, and the Republican Party’s

‘We Love What They Did’: Marco Rubio Praises Texas Trump Fan Caravan That Swarmed Biden Bus

The Republican Party has lurched towards populism and illiberalism

Federal judge rejects GOP challenge to invalidate nearly 127,000 votes in Democratic-leaning Houston


GOP tries to save its Senate majority, with or without Trump

Graham’s Bitter Closing Pitch: Libs Hate Me, So Vote for Me

Alaska GOP senator’s ad against Jewish challenger criticized as anti-Semitic

Texas high court denies GOP effort to reject Houston votes

Conservative Supreme Court justices are threatening a post-election coup
(They are pushing a theory that makes a mockery of America’s constitutional design.)


Republicans shift from challenging rules to preparing to challenge individual ballots

Trump and GOP look to courts to change the rules on counting votes

Trump drags down GOP senators, giving Democrats more paths to the majority

Want to save the GOP? Vote for Joe Biden: Trumpism must be isolated to be destroyed


McConnell says Congress will take up stimulus package at start of 2021

McConnell expects coronavirus stimulus in 2021, while Pelosi and Trump push for a deal sooner

Top Senate GOP super PAC makes final $4.6M investment in Michigan Senate race

Republican Senate Candidates Are Chickening Out of Their Debates From Maine to Mississippi

Mike Pence at Des Moines rally: Joni Ernst is an 'unwavering ally of President Trump and the MAGA agenda'

Five Reagan White House lawyers endorse Biden, saying Trump has ‘fomented hatred’


Mitch McConnell’s approval drops nationwide despite political win with Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination

GOP sees path to hold Senate majority

Lindsey Graham, you're on your own

Georgia senator to skip debate after Democratic rival goes viral

In a pivotal race in North Carolina, Democrats try to paint the incumbent as ‘pharma’s favorite senator’


McConnell says Barrett nomination helped some vulnerable GOP incumbents, gives even odds on holding the Senate

McConnell: Battle for Senate 'a 50-50 proposition'

McConnell and Schumer's relationship shredded after court brawl

Lindsey Graham, Thom Tillis pushed for controversial casino after donations from gambling mogul

Cruz in heated exchange with Twitter's Dorsey: 'Who the hell elected you?'

Facebook, Google, Twitter CEOs clash with Congress in pre-election showdown

Trump's disrespect of Sen. Martha McSally was painful to watch

Fox News cuts off Lindsey Graham in the middle of his latest money plea

Flake cuts ad for Biden: 'Character' matters

U.S. Supreme Court deals blow to Republicans in Pennsylvania, North Carolina vote-by-mail fights

Former U.S. attorneys — all Republicans — back Biden, saying Trump threatens ‘the rule of law’

Why I’m Leaving the Republican Party


Ted Cruz is asked why national debt is paramount to Republicans only when a Democrat is in the White House

Cruz: Hunter Biden attacks don't move 'a single voter'

Republicans could suffer from Chinese company’s failure to buy Montana beef

Utah Sens. Romney and Lee join GOP parade of praise for Amy Coney Barrett before confirmation vote

‘Fat and Happy’ With a Conservative Court, Are Republicans Losing a Winning Issue?
(President Trump and his party pushed Justice Barrett’s confirmation through in record time. But they could find that satisfied voters, who no longer fear the specter of a liberal court, are also complacent.)

Trump wants election night result, but GOP has fought to make sure many ballots won't be counted by then

GOP governors have overwhelmingly encouraged masks. Trump still resists them.


Senate confirms Barrett to Supreme Court, cementing its conservative majority

Barrett takes first oath as Supreme Court justice after highly partisan Senate vote

Justice Clarence Thomas administers constitutional oath swearing in Amy Coney Barrett

Murkowski predicts Barrett won't overturn Roe v. Wade

McConnell tees up Trump judicial pick following Supreme Court vote

McConnell’s intriguing comment about the GOP and ‘the next election’

Poll: Nearly 7 in 10 US Jews think Republican Party holds anti-Semitic views


Barrett nomination clears Senate hurdle, putting her on course to confirmation to Supreme Court

Collins and Ernst split on Barrett confirmation in tough re-election bids

How Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn busted Ted Cruz’s Obamacare bubble

Who's to blame for stalled stimulus talks?

At least 5 of Vice President Pence's aides test positive for coronavirus


Fearful calls flood election offices as Trump attacks mail-in voting, threatening participation in GOP strongholds

'Of course not': McConnell responds to questions about whether there are health issues the public should be warned about concerning his bruised hands

Senators battle over Supreme Court nominee in rare Saturday session

Murkowski's nod gives Barrett extra boost for Supreme Court

As Governor Resists Mask Mandate, Iowans Sour on the GOP


National Republican Party Formally Backs QAnon Supporter

Senators Collins, Murkowski Vote Against Moving Forward with Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation

Sen. Mike Lee calls Democratic protest of Supreme Court vote ‘pious pearl-clutching’

Senate GOP to drop documentary series days before election hitting China, Democrats over

Democrats play defense, GOP goes on attack after Biden oil comment

Republican House candidate's website attacks critic for going to 'work for non white males'

GOP pollster says Trump won the final debate but Biden ‘won the war’


GOP-led Senate panel advances Amy Coney Barrett despite Democrats’ boycott

Republicans vote to advance Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate

The Ultimate “Bullshit Job”

GOP’s Marco Rubio: I’m open to voting for higher Covid stimulus because Americans need help

McConnell helps ‘working families’ by killing coronavirus relief. That’s rich, Mitch.

Senate Republicans fume as Mnuchin gives ground to Pelosi in search of deal

'Really dumb politics.' Some Republicans mystified by McConnell's hard line on coronavirus stimulus

GOP power shift emerges with Trump, McConnell

Susan Collins 'Truly Grateful' For Endorsement From Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Abortion Group


Feeling the pinch, GOP Senate committee restructures $20 million loan one month before the election

Graham wants to review ActBlue's source of small-dollar contributions

McCarthy faces pushback from anxious Republicans over interview comments

White House pushing for stimulus deal within next 48 hours

Mitt Romney says he did not vote for Trump in the 2020 election

It is probably too late for Senate Republicans to distance themselves from Trump

Senate Republicans try to ignore Trump’s attacks on Fauci

Why Senate Republicans would rather approve a Supreme Court nominee than coronavirus stimulus

How Republican Senators Account for the Trump Presidency


McConnell warns White House against making stimulus deal as Pelosi and Mnuchin inch closer

McConnell signals Senate Republicans don't want bigger Covid relief bill before election

Pandemic relief talks inch ahead but McConnell is resistant

Senate to vote Monday to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court

Why some Senate Republicans are tiptoeing away from Trump

Fearing a loss, GOP senators keep distance from Trump and begin to ponder party's future

Some in North Dakota wish for tougher virus tack by governor

Administration officials alarmed by White House push to fast track lucrative 5G spectrum contract, sources say

Republican Voters Take a Radical Conspiracy Theory Mainstream
(QAnon, with encouragement from the president himself, has moved from online message boards to political rallies and congressional campaigns.)

GOP pollster Luntz blasts Trump campaign as worst he's ever seen


GOP blocks Schumer effort to adjourn Senate until after election

Senate Republicans offer constitutional amendment to block Supreme Court packing

Senate GOP eyes Oct. 26 for confirming Barrett to Supreme Court

GOP senators voice fears of a painful Trump loss

Behind in Polls, Republicans See a Silver Lining in Voter Registrations

Supreme Court denies GOP request to stop extended period for returning mail ballots in Pennsylvania


Ernst Struggles in Iowa as Republicans Battle to Hold Senate Amid Trump's Woes

Lindsey Graham uses Amy Coney Barrett hearing to complain about Democratic rival's fundraising

Alaska GOP senator routinely voted for policies that benefited family's chemical company

Jacksonville seeks $150K from GOP convention host committee

The Republicans are fundamentally unserious people


McConnell details $500 billion COVID-19 bill set for Wednesday vote

One of Kentucky's largest newspapers endorses McConnell's challenger

Fearing a 'Bloodbath,' Republican Senators Begin to Edge Away From Trump


Poll shows Affordable Care Act challenge a liability for McConnell at home

Republicans sense the Trump train has finally gone off the rails, and they're tiptoeing toward the exits

Republicans increasingly seek distance from Trump

Fearing a ‘Blood Bath,’ Republican Senators Begin to Edge Away From Trump

Slamming Trump, G.O.P. Senator Warns of a ‘Republican Blood Bath’
(Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska issued a scathing takedown of President Trump during a telephone town hall with constituents, saying he cozied up to dictators and white supremacists.)

GOP’s Sen. Sasse says Trump mistreats women, flirts with white supremacy and secretly mocks evangelicals

With Gardner trailing Hickenlooper, national GOP groups scale back spending in Colorado

Repeal loses its appeal for GOP
(Republicans who had opposed Obamacare now run away from a promise to nullify it.)

Georgia senator mocks Harris's name before Trump rally: 'Kamala-mala-mala, I don't know'


Pelosi, Mnuchin cite progress in economic relief talks but eye obstacles with Senate Republicans

GOP adapts Obamacare message
(Fearing a voter backlash, Republicans downplay idea that Supreme Court might strike down the law.)

McConnell shoots down $1.8 trillion coronavirus deal, breaking with Trump

Maine’s Referendum on Susan Collins’s Reputation

Graham to Democrats: 'Y'all have a good chance of winning the White House'

           Nebraska Sen. Sasse rips Trump over COVID-19, foreign policy

First Amendment plays an unexpected starring role in Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing

Barrett confirmation hearing day four: ‘We have the votes,’ McConnell says of nomination

Christie says he was in ICU for 7 days battling Covid-19, urges Americans to wear masks


McConnell plans vote on narrow economic relief measure while Trump urges lawmakers to ‘Go big or go home!!!

Sen. Mike Lee asks Amy Coney Barrett few questions; gives long speeches instead

Joni Ernst has embraced President Donald Trump. Will that hurt her or help her as she runs for a second term?

Lindsey Graham used Barrett's hearing to complain about his Senate opponent's massive fundraising hauls

Republicans win court battles as they go after drop boxes in key states

Videos show closed-door sessions of leading conservative activists: ‘Be not afraid of the accusations that you’re a voter suppressor’


People in the GOP, White House, and Trump campaign increasingly think they will lose the White House and maybe the Senate too, reports say

Trump's task: Resetting campaign that GOP fears is slipping

McGrath: McConnell 'can't get it done' on COVID-19 relief

Removing the bone in our throat: Senate must advance the stimulus bill

GOP Senator Diagnosed With COVID-19 Attends Barrett Hearing Sans Mask

Trump chief of staff refuses to speak to reporters with mask on

Supreme Court hearing offers pre-election tests for Lindsey Graham and other vulnerable senators

Yahoo News/YouGov poll: As opposition to Trump's pandemic approach grows, most voters want Senate to pass stimulus before considering Amy Coney Barrett

The GOP is lying its way toward expanding the Supreme Court’s conservative majority

Joni Ernst tours the state by motorcycle in the final days of 'tough, tough, tough' re-election fight


Republicans start political distancing
(As Trump’s fortunes sink, allies back away, urging voters to save the Senate as a check on a President Biden.)

GOP sees falling Trump stock as growing threat to Senate majority

The transformation of Lindsey Graham

Graham dismisses calls to delay Barrett confirmation hearings

Susan Collins lashes out at Dem challenger as she fights the toughest battle of her political career

Don't believe Trump's hype about 'missing' ballots, Republican election official says


Senate Republicans rip new White House coronavirus proposal

Graham says SC people of color can go anywhere in the state but 'need to be conservative, not liberal'

Graham, Harris share spotlight as Barrett hearings begin

GOP's Supreme Court push may box in Cory Gardner

Why We Still Need Democracy
(Imperfect as electoral systems are, they provide a vital accountability.)


Mitch McConnell says a coronavirus stimulus package is ‘unlikely in the next three weeks’

Trump’s Struggles Ripple Across the Sun Belt, Endangering G.O.P. Stronghold

Republicans scramble to defend Mitch McConnell’s Senate majority

Ted Cruz warns the election ‘could be a bloodbath of Watergate proportions’ for GOP

Susan Collins struggles to change the subject from Brett Kavanaugh in Maine Senate race

Republicans are finally ready to diss Don

How Republicans are losing young voters

Bob Dole claims no Republicans on debate commission support Trump

Republican-backed ACA lawsuit also threatens Medicaid as enrollment grows during pandemic

A debate between Sen. Lindsey Graham and challenger Jamie Harrison got nixed after Graham refused to take a COVID-19 test

Federal judge shoots down Texas proclamation allowing one ballot drop-off location per county


A Republican Party unraveling’: GOP plunged into crisis as Trump abruptly ends economic relief talks, dismisses virus

‘It wasn’t wise’: Republicans urge Trump to restart Covid talks

McConnell avoids visiting White House over its handling of coronavirus

A Group of Retired Republican Governors Comes Out for Biden

GOP senator defends not wearing a mask at Rose Garden Supreme Court event

COVID-19 at the Vice-Presidential Debate


Republicans frustrated by Trump's messages on COVID-19 aid

Republican fears grow over rising Democratic tide

Republicans see 'grim' Senate map and edge away from Trump

Lindsey Graham, in a dead heat with Senate challenger, pleads for help

Mike Pence Refuses During Debate To Accept Election Results


Murkowski after Trump halts talks: Congress must move on virus package

‘Unjustifiable hysteria’: Republican recalcitrance about the virus persists even as GOP faces growing turmoil

Infected senator vows ‘moon suit’ to vote Trump’s court pick

Susan Collins trails Democratic challenger by just 1 point, new Maine poll shows

Covid-19 complicates Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nomination
(The president is back after being hospitalised with the virus. But the pandemic may weaken the Republicans’ push to confirm Amy Coney Barrett)

Republicans can take a lesson from Australia’s conservatives on covid-19


The serious political and health risks Republicans are taking in moving forward with the Barrett hearings

Sen. McConnell formally sidelines Senate floor action through October 19

As Trump fell ill, Republican report praised his leadership on pandemic response

GOP anxiety grows over Trump political roller coaster

Republicans face major head winds in final stretch to maintain Senate majority

GOP Sen. John Cornyn Criticizes Trump On COVID-19: 'A Lesson To All Of Us'

Kelly tops McSally by double digits in Arizona Senate race


GOP seeks to call off Senate work, but not Barrett hearings

Positive tests for senators raise doubts about fast-track confirmation of Trump’s Supreme Court choice

Tom Cotton: 'No doubt' coronavirus won't stop confirmation of SCOTUS nominee

GOP lawmaker calls on Pelosi to apologize for response to Trump contracting coronavirus

Lindsey Graham hammered by Democrat opponent who tells him to ‘be a man’ and likens him to a cheating child in election debate

GOP Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania to retire in 2022

Barr reverses, will quarantine for several days after potential coronavirus exposure


McConnell moves to delay Senate return after 3 lawmakers test positive for COVID-19

Growing number of top Republicans diagnosed with coronavirus

Chris Christie is the latest in Trump circle to get virus

Barr will not quarantine following potential exposure to COVID-19

Pence ordered the closure of US borders against CDC's wishes: report


McConnell hints Senate will vote on Trump's Supreme Court pick before election

New polls feed GOP fears of Biden rout over Trump

October surprise! A wave of panic overtakes Trump and the GOP

Top White House staffers still not wearing masks

Invincibility punctured by infection: How the coronavirus spread in Trump’s White House

Amid rush to confirm Barrett to court, two key Republican senators test positive for COVID-19

Trump campaign manager tests positive for Covid-19

Voting rights advocates sue to block Texas governor’s order limiting counties to one ballot drop-off location


Republicans Scold Trump on White Supremacy, Fearing a Drag on the Party

Republican Texas Governor Shuts Down Absentee Ballot Drop-Off Sites

South Carolina GOP asks Supreme Court to reinstate mail-in ballot witness requirement

Trump Renews Fears of Voter Intimidation as G.O.P. Poll Watchers Mobilize
(Republicans are putting together what they call an army of Trump supporters to monitor election procedures.)

RNC, Trump campaign push back on changing debate rules

6 GOP senators break with Trump on Obamacare suit

Sen. Chuck Grassley: 'I'd be very concerned' about how President Donald Trump's tax returns got out

Lindsey Graham, Up to His Eyeballs in Imminent Retirement, Is Still Beating a Dead Horse

Pompeo’s Preelection Politicking Is Wearing Thin, Even With Allies
(From the Vatican to Brazil, foreign officials are getting tired of Pompeo dragging their governments into Trump’s reelection campaign.)


Senate passes stopgap government measure to avoid government shutdown

House Republicans release recommendations for China crackdown

McConnell: 'It was unacceptable not to condemn white supremacists'

Early surge of Democratic mail voting sparks worry inside GOP

Republicans are not happy with Trump's debate performance

Republicans fret over Trump's self-inflicted blows at first debate

Belligerent Trump debate performance stokes fears among Republicans about November

Five Republican congressmen vote against bill committing to peaceful transfer of power after election

Ex-RNC chairman says he's voting for Biden

'Women in military, bad idea': Mike Pence’s most controversial comments about women


Senate advances bill to fund government into December

Mitch McConnell ‘refusing to debate his election rival if there is a female moderator’

GOP Sen. Joni Ernst says there's a 'very minimal' chance Roe v. Wade will be overturned

Does Sen. Mike Lee share President Trump’s distrust of mail-in voting?

Judge upholds Republican-backed law making absentee voting harder in Iowa


Top House Republican calls for probe of source of NYT Trump tax documents

Pennsylvania Republicans ask Supreme Court to stop voting accommodations

Lindsey Graham Hints There is ‘More Damning’ Information about the Russia Investigation to be Released


The Senate could vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court just days before the presidential election

GOP senators confident Trump pick to be confirmed by November

Graham neck and neck with challenger in South Carolina Senate race: poll

In Maine, a Race About the Issues Has Become a Referendum on Susan Collins

The Private Trump Angst of a Republican Icon


Senate GOP set to vote on Trump's Supreme Court pick before election

Supreme Court fight pushes Senate toward brink

A rising Black GOP star faces fury from African Americans over Taylor case

Lowering The Bar: Critics Go Ballistic As GOP Peddles 'Notorious ACB' T-Shirts


Doug Collins to Introduce Constitutional Amendment Prohibiting Adding Justices to Supreme Court

Trump Again Sows Doubt About Election as GOP Scrambles to Assure Voters

Trump dumbfounds GOP with latest unforced error

Trump and McConnell are speeding the GOP to permanent minority status


McConnell pushes back on Trump: 'There will be an orderly transition'

Senate passes resolution reaffirming commitment to peaceful transition of power

Lawmakers push back against Trump’s refusal to commit to peaceful transfer of power

Republicans try to ‘both sides’ Trump’s comments on peaceful transfer of power

Top Republican Liz Cheney promises 'peaceful transfer of power' after Trump wouldn't

Republicans hope Supreme Court fight boosts Trump’s reelection bid, helps GOP hold Senate majority

Sen. Lindsey Graham begs for campaign cash on TV: 'I am being killed financially'

Sen. Mike Lee pushes for nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court

GOP Sen. Cory Gardner stayed mum on meatpacking coronavirus outbreaks as he received industry donations

‘Character counts’ — Carly Fiorina, GOP presidential candidate in 2016, explains why she’ll vote for Biden


Senate Republicans dash ahead with plans to fill court seat before election

Lisa Murkowski Says She’s Open to Confirming SCOTUS Nominee before Election

Republican advocates are concerned the party could cost them 'ticket splitters' with Supreme Court vote

How Republicans Are Trying to Use the Green Party to Their Advantage

McCarthy threatens motion to oust Pelosi if she moves forward with impeachment

Republicans sue Texas governor over expanded early voting

Missouri governor, opponent of mandatory masks, has COVID-19

Romney: 'Unthinkable and unacceptable' to not commit to peaceful transition of power

Republican Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden

GOP’s Hunter Biden report doesn’t back up Trump’s actual conspiracy theory — or anything close to it

Fauci finally loses his patience with Rand Paul

Rand Paul says he can't judge 'guilt or innocence' in Breonna Taylor case

Cindy McCain Endorses Biden, Citing Trump’s Disparagement of Troops

McConnell Is on the Losing Side of History — And He Knows It


Senate Republicans bet it all on the Supreme Court — again

Senate GOP sees early Supreme Court vote as political booster shot

McConnell told Trump he thinks Barrett is best Supreme Court pick

GOP will ask Supreme Court to limit mail voting in Pennsylvania in first post-RBG test

Lindsey Graham pledges GOP will support Trump’s nominee, despite not knowing who nominee is

Lindsey Graham: GOP has votes to confirm Supreme Court nominee before election

Sen. Mike Lee supports quick vote on Supreme Court nominee

Romney backs voting this year on Trump nominee to replace Ginsburg

Romney becomes the latest Republican to offer a dubious historic rationale to side with Trump

Republicans Would Regret Replacing Ginsburg Before Election

How Pompeo Blurs the Line Between Diplomacy and Politics


McConnell unexpectedly rejects Democrats' funding bill, leaving U.S. on the verge of government shutdown

Tumultuous court battle upends fight for Senate

How the GOP is trying to justify its Supreme Court reversal

Graham: GOP will confirm Trump's Supreme Court nominee before the election

Colorado’s Cory Gardner won’t oppose Trump SCOTUS nomination

Sen. Chuck Grassley won't oppose holding Supreme Court replacement hearings this year


How McConnell Can Quickly Push Through Trump's Nominee

McConnell locks down key GOP votes in Supreme Court fight

For Mitch McConnell, Keeping His Senate Majority Matters More Than the Supreme Court

Pressure mounts on GOP senators over filling Ginsburg seat

'This Is Why We Wanted This Guy': Conservatives Push Trump to Fill Court Seat Quickly

Republican congressman says Ruth Bader Ginsburg ‘pro-abortion laws’ responsible for deaths of ‘30 million innocent babies’

Graham — an institutionalist turned Trump loyalist — will play a central role in Supreme Court battle

The fate of Ginsburg’s successor rests with a handful of Senate Republicans

Where GOP senators stand on quickly filling Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat

Live updates: Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she doesn’t support filling Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat before the election

Who is Amy Coney Barrett, the judge at the top of Trump’s list to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

GOP set to release controversial Biden report


A Ginsburg replacement is 'worth the White House and Senate': Why, and how, Republicans will push through Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

The Republicans Are Planning a Shameless Supreme Court Heist to Fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Seat

Momentum growing among Republicans for Supreme Court vote before Election Day

McConnell vows to move forward with replacing Ginsburg, but does he have the votes?

Protesters outside McConnell's home use his own words to demand delay in filling Ginsberg's seat

Here's how Iowa's Republican US senators said they would handle an election-year Supreme Court vacancy

Susan Collins says the president ‘elected on Nov. 3’ should nominate next Supreme Court justice

Graham on potential Supreme Court vacancy: 'This would be a different circumstance' than Merrick Garland

Jeff Flake: Republicans 'should hold the same position' on SCOTUS vacancy as 2016

Senate race could spoil GOP's plans to replace Ginsburg

Warning signs flash for Lindsey Graham in South Carolina

The Senate should follow precedent and honor Ginsburg


Mitch McConnell says he’ll hold vote on Supreme Court vacancy after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death

McConnell says Senate will move to confirm Ginsburg replacement

McConnell Faces Risks in Advancing a Trump Supreme Court Replacement for Ginsburg

McConnell: I will fill Ginsburg's seat with Trump's nominee. Schumer says don't dare.

Cruz: Trump should nominate a Supreme Court justice next week

Graham on potential Supreme Court vacancy: 'This would be a different circumstance' than Merrick Garland

Senate Republicans face tough decision on replacing Ginsburg

Baker, long averse to national GOP politics, backs Susan Collins in Maine Senate race

In N. Carolina Senate race, Tillis calibrates ties to Trump

Mitt Romney says Trump’s missteps help China convert old foes to friends

Senate Republicans renounce Trump's claim that election results 'may never be determined

Virus Pulls Down Trump, Poll Shows, and G.O.P. Senators Suffer With Him


Mitch McConnell rams through six Trump judges in 30 hours after blocking coronavirus aid for months

Senate GOP eyes early exit

Romney says Biden probe ‘not legitimate role of government’

Utah Sen. Mike Lee says California wildfires caused by mismanagement, not climate change

Alabama Senate Candidate Tommy Tuberville Struggles To Discuss Voting Rights Act

U.S. Senator Johnson quarantined after COVID-19 contact


Senate Republicans shrug off Trump’s call for larger Covid-19 relief measure

Senate Republicans signal openness to working with Biden

'Democrats are going on offense': Memo reveals the Senate GOP is worried about losing their majority

The Governor Who Holds Trump’s Fate in His Hands

Lindsey Graham’s Campaign For Rival’s Tax Returns Ends In Humiliation

Poll: Sen. Susan Collins trailing challenger Sarah Gideon by 12 points in closely watched Maine race

Sen. Mitt Romney suggests capping college athlete pay at $50K


Cotton Announces Bill to Revoke China’s ‘Most Favored Nation’ Status

House GOP unveils tax cuts, police funds in election agenda

The biggest obstacle to a broadly deployed coronavirus vaccine: The GOP base


McConnell: Democrats would 'disfigure' Senate by nixing filibuster

House GOP slated to unveil agenda ahead of election

GOP sees pressure on Pelosi as key to pandemic relief deal

Administration and GOP officials defend Trump's Covid response despite recordings showing he deliberately minimized virus


Republican-led probe of Biden, Ukraine nears a close

Stimulus deal unlikely until after the election

Trump drilling reversal could boost coastal GOP senators

Cruz says he wouldn't accept Supreme Court nomination


Republicans call on DOJ to investigate Netflix over 'Cuties' film

What Obamacare? Republican candidates go mum on health care law

Lindsey Graham Bashed For Trump Hypocrisy As He Mocks Rival For Not Baring Tax Returns

Pence will no longer appear at a fundraiser hosted by a couple that publicly supported QAnon


McConnell: Chance for coronavirus deal 'doesn't look that good right now'

Susan Collins: Trump 'should have been straightforward' on COVID-19

Rep. Tom Graves announces early retirement

Ted Cruz: 'Many liberal males never grow balls'

Senate panel seeks documents in probe of DHS whistleblower complaint

Senate Republicans scramble to contain fallout from Woodward bombshell

Republican worries rise as Trump campaign pulls back from television advertising

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Trump ally, faces toughest reelection challenge in S.C.

Exclusive: As Energy Secretary, Rick Perry Mixed Money and Politics in Ukraine. The Deals Could Be Worth Billions

Florida Supreme Court blocks DeSantis justice pick

John Kasich Tells Meghan McCain Republicans Need To 'Wake Up' And Vote Biden

Rank-And-File Republicans Reel Off Very Long List Of Reasons They Can’t Vote For Trump

Trump is destroying the Republican Party. Why won’t any of his peers speak up?


Senate Republicans fail to advance coronavirus stimulus bill as stalemate drags on

How McConnell is maneuvering to keep the Senate in GOP hands -- and navigating Trump

Republicans defend Trump after he admitted downplaying true threat of COVID-19

Exclusive: Susan Collins' plight gets worse with new corruption allegation, possible ethics probe

Sen. Mike Lee, brother Thomas Lee still on Trump’s potential Supreme Court nominee list

New poll confirms Republicans’ wariness of voting by mail

This Republican Party Is Not Worth Saving


Coronavirus stimulus: A relief bill is less likely as election approaches, says GOP senator

Republicans Defend Trump After He Admitted Downplaying True Threat Of COVID-19

Bolton responds to Woodward book, says Trump's decision to downplay virus 'almost certainly' cost lives

Tom Cotton after Trump names him potential Supreme Court nominee: 'It's time for Roe v. Wade to go'

Ben Sasse Calls for Repealing 17th Amendment, Eliminating Popular-Vote Senate Elections

‘Figure it out’: Vulnerable GOP senator apologises after staffer snaps at three-time cancer survivor over health care

Joe Lieberman endorses Susan Collins: 'I'm a lifelong Democrat but I put my country first'

GOP election lawyer says no evidence to support Trump's claim about mail-in voting fraud

California’s GOP Senate leader was under quarantine. She spoke with no mask at a huge prayer event anyway.

The GOP’s Deceptive Campaign Against Urban America

AP Exclusive: Pence to attend event hosted by QAnon backers


McConnell unveils slimmed-down coronavirus relief bill in Senate, announces vote for later this week

McConnell works to lock down GOP votes for coronavirus bill

Republican-controlled Senate committee may still get election security briefing

House Republicans slam Nadler for calling Antifa a myth; demand hearing on left-wing violence

Republicans Revive 2018 Strategy, Hoping for Better Result: Scare Voters

Trump, supporters gather without masks in NC despite request from local GOP official

Right-wing protesters gather outside Portland, adding to tensions


Senate returns to partisan showdowns as election looms

Kevin McCarthy gives Trump some tough election talk

PAC challenging SC's Graham over offshore drilling stance


McCarthy told Trump trashing mail-in voting will hurt Republicans

GOP uses debunked theory to downplay COVID-19 death toll

Louis DeJoy’s rise as GOP fundraiser was powered by contributions from company workers who were later reimbursed, former employees say


GOP lawmaker defends Fox reporter after Trump calls for her firing

Tillis fights to close gap in critical Senate battleground


McConnell tells voters 'not to worry about your vote not counting' in November

Senate GOP struggles to unify behind coronavirus relief bill amid dispute over DeVos education policy

Former GOP governor leaves Don Lemon speechless with endorsement of Biden

GOP Rep. Thomas Massie Says He Wouldn't Convict Accused Killer Kyle Rittenhouse

GOP candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene posts image of herself with gun next to members of 'Squad'

Pence says White House, Congress have reached agreement to avoid shutdown without adding coronavirus relief


Mitt Romney is sole GOP senator to criticize latest string of inflammatory Trump claims

Martha McSally down 17 points in new Fox News poll showing Democrats surging in key states

It’s not just Trump. All Republicans must go.

Mnuchin, Pelosi reach informal deal to avoid government shutdown


‘So skeptical’: Sen. Joni Ernst echoes conspiracy theory questioning coronavirus death count

GOP Rep. Clay Higgins Threatens To Shoot Armed Protesters: 'I'd Drop Any 10 Of You'

It Doesn’t Matter Who Is Pushing for Masks, This GOP Governor’s Answer Is No


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