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DAILY NEWS (Page 5) BEGINNING September 3, 2019


Republicans wary of US action on Iran

GOP struggles with retirement wave

California GOP congressman won't seek re-election

House adds 2 GOP members after special election wins

Sen. Susan Collins faces fresh fire after emergence of new Kavanaugh allegation 

Times correction gives GOP lifeline in latest Kavanaugh controversy

Pennsylvania state senator charged with child porn possession


Senators struggle to get spending bills off ground as shutdown looms

Ted Cruz knocks New York Times for 'stunning' correction on Kavanaugh report

Ron Paul: US interest rates are going negative, and the Fed can’t stop it


Cruz on reported Kavanaugh allegations: There's nobody Democrats don't want to impeach

The 13 Republicans needed to pass gun-control legislation

Conway: Mass shootings will not be 'the excuse for liberals and socialists' to 'confiscate' guns

Republicans want to make Orange County red again


Graham: US should consider strike on Iranian oil refineries after attack on Saudi Arabia


We are Trump’s Republican challengers. Canceling GOP primaries is a critical mistake.

GOP lawmakers raise concerns over fundraising platform at retreat

Conservatives offer stark warning to Trump, GOP on background checks

Gov. Ron DeSantis says he’s confident Trump will protect Florida from offshore oil drilling

Mitt Romney says he isn’t going to endorse Trump or anyone else for president in 2020

Why the man Trump once called ‘my African American’ is leaving the GOP

Republicans seize on O’Rourke’s emphatic call for mandatory buyback of assault weapons

Republican Group Serves Up Scathing Elections Reminder To Lindsey Graham 

McCarthy Says Debt Will Be ‘Taken Care of’ if GOP Wins the House


GOP family feud: Rand Paul, Liz Cheney trade jabs over foreign policy views

Pressure rises on Cheney to make decision

At GOP Retreat In Baltimore, Trump Delivers Rambling Mess Of A Speech -- And GOP Loves It

Defense spending bill advances over Democratic wall objections

Still on: Iowa, N.H. won’t nix GOP contests

145 CEOs implore Senate leaders to act on gun violence, saying doing nothing is ‘simply unacceptable’


GOP group hits Graham over election security in new ad

Republicans pour cold water on Trump's term limit idea

Senate panel cancels vote on key spending bill amid standoff

Sen. Mitt Romney suggests recall of e-cigarettes amid reports of associated lung diseases

House Republicans escaped disaster in North Carolina, but...


Republican pulls off critical win in North Carolina

Republican Greg Murphy wins special election in NC's 3rd District

GOP holds NC House seat but shows weakness in suburbs

Scalise says it's unclear if bipartisan deal on guns will happen

Conflicted Senate GOP fears clash with NRA

Suburban anxiety drives GOP on guns

Meadows to be replaced by Biggs as Freedom Caucus leader


McConnell: Short-term spending bill needed to avoid shutdown

On passing background checks and gun reform, the 'president needs to step up'

GOP faces must-win race in North Carolina

Tennessee state GOP lawmaker says getting rid of higher education would 'save America'

Primary challenges show potential cracks in Trump's GOP


GOP senator on gun reform: Trump needs to 'set some guidelines' on what he'll sign

Can these three Republicans save the Colorado GOP from obscurity?

California GOP opens path to send delegates to 2020 convention even if Trump isn't on ballot

Former S.C. congressman Mark Sanford announces Republican primary challenge against Trump 

Congress faces sprint to avoid another shutdown


Mitch McConnell must get the Senate to secure our elections

Wave of GOP retirements threatens 2020 comeback

South Carolina GOP appears to violate own rules in canceling primary for Trump

The Supreme Court has become just another arm of the GOP 


Senate to start work on funding bills with shutdown deadline looming

GOP chairman 'deeply disappointed' Zuckerberg declined to testify at hearing

Homeland Security Republican accuses Navy of withholding UFO info

Texas Republicans sound alarm about rapidly evolving state

Trump’s move to put $3.6 billion in military funding toward the border wall could hurt GOP senators

Ted Cruz Tried to Troll Beto O'Rourke on Climate Change and, Of Course, Failed Massively

Arizona GOP boss: Stop Senate candidate 'dead in his tracks'

Conservative reporter calls Wisconsin poll showing Trump trailing Biden, Sanders a 'warning sign'

‘Everything conservatives hoped for and liberals feared’: Neil Gorsuch makes his mark at the Supreme Court 


Republicans grumble over Trump shifting military funds to wall

GOP Senators Who Backed Trump's Emergency Declaration Lose Military Funding

GOP lawmakers, states back gunmaker in Sandy Hook appeal

Texas governor issues eight executive orders in response to mass shootings

Republican retirements signal pessimism about prospects of retaking House majority 

More than a dozen Republicans are leaving Congress. Here are the lawmakers who aren't running again in 2020

McConnell’s August of missed opportunities gives way to a fierce fall session 

Sticks and stones break bones, but words hurt McConnell’s feelings 

Ernst calls for Congress to fix Social Security 'behind closed doors'


Rep. Flores becomes latest Texas Republican to retire

Republican Jim Sensenbrenner announces he won't seek reelection

Why Ted Cruz was making a biblical case for gun rights after the Odessa shooting 

Why young white evangelicals aren’t likely to leave the Republican Party

Meghan McCain says she represents '50 percent of the country' as GOP voice on 'The View'

Steve King says he drank from toilet at detention center


GOP faces new pressure to act on guns

McConnell vows to give gun bill a vote if it is backed by Trump

How many more names will be added to the list before Mitch McConnell acts on guns? 

McConnell: GOP would 'absolutely' fill Supreme Court seat next year

McConnell: 'Over-the-top' Moscow Mitch nickname effort to 'smear' me

Graham calls on Barr to declassify files on DOJ watchdog's Russia probe

Sen. Mike Lee granted visa to Russia after other senators' requests are denied

As Congress considers lowering drug costs, pharma CEOs target key senators with campaign cash 

Chicago mayor rips Cruz for tweet about violence: 'Keep our name out of your mouth'

Ted Cruz fires back at Lori Lightfoot: 'Mayor, your anger is misplaced'

Analysis: Conservatives criticize Trump, but softly, in code

North Carolina Court Says The State's Districts Are Illegal Partisan Gerrymanders


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