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DAILY NEWS (Page 4) BEGINNING October 1, 2018

Replay of President Donald J. Trump's 2019
State of the Union Address
2/5/19 at  9:00 PM EST.


Sanford delays announcement on whether he'll challenge Trump

Gun debate to shape 2020 races

Juan Williams: McConnell's Supreme Court hypocrisy


GOP's Toomey: Trump 'interested in doing something meaningful' on guns

Republican senator 'hopeful' Congress will pass gun reform next month

Unconfirmed by Senate, Cuccinelli sees power, influence grow on immigration

A first step toward budget process reform


GOP fears Trump backlash in suburbs


Illinois Rep. Shimkus won't run for reelection

Nancy who? GOP targets House Dem 'squad' in campaign attacks

GOP voters overwhelmingly want Pence on 2020 ticket with Trump

Trump defends trade war with China amid GOP fears of economic impact

Christians cannot serve both God and the GOP


Senate GOP writes letter to the Supreme Court, pledging not to allow Dems to 'pack the Court'

Texas governor says 'mistakes' made in immigrant rhetoric

Surge in young U.S. Republicans worried about the environment

New York county GOP takes down video warning of Hasidic Jewish 'takeover'


GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson to resign at end of year

Georgia GOP abuzz about Senate vacancy

Trump's earliest GOP backers fall on hard times: 'Because of Trump, a lot of people had to suffer'

Russians tried to hack our elections. Voters overwhelmingly support stronger security measures
(So why doesn’t Mitch McConnell?)


Alabama Republicans approve resolution calling for Omar to be expelled from Congress

Nervous Republicans focus energy on protecting Senate 'firewall'

Collins says she's 'sad' about some of the support she lost from voters over her vote for Kavanaugh

Another resignation shakes LGBT Republican group after Trump endorsement

Are Republican challengers a threat to Trump?


Republican Rep. Sean Duffy to resign next month, cites health complications with child due in October 

Inside Susan Collins’ reelection fight in the age of Trump

Russia denies GOP senator visa ahead of trip

GOP spokeswoman calls Sanders climate change plan 'fantasy land'

FEC vice chairman resigns, leaving agency unable to vote


Graham: America must 'accept the pain that comes with standing up to China'

Lindsey Graham warns Trump not to pull all U.S. forces out of Afghanistan

Former congressman Joe Walsh announces primary challenge against Trump 

Walsh says employing 25th Amendment 'should be looked at'

Weld 'thrilled' more Republicans are challenging Trump

Census could reveal electoral extinction of the Republicans


Republicans suffer whiplash from Trump's erratic week

King doubles down, says rape, incest should not be factored in to abortion decisions


Trump and the GOP want you to know they’re really, seriously thinking about budget-cutting ... in a few years 

Republican megadonors Sheldon Adelson and wife give a whopping $213,000 to Senate GOP fundraising committee

Ted Cruz defends Hasbro’s ‘Monopoly Socialism’ after parody board game draws criticism online

Republicans Are Selling T-Shirts Featuring Greenland As Part Of The U.S.

Billionaire businessman David Koch dead at 79


Sen. Cotton says he raised the idea of buying Greenland in conversations with Trump and Danish ambassador 


Republican Group Urges GOP Senators To Stand Up To McConnell In Damning New Ads

Cindy McCain says there is no 'voice of reason' in GOP, nearly a year after John McCain's death

Ex-RNC Chair Makes Ominous Prediction About Trump’s 2020 Tactics


Mitt Romney slaps ‘socialist’ agenda of Democratic presidential candidates — and Donald Trump’s character


Rep. Steve King says media, GOP leaders owe him an apology after his comments on rape and incest 

A Republican poll shows overwhelming support for stricter gun control among suburban women 


Sen. Graham: The dream of every leftist is to have a liberal court enacting laws from the bench


GOP Senator John Cornyn Torched Over ‘Dumbest’ Climate Change Explainer

After Trump’s Greenville rally, this election in Eastern NC will be a test for GOP


Republican Iowa senator says Trump EPA 'screwed us' with biofuel waivers

Republicans offer support for Steve King challenger

GOP memo deflects some gun questions to 'violence from the left'

Cook Political Report moves Susan Collins Senate race to 'toss up'

Corey Lewandowski’s potential New Hampshire Senate run is a very Trumpian move 


Who’s got a good shot of defeating his golf buddy? Graham weighs in on 2020 race

Montana’s GOP wants to make it impossible for local governments to enact gun control 

Some Conservatives Denounce Israel's Decision To Ban Reps. Omar And Tlaib

GOP Georgia congressional candidate withdraws after calling himself a 'white nationalist'

El Paso's Republican mayor says Trump called him a 'RINO' during visit after mass shooting

Steve King to Gillibrand: Odds of me resigning same as yours of winning presidential nomination


Republican Sen. Martha McSally wants to make domestic terrorism a federal crime

King incites furor with abortion, rape and incest remarks

Rep. Steve King says humanity might not exist if not for rape and incest 

Cheney on Steve King's rape, incest comments: 'It's time for him to go'

Assault weapons ban picks up steam in Congress


How a McConnell-backed effort to lift Russian sanctions boosted a Kentucky project

U.S. Senate leader: Any violent crackdown in Hong Kong would be 'completely unacceptable'

GOP challenger Weld denounces Trump's 'pathetic' boasting in El Paso

New polls identify fault lines inside the GOP over Trump’s immigration agenda and treatment of asylum seekers 

GOP strategist: Biden gaffes are 'serving him pretty well'


GOP Sen. Rick Scott: Americans should get tax cuts in return for tariffs paid on Chinese goods

‘The shooter is responsible’: Rep. Steve Scalise says Trump’s rhetoric is not to blame for El Paso attack 

GOP's disregard for venomous Trump rhetoric against Latinos is inexcusable


Republican plans to cancel Trump primaries in some states see pushback

Scalise: Trump no more responsible for El Paso than 'Bernie Sanders is for my shooting'

Republican challenger Weld warns party of Trump's 'racist tirades'

Bloomberg: McConnell may allow gun reform vote to boost reelection chances


Trump-McConnell 2020? Senate leader takes on role of wingman


Half of Republicans say US deficit needs to be dealt with immediately

Illinois Republicans warn Trump against letting Rod Blagojevich out of jail early 

GOP chairwoman says Trump raised $12M in Hamptons 'thanks to the unhinged mob'

The return of Mitch McConnell’s campaign Twitter account 

‘They’re afraid’: Suburban voters in red states threaten GOP’s grip on power 


GOP lawmaker's town hall erupts in shouting over mass shootings, Trump

Republican groups halt Twitter spending after McConnell account locked

Republican groups vow to stop buying Twitter ads until McConnell campaign account is unfrozen 

McConnell rejects calls to bring Senate back early for gun debate

Graham promises ObamaCare repeal if Trump, Republicans win in 2020


Twitter locks McConnell campaign account after posting video of protester shouting threats, profanities

House Democrats tell McConnell: Pass stricter gun laws now 

McConnell faces pressure to bring Senate back for gun legislation

Mitch McConnell’s campaign keeps creating controversies. Why? 

Texas faces turbulent political moment

The GOP has caught autocratic fever 
(The number of conservative Republicans favoring fewer checks and balances on a president has doubled since last year.)

Did El Paso show us that white supremacists are a serious threat? Few Republicans think so. 

Ohio congressman joins a group of Republicans who flipped on guns after violence hit close to home 

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, Reps. Chris Stewart and John Curtis support a federal ‘red flag’ law after mass shootings

Orange County, longtime GOP stronghold, now has more registered Democrats than Republicans

Jon Huntsman resigns as U.S. ambassador to Russia to return to Utah for possible run for governor

Conservatives buck Trump over worries of 'socialist' drug pricing


Trump, RNC file legal challenges to Calif. law seeking release of the president’s tax returns 

Texas faces turbulent political moment

Why the Conservative Frontrunner Might Lose the Mississippi Governor's Race

Joaquin Castro tweeted the names of top Trump donors. Republicans say it will encourage violence. 


Rep. Kenny Marchant calls it quits, becomes 12th House Republican to retire 

Video games. Homelessness. Social media. After shootings, Republicans have avoided talking about Trump and white nationalism

Lawmakers Redouble Push to Stop Trump From Going to War With Iran
(The U.S. president’s maximum pressure campaign on Iran is creating strange bedfellows in Congress.)


Republicans struggle to respond in wake of El Paso, Dayton shootings 

Hurd calls on public to flag shooting threats on social media

Brown: McConnell should bring Senate back into session to pass background checks

CNN's Jake Tapper calls out Republicans who turned down interviews after shootings

McConnell Promised to End Senate Gridlock. Instead, Republicans Are Stuck in Neutral.

Cotton: 'The Democrats have truly lost their mind'

Budget deal sparks scramble to prevent shutdown


Republicans' rendezvous with reality — their plan is to cut Social Security

Hurd retirement leaves GOP gloomy on 2020

‘Take Texas seriously’: GOP anxiety spikes after retirements, Democratic gains 

Republicans fear backlash from voters over Trump’s dismissal of climate change

George P. Bush denounces 'white terrorism' after El Paso shooting

McConnell fires back at 'Moscow Mitch' attacks by Democrats


Utah GOP Sens. Mike Lee, Mitt Romney vote against bipartisan budget deal

GOP senator held up Trump aide's confirmation to get info on border wall contracts

Rand Paul pushed for Iranian diplomat to meet with Trump: report

GOP punches back in election security fight

Nikki Haley hits Trump's 'unnecessary' response to Cummings break-in

Far-right activist Laura Loomer announces 2020 congressional bid


Senate passes sweeping budget deal, sending it to Trump

#LeningradLindsey trends after Graham forces asylum bill through Senate committee

Will Hurd, only black Republican congressman, retiring

As Democrats squabble, Trump worries some Republicans with his Twitter battles


Senate confirms 13 Trump judges ahead of August break

Kelly Knight Craft confirmed as Trump’s next U.N. ambassador in vote largely on party lines

Republicans don’t think Trump’s tweets are racist. That fits a long American history of denying racism. 

Ex-McConnell staffers lobbied on Russian-backed Kentucky project

RNC chair defends GOP donor platform in tense meeting

5th congressional Republican in 2 weeks announces retirement


House GOP fears retirement wave will lead to tsunami

GOP Rep. Mike Conaway won't seek reelection in 2020

#MoscowMitchMcTreason trends after McConnell defends blocking election security bills

Why is Mitch McConnell blocking election security bills? Good question. 

Two senators split sharply in assessments of general accused of sexual assault 


Senate fails to override Trump veto on Saudi arms sale

Meadows on Trump, Cummings spat: 'Neither man is a racist'

McConnell blasts 'modern-day McCarthyism,' defends blocking election bills

GOP senator introduces resolution to formally condemn socialism

Sen. Rand Paul offers to buy Rep. Ilhan Omar a ticket to Somalia so she’ll ‘appreciate America more’ 


Trump allies defend attacks on Cummings amid Democratic denunciations

GOP rep on Trump's Cummings tweets: 'I wouldn't be tweeting this way'

Hogan’s muted response to Trump comments about Baltimore stirs more anger

Lawmakers point to entitlements when asked about deficits

Why the Trump tax cuts could turn into a problem for the Republicans

The Republican Party Is Transforming Right Before Our Very Eyes


Donald Trump and the G.O.P. Confirm Their Fiscal Conservatism Was a Sham

McConnell under fire for burying election bills in 'legislative graveyard'

           'Mitch McConnell is a Russian' trends after GOP senator blocks election security bills

Mitch McConnell Does Not Give a Damn About the Future of This Country


Conservative GOP under heavy pressure to get on board with new drug pricing bill 

Rob Portman says drug companies should be required to help those hurt by opioids 

New Senate intelligence report deepens the mysteries surrounding Russian 2016 election interference 

Republicans Are Doing a Good Job Blocking Efforts to Fight Russian Meddling in 2020

Washington Post columnist accuses McConnell of doing 'Putin's bidding'

Scarborough calls McConnell 'Moscow Mitch,' says lack of action on Russian meddling is 'un-American'

Congress to China: ‘Stop Stealing Our Stuff’
(Republican Rep. Mark Green talks about forthcoming bipartisan legislation that would protect U.S. technology from Chinese espionage.)

Rand Paul Fights Sanctions on Russian Pipeline

Trump-supporting Republican hoping to oust Ilhan Omar charged with stealing from shops

Republicans Are Losing Another Woman In The House


McConnell blocks two election security bills

Graham threatens to change committee rules to pass asylum bill

Senate Intel finds 'extensive' Russian election interference going back to 2014

Republicans' cognitive dissonance about Congress

House Republicans score fourth major procedural win with motion to recommit

GOP can't agree on the government's role in forcing down drug prices 

Tensions flare amid Saudi fight in Senate

Reporter asks Rubio to delete tweet with edited video of his interview with Omar: 'Shame on you'

Texas GOP Rep. Pete Olson announces retirement


House Republicans claim victory after Mueller hearings

At Mueller Hearings, Republicans Assert Trump Is Above The Law

GOP lawmaker tears into Mueller, alleging his report violates DOJ principles

GOP blocks election security bills after Mueller testimony

Trump at odds with Senate GOP over punishing Turkey for purchase of Russian missiles 

Top GOP state lawmaker launches US Senate bid in Kansas

Michigan Rep. Mitchell won't seek 3rd term in Congress


The budget deal shows how unserious the GOP is about deficits in the Trump era

Senate confirms Esper to be Trump's Defense chief

Compensation fund for 9/11 responders passes the Senate, goes to Trump to sign 

Why didn’t more congressional Republicans condemn Trump’s racist tweets about the ‘Squad’? This graph explains 

Conservatives erupt in outrage against budget deal

Freedom Caucus formally opposes Trump's budget deal

McConnell, Jon Stewart cross paths in Capitol ahead of vote on 9/11 funding bill 

Pence’s squirmy ‘Send her back!’ interview lays bare the GOP’s dilemma 

Lindsey Graham slams change to iconic bomber jacket for 'Top Gun: Maverick'


GOP Senator: 'I Don't Agree' With Trump's Latest Attack On Democrats

Liz Cheney: 'Send her back' chant 'inappropriate' but not about race, gender

Ted Cruz: 'Fox News went all in for Trump'

Illinois GOP group shares, then deletes meme labeling minority congresswomen 'Jihad Squad'

Two senators want antifa activists to be labeled ‘domestic terrorists.’ Here’s what that means. 


Ted Cruz: Trump's chances of winning reelection are '50-50'

Rubio criticizes reporters, Democrat for racism accusations against McCain

Ana Navarro lashes out at Rubio for calling outrage over Trump's 'go back' tweet 'self righteous'

RNC raises nearly $20.8M in June

Senator’s speech an anti-Semitic dog whistle or poli-sci speak?


GOP rattled by Trump rally

Send her back!’ chant: Sen. Tillis says Trump doesn’t control crowd, while Rep. Walker fears it will define GOP 

Republicans are courting Asian American voters. Telling the ‘Squad’ to go home is a terrible start. 

Trump and the GOP are sneaking a Trojan horse into the 2020 dialogue 

EXCLUSIVE: Trump campaign, RNC training army of volunteers in key 2020 states

Trump confirms he authorized Rand Paul to negotiate with Iran

GOP senator praises Pelosi work on debt ceiling, saying a deal ‘doesn’t need to be perfect’


GOP wants commitment that Trump will sign budget deal

Republican lawmakers ask Trump not to delay Pentagon cloud-computing contract

Senate poised to pass Sept. 11 victims bill, after votes demanded by Sens. Mike Lee, Rand Paul 

Rand Paul accuses Jon Stewart of being 'part of left-wing mob' after criticism over 9/11 victim fund

Graham: Every Republican president or nominee 'will be accused of being a racist'

Graham: I don't remember anyone treating McCain the way they're treating Trump

Poll: McConnell is most unpopular senator

McConnell: Trump 'on to something' with attacks on four congresswomen

Top Missouri newspaper condemns GOP's 'shameful silence' on Trump's 'racism'


Senate passes bill making hacking voting systems a federal crime

Rand Paul blocks Senate from approving 9/11 victim compensation fund

9/11 victims bill stalls as Republican senators seek conditions for funding 

Jon Stewart rips into Rand Paul after he blocks 9/11 victim compensation fund: 'An abomination'

GOP lawmaker: 'I'm a person of color. I'm white.'

Potential budget deal faces one last hurdle

White House, Congress inch toward debt, budget deal


Senate ratifies long-stalled tax treaty

Republicans scramble to contain Trump fallout

GOP put on the back foot by Trump's race storm

White identity politics drives Trump, and the Republican Party under him 

Reporter presses McConnell on if it's racist to tell his immigrant wife to 'go back to her country'

Poll: Trump GOP support rises after racially charged tweets

The four Republicans who voted to condemn Trump's tweets

What do Sen. Mitt Romney, other Utahns say about Trump's statements against minority congresswomen?

Former Texas judge leaves GOP over Trump

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele calls evangelicals who support Trump 'the biggest phonies of all'

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: We can't depend on the government to protect...

Why Roy Moore 2020 is a Republican nightmare


Republican silence on Trump’s racist tweets shows how fearful they’ve become of defying him and losing voters

GOP Congressman Calls Trump's Racist Tweet 'Obviously Not Racist'

Lindsey Graham Just Debased Himself Again While Running Cover for Trump's Racist Twitter Tirade

Republicans are quiet as Trump urges minority congresswomen to leave the country 

Lindsey Graham’s and the GOP’s initial responses to Trump’s ‘go back’ tweets are a mess 
(They’re all over the place, and they’re often nonsensical.)

Two GOP lawmakers back Trump's comments on Democratic lawmakers: 'I'll pay for their tickets out of this country'

Member of Senate GOP leadership says Trump tweets are racist

Meghan McCain knocks Lindsey Graham for defending Trump's tweets: 'This is not the person I used to know'

Fox personalities blast Trump's remarks

Cruz in 2016 said 'something fundamentally wrong' with Christians who back Trump: book

Juan Williams: GOP in a panic over Mueller


GOP struggles to find backup plan for avoiding debt default

Republicans make U-turn on health care

NY Republican: Democrats vilifying ICE agents to pander to radical left for votes

These Republicans signed the ‘never Trump’ letters in 2016. Now some are having second thoughts. 

Congress mobilizes on cyber threats to electric grid


GOP balks at White House push for standalone vote on debt ceiling


GOP balks at White House push for standalone vote on debt ceiling

Republicans check Trump on Powell attacks 

Cruz calls on Tennessee to change law honoring early KKK leader: 'This is wrong'

Dems, GOP trade blame over migrant conditions at border

House Republicans dismissive of Paul Ryan's take on Trump

Mitt Romney Defends Paul Ryan Amid Trump Attacks: 2012 Election Loss Was My Fault

“Congratulations Again, Mr. President”: Trump and the Co-opting of the G.O.P.
(He is a Twitter cry baby, but it’s more calculated than it looks.)


GOP frets over nightmare scenario for Senate primaries

Alabama senator says Trump opposed to Sessions Senate bid

Arizona GOP governor reverses course after Betsy Ross flag controversy, now 'welcomes' Nike facility

SC’s Lindsey Graham encourages Trump to ‘admit climate change is real’ and find solutions


High anxiety hits Senate over raising debt ceiling

Senators briefed on assault allegation against top Trump military nominee

Senate committee approves FAA nominee over Dem objections

Conservatives ask Barr to lay out Trump's rationale for census question

Republicans say they're satisfied with 2020 election security after classified briefings

Lindsey Graham’s infantilization of Trump

Graham blames press for resignation of U.K. ambassador

From Roy Moore to Kris Kobach: Why Senate Republicans are heavily involved in primaries again 

Heavy loss by woman candidate in Republican NC runoff sparks shock


Cruz to hold hearing on Google's alleged anti-conservative bias next week

Acosta on shaky ground as GOP support wavers

Sen. Ted Cruz argues a citizenship question on the US census is 'basic common sense

Cruz: First boot on Mars will be 'an American astronaut'

McConnell says he and Obama are both 'descendants of slaveholders'

Gun debate ends abruptly in Virginia as GOP-controlled legislature adjourns after 90 minutes 

Congress needs more authority in international arms sales

‘What’s the point?’ Lawmakers fess up to not fully reading the Mueller report
(Time for a Mueller report reality check: Only a small segment of America’s most powerful have read it.)


GOP senators decline to criticize Acosta after new Epstein charges

Mia Love says she's poised to run again, none of Republicans in race so far can beat McAdams

Former Rep. Scott Taylor announces US Senate bid in Virginia

 Federal grand jury probing GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy


Meet the key Senate player in GOP fight over Saudi Arabia

Affordable Care Act threatened as Trump administration, GOP states fight US House, Democratic states in court

5th Circuit decision on ACA could create political havoc for GOP 

Amash criticizes Trump, Pelosi in first Sunday show appearance since leaving GOP

Amash responds to Trump: Congress is elected to defend the Constitution, not 'one person'

Hurd: 'I shouldn't be the only African-American Republican in the House'

Peter King: Improper behavior by FBI officials 'going to come out'


Amash says decision to leave Republican Party was made 'in this current Congress'

Susan Collins says she doesn't regret Kavanaugh vote 'in the least'


GOP lawmaker calls for Amash to leave Republican Conference


Rep. Justin Amash, lone GOP critic of Trump, leaves Republican Party 

Rep. Justin Amash sounds like a guy who might just run for president 


GOP senator knocks Ocasio-Cortez for comparing Trump admin detention centers to concentration camps

Senate GOP raises concerns about White House stopgap plan to avoid shutdown

Several of Trump’s GOP allies raise alarms about administration’s budget proposal 

Prominent Republicans File Brief to Support L.G.B.T. Rights in Legal Case

New poll has good news for Gov. Jared Polis but says Sen. Cory Gardner faces an uphill climb in 2020
(Republican senator’s favorability lags Trump’s among registered Republicans)

Former GOP Governor John Kasich says Republicans are 'in a coma'


GOP sees potent Trump attack line: health care for immigrants

Graham: 'I will not invest a dime' in Mideast peace plan that results in one state

House GOP mocks Kaepernick in tweet cheering on women's national soccer team

A GOP governor wants to cancel a Nike contract after flag-shoe flap, but the city it’s headed for isn’t backing down 

McConnell urges Nike to release 'Betsy Ross' shoes: 'I'll make the first order'


Top GOP lawmakers allege House Democrats are less effective

What Roy Moore tells us about the Republican Party 


Internal cracks emerge in GOP strategy to avoid shutdown

Top GOP senator says he's concerned over Trump lifting Huawei ban

Kudlow reassures concerned GOP: Trump not going easy on Huawei

GOP senator: ‘Underestimate Joe Biden at your own peril’

Ted Cruz seeks federal action against Portland mayor after antifa attacks journalist

Cruz calls for 'legal action' against Portland mayor after clash between far-right, antifa protesters

GOP Oregon lawmaker who threatened police during climate bill boycott hit with formal complaint

Republicans funding Marianne Williamson’s campaign for the entertainment value


Graham says Harris will 'be a force to be reckoned with"

McConnell relishes role as 2020 debate villain

Oregon Republicans end carbon bill walkout

Chris Christie after debate: 'Biden is still the most electable Democrat' 


Senate rejects attempt to curb Trump's Iran war powers

GOP lawmakers press Trump to cut deal with China at G-20

Conservative organization using claims of 'secret list' of liberal judges to rally Republican base

GOP Pennsylvania lawmaker yells over Dem reading letter from former homeless man in viral video


Mitch McConnell Looms Larger Than Donald Trump at the First Democratic Debate

Republicans demand Trump face rape investigation


Senate passes $4.6 billion bill for border crisis, but key differences with House remain 

Two Republican senators say rape allegation against Trump should be investigated while many in GOP stay mum

GOP Holds Voter-Registration Advantage in Races for Governor and President

How Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao turned a Kentucky town into their personal swamp


Senate GOP blocks election security bill

McConnell opens door to vote on Iran war authorization

'I believe the president': GOP stands by Trump on sexual assault allegation

Texas freshman courts right-wing support, and a tough 2020 race, with hard-nosed tactics 

GOP lays debate trap for 2020 Democrats

GOP launches new fundraising platform to capitalize on Republican small-dollar donor base 

Oregon Republicans remain in ‘undisclosed locations’ as Senate leader suggests climate bill won’t pass 

Head of Pennsylvania GOP resigns over alleged
explicit texts

Christie Says Trump Failed the Country by Not Listening to Him


Amash after Trump says he doesn't need Congress approval to strike Iran: 'Constitution: Wrong'

Utah’s Sen. Mike Lee says Trump ‘made the right call’ by halting Iran strike

Democrat Sara Gideon announces run against Susan Collins

West Virginia GOP chair praises state lawmaker's op-ed on 'shame of LGBTQ Pride'


Texas Republican: Migrant conditions in his state the 'worst' he's seen

GOP rep: 'This story is not over' if Iran continues 'aggressive' and 'provocative' behavior

Cotton: I hope Trump's statement 'got through' to Iran's leaders

Cotton: 'Healthy skepticism warranted' when dealing with Democrats on immigration

McConnell to meet with 9/11 first responders following Jon Stewart criticism: report

Pence: Reports of conditions in detention centers prove 'Congress has to act'


GOP lawmakers want Mulvaney sidelined in budget talks

Trump urged to quickly fill Pentagon post amid Iran tensions

War-weary Republicans and Democrats express relief after Trump calls off strike on Iran 

Trump’s Iran Response Underlines Republican Rift Over National Security


Nikki Haley blasts Roy Moore's Senate bid: 'He does not represent our Republican Party'

Sen. Mitt Romney says Americans don’t want to see President Donald Trump impeached

GOP lawmakers skipped town to avoid a climate change vote. Then the governor called the police. 


Senate votes to block Trump's Saudi arms sale

The 7 GOP senators who voted to block all or part of Trump's Saudi arms sale

Nunes found campaign help nearby
(The Central Valley Republican’s toughest reelection relied on an untested consultant.)

Roy Moore, who fell short with 2017 Senate bid, says he will run again for Alabama seat 

Republican lawmaker suggests he would shoot state troopers if sent to get him for climate vote

Pence to help launch 'Latinos for Trump' in Miami


Will Mitch McConnell be an effective boogeyman for 2020 Democrats? 

Where Mitch McConnell’s rationale for not exploring reparations falls short 

Senate to vote Thursday to block Trump's Saudi arms deal

GOP frets about Trump's poll numbers

GOP hopes dim on reclaiming House

Do Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio Look Comfortable in Their Seats on the Trump Train?

Most GOP voters admit they are ‘embarrassed’ and ‘concerned’ about things Trump says


Senators reach $4.5B deal on Trump's emergency border request

Roy continues procedural maneuvers in attempt to get vote on border funds

Trump's health care focus puts GOP on edge

Senators weigh potential security risks from Chinese-made drones

McConnell: Reparations aren't 'a good idea'

GOP senators caught off guard by Shanahan withdrawal

Koch network backs vulnerable GOP Sen. Cory Gardner as he seeks reelection in 2020


McConnell hits back at Stewart over 9/11 victim fund criticism

McConnell on Jon Stewart: ‘I don’t why he’s all bent out of shape’ over 9/11 victims fund

Utah Rep. Chris Stewart says it would be ‘foolish’ for a candidate not to look at foreign intel against an opponent

The danger of Tom Cotton

Juan Williams: Trump's incredible shrinking GOP


GOP nervous that border wall fight could prompt year-end shutdown

GOP senator: Unprovoked attacks on oil tankers 'warrant a retaliatory military strike'

Scalise: I'm glad the administration is taking aggressive cybersecurity action

Jon Stewart slams McConnell over 9/11 victim fund

Pompeo: Controversy over Trump foreign campaign dirt comments a 'Washington piece of silliness'


Election security bills face GOP buzzsaw

GOP in disarray as budget impasse threatens shutdown, deep cuts — and default 

GOP strategist and census official discussed citizenship question, new documents filed by lawyers suggest 

McConnell defends Trump amid backlash: 'He gets picked at every day'

Sen. Collins to oppose Trump judicial nominee over record opposing gay rights

Pro-impeachment Amash insists he hasn’t changed but Republican Party has 

Lindsey Graham, a Trump confidante, insists on two-state solution

As fears of war loom, Trump’s Iran policy, arms deals face challenges in Congress 


Ted Cruz, AOC have it right on banning former members of Congress from becoming lobbyists

Rep. Susan Brooks, one of 13 women in House GOP, decides not to seek reelection 

CNBC's full interview with Sec. Rick Perry on rising tensions with Iran

Trump puts GOP in tough spot with remarks on foreign 'dirt'

Fox News and Republicans are getting creative with their defenses of Trump accepting foreign dirt 

Larry Kudlow dismisses deficit concerns as GOP abandons fiscal toughness 

Republican group urges Congress to act against Trump in stunning new ad


Corporate confidence in the economy drops amid trade fears. But Republicans aren't budging. 

Senate GOP blocks bill to require campaigns report foreign election assistance

'Grim reaper' Mitch McConnell buries plans to protect America from election interference

Trump hit with fierce backlash over interference remarks

Trump sparks furor with election interference remarks

Trump ally Lindsey Graham ready to revoke president’s emergency power on arms sales 

House conservative's procedural protest met with bipartisan gripes

Rep. Amash stokes talk of campaign against Trump

David Jolly says time for impeachment has come: ‘The eyes of the nation’ are on Pelosi


GOP leader concedes tax cuts may not pay for themselves as 2019 deficit grows 

Senators clinch votes to rebuke Trump on Saudi arms sale

Cruz pitches Ocasio-Cortez on bill to make birth control available over the counter

Mitch McConnell is Making the 2020 Election Open Season for Hackers

Trump challenger Weld renews calls for his resignation after comments on political opponent


McConnell brushes off question about special treatment from Chao

McConnell: Senate will hold election security briefing

Grassley: 'Congress has delegated too much authority to the president'

GOP leader, Ocasio-Cortez give boost to lawmaker pay hike

GOP senators dodge major trade battle with Trump

Senate to take up border funding

Donald Trump Jr. to appear for second Senate Intelligence Committee interview Wednesday 

Trump judicial nominee withdraws after complaints from GOP senator

Republican firm ramps up digital fundraising for push to take back the House in 2020


Senate GOP, White House to meet on avoiding October shutdown

Republicans warn Cuccinelli won't get confirmed by GOP Senate

Senate health panel to move forward on package to lower health costs next week

Amash exits House Freedom Caucus in wake of Trump impeachment stance

Trump’s deal with Mexico averts another potential conflict — with Republicans 

Watergate figure John Dean earns laughter for responses to GOP lawmakers


GOP senator: Trump's Mexico deal sends 'biggest' message to China

GOP senator: Trump used tariffs 'brilliantly' in Mexico negotiations

GOP congressman: Trump should have been 'above' attacking Pelosi at Normandy

Senators take bipartisan step toward blocking Trump's Saudi arms sales

Giuliani evokes Joseph McCarthy in criticism of Pelosi

On Mexico border, Republican business owners oppose Trump's tariff threat


Republicans Have Become the Except-When-Trump-Does-It Party


Amash hits Trump and his allies: They are 'trying to excuse' his obstruction efforts

GOP senator warns Trump tariffs will wipe out 2017 tax cuts

Many Republicans said congressional subpoenas were mandatory. Now they suggest they’re optional. 

Top Judiciary Republican: Mueller hearing could violate 'decency and decorum' rules

Texas Republican Says Women Should 'Absolutely' Be Jailed For Having An Abortion


‘Probably not:’ McConnell won’t bring up bill to protect ‘dreamers’ 

Senators are pushing forward on measures to lower health-care costs 

For many Texas Republicans, Trump’s threatened tariffs on Mexico go too far 

GOP chairwoman: Biden should have plagiarized his position on abortion from Planned Parenthood's website


Anxious GOP seeks to delay Trump's Mexico tariffs

GOP lawmaker predicts Congress won't block Trump's Mexico tariffs

Republicans take a bite out of Trump’s trade war leverage 

Mitt Romney outlines a very un-Trumpian approach to achieve Trump’s goal of confronting China 

'Not the time to do business as usual' with Saudis: Senators to rebuke Trump over arms sales

Republican, Democratic senators seek to block Trump Saudi arms sales

Rep. Steve King is the latest Republican to compare criticism of conservatives to lynching 

GOP Chair Claims D-Day Anniversary Should Be About 'Celebrating Our President


Trump, GOP edge closer to confrontation on tariffs

GOP lawmakers warn White House they’ll try to block Trump’s Mexico tariffs

How Republicans are leaving Democrats in the dust on judicial confirmations 


GOP lawmakers discuss vote to block Trump’s new tariffs on Mexico, in what would be a dramatic act of defiance 

GOP divided over how to stop Trump's trade wars

GOP congressman, defending accused war criminal, says his unit 'killed probably hundreds of civilians' in Iraq combat


GOP senator: If Democrats want to impeach Trump, 'go to Amazon' and 'buy a spine'

Top Judiciary Republican: Mueller believes 'you're guilty until we prove you innocent'

In January, Virginia GOP killed bill to ban sales of large-capacity magazines 

Mulvaney: Trump 'absolutely, deadly serious' about Mexico tariffs

Mulvaney: Attempt to move USS John McCain during Trump visit 'not unreasonable'

Exclusive: Pompeo delivers unfiltered view of Trump’s Middle East peace plan in off-the-record meeting 

Pompeo Says U.S. Ready to Talk to Iran Without Preconditions


GOP takes aim at Comey, Brennan

Hogan will not challenge Trump, leaving Trump’s GOP critics with limited options 


Trump’s Mexico tariff plan divides Republicans

GOP lawmakers, business groups slam Trump's Mexico tariff threat

Trump holds firm on Mexico tariffs despite Republican dissent

Republicans wave the white flag on tariffs (again) 

Inside Romney's Trump strategy

It will take more than record turnout among black voters to unseat Lindsey Graham 


Grassley slams Trump tariffs on Mexico: 'A misuse of presidential tariff authority'

Trump facing increasing hostility from Republicans as Mueller hints at impeachment: 'We need courage'

Third House Republican blocks disaster aid bill

Conservatives spark threat of bloody GOP primaries

Despite Trump administration denials, new evidence suggests census citizenship question was crafted to benefit white Republicans

AOC and Ted Cruz find common ground on lobbying ban

Thad Cochran, Mississippi Republican and former Senate Appropriations Committee chairman, dies at 81 


Mitch McConnell says he would seek to confirm a Trump Supreme Court pick in 2020 if a vacancy opened, after he refused to do it in 2016

Oh, we’d fill it’: How McConnell is doing a 180 on Supreme Court vacancies in an election year 

Lindsey Graham draws a Democratic challenger who mocks his ties to Trump 

Rudy Giuliani trashes Mueller statement on Trump as ‘perversion’


McConnell says Republicans would fill 2020 Supreme Court vacancy

Second Republican blocks disaster aid bill's passage in House

Amash defends call for Trump’s impeachment, says Congress ‘has a duty to keep the president in check’ 

Amash gets standing ovation at first town hall after calling for Trump's impeachment

To-do list piles up for Congress

Texas secretary of state resigns after leading botched voter purge that questioned the citizenship of almost 100,000 people 


GOP Lawmaker Knocks Trump For 'Taking A Shot At Biden While Praising A Dictator'

Senate GOP vows to quickly quash any impeachment charges


Republican lawmaker criticizes Trump for sharing heavily edited video of Pelosi 

GOP Armed Services senator breaks with Trump: I find North Korean missile tests 'very disturbing'

Graham: 'I've got a real problem' with arms sales to Saudi Arabia

GOP senator: Trump needs to be 'very careful' on pardons of soldiers charged with war crimes

GOP rep says intel on Iran is 'credible'

Graham: Pelosi's job is at risk

Sen. Lindsey Graham on Trump giving the OK to declassify intelligence related to Russia investigation

Chris Wallace Owns Lindsey Graham With Clip Of Him Lashing Clinton Over Subpoenas


GOP amps up efforts to recruit women candidates

Ex-GOP lawmaker says Trump 'illegitimate president,' should be impeached

Chuck Grassley will apply for Trump's federal farm bailout cash for the second time


Conservative blocks House passage of disaster relief bill

This House Republican’s lonely road on impeachment shows how tribal our politics have become 

Frustration boils over with Senate's 'legislative graveyard'

Republican governors walk tightrope between building Chinese trade relationship and offending Trump 

Republicans spend more than $4 million at Trump properties

Momentum is building in Congress to take on surprise medical bills 


Senate GOP votes to permanently ban earmarks

GOP lawmakers lay out border security proposals for DHS

Senate approves deal on disaster aid, leaves out border money Trump demanded

As Trump relents on Puerto Rico and border funding, senators approve deal for $19.1 billion in disaster aid

Senate approves deal on disaster aid, leaves out border money Trump demanded

Congress reaches deal on disaster aid

The GOP Governor Allowing Abortion Protections to Become Law

Ex-GOP lawmaker pens op-ed calling for Trump to be impeached

Conservative dark money group American Action Network reveals spending blitz to support Trump’s tax cut law


Chances for disaster aid deal slip amid immigration fight

Amash says some Republicans privately sympathize with Trump impeachment comments

Rand Paul: Justin Amash is wrong about impeachment

GOP faces new challenge in 2020 abortion fight

Trump allies see impeachment push backfiring on Democrats

Alabama Republicans want to challenge Roe v. Wade. But their abortion ban might not make it to the Supreme Court. 

House, Senate committees advance bills on Venezuela


Pennsylvania voters choose state Republican lawmaker to fill open House seat 

Trump-backed Kentucky governor narrowly survives primary

Amash won't rule out Libertarian challenge to Trump

McConnell optimistic on budget deal

Congress, White House indicate debt limit increase will be part of spending deal

White House, congressional leaders push for two-year budget deal 

GOP presses Trump to make a deal on spending

Despite national security concerns, GOP leader McCarthy blocked bipartisan bid to limit China’s role in U.S. transit

Rape exemptions for abortion are dividing Republicans 


Amash storm hits Capitol Hill

Amash doubles down on Trump and impeachment

House Freedom Caucus votes to condemn Amash's impeachment comments

Tensions swirl around Iran as administration to brief Congress


Kemp jabs 'C-list celebrities' vowing to boycott Georgia over new abortion ban

GOP senator: Supreme Court abortion cases were 'wrongly decided as a constitutional matter'

Trump, Republicans distance themselves from Alabama abortion law 

Romney: Justin Amash 'reached a different conclusion' than I did on impeachment

Romney on Mueller report: 'Really, really troubling,’ but Americans ‘just aren’t there’ on impeachment

Romney: Trump 'has distanced himself from some of the best qualities of the human character'

Mitt Romney: War with Iran is 'not going to happen'

Abortion Fight or Strong Economy? For G.O.P., Cultural Issues Undercut 2020 Message

Bolton emerges as flashpoint in GOP debate on Iran

Giuliani says Trump is 'doing the right thing' by resisting congressional subpoenas


GOP’s Amash: Trump has met ‘threshold for impeachment’

GOP lawmaker: Trump has engaged in multiple actions that 'meet the threshold for impeachment'

Some in GOP wary of abortion bans
(Congressional Republican leaders say the laws being adopted in several states go too far.)


Joni Ernst says there’s more momentum than ever to tackle military sexual assault 

Here are the eight Republicans who voted with Democrats on the Equality Act

GOP Mueller critic says Flynn contacted him during special counsel probe

GOP state lawmaker says he misspoke on 'consensual rape'

Trump's immigration push faces Capitol Hill buzzsaw


Senate confirms Trump judge who faced scrutiny over abortion views

Senate Republicans running away from Alabama abortion law

Top House Republican McCarthy says he opposes Alabama abortion law 

Susan Collins has faith Kavanaugh won't uphold Alabama abortion law

In Alabama and Georgia, Republicans Move to Bar Abortion, and Women Look for Options While They Can

Republicans defend drug company in spotlight over HIV medication prices

Top U.S. lawmakers press Pompeo for answers on Iran arms control report

GOP lawmaker indicted for trying to trade his vote for cash, lying to the FBI, authorities say 


Frustrated GOP senators want answers from Trump on Iran

Graham: Trump officials not adequately briefing on Iran threat

GOP senators raise alarms, criticize Trump as U.S.-China trade war heats up 

Marco Rubio slams CEOs for bad China deals, short-term thinking and not investing in U.S. workers 

Alabama governor signs abortion ban into law

Abortion restrictions carry political risk for Republicans in 2020

Cruz warns 'Space Force' needed to prevent space pirates

Barr throws curveball into Senate GOP 'spying' probe

Work on surprise medical bills goes into overdrive

Trump pardons media tycoon, former GOP leader of California State Assembly


GOP angst grows amid Trump trade war

GOP senators raise alarms, criticize Trump as U.S.-China trade war heats up 

Senate confirms Trump judge who called Obama 'un-American imposter'

Romney votes against Trump pick over comments attacking Obama

Senate to vote on disaster aid bill next week

McConnell: No one tells Burr how to run Intelligence panel

Donald Trump Jr. will be interviewed by Senate Intelligence Committee

Sen. Marco Rubio says war with Iran is in the hands of Ayatollah Khamenei: ‘It’s all on them’

Cotton: US could win war with Iran in 'two strikes'

Carly Fiorina blasts Trump: ‘He views women as something to be used’

McSally to introduce military sexual assault reform bill

GOP senators propose congressional term limits

Alabama abortion bill passes Senate and heads to governor

#LindseyGrahamResign trends on Twitter


GOP’s farm belt Senators back Trump as China takes aim at U.S. agriculture

Sen. Cotton tells farmers trade war will hurt, but real war is worse

Crunch time for Senate disaster aid talks

The GOP’s increasing embrace of Trump’s Russia conspiracy theory 

Graham encourages Donald Trump Jr. to plead the 5th

Immigration fix? Sen. Graham plans to introduce legislation to end illegal border invasion


Florida Republicans warn that Trump’s Venezuela policy is at risk of backfiring 

Rand Paul: Mueller probe 'politically motivated,' 'goes even back to the Clintons'

Rand Paul: Trump Jr. subpoena a 'real travesty of justice'

GOP lawmaker slams Pelosi after imam critical of Israel delivers House invocation


Firestorm erupts around Sen. Richard Burr, man behind Donald Trump Jr. subpoena. He's not backing down

Trump Jr. subpoena spotlights GOP split over Russia probes

GOP offers support for Trump on China tariffs

Giuliani cancels trip to Ukraine to press Biden investigation


Thirty-four GOP members buck Trump on disaster bill

Power Up: McConnell holds reins in GOP's Don Jr. fight 

Trump Jr. subpoena sparks internal GOP battle

The hard lesson of the Donald Trump Jr. subpoena for the GOP 

How the Mueller report revelations are complicating the lives of Richard Burr and other GOP senators 

Nervous about saber rattling on Venezuela, this GOP senator wants to wrest war powers from Trump 


Senate GOP grows frustrated with Trump chief of staff

Senators sound alarm over looming budget, shutdown battles

Decision to subpoena Donald Trump Jr. sets off a Republican firefight 

Sen. Burr takes GOP fire over Trump Jr subpoena

Mitch McConnell Reassures Hannity: Don Jr. Subpoena Will ‘Have a Happy Ending’

Mitch McConnell wants to raise money off the nickname ‘Cocaine Mitch.’ Yes, really. 

The Trump-hating CEO of Victoria's Secret is quitting the Republican party after donating millions of dollars


Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenas Donald Trump Jr. to answer questions about prior claim to have limited role in Trump Tower Moscow deal

Republicans rip GOP Intel decision to subpoena Trump Jr.

GOP senator announces bill to ban 'manipulative' video game design

Senate’s inquiry of Trump and Russia will divulge more on election interference than Mueller’s probe did, chairman says 

GOP says Russia case is closed even as it revisits inquiry

New obstacle for disaster aid bill as Trump administration pushes to add border funding 

Watch Senator Rob Portman's full interview on China trade talks, the...

'Game on': Christie dares Democrats to impeach Trump


'Case Closed' On The Mueller Report? Some Republicans Say Not So Fast. 

In Rare Bipartisan Move, Reps. Adam Schiff and Devin Nunes Threaten to Subpoena DOJ for Mueller Files

McConnell calls for end to investigations of Trump, says ‘case closed’ 

McConnell: Dems have 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' amid Barr fight

Mitch McConnell's Trump Defense Strategy Is Proof the Republican Party Is an Authoritarian Outfit

Republican senators give Pence an earful on trade

Trump briefs Republican senators on emerging U.S. immigration plan

Trump, Senate GOP discuss effort to overhaul legal immigration

Trade war threatens to roil 2020 race as Republicans complain about the tariffs Trump loves 

Trump pulls out rug from GOP on trade

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signs fetal heartbeat bill, one of most restrictive abortion laws in nation


Rising debt imperils Trump, Dem hopes on infrastructure

New threats by Trump on trade take bigger toll on U.S. farmers

GOP senators push for probe of 'apparent leaks' in Russia investigation

Senate Republicans Seek Probe of Other Agencies in Russia Leaks

Republicans troll Democrats with proposals to rename upcoming health care bill

Rick Scott says Ocasio-Cortez has embarrassed Congress 'to the point of irrelevance'

Trump’s threatened China tariffs deepen GOP rift over trade 


Republican senator calls for hearing on military intervention in Venezuela

Kennedy says Democrats 'acting in bad faith' on Trump tax returns

This Republican Is Running Against Donald Trump. Is Anybody Listening?


Republican senator calls for hearing on military intervention in Venezuela

Trump’s bipartisan infrastructure plan already imperiled as Mulvaney, GOP lawmakers object to cost 

House ethics panel renews probes into three GOP lawmakers

Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi announces he’ll retire in 2020 


Senate confirms Trump's 100th judicial nominee

All the Trump nominees Senate Republicans have tanked

Trump's pursuit of infrastructure deal hits GOP roadblock

GOP distances itself from Trump's ObamaCare attacks

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney: ‘I’d like to hear from Mr. Mueller’

Senate judiciary chair offers Mueller opportunity to testify

Mueller fallout deepens Senate tensions 

Federal judges declare Ohio congressional map unconstitutional 

GOP megadonor Paul Singer rallies conservatives: ‘Socialism is on the march again’


GOP senator to White House on Fed pick: 'Please do some research'

Senate fails to override Trump's Yemen veto

Mitt Romney: Two-state solution is all there is

Sen. Mike Lee blasts Dems, says the Mueller investigation was about undermining the president

McCarthy says Nadler lied, not Barr

Seismic mapping in Atlantic could still pose trouble for Republicans on campaign trail 


New Senate GOP offer on disaster aid bill gives $300 million boost to Puerto Rico 

Lindsey Graham’s pro-Trump spin of the Mueller report 

At Mueller report hearing, Republicans shift to Clinton and Obama

Trump scrambles to salvage NAFTA rewrite, courting Democrats and trying to tamp down GOP fury 

Pushing to deploy the U.S. military, Rick Scott helps to shape Trump’s Venezuela policy 

Sen. Mitt Romney discusses trip to Iraq, Israel and Jordan, where ‘things are more complicated than you might imagine’

GOP doctors will go to primary runoff in North Carolina U.S. House race 


Stephen Moore’s Fed nomination under pressure as GOP senator calls his past comments ‘ridiculous’

GOP sets up firewall for Trump on Mueller

Poll: McConnell's approval in Kentucky at 18 percent

Alabama bill banning nearly all abortions passes House almost unanimously

U.S. senators blast 'insane' Trump plan for aid cuts, seek Venezuela plan

Trump trashes his own administration's infrastructure plan as 'stupid'


Trump on collision course with McConnell on spending

Graham: Trump should fight Dem subpoenas 'like hell'

House Republican plans discharge petition on Green New Deal


GOP ready to step up spying case

GOP leader embraces role as liberal foe for 2020 

GOP views Joe Biden as 'very weak' or 'a strong candidate'

New Hampshire Republican insider says voters open to Trump alternative

Graham: 'I don't care' if Trump told McGahn to fire Mueller

Trump Ally Calls for More Sanctions on Russia Ahead of Elections

Graham says Russians 'up to it again' with election interference: 'We need more sanctions, not less'

Graham challenges Kushner’s bid to downplay Russia interference 

Former GOP senator Richard Lugar dies at 87




Rubio says hackers penetrated Florida elections systems

Stephen Moore: GOP senators shouldn't 'walk the plank' for me

This Republican Has a Good Point About Going Green

The GOP’s plan: prevent voters from voting


Republican senators request briefing on DOJ 'spying' probe

Trump administration pushes for quick action to raise debt limit 

The U.S. Chamber wants to disentangle its brand from the GOP and hopes to rebuild the center 


Senate buzzsaw awaits 2020 progressive proposals

Trump spurs an uptick in politicians leaving the GOP 

Steve King thinks he was persecuted for his political beliefs. He is not alone among conservative Christians. 

Trump's Republican Opponent Says The President Would Resign If He Was A Patriot

Judge Denies Republicans' Attempt to Join Abortion Lawsuit

Trump’s defiance puts pressure on Congress’s ability to check the president 


Lindsey Graham tells Trump to 'expect impeachment proceedings'

GOP banks on Biden falling in primary

Republican lawmaker in Iowa bolts party over disapproval of Trump


McConnell pledges to be 'Grim Reaper' for progressive policies

Graham challenges Dems to walk the walk on impeachment

Republican National Committee pays tiny, unknown intelligence firm for 2020 opposition research on Democrats

Trump tax cuts helped rich people in GOP states more than in Democrat states

'That's robbery': Concerns mount over Jared Kushner's role in GOP money machine


Senate Republicans tested on Trump support after Mueller


Trump hits Romney for Mueller criticism

Washington state senator sparks backlash for saying nurses spend time 'playing cards'


Rick Scott asks FBI for details on reported Russian meddling in Florida

Romney 'sickened' by Trump's behavior in Mueller report

Huckabee blasts Romney: 'Makes me sick' that you could have been president

Chris Christie says Russia probe 'was not a hoax'

McConnell: Raising age to buy tobacco to 21 a 'top priority'


The GOP is attacking socialism, but Trump Fed pick Stephen Moore pits capitalism against democracy

Bill Weld’s Presidential Run: Finally, a Republican Tells the Truth About Trump 

Karl Rove: Sanders could win presidency in 2020


Republicans seem to have already made up their minds on the Mueller report 

GOP lawmaker: Trump 'not quite popular enough' to advance an immigration bill

Some in GOP fear Buttigieg run for governor

GOP Sen. Rick Scott: ‘If you like Bernie Sanders, why don’t you go ahead and move to Caracas?

Three reasons you should be startled by how the Senate rebuked Trump ’

Rick Perry planning to leave Trump administration

Ted Cruz slammed for mocking Disney’s $5M pledge to rebuild Notre Dame: 'How much did you donate?'

Rep. Chris Collins, charged with insider trading, raised just $5,000 in first quarter 


GOP senators divided on Trump trade pushback

Trump gives nod to vulnerable GOP Sen. McSally with bill signing

Collins receives more donations from Texas fossil fuel industry than from Maine residents

Conservatives urge Trump to stick with Moore for Fed

Sanders courts GOP voters with 'Medicare for All' plan


After a battle over a Muslim politician divided their party, the GOP fights to keep Texas red 

Bill Weld officially announces he is challenging Trump for GOP nomination in 2020

William Weld to challenge 'unstable' Trump for the 2020 Republican nomination


McConnell lays out agenda as House bills pile up

Scott: Need to 'consider' using military to get aid to Venezuela

Rep. Cheney: Socialism 'driving the agenda of the Democratic Party' 

Pompeo 'confident' US will continue 'progress' with North Korea on denuclearization


Conservative groups defend tech from GOP crackdown

Congress opens door to fraught immigration talks

Robert De Niro tears into Republicans: 'We're not going to forget' about what you did under Trump


GOP senator issues stark warning to Republicans on health care

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley doubts Obamacare will be ruled unconstitutional

GOP grows tired of being blindsided by Trump

All the Trump nominees Senate Republicans have tanked 

Oversight Republicans to chairman: Investigate Obama aides

Republicans want to look like pioneers on preexisting conditions protections 

Will Congress Let Trump Build More Nuclear Weapons?
(The administration and Capitol Hill are on a collision course over the future of U.S. nukes.)


Fourth GOP senator comes out against Trump Fed pick Cain

McConnell to Trump: Don't pick Cuccinelli to lead DHS

Republicans writing off hard-line DHS candidate

Mitch McConnell tells 2020 Republicans to run 'independent' of Trump

McConnell: Pelosi dealing with her own liberal 'Freedom Caucus'

GOP leader on 2020: We need a 'referendum on socialism'

GOP lawmaker doubles down on criticizing Kerry's political science degree as not 'science'

Congress punts on disaster aid amid standoff with Trump, Dems

Manchin says he supports Collins reelection 


Republicans to Trump: Your immigration shake-up makes no sense 

Senate Republicans push White House to stop purge at Homeland Security 

The growing signs of a rift between Trump and the Senate GOP 

Grassley: 'I'm gonna have to accept' Trump changes at Homeland Security

GOP senators raise concerns about Miller's ascension

Herman Cain’s Fed board bid is in danger as three GOP senators plan to vote against Trump’s pick

GOP lawmakers lay into Twitter, Facebook over alleged bias

GOP Texas lawmaker reintroduces bill to allow death penalty for women who have abortions

Vice President Mike Pence backs Trump’s call to lower interest rates, citing low consumer inflation


McConnell: Net neutrality bill 'dead on arrival' in Senate

Trump's plan to name Herman Cain to Fed meets Republican pushback

Republicans press Trump to drop Herman Cain’s Fed nomination

Hate crime hearing shows lawmakers still can’t agree on basic facts


Top Republican calls on Nadler to have Mueller testify

Senate Homeland Security chairman sounds alarm over 'leadership void' at DHS

GOP fears Trump return to family separations

Grassley warns Trump is 'pulling the rug out from' under immigration officials

Full Romney: Immigration is 'overwhelming our system'


Romney: 'Moronic' for Dems to go after Trump's tax returns with legislative action

Paul Ryan told GOP lawmakers he wouldn't 'defend' Trump after 'Access Hollywood' tape: book

Donald Trump has secured the future of our American courts

Mulvaney: Democrats will 'never' see Trump's tax returns

Secrecy behind Saudi nuclear talks infuriates Congress

Legislation slows to crawl in divided Washington


GOP gets used to saying 'no' to Trump

Progressive Jewish group protests Trump's Republican Jewish Coalition speech

Herman Cain Opens a New #MeToo Minefield for Republicans

The GOP is making Ocasio-Cortez more popular

Grassley sarcastically hails History Channel for playing history


Mitch McConnell is making the Senate’s minority party increasingly powerless 

GOP senator rips Dem rep seeking Trump taxes: 'It must really suck to be that dumb'

Why a GOP Mayor Was Pushing Climate Change Policies in Congress This Week

Joe Biden finds defenders in unusual places: Fox News and the GOP 


Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham says the president should release his tax returns after Democrats make a formal request

Rand Paul blocks resolution calling for release of Mueller report

McConnell caught between Trump, GOP on disaster relief

Lee, Romney oppose diverting funds from Utah military projects for Trump's border wall

Flake opens up about threats against him and his family

GOP base wakes up in Wisconsin

Iowa Republican on Trump claim: If windmill noise caused cancer I'd have 'church bell cancer'

Alabama Holocaust Commission condemns GOP lawmaker's use of Hitler phrase 'big lie'


GOP triggers 'nuclear option' to speed up Trump picks

GOP moves to appoint judges even faster. 
(Even before the rule change, the Senate is approving Trump picks at a record pace.)

The GOP’s capitulation to Obamacare 

The 8 Republicans who voted against Trump's anti-ObamaCare push

The GOP’s response to White House whistleblower: Nothing to see here 

Cruz: 'Devastating' if Trump closes U.S.-Mexico border

Grassley: Trump saying wind turbine noise causes cancer is 'idiotic'

Gowdy: I'll be surprised if Barr ever produces everything in the Mueller report

Charles Koch wants a more open border. Immigration is one reason he’s backed away from the GOP


McConnell to Trump: We're not repealing and replacing ObamaCare

GOP shuts down Trump health push

GOP, Dems balk at latest Trump foreign aid cuts

Cruz slams Yahoo report saying he missed Ocasio-Cortez's point on $7 airport croissants: 'Uh, no'

Report — spurred by Utah’s Orrin Hatch — says U.S. firms need the government to double the number of highly skilled foreign workers they are allowed to hire

Barr's summary gambit could backfire, al la Nunes's memo

Alabama GOP lawmaker files bill that would ban nearly all abortions

New trans protections face strong conservative opposition on Hill

GOP lawmaker Mark Walker ensnared in federal corruption probe

North Carolina Republican Party chairman charged in bribery case


Massive disaster relief bill stalls in Senate over Puerto Rico dispute 

GOP lawmakers root against Trump in court on ObamaCare

'The most accessible President that I have ever seen': Republicans explain why they won't quit Trump


GOP on defensive over Dem votes on policies geared toward women

For Trump’s ‘Party of Healthcare,’ there is no health-care plan 

Graham gets assist from Pence in reelection campaign kickoff

Mulvaney: Mueller report 'not designed' to exonerate Trump

Mulvaney: It would take 'something dramatic' for Trump not to close border

Mulvaney: No one will lose health care coverage if courts rule against ObamaCare

Top White House aide: Trump decided to fund Special Olympics because 'the public wanted' it


GOP frets as Trump squanders advantages

With social program fights, some Republicans fear being seen as the party of the 1 percent 

Senate GOP wary in Trump’s revived health care battle

GOP shifts focus to investigating Obama officials

Ex-GOP senator Flake hopes a Democrat beats Trump in 2020


McConnell signals he won’t play a leading role in crafting the health-care bill Trump wants 

GOP faces tough battle to become 'party of health care'

GOP zeroes in on Schiff

Barr expects to release nearly 400-page Mueller report by mid-April


McConnell sets stage for 'nuclear option' to change rules on judges

Arkansas governor seeks appeal of decision voiding Medicaid work rules 

Rand Paul blocks resolution calling for Mueller report release

Schiff angrily pushes back against GOP calls for him to step down

GOP lawmaker suggests female colleague 'misunderstands' equal pay legislation


House GOP leader McCarthy sought to deter Trump from pursuing destruction of Obamacare 

GOP senators blindsided by Trump on ObamaCare

Ted Cruz addresses the political ramifications of the GOP challenging Obamacare ahead of 2020

McConnell blocks resolution calling for release of Mueller report for second time

Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham explains how the Mueller report will be redacted for public release

This Lindsey Graham quote perfectly explains the GOP’s codependent relationship with Trump 

Rand Paul: 'Time for Congress to investigate' Obama

Republicans are introducing a new paid family leave proposal today. Here are the details 

Appeals court sides with Wisconsin GOP on laws that limit Dem powers

Durbin and Graham introduce bill to protect ‘dreamers’ 


Senate GOP eyes probes into 2016 issues 'swept under the rug' 

Stephen Moore edges closer to Fed seat as key GOP lawmakers express support

GOP begins grassroots campaign to sell Trump's trade deal with Mexico and Canada to skeptical voters and lawmakers

Surprise Justice move on ObamaCare puts GOP in bind

GOP congressman quotes Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ to slam Trump’s adversaries as liars 

GOP legislator prays to Jesus for forgiveness before state’s first Muslim woman swears in 


McConnell blocks resolution calling for Mueller report to be released publicly

After Mueller report, Senate moves to investigate the Russia probe Trump called an 'illegal takedown'

Congress set for next stage of Mueller probe fight

Sen. Lindsey Graham says he told John McCain to give Trump-Russia dossier to FBI

Scalise moves forward with plan to force vote on 'Abortion Survivors' act

GOP governor criticizes Trump's 'dangerous rhetoric' about the media


GOP cheers, Democrats scoff as Mueller details emerge

Rubio wants 'all' of Mueller report made public including founding documents

Graham hints at further questioning of Comey in wake of Mueller findings

Pence: 'Today is a great day for America'

GOP surprise raises new questions for Trump budget

Rubio: Trump reversal on North Korea sanctions 'shouldn't have happened that way'


Here’s How Republicans Are Reacting To The Mueller Report’s Completion

Conservatives wage assault on Mueller report

Trump, Congress brace for Mueller findings


GOP says Mueller report should end 'collusion' claims

Meadows says Mueller's end proves 'no collusion'

Wisconsin judge blocks Republicans’ lame-duck power grab 


Senate’s sluggish start reflects the Republicans’ narrow policy agenda 

GOP uses Green New Deal to hurt Democrats as it plots to retake California House seats

Trump's attacks on McCain exacerbate tensions with Senate GOP

Trump keeps up attacks on 'horrible' McCain, despite calls from GOP, veterans

McSally spoke with Trump, said McCain deserved respect

Steve King contrasts New Orleans to Iowa on disaster response: 'Iowans take care of each other

A GOP governor doesn’t believe in chickenpox vaccines. He took his nine kids to a pox party instead. 

GOP governor signs law that bans abortion before some women even know they’re pregnant 

John McCain’s daughters fire back at Trump, calling him ‘a child’ who lacks decency and compassion 


Senate GOP poised to go 'nuclear' on Trump picks

Graham: Trump's attacks on McCain 'hurt him more' than senator's legacy

‘It’s deplorable what he said:’ Johnny Isakson delivers the indictment of Trump’s McCain-bashing other Republicans won’t 

Steve King continues to make controversial comments on race, despite a GOP reprimand 

Fox News' Cavuto knocks GOP lawmakers for not condemning Trump attacks


GOP voters more enthusiastic than Dems about presidential race: poll

Scott Walker plans to crusade for a balanced-budget amendment via constitutional convention 

Romney knocks Trump over McCain criticism

Weld hammers Trump over McCain attacks: You're a 'national embarrassment'

Ronald Reagan's daughter laments Trump's presidency: My father 'would be horrified'

George Conway responds to Trump calling him a loser: 'Perfect example of the point I was making'

Rough road awaits any Trump rival in GOP primary

GOP steps up attack over tech bias claims

Stop asking parents to sacrifice Social Security benefits for paid family leave

How Pence became Trump’s flatterer-in-chief

Pentagon sends Congress list of military construction projects that could be delayed to free up money for wall 


Santorum: Trump should 'send emails to a therapist' instead of tweeting

GOP senator disinvited to Republican event over vote against Trump's emergency declaration

Lindsey Graham’s remarkably tepid defense of John McCain after Trump’s attacks 

Trump keeps tight grip on GOP

GOP moves to rein in president's emergency powers

Trump relishes autocracy. What are Republicans willing to do about it? 

‘I haven’t abandoned my principles’: Hogan, pondering challenge to Trump, casts himself as a traditional Republican 

George W. Bush: 'Immigration is a blessing and a strength'

As China Builds Transit Cars for U.S. Cities, Congress Seeks to Ban Them

Conservatives face a tough fight as Big Tech's censorship expands


Sen. Pat Toomey: Courts 'may very well' side with Trump on emergency declaration

GOP legislators clamping down on voter initiatives


Republicans up for reelection fear daylight with Trump

McConnell's arguments on 'ballot harvesting' full of contradictions

Jeb Bush says a Republican should come forward and challenge Trump in 2020


Graham says he'll probe Rosenstein's 25th Amendment remarks

The House voted 420 to 0 to release the Mueller report. So why is Lindsey Graham blocking the bill? 

Thom Tillis’s remarkable flip-flop on Trump’s national emergency and 4 others who also backed off 

Cruz fined $35K by FEC for not adequately disclosing loans from banks

The 31 Trump districts that will determine the next House majority


Senate rejects border declaration in major rebuke of Trump

Senate votes to reject Trump’s emergency declaration, setting up president’s first veto 

12 Republican senators defy Trump on emergency declaration 

Tillis changes vote, supports Trump on border emergency

Editorial: Our endorsement of Cory Gardner was a mistake

Senators introduce bill to regulate facial recognition technology

In overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, House calls for Mueller report to be made public 

Graham blocks resolution calling for Mueller report to be made public

GOP lawmakers: House leaders already jockeying for leadership contests


Senate breaks with Trump on Saudi-led war in Yemen

Senate rebukes Trump with vote ordering U.S. military to end support for Saudi-led war in Yemen 

Countdown on for Senate vote on resolution disapproving of Trump's wall national emergency

Senate talks collapse on avoiding Trump showdown over emergency declaration

Lee, fifth GOP senator, to vote against Trump's border declaration

Pelosi and Trump kill one Senate plan that could give GOP cover on border emergency

GOP's Tillis comes under pressure for taking on Trump

Senate GOP expected to force vote on Green New Deal in March

Senate GOP confirms Kavanaugh’s replacement, Trump’s 36th pick for powerful appeals courts 

GOP seizes on Pelosi's position on impeachment

This is how submissive Republicans have become to Trump 


Senate will vote Thursday on bill to block Trump's national emergency declaration

GOP, White House seek to avoid showdown on emergency declaration

Pence, GOP senators discuss offer to kill Trump emergency disapproval resolution

GOP senators face loyalty test in vote over Trump's border wall 

House lawmakers clash over GOP allegations Dems coached Cohen

On Capitol Hill, Republicans resist new voting protections

McConnell opens door to changing president's emergency powers

Speaker Pelosi confirms what Trump has said all along about the Mueller investigation, says House GOP leader McCarthy

John Kasich: It's time for Republicans in Congress to put country over party


GOP senators eye 'nuclear' move to change rules on Trump nominees

Senate GOP goes down to wire in showdown with Trump

House Republicans find silver lining in minority

Senator Graham says he will lobby Trump to recognize Golan as part of Israel

As Trump reshapes GOP in his image, Republican women are disappearing from Congress

'Not a serious proposal': Trump's budget reveals his 2020 message, but Congress will have the last word

U.S. election commission fines Jeb Bush Super PAC, Chinese company

As Europe worries about Trump, congressional leaders invite NATO head for joint address 


GOP bracing for Trump to veto Congress’s rejection of his emergency declaration

Top House Republican blasts Trump plan to charge allies a premium on U.S. troops

House Republican explains decision to vote against anti-hate resolution

Texas Republican says he'll vote for Trump 'unless Beto O'Rourke decides to run as a Republican'


Don't expect details from Mueller probe: senior U.S. Republican


McConnell works to freeze support for Dem campaign finance effort

Republicans use opioid hearing to defend Trump's border emergency

Maine GOP mayor resigns after calling elderly black people 'antique farm equipment'


Senate GOP eyes big vote against Trump 

GOP braces for showdown on wall emergency with Trump

McConnell eyes Trump, Paul and reelection when it comes to emergency fight

GOP chairman eyes move to lock in Trump's Iran deal withdrawal

U.S. senators offer North Korea sanctions bill, backed by Warmbier parents 

Growing bipartisan alarm in Congress over measles outbreaks amid falling vaccination rates

How Congress could embarrass Donald Trump on the border wall

Trump's claims of defeating ISIS roil Congress


Trump on brink of GOP rebellion over emergency declaration

McConnell: Senate will pass resolution blocking Trump's emergency declaration

Rand Paul’s big rebuke of Trump’s ‘national emergency,’ and why it could actually matter 

McConnell: House election reform bill won't get Senate vote

Chris Christie says he turned down 7 jobs from Trump: 'I'm not desperate for a title'

Senators say they're serious about tackling surprise medical bills  


Republican defections on national emergency set up Trump's first veto

Republican Sen. Rand Paul says he will vote for measure blocking Trump’s emergency declaration, paving way for passage 

Congress poised to reject Trump border emergency

Rand Paul: Supreme Court likely to strike down Trump emergency declaration

GOP rep: Cohen's Prague testimony 'undermines this whole dossier'

McCarthy dismisses Democrat's plans: 'Show me where the president did anything to be impeached' 

McCarthy contradicts Trump on Warmbier: 'I think Kim knew what happened'

GOP Rep. Amash says he has a higher loyalty than Trump

Ohio judge leaving GOP, citing change in party on national level

‘We’re not going to turn on our own’: Republicans rally around Trump as threats mount 


5 takeaways as Republicans close ranks at CPAC


GOP bristles over plan to shift military funding to border wall

GOP senators fuming over Trump comments on Warmbier

Republicans appear open to the administration's Medicare threat to the pharmaceutical industry 

Trump Should Worry About the Southern District of New York More Than Mueller, Christie Says

Mark Meadows: Republican claims ‘there is not a racial bone’ in his body after ‘birther’ comments unearthed

Red scare: US conservatives beat socialism drum ahead of 2020

Pence likens Democratic health-care and energy agenda to socialism


Trump and GOP promised economic growth much better than Obama's. That's not what happened

Republican focus on discrediting Cohen leaves little time to defend Trump 

How House Republicans missed their chances to stick it to Michael Cohen – and defend Trump

The Republican Party Completely and Utterly Disgraced Itself at Michael Cohen's Hearing

Credible Cohen testimony has Trump, GOP shook up

GOP opposition to emergency declaration grows as Trump warns lawmakers 

Senators unveil resolution to block Trump’s emergency declaration

Trump border emergency foes close in on needed Senate votes

Andrew Wheeler, former energy lobbyist, confirmed as nation’s top environmental official 

‘Damaging precedent’: Conservative federal judge installed without consent of home-state senators 

Judge blocks GOP effort to purge voting rolls in Texas, saying it is ‘ham-handed’ and ‘threatening’ 

Fox News host calls out Rep. Jim Jordan over Cohen testimony


GOP lawmaker rips Cohen: ‘The truth is not in this guy’

The GOP’s attacks on Michael Cohen sound a lot like attacks on Trump 

Live coverage: Cohen clashes with GOP over Trump allegations

Cohen warns Republicans: Pledge allegiance to Trump, you’ll end up like me 

Santorum: It’s not ‘out of character’ for Trump to lie about Russia because he lies ‘consistently’

Eight Republicans side with Dems on background checks for gun sales

Lawmaker promoting anti-vaxx bill suggests measles can be treated with antibiotics. (It can’t.) 

John Brennan says Republicans 'covering up the corruption' of Trump


GOP leader unsure on legality of Trump’s emergency declaration

G.O.P. Tries to Hold Down Defections Before Vote to Block Trump’s Emergency

Border rebuke looms for Trump

13 House Republicans who bucked Trump on emergency declaration

White House pleads with Senate GOP on emergency declaration

GOP stacks Green New Deal forum with climate deniers and industry groups

Senate confirms Trump nominee for 9th Circuit Court over Democrats' objections

GOP lawmaker appears to threaten Cohen on eve of public hearing

Florida GOP congressman Matt Gaetz tweets at Trump ex-lawyer Michael Cohen before testimony: Does your wife 'know about your girlfriends?'

N.C. Republican in congressional race tainted by ballot fraud says he will not run in new election 

John Kasich to fellow GOPers: Stop denying climate change


Push to end U.S. support for Saudi war hits Senate setback

Lindsey Graham explains his pro-Trump conversion — and it’s not because he thinks Trump is great 

Trump warns fellow Republicans as Congress prepares to vote on rejecting his national emergency 

Pence announces new sanctions, calls for asset crackdown in effort to pressure Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro 


GOP rep says after deployment to border that situation warrants emergency declaration

Arkansas governor: 'It would be very difficult' for candidate to challenge Trump in primary

GOP senator: 'We'll just have to see' whether lawmakers can believe Cohen testimony

Mississippi GOP governor says 'a lot of us' would’ve 'screamed' if Obama pushed criminal justice reform bill

Senate reignites blue slip war over Trump court picks

Venezuelan opposition leader arrives in Bogota for meeting with Pence after weekend of violence

Pompeo says North Korea remains a nuclear threat, contradicting Trump 

Pompeo: Trump's meeting with Kim 'substantial step' that 'may not get everything done'

Pompeo vows no letup in pressure on Venezuela's Maduro


GOP lawmaker critical of Trump move blasts Republicans who 'cry out for a king'

Kansas GOP lawmaker apologizes for anti-LGBT bill after daughter scorns him

EX-RNC Chair Slams Trump's Silence On Alleged Domestic Terrorist: 'These Are His People'

After Venezuela violence, Pence to meet with Guaido in Colombia


Graham: 'Handful' of GOP senators will vote to block Trump's emergency declaration

Senate plots to avoid fall shutdown brawl

Don’t look for House GOP to defy Trump on border wall

Mitt Romney says unlike Trump, he never contacted Russians or sought their help when he ran for president. ‘That would be a frightening thing,’ he says at town hall meeting

Pence promotes ‘opportunity zones’ as Trump faces criticism over race and policies to aid the poor 


US banks made $28 billion in extra profits thanks to GOP tax bill

Hogan blasts RNC for ‘unprecedented’ steps to shield Trump from a primary 

North Carolina board orders a new election in U.S. House race tainted by fraud accusations

N.C. board declares a new election in contested House race after the GOP candidate admitted he was mistaken in his testimony 

‘The Maine electorate has had it with her’: Constituents turn on Susan Collins

GOP's Collins would back resolution criticizing emergency

Steve King spins GOP punishment into political weapon

AP FACT CHECK: Senator makes false national emergency claim

Pompeo rules out 2020 Senate bid


Texas GOP rep opposes Trump’s use of national emergency to get border wall

The 10 GOP senators who may break with Trump on emergency

Trump shouldn’t be forcing Republicans to choose fidelity to him or to the Constitution 

Members of Congress voice alarm about report that Trump has grown frustrated with Coats 


Arkansas governor signs 'trigger' abortion ban bill

John Kasich Rips Trump For ‘End Runs Around Congress’

Trent Lott thinks Joe Biden is the strongest Democratic presidential candidate


The national emergency will haunt Republicans come election season

Smaller tax refunds put GOP on defensive

N. Carolina elections head says ballots handled illegally

Republican campaign paid for 'coordinated, unlawful' absentee ballot scheme in NC 9th District election, investigators said

Congress passed a mixed-bag of immigration policy while Trump was focused on the wall

Congress closer to forcing Trump’s hand on Saudi support


GOP rep: Trump emergency declaration puts US in 'uncharted territory'

GOP senator voices concern about Trump order, hasn't decided whether he'll back it

White House, GOP defend Trump emergency declaration

Rep. Kevin McCarthy says President Trump has the authority to declare a national emergency

Graham: Trump made 'persuasive case' that border is broken

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Kentucky Kids Need 'Secure Border' More Than A School

Trump 'united the opposition and divided' GOP with emergency move: Matthew Dowd

GOP senator says Republicans didn't control Senate when they held majority

Graham: McCabe revelations 'beyond stunning'

Senate panel will probe McCabe’s claim that Rosenstein raised possibility of ousting Trump through 25th Amendment, Graham says 

Green New Deal: Republicans talk up climate change plan – but not because they like it

Congress allows Violence Against Women Act to lapse


‘A recipe for disaster’? Trump’s border emergency drags the GOP into a risky fight ahead of 2020. 

Dems ready aggressive response to Trump emergency order, as GOP splinters

Congress must step up to protect Medicare home health care

Tax Refund Fiasco Is Political Payback For Republicans

Pence met with silence after mentioning Trump in Munich speech


Shutdown averted: President Trump has signed a sweeping spending bill hours before funding expired for parts of the government 

Trump's Emergency Plan Splits the GOP After McConnell Backs It

Former GOP House Intel chair: McConnell eating 'manure sandwich' with Trump's national emergency

Republican Senators Express Disapproval With Border Funding Bill and National Emergency Declaration

Former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld announces plan to challenge President Trump for Republican nomination 

Pompeo stresses importance of U.S. friends, a day after Pence blasted key allies 


U.S. Senate passes border security bill, sends to House

Congress passes bill to avert shutdown as Trump vows to declare national emergency to build wall

Grassley snaps when McConnell interrupts him to announce Trump will sign spending bill, declare national emergency

What’s in the 1,169-page border-security bill to avert a government shutdown 

GOP braces for Trump's emergency declaration

Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele Warns GOP On Trump's Emergency: You Will Rue This

House Democrats to challenge Trump’s emergency declaration; Republicans divided on action

Senate confirms Trump's attorney general pick William Barr, who will now oversee Mueller probe

'I don't see buybacks as a problem' — GOP Sens Pat Toomey and Rick Scott slam fellow Republican Marco Rubio's tax proposal

GOP senator: Your smaller tax refund is not the point

GOP wants to pit Ocasio-Cortez against Democrats in the Senate

Drama hits Senate Intel panel’s Russia inquiry

Pence urges EU to pull out of nuclear deal, says Iran planning ‘new Holocaust’


Congress advances border security bill without Trump border wall

House hits gas on border deal

Congress rushes to avoid shutdown as Trump says he'll look for 'landmines' in spending plan

House to vote Thursday on border security plan as Trump signals he's willing to sign the deal

Lawmakers introduce bill to fund government, prevent shutdown

Ted Cruz says billions in assets tied to 'El Chapo' should fund the border wall

GOP rep deployed to southern border with Air National Guard unit

A GOP proposal could snatch your student loan payment right from your paycheck


GOP leader presses Trump to agree to border deal

Lawmakers line up behind bipartisan border deal to avert shutdown, as Trump signals he may sign it 

McConnell to set up vote on Ocasio-Cortez's 'Green New Deal'

The Senate just passed the decade’s biggest public lands package. Here’s what’s in it. 

GOP Sen Marco Rubio takes aim at stock buybacks, an issue under attack by Democrats

Senate Intel chair slams Trump fixer Michael Cohen, as House Democrats staff up probes 

Susan Collins defends her Brett Kavanaugh vote after he dissents in abortion access case

What’s in the tentative deal to avert shutdown


GOP promotes Trump line mirroring Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign slogan

Most Utahns back the special counsel’s investigation of Trump and his team, but Republicans don’t, poll shows

Lawmakers may have a deal to prevent another government shutdown

Lawmakers have a deal on border security that avoids shutdown


Rep. Walter Jones, GOP rebel and Iraq War critic, dies at age 76

Key GOP senator: Border wall talks are stalled

GOP senator 'optimistic' about immigration compromise

GOP rep: Trump is 'right to have contingency plans' if border wall talks fail

Meadows: I expect Trump 'to take some kind of executive action' if he doesn't get border wall funding

Sen. Graham says Democrats are willing to give more funding for the wall in exchange for less ICE detention beds


GOP leader promises ‘action’ against Democrats accused of anti-Semitism

State GOP is in a bind over Trump
(In vote for next party chair, Republicans are split. Do they double down or chart a new direction forward?)

Can't live with Trump, can't live without him: California Republicans' challenging future

Democrats slam Collins for Kavanaugh vote in wake of Supreme Court ruling on Louisiana abortion law 

Likely deal would give Trump fraction of desired wall money


Republicans Got Us Into This Mess, and They Have to Get Us Out of It

Trump and the GOP Tax Plan Screwed Middle Class Parents Out of a Refund

Firm owned by Trump's longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller has received $225,000 from Republican National Committee

Congressional negotiators near border deal that would offer Trump less money for barriers than he has demanded 

Lawmakers divided over how to end shutdowns for good

A bill to hobble OPEC is advancing in Congress. Trump's support is the question


Top Senate tax writer says GOP will not tweak state and local deduction limits

Top GOP immigration negotiator Sen. Richard Shelby says a deal to avoid another shutdown could come by Monday

Senate panel’s party-line vote advances William Barr’s nomination to be Trump’s attorney general 

Republicans beg Democrat to drop quest for Trump tax returns

Fresh faces bring familiar GOP refrain: Dems are too extreme


Republicans suggest Trump won’t get all the wall money he wants — but they are unclear about what he wants 

Congressional negotiators seek contours of border deal as shutdown looms 

‘They know it’s his party’: Despite tensions with Trump, GOP lawmakers roar with approval for their president 

Pence says government shutdown wasn’t a mistake, can’t guarantee there won’t be another one 


GOP senators think Trump would win vote on emergency declaration

Congress is beginning to check Trump’s worst foreign-policy impulses 

Energy Secretary Rick Perry is designated survivor for 2019 State of the Union

Meghan McCain hits back at Trump: ‘The greatness of my father’s life and legacy haunts you’

Senate GOP warns Trump against using national emergency for border wall

Graham: There could be GOP 'war' over border wall

‘It’s way too many’: As vacancies pile up in Trump administration, senators grow concerned 

Trump campaign takes steps to prevent a challenge within GOP


GOP Senate chairman on making a border security deal: 'It could happen'

Scott: Emergency declaration not my 'first choice' for Trump to build wall

Congress can avoid trumped up national emergency declaration

GOP chairman: Trump should 'respect' opinions of intel leaders

GOP senator: 'Imperative' for Trump to listen to intel chiefs

Out-of-state money boosts Collins after Supreme Court vote

Former Homeland Security secretary urges lawmakers to stop trying for 'political wins' on immigration


Congress in painful start to avoid second shutdown

President Trump faces criticism from his own party on declaring a national emergency


McConnell privately cautions Trump about emergency declaration on border wall 

Mitch McConnell just made it much easier for Democrats to accuse Republicans of voter suppression 

Endorsing Trump isn’t the easiest decision for some Republicans

Senate vote shows 2020 Democrats are more aligned with Trump on Syrian pullout than the GOP 

Virginia GOP calls for Northam to resign after KKK, blackface photo


Senate advances bill warning against 'precipitous withdrawal' from Syria and Afghanistan

Republicans want Trump to keep out of border talks

GOP poised to rebuke Trump

Senate rebukes Trump’s plan to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria, Afghanistan 

Republicans seize on liberal positions to paint Democrats as radical 


McConnell blasts House bill that makes Election Day a federal holiday

No GOP appetite for a second shutdown

A Growing Chorus of Republican Critics for Trump’s Foreign Policy

72 percent in poll think Trump, Congress will fail to reach border deal

Some Suburban State Lawmakers Are Leaving the GOP

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy Joins Fox News as Ranks of Cable-News Contributors Swell

Kentucky governor says America is 'getting soft' after schools cancel classes due to cold temperatures

Lawmakers question border deployment

Lawmakers seeking to avoid new shutdown meet for first time


Senate panel postpones William Barr’s confirmation vote amid Democrats’ concerns

McConnell calls for releasing as much of Mueller's report as possible

Top GOP senators propose repealing estate tax, which is expected to be paid by fewer than 2,000 Americans a year 

Border deal doesn’t need word ‘wall,’ House GOP leader McCarthy says

Trump confidant Sen. Lindsey Graham floats tying border wall money to critical debt ceiling increase

Collins: I’m not prepared to endorse Trump for 2020

Jeff Flake "will not be a candidate" in 2020 presidential race

Lawmakers push to end shutdowns — for good


‘Mean as a Snake’: When President Trump Met the Real Mitch McConnell

New Jersey state senator leaves GOP, giving Dems largest majority in decades

Chris Christie says he warned Trump the Russia investigation would not go away

Most Americans — and some GOP senators — don’t want Trump to declare a national emergency to get his border wall





House approves bill to reopen the government, sends measure to Trump for his signature 

Congress votes to reopen government after Trump agrees to end shutdown

Shutdown ends without funding for Trump’s border wall

The Shutdown Deal Is the Same One Trump Previously Rejected
(The president relented to political pressure on Friday, agreeing to reopen the government after 35 days without receiving money he demanded for a southern-border wall.)

Post-ABC poll: Trump disapproval swells as president, Republicans face lopsided blame for shutdown 

Omar, Tlaib come under fire from GOP


GOP senators read Pence riot act before shutdown votes

Shutdown continues: Senate blocks bills to fund government amid fight over Trump border wall

Shutdown showdown: Senate votes down two bills to end shutdown after Trump agrees to postpone State of the Union 

Senate rejects two measures to end shutdown

‘This is your fault’: GOP senators clash over shutdown inside private luncheon 

How senators voted: These lawmakers crossed the aisle to vote for plans to reopen government

Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen subpoenaed by Senate Intelligence Committee to testify before he goes to jail

House Republican introduces bill to grant Trump more tariff power

GOP compares Ocasio-Cortez to Trump


The GOP is in a very familiar shutdown position: Losing it badly

Editorial: Sen. Cory Gardner to break with Republicans on Trump’s wall — it’s the right thing to do

In the first town hall of his term, Romney blames federal leaders for using people ‘as pawns’ in government shutdown

John Kelly, former DHS secretaries call on Trump, Congress to end shutdown


GOP seeks to change narrative in shutdown fight

McConnell sets up votes on Thursday on competing proposals to reopen government

Senate to vote on dueling government funding bills

Senate will vote Thursday on competing GOP and Democratic bills to end shutdown

Trump’s border wall offer looks doomed in the Senate as 800,000 government workers face another lost paycheck during shutdown

Mitch McConnell Got Everything He Wanted. But at What Cost?

Poll shows 25 percent view McConnell favorably, lowest among leaders in survey

Grassley to hold drug pricing hearing

House passes bill expressing support for NATO

Judge refuses to certify Republican as winner of House vote

The GOP has become the Soviet party 


Senate immigration bill includes border wall money, 52,000 detention beds, 750 border agents

Senate Republicans all but surrender to Trump on wall despite shutdown’s toll 

Congress to pursue divergent paths to reopening government, but stalemate no closer to resolution 

Graham angers Dems by digging into Clinton, Obama controversies

Of course Trump has something on Lindsey Graham: His voters 


The Latest: Shutdown proposal unlikely to break logjam

How Mitch McConnell Is Prolonging the Shutdown, and What He Did to Turn the G.O.P. Into the Party of Trump

Senate to take up Trump's border-immigration plan next week

GOP senator: Trump immigration plan to reopen government 'represents progress, not perfection'

GOP senator: 'First Amendment was bruised' by BuzzFeed report

GOP rep suggests congressional pay should be revoked during shutdown

GOP rep: Dems think negotiating with Trump ‘like compromising with the devil’

US senator says Saudi crown prince must be 'dealt with' over Khashoggi murder

Pence: Trump's immigration proposal to reopen government 'is not amnesty'

Pence's shocking use of Martin Luther King's words


Graham urges slow Syria pullout to prevent ‘nightmare’ scenario for Israel

Rove warns Senate GOP: Don't put only focus on base

America's youngest generation could be a problem for the GOP


Senate GOP blocks bill to reopen Homeland Security

McConnell's maneuvers take backseat to Trump in shutdown

Bush calls for end to shutdown, delivers pizza to Secret Service

Congressional GOP conspicuously silent on latest Trump, Cohen news 

Pressure mounts for Trump to reconsider Syria withdrawal

Graham: Revelations Bruce Ohr warned feds of biased Christopher Steele 'are stunning'

Republican lawmaker who yelled ‘Go back to Puerto Rico!’ apologizes to Latino colleague 


McConnell blocks bill to reopen most of government

McConnell courting Pompeo to run for an open Senate seat in Kansas 

Mitch McConnell: Democrats’ Anti-Corruption Bill Aims To ‘Swing Elections’

Rebuking Trump, over 130 House Republicans challenge plans to lift sanctions against Putin ally 

Mitt Romney Fails His First Test on Russia

Senate Republicans eye rules change to speed Trump nominees

On the Senate floor with a gun on her hip, Republican says packing heat can deter violence 

GOP Rep. Tom Marino resigns from Congress

Top Judiciary Republican sees potential for bipartisan agreement on cyber issues

Pence: US is still waiting for North Korea to take 'concrete steps' toward denuclearization


Senate Republicans stand with McConnell on the sidelines of shutdown fight 

GOP Sen David Perdue: If Trump agrees to reopen government, then ‘where’s the leverage’ for him to get his wall?

Georgia senator concerned shutdown could affect Super Bowl

Utah’s Sen. Mike Lee leaves Russia probe to others, focuses on criminal justice reform, immigration and civil asset forfeiture in questioning attorney general nominee

Senate rejects effort to block Trump on Russia sanctions

Pence declares ‘ISIS is defeated’ hours after attack kills Americans in Syria 

Mike Pence amends claim that 'ISIS has been defeated' following deadly attack on U.S. troops

Christie: Trump is surrounded by ‘amateurs, grifters, weaklings’ and ‘felons’ — but it’s not really his fault 


McConnell blocks House bill to reopen government for second time

Missing in action McConnell suggests no shutdown deal in sight 

Pence on border wall: Trump won't be ‘deterred’ by Dem ‘obstruction’

Two Republicans Push ‘Border Bonds’ to Let Americans Finance a Wall

West Virginia Republicans unveil plan to give $10M for Trump's wall

Some in GOP split with White House on Russia sanctions

GOP maps out early 2020 strategy to retake House

House passes resolution condemning white nationalism

House votes overwhelmingly to condemn white nationalism amid furor over Rep. King’s remarks 

John Kasich signs with CNN as senior political commentator


Pressure on Senate Republicans to break shutdown impasse grows 

Senators restart shutdown talks — and quickly hit roadblocks

Trump and lawmakers paralyzed over shutdown as both sides remain dug in 

House Freedom Caucus calls for Congress to work on shutdown through break

GOP senators rebuke Trump for using 'Wounded Knee' as 'punchline'

Lindsey Graham ‘hell-bent’ on replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg despite Supreme Court saying she is 'cancer free'

Chuck Grassley helped Trump redefine the judiciary. Now he will fend off demands to see president’s tax returns

House Republican leaders move to strip Rep. Steve King of his committee assignments over comments about white nationalism

GOP leaders strip Steve King of committee assignments

Another GOP lawmaker calls on Steve King to resign over white supremacy comments

Steve King slams GOP leaders for 'political decision' over comments on white 

GOP’s John Kasich is looking to join CNN or MSNBC amid speculation he could run for president in 2020

Kasich: Republican Party is mired in the 1950s and ignores today's America at its peril


Pressure on Senate Republicans to break shutdown impasse grows 

Top Republicans oppose border 'emergency' as shutdown drags on

The Republican Test at the Border
(If Trump does declare a national emergency, a humanitarian crisis could become a constitutional one.)

Americans blame Trump and GOP much more than Democrats for shutdown, Post-ABC poll finds 

Graham: Trump's 'not going to give in' on shutdown fight

Republican Senator Graham urges Trump to open U.S. government temporarily

GOP senator: 'I would hate to see' Trump declare national emergency over border

Scalise: Trump wants Congress to solve shutdown problem

Republicans seek to temper fallout from latest Russia bombshells

GOP shrugs off report that Trump concealed details of Putin meetings

Graham says he'll ask FBI director about reported investigation into whether Trump was working for Russia

Ted Cruz: Americans outside D.C. don't care about Russia investigation

McCarthy to meet with Steve King about white supremacy remarks: 'Action will be taken'

Cruz condemns King's white supremacy remark: 'It was stupid' and 'he needs to stop'


GOP rejected Obama's executive reach, but accepts Trump's

Rand Paul becomes first GOP senator to oppose anti-BDS bills

Trump, Congress break record for longest shutdown


GOP senators propose bill to pay 'excepted' workers during shutdown

Mitch McConnell could end the shutdown. But he’s sitting this one out.

‘It’s a bad precedent’ — GOP Sen. Grassley warns Trump not to declare a national emergency to get his border wall

Sen. Mitt Romney rebuffs Trump’s latest border wall strategy: ‘I don’t want to see a declaration of national emergency’

‘The last election was a wake-up call.’ Why GOP leaders are turning on Steve King. 

Once again, Republicans rely on Sen. Tim Scott to speak against racism 


Mitch McConnell blocks Senate Democrats' move to reopen government

Republican Senator Graham: Trump should use emergency powers to fund wall

Facing gridlock, GOP senators seek big immigration deal to end shutdown

The Shutdown Is Making Senate Republicans Squirm

Emergency declaration option for wall tests GOP

GOP senators promise AG nominee Barr won’t touch Mueller’s probe 

House Republican leaders criticize Rep. Steve King for defending white nationalism 


GOP seeks health care reboot after 2018 losses

GOP senators challenge Trump on shutdown strategy

House votes to reopen Treasury Dept., IRS

Shutdown impasse: 8 House Republicans break with Trump on shutdown strategy, back Democrats’ plan to reopen Treasury without new border wall funds 

Poll: 59 percent of GOP say new Congress will do same or better than old one


Kasich: Trump must put the country ahead of his politics

Trump and congressional leaders set third meeting over shutdown

Graham: Secure the border then end the shutdown

McCarthy: Trump talked about the facts on border security

GOP operatives dig for dirt against rising star O’Rourke

Trey Gowdy blasts Elizabeth Warren's lobbying claim: 'Demonstrably and factually untrue'


Ex-GOP Rep. Ryan Costello joins group pushing carbon tax

Mia Love goes to work for CNN, says she’ll bring an ‘unleashed’ Republican perspective

Senators renew attempt to protect special counsel Mueller


Collins: Senate should vote on funding bills passed in House

Pete King: GOP has 'obligation' to make concessions to Democrats on border wall

As shutdown drags on, Trump officials make new offer, seek novel ways to cope with its impacts 


Negotiators to meet again Sunday after 'productive' shutdown talks fail to resolve impasse

Pence and White House officials leave meeting with congressional aides with no end to shutdown 


Trump threatens years-long shutdown for his wall as GOP support begins to fracture 

Senators warm to immigration deal as shutdown solution

The GOP’s pernicious link between terrorism and the border wall 

For the first time, GOP women join Senate Judiciary Committee 

Chuck Grassley: I'm only three heartbeats from the presidency

Pat Roberts won't seek Senate reelection

Recently re-elected Maine state lawmaker leaves Republican Party


Cracks beginning to show in GOP shutdown resolve

Max Boot: Let’s hope Mitt Romney can give the GOP some backbone

Can Romney chart a course that has eluded other GOP critics of Trump? 

Colorado’s Cory Gardner breaks ranks with Senate Republicans, calls for end to government shutdown
(Maine’s Susan Collins also breaks ranks with GOP to oppose requiring border wall money)

House Ethics Committee says Rep. Thomas Garrett misused official resources, was ‘trying to run out the clock’ on probe 

Pence backs 'no wall no deal' amid partial government shutdown


McConnell suggests shutdown could last for weeks

Senate approves 77 Trump nominations in end-of-Congress deal

Senate sets Barr's confirmation hearing

Romney asserts his independence — and Trump’s GOP critics see an opening 

Mitt Romney’s anti-Trump op-ed earns an RNC rebuke — from Romney’s own niece 

Romney Niece’s Tweet-Bashing of Uncle Mitt Was ‘Dictated’ by RNC, Says Michael Steele

Graham: Trump giving up on border wall fight would be the 'end of his presidency'


GOP feeling health law’s sting
(After years of working to gut Obamacare, some Republicans now pledge to save its most popular benefits.)

Mitt Romney: The president shapes the public character of the nation. Trump’s character falls short. 

Romney assails Trump in New Year's op-ed: 'The president has not risen to the mantle of the office'

Romney attacks Trump, saying he causes dismay around the world


Murkowski’s broken promises grow as Arctic Refuge oil development barrels forward

GOP lawmaker: Pelosi, Schumer have 'American blood' on their hands by not funding wall


Senate Appropriations Committee chair: Congress looks 'silly' amid shutdown

Shelby defends Fed chairman, says Trump can’t fire him without cause 

Graham says becoming Trump ally ‘absolutely’ worth it: ‘I’ve had more access to this president than every president combined’

Graham says he will hold hearings on deaths of children in CBP custody

Graham rips Obama over Iraq troop withdrawal: 'That's a bunch of bulls---, pardon my French'

Graham more upbeat on Syria troop withdrawal after Trump meeting

Shutdown compromise? Republicans float 'Dreamer' extension in exchange for border wall funding

Military women, female veterans are shifting away from GOP

Michigan Governor Vetoes Bill Some Said Would Limit Incoming Democrats

Exiting lawmakers jockey for K Street perch


McConnell at center of shutdown impasse but uncharacteristically disengaged 

Retiring GOP lawmaker blasts Trump's threat to close border as 'angry eighth-grader’s tweet'

Trump, GOP seek to shift blame for shutdown to Pelosi

Congress ends with Trump’s fight for wall, shutdown and GOP leaders hard to find 

Trump, Pelosi likely to tussle on impasse
(Republicans appear happy to foist the government shutdown on the Democrats’ leader in the House.)

Departing senators warn: There's a problem with the current state of politics

Jeff Flake Won't Rule Out 2020 Run: 'Somebody Needs To' Challenge Trump


House GOP probe into FBI, DOJ comes to an end

Flake: ‘Highly unlikely’ Trump will follow through on threat to close border

Lindsey Graham Vows To Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats: 'No Wall Money, No Deal'

Hoyer says House will not seat a North Carolina Republican amid questions about integrity of election

Republican behind 'deportation bus' campaign reports to jail

Trump is staying in Washington during the shutdown. Where are the congressional leaders? 


Trump's military moves accelerate GOP search for next McCain

Government shutdown likely to extend into next year as Trump and Congress fail to break border wall stalemate

Congress meets briefly, takes no steps to end shutdown

Shutdown Likely to Go Into 2019 as Trump Fumes, Congress Is Idle

Shutdown to drag into next week — and next year

Congress punts shutdown into new year, when Democrats will retake the House 

Progressives set to push their agenda in Congress and on the campaign trail. The GOP can't wait.


Fight over North Carolina race set to drag on for months

GOP Senator Says Shutdown Means Time To 'Hunker Down Like A Jackass In A Hailstorm'

Border wall impasse awaits senators returning to Washington

Mike Huckabee On Backlash To Trump's Santa Call: He Didn't Boil The Girl’s Bunny


GOP digesting Democratic blue wave
(San Diego County Republicans try to regain their footing as they look to 2020.)

Susan Collins Delivered 2018's Most Shameful Hijacking Of Feminism

What Ronald Reagan actually said about border security — according to history, not President Trump 

National security after Mattis should alarm Americans of all political parties


Trump’s week of tumult shakes many in GOP

Trump’s Fed feud roils markets, alarms Republicans

Lindsey Graham Doubles Down On Wall Funding: 'We're Not Going To Give In'

Maine congressman ends legal challenge to opponent's victory

Potential fallout from government shutdown: Republicans look to be on losing end, RealClearPolitics co-founder says


GOP senators at odds over Trump’s Syria decision

Sen. Rand Paul celebrates 'Festivus' with tweet-storm 'airing of grievances'

2 opposing views of Syria and Mattis, from Bob Corker and Rand Paul

Corker: Border wall standoff is a 'made-up fight'

Corker: Trump making 'devastating' decisions on foreign policy

Lindsey Graham doubles down on wall funding

Crack in Trump’s other wall
(Decisions on Syria and shutdown dampen support of Senate GOP)

Chris Christie compares Trump to '72-year-old relative'


GOP breaks with Trump over SyriaAfghanistan and Mattis — but lacks power to stop him 

Lawmakers shrug off shutdown drama

Shutdown to drag on for days after Senate adjourns without deal

Shutdown to stretch on until at least Thursday as Senate adjourns with no deal over budget, Trump’s border wall 

Mattis’s blunt resignation letter puts Republicans on notice 


Major parts of the federal government begin shutting down for an indefinite closure 

Government partially shut down in fight over Trump's border wall

Shutdown begins as lawmakers wrestle over Trump's border wall

Partial government shutdown assured after lawmakers leave Capitol without budget deal 

Government shutdown hits after Congress adjourns without a deal on Trump's border wall

GOP senators reject Trump proposal to go 'nuclear' on wall

Government shutdown is all but certain as Congress adjourns without a spending deal

Corker: Breakthrough reached in shutdown stalemate

Senator Graham calls for hearings on troops in Syria, Afghanistan

Ron Paul: A 50% correction will spark depression-like conditions that may be ‘worse than 1929’


House passes stopgap bill with $5B in funding for Trump's wall

House passes criminal justice reform bill

Graham: Afghanistan withdrawal would be ‘paving the way toward a second 9/11’

McConnell 'distressed' over reasons for Mattis resignation

Sen. Corker says Trump canceled meeting while he was waiting at White House

Trump shutdown moves leave GOP senators in disbelief

Shutdown fight isn’t Trump vs. Democrats. It’s Trump vs. GOP. 

GOP lawmaker doubts government workers live paycheck to paycheck

2 more Kansas Republicans just left their party to become Democrats

Michigan’s GOP-led legislature votes to increase its power ahead of Dem takeover


Senate passes bill to keep government open until February, undercutting Trump’s drive for border wall funding 

Congress moves to avert government shutdown, deny Trump money for wall 

Senate passes bill to fund government through Feb. 8, averts federal shutdown

Graham: Trump's Syria withdrawal a 'stain on the honor of the United States'

Anger, confusion greet Trump’s surprise decision on Syria

Senate poised to kick land bill fight to January

GOP senators pitch resolution to recognize Israeli sovereignty of Golan Heights

Ryan touts accomplishments but urges continued work on poverty, debt and immigration 

Ballooning deficits cloud Paul Ryan’s farewell tour 

Freedom Caucus says it will support veto of CR

Republicans May Cancel a 2020 Primary Out of Fealty to Dear Leader


Senate passes criminal justice overhaul, handing Trump a win

GOP frets as Trump shutdown looms

Shutdown fears, and a wait-and-see game

Senator: Congress may fund government until February

Congress races to avert shutdown after Trump retreats on border wall

Arizona gov taps McSally for McCain Senate seat

Retirement could liberate Lamar Alexander during his final two years in the Senate 

Lamar Alexander's exit marks end of an era in evolving Tennessee

‘He was the future of the party’: Ryan’s farewell triggers debate about his legacy 

Departing GOP lawmaker may have broken law in connection with Internet company, ethics office says 


Trump and GOP say now is golden chance to replace ACA. Say what? 

GOP lawmakers distance themselves from ObamaCare ruling

GOP leader faces Trump test in latest shutdown crisis

Top Republicans struggle to persuade Trump not to shut down the government 

Sen. Lamar Alexander announces he won’t seek another term in 2020 

GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander won't seek reelection

‘Crisis level’: Republican women sound warning after election losses 

Most Americans want action on climate change. Republicans are the exception: Poll

Russian influence operations still stoking tensions on social media, Senate reports say


GOP set for blame over shutdown

GOP senator advises House to 'legislate, don’t investigate'

GOP's Collins: Judge's ruling striking down ObamaCare 'will be overturned'

Sen. Susan Collins on GOP primary in 2020: ‘I see nothing wrong with challengers' 

House conservatives back Trump on call for vote on border wall funding




Why Mitch McConnell finally came around to bringing up criminal justice reform legislation 

Senate heads toward floor fight on criminal justice bill

In Senate goodbye, Jeff Flake warns of threats to democracy from ‘within and without’ 

Cory Gardner will try to pass marijuana banking, other reforms in the Senate next week

Jon Kyl to resign from Senate on Dec. 31

Three reasons you should be startled by how the Senate rebuked Trump 

House GOPers call for government to end fetal tissue research funding in fiery hearing 

Trump leaves GOP in turmoil with shutdown looming

Chris Christie says he doesn’t want to be Trump’s next chief of staff

Wisconsin Gov. Walker signs lame-duck legislation to weaken incoming Democratic governor, attorney general 

Neither U.S. Senators nor Trump’s Team Is Lying About Khashoggi’s Killing
(But the White House’s spin tactics are not doing it any favors.)


McConnell sets Monday test vote on criminal justice bill

Trump needs Mitch McConnell more than ever as Democrats take control of the House

Senate votes to condemn Saudi crown prince for Khashoggi killing, end support for Yemen war 

Boxed In by Trump, GOP Hurtles Toward a Shutdown

Rep. Gowdy reacts to Mueller probe filings

Senate Armed Services chairman under fire for defense stock purchases 

Not Just Power Grabs: Lame-Duck Lawmakers Are Rushing Many Controversial Bills

N.C. congressional candidate sought out aide, despite warnings over tactics 

Trump shock leaves Republicans anxious over 2019

Allies worry as Trump’s woes mount

Senators in both parties are finding ways to push McConnell and challenge Trump 


GOP-controlled Senate breaks with Trump on Saudi vote

Defying TrumpU.S. Senate advances resolution to end support for Saudis in Yemen war

GOP struggles to win votes for Trump’s $5B wall demand

Trump’s ultimatum on border wall boxes in fellow Republicans 

House passes $867 billion farm bill, sending it to Trump

Congress just quietly passed a law that could could spell a boom for the $1 billion marijuana-based CBD industry

House, Senate agree on bill to establish new sexual harassment policy for Congress 

Rick Santorum goes on CNN and says he won’t be Trump’s chief of staff

Utah Rep. Mia Love: Trump 'obviously' doesn't understand GOP's issues with minority women

GOP congresswoman says she opted out of NRCC run because McCarthy had 'a different plan'

North Carolina on cusp of House race reset

Kansas GOP lawmaker defects to Democrats, says she 'cannot be complicit in supporting' Trump


Mitch McConnell says the Senate will vote on criminal justice reform this month, handing victory to Trump

McConnell warns Senate it could work through Christmas break

GOP fights piling up for McConnell

Republicans in Congress Happily Declare the Law Does Not Apply to the President

Two in three Republicans would rather see a shutdown than Trump compromise on the border wall 

Republicans Consider 'Suicide Mission' On Shutdown And Border Wall

House Republicans move to block Yemen war-powers votes for rest of Congress

CIA chief to brief House on Khashoggi as pressure mounts on Trump

Some Trump allies starting to worry about investigations


Corker to introduce resolution holding Saudi crown prince 'responsible' for Khashoggi's death

Republicans To Hold Their First Hearing On The Minimum Wage Since Taking The House In 2010

Kevin McCarthy says Democrats shouldn’t focus on investigating Trump 

Hatch: ‘I don’t care’ if prosecutors are arguing Trump broke the law

Fractious GOP vows to unify in House minority

Freedom Caucus calls on leadership to include wall funding, end to 'catch and release' in funding bill

Meadows looks to make his move

We are former senators. The Senate has long stood in defense of democracy — and must again. 


Congress digs in for prolonged Saudi battle

Ex-Wisconsin GOP governor calls on Walker to reject measures curbing Dems' power

GOP women face steeper climb in Trump era

Republicans defend Trump amid brewing legal storm 

‘Siege warfare’: Republican anxiety spikes as Trump faces growing legal and political perils 

Rubio: It would be a 'terrible mistake' for Trump to pardon Manafort

Rubio says he's a 'huge' fan of John Kelly: 'It's a loss to see him go'

Christie: It sounds like prosecutors have corroborating evidence against Trump beyond Cohen

Paul calls Trump's pick for attorney general's views on surveillance 'very troubling'

Rand Paul downplays potential Trump campaign finance violations: 'We’ve over-criminalized campaign finance'

Key Senate Republican: Criminal justice reform needs more GOP support


McConnell resists pressure to move on criminal justice overhaul, angering some Republicans 

Sen. Tim Scott tells fellow Republicans: Do better on judicial nominees 

Republicans missed best shot on keeping promise to cut spending

Republican congressman says George Soros ‘turned on fellow Jews’

Disputed North Carolina race raises prospect of congressional probe

US-Saudi relationship enters uncharted territory


Senators want assurances from attorney general pick on fate of Mueller probe

Senate edges closer to rebuking Trump on Saudi Arabia

N.C. GOP candidate says he ‘would wholeheartedly support a new election’ if evidence emerges that fraud affected results 

Comey: House Republicans 'came up empty today but will try again'

Watergate's John Dean on Cohen filing: Congress will have to 'start impeachment proceedings'


Houston says goodbye to former President George H.W. Bush, a 'devoted' man of faith

Mourners in Texas pay their final respects to George H.W. Bush 

Oak Ridge Boys keep long-held promise to sing at George H.W. Bush's funeral

Simpson was Bush’s best buddy in Congress. Few presidents have those confidants. 

George H. W. Bush always saw us as real people

Compassionate confidence when boss Reagan was shot
(Bush’s true character shone through during the crisis, associates say)

Senate sends two-week funding measure to Trump

Congress passes bill to delay government shutdown and border wall fight for two weeks

Republican Jeff Flake and Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto want the Defense Department to stop paying for robot bartenders

Senate approves Trump nominee to lead polarizing consumer watchdog agency

Republican officials had early warnings of voting irregularities in North Carolina 

North Carolina man says GOP operative illegally collected his signed, blank absentee ballot in contested race

GOP, Dems locked in fight over North Carolina fraud probe

Kobach ‘very concerned’ voter fraud may have happened in North Carolina


Washington pays final farewell to George H.W. Bush

Live coverage: Washington honors George HW Bush with state funeral

Watch: George W. Bush remembers his father George H.W. Bush

World’s dignitaries bid farewell to George H.W. Bush

Prince Charles attends George H.W. Bush's funeral

Mulroney, Bush and the last lyrical act of a unique friendship

George H.W. Bush funeral: Former president remembered for integrity, service 

Trump criticized for not reading Apostles' Creed at Bush funeral

All the presidents at the Bush funeral service together recited this core prayer. Except one.

Trump’s awkward presidential greetings, and five other memorable moments from George H.W. Bush’s state funeral 

George HW Bush was president for only 4 years, but he shaped the Supreme Court for decades

George P. Bush: The future of a political dynasty

GOP lawmaker defends Trump's Khashoggi response: 'Journalists disappear all over the country'

Senate panel delays Trump’s judicial picks amid Mueller standoff

Senate advances Trump energy pick after Manchin flips

Sessions says he has no plans to return to Senate

Sessions hints he's done with politics

Poll: Americans want lame-duck Congress to focus on border security, health care


A full schedule of George H.W. Bush’s memorial events, funeral

Dole salute embodies emotion of Bush farewell

At 95, Bob Dole stands up from wheelchair to salute fellow WWII hero George HW Bush

We never met a man as remarkable as George H.W. Bush — and we never will again 

George H.W. Bush’s life proves that, sometimes, things go gloriously right 

Trump will see a lot of love — for Bush
(The president plans to attend, but not to address, the funeral of a predecessor whom he openly ridiculed.)

At farewell to Bush, a yearning for decency, moderation and compromise 

George H.W. Bush leaves mixed record on race, civil rights

Trump-GOP rift grows over Saudis

GOP senators come out and say it: The Trump administration is covering up Khashoggi’s killing

Senators accuse Saudi crown prince of complicity in Khashoggi’s killing

GOP senators rip Saudi prince after briefing: 'There's a smoking saw'

Clock ticks down on GOP Congress

GOP committee reports ‘cyber intrusion’ to FBI

Republican wins Georgia secretary of state runoff to replace Kemp

House Ethics extends investigation into GOP lawmaker Garrett

How Trump appointees curbed a consumer protection agency loathed by the GOP 

Lame-duck power grab in Wisconsin showcases the GOP’s embrace of zero-sum politics 


George H.W. Bush remembered as casket arrives in DC

George H.W. Bush makes his last journey to Washington 

Sully, Bush’s service dog, lies by his casket before one last journey with the former president 

Bush family seeks to steer clear of anti-Trump sentiment at 41st president’s funeral 

Friends, former aides remember what made George H.W. Bush ‘the kind of person I want as president’

Tamara Keith and Stuart Rothenberg on George H.W. Bush and the GOP's evolution

Shutdown Fight Over Wall Is Likely to Be Delayed Until Just Before Christmas

Republicans’ hard-line stance on immigration may alienate millennials for years 

Trump lays off McConnell as criminal justice reform stalls

McConnell: 'Complete fracture' with Saudi Arabia not in U.S. interest

'Just a lot of alarmism’: Trump’s skepticism of climate science is echoed across GOP 

North Carolina election-fraud investigation centers on operative with criminal history who worked for GOP congressional candidate 

Woman says she was paid to collect absentee ballots in North Carolina House race

GOP-held state legislatures in Wisconsin and Michigan are trying to limit new Democratic governors’ powers 


George H.W. Bush to lie in state in Capitol Rotunda next week

'Special Air Mission 41': Bush's final flights on 'Air Force One'

4 days of events honoring former President George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush had no grand dreams. His competence and restraint were enough.

For George H.W. Bush, Pearl Harbor changed everything, and World War II made him a hero 

George H.W. Bush was the accidental catalyst that built the new Republican Party 

How George H.W. Bush pushed the United States to embrace free trade 

George H.W. Bush’s image of civility contrasts with much of current politics

‘A patriot and servant’
(Tributes and condolences from around globe pour in for 41st president)

Cheney: George H.W. Bush 'masterfully handled' end of the Cold War

Colin Powell: Bush was 'most qualified person' on foreign policy ever to serve as president

Colin Powell recalls George H.W. Bush's humility as central to his success

Former White House correspondent: I never heard George H.W. Bush chew out reporters

Sam Donaldson on George H. W. Bush's relationship with the press

Former secretary of State: Bush 'kept his spirit' right until the 'very end'

Obama, Clinton, son share recollections of George H.W. Bush

‘Honorable, gracious and decent’: In death, Bush becomes a yardstick for President Trump 

The last stand of Congress’s Never Trump brigade

Trump nominee rejected
(Two GOP senators block a racially divisive judicial pick.)

GOP balks at Trump drug pricing plan

GOP senator: 'I think we need to do more' to respond to Russian aggression toward Ukraine

Senate headed for clash over Saudi Arabia

Lawmakers wary of Trump’s threat to cancel NAFTA 

Senate Republican: Skeptics of Trump trade policy can 'take some encouragement' from developments

Senate Republican: 'Big mistake' if Cohen lied to intelligence committee

Incoming GOP lawmaker says he may have violated campaign finance law


George H.W. Bush, 41st president of the United States, dies at 94 

Former president George H.W. Bush’s state funeral set for Wednesday; he will lie in state at U.S. Capitol

D.C. readies for memorial events honoring late President George H.W. Bush

Stock markets to close for a day to honor George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush’s last words revealed

President George H. W. Bush's last words to his son were: 'I love you, too'

George H.W. Bush valued expertise, prudence in navigating a world on fire 

Former President George H.W. Bush remembered for role in Cold War, Iraq

Bush remembered as peerless patriot, patriarch of political dynasty

Quotes from former President George H.W. Bush

Bush, a president who grappled with Jewish leaders, engineered rescue of Jews

The Irreducible Niceness of George H. W. Bush

I covered George H.W. Bush: He was the nicest politician I ever met

Colin Powell remembers George H.W. Bush: 'A perfect American' who 'hated losing'

Rubio: Bush showed that 'true leadership' not about 'boasting & insults'

Bill Clinton: George H.W. Bush’s Oval Office note to me revealed the heart of who he was 

‘His life was a hymn of honor’: Washington reacts to George H.W. Bush’s passing 

Presidents, world leaders praise former US president George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush and Trump -- a study in presidential contrasts

Congress considers measure to postpone shutdown deadline until after Bush services 

Flake: Mueller bill has votes to pass Senate

Trump’s new NAFTA faces uphill battle in Congress


Senate passes resolution condemning Russian aggression against Ukraine

Republican Sen. Tim Scott says he will block confirmation of Trump judicial nominee amid racial controversy 

Collins to serve as ranking Republican of House Judiciary Committee

Flake to ask again for vote on Mueller protection bill next week

Deal to pass farm bill scraps House GOP plan for new food stamp work requirements 

GOP lawmakers air concerns with Trump drug pricing move in meeting with health chief

House GOP’s lame-duck tax package would cost $55 billion, CBO says 

Paul Ryan reveals his two biggest regrets

Jordan secures Oversight ranking member role after Meadows suddenly steps aside

‘We won women.’ GOP governors who survived the blue wave in blue states share advice. 

Trump asks RNC chair to stay for 2020 election

Trump’s court picks held hostage by Mueller bill

Certification in limbo in N.C. House race as fraud investigation continues 

Federal lawsuit aims to force special election for John McCain's Senate seat

Comey challenges House GOP subpoena in federal court


Senators back effort to suspend U.S. support for Saudi-led campaign in Yemen 

Showdown: Senate and Trump clash on Saudis

Criminal justice reform leaves Mitch McConnell caught between Trump and a hard place 

Sen. Mike Lee blocks bipartisan effort to vote on a bill protecting special counsel Mueller

Senate panel cancels votes on Trump court picks amid Flake standoff

Senate panel delays vote on Trump pick to lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement 

Senator Rand Paul blocking US military aid to Israel

Trump judicial nominee Thomas Farr advances in Senate amid racially charged controversy 

Senate Advances Judicial Nominee Known For Weakening Black Voters' Rights

A battle over Trump's border wall could shut down major parts of the government for the third time this year


Hyde-Smith prevails in Mississippi runoff after 'public hanging' stumble

New GOP bill would tweak Trump tax law, extend perks set to expire 

Farmers sticking with Trump, says GOP senator

Facebook asks Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith for contribution refund, as Mississippi Republican faces nail biter of an election runoff against Mike Espy

San Francisco Giants owner wants controversial donation to Cindy Hyde-Smith campaign returned

McConnell: Saudi actions 'abhorrent' and warrant 'response'

Scalise taps Rep. Drew Ferguson to serve as House GOP deputy whip