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DAILY NEWS (Page 3) BEGINNING January 29, 2018

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Rand Paul takes victory lap after Brennan's security clearance revoked

With little fanfare, Trump and McConnell reshape the nation’s circuit courts 

GOP’s midterm strategy takes shape

Senate study: Trump hasn’t provided adequate support to detained migrant children

Not even Republicans buy the Trump team’s ‘collusion isn’t a crime’ defense 

Rubio’s pro-family, conservative family leave policy promotes stability

Republicans become entangled by family feuds over politics

The GOP's tax cut hasn't delivered a pay bump yet. Defenders say: Just wait for it 

House: Three More GOP Seats Join the Toss Up Column

Republicans Plan To Run Close To Trump. A New Poll Shows Why That’s A Bad Idea

GOP's McCarthy slams California Democrats, faces heckling


Kobach secures GOP nomination in hotly contested Kansas governor's race

Establishment-backed Vukmir wins Wisconsin GOP Senate primary

Why The Pre-Existing Conditions Argument Is Killing Republican Candidates

House GOP prepares to grill DOJ official linked to Steele dossier

GOP's budget-busting policies are downright shameful

Praising free trade, some conservative Utah leaders warn that Trump’s stance on tariffs could put farmers, other exporters out of business


Walker breaks with Trump: 'Of course I don’t want a boycott of Harley-Davidson'

Once a Rising Star, Gov. Scott Walker Searches for Place in Trump's GOP

Trump attacks Kasich over Ohio race — and Kasich welcomes the attention 

Trump tweet denounces Kasich, who counters with Putin

Vulnerable Republicans include several up-and-coming GOP leaders

Top GOP Congressman's Son Gives Money To Democrat Running For Father's Seat

In Nevada race, teacher vs. pimp
(A GOP brothel owner wants to become a state lawmaker. Meet the woman running against him)

The GOP just nominated ANOTHER goddamned Nazi


GOP lawmaker: FBI told me Russia contributed to last year's violence at Charlottesville rally

Kasich: Ohio race results a message to Republicans to ‘stop the chaos’

Graham: DOJ official was 'unethical' in investigating Trump campaign because his wife worked for Fusion GPS

Sen. Roy Blunt: Short-term health insurance will benefit millions of Americans

Holocaust-denying GOP nominee confronts write-in opponent, challenges him to debate

GOP candidate accused of faking college diploma after questions about her degree


New York congressman facing insider trading charges suspends reelection bid 

Collins opponent calls for resignation amid insider trading charges

The Latest: Kansas mail-in ballots put Kobach lead at 110


The Koch network attacked Trump. Here’s why he’s using the RNC to fight back. 

Republicans Are Caught in a Trump Bind as the Midterms Approach

GOP schedules Supreme Court hearings, outraging Democrats


GOP chairman set to issue Steele dossier subpoenas

GOP chairman calls on Trump administration to explain tariff exclusions

Kobach lead over Colyer whittled down after voting errors discovered in Kansas GOP primary 

Kris Kobach, Trump ally and Kan. secretary of state, recuses himself from vote counting in his own GOP primary vs. Gov. Jeff Colyer 

GOP Rep. Chris Collins used campaign funds to pay legal bills for insider trading investigations

The Chris Collins indictment ensures ethics will be a major issue in the midterms

Brutal numbers show how tough it will be for Republicans to keep control of the House this November


Prosecutors portray GOP member as a brazen lawbreaker

Chris Collins, Donald Trump and Republicans’ corruption perception problem 

This Truly Is an Ominous Result for Republicans

GOP senator: 'Real likelihood' Dems win the House 'by 10 or 12 more seats than they need'

Rand Paul says he gave Putin a letter from Trump seeking cooperation

Nunes suggested at private fundraiser that GOP majority is needed to protect Trump

Recording reveals Nunes saying Rosenstein impeachment would complicate Kavanaugh confirmation

Key takeaways from Ohio special election and primaries in four other states

Utah Rep. Mia Love sent a mailer with a quote attributed to The Salt Lake Tribune. It was from an opinion piece she wrote herself.


Why Republicans don’t push back on Trump’s China tariffs — in one map 

Republican narrowly leads in House special election in what used to be a GOP stronghold

Missouri voters defeat GOP-backed ‘right to work’ law, in victory for unions, Associated Press projects 

GOP fears steep losses in state legislatures

This is a terrible year for GOP lieutenant governors running for higher office 

Here's what's behind the ads accusing Bob Hugin of 'killing off cancer patients'

The humiliating demise of Paul Ryan

This Is the Way Paul Ryan’s Speakership Ends
"The Republican leader is walking away. Don’t ask him about Trump anymore."

Poll: 43 percent of Republicans say Trump should be able to shut down media outlets


Rubio’s proposal: Get paid family leave in exchange for reducing Social Security benefits

The share of Republicans who think there’s a lot of discrimination is plummeting 

In the Senate, the August recess will be missed

This is why the Senate should care about Brett Kavanaugh’s time as Bush’s staff secretary 

Republican gerrymandering wall is starting to crumble


Rubio: 'Best thing' for Trump and country is to allow Mueller investigation to finish

Top GOP rep: Trump should be 'straightforward with the American people' about Russian interference

Tougher Russia sanctions face skepticism from Senate Republicans

Sen. Blunt: Attacks on the press are 'not my point of view'

Kasich: Ohio candidate didn’t invite Trump to rally

Kasich: Ohio special election 'doesn't bode well' for GOP


Four signs Republicans are panicking about losing a pivotal Ohio special election 

Trump gives boost to GOP House candidate in Ohio

GOP grumbles as Donald Trump reshapes midterm campaigns

Tennessee Primary: Trump-supporting Diane Black, endorsed by Mike Pence, loses to Bill Lee in governor's race

Top Koch official fires back at critics: We are not an 'appendage' of the GOP


Rubio slams Google over plans to unveil censored Chinese search engine

McConnell threat to nix entire August recess fizzles

Another Republican House incumbent loses a primary for higher office  

California wildfires prompt deficit debate in Congress

Poll: Majority disapproves of Trump, GOP's handling of deficit

The Only Thing Between Trump And Impeachment Is Brazen Republican Hypocrisy


Republicans, Democrats partner on Russia sanctions bill, new cyber measures 

GOP senator: Trump willing to 'listen' to concerns about race

Republican leader wants Twitter CEO to testify on ‘shadow banning’

GOP gears up to battle popular ex-governor in Senate race in Tenn.; Bill Lee projected to win Republican primary for governor 

Freedom Caucus ponders weakened future in minority

Outsider businessman wins Tennessee GOP governor's primary


Senate overwhelmingly backs defense measure, sending it to Trump 

Lawmakers say North Korea shows Trump shouldn’t trust it

Mike Huckabee dons hard hat, lays bricks for new West Bank settlement homes

Senate OKs sharing Intel panel documents on alleged Russian agent with DOJ, her lawyers

Lawmakers defuse Trump's shutdown threat by passing partial spending bills ahead of deadline

Senate GOP battles for leverage with House on spending

GOP rejects adding more money to beef up election security

Republicans crow about wage growth 

Kavanaugh's confirmation may take longer than we'd hoped for, Grassley says

Poll: Senate race between Cruz, O'Rourke a dead heat

Poll: Cruz up 6 points over O'Rourke in Texas

Defense lawmakers green light plans for Trump's military parade in D.C.

Trump’s Sabotage of Obamacare Is Backfiring for Conservatives

Trump feud with Koch network exposes rift between populist forces and establishment GOP 

Local GOP Chair Defends White Supremacist as Victim of 'Label Lynching'


Senate approves short-term extension to flood insurance program hours before expiration deadline 

Trump is a risk to GOP in midterms

Trump sides with conservatives on shutdown messaging

Campaign on Taxes or Culture War? GOP, Trump Divided on Midterm Message

Off to Africa: Jeff Flake’s August vacation could ruin Mitch McConnell’s plans for Brett Kava...

Senate GOP, Dems reach deal to move major domestic spending bill

Inside the Koch strategy to spurn squishy Republicans in key Senate races 

10 signs the Republican Party is now a full-blown cult

Some Republicans approve of Russia's help in elections


House GOP intends to seek Comey interview after August recess

House Republicans cannot be allowed to obstruct justice 

McConnell 'optimistic' shutdown can be avoided

GOP leaders hope to circumvent Trump on shutdown

GOP senator: Nobody wins a government shutdown

Why is Paul Ryan defending Jim Jordan and Jason Lewis? 

Rand Paul announces support for Kavanaugh


GOP senator: Mueller's investigation has 'gotten confused'

GOP lawmaker: 'Nobody’s going to be surprised' if Trump approved Russia meeting

Jordan: If Rosenstein doesn’t deliver, Meadows and I will force impeachment vote

GOP senator on Trump shutdown threat: 'I don't think it'd be helpful'

GOP rep: ‘Things are moving our way’ ahead of midterms

McCarthy's path to Speaker gets more complicated

‘A different level of intensity’: Collins and Murkowski find pressure over Supreme Court lacks emotional pleas on health care 

Nazis, racists, bigots: Extremism on US ballot in 2018

Mike Pence defends White House banning CNN reporter from press event


A Booming Economy Hasn’t Given House GOP Candidates an Election Edge

Top Koch Network officials vent frustration with White House, GOP-led Congress

Koch Network leaders blast Trump White House as ‘divisive’

On trade policy, Trump is turning GOP orthodoxy on its head


House GOP starts summer break on a note of friction

Grassley request some but not all of Kavanaugh papers at Bush White House

GOP sets deadline for Kavanaugh documents; Dems say they're being cut out

Group led by GOP operatives steps up its media blitz against Trump's tariffs

McConnell praises decision to postpone Trump-Putin meeting

Republicans weigh punting Trump border wall fight until after midterms


When Paul Ryan leaves government, the federal deficit will be $1.2 trillion higher than when he arrived 

Ryan says he opposes conservatives’ effort to impeach Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein 

Meadows backs off impeaching Rosenstein after leadership talks

GOP worries trade wars will last as Trump engages in temporary tiffs

Senate pair introduces bipartisan resolution reaffirming Congress's support for intel community

Senate passes tariff-relief bill

Some experts think McConnell is playing politics with the opioid crisis 

Conservative pro-Trump activist calls for feds to investigate Bill Shine

House Intel chair calls for ban on electronic voting systems 

Nunes suffers another embarrassment at the hands of his Senate counterpart

Rep. Jim Jordan announces long-shot bid for House speaker 

Scott Walker trailing Dem challenger by 13 points

Trump Spurs 40-Year Republican Official to Become a Democrat

Top Trump official tells Republicans to expect blockbuster GDP number Friday


House votes to delay ObamaCare health insurance tax

Feud between House GOP, DOJ shows no sign of waning

10 dark horse candidates for Speaker of the House

GOP senators surprised to attend Trump’s tariffs announcement

Trump's farmer bailout is backfiring among Republican lawmakers 

Senators unveil bipartisan bill meant to delay Trump auto tariffs

GOP lawmakers introduce articles of impeachment against Rosenstein

Meadows threatens to force a vote on Rosenstein impeachment

GOP lawmaker: 'I do not support' impeaching Rosenstein

Ryan delivers soaring speech on civility and dangers of Twitter to interns

GOP lawmaker resigns after making racist comments on ‘Who Is America?’

Cruz counters O'Rourke's call for six debates with proposal for five


‘He’s just trolling people’: Ryan plays down Trump’s threat to revoke security clearances 

No welcome mat for Putin from U.S. Congress

Republican Congressman steps up, says he was 'sickened by the exchange' between Trump and Putin

GOP senator confirms Devin Nunes’ FISA conspiracy theory isn’t based in reality

Rand Paul rails against 'bad apples' Comey, Clapper, Brennan

Rand Paul's mention of McCain draws boos at conservative event

Lawmakers press for answers on border deployments

Scalise, GOP chairman clash ahead of flood insurance vote

Republicans are looking to overhaul retirement plans in tax cut bill

Republicans denounce Trump plan for 'welfare' for farmers hit by tariffs

Key GOP senators rip Trump's farm bailout: 'America’s farmers don’t want to be paid to lose'

GOP to step up pressure on Trump as trade war intensifies

Paul Ryan would be ‘perfect fit’ to lead AEI, Republicans say

There’s No Such Thing as ‘Traditional’ Republican Foreign Policy

How long will Republicans debase themselves to Trump’s petty whims? 


Cornyn: Trump should put second Putin meeting on 'back burner'

Congress pushes back against revoking clearances

US Republican introduces bill calling for carbon tax

Senate confirms Robert Wilkie as the new VA secretary

Senate Candidate Lauds Trump For 'Standing Up To Russians,' Crowd Laughs

GOP Congressman Calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 'This Girl ... Or Whatever She Is

Trump creates a summer of discontent for Republican candidates 

The game just fundamentally changed for Trump and the GOP.

Support for the Endangered Species Act remains high as Trump administration and Congress try to gut it

Even Trump’s allies warn of pitfalls of a Putin visit Trump’s allies oppose Putin visit
(Democratic and GOP lawmakers alike pan the Helsinki summit. The president gets combative on Twitter.)


Rubio pushes back on Trump: DOJ didn't do anything wrong with Carter Page surveillance

Rubio: Trump comments with Putin 'not a good moment' for the administration

Gowdy: Trump 'missed a good opportunity' to stand up to Putin

Trey Gowdy: Trump's Aides Need To 'Re-Evaluate' Staying After His Summit Remarks

Gowdy blasts Justice Department for failing to disclose dossier funding sources

Graham: Warrant for Carter Page surveillance was 'a bunch of garbage'

Senators push sanctions to send Putin message on election interference

The G.O.P. Stands By as Trump Upends American Security


GOP to White House: End summit mystery

Meadows calls ex-Trump aide surveillance docs 'potentially groundbreaking development'


GOP governor: I would reject an NRA endorsement

GOP lawmaker pushed claims of 'racial war', said blacks had 'entitlement mentality': CNN

Sen. Tim Scott is emerging as the GOP’s conscience on race issues. But will other Republicans follow him? 

Senate Republicans drop bid to block Trump from helping Chinese telecom giant ZTE 

Fact Checker: Rep. Claudia Tenney’s claim that Trump’s tax cuts already paid for themselves

Veterans' health funding is first sticking point in potential government shutdown fight 

McConnell’s Supreme Court ultimatum may not be as scary as he thinks

House Republicans Block Bid to Strengthen Election Security

Inside the House GOP super PAC’s strategy to localize every key race 

How much will Republicans follow Trump on Russia and Putin? 

Summit disaster or no, most Republicans dare not trash Trump

Congress has three tools to counter Trump on Russia

Trump’s new line: No patsy. No patsy. Obama’s the patsy.  
Trump-Putin Firestorm Brings Interpreters Out From the Shadows
(U.S. politicians debate whether to force Trump’s interpreter to divulge contents of the private meeting)

RNC outraises DNC again in June


With Trump Going Soft on Nord Stream, Congress Moves to Kill the Pipeline
(U.S. lawmakers, at least, worry that Europe’s reliance on Moscow for energy could give Russia key leverage.)

White House withdraws judicial nominee Ryan Bounds, after GOP realizes he didn’t have votes for confirmation 

Senate approves resolution warning Trump not to hand over US officials

After days of statements, Senate takes steps against Russia

McConnell spox on Putin visit: 'There is no invitation from Congress'

McConnell Orders Russia-Meddling Hearings Amid Uproar Over Trump

House completes first half of 2019 spending bills

House GOP refuses to renew election security funding as Democrats fume over Russian interference 

Republicans have a tax-cut problem. Here's how they want to fix it 

GOP seeks separation from Trump on Russia

Trump Is Being Manipulated by Putin. What Should We Do?
(Lawmakers must keep the American people informed of the current danger, writes a Republican congressman from Texas.)

Senator North Korea Loves the Least Pushes Bill Trump Will Hate the Most

GOP needs to grow a spine

I was a real Republican, before the 'wingnuts' took over my party

Historian: Americans are right to wonder if the Great Experiment has failed


How just one Republican could punish Trump for his Putin apostasy — and why no one will 

Will Congress hold Trump accountable on Russia? Don’t bet on it 

Why is Rand Paul, of all people, Trump’s biggest defender on Russia

Profiles in GOP cowardice
(Will anyone prevent the president from damaging U.S. foreign policy?)

Helsinki summit becomes new flashpoint for GOP anger

GOP lawmaker: Trump 'went out of his way to appear subordinate' at Putin press conference

Republicans muster more anger on trade following Trump's Putin meeting 

Outgoing Texas GOP lawmaker calls for Trump's impeachment: 'It's time to change course'

House backs resolution expressing support for ICE

Deal to fix family separations hits snag in the Senate

Senate GOP breaks record on confirming Trump picks for key court

Trump's tariffs take a toll on farmers in pivotal Pennsylvania ahead of midterm elections, but House candidates are treading carefully

Polling analyst: GOP should be worried Trump's ratings down in swing states


Ryan defends Mueller probe after Trump’s summit with Putin

Senate weighs new Russia response amid Trump backlash

Flake to Trump: 'Fake news' didn't side with Putin, you did

Gingrich: Siding With Putin 'Most Serious Mistake' of Trump Presidency

Without mentioning president, Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee back U.S. intelligence assessment of Russian election interference

Trump’s Helsinki performance is a ‘final straw’ for some Republicans. Others are just disappointed. 

NJ Lawmakers From Both Sides Blast Trump After Putin Meeting

Congressional GOP should back up words with action in curbing Trump

Here Are The Excuses Republicans Made For Donald Trump On Putin And Russian Meddling

GOP lawmaker says he met with indicted Russia woman in 2015

Key Republican Orrin Hatch threatens to check Trump's tariff policy

House passes bipartisan bill to boost business investment

House Republicans move to indefinitely detain migrant kids with families 

Alabama runoff: Rep. Martha Roby, who criticized Trump in 2016, wins GOP nomination 


Romney: Trump's remarks at Putin summit 'disgraceful and detrimental to democratic principles'

‘Disgraceful’ and ‘tragic’: John McCain’s excoriation of Trump on Russia, annotated 

Even Paul Ryan went out of his way to criticize Trump on Russia 

Top Republicans in Congress break with Trump over Putin comments

Flake to introduce resolution countering Trump's Russia summit rhetoric

Trump’s defense of Russia prompts outrage from some Republicans 

'An absolute disgrace': Republicans blast Trump for his 'disgusting' press conference with Putin

GOP senator: Senate should be 'disgusted' by Helsinki summit

GOP senators downplaying Russian interference shows how Trump has co-opted the party 

Republicans come to Trump's defense after remarks with Putin get shredded as 'disgraceful'

Rand Paul: President's summit critics 'mistaken,' suffering from 'Trump derangement syndrome' 

This Is the Moment of Truth for Republicans
(The GOP can either defend the United States or serve the damaged and defective man who is now its president.)

House GOP reverses, cancels vote on Dem bill to abolish ICE

Republicans Target Elections With More Deficit-Boosting Tax Cuts


Trey Gowdy breaks with Trump: Russia probe is not a 'witch hunt'

Top GOP senator: Trump should be 'clear-eyed' going into meeting with Putin

Sasse: Trump shouldn't dignify Putin with Helsinki summit

Rand Paul on Russia indictments: We should focus on protecting elections instead of 'witch hunt on the president'

Cornyn says Trump conflating probe into Russian meddling with investigation of collusion

GOP senator: NATO summit 'turned out well'

GOP senator: Trump’s policies doing 'permanent damage'

GOP senator: Harley-Davidson is right to move some production overseas

'Undecided' Rand Paul worries about Kavanaugh's views on government surveillance

GOP leaders jockey for affection of House conservatives

In the Cult of Trump, There Is No Red Line for the President to Cross
(As the GOP increasingly comes to resemble a personality cult, is there any red line—video tapes? DNA evidence? a war with Germany—President Trump could cross and lose party support? “Very doubtful,” say a dozen GOP members of Congress stuck hard behind the MAGA eight ball.)


Five GOP lawmakers mulling bid to lead conservative caucus

House Republicans take first steps to impeach Rod Rosenstein

Sen. Mike Lee on calls to cancel Trump-Putin summit

Kasich: Trump’s ‘wrecking ball diplomacy’ causing deep resentment among vital allies

Lawmakers look to Kavanaugh’s past confirmation fight for lessons in new Supreme Court battle 


Rep. Gohmert’s comments about Strzok’s infidelity prompt charges of hypocrisy against GOP 

In Peter Strzok hearing, House GOP loses all connection to reality

Ex-GOP lawmaker: Strzok hearing 'was a humiliating day' for Republicans

Republicans renew push to impeach Rod Rosenstein amid Russian indictments

Susan Collins abandons all pretense of carefully considering her Supreme Court vote

GOP moderates hint at smooth confirmation ahead for Kavanaugh
GOP candidates caught in a bind on Medicaid 

Jordan weathering political storm, but headwinds remain

Fox News poll brings bad news for Republicans

Countering Netanyahu, top US senator again warns Israel about Syrian regime


FBI agent Peter Strzok feuds with GOP critics at hearing 

5 takeaways from wild hearing with controversial FBI agent

Rep. Trey Gowdy to Peter Strzok: 'I don't give a damn what you appreciate'

Toothless trade resolution demonstrates Congress’s unwillingness to check Trump 

Super PAC linked to Paul Ryan raises record-breaking $51 million for midterms

Collins, Murkowski signal comfort with Kavanaugh


Senate overwhelmingly rebukes Trump on tariffs — but the measure won't limit his powers

Paul Ryan criticizes Trump's China tariffs, saying they aren't "the right way to go

Senate confirms Justice Department nominee who represented Russian bank

Speaker Ryan, Republicans rally around Rep. Jim Jordan amid wrestler abuse allegations

The 7 senators most likely to cross party lines on Trump’s Supreme Court pick, ranked 

Republicans express confidence about Trump’s Supreme Court pick; Democrats plot plan to sink him 

US Navy dedicates ship to McCain

Racist Post Doesn't Stop New Jersey GOP Chairman From Supporting Candidate

Once Upon a Time, Helsinki Meant Human Rights
(Trump’s summit with Putin risks tarnishing a legacy of Republican moral leadership.)

Millionaire Republican reportedly bought a yacht the same day he voted to cut his taxes


Senate moves to start negotiations on defense policy bill

Susan Collins is no maverick with GOP judicial nominees

Chuck Grassley: Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh a 'superb' choice

Rick Santorum Turns On Trump: He 'Just Bowed To The Washington Elite'

Senate takes swipe at Trump with pro-NATO vote

Senate To Vote On Motion Addressing Trump's Ability To Levy Tariffs

S. Carolina business leaders seek Congress' help on tariffs


GOP rallies around Kavanaugh as Supreme Court pick

These senators will make or break Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh

Trump court battle imperils Senate Dems, House GOP

At state level, GOP renews push to require ‘supermajorities’ for tax hikes, imperiling progressive agenda 

GOP campaign arm withdraws support from NJ House candidate who made racist statements

As Trumpism takes hold, Republicans face increasing pressure to embrace policies they once opposed 


Graham: 'China's hands' all over North Korea rebuke of US negotiators

Graham: Trump's Supreme Court picks 'all winners'

Graham: Red-state Dems 'are going to have a very hard decision' on Supreme Court pick

Who top conservatives want Trump to pick for Supreme Court

In Missouri Senate race, GOP contender wants to put Supreme Court fight center stage

Full Blunt: 'I hope the president sticks with the sanctions' on North Korea

GOP senator: US should continue military exercises with South Korea if North Korea talks break down

GOP senator: Actions toward North Korea will speak louder than words

GOP runs into Trump tax law in New Jersey

Mitch McConnell warns of fights potential Trump SCOTUS picks may face

Mitch McConnell confronted by protesters at Kentucky restaurant: 'We know where you live'


Who top conservatives want Trump to pick for Supreme Court

Supreme Court contender Kavanaugh faces pushback from social conservatives

McConnell pushing Trump toward 2 potential Supreme Court picks: report

Nunes calls for House probe of 42 Obama-era anti-Trump activists

Nunes calls for House probe of 42 Obama-era anti-Trump activists

Former GOP Leader Bill Frist Calls On Republican Senate To Protect Mueller

Voter optimism holds key to GOP’s midterm hopes


Republican lawmakers hate Trump's trade war, but it's not clear if they'll try to stop it

Red states will lose the most in trade war with China: Citigroup

Trump’s mockery of the #MeToo movement underscores the GOP’s problem with women in 2018 

Will Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski support Trump’s Supreme Court nominee? Here’s what history tells us.

California GOP congressional candidate runs as open Holocaust denier

Candidate for US Congress to continue campaign after car crash


GOP lawmakers relieved with Pruitt’s departure

Senate battle over court nominee threatens to stymie legislative progress

Financial Times (John Kasich): The US Midwest will Suffer in Donald Trump’s TradeWar

Republican candidates in key Senate races struggle with Trump tariffs 

Senate, House GOP at odds over rare rebuke of Trump on national security 

Mike Pence called Ted Cruz to talk about Trump's Supreme Court options


Key GOP senator: I won’t support any Supreme Court nominee that has shown ‘hostility’ to Roe v. Wade

Illinois governor calls on Nazi candidate to drop out of race, breaking with Cruz


Republican lawmakers come to Moscow, raising hopes there of U.S.-Russia thaw  

Senate panel backs up intelligence agencies, says Russia aimed to help Trump in election

Senate panel upholds finding that Russia backed Trump, contradicting House

Senate panel agrees with intel community that Putin was trying to help Trump

‘I’d like to kill ’em’: GOP takes on Trump tariffs

Reject the low road that leads to separating children, parents - Kasich

The buzzword at center of Supreme Court clash

Leading contender to be Trump’s Supreme Court pick faces questions from social conservatives 


GOP rep denied access to facility housing immigrant kids

One Republican senator has the power to defeat Trump's Supreme Court nominee 

With Supreme Court Opening, Rogue Republican Senators Become Most Powerful Men in DC

New Hampshire's GOP Governor Extends Medicaid Expansion But Adds Work Requirement


Susan Collins says she won’t support Supreme Court nominee who demonstrates ‘hostility to Roe v. Wade’ 

GOP senator: Supreme Court pick who would overturn Roe v. Wade 'would not be acceptable'

Collins: I'm going to have 'in-depth' talk with SCOTUS pick about Roe v. Wade

Graham on Roe v. Wade: 'You don’t overturn precedent unless there’s a good reason'

Full Graham: Mueller investigation ‘not a ground for recusal’ from Supreme Court

Supreme Court to enter new era
(Kennedy’s retirement clears path for GOP appointees to pursue conservative goals.)

Graham: 'Fake news' to say Russia did not meddle in US election

Sen. Tim Scott calls race discussion with Trump 'painful,' 'uncomfortable,' but 'hopeful'

'I’m Never Going to Forgive It.' Meghan McCain Hits Back at President Trump's Attacks on Her Father


Republican wins Texas special election for House seat 

With Corey Stewart atop the ticket, Virginia Republicans are in turmoil 

GOP State Rep who implied she could shoot peaceful protestors is running unopposed


These are the five senators to watch in the Supreme Court nomination fight 

Mike Huckabee: If Trump nominated Moses to the Supreme Court Dems would still be unhappy

How Rosenstein’s and Wray’s testimony undermined GOP efforts to undermine the Russia investigation 

Ted Cruz Tells People to Vote Democrat in IL-3 Race


Senate passes legislation to legalize hemp as agricultural commodity

Senate overwhelmingly passes sweeping farm bill, setting up fight with House 

Senate passes mammoth farm bill

House passes measure demanding DOJ documents

Republicans berate Rosenstein and urge him to end Russia probe 

Live coverage: Tensions mount as Rosenstein grilled by GOP

McConnell on court schedule: 'This is not 2016'

Collins, Murkowski to play pivotal role in Supreme Court abortion battle

Senate faces bitter fight over Trump’s next pick

When the Supreme Court Locks Arms With Republicans

Rep. Mia Love leads Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams by 6 percentage points — a too-close-to-call margin

North Carolina GOP candidate: 'God is a racist white supremacist'


Sen. Mike Lee, prominent conservatives on Trump's short 'list' to replace Kennedy

'The McConnell rule': Some Dems say the vote for Justice Kennedy's replacement should be delayed

House rejects Trump-backed immigration reform bill

House rejects immigration bill pushed by Trump in last-minute tweet 

House rejects second GOP immigration bill

‘I thought you were my friend’: Immigration meltdown exposes GOP hostilities

Poll: Support for GOP tax law erodes

The GOP reaps its reward for selling its soul to Trump 

This is the week Mitch McConnell was waiting for 

GOP set to grill agent who vowed to stop Trump


Republicans press ahead with narrow fix to migrant crisis created by Trump 

Democrats reject GOP’s narrow fix to Trump’s family separation policy 

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan ducks question over Trump’s civility

‘We’ve crossed the Rubicon’: Toomey takes on Trump

Corker renews effort to rein in Trump on tariffs

Trump made fun of Rep. Mark Sanford again. The House Freedom Caucus has had enough.
Romney wins Utah primary race

A poll commissioned by Bush and Biden shows Americans losing confidence in democracy 


GOP scrambles to regain fiscal credibility with House budget

Immigration overhaul on life support in the House

House Republican says Pruitt should resign

GOP lawmakers plan official visit to Russia later this week

Freedom Caucus to Trump: Lay off Sanford attacks

Trump’s false portrayal of his Sanford insult goes largely unchallenged by House Republicans: ‘It wasn’t a big deal’ 


GOP House rep: Trump ‘still 100 percent’ behind immigration bill

Trump tweets, hard-right voters hamper GOP immigration push

Flake: Trump's attacks on Democrats 'bothersome,' unhelpful in immigration debate

Lankford: 'Vast majority' of migrants coming for economic reasons

Rep. Senator -Trump administration says it can locate separated children, but reunification will be a challenge

Flake: Trump has 'unfortunately' redefined Republican Party

Jeff Flake Threatens To Block Judicial Nominations Over Trump's Tariffs

Jeff Flake calls on Congress to stand up against President Trump

Corker: 'I think there's a jailbreak brewing' in opposition to Trump tariffs

Mike Huckabee accused of bigotry and racism after tweet touting Pelosi's 'campaign committee'

GOP senator: Obama administration’s track record on reuniting families 'wasn't particularly good either'

Gov. John Kasich - Faith and Courage


GOP lawmakers preparing to vote on bill allowing migrant children to be detained longer than 20 days

Senate left in limbo by Trump tweets, House delays

GOP laments week of chaos sowed by Trump

The main election strategy of vulnerable House Republicans: Prove they’re not Trump 

Trump mocks McCain at Nevada rally

Katie Arrington, GOP lawmaker who defeated Sanford, seriously injured in car accident 


House passes sweeping opioids bill

Rep. Mia Love cast Utah’s only no vote on the House’s hardline immigration bill, which failed to pass

Trump tells Republicans to 'stop wasting their time' on immigration

Trump Leaves GOP Leaders Out To Dry On Immigration

Trump tweet may doom House GOP effort on immigration

House still plans immigration vote next week despite Trump's tweet

Republican congressman demands Trump fire controversial adviser Stephen Miller over immigration controversy

What Republicans just can’t seem to get away from 

‘We have a profound problem’: Mark Sanford has some thoughts about Trump and the truth 

After Nevada GOP push, Treasury changed lucrative policy benefiting one county 


House rejects conservative immigration bill, delays vote on GOP compromise measure

House GOP leaders abruptly postpone high-stakes vote on immigration bill 

House GOP leaders push immigration vote to next week

Trump undermined House Republicans’ entire immigration debate in one tweet

Republicans know their immigration bills are going nowhere, and they're gearing up to pin the blame on Democrats

Paul Ryan Accuses Democrats Of Caring More About Open Borders Than Kids

House panel approves belated 2019 budget

House narrowly passes farm bill that includes stricter work requirements for food stamps, a month after failing on first try 

House Republicans pass a farm bill that guts food assistance for working families

Grassley wants to subpoena Comey, Lynch after critical IG report

Republican blasts Trump’s ‘pettiness and insecurity’ for mocking ousted Congressman to his face

The GOP’s ‘Utterly Dysfunctional’ Strategy of Babying Its Base


Ryan and Meadows clash on House floor, leaving immigration bills on thin ice

Senate rejects billions in Trump spending cuts as two Republicans vote ‘no’ 

Flake threatens to limit Trump court nominees

Mitt Romney on the investigation into the Trump campaign: ‘No one is above the law’

Trump’s Trade Wars Prompt Congressional Pushback

Republicans, commerce secretary square off in heated hearing over tariffs 

On immigration, Trump keeps making life absolutely miserable for Republicans in Congress 

Congressman says 'there's nothing cruel' about children being separated from parents at border

A GOP strategist abandons his party and calls for the election of Democrats 


13 GOP senators ask administration to pause separation of immigrant families

Senate GOP tries to defuse Trump border crisis

McConnell backs bill to keep immigrant families together

Sen. McCain Calls for End to Border Separation Policy

Cruz's flip-flop on family separation shows threat to GOP

Senate GOP pushes for bill to end Trump's family separation policy, but Schumer says 'the president alone can fix it'

Love, Hatch and Herbert urge immigration fix to halt separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border

House GOP's new bill would stop most family separations

House GOP plan would cut Medicare, Medicaid to balance budget 

House GOP 2019 budget calls for deep Medicare, Medicaid spending cuts

Two-thirds of Americans disapprove of separating families at border, but most Republicans support it

Republicans hammer FBI over handling of Clinton email probe 

20 weeks out from midterms, Dems and GOP brace for surprises


Senate votes to block Trump's ZTE deal

The GOP backs Trump on separating families at the border — which is all he cares about 

Republicans abandon Trump, demand end to zero-tolerance border policy

Paul Ryan’s cheery Father’s Day message is not playing well amid the child detainment crisis 

Ted Cruz proposes emergency bill to keep immigrant families together

GOP senators scramble for a fix to separating immigrant families
Majority oppose policy that causes family separation, but Republicans approve

Congress may snub Trump on wall, risking shutdown

Amendments fuel resentments within Senate GOP

Koch brothers group won't back Stewart in Virginia


GOP senator: Family separation policy 'inconsistent' with American values

Sanford: GOP lawmakers 'running for cover' over fear of Trump tweets

Sanford: Trump is being allowed to lie without consequences

Gowdy: IG report ‘certainly helps’ Trump

Gowdy: House will use 'full arsenal' of constitutional weapons to get DOJ, FBI compliance on subpoenas

Nunes vows ‘hell to pay’ if Russia probe docs not turned over

Arizona Republicans brush off talk about McCain Senate seat

Congress tackles mounting opioid epidemic

Laura Bush blasts Trump migrant policy as 'cruel' and 'immoral'

GOP, Democrats are outraged but at odds over ending family separation at border 


GOP fears midterms backlash from breaking up families at the border

Republicans risking conservative backlash over immigration

Trump repeats falsehood that Democrats are to blame for forced family separations at the US-Mexico border

Trump cites as a negotiating tool his policy of separating immigrant children from their parents 

RNC mum on whether it will support Trump-backed Corey Stewart

Tom DeLay Rips Manafort's Jailing as 'Tyranny'

Political trajectories of Graham and Sanford reflect looking-glass GOP 

Pruitt’s new problem with the GOP: Ethanol


House immigration debate widens
(A GOP proposal would limit the policy of separating children and parents at border.)

House Republicans consider allowing immigrant children to be detained alongside their parents 

Republicans scramble to understand if Trump just sunk their immigration effort

White House says Trump backs GOP immigration bills, despite comments opposing them. One official says Trump misunderstood Fox News’ question.

Steve King: House GOP 'considering' removing Ryan

‘When are Republicans going to stand up to Trump? Never.’ Here’s why


House Republicans consider allowing immigrant children to be detained alongside their parents 

Republicans unveil DACA citizenship-border wall compromise bill

House Republicans propose financial penalties for states that block offshore drilling 

Sen. Inhofe criticizes Scott Pruitt, wants face-to-face meeting with embattled EPA chief 

Speaker Paul Ryan says he disagrees with Trump's policy of separating children from their parents at the border

In passionate speech, Sen. Orrin Hatch urges compassion for the gay community, help for suicide prevention

RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel Called Out Over Trump Loyalty Demand

Nevada GOP nominates proud pimp


GOP chairwoman: Anyone who doesn't support Trump 'will be making a mistake'

Trump tightens grip on GOP

Senate GOP campaign arm has no plans to endorse Republican nominee in Virginia

This new poll about Ohio's 2018 election should worry Republicans

Corker: GOP becoming 'cult-like' on Trump

Graham to Corker: 'You don't care about the Republican Party because you're leaving'

Trump’s GOP allies skeptical this time
(Republicans in Congress are wary or even critical of the summit result.)

White House opposes Senate measure to block Trump's deal to save China's ZTE

Trump offers support for House GOP immigration bill, but it may not be enough 

Republicans are still trying to repeal Obamacare. Here’s why they are not likely to succeed 

GOP senator: DOJ's ObamaCare argument 'as far-fetched as any I've ever heard'

Trump’s Justice Department finally did something so lawless that even GOP leaders are recoiling


Amash fires back at Trump over Sanford primary tweet

House Republicans are woking on a fix for family separation

House to vote next week on two competing immigration bills after Republican negotiations on a compromise fall short 

House GOP leaders defeat effort by moderates to force a vote on bipartisan legislation for 'Dreamers'

House GOP leaders wage last-ditch effort to stop uprising on immigration 

‘It’s obscene’: GOP candidate seethes as Trump embraces Democratic senator 

Running for Reelection, Mia Love Distances Herself from Trump

Republican senators only willing to go so far in challenging Trump on trade 

Mitch McConnell makes Senate history as longest-serving Republican leader

Trump’s promise of end to U.S.-South Korea ‘war games’ creates confusion in Congress 

Rubio: Coverage of Trump’s North Korea summit exposes 'incredible hypocrisy' of media

Test of Trump loyalty topples South Carolina's Sanford

As North Korea danger recedes ever so slightly, renewed Russian threat looms


Paul: Graham 'a danger to the country' for seeking military authorization for North Korea

GOP centrists face decision day on Dreamer petition

GOP senators blast White House aide over trade remarks

Jeff Flake’s criticism of Trump’s G7 antics is a sham

Trump, senators headed for clash on cyber policy

Senators strike deal to include ZTE penalties in must-pass defense bill

House GOP super PAC boosts ad reservation total to $60 million 

Todd Young in talks about chairing Senate GOP campaign arm

GOP, business groups slam Trump attacks on Canada


GOP embraces single-payer healthcare attack in California

Scalise throws support behind Black, Blackburn ahead of Tennessee primary

Graham: I'm 'not so sure' McCain is right that a majority of Americans back free trade

GOP strategist: Trump 'beclowned himself' at G-7 summit

Senators Angus King and Susan Collins unite to help newspapers


McCain rips Trump over trade, tells allies: 'Americans stand with you, even if our president doesn't'

Frequent Trump critic touts president: Trump's rhetoric on free trade at G-7 is 'tremendous news'

DACA deadline looms with no deal in sight

Kansas GOP governor candidate used taxpayer money to pay $1000 fine in federal case: report


House GOP weighs possible immigration compromise with border wall funds 

House Republicans consider new merit-based visa program

Washington plans to tackle the opioid crisis this month 

Republicans broke with Trump a lot more than usual this week 

John McCain blasts Donald Trump for ‘diminishing American leadership’ in calling for Russia to rejoin G-7

McCain, Flake push back on Trump's call for Russia to rejoin the G7

Trump’s latest health care move squeezes Republicans

Two Years Later, No Amnesty for the GOP’s Never Trump Camp

At fundraiser, Republicans look back, ahead while seeking to energize base in lead up to elections


Fractured House Republicans emerge from meeting with no final deal to protect young immigrants

GOP staves off immigration revolt — for now

GOP immigration talks stall, and moderates step up the pressure for a House vote

Ryan remarks on Trump ‘Spygate’ leave conservatives fuming

Ryan stresses ‘no evidence of collusion’ with Russia a day after saying no evidence of spying on Trump 

McConnell will ask Cornyn to stay on GOP leadership team

House passes Trump's plan to claw back $15 billion in spending

Free-trade Republican lawmakers mount revolt against Trump tariffs 

Republicans seek Plan B on midterm messaging

Poll shows why the GOP has given up touting its unpopular tax plan

Reclaiming Global Leadership - John Kasich

Trump administration won’t defend ACA in case brought by 20 GOP-led states, endangering much of law, including consumer protections


Paul Ryan splits with Trump, says ‘no evidence’ FBI spied on president’s campaign

House Speaker Paul Ryan sides with Trey Gowdy over Trump on 'Spygate'

Paul Ryan says Trump should not pardon himself: "No one is above the law'

Sen. Bob Corker defies Trump and unveils bill to check his ability to impose tariffs

Senate defense bill eyes threats from Russia, China

GOP braces for intraparty fight

Republicans Say They're Concerned About Scott Pruitt. Their Votes Say Otherwise.

House GOP factions claim progress on immigration compromise

McConnell: Immigration bill not on Senate's agenda

McConnell: Senate won't pass bill reining in Trump's tariff authority

Republican ex-drug CEO Hugin hopes centrism and New Jersey roots — plus a pile of his own cash — will help him beat Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez

Business group's poll shows support for GOP tax law


McConnell cancels most of Senate’s August recess, forcing campaign-schedule scramble 

McCarthy says he has no plans to cancel August recess

GOP rep calls on House to cancel August recess

SD state lawmaker: Businesses should be allowed to 'turn away people of color'

Graham questions if Rosenstein can remain in charge of Mueller probe

‘A tremendous abuse’: Senate Republicans warn Trump not to pardon himself 

House Republicans wrestle over immigration deal

How lawmakers have landed an endorsement from Trump

David Koch is leaving Koch Industries, stepping down from Americans for Prosperity 

'Economy crippling' and 'third grade' work: Conservatives pan Trump's move to save failing coal and nuclear plants


GOP senators: A president can obstruct justice

GOP, Trump at odds on pardon power

House Republicans careen toward immigration showdown

GOP candidates echo Trump on immigration as president transforms party in his image 

Behind closed doors: Republicans worry tax reform won't save GOP

GOP senators eye their options against Trump on tariffs

Koch network announces plan to oppose Trump tariffs 

End of an era? Tea party class of House Republicans fades


'Unthinkable': Republicans squelch talk of Trump pardoning himself

GOP rep: 'Terrible move' for Trump to pardon himself

Top Republican says Trump shouldn’t pardon himself

Christie: Trump would be impeached if he pardoned himself

Giuliani calls it ‘unthinkable’ that Trump would pardon himself 

Republicans in Congress are courting a constitutional crisis

McCain backs effort to bypass GOP leadership, force House vote on DACA

Kasich: GOP doesn't have to ask Trump to do anything

McCarthy: Russia probe should wrap up if there's no collusion

Kevin McCarthy refuses to answer CNN question about White House 'lies'

GOP doubles female recruits for congressional races

Gingrich: North Korea talks ‘may not occur’


Vulnerable Republicans see immigration as political salvation

Jobs report raises GOP hopes for midterms, while worrying Dems

McConnell: Trump should 'pull back from the brink' on tariffs 


Marco Rubio’s Reboot for the Trump Era

Kentucky GOP chief: ‘Nobody likes’ Trump's tariffs on steel, aluminum

How Ted Cruz helped get Dinesh D'Souza his presidential pardon


Congressional Republicans lining up against Trump on trade

GOP shuns Trump ‘spy’ theory GOP steering clear of ‘Spygate’ theory

The battle for Ryan’s post

Boehner: With Trump takeover of GOP, the Republican Party is 'kinda taking a nap'

Kasich slams GOP leadership: 'Republican Party has gone dormant'


The four GOP-held seats that could decide control of the Senate 

Romney threads the needle on Trump in Utah Senate debate 

Richard Painter makes unlikely Senate bid in Minnesota

GOP hopes of holding Senate rise after Arizona deadline

The Man Who Would Be Speaker

Conservative stalwart boosts FBI in Trump feud

Time's up, Congress. Bypass GOP leaders and get DACA done for DREAMers: John Kasich

Flake won’t support Trump’s refugee bureau pick over anti-immigrant views

GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy contradicts Trump on 'informant' claim

Senior Republicans Are Complicit in Trump’s “Spygate” Propaganda

Senate grapples with prison reform bill


Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens to resign after months of scandal

Gowdy: FBI acted properly with use of informant during 2016 campaign

Mitt Romney says Trump is not a role model; president departs 'from the truth'

Conservative activists aren't giving up their Obamacare repeal dream 

House GOP prepares to consider Trump's $15 billion clawback

Where NJ State’s House Members Stand on Forcing Immigration Vote

Trump is hiding the number of civilians the U.S. has killed. Congress must act. 


Authors of GOP tax law disperse to lobby firms

Garrett reverses, will not seek reelection amid battle with alcoholism

GOP leaders scramble to contain immigration rebellion


GOP congressman says he’s leaving Congress because ‘all I do is answer questions about Donald Trump’

House immigration fight could boost vulnerable Republicans

GOP-Trump trade fight boils over with threat to cars

Rubio open to changing law that separates immigrant children from parents

Two years into escalating ICE enforcement, one Republican admits policy is 'a problem'

Rubio convinced Kim ‘does not want to denuclearize’

Rubio defends FBI on Trump probe

Rubio, in challenge to Trump, suggests Congress will act against ZTE 

Rep. Mark Meadows: 'No question' there was a 'spy' collecting info during 2016 campaign

Flake doesn't rule out challenging Trump in 2020

Senator Flake says Trump's 'spygate' is a 'diversion tactic'


McConnell sees Ohio in play as confidence about midterms grows  

GOP senators introduce Trump's plan to claw back $15 billion in spending

Trump’s war of attrition against Mueller bears fruit among Republicans 

Former RNC Chair on Trump FBI 'spygate' claim: 'Republicans are complicit in this crazy'

Abortion wars flare for midterm election campaign


Election fears recede for House Republicans

New Jersey Senate race: Menendez, Hugin almost even in new poll, but most undecided

Concerned by Trump, Some Republicans Quietly Align With Democrats

‘A confidential informant is not a spy’: Lindsey Graham undercuts his ally Trump 

After period of reckoning, Ted Cruz recasts himself: From opposition force to Trump ally 

GOP congressman: Straight people should be allowed to refuse to sell homes to gay people

Senate harassment bill runs into opposition from House

GOP nearing end game on immigration votes

Trump administration is telling Congress it has an agreement to save China's ZTE: Reports

Don't let them fool you — Republicans love regulation, too

NARAL Pro-Choice America launches $5 million campaign to flip the House


McConnell says he backs Mueller probe after classified briefing

GOP immigration rebels push forward after Trump promises to veto any bill without wall funding 

GOP donor threatens to cut off support for Republicans who don't back DACA

Realtor group pulls support from GOP rep over comments about selling to LGBT homebuyers

House GOP sets three FBI interviews in Clinton probe

Republicans in U.S. Congress slam Trump probe of auto imports

Trump on collision course with Congress on ZTE

Paul Ryan’s political purgatory

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake: ‘Our presidency has been debased’ 

Congress sends massive veterans bill to Trump, opening door to more private health care 

Senate passes long-stalled bill to address sexual harassment on Capitol Hill

White House lawyer’s presence at briefings on FBI’s Russia source roils lawmakers 


Three reasons moderate Republicans are backing
an immigration vote

Republicans fear retribution for joining immigration revolt

GOP dissidents on cusp of forcing immigration votes

Top Senate Republicans ask White House for entry into meeting on classified information 

Donald Trump just said something that will terrify congressional Republicans

Bowing to pressure, White House to host bipartisan briefing on Russia investigation

Koch-backed group to target some Republicans over spending vote in new ad campaign


House approves bill rolling back Dodd-Frank banking rules

House votes to ease regulation of banks, sending bill to Trump

House easily passes prison reform bill backed by Trump

House approves 'right to try,' sends bill to Trump's desk

Why it's been a rough week for House Republicans

Ryan vents frustration over GOP infighting over immigration

Paul Ryan is losing control of an increasingly chaotic House GOP

Some Republicans want to replace Paul Ryan as House Speaker before the mid-term election

House Republicans’ Attempt to Remove Paul Ryan Would Backfire

Sen. Orrin Hatch passes on Australian ambassadorship, longs for buffets and Costco visits

GOP fundraiser subpoenas AP over source of leaked emails: report

Red states find there’s no free pass on Medicaid changes from Trump

GOP senator: Trump has no right to influence an investigation

Conservatives leery of FBI deal on informant

GOP senators expect McConnell to scrap or scale back August break

Trump and McConnell, once adversaries, have realized they need each other 

Republicans think Trump is losing trade war

GOP candidate behind 'Deportation Bus' loses in gubernatorial bid


Pressure rising on GOP after Trump–DOJ fight’s latest turn

White House to convene GOP lawmakers to review classified information on FBI source 

Blankenship third-party bid worries Senate GOP

Senator Corker turns down Trump's offer to be ambassador to Australia

McCain’s legacy: Principles tempered by political necessity

‘Just pure frustration’: How months of inaction led 20 Republicans to take a stand on immigration 


Nunes says he won't meet with DOJ officials until they hand over documents

Graham: Trump will 'end North Korea’s threat to the American homeland' in his first term

RNC gave almost half a million dollars to law firm representing people in Russia probes

On guns and Russia, Republicans divide into camps


GOP lawmakers want Trump to stop bashing Congress

Paul Ryan can’t wash his hands of the immigration fight yet 

Not all GOP candidates want Trump to stump


Parkland graduate rips Pence's response to Texas shooting 

After Santa Fe, These Texas Politicians' Hypocrisy Is Glaringly Obvious

In blow to GOP, House fails to pass massive farm bill in face of conservative Republican showdown

Farm bill revolt could fuel Dreamer push

McClintock food stamp limits too strict even for other Republicans

GOP revolts multiply against retiring Ryan

These Republicans may pay a political price for their health-care votes

Senate defeats Rand Paul’s balanced-budget plan as he accuses GOP of ‘unholy alliance’ with Democrats on spending 

Top Intel Dem warns Republicans: Don't try to out FBI source

Talk of unproven FBI 'plant' in Trump campaign circulates among Republicans

Russia inquiry losing public support GOP faith in inquiry is waning

Republican candidate films herself lashing out at transgender woman in bathroom


McConnell warns control of the Senate is ‘absolutely’ in play in midterm elections 

McConnell: Midterms will be 'very challenging' for GOP

McConnell Could Cancel Recess to Keep Dems Off Campaign Trail

Love him or hate him, Mitch McConnell biggest factor in battle for Senate control

GOP House members, flailing in bids for statewide office, look reliant on Trump’s endorsement 

GOP split on immigration is a crisis for Ryan’s team

Ryan and McCarthy collide over immigration

Immigration is tearing Republicans apart

Immigration fight threatens GOP farm bill

Republican Immigration Fight Derails Food Stamp Bill

Amid revolt from both sides, House GOP leaders promise vote on conservative immigration bill

GOP seeks immigration deal within next 24 hours

John Kasich Creates Office Dedicated to Helping Immigrants


Senate panel advances Trump's CIA nominee

The Senate’s new Russia report just undercut Trump in two big ways 

Senate report shows oligarch gave Trump a 'sizable gift'

Russia favored Trump in 2016, Senate panel says, breaking with House GOP

Spooked by petition, GOP leaders scramble to kill House immigration rebellion 

Leaders warn Republicans against forcing immigration vote

DACA rebellion picks up steam in House

Republicans rebuff Trump push to cut spending as party seeks to limit midterm losses 

Senate Votes to Restore Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules

Senate votes for net neutrality return, but major hurdles remain

Grassley fires back: Schumer 'really misinformed' on Russia probe


Rand Paul asks Haspel about any CIA surveillance of Trump

GOP senators don't raise McCain in meeting with Trump

Trump gives GOP midterm pep talk

Senate Republicans speak after meeting with Trump

Republican senator says EPA chief must slow refinery waivers or resign

Freedom Caucus weighs option to derail forced vote on immigration

House expected to vote on Senate bill rolling back some bank rules next week

Buehler wins GOP nomination to challenge Oregon Gov. Kate Brown 

Saccone loses GOP primary comeback bid in Pa.


Senate GOP anger over McCain insult grows

Trump to press GOP on changing Senate rules

Republicans’ Apocalyptic Fantasies Are Now Playing Out in the Middle East

GOP, once the party of Reagan, now party of Cohen

As Russia probe enters year two, Republicans refuse to protect Mueller 

Pence Is Trying to Control Republican Politics. Trump Aides Aren’t Happy.

Paul Ryan skirts law by leaving room before Adelson payout


GOP pollster: Republican brand 'is not doing well right now'

Graham: Trump should get Senate approval on any agreement with North Korea

Lindsey Graham: White House should apologize for McCain remark

GOP senator calls on White House aide to apologize for McCain remark

Meghan McCain says she's still awaiting public apology for comments about father

Romney denounces pastor slated to speak at US embassy in Jerusalem

Donald Trump may be the best thing that ever happened to George W. Bush 


Six more Republicans could force a vote on ‘dreamers’ 

Speaking out on torture and a Trump nominee, ailing McCain roils Washington 

Top Republican says White House should condemn aid who mocked McCain

House Republicans are literally trying to 'break' the law—as in cripple the DOJ and FBI

Trump challenges Congress: Get spending done or skip August recess


Good economic vibes fail to make GOP tax law popular

Sheldon Adelson donates $30 million to GOP congressional bids

GOP has few takers for 2020 convention

Group of GOP senators calls for canceling August recess 

Lindsey Graham is encouraged after visiting John McCain: ‘No talking about funerals’ 

GOP lawmaker calls on Trump to fire aide who mocked McCain's health

Politicians, media explode over White House aide's comments

John McCain is poking Trump where it hurts this week 

John McCain’s deep American decency

Michigan’s GOP has a plan to shield some people from Medicaid work requirements. They’re overwhelmingly white. 

Senate to scrutinize initial intel report concluding Russia meddled in election to boost Trump

Oklahoma governor vetoes gun carry bill in defeat for NRA


Jelly Bellies and big spending: Inside the GOP struggle to sell voters on its tax law 

With Trump's infrastructure plan on ice, Republicans have no major legislative agenda this year

The GOP’s midterm surprise: a red wave now threatens the blue wave

GOP eager for Trump intervention in contested Senate primaries

Big Donors Form New Alliance to Seize House From Republicans

Tensions on immigration erupt in the House GOP

Renegade Republicans challenge Paul Ryan, file discharge petition to force immigration votes 

As GOP effort to force immigration votes gains support, Paul Ryan pushes back

Why John McCain opposes Gina Haspel leading the CIA — and why it matters 

Flake seeks report on Haspel's role in destruction of CIA interrogation tapes

Tom Cotton is filled with rage. Thank God he wasn’t tapped as CIA director. 


McCain urges Senate to reject Haspel’s nomination

John McCain reportedly defends giving Trump dossier to James Comey in new book

House Republicans get a tough lesson in running for
higher office in the Trump era

GOP leaders seek to stamp out Republican revolt on immigration

Pro-reform House Republicans could bypass Paul Ryan and force a DACA vote

Five North Carolina Republican Lawmakers Lose Their Primaries

These 5 NC Republicans won't get another term in the legislature

Primary results confirm 2018 is a terrible year to be a House Republican 


Hatch Apologizes for McCain Funeral Comments

Senate Intelligence panel to wrap up Russia probe in August

Food stamp revamp sparks GOP fight over farm bill

Senate GOP warms to Trump's rescissions package

Good news on the economy may not be a result of GOP tax cuts 

Risk to intelligence source who aided Russia investigation at center of latest showdown between Nunes and Justice Dept.

Pittenger loses GOP primary fight

GOP West Virginia Senate primary: live results

Primary elections: Blankenship loses in W.Va.; Pittenger concedes in North Carolina

Pence’s brother wins House GOP primary in Indiana


McCarthy, Scalise just stop short of calling for Sessions to be held in contempt

White House backs Sessions as some House Republicans push to hold him in contempt

GOP nightmare looms in West Virginia

Why Don Blankenship is more dangerous for the GOP than Todd Akin, Sharron Angle and Roy Moore 

Rubio Questions D.C. Panel on China Influence

CIA delivers classified materials to Congress on Haspel

Orrin Hatch thinks John McCain’s wish for a funeral without Donald Trump is 'ridiculous'


Test of Trumpiness: Republicans competing in Senate primaries emulate impudent style of president

In Red State primaries, candidates out-Trump each other

Republicans whose jobs once seemed safe are struggling for a 2018 survival strategy

GOP faces internal battle over changing Senate rules

John McCain: I regret picking Sarah Palin as running mate

GOP senator: Americans more concerned with economy than Trump falsehoods

Republican congressman threatens to hold Republican Attorney General in contempt

House Armed Services chairman says Trump should delay deadline for Iran deal

Illinois counties declare ‘sanctuary’ status for gun owners, put Democrats on notice


McCain doesn’t want Trump at his funeral

Early GOP primaries shaping up as rightward march with Trump

West Virginia Senate primary features 'a convict, a carpetbagger and a turncoat'

Laura Ingraham Grills Devin Nunes For Not Reading Russia Probe Documents: 'How Serious Are You?'

Biden, McCain say Trump damaging US 'international reputation'


Mueller emerges as villain in Republican campaigns

Hey, Republicans: Pelosi attack ads may not be enough to keep the House 

Rand Paul Doesn’t Want Mitch McConnell Out. The Candidates He Supports Do.

Mitch McConnell is becoming the GOP's Nancy Pelosi in midterm races

Pruitt’s EPA denies climate science. Republicans can correct him. Will they? 

Trump's legal moves roil Washington

Republican mayor who taunted David Hogg to now face a recall vote

Former US President George H.W. Bush discharged from hospital

Congressman introduces resolution to end Mueller probe

Iowa governor signs strictest abortion regulation in US 


Congressional chaplain can stay in job, says Paul Ryan

Ryan backs down on House chaplain resignation
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is sending 671,000 families an election-year check. Democrats call it bribery. 
McCain, in new memoir, chides Trump for undermining U.S. values

Utah Republican booed for telling crowd they can’t impeach Trump just ‘because you don’t like him’

Anti-Semites on the ballot: GOP 'condemns' three contenders with racist views


House GOP faces uncertain transition to new leader amid fears of losing majority

How endangered GOP Sen. Dean Heller is seeking to hang on

Republican Senate Candidate Praises Hitler and Sparks Condemnation from California GOP

West Virginia Senate candidate distorts reality in campaign ad

GOP groups take out ads to stoke Trump-Tester feud

GOP Senator Contradicts Trump On Ronny Jackson Allegations

Two politicians just told the truth about taxes and health care


Top Republican senator: Netanyahu’s Iran presentation adds ‘nothing new’

Chaplain controversy shifts spotlight to rising GOP star

Crimes are no longer a disqualification for Republican candidates 

Georgia Candidate's Pro-Gun Ad Draws Criticism Even From Gun Owners


Marco Rubio just went way off message on the GOP tax cuts 

Sen. Marco Rubio's cozy relationship with Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson could sway Nelson's re-election bid

After a respite, Cruz again questioning McConnell’s strategies

Trey Gowdy says House Intel report doesn't fully vindicate Trump on Russian collusion

Kevin McCarthy claims that the labor participation rate is ‘going back up’ under Trump 

Trump-allied House conservatives draft articles of impeachment against Rosenstein as ‘last resort’ 

The GOP is preparing to use Ronny Jackson's failed VA nomination to hammer Montana Sen. Jon Tester this fall

CNN House Key Race alerts: A dozen GOP-held seats get more competitive

Meet the little-known ‘big fish’ megadonor setting the tone for GOP primary races 

Former George W. Bush ethics lawyer ditches GOP, to seek U.S. Senate in Minn. as Democrat

McCain in book excerpt: 'This is my last term'

McCain torches Trump in new book: He prioritizes appearance of toughness over American values


GOP more confident about W. Va. Senate as Blankenship fades

Schiff: Trump's unpredictability had something to do with the North Koreans coming to the table

Republican senator: Trump should stick to calling Kim Jong Un 'Rocket Man'

John Kasich rips GOP, hints at 2020 run against Trump: ‘I can bring that party back’

Kasich says Putin has helped ‘unify the West’

Trump’s Role in Midterm Elections Roils Republicans

George H.W. Bush doing ‘much better’ in hospital


GOP Russia report reflects Republican midterm fears
Ex-con candidate compounding GOP woes in West Virginia

3 ways the House Republicans’ Russia report directly contradicts the intelligence community 


Paul Ryan feels heat over ‘unjust’ firing of House chaplain

House Intelligence Committee Republicans release final Russia report 

READ: The House Intelligence Committee GOP's Russia investigation report

House Intel faults Trump, Clinton campaigns in final report on Russian investigation

GOP Rep. Patrick Meehan resigns from Congress amid ethics probe

Senate kills effort to prevent racial discrimination in the auto loan market

Senate Republicans flip script on gay rights by confirming 
Ric Grenell over Democratic objections

Tester moves back to top of GOP Senate hit list

Fact Checker: Analysis Rand Paul’s claim that cutting $13 billion a year would balance the budget

Michigan Gov. Signs Ban on Bump Stocks, Among Other Gun Regulations

Republican worries 'assassination risk' prompting lawmaker resignations

GOP control of state Senate may be in play as three bow out of re-election


House chaplain Rev. Patrick Conroy forced out by Paul Ryan

Senate confirms Mike Pompeo as secretary of state

Mike Pompeo confirmed as secretary of state

Senate panel approves bill to protect special counsel

Hatch says firing the special counsel may lead to ‘impeachment,’ but he’s against a bill to protect Mueller

Rand Paul’s claim that cutting $13 billion a year would balance the budget 


Republicans want Trump’s VA nominee to withdraw

Pro-Choice GOP Senators Keep Voting For Trump's Anti-Abortion Judges

The Republican win in Arizona was another tough night for the GOP 

Republicans Lost Support in Every Special Election Since Trump Became President

GOP senator: 'We were there' on immigration before talks got derailed

GOP Banking chair pushes Bank of America, Citigroup on gun policies

GOP advances proposal to change Senate rules

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner to introduce cannabis bill for states' rights with Elizabeth Warren

Conservative group unveils plan to slash spending by $12 trillion

Conservatives eye new tax cut for capital gains

Senators to Trump: Let Mueller finish Russia probe

GOP candidate Don Blankenship rips Mitch McConnell's 'Chinaperson' family


Republicans hold on to U.S. House seat in Arizona, winning special election to replace former congressman Trent Franks 

Tax cuts were supposed to save the GOP from Trump. Oops. 

GOP anxiety grows over Trump’s Iran decision

In protecting Mueller probe, Grassley shows he's still got that independent fight in him

GOP senator: Trump's comment on Kim Jong Un 'surpasses understanding'

Maryland GOP governor signs gun-violence legislation into law

GOP Congressman Doug Lamborn Thrown Off The Ballot For 2018


Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized

Senate panel approves Mike Pompeo as secretary of State after Rand Paul flips to support

Senate panel narrowly endorses Mike Pompeo for secretary of state after Trump intervenes with key Republican 

Senate to postpone confirmation hearing for Ronny Jackson to head Veterans Affairs, White House officials told

Don’t expect Mitt Romney to be Trump’s chief antagonist in the Senate 

Romney faces clearer path to GOP Senate nomination despite convention setback 

Bob Corker’s painful interview about his successor is a gift to Democrats 

Sticking to bad ideas

Missouri Governor Charged With Another Felony

Arizona Senate can’t change rules for replacing McCain 


House Republicans prepare to battle for leadership slots

GOP senator: Trump tariffs are hurting US farmers

GOP senator: Miscalculations with Russia 'could lead us to a very bad place'

Corker: Charming North Korea into getting rid of nuclear weapons is not realistic

Retiring Sen. Bob Corker won’t campaign against Democrat vying for his seat 

Corker offers tepid endorsement of Republican running to replace him

Arizona Republicans seek law change in case John McCain seat in play

Collins: Comey should have waited to release his memoir

GOP senator: Democratic opposition to Pompeo 'driven 100 percent by politics'

Mitch McConnell fiddles while the country burns

5 moments commemorating Barbara Bush


Romney forced into GOP primary for Utah Senate nomination

Romney won't commit yet to supporting Trump in 2020

Disruptive conservative groups lose their punch with Trump in charge 

Pompeo lacks votes for positive vote on panel


GOP in retreat on ObamaCare

Senate panel punts Mueller protection bill to next week

Razor-thin Senate majority, bloody primary fights hamstring GOP 

McConnell aims to reshape courts in case Senate flips

Here's why the tax cuts are such a hard sell for Republicans 

Farm-state Republicans chafe at Trump’s trade policies but are reluctant to confront him 


McConnell, the Senate’s decider, discovers the limits of his control 

House, Senate GOP compete for cash

Republicans fear political risk in Senate races as House moves to extend tax cuts 

Some doubt McCarthy or Scalise will ever lead House GOP

Senate confirms Trump pick for NASA administrator over Democratic objections 

John Kasich's political allies are reaching out to GOP megadonors, seeing if they’d back him in a run against Trump in 2020

GOP enlists Trump, leadership to stave off Democratic challenge in Arizona 



Senators introduce bill to update Trump's war authority

Trump’s war powers to be limited under new Senate resolution

Republicans Are Scrambling To Save An Arizona House Seat In GOP Territory

Senate fast-tracks bill legalizing hemp as agriculture product

Wall Street, big business start backing Mitt Romney’s Senate bid as GOP establishment seeks stronger leadership in Congress

How Congress’s and Trump’s latest deficit binge paved the way for the next one 

Poll: Americans now prefer GOP over Dems on taxes, but tax bill still unpopular


GOP senator: Mueller protection bill would send strong message to Trump

Where Every Senate Republican Stands on the Mueller Investigation

Key Republican defends Mueller for referral on Cohen raid

Partisan tensions rise as Mueller bill delayed

Gingrich calls Mueller investigation 'breakdown' of constitutional law

NYT editorial board: Republicans must defend Mueller against Trump

GOP senator uncomfortable with ground troops in Syria

Ryan: Comey a man of integrity ‘as far as I know’

Ryan pushes back on ‘triumph of Trumpism over Ryanism’

Ryan: Trump ‘disappointed’ by Speaker's decision to retire

In the era of Donald Trump, New England’s biggest GOP donor is funding Democrats


Republicans express doubts that Ryan can stay on as Speaker

Possible House leader Kevin McCarthy seen by Trump as ally

Republicans lose their favorite campaign message: Repealing Obamacare 

GOP devotes $250M to midterm strategy: Keep House majority


McCain to Trump: Airstrikes alone won't achieve objectives in Syria

Speaker Ryan resists calls to step aside for quicker transition to new GOP House leader

Ryan backs McCarthy for top House GOP leader as Freedom Caucus co-founder also explores run 

How big of a problem is Ryan’s exit for GOP?

GOP authors of tax law double down in campaigns

Trump Succeeds In Draining Swamp As 40 House Republicans Give Up Seats

House chairmen ask Rosenstein for copies of Comey memos

Sen. Cory Gardner: Trump has agreed to support state-legal marijuana protections

RNC deputy finance chair steps down after admitting Trump’s lawyer negotiated settlement between him and pregnant Playboy model 

WSJ: Trump Lawyer Arranged GOP Fundraiser's Payment to Playmate

It sure looks like there’s a GOP conspiracy to discredit the Russia probe 

Lindsey Graham: Trump's lawyer is 'an idiot'

Former Speaker John Boehner: Deficit will be 'No. 1 issue' in six months


GOP fractures over push to protect Russia probe

Grassley blames Feinstein for delaying bill to protect Mueller

Even Republicans should be horrified by Trump’s latest Mueller meltdown

House GOP pushes back plans to vote on making individual tax cuts permanent

After busting the deficit, the GOP's gestures toward fiscal responsibility ring hollow

Gowdy says Pruitt didn't turn over records as Dems press for details

Senate confirms a former coal lobbyist as Scott Pruitt’s second-in-command at EPA 

GOP proposes stricter work requirements for food stamp recipients, a step toward a major overhaul of the social safety net 

Republican National Committee Starts Campaign to Discredit ‘Lyin’ Comey’ Ahead of Book Launch

GOP campaign seeks to brand Comey a liar as he touts book critical of Trump 

Paul Ryan’s party is over 

Paul Ryan’s GOP swept away by a Trumpian revolution he could neither contain nor control 

Departure bodes ill for Republicans House GOP to wait on fight for leadership

Longtime Paul Ryan associate is courting donors as he gears up to run for speaker's House seat

Senate Republicans fret over Ryan retirement decision

Loss of Ryan hits hard for House Republicans


House Speaker Paul Ryan is retiring, and his massive campaign war chest might soon be up for grabs

Speaker Ryan will not seek reelection, further complicating GOP House prospects 

With Paul Ryan leaving, House Republicans are at (another) leadership fork in the road 

Don’t count on Paul Ryan to be the GOP’s next anti-Trumper 

Paul Ryan's retirement increases the odds that President Trump will be impeached

For many black voters, Paul Ryan’s legacy will be his insufficient criticism of Trump on race matters 

Right on Paul Ryan's heels, another House Republican bails—and his Florida seat could be winnable

McCarthy and Scalise front-runners to replace Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan: 'No plans to run for anything'

Senate panel moves to take up bill protecting Mueller

Judiciary chair wants vote on special counsel bill next week

As Donald Trump fumes, Cory Booker and 3 other senators craft a bill to protect Mueller

Bipartisan US senators seek to protect special counsel Mueller

Graham uses Fox News appearance to ask Trump not to fire Mueller

Christie Offers Trump Advice on Dealing With Mueller

McConnell urges GOP senators to call Trump about tariffs

GOP lawmakers ignore Trump chaos

Sen. Bob Corker says voting for GOP tax cuts 'could well be one of the worst votes I’ve made'

GOP Congressman Rips Trump in Insane Tirade to Journo: ‘Evil, Really F*cking Stupid Forrest Gump’

With Ryan out, GOP donors and strategists are giving up on the House and trying to save the Senate

Here are the massive tax cuts going to the Republicans who wrote the tax bill


Senator sounds the alarm, demands Senate Judiciary Committee move on bill to protect Mueller 'NOW'

Senators move to protect Mueller as Trump criticizes probe

Senate Republican leaders warn Trump but reject calls to pass legislation to protect Mueller 

Top Judiciary Republican: It's 'suicide for the President to fire' Mueller

GOP strategists close to congressional leaders are worried that FBI's raid on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen could signal trouble in midterms

Rand Paul warns gloating Trump critics: Mueller’s ‘great overstep’ a danger to all Americans

McCarthy plays inside game in shadow campaign for Speaker

Republicans are the drivers of skyrocketing deficit 

Can Republicans win women back? We can and we must.

Citigroup faces GOP backlash on gun policy

Ted Cruz presses Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s alleged political censorship


The GOP abandons fiscal responsibility

Conservatives and business leaders worried about the deficit take aim at Social Security and Medicare

The GOP tax plan means short-term gains for the economy, but federal debt is primed to explode, CBO analysis says

GOP looks to reduce spending after hearing criticism back home

GOP increasingly fears loss of House, focuses on saving Senate majority 

Republicans Giving Up House Seats At A Rate Not Seen In Decades

Impeachment Is the Republicans' Latest Boogeyman for the 2018 Elections

GOP seizes on impeachment for edge in midterms

Florida Gov. Rick Scott formally announces run for Senate, challenging Bill Nelson

Rick Scott announces challenge to Nelson for Senate seat in Florida

Scott bid boosts GOP Senate hopes

Worried GOP views Trump trade war with angst

Republicans want to know Trump’s endgame on trade

The 6 issues Congress is most likely to tackle before the midterms

McConnell sends warning over nomination votes

McCain takes his Trump criticism to a whole new level, suggesting blame for chemical weapons attack in Syria 

Governor Kasich at New England College 

Why John Kasich doesn't want to 'shut up and go away'

Poll: Older, educated white voters shift away from Trump's Republican party


Three Republican senators voice concern about EPA head Scott Pruitt’s conduct 

Graham: Pruitt's ethics controversies don't look good

Collins: Pruitt is the wrong person to head the EPA on policy grounds alone

GOP Sen. Kennedy slams EPA administrator Scott Pruitt for 'juvenile' behavior

GOP senator defends Pruitt: Some criticisms are 'overblown'

Senate braces for showdown over Trump’s nominees

Graham: National Guard troops not enough to secure U.S.-Mexico border

Collins: Trump is going to have to reconsider withdrawal from Syria after reported chemical attack

Graham: Trump's response to latest Syrian chemical attack a 'defining moment' in his presidency

McCain: Trump should act on alleged Syria chemical attack

McCain: Assad 'emboldened' by Trump signaling Syria withdraw

Collins: Trump should get credit for China tariffs

Kudlow defends Trump's tariff moves: China is 'breaking a lot of laws'

Kudlow: Trump not 'bluffing' on tariff threats

Mnuchin: There could be a trade war

Trump trade adviser: We're moving forward in a 'measured way' with Chinese tariffs

Trump trade adviser: Tariff threats serve as a 'wake-up call' for Americans about Chinese policies

GOP senator on Facebook: 'We have a problem'

Retiring GOP lawmakers cut loose on Trump

Flake’s son seeks new trial against Arpaio in Arizona: report


GOP worries Blankenship surge will cost party W. Va. Senate seat

House GOP super PAC contacts more than 300K voters in midterm push

Tariff fight could hit GOP in key Senate states

US House panel investigating Pruitt's condo rental

State GOP removes 7 Senate candidates, 1 governor candidate from primary ballot


GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold resigns from Congress amid sexual misconduct allegations

'The dumbest possible way': Heartland Republicans rip President Trump's tariff plans

GOP fears primary fight will ruin Va. Senate chances

Senate GOP skeptical of Trump idea to cancel spending

With Florida Senate seat at stake, tensions between Scott and Rubio strain GOP relations 

Blue wave gains strength: Even more Republicans are vulnerable in 2018

A race to watch: In D.C. suburbs, a House Republican tries to tiptoe away from Trump

GOP senator on tariff threat: Hopefully Trump is blowing off steam because ‘this is nuts’

South Carolina congressman draws gun at constituent meeting

Trey Gowdy Is Counting Down The Number Of Flights He Has Left 

Trump's tariff gamble with China could be catastrophic for the economy, the GOP — and his own presidency


Republican Tim Pawlenty announces run for Minnesota governor

Conservatives fear trade war could cripple tax cuts message

McConnell sounds alarm over midterms: ‘We don’t know whether it’s going to be a Category 3, 4 or 5’ 

Phil Bredesen holds double-digit lead over Marsha Blackburn in US Senate race, new MTSU poll shows

GOP chairwoman blasts Dem governor's ‘ridiculous’ comments on America’s division

Trump effect splits Senate and House GOP candidates


Race relations are poor because of racially segregated lives, GOP senator says 

Uncertainty about McCain’s future fuels GOP questions about Senate seat 

Expanding map creates tough choices for GOP

Why Senate Republicans aren’t listening to Trump’s pleas to ‘go nuclear’ 

Trump’s emerging trade war threatens House Republican seats 

Reckless omnibus spending bill humiliates congressional Republicans


Walker warns of Dem wave in Wisconsin after liberal wins state judicial race

Republicans pour money into Arizona Congressional race to prevent another upset

Marco Rubio on gun control: It depends who he's talking to

Trump should fire EPA chief Scott Pruitt, two House Republicans say


Chris Christie betrays Trump defenders’ remarkably dim view of the president’s intellect 

Trump’s latest DACA tweets are likely to hurt him — and the GOP — further with Latino voters 

‘It sucks’: Senators fume over McConnell’s tight grip

Juan Williams: GOP fears anti-Trump wave

In Missouri, GOP candidate for Senate walks Trump tightrope

Mueller Will Find Something on Trump and He'll Be Impeached If Democrats Win, Republican Strategist Says


GOP strategist to Trump: A ‘storm is coming’ in Russia investigation

GOP lawmaker: Republicans 'would be well advised to get ready' for Dem wave in midterms

GOP hopes to capitalize on crowded Dem primaries

2018 Campaign: Republicans are running against Hillary Clinton — again 

Russia investigation becomes big campaign issue in Devin Nunes' re-election bid

Five lawmakers facing tough primary races

Flake: 'Plenty' of lawmakers want to work with Trump on DACA

Graham: Trump ‘has a hard time pushing back against Putin'

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham warns against Syria troop withdrawal

Graham: Bolton thinks North Korea ‘just buying time’ to develop missiles

GOP Sen: Trump 'needs to understand' effect of firing people on Twitter

GOP senator: Congress will 'absolutely' have say in Pentagon funding border wall

GOP senator 'pleased' with Sessions appointment of prosecutor rather than special counsel

Christie on Pruitt controversy: 'I don't know how you survive this one'

Christie: If Trump uses ‘hyperbolic’ style with Mueller it could send him to jail


In Iowa’s GOP ag epicenter, tariffs spark Trump skepticism

Conservatives fume after Sessions declines to appoint new special counsel

House conservatives to air grievances in new 'Swamp' docu-series

David Hogg calls out Senator John McCain over NRA contributions

3/29/18 - 2/30/18

GOP tax message hits a snag

GOP, vet groups react with caution to Trump VA pick

Congressman alleges McCabe lied to Comey, hinting at rift between FBI officials 

Spending measure could disrupt Trump’s plans to cut agencies 

Spending bill addresses crushing backlog of federal disability claims 

Romney’s public immigration stand calls for a new ‘merit-based’ system favoring those with skills and money


GOP ponders how to fill rest of 2018

GOP seeks to avoid Dem upset in Arizona

Republicans to Push for More Tax Cuts, Balanced Budget Amendment

Republican tax cuts not working out as the GOP intended

Republicans May Shoot Themselves In The Foot By Putting Citizenship In The Census

Congress seems a little skittish that Trump will fire Mueller in the next few weeks 

Hillary foe turns heads with Trump talk

We didn’t send Trump to DC to pass a bill 'Jeb' would have happily signed

GOP donors fret about Dem wave

Santorum says he misspoke in telling kids to learn CPR rather than advocate for gun control

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signs $100 million school safety legislation


Rep. Mia Love accused of ‘waffling’ on gun laws

Mitt Romney: I’m ‘more of a hawk on immigration’ than Trump

Tax cuts, Round 2: GOP looks to punish Democrats in 2018

Retiring GOP rep: I think Stormy Daniels is telling the truth

Judge rejects Walker's ask to delay deadline to call Wisconsin special elections

Supreme Court weighs Republican challenge to Maryland electoral map

Rick Scott Poised to Jump Into Florida Senate Race


A congressional Republican cops to the real reason he’s retiring: Working with Trump isn’t fun 

Paul Ryan denies rumor he will resign

Wisconsin teens take anti-gun march to House Speaker Ryan's hometown

Suburban voters angry with Trump threaten GOP’s grip on House 

Republican Midterm Candidates Face Reality Check As Droves of Women Flee the GOP

Republicans fear Cochran replacement puts Senate seat at risk

GOP senators fuel Justice Kennedy retirement talk


Rick Santorum: Kids should learn CPR instead of rallying for gun laws

Sen. Marco Rubio gets swift pushback for comments on March for Our Lives

The key job for Republicans is maintaining grip on Congress

McConnell's Embarrassment: Democrats, Not Republicans, Passed Omnibus Bill

How Trumpism has come to define the Republican Party 

Kasich blasts Trump's phone call to Putin

Kasich: Lawmakers who ignore student activists should be held 'accountable at the ballot box'

Making the US Senate work again


Sen. Marco Rubio tells students he does not agree with the March For Our Lives

Rep. Ryan Costello will drop bid for reelection in Pennsylvania

GOP in control, but Dems’ budget priorities are winning

The (probably) last major act of an anti-spending Congress: A $1.3 trillion budget-busting bill 


Are Republicans Intentionally Trying to Piss Off Their Base?

House Passes 2,232-Page Omnibus Spending Bill That No One Read

Congress votes to expand deficit — and many in GOP are unhappy

What's in the Congressional Spending Bill for States and Localities

Three things we learned from the omnibus spending bill 

Compromise deal to expand veterans health care left out of Trump’s budget 

Congress must remember the critical role foreign medical graduates play in serving Americans

McCain asks CIA director nominee Haspel to explain role in post-9/11 interrogations 

Wisconsin GOP will tinker with election laws rather than follow court order

Republicans invest nearly $300,000 in red Arizona district

GOP lawmaker knocks Trump for Putin call but refuses to distance himself from president


In late-night drama, Senate passes $1.3 trillion spending bill, averting government shutdown 

House approves jam-packed $1.3 trillion spending bill 

House passes $1.3 trillion spending bill, boosting defense, undercutting Trump’s wall; Senate vote before shutdown deadline unclear 

GOP chairman: No waste in $1.3 trillion spending bill

Conservatives balk over funding bill ahead of shutdown

GOP pushes to change Senate rules for Trump

House leaders’ biggest 2018 fear: The lazy Republican

House Intel votes to release report in Russia probe

A key congressional committee has asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify about Cambridge Analytica 

How the Latest Attempt at a DACA Deal Failed

'Dreamers' fix blocked in Senate

Winners and losers from the $1.3T omnibus

Wisconsin Judge Orders Scott Walker To Call Special Elections He Refused To Allow


Congressional negotiators reach deal on $1.3 trillion spending bill ahead of Friday government shutdown deadline 

Congress just released its massive spending bill: Here's what's in it

READ: The $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill

Congress reaches deal on trillion-dollar bill that hikes defense and domestic spending

Spending bill rejects Trump’s proposed EPA cut

Congress Slaps Trump: Zero Funding for Border Wall

Collins: 'Extremely disappointing' ObamaCare fix left out of spending deal

Freedom Caucus chairman rips Gateway funding: Trump campaigned on a wall, not a tunnel

Paul Ryan bolsters Democratic concerns with focus on entitlements

Senate passes controversial online sex trafficking bill

House passes 'right to try' drug bill

Republican leaders say Trump won’t fire Mueller, Democrats say that’s wishful thinking 

Mississippi governor appoints Cindy Hyde-Smith to the Senate — and draws a backlash from the White House 

As Americans become more educated, the GOP is moving in the opposite direction 

Republican Rick Saccone concedes defeat to Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania special election


McConnell strongly defends Mueller, criticizes Trump for calling Putin

Ryan uses defense spending increase in bid to appease conservatives on spending bill

Republicans scramble to release spending bill as government shutdown deadline nears

Congress lurches toward shutdown deadline with obstacles unresolved 

Republicans fear disaster if Trump fires Mueller

House Speaker Ryan: Special counsel Mueller 'should be free' to follow through with Russia probe

Ryan: I've 'received assurances' Mueller won't be fired

GOP leaders back second special counsel

Senate appointment in Mississippi could trigger divisive GOP campaign

New House Bills Take Aim at Foreign Propaganda

Star GOP lawyer Theodore B. Olson declines offer to join Trump legal team 

GOP senator blocking Trump's Intel nominee

Senate, Trump clash over Saudi Arabia

Congress may pass background check legislation in funding bill

Former congressman says he's had enough, publicly resigns from the Republican party over Trump


‘If you have an innocent client … act like it’: GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy’s on-point rebuke of Trump’s lawyer

Trump assails Mueller, draws warnings from Republicans

After Trump tweets, GOP rallies around Mueller — but not bills to protect him 

Republicans release new plan to lower health premiums, stabilize Obamacare markets

Tax reform 'phase 2' rollout could come as early as April 15, conservative GOP Rep. Meadows says

Congressional negotiators work to finalize massive spending bill 

Congress races to finish $1.2 trillion funding bill

Supreme Court denies GOP request to block new Pa. congressional map

Republican lawmakers concerned by Facebook data leak


GOP pushes for 'phase two' of tax cuts

Corker predicts Trump will pull out of Iran nuclear deal

Corker on Tillerson: ‘I think he’s at peace’

Rand Paul: People 'eager for war' shouldn't be running State Department

Christie defends Mueller: I don’t think Trump’s going to fire ‘someone like that’

Graham warns Trump: Firing Mueller would be 'beginning of the end of his presidency'

Graham calls for Senate Judiciary hearing on McCabe firing

Flake: Trump 'seems to be building' toward firing Mueller

Rubio: McCabe 'should've been allowed to finish through the weekend'

Gowdy: McCabe undercut his own credibility

Rep. Trey Gowdy To Trump's Lawyer: If You Have An Innocent Client, 'Act Like It'

Republican Senators Push Back Against Trump on McCabe's Firing

Lawmakers rally to defend Mueller after McCabe exit

U.S. Republicans to Trump - Let Mueller do his job

Republicans to Trump: Let Mueller do his job

Republicans Don't Appear Too Concerned About Mueller's Potential Firing

Republican on Trump lawyer: A ‘typical attorney’ would call for end of Mueller probe

Trump presses GOP to change Senate rules


GOP immigration bill stirs tension among Hispanic conservatives

Retirement frees congressional Republicans to give some straight talk 

House Republican blasts McCabe firing, says Trump’s conduct doesn’t ‘bode well’ for GOP

Power struggle threatens to sink bank legislation


Paul Ryan’s seat is less safe. Is the House now up for grabs?

Jeff Flake Called Out the Foundational Flaws of His Party, and Its Unstable Leader

Environmental groups back Ted Cruz, Republicans on overhaul of Renewable Fuel Standard

Sen. Tom Cotton accuses Rand Paul of undermining Trump by opposing CIA nominee 

2 GOP Leaders Warn Trump Against Firing AG Sessions

Republicans on defensive over Russia report finding

Republican drops Senate primary challenge to Heller after Trump's urging

CNN Key Races: Pennsylvania shakes up House map with 17 new race ratings

GOP divided on how to use tax cuts to match Democrats' anti-Trump enthusiasm in 2018 midterms

Republicans insist tax law will help in midterms

Congress has one week to pass a $1.3 trillion spending bill. Here’s what you need to know.

The Kochs have a message for Hispanics: Not all Republicans are like Trump


Trey Gowdy admits that the Republican House Intelligence report is fundamentally wrong

Republicans hint at recount in Pennsylvania congressional race, with odds against them 

Bank regulation rewrite clears Senate but stumble could come in the House

Senate advances bill on opioid pill limits

Senate GOP: We will grow our majority in midterms

Republican Jeff Flake: 'My party might not deserve to lead'

Facing a Democratic Wave, Republicans Refuse to Throw Trump Overboard


A changing GOP wrestles with Trump tariffs and its own principles

Pennsylvania special election shows GOP still hasn’t found a winning midterms message 

There are 119 Republican House members who should be VERY nervous today

From Pennsylvania, one more message to shake any complacent Republicans 

GOP suddenly changes its story on Conor Lamb after his win

House GOP frets over Pennsylvania race

Pennsylvania underlines GOP struggle to hold Trump coalition

House Republicans try to calm GOP fears after apparent upset in Pennsylvania's Trump country

Conor Lamb's Victory Matters, and Paul Ryan Should Be Scared

A top House Republican just split from one of his party’s key findings on Russia. That’s a very big deal. 

House passes bill to prevent gun violence in schools in rare bipartisan vote

Senate passes bipartisan bill to roll back Dodd-Frank

Republicans engage in some world-class hairsplitting over Russia’s aid for Trump 

Rand Paul to oppose Pompeo, Haspel

Spending talks face new pressure

Republican Wins Tennessee Special Election

Industry clamors for fixes to GOP tax law


Democrat Conor Lamb declares victory in Pa. special election

Lamb Declares Victory, Saccone Not Giving Up

Pennsylvania special election between Rick Saccone and Conor Lamb too close to call

Pa. special election too close to call

Intel panel Republicans seem to back away from finding that Russia was not trying to help Trump 

Senator Graham reacts to Trump firing Tillerson

Tom Cotton was supposed to be CIA director. He isn’t — and that’s trouble for Trump.

Do Republicans think record federal spending is what voters elected them to enact?


House Republicans break with intelligence community on Russia

GOP report finds no collusion between Trump and Russia

Republican member of House Intel Committee says it has 'lost all credibility'

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy reacts to Trump's vu...

The Senate is poised to roll back rules meant to root out discrimination by mortgage lenders 

The special House election in Pennsylvania is full of bad omens for Trump and the GOP

Pennsylvania special election: What's at stake for Trump and Congress in this deadlocked House race

Top Iowa lawmaker resigns after video showing him kissing Statehouse lobbyist

Juan Williams: GOP has sold its soul on Russia


GOP crusader Walker reaches to center in volatile Wisconsin

GOP senator wants to see more from North Korea before a meeting

Senate Homeland Security chairman: ‘Let’s not be Charlie Brown to North Korea’s Lucy’

Tariff fight tests Trump, GOP

Wisconsin Republican would sign on to bill to nullify Trump tariffs

GOP senator: We probably shouldn't follow China's lead on criminal justice

Ryan fights to keep tax cuts in spotlight

Flake calls for 2020 Trump primary challenger


The GOP’s messages don’t seem to be working in Pennsylvania. Is that a warning sign? 

Pennsylvania Republican Defends 'Right-To-Work' Laws Before Vote In Union-Heavy District

Trump's infrastructure push hits wall in Congress


Senate bill could allow 2 top banks to hold billions less in reserves, reducing buffers against collapse 

Is GOP Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s support for gun control a savvy political move or a big mistake? 

Florida Gov. Rick Scott breaks with NRA to sign new gun regulations 

Gowdy: White House response to request for security clearance info ‘inadequate'

RNC touts investments ahead of key Pennsylvania special election

Republicans get a string of bad news for midterm House elections after fleeting bump from tax cut

Will Kennedy retire and be Republicans' Senate savior?


GOP leaders signal they will try to narrow Trump's tariffs

Pretty much every Republican told Trump not to impose tariffs. He did it anyway.

Defying GOP, Trump orders steel and aluminum tariffs

House Republicans warming to Senate deal on Dodd-Frank

Congress still can't agree on stabilizing Obamacare marketplaces 

Republicans flee the storm over Stormy Daniels and President Trump 

One Republican is speaking out about Trump’s alleged hush money payment: Mark Sanford 

Congressional Republicans are facing a historic deficit on the generic ballot


Jeff Flake’s DACA bill gives ‘Dreamers’ Obamacare, CBO says

Ryan: 'We’re not going to raise gas taxes'

Republicans trash their candidate in Pa. special election

Republicans fret over Cohn’s exit

Cohn exit triggers GOP alarm

Trump’s economic policies spur GOP angst

Charles Koch: Corporations need to 'reject' Trump's tariffs

George P. Bush wins in Texas after breaking with family on Trump

Texas primaries: Democratic engagement grows — but Republicans still have the overall advantage 

Poll shows spike in GOP disapproval of Mueller


Senate Republicans float legislation to reverse Trump tariffs

Republicans skeptical of Trump’s proposed tariffs on steel, aluminum

How the Washington establishment is losing out to little-known Trump advisers on trade 

Trump breaks with GOP, sparking new tensions

Senate advances plan to weaken Dodd-Frank banking rules on bipartisan vote 

The 5 ways the Senate plans to roll back regulations on Wall Street 

Mississippi is new headache for GOP in the South

In Beto O’Rourke’s challenge to Ted Cruz, Democrats see a chance at a statewide win in Texas 

GOP sees McCarthy moving up — if GOP loses the House

Lawmakers ask for new special counsel to probe DOJ "bias"

The Latest: GOP senator blocks temporary Dreamers plan


Ryan splits with Trump on trade as GOP lawmakers move to block planned tariffs 

GOP urges Trump to abandon tariffs

Amid GOP pushback, Trump says he's 'not backing down' on tariffs

Cochran to resign from Senate next month

Senate clears two more judicial nominees, 27 total judges confirmed

One GOP lawmaker is hoping to take a big bipartisan step on opioid addiction 

Action on guns and immigration screeches to a halt in Congress

This week: Congress takes up banking reform as gun debate stalls

House GOP star among Republicans facing unexpected challenge 

Kasich says 'all options are on the table' in 2020

Republicans are calling for the impeachment of Pennsylvania judges. It’s nothing new. 


Graham: Both parties would 'suffer' if Congress doesn't take up gun legislation

Senators urge Trump to take the lead on gun-control efforts 

Gun debate: Here are the proposals that Congress is considering

Communication between the Senate and House Intelligence Committees has apparently broken down entirely

‘Like a pinball machine’: Lawmakers struggle to negotiate with an erratic Trump 

Former George W. Bush chief of staff: Trump wrong about trade wars being 'easy to win'


Trump’s tariff talk provokes rarely seen urgency among GOP

How NRA became linked to GOP Republicans, NRA rarely break ranks

Cruz campaign calls don’t want Texans to know about the primary

New Tax Law Benefiting Shareholders More Than Workers So Far


Sen. Flake: Trump will have 2020 GOP challenge

Georgia governor signs bill without Delta tax break after NRA rift

Sen. Orrin Hatch apologizes for calling Obamacare supporters ‘dumbass’ people 

Lindsey Graham: War with North Korea would be 'worth it' in the long run

Trump just started a trade war, all right — with his own party 

Trump pushes Republicans to kill funding for crucial New York-New Jersey tunnel project 


GOP boos Trump decision on tariffs

GOP senators blast Trump's tariffs announcement

Republicans furious as Trump announces huge new tariffs: 'A massive tax increase on American families'

Trump announces steel and aluminum tariffs Thursday over objections from advisers and Republicans 

Baffled Republicans distance themselves from Trump on guns

Senate GOP rejects Trump’s call to go big on gun legislation

McConnell: Senate to skip gun debate for bank bill

GOP eyes budget maneuver to pay for ObamaCare funds

Hatch: ObamaCare supporters are 'the stupidest, dumbass people I've ever met'

House Republicans Reportedly Leaked Democratic Senator's Texts To Fox News


GOP senator scolds Trump: We have due process 'for a reason'

Top GOP congressman: 'How many Jews were put in the ovens because they were unarmed?'

Rubio bemoans lack of civility amid gun control debate

13 House Republicans call on Sessions to appoint second special counsel

For many Republicans, Trump’s offshore drilling plan and beaches don’t mix 

Cindy McCain sounds off on Trump: ‘We don’t need more bullying, and I’m tired of it’ 

Chris McDaniel announces Republican primary challenge against Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi 

They're Here to Fix Climate Change! They’re College Republicans.

This race may be GOP’s ‘canary in the coal mine’ Pennsylvania campaign worries GOP


GOP leaders jockey on guns

House GOP rejects calls for new gun legislation

GOP focuses on law enforcement mistakes — not new gun laws

Congress to focus on background checks after Florida massacre

Sen. Hatch unveils legislation to prevent school shootings with intervention, technology

How one Florida Republican came to support a ban on assault weapons after the Parkland shooting 

Three reasons you should expect congressional gridlock on gun control 

Sen. Bob Corker won't seek third term

Sen. Bob Corker will not run for reelection 

Arizona Republicans pick Debbie Lesko to replace Trent Franks 

Texas race isn't guaranteed Republican anymore

Right warns GOP agenda can’t stop at Trump’s tax law

GOP Ignores Its First Black Chairman Michael Steele At Its Own Awards For African Americans

Trump could haunt House Republicans in November


House GOP to offer 'school safety' response to Florida shooting

Trump-backed gun measure faces hurdle from three Republican senators

What will Congress realistically do on guns after the Florida shooting? 

Congress steps into thorny gun debate

Senate's midterm calculations could scuttle gun debate before it begins

John Kasich "Common sense gun laws in America

Mia Love is not on board with arming teachers, but John Curtis could get behind it

Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle threatens Delta for cutting NRA ties

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker sued for not calling special elections

Former GOP Rep. Doug Ose drops out of California governor's race

Conservative firebrand Chris McDaniel to enter Mississippi Senate race, setting up divisive GOP primary

Roy Moore is haunting the GOP Senate primary in Missouri

How the Republican tax law hurts the poor and helps the rich, in one chart


Senate pivots to stopgap 'Dreamers' deal

Republican congressman Brian Mast supports ban on assault weapon sale 

GOP lawmaker calls for tougher rules on background checks, bump stocks

GOP senator 'skeptical' about raising age requirement for certain gun purchases

GOP rep: Background checks offer 'false senses of security'

Gun control dominates conversation as Congress returns

Florida governor: I disagree with Trump proposal to arm teachers

Scott: I believe in the Second Amendment but 'I'm a dad'

Florida House Republicans Demand Sheriff's Ouster Over Parkland Shooting Response

Florida reps split on proposal to arm teachers

Kasich ponders end of two-party system


Obstacles — and silence — on Capitol Hill even as clamor for new gun laws grows 

Seven gun control measures Congress could consider after Florida shooting

Impeachment talk a sign of GOP’s long-term worry about court

House panel releases Democrats’ memo defending FBI surveillance of ex-Trump campaign aide 


GOP Michigan governor: 'I don’t think having more guns is a good thing'

Florida Gov. Rick Scott backs raising age for rifle purchases to 21 

Florida shooting survivor: We should call AR-15s ‘Marco Rubio’ because they’re both easy to buy

Trump’s push to arm teachers gives the NRA what it wants and highlights GOP radicalization 

Meghan McCain Discovers Donald Trump Lies, Blasting Her Cancer-Stricken Father At CPAC After Promising To Stop

Devin Nunes's Safe Seat Is Looking Less Safe


GOP lawmaker calls for Ryan to bring up gun safety legislation

After Florida Shooting, Paul Ryan and NRA Allies Targeted in Campaign To Oust Them in 2018

Congress' Republican leaders silent so far on Trump's gun proposals

Sen. Pat Roberts: Nobody under 21 should have an AR-15

Rubio supports raising age limit to buy a rifle, will consider ban on large-capacity magazines

Fla. GOP lawmakers move ahead on raising age minimum for buying assault rifles 

Florida Gov. Rick Scott stays in sync with the NRA as he faces a reckoning on guns 

Grand jury indicts Missouri governor who admitted affair

This Nevada Republican Senate candidate may have gravely miscalculated his attack on Ivanka Trump


House Oversight a gavel no one wants

Senate Republicans not on board with Trump's protectionist agenda 

GOP senator suggests we need fewer immigrants because robots are coming 

Controversies pile up for White House, alarming GOP

Are Senate Republicans killing 'blue slip' for court nominees?

Trump's former bodyguard makes $15,000 a month from a GOP 'slush fund'

Toomey, sensing ‘momentum,’ plans revival of bill to expand background checks 

Angry students, parents confront Rubio for gun control

6 things Marco Rubio said at the CNN town hall that made news in the US gun debate

Rubio breaks with Trump, doesn't support arming teachers

NJ Politics Digest: Congressman Shoots Down Calls for Gun Control Measures

Congresswoman claims most mass shooters are Democrats


NJ Politics Digest: These Congressmen Voted to Allow More Concealed Guns

Big Republican missteps needed for Democrats to win in November

Trump’s base warms to Ted Cruz after president’s amnesty ‘betrayal’

Idaho pol faces ethics complaint after yelling at college students about abortion

A lawmaker’s aide called school-shooting survivors ‘actors.’ Within hours, he was fired.

Grassley, Dems step up battle over judicial nominees

Pence was set to meet with North Korean officials during the Olympics before last-minute cancellation 

Koch Groups: Gas-Tax Increase Would Hit Trump States Hardest


Congress punts fight over Dreamers to March

What's next for DACA recipients as deadline approaches?

McConnell's response to Russian attack is back in the spotlight

Most Americans say Trump, Congress not doing enough to stop mass shootings, Post-ABC poll finds 

GOP congressional candidate defends AR-15 giveaway

Another House Republican announces retirement plans 

Parkland students call out Trump, Rubio and the NRA

Poll: Most Americans support GOP tax law

Bill Gates Slams GOP Tax Legislation: 'I Need to Pay Higher Taxes'


Republican Fla. rep calls for debate on ‘gun safety laws’

GOP senator: 'The problem is not owning an AR-15'

Kasich pleads with Trump to take action on gun control: 'Mr. President, I ask you to do this'

Ohio Governor John Kasich Breaks With GOP In 'Wake Up' Call for Tighter Gun Laws After Florida Mass Shooting

John Kasich Says He Doesn't Think Congress Will Change Gun Policy

House Speaker Paul Ryan Slammed After He Snubbed Florida Teacher On Gun Control

Top GOP donor: 'I will not write another check' until candidates support assault weapons ban

GOP senator: 'There will be hell to pay' if Russia tries to meddle in 2018 midterms

Trey Gowdy praises Robert Mueller, says Russia probe on right track

Paul Ryan: Deficit increase is due to entitlement spending

Outgoing GOP rep: Republican Party 'heading into trouble' in election

Republicans becoming more bullish about midterms

Lawmakers call for withdrawal of Trump proposal that could impact 9/11 responders' health care


The 14 GOP senators who voted against Trump’s immigration framework

McConnell: GOP expects to lose Senate, House seats in midterms

Grassley to Trump: Tell Putin to 'butt out' of US elections

Hatch sends apology letters to Porter's ex-wives: report

3 billboards near Miami are trolling Sen. Marco Rubio after the Florida school massacre

Mueller names social media accounts in indictment — here are the tweets

Protesters escorted out of GOP fundraiser with chants of ‘no more guns’

Florida students chant 'you are responsible' at gun control protest

‘People are angry’: Pain turns political in Parkland after school shooting 


House passes changes to Americans With Disabilities Act over activists’ objections 

Dreamers’ Fate Is Now Tied to Border Wall and Other G.O.P. Immigration Demands

GOP looks for Plan B after failure of immigration measures

Sen. Jeff Flake: President Trump shouldn't be impeached, but his behavior is bad for national security

Republicans just got some much-needed good news on the recruiting front

Romney makes Utah Senate bid official

The NRA Placed Big Bets on the 2016 Election, and Won Almost All of Them (interesting facts)


Senate rejects Trump immigration plan

Senate rejects immigration bills after Trump veto threat

GOP senators float fallback plan to protect Dreamers

Bipartisan amnesty dies in Senate; McCain plan also fails

Immigration bills fail in Senate, casting doubt on whether Congress can resolve fate of ‘dreamers’ 

Bipartisan DACA, border security deal fails in Senate, putting immigration bill's future in doubt

Nearly 100 immigration plans never given chance despite ‘open debate’ talk

Both sides of immigration fight unhappy with Senate debate

Senators fume after immigration bill failure

Ted Cruz: Republicans moving to the left of Obama on immigration, will lose majority 

Graham blasts Homeland Security statement as 'poisonous'

House GOP pushes hardline immigration plan as Senate deals fail

Republicans leave immigrants’ lives hanging in the balance, say it’s time to move on

Immigration bills fail in Congress, leaving ‘dreamers’ in limbo 

The Congressional Stalemate Over Guns and Immigration Isn't Going Away

GOP chairman: Congress should rethink CDC ban on gun violence research

The Finance 202: Gas tax divides Republicans 

Romney’s Trump feud looms over Utah Senate race

Republican Kevin Cramer to run for Senate in North Dakota in boost for GOP 


Trump backs GOP immigration plan, rejects limited approach on ‘dreamers’ 

Immigration debate slows in Senate

Senate reaches bipartisan DACA deal, but Trump vows to veto anything short of his demands

Bipartisan group reaches deal on immigration, fulfilling some Trump demands 

McConnell keeps firm grip on immigration debate

New immigration plan from Colorado’s Gardner, Bennet would bolster border security, include parts of the Dream Act

Senators criticize Trump budget request for IRS

The Memo: Frustrated Republicans urge White House to turn the page

GOP women chafe at Trump’s mixed signals on abuse charges

People are defecting from the GOP. But not to the Democrats

Romney postpones announcement on Senate race after shooting

Report: Mitt Romney to announce US Senate run in Utah on Thursday

Grassley ‘incensed’ by Sessions criticism of proposed sentencing reform legislation


Republicans lose fear of deficits

Conservatives lash out at GOP spending binge

Will Republicans be able to dismantle the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? 

McConnell wants to wrap up immigration debate this week

The Senate’s main players on immigration legislation

GOP senator calls Trump's immigration plan the 'best and final offer' as debate starts

House GOP leaders will whip conservative immigration bill

Burned by the budget, right warns Ryan on immigration

Trump spars with GOP lawmakers on steel tariffs

GOP worries North Dakota Senate race is lost without Kevin Cramer

Politician quits after comparing immigrants to ‘rabid raccoons’


Senate to start DREAMer debate and anything could happen

Senate braces for showdown over ‘Dreamers’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell throws his weight behind immigration bill that mirrors President Donald Trump's demands

The Daily 202: Freewheeling immigration debate in Senate will test power of conservative outside groups 

Politico: Susan Collins "explodes" at broken promise to hold vote on guaranteeing health insurer pay

All the Trump Budget Cuts Congress Will Ignore

Kansas senator says Trump pledged not to cut crop insurance. Trump’s budget cuts it

Alabama congressman writes off domestic abuse as ‘soap opera news’

Big Republican Advantages Are Eroding in the Race for House Control

Will GOP Women Take A Stand Against President Donald Trump? 

GOP candidate's parents make max donations to his Dem opponent

Juan Williams: The GOP has been corrupted by Trump


GOP senators offer stiff security plan as ante in immigration debate

Up next in the Senate: Immigration. And nobody knows what will happen. 

In big reversal, new Trump budget will give up on longtime Republican goal of eliminating deficit 

Trump, GOP at new crossroads on deficit

Rand Paul rails against 'wasteful spending' after forcing brief government shutdown

Paul: Deficit spending no better under Republicans

Freedom Caucus chairman on budget deal: 'The swamp won and the American taxpayer lost'

Conservative GOP rep has 'big concerns' with Speaker Ryan

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan: Paul Ryan has 'got problems'

G.O.P. Squirms as Trump Veers Off Script With Abuse Remarks

Flake: White House saying it could have handled Porter allegations better an understatement

Flake: It's not a joking matter to call someone treasonous

Devin Nunes wants ‘ridiculous’ Democratic memo released

Devin Nunes creates his own alternative news site

Sen. Bob Corker's second thoughts on retiring


Texas GOP lawmaker: Trump wall 'expensive and least effective’ security plan

Pro-Trump GOP lawmaker calls for release of Dem memo, says Americans deserve to see it

Rand Paul revels in role of Senate troublemaker

Meghan McCain says John McCain 'doing really good' in cancer fight


Trump signs massive spending deal into law and ends year's second government shutdown

Trump signs budget deal ending shutdown

Brief government shutdown ends as Trump signs spending bill

House passes deal to end shutdown

Rand Paul calls out hypocrisy of GOP in the Trump era

Congress is spending as if we’re in a recession instead of saving up to fight the next one

Massive infusion of spending ends era of restraint for federal agencies, Pentagon 

In budget deal, new signs of clipped wings among GOP’s fiscal hawks

Congress raids the Federal Reserve's piggy bank once again, this time to help pay for the new budget deal

With Budget Deal, the G.O.P. Tosses Out the Economics Textbooks

Winners and losers from the overnight shutdown

12 of the most important things in Congress’s massive spending deal 

Today's Massive Budget Deal Makes Big Medicare Changes

The Senseless $15 Billion Tax Giveaway Buried In The Budget Deal

Bitter immigration fight is no closer to ending after budget deal passes


Senate passes sweeping spending bill, sends measure to House for crucial vote to end government shutdown 
2:05 AM 2/9/18

Senate votes to reopen government, passes budget deal

Government shuts down for second time in three weeks as spending plan stalls in Senate

A government shutdown will begin at midnight. The Senate has recessed until 12:01 a.m. without passing a spending bill. 

Congress to miss shutdown deadline as Senate goes into recess

Rand Paul blocking spending vote, says can't 'look the other way'

Senate stumbles shutdown, as Rand Paul blocks vote

Frustrated Republicans accuse Paul of forcing pointless shutdown

What you need to know about the Senate budget deal

The giant Senate budget deal includes some huge changes for Americans' health care

Budget deal is brimming with special tax breaks

Paul Ryan says he has the votes for budget deal

The Memo: Nunes ‘bombshell’ fails to move debate

Here's an Actual Nazi on CNN. He's Running Unopposed for a Republican Nomination to Congress.

House Intel committee infighting so fierce, wall could soon divide staff: Report

The Daily 202: Improving poll numbers give Republicans hope that the midterms might not be so bad 


McConnell tees up budget deal

Senate leaders announce two-year budget deal

Mitch McConnell says Senate leaders have reached a major budget deal

Senate leaders agree to two-year budget deal

Sweeping budget deal would add $500 billion in federal spending, end months of partisan wrangling 

What are spending caps?

Senate budget deal includes $20 billion for infrastructure projects

Senate budget deal includes $2B boost for NIH

Sanford: Debt & deficit require presidential leadership

Can Speaker Ryan Convince House Republicans to Support the Budget Deal?

Exclusive: Pressure grows on Paul Ryan to commit to immigration debate

Paul Ryan ducks CNN reporter's memo question

Republicans are completely reversing themselves on the deficit

Washington is on track for more government spending and bigger deficits — even under Republican control

NJ Politics Digest: Paul Ryan’s Tax Cut Tweet Targeted in NJ Races

The fatal flaw of the Nunes memo conspiracy theories, in one exchange 

The GOP’s Coming ObamacareCapitulation

GOP worries about top recruit facing McCaskill

Cory Gardner’s siege of the Justice Department over marijuana enters second month

Pennsylvania Republican Wants to Impeach Justices Who Threw Out Gerrymandered Map


House passes stopgap spending measure with defense money

Senate leaders see two-year budget deal within their grasp 

Top Senate leaders negotiating budget deal to keep government open 

Senate leaders near two-year budget deal to prevent shutdown

Shutdown less likely as Senate closes in on budget agreement

Hatch introduces bipartisan bill to clarify cross-border data policies

Republican agenda clouded by division

Do Republicans want to ban abortion after 20 weeks with no exceptions? 

Devin Nunes' Trumpian media strategy 

The Nunes memo is looking like a bust for Trump 

Commentary: Nunes tried to discredit the FBI. Instead, he proved it's onto something.

Nunes Refused to Tell House Intel What’s Next for His DOJ-FBI Probe

Trump dossier author misled FBI, Grassley says in criminal referral to Justice Dept.

Where Do Republicans Go From Here?

The cowardice among Republicans is staggering 


The Daily 202: More memos are coming. Here are six questions about ‘Phase Two’ of the Nunes investigation.

6 tortured arguments Republicans are making about the Nunes memo 

Republicans are uniting to impugn ex-spy Christopher Steele. But to what end? 

House panel clears release of Democrats’ rebuttal to GOP memo, forcing showdown with Trump 

House Intel votes to release Dem countermemo

House panel votes to release Democratic memo on Russia probe

Trump touts GOP unity, but Congress is split ahead of shutdown, immigration deadlines

With deadline looming, McConnell’s plan for Dreamer debate still unclear even to GOP

Freedom Caucus backs GOP plan to tie CR to defense spending

GOP leaders to attach defense funding to CR

The government could shut down if Congress doesn't act this week

Congress returns with just days to avoid shutdown

Yes, another government shutdown is entirely possible 

Kimberly-Clark Uses GOP Tax Break to Sucker Punch Wisconsin Workers

GOP probes put new focus on State

GOP eyes changes to Right to Try bill

New bipartisan immigration plan introduced in Senate by McCain and Coons 

Illinois Holocaust denier, Jew-hater set to be Republican nominee for Congress

Supreme Court refuses to block Pa. ruling invalidating congressional map 

Sound the alarm: National GOP breaks glass in Pennsylvania race

Poll: Most in GOP think FBI, DOJ trying to 'delegitimize' Trump

The political peril of taking credit for a booming stock market


Republican lawmakers distance themselves from Trump on memo 

GOP rep: I don't think memo vindicates Trump

Lawmakers dispute ‘vindication’ for Trump in Intel memo

House intelligence panel to take up Democratic memo Monday: sources

Gowdy: Memo has no impact on Russia probe

Gowdy: Surveillance warrant would not have been authorized without dossier

Gowdy: Trump should not fire Rosenstein

GOP rep: Memo doesn't give Trump reason to fire Rosenstein

Gov. Kasich: Efforts to discredit DOJ & FBI becoming 'a great alarm'

Gov. Kasich: “in my lifetime I’ve never seen this country divided like this”

GOP opponent slams Gillibrand for shifting gun control stance

Fractured GOP struggles with immigration strategy

Polls swing toward GOP, easing fears of midterm disaster

Holocaust denier is sole GOP contender in Illinois race for Congress: reports


Loudest GOP voices ignore Ryan’s lead on Nunes memo, attacking FBI and Justice Dept. 

Republicans open to releasing Democrats' countermemo

GOP document alleges, doesn’t prove FBI abuses Experts dismiss memo findings

Does the GOP memo show the FBI spied on the Trump campaign? 

Once the party of law and order, Republicans are now challenging it 

This is the week that the GOP truly became the party of Trump

GOP turns Pelosi's words into weapon for tax law


The Full Text of the Nunes Memo

The full Nunes memo, annotated 

Release of disputed GOP memo on FBI surveillance unleashes waves of recrimination 

'That's it?' Nunes memo draws outrage and derision.

Sentence buried in GOP memo may undercut Trump efforts to discredit Russia probe 

6 key takeaways from the GOP memo alleging FBI bias in the Russia investigation

Five takeaways from the Nunes surveillance memo

Memo: Papadopoulos info triggered FBI's Russia investigation

What the Nunes memo actually proves (Not much)

The Surprise in the Nunes Memo

GOP memo alleges bias against Trump in FBI probe

The memo’s description of a supposedly key news report is wrong 

Partisanship is shaping people’s views on the GOP memo 

Comey underwhelmed by GOP memo: ‘That’s it?’

The Trump White House’s laughable spin that releasing the Nunes memo is all about ‘transparency’ 

Nunes: I did not read material summarized in the memo

Devin Nunes admits he didn't view the underlying intelligence his memo was based on

Sen. John McCain on Nunes memo release: 'We are doing Putin's job for him'

GOP lawmaker accuses FBI of treason after anti-Trump bias memo released

The Nunes memo is a giant, damaging distraction

5 Points On How The Nunes Memo Is Basically One Big Self-Own

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta discusses GOP memo release

CNN legal analyst rips Nunes memo: It's 'an embarrassment to the United States Congress'

Chris Wallace on Nunes Memo: ‘I Wouldn’t Say It’s Worse Than Watergate’

‘The Memo’ eclipses agenda at GOP’s policy retreat

Congress barrels toward spending deadline with no deal in sight

House presses Senate GOP on filibuster reform

NJ Politics Digest: GOP Incumbents Lag in Congressional Fundraising

Nunes opponent raises over $100k in campaign donations amid memo controversy


Senate GOP leader cautions Nunes on FBI memo

Battle over Nunes memo tests Congress’ ability to oversee FBI

The director of the FBI seems prepared to publicly dispute the Nunes memo once it is released

The GOP’s big tax-cut gamble appears to be paying dividends 

The G.O.P. Tax Cut Is Draining the Treasury Even Faster Than Expected

Federal government will be unable to pay all bills sooner than expected, due to new tax law 

As shutdown deadline looms, GOP leaders eye yet another short-term spending bill

The Freedom Caucus Is Flirting with Another Government Shutdown

House planning vote to keep government open until March 22

U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin urges Congress to raise debt ceiling as another shutdown looms

House GOP warming to ObamaCare fix

Republican National Committee has huge financial edge heading into 2018 midterms 

Trump’s optimism faces reality check in divided Congress and GOP 

Trump urges compromise as US Republicans wrestle with immigration

This ‘safe’ Republican congressman is losing the race for campaign cash

Pennsylvania GOP Leader Refuses Court Order to Turn Over Gerrymandering Data


Rep. Trey Gowdy announces plans to retire, return to justice system

GOP faces new shutdown threat from within

GOP lawmakers say Trump would make mistake in firing Rosenstein

FBI challenges accuracy of GOP’s surveillance memo 

Schiff accuses Nunes of altering memo before sharing it with Trump for release 


Rep. Paul Gosar wants ‘illegal aliens’ arrested at the State of the Union. That probably won’t help the GOP with Latinos. 

RNC Troubled By Steve Wynn Sexual Assault Allegations, Plans To Keep His Money Anyway

Ryan defends release of memo on alleged surveillance abuses but warns against tying it to Mueller probe 

Paul Ryan sees 'no reason' for Trump to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Collins becomes centrist power player

Senate confirms Trump’s 13th Circuit Court judge, disregards ‘blue slip’ protest

The good economy might not bail out Republicans in the midterms after all

Why we might want to be skeptical of the GOP memo criticizing the FBI 


GOP confident tax overhaul will be a 2018 winner

Powerful GOP House Appropriations chair Frelinghuysen to retire

Lawmakers call on Trump to drop bid for legal immigration cuts

Republicans give voice to audacious effort to discredit FBI, Mueller

Republicans on House panel vote to release a secret FBI FISA abuse memo

Here’s what’s actually in the Justice Department memo that Republicans claim is so shocking

Republicans start to donate Steve Wynn contributions following sexual misconduct accusations

Koch brothers network spending more to save the GOP in the midterms than ever before

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