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( Page 1) BEGINNING January 25,2021


Biden limits eligibility for stimulus payments under pressure from moderate Senate Democrats

Eager to act, Biden and Democrats leave Republicans behind

Buried in Biden's stimulus plan is a 29 percent spending hike in Obamacare subsidies

Team Biden surprises with positive vaccine news

President Joe Biden slams governors for lifting mask mandates, calls it ‘Neanderthal thinking’

Biden Gives Turkey the Silent Treatment

As Biden weighs human rights and security in Mideast, some see peril for Israel


WATCH LIVE: Pres. Biden on the coronavirus pandemic

Biden vows enough vaccine for all US adults by end of May

White House withdraws Tanden nomination; Biden says U.S. will have enough vaccine doses for every adult by end of May

Biden meets with Mexican president amid growing pressure on immigration

Can Biden Finally Put the Middle East in Check and Pivot Already?
(The new administration, like previous ones, has a Middle East quagmire. But it’s trying some nuanced moves to break free.)


Biden works to unify Senate Democrats on $1.9 trillion relief bill

Biden administration to pay transportation, healthcare for families separated under Trump

The five reasons Biden explicitly endorsed union elections

Biden tries to reset relationship with Mexican president

Biden's approval tops 60 percent in new poll


Biden offers support to union organizing efforts

Biden team readies wider economic package after virus relief

Biden’s Saudi Arabia problem


Biden hails House passage of $1.9T virus bill, now to Senate

What’s in the House’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus plan

Biden calls for 'quick action' in Senate on coronavirus relief package

Biden signals ‘significant changes’ in US-Saudi ties

Biden explains justification for Syria strike in letter to congressional leadership

Touring Texas damage, Biden calls for unity
(President emphasizes empathy for victims of all political stripes, a contrast to Trump’s disaster responses.)


Biden Won’t Penalize Saudi Crown Prince Over Khashoggi’s Killing, Fearing Relations Breach

Biden vows to hold Saudi Arabia accountable after Khashoggi report released

Biden says U.S. will hold Russia accountable over Crimea

US strikes Iran-backed fighters in Syria, in 1st military action under Biden

Israel said very pleased with US strikes in Syria: ‘Biden is not Obama’

Biden to hold virtual bilateral meeting with Mexican president

Joe Biden’s $1.9trn stimulus package is one of the most popular bills in decades

Biden defends vaccine rollout as he marks 50 million vaccinations

Biden pushes full-time school, but districts are cautious after CDC weighs in

Biden is hiking the cost of carbon. It will change how the U.S. tackles global warming.

'We're in for the long haul': Biden visits Texas following storm, promises increased COVID relief

‘It’s not the time to relax,’ Biden says after touring coronavirus mass vaccination site in Texas


Biden administration conducts strike on Iranian-linked fighters in Syria

Biden speaks with Saudi king ahead of expected release of report on Khashoggi

Biden puts a twist on 'America First' even as he moves to unravel Trump's foreign policy

Biden marks the 50 millionth coronavirus vaccination in the United States

Biden lifts Trump-era ban blocking legal immigration to US

Biden, facing resistance in Congress, courts GOP governors


Biden officially undoes Trump’s designation of Seattle as an ‘anarchist jurisdiction’

Biden reverses Trump actions on visas, architecture, cities

Biden administration may undo certain Trump-era mortgage rules

Biden orders sweeping review of U.S. supply chain weak spots

Biden nominates three to USPS board of governors as DeJoy testifies on mail crises


Biden holds first bilateral meeting with a world leader, a virtual session with Trudeau

Biden administration preparing to sanction Russia for SolarWinds hacks and the poisoning of an opposition leader

Biden attempt to resurrect Iran nuke deal off to bumpy start

Biden Takes On Trump’s Migrant Policies and Confusion Reigns at the Border

First migrant facility for children opens under Biden


Biden boosts pandemic lending to smallest businesses

Biden asks high court to drop 2 Trump-era Medicaid cases

Biden, Harris hold moment of silence as US tops 500,000 COVID deaths

 Biden mourns 500,000 American lives lost to coronavirus

Biden marks grim milestone of 500,000 COVID-19 deaths, but promises 'America will smile again'


Biden to hold moment of silence for 500K COVID-19 deaths

Beyond 100M: Biden team aiming for bigger vaccine numbers

White House says Biden is ‘eager’ to go to Texas, possibly as soon as this week

Biden’s low-key approach to storm wins praise but courts risks

As Biden seeks end to Yemen war, rebels press offensive for strategic province


Biden declares major disaster in Texas as focus shifts to who is responsible for the winter weather crisis

Texas weather: President Biden declares major disaster

Biden administration tries to transition from campaigning on immigration to managing a dysfunctional immigration system

Biden pays a visit to ailing former GOP Sen. Bob Dole


Biden won't pull Tanden nomination, says she'll get the votes

Biden Outlines How Trump 'Failed' To Help Americans Get COVID-19 Vaccines

President Joe Biden planning trip to storm-ravaged Texas, but 'I don't want to be a burden'

Biden to critics of $1.9 trillion relief plan: ‘What would they have me cut?'

Biden administration, vaccine makers scramble to outflank coronavirus variants

Biden tells G7 leaders U.S. will 're-engage'

Biden repudiates Trump on Iran, ready for talks on nuke deal

Biden pledges to reassert U.S. leadership in global diplomacy and welcome talks with Iran

Biden says U.S. commitment to NATO is 'unshakeable'

‘An attack on one is an attack on all’ — Biden backs NATO military alliance in sharp contrast to Trump

U.S. officially rejoins Paris accord, vowing to make up for lost time
(The Biden administration is pledging that the United States will now lead the global effort to combat climate change)

What Biden and Putin Can Agree On


Biden to lay out his foreign policy at G-7, Munich summit

Biden signals reset of U.S.-Israel relations
(President’s delayed call to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggests a post-Trump policy change.)

Biden authorizes supplies for Texas amid power outages, approves new disaster declarations

Biden rolling out plan for $4 billion global vaccine effort

White House announces $4 billion in funding for Covax, the global vaccine effort that Trump spurned

Biden wants a 'public option' health plan. Two Senate moderates say they have just the bill

Tracking Biden’s environmental actions

Joe Biden’s climate-friendly energy revolution

Biden memo for ICE officers points to fewer deportations and strict oversight

Biden to Announce Broad Plan to Reverse Trump Immigration Policies

Democrats call for ‘big, bold’ action on immigration as Biden’s bill is introduced

Native Americans ‘Left Out in the Cold’ Under Trump Press Biden for Action


Biden hosts labor leaders in Oval Office to discuss coronavirus relief, infrastructure

Biden White House memo reveals strategy to pressure Republicans on COVID relief

Biden indicates he’s open to negotiation on $15 minimum wage

Biden-ordered review of supply chain to include electric car batteries, medical supplies and rare earth metals

Biden faces backlash from left on student loans

White House: Biden’s first call to Mideast leader will be to Netanyahu

Biden on ‘Short Leash’ as Administration Rethinks China Relations

Biden Mulls Special Envoy for Horn of Africa

Riyadh Seeks Biden’s Forgiveness


Focus on Capitol Hill turns to passing Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill

Biden zeroes in on policy: Here are 6 top priorities

Biden administration increases the number of Covid vaccine doses shipped weekly to states and pharmacies

Biden says vaccines will be available for all Americans by end of July

White House announces another bump in vaccine supply; winter storm disrupts vaccination sites nationwide

Biden lays out timeline to vaccinate 'every single' American

Biden says goal is to reopen schools five days a week in first 100 days

Biden extends protections for homeowners. Here’s what you need to know

The Biden administration is waving money at a dozen states to expand Medicaid

Biden asked for 6 months of extra unemployment benefits. Here's why House Democrats gave him 5.

Biden balks at $50K student loan forgiveness plan

Heartland factories losing ground as Biden readies manufacturing push

Biden’s Middle East woes are already piling up

Biden faces imminent decision time on future of Iran nuclear deal

Biden administration won’t rule out retaliation for rocket attack in Iraq


Biden Takes Center Stage With Ambitious Agenda as Trump’s Trial Ends

Biden is winning Republican support for his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan. Just not in Washington.

Here's what's in Biden's $1.9 trillion economic rescue package

Biden, Hill Democrats plan to unveil immigration reform bill this week

Biden pledges action on guns amid resistance


Biden plans to focus on coronavirus in first G7 meeting

Biden administration has "deep concerns" about WHO's COVID-19 probe

Here's what's in Biden's $1.9 trillion economic rescue package

On Parkland anniversary, Biden calls for tougher gun laws

Biden finds a few Trump moves he'll keep

Biden has started erasing Trump’s legacy. Now the hard part starts.

What Biden means for American Catholics
(Church leaders warn against his policies, but laypeople tend to relate to his views.)

As impeachment trial ends, Biden’s White House eager to turn page on Trump

Pelosi rips into ‘cowardly’ Republican senators after Trump acquitted


Biden on Trump acquittal: 'Substance of the charge is not in dispute'

Biden administration says it intends to close Guantanamo prison

EPA to jettison major Obama climate rule, as Biden eyes a bigger push

President Biden may struggle to get new $3,000 benefit to many of America’s poorest families

Biden’s vaccine push runs into distrust in the Black community

‘Not a dis’: White House denies Biden is snubbing Netanyahu by not calling him


Biden admin to begin processing migrants who were forced to 'Remain in Mexico' under Trump

Emergency declaration at border was ‘unwarranted,’ Biden said. Thousands of troops remain there.

Biden plows ahead on pandemic agenda — with an eye on Trump’s trial

Biden administration to move Friday to rescind Medicaid work requirements

Biden’s goal to reopen schools meets high-stakes political test

Biden zeroes in on task at hand
(Eager to turn page on Trump, White House ignores impeachment trial to tackle agenda.)


"Did not do his job": Biden blasts Trump's COVID vaccination efforts

Biden says US is securing 600 million vaccine doses by July

White House not ruling out domestic travel bans to stop coronavirus mutations surge

'Overwhelm the problem': Inside Biden’s war on COVID-19

Biden administration tells Supreme Court Obamacare is constitutional, should be saved

The Biden White House Is Tossing Obama’s Economics Playbook

In first call with China’s Xi, Biden stresses U.S. commitment to allies and human rights

Biden: US needs to 'step up' with infrastructure plan, or China will 'eat our lunch'

Tracking Biden’s environmental actions

Biden to sign executive order addressing chip shortage

Biden considering prominent Republicans for ambassadorships


White House builds business coalition to support Biden’s Covid relief plan

Biden raises concerns with Xi in first call with Chinese leader as president

How the Biden Administration Can Expand Rural Broadband


Manchin urges Biden to reverse on Keystone pipeline

Biden and Yellen met with CEOs of JPMorgan, Walmart, Gap to talk stimulus

Biden backs House Democrats' proposed threshold for COVID-19 checks

White House says Biden is too busy to pay much attention to Trump impeachment trial

As Biden Pushes for Racial Equity in Vaccination, Data Is Lagging

Analysis: Child poverty a hidden focus of virus relief plan

Biden must make a tough decision on Afghanistan — and quickly


President Biden urges Congress to expedite stimulus payments: ‘We don’t have a second to waste’

Biden takes a step correlated to winning a second term: Reinstating the presidential weekly address

Biden says US won’t lift sanctions before Iran stops uranium enrichment

Joe Biden prepares to leave his mark on the federal judiciary

What to Expect From Biden’s Immigration Policies


Biden discusses vaccinations, school reopenings, foreign policy in first network interview as president

Biden immigration policy looks beyond reversing Trump

New Biden rules for ICE point to fewer arrests and deportations, and a more restrained agency

Biden’s aid plan starts war on child poverty
(Relief package’s help for parents draws little notice, but could have a major lasting impact.)

‘An easy choice’: Inside Biden’s decision to go it alone with Democrats on coronavirus relief

Trump administration’s handling of the Covid ‘even more dire than we thought’, says Biden

Biden expects to take NFL up on offer to use stadiums as vaccination sites

US moves to rejoin UN rights council, reversing Trump anew

Can Biden actually help Yemen?


President sends in troops to help state combat virus
(Biden invokes war powers to boost vaccine efforts and mitigate inequities for vulnerable groups.)

Biden inherited a USPS crisis. Here’s how Democrats want to fix it.

Biden moves to revoke terrorist designation for Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthis

Biden administration suspends Trump asylum deals with El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras


Biden beefs up administration with Asia experts as the U.S. prepares to take on China

Biden’s Yemen policy breaks with Obama. There may be more daylight to come.

Joe Biden puts Saudi Arabia on notice

Biden Puts a Kinder, Gentler Spin on ‘America First’
(To lead abroad, Joe Biden argued in his first foreign-policy speech as president, America must heal itself.)

Biden says Trump should not receive intelligence briefings because of his ‘erratic behavior’

Biden sharpens attack over GOP stimulus approach as Democrats advance plan in Congress

  Biden rips GOP for 'all of a sudden' showing fiscal restraint

Biden harnesses Defense Production Act to speed vaccinations and production of protective equipment

Biden defends passing $1.9 trillion stimulus without GOP support — ‘We don’t have to wait’

Bad jobs report boosts Biden stimulus case

Biden says the $15 minimum wage hike likely won't be part of the COVID-19 relief package


‘America Is Back,’ Biden Says
(The new president returns to traditional foreign policy—with a big dash of populism.)

Biden strikes tough tone on Russia in diplomatic push

Biden to freeze withdrawal of U.S. troops from Germany

Biden recommits U.S. to global alliances, ends support for Saudi-led war in Yemen in first major foreign policy speech

Biden faces a relieved but cautious Europe

Biden withdraws Judy Shelton's Fed nomination


Biden wants $1,400 stimulus checks, but signals a compromise with GOP is possible

Biden might get an $11 minimum wage—but not $15

Biden moves quickly to make his mark on federal courts after Trump’s record judicial nominations

Biden pays respects as policeman killed in Capitol attack lies in state


Biden urges Senate Democrats to go big on his relief package, warns against smaller plan

Biden tells Senate Democrats that GOP coronavirus plan is "too small"

Biden calls Democrats, urges big COVID-19 relief bill

Biden Plans To Raise Wages For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Workers Without Congress

Biden boosting vaccine allotments, financing for virus costs

Biden administration announces direct vaccine shipments to pharmacies

Biden issues new immigration orders, while signaling cautious approach

Biden signs immigration orders as Congress awaits more


Biden to begin efforts to reunify migrant families separated by Trump administration

Yahoo News/YouGov poll: More than two-thirds of Americans side with Biden on COVID relief — and most support the rest of his agenda

Biden meets with 10 GOP senators at White House on pandemic relief

White House plays down prospects for Biden-GOP meeting on relief bill

Biden asks U.S. Supreme Court to cancel asylum, border wall arguments

The Race to Dismantle Trump’s Immigration Policies

Biden threatens sanctions on Myanmar after military coup

Biden may revoke Trump's access to classified intelligence


Biden to meet with Senate Republicans offering covid relief counter-proposal

Biden plans first major foreign policy speech on restoring 'America's place'

Biden reverses Trump last-minute attempt to freeze $27.4 billion of programs

Biden tempers expectations for high-dollar donors who hoped to get plum diplomatic posts


Biden reignites immigration fight in Congress

Biden wants Democrats to keep Trump trial short

Biden reportedly expected to nominate judges with legal backgrounds 'historically underrepresented on the federal bench'

Biden Visits Walter Reed, the Hospital That Treated Both Him and His Son

Why Biden Has a Better Shot at Saving the Climate Than Obama Did


Biden urges swift passage of his coronavirus relief plan, highlighting ‘the cost of inaction’

Biden administration readies battle plan as Covid variants reach the U.S.

Biden signs orders reversing Trump policies on Obamacare and abortion

Biden signs executive orders at furious pace

Biden administration halts effort to install Trump loyalists on Pentagon advisory boards

Biden’s first phone calls show where he’s looking — and it’s not at Israel

Biden Taps Obama Administration Diplomat as New Iran Envoy


Joe Biden terminates much of Donald Trump’s legacy

Biden's administration is starting to unravel dozens of Trump-era health policies

Biden drops Trump’s antiabortion ‘global gag rule.’ Here’s what that means for abortion access worldwide

Biden turns the page on Trump's Israel-Palestine policies

President Biden’s push for $15-an-hour minimum wage faces strong headwinds in Senate

Biden in remembrance day statement: ‘The Holocaust was no accident of history’

Biden seen likely to keep Space Force, a Trump favorite


Biden suspends oil and gas leasing in slew of executive actions on climate change

Biden to place environmental justice at center of sweeping climate plan

The Reality Behind Biden's Plan to Legalize 11 Million Immigrants

Biden pushes equity for Asian Americans
(President signs four executive orders to address racism — a rebuttal to Trump.)

Biden expected to sign executive order to expand US refugee program

Joe Biden Pauses Trump-Era Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

The Biden-Putin relationship is already on the rocks


Polls find Biden's approval rating higher than Trump's ever was

In first call with Putin, Biden pressed Russian president on several issues, White House says

Biden administration seeks to buy 200 million more vaccine doses, to be delivered through the summer

Biden orders DOJ to end private prison contracts as part of racial equity push

Biden signs orders on racial equity, and civil rights groups press for more

Biden poised to halt new fossil fuel leasing on federal land and water Wednesday

Biden to reopen ACA insurance marketplaces as pandemic has cost millions of Americans their coverage


Biden says Trump's impeachment trial 'has to happen'

Biden ups vaccine goal to 1.5 million shots a day, says vaccine to be widely available by spring

Biden says he's open to negotiating income limits for stimulus checks

Biden signs order pushing federal government to buy more American-made products

In sprint to address LGBTQ rights, Biden reverses Trump-era ban on transgender people serving in the military

The Biden administration will 'work on three fronts' to combat climate change

Biden replaces White House doctor with his longtime physician

Biden tells Merkel he wants to revitalize Germany alliance


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