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(Page 6) BEGINNING September 2,2020


Trump, caught off guard by news of Ginsburg's death, says he was 'saddened'

Trump says U.S. will manufacture enough coronavirus vaccine doses for every American by April

Trump administration announces $13 billion in additional aid to Puerto Rico

U.S. bans WeChat, TikTok as China becomes major focus of election


Trump announces another $13B in aid to farmers affected by COVID-19

Trump jabs at FBI director over testimony on Russia, antifa

Trump alleges ‘left-wing indoctrination’ in schools, says he will create national commission to push more ‘pro-American’ history

Stumping for a sweet new term, Trump tells US Jews ‘We love your country also’


 Trump undercuts GOP, calls for bigger COVID-19 relief package

Trump suggests he could back a bigger coronavirus stimulus as top aide says he’s more optimistic about a deal

Trump on COVID vaccine: I know better than the head of CDC

Trump's Threat to Pull Funding From Schools Over How They Teach Slavery Is Part of a Long History of Politicizing American History Class


Israel signs deal establishing formal ties with two Arab states at the White House

Trump Defends Indoor Rally, but Aides Express Concern

Trump says he doesn't think he could've done more to stop virus spread

Trump defends claim coronavirus will disappear, citing 'herd mentality'


White House blocks Navarro from testifying to House panel about ventilator deal

Trump instigates 'lock him up' chant for Obama at rally


Trump signs new executive order aimed at lowering drug prices

WATCH LIVE: Trump holds first indoor rally in months in Nevada

Trump holds first entirely indoor rally in nearly three months


Trump Accuses Judge of 'Stacking the Deck' Against Him in Tax Ruling

Trump slams Nevada governor at rally, takes aim at mail-in voting

Watch Live: Trump rallies supporters in Nevada


Trump administration seeks sweeping DNA collection of immigrants, U.S. sponsors

Bahrain establishing full diplomatic relations with Israel, Trump announces

Trump, struggling to define Biden, steps up Harris attacks


Trump releases list of potential Supreme Court Nominees

Trump Resumes the Rallies He Cherishes, but Virus Vexes His Plans

Trump calls question about why he 'lied' about COVID-19 a 'disgrace'

Trump tries to deflect blame but stands by comments made in Woodward interview

Trump screamed at Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch in "humongous blowup" over "unfair" coverage: report


Trump makes a bewildering confession about who's paying for his border wall

A Striking Reversal: Trump’s Attacks on the Military and Defense Contractors

In reversal, Trump to ban oil drilling off coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina


Trump employs images of violence as political fuel for reelection fight

Trump launches unprecedented attack on military leadership he appointed

Trump: Harris would be an 'insult' as first female president


Trump floats using extra $300B in coronavirus relief aid for second stimulus check

Trump says he’s open to investigation of DeJoy’s campaign fundraising

Trump says troops love him even if Pentagon brass doesn't

Trump: Says Democrats 'endangering lives' by questioning his coronavirus vaccine push

Trump blasts Biden, Harris for 'anti-vaccine rhetoric'

Trump casts wide net in Labor Day press conference

Trump Orders Reporter To Remove His Mask At Press Briefing


Trump Urges Supporters to Harass Steve Jobs’ Widow Because She Owns The Atlantic


Trump attacks Fox News reporter after she backs up key details of Atlantic story

Trump lashes out at 'slimeball reporter' amid furor over alleged war dead remarks


White House directs federal agencies to cancel race-related training sessions it calls ‘un-American propaganda’

Trump reverses Defense Dept. order to shut down Stars and Stripes newspaper

Trump wins backing of largest U.S. police union as he touts 'law and order'

Trump takes fight to battlegrounds as electoral map comes into focus

Trump says former chief of staff Gen. John Kelly couldn't 'handle the pressure' of the job


Trump tries to clarify suggestion that voters cast ballots twice, which if done intentionally is illegal

Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’

Trump denies report he called U.S. service members buried in France 'losers', 'suckers'


Trump threatens to cut federal funds to 'lawless' cities

Donald Trump tries out law-and-order talk on suburban voters

Celebrating 75th anniversary of V-J Day, Trump says America 'not ashamed' of its history

Trump Invites All To Remove Masks, Interrupts Black Attendees At Kenosha Roundtable

Trump appears to encourage North Carolinians to vote twice to test the system


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