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(Page 6) BEGINNING September 2,2020


Since Donald J. Trump is no longer President a new page will be set up shortly for President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. his news is presently under Daily Political News


As Trump exits Washington, he tells modest crowd, ‘We will be back in some form’


Trump grants clemency to 143 people in late-night pardon blast

Trump ends term with ‘patriotic education’ report which makes excuses for slavery and calls anti-abortion movement ‘great reform’

Trump seeks to box-in Biden with executive actions


Trump preparing another 100 pardons, commutations before leaving office: reports

Trump moves to lift coronavirus travel restrictions on Europe, Brazil

Trump administration issues racist school curriculum report on MLK day


Trump, in wave of Tuesday pardons, so far not planning to pardon himself: source


No New News Today


Trump to depart White House hours before Biden inauguration, flying Air Force One to Mar-a-Lago last time


Trump seeks to freeze $27.4 billion of programs in final week of presidency


In new video, Trump condemns violence without mentioning his second impeachment

Trump angrily watched impeachment proceedings while asking about path forward


Trump administration reverses stance, will no longer hold back second shots of coronavirus vaccine

Trump says his rally speech before deadly Capitol riot was 'totally appropriate'


Trump approves DC emergency declaration ahead of Biden inauguration

On its way out the door, Trump administration names Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism


Trump has not contacted Pence since storming of Capitol


As Dems plan impeachment, Trump said to regret video vowing peaceful transition
(Democrats seek decisive, immediate action to ensure an ‘unhinged’ commander in chief can’t cause more damage)

Trump goes ‘ballistic’ over Twitter ban as it emerges president wanted to march to Capitol with supporters


Trump to skip Biden swearing-in — Biden’s fine with that

Trump suggests building own platform after Twitter ban


President Trump says he’ll work toward transition of power, condemns violence a day after inciting mob

After inciting riot, Trump now promises peaceful transfer of power


Trump Told Crowd ‘You Will Never Take Back Our Country With Weakness’
(As Congress prepared to certify the victory of his successor, President Trump railed against the election and helped set in motion hours of violence.)

Trump attacks Pence as protesters force their way into Capitol

Trump administration added almost $15 billion in government red tape last year: report

Trump auctions drilling rights to Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday
(Move comes after major energy companies passed on drilling in a fragile habitat critical for threatened polar bears)


Trump administration seeks to undo decades-long rules on discrimination


Trump's final push for Georgia runoff dominated by personal grievances

Trump at Georgia rally says he hopes Pence 'comes through for us'

Trump warns Cotton after senator says he won't object to Biden certification


‘I just want to find 11,780 votes’: In extraordinary hour-long call, Trump pressures Georgia secretary of state to recalculate the vote in his favor

Here's the full transcript and audio of the call between Trump and Raffensperger

Trump to give Nunes Medal of Freedom: reports


Trump throws grenades into high-stakes Georgia Senate runoffs in final stretch


Federal employees to receive 1 percent pay raise under Trump executive order

White House moves to freeze some foreign aid, defying Congress in Trump’s final days

Trump vetoes bipartisan driftnet fishing bill

Trump calls Georgia Senate runoffs 'both illegal and invalid' in New Year's tweets


Trump returns to Washington early ahead of Republican plan to disrupt certification of Biden's win


Trump upends GOP’s renewed focus on deficits, splitting party with push for $2,000 checks

Trump calls for Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a fellow Republican, to resign

Trump to cut Florida trip short, return to Washington on Thursday


Trump campaign asks Supreme Court to review Wisconsin challenge

Trump lashes out at ‘weak and tired’ Republican congressional leadership


Trump's final days try to turn the military into a political pawn

U.S. bolsters support for Taiwan and Tibet, angering China
(Trump angers China)


Trump signs coronavirus relief and government funding bill into law after lengthy delay

Trump signs stimulus and government spending bill into law, averting shutdown

Trump signs massive measure funding government, COVID relief

Trump to hold rally in Georgia ahead of Senate runoffs


Trump criticizes Senate Republicans ahead of election results vote, urges a 'fight'

Trump tweet rant rips Congress, Senate Republicans, Supreme Court, Justice Department


'Christmas miracle': Trump touts COVID-19 vaccines, thanks military and first responders in greeting

Trump pushes again for $2,000 stimulus checks; COVID-19 relief bill still in limbo


Trump rails against federal spending that he requested in his budget


Trump administration offering Indonesia billions in aid for Israel normalization

Trump grants pardons or clemency to another 29 people, including Charles Kushner and two convicted in Russia probe

Trump pardons Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and father of Jared Kushner

Trump vetoes colossal $740 billion defense bill, breaking with Republican-led Senate

Trump vetoes defense bill, teeing up holiday override votes in Congress

Trump Directs His Wrecking Ball at the COVID-19 Relief Bill and Mitch McConnell


Trump grants clemency to 20 people, including three ex-GOP members of Congress and two men convicted in the Russia probe

Trump goes after No. 2 Senate Republican John Thune, calling his 'political career over!!!'

Trump attacks Thune: 'He will be primaried in 2022'

Live updates: Trump demands $2,000 stimulus checks; calls long awaited coronavirus relief bill a ‘disgrace’

Trump calls on Congress to approve $2,000 stimulus checks, hinting that he might not sign economic relief bill into law without changes

Trump calls Covid relief bill unsuitable and demands Congress add bigger stimulus payments


Trump's final trade jab may be tariffs on Vietnamese goods


Trump says massive cyberattack ‘under control,’ plays down Russian role

Trump campaign will again ask U.S. high court to upend election results

Trump says he spoke with Sen.-elect Tuberville, who has hinted at backing electoral college challenge next month

Trump pushes back on reported talk of martial law: 'Fake News'

Trump calls Bolton 'one of the dumbest people in Washington' after former aide weighs in on martial law report


Trump contradicts Pompeo in bid to downplay massive hack of U.S. government, Russia’s role

Trump downplays impact of hack, questions whether Russia involved

After days of silence, Trump says Russian cyberattack may have been China


Donald Trump plans to shut two remaining US consulates in Russia

Trump praises Tuberville after Alabama GOP senator-elect leaves open objecting to election results January 6


Trump says he will veto $740 billion defense bill, breaking with Republican-led Senate


Trump administration to withhold Medicaid funding from California

Trump lashes out at McConnell for recognizing Biden’s victory: ‘People are angry!’

Trump tells McConnell 'too soon to give up' on election


Trump claims new fraud evidence as Michigan officials push back on disputed report

Trump asking about special prosecutor for Hunter Biden


Trump offered $850 million to terrorism victims to save Sudan-Israel deal

William P. Barr to depart as attorney general, Trump announces


Trump wants Congress to approve stimulus checks for 'more money than they're talking about'

Trump appoints flurry of allies as presidency winds down

Trump says White House staffers shouldn't be among first to get coronavirus vaccine

Trump on attending Biden inauguration: 'I don't want to talk about that'

Trump’s parting gift to Morocco


Trump says Supreme Court 'let us down' on election challenge

Trump ramps up criticism of Bar

Trump discussed the possibility of firing Attorney General William Barr during a Friday meeting


Trump signs one-week government funding bill as Congress buys time for Covid relief

White House orders FDA chief to authorize Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine Friday or submit his resignation

Trump injects himself into the vaccine approval process — yet again


Trump pressures congressional Republicans to help in his fight to overturn the election

Trump EPA finalizes rollback making it harder to enact new public health rules


Trump says he will intervene in Texas election lawsuit

Trump asks Cruz to argue Texas case


Trump Cheers ‘Terrific’ Rise in COVID Cases During Off-The-Rails Vaccine Summit

Trump taps Conway, Chao to government posts in waning days of administration


Trump personally asked Pa. GOP House Speaker for help changing election results

Trump administration rejects tougher standards on soot, a deadly air pollutant
(“People of color and the poor — that is who gets hit the hardest by this,” one activist says)


Trump admin set to approve Arizona land swap for mine opposed by Native Americans


White House signals no rush on coronavirus stimulus: 'We don't believe the recovery is in jeopardy'

Trump demands names of the congressional Republicans who said they recognize Biden as winner

Trump calls Georgia governor to pressure him for help overturning Biden’s win in the state

Trump floats a Doug Collins run against Kemp for Georgia governor

Trump airs election grievances in 100-minute address at largely maskless rally in Georgia


Trump orders Pentagon to pull nearly all troops from Somalia

Trump rushes to lock down oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before Biden takes office

Trump administration appoints loyalists Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie to Defense Business Board


Trump says he's 'disappointed' Barr hasn't 'looked very hard' at baseless voter fraud claims

Trump doubles down on Section 230 repeal after GOP pushback

Trump is worried that he may be prosecuted in New York after he leaves office


Trump administration sets wave of executions for days leading up to Biden inauguration


White House summons FDA chief Stephen Hahn to discuss why agency isn’t moving faster on Covid vaccine

Trump threatens to veto major defense bill unless Congress repeals Section 230, a legal shield for tech giants

Trump to restart foreign deals, breaking a post-presidency norm

Trump has discussed possible pardons for three eldest children, Kushner


Trump headed to Georgia as turnout driver, but also a threat


Trump rages against '60 Minutes' for interview with Krebs

‘My mind will not change in six months’: In first post-election TV interview, Trump renews baseless claims of voter fraud

Trump continues to deny he lost in first post-election interview, says FBI and DOJ 'missing in action' against 'total fraud'


Trump moves to strip job protections from White House budget analysts as he races to transform civil service

Trump’s bid to exclude undocumented immigrants from reapportionment arrives at Supreme Court

Trump considering kicking off 2024 run during Biden's inauguration


Trump administration proceeds with rollback of bird protections despite objections of scientists, environmentalists

Trump remains in a battle of wills with Iran

Trump rails against Twitter in late night tweets

Trump commits to stepping down if electoral college votes for Biden

Trump Now Insists Biden Must 'Prove' He Won 80 Million Votes To Enter The White House


Trump’s imprint on Supreme Court shows conservative effect in key coronavirus ruling

Trump rule eases effort to strip-mine near Okefenokee Swamp

Trump says he will leave White House if Biden wins Electoral College vote

Trump encourages Americans to 'gather' in Thanksgiving proclamation despite coronavirus surge


Trump pardons Flynn despite guilty plea in Russia probe

Trump invites Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers to White House after calling in to baseless voter fraud event

Trump cancels plans to attend Pennsylvania GOP event on election


Two more parting shots from Trump aimed squarely at disabled workers

Trump brags about Dow 30,000 at surprise news conference, leaves after a minute

Trump tells allies he plans to pardon Michael Flynn


Trump says he’s directing his team to cooperate with Biden officials as GSA allows formal transition to begin

The Trump administration takes grey wolves off the endangered list


Trump administration pulls out of Open Skies treaty with Russia


Trump addresses virtual G-20 summit, heads out before session on pandemic

Trump turns on Pfizer over vaccine timing

Trump campaign files for new recount in Georgia

Trump privately plots his next act — including a potential 2024 run


Trump makes late-term bid to lower prescription drug costs

Trump to participate in virtual G-20 summit amid coronavirus surge


Trump is reportedly going straight to Republican state legislators in an attempt to overthrow Biden's win

Threats and Tensions Rise as Trump and Allies Attack Elections Process

Trump campaign asks Pennsylvania court to declare Trump winner

Trump campaign drops Michigan ballot lawsuit — president called GOP county election officials

Trump invites Michigan Republican leaders to meet him at White House as he escalates attempts to overturn election results

As defeats pile up, Trump tries to delay vote count in last-ditch attempt to cast doubt on Biden victory


Trump campaign requests partial Wisconsin recount, deposits $3 million to challenge Biden victory

Trump campaign to request recount in two counties in Wisconsin; he trails in the state by about 20,600 votes

Trump is reportedly upset Biden will steal his coronavirus vaccine thunder


Trump to reduce troops in Afghanistan by almost 50%, trim deployment in Iraq

Trump Administration Finalizing Last-Minute Safety Net Cuts

Trump is angry at vaccine makers, so he's pushing a last-minute plan to lower drug prices

Trump fires top election security official; Biden names senior staff


Trump administration to cut troop levels in Afghanistan and Iraq in sprint to deliver on president’s promise

Trump officials rush to auction off rights to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before Biden can block it


Trump Pentagon Purge Could Accelerate His Goal to Pull Troops From Afghanistan

Trump walks back tweet saying Biden 'won' election

Trump says Biden ‘won’ because vote was ‘rigged,’ then says he’s not conceding
(After appearing to acknowledge losing election, US president follows up by saying ‘I concede NOTHING!’ as he continues to push unfounded accusations of fraud)

Trump campaign jettisons major parts of its legal challenge against Pennsylvania’s election results


‘Time will tell’: Trump comes closest yet to admitting election defeat

Trump rails against Georgia recount process

Heads roll as Trump launches post-election purge

In Trump’s final days, a 30-year-old aide purges officials seen as insufficiently loyal

Trump mulls a future outside the White House as 2020 options fade


Trump: New York won't receive COVID-19 vaccine immediately

Trump takes no questions in first public remarks since losing election

Trump puts Giuliani in charge of election lawsuits

Trump strikes out in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania ballot challenges, Biden’s lead more secure

Biden projected to win Georgia, Trump projected to win North Carolina


What Trump has in store for Israel, Middle East during final 70 days in office

Trump retreats from public eye in post-election fight

Trump told advisers he could announce 2024 bid shortly after certification of Biden win: report

Trump criticizes Fox: 'They forgot the Golden Goose'


Trump campaign sues Michigan to prevent certification of Biden win

Trump, Biden attend Veterans Day events


Trump said to notify US Congress of F-35 sale to United Arab Emirates

Trump Administration Removes Official Who Oversees National Climate Assessment

Trump accuses FDA, Pfizer of deliberately delaying vaccine news until after vote

Trump Plans PAC in Hopes of Keeping Hold on GOP


Trump Fires His Embattled Pentagon Chief by Tweet

Refusing to concede, Trump blocks cooperation on transition

A little-known Trump appointee is in charge of handing transition resources to Biden — and she isn’t budging

Trump campaign files new election lawsuit in Pennsylvania

Trump readies suits; allies dig in
(Senior Republicans stand by president’s refusal to concede as President-elect Biden plans for transition.)


Donald Trump still hopes lawsuits will make up for his lack of votes
(The president’s strategy of litigating his way to a second term is full of bluster—and futility)

Trump, a president obsessed with winning, spends the day refusing to admit his loss to Biden


Trump refuses to accept Biden victory, promises legal challenges

Trump refuses to accept election results, says it’s ‘far from over’


For continuing Election Results

Trump turns angry as possible defeat looms

Trump's baseless election attacks undermining U.S. image abroad

Trump campaign, falling behind in the count, is failing in the courts

President Trump’s false claims of vote fraud: A chronology


For continuing Election Results

While Americans voted, the Trump administration quietly revoked the union rights of immigration judges, which could jeopardize their independence

Trump predicts 'lot of litigation' in fight to keep his job


For continuing Election Results

Trump sues in 3 states, laying ground for contesting outcome

New Trump campaign lawsuit targets late-arriving Georgia mail ballots


Watch live: Trump holds Monday night rally in Grand Rapids

Something must be done’: Trump lashes Supreme Court for ruling on Pennsylvania ballots

(Nearly 100 pro-Trump vehicles surrounded a Biden-Harris campaign bus on a Texas interstate, which according to a campaign official, “put our staff, surrogates, supporters, and others in harm’s way.”)


Trump stages five rallies in five states in pre-election sprint

Trump lashes out after FBI announces investigation of Biden bus incident

White House blasts Fauci over 'politics' behind dire coronavirus warning

Trump suggests he might try to fire Fauci post-election


Trump approves selling F-22 Raptor to Israel — Saudi report

Trump declares 1 November to be ‘national day of remembrance for those killed by illegal aliens’


Trump rolled back more than 125 environmental safeguards. Here’s how.
(The administration has allowed more pollution, drilling and logging while weakening protections for animals such as bees, bears and birds)

U.S. unveils more sanctions on Iran and sells off Iranian oil

White House informs Congress of plans to sell as many as 50 F-35s to UAE

Trump says Supreme Court will have aided a Biden win

Trump lashes out at state officials over virus restrictions at Minnesota rally


New Trump rule requires health plans to disclose costs up front

Trump says US allies are 'in many ways worse than the enemy' and claims Germany preferred Obama

‘Bad things are going to happen to him’: Trump threatens unmasked ‘Anonymous’ whistleblower at Florida rally

Trump slams Pennsylvania mail-in ballot deadline extension as a 'disaster'

Facing Gap in Pennsylvania, Trump Camp Tries to Make Voting Harder
(Trailing in the polls, President Trump and his campaign are pursuing a three-pronged strategy that would effectively suppress the mail-in vote in the critical state of Pennsylvania.)


Trump to strip protections from Tongass National Forest, one of the biggest intact temperate rainforests



Trump predicts massive stimulus deal after election, but negotiations have mostly ended
(Congress fails to deliver even as economic, health care conditions worsen amid pandemic’s continued toll)

Trump says stimulus deal will happen after election

Trump's pitch to women on coronavirus recovery: 'We're getting your husbands back to work'

Trump looks to shore up support in Nebraska


Trump admin to announce coronavirus vaccine will be covered under Medicare, Medicaid: report

President Trump declares coronavirus is ‘ending’ as virus rates spike and financial markets dip

Trump claims the worsening U.S. coronavirus outbreak is a ‘Fake News Media Conspiracy’ even as hospitalizations rise

As Trump says news about COVID should be illegal, WH chief of staff says goal is to 'defeat' virus, not 'control' it


Trump administration says coronavirus pandemic will not be contained

White House signals defeat in pandemic as coronavirus outbreak roils Pence’s office

Trump intensifies fracking assault on Biden in Pennsylvania

Trump to escalate campaigning as Biden steps up own travel


Trump privately tells donors it would be ‘very tough’ for GOP to hold Senate

'COVID, COVID, COVID': Trump complains media too focused on pandemic as US hits record cases – election updates

Trump goes on offensive against Biden with trip to New Hampshire


With Netanyahu on phone, euphoric Trump predicts ‘one unified family’ in Mideast

Sudan and Israel agree to normalize ties, the third such accord since August


Trump executive order strips protections for key federal workers, drawing backlash

Trump defends family separation in debate, says immigrant kids whose parents can't be found are 'so well taken care of'


Trump casts doubt on hopes for quick stimulus deal after aides expressed optimism

White House looks at cutting Covid funds, newborn screenings in ‘anarchist’ cities

Trump and advisers considering firing FBI director after election: WaPo

Trump, unhappy with questions from ‘60 Minutes’ host Lesley Stahl, threatens to release interview himself


Trump to drop Sudan from terror list in presumed prelude to Israel normalization

Trump calls on Barr to appoint special prosecutor to investigate Bidens before Election Day

Trump abruptly ends '60 Minutes' interview before planned taping of joint appearance with Pence

Trump's closing pitch to voters admits that America has to be made 'great again' all over again


Trump campaign demands change to final debate topics

Trump: Biden will 'listen to the scientists' if elected

Trump attacks ‘Fauci and all these idiots,’ says public is tired of pandemic, public health restrictions as infection rates rise

Trump calls Dr. Anthony Fauci a ‘disaster,’ says Americans ‘are tired of Covid’ as nation faces spiking cases


Trump sets hectic campaign pace; frontrunner Biden keeps more subdued profile

Despite past Democratic wins, Trump making a play for Nevada

Trump turns his ire toward Cabinet members

Trump takes attack to Michigan governor
(He stokes chants of ‘Lock her up!’ at rally, days after authorities report a plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer.)


Trump holds back-to-back rallies in Midwest, Biden campaign warns race is neck-and-neck

Trump digs in on conspiracy theory over bin Laden raid

'Stupid and obnoxious': Trump attacks GOP senator who accused him of pandering to dictators


Trump administration announces deal with CVS and Walgreens to administer coronavirus vaccine to seniors in long-term care

Trump administration rejects, then approves, emergency aid for California fires, including biggest blaze in state history

Trump administration rushing through regulations without public comment or analysis as it prepares for probable loss

Trump plays down virus as he steps up pitch for second term

Trump blasts Susan Collins over SCOTUS amid reelection fight

Trump tweets fake news story from satirical conservative website


President Donald Trump praises foreign leaders while knocking Joe Biden's mental acuity at Des Moines rally

Trump fields questions on coronavirus, conspiracy theories in combative town hall

Trump pressed on conspiracy retweets by Savannah Guthrie

Trump bashes NBC ahead of town hall, adds it's 'a free hour on television'


In Iowa, Trump praises the intelligence of Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin

Trump intensifies focus on Harris in final weeks of campaign

Trump 'not happy' with Barr, won't commit to keeping AG in potential second term

Trump again attacks Fauci’s guidance as coronavirus infections tick upward

Trump embraces herd immunity in wake of recovery from COVID-19


Trump relishes return to large rallies following COVID-19 diagnosis

Live updates: Trump says he feels ‘powerful’ and will ‘kiss’ supporters as infections surge in 17 states

Trump is pushing for multiple events per day in election ‘home stretch,’ campaign says

'Put these animals in jail': Trump condemns protestors in Portland and continues his 'law and order' campaign rhetoric

Trump’s continuing vandalism of the Voice of America


President Trump to hold campaign rally Wednesday at Des Moines International Airport

Trump asks campaign to schedule daily events for him until election: report

White House pushes to hold next week's canceled debate


'I’m feeling great’: President Trump makes brief first public appearance since his hospital stay

Trump addresses supporters at White House event; Biden campaigns in Erie, Pa.

Trump returns to public campaigning, falsely claiming that the virus that infected him is ‘disappearing’

Trump, lagging in polls, pressures Justice Dept. to target Democrats and criticizes Barr


Trump gives overview of COVID-19 case in first on-camera interview since diagnosis

Trump to host hundreds at White House Saturday, travel to Florida for rally Monday

Trump makes $1.8 trillion economic relief offer, but deal with Pelosi remains elusive

Trump raises coronavirus stimulus offer to $1.8 trillion, then says he wants bigger bill than Dems or GOP

Thursday presidential debate canceled; Trump appears on conservative media


Second Presidential Debate: Trump Backs Out After It Goes Virtual, His Campaign Planning Rally Instead

Trump maps return to campaign trail after White House says COVID-19 treatment complete

Trump says he hopes to hold rally Saturday despite recent COVID-19 diagnosis

Trump returns to Oval Office and says coronavirus diagnosis was 'blessing from God'

How the White House Flouted Basic Coronavirus Rules

Campaigns spar over debate timing after Trump rejects virtual event

Trump, still fighting last election, rips Barr and Pompeo for not pursuing Clinton hard enough


Trump administration to impose crushing sanctions on Iran in defiance of European humanitarian concerns

White House lurches in new direction on stimulus talks, pushing for airline aid

Trump plans to return to campaign trail early next week: report


Trump administration to impose new rules targeting H-1B visas

Trump lashes out at FDA over vaccine guidelines

Trump says he’s calling off stimulus negotiations with Democrats ‘until after the election’

Trump says he will back specific relief measures hours after halting talks

As Utah readies for VP debate, poll shows Trump leading Biden


President Trump leaves Walter Reed Monday as he downplays severity of virus

Trump returns to White House from hospital; may not be ‘out of the woods,’ doctor says

Team Trump tries new spin: Biden lacks 'firsthand experience' with COVID-19


Trump leaves hospital briefly to greet supporters

Trump claims that he had no choice but to risk his own health. America disagree

Trump furious at chief of staff for contradicting White House physician, sources say


Trump in video from Walter Reed says he's feeling good, next few days will be 'the real test'

Trump pushes for new coronavirus stimulus deal: 'GET IT DONE'


Trump in hospital after COVID-19 diagnosis

Live updates: Trump arrives at Walter Reed hospital after positive coronavirus test; two senators test positive

President Trump Received Experimental Antibody Treatment

Trump tests positive for coronavirus, throwing into chaos final days of campaign


President Trump and first lady Melania Trump test positive for COVID-19

Trump says he and first lady have tested positive for coronavirus

Trump begins quarantine as close aide Hope Hicks tests positive for coronavirus

Trump cuts refugee cap to lowest level ever, depicts them on campaign trail as a threat and burden

Trump: 'I condemn all white supremacists'

Trump requires food aid boxes to come with a letter from him

Trump won't agree to debate-rules changes

Trump campaign wants no changes to debate rules, challenges leaders of debate commission


Trump signs bill averting shutdown after brief funding lapse

Trump official stalls polar bear study that could affect oil drilling in Alaska


Trump administration in an all-out push to build border wall before election

Trump offered Barrett Supreme Court nomination same day he met the judge, according to questionnaire


Trump turns his ‘maximum pressure’ campaign on Iraq

White House announces major improvements in coronavirus testing (again)


Trump dismisses New York Times report on taxes as 'fake news'


Trump caps judiciary remake with choice of Barrett for court

Trump taps ’eminently qualified’ Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court

Facing possible defeat, Trump threatens the integrity of the election

As campaign heats up, Trump woos Latino, Black voters


Trump expected to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to fill Ginsburg seat, kicking off Supreme Court fight weeks before election

Trump unveils 'Platinum Plan' in Atlanta to boost Black voter support

Trump Promises Drug Discount Cards as an Expensive Pre-election Gift
(The $200 cards for prescription drugs, intended for 33 million older Americans, are part of a $6.6 billion promise offered to a key constituency.)

Trump shifts focus to Pennsylvania to shore up reelection

Watch live: Trump holds campaign rally in Virginia

White House slams FBI chief Wray over voter fraud testimony


Trump unveils his America First Healthcare Plan

Trump claims White House can overrule FDA's attempt to toughen guidelines for coronavirus vaccine

Election live updates: Trump briefly stops by Supreme Court, visits N.C. and Florida


Trump berates China in U.N. speech
(In a video address, he accuses Beijing of ‘unleashing’ COVID on the world.)

Trump admin sends 250K COVID-19 tests to 41 HBCUs: report

Trump lashes out at Cindy McCain after she endorses Biden

Trump refuses to commit to peaceful transition of power


Trump and Xi clash as U.N. marks a gloomy 75th birthday

White House dismisses criticism of persistent coronavirus supply chain problems as work of 'useful idiot'

Trump Has Declared the Coronavirus—Which Has Killed 200,000 Americans—Affects 'Virtually Nobody'

At 200,000 coronavirus fatalities, U.S. hits Trump’s upper limit for doing ‘a very good job’

Stoking his base, Trump warns of a Kamala Harris presidency

Trump mocks reporters who were roughed up by police during protests


Trump says he’ll announce replacement for Ginsburg by week’s end

Trump suggests Democrats manufactured Ginsburg's final wish

Trump puts Supreme Court fight at center of Ohio rally

Denial and Defiance: Trump and His Base Downplay the Virus Ahead of the Election

Alone among nations, U.S. moves to restore U.N. Iran sanctions


Trump celebrates with his faithful over a chance to replace a liberal icon with a conservative on the Supreme Court

Trump brags to Woodward that he has ‘broken every record’ on appointing judges

Trump dismisses climate change role in fires, says Newsom needs to manage forest better


Trump says he has given his ‘blessing’ to TikTok deal but that final terms are still being negotiated

Trump says he will nominate woman to the Supreme Court next week

Who Trump might pick for the Supreme Court


Trump, caught off guard by news of Ginsburg's death, says he was 'saddened'

Trump says U.S. will manufacture enough coronavirus vaccine doses for every American by April

Trump administration announces $13 billion in additional aid to Puerto Rico

U.S. bans WeChat, TikTok as China becomes major focus of election


Trump announces another $13B in aid to farmers affected by COVID-19

Trump jabs at FBI director over testimony on Russia, antifa

Trump alleges ‘left-wing indoctrination’ in schools, says he will create national commission to push more ‘pro-American’ history

Stumping for a sweet new term, Trump tells US Jews ‘We love your country also’


 Trump undercuts GOP, calls for bigger COVID-19 relief package

Trump suggests he could back a bigger coronavirus stimulus as top aide says he’s more optimistic about a deal

Trump on COVID vaccine: I know better than the head of CDC

Trump's Threat to Pull Funding From Schools Over How They Teach Slavery Is Part of a Long History of Politicizing American History Class


Israel signs deal establishing formal ties with two Arab states at the White House

Trump Defends Indoor Rally, but Aides Express Concern

Trump says he doesn't think he could've done more to stop virus spread

Trump defends claim coronavirus will disappear, citing 'herd mentality'


White House blocks Navarro from testifying to House panel about ventilator deal

Trump instigates 'lock him up' chant for Obama at rally


Trump signs new executive order aimed at lowering drug prices

WATCH LIVE: Trump holds first indoor rally in months in Nevada

Trump holds first entirely indoor rally in nearly three months


Trump Accuses Judge of 'Stacking the Deck' Against Him in Tax Ruling

Trump slams Nevada governor at rally, takes aim at mail-in voting

Watch Live: Trump rallies supporters in Nevada


Trump administration seeks sweeping DNA collection of immigrants, U.S. sponsors

Bahrain establishing full diplomatic relations with Israel, Trump announces

Trump, struggling to define Biden, steps up Harris attacks


Trump releases list of potential Supreme Court Nominees

Trump Resumes the Rallies He Cherishes, but Virus Vexes His Plans

Trump calls question about why he 'lied' about COVID-19 a 'disgrace'

Trump tries to deflect blame but stands by comments made in Woodward interview

Trump screamed at Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch in "humongous blowup" over "unfair" coverage: report


Trump makes a bewildering confession about who's paying for his border wall

A Striking Reversal: Trump’s Attacks on the Military and Defense Contractors

In reversal, Trump to ban oil drilling off coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina


Trump employs images of violence as political fuel for reelection fight

Trump launches unprecedented attack on military leadership he appointed

Trump: Harris would be an 'insult' as first female president


Trump floats using extra $300B in coronavirus relief aid for second stimulus check

Trump says he’s open to investigation of DeJoy’s campaign fundraising

Trump says troops love him even if Pentagon brass doesn't

Trump: Says Democrats 'endangering lives' by questioning his coronavirus vaccine push

Trump blasts Biden, Harris for 'anti-vaccine rhetoric'

Trump casts wide net in Labor Day press conference

Trump Orders Reporter To Remove His Mask At Press Briefing


Trump Urges Supporters to Harass Steve Jobs’ Widow Because She Owns The Atlantic


Trump attacks Fox News reporter after she backs up key details of Atlantic story

Trump lashes out at 'slimeball reporter' amid furor over alleged war dead remarks


White House directs federal agencies to cancel race-related training sessions it calls ‘un-American propaganda’

Trump reverses Defense Dept. order to shut down Stars and Stripes newspaper

Trump wins backing of largest U.S. police union as he touts 'law and order'

Trump takes fight to battlegrounds as electoral map comes into focus

Trump says former chief of staff Gen. John Kelly couldn't 'handle the pressure' of the job


Trump tries to clarify suggestion that voters cast ballots twice, which if done intentionally is illegal

Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’

Trump denies report he called U.S. service members buried in France 'losers', 'suckers'


Trump threatens to cut federal funds to 'lawless' cities

Donald Trump tries out law-and-order talk on suburban voters

Celebrating 75th anniversary of V-J Day, Trump says America 'not ashamed' of its history

Trump Invites All To Remove Masks, Interrupts Black Attendees At Kenosha Roundtable

Trump appears to encourage North Carolinians to vote twice to test the system


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