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(Page 5) BEGINNING April 1,2019


Trump plans to fight back in Senate
(The White House confirms that it won’t take part in the House’s impeachment proceedings.)

Trump: Giuliani to deliver report on Ukraine trip to Congress, Barr

Trump Says Giuliani Will File a Report on Findings From Ukraine

Trump calls Warren 'Pocahontas,' knocks wealth tax

Trump campaign runs misleading anti-impeachment Facebook ads


Trump says he will 'temporarily hold off' on declaring Mexican drug cartels as terror organization

Trump speaks with Saudi king after Pensacola shooting

Trump calls for review of water efficiency standards, saying people flush the toilet '10 times, 15 times'

Trump denies report that he still uses personal cell phone for calls

White House rejects House Democrats’ invitation to participate in impeachment process as Trump focuses on friendly Senate


Trump asks Supreme Court to shield financial records from House Democrats

Trump to hold campaign rally in Michigan

Trump's economic message is buried under impeachment news. It's endangering his 2020 strategy. 

A look inside Trump’s anti-impeachment spin factory


NATO summit ends with Trump calling Trudeau ‘two-faced’ after video of world leaders apparently mocking the president

Trump returns to impeachment fight after NATO clash

White House, Trump family slam impeachment witness for 'classless' Barron Trump reference

Trump administration tightens work requirements for SNAP, which could cut hundreds of thousands from food stamps

Trump mulls sending additional 14,000 troops to Middle East

Trump suddenly loses interest in stock market


Trump, Macron hold tense meeting: 'Would you like some nice ISIS fighters? I can give them to you'

Trump’s wild NATO display

Trump announces Camp David for G-7 summit next year

Trump slams Iran over ‘big numbers’ killed in protest crackdown

Trump's position on supporting Iran protests: No, yes and no comment

Trump says Tuesday’s market drop is ‘peanuts’ and won’t force him to make a bad China deal

Trump administration to introduce plan cutting food stamps for 750,000 people


White House opens new fronts in trade war, targeting Brazil, Argentina and France

Trump floats taking case to Supreme Court to stop impeachment

Trump says Democrats ‘not nice!’ for holding impeachment hearings while he’s overseas — but GOP did same to Clinton

Trump campaign revokes credentials for Bloomberg News reporters over decision not to investigate 2020 Dems

Trump twists Ukraine leader’s comments as he calls for an end to the impeachment inquiry

Trump and Netanyahu discuss ‘threat from Iran’ in second call in weeks

Trump heads to NATO summit and Britain braces for impact


Trump heads to NATO summit and Britain braces for impact

White House: Trump will not take part in Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearing

Trump’s counsel says president won’t participate in House Judiciary’s first impeachment panel, calling it unfair

White House won't participate in first Judiciary impeachment hearing

READ: White House's letter to Nadler saying it won't participate in impeachment hearing

Trump faces two impeachment deadlines as inquiry shifts focus


Trump's border wall hangs over spending talks

Trump administration plan 'would cut food stamps for millions of people'

Trump’s photo op play: Facing impeachment, the president strives to look hard at work


Trump to decide if he wants lawyers at impeachment hearings


Trump announces restart to Taliban peace talks in surprise Afghanistan visit

Trump makes presidential history with no recess appointments

Trump mocks Newsweek over story on Thanksgiving plans


Trump signs bill supporting Hong Kong protesters despite Chinese opposition

Trump set to spurn impeachment hearing, White House says


Trump says he stood up to the 'deep state' by intervening in war crime cases

Trump denies sending Giuliani to Ukraine on his behalf

Trump says he will designate Mexican drug cartels as terror organizations

President Trump Signs Federal Animal Cruelty Bill Into Law

Watch:Trump holds homecoming' rally in Florida


Trump defends intervening in war-crimes cases

Trump puts Kushner in charge of overseeing border wall construction


Trump draws ire after retreat on drug prices pledge

Trump taps Ambassador to Norway Kenneth Braithwaite to replace ousted Navy chief


Trump: Park rangers will patrol Mexican border, arrest migrants

Trump's Defense: Malign Accusers and Attack Facts

The Democratic ticket Trump doesn't want in 2020


Trump says administration will soon release plan allowing states to import drugs from Canada

Trump says he wants Schiff to testify at Senate impeachment trial

Trump on impeachment: 'I want a trial'

Trump uses Camp David to schmooze GOP lawmakers as impeachment vote looms


Trump signs short-term spending bill just ahead of shutdown deadline

Trump says China isn’t ‘stepping up,’ and trade talks show signs of languishing

Trump rebukes 'unstable' Iran over internet shutdown

Trump steps up GOP charm offensive as impeachment looms

Watch: President Trump defends himself against Amb. Sondland's testimony


Trump says U.S. is still talking to China on trade

Trump Expected to Sign Hong Kong Bill Despite China Threats

Trump to flip 11th Circuit to majority GOP-appointed judges; third appeals court to change majority

Trump's memo to self on Sondland testimony: 'I want nothing'


Trump threatens higher tariffs if China doesn’t make a trade deal

Trump’s real Middle East plan

Trump calls latest impeachment hearings 'a great day for Republicans'

Trump impeachment: President mocks witness for wearing military uniform


Trump says he will ‘strongly consider’ testifying in impeachment probe

Trump administration says Israel’s West Bank settlements do not violate international law


Trump reversed course on flavored e-cigarette ban over fear of job losses

Trump said ‘frustrated’ with Netanyahu as deadlock delays peace plan

Trump attacks Pence aide who called Ukraine call 'inappropriate'

Trump rips 'nasty' and 'obnoxious' Chris Wallace after he presses Scalise about impeachment


White House backs Stephen Miller amid white nationalist allegations


Trump issues pardons in war-crimes cases, despite Pentagon opposition to the move

Trump Issues Rule to Force Hospitals to Reveal Negotiated Prices

Trump appeals to Supreme Court again, this time to block House committee’s subpoena seeking his financial records

Trump to attend NATO summit in London, days before UK vote

Trump denies witness tampering; State official says president asked about ‘investigation’ into Bidens

Trump defends Yovanovitch attack: 'I have freedom of speech'


Trump says US to leave some troops in Syria ‘only for the oil’

Trump asks Supreme Court to shield his tax returns from prosecutors, setting up historic separation-of-powers showdown

Trump files to dismiss lawsuit from Bolton aide on impeachment testimony

Watch: Trump holds rally in Louisiana

Trump knocks testimony from 'Never Trumpers' at Louisiana rally


Trump administration suspends oil and gas production on 130 plots in Utah after challenge

President Trump Participates in a Joint Press Conference with the President of Turkey

Trump slams impeachment 'witch hunt' in Oval meeting with Erdoğan 

Trump: Erdoğan has 'great relationship with the Kurds'

Trump says he worries about Israel as missiles fly, jokes at political deadlock

Trump denies knowledge of call mentioned in impeachment hearing

Trump derides impeachment witnesses as 'NEVER TRUMPERS!’


Trump: The economy has exceeded expectations

Trump seeks to shift spotlight from impeachment to economy in NY speech

Trump credits Ivanka for role in creating '14 million jobs' via worker pledge

Trump rails on Fed, notes other countries have negative rates: ‘Give me some of that money’

Trump advisers exploring tax proposal that would lower ‘middle class’ rate to 15 percent

Trump calls Medicare-for-all 'socialism.' Doctors once said the same about Medicare. 

Trump says he'll meet with dictators if it helps the US

Trump threatening to fire Mulvaney


Trump tells veterans in New York the "nation is forever in your debt" 

Trump expected to postpone decision to place tariffs on EU autos

The Trump Administration’s Plot to End DACA Faces a Supreme Court Test


Trump urges allies to not 'be led into the fools trap' of saying Ukraine call 'was not perfect, but is not impeachable'


Trump administration proposes fee for asylum applications, spike in other immigration fees

Trump launches African-American outreach effort for 2020

Trump tears into impeachment probe, witnesses in early Twitter spree

Trump blames media for his behaviour, makes series of false claims then says whistleblower's lawyer should be sued for treason


Trump rules out total rollback of Chinese tariffs

In latest China pivot, Trump says partial trade deal might not be completed this year

Trump administration unveils new plan for notifying public on 2020 election interference

Trump aims to pit black voters vs. immigrants

Trump says he's considering attending Russia's May Day parade

Trump rails against impeachment: 'They shouldn't be having public hearings'

Trump on Dems' impeachment probe: 'We're kicking their ass'


Trump boasts that his landmark law is freeing these inmates. His Justice Department wants them to stay in prison.

Trump's Ukraine request: 'Investigations, Biden and Clinton

Trump: Joe and Hunter Biden ‘must testify’ in impeachment inquiry

Trump hits 'political hacks in New York' after settling Trump Foundation lawsuit


Trump to meet with Turkey's Erdoğan at White House following tensions

Trump Turns U.N. Visas, Travel Restrictions Into Foreign-Policy Cudgel

Trump wanted Barr to hold news conference saying the president broke no laws in call with Ukrainian leader

Trump rails against House Democrats, impeachment inquiry during campaign rally: 'It's all a hoax'

Watch: Trump holds rally in Louisiana


Trump formally pulls out of landmark Paris climate agreement

Trump seeks to ease coal pollution rules
(Two proposals target Obama-era orders on cleaning up ash and toxic heavy metals.)

Trump: US ready to 'wage war' on drug cartel 'monsters'


Trump says U.S. will lift sanctions on Turkey, calling cease-fire in Syria ‘permanent’

Trump and Pelosi are still working on a drug pricing deal despite impeachment drama

Trump approved GOP crashing impeachment testimony: Bloomberg

Trump told Republicans to fight. They took the brawl underground.

Trump blasts 'Never Trump' Republicans as 'human scum'

Trump targets free school meals
(To save thousandths of a percent of the U.S. budget, the president wants to throw about half a million children off the lunch program)

Trump says US is building a wall in Colorado


Trump compares impeachment inquiry to a 'lynching'

President Trump Debuted Two New Assaults on the Constitution in Two Days

Trump hotel cancels Christian aid group's event to support the Kurds


Trump says Israel, Jordan asked US to leave troops in Syria

Trump declines to participate in Weather Channel 2020 climate change special

Trump dismisses 'phony Emoluments Clause' after Doral criticism

Trump urges GOP to defend him more strongly on impeachment

Trump urges GOP to fight for him


Trump lashes out at Pelosi as she visits Jordan to discuss Syria 

Trump leaning toward keeping a couple hundred troops in eastern Syria

Trump reversed course on hosting G-7 at his club after learning that impeachment-weary Republicans were tired of defending him


Trump says next year’s G-7 won’t be held at his resort, after all

Trump embarks on Twitter spree amid impeachment inquiry, Syria outrage


Trump touts Turkey cease-fire, even as it appears shaky

Trump insists Turkish leader wants cease-fire

Trump knocks Romney as 'Democrat secret asset' in new video

Trump presidential campaign threatens to sue CNN, news network calls it a 'PR stunt'


Trump praises Turkey's Erdoğan after US announces cease-fire deal

Trump accuses Biden of 'quid pro quo' hours after Mulvaney remarks

Trump has awarded next year’s G-7 summit of world leaders to his Miami-area resort, the White House said

Trump confirms Rick Perry to step down as Energy secretary

Trump offers condolences on frequent foe Cummings: 'Very hard, if not impossible, to replace'

Trump holds campaign rally in Dallas


Trump's extraordinary letter to Turkey's Erdogan

Trump claims Turkish incursion into Syria 'has nothing to do with us' and Kurds are 'not angels'

Trump says Turkish offensive has 'nothing to do with us'

Trump called Pelosi a 'third-rate politician' during Syria meeting, top Democrats say

Trump calls Mattis 'world's most overrated general' over ISIS comments

Trump says lawmakers should censure Schiff


Trump imposes higher tariffs on Turkey

Trump administration issues plan to reverse limits on logging in Tongass National Forest


Trump hypes China trade deal as new doubts emerge

Trump: Let Assad, Russia or China protect the Kurds

Trump calls for cease-fire in northern Syria and imposes sanctions on Turkey

Trump calls on Turkey to broker ceasefire


As Trump withdraws U.S. forces from northern Syria, his administration scrambles to respond

Trump warns Democrats will lose House seats over impeachment

Trump campaign video taken down after complaint from Queen

Trump called head of Fox News to complain about coverage


Trump says he's an 'island of one' on Syria

Trump releases $50 million to protect ethnic and religious minorities in Syria

No refugees allowed? Trump’s plan to give states and cities a veto prompts an outcry.

Trump defends Giuliani amid reports of federal investigation

Trump says Giuliani is still his lawyer

Trump takes his stump speech to the Values Voter Summit


Trump announces limited trade deal with China

Trump expands his authority to sanction Turkey amid Syria offensive

Donald Trump distances himself from Rudy Giuliani: 'He has been my attorney'

Trump says he’s replacing McAleenan as acting DHS secretary

Watch: Trump holds rally in Louisiana


Trump says he will meet with Chinese vice premier Friday amid trade talks

Trump defends Syria move at rally: 'Bring our troops back home'

Trump is bringing back the mandate to buy health coverage — but just for immigrants 

Trump distances himself from indicted Giuliani associates

Trump asked Tillerson to help broker deal to end U.S. prosecution of Turkish trader represented by Giuliani

'Off-script' Trump rails against impeachment, Democrats at feisty rally

Trump puts election-year politics at center of impeachment case

Trump attacks Sessions: A 'total disaster' and 'an embarrassment to the great state of Alabama'

Trump lashes out at Fox News over impeachment poll numbers: 'Whoever their Pollster is, they suck'


Trump seeks to distance himself from Turkish invasion of Syria

Trump defends Syria move: The Kurds 'didn't help us' in Normandy

Trump administration dials up pressure on Beijing as new tariffs loom 

Trump asked Tillerson to interfere in DOJ case against Giuliani client: report

Trump rips NBA coaches Kerr, Popovich


Trump fires back on impeachment

White House tells Pelosi, committee chairs it won't cooperate with impeachment inquiry

READ: White House letter to Pelosi rejecting cooperation in impeachment inquiry

Trump directed Perry, State Dept. officials to talk to Giuliani on Ukraine

Trump defends Turkey in wake of fierce GOP criticism

Trump’s New Order For Medicare Packs Potential Rise In Patients’ Costs

Trump goes to war with Minneapolis over $500,000 security bill


Trump defends Syria move: 'It's time to come back home'

Trump defends Syria decision amid Republican backlash

Five things to know about Trump's decision on Syria, Turkey and the Kurds

Trump suggests Pelosi committed treason, should be 'immediately impeached'

White House to battle impeachment by stalling, attacking


Trump told Republicans he doesn't want impeachment on his 'resume'

Trump: 'Nervous Nancy' Pelosi as guilty as 'Liddle' Adam Schiff of treason

Trump praises Woodward, slams other journalists over 'Face the Nation' segment


Trump told House Republicans that he made Ukraine call because of Perry

Trump accuses Democrats of 'interfering' with 2020 election and 'continuing to interfere' with 2016

Trump calls for Romney's impeachment

Trump criticizes supposed second whistleblower

White House struggles to contain Ukraine fallout


Trump holds call with House GOP amid impeachment inquiry

Trump says House Democrats 'unfortunately' have the votes to impeach

Trump sides with farmers in ethanol proposal, angering oil industry

Trump suspends entry for migrants who will 'financially burden the United States healthcare system'


Trump asserts he has 'absolute right' to ask other countries for help probing corruption

Trump urges China to investigate Bidens

Trump officials drafted statement for Ukraine leader to pledge desired probes

Trump White House dares Pelosi to hold impeachment inquiry vote

Trump Won’t Let Latest North Korea Missile Test Halt Nuke Talks

Trump will issue an executive order to help attack Medicare-for-all 

Trump suggests his administration look at starting its own news network 


Trump administration to expand DNA collection at border

Trump involved Pence in efforts to pressure Ukraine’s leader, though officials say vice president was unaware of allegations in whistleblower complaint

Trump blames impeachment probe for stock losses as recession fears rise

Trump fumes amid impeachment furor

Trump lashes out at impeachment inquiry in fiery news conference

Trump lashes out at Democrats leading impeachment inquiry

Trump: Democrats wasting time on 'bulls---' with impeachment inquiry

Trump approval climbs to highest level of 2019 amid impeachment inquiry


Trump says he's becoming victim of a 'coup'

Trump targets ‘pathetic’ Federal Reserve after worst manufacturing reading in a decade

Trump Administration Proposes Yet Another Food Benefit Cut

Trump admin abruptly delays funding for human trafficking victims: report

Trump suggested shooting migrants in the legs: NYT

White House eliminates advisory boards for marine life, invasive species

Trump calls on Republicans to vote out Democratic Louisiana governor amid GOP infighting


Trump suggests Schiff be arrested for treason for exaggerating call with Ukraine

Trump: White House 'trying to find out' whistleblower's identity

Trump amps up attacks on whistleblower as some Republicans call for more strategic response to impeachment

Trump asked Australian leader to help look into Mueller probe's origins


Trump demands to meet whistleblower, warns of 'Big Consequences'

Trump blurs lines between personal lawyer, attorney general


Trump rips impeachment as 'single greatest scam'

Trump Singles Out 4 Congresswomen Of Color, 2 Jewish Lawmakers As 'Democrat Savages'

Trump tells Jewish leaders in New Year’s call: ‘I don’t want’ war with Iran


Trump signs stopgap measure, funding government through November

Trump demands Schiff resign over account of Ukraine call

White House limit access to Trump calls with Putin, Saudi Arabia

Trump told Russian officials in 2017 he wasn’t concerned about Moscow’s interference in U.S. election 


Trump dismisses grounds for his impeachment as ‘a joke’

Trump's Attack on Whistle-Blower in Private Meeting Was Caught on Video

Trump is finalizing an executive order allowing imports of some prescription drugs 

Trump administration imposes 18K limit on refugees, the lowest ever

Trump nominates Peter Gaynor for FEMA administrator


Trump’s was preparing for impeachment ‘weeks’ before Ukraine scandal; now he wants to go ‘nuclear’ on Biden

Trump, Japan strike deal to slash tariffs on US farm goods, boost digital trade

Trump casts doubt on USMCA, says Pelosi may not have time to sign it


Trump scoffs at rising impeachment calls: 'It's nonsense'

Trump confirms he held up Ukrainian aid

Trump to release whistleblower complaint to Congress

Trump condemns globalism, touts nationalistic view of foreign affairs at U.N. 

Trump hits China and Iran in subdued speech to U.N.

Trump officials threaten to withhold highway funding from California for its ‘chronic air quality problems’ 


At U.N., Trump focuses on religious freedom, not climate

Trump defends raising corruption on call with Ukraine leader

Trump denies explicitly tying U.S. military aid to demand for Ukrainian probe of Biden

Trump mocks Romney with video contrasting their presidential bids


Trump suggests he mentioned Biden in phone call with Ukrainian president 

Trump says he will consider releasing transcript of Ukraine call

Trump doubles down on call to investigate Biden after whistleblower complaint: 'That's the real story'

Trump's top adviser on Asia to serve as deputy national security adviser


Trump to meet Ukraine leader at UN General Assembly

Trump to boast to UN about US success, but troubles mounting

Trump goes after New York Times, Washington Post: 'They have gone totally CRAZY!!!!'


Trump approves troop deployment in response to attacks on Saudi oil sites

Trump administration reaches deal to send asylum seekers to El Salvador in an effort to deter migrants from entering the United States 

Trump says he's sanctioning Iran's national bank

Trump says he doesn’t need a trade deal with China before the 2020 election

White House exempts dozens of Chinese goods from tariffs

Trump calls relationship with North Korea's Kim 'the best thing' for US

Trump welcomes Pelosi drug pricing plan, signaling openness to a bipartisan deal 

Trump asked Ukraine president to investigate Biden's son eight times in one phone call: reports


Trump administration resumes deferred deportation for critically ill migrants

‘Our relations are with Israel’: Trump appears to give embattled Netanyahu the cold shoulder 

Trump sues Manhattan prosecutor over tax returns, says immune from criminal probe

Trump administration says joint UNC, Duke program portrays Islam too positively


Trump Sanctions Iran Again, Inching Toward Economic Blockade

Trump says he has 'many options' on Iran

Federal Reserve makes small interest rate cut. Trump slams central bank for having ‘no guts.’ 

Trump bars California from setting stricter fuel standards

Trump names Robert O'Brien as next national security adviser

Trump to withdraw FEMA chief nominee: report


Trump fires back at Graham over Iran criticism

Trump to revoke California's tailpipe waiver

Trump heads to heart of resistance in California

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to take up challenge to consumer bureau


Trump stops short of directly blaming Iran for attack on Saudi oil facilities

Trump ramps up rhetoric on Iran

Trump at a pivotal crossroads on Iran

Trump says he wants to avoid war with Iran

Trump seeks to expand electoral map with New Mexico rally

Trump praises Kavanaugh as a 'great, brilliant man,' blasts NYT over 'smear' report at rally


Trump: US 'locked and loaded depending on verification' of attack on Saudi oil field

Trump denies reports he's willing to meet with Iran with 'no conditions'

Trump defends Brett Kavanaugh amid new sexual misconduct allegations, says 'the lies being told about him are unbelievable'

Trump urges General Motors to reach deal with union as strike looms


Trump speaks with Saudi crown prince after Houthi attacks on oil refineries

Trump move on flavored e-cigarettes may hit adults trying to quit

Trump administration scraps three border wall projects

President Trump Wages War on Government and Expertise, and Our Institutions Surrender


Trump says he would consider an interim trade deal with China

Trump says he is planning a 'very substantial' middle class tax cut in next year

Trump says he doesn’t believe report of Israel spying on White House

Trump called out for 'my favorite dictator' while awaiting Egyptian leader at summit

Trump declares himself unimpeachable, based on 'perhaps the greatest economy' ever


Trump administration to repeal waterway protections

Trump said to mull easing Iran sanctions to secure Rouhani meeting

Trump’s DIY national security policy
(The day after firing Bolton, the president suggests he might soften Iran sanctions, threatens Taliban.)

Administration considers double-tapping Pompeo for national security adviser

'You don't have to work': Donald Trump says serving as national security adviser is 'easy

Trump says China will be buying ‘large amounts’ of US agricultural products

Trump mocks Buttigieg's height: 'I've had him up to here'


Trump commemorates 9/11 with warning to Taliban

Trump delays increase in China tariffs until Oct. 15

Trump moves to ban flavored e-cigarettes

Trump holds call with Mexico's president on border issues

Trump says Fed ‘boneheads’ should cut interest rates to zero ‘or less,’ US should refinance debt

Trump blasts 'Mr. Tough Guy' Bolton: 'He made some very big mistakes'


Trump ousts Bolton in messy breakup

Trump Axes Bolton via Twitter
(Another national security advisor departs the White House after losing a series of policy battles.)

Trump extends national emergency on foreign election interference

Trump issues revised order to counter terrorism

Trump endorses Sasse in 2020 race


Trump: Peace talks with Taliban 'dead'

Trump says US must be 'careful' about admitting people from Bahamas

Trump’s recession toolkit could include tax cuts and infrastructure spending – if Congress allows it

Trump defends lightbulb efficiency rollback: 'I look better under an incandescent light'

Trump urges judge to deny New York's motion to dismiss state tax return lawsuit

Trump says he won't debate primary opponents




Trump says he canceled secret meeting with Afghan president, Taliban at Camp David 

Trump goes after 'nasty' WaPost reporters, suggests they be barred from White House

Focus on Biden health underscores future Trump attacks

Trump to hold campaign rally in New Mexico


Trump bashes media after lackluster August jobs report 

Trump reportedly told a Coast Guard admiral to give a statement defending his Hurricane Dorian confusion

Trump administration to allow hunter to import rare black rhino trophy parts


Trump, Manchin meet to discuss gun reforms

Trump called Fox News correspondent into Oval Office to argue he wasn't wrong about Alabama


Trump administration rolls back Obama-era lightbulb rules

Trump administration sanctions Iran's space agency

Trump displays map with Dorian's original path extended toward Alabama


Trump warns China against waiting until after election to make trade deal

Trump says US is 'sending crews' to help Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian

Trump encouraged Pence to stay at his golf resort in Ireland 

Greenland, Red Lights
(Trump’s Denmark debacle and what will follow.)


Trump says he'll work with Congress to stop mass shootings in wake of Texas massacre

Trump administration walks back decision to end protections for migrants who receive medical care

Trump fires back at AFL-CIO chief Trumka: 'No wonder unions are losing so much'


Trump says West Texas shooting 'hasn't changed anything' in ongoing gun talks

Trump steers clear of background checks as possible solution on guns

Trump Stumped by Category 5 Storm Bearing Down on East Coast

Trump plays to evangelical base with hard-line support for Israel


Trump lashes out at former intel officials for criticism of Iran tweet

Trump denies fallout from tariffs
(He says ‘badly run’ firms are to blame for economic slowdown, and claims farmers back his trade wars.)

Amid Recession Worries, Trump Points Finger at American Businesses

Trump's new detention rule: The least traumatic option


Trump defends trade war with China amid GOP fears of economic impact

‘Excuses!’ Trump claims ‘badly run and weak companies’ are using China tariffs as a scapegoat

Trump attacks General Motors over China, US employment

Trump says trade talks with China have helped limit violence in Hong Kong

White House still considering tax cut bypassing Congress that Trump seemed to rule out last week 

Trump defends tweeting sensitive photo of Iran launch site

Trump: Fired aide made comments about children


Trump says US and China resume trade talks Thursday ‘at a different level’

Trump: Taliban deal close, US troops to drop to 8,600

Trump administration ends relief program for immigrants with medical issues

Trump administration to relax restrictions on methane, a powerful greenhouse gas 

Trump cancels trip to Poland, says he is staying in the U.S. to monitor Hurricane Dorian 

Trump says it would be 'disloyal to my followers' to do a CNN interview


Trump officials say children of some service members overseas will not get automatic citizenship

Trump to participate in launch of US Space Command Thursday

Trump Says He'll Pardon Aides if They Break Laws to Get His Wall Built By Election Day

Trump criticizes Fox, which 'isn't working for us anymore


Trump says open to meeting Iran’s Rouhani, a ‘great negotiator,’ in coming weeks

Trump fumes as allies reject ISIS captives: 'They didn't come from the United States'

Trump blames Fed for manufacturing slowdown

‘Take the land’: President Trump wants a border wall. He wants it black. And he wants it by Election Day.

Trump pushes to allow new logging in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest 

Trump complains about media coverage of Warren's crowd sizes

Trump dismisses potential primary challengers as 'Three Stooges'


Trump on trade war: China wants to negotiate and we will be ‘getting back to the table’

Trump Shifts Tone on China But Not Tactics as Deal Grows Distant

Trump says he's 'an environmentalist' after skipping G-7 climate meeting

Near the airport, ample parking: Why Trump says his Florida golf club should host the next G-7 

Trump may reveal peace plan before Israeli elections, thinks deal ‘will happen’


Mixed signals, reversals cloud second day of G-7 summit from Trump

Trump finds himself on his heels and fumbling at G-7 

Trump takes time out of G-7 meeting to lash out at media

Trump suggests using nuclear bombs to fend off hurricanes


Trump says he will approve 'major middle income tax cut' if GOP wins House, Senate in 2020

Trump wants the Fed to save the economy, but central bankers say they can only do so much 


Trump retaliates in trade war by escalating tariffs on Chinese imports and demanding companies cut ties with China 

Trump says he’s ordering American companies to immediately start looking for an alternative to China

Trump calls the Fed chair an ‘enemy’ after Powell said trade war is ‘turbulent’ 

Trump and the GOP want you to know they’re really, seriously thinking about budget-cutting ... in a few years 


Trump fumes over California emissions deal

Trump, frustrated by unpopularity with Jews, thrusts Israel into his culture war 

The Trump Administration’s Sustained Attack on the Rights of Immigrant Children

White House considers new project seeking links between mental health and violent behavior 

Trump to return to North Carolina to stump for special election candidate


Trump says administration looking 'seriously' at ending birthright citizenship

Trump's latest plan to undermine Social Security

Trump orders elimination of student loan debt for thousands of disabled veterans

Trump admits his trade war could lead to recession but says ‘I have to do it’ 

Trump says the Fed is the ‘only problem’ with the economy, calls Powell ‘a golfer who can’t putt’

Trump retreats on new limits for guns
(Echoing the NRA talking points of his base, president does an about-face weeks after mass shootings.)

In reversal, Trump says he is no longer looking at a payroll tax cut

Trump administration moves to terminate court agreement, hold migrant children and parents longer

‘I am the chosen one’: Trump again plays on messianic claims as he embraces ‘King of Israel’ title 

‘I am the Chosen One,’ Trump proclaims as he defends trade war with China

Trump attacks Danish prime minister for her ‘nasty’ comments about his interest in U.S. purchase of Greenland 

Trump stuns with Denmark fight

Trump unleashes in lengthy exchange with reporters at White House


Trump confirms he’s considering a payroll tax cut amid mounting economic concerns 

Trump postpones Denmark trip after prime minister declines to sell him Greenland

Trump says Jews who vote Democrat show ‘great disloyalty’

Trump again appears to back away from gun background checks 


Trump says Fed should cut rates by at least 1% ‘with perhaps some quantitative easing’

White House pushes back against recession fears, defends trade war

White House officials eyeing payroll tax cut in effort to reverse weakening economy 

How Trump is reshaping one of the country’s most liberal courts

Trump tweets without evidence that Google ‘manipulated’ votes in the 2016 election and ‘should be sued’


Trump privately floated possibility of imposing naval blockade against Venezuela: report

Trump Trashes Fox News to Reporters, Makes Vague 2020 Debate Threat: ‘I’m the One That Calls the Shots’

Trump slams Fox News over recent polling

Trump calls Juan Williams 'pathetic,' 'always nasty and wrong'


Trump wants border-bound asylum seekers to find refuge in Guatemala instead. Guatemala isn’t ready.

Trump nominates judge who argued countries are stronger if everyone is same ethnic group

Trump mistakenly mocks his own supporter after Jewish group interrupts him


Trump administration plans $8 billion fighter jet sale to Taiwan, angering China 

Trump and senior aides discuss withdrawal from Afghanistan as talks with Taliban advance 

Trump’s Plan to Slash Foreign Aid Puts Humanitarian Programs in Jeopardy
(Administration hopes to bypass Congress by running down the budget clock.)

Trump called the CEOs of the biggest US banks on Wednesday as the stock market plunged

Trump admin argues transgender workers aren't protected by civil rights law in new Supreme Court filing

Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court To Legalize Firing Transgender Workers


Trump administration mulls $4.3B in foreign aid cuts

Trump pressured Mnuchin to label China ‘currency manipulator,’ a move he had previously resisted 

Trump, banking on strong economy to win reelection, frets over a possible downturn 

Trump vows to 'always uphold the Second Amendment' amid ongoing talks on gun laws

Trump eyes U.S. purchase of Greenland

Watch live: Trump holds MAGA rally in New Hampshire

Trump says economy will 'go down the tubes' if he loses


Trump hits 'clueless' Fed chair, 'crazy inverted yield curve' after stocks plunge

White House adds Uighur American to security council: report

Trump calls China's Xi 'a good man' in a 'tough business' amid Hong Kong unrest

Trump Turns On Conservatives Who Defended CNN's Chris Cuomo


Trump just blinked, giving China a possible edge in trade war, Jim Chanos and others say

Trump finally acknowledges his tariffs could hit consumers 

Trump delays some China tariffs to limit impact on holiday shopping 

Trump phoned Democratic senator to talk gun control

Trump: Voter ID must play 'very strong part' in deal on election security

Trump rips emolument lawsuits: Being president 'costing me a fortune'

Trump defends promoting conspiracy theory about Epstein's death: 'It was a retweet'

Trump blasts media, Biden, Warren in Pennsylvania


New Trump rules weaken wildlife protections 

Trump hits back at Scaramucci after ex-aide suggests replacing him atop GOP ticket

Inside Trump's plan to save Appalachia: Mountains of plastic, rivers of radioactive waste and billions of Chinese dollars


Trump's gun pledge met with skepticism


Trump says North Korea's Kim apologized for missile tests, wants to meet soon

Trump again appears to take North Korea’s side against his own military, allies

Trump says China 'wants to make a deal so badly' and may want a Democrat to beat him

Trump administration moves to enforce abortion restriction

Trump lashes out at NYT reporter over Dayton, El Paso coverage

Trump retweets post promoting conspiracy theory about Jeffrey Epstein's death


Trump insists Fed cut rates sharply as he sounds pessimistic note on China talks 

Trump says US government won’t do business with Huawei, not ready to make a trade deal with China

Trump threatens to 'reciprocate' countries that issue travel warnings to US

White House proposal would have FCC and FTC police alleged social media censorship

Trump calls for 'intelligent background checks' in response to mass shootings

Trump flirts with action on gun control

Trump claims strong congressional support for strengthening background checks for gun buys, at odds with GOP statements 


Trump announces shakeup at top of U.S. intelligence  

Trump picks acting national intelligence director

Trump rips strong dollar, says the Fed has ‘called it wrong at every step of the way’

Trump visits grieving cities, and lashes out
(President’s trips to El Paso and Dayton — and attacks on critics — amplify national divide after shootings.)


Trump attacks local leaders as he visits two cities grieving from mass shootings 

Trump defends rhetoric after critics point finger over mass shooting

Trump re-raising US flags on Aug. 8 'very significant to the neo-Nazi movement'

Trump lashes out at cable news coverage of Biden speech while flying to El Paso

Trump lashes out at Fox News's Shep Smith, says 'fake news CNN is better'

Trump lashes out at Joaquin Castro as the 'lesser brother of a failed presidential candidate'

Trump 'all in favor' of background checks but doubts will of Congress

Trump considering executive action over alleged anti-conservative tech bias: report


Trump plans visits to El Paso and Dayton, where he won’t be universally welcome 

Trump tells O'Rourke to 'be quiet' in wake of El Paso shooting

Trump Condemns White Supremacy but Stops Short of Major Gun Controls

Trump says US in ‘strong position’ and money ‘pouring’ in from China as trade war intensifies

Trump promises more aid for farmers in 2020 ‘if necessary’ as China trade war drags on

Trump signs executive order freezing Venezuelan assets, ramping up pressure on Maduro 


Trump condemns white supremacy, focuses on combating mental illness over new gun-control measures 

Trump responds to El Paso, Dayton with the NRA’s favorite talking point 

Trump suggests tying background checks to immigration reform legislation after deadly shootings


Trump on mass shootings: 'Hate has no place in our country'


Trump defends position on trade after threat of new China tariffs

Trump praises North Korea after missile tests rattle region

Trump says media is part of vetting his nominees: 'We save a lot of money that way'


Trump signs two-year budget deal

'Self-inflicted wound': Donald Trump signs budget bill as experts warn he's on track to add trillions to U.S. debt

Dismissing missile tests, Trump says Kim won't want to 'disappoint me'

Trump casts uncertainty over top intelligence role

Trump withdraws Ratcliffe as Intelligence pick

President Trump says California is a disgrace to the country


Trump says he will impose new tariffs on $300 billion of imports from China starting next month, ending brief cease-fire in trade war 

Trump opens the door to chaos as landmark treaty expires 

Trump escalates attacks on Baltimore and other cities — says federal funds have been ‘stolen,’ ‘wasted’ 

Trump targets Democrats over state of US cities at Cincinnati rally

Trump swipes at Warren: 'I have more Indian blood than she does, and I have none'

'Lock her up' chant breaks out at Trump rally


Trump officially designates Brazil a non-NATO ally

Trump bashes Fed after rate cut: 'As usual, Powell let us down'

Trump officials tighten asylum rules, enlist foreign nations to deter migration 

Trump defends treatment of migrants at border following criticism at Democratic debate

Trump attacks CNN's Don Lemon over debate question


Trump backpedals on China threats as trade deal shows signs of slipping away 

Trump calls for a ‘large’ interest rate cut a day before the Fed makes decision

Trump says 'the witch hunt ends' after judge dismisses DNC lawsuit

Trump: 'There's no strategy' in attacks on Cummings

Trump on being called a racist: 'Everybody's called a racist now'

Trump blames 'fake news' for poll showing African-Americans think he's racist

Trump says U.S. Congress should give 'notice' before requesting state tax return

Trump says U.S intelligence agencies have 'run amok'

Trump says Washington Post should apologize to McConnell over 'Russian asset' column


Trump renews attacks on Cummings: 'He should investigate himself'

Trump hits the Fed again, says ‘small rate cut’ this week is not enough

Trump directed aides to reduce U.S. troops in Afghanistan by 2020 election, Pompeo says 

Trump announces seven pardons or sentence commutations

At signing ceremony to extend 9/11 victim fund, Trump says he spent a lot of time Ground Zero


Trump taps Texas Rep. Ratcliffe to replace Dan Coats as top intelligence official

Trump spends weekend lashing out at Cummings

Trump doubles down on attacks against Cummings and Baltimore district

Trump attacks Pelosi and her San Francisco district

Trump campaign sees political advantage in a divisive appeal to working-class white voters 


Trump Supports Labeling Antifa A ‘Major Organization Of Terror’

Trump adds $4.1 trillion to national debt. Here's where the money went

Trump attacks Rep. Cummings’s district, calling it a ‘disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess’ 

Trump slams Cummings as a 'brutal bully,' claims Baltimore district 'far worse' than southern border


Trump says he has agreement with Guatemala to help stem flow of migrants at the border 

Trump struggles to achieve 3 percent economic goal as growth slows 

Trump says he ‘might’ put tariffs on French wine in response to digital tax

Trump blasts Fox News over poll showing him losing to Biden


Trump administration starts paying $14.5 billion to farmers hurt by the trade war

Trump, frustrated by Fed, could move to weaken the dollar 

Trump Might Launch an Amphibious Assault Against Iran If a War Starts

Trump’s Secret Foreign Aid Program
(He’s giving away billions to overseas investors.)

Trump: Sweden has 'let our African American community down' in A$AP Rocky case


Trump vetoes Congress’s attempt to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia 

Trump at odds with Senate GOP over punishing Turkey for purchase of Russian missiles 

Trump Does an About-Face on Pakistan—and Blunders Into the Kashmir Dispute
(The U.S. president is desperate to salvage peace talks with the Taliban, even if it means cozying up to Pakistan at the expense of America’s newest partner in the Indo-Pacific.)

Trump Doubles Down on Failed Cuba Policy

While bemoaning Mueller probe, Trump falsely says the Constitution gives him ‘the right to do whatever I want’ 

Trump lashes out at NBC reporter who asked if he's worried he could be indicted after leaving office

Trump says ‘we had a very good day’ after Mueller hearings end 


Trump announces support for two-year bipartisan budget deal that boosts spending, suspends debt limit 

Trump, Democrats clinch two-year budget deal

Trump administration to expand its power to deport undocumented immigrants 

Trump is mum on Hong Kong as mobs attack protesters and China challenges U.S. influence 

Trump renews Mueller attacks days before testimony

Trump asserts his actions don't amount to obstruction on eve of Mueller testimony

Trump calls for Mueller deputy to be blocked from testimony

Trump has open schedule during Mueller hearings

Trump sues lawmakers, NY officials to thwart potential release of state tax returns

Trump attacks the 'Squad' as 'Racist group of troublemakers'

Trump accuses four minority congresswomen of being ‘very Racist’ and ‘not very smart’ 


Trump welcomes Pakistan’s troubled leader 

Trump says he will meet with Schumer 'ASAP' after border visit

Trump lashes out at Washington Post over reporting: 'Presidential Harassment!'

Trump struggles to win over voters reaping economic boom

Trump tweets, rally chant dominate Sunday shows as president continues attacks


Trump telling aides to look at potential spending cuts if he wins reelection: report

Trump defends response to rally chant: I did not 'lead people on'


Trump wades into debate over controversial Fed speech Thursday, calls for end to tight policy

Trump administration weighs allowing no refugees into US next year

Trump administration planning changes to U.S. citizenship test 

Trump confirms he authorized Rand Paul to negotiate with Iran

Trump steps up attacks on 'Squad'

Trump rips 'phony' New York Times columnist who called him a 'racist'

Trump complains of 'crazed' media coverage over 'send her back' chants

Trump vows congresswomen ‘can’t get away with’ criticizing U.S. 

Trump fumes over Ilhan Omar's 'welcome home' crowd


Trump says the U.S. Navy downed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz 

Trump taps Scalia's son as Labor secretary pick

Trump says he disagrees with 'send her back' chant

Trump: Those chanting 'send her back' are 'people that love our country'

Trump repeated an unfounded claim that freshman lawmaker Ilhan Omar married her brother to sneak him into the US

AP FACT CHECK: Trump distorts Omar's words on terrorism


Trump diverting Central America aid
(Funds for Guatemala and Honduras will go to opposition leader in Venezuela instead.)

Trump administration’s push for energy production on public lands would increase Colorado’s emissions, report finds

Administration pushes back on quick budget deal: 'We have a way to go'

Trump blasts Mueller investigation as 'bulls---'

Trump blasts 2020 Dems during campaign rally

Trump blasts minority Democrats, rally crowd chants 'send her back'


Trump administration blasts WTO ruling on China

Trump Administration: Title X Abortion Restrictions Now in Effect

Trump Renews Attacks Against Dem Congresswomen: ‘Pro-Terrorist,’ ‘Vile’

Trump praises GOP unity in opposing resolution condemning tweets

Trump: I don't have a racist bone in my body

White House abruptly cancels Trump meeting with GOP leaders


Trump steps up attacks on minority congresswomen

Trump rejects criticism that his tweet about four minority lawmakers was racist, says they ‘hate our country’ 

Trump to end asylum protections for most Central American migrants at US-Mexico border

Trump administration begins formally enforcing new abortion restrictions

WH projects $1 trillion deficit for 2019

Trump weighs ousting Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross - NBC

Trump puts hopes for Fed revolution on unconventional candidate

Trump tells White House counselor Kellyanne Conway to ignore congressional subpoena 


Trump tells progressive congresswomen to 'go back' where they came from

Trump doubles down after telling Democratic congresswomen to 'go back' to their countries


Trump knocks Mueller after deal struck for him to testify

Trump attacks Mueller, accuses him of 'Illegal Deletion'

Trump lashes out at 'major sleazebag' McCabe

Trump campaigns on more of the same
(As Democrats draft innovative plans, he’s sticking to favorites like ‘America first’ and ‘Build the wall.’)


Trump admin asks Supreme Court to allow military funds for border wall construction

Trump says nationwide immigration arrests to begin Sunday

President Trump attacks former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan

Trump complains China isn't buying US agricultural products, despite his earlier claims


Trump drops bid to add citizenship question to 2020 census

Trump administration plans immigration enforcement operation

White House pushes Congress to strike deal as Treasury could run out of cash faster 

Trump kills key drug price proposal he once embraced 

Beware the Trump administration’s plans for ‘fresh thinking’ on human rights 

Trump accuses social media companies of ‘terrible bias’ at White House summit decried by critics 


Trump: sanctions on Iran 'will soon be increased, substantially'

Trump increasingly boxed in on census citizenship question

Trump distances himself from Epstein, will look ‘very closely’ at plea deal
(US president says the two had a falling-out 15 or so years ago; offers support for Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s handling of sex trafficking case)


White House threatens to veto $733B defense policy bill

Trump defends Acosta amid Epstein scrutiny

Trump calls British ambassador a ‘very stupid guy’ and a ‘pompous fool’ 

Trump peeved at Fox News for airing 'F--- Trump' chant: report


Trump says he will 'no longer deal with' UK's ambassador to US

Trump defends environmental record that critics call disastrous


Trump sees a border threat. Others see a crisis of conscience. 

Trump: 'I want the press to go in and see' migrant detention centers

Trump unleashes on Fox News: 'They forgot the people who got them there'


Trump says he doesn’t know if his golf clubs still have undocumented workers 

Fear of immigration raids looms as plans for ICE ‘family operation’ move forward 

Trump and the coming moment of truth for the federal judiciary


Trump considering executive order on citizenship question for census

Trump just admitted something he probably shouldn’t have about the census citizenship question 

Trump predicts military will see 'big spike' in recruitment thanks to his July 4 celebration

Trump hits Obama, Biden over 'mess' with China and North Korea

Trump mistakenly claims Revolutionary War soldiers 'took over airports' in 'Salute to America' speech


FULL DAY: Salute to America, TRUMP SPEECH, Parade and Fireworks from DC 7/4/19

SALUTE TO AMERICA: President Trump HISTORIC Lincoln Memorial speech

Trump focuses July 4 speech on celebrating armed forces

President Trump Delivers Remarks to United States Service Members

Trump's Independence Day salute: Five things to watch

Trump team buries the Hatch Act
(Reelection bid relies on trappings of White House to an unprecedented degree)

Trump warns Iran nuclear threats will ‘come back to bite you’

Reversing course, Trump administration will look for a way to add citizenship question to 2020 Census 


Reversing course, Trump administration will look for a way to add citizenship question to 2020 Census 

Trump dismisses furor over conditions for migrants

Trump’s Fighter Jet Sale to Taiwan Advances Despite China’s Protests

Trump’s latest Fed moves are another step in trying to take control of interest rates

White House insists Trump's 'Salute to America' won't be political


Trump administration drops citizenship question from 2020 census

Trump admin issues notices of $500K fines for immigrants in US illegally: NPR

Trump says he intends to nominate Christopher Waller for Fed board

Trump says Mueller 'must' stick to report's findings during testimony

Trump to hold campaign rally on day of Mueller testimony


Trump calls Korea trip ‘legendary’
(U.S. foreign policy analysts are less impressed with the outcome of his talks with Kim Jong Un.)

Trump raises 2020 stakes by elevating North Korea, China on agenda

Trump: Trade talks with China have 'already begun'

Trump: Iran 'playing with fire' by exceeding uranium stockpile limit

Trump says US will keep strong intel presence in Afghanistan

Trump signs bipartisan IRS reform bill

Trump looking 'very strongly' at delaying census

Trump says immigration raids will happen after July 4

Trump asks for tanks, Marine One and much more for grandiose July Fourth event 

Trump: Cuomo using New York attorney general as 'bludgeoning tool' against me


Trump becomes first sitting president to set foot into North Korea 

Trump is sincerely trying to put US-North Korea relations on a better path

Trump’s Curious Rendezvous with Kim Jong Un at the D.M.Z.

Trump’s reality show takes over U.S. foreign policy 

Donald Trump's future depends in part on Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong Un

Trump defends election meddling remarks to Putin


U.S. and China agree to restart trade negotiations following meeting between Trump and Xi at Group of 20 summit 

Kim Jong Un will join Trump for a meeting at the Korean demilitarized zone, South Korean President Moon Jae-in says 

As G-20 reaffirms fight against climate change, Trump again stands apart 

Trump Meets Putin at G-20 While Ukrainian Sailors Remain Jailed
(The U.S. president drew a red line when 24 Ukrainians were seized last year. Now his sit-down with the Russian president is back on.)

Trump tells Saudi crown prince he’s doing ‘a spectacular job’

Trump: If no Israeli-Palestinian peace deal during my tenure, it’ll never happen


Trade war hangs in balance as Trump and Xi finally meet 

Trump under pressure for China trade breakthrough

Trump, Putin share a 'cheers' at G-20 dinner

In Japan, Trump appears to make light of Russian election interference during meeting with Putin 

Trump offers to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in DMZ

Trump praises Saudi crown prince, declines to say whether he'll bring up Khashoggi

Trump's regulatory approach will boost incomes by $3,100: White House


Trump arrives at global economic summit with full agenda and list of grievances 

Trump slams Democrats over health care for undocumented immigrants

Trump to push for delay on census in wake of Supreme Court ruling

As second Democratic debate wraps, Trump camp focuses on Biden


Trump heads to the G-20, and Japan braces for impact 

Trump says war with Iran would not involve ground troops or last long 

Trump to reporter: What I say to Putin at G-20 is none of your business

Trump not planning to block Mueller testimony: lawyer

As Mueller reluctantly agrees to testify, Trump goes on the attack and Democrats hope for the best

Trump says big tech companies like Twitter are ‘all Democrats’ and purposely repressing his reach

Trump weighs in on first Democratic debate

In rambling interview, Trump pronounces Biden 'a lost soul'

Did Trump just joke about John McCain’s death? 


Trump warns Iran of ‘overwhelming force’ in the event of an attack on ‘anything American’ 

READ: Trump's full exclusive interview with The Hill


Trump imposes new sanctions on Iran, warns U.S. ‘restraint’ is limited 

Trump: I do not need congressional approval to strike Iran

Trump signs executive order to compel disclosure of health-care prices 

Trump says he has the power to remove Federal Reserve chairman 'if I wanted to'

Trump declines to say he has confidence in FBI director

White House to block Conway from testifying over alleged Hatch Act violations

White House threatens veto of House border bill

Trump vehemently denies E. Jean Carroll allegation, says 'she's not my type'


Trump says he's not looking for war while warning of 'obliteration like you've never seen'

Trump: Bolton would take on the whole world at one time

Trump mum on FBI investigation of Khashoggi killing


President Trump postpones nationwide immigration enforcement sweep

Trump delays operation to deport migrant families

Trump claims media got it wrong on Iran strike: 'I never called the strike' back

Trump vows more sanctions on Iran, says military action is still 'on the table'

Trump approved cyber-strikes against Iran’s missile systems 

After a tense week, Trump strikes an unusually friendly tone toward Iran 


Trump says he called off disproportionate Iran strike that would have killed 150

‘We were cocked & loaded’: Trump’s account of Iran attack plan facing scrutiny 

Trump struggles to balance looking tough on Iran with reticence to involve U.S. in conflicts abroad 

Trump says he intends to nominate Esper to lead Pentagon

Trump: 'I think I win the election easier' if Democrats launch impeachment proceedings

Time magazine: Trump threatened reporter with prison time

Trump denies new sexual assault allegation: 'I've never met this person in my life'


Trump ordered an attack on Iran, but called off the operation at the last minute 

Trump says ‘Iran made a very big mistake!’ by shooting down US drone

Trump administration backtracks on closure of Job Corps program after bipartisan opposition from Congress 

Donald Trump's Interview With TIME on 2020: Read the Transcript


Trump administration threatens furloughs, layoffs if Congress doesn’t let it kill personnel agency 

5 takeaways from Trump’s 2020 campaign launch speech

Donald Trump's Fourth of July bash to include speech at Lincoln Memorial, parade, flyovers

Trump blasts Democrats for ‘putting wonderful Hope Hicks through hell’ after ‘total exoneration’ by Mueller


From outsider to incumbent: Donald Trump launches re-election campaign with rally in Florida

Trump launches reelection bid with familiar themes, redoubling focus on his most avid backers 

Trump vows to 'Keep America Great' in 2020 launch: 'We're going to finish the job'

Trump on demoting Fed Chair Jerome Powell, day before rate decision: ‘Let’s see what he does’

Trump says he and China’s Xi spoke, will have ‘extended meeting next week’ at G-20

Donald Trump insists people are on 'both sides' of exonerated Central Park 5 case


Trump tweets ICE will begin removing 'millions' of undocumented migrants

As promised, Trump slashes aid to Central America over migrants

Trump's next target in bid to lower health-care costs? It could be hospitals and insurers 

Trump hits polling on Fox News: 'Something weird going on at Fox'


Trump admin to discuss sending additional military force to Middle East amid Iran tensions: report

Trump rails against Iran. But who’s listening? 

Trump says he will roll out new health care plan in next couple of months

Trump cites tax cuts over judges as having biggest impact of his presidency

Trump's re-election campaign to fire top pollsters: Reports

Trump steadfast in denials as support for impeachment grows

Trump rips prosecutors accusing him of obstruction: 'They're all politicians'

Trump accuses New York Times of 'virtual act of Treason' with Russia report 

Trump says he read Mueller report while claiming it said 'no collusion' 


Trump remarks deepen distrust with intelligence community

Trump defends Stephanopolous interview

Trump in new attack on London's mayor

Trump: If I lose in 2020, stock market will crash


Trump downplays possible G-20 meeting with Chinese President Xi: ‘It doesn’t matter’ if he shows up

Trump administration rule opens door to more people buying Obamacare plans 

Trump directs agencies to cut advisory boards by 'at least' one-third

Trump says he will not fire Kellyanne Conway for Hatch Act violations

Trump says stock market would be ’10,000 points higher’ if Fed didn’t raise rates

Trump says he may tell FBI if he gets dirt on opponent

Trump in testy exchange with Stephanopoulos: 'You're being a little wise guy'


Trump campaign says it will handle foreign intel offers on 'case by case basis'

‘The FBI director is wrong’: Trump’s willingness to accept foreign help keeps him at odds with Wray 


‘Fort Trump’ for Poland? Not Quite.
(Trump will send 1,000 noncombat troops to Eastern Europe amid signs of a Russian buildup.)

Trump welcomes foreign dirt on 2020 opponents: 'I think I'd take it'

Trump says he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on political opponent

Trump asserts executive privilege over subpoenaed census docs

Trump administration signals support for uranium mining that could touch Grand Canyon

Trump’s border funding request could languish amid partisan divisions, Democratic skepticism 

As Democrats deepen probes, Trump accuses them of being ‘totally out of control’ 

Trump says he didn't expect cameras to capture contents of secret Mexico deal


Trump promises Kim Jong Un protection from CIA spying

Trump says ‘devalued’ currencies put US at a disadvantage and the Fed doesn’t have a ‘clue’

Trump’s latest scapegoat: The Federal Reserve 

Trump’s transgender military ban is losing support even his own party 

Trump told aides to deny internal polling showed him trailing Biden


Trump defends deal with Mexico that critics say will do little to curb migrant crisis 

Trump renews Mexico tariff threat amid row over migration deal

Trump levels new tariff threat against China, defends Mexico showdown 

Trump: If President Xi does not attend G-20, more China tariffs will go into effect immediately

President Trump to CNBC: China is going to make a deal because ‘they’re going to have to’


Trump defends migration deal, says tariff threat remains if Mexico falls short on pledges 

Trump slams New York Times for reporting on Mexico deal: 'They are truly The Enemy of the People!'

Trump rips Democrats ahead of testimony from 'sleazebag' Watergate lawyer

'No credit!': Trump compares himself and his 'record-setting economy' to President Obama


Trump Allows High-Tech U.S. Bomb Parts to Be Built in Saudi Arabia

Trump hits Comcast, MSNBC over 'hatred,' 'fake news'


Trump says the US has ‘indefinitely suspended’ planned tariffs against Mexico after reaching a deal

White House poised to relax mileage standards, rebuffing automakers and setting up probable fight with California 

Trump comes out against NASA effort to return to the moon

Six notable moments from Trump's Europe trip

Trump administration refuses to let US embassies fly the Pride flag

Trump admin to house up to 4,000 migrant children at two bases, one Texas facility

Trump says he has the ‘all-time record’ for approval among Republicans. He ranks sixth. 

Trump calls Pelosi a 'disgrace' after she says he should be 'in prison'


Trump signs disaster relief bill delayed for months by his opposition to Puerto Rico aid 

Trump hails D-Day veterans in Normandy: 'You are the pride of our nation'

Trump blasts 'fool' Mueller, 'Nervous Nancy' Pelosi at Normandy cemetery

Trump plans to declare new national emergency to impose tariffs

Trump’s demand to Mexico: Keep migrants or suffer tariffs

Trump says tariffs on China could be raised by another $300 billion if necessary


Trump Cools on Plans to Pardon Alleged War Criminals

Trump admin ending legal aid, English classes for migrant children in US shelters

Trump is ‘making up’ for not serving in Vietnam with increased defense funding, he says 

Trump administration tightens restrictions on fetal tissue research


Trump floats new emergency declaration to impose Mexico tariffs

Trump: 'Foolish' for GOP to try to stop tariffs on Mexico

Trump blasts Schumer for saying he's bluffing on tariffs: 'What a creep'

White House instructs Hope Hicks, former McGahn aide not to comply with congressional subpoenas 


Trump gets a banquet with the queen and the good china on state visit to U.K 

Trump blasts London Mayor Sadiq Khan on UK trip: ‘He is a stone cold loser’

Trump’s Combative Visit With America’s Closest Ally
(Donald Trump began his state visit to the U.K. by reviving his feud with London’s mayor. It’s unlikely to be this week’s last political controversy.)

Trump: Israeli politics ‘messed up,’ country needs to ‘get their act together’

Trump calls for a boycott of AT&T to force ‘big changes’ at CNN – ‘It is so unfair with such bad, Fake News!’


Trump: Pompeo 'may be right' in casting doubt on Middle East plan

Trump accuses Russia, Syria, Iran of 'bombing the hell' of Idlib province

President Trump slams Mexico: ‘America has had enough!’

Trump administration considered placing tariffs on Australia

Trump makes unannounced stop at Virginia church

Shutdowns, emergencies and tariffs: Trump’s frenetic immigration approach has become central to his 2020 bid 

Trump calls London Mayor Sadiq Khan Bill de Blasio's twin, 'except shorter'

As Trump’s state visit looms, Britain seems a reluctant host 


Trump account mocked over pushback to Meghan Markle 'nasty' reports

Days before UK visit, Trump backs Boris Johnson, calls Meghan Markle ‘nasty’

Trump Administration Strips India of Special Trade Status

Trump to new El Salvadorian president: US 'ready to work' with you

Trump defends tariffs on China, Mexico

Trump lifts ban on summer sales of ethanol fuel

Trump announces departure of White House lawyer Emmet Flood


Trump weighs plan to choke off asylum for Central Americans
(The draft proposal would deny asylum to thousands of migrants waiting just south of the border.) 

Trump antagonizes both parties on trade

Trump holds firm on Mexico tariffs despite Republican dissent

U.S. and Mexico plan summit in Washington on Wednesday in bid to head off trade dispute 

Trump's anti-Mueller rage is for real

Trump uses discredited conflict-of-interest charges to attack Mueller 


Trump says U.S. to impose 5 percent tariff on all Mexican imports beginning June 10 in dramatic escalation of border clash 

Trump announces tariffs on Mexico over immigration

Trump takes major step toward pushing Congress to vote on North America trade deal — despite Pelosi’s warning 

Trump attacks Mueller, says he would have brought charges if he had evidence of a crime 

Trump: Whoever kept USS John McCain out of sight was ‘well-meaning’


Trump responds to special counsel Robert Mueller’s statement: ‘The case is closed!’

Trump accuses Democrats of crime amid rising calls for impeachment 

White House runs into health-care industry hostility as it plans executive order 

Trump: 'I was not informed about' reported request to move USS John McCain

Trump: 'Roy Moore cannot win' Alabama Senate seat


Trump concludes Tokyo visit as Japanese trade official plays down August deal chances

Five takeaways on Trump's Japan trip

Trump criticizes aircraft carrier design as 'wrong'

Trump claims he was 'sticking up for' Biden with 'low IQ' comment


Trump ending Japan trip after Memorial Day speech to troops

Trump publicly disagrees with Japan’s Abe over North Korea missile threat, calling Kim ‘smart man’

Trump in Japan: Pomp and tense circumstance

Trump agrees with Kim, rips Biden at Japan presser

Still angling for a deal, Trump backs Kim Jong Un over Biden, Bolton and Japan 

Trump says he is not seeking ‘regime change’ in Iran 

Trump takes credit for Obama's gains for vets

Trump hits Biden for 1994 crime bill support


Trump meets Japan's new emperor in lavish welcome ceremony

Trump is first head of state to meet Japan's new emperor

Trump climbs into a sumo ring to present a 60-pound ‘President’s Cup’ in highlight of Japan trip 

Trump appears to contradict Bolton on North Korea, expresses ‘confidence’ in Kim 

Trump 'personally thinks lots of good things will come from North Korea'

Trump blasts judge who blocked part of border wall construction 


Trump arrives for ceremonial visit to Japan, but Iran and North Korea also loom  

Trump singles out Toyota exec during dinner with Japanese business leaders

Trump says 'I have confidence' after past North Korea missile tests

Trump downplays North Korean missile tests

Trump defense pick expected to face tense confirmation

Trump goes scorched earth against impeachment talk


Defying Congress, Trump sets $8 billion-plus in weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE

Trump to sidestep Congress to clear arms deals benefiting Saudi Arabia, UAE 

Trump to send 1,500 troops to Middle East to counter Iran

Trump to get respite from Washington woes in Japan

Why Trump Is Rolling Back LGBTQ Health-Care Protections

Trump keeps trying to pick winners and losers – from the bailout for farmers to a border wall contract 

‘He always brings them up’: Trump tries to steer border wall deal to North Dakota firm 

Trump to place Ken Cuccinelli at the head of the country’s legal immigration system 

 Trump and allies take aim at Biden — and his family — as their top Democratic target 


Trump demands legal immigrants reimburse the government for welfare programs

Trump administration unveils $16 billion bailout to farmers hurt by China trade war

Trump gives Barr power to declassify intelligence related to Russia probe 

Trump orders intel agencies to cooperate with Barr probe into 'spying' on 2016 campaign

Trump fires back at 'dumb as a rock' Tillerson on Putin

Trump, Pelosi exchange insults as feud intensifies

Trump calls on aides in middle of presser to vouch for him amid Pelosi spat


Trump wants to cut repayment to California for fighting fires
(The administration demands proof that $72 million was spent on battling blazes on federal land last year.)

The Trump-Kushner peace plan looks doomed already 

Trump angrily walks out of meeting with Democrats after Pelosi says he is ‘engaged in a coverup’ 

Trump cuts off talks with Dems after Pelosi accuses him of cover-up

'Cover-up' talk enrages Trump, who threatens to end work with Democrats

Trump denies 'tantrum' in meeting with Pelosi: 'It is all such a lie!'

Trump’s golf costs: $102 million and counting, with taxpayers picking up the tab


Trump willing to talk with Iran, but provocations will be met with ‘great force’

Trump appeals judge’s decision upholding Democrats’ subpoena for financial records, setting up an early legal test in his battle with Congress

Trump administration will hire Cuccinelli for senior DHS border role 

Trump faces steep climb to reelection


Trump warns if Tehran attacks, it will be ‘official end of Iran’

Trump says he was not warned about Flynn. The Mueller report disagrees. 

Trump second-term agenda begins to emerge


Trump, Saudi Arabia warn Iran against Middle East conflict

Trump fires back at 'loser' GOP lawmaker who said he'd engaged in 'impeachable conduct'

Trump, Republicans distance themselves from Alabama abortion law 

Trump on abortion: I am 'pro-life' with 'three exceptions'

Trump hits Fox News for 'wasting airtime' with coverage of Buttigieg


Trump’s sanctions on Iran are hitting Hezbollah, and it hurts 

Trump risks credibility with policy that veers between threats and inaction 

‘It’s entirely inappropriate’: Trump shot a political video on Air Force One 


Trump lowered tensions with Iran: why he had to step in

Trump reaches deal to lift steel, aluminum tariffs on Mexico, Canada

Trump administration will delay auto tariffs for up to six months

Trump administration prepares to release Central American migrants 'across the entire nation'

'TREASON!': Trump says his campaign was spied on. Current and former FBI officials disagree.

Trump: Anonymous news sources are 'bulls---'


Trump proposes sweeping overhaul of legal immigration

Trump rolls out 'pro-American' immigration plan

Trump wants his border barrier to be painted black with spikes. He has other ideas, too. 

Trump, frustrated by advisers, is not convinced the time is right to attack Iran 

Trump promotes natural gas as it gets caught up in U.S.-China trade war 

Trump cuts steel tariffs on Turkey by half

Trump administration ends $929-million pact to build California high-speed rail project


Trump to launch uphill bid to overhaul immigration laws

Trump’s new immigration plan emphasizes skills and education over family connections

Trump declares national emergency over threats against US technology amid campaign against Huawei

Trump, Kudlow 'had it out' after contradiction on who is hurt by tariffs: report

Trump administration to delay auto tariffs by up to six months: Sources

Trump to meet with South Korean leader Moon Jae-in amid stalled North Korea nuclear talks

Trump administration opens up Minnesota wilderness area to copper mining

White House escalates war against Facebook, Google and Twitter with a campaign asking users to share stories of censorship 


White House explores new farmer bailout plan as U.S.-China trade war heats up 

Trump is taxing Americans to support farmers struggling from his trade war 

Trump finally switches up his lie that China pays tariffs to the U.S. Treasury

Trump says if Fed cuts interest rates, US will win trade war: ‘It would be game over, we win!


Trump to meet Chinese leader as trade tensions escalate

Trump says U.S. farmers to get $15 billion in aid amid China trade war

It’s not just China: Trump’s trade war is raging on several fronts

'They're not going to be happy.' Trump threatens Iran over reports of sabotaged oil tankers


Trump and his allies are blocking more than 20 separate Democratic probes in an all-out war with Congress 

Trump administration makes a mockery of asylum system

Trump: 'China is dreaming' Biden, other Dems get elected

Trump lashes out at Dem talk of 'constitutional crisis'

Trump takes aim at McGahn, says he ‘had a much better chance of being fired than Mueller’ 


Trump seeks to limit judges' powers on injunctions after legal blows 

Trump says it would be ‘appropriate’ for him to talk to Barr about launching an investigation into Biden 

Trump on not releasing his tax returns: Voters ’didn’t care’ in 2016, let them decide In 2020

Trump's 'four corners' offense an effective strategy for 2020


Trump says China tariffs 'may or may not be removed' while trade talks continue

Five things to know about Trump's trade war with China

Trump takes over Fourth of July celebration, changing its location and inserting himself into the program 


Trump says deal with China is still possible, but tariffs are an 'excellent' alternative

Trump got the crisis he wanted in Iran. Now what?

Trump overhauls crucial U.S. appeals courts at record pace: 'It's a generational change'

Trump tells Congress to 'keep working' on disaster aid bill

Trump urges Congress to take action on surprise medical bills | New bipartisan drug pricing bill introduced | Trump gambles in push for drug import proposal

Trump says administration secured 'historic donation' of HIV prevention drugs to help end epidemic

Trump picks former Boeing executive Patrick Shanahan for defense secretary

Trump says John Kerry ‘should be prosecuted’ for meetings with Iranian officials 


Trump declares executive privilege over Mueller report

Trump asserts executive privilege over Mueller report; House panel holds Barr in contempt 

Trump sanctions Iranian metals, Tehran's largest non-petroleum-related sources of export revenue

Under new Trump rules, debt collectors will be able to send unlimited texts and emails

Trump pledges $448M for Florida hurricane recovery

Trump tweets — and Dems pull two bills from floor

Trump labels New York Times report on business losses a 'highly inaccurate Fake News hit job'

Trump defends tax tactics after NYT probe says he racked up more than $1 billion in losses: 'It was sport'

Trump attacks potential 2020 rival Joe Biden in market-moving tweets about China trade negotiations

Trump predicts Dem investigation will drive him to 2020 win


Trump's threatened tariff hike to 25% on Chinese goods would hurt consumers, the economy

White House invokes executive privilege to bar former counsel from turning over documents to Congress 

White House orders McGahn to defy House subpoena

Trump, Dems escalate battles over investigations

Trump briefs Republican senators on emerging U.S. immigration plan

Trump, Senate GOP discuss effort to overhaul legal immigration

Trump pulls out rug from GOP on trade

Trump May Redefine Poverty, Cutting Americans From Welfare Rolls


Trump move raises pressure on Barr

Rising debt imperils Trump, Dem hopes on infrastructure

Trump's approval rating hits all-time high in Gallup poll

Trump’s Suggestion His Term Should Be Extended Is Another Trial Balloon for His Authoritarianism


Trump to Palestinians in Gaza: 'End the violence and work towards peace'

Trump to impose new sanctions against Iran: report

Trump says he will increase tariffs on Chinese goods on Friday as he complains about pace of trade talks 

Trump taps Mark Morgan, former Obama official who supports border wall, to head ICE 

In reversal, Trump says Mueller ‘should not testify’ before Congress

Trump says Mueller shouldn't testify


Trump says he did not confront Putin on election interference in post-Mueller call

Trump goes on tear, sharing tweets about Putin, North Korea's Kim and far-right YouTube star

‘Investigate the investigators’ is new Trump rallying cry to counter Mueller report 

A Facebook ‘army’ and freewheeling tweets: Inside the billion-dollar Trump 2020 campaign machine


Trump and Putin talked about Mueller report, Venezuela and North Korea during phone call

Trump official names former Secret Service head to top DHS post

Trump takes fight with Dems to the courts

Trump hits 'foolish' firefighter union president after group backs Biden

Trump finds in Barr the attorney general — and shield — he long sought 

Trump laments social media 'getting worse' for conservatives


Trump’s claim of ‘amazing’ success in cutting opioid prescriptions 

Trump indicates he will block McGahn testimony

Trump Administration Files Formal Request to Strike Down All of Obamacare

Trump touts new faith-based protections for health-care workers at National Day of Prayer ceremony 

Trump administration pushed to strip mention of climate change from Arctic policy statement 

Trump administration has separated hundreds of children from their migrant families since 2018


Trump asks Congress for $4.5 billion more in emergency border money

Trump scrambles to salvage NAFTA rewrite, courting Democrats and trying to tamp down GOP fury 

Trump accuses Harris of being 'very nasty' to Barr, looking for 'political points'

Trump trashes his own administration's infrastructure plan as 'stupid'

Trump tightens asylum rules, will make immigrants pay fees to seek humanitarian refuge 

Trump calls on Fed to cut rates by 1% and urges more quantitative easing

Trump sees low risk from Mueller attacks


Trump calls Mexico one of the world's 'most dangerous' countries in tweet targeting drug trade

Trump calls for tightening restrictions on asylum-seekers in new memo

Trump wants Moore on Fed despite controversy

Trump slams ‘Dues Sucking’ firefighters union leaders as he attacks Biden

Trump blasts Biden as he hits 2020 trail

Trump says NRA is ‘under siege by Cuomo’ after New York AG opens investigation into gun group

Trump family, businesses sue in effort to block banks from complying with subpoenas


Trump calls rabbi to offer condolences after California synagogue shooting

Trump called the synagogue shooting a ‘hate crime.’ Will prosecutors be able to do the same? 

Trump says US is sending immigrants to sanctuary cities: 'That was my sick idea'

Trump flips on Fox News analyst after he calls president's actions 'criminal'


Trump explains Golan Heights decision: 'This is very important strategically, heights'

Watch: President Trump holds a rally in Wisconsin

Trump rails against political elites on Washington media's big night

Trump ramps up attacks on media ahead of White House correspondents' dinner

Trump’s attempt to strong-arm Congress is actually a sign of his weakness

Trump defends Charlottesville comments by praising Confederate general

White House approves ex-official’s testimony after contempt threat 


Trump tells NRA he's pulling US from arms treaty

Trump says U.S. paid no money to North Korea over Warmbier

Trump abandons offshore drilling plan, at least for now

Trump now says parents must vaccinate children in face of measles outbreak

Trump contradicts McGahn, says he didn't ask for Mueller's firing

Trump says he did not try to fire Mueller. Here’s what Mueller’s report says. 

White House says former official can speak to Oversight panel next week

Donald Trump’s Unprecedented Assault on the Power of Congress

Trump makes race about 'freedom' and prisoner voting rights

Trump looks for longer boost from economy

Trump not expected to attend National Teacher of the Year award ceremony


Trump says his anti-opioids effort is making a big difference 

Trump Erroneously Claims U.S. Supreme Court Role in Impeachment

Today's Presidential Tweets Show Trump Is Desperate to Stop Someone Special From Testifying

Trump disputes finding that he directed McGahn to seek Mueller’s ouster 

Stymied by aides, Trump sought out loyalist to curtail special counsel — and drew Mueller’s glare 

Trump mocks 'Sleepy Joe' after Biden jumps into 2020 race

Trump welcomes Joe Biden to the ‘nasty’ 2020 race by insulting his intelligence

President Donald Trump on Joe Biden's 2020 run: 'He's not the brightest lightbulb in the group'


Trump looks to defuse trade wars as 2020 nears, deploying Pence to Michigan and Mnuchin to China 

New Trump immigration plan may increase visas for highly-skilled workers

Trump administration prepares a rule civil rights groups worry may deny care to transgender patients 

Trump says he is holding big Pharma accountable in opioid fight

Trump claims Mexican soldiers ‘probably’ used armed confrontation with US troops as a diversion for drug smugglers

Trump effort to stonewall faces thorny legal challenge

Trump says he'll fight 'all the subpoenas'

White House denies Cummings' request for Stephen Miller to testify on immigration

Trump says he would challenge impeachment in Supreme Court

Trump says he would ask Supreme Court to intervene if Democrats move to impeach him 

The president lashes out at his critics
(Trump’s Twitter storm of grievance reflects a deepening agitation over recent events.)

Trump's war against the media has reached new heights 


Trump pressures Arabs to pay for peace in stealth build-up to Middle East 'deal of the century'

Trump vows to ‘reciprocate’ against EU tariffs after Harley reports nearly 27% drop in profit

Trump spent meeting with Twitter CEO complaining about losing followers

Trump: 'No reason' for White House to comply with congressional investigations

Trump says he is opposed to White House aides testifying to Congress, deepening power struggle with Hill 

Trump says aides should not testify to Congress on Mueller report


Trump aims to drive Iran’s oil exports to zero by ending sanctions waivers

Trump may limit foreign visitors from certain countries in bid to crackdown on visa overstays

Trump calls on Fed to cut interest rates

Trump administration’s proposed hiring requirement alarms criminal justice reform advocates on left and right 

Trump, businesses sue Oversight chairman to block subpoena for financial records 

Trump says after Mueller report ‘you can’t impeach’ and argues that it was the ‘Democrats that committed the crimes’

Trump says ‘nobody disobeys my orders.’ Here are 15 recorded instances of exactly that. 


Trump takes aim at Dem talk of impeachment

Trump snapped at McMaster for taking notes during meeting


Trump blames McGahn after Mueller paints damning portrait with notes from White House aides 

Trump hits Romney for Mueller criticism

The many, many times Trump has said he was only joking

Trump administration says immigrants working in legal marijuana industry lack ‘moral character’ for citizenship 


Trump: Some statements about him in Mueller report are 'total bulls---'

Trump uses profanity to complain about the Mueller report 

Trump frustrated with aides who talked to Mueller


Trump after Mueller report release: 'I'm having a good day'

Trump declares 'Game Over' on Mueller investigation with 'Game of Thrones' image

Trump called some Russia scoops 'fake news' but Mueller report shows they were very real

Trump to visit Japan in May to meet with Abe, new emperor

Trump spoke with Abu Dhabi crown prince on Thursday: White House


Trump administration announces new measures against Cuba 

President looms large over McConnell-Pelosi spending ceiling talks

Trump shifts gears, launches attacks on Pelosi

The Trump administration is quietly making it harder for some people to apply for federal jobs

Trump says he'd like to run against Buttigieg

Trump says he offered his 'great experts' to Pope Francis, Macron to rebuild Notre Dame


Trump vetoes measure ending US support for Saudi-led war in Yemen

Trump moves to resist House inquiries, setting up fight over congressional subpoena powers 

Trump says Russia probe 'con job,' as fuller report looms

Trump says he has no regrets about sharing Ilhan Omar video 

Trump tears into 'crazy' Bernie Sanders after Fox News town hall 

Trump claims supporters were kept out of Fox News's Bernie Sanders town hall


Trump says Federal Reserve is holding back stock market, economy

Trump hits Mueller team's credibility ahead of report's release

Trump focuses on divisive messages as 2020 reelection bid takes shape 

Trump attacks 'very fake' New York Times for tax law piece


Trump peace package for Middle East likely to stop short of Palestinian statehood 

Trump, despite solid U.S. growth, says Fed should fire up crisis-era stimulus

Trump Slams Fed Again, Says Stocks Should Be 5,000-10,000 Higher

Trump revived attacks on sanctuary cities to distract from Mueller report release: report

Trump escalates Omar controversy

Trump, Pelosi to meet on bipartisan infrastructure deal

Trump rips into Pelosi after 'puff piece' '60 Minutes' interview

Trump learns to love acting officials


Trump demands that undocumented immigrants be taken to sanctuary cities

Trump questions why Democrats should get Mueller report


Trump says administration giving ‘strong considerations’ to releasing immigrant detainees in ‘sanctuary cities’ 

Trump Contradicts White House Over Sending Migrants to Sanctuary Cities

Trump told border official he'd pardon him if he went to jail over immigration moves: CNN

Trump’s decision on Pentagon chief nomination to await conclusion of ethics probe 

She’s very good with numbers’: Trump says he considered his daughter Ivanka to lead the World Bank 


Trump disavows past enthusiasm for WikiLeaks after Assange’s arrest 

Trump seizes on Barr's 'spying' remark

White House proposed releasing immigrant detainees in sanctuary cities, targeting political foes 

Washington Tries a Softer Approach in Anti-Huawei Campaign
(The Trump administration claims progress in signing up European allies in the fight against Beijing.)


Trump says he will have to send more troops to the US-Mexico border

Trump signs executive orders seeking to speed up oil and gas projects 

Trump Executive Order Will Aim to Prevent States From Blocking Pipelines

If Trump has his way, this major federal agency is on the way out 

Trump rejects giving Dems tax returns, citing audit


Trump is teeing up stress tests for several institutions, from DHS to DOJ and the IRS 

Trump denies plan to separate migrant families, blames Obama for ‘cages’ 

The High-Stakes Battle Between Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve

Trump holds call with Saudi crown prince to discuss human rights issues, Iran


Trump pushed to close El Paso border, told admin officials to resume family separations and agents not to admit migrants

Trump told border patrol agents to defy law, block migrants

Trump reportedly wants to revive one of his least-popular policy proposals: Family separation

Trump administration cancels MLB deal with Cuba 

Trump to designate Iranian military unit as a terrorist group 

Trump replaces Secret Service director

Trump removes Secret Service director as purge of DHS leadership widens 

Trump called Secret Service director 'Dumbo' because of his ears: NY Times

Trump moves to install loyalists

Trump seeks to campaign on problems he promised to fix 


Trump says DHS Secretary Nielsen leaving

Trump says he made snap decision on Golan after history crash course

Trump says Mueller team 'illegally' leaking to press


Trump administration nearly doubles H-2B guest visa program, which brings many Mexican workers

Trump admin revokes visa of International Criminal Court prosecutor pursuing Afghan war crimes

Trump: I have not read Mueller report, 'though I have every right to do so'

Trump wants to stiff New York on homeland security spending - including $36M on Trump Tower security, lawmakers say


 Trump visits the U.S.-Mexico border at Calexico Amidst Protests

Trump hires law firm to fight bid by Congress to get his income tax returns

Trump says law '100 percent' on his side in tax return fight

Trump ditches his nominee to lead ICE, saying he wants someone ‘tougher’ for top immigration enforcement role 

Trump: 'I don't see Biden as a threat


Trump delays closing US-Mexico border for at least a year

Trump threatens tariffs if Mexico does not help with immigration, drugs

Trump says 'we'll know over the next four weeks' if a China trade deal happens

Trump blasts report that Mueller aides think Barr sugarcoated his summary

Trump lashes out at New York Times for Mueller reporting 

Trump plans to nominate Herman Cain to Fed board, aiming to add supporter to independent central bank 


Trump now says he never wanted new ObamaCare replacement vote

Trump keeps talking about Puerto Rico like it isn’t the U.S. It doesn’t seem like a mistake. 

Trump said 'who the f--- are you' to GOP lawmaker after criticism of tweets: New book


Trump shifts on border shutdown threat

Trump eases up on border shutdown threat

Trump seems inclined to close border despite potential chaos

Trump leaves Washington reeling with policy whiplash as he struggles with domestic agenda 

Trump admin asks courts to dismiss legal challenges to emergency declaration

Trump says NATO countries' burden-sharing improving, wants more

The tweetstorm after the storm: Trump attacks Puerto Rico over hurricane relief

Pivot to center? Not Trump

Trump says GOP will take back House, suggests votes are being tampered with


Trump says vote on healthcare can wait until after 2020 election

Trump says vote on GOP's health care proposal won't come until after 2020 election

Trump wades into his administration's census battle

Trump administration heightens effort to return asylum seekers to Mexico

Trump slams Puerto Rico after disaster aid bill stalls

The President Is Now Making 22 False Claims a Day. Media Coverage Has Got to Reflect That.


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