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(Page 3) BEGINNING November 16, 2017

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Trump imposes steel and aluminum tariffs on the E.U., Canada and Mexico 

Trump pours kerosene on the global trade wars

Trump deepens the West’s sense of crisis 

Trump imposes steel, aluminum tariffs on U.S. allies and Europe plans to retaliate

Trump’s fatal flaw is becoming dangerous—even to him

Trump threatens NAFTA after imposing tariffs on U.S. allies to punish 'unfair competition'

Trump tells Trudeau on NAFTA: US will agree to fair deal or ‘no deal at all’

Trump Remaking Federal Policy on Women's Reproductive Health

Trump's feud with Sessions grows toxic

Trump claims he did not fire Comey over Russia

Donald Trump's Russia claim contradicts, um, Donald Trump's Russia claim

'Unfairly treated': Trump delivers own brand of presidential mercy with power of pardon

President Trump pardons Dinesh D’Souza


President Trump, your source for breaking news about North Korea 

White House offers mixed messages with latest about-face on tariffs 

Trump plans to impose metal tariffs on closest U.S. allies 

How Trump's Plan to Lower Drug Prices Could Hurt Patients

Trump signs bill for terminal patients to try unproven drugs

Trump: I wish I didn't pick Jeff Sessions


Trump was asked to respond to Roseanne’s racist tweets. He made the incident about himself..

Trump accuses ABC of double standard on 'Roseanne' cancellation

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Trump goes full white nationalist in service of the Republican Party.

Trump Goes Really (Really) Off Script ...


Trump confirms top North Korean official is on his way to New York for meetings about summit

Trump announces tariffs on China, tech crackdown ahead of key trade meeting 

Trump administration to tighten restrictions on some Chinese visas

Trump: Mexico will pay for the wall 'in the end'

Mexico's president fires back at Trump: We will never pay for your wall

Trump heads to red Tennessee to help GOP salvage a key Senate seat

Trump’s mention of Corker draws boos at Tennessee rally

Trump told Sessions to reverse his decision to recuse in Russia probe

Trump steps up attacks on Mueller

Trump uses discrediting skills on Mueller

With ‘Spygate,’ Trump Shows How He Uses Conspiracy Theories to Erode Trust

14 tweets that show Donald Trump's Russia obsession is only getting worse

The art of the evidence-free claim. How Trump gets by without sourcing what he says



President Trump participates in Memorial Day wreath-laying ceremony

Donald Trump just put the 'Me' in his Memorial Day tweet

Trump to meet with Japanese prime minister ahead of potential North Korea summit 

TrumpVA pick boosts hopes for reform

Trump’s fluid approach to national and economic security is leaving his allies baffled 

Trump is blaming Democrats for separating migrant families at the border. Here’s why this isn’t a surprise.

Trump mocks Dem lawmaker for introducing bill to repeal GOP tax cuts


Trump threatens another shutdown as budget battle heats up

After North Korea recommits to denuclearization, Trump says summit 'will happen'

President Trump on Saturday accused Democrats of 'protecting MS-13 thugs'


Trump upbeat about Singapore summit with North Korea: 'Moving along very nicely'

Trump: Meetings on potential North Korea summit going 'very well'

Trump and Kim fight PR war after canceled summit

Trump's 'phony' source turns out to be White House official

Trump taps anti-immigration activist

‘Colossal waste’: Border Patrol union chief rips Trump’s buildup of troops

Pro-hunting Trump officials take ax to wildlife protections

Trump Says Mueller's Investigation Has Cost Almost $20M — Has It?

In the Trump Era, We Are Losing the Ability to Distinguish Reality from Vacuum


Trump suggests Kim summit could still take place as scheduled

Trump says dialogue with North Korea has reopened: 'We're talking to them now'

Trump to North Korea: I Want You to Want Me

Trump says he’ll spare Chinese telecom firm ZTE from collapse, defying lawmakers 

Invitations offer wealthy Chinese access to President Trump at fundraiser 

Trump’s go-it-alone approach to foreign policy angers allies, benefits adversaries 

Trump’s and Bolton’s Instincts Form a Toxic Combination

'We’re closed!’: Trump vents his anger over immigration at homeland security secretary 

Treatment and rhetoric about undocumented children put the Trump administration in a new category on hard-line immigration policy 

Navy graduates deride 'physical coward' Trump ahead of Academy commencement address

AP FACT CHECK: Trump is wrong about military pay, ships

Trump revamps civil service rules, makes it easier to fire bad federal employees

President Trump’s fog of ‘scandals’ and outrages about the Mueller investigation 

Don't miss what Donald Trump is doing with his 'spy' allegations


Trump Pulls Out of North Korea Summit Meeting With Kim Jong-un

Trump wanted to pull plug on North Korea summit before Kim could

Trump’s canceled North Korea summit sums up his chaotic foreign policy 

Donald Trump’s Strange Letter to Kim Jong

Trump’s cancellation of summit with Kim raises fears of renewed tensions, destabilization  

Five takeaways on the canceled Trump summit with Kim

An unpredictable president changes the North Korea script 

Trump cancels summit with North Korea's Kim, warns that military ready

Trump: US ready for military action against North Korea

Trump Dials Up the Trade War to 11

Trump signs the biggest rollback of bank rules since the financial crisis

President* Trump Is Ready to Pull the WholeTemple Down on His Head

The Infomercial President Is Peddling a New Brand to Distract You From the Russia Probe


Trump: 'We will know next week about Singapore'

Trump Backs Away From Demand for Immediate North Korean Denuclearization

North Korea Is a Dangerous Distraction

Trump throws more cold water on China trade deal, saying current framework 'too hard to get done'

The Trump administration wants regime change in Iran. But regime change usually doesn’t work. 

Trump violated the Constitution when he blocked his critics on Twitter, a federal judge rules 

Judge rules Trump can't block users on Twitter

Why Trump’s Intense Focus on the Trade Deficit Could Cost the Economy in the Long Run

The Trump administration’s bogus spin that it obtained $2 billion for ‘school safety’ 

Trump says he’s doing ‘service to the country’ by confronting Justice Department over ‘Spygate’

'SPYGATE': Trump rages on Twitter about the 'Criminal Deep State'

The No. 1 reason Trump’s ‘spygate’ conspiracy theory doesn’t make sense

Trump's hypocrisy, in 1 answer

Trump takes a victory lap after NFL owners release new national anthem rules


Trump says Kim Jong Un ‘serious’ about nuclear talks, but suggests summit could fall through 

Trump: There's no deal with China on ZTE, and I'm not satisfied with trade talks

Trump's demand that China cut its US trade deficit by $200 billion defies the laws of economics

Trump backers fear he's deserting them on China 

Saudis and Emiratis face the pitfalls of courting Trump 

Trump says he will propose new tax cuts prior to November

Trump flirts with constitutional crisis

‘Too inconvenient’: Trump goes rogue on phone security

Trump to boost request for border wall funding by half-billion dollars

Trump Is in a Coma on Public Health

Trump admin moves to ban federally funded clinics from giving abortion referrals

Trump urges anti-abortion advocates to rally in November

For Future Health Policies, Trump Administration Adds a Rural Focus

Trump's moves haven't yet significantly decreased the number of people with health insurance


With North Korea summit on shaky ground, Trump to press South Korean leader

DOJ, Trump reach deal on expanded Russia review

There was a second TrumpTower meeting, and yet again it contradicts the Trump team’s past collusion denials 

Trump rejects tougher phone security: report

Trump signs repeal of auto-loan policy that targeted racial bias

Trump’s next round of trade limits could hurt the U.S. tech industry he wants to help 

Trump’s opioid strategy ‘missing in action’ as 115 people die every day 

Trump's New Abortion Proposal Politicizes a Historically Bipartisan Program


Trump asking aides whether he should proceed with North Korea summit: report

Trump, South Korean leader commiserate over upcoming summit 

Trump says he’ll ‘demand’ DOJ investigation into FBI ‘infiltration’


Trump’s tweet adds to the fog surrounding Russia inquiry

Trump administration will pull funds from groups that perform abortions or provide referrals

Trump official on defensive as critics scoff at drug plan

This week in Trumponomics: Trade fears recede 

Bill Gates' Account of His Meetings With Trump Is Hilarious(-ly Disturbing)


'Not looking good': How Trump has responded to mass shootings

Trump's ICE Is Increasingly Arresting Immigrants Without Criminal Convictions

Trump Administration to Tie Health Facilities’ Funding to Abortion Restrictions

What the White House’s proposed rule to block abortion funds means for women’s health

Trump nominates Pacific Command head as ambassador to South Korea

Trump will nominate Robert Wilkie to become permanent VA secretary

Trump personally pushed postmaster general to double rates on Amazon, other firms 

Trump donates first quarter salary to VA

Trump is getting briefed on North Korea — by the media 


Trump seeks to placate Kim Jong Un over uncertain US-North Korea summit

Trump tells NK's Kim to denuclearize or risk overthrow

Trump offers reassurance that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un would remain in power under nuclear deal 

Trump offers 'protections' if Kim surrenders nukes

Trump, still planning summit, reassures and warns Kim Jong Un

Kim blunts heady talk on summit N. Korea seen as gaining leverage
North Korea’s threat to call off the June 12 meeting suggests that Trump’s optimism was premature.

Trump: I 'doubt' China trade negotiations will succeed

How China became President Trump’s trade nemesis.

Trump's NAFTA pledge in danger as key deadline passes 

Trump’s Jerusalem Theatrics Have Dealt A Blow to Peace

Trump team stokes fight over Mueller

‘Bigger than Watergate’: Trump joins push by allies to expose role of an FBI source 

Trump makes Manchin top target for midterms

There's a fight brewing between the Trump administration and drugmakers 

Trump administration reportedly to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood

An Aggrieved Trump Wants Better Press, and He Blames Leaks for Not Getting It


Trump caved to China on ZTE. Now other countries are sensing weakness.

Trump says his push to save ZTE is part of a 'larger trade deal'

Trump says 'we'll have to see' if summit with Kim Jong Un is still happening

Here are three big ways the Trump administration could put its mark on Medicaid 

Frustrated Trump wants action on border wall, immigration

Trump says some unauthorized immigrants 'aren't people' but 'animals' who will be rapidly kicked out of the US

Trump expected to cut Planned Parenthood funding through regs

Trump’s new Stormy Daniels disclosure reveals yet another Rudy Giuliani contradiction 

In new financial disclosure, Trump reports apparent payment through his personal attorney to adult-film star 

Trump’s Failure To Report Stormy Daniels Payoff Referred To Prosecutors

Trump voters warn him not to fire Mueller: ‘People would be suspicious’ 


Trump puts his stamp on the globe

President Trump shrinks from another fight with China

Trump's China reversal sparks bipartisan fears of a hasty deal 

Uproar over ZTE tweet Backlash over Trump’s reversal on ZTE

How Trump’s ZTE deal could undercut his foreign policy 

Trump pushed to evacuate military families from S. Korea ahead of Olympics: report

Trump’s approach is hurting the U.S., foreign policy experts say

Trump’s hand on trade is getting weaker

Leaving the Iran Nuclear Deal Will Have Unintended Consequences

Trump administration preparing to hold immigrant children on military bases 

In speech for fallen officers, Trump touts policies and rails against sanctuary cities

President Trump is set to meet California leaders fighting state sanctuary laws that protect undocumented immigrants

Trump gives GOP midterm pep talk

Trump’s tweets could sink efforts to end DACA, appeals court says

Here's how the Trump administration is expanding a drug pricing database 

Trump supporters suffer unintended consequences of his policies 

Trump nominates brother-in-law of Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell and Transportation Secretary Chao to run pension agency


Trump Orders Help For Chinese Phone-Maker After China Approves Money For Trump Project

Trump's ZTE reversal flouts warnings from top national security officials 

Health industry appears unfazed by Trump's drug pricing speech 

Trump blasts White House leakers as 'traitors'

The ‘deep state’ is in Trump’s own White House 

Trump reportedly vents about the FBI raids of his lawyer Michael Cohen as often as '20 times a day'

Trump voters stay loyal because they feel disrespected 


Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ border policy stumbles

Trump’s ‘buy now, pay later’ foreign policy 

Trump praises North Korea’s pledge

Penalties against China telecom giant ZTE become a bargaining chip as White House, Chinese officials discuss potential trade deal 

The End of the Iran Deal, and Trump’s New, Confrontational Foreign Policy

Trump roils the globe with Iran deal withdrawal

In Syria, an accidental bulwark against Iran shows confusion of Trump policy 


Trump declares disaster for Hawaii volcano eruption

Drug price plan less than billed

Trump challenges Congress: Get spending done or skip August recess

Trump rolls back protections for transgender prison inmates

Revenge of the dinosaurs: Administration seeks technology to revive coal

Trump picks billionaire military contractor to lead intelligence board

The Battle Inside the Trump Administration Over T.P.S.

Trump administration struggles to deal with US enemy combatant

German Chancellor Angela Merkel slams President Trump’s Iran deal decision

Trump’s decision to open Jerusalem embassy complicates promise to seek Middle East peace 


Trump reassures anxious hawks that he’s willing to walk away from North Korea talks 

Trump is running out of time on NAFTA 

NAFTA is critical to a key Trump-voting state

Trump Broke Iran Policy. Let Him Fix It.

Trump close to wiping out TPS program for immigrants

Trump administration set to tighten oversight of student, exchange visas

Trump’s ‘Most Wanted’ ISIS news given cold shoulder by media’s ‘big three,’ watchdog reports

Trump quietly kills NASA'S greenhouse program

Trump lays out his vision for lower drug prices 

Trump promises to ‘derail the gravy train’ and lower drug prices in ‘American Patients First’ plan 

Trump attacks media after reports of Cohen deal with AT&T

Callous Brutality Is a Virtue in Trumpland. Just Look at These Attacks on John McCain.


History in the making as Trump welcomes prisoners home

Trump says he will meet Kim on June 12 in Singapore

Trump says he's aiming for new Iran deal that is 'better for them'

Trump warns of ‘very severe consequence’ if Iran restarts nuclear program

Iran’s supreme leader reveals private letter Trump sent to Arab allies 

Trump’s Iran Policy Is Blowing Up His Energy Agenda

Trump unloads on Homeland Security secretary in lengthy immigration tirade 

Trump signs Holocaust property law that has angered Poland

It’s up to Trump to prepare for Kremlin cyberattacks. He’s falling short.

Trump might be hurting U.S. businesses by leaving so many ambassador posts empty 

In Indiana, Trump urges GOP to mobilize for 2018 midterms

Trump travels to the Indiana city some say Obama's economy helped save

The 2 biggest scandals of Trump's presidency are suddenly converging


Trump offers hero’s welcome to three Americans freed by North Korea 

Trump's latest shot at the press corps: 'Take away credentials?' 

Trump is trying to strong-arm the news media 

Trump's Iran nuclear deal exit may spark a sanctions battle with Europe that Uncle Sam already lost once

Trump’s trust in his gut-driven, out-of-the-box approach to international relations grows 

Trump praises CIA pick Haspel after Senate hearing

Fox News Judicial Analyst Issues Dark Warning To Trump Over Michael Cohen

Trump and His Administration Are a Parasite on American Government


Trump announces he will withdraw US from Iran nuclear deal and restore sanctions

Trump pulls United States out of Iran nuclear deal, calling the pact ‘an embarrassment’ 

Trump just accelerated Iran’s implosion. He won’t like the results. 

Trump axes the Iran deal and creates a new crisis 

China is the big wild card in Trump's Iran decision 

Five takeaways from Trump’s Iran announcement

Trump wants to wring a ‘better deal’ from Iran. Here’s why that’s so unlikely. 

Trump Just Violated the Iran Deal. Welcome to Renege Nation.

Trump withdraws from Iran nuclear deal, isolating him further from world

The Three Crises Sparked by Trump's Withdrawal From the Iran Deal

The Art of the Regime Change

President Trump undermines nuclear talks with North Korea with Iran deal withdrawal, experts say

Five overshadowed stories spotlight Trump’s domestic priorities 

President Trump fed up with Rudy Giuliani’s on-air shenanigans


Trump to announce decision on Iran deal Tuesday 

The Alternate Future Hinging on Trump's Iran Decision

Trump slams Kerry over ‘possibly illegal’ private talks with Iran

As headlines swirl, Trump grows frustrated with Giuliani

Trump calls on Congress to pull back $15 billion in spending, including on Children’s Health Insurance Program. 

Fact-checking President Trump’s claims on immigration 

How Trump's false claim about African American support happened 

Guess what's in the farm bill? Funding for health plans pushed by Trump 

Trump is transforming the judiciary, but he has yet to take aim at the court that annoys him the most 

Trump records robocall in support of Renacci ahead of Ohio Senate primary

Trump tries to sink Blankenship in West Virginia primary

Trump winning over Democrats with his handling of key issues, CNN poll finds

New Revelations Suggest a President Losing Control of His Narrative

Trump approval steady amid rising outlook for the country


Iran deal on the line as Trump nears deadline

Trump team hired Israeli firm to discredit Obama aides, Iran deal – UK report

Trump Promised To Reshape America. He's Already Told 1 Million Immigrants Who Had Legal Protections To Get Out.

Five things to watch as Trump takes on drug prices


Trump undercuts Giuliani

Trump disputes Giuliani’s story Trump denies he changed his story

Trump campaigns for Senate candidate, derides immigration laws at Ohio tax roundtable 

Ohio: A political landscape upended by President Trump 

Trump threatens to ‘close up’ country if border wall isn’t built

Anger in France over Trump comments on Bataclan attacks

Trump’s comments about gun laws in Britain and France prompt anger and rebukes 

Trump: Troop withdrawal from South Korea 'not on the table'

Trump exit from Iran nuclear deal would thrust world into uncharted territory

Controversial celebrity doctor named to White House advisory council


President Fires Up NRA Convention In Dallas

At NRA event, Trump embraces its agenda in campaign-style speech 

What came of Trump's proposals to prevent gun violence after Parkland?

Trump expresses confidence on midterms

Trump knew about Stormy Daniels payment months before denial: report

Trump Is Said to Know of Stormy Daniels Payment Months Before He Denied It

Story shift poses risk for Trump Giuliani’s strategy is unclear

Trump on Giuliani: 'He'll get his facts straight'

Trump and Giuliani Think Country Is ‘Stupid’ While Changing Stormy Daniels Excuses, Says Michael Avenatti

Trump says he would ‘love’ talk to Mueller, but fears being mistreated in ‘witch hunt’

Trump and His Aides Have No Idea What They're Talking About

‘I will sign immediately,’ Trump promises on proposal to expand private health care for veterans 

Trump to huddle with US negotiators after trade talks with China

Trump Is Setting America on an Unpredictable Course in the Middle East

Trump administration ending temporary status for Hondurans, the latest immigrant group to have protections revoked


Trump team faces long odds for trade breakthrough in Beijing 

If Trump destroys the nuclear deal, Iran will fall to its hardliners

American and Iranian hard-liners await the end of the nuclear deal 

President Trump’s super PAC falls well short of super

White House preps 27-page talking point defense for controversial CIA nominee

White House warns China: There will be 'consequences' for militarization of South China Sea

Trump Turns More Aggressive on Mueller Probe as Cobb Departs

More hostility likely in Russia inquiry ‘Potential for a constitutional crisis’

The blatant coverup of Trump’s Stormy Daniels payment 

Trump changes his story about Stormy Daniels

Trump acknowledges his lawyer was reimbursed after payment to Stormy Daniels 

Trump tries to contain damage from Giuliani's disclosures on hush money for Stormy Daniels

Trump and his attorney didn’t tell the truth, if Giuliani is right. Will that change anything? 


Trump Goes to War With Mueller

‘The gloves may be coming off’: Shake-up of Trump legal team signals combative posture toward special counsel 

Trump Adds Clinton Impeachment Lawyer, Bracing for a Fight on Multiple Fronts

The White House calls Ty Cobb’s exit a ‘retirement,’ but it sounds as though he was pushed 

Trump derides Mueller's obstruction probe as a 'setup' and 'trap'

Trump claims immunity, asks court to toss foreign payments suit

Trump makes it clear that Pompeo is his man at State

Trump considering executive action to crack down on Chinese tech: report

Trump’s threats are unlikely to hurt Sen. Jon Tester. In fact, they may help him. 

This might be Trump’s most comprehensively disproven tweet yet 

What we didn’t know about Trump on Election Day 2016 

Teacher of the year sends Trump message without speaking


‘So disgraceful’: Trump lashes out at publication of special counsel questions 

Trump’s tweets suggest he doesn’t understand his legal jeopardy 

How foreign leaders sweet-talk Trump 

Trump May Go Too Far in Alienating Europe

Trump's tariff delay leaves Europe as the odd one out 

The Trump Administration’s Hard Line on Refugees Comes Under Fire

Protests, not guns, to greet Trump

Trump allies want to turn midterms into 'impeachment referendum'

In 466 days, President Trump has made 3,001 
false or misleading claims

Gallup: Trump approval rating reaches 11-month high


Trump postpones decision on steel tariffs for allies and EU for another month

Trump will delay the start of possible trade war with some of the US's closest allies

Trump could let Pollard go to Israel in honor of embassy launch – report

Trump: Threats to end Iran deal won't affect North Korea talks

Trump’s incoherence on North Korea and Iran 

Trump’s pick to lead ICE, who touted surge in immigration arrests, steps down 

Impeachment looms large in White House midterm plans

Macron and Merkel have handed Trump a road map 


President decries ‘overrun’ border

Trump Asks If There Are Hispanics In The Room Before Demanding His Wall

Donald Trump launches fresh attack on 'lousy' US embassy in London and threatens to 'take on' EU over trade

Trump expected to speak at NRA meeting in Dallas

Trump rallies in Mich., touting economy and diplomacy and blasting media 

White House press on defensive after Michelle Wolf torches Trump, Sanders

Trump says he will be impeached if Republicans are routed in midterms


Trump lambasts media for 'phony' WHCD at Michigan rally

Trump’s love-hate relationship with the press

Trump supporters and protesters clash outside Trump rally in Michigan

Trump says he ‘may go’ to next month’s Jerusalem embassy opening

White House prepares to fight state on emissions Plan could disrupt U.S. auto industry

There are signs Trump's trade friction is killing jobs in big manufacturing states

The White House may send John Kelly to run the embattled Veterans Affairs department

Trump, Merkel cordial, but no apparent movement on Iran

Korean thaw gives Trump a big boost

Historic Korean summit sets high bar for Trump

Trump: Talks on North Korea ‘going very well,’ location of meeting with Kim Jong Un ‘is being set’

Why Trump’s Boasts About the Korea Summit Are Premature

Trump is claiming wins on North Korea before the game really starts 

Trump offers wild new explanation for why his son met with a Russian agent


Trump cites GOP report to dismiss collusion claims: Mueller 'should never' have been appointed

Trump has almost hit a key economic target

Trump administration drafts plan to unravel Obama-era fuel-efficiency rules, challenge California 

Trump considering former House Veterans Affairs' chair Jeff Miller for VA secretary

Our veterans require great care. Trump hasn’t shown any. 

Trump’s Middle Ground on Iran Deal Sanctions Waivers Is a Myth

Trump's backslapping diplomacy gives way to sterner talks with Merkel

Missed 'Fox & Friends'? Here's what Trump said on Cohen, Ronny Jackson and more. 

Trump takes a ramble through his grievances

Trump’s agenda bogs down in swirl of scandals and misfires


Trump Boasted He'd Open All JFK Files, but Now Says He Can't

Trump Wants Presidential Elections to Be Decided by Popular Vote, Which He Lost

Even Fox & Friends Anchors Couldn't Make Sense of Trump's Madness This Morning

President Trump Gives Himself 'A+' Grade for His First Year in Office in Rambling Fox Interview

Trump on Jackson's withdrawal: 'I saw where this was going'

Macron believes Trump will ‘get rid’ of Iran deal to please his base


3 big changes coming from the Trump tax cuts

At the Supreme Court, Trump's tweets under scrutiny in travel ban hearing

Supreme Court’s conservative justices appear to back Trump’s authority for travel ban 

Supreme Court leans toward upholding Trump's third try at a travel ban

Giuliani reopens negotiations about presidential interview with Mueller, but cautions special counsel that Trump remains resistant 

Ex Watergate prosecutor pinpoints why Trump ‘can’t take the Fifth Amendment’

This Is Trump's Washington, Where Corruption and Misbehavior Are a Constant Fog


Trump rallies behind VA nominee after suggesting he drop out because of ‘ugly’ process 

Trump gives cover for VA nominee to withdraw

Trump calls Kim Jong Un 'very honorable'

An Unpredictable Trump and a Risk-Prone Kim Mean High Stakes and Mismatched Expectations

Emmanuel Macron to Press Trump to Keep Iran Nuclear Deal

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's oft-told tale of US payout to Iran

Trump's travel ban faces Supreme Court reckoning

9,000 Nepalis face deportation as Trump administration prepares to cancel residency permits 

‘Nowhere near close’: The bond between Trump and Giuliani is less than it appears 

Trump keeps saying he’s innocent. So why does he keep sounding like he’s guilty? 


President Trump orders migrant 'caravan' blocked from entering US and demands funding for border wall

Trump: DHS instructed to halt ‘caravans’ into the U.S., may make border agreement part of NAFTA

White House Deterring Republicans From Defending Pruitt, Sources Say

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron share strong bonds, but the French president has the clear edge when it comes to economic reform

Trump's revenge: U.S. oil floods Europe, hurting OPEC and Russia

The White House can’t hide Trump’s worry about Michael Cohen 

Flight Records Unfold Mystery of Trump's Moscow Nights


Why Trump has struggled to assemble a legal team

Trump struggles to get new IRS team in place

Report: Trump administration to reverse Obama-era transgender rules

Trump says Michael Cohen won't flip. Those close to him aren't so sure.

Korean peace talks pose new challenge for Trump

Trump to urge North Korea to dismantle nuclear program in return for sanctions relief

As Macron arrives to meet Trump, fate of Iran nuclear deal is front and center 

Trump asked Netanyahu if he actually cares about peace: report

Watch President Trump repeat Fox News talking points 


rump lashes out at New York Times over Michael Cohen coverage, vows his attorney won’t ‘flip’ 

Trump lowers the temperature on Mueller probe

Five takeaways from Trump adding Giuliani


Trump hires Giuliani, two other attorneys amid mounting legal turmoil over Russia 

Trump reportedly said he hasn’t fired Rosenstein or Mueller because they aren’t targeting him. That’s quite the admission. 

Trump says anti-drug briefing he heard shows need for wall

The Forbes 400 and how Trump’s shameless self-promotion helped make him president 


If North Korea Talks Are Not Fruitful, ‘I Will Respectfully Leave,’ Trump Says

Trump’s assessment of the political views of Californians is incorrect 

Rudy Giuliani joins Trump legal team, hopes to end Russia probe in ‘a week or two’

The president rambled, and his FBI director took notes



Pres. in tax roundtable discussion, HialeahFL

Federal judge weighs special master to review seized Trump-Cohen records 

Judge Rejects Trump Request To Sift Through Cohen Documents First, May Use Mediator

What's in those seized records? Trump's biggest new worry

Trump’s Passive-Aggressive Syria Policy Risks Creating More Mayhem in the Middle East

Overall aim in Syria is still unclear U.S. ‘work in Syria is not done’

Trump Wants U.S. Forces in Syria to Come Home as Quickly as Possible

Trump asking Arab nations to replace US military in Syria after defeat of ISIS: report

Trump puts the brakes on new Russian sanctions, reversing Haley’s announcement 

A grumpy Trump welcomes Japan’s weakened leader 

Trump to nominate economist Richard Clarida as Fed vice chair

Trump campaign pays lawyer who's trying to make Stormy Daniels shut up

The morning after Comey’s interview airs, Trump throws another punch at the fired FBI director 

Poll: Trump achieves highest job approval rating of the year


Trump asks judge to block feds from reviewing documents seized in Cohen raid

Trump assails Comey in tweetstorm, suggests ex-FBI director deserves ‘jail’ 

'I hardly even knew this guy': Trump lashes out at Comey in Sunday morning tweetstorm

Trump attacks Comey ahead of interview

New York Times editorial: Trump 'is not above the law' 

Trump, a reluctant hawk, has battled his top aides on Russia and lost 

Trump furious after FranceGermany expelled fewer Russians than US: report

The many things Trump didn’t accomplish in the latest Syria strike

Trump is drowning in scandal. He can’t focus on Syria

Cracks in the pro-Trump media?

More than 20 percent of Trump campaign spending this year has gone to legal fees

Trump job approval slips 4 points to 39 percent in NBC poll


President Trump declares victory as Pentagon details U.S.-led strikes in Syria 

Trump’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ tweet, and the premature declaration that haunted George W. Bush

Trump claims success in Syria, but chemical weapons remain

Trump order targets wide swathe of public assistance programs

Despite vow to end ‘catch and release,’ Trump has freed 100,000 who illegally crossed the border 

Trump: 'Tremendous pressure is building…for the border wall'

Trump calls Cohen as lawyers go to court over seized files

Comey-Trump feud takes vicious turn

How disability is holding back the Trump economy

Week of tumult suggests a more erratic, lonely Trump


Trump authorizes military strikes in Syria

U.S. launches missile strikes in Syria 

Missiles light up night sky as Trump orders military strike against Syria

‘Horrible’ pictures of suffering moved Trump to action on Syria 

President Trump's Weekly Address: 4/13/2018

Trump looms large in Arizona Senate race to replace Jeff Flake

Trump-Mueller Talks 'Collapsed' After Cohen Raid

‘Untruthful slime ball’: Trump blasts Comey as details emerge from scathing book 

Trump wants Comey prosecuted for leaking classified material

Trump issues pardon to ‘Scooter’ Libby, former chief of staff to Vice President Cheney 

Trump Orders EPA to Relax Smog Rules for States and Companies

Trump administration abandons crackdown on legal marijuana

Why China Will Win the Trade War


Trump issues executive order demanding review of Postal Service finances

Trump orders review of Postal Service’s business model 

Trump's 'Sanctuary Cities' Policy Receives Chilly Reception in Court

Money for police cannot be pegged to cooperation with ICE, judge rules

Trump chooses impulse over strategy as crises mount 

Trump backs off tweet warning Russia of 'coming' Syria strike

US considering 8 possible targets in Syria — President Trump says decision coming 'fairly soon'

Trump told his advisors to look at re-entering massive Pacific trade deal

Trump on Holocaust day: Americans have ‘moral obligation’ to fight anti-Semitism

Syria, Russia, Mueller, Ryan: The crises are suddenly multiplying for Donald Trump

Trump raised 'golden showers thing' with Comey


Trump says missiles ‘will be coming’ to Syria, taunts Russia for vowing to block them 

Russia, get ready’: Trump says ‘nice and new’ missiles will strike Syria

President Trump broke with national security procedure when he tweeted Syria threat — and contradicted himself

Trump's incoherent, dangerous policy on Syria, as laid out in tweets

Trump’s desire to fire Robert Mueller is abundantly clear 

Trump’s flimsy case for firing Rod Rosenstein 

Trump meets Qatar’s emir today. But efforts to resolve the Persian Gulf dispute have already stalled.

Trump says veterans wait too long for health care. VA’s 33,000 vacancies might have something to do with that. 

Trump signs ‘FOSTA’ bill targeting online sex trafficking, enables states and victims to pursue websites 

Trump Signs Executive Order Pushing More Work Requirements

Trump considers Depression-era program to bail out farmers caught in his trade war with China 

Never again — probably


Citing developments in Syria, Trump cancels trip to Summit of the Americas in Peru 

Trump considering more aggressive strike in Syria: report

There’s no victory for Trump in Syria, but he could court disaster 

White House: Trump believes Mueller’s probe has ‘gone too far’

'The president can't stop this train': Trump's fury reaches new heights as the Cohen raid 'hits close to home'

Trump mulling firing Rosenstein: report

Trump considering firing Rosenstein to check Mueller

Trump ‘Believes He Has the Power’ to Fire Mueller: Is He Right?

Trump at crisis point on Mueller

Trump to meet with GOP leaders at White House on Wednesday: report

Trump administration issues rule further watering down Obamacare

Trump health officials rewrite big Obamacare rules 

Trump health officials rewrite big Obamacare rules 

U.S. lifts travel ban on Chad citizens -White House

Frontline charts GOP friction, shift in 'Trump's Takeover'


Trump says U.S. will decide on response to ‘atrocious’ attack in Syria in 24 to 48 hours 

Trump’s new rebuke of Vladimir Putin is unprecedented 

Trump: 'Stupid Trade' Behind Sharp Tariff Differences With China

Mixed messages on what Trump dubs 'stupid trade' 

Trump tax cuts expected to raise federal deficit to $804B this year

‘A bomb on Trump’s front porch’: FBI’s Cohen raids hit home for the president 

Trump responds to FBI raid of lawyer Michael Cohen's office

Trump calls raid of Cohen's office 'an attack on our country,' says 'We'll see' about firing Mueller

Trump Floats Possibility Of Firing Robert Mueller, Criticizes Jeff Sessions

Why Florida’s Senate race may be the biggest referendum on Trump in 2018 

Poll: Older, educated white voters shift away from Trump's Republican party


Trump tweets condemnation of Syria chemical attack, saying Putin shares the blame 

Trump condemns Putin, ‘Animal Assad’ after Syria chemical attack

Trump’s real Syria policy is hypocrisy 

Trump sends mixed signals on Syria amid calls for action

Trump, Macron agree on 'strong, joint response' to alleged Syria chemical attack

Trump amid trade tensions: 'President Xi and I will always be friends, no matter what happens'

Stock market cooling off from the 'Trump bump'

Trump’s meaning unclear in Mexico rape comments

Trump national security spokesman to depart White House

Trump's top source of intel: Fox News?

How Trump thrives in ‘news deserts’


President Trump and truth: Another difficult week 

Trump’s risky gambit on trade roils markets

Trump goes full ‘MAGA’ on the economy in year two 

Trump wants border detention facilities

Trump: Pruitt 'doing a great job'

Evangelicals are planning a high-profile meeting with Trump 

Trump troop request creates opening for governors to say no

How Trump’s tweets drive markets crazy

Trump mocks Martin Luther King’s dream  


Trump's tariff gamble with China could be catastrophic for the economy, the GOP — and his own presidency

President Trump says his ‘beautiful wall’ is being built. Nope. 

Trump railed against Amazon, but a law he signed could have the government paying it a lot more 

Trump floated replacing Sessions with Pruitt this week despite scandals

Trump's lawyers are reportedly getting him ready to face Mueller

Trump preparing for interview with Mueller: report

U.S. sanctions ensnare Russians with ties to Trump world

Don’t Blame Russia. Blame Putin.

The ‘day-after’ problem: What’s next if Trump tears up the Iran deal?


Trump seeks an additional $100 billion in tariffs against China in escalation of trade confrontation

Trump orders officials to look at $100 billion in new Chinese tariffs

Trump says he wants to send 2,000 to 4,000 National Guard troops to Mexican border 

Does Trump have the power to send National Guard to the border?

Trump tosses out the script — literally — in rant on immigration and voter fraud

Trump repeats claim that "millions and millions of people" voted illegally in 2016

Trump Defies His Generals on ISIS and Syria

US officials: Trump-Netanyahu call grew tense over plans to leave Syria

For Trump and his generals, ‘victory’ has different meanings 

Trump tweets fifth Amazon attack in a week, repeats false claim that The Washington Post is a 'lobbyist' for the online retail giant

Trump says he didn’t know lawyer paid $130K to Stormy Daniels

Trump made a big deal about the stock market last year. This year he is more focused on delivering to his base

Trump’s easy campaign promises run into the difficulties of reality 

Poll: Trump approval drops to record low


Trump administration to impose fresh sanctions against Russia 

Trump is sending National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border 

Trump signs off on memo to send National Guard to southern border

Trump’s big mistake on trade

Trump administration targets $50 billion in Chinese electronics, aerospace and machinery goods with tariffs 

Trump pushes back on fears of a trade war with China 

Trump's war on Amazon undermines his trade case against China

Trump instructs military to begin planning for withdrawal from Syria 

Netanyahu, Trump talk amid Israel fears over US plans to leave Syria

An airing of grievances: Trump spends days issuing a torrent of complaints against foes 

If The President* Thinks He's Out of the Woods, He's More Delusional Than I Thought


President Trump wants to deploy military forces to protect US border with Mexico

Trump floats idea of sending military to guard U.S.-Mexico border but offers no details 

Trump veers from Pentagon with plan to exit Syria

Trump Contradicts Top Officials on Syria Policy

Clouds form over Iran deal as Trump deadline nears

Trump speaks with Israel's Netanyahu as tensions simmer in 

Trump administration ramps up trade war with China by releasing list of new tariffs

Trump bashes Amazon for a fourth time in a week, claiming the post office loses 'massive amounts' serving internet retailer

Potential legal fallout as Trump continues to slam Amazon

Shep Smith Fact-Checks Trump's Latest Amazon Claim: 'None Of That Was True'

Does Trump even understand DACA? 

Trump infrastructure policy adviser to leave White House

The only information Trump supports is information that makes him look good 

President Trump is acting unhinged because that’s all he can do 

Trump reportedly puts a FOX News host on speakerphone during meetings in the Oval Office


Trump hits Amazon yet again Monday: Claims post office losing 'a fortune' and other retailers pay more in taxes

'Not a level playing field!': Trump goes after Amazon again, shares fall 5%

White House mulls plan to slash spending from bill

Trump Picks His Former Caddy to Replace Hope Hicks as White House Communications Director

‘No more DACA deal,’ Trump says as he threatens to ‘stop’ NAFTA if Mexico doesn’t better secure border 

Trump heats up rhetoric on border, immigration as some supporters grow impatient 

Trump’s DACA tweetstorm speaks volumes about his presidency 

Trump’s latest DACA tweets are likely to hurt him — and the GOP — further with Latino voters 

Why Trump’s attempt to blame Democrats for ending DACA is falling flat 

That's Not What DACA Is, and That's Not How This Works

President Trump wants Congress to 'act now' on immigration, but that's unlikely to happen

Trump administration, seeking to speed deportations, to impose quotas on immigration judges 

Trump hopes to have renegotiated NAFTA deal to present by mid-April: report

Trump renews attack on Justice Department

Trump administration moves on two fronts to challenge California environmental protections

Trump administration sues California over federal land sales

Trump floated a Putin visit to the White House in a March 20 phone call 

Will the Real Trump Russia Policy Please Stand Up?

Corruption, Not Russia, Is Trump’s Greatest Political Liability

The Gap Between Trump's Tweets and Reality

Trump appears to be losing his war on the media 

Trump Impeachment Odds on the Rise, Highest of 2018, After Rough Month of Negative Stories

Trump is becoming the backfire president


‘No more DACA deal,’ Trump says as he threatens to ‘stop’ NAFTA if Mexico doesn’t better secure border 

Nearly 2,000 people were stopped in 9 days under Trump's travel ban

Trump administration backs PLO in terror victims’ Supreme Court appeal

Trump’s silence on shooting of black man in California affirms sea change on police

Job insecurity under Trump

New York Magazine cover depicts Trump as a pig


Trump, Sessions relationship takes new turn with special counsel decision

Trump continues to rail against Amazon and ‘Post Office scam’

FEC filings show Trump campaign regularly used Amazon for supplies

Trump Attacks Amazon For Late Delivery Of His Favorite Bronzing Spray

President Trump declaring April ‘National Sexual Assault Awareness Month’ totally backfires

From Mueller to Stormy to ‘emoluments,’ Trump’s business is under siege 

Report: Mueller probe puts Trump business under scrutiny

Trump’s dangerous plot to weaponize the Supreme Court

This week in Trump-Russia news: Tensions boil between Washington and Moscow

Trump reportedly freezes Syria recovery funds

Does Trump believe in the value of expertise, or does he disdain it? 

Dan Vallone: Trump and the black hole of leadership

Jimmy Carter rips Donald Trump: Apparently, America wants a jerk for president

Charles Barkley rips President Trump: 'I've never been more angry and disgusted'


Trump says he may 'hold up' South Korea trade pact until a deal is made with North Korea

Trump says U.S. will leave Syria ‘very soon’ — despite his promises not to telegraph military moves 

Trump’s good cop-bad cop routine with Russia is looking untenable 

Trump tells aides not to talk publicly about Russia policy moves 

Trump Proposal Would Penalize Legal Immigrants for Getting Tax Refunds

Trump officials prepare to undo fuel-efficiency targets despite some automakers’ misgivings 

Trump vs. Amazon: Let's set the record straight 

Fact Checker  Analysis Trump’s bundle of faulty claims about Amazon’s cost to taxpayers

Trump wall would stretch 1,000 miles on border

Fact Checker  Analysis Trump administration botches basic civics while calling for line-item veto

Trump prizes loyalty over experience in Cabinet

Trump being told he doesn't need a communications director or chief of staff

Trump's 'mini me' could (partly) fill Hicks' void

Trump Offers $100 In Legal Expense Vouchers To Anyone Willing To Work At White House

Trump doesn’t know what his own attorneys are up to. That’s what voters are supposed to believe, anyway. 

Trump Lied So Much in His Latest Speech That It Requires Timestamps to Keep Track

Donald Trump Gets Mocked After Showing He Really Doesn’t Know What The Post Office Does


Trump ousts Veterans Affairs chief Shulkin, nominates personal physician to replace him 

D.C., Maryland may proceed with lawsuit alleging Trump violated emoluments clauses 

Trump takes infrastructure plan on the road, touts jobs boost to pressure Democrats

Trump proposal would penalize immigrants who use tax credits and other benefits 

Trump Secures Trade Deal With South Korea Ahead of Nuclear Talks

Trump’s early trade gains could come at future cost 

Trump Is Targeting China's Push to Make Its Economy High-Tech

Here are the lawyers who quit or declined to represent Trump in the Mueller probe

An unheard-of problem: The President can't find a lawyer

Yes, Trump could pardon his former aides. But here’s why it’d be a terrible idea. 

Here’s the real connection between Trump and Russia


Trump privately presses for military to pay for border wall 

Trump suggests US military foot the bill for border wall

Elites are thriving under Trump

Trump, Famous for ‘You’re Fired,’ Offers V.A. Chief Only Awkward Silence

Trump nominates Schumer aide to Federal Trade Commission

Trump Talks of Bringing Back Rob Porter, Aide Accused of Spousal Abuse

President Trump reportedly telling aides he wants Rob Porter back

Trump is hiring people who’ve been auditioning on television — whether they know it or not 

Trump to end special immigration status for Liberians

Trump's 'Good Relationship' With Russia Is Slipping Away

How Trump favored Texas over Puerto Rico

Trump has played his supporters for suckers 

People who say they’re most eager to vote strongly disapprove of Trump in a new poll 

The Worst of Times for Hawkish Designs


Trump administration expels 60 Russian officers, shuts Seattle consulate in response to attack on former spy in Britain 

White House denies Trump is sending mixed messages to Moscow, but some see ‘incoherence’

Trump has a secret plan to evade the Constitution and create a line-item veto, apparently 

Trump legal team is left in chaos Trump team is left without a top defense lawyer

Another prominent lawyer declines offer to represent Trump in Russia investigation 

‘It’s chaos. . . . It’s not good for anything’: After rejecting Trump’s offer, Ted Olson admonishes him 

Trump is staffing — or — casting from Fox News

Trump’s silence on Stormy Daniels is deafening 

Trump tells aides that Stormy Daniels isn't his type

Why did Trump allegedly tell both Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal they remind him of his daughter?

CNN Poll: 42% approve of Trump, highest in 11 months


President Trump Bashed Wasteful Spending. Then He Praised Over-Budget Military Projects

Trump’s legal team remains in disarray as new lawyer will no longer represent him in Russia probe 

Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing not joining Trump legal team after all

Trump not bringing on attorney diGenova just days after his hiring was announced

In a burst of tweets, Trump insists that he’s happy with his legal team 

Who’s getting under Trump’s skin today? Lawyers.

Trump confidant: President is perplexed by reports of White House chaos

Trump Wants His Cabinet To Serve His Ego, Not The Nation

Trump may be preparing to make more administration personnel changes 

Unbound Trump breaks from restraints

Trump pick John Bolton warns of 'a little shock therapy' with China tariffs

As Trump targets immigrants, elderly and others brace to lose caregivers

Troop policy angers LGBT leaders Ban sets stage for a court fight

Trump's midterms rallying cry: 'I need allies'

Fox News Turns Against Donald Trump for the Worst Imaginable Reason

Cowardly Trump takes long way back from the golf course to avoid March For Our Lives


Trump signs into law bill slashing PA funds over terrorist stipends

Trump still the outsider even as he signs budget Trump allies break ranks over budget

‘F—- that’: Trump reportedly said when aides urged signing of bill to avoid shutdown blame

Michael Savage: 'Trump Faked a Veto' on Budget

Why Trump should take Mueller's deal to sit down for an interview

Trump Is Reportedly Considering Expelling Russian Diplomats

The opening act was tumultuous. Phase two of Trump’s presidency could be even more so. 

Donald Trump routinely humiliates whomever he pleases. But the day is coming when the tables will turn


Trump signs $1.3 trillion spending bill into law despite being 'unhappy' about it

Trump signs spending bill, blasts Congress

Trump Signs Federal Spending Bill Boosting NEA, NEH Arts Funding Despite De-Funding Threats

Dealmaker Trump couldn’t drain the swamp on massive spending bill

President Trump explains why he didn’t follow through on threat to veto $1.3 trillion spending bill

Trump would rather just complain 

Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham Warn Trump Will Be Impeached After Spending Bill Signing: ‘Congratulations, President Schumer!’

Trump proposal could push health premiums up by $2K for older Americans

Trump moves to ban most transgender people from serving in military

Trump administration hits Iranian hacker network with sanctions, indictments in vast global campaign 

Trump rattles White House with Bolton shake-up

After Another Week of Chaos, Trump Repairs to Palm Beach. No One Knows What Comes Next.

Lawyer’s exit signals harder line by Trump

Trump has trouble finding attorneys as top Russia lawyer leaves legal team 

Trump has trouble finding attorneys as top Russia lawyer leaves legal team 

Fact Checker  Analysis President Trump’s claim that drug dealers who kill ‘thousands’ just get 30 days in jail

The White House’s brutally dishonest denials 

It's Not the Affair, It's the Hush Money


Trump moves to crack down on China trade with $60 billion in tariffs on imported products 

Trump will delay steel tariffs for EU, six countries

‘Trump blew it’: The president missed his best chance yet to get funding for his border wall  

Trump shakes up his legal defense team with John Dowd's resignation

Hours after his lead lawyer quit, President Trump says he still 'would like to' be interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller for Russia probe

Trump Proves Indefensible

Trump names former ambassador John Bolton as his new national security adviser 

As Trump fumes, leak signals dissent

President Trump Says He Isn't Sure Republicans Can Win 2018 Midterms Because the Candidates Aren't Him

Maryland and Washington DC summon President Trump in a lawsuit alleging that he's violating the Constitution

Trump considered ousting Kelly and serving as his own chief of staff: report

The Faith In Donald J. Trump

President Trump's unbecoming love for foreign dictators 

Playmate Karen McDougal: Donald Trump ‘Always Told Me He Loved Me’ (Video)

How Stormy Daniels is beating Trump at his own game


Trump’s national security advisers warned him not to congratulate Putin. He did it anyway. 

Trump defends congratulating Putin: 'Obama called him also'

'Like throwing gasoline onto a fire': Trump poised to shake up legal team as he goes on Mueller offensive

Trump’s Drone Export Program Ignores Many US Security Risks

The U.S. glimpses possible common ground with Russia 

With just two days to go, countries have no clue whether they’ll be affected by Trump’s tariffs 

Briefly: Trump's new tariffs

For Team Trump this fall, it’s once again the economy, stupid

White House race to replace Hope Hicks has two lead contenders

We keep learning new things about what Trump allies did to get him elected

Women create new legal woes for Trump


Judge rules defamation case against Trump may proceed 

Trump's legal team pushes back on reports of shakeup as Mueller probe heats up

White House vents frustration with 'absurd' Mueller probe

Trump is railroading the rule of law

Trump’s increasingly confrontational approach to Mueller enabled by congressional GOP timidity 

Can Trump’s tariffs keep China from becoming the global technology leader? 

Trump is bent on destroying one of our winningest exports

Trump asks Saudi crown prince to share kingdom's wealth by buying more American weapons

Trump’s courtship of Saudi prince can’t mask Yemen’s horror 

Trump congratulates Putin on election win, says 'we will probably get together' soon

Trump tears into 'Pelosi Democrats' ahead of midterms

Trump warns that Democratic candidates pretend to be moderate but ‘govern like radicals’

Trump called his sexual assault accusers ‘liars.’ He might now have to prove it in court


Trump adds to legal team after attacks on Mueller

Trump just hired a deep-state conspiracy theorist as his lawyer. Here’s what Joe diGenova has said. 

Trump shakes up team of lawyers as legal threats mount 

Donald Trump may not be able to fire Robert Mueller. So he's doing the next best thing.

Trump is attacking Mueller as faith in the special counsel is rising 

Trump prepared to hit China with $60 billion in annual tariffs 

No location, no agenda: Trump administration scrambles for North Korea talks

Trump tariffs not helpful for nuclear talks, South Korea says

Trump's trade agenda faces key test at G-20 meeting 

Trump vows tougher borders to fight opioid epidemic

Trump issues action blocking Venezuela cryptocurrencies within US

Anti-Farrakhan resolution prompts black delegation call to condemn Trump instead


Trump unrestrained in latest attacks of Mueller probe

Fact-checking Trump’s error-filled tweetstorm about the Mueller probe

Trump rails against Mueller investigation, dismisses McCabe’s notes as ‘Fake Memos’ 

Trump said Mueller’s team has ‘13 hardened Democrats.’ Here are the facts. 

We may now know why Trump and his lawyer made their most brazen calls yet for the Mueller investigation to be shut down

After McCabe firing, Trump attacks FBI, and his lawyer says Russia probe must end 

Trump accuses James Comey of lying to Congress under oath about FBI leaks

White House assures Trump 'is not considering or discussing' firing Mueller

Trump wants Congress to give him authority to impose reciprocal tariffs: report

Trump presses GOP to change Senate rules

Opioid traffickers to face death penalty, minimum sentences under Trump crackdown

White House officials made to sign non-disclosure agreements: Washington Post

Curtain rises in New Hampshire with president’s appearance 


The Trump Cabinet’s exaggerated sense of entitlement

Five reasons Trump would have wanted Andrew McCabe fired 

A voter profiling firm hired by Trump likely grabbed data for tens of millions of Facebook users 

Washington Post editorial board warns Trump: No one is above the law, not even the president

AP FACT CHECK: Trump wrong on Russia collusion question

Trump: 'Mueller probe should never have been started'

Trump’s lawyer calls on Justice Department to immediately end Russia probe 

'Red alert time': Trump's personal attorney is now calling for Robert Mueller to be fired

Trump wants to get the U.S. out of Syria’s war, so he asked the Saudi king for $4 billion 

Spies, Not Diplomats, Take Lead Role in Planning Trump’s North Korea Meeting


Trump just moved to rescue the Senate's most vulnerable Republican

Trump takes victory lap on McCabe firing: 'A great day for democracy'

Trump takes on critics with Russia moves

Trump’s Welfare Hopes Face an Uncertain Future

Trump administration uses fuzzy logic to derail $11 billion tunnel plan for New York and New Jersey 

Trophy Hunters Pack Trump Wildlife Protection Board

At G-20, Trump tasks Mnuchin with selling the world on ‘America First’ 

President Trump and John Kelly reportedly reach a 'truce,' but signs still point to White House turmoil

As the Pressure on Trump Mounts, So Does the Turmoil in His Administration

Trump may hire multiple cable news personalities as part of shake-up 

Trump is making one thing clear: He likes surrounding himself with people who like him 

Why Trump's latest plan to reduce gun violence could instead promote racism

Trump legal team moves to shift Stormy Daniels case to federal court

Trump lawyer seeks $20 million damages from Stormy Daniels -filing


Trump goes silent on national debt while racking up $1 trillion in 14 months

Fact-checking Trump’s weekly address on immigrants, crime and sanctuary cities 

Trump eyes ‘Fox & Friends’ personality Pete Hegseth to take over Veterans Affairs 

Trump decides to remove national security adviser, and others may follow 

Trump preparing to oust McMaster as national security advisor

There Will Always Be Change,’ Trump Says as More Personnel Shake-Ups Loom

Trump just put a climate science doubter in charge of the department that leads international climate talks 

Trump administration hits Russian spies, trolls with sanctions over U.S. election interference, cyberattacks 

Give North Korea All the Prestige It Wants

Trump is making it easier for Democrats to win the midterms

Trump's Batshit Conversation with Trudeau Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Another Trump attorney involved in Stormy Daniels case


Trump is open to short-term DACA deal, White House tells GOP leaders 

White House says no temporary deal linking DACA with border wall funding

Kudlow to be top White House economic adviser as Trump adds longtime loyalist 

Trump wants to put ‘Fox & Friends’ host in charge of VA

Trump may be floating a plan to fire Jeff Sessions, potentially jeopardizing Mueller's Russia probe

The Memo: Trump back to relying on his instincts

For Trump, the art of the deal isn’t the art of diplomacy

Trump's Rally Helped Propel Conor Lamb to #PA 18 Victory

Did Trump’s visit stave off a rout in Pennsylvania? The Republican post-loss spin, analyzed 

Trump Responds To Dem Strength In Pennsylvania District He'd Won Big

In fundraising speech, Trump says he made up trade claim in meeting with Justin Trudeau 

8 Worst Things Donald Trump Is Willing To Do To Avoid A Mueller Indictment

Trump company lawyer involved in effort to keep Stormy Daniels silent, document shows 

This Old Trump Tweet Is Coming Back to Haunt Him — Because, Well, Just Read It


Trump shake-up takes down Tillerson

Trump signals wider senior staff shake-up soon

Trump eyes replacing his Veterans Affairs chief with Perry

Trump picks Gina Haspel as first female CIA director—her history with torture could hamper her confirmation

Trump wants next spending bill to punish sanctuary cities

Trump’s strong words on guns give way to political reality

Trump Says “Climate Change Nuts” Are Using The Wind To Attack Him

Live updates: Trump arrives at Beverly Park home for $35,000-minimum dinner

Californians protest Trump during visit

Trump Plans to View Wall Prototypes. Here Are Some He Won’t See.

Trump pushes for border wall, promises military pay raise during whirlwind visit

Trump floats the idea of a 'Space Force' in speech to military members in California

Trump supporters in Pennsylvania embrace his 'obnoxious' personality 

The Trump administration is teetering


Trump wants a 'phase two' of tax cuts

Trump to visit Boeing plant in Missouri to tout impact of tax overhaul

Trump tells people he is selecting Larry Kudlow to replace Gary Cohn

Trump targets European car-makers with big plants in states he won

Why Trump’s tariffs could weaken U.S. influence in the world 

Trump blocks Broadcom from buying Qualcomm, citing national security

Social Security is now headless because of Trump’s inaction. Will other agencies be decapitated? 

Trump administration backs PLO in terror lawsuit, angering conservatives

Trump privately slamming GOP candidate in Pa. House race as 'weak': report

Moment of truth for Trump in Pennsylvania 

Trump’s repeat attacks on Maxine Waters’s IQ are familiar 


Will Trump’s North Korea gamble actually pay off? 

Trump’s plan to combat school shootings includes federal commission, review of FBI tip line

White House vows to help arm teachers and backs off raising age for buying guns 

White House promises federal aid to train armed teachers

WH unveils proposals to 'harden' schools in wake of Fla. shooting

Trump called 'Fox & Friends' host for opinion on veteran care during meeting with VA chief: report

Australia expects waiver of new US tariffs after Trump-Turnbull phone call

'There's no success like failure': Trump's troubling NAFTA stance

Trump admin finalizing Mideast peace plan: report

After once predicting quick end to Mueller probe, White House now looking to expand legal team 

Trump Courting Clinton Impeachment Lawyer Amid Russia Probe: Reports

Trump hits Dems on ‘record’ number of unconfirmed nominees

Trump Lawyers Are Considering A Challenge To Stop "60 Minutes" From Airing A Stormy Daniels Interview

Trump lashes out at media, Democrats, drug dealers, Oprah in rambunctious speech in Pennsylvania

Trump calls NBC's Chuck Todd 'a sleeping son of a b----'

Trump Claims He’s More Popular Than Obama, Tells Voters to Ignore Low Approval Ratings


Trump to unveil gun plan that includes arming teachers: report

Trump administration takes first step to ban bump stocks

Trump's infrastructure push hits wall in Congress

In Trump’s decision on North Korea, the world glimpses a president who is his own diplomat, negotiator and strategist 

Trump already hands Kim a victory North Korea already scores a victory

Trump tweets claims of support by China and Japan for summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un 

Three Key Questions About Donald Trump’s Summit with Kim Jong Un

Trump says he rejected Mexico request about border wall

Netanyahu said to ask Trump not to sell Saudis nuclear reactors

Trump: I 'didn't love' Reagan's stance on trade

Trump in full campaign mode at Pennsylvania rally

Trump inaccurately claims he got 52 percent of female vote

Trump: Don't fall for Democrat Lamb's moderate talk

Trump promised this kind of presidency — unpredictable, ad hoc and impulsive 


Trump launches a rescue mission to save GOP seat in Pennsylvania special election 

'The Steel Curtain is gone': Trump's trade moves may be of no help in Pennsylvania special election

Trump rolls the dice on North Korea

Trump’s bellicosity secures a diplomatic coup — for now 

The White House sounds like it might have cold feet about Trump meeting Kim Jong Un 

Trump’s Latest Tariff Strategy: Less Trade War, and More Let’s Make a Deal

Will Trump’s tariff battle undermine the jobs report?

Dangers multiply for Trump in Mueller probe

White House drawn into legal battle over Stormy Daniels

Amid stories about Trump’s alleged past sexual activity, administration focuses on abstinence-only education 

Trump's military parade planned for Veterans Day -- without tanks


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has invited President Trump to a meeting 

Trump agrees to meet with Kim

Trump teases big news; it arrives in the dark, on driveway

Trump signs order for tariffs to take effect this month

Trump imposes tariffs on steel and aluminum, but offers relief to allies 

Trump sticking with 25 percent steel tariff, vows flexibility later

Steeling for a Fight

Trump’s trade war: Does the U.S. have the ‘lowest tariffs in the world’? 

The Real Trade War Is Inside Donald Trump's White House

Trump reversal of elephant trophy ban underscores the need to watch what he does, not what he says 

Trump holds meeting on video game violence

Trump hires lawyer to take on Stormy Daniels: report

Trump reportedly upset over Sanders’ comment on Stormy Daniels and arbitration

The Trump administration just failed to stop a climate lawsuit brought by 21 kids 

Trump on Mueller probe: No president ‘more cooperative or transparent’ with special counsel

The gall of Trump’s potential obstruction of justice 

It's about time: Big-mouth Trump learning to listen | Opinion 

In lawsuit over Trump's Twitter activity, judge suggests: Mute critics, don't block 

The media is divided over whether Trump was mad. Is it possible to report his moods? 

Pro-Trump media sweeps Stormy Daniels story under rug 

Poll: Trump would lose in 2020 against literally any Democrat

The Trump doomsayers might turn out to be right


Canada and Mexico could be spared as Trump is poised to sign steel and aluminum tariffs by week’s end 

White House is in confusion over timing and details of tariffs rollout

Why Trump’s steel tariffs may end up helping him politically 

Trump Spoke to Witnesses About Matters They Discussed With Special Counsel

Trump to visit California next week, finally

Why the Trump administration’s ‘sanctuary cities’ lawsuit against California could backfire 

Trump's meeting on video game violence could prove contentious

Trump Barely Has Anyone to Talk to North Korea

Trump knows the White House is in deep trouble

Fears of 'brain drain' hit West Wing amid Trump staff exits

What Trump’s Twitter outbursts might reveal about White House morale 

Attorney for porn star suing President claims Trump's lawyer 'further threatened' her

Trumpism Is a Psychology, Not an Ideology

Trump Charges His Campaign Top Dollar To Rent A Basically Empty Trump Tower Office


Trump wants tariffs. But he also wants to weaken Wall Street regulation. 

Trump's tariff threat may be timed for PennsylvaniaU.S. House race

Trump breaks with GOP, sparking new tensions

Trump, Swedish leader clash on tariffs at joint press conference

Trump is systematically backing off consumer protections, to the delight of corporations 

Trump: We will react 'strongly' to any attempted 2018 election meddling

Full text of Trump and Netanyahu White House remarks

White House pushes for conservative changes to ObamaCare fix

Trump has 'emboldened' Scaramucci to attack Kelly on TV: report

Trump on White House chaos: 'I like conflict'

It turns out Donald Trump and John Kelly lied about getting UCLA basketball players out of China

Porn star Stormy Daniels reportedly suing Trump

Stormy Daniels sues Trump, says ‘hush agreement’ invalid because he never signed


Trump: 'We're not backing down' on steel tariffs

Amid GOP pushback, Trump says he's 'not backing down' on tariffs

Trump may reconsider tariff on aluminum and steel in exchange for new terms on NAFTA

Trump says Canada and Mexico will escape new tariffs only after NAFTA concessions

Why Trump’s tariffs are a “complete sham”

Trump tariff move may pay dividends in 2020

The coming Trump inflation? 

Trump boosts Dreamer approvals as DACA deadline passes

Trump’s DACA deadline just passed. What’s next?

Judge rules Trump administration can withhold grant from California over ‘sanctuary’ concerns

Trump welcomes embattled Netanyahu as corruption probe follows Israeli leader to Washington 

Trump’s Mideast peace plan in limbo as Netanyahu visits

Trump to consider elephant trophy imports on 'case-by-case' basis

Trump’s name stripped from Panama hotel 

Presidential seal replicas ordered for use at Trump golf courses may violate federal law


Trump on tariffs: 'Sorry, it's time for a change'

Trump vows to strike back at European leaders who warned of retaliation for his tariffs 

Why Trump’s fist-shaking tariff talk won’t translate to action 

Donald Trump’s Impulsive, Reckless Trade War Puts America Last

Trump’s dumb move on tariffs

Trump Administration Aims to Gut Clean Water Standards to Help Out Coal Power Plants

Gun control advocates keep the pressure on Trump for action

Trump drilling plan faces backlash

‘Pure madness’: Dark days inside the White House as Trump shocks and rages

'This is not going to end well': Trump's friends and allies are worried he's spiraling out of control — and they say this time is different


Trump escalates trade war, threatens European carmakers with stiff tariffs 

Trump risks more than a trade war by targeting China

Trump must think twice about tariffs

Trump may prosper from tariffs even if this faded port town doesn’t 

Donald Trump’s Know-Nothing Science Budget

Trump praises Chinese president extending tenure 'for life'

President Trump lashes out at media: 'They've gone CRAZY!'

Trump hits Bush: Invading Iraq 'the single worst decision ever made'

Trump, press trade good-natured if barbed jokes at Gridiron


Trump was angry and ‘unglued’ when he started a trade war, officials say

Trump insists ‘trade wars are good, and easy to win’ after vowing new tariffs 

Trump doubles down on tariffs: ‘Trade wars are good, and easy to win’

Trump is picking winners and losers

Trump Can't Have It Both Ways

Five takeaways on Trump’s tariffs

Tump is losing control of his message on guns 

Trump's Leaked Immigration Rule Already Having Impacts

Fueling Trump's chaos: Can't fire who he wants, can't keep who he likes

Seven days in Trumpland: Confusion, scandals and indictments


Trump announces steel and aluminum tariffs Thursday over objections from advisers and Republicans 

Trump announces plans for heavy tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, inviting a trade war with China

AFL-CIO lauds Trump's tariffs

In startling about-face, Trump tells lawmakers they’re afraid of gun lobby

NRA says Trump opposes gun control after 'great' meeting

‘Every day is a new adventure’: Trump upends Washington and Wall Street with shifts on trade, guns 

Trump Administration Can Revoke States' Right to Regulate Obamacare, But Will It?

Trump's abortion policy sheds light on ad hoc decision-making

Trump ignored 'bright line' on discussing Russia with Hicks

Trump Is ‘Losing a Limb’ With the Departure of Hope Hicks

Trump’s Chaos Theory for the Oval Office Is Taking Its Toll

A map of the feuds and frustrations splitting the Trump White House

The Trump White House is a place where turmoil never ends 

Questions linger about how Melania Trump, a Slovenian model, scored ‘the Einstein visa’ 

Trump’s family becomes flashpoint for new controversies


Trump, Congress pay respects to Billy Graham as he lies in honor at the Capitol 

Trump says ‘bump stocks’ are gone, may use executive order to ban device 

Trump: 'Take the guns first, go through due process second'

Trump offers support for 'comprehensive' approach on guns

Five takeaways from Trump’s meeting on guns

Trump’s gun meeting went off the rails quickly 

Trump reportedly berated Hope Hicks over her testimony to the House Intel Committee

Trump lashes out at Sessions over alleged surveillance abuses 

Trump’s Most Dangerous Attack on Racial Justice May Be His Judges

Hispanic Caucus to Trump: 'You have thwarted every' DACA fix

Trump peace plan could recognize Palestinian state – report

Trump Losing College-Educated Whites? He Never Won Them in the First Place

Poll: Majority believes Trump is racist

Trump Nobel Peace Prize nomination probed amid fakery concerns

University Faculty Votes To Revoke Donald Trump's Honorary Degree


Trump stops short of full endorsement of gun proposals

Trump’s election may have hurt stocks for gun manufacturers

Trump gets a seminar on federalism as governors push back on arming teachers 

Judges unleash ‘political weapon’ against Trump

Court rules Trump can build border wall

Months Late, Trump Administration Changes Family Planning Program's Priorities

Groups working to end AIDS fear losing ground under Trump

Anti-Semitic incidents in US more than doubled within 2 years – report

Trump regurgitates Fox News commentators in early morning tweetstorm denying collusion with Russia

Trump names longtime aide Brad Parscale as campaign manager for 2020 reelection effort 


Trump says he's 'writing out' bump stocks 

Trump-backed gun measure faces hurdle from three Republican senators

Trump’s backtrack on gun control has begun 

Trump says he would have rushed in to protect students from gunman at Florida high school 

Trump said he would charge a gunman. Here’s what he’s actually done in the face of danger. 

Washington governor confronts Trump at White House

'Don't worry about the NRA,' Trump tells US governors

The Trump Campaign Used a Parkland Victim's Photo in a Fundraising Email

Trump has long vowed to slash government. Now the knives are finally coming out. 

President Trump’s consistent misrepresentation of how the diversity visa lottery works 

Is President Trump about to start a trade war? 

This Trump administration health-care rule would return us to the bad old days 


Trump at Governor's Ball: School safety is top priority

Trump legal team considering ways he could testify before Mueller

Five things to know about Trump's new North Korea sanctions

Teachers To Trump: “Bone Spurs Will Prevent Us From Carrying Guns In School”

Reality intrudes on President Trump's 'fantasyland'

CNN Poll: Trump approval slides, matches lowest point of presidency

Trump's Approval Rating Drops Back To His Worst With 2 New Polls

Exclusive: Trump privately pushing personal pilot to run FAA 


 Trump floats new gun measures as gun owners talk ‘betrayal’floats

Trump doubles down on arming teachers: 'The bad guys love gun-free zones'

President Trump says arming teachers would be up to states and ‘very inexpensive’ 

After testy call with Trump over border wall, Mexican president shelves plan to visit White House 

Details emerge on Trump's latest plan to undercut Obamacare

Trump Fights Complacency at Summit Sapped of Insurgent Energy

Trump: 'The generals would love' to have a military parade

Donald Trump's approval rating rises to 50 per cent in new poll


Trump’s push to arm teachers gives the NRA what it wants and highlights GOP radicalization 

Trump says armed teachers would best protect students because they ‘love their pupils’ 

Trump: Teacher with concealed weapon 'would have shot the hell out of' the Florida school shooter

Training Trump’s army of gun-toting teachers wouldn’t be simple or cheap

CPAC goes full Trump for 2018

CPAC 2013 - Donald Trump

Trump blasts McCain over health care vote

Trump warns Dems will 'take away your Second Amendment'

This might be Trump's most inflammatory anti-CNN tweet yet 

Fact-checking Trump’s error-filled tweetstorm about the Russia investigation 

Inside Trump’s Dirty Deals Abroad 

Trump says chief of staff Kelly will handle decisions about Jared Kushner’s security clearance 

Trump administration unveils sanctions aimed at starving North Korea of resources 

Trump blasts Russia's actions in Syria as 'a humanitarian disgrace'

Trump infrastructure plan comes up $1 trillion short of its funding goal, analysis finds


‘ATTACKS WOULD END!’: Trump doubles down on arming some teachers, defends NRA 

Trump tiptoes toward possible fight with NRA

Trump signals shift on guns

Trump predicts NRA will back raising age limit on gun purchases

Trump vows to push comprehensive gun background checks: 'Raise age to 21'

Armed teachers, background checks and age limits: Read Trump's ideas to stop school shootings

Tweeters Rip 'Zombie' Donald Trump Over 'Listening Session' Cheat Sheet

The Trump administration takes its first big step toward stricter work requirements for food stamps 

Trump’s economic vision ignores immigrants, but it will need their labor

Trump threatens to pull U.S. immigration agents out of California due to ‘sanctuary’ status

Trump's tentacles have reached the mergers space, as well

Trump set the tone for a year of 'hate-filled rhetoric', Amnesty says


Trump pledges to 'strongly' consider concealed carry in schools

Parents and Students Plead With Trump: ‘How Many Children Have to Get Shot?’

Trump suggests supporters should pressure Sessions to investigate Obama's inaction on Russian meddling 

The Trump administration is missing in action in Europe 

Europeans rip Trump on climate change, import record amounts of U.S. coal

How Trump can (and probably will) spin out of questions about Melania's parents and 'chain migration' 

Trump's approval rating dips to 37%, new poll finds


Trump awards Medal of Valor to 12 Americans

Trump moves to ban bump stocks

Trump orders regulations drawn up to ban bump stocks

Trump's talking points on Russia take a turn for the desperate 

Inside Donald Trump's Twitter-Fueled Weekend Meltdown

There's a specific reason why Trump leveled an unprecedented level of frustration toward the Russia probe this weekend

White House bristles at criticism of Russian election meddling

Trump's best defense on Russia could be offense against China

Art of the defense deal: Trump aims to dramatically boost U.S. arms exports

Trump Administration Takes Another Step To Roll Back Obamacare

The Health 202: Trump administration pulls back from key Medicare goals 

Schwarzenegger rips Trump: 'Defending gerrymandering' won’t drain the swamp

Trump claims he 'never met' the woman who says he forcibly kissed her at TrumpTower


Trump expresses support for senators’ gun bill 

Trump supports efforts to improve gun background checks

Parkland students call out Trump, Rubio and the NRA

Trump endorses critic Romney in Utah Senate race

Indictment hinders Trump claims

Trump lashes out over Russia probe in angry and error-laden tweetstorm 

Trump Gets Caught in His Own Web of Lies

Trump Criticizes Everyone But Russia for 2016 Election Meddling

Shep Smith goes after Trump for not condemning Russia in tweetstorm

Whatever Trump Is Hiding Is Hurting All of Us Now

9 totally unpresidential things Donald Trump tweeted over Presidents Day weekend

Most Americans say Trump, Congress not doing enough to stop mass shootings, Post-ABC poll finds 

NY Daily News rips Trump for golfing amid funerals for Florida shooting victims


Trump administration assault on bipartisan immigration plan ensured its demise 

Mr. Trump to the ‘dreamers’: Drop dead. 

Trump, Ryan meet at Mar-a-Lago amid calls for action on gun violence

Trump takes heat for saying FBI missed shooter warnings because of Russia

Trump's anger boils over with Russia probe

Trump’s Evolution From Relief to Fury Over the Russia Indictment

Fact-checking Trump's error-filled tweetstorm about the Russia investigation 

Trump lashes out over Russia probe in angry and error-laden tweetstorm 

Trump Tweets 14 Times in 24 Hours on Russia Investigations

'They are laughing their asses off in Moscow': Trump takes on the FBI, Russia probe and 2016 election 

Donald Trump's Russia delusion bubbles over

Trump tweets another anti-CNN cartoon — this one by the same artist who drew Clinton in blackface 

Can Trump Read? President Shares Poll That Shows Democrats Ahead But Claims GOP Is Leading

Tools of Trump’s Fixer: Payouts, Intimidation and the Tabloids

Trump is having a Presidents’ Day sale


Mueller’s new indictments put the pressure on Trump to act 

Trump fumes over 'Fake News Media' as he distances himself from Russia indictments

Trump breaks with McMaster: Election results 'were not impacted or changed by the Russians'

People have strong reactions to the president's smiling visit to Parkland victims

'Shame on You!' Student Tells Trump at Florida Anti-Gun Rally

Stoneman Douglas student Emma Gonzalez rips Trump’s response to Parkland shooting in powerful speech

Trump says FBI missed Florida shooter warnings spending 'too much time trying to prove Russian collusion'

Trump: Dems could have passed gun control under Obama

Trump has a unique chance to get something major done on gun control — if he feels like it


Trump meets Florida shooting victims, first responders

Vice mayor of BrowardCounty calls Trump a hypocrite ahead of Florida visit

The NRA Placed Big Bets on the 2016 Election, and Won Almost All of Them (interesting facts)

Trump's gas tax would wipe out 60% of tax cut benefit for individuals, analyst estimates

Trump gets recommendation for steep curbs on imported steel, risking trade war

Trump claims Democrats 'abandoned' DACA recipients, even though he canceled the program last year

Trump: New Mueller indictments show campaign 'did nothing wrong'

Fact Checker  Analysis Video: Trump's repeated claim the United States has spent $7 trillion in the Middle East

German defense minister slams Trump’s military-heavy approach to security 

The latest alleged Trump affair cover up is a damningly familiar tale 

Trump’s Stormy Daniels problem gets worse

Donald Trump Affair With Playboy Model Karen McDougal Detailed in Ronan Farrow New Yorker Piece


Trump Says Florida Students Should Have Done More To Prevent Deadly Shooting

Trump: Making schools safer is 'top priority' after Florida shooting

Trump administration stakes out bipartisan ground in gun debate

Student who survived Florida shooting pleads with Trump and Congress: 'Please, take action' 

'President Trump, please do something!' - Grieving mother demands answers after daughter is killed in Florida school shooting

New York Post to Trump: 'Please act' on gun control

Trump may release a prisoner from Guantanamo

Trump Wants to End States' Power to Make Food Stamps More Accessible During Recessions

Trump budget seeks 23 percent cut at EPA, eliminating dozens of programs 

Reince Priebus says the Trump administration's chaos issue is far worse than reported

LeBron James: Donald Trump doesn’t ‘give a f—k about people’


Trump backs GOP immigration plan, rejects limited approach on ‘dreamers’ 

Trump's recent economic plans could hurt the white working-class voters who backed him 

President Trump signed these Medicare changes into law. Here’s what to watch for

Trump suggests 25 cent increase in gas tax, senator says

We're about to get the clearest picture yet on how far Trump will go to wreck Obamacare

Donald Trump's Dangerous Game 

Trump Has Good Instincts but Lacks Know-How

Amid Rob Porter controversy, Trump declares he's 'totally opposed to domestic violence' 

Trump's military parade would cost between $10 million and $30 million, White House budget director says

Trump's approval rating has dropped in every state but one over the past year


Trump calls immigration debate ‘last chance’ for action as Senate weighs competing plans 

Second US judge blocks Trump from ending DACA program

Trump spars with GOP lawmakers on steel tariffs

The Daily 202: Trump budget highlights disconnect between populist rhetoric and plutocrat reality 

Trump's budget sheds light on plans for welfare reform

Trump wants to cut back on food stamps for the poor and substitute with packaged food deliveries

Trump Budget Calls for Work Requirements for Housing Aid

Trump's budget may delay future tax refunds

Trump Proposes Unprecedented Expansion of School Choice

Trump still unconvinced Russia meddled in 2016 election

It's the Super Bowl of wonks, but will Trump really listen?

Trump’s Net Approval Rating Is Positive in Just 19 States, Half As Many As At the Start of His Presidency

In 49 States, Trump Is Even Less Popular Now Than He Was on Inauguration Day

Trump's lawyer says he paid adult film star out of his own pocket

Longtime Trump attorney says he made $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels with his money 


Trump releases 2019 budget with $3 trillion in cuts

The Trump administration's $200 billion infrastructure plan unveiled Monday includes a mix of grants and loans

Trump Infrastructure Plan Wants to Stop ‘Overreliance’ on Federal Money

Trump budget calls for 2% reductions in discretionary spending after 2019

White House budget proposes increase to defense spending and cuts to safety net, but federal deficit would remain 

State Department, USAID Face Drastic Budget Cut

Trump budget trifecta: Plan aims to gut Obamacare, roll back Medicaid expansion, cut Medicare

Trump wants to overhaul America’s safety net with giant cuts to housing, food stamps and health care 

Trump’s budget hits poor Americans the hardest 

Five questions about the new Trump budget and health issues

White House budget plan proposes cutting CFPB budget, restricting enforcement powers 

Trump budget proposes elimination of public TV, arts funding

The 22 agencies and programs Trump's budget would eliminate

Trump administration wants to sell National and Dulles airports, other assets around U.S. 

Trump: Not sure Israel truly wants peace, settlements ‘complicate’ peacemaking


White House to unveil $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan

Trump to roll out plan to overhaul US infrastructure

Trump's budget to request border wall funding

Trump budget to include billions to combat opioid epidemic

The Trump administration wants to turn the International Space Station into a commercially run venture, NASA document shows


Trump picks fight against the #MeToo movement

Very turbulent’: Trump and White House consumed with turmoil amid abuse allegations 

As domestic abuse claims roil the White House, Trump says lives are being ruined ‘by a mere allegation’ 

As list of Trump White House scandals grows, so does women’s disapproval 

New York Times: Trump standing by Hope Hicks amid Porter scandal

President Who Loves Making False Accusations Suddenly Pleads 'Due Process'

Bernstein: No modern president lied like Trump

Trump could be a danger to U.S. democracy, authors say

Poll finds almost no one thinks Trump's military parade is a good idea

Trump Hires Russian, Chinese Generals To Consult On Military Parade, Saying “I Want The Pros Involved” (JOKE)


Trump signs massive spending deal into law and ends year's second government shutdown

Trump signs budget deal ending shutdown

Brief government shutdown ends as Trump signs spending bill

Trump Budget to Target Drug Prices, Out-of-Pocket Costs, Azar Says

Trump will not immediately release Democrats’ memo on FBI surveillance 

Trump won’t release Democratic memo over security concerns, asks for revisions

Breaking with tradition, Trump skips president’s written intelligence report and relies on oral briefings 

Dan Coats’s over-the-top defense of Trump’s intelligence briefings 

Trump on former White House aide: 'He says he's innocent' 

What Donald Trump gets dead wrong in his Rob Porter defense

Trump frustrated with Hicks' role in Porter scandal

Fact Checker  Analysis President Trump’s claim that ‘wages are now, for the first time in many years, rising’

Trump administration may target immigrants who use food aid, other benefits

Trump admin considers rule that could limit immigrants' ability to stay in US

Trump wants to deport immigrants who use public benefits

Trump tells Israel it will also have to make ‘hard compromises for peace’

Trump should listen to urgent Gaza warning


Trump Is All Talk On Iran

Trump wants a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. Does this look like America

Fact Checker  Analysis
President Trump’s claim that ‘thousands and thousands’ of
 MS-13 members are off the streets

White Women in the Rustbelt Are Turning on Trump

White House to give phones to senior advisers for political calls


Trump: Wall Street sell-off would be 'big mistake'

Pressure builds on Trump to release Dem countermemo

Trump administration to release new policy on transgender troops

Trump continues to cast some immigrants as criminals

Trump keeps flip-flopping on an interview with Mueller  

Trump sees 'BOMBSHELLS' in FBI texts about Clinton email probe

Trump keeps giving Republicans reasons to bang their heads against the wall 

Former general rains on Trump’s grand parade


Trump said he’d shrink the trade deficit with China. It just hit a record high.

The Trump tax cuts are looking hollow right now

White House says Trump will rely on FBI, intel advice on releasing Democratic memo

White House backtracks on Trump's statement that he would 'love' a shutdown

Trump: 'I'd love to see a shutdown' over immigration

Trump immigration plan could keep whites in U.S. majority for up to five more years 

White House Chief of Staff: Trump not expected to extend DACA deadline 

The Finance 202: Is Trump driving the stock market selloff? 

In Russia Inquiry, Lawyers Tell Trump to Refuse Mueller Interview

NYT: Fearing Perjury Trap, Trump Lawyers Say Don't Meet Mueller

Trump’s ‘marching orders’ to the Pentagon: Plan a grand military parade 

Trump has declared war on our climate — we won’t let him win

Trump was 'joking' when he accused Democrats of treason, White House says

Trump Campaign Releases Ad Slamming Dems For ‘Utterly Disgraceful’ Sitting During SOTU

Reality is catching up with Trump — everywhere

The Trouble Before the Storm


White House responds to U.S. stocks plummeting

Trump’s stock-market mistake

The Latest: White House says economic fundamentals 'strong'

CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News Cut Away from Trump’s Economic Speech for Coverage of Dow Plunge

Trump's embarrassing split-screen moment on stocks

Trump touts GOP unity, but Congress is split ahead of shutdown, immigration deadlines

Bipartisan immigration bill surfaces, Trump knocks it down

Trump lawyers warn him against Mueller interview: report

Trump labels some Democrats 'treasonous' for their State of the Union reaction

Trump: Pelosi is GOP’s ‘secret weapon’ in midterm elections

Memo to the Public: The President Wants to Make the FBI His Instrument

Trump thought the British were protesting their health service. They weren’t. 

Some Philadelphia Eagles players skipping White House visit over Trump


Trump’s Unparalleled War on a Pillar of Society: Law Enforcement

Trump’s request for even more nuclear weapons is flawed overkill

North Korea slams Trump's State of the Union address

There’s been a mysterious change in Trump's demeanor — and no one knows why

Trump takes a thinly veiled shot at NFL protests in presidential message prior to Super Bowl

Chris Ruddy says Trump is "riding a high"


Trump says memo release 'totally vindicates' him in Russia probe

Trump says surveillance memo vindicates him in Russia probe

Trump shares op-ed tearing into FBI over findings in Nunes memo

Trump on North Korea: ‘We have no road left'


Trump: Allegations in memo 'a disgrace'

Trump claims Russia-probe memo vindicates him; Dems say no

Trump threatens tariffs on China for refusing to help deportations

Trump’s tax cuts are rocketing us into the debt ceiling 

Trump’s speech ratings were even worse than you might have thought 

Trump said to mull unveiling peace plan even if Abbas maintains boycott

Federal workers on edge over Trump call for firing power

A ‘winning’ presidency for Trump is one with no compromising 


Trump to approve release of GOP memo Friday over objections from law enforcement, intelligence community 

‘Never any hesitation’: Trump was quickly persuaded to support memo’s release 

Sean Hannity Has Been Advising Donald Trump on the Nunes Memo, Because of Course He Has

Sean Hannity denies report about advising Trump on Nunes memo: 'A total lie, fake news'

Trump’s optimism faces reality check in divided Congress and GOP 

Trump urges compromise as US Republicans wrestle with immigration

Trump mocks 'the resistance' at RNC winter meeting

How much credit should Trump get for the economy?

Trump claims his State of the Union ratings were highest ever. Obama, Bush and Clinton had higher 

Trump’s Speech vs. Trump’s Tweets

Trump stuck to the script but gave Americans nothing of substance

The Many Failed Vindications of Donald J. Trump

Trump administration strips consumer watchdog office of enforcement powers in lending discrimination cases 

Trump administration takes aim at California desert protection plan

In confronting North Korea, Trump risks disaster 


Trump decided to release an allegedly dangerous memo containing classified information — without even reviewing it 

FBI chief has 'grave concerns,' clashes with Trump over GOP memo

Trump-FBI feud over classified memo erupts into open conflict 

With FBI statement on memo, Christopher Wray could now be in the president’s crosshairs 

Exclusive: Trump asked Rosenstein if he was 'on my team'

Robert Reich: Trump’s Coming After Medicare and Social Security Next

The Transcript of Trump’s State of the Union Address

Poll: 75 percent of State of the Union viewers approved of Trump's address (read entire poll)

Trump talks togetherness while pushing partisan agenda in State of the Union

Trump preaches cooperation, but can he follow through?

Analysis: Trump speech puts emotion ahead of problem-solving

Trump's State of the Union Takes Hard Line on Government Workers

Trump’s plans for immigration, infrastructure meet swift resistance in Congress

Donald Trump’s Constitution Helps the Rich

Trump’s speech exposed Trumpism’s biggest and ugliest lies 

Five takeaways from Trump’s State of the Union

Fact checking: The wrong and the misleading

What Trump didn't say in his State of the Union address

State of the Union analysis: Trump's speech was remarkable for what he didn't say

Trump just took ‘telling ordinary Americans’ stories’ to a whole new level

Trump's State Of The Union Gets Brutal Review From New York Daily News

NJ Politics Digest: Poll Shows New Jersey Really Doesn’t Like Trump


Trump’s first State of the Union address, annotated 

Trump's State of the Union address: Live updates

Trump urges bipartisan cooperation after year of bitter feuds

Trump calls for unity, pushes GOP agenda in State of the Union speech

At the State of the Union, Trump touts tax cuts and immigration deal

Trump touts black employment rate, Congressional Black Caucus offers no reaction

Winners and losers from Trump’s State of the Union address 

CNN's Reality Check Team vets Trump's State of the Union

Fact-checking Donald Trump's 2018 State of the Union speech

Fact checking the 2018 State of the Union address 

The Hidden Extremism Of Trump’s State Of The Union

Trump pitches immigration overhaul to divided Congress during first State of the Union

6 takeaways from Donald Trump's first State of the Union speech

Angry over Israel, Trump tells Congress to give aid only to 'friends of America'

Trump booed over chain migration comments at State of the Union

Trump protesters chant 'lock him up' outside Capitol ahead of State of the Union

State of the Union puts Trump into a rare situation: a diverse audience

There's a Russia-sized cloud looming over Trump's first State of the Union address

The Memo: DOJ turmoil clouds Trump's big speech

Trump advisor Cohn: President to focus on $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan in State of the Union

Names of campaign donors to be flashed during live-stream of Trump’s State of the Union speech 
This Is Disgusting. Trump Is Using State Of The Union Speech As A Fundraiser.

Nine questions about President Trump’s businesses and possible conflicts of interest 

Trump lawyers say ‘high threshold’ for Robert Mueller interview not met

Trump is reportedly talking about asking Attorney General Sessions to prosecute special counsel Mueller

Trump, reversing 2009 move, vows to keep Guantanamo open indefinitely 


Trump's first State of the Union will focus on the economy, trade and immigration

Trump’s five goals for State of the Union address

What to watch in Trump’s first State of the Union address

Can Trump stick to a script beyond the State of the Union?

Trump says solar tariff will create ‘a lot of jobs.’ But it could wipe out many more. 

Trump seems to think that a low black unemployment rate proves he is not racist 

Mayors Skeptical of Trump Infrastructure Plan

How Trump may end up expanding Medicaid, whether he means to or not

Trump's Latest Climate Change Interview Was Absurd

Trump’s Shadow Hangs Over NATO

Trump declines to implement new Russia sanctions

Trump's war on Russia probe reaches new peak

How a classified four-page Russia memo triggered a political firestorm 

On Flight to Davos, Trump Erupted Over DOJ Role in Russia Probe



Trump wages Twitter war with Jay Z

Trump: I would be tougher in Brexit talks than Theresa May

Trump: 'I wouldn't say I'm a feminist'

Donald Trump reveals love affair with UK as he blasts ‘unfair’ EU and admits he has no clue who Jeremy Corbyn is

Trump warns against EU's 'unfair' trade policies

Trump sought release of classified Russia memo, putting him at odds with Justice Department 

Trump Doesn't Understand Why He Can't Give Orders to 'My Guys' at the 'Trump Justice Department’: Report


Trump releases 2018 Holocaust day statement, this time mentions Jews

Amid turmoil, Trump seeking a reset with State of the Union

Trump gets chance to sell nation on rebuilding plan

Trump willing to sign a revamped Paris climate deal

Trump immigration plan hits wall of opposition

Trump says US ban on importing elephant trophies to remain in place: report

Trump reportedly working to get Nunes memo released

Could lying about trying to fire Mueller put Trump in even more hot water? 

Trump’s own actions put him at risk New arguments for impeachment

Trump ordered aides to smear possible FBI witnesses: report

The Answer to Whether Trump Obstructed Justice Now Seems Clear

Questions That Mueller Might Ask Trump


President Trump Addresses the World Economic Forum

Why Donald Trump's boring speech at Davos was a win for him

Trump touts economy at Davos

Trump tells Davos: 'America first does not mean America alone'

Trump declares America open for business under his tenure

Trump gets normal. For how long?

Davos crowd boos after Trump attacks media as 'fake'

UN's rights chief expresses alarm over Trump's Davos speech

America needs more than a self-congratulatory campaign-styleState of the Union

Trump slams report he tried to fire Robert Mueller as ‘fake news’ 

It’s Now Likely Mueller Thinks Trump Obstructed Justice

Trump’s handling of the Russia investigation has never looked more like a coverup 

Trump 'venting' about Rosenstein: report

Here's what Trump wants in an immigration bill

Trump’s Unorthodox New Legal Strategy to Kill DACA

Trump's immigration plan draws harsh reviews from left and right, and some conservatives label him 'Amnesty Don'

US judge blocks Trump's attempt to deport Cambodians without due process

Trump plans to ask for $716 billion for national defense in 2019 — a major increase

Trump poised for clash with DOJ over classified memo

Trump bristles under some of his orderly chief of staff’s restrictions 

Lawsuit on Trump Emoluments Violations Gains Traction in Court

Out of Control

 Why I’m thankful for Donald Trump


Trump lands in Davos, abroad again while Russia looms at home

Xi's economic mastermind may have just forced Donald Trump to change his Davos speech 

Trump should put confrontation aside at Davos

Poll Shows Trump Economic Agenda Deeply Unpopular

Trump in Davos: threatens Palestinians, reassures Brits

Trump Threatens To Pull Aid To Palestinians If They Don’t Pursue Peace

Trump: I would reconsider a massive Pacific trade deal if it were 'substantially better'

Trump says dollar will get 'stronger and stronger,' Mnuchin was misinterpreted

Trump to support path to citizenship for 1.8 million Dreamers

Trump supports path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million ‘dreamers’ in new White House proposal 

Trump planning to sign executive order keeping Gitmo open: report

Trump to announce $1.7 trillion infrastructure package at State of the Union

Trump Has A History Of Being Cocky And Unprepared Under Oath

Poll Finds More Americans Think Trump Is Biased Against Black People


Trump says he is willing to testify under oath in US-Russia probe

Trump says he would speak to Mueller under oath in Russia probe

Trump says he's open to citizenship path for DACA recipients

Trump says he'll propose a way to citizenship for 'Dreamers'

The timing of Trump’s political grilling of Andrew McCabe is the most problematic of all 

Trump administration seeks new ways to allow people to dodge Obamacare’s individual mandate 

The Health 202: President Trump may have inadvertantly boosted Obamacare enrollment 

Donald Trump’s solar and washer tariffs may have now opened the floodgates of protectionism 

White House says Trump believes in a 'free-floating' currency

Goldman CEO Blankfein has 'really liked' what Trump has done for the economy

Memo: Trump faces challenges in Davos

In Davos, Trump faces the powerful 'establishment' he's repeatedly shredded

Trump's US Rally Cry Jolts Davos: 'Long Way to Go! Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!'

Trump will tell globalists at Davos that his nationalist agenda is working 

The Finance 202, Davos Edition: Trump trade officials and India may be on a collision course 

Netanyahu and Trump to meet at Davos economic conference

Trump administration imposes more North Korea sanctions on 9 entities

Trump Lashes Out After Schumer Withdraws Offer On Border Wall

Mayors’ group calls off Trump meeting after Justice Department threatens sanctuary cities

Poll: Trump trails Biden, Sanders by wide margin in 2020


Trump can take a bow for current economic upswing

Trump: If there's no wall, there's no DACA fix

Trump waives dozens of environmental rules to speed up construction of border wall

Trump aims at China with tariffs on solar panels, a move Colorado industry says could cost 2,000 jobs

China Warns Trump Administration Will 'Suffer Complete Humiliation' if Washington Continues to Provoke Beijing

Davos diplomacy scene not exactly a natural fit for Trump

Leaked Trump Infrastructure Plan Would Put Onus on States

Trump's move may nudge holdout GOP states to expand Medicaid

Trump won’t seek new authority for wider Syria mission after hammering ISIS

Trump asked the acting FBI director whom he voted for during Oval Office meeting 

Trump Is Ready to Pull Another Fast One

CNN Poll: Nearly 8 in 10 say Trump ought to testify for Mueller if asked

Poll: Democrats, Trump to blame for government shutdown


Trump signs spending bill to end government shutdown

Trump: 'Democrats cave' on shutdown

Trump slaps big tariffs on imported solar panels in major escalation of a trade fight with China

Trump pledged to revive the coal industry, but little has changed one year into his first term

Here’s a report card for Trump’s first year in office 

Trump in the World That He Insults

The Disappearing Dealmaker

Republican voters say 2 to 1 that Trump’s Twitter habit hurts his presidency instead of helping it 

'I've got another nut job here': Trump reportedly eyeing replacements for John Kelly


Trump calls for Republicans to trigger 'nuclear option' if stalemate continues

Trump's impact: 'Shorter attention spans!'

Shutdown: A familiar partisan ritual takes on new meaning in the Trump era 

Trump willing to support legal status for 'Dreamers' in exchange for border wall: White House sources

‘Language as a weapon’: In Trump era, immigration debate grows more heated over what words to use 

What Trump was saying during the last government shutdown

Trump releases op-ed about his accomplishments during government shutdown

Trump reportedly asked South Korea's president to publicly give him kudos for the talks with North Korea

The Finance 202, Davos Edition: The Trump administration is sending a lot of people to Davos 

Trump's trip to globalist gathering in Davos is now up in the air because of the shutdown, White House says


Shutdown dynamics highlight the state of politics on Trump’s anniversary 

Trump's dealmaker image tarnished by U.S. government shutdown

Trump privately saying Democrats caused shutdown, but he'll be blamed

Post-shutdown, uncertainty hangs over Trump Davos trip

Trump campaign ad on murder raises heat in shutdown fight

Trump trolls women’s marches amid global protests

Trump Tweeted Support For The Women's Marches. It Backfired.

Trump support carries both rewards and risks for Israel

As a candidate, Trump criticized Obama’s use of executive power. So guess what powers President Trump has been leaning on? 

One Year In, Trump’s Middle East Policy Is Imploding

A year of Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda has radically changed the U.S. role in the world 

The Memo: How Trump changed everything

Trump, nation reach end of exhausting first year


White House slams Dems as 'obstructionist losers' as Congress misses shutdown deadline

Trump admin pledges to minimize impact of government shutdown

If the government shuts down, there will be a strong case that Trump is a big reason 

Trump misfires with claim that military would ‘shut down’ during government shutdown 

Trump hails 'excellent' meeting with Schumer on shutdown

Short-term budget would give Trump authority to change intel spending, lawmakers say 

Trump holds off on planned departure to Mar-a-Lago ahead of possible government shutdown 

President Trump Addresses March for Life Participants and Pro-Life Leaders

Exclusive: Trump's coal job push stumbles in most states - data

Trump’s false claim that alleged terror suspect brought two dozen relatives to U.S. 

Trump faces pivotal decision on tariffs

The Daily 202: Friday news dumps tell the story of Trump’s first year 

How Twitter defined the first year of Trump's presidency

The Meaning of “American Carnage”

Poll: More than half of Americans strongly disapprove of Trump


Trump's Quietly Growing List of Victories

Trump visits Pennsylvania to sell tax law — and to try to save a House seat for Republicans 

Trump pushes back on chief of staff’s claims that border wall pledges are ‘uninformed’ 

The Chaos President vs. His Iron-Fisted Chief of Staff

How Trump's TV habits raised the risk of a shutdown

New Trump Office Would Protect Conscience Rights of Doctors

The World Has Officially Lost Confidence In U.S. Leadership Under Trump

Trump claims credit for what is still mostly Obama’s economy

Trump’s claim that immigrants bring ‘tremendous crime’ is still wrong 

One year in, Trump's environmental agenda is already taking a measurable toll 

The planet just had its hottest 4 years in recorded history. Trump is dismantling efforts to fight climate change. 

Rebuffing Netanyahu, Trump says US embassy won’t move to Jerusalem within year

Trump Ordered Bannon to Limit Testimony

CNN, New York Times top Trump’s list of ‘fake news’ awards

Trump lawyer used private Delaware company to pay adult film star: report


The Memo: Trump’s volatility scrambles prospects of a deal on DACA

Trump, in new interview, accuses Russia of helping North Korea evade sanctions

Trump makes fewer public trips than recent presidents. Will that hurt the Republicans in November? 

Trump Slips Again, Names His “8 Crappiest States” In Meeting With U.S. Governors

Trump's language on immigrants provokes a backlash in the pulpits

The Trump Administration Targets the Poor

Key quotes from Reuters interview with Trump

Trump’s Grandest Goal: To Make the Truth Irrelevant

What we learned from 365 days of Trump polls

AP FACT CHECK: Trump presidency creates an alternate reality

President Trump has common form of heart disease

Porn star: During our affair, Trump said I reminded him of Ivanka

Here are President Trump's ‘Fake News Awards’ ‘winners’

Trump's Approval Rating Among Black And White Americans is Sinking, Despite What the President Says


Trump is sharp, but needs to lose weight: White House doctor

Donald Trump's physical revealed he might be obese — here's how much weight he needs to lose according to his BMI

A window inside Trump's morning 'executive time'

Trump kicks CNN reporter out of Oval Office

Trump Administration Will Appeal DACA Ruling

Trump's 'merit' list for immigrants: Those with skill, job, English welcome

Trump's first year of diplomacy finds friends and foes

No, Trump’s approval among black Americans hasn’t doubled 

In Trump's White House, lies beget lies

Last Week Was a Degrading Embarrassment. And a Microcosm of Trump

Voters Give Trump an 'F' Grade for First Year in Office, Poll Shows


President Trump delivered a weekly address on Jan. 15, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. 

On MLK Day, President Trump visits Trump golf course 

'No, I'm not a racist,' Trump says as administration is forced to renew DACA permits 

Trump said he didn't care about CBC's demands during tense immigration meeting: report

Haiti supporters protest Trump near Mar-a-Lago

Trump blames US Senator Durbin for blowing immigration deal

Trump blasts Senator Durbin over ‘shithole countries’ claims

Trump attacks 'Dicky Durbin' over 's---hole' remarks

Bitter Abbas to Trump: We reject your peace ‘deal of the century’

Donald Trump speaks at a fourth-grade level, the lowest of last 15 U.S. presidents, according to analysis


Trump: 'I'm the least racist person you will ever interview'

Trump says that he is ‘not a racist’ and that he never used vulgarity to describe poor countries in immigration debate 

Trump’s move against Salvadorans won’t make them leave — or help U.S. workers

Trump may be digging himself into a ‘shithole’

White House attacks WSJ over Trump interview 

Trump Calls Wall Street Journal Fake News Over Kim Jong-Un Quote

The ‘genius’ of Trump: What the president means when he touts his smarts 


Trump, condemned for ‘shithole’ countries remark, denies comment but acknowledges ‘tough’ language 

Trump defends vulgar remarks while partly denying them

A President Who Fans, Rather Than Douses, the Nation’s Racial Fires

London mayor mocks Trump 'stable genius' comment after right-wing protestors disrupt speech

Iran vows ‘serious response’ to new sanctions and rebuffs Trump’s demands on nuclear deal 

Trump: Dems 'Doing Nothing to Fix DACA'

Trump Lawyers to Continue Talks With Mueller on Interview

Trump does more damage to himself than his opponents ever manage to do 

Poll: Trump's approval rating erodes in Georgia


Trump acknowledges ‘tough’ language but appears to deny ‘shithole’ remark 

'Shithole' to racist: One word from Trump gets newsrooms talking about another 

A Racist in the Oval Office

Trump will extend Iran sanctions relief, keeping Obama-era nuclear deal alive—for now

Trump waives Iran sanctions for what administration says is last time

Trump hits the brakes on Senate immigration deal

Trump just praised earmarks. Here’s what the fuss is about. 

WSJ interview shows Trump would rather banter with the media than attend to official duties

How Much More of Trump's Insanity Are We Willing to Take?

Trump Exposed as the Emperor With No Clothes

White House physician says Trump in 'excellent health'

Trump's lawyer reportedly paid a porn star $130,000 just before the election to keep her quiet about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump

WSJ: Trump lawyer arranged porn star payment for her silence in October 2016

A Year Later, Trump Is Less Popular Across Voting Blocs. See by How Much.


Trump says he canceled trip to London

Donald Trump cancels trip to Britain amid fears he won't be welcome, say reports

Trump attacks protections for immigrants from ‘shithole’ countries in Oval Office meeting 

Trump derides protections for immigrants from ‘shithole’ countries 

Trump decries immigrants from 'shithole countries' coming to US

White House does not deny Trump 's---hole' comments

Trump bucked his own White House on a controversial surveillance law after watching FOX News

Trump's Voter Fraud Commission May Be Dead, But His Quest Continues

Trump officials move to allow Medicaid work requirements

Trump promised to donate profits from foreign governments to the Treasury. House Democrats want proof

Trump Approval Rating is Rapidly Declining Among His Key Base in Latest Warning Sign for President

Trump’s Older Sister Says “Donnie’s Acting Like A Nutjob…I’m Worried About Him”

Trump predicts he’ll get high marks in presidential check-up


Trump declines to say whether he would sit for interview with Mueller’s team

Trump attacks Feinstein over release of testimony on Russia probe, calls for GOP to ‘take control’ 

Trump administration opts for speed over accuracy in implementing new tax law 

Trump vs. Trump, again: Judge cites presidential tweets as he blocks DACA phaseout 

Trump wants to remove these immigrants. An ugly bit of history tells us what it could do to the economy 

Trump seeks to reduce suicide among recent veterans with new executive order 

Trump says fairer deal might coax US back into the Paris climate accord

Trump Drops Florida From Offshore Drilling Plan, and Other States Ask: What About Us?

Florida decision puts Trump drilling plan on shaky ground

Trump calls for review of libel laws (again) in his latest salvo against free press 

This Was President Trump's 2,000th Lie in Office

Fox News Struggles to Defend Trump’s Mental State

Iran’s leader calls Trump ‘psychotic,’ warns of revenge

Why Trump administration officials try so hard to flatter him 

Trump Failed His ‘Chaotic’ ‘Disaster’ of a Freshman Year in Office and Is ‘Not Fit’ to Serve as President, Americans Say

Ron Reagan Jr.: Trump came to office unfit


Trump tax law poised to create windfall for states

5 takeaways from President Trump's speech to the nation's farmers in Nashville

‘It’s not a fabrication’: Six times the firm behind the infamous dossier contradicted Trump’s claims 

Judge blocks Trump admin from ending DACA program

Trump says he'll sign DACA deal, pursue comprehensive immigration reform

Trump, lawmakers agree to parameters of potential immigration deal

Trump Suggests Comprehensive Immigration Reform If He Gets His Border Wall

Trump urges Congress to pass ‘bill of love’ to protect ‘dreamers’ but reiterates demand for border wall 

Trump says he’ll take heat for immigration deal

The 40 most remarkable lines from Trump's 55-minute immigration talk-a-thon

We got a glimpse of Trump negotiating today. It … didn’t go well. 

Trump Wants to Expand Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling. Does the Industry?

AT&T Layoffs Stir Union Action, Putting More Heat on President Trump

Trump to attend World Economic Forum in Switzerland, a gathering synonymous with wealth and power

Trump to attend World Economic Forum in Davos, White House confirms

Trump has whiffed on trade so far. Here's what he needs to do in 2018

Facing staffing exodus, Trump struggles to fill West Wing

Trump says he could beat Oprah Winfrey in a presidential race

Trump’s Twitter Threats Put American Credibility on the Line

The Increasing Unfitness of Donald Trump

Trump New Approval Ratings Show He's the Least Popular President to Enter a Second Year in Office and It's Not Even Close


Trump’s border wall becomes flashpoint in shutdown fight

Report: Trump will visit border wall prototypes after State of the Union address

Trump is already complicating the next big Republican goal

Trump Administration Refuses Court Order to Turn Over Voter Commission Documents

Trump touts African American and Hispanic unemployment numbers

Trump tells farmers he supports crop insurance, signs executive order to aid rural internet access

Trump's lawyers are negotiating with Mueller's team about interviewing the president: NBC News

200,000 Salvadorans may be forced to leave the U.S. as Trump ends immigration protection 

Strong Economies Lift Presidents. Trump Seems an Exception.

Donald Trump and the Rule of Law

If You Thought 2017 Was Bad, Just Wait for 2018

Trump's 'Real' Work Schedule Is Really Code For Lie-Ins, Relaxing And TV Time

10 Other “Very Stable Geniuses” Who Made A Mess With Their Madness


Trump flexes foreign policy muscle as new year begins

Mixed signals on infrastructure plan emerge from Trump retreat

Trump reiterates 'Mexico will pay for the wall' after $18B request to Congress

Trump takes new tack to weaken ObamaCare

It's not genius for Trump to point to Reagan when defending his mental stability

Theresa May not worried about President Trump’s mental health

Falling apart?' Trump's insults not forgotten in Atlanta


‘Fire and Fury’ author predicts his book will help end Trump’s presidency

The Memo: Trump can turn page on book storm

Trump’s extraordinary tweetstorms mark an unsettling start to 2018

Donald Trump suggests he wants US law to limit free speech in wake of publication of explosive new book

Trump strikes back at 'Fire and Fury' allegations from Camp David

Trump unloads on Russia investigation, libel laws and explosive new tell-all book during press conference

Trump boasts that he’s ‘like, really smart’ and a ‘very stable genius’ amid questions over his mental fitness 

The Increasing Unfitness of Donald Trump

Three views of Trump

Trump, GOP leaders to discuss 2018 agenda at Camp David retreat

Trump's Looming Trade War with China

Trump says he’s open to talks with North Korea, hopes rogue nation participates in Winter Olympics 

Trump cools to idea of taking on welfare programs, seeing little chance of success in Congress


Trump World frustrated, angry over new book

New scrutiny for Trump's mental fitness after book, tweets

Here's how Trump's first-year record on stocks and jobs compares to past presidents' performance

Trump's directive on recusal adds to obstruction questions

8 times Trump tried to call off the dogs in the Russia probe 

Remember Trump’s Pitch on Health Care Associations? Now We Know What He Meant

Trump's firing sets back AIDS prevention efforts

Trump administration considers eliminating immigration policy seen as a lifeline for thousands

Trump poised to take action on Medicaid work requirements

Trump administration targets recreational pot, placing thousands of marijuana businesses in California at risk 

Trump’s disgraceful use of ‘dreamers’ as a bargaining chip

First phase of Trump border wall gets $18 billion price tag, in new request to lawmakers 


President Trump tries to quash bombshell book 

Situation All Fouled Up, Not Normal

Trump lawyer seeks to block insider book on White House

Trump’s cease-and-desist letter: A ‘desperate’ attempt to silence Bannon 

Trump lawsuit over White House book 'nonstarter,' legal experts say

Stelter: This is bigger than Trump vs. Bannon; it's about Trump's capability 

How Donald Trump's White House team handles his giant ego

Trump ordered WH lawyer to stop Sessions from recusing himself in Russia probe: report

Obstruction Inquiry Shows Trump’s Struggle to Keep Grip on Russia Investigation

NYTimes: Mueller learned of Trump attempt to stop Sessions recusal

Trump administration proposes rules for health plans without certain ACA protections 

4 Attacks on Sustainable Business Launched by the Trump White House Over the Holidays

Trump aims to open nearly all federal waters to offshore drilling in biggest lease sale ever

Trump proposes massive expansion of offshore drilling


Trump abolishes controversial commission studying alleged voter fraud 

White House to announce cuts in 'security assistance' for Pakistan

Expert warns against Trump's Pakistan threat: 'They are going ballistic about this'

Trump Can Help Iran’s Protesters By Rejecting His Own Iran Policies

President Trump is expected to face a difficult 2018

Despite New Tax Promises, AT&T Layoffs Undercut Trump Brand

Trump's Locker Room Talk and Nuclear War Talk Finally Converged

Trump’s big-stick approach to North Korea suddenly becomes extremely literal 

Donald Trump and North Korea: Big Button, Small President

No surprise: Trump didn't give up old Twitter habits for the new year 

Never Trump Doesn’t Owe Anyone an Apology

Ex-campaign aide claims he was once ordered to explain the Constitution to Trump: Report

Michael Wolff’s unbelievable — sometimes literally — tell-all about the Trump administration

Donald Trump just took a flamethrower to Steve Bannon

Trump slams Bannon: ‘When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind’

Trump says Bannon ‘not only lost his job, he lost his mind’ as president’s lawyers send cease-and-desist letter 

The history of Trump and Bannon’s complicated relationship

Donald Trump Did't Want to Be President

Bernstein: Trump is a toxic president


The Daily 202: Trump’s true priorities revealed in holiday news dumps 

Trump to North Korean leader Kim: My ‘Nuclear Button’ is ‘much bigger & more powerful’ 

Iran blasts Trump for comments on protests

President Trump threatens to cut aid to Palestinians

Trump Threatens Aid To Palestinians After U.S. Says It Will Withhold Millions From Pakistan

Rhetoric rises as US vows to withhold aid to Pakistan

Trump Administration Relaxes Financial Penalties Against Nursing Homes

Trump urges Justice Department to ‘act’ on Comey, suggests Huma Abedin should face jail time

The stunning abnormality of Donald Trump's war on Justice (and justice)

Sally Yates Calls Trump's DOJ Tweet 'Beyond Abnormal, Dangerous'

Trump lawyers talked with special counsel team

Iowa went big for Trump, but there are signs its voters are souring on the president 

Trump: Hispanics will start 'falling in love' with me

President Trump has made 1,950 false or misleading claims over 347 days 


Donald Trump’s 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

The Memo: Trump in 2018: Five things to watch

Perils abroad, full plate at home, as Trump opens 2nd year

Trump says ‘time for change’ in Iran, people ‘hungry’ for freedom

Donald Trump Rages Against IranPakistan In First Tweets Of 2018

Pakistan responds to Trump’s tweet: US has 'given us nothing but invective and mistrust'

Trump, through Twitter and the Times, dominates holiday news cycle

Trump: I use social media because it’s the ‘only way to fight…dishonest press’



President Trump wishes happy new year to ‘enemies' and 'haters'

Trump earns praise for support of Iranian protesters

An ‘effort to erase LGBTQ people’: Activists denounce Trump’s firing of HIV/AIDS council 

CNN host: Trump resigned US as world's leader

Trump accused of not spending enough time with Barron by Democrat Steve Cohen


After arrest of demonstrators, Trump warns Iran ‘the world is watching’

In surprise, Trump maintains many Obama-eraRussia policies

Russian president calls for 'pragmatic cooperation' in New Year greeting to Trump

Trump calls for border wall funding in any DACA deal

How the Trump era is changing the federal bureaucracy 

The Memo: Trump’s NYT interview sets 2018 stage

In a 30-minute interview, President Trump made 24 false or misleading claims 

Time at Mar-a-Lago is a respite for Trump — and a headache for his staff 

Trump Isn't 'King', Can’t Do Whatever He Wants, Bush Ethics Lawyer Warns


Fuming Trump finds fresh target in US Postal Service on Twitter

Trump to repeal Obama fracking rule

Trump Reportedly Terminated All Members Of HIV/AIDS Council Without Explanation

Donald Trump wants to bring inflation back

The big problem with Trump’s strategy to attack Michael Flynn’s credibility: His own mouth 

How Trump tried to redefine America’s role in the world in 2017

Democracy and Facts in the Age of Trump

Politifact: Trump claim that he signed more first-year bills than any other president is 'false'

One nation, divided under Trump, with perilous consequences 

Places that backed Trump skewed poor; voters who backed Trump skewed wealthier 

Donald Trump’s Ghostwriter Tells All


Trump says Chinese oil shipments to North Korea ‘very disappointing’

Trump Is Bluffing About Attacking North Korea in 2018

Trump sparks outrage after snidely casting doubt on global warming in tweet

War between Trump, media set to intensify

Five obstacles to Trump's infrastructure ambitions

Trump says he understands legislation better ‘than any president’

Trump: I will win in 2020 because ‘media will tank’ without me

Trump says Russia probe will be fair, but timeline unclear: NYT

Russia probe makes US 'look very bad': Trump

Trump: Even if there was collusion with Russia, 'it’s not a crime'

Shake-ups on steroids: Trump’s staff turnover rate at 33% in first year

Report: TrumpDC Hotel employee wrote in email that Trump ‘is definitely still involved’ in Trump Org.

Trump supporters SEE WHAT YOU’VE WON!


Trump and His Allies Spent Christmas Waging War on Our Republic

Trump adds Jeff Sessions to the fall guys list in Alabama loss 

Trump readies tougher ‘America first’ line for China trade in 2018 

Trump sent fewer Mexicans home from US in 2017 than Obama in 2016

The United States Should Resolve to Avoid War With North Korea in 2018 - Trump

Trump legal team readies attack on Flynn’s credibility 

Trump's Clinton tweets cut against Comey firing explanation


Trump slams FBI, Obamacare in post-Christmas tweets 

Trump slams 'tainted' FBI, 'crooked' Hillary over 'pile of garbage' dossier

Trump and his tweets show the power of how he communicates

Trump’s top 10 accomplishments of 2017

Law enforcement leaders say Trump’s strong support for police saves lives

Trump Could Save More Than $11 Million Under the New Tax Plan

Donald Trump has changed the presidential Challenge Coin and it's a disgrace

Trump was saying "happy holidays" back when Obama was wishing us "merry Christmas"

Trump’s first year was even worse than feared

Trump has now spent more than a 3rd of his presidency at his properties and a 4th at his golf clubs

Trump dismisses 'fake polls': 'Nobody is going to beat us'


Trump looks to seize political momentum in 2018

Trump roils the globe in first year as commander in chief

GOPer: Trump’s Startling Plan to Kill Social Security in Second Term

President Trump Cuts Funding To U.N. After Israel Vote

Trump lawyers looking forward to 'expeditious' end to Russia probe

Trump dines on world leaders’ dime, yet to reciprocate gesture

Bethlehem locals say President Trump ruined Christmas


Trump's Christmas wish: 'We've got prosperity. Now we want peace'

Hours after signing tax bill, Trump reportedly tells friends: 'You all just got a lot richer'

Trump again lashes out at FBI acting director Andrew McCabe

Trump retweets image that appears to depict CNN's blood on shoe

Trump gives ACLU to American detained in Iraq
Pentagon must give access to American detained in Iraq

Despite Trump's hopes, US-Russia relations are getting chilly

Doubting the intelligence, Trump pursues Putin and leaves a Russian threat unchecked


Trump rails against deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, 'leakin James Comey,' and 'phony' Clinton investigation