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Latino candidates set to play most prominent role ever in presidential race

USHCC Endorses John Kasich for Republican Nomination

John Kasich: GOP won’t win White House by ‘scaring every Hispanic to death’


Rising Stars
Hispanic Republican Women in the News

Commissioner |Lydia Gonzalez D'Ross
Lydia is the Oklahoma State Chairman of the National Republican Hispanic Assembly. She is a native New Yorker and was recently nominated by the Tulsa League of Women Voters "Madam President." She is the only Latina Republican nominated to receive this award and possible the only Republican. Lydia is Tribal, Sepeharic and founder of the National Hispanic Disaster Relief and Corporate Market Place Chaplain Academy. The award is given to Tulsa top leading ladies leading the front on issues with boldness, courage and speaks out against injustice among women and children. As the Hispanic National Director for the United States National Council and Oklahoma State Leader for the National Governor's Prayer Team, she has also be appointed to serves as Oklahoma Field Director for the Franklin Graham Decision America, to be held at OKC Capitol Steps on April 27th,2016.

NFRW & OKFRW member and Oklahoma State Chairman for the National Republican Hispanic Assembly is an honoree of Tulsa Boldest Emerging Leaders of You Can Be "Madam President". The event is hosted by Tulsa League of Women Voters. She is the only Latina Republican nominated among 35 leading Tulsa leading women in the state of Oklahoma. She will receive her award on April 11th 2016;

El nuevo amanecer de Ted Cruz tras ganar en Iowa

Rising Stars

NFRW Women Receive Honors around the County

National Hispanic Spokesperson

Lydia Gonzalez-D'Ross, a member of the Republican Women of Tulsa County (OK), has been appointed as the National Hispanic Spokesperson for the United States National Prayer Council. Lydia is president of the Latina Roundtable Conservative Council and was also recently appointed to the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women.


Library of Congress to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2015


Republican Latina on "kicking down doors"

Maria Rodriguez-Gregg (R-8)
Rodriguez-Gregg shares political experiences on MSNBC


Hispanic Hertage Month Pic

The RNC’s National Hispanic Heritage Month Faces to Follow

National Hispanic Heritage Month
Profile - Axel Miranda

Axel Miranda

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