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(Page 21) BEGINNING August 5,2021


Dow closes 500 points higher as major averages reclaim losses from earlier this week

Weekly jobless claims total 351,000, worse than expected

Americans were freaking out over inflation this spring. They aren't anymore - and it shows they believe in the Biden economy.

GOP plan to block House measure could trigger an unprecedented $28tn default

McCarthy’s misleading claim that 2019 debt-ceiling hike paid for all of Trump’s policies

Trump vs. McConnell, the ultimate GOP fight

Ted Cruz makes a Texas-size mess on voter ID and racism

Top Republican releases remaining Palestinian aid he held up for months

Draft report of GOP-backed ballot review in Arizona confirms Biden’s win

Pennsylvania AG sues to block GOP subpoenas in election probe

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Chamber of Commerce pressing House Republicans to save $1.2T infrastructure bill

JD Vance defends Texas abortion law

More than 683,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 42,520,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC advisory panel backs COVID-19 booster shots for millions of older or otherwise vulnerable Americans

US sets the stage for COVID booster shots for millions

U.S. special envoy to Haiti resigns, says he will not be associated with ‘inhumane, counterproductive’ deportations of Haitians

Biden’s 1.1 billion dose pledge: Big, but not big enough, experts say

Schumer sets Monday showdown on debt ceiling-government funding bill

Schumer, Pelosi announce revenue deal for Biden's social agenda

Manchin fires warning shot on plan to expand Medicare

House passes sweeping defense policy bill

Democrats say they have ‘framework’ on tax hikes, but squabbles over specifics continue

House Jan. 6 committee issues subpoenas for Trump aides and advisers, including Meadows and Scavino

White House prepares for potential shutdown as leaders grapple with crucial deadlines, Biden agenda

Biden administration awards $150K to Florida district that resisted DeSantis ban on mask mandates

Biden White House leans toward releasing information about Trump and Jan. 6 attack, setting off legal and political showdown


Dow rebounds more than 300 points from 4-day slide as Fed is not ready to remove stimulus yet

The Fed is holding its rates near zero for now. Here’s what it means for you

The Fed is evaluating whether to launch a digital currency and in what form, Powell says

Full recap and analysis of Fed decision: Powell’s market-moving comments, when the taper is coming

Existing home sales fall 2% as first-time buyers are priced out

Republicans usually lose shutdown fights. So why are they going there again?

Republicans dig in on debt limit

Mitch McConnell tells Democrats not to 'play Russian roulette with the economy' as the GOP plays Russian roulette with the economy

Texas Gov. Abbott sends miles of cars along border to deter migrants

George W. Bush moves to defend Liz Cheney from Trump

Former President George W. Bush to hold fundraiser next month for Liz Cheney

GOP Senate candidates back Trump on almost everything. But only Greitens has joined him in publicly attacking McConnell.

Florida makes quarantine optional for exposed students

Florida lawmaker files Texas-style abortion bill

Republicans see opportunity in U.S. debt-ceiling standoff

New group of GOP lawmakers file articles of impeachment against Biden

Heller won't say if Biden won election

Professor tells Cruz that Texas's voter ID law is racist

Sen. Susan Collins won't support abortion rights bill

House Freedom Caucus presses GOP to oppose defense bill over including women in the draft

More than 679,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 42,391,000 cases have been reported.)

FDA authorizes Pfizer’s Covid booster shots for people 65 and older and other vulnerable Americans

Moderna vs. Pfizer: Both Knockouts, but One Seems to Have the Edge

Fewer than one-third of Americans want to see Roe v. Wade overturned, new polling finds

House Democrats introduce $1B stand-alone bill for Israel's Iron Dome

Democratic leaders racing toward Monday infrastructure vote

Manchin: Biden told moderates to pitch price tag for reconciliation bill

No deal on bill to overhaul policing in aftermath of protests over killing of Black Americans

Biden employs flurry of meetings to unite warring factions

Biden touts 'progress' during 'candid' meetings on $3.5T plan

Biden pledges more vaccine doses to boost global inoculation rates

Amid Skepticism, Biden Vows a New Era of Global Collaboration

French ambassador to return to Washington as Biden, Macron seek to mend rift


Market rebound attempt fails as Dow closes in the red on Tuesday

The Fed will try to soothe markets Wednesday, while preparing investors for end to bond buying

McConnell, Shelby offer government funding bill without debt ceiling

GOP senators seek to block dishonorable discharges for unvaccinated troops

Two GOP operatives indicted for allegedly routing money from Russian national to support Trump campaign

Texas governor signs more abortion restrictions into law

Opinion: How Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and an irrational system make us more vulnerable to the next 9/11

More than 677,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 42,247,000 cases have been reported.)

J&J says Covid booster shot is 94% effective in the U.S. when given two months after first dose

Homeland security officials will investigate after images show agents on horseback grabbing migrants, Mayorkas says

FBI has more than doubled domestic terrorism caseload

Trump campaign knew soon after election that voting machine claims were false: report

House passes bill to avert shutdown and suspend debt ceiling, but legislation faces grim prospects in Senate

Dems nix $1 billion for Iron Dome from budget bill after progressive pressure

Schumer moves to break GOP blockade on Biden's State picks

Chuck Schumer demands Biden end 'hateful and xenophobic' deportations of Haitian migrants

Democrats look for Plan B after blow on immigration

Progressives Worry Their Priorities Will Be Left Behind, Despite Biden’s Bold Words

Progressive groups launch $2 million pressure campaign against Republicans to support Joe Biden’s agenda

Standoff between liberal and moderate Democrats looms over Biden economic agenda ahead of key House vote

At U.N., Biden calls for unity in addressing pandemic and climate change

Biden meets with leaders of Australia, Iraq before departing UNGA

Biden administration urges Supreme Court to uphold New York's handgun restriction


S&P 500 falls 1.7% for its worst day since May, Dow sheds 600 points

McConnell privately urged GOP senators to oppose debt ceiling hike

Mitch McConnell kept Trump alive. Now Trump is turning on him.

GOP senator will 'probably' vote for debt limit increase

Republicans maneuver to block vaccine mandates, undercutting a policy widely seen as an effective tool to end pandemic

Graham found Trump election fraud arguments suitable for 'third grade': Woodward book

More than 675,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 42,114,000 cases have been reported.)

See How Vaccinations Are Going in Your County and State

Why blue states fare better than red in coronavirus fight

Covid is officially America’s deadliest pandemic as U.S. fatalities surpass 1918 flu estimates

Pfizer says its COVID vaccine is safe and works well in young kids. So what’s next?

The strategic reverberations of the AUKUS deal will be big and lasting

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Biden immigration policy, reconciliation bill

Pelosi says House members would not vote on spending bill topline higher than Senate's

Democrats up ante in risky debt ceiling fight

Democrats unveil new plan to fund government, suspend debt ceiling as major showdown with GOP looms

Democrats will put a debt limit suspension in bill that aims to prevent a government shutdown

Open warfare breaks out between liberals and moderates over Biden agenda

House clears bill to provide veterans with cost-of-living adjustment

White House rules out concessions over debt ceiling while GOP refuses to help avert crisis

Biden to raise refugee admissions cap to 125,000 in the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1

Biden to ease restrictions, require foreign nationals flying to US to be fully vaccinated

Biden administration asks Pentagon to send military to border

Biden announces plan to combat extreme heat caused by climate change

Biden to get COVID-19 booster on camera once fully approved


Stock futures mixed after Dow notches three straight losing weeks for first time in 2021

‘The pay is absolute crap’: Child-care workers are quitting rapidly, a red flag for the economy

Support for Abbott plunging in Texas: poll

GOP senators reportedly aren't on board with Trump's push to end McConnell's leadership run

Trump is actively working to oust McConnell as Senate Republican leader: report

More than 672,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 41,925,000 cases have been reported.)

Senate parliamentarian blocks Dems from including amnesty in budget-reconciliation bill

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Manchin suggests pausing talks on $3.5 trillion package until 2022:

Beto plans Texas comeback in governor's race -Axios

Biden pushes back at Democrats on taxes

Biden's Entire Presidential Agenda Rests on Expansive Spending Bill


As stocks enter volatile period, the Fed will attempt to not rock the boat further in the week ahead

Senate Republicans say they will vote to allow a debt default, leaving Democrats scrambling for plan to avert economic crisis

In speech at BYU, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney names 3 biggest issues U.S. is ignoring

GOP primary challengers line up against Texas Gov. Abbott, despite Trump's endorsement

Rahm Emanuel, a target of the left, may be rescued by Republicans

Kinzinger says Trump 'winning' because so many Republicans 'have remained silent'

W.Va. Gov. frustrated over vaccination rate: 'We just are going to keep lining the body bags up'

Far-right rally draws small crowd, large police presence at Capitol

More than 672,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 41,886,000 cases have been reported.)

Big gap between Pfizer, Moderna vaccines seen for preventing COVID hospitalizations

Jeffress says 'there is no credible religious argument' against coronavirus vaccines

Democrats lean into vaccine mandates ahead of midterms

Biden administration to accelerate deportation flights for migrants in South Texas

Biden, a Lifelong U.N. Advocate, Needs the Institution More Than Ever

Biden admin worried UN meeting could become COVID-19 'superspreader'

Small biz to Biden corporate tax hike plan: 'Just leave it alone'


S&P 500 falls Friday, notches second straight week of losses in September slump

Fed Chief Powell, other officials owned securities central bank bought during Covid pandemic

The GOP wants to distance itself from the insurrection. Trump has other ideas.

Wyoming county GOP rejects effort to rescind Cheney's party status

Grassley calls for federal prosecutor to probe botched FBI Nassar investigation

The Most Important Statistic of the Biden Presidency
(One in five hundred Americans has died in the pandemic, and Republicans are actively rooting for the country to fail.)

More than 671,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.

FDA panel endorses coronavirus boosters for older adults and those at risk of serious illness

U.S. to buy hundreds of millions more doses of Pfizer vaccine to donate to the world

Judges strike down North Carolina voter ID law, citing its ‘discriminatory purpose’ against African Americans

Pentagon admits killing 10 civilians, including up to 7 children, in Kabul drone strike last month

Australia to get nuclear subs under new US defense pact, infuriating China

Brooks and Capehart on border politics, Biden’s job approval, U.S. and France tensions

This is how embarrassing Trump’s ‘fraud’ claims have gotten

House Democrat threatens to vote against party's spending bill if HBCUs don't get more federal aid

Hoyer affirms House will vote Sept. 27 on bipartisan infrastructure bill

Biden dials top Democrats as shutdown countdown begins

White House warns of economic catastrophe without action on debt limit

At an economic inflection point, Biden leans into expansive, populist agenda

Haitians stuck in Texas extend Biden's immigration woes

Biden administration to ramp up deportation flights to Haiti, aiming to deter mass migration into Texas

Biden order would allow government to require quarantine for measles cases

White House to host global COVID-19 summit next week

Biden administration signs its first military deal with Saudi Arabia

France recalls ambassador from Washington 'without delay' as Macron rages at Biden


Dow falls, but closes well off intraday lows ahead of seasonally weak trading period

Retail sales post surprise gain as consumers show strength despite delta fears

Powell orders ethics review after Fed presidents disclosed multimillion-dollar investments

The method to Mitch McConnell's debt ceiling madness

Republicans are inadvertently suppressing their own voters

GOP Rep. Gonzalez, who voted to impeach Trump, announces retirement, citing ‘toxic dynamics inside our own party'

Republicans are still a bigger obstacle to vaccination than Black Americans

DeSantis slams Biden for 'really huge cut' in Florida's critical COVID antibody treatment

24 states threaten legal action over Biden's vaccine mandate

More than 668,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 41,637,000 cases have been reported.)

Covid Hospitalizations Hit Crisis Levels in Southern I.C.U.s

Some striking numbers on the unvaccinated among us

Pandemic frustrations zero in on unvaccinated Americans

Over $450B in COVID-19 relief funds delivered to families

Former Trump aides to spearhead multimillion-dollar campaign against Biden economic plan

How the Senate parliamentarian could make or break Democrats’ spending bill

Democrats brace for toughest stretch yet with Biden agenda

House Democrats’ tax plan would increase marriage penalty for wealthy couples

Joe Manchin gets all the attention. But Kyrsten Sinema could be an even bigger obstacle for Democrats’ spending plans.

Biden’s economic plan at risk of delays as Democrats squabble

Democratic moderates are Biden's big Capitol Hill headache

Democrats brace for Senate referee's ruling on proposed immigration overhaul

Democrats clash over drug pricing plan
(Opposition from three House members against the provision could endanger the entire safety net bill.)

As the largest-ever U.S. climate bill inches forward, a lobbying frenzy ensues

Biden bombs on persuading Manchin to budge on proposed $3.5T spending bill

Biden discusses agenda with Schumer, Pelosi ahead of pivotal week

Biden goes after top 1 percent in defending tax hikes

His economic agenda on the line, Biden prepares to fight for tax increases on the wealthy

At an economic inflection point, Biden leans into expansive, populist agenda

Biden announces joint deal with U.K. and Australia to counter China


Dow closes more than 200 points higher, S&P 500 rebounds to stave off September slide

Here’s how inflation is hitting the online prices of everything from apparel to furniture

New Hampshire lawmaker switches parties, joining Democrats because of GOP views on vaccines and masks

Former Sen. Heller to run for Nevada governor

Third Republican drops out of race to replace Cheney after Trump endorses challenger

Georgia businesswoman announces primary challenge against Marjorie Taylor Greene

Biden's child tax credit pays big in Republican states, popular with voters

Will GOP learn from this colossal waste?
(The Newsom takedown attempt failed as Republicans ignored lessons from other states)

Opinion: Ron DeSantis reaches a new low of cynicism and recklessness

Trump aides aim to build GOP opposition to Afghan refugees

Mercer family played bigger role in 2020 election than thought, giving nearly $20 million to dark money GOP fund

More than 665,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 41,485,000 cases have been reported.)

The pandemic marks another grim milestone: 1 in 500 Americans have died of covid-19

FDA staff declines to take stance on Pfizer’s Covid vaccine booster shots, citing lack of verified data

FDA review remains neutral on boosters ahead of critical Friday vote even as Pfizer pushes additional shots

Pfizer plans to seek vaccine authorization in November for kids under 5

CNN Poll: Most Americans feel democracy is under attack in the US

House panel advances key portion of Democrats' $3.5T bill

Here are the key retirement provisions in the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill

Democrats prepare for next phase of budget fight as House readies package and Biden meets with Senate skeptics

House Democrats’ capital gains tax proposal is better for the super rich than Biden plan

Poorer Americans get big tax cuts under Democratic plan while the rich get hikes

Democrats hope Biden can flip Manchin and Sinema

House Democrat says she won't support reconciliation bill 'at this early stage'

Democratic bill would force Fed to defund fossil fuels

Democrats suffer blow on drug pricing as 3 moderates buck party

Biden enlists business leaders in campaign for vax mandates

Biden comes to Milley’s defense after revelation top general, fearing Trump, conferred with China to avert war

Biden finds 'following the science' isn't so easy


Dow sheds 290 points, S&P 500 closes lower despite cooler-than-expected inflation reading

Consumer prices post smaller-than-expected increase in August

Yellen: US on track to default on national debt in October

Social Security cost-of-living adjustment could be at least 6% in 2022

Republicans withhold support for US debt ceiling increase

Cruz set to filibuster any Democratic attempt to raise debt limit

Republicans ask FDA for details on any White House pressure on boosters

Rubio demands Biden fire Milley

Biden vaccine mandate puts McConnell, GOP leaders in a tough spot

More than 663,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 41,313,000 cases have been reported.)

Fauci pushes back on coronavirus vaccine booster criticism

COVID-19 cases climbing, wiping out months of progress

New analysis estimates $5.7 billion price tag for treating unvaccinated Covid-19 patients in the last 3 months

Justice Department asks federal judge to block enforcement of Texas abortion law

Top general was so fearful Trump might spark war that he made secret calls to his Chinese counterpart, new book says

Revised Democratic voting bill drops controversial provisions, tweaks others as pressure for action mounts

Manchin-McConnell meet amid new voting rights push

House Democrats propose top 39.6% tax rate at these income levels

House panel advances immigration language for reconciliation bill

House is no easy road for Biden, Democrats on $3.5T package

Democrats aim for maximum pressure on GOP over debt ceiling

As the largest-ever U.S. climate bill inches forward, a lobbying frenzy ensues

Newsom easily beats back recall effort in California

Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Is a Boon for Labor Unions

Joe Biden in Colorado: “We have to make changes to slow climate change now”

Biden expresses confidence on climate in renewable energy visit

Biden revokes Trump rule on student loan oversight, paves way for investigations

The Huge Economic Stakes Behind Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

White House considered requiring vaccines for international air travelers

Facing pressure on human rights, Biden administration attaches new conditions to Egypt security aid

Biden denies China's Xi turned down meeting offer


Dow jumps 260 points, snapping five-day losing streak

U.S. budget deficit rises to $2.71 trillion through August

GOP condemnation of Biden coronavirus mandate fuels concern other vaccine requirements could be targeted

GOP pushes unfounded fraud claims before California recall

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Takes A Favorite Conservative Insult, Fires It Right At Trump

DeSantis: Local governments will face $5K fines for imposing vaccine mandates

Trump takes aim at George W. Bush, saying he shouldn’t ‘lecture’ about threat of domestic terrorism

More than 660,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 41,143,000 cases have been reported.)

U.S. Covid cases finally start to dip from latest peak, but delta variant still on the rise in some states

3 states have fully vaccinated more than 2/3 of residents. Elsewhere, hospitals are overwhelmed with unvaccinated Covid-19 patients

More than half of Americans support vaccine mandates for workplaces, classrooms and sporting events

Data shows Covid booster shots are ‘not appropriate’ at this time, U.S. and international scientists conclude

It may take 'many, many' more vaccine mandates to end the Covid-19 pandemic, Fauci says

'We inherited a deadline. We did not inherit a plan': Blinken defends Afghanistan exit during testy House hearing

Justice Amy Coney Barrett, in McConnell Center speech, insists the Supreme Court isn't 'partisan hacks

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on $3.5T Dem bill, California recall election

Juan Williams: The toxic legacy of Trump's corruption

Senate Dems to force vote on bill overriding new elections laws in GOP-led states

House Democrats propose new tax hikes to pay for their $3.5 trillion bill: Here are the details

With big tax push, Democrats aim to tackle enormous gains of top 1 percent

House Democrats take step back from Biden on tax hikes

House Democrats propose new retirement plan rules for the rich, including contribution limits and a repeal of Roth conversions

Joe Manchin vs. the Democrats

Biden’s coronavirus mandate isn’t as ‘divisive’ as its critics claim

Biden, mandates and the other freedom — from the coronavirus

Biden to survey fire damage, make case for spending plan

Biden looks to climate to sell economic agenda

Biden administration expanding efforts to reunite separated migrant families

Biden expands program to legally bring Central American minors to US

Biden stumps for Newsom on eve of recall: 'The eyes of the nation are on California'

Biden nominates critic of surveillance software to FTC, further bolstering agency as check on Big Tech


Stock futures are modestly higher after Dow, S&P post five straight days of losses

The GOP’s halting, uneven journey toward becoming the anti-vaccine mandate party

GOP lawmaker who refused to follow mask mandate while flying says she can’t get to the Alaskan capital

Biden’s vaccine rules ignite angry GOP rhetoric

Republicans divided on Trump's strength as possible 2024 candidate

False Election Claims in California Reveal a New Normal for G.O.P.

More than 658,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 40,894,000 cases have been reported.)

Fauci says he would support vaccine requirements for air travel

On 9/11 anniversary, Trump slams ‘horrible’ Afghanistan withdrawal

FBI releases newly declassified record on Sept. 11 attacks

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Democrats see $3.5T spending goal is slipping away

House Democrats circulate new tax plan as party tries to unify behind huge economic package

Democrats wanted Trump gone. Now they want him on the ballot.

Biden quietly marks milestone 9/11 anniversary on visits to memorials

Biden to announce new COVID-19 steps ahead of U.N. meeting, surgeon general says

Biden steps into legal fight with vaccine mandates

Biden’s vaccine rules ignite angry GOP rhetoric

Some businesses welcome Biden's vaccination mandate while others worry about the costs, effects on worker shortages

Labor unions, a key Democratic ally, lukewarm on Biden vaccine mandate

Biden heads west to assess wildfires, campaign for Newsom


Markets brace for hot consumer inflation report in the week ahead

GOP seeks Biden referendum over vaccine mandates

Joni Ernst’s Attack On Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Has People Saying, 'Wait, What?'

Pressure grows on anti-Cheney primary challengers to quit after Trump endorsement

Missouri GOP lawmaker suggests Lincoln Memorial should come down after Robert E. Lee statue is removed in Richmond

George W. Bush compares ‘violent extremists at home’ to 9/11 terrorists in 20th anniversary speech

More than 658,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 40,849,000 cases have been reported.)

Vaccine mandates for companies will be messy but effective, experts predict

In 9/11 commemorations, an elegy for what the nation lost that day — and in the 20 years since

House Democrats propose making permanent expanded ObamaCare subsidies

House panel releases spending bill section on child tax credit, infrastructure financing

Biden commemorates 9/11 anniversary with stops at all three attack sites

Biden’s vaccine push wins cautious business support as political opponents fume

Biden's vaccine mandate: Even Trump-friendly companies seem comfortable with COVID restrictions

Some federal employee groups embrace Biden’s vaccine mandate, others are lukewarm — and one is outright hostile

Vaccine mandates test Biden ties with labor


Dow drops more than 270 points to end the week, falling for a fifth straight day

Producer inflation accelerated in August, as wholesale prices rose record 8.3% from a year ago

GOP governors threaten to sue over mandates; Biden says, ‘have at it’

Republicans vow mass disobedience and lawsuits in fight against Biden vaccine mandate

SC House Speaker, others in GOP vow vaccine order fight

Gov. Kim Reynolds calls President Joe Biden's COVID vaccine mandate plan 'dangerous and unprecedented'

Utah lawmakers criticize Biden’s new vaccine mandate

Pence blasts Biden's vaccine speech: 'Unlike anything I'd ever heard from an American president'

McCarthy-allied fundraising group helps Republicans who voted to impeach Trump

DeSantis, Abbott risk blowback amid appeals to conservative base

Florida appeals court rules in favor of DeSantis, allowing his ban on mask mandates in schools to stand

Florida judge blocks enforcement of anti-riot law backed by DeSantis

Republicans are laying the groundwork to lie that the California recall was stolen
More than 657,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 40,763,000 cases have been reported.)

Unvaccinated people were 11 times more likely to die of covid-19, CDC report finds

COVID surge drains morale at packed Des Moines hospital: 'We could have prevented this,' ER doctor says

Pfizer to seek approval for vaccine in children 5 and over

Justice Breyer calls Supreme Court decision on Texas abortion law ‘very, very, very wrong’

Brooks and Capehart on the anniversary of 9/11, the politics of vaccinations

Democrats make case to Senate parliamentarian for 8 million green cards

Centrist House Democrats unveil rival proposal to lower drug prices

Biden administration releases $25B in COVID-19 relief for providers

Biden's vaccine rules are a 'moderate' compromise, Fauci says

Business groups don't oppose Biden vaccine requirement

Biden Administration Goes Bigger on Cutting Drug Prices

Biden marks 9/11 anniversary with message recognizing the lives lost

White House says 21 more Americans evacuated from Afghanistan

Biden administration appeals Texas ruling blocking new DACA applications

Joe Biden talks to Xi Jinping but they have little to report

Biden seeks to rebound from brutal August

Biden enters a politically perilous phase


Dow falls for the fourth straight day, drops 150 points

Jobless claims reach pandemic low as economy recovers

Weekly jobless claims post sharp drop to 310,000, another new pandemic low

Pandemic unemployment benefits and eviction protections have expired. Here's what federal help is still available

House Republicans press Biden on vetting Afghan refugees, cite safety concerns

Arkansas governor pushes back against Biden's vaccine mandate

GOP governors vow to fight Biden's new pandemic measures

RNC vows to sue over Biden vaccine, testing mandate

Gaetz doubts McCarthy will hold Pelosi accountable on demands for politicians' private data

GOP leader taking proxy voting fight to Supreme Court

Cheney says 'bring it' after Trump endorses her primary opponent in Wyoming

Opinion: Georgia’s GOP lieutenant governor conducts the 2020 autopsy his party won’t

Will Republicans ever stop crying voter fraud?

The GOP’s narrow edge in 2021, so far

More than 655,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 40,578,000 cases have been reported.)

Washington state enacting mask mandate for large outdoor events

Moderna developing combination COVID-19 booster, flu vaccine shot

Justice Department sues Texas to block new abortion law

EPA to protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay, blocking major gold mine

Scores of Afghan dual nationals, including Americans, leave from newly reopened Kabul airport

Ex-CIA analyst: Anti-Trump officials politicized intelligence, undermined U.S. security

House Democrats unveil proposals on drug prices, Medicaid expansion

House Democrats outline plan for transition to clean electricity

Manchin lays out long list of demands as key Senate chairs move to win his vote

Watch live: Biden announces new Covid vaccine and testing mandates for millions of U.S. workers

Sweeping new vaccine mandates for 100 million Americans

Biden announces sweeping new vaccine mandates for businesses, federal workers

Biden vows to take on GOP governors over schools

US doubles the fine for people who break mask rule on planes

White House says Taliban 'cooperative' in facilitating departure of Americans

Biden calls Xi as US-China relationship grows more fraught

White House pulls nomination of ATF chief amid pushback over gun-control advocacy

Biden to stump for Newsom on Monday during western swing


Dow and S&P 500 fall for third straight day as investors grow cautious in September

Yellen urges Congress to raise debt limit, warns Pelosi about extraordinary measures running out soon

Yellen triggers alarm bells over debt ceiling cliff

Job openings soar to 10.9 million as companies struggle to fill positions

Republican leaders misjudged Jan. 6 committee

GOP lawmakers urge Cardona against executive student loan wipeout

Conway and Spicer fire back at White House over board resignation requests

Texas Republicans take hard right turn as Democrats see demographics shifting in their direction

Texas Republicans plan expanded election audits

GOP West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice is done with all that nonsense on vaccines

Florida judge rules against DeSantis again, allows schools to require masks

AP source: Trump to endorse GOP challenger to Cheney

More than 651,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 40,416,000 cases have been reported.)

Colorado’s COVID hospitalizations hit highest level since early January as virus deaths rise

Democrats hit the gas on Biden's multitrillion-dollar safety net bill

Democrats ready $450 billion plan to expand child care, pre-K as broader economic package hits new political snags

Democrats confront numerous hurdles as they work to advance $3.5 trillion economic package

Dems split over fed health help for elderly or poor in $3.5 trillion bill

Democrats to make pitch Friday for pathway to citizenship in spending bill

Schumer rejects Manchin's call for pause on Biden plan

Biden, Dems under pressure to deliver on liberal priorities

In NYC after Ida, Biden calls climate ‘everybody’s crisis’

Biden officials trumpet how solar can provide nearly half of the nation’s electricity by 2050

Biden, Dems push Civilian Climate Corps in echo of New Deal

Biden administration readies lawsuit over Texas abortion law

Biden administration plans tougher action to rein in meat prices

Biden reiterates plan to reopen Jerusalem consulate despite Israeli objections

Biden ousts Trump military academy board appointees


Dow drops 260 points as investors grow concerned about delta variant’s impact on economic recovery

Treasury yields rise to start the trading week

A sharp rise in wages is contributing to worries over inflation

Paid family leave could help 37% of unemployed Americans return to work sooner, survey shows

48% of renters worry they won’t ever be able to buy a home, survey finds

GOP effort to hamstring the Jan. 6 investigation enters a new phase

Abbott Signs Texas Election Law, Ending a Fierce Voting Rights Battle

Abbott says Texas will 'eliminate all rapists' in defending abortion bill

EXPLAINER: How a new GOP law in Texas makes voting harder

State GOP leaders push new 2020 election reviews as Arizona report looms

Ted Cruz Tells People To 'Get A Job' And Twitter Works Him Over

Graham says US 'will be going back' to Afghanistan

South Dakota governor issues executive order restricting access to abortion medicine

Miami Herald hits DeSantis on vaccine claims: 'Profile in selfishness'

Trump blasts GOP Sen. Pat Toomey

More than 649,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 40,230,000 cases have been reported.)

A Guide for Covid-19 Risk in Your County

95 percent of US counties now seeing 'high' COVID-19 transmission rate: CDC data

Nearly 252,000 children in US test positive for COVID-19 amid back-to-school season

Millions suffer from 'long COVID.' U.S. disability law may protect them from discrimination

WHO says Covid will mutate like the flu and is likely here to stay

The COVID surge is a choice

'Completely incorrect': Dr. Fauci pushes back on DeSantis' vaccine claim

Democrats stare down nightmare September

House Democrats move quickly on legislation expanding Medicare benefits and enacting paid family leave

With bulk of their agenda on the line, Democrats gird for battle over $3.5 trillion budget package

Democrats eye reforms to Trump tax break for businesses as part of $3.5 trillion spending plan

Manchin would support spending plan of at most $1.5T: report

President Joe Biden Tours New Jersey Town Devastated by Ida

Biden surveys Ida storm damage in New Jersey, New York — warns of ‘code red’ moment on climate change

Biden pushes agenda while touring Ida disaster areas

White House asks Congress to pass emergency funding for disaster aid, Afghan resettlement as well as spending bill to avert shutdown

Biden predicts he can 'work something out' with Manchin

Biden to outline strategy for controlling delta variant


Millions in U.S. lose jobless benefits as federal aid expires, thrusting families and economy onto uncertain path

Spotlight turns to GOP's McCarthy in Jan. 6 probe

GOP Rep. Kevin Brady: Manchin is ‘asking exactly the right questions’ on $3.5 trillion budget plan

Abbott approval rating wanes as most Texans say state on 'wrong track'

New Texas voting bill deepens growing disparities in how Americans can cast their ballots

More than 648,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 39,992,000 cases have been reported.)

After 781 students must quarantine, Texas school district requires masks

How to protect children under 12 from Covid-19, according to Fauci

Kentucky governor says COVID-19 situation is 'dire'

Ohio judge reverses decision ordering hospital to treat patient with ivermectin

White House push for COVID-19 vaccine booster shots may be premature, experts warn

Justice Department to protect women seeking an abortion in Texas

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on child tax credit, abortion

From Cradle to Grave, Democrats Move to Expand Social Safety Net

Blumenthal 'frustrated, even furious' by delays in getting Americans out of Afghanistan

Biden approves disaster funds for NJ, NY after Ida flooding

Biden visits union hall to mark Labor Day

After unrelenting summer, Biden looks to get agenda on track

Biden trying to weather political storms
(The president appears frustrated by a barrage of criticism over Afghanistan and the resurging pandemic.)


As Labor Day approaches, risks are ahead as support for the economy fades

Investors are placing big bets on a growing space economy. But can they reach orbit?

Republican wins on abortion, voting and guns cap their banner 2021, with Democratic goals in ‘dire’ danger despite Washington power

GOP hopes spending traps derail Biden agenda

Republicans don't deserve House majority if they push lies -Kinzinger

Republicans in crosshairs of 6 January panel begin campaign of intimidation

U.S. lawmaker urges Blinken to clear private evacuation flights out of Afghanistan

Republican-leaning independents now more likely to get vaccines: poll

Donald Trump takes a swipe at Catholics and Jews who did not vote for him

More than 646,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 39,862,000 cases have been reported.)

Pfizer on track for U.S. vaccine boosters, Moderna lagging, Fauci says

At least 1,000 schools in 35 states have closed for in-person learning since the start of the school year: COVID-19 updates

Florida virus deaths hit new highs
(The state is facing its deadliest wave of the pandemic as hospitals, mortuaries struggle.)

U.S. Embassy contractors, visa applicants among Afghans left behind after one of the largest airlifts in history

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PBS News Hour Weekend Full Episode September 5, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - September 5th, 2021

Life, Liberty & Levin 9/5/21 | BREAKING FOX NEWS September 5, 2021

Biden 'still full steam ahead' on domestic agenda, despite new opposition: Top adviser

Biden calls for speaking out on anti-Semitism, reaffirming Israel bond in Rosh Hashanah message

White House says ball is in Congress's court on voting rights, abortion

Biden faces demands to replace the world’s most powerful banker


Why America has 8.4 million unemployed when there are 10 million job openings

Jobs report adds fresh concerns over Monday's unemployment cliff

It’s Still the Coronavirus Economy

Republicans keen on hammering Biden on inflation as the White House projects hike

Cheney, Thompson slam McCarthy's comments about Trump, Jan. 6: 'Baseless'

Jan. 6 committee leaders blast McCarthy’s ‘baseless’ claim about Trump’s innocence

Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan, divided over Trump, see different futures for the Republican Party

More than 646,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 39,814,000 cases have been reported.)

Florida teachers on edge as mask war, COVID surge mark first weeks of school

15 Miami-Dade Public School Staff Members Die Of COVID In Just 10 Days

Five tax issues to watch as Democrats craft $3.5T bill

Gov. Jared Polis amends, extends executive order on eviction protection

Biden to travel to New Jersey and New York, survey Ida damage

Biden, first lady will travel to all three sites of 9/11 attacks

Amid criticism, one veterans' organization calls Biden administration 'least culpable' on Afghanistan

Weighing Fed nominees, Biden administration faces delicate political test

Joe Biden's political courage


Dow falls after big jobs report miss, tech stock gains limit losses

Jobs report disappoints — only 235,000 positions added vs. expectations of 720,000

3.2 million Americans are still long-term unemployed as benefits are set to expire

Michigan Republicans push for sweeping election overhaul

Texas's GOP-crafted voting bill hit with lawsuit

Texas law opens door for other states to pursue abortion restrictions

Will the Texas GOP abortion law backfire on Republicans?

Republican support for Afghan refugees wanes as Trump, Fox News promote anti-immigrant claims

U.S. Rep Jim Jordan in Iowa draws cheers for Trump praise: 'I think he's gonna run'

Retiring GOP Sen. Toomey says Trump should not lead ticket in 2024

More than 645,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 39,740,000 cases have been reported.)

U.S. covid death toll hits 1,500 a day amid delta scourge

More kids hospitalized with Covid-19 in states with lower vaccination rates, CDC report finds

Dr. Gottlieb says Northeast has yet to see ‘true delta wave,’ expects another Covid case spike

Top federal health officials warn that booster shots initially may be limited to Pfizer recipients

Democrats consider new taxes aimed at CEO pay, stock buybacks for $3.5 trillion budget plan

Senate panel will probe Supreme Court's Texas abortion ruling, 'shadow docket'

Biden signs executive order requiring review, release of some classified 9/11 documents

Biden tells 1,000 rabbis he’s tackling antisemitism, wants hate monitor approved

Biden says restrictive Texas abortion law is ‘almost un-American,’ creates ‘vigilante system’

Biden blames delta variant, unvaccinated people for weaker-than-expected jobs report

Biden travels to Louisiana to see devastation caused by Ida

Biden tours Ida damage in Louisiana: 'We're going to be here for you'


S&P 500 and Nasdaq notch record closes as jobless claims reach pandemic low

Jobless claims total 340,000, lowest level since early days of pandemic

Friday’s jobs report is expected to be solid, but delta variant raises downside risk

Federal Jobless Aid, a Lifeline to Millions, Reaches an End

With evictions expected to mount, access to rental aid remains uneven

GOP Lawmaker Building Support To Boot Dem ‘Spies’ Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger From Republican Conference

Chuck Grassley touts Congress' infrastructure bill at Indianola linemen training facility

Liz Cheney named vice chair of Jan. 6 select committee

Seeking digital data, the Jan. 6 committee has riled Republicans. Here's what it's looking for

Republicans try to censor big business, LOL

Charlotte Observer calls for GOP to censure Cawthorn over 'bloodshed' remark

DeSantis fights court's ruling allowing masks in schools

On Afghanistan, G.O.P. Assails the Pullout It Had Supported Under Trump

More than 644,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 39,547,000 cases have been reported.)

Most vaccinated Americans want COVID-19 booster shots -Reuters/Ipsos poll

Fauci defends COVID boosters, says 3 shots will 'likely' be the new norm

Is the outdoors still safe? Concerns about Delta prompt new guidelines

American Medical Association calls for 'immediate end' to use of ivermectin for COVID-19

Supreme Court order on Texas abortion ban shows threat to Roe v. Wade

John Roberts has lost control of the Supreme Court

Expand the Supreme Court. Do It Tomorrow.

House to vote on bill guaranteeing abortion access in response to Texas law

Schumer calls for action on climate after Ida flooding

Manchin calls on Democrats to ‘pause,’ cut $3.5 trillion spending plan, dealing potential blow to Biden agenda

Biden administration announces $3B for coronavirus vaccine supply chain

Biden blasts high court failure to block Texas abortion curb

Biden to assess possible federal response to Texas abortion ban

Biden on Ida's devastation: 'Extreme storms in the climate crisis are here'

Bidens visit wounded service members at Walter Reed

Biden reportedly reaffirms pact not to push Israel on its alleged nukes

U.S. underscores commitment to Ukraine
(In White House talks, Biden reaffirms aid and support to ally in its war with Russia.)

Biden's approval rating drops to 43 percent after Afghanistan fallout: poll


S&P 500 closes flat on first day of September, Nasdaq ekes out a record close

September is the toughest month for stocks, but this time could be different

Private payrolls increase by just 374,000 in August, far short of the 600,000 estimate, ADP says

McConnell: Biden 'is not going to be removed from office'

Romney blasts Biden over those left in Afghanistan: 'Bring them home'

Afghanistan withdrawal exposes Republican divide on foreign policy despite united condemnation of Biden

Ted Cruz, NY Post Falsely Pass Off Black Hawk Helicopter Video as a Taliban Hanging

Oklahoma congressman threatened embassy staff as he tried to enter Afghanistan, U.S. officials say

Freedom Caucus chair asks McCarthy to boot Cheney, Kinzinger from GOP conference

Florida's GOP strongholds buck DeSantis on virus measures

Susan Collins was astoundingly wrong about Brett Kavanaugh

2024 GOP battleground takes shape in Iowa

Sen. Marco Rubio returns to Iowa, but won't say if the ‘future holds’ a 2024 presidential run

Wealthy GOP donors flock to DeSantis as presidential speculation swirls

Texas 6-weeks abortion ban takes effect, with Supreme Court mum

More than 641,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 39,370,000 cases have been reported.)

Moderna starts data submission for COVID-19 vaccine booster

Massive randomized study is proof that surgical masks limit coronavirus spread, authors say

A ‘momentous occasion’ as 80% statewide have gotten jab

Florida Alters COVID-19 to Show Artificial Decline in Deaths

The costs of post-9/11 wars exceed $8 trillion for US
(The Costs of War project, housed at Brown University, also estimated that 929,000 people have been killed in wars since Sept. 11, 2001)

Supreme Court refuses to block restrictive Texas abortion law in 5-4 decision

Democrats defeat GOP effort to declare 'lost confidence' in Biden after Afghanistan withdrawal

House panel advances $778B defense bill

House panel backs making women register for draft

President Biden delivers remarks on ending the war in Afghanistan — 8/31/2021

Biden says the war in Afghanistan is over, but it's really just starting a new chapter

Biden will place U.S. support for Ukraine front and center during Zelenskyy visit

Biden says Texas law prohibiting most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy ‘blatantly violates’ constitutional right

Biden blasts Texas abortion restriction, vows to defend women’s rights

Biden to travel to Louisiana Friday, survey Ida damage


S&P 500 falls slightly Tuesday, but notches 7th-straight winning month in August

There are mounting risks that make September a potentially hazardous time for stocks

The Economy Is Booming but Far From Normal, Posing a Challenge for Biden

Millions of Americans will lose unemployment benefits this weekend

Social Security trust funds now projected to run out of money sooner than expected due to Covid, Treasury says

McCarthy says GOP 'will not forget' if firms hand records to Jan. 6 panel

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert says Biden and 'the rest of his incompetent administration' should all be fired over handling of Afghanistan

FACT FOCUS: Trump, others wrong on US gear left with Taliban

GOP lawmaker threatened officials while trying to enter Afghanistan: report

GOP demands keeping troops in Kabul until all Americans evacuated

Republicans lash out at Biden for ‘stranding’ Americans in Afghanistan

‘They have better things to do’ – Major Republican donors are staying away from Trump

G.O.P. Governors Fight Mandates as the Party’s Covid Politics Harden

GOP legislators in Texas give final approval to new voting restrictions, overcoming Democratic opposition

Texas' 6-week abortion ban lets private citizens sue in an unprecedented legal approach

Florida withholds funds from two school districts over mask mandates

Paul Ryan says it's 'really clear' Biden won election: 'It was not rigged. It was not stolen'

More than 639,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 39,167,000 cases have been reported.)

Nearly 1 million Covid booster shots have already been administered in the U.S., CDC data shows

Two senior FDA vaccine leaders step down as agency faces decision on boosters

Moderna vaccine creates twice as many antibodies as Pfizer: research

These 5 states have less than 10% of ICU beds left as Covid-19 overwhelms hospitals

Companies eye financial penalties for unvaccinated workers

The slow and steady decline of the vaccine skeptics

The CIA Is Better Than the U.S. Military at Creating Foreign Armies

Senate passes bill to provide assistance to Americans returning from Afghanistan

Biden defends U.S. departure: ‘It was time to end this war’

Biden digs in with fervent defense of Afghanistan withdrawal

Biden says the era of U.S. nation building is over as he marks the end of the Afghanistan war

Biden praises airlift, defends departure from 'forever war'

In Afghanistan, President Biden had to play the losing hand his predecessors dealt him

These charts show which states will get the most money from Biden’s infrastructure bill

Biden taps former ambassador Dan Shapiro as US point man to Israel on Iran

   S&P 500, Nasdaq close at record highs as Wall Street looks for strong finish to August

Cawthorn calls jailed Jan. 6 rioters 'political hostages'

GOP launches ballot drive to tighten Michigan voting laws

West Virginia governor: 'You have to get vaccinated'

More than 637,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 38,993,000 cases have been reported)

At least 204.7 million people have received one or both doses of the vaccine in the U.S.
(This includes more than 173.8 million people who have been fully vaccinated. 
440 million doses have been distributed.)

See How Vaccinations Are Going in Your County and State

States pull back on COVID data even amid delta surge

CDC panel unanimously endorses full approval of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine for people 16 and older

Fauci backs COVID-19 vaccine mandate for U.S. school children

This is how to prevent another 100,000 Covid deaths by December, Fauci says

An Ohio judge ordered a hospital to use deworming drug ivermectin to treat a patient with COVID-19

European Union recommends new travel restrictions for unvaccinated Americans

U.S. ends 20-year war in Afghanistan with final evacuation flights out of Kabul

Last US troops exit Afghanistan, ending America’s longest war

Last U.S. military flight leaves Kabul; Biden to address nation Tuesday

Fewer than 200 Americans remain in Afghanistan after US withdrawal

US intercepts rocket targeting Kabul airport

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Afghanistan exit, COVID-19

Court tosses Trump water pollution rule but still weighing restoration of Obama rule

Progressive Democratic lawmakers urge Biden to replace Powell as Fed Chair

Congressional panel tells telecom firms to preserve Jan. 6 records

Biden to address end of Afghanistan War in Tuesday speech

For Biden, ‘forever war’ isn’t over, just entering a new, perilous phase

Biden Deserves Credit, Not Blame, for Afghanistan

Biden speaks to Louisiana governor after 'catastrophic' Ida damage

Biden has canceled over $9 billion in student loan debt

Biden administration opens civil rights investigations over bans on school mask mandates

Republicans hit Biden over Afghanistan, with eye on midterms

Lindsey Graham: U.S. presidents will be dealing with Biden's Afghanistan 'catastrophe' for next 20 years

Rand Paul claims scientists won't study horse deworming drug ivermectin's use as a potential COVID cure because of their 'hatred for Trump'

Possible 2024 presidential contender Ted Cruz says 'the road to revival' comes through Iowa

Rep. Jim Jordan Suddenly Remembers At Least One Other Call With Trump On Jan. 6

More than 635,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 38,735,000 cases have been reported.)

First, surges in Covid-19 infections led to shortages of hospital beds and staff. Now it's oxygen

FDA sees growing pressure to authorize vaccines for children under 12

Why Is It Taking So Long to Get a COVID Vaccine for Kids?

Military carries out strike in Kabul as slain service members are returned to U.S.

U.S. drone strikes an ISIS-K vehicle packed with explosives in Kabul

Sunday Talk Shows -- News

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 8/29/21 [FULL] | Breaking Fox News LIVE August 29, 2021

CNN State of the Union with Jake Tapper 8/29/21 | CNN Breaking News Today August 29, 2021

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PBS News Hour Weekend Full Episode August 29, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - August 29th, 2021

Life, Liberty & Levin 8/29/21 | BREAKING FOX NEWS August 29, 2021

Biden pays respects to service members killed in Kabul airport attack

Biden to withdraw U.S. diplomatic staff from Afghanistan as future relationship with the Taliban remains unclear

Biden directs DHS to take lead on resettling Afghan refugees

White House calls for state, local eviction moratoriums after Supreme Court ruling

Biden continues Trump's flirtation with complacency


A key jobs report in the week ahead could drive the next big market move

Fast but uneven spate of evictions loom after Supreme Court frees landlords to oust tenants.

Mitt Romney to unvaccinated: ‘Your liberty affects my health.’

The bloodlust of Joe Biden's Afghanistan critics

Will DeSantis's star fall as Florida COVID numbers rise?

Howard Dean calls DeSantis a 'lunatic' over handling of COVID-19

More than 635,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 38,695,000 cases have been reported.)

US begins drawdown of forces from Afghanistan

U.S. warns Americans to leave area around Kabul airport immediately

House Democrats prepare to bow to a reality — their ambitions can only be as big as centrist Senate Democrats allow

The storms of August: Biden’s devastating month stokes midterm fears among Democrats

Biden warns of ‘highly likely’ attack after U.S. killed 2 Islamic State members

At first meeting, Biden pledges to Bennett that Iran will ‘never’ get nukes

Biden, Bennett open new chapter in U.S.-Israel relations with White House visit

Biden says he has coordinated with governors, electric utilities on Hurricane Ida

Biden has canceled $9.5 billion in student loan debt yet forgiveness for all isn’t necessarily coming


Major averages finish the week higher after Powell prepares markets for Fed’s bond taper this year

Powell sees taper by the end of the year, but says there’s ‘much ground to cover’ before rate hikes

Watch Fed Chair Powell deliver his key Jackson Hole economic speech live

At the Jackson Hole meeting, the Fed ponders an uneven recovery

Powell’s benign view on inflation is getting pushback at the Fed, and elsewhere

Key inflation gauge rises 3.6% from a year ago to tie biggest jump since the early 1990s

Millions of Americans face financial cliff as eviction ban, unemployment aid lapse amid Washington inaction

Kevin McCarthy seemingly can't make up his mind on whether he wants U.S. troops in Afghanistan

McCarthy: 'There will be a day of reckoning' for Biden

‘We were wrong’ — Sen. Mitt Romney rails against U.S. withdrawal in wake of Afghanistan bombings

Rubio slams Biden over alleged list given to Taliban

Sixth House GOP lawmaker issued $5K metal detector fine

Banks fights Jan. 6 committee effort to seek lawmaker records

Judge blocks Florida governor’s order banning mask mandates

Texas House passes GOP voting restrictions that Democrats had blocked for weeks by fleeing the state

More than 634,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 38,594,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC director defends school guidelines amid delta surge; US deaths still increasing: COVID-19 updates

People with delta variant twice as likely to be hospitalized

ISIS-K attack upends Kabul evacuation

US presses on with evacuations despite fears of more attacks

U.S. airstrike targets Islamic State in Afghanistan in retaliation for deadly Kabul airport attack

Brooks and Capehart on Kabul attack, Jan. 6 investigation, voting rights

Biden is warned 'another terror attack in Kabul is likely' as mission enters 'most dangerous period'

 Biden receives heated criticism from Republicans, questions from some Democrats after Kabul airport attack

Biden takes fire from Republicans after Kabul attack deepens morass

Biden escalates his efforts to puncture the Fox News bubble

Biden tells Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett he wants diplomatic solution to Iran

Biden says U.S. health officials are considering Covid booster shots at 5 months, moving up timeline of third shot

Biden announces plans to give pay raise to federal employees


S&P 500 and Nasdaq snap five-day win streak as cautious investors look to Jackson Hole

Weekly jobless claims hold around pandemic-era low; GDP revised higher to 6.6%

Despite his shortcomings, Jerome Powell should be reappointed Fed chairman

The pressure is on for Powell and the Federal Reserve to manage the exit from ultra-easy policies

How Should the Fed Deal With Climate Change?

McConnell rips Biden over Kabul airport attack

McCarthy calls for House to return and vote on delaying Afghanistan withdrawal

Hawley, Blackburn call for Biden to resign

The Latest G.O.P. Schism: How to Handle Afghan Evacuees

McConnell: Democrats plotting 'complete assault' on economy

Kentucky GOP lawmaker deletes tweet comparing vaccine mandates to Holocaust

Texas governor issues order banning local vaccine mandates

Texas Supreme Court sides with Abbott in blocking San Antonio's school mask mandate

Texas House advances GOP voting restrictions, which Democrats had blocked for weeks by fleeing the state

Ron DeSantis criticizes Biden for not ending the pandemic he’s exacerbating

Will Chuck Grassley keep running? A decision looms as he eyes an 8th term in the US Senate

Mayor of Arizona border town blasts Republican governors who blame COVID spike on asylum seekers

More than 633,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 38,404,000 cases have been reported.)

Hospital beds drying up as cases rise in several states; California professor sues to avoid vaccine: Latest COVID-19 updates

Sturgis motorcycle rally linked to more than 100 coronavirus infections amid delta variant’s spread

U.S. Covid cases show signs of slowing, even as fatalities surge again

Should the Government Impose a National Vaccination Mandate?

13 U.S. service members killed, 18 wounded in attack near Kabul airport, Pentagon says

Afghanistan: Former advisor to Mike Pence warned in 2020 that Trump was setting up another 'Benghazi'

Supreme Court allows evictions to resume during pandemic

Federal judge in Michigan orders pro-Trump lawyers disciplined over lawsuit seeking to overturn 2020 election

Biden says deadly attack won't alter US evacuation mission in Afghanistan

Biden vows to complete Afghanistan evacuation, hunt down ISIS leaders after Kabul attack

‘We will hunt you down.’ Biden vows to finish Kabul evacuation, avenge US deaths

Biden to Kabul attackers: 'We will hunt you down and make you pay'

Biden struggles to address the most volatile crisis of his presidency

Biden looking for positive Bennett meet amid Afghan crisis, but not at any cost

Joe Biden's terrible August just got worse


Stocks extend their rally with S&P 500 and Nasdaq hitting fifth straight day of gains

Cryptocurrency advocates find Treasury’s Yellen to be a tough sell

The ‘Great Resignation’ is likely to continue, as 55% of Americans anticipate looking for a new job

Lindsey Graham: 'I think Joe Biden deserves to be impeached'

House Republican says criticism of Afghanistan trip 'frankly laughable'

How screwed is Adam Kinzinger?

Texas governor issues order banning local vaccine mandates

Judge rules Texas governor can't enforce mask mandate ban

More than half of Florida’s students now go to schools mandating masks in defiance of DeSantis

Poll: Most Florida voters don't want DeSantis to run for president in 2024

The GOP struggles with what to do on employer vaccine mandates

More than 631,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 38,220,000 cases have been reported.)

Moderna completes submission for full FDA approval of vaccine

J&J says its Covid vaccine booster shot generated a promising immune response in early trials

Why the COVID Vaccines Aren’t Dangerous

‘I’m still not planning to get it’: FDA approval not swaying some vaccine holdouts

Florida is the only state where more people are dying of COVID now than ever before. What went wrong?

Delta Air Lines is raising health insurance premiums for unvaccinated employees by $200 a month to cover higher Covid costs

Get COVID vaccine or get out, employers tell workers, consumers

Pentagon mandates US military service members receive Covid vaccine immediately

U.S. still working to contact most of the estimated 1,500 American citizens left in Afghanistan

CIA has launched clandestine ops to rescue Americans in Afghanistan

'This is deadly serious': Pelosi denounces congressmen's surprise trip to Kabul

Progressives dig in for fall fight with centrists

House panel investigating Jan. 6 attack seeks records from agencies on insurrection, Trump in first request for information

House probe focuses on Trump's mental health and martial law

Biden looks for air-clearing in first meeting with Israel's new leader

Google, Microsoft plan to spend billions on cybersecurity after meeting with Biden

How Biden Can Save His China Strategy After Afghanistan


S&P 500 and Nasdaq close at records ahead of Fed summit

The economy could be getting help from positive news on the delta variant

McCarthy: Taliban shouldn't dictate when we leave

A top Republican in Pennsylvania promises to review the 2020 results as conspiracy theories flourish.

Republicans keep hiding behind White Democrats to shift vaccine hesitancy blame onto Blacks

Opinion: It’s time for the GOP to dole out some tough love on vaccines

More than 629,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 38,043,000 cases have been reported.)

American Medical Association calls for public, private sectors to mandate vaccines

CDC study shows unvaccinated people are 29 times more likely to be hospitalized with Covid

New intelligence report falls short on finding COVID-19 origins, reports say

U.S. could control COVID by spring 2022 -Fauci

CIA director William Burns meets Taliban leader in Kabul

2 House lawmakers make secret trip to Afghanistan amid evacuations

Supreme Court says Biden administration must comply with ruling to restart ‘Remain in Mexico’ program for asylum seekers

Why moderate Democrats opposed Pelosi’s plans for two major spending bills

Pelosi commits to rallying support for infrastructure vote

House approves John Lewis voting rights measure

House passes $3.5 trillion budget plan, aims to vote on infrastructure package by late September

House Democrats clear path toward passing $3.5 trillion budget bill and infrastructure plan after breaking stalemate

Watch live: Biden addresses Afghanistan evacuation after decision to stick to Aug. 31 withdrawal date

G-7 leaders can't sway Biden to delay deadline for Afghan withdrawal

Biden keeps to Kabul Aug. 31 deadline despite criticism

Israeli leader meets with Biden as Mideast tensions grow

55 percent now disapprove of Biden job performance: poll


Stocks rally to start the week, Nasdaq closes at record after Pfizer vaccine approval

The new Powell doctrine

Ending unemployment benefits had little impact on jobs and fueled $2 billion spending cut, study finds

McCarthy faces speakership test on infrastructure vote

House Republicans seek answers on US weapons seized by Taliban

Mark Sanford calls Graham 'a canary in the coalmine' on GOP's relationship with Trump

More than 628,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 37,890,000 cases have been reported.)

FDA grants full approval to Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid shot, clearing path to more vaccine mandates

What the FDA’s full vaccine authorization could mean for vaccine holdouts

New York City mandates Covid vaccine shots for public school teachers and staff following FDA approval

U.S. evacuates 48,000 from Afghanistan as Taliban calls Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline ‘red line’

Britain, other U.S. allies push back on Biden’s Aug. 31 deadline to leave Kabul

Taliban threatens ‘consequences’ if US, allies stay beyond withdrawal deadline

Errin Haines and Lisa Lerer on Afghanistan evacuations, infrastructure debate

Pelosi sets up risky House vote to deem $3.5T budget approved

Budget clash pits moderate Democrats against Biden, Pelosi

House Democrats punt key vote on budget to Tuesday

Jan. 6 committee to seek lawmaker records

House Intel Democrats express doubts about completing Afghan evacuation by deadline

Biden to decide on Afghanistan troop withdrawal extension in next 24 hours

Biden says safe zone around Kabul airport to expand, as Pentagon enlists commercial airlines to aid evacuations

Biden urges unvaccinated to get shots after FDA gives full Pfizer approval

Biden asks companies to 'step up' vaccine requirements, noting shot mandates have been around 'for decades'

Biden steps in to support blue cities in red states
(Administration takes on GOP governors in local battles over masks and vaccines.)

Biden administration asks Supreme Court to save eviction moratorium

Biden and the Fed Wanted a Hot Economy. There’s Risk of Getting Burned.


EXCLUSIVE: ‘No need to rush’: Senator warns of FDA’s shortcuts to full approval of COVID-19 vaccine

In Florida, DeSantis cut jobless aid just as virus began terrifying new wave

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott now testing negative for COVID-19

More than 627,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 37,641,000 cases have been reported.)

Kabul airlift is accelerating but still hampered by chaos

US orders emergency use of 18 commercial aircraft to transport evacuees in Afghanistan

US taking fresh precautions at Kabul airport evacuation amid IS threat

ISIS terror threat forces US military to establish alternate routes to Kabul airport

Sunday Talk Shows -- News

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 8/22/21 [FULL] | Breaking Fox News LIVE August 22, 2021

CNN State of the Union with Jake Tapper 8/22/21 | CNN Breaking News Today August 22, 2021

Face the Nation 8/22/21

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PBS News Hour Weekend Full Episode August 22, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - August 22nd, 2021

Life, Liberty & Levin 8/22/21 | BREAKING FOX NEWS August 22, 2021

Supporters at Alabama rally boo Trump after he tells them to get vaccinated

Kamala Harris starts historic Southeast Asia trip amid backdrop of Afghanistan crisis

US VP Harris: Focus must stay on Afghan evacuation

‘Curveballs and obstacles’ face Pelosi this week as Democrats spar over $3.5 trillion budget plan

Deeply Divided, House Democrats Battle Over Priorities and Politics

Five lawmakers to watch ahead of key House budget vote

Biden grapples with twin crises

Biden says US-led evacuation from Kabul is accelerating

Biden says U.S. has ‘long way to go and a lot could still go wrong’ in Afghanistan evacuation

Biden emphasizes that Afghan refugees will be vetted before entering US

Biden: Troop extension in Afghanistan beyond Aug. 31 under discussion

White House to House Dems: Drug price plan is a winning issue

Fed officials will seek to avoid a tantrum as they keep ‘taper talk’ going at key summit

Powell reappointment to Fed chair backed by Yellen

Delta variant is making Americans nervous and raising fresh worries about the economy

A Texas GOP official’s covid-19 death went viral. Then came calls for vaccination — and bitter divides.

MAGA Rep Who Boasted About Defying Pelosi’s Mask Rule Gets COVID—but Still Won’t Mask Up

Poll: Americans oppose GOP push to ban school mask mandates by a 2-1 margin

More than 627,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 37,599,000 cases have been reported.)

Florida's COVID surge 'a crisis of unprecedented proportions,' doctor says; school districts battle for masks. Latest COVID-19 updates

As covid-19 surges in Mississippi, some people are ingesting an unproven livestock dewormer

Pentagon says 17,000 people evacuated from Afghanistan in one week

Pentagon looking to enlist commercial airlines to help in Afghanistan evacuation

U.S. embassy warns Americans against traveling to Kabul airport barring individual instructions

US airlifts 169 stranded Americans to Kabul airport as evacuations resume

NATO is ‘working 24/7’ to get as many people out of Afghanistan as possible, its chief says

Supreme Court temporarily blocks reinstatement of Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

Pelosi says House working to pass infrastructure bills by Oct. 1

Biden to address nation on Afghanistan evacuation Sunday afternoon

Biden and national security team discuss counter-terror ops in Afghanistan

‘America First Lite’: Afghanistan withdrawal brings a Biden Doctrine into focus

Biden touts ‘progress’ of Afghanistan airlift


Dow rebounds more than 200 points, but closes out a losing week

August is usually volatile for the market, but the Fed is a wild card and could agitate things further

This lesser-known tax credit may offer working families a bigger write-off this year

Brace yourself — inflation's coming back stronger than ever

Lawmakers denounce GOP Rep. Brooks for appearing sympathetic to Capitol bomb threat suspect

Texas Supreme Court rejects Abbott’s ban on school mask mandates — for now

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds fires back at Biden's threat to make states allow school mask mandates: 'I'm doing my job.'

Ron DeSantis leans into mask-mandate fights as Covid cases soar in Florida

AP pushes DeSantis to end press secretary's bullying toward reporter

How Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson learned to embrace mask mandates

At Iowa rally, Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz advocate for Trump's 'America First' values

City hosting Trump rally in Alabama declares COVID-19 emergency

More than 626,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 37,501,000 cases have been reported.)

As Covid-19 hospitalizations increase, a greater number of Americans are deciding to get vaccinated

U.S. FDA aims to give full approval to Pfizer vaccine on Monday -NYT

US military faces growing calls to do more to evacuate Afghanistan

Countries partner with US to help transport and relocate Americans, at-risk Afghans

Gerson and Capehart on Afghanistan, school mask mandates

House returns to Washington next week to forge ahead with infrastructure bill, budget plan

Watch live: Biden addresses evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies from Kabul

Biden says flights out of Afghanistan resume, pledges to get all Americans out

Biden vows to evacuate all Americans — and Afghan helpers

Biden focuses on 'getting this job done' as chaotic evacuation from Afghanistan grows desperate

Biden administration faces big choices as economic calamity hangs over Afghanistan

Biden built a bond with vets. His chaotic Afghanistan exit left many feeling torn.

4,300 veterans back Biden in letter slamming 'elites who pushed us into a 20-year war'

Four dubious claims from Biden’s ABC interview on Afghanistan

Was Biden handcuffed by Trump’s Taliban deal in Doha?

Biden administration announces new sanctions on anniversary of Navalny poisoning

Biden asks Supreme Court to block order reinstating 'Remain in Mexico' policy

Appeals court rejects effort to halt Biden eviction moratorium

Biden to nominate Rahm Emanuel to serve as ambassador to Japan


S&P 500 churns on Thursday to end day slightly in the green

Jobless claims hit new pandemic-era low in a sign of hope for the employment picture

States can pay unemployment benefits past Sept. 6 using pandemic funds, Labor and Treasury officials say

401(k) balances hit a new all-time high, Fidelity says

Divisions emerge among Republicans over how to handle Afghan refugees

The GOP is losing the argument on coronavirus mandates

Florida Gov. DeSantis faces growing revolt from school districts imposing mask mandates

As Delta surges in Florida, DeSantis is focused on battling Biden

Texas Supreme Court rejects Governor Abbott's ban on school mask mandates – CNN

Will Jason Chaffetz challenge Mitt Romney in 2024? Robert Gehrke says it’s looking that way.

More than 625,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 37,316,000 cases have been reported.)

Florida and Texas open Covid antibody treatment centers as delta surge overwhelms hospitals

Pandemic has never been worse in Mississippi, top doctor says as 20,000 students are quarantined

Gulf Coast's beloved 'Redneck Riviera' now a virus hotspot

Sens. Wicker, King and Hickenlooper announce they have tested positive for coronavirus

U.S. evacuates 7,000 from Afghanistan in 5 days, thousands more ready to board planes in Kabul

Why didn’t the Biden administration evacuate Afghans sooner?

US diplomats warned Blinken in July country could fall to Taliban: report

55 bipartisan senators call on Biden to 'immediately evacuate' Afghans who helped US

Billions in US weaponry seized by Taliban

The fiasco in Afghanistan is a grave blow to America’s standing
(And much of the blame lies squarely with Joe Biden)

Trump officials scramble for distance from his Taliban deal

White House: More than one million vaccine doses administered in past 24 hours

Unvaccinated federal employees will face discipline for refusing coronavirus testing at work

U.S. to erase student debt for those with severe disabilities

Biden administration tells court Missouri gun law undermines public safety

Tracking Biden’s environmental actions

Biden's worst week raises big questions

Chaos mars Afghan evacuation efforts; Biden criticism builds

Biden administration moved slowly to help Afghan refugees as it prepared to exit

Biden's Afghanistan refugee dilemma

Biden bets war-weary America will reward him for leaving Afghanistan

Biden: US faces worse threats than Taliban-ruled Afghanistan


Dow falls for a second day, drops 380 points as the Fed discusses reducing stimulus this year

Federal Reserve preparing for taper this year, July minutes show

Markets already have started adjusting to the Fed’s expected policy tightening

Janet Yellen: Biden's infrastructure plan is a down payment on the economy America can – and should – have

Fed’s Powell: There’s no returning to pre-pandemic economy

Unemployment benefits will end soon for 7.5 million Americans. These extended pandemic-aid programs could help

McConnell criticizes Biden for pulling U.S. troops from Afghanistan

First polls show mixed picture on Rubio-Demings race

Federal officials press GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert over apparent personal use of campaign funds

More than 623,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 37,166,000 cases have been reported.)

U.S. reports more than 1,000 COVID deaths in single day

If you live in a state with a low vaccination rate, you're 4 times more likely to be hospitalized and more than 5 times more likely to die

Vaccines show declining effectiveness against infection overall but strong protection against hospitalization amid delta variant

U.S. will begin wide distribution of Covid booster shots next month, saying vaccine protection wanes over time

Florida county declares pandemic state of emergency amid hospital resource shortage

Mississippi's top doctor says COVID is far worse than it's ever been in the state

Inslee brings back statewide mask order and mandates vaccines for school workers

Federal judge rules against Trump-era approval of Alaska drilling project

Democrats embrace COVID-19 mandates in governor races

Tensions high, Biden invites Israel's new PM to Washington

Biden keeps many Trump tariffs in place, confounding businesses hoping for reprieve

Trump let this pesticide stay on the market. Under Biden, EPA is banning its use on food.

Biden to require COVID vaccines for nursing home staff

Biden says his administration will take on GOP governors blocking masks in schools

Biden suggests US troops could stay in Afghanistan past withdrawal deadline to ensure evacuation of all Americans

Biden says US troops will remain in Afghanistan until all Americans are evacuated

The Biden administration has given 9 justifications for the slow evacuation of Afghan allies

Biden says 'chaos' was unavoidable following Afghanistan withdrawal

Biden finds few Capitol Hill allies amid Afghanistan backlash

Biden approval drops to lowest level this year after Taliban takeover

Opinion: Biden’s presidency — and U.S. foreign policy — now hinge on pulling off one of the greatest airlifts in history


Dow snaps 5-day winning streak, falls more than 280 points

Retail sales drop worse-than-expected 1.1% in July as rising Covid fears hit consumers

September unemployment cliff looms for 7 million Americans

GOP senator rips Biden over Afghanistan: 'The biggest terrorist victory since 9/11'

These 16 Republicans voted against speeding up visas for Afghans fleeing the Taliban

State Republicans Are Gambling with the Delta Surge

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has sought to ban mask mandates in schools, tests positive for the coronavirus

Arizona governor issues order banning cities, counties from enacting vaccine mandates

School districts impose mask mandates, defying GOP governors

More than 622,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 37,046,000 cases have been reported.)

WHO says some Covid data suggests increased risk of hospitalization from delta variant

More than 8,000 Florida students in one school district isolate or quarantine amid local covid surge

Trump's deal with the Taliban set the stage for the Afghan collapse

Pentagon says Kabul airport is secure, plans to evacuate 5,000 to 9,000 people per day

Pelosi presses moderate Democrats amid budget standoff

House Democrats introduce a bill to beef up the Voting Rights Act.

Democrats offer some harsh reviews of Biden on Afghanistan

Democratic Sen. Menendez rips Biden administration for ‘flawed’ Afghanistan withdrawal, vows hearings

Fears over rising illness and death from the delta variant fuel Biden administration push for boosters

Biden risks global backlash on COVID-19 booster shots

Biden administration freezes billions of dollars in Afghan reserves, depriving Taliban of cash

Biden’s shaky defense of his government’s evacuation plan for Afghans

4 key questions about Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal

72 hours at Camp David: Inside Biden’s lagging response to the fall of Afghanistan

Biden faces increasing questions from lawmakers on messy Afghan exit

Biden officials defend chaotic Afghanistan exit

Biden, UK's Boris Johnson hold call on situation in Afghanistan

Biden yet to speak with world leaders after fall of Kabul

US allies tear into Biden administration over Afghanistan ‘failure’

Biden is right to resist the Afghanistan backlash


Dow, S&P 500 close at record highs ahead of major retail earnings reports

S&P 500 doubles from its pandemic bottom, marking the fastest bull market rally since WWII

There’s growing support within the Fed to announce the tapering of bond purchases in September

How Republicans are slamming Biden on Afghanistan

GOP takes down 2020 page touting Trump's 'historic peace agreement with the Taliban'

Senate GOP campaign chairman floats 25th Amendment, probe against Biden

Ted Cruz, and the ugly attacks on CNN’s Clarissa Ward

Texas Supreme Court sides with Gov. Abbott, temporarily blocking mask mandates

Should women have to register for the draft? Utah’s Mike Lee says this is a man’s job.

More than 621,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 36,842,000 cases have been reported.)

Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count

Pfizer submits data to FDA for authorization of Covid vaccine booster shot for general population

Afghan security forces’ wholesale collapse was years in the making

Afghanistan falls in chaos: Five takeaways

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on U.S. role in Afghanistan fallout, midterm elections

Senate Intel chair vows 'tough but necessary questions' on Afghanistan collapse

Moderate Democrats Continue To Hold Hostage Joe Biden's Legislative Agenda

Dems push for new Voting Rights Act before maps drawn

Pelosi suggests Jan. 6 panel could investigate Jordan and Banks

Biden defends decision to withdraw from Afghanistan after Taliban’s rapid return to power

Biden defends exit, blames Afghanistan leaders for chaos

Defiant Biden is face of chaotic Afghan evacuation

Biden says US will evacuate thousands of Americans from Afghanistan

Biden taps emergency funds to try to help Afghans flee

Biden faces lasting blemish from Afghanistan exit

How Biden Was Right About Afghanistan—and Disastrously Wrong
(The president is taking flak from all sides, but the timing of the Taliban takeover could minimize the political damage.)

Biden Was Right
(The president made a difficult but necessary choice.)

Biden administration to announce most Americans will need coronavirus vaccine booster shots

Biden administration releases guidance limiting international financing for fossil fuels


Stock futures pull back after the Dow and S&P 500 set records

GOP lawmakers suggest Biden, Trump both bear responsibility for Afghanistan's fate

Sasse knocks 'Trump-Biden doctrine of weakness' as situation deteriorates in Afghanistan

Liz Cheney knocks 'Trump/Biden calamity unfolding in Afghanistan'

Republicans trash Afghanistan 'embarrassment' in closed-door briefing

GOP lawmakers blast Biden over Afghanistan collapse

McConnell slams Biden's 'botched exit' from Afghanistan

Tap Dancing With Trump: Lindsey Graham's Quest for Relevance

Lindsey Graham called Joe Biden to mend their friendship after the senator publicly went after Hunter Biden

As Gov. Ron DeSantis consolidates his power in Florida, some local officials rebuke his leadership style

Republican rhetoric vs reality: Vaccination mandates are Constitutional

GOP has become a party heedless of public health, but that could change

Another debt ceiling tantrum by the GOP
(With economy on the line, Republicans vow to block a routine lift, risking dire potential harm)

More than 620,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
More than 36,659,000 cases have been reported.

US could soon hit more than 200,000 new coronavirus cases per day, NIH director warns

Booming US cases account for one-fifth the world total; NIH to decide whether to offer booster shots this fall: Live COVID updates

Record number of children hospitalized with COVID-19

Surgeon general on the dangers of health disinformation

Afghan government collapses as Taliban sweeps in, U.S. sends more troops to aid chaotic withdrawal

US evacuated 500 embassy staffers from Afghanistan Sunday

Afghanistan’s collapse leaves allies questioning U.S. resolve on other fronts

Sunday Talk Shows -- News

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 8/15/21 [FULL] | Breaking Fox News LIVE August 15, 2021

CNN State of the Union with Jake Tapper 8/15/21 | CNN Breaking News Today August 15, 2021

Face the Nation 8/15/21

This Week With George Stephanopoulos 8/15/21 | ABC Breaking News Sunday August 15, 2021

PBS News Hour Weekend Full Episode August 15, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - August 15th, 2021

Life, Liberty & Levin 8/1/21 | BREAKING FOX NEWS August 15, 2021

Pelosi suggests tying infrastructure plan and $3.5 trillion budget resolution

Democrats look to state courts as redistricting battle heats up

Defiant and defensive, a president known for empathy takes a cold-eyed approach to Afghanistan debacle

Biden calls school chiefs, lauds defiance of anti-mask rules

Biden administration approves record permanent jump in food stamps

Biden administration approves largest increase to food assistance benefits in SNAP program history


The rally in recovery-focused stocks could depend on consumers and the Fed in the week ahead

Tom Cotton calls on Biden to 'destroy every Taliban fighter' near Kabul

South Carolina county GOP censures Sen. Lindsey Graham after he voted for $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill

Amid Extreme Weather, a Shift Among Republicans on Climate Change

South Dakota governor defends Sturgis rally: It's about 'personal choices'

More than 620,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 36,615,000 cases have been reported.)

Should kids wear masks in school? These states have banned mandates despite experts’ pleas

Virus claims more young victims as deaths climb yet again

Texas Judge Says the Delta COVID Surge Has Left Dallas With “Zero ICU Beds Left for Children”

Utah’s ICUs past capacity as COVID patients surge in numbers

Former Ambassador to Afghanistan says Trump is responsible for 'demoralizing' Afghan forces

Taliban enters Kabul, leaving Afghan government on brink of collapse

The Senate’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill includes funding to secure Americans’ water systems and power grids from cyberattacks

Outsider’ Buttigieg plays a skillful inside game, positioning himself for the future

Pelosi 'deeply concerned' for women amid Taliban gains in Afghanistan

‘Biden holds video conference with security team to discuss Afghanistan drawdown

Biden administration scrambled as its orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan unraveled

Biden authorizes additional troops to Kabul as Taliban closes in on capital

Biden sends 5,000 troops to Afghanistan as the Taliban captures key northern city

The child tax credit payments are already showing why they should be made permanent

Judge orders Biden to revive Trump's "Remain in Mexico" program


S&P 500 grinds to another record to close out winning week

Markets no longer fear inflation and stocks will continue to rally, HSBC says

IRS, Treasury send $15 billion in child tax credit payments to families

McConnell calls for US airstrikes to stop Taliban advance

GOP lawmakers step up criticism of Biden on Afghanistan

DeSantis, faced with covid surge, urges Floridians to use Regeneron antibody treatment given to Trump

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is literally fiddling while COVID-19 cases burn through overwhelmed hospitals

RNC Keeps Echoing Trump’s Election Lies That Led To Jan. 6 Attack On Democracy

Washington Republican legislators push election fraud narrative at hearing on Sunday

Booming Latino populations are helping GOP states like Texas gain new seats in Congress

More than 620,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 36,515,000 cases have been reported.)

US reports nearly 1 million vaccinations in past day, most since early July

CDC officially recommends third vaccine dose for immunocompromised

CDC gives final OK to administer Covid vaccine booster shots to vulnerable Americans

Breaking society apart’: Unvaccinated people are angry as they face more Covid restrictions

Higher vaccination rates in Texas, Florida could've saved 4,700 lives, study finds

U.S. troops begin arriving in Kabul to evacuate embassy staff as Taliban seize major cities

Capehart and Gerson on the Taliban’s march across Afghanistan, dire climate change data

‘Pelosi extends proxy voting to October

Moderate Democrats warn Pelosi they won't consider budget resolution until infrastructure bill passes

Democratic rep recounts dramatic Jan. 6 confrontation with Republican Rep. Paul Gosar: 'This is because of you!'

Biden shifts pitch for economic plans as GOP escalates attacks over high prices

Biden, accusing drugmakers of ‘jacking up prices,’ calls for action

Judge rules Biden's eviction moratorium can remain in place

Biden has wanted the U.S. to pull the plug on Afghanistan for years. Doing it has consequence

“Not Our Tragedy”: the Taliban Are Coming Back, and America Is Still Leaving


S&P 500 and Dow clinch new records as stocks end day higher

U.S. jobless claims total 375,000, falling for a third straight week

‘Inflation backdrop is improving,’ but there are still valid worries

McConnell demands Biden commit to sending more troops back to Afghanistan

Graham says his COVID-19 recovery would've been 'a lot worse' without vaccine

Ted Cruz under fire for calling arrests of Capitol rioters ‘persecution’

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is selling 'moron' t-shirts to fundraise off anti-mask sentiment

DeSantis confronts growing resistance over COVID-19 handling

Rand Paul discloses 16 months late that his wife bought stock in company behind covid treatment

GOP rep heckled at fundraiser after saying Trump lost election

Trump-McConnell rift widens over infrastructure deal

What’s up with Mitch McConnell’s brinkmanship on the debt ceiling?

GOP stalls diplomatic appointments

Texas GOP ramps up push to enact voting restrictions, passing a bill in the Senate and moving to arrest House Democrats who staged walkout

Booming Latino populations are helping GOP states like Texas gain new seats in Congress

How One GOP Senator Got Millions in Extra Tax Breaks for His Wealthy Donors

More than 619,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 36,338,000 cases have been reported.)

FDA permits Covid vaccine booster shots for people with weakened immune systems

CDC says over 90% of U.S. counties now meet its Covid guidelines for masks indoors

Spread of delta variant ignites covid hot spots in highly vaccinated parts of the U.S., Post analysis finds

Fauci: 'Inevitably' everyone will need boosters eventually

Heat wave blasts U.S. with 150 million Americans under alerts

Five takeaways from a groundbreaking census report

Census shows US is diversifying, white population shrinking

As Congress Recesses, Democratic Successes Do Not Include Voting Rights

U.S. sending thousands of troops to Afghanistan as embassy staff are withdrawn, Taliban continues advance

Biden expands vaccine mandate push to include thousands of HHS employees

Biden eyes tougher vaccine rules without provoking backlash

Biden on anti-mask ordinances: 'This isn't about politics -- this is about keeping our children safe'

BA new low: In Biden's first year, the US is on track to resettle even fewer refugees than under Trump

Biden aims for sweeping climate action as infrastructure, budget bills advance

‘Stay out of the way’: Oil states urge Biden to uncork U.S. drilling instead of turning to OPEC

Biden urges Californians to vote against effort to recall Newsom


Dow rises 220 points to new record after inflation report is not as bad as feared

July consumer prices jump 5.4%, but core inflation rises less than expected

Social Security cost-of-living adjustment could be 6.2% in 2022

McConnell stresses infrastructure's popularity with GOP after Trump criticism

How Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans learned to stop worrying about a Biden victory and love the infrastructure bill

Chuck Grassley votes yes, Joni Ernst votes no on bipartisan infrastructure bill

Mitt Romney celebrates bipartisan victory, calls infrastructure bill a ‘once-in-a-generation investment’

Texas governor threatens to take school districts that defy ban on mask mandates to court

Texas governor announces deployment of 2,500 healthcare workers to help the state as the Delta variant surges

Cruz blocks Biden's State Department nominees ahead of Senate break

Republicans risk becoming face of delta surge as key GOP governors oppose anti-covid measures

The GOP’s top vaccine skeptics have lost the plot

More than 618,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 36,190,000 cases have been reported.)

FDA expected to clear third COVID-19 shot for people with compromised immune systems

Florida hospitals are overrun as state fights one of the worst Covid outbreaks in the U.S.

Judge rules Dominion defamation suits against Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell can proceed

‘We are in harm’s way’: Election officials fear for their personal safety amid torrent of false claims about voting

Senate OKs Dems’ $3.5T budget in latest win for Biden

Senate Democrats adopt sweeping $3.5 trillion budget that opens the door to health, education and tax reforms

Democratic divisions emerge after Senate adopts $3.5 trillion budget

Manchin sends warning shot over 'serious concerns' about $3.5T spending plan

Pelosi breaks bad news to moderates: No vote on infrastructure this month

House Democrats granted limited access to Trump financial records

Texas Democrat to filibuster GOP elections bill

Biden says he called Republicans who voted for infrastructure bill to thank them

Joe Biden’s splurge on infrastructure moves a step closer

Biden tackles inflation concerns as he touts wins on infrastructure

Biden aims to soothe moderates' concerns with spending plan pitch

Biden confident Republicans will vote to raise debt ceiling

White House calls on OPEC to boost oil production as gasoline prices rise

Biden says he has no regrets as Taliban advance. Afghans fear they have no refuge.

Biden taps Israel-born Amos Hochstein to oversee disputed Russia energy plan


Dow rises 160 points to close at a record after Senate passes $1 trillion infrastructure bill

Consumer inflation likely to be another scorcher in July, economists say

Another 3.9 million people quit their jobs in June—and many are getting higher-paying roles

19 GOP senators join Democrats to pass bipartisan infrastructure bill

46 GOP senators warn they will not vote to raise debt ceiling

Florida Gov. DeSantis threatens to hold school leaders’ pay if they require masks: ‘Financial consequences’

Texas House speaker signs arrest warrants for Democrats who broke quorum over voting restrictions

Texas judge clears way for San Antonio to mandate masks in blow to Gov. Greg Abbott

Republicans largely silent on 'code red' climate change report

Wyoming GOP leaders say they no longer recognize Cheney as party member

Republicans raise money on Facebook by tying migrant influx to covid surge

More than 617,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 36,072,000 cases have been reported.)

Justice Department pledges to review evidence related to 9/11 attacks ahead of 20th anniversary, but families call for further action

Andrew Cuomo resigns before impeachment proceedings begin

Senate approves bipartisan, $1 trillion infrastructure bill, bringing major Biden goal one step closer

Senate passes $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, sending key part of Biden’s economic agenda to the House

Senate Begins Budget Political Theater With $3.5 Trillion at Stake

Senate approves framework of $3.5 trillion budget plan that would expand Medicare, tax credits and climate initiatives

House to cut recess short, take up Democratic budget plan

Democrats kick off 10-state ‘Build Back Better’ bus tour to bolster Biden agenda

Biden hails bipartisan Senate vote in victory lap speech

Biden says Afghans must ‘fight for themselves’ as Taliban advances, does not regret U.S. withdrawal

Biden pushing to support Florida schools amid DeSantis mask dispute

The White House is considering neutering Florida Gov. DeSantis' ban on school mask requirements

Biden taps Damian Williams as US attorney for Manhattan


Dow and S&P 500 slip from records to start the week

Job openings surge above 10 million for first time ever, Labor Department says

‘We’re putting a lot of families at risk’: 7.5 million Americans will lose unemployment benefits next month

Why Mitch McConnell is the big winner on the infrastructure bill

McConnell doubles down on debt ceiling fight

Why Utah’s House members aren’t buying Mitt Romney’s argument on the infrastructure bill

Infrastructure push slowed by Tennessee senator's objection

Kids are the victims of new GOP bid to politicize the pandemic

Abbott announces COVID-19 mitigation measures, asks hospitals to postpone elective procedures

Judge says Norwegian Cruise can require vaccination proof, despite DeSantis ban

DeSantis threatens salaries of superintendents, school board members who support masking

'They can't arrest all of us': Rand Paul calls for defiance against COVID-19 restrictions

Sens. Cruz, Cramer introduce No Mask and No Vaccine Mandate Acts, countering Biden administration and CDC mask guidelines

More than 616,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 35,908,000 cases have been reported.)

Delta variant pushes U.S. cases, hospitalizations to 6-month high

Covid vaccine mandates sweep across corporate America as delta variant spurs action

Pentagon to require all troops to get coronavirus vaccine by mid-September

Landmark U.N. report delivers stark warning on climate change, says it’s ‘code red for humanity’

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on the infrastructure deal, Congress’ agenda, Cuomo’s future

Senate set to pass bipartisan infrastructure bill Tuesday

Democrats release $3.5 trillion budget blueprint as Senate prepares to finish infrastructure debate

Democrats release sprawling budget plan as Senate moves to pass bipartisan infrastructure bill

Here are the key parts of Democrats' $3.5T budget resolution

Texas judge blocks arrest of Democratic legislators who fled the state to stop voting restrictions

Biden administration rolls back DeVos rule limiting state authority over student loan companies

Biden administration toughens sanctions on Belarus


Stock futures are flat after Dow closes at record Friday

For GOP, Infrastructure Bill Is a Chance to Inch Away from Trump

Has GOP really come around on vaccines? No
(Leading conservatives are suddenly speaking up for the shots. Don’t buy their about-face.)

GOP senator breaks with DeSantis on school mask mandates: 'The local official should have control'

DeSantis order barring masks in schools faces first legal challenges

Republicans are the 21st-century Know-Nothing Party

More than 616,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 35,748,000 cases have been reported.)

As COVID-19 infections climb, vaccine mandates follow

Sunday Talk Shows -- News

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 8/8/21 [FULL] | Breaking Fox News LIVE August 8, 2021

CNN State of the Union with Jake Tapper 8/8/21 | CNN Breaking News Today August 8, 2021

Face the Nation 8/8/21

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PBS News Hour Weekend Full Episode August 8, 2021

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Life, Liberty & Levin 8/8/21 | BREAKING FOX NEWS August 8, 2021

Senate clears last hurdle before final vote on massive $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package

Senators on left, right hold together to push infrastructure

Manchin: ‘I’m Done With Extensions’ of Federal Unemployment Benefits

Virus surge sends ripples of alarm through Democrats

Biden speeds ahead on installing judges

Biden emboldens establishment Democrats with ballot box wins


Inflation will be the sizzling topic for markets in the week ahead

There are about 1 million more job openings than people looking for work

GOP senator vows to slow-walk $1T infrastructure bill, sparking standoff

McConnell urges Biden to withdraw embattled ATF nominee

Between the GOP and the governor’s mansion: A bigger, bluer Northern Virginia

US averaging 100,000 new COVID-19 infections a day

Florida breaks record for new daily Covid cases for third time this week

The Long History of Mandated Vaccines in the United States

The USPS awarded a $120 million contract to a company with financial ties to the postmaster general

Senate clears key procedural hurdle on $1 trillion infrastructure deal as new disputes erupt

Moderate Democrats push for standalone infrastructure vote

Biden administration makes several immigration policy changes

Biden administration will fly Central American migrants to southern Mexico in bid to discourage repeat crossings and stem virus spread

Biden praises US Olympians: 'You made me so damn proud'


Dow rises 100 points, closes at record high after jobs report shows strong economic recovery

U.S. economy powers back from pandemic losses, but concerns remain over the delta variant

Payrolls increase 943,000 in July as unemployment rate slides to 5.4%

Why McConnell, GOP may give Biden a bipartisan win on infrastructure

Abbott calls new special session to push voting restrictions Texas Democrats have blocked by fleeing state

Greg Abbott turns Republican rage into law

DeSantis criticizes masks, restrictions as coronavirus roars to record levels in Florida

Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests Southerners could 'welcome' Biden's 'police state friends' with guns

Arkansas judge blocks statewide ban on mask mandates

More than 615,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 35,627,000 cases have been reported.)

Half of US population is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, official says

Dr. Anthony Fauci: Expect 'a flood' of COVID-19 vaccine mandates after full FDA approval

Coronavirus booster shots for the immunocompromised expected to be authorized soon

With variant surging, America dangerously divided over vaccines

Florida reports record high number of new COVID-19 cases

United will require its U.S. employees to be vaccinated, a first for country’s major airlines

Brooks and Capehart on the politics of COVID-19, Ohio elections, accusations against

Senate Dems rallying behind Biden's $3.5T budget vision

Senate braces for days-long infrastructure slog

Biden skips victory lap after strong July jobs report, warns of economic peril from rising Covid cases

The Biden Administration Isn't Kidding Around With the Unvaccinated Anymore

Biden administration considers withholding funds and other measures to spur vaccinations

Biden extends pause on student loan payments to 2022


Dow rises over 200 points, S&P 500 notches record close ahead of Friday’s key jobs report

Friday’s jobs report is a wild card, with economists’ estimates all over the map

Continuing jobless claims hit new pandemic-era low, falling below 3 million

CBO says bipartisan infrastructure bill would add $256B to deficit over 10 years

Senate infrastructure deal would add hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit, CBO says

McConnell rejects Democrats' effort to get GOP to back raising the nation's debt limit

Senate GOP poised to give Biden huge political victory

Cornyn cuts a deal with White House on COVID-19 money for infrastructure

Cruz rips GOP colleagues who are 'complicit' with Biden spending agenda

DeSantis feuds with Biden White House as COVID cases rise

DeSantis Blasts Other Forty-nine States for Making Florida Look Bad

Florida gubernatorial candidate slams DeSantis for 'playing Russian roulette' with Floridians

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson seeks to reverse mask ban he signed, making him a GOP outlier

Graham says he urged Trump to 'speak up' on vaccines

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn calls NC school district mask mandate 'psychological child abuse'

Some Florida school districts push ahead with mask mandates, defying DeSantis’s threat to cut funds

Abbott calls new special session to push voting restrictions Texas Democrats have blocked by fleeing state

Debate Over Presidential War Powers Sets Up Test for a Divided G.O.P.

More than 615,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 35,487,000 cases have been reported.)

Fauci warns more severe Covid variant could emerge as U.S. cases near 100,000 daily

Moderna says its Covid vaccine booster produced ‘robust’ immune response against delta

Schumer moves to shut down debate on $1T infrastructure bill

Senate Democrats eye new vote on voting rights before summer break as party faces pressure to act

House Democrats call on Biden to close Guantánamo 'once and for all'

White House pushes student vaccinations as hospital admissions, deaths rise about 40 percent in a week

Biden launches vaccination effort at schools

Biden administration considers withholding funds and other measures to spur vaccinations

Biden told White House chief to seek Harvard legal scholar’s guidance, leading to reversal on evictions

Tracking Biden’s environmental actions

Biden calls for half of new cars to be electric or plug-in hybrids by 2030

Biden signs bill to award Congressional Gold Medals to police who defended Capitol on Jan. 6

Biden promises $100 million in aid to crisis-hit Lebanon


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