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(Page 20) BEGINNING April 1,2021


Dow falls 300 points, S&P 500 slips from record high after jobs data disappoints

Private companies added 330,000 jobs in July, according to ADP, far short of the 653,000 estimate

Fed Vice Chair Clarida anticipates rate hikes starting in 2023, sees upside risks to inflation

McConnell lays out GOP demands for government-funding deal

Rep. Mo Brooks seeks immunity from suit accusing him on inciting Jan. 6 insurrection

Republican governors are repeating Trump's COVID mistake

Arkansas GOP governor says he regrets ban on mask mandates as Covid-19 cases surge

DeSantis-Biden sniping underscores COVID-19 frustration

DeSantis hits back at Biden criticism: 'Why don't you do your job?'

Liz Cheney says her father is 'deeply troubled' about the state of the Republican Party

More than 614,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 35,366,000 cases have been reported.)

If you're not protected against Covid-19, the virus 'will find you, it will infect you,' expert says

Vaccine rates climb in state
(Increase comes as more businesses, local governments begin to require inoculations.)

Most unvaccinated Americans believe coronavirus vaccine poses greater health risk than the disease, poll finds

WHO calls for moratorium on booster vaccine shots through September, citing global disparity

Trump lawyers ask judge to block release of tax returns to Congress after Biden DOJ orders IRS to do so

Bipartisan infrastructure bill inches through Senate as Schumer pledges to stay until it passes

Senate eyeing possible weekend finish for $1T infrastructure bill

Senate rejects GOP effort to add Trump border wall to bipartisan infrastructure deal

19 House Democrats call on Capitol physician to mandate vaccines

White House trying to beat back bipartisan Cornyn infrastructure amendment

Citing U.S. vaccination milestone, Biden says 'the message is getting through'

Biden administration approves first arms sale to Taiwan

Raisi Will Yank Biden Back Into the Middle East


Dow climbs more than 200 points, S&P 500 closes at record as industrial stocks rise

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen urges Congress to increase debt ceiling and 'protect the full faith and credit' of the U.S.

The SEC needs more power from Congress to fully regulate crypto, Chair Gensler says

Household debt jumps by the most in 14 years to nearly $15 trillion in the second quarter

CDC issues eviction moratorium extension after Democratic outcry

McConnell warns Schumer cutting off debate quickly could stall infrastructure deal

On infrastructure bill, Romney sees benefits for Utah, Lee sees an orgy of spending

Republicans have given no fewer than 10 different reasons for opposing bipartisan Jan. 6 investigations

DeSantis won't move on masks as Florida COVID wards swell

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis defends unvaccinated people who are catching COVID-19: Media is being 'judgmental'


More than 614,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 35,247,000 cases have been reported.)

FDA aims to give full approval to Pfizer vaccine by Labor Day

Florida becomes epicenter of COVID-19 surge

Microsoft will require vaccination, delay office opening until October

Trump raised millions but spent none of it on audits and GOP candidates

Judge temporarily blocks Texas order targeting suspected migrants

Cuomo violated federal, state laws as he sexually harassed multiple women, NY attorney general says

Democratic governors call on Cuomo to resign

Redistricting battles kick off early as Democrats scramble to try to cut into GOP advantages

It’s Crunch Time for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party

Biden administration moves to block evictions in most of U.S. following liberal backlash

Biden rebukes GOP governors for barring mask mandates

White House to DeSantis, Abbott: Handle Delta spike or 'get out of the way and let people do the right thing'

Biden calls on Cuomo to resign after bombshell sexual harassment report

Biden administration preparing to offer vaccines to migrants along Mexico border

Biden starts major shakeup of ICE operations amid prediction of more migrant releases

Opinion: Biden’s careful approach to Iraq is built on all that’s absent in Afghanistan


Dow tumbles nearly 100 points after late-day sell-off in stocks

As the economy hits its peak, stock market gains could be harder to come by

U.S. Treasury suspends government retirement, health fund payments as debt limit resets

US hits debt ceiling, leaving Treasury a few months of runway with 'extraordinary measures'

McConnell warns Democrats against 'artificial timeline' for infrastructure deal

Key Senate Republican praises infrastructure deal

Lindsey Graham tests positive for the coronavirus after meeting senators without masks

As many Republicans try to rewrite history of Jan. 6 attack, Sen. Ron Johnson suggests FBI knew more than it has said

Jim Jordan, and the other GOP lawmakers who could testify about Jan. 6

Republican Arizona official says GOP legislator admitted there was 'nothing to' election fraud allegations

More than 613,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 35,105,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC says 7-day average of daily U.S. Covid cases surpassed peak seen last summer

This Pandemic Has Turned Our Historical Reaction to Epidemic Disease on Its Head
(A strange concept of individuality is crippling not only our response to Covid-19, but also our collective common sense.)

Florida and Texas accounted for one-third of all new U.S. coronavirus cases last week, White House says

Employers ratchet up the pressure on their unvaccinated workers

U.S. hits Biden’s vaccination goal a month late, with 70 percent of adults receiving at least one shot

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on infrastructure negotiations, Trump’s fundraising success

The Big Money Behind the Big Lie
(Donald Trump’s attacks on democracy are being promoted by rich and powerful conservative groups that are determined to win at all costs.)

Where Democratic senators stand on changing or eliminating the filibuster

Dozens of legislators from other states to join Texas lawmakers in D.C. to lobby for voting bills

White House says CDC can't renew eviction ban

Biden, Pelosi struggle with end of eviction ban

Biden asks federal agencies, states to find ways to stop evictions

White House once again makes Covid-19 the focus of Biden's schedule

Biden administration to keep Trump-era rule of turning away migrants during pandemic

Biden approval takes a hit as coronavirus surges, poll shows

Biden’s Climate Plans Are Stunted After Dejected Experts Fled Trump

Biden's judges: More diverse and more of them

Biden: Republican Party offers 'fear and lies and broken promises'

What Biden Can Learn From Europe’s Industrial Policy


Dow futures rise 100 points ahead of the first trading day of August

A tsunami of deferred debt is about to hit homeowners no longer protected by a foreclosure moratorium

Welfare rolls decline during the pandemic despite economic upheaval

Why Republican Leaders Ignored the January 6th Hearing

Wisconsin GOP quietly prepares Ron Johnson backup plans

McCarthy jokes it'll be hard not to 'hit' Pelosi with gavel if he is Speaker

Tennessee GOP rep who rejected masks now says COVID-19 is 'real and dangerous' after his 8-month battle with the virus

Collins criticizes Jan. 6 panel as 'partisan,' Kinzinger says Trump may not need to testify

Matt Gaetz says he has the 'freedom variant' as he mocks experts who warn about worsening COVID-19 mutations

U.S. passes 35 million Covid cases as California tops 4 million

Florida breaks record for new coronavirus cases as surge of infections rips through state

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Schumer: Democrats 'on track' to pass bipartisan deal, $3.5T budget

Senate finishing crafting $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure proposal, setting delicate debate in motion

Senators reveal bill text and introduce $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal after rare weekend session

The quiet Biden-GOP talks behind the infrastructure deal


July jobs report could be what gives the market its next big jolt in the week ahead

Eviction moratorium expires as renters face rising covid cases and lack of aid
(Moody’s data shows there are still well over 6 million renters behind on payments)

Ron DeSantis Issues Order Making Masks Optional in Florida Schools

7 GOP Senators push law to label settlement goods as ‘made in Israel’

'Botched': Arizona GOP's ballot count ends, troubles persist

Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele Blasts Jim Jordan On His Jan. 6 Trump Amnesia

Delta variant raises fears of worsening mutations

US vaccinations tick up as delta variant spreads

Florida breaks record with more than 21,000 new COVID cases

Senate infrastructure talks spill over into rare Sunday session

Jan. 6 committee faces unprecedented choice of whether to call Republican lawmakers to testify

Biden hits resistance from unions on vaccine requirement

Biden ramps up pressure on Iran as it grapples with protests

U.S. announces Cuba sanctions as Biden meets with Cuban American leaders

Biden at Six Months: How Successful Is His Foreign Policy?


S&P 500 closes Friday lower as Amazon shares slide, but notches sixth straight positive month

Key inflation indicator up 3.5% year over year in June for fastest gain since 1991

House Republicans stage protest in Capitol over new COVID-19 mask rules

House Freedom Caucus wants Cheney, Kinzinger kicked out of Republican conference

Florida governor blocks school mask mandates, says parents can choose

Ted Cruz says a vaccine mandate is 'authoritarianism,' but he supports them in Texas

Graham, Cuellar press Biden to name border czar

Rep. Madison Cawthorn tried to board plane with gun; could face fine, status loss

More than 612,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 34,892,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC chief clarifies vaccine comments: 'There will be no nationwide mandate'

CDC shares 'pivotal discovery' on Covid-19 breakthrough infections that led to new mask guidance

‘The war has changed’: Internal CDC document urges new messaging, warns delta infections likely more severe

CDC study shows three-fourths of people infected in Massachusetts coronavirus outbreak were vaccinated but few required hospitalization

COVID-19 hospitalizations rising fast but nowhere near peak

Florida virus cases soar, hospitals near last summer's peak

Opinion: Delta is worse. This time around, Alabama is facing a two-front war.

Democrats, Republicans race to prep $1 trillion infrastructure bill after dispute briefly snags vote

Senate votes to move ahead on trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure deal

Trump to acting AG, according to aide’s notes: ‘Just say the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me’

Trump tax returns must be released by IRS to Congress, Justice Department says

Congressional action on eviction moratorium extension stalls out

House adjourns for recess without passing bill to extend federal eviction ban

Pelosi calls on CDC to extend eviction moratorium unilaterally

Pelosi, Schumer discuss slimmed-down voting bill with White House

The Biden administration reinstated fast-track deportation flights for families amid renewed pressure to address the southern border surge

Biden rolls dice by getting more aggressive on vaccines

US envoy says Biden admin will press for release of Israelis held in Gaza


Dow climbs 150 points to touch an intraday record as investors look past weak economic data

U.S. economy grew annual 6.5 percent between April and June, marking full recovery from the pandemic
(For the first time, economic output eclipsed its pre-pandemic high, after adjusting for inflation)

IRS expands employer tax credit for Covid vaccine paid time off to include workers’ families

Republicans challenge Pelosi after Capitol Police are ordered to arrest those not complying with mask mandate

CDC mask guidance met with hostility by leading Republicans

McCarthy, Democrats continue feud over mask requirement

In Utah speech, Florida’s Ron DeSantis mocks new CDC recommendation on masks

Texas governor threatens to fine local officials who enforce new mask mandates

Kemp says FDA needs to upgrade its authorization for vaccines

228 Republican lawmakers urge Supreme Court to overrule Roe v. Wade

Mitt Romney celebrates as infrastructure bill advances, explains some of the money Utah could get

Judge orders Arkansas to resume pandemic unemployment benefits

More than 611,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 34,789,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC document warns Delta variant appears to spread as easily as chickenpox and cause more severe infection

Masks should be worn in 70 percent of US counties: CDC

These companies are insisting on Covid-19 vaccines for their employees

Garland floats legal action over Abbott immigration order

Congress passes $2.1 billion in emergency funding for Capitol security and Afghan resettlement

Harris releases strategy to tackle migration’s root causes

US official says Biden not changing position on Western Sahara

Biden presses federal workers to get coronavirus vaccine, announcing new testing, masking and distancing rules for those who refuse

Biden’s vaccine rule draws both cheers and resistance from federal workers

President Biden wants $100 payments ‘for every newly vaccinated American’

Biden: 'Every school should be open' in the fall

Biden, Democrats mount last-minute effort to extend eviction moratorium

Biden backs effort to include immigration in budget package

Biden plan would tighten mileage for new cars over the next four years

Biden wants to turn America’s auto fleet electric. It’s harder than it seems.


S&P 500 closes flat as Fed keeps easy policies, Alphabet and Boeing shares jump

Fed holds rates near zero, says economy has gotten better even with pandemic worries

Economic growth likely hot in the second quarter, but shortages may have kept it from overheating

New CDC indoor mask rule may threaten economic momentum and upend return-to-work plans

Powell says waves of covid cases have had fewer economic repercussions as uncertainty rises around delta variant

A full recap of the Fed’s interest rate decision and Chair Jerome Powell’s press conference

McConnell: 'It never occurred to me' convincing Americans to get vaccinated would be difficult

McCarthy knocks Pelosi, mask mandate: 'This House has broken the country's trust'

House Republicans refuse to follow new mask mandate, leading Pelosi to call McCarthy a ‘moron’ for his comments

The 17 Republicans who voted to advance the Senate infrastructure bill

Trump slams Romney, Senate GOP over infrastructure deal

The false GOP claim that Pelosi turned down National Guard before Jan. 6 attack

Republicans voice opposition to Jan. 6 investigation as police officers call for accountability

Republican delusion about the Capitol riot hits a dangerous new low

The fringe candidates that could undermine the GOP's 2022 Senate chances

More than 611,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 34,701,000 cases have been reported.)

What the CDC's 'substantial' and 'high' levels of Covid-19 transmission actually mean

No, the ‘real problem’ with the coronavirus surge is not the border

Pfizer’s CEO says Covid vaccine effectiveness drops to 84% after six months

Along Mexico border, covid spike and more migrant families stall plans to end Title 42 expulsions

As Trump pushed for probes of 2020 election, he called acting AG Rosen almost daily

Bipartisan infrastructure pact clears key Senate vote after breakthrough in talks

Senate votes to advance bipartisan infrastructure bill as Democrats forge ahead with ambitious economic agenda

Senate negotiators reach deal on $2 billion Capitol security funding bill in wake of January 6 insurrection

House passes spending bill to boost Capitol Police and Hill staffer pay

Democrats craft revised voting rights bill, seeking to keep hopes alive in the Senate

Pelosi disputes Biden's power to forgive student loans

Biden to meet with 11 Democratic lawmakers on DACA

Biden will require federal workers to get the Covid vaccine or submit to testing

Biden’s shift on masking creates new political difficulties, policy challenges

Biden enters challenging stretch in coronavirus fight


S&P 500 falls from a record ahead of big earnings, snaps a 5-day win streak

The Fed could sound more worried about the virus and less ready to tighten policy

Markets are looking for direction from Fed following inflationary pressure

Wages are rising, but inflation may have given workers a 2% pay cut

States that cut unemployment early aren’t seeing a hiring boom, but who gets hired is changing

One of the Republicans on the Jan. 6 committee went out of his way to rebut his party’s whataboutism

Cheney calls Gaetz, Greene DOJ protest a 'disgrace'

GOP up in arms over Cheney, Kinzinger

House GOP blames Pelosi — not Trump — for Jan. 6

McCarthy pulls GOP picks off House economic panel

Capitol police testimony blunts GOP's law-and-order message

Crist Criticizes DeSantis as Florida Leads in COVID Cases

Sen. Mike Lee asks Supreme Court to abandon Roe, which would trigger an abortion ban in Utah

George P. Bush learns the GOP's Trump lesson the hard way

Jake Ellzey defeats Trump-backed candidate in Texas House runoff

Trump’s Latino Support Was More Widespread Than Thought, Report Finds

More than 611,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 34,613,000 cases have been reported.)

Tracking Covid-19 cases in the US

The rate of new infections is about twice as high in red counties as blue counties

CDC reverses indoor mask policy, saying fully vaccinated people and kids should wear them indoors

U.S. to ship 4 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to Nigeria, 5.66 million to South Africa

‘I was just trying to survive that day’: Cops in Jan. 6 hearing describe beatings, slurs from pro-Trump mob

Schumer, Democrats push Biden to extend federal student loan payment pause as deadline nears

House to resume mask mandate after new CDC guidance

Manchin grills Haaland over Biden oil and gas moratorium

Biden releases 21-point immigration plan amid bipartisan criticism

Biden will wear mask indoors where new CDC guidance applies, calls on all Americans to do the same

Biden says vaccine mandate for all federal employees is under consideration following VA order

Why Joe Biden is ending America’s combat mission in Iraq

Biden officials pledge to confront cybersecurity challenges head-on


S&P 500 ekes out another record as investors gear up for big earnings

What Does the Delta Variant Mean for the U.S. Economy?

Why America’s debt ceiling matters

Housing boom is over as new home sales fall to pandemic low

Infrastructure bill on the rocks, as GOP rejects Dem compromise

Senators scramble to save infrastructure deal

Senate infrastructure talks in political jeopardy as infighting spills out into the open

McCarthy mocks Cheney and Kinzinger as 'Pelosi Republicans'

Growing group of GOP members wants McCarthy to punish Kinzinger and Cheney for joining January 6 committee

GOP lawmakers request Cuba meeting with Biden

Trio of Senate Republicans urges Supreme Court to overrule Roe v. Wade

GOP brawls over Trump on eve of first Jan. 6 hearing

Making sense of conservatives’ sudden vaccine endorsements

As coronavirus surges, GOP lawmakers are moving to limit public health powers

The 5 factions vying for the Republican Party's future

Texas House speaker signs first warrant for Democrat who fled to block voting bill

Opinion: Republicans unleashed a deadly vaccine skepticism. Can they now contain it?

More than 610,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 34,509,000 cases have been reported.)

Rising case count reignites debate over COVID-19 restrictions

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on vaccines, infrastructure, Jan. 6 committee

Democrats look to move past partisan rancor and set serious tone for Jan. 6 investigation

Senators scramble to save infrastructure deal

Senate infrastructure talks in political jeopardy as infighting spills out into the open

House rejects GOP effort to seat McCarthy's picks for Jan. 6 panel

Manchin in the middle: West Virginia senator puts his stamp on infrastructure, spending bills

Manchin weighs another term as his influence peaks

Biden says long-term effects of covid-19 can be considered a disability under federal civil rights laws

Inflation fears and politics shape views of Biden economy

Biden, pulling combat forces from Iraq, seeks to end the post-9/11 era

Biden nominates top prosecutors, including one to oversee Jan. 6 riot cases

Biden administration to curb toxic wastewater from coal plants with new rule


Stock futures hold steady ahead of a huge week of Big Tech earnings

McCarthy: Pelosi appointing members of Jan. 6 panel who share 'pre-conceived narrative'

Endorsements from Trump reshaping GOP
(Use of ‘Mar-a-Lago primaries’ to promote loyalists in 2022 races gives some fellow Republicans pause.)

Senate Republican 'not happy' with Pelosi plan to delay infrastructure vote

Republican lawmaker says public transit dispute holding up U.S. infrastructure bill

GOP congressman says he has Covid-19 for second time

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Says He’ll Serve On Jan. 6 House Committee

Senators race to seal infrastructure deal as pressure mounts

Florida urged to ramp up vaccination effort amid ‘alarming’ Covid rise

Fauci: CDC looking at changing mask guidelines

Fauci says US going in ‘wrong direction,’ may need booster vaccine shot

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Senators race to seal infrastructure deal as pressure mounts

Pelosi taps Kinzinger to serve on Jan. 6 panel

Democrats must be ready to go it alone to protect Dreamers

Sen. Tim Scott warns of the 'one thing you cannot do' in passing police reform

Joe Biden's approval rating simply hasn't moved in six months


Earnings and the Federal Reserve are next big catalysts as stocks enter week ahead on an upswing

Does America face a slowdown in economic growth?

Stoking fears of immigrants has been part of the Republican platform for decades. But something is different this time

Republicans focus tax hike opposition on capital gains change

GOP embrace ballot initiatives to change election rules while seeking to limit use elsewhere

The GOP governor of Arkansas, where vaccines are lagging and COVID-19 is surging, said it's 'disappointing' vaccines are 'political'

Florida urged to ramp up vaccination effort amid ‘alarming’ Covid rise

Florida tops the nation in new COVID cases. As they spike in its rural Big Bend, many still fear the vaccine more.

Contention over wearing masks in schools rises as academic year begins for some

States scale back virus reporting just as cases surge

Arizona secretary of state to Trump before rally: 'Take your loss and accept it and move on'

Democrats question GOP shift on vaccines

House Democrats grow frustrated as they feel ignored by Senate

Biden signals tough stance on tech with antitrust picks

Surge of covid delta variant poses new political threat to Biden and his agenda

Biden walks fine line with Fox News


Dow jumps more than 200 points to close above 35,000 for the first time ever

The rapid growth the U.S. economy has seen is about to hit a wall

Yellen urges Congress to raise or suspend the debt limit by Aug. 2

Yellen to Congress: Raise the debt ceiling or risk 'irreparable harm'

As moratoriums lift, will America face a wave of foreclosures and evictions?

Federal appeals court finds CDC eviction moratorium unlawful

McConnell pushes vaccines, but GOP muddles his message

Opinion: Some Republicans are pushing people to get vaccinated. It may be too late.

Freedom Caucus presses McCarthy to force vote to oust Pelosi

How GOP governors are hurting their own citizens

Alabama’s GOP governor says ‘it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks’ for covid-19 spike

Tennessee resumes most vaccine outreach to minors paused after GOP backlash

Texas GOP lawmakers want 2020 election audit — but only in big counties that mostly went for Biden

A scandal-scarred Senate candidate wants Donald Trump’s endorsement. Other Republicans worry he’ll give it.

More than 610,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 34,369,000 cases have been reported.)

Covid cases are rising again in all 50 states across U.S. as delta variant tightens its grip

Should Vaccinated People Start Wearing Masks Again?

White House blames Facebook and YouTube for spreading vaccine misinformation

U.S. escalates airstrikes on Taliban, officials say, as Afghan military loses ground

Extreme weather events put spotlight on climate change's toll on US infrastructure

Brooks and Capehart on Jan. 6 committee, infrastructure, budget, vaccine hesitancy

'I’m just pissed off at this point.' Texas Democrats upset Biden hasn't met with them on voting rights

Exclusive-Democrats may scrap matching funds from infrastructure bill over wage issue

Biden administration purchases extra Pfizer doses to prepare for possibility of children vaccine needs and booster shots

Biden authorizes up to $100M for Afghan refugees

Biden stumps for McAuliffe in early test of political clout

'Not a Trump rally': Biden says 'no one's paying attention' to hecklers disrupting Virginia event

Biden hits new low in Gallup poll


Tech stocks lead Nasdaq to third straight day of gains

US jobless claims rise to 419,000 from a pandemic low

U.S. jobless claims show surprise gain, well above expectations

Does America face a slowdown in economic growth?

Is the U.S. Economy Too Hot or Too Cold? Yes.

Republicans set the stage for another debt ceiling showdown

What’s this? Mike Lee and Bernie Sanders are on the same side? See which issues are uniting them.

Chuck Grassley, Joni Ernst vote no on proceeding with infrastructure bill debate

Why Mitt Romney says doing nothing about global warming would be seen as ‘extraordinary lapse’

Not all Republicans are embracing McConnell's vaccine push. Read what some had to say when asked this week

More GOP lawmakers embrace vaccine but still aren't calling out misinformation about it

McCarthy won't rule out booting Cheney from Armed Services

Pressure mounts for DeSantis in Florida

Ron Johnson: 'I may not be the best candidate' for 2022 midterms

Sen. Ted Cruz’s COVID-19 ’Guarantee’ Comes Back To Haunt Him Exactly 1 Year Later

More than 609,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 34,299,000 cases have been reported.)

Florida, Missouri and Texas now account for 40% of new coronavirus cases in U.S.

Florida reports highest daily COVID-19 cases since January

White House officials debate masking push as covid infections spike

Mississippi's attorney general asks Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade

Trump’s PAC collected $75 million this year, but so far the group has not put money into pushing for the 2020 ballot reviews he touts

'This is deadly serious': Pelosi defends decision to reject 2 GOP lawmakers from Jan. 6 committee

Democrats plow ahead with Jan. 6 probe, eyeing new GOP reinforcements

Biden proposes restoring 3.4 million acres of northern spotted owl habitat, reversing Trump rule

Biden signs bill supporting service programs for crime victims

Biden installing federal judges at blistering pace

Biden slaps new sanctions on Cuban officials for human rights abuses


Stocks rally for a second day, Dow jumps more than 200 points to recoup Monday’s losses

Rental relief programs ramped up in June, but fears mount that momentum may be coming too late

Growing number of Republicans urge vaccinations amid delta surge

The remarkable Republican reversal on vaccines

Utah’s Mitt Romney wants COVID booster shots available ASAP

Column: DeSantis doubles down on anti-science campaign as COVID explodes in Florida

3 GOP House members lose appeals over $500 mask fines

GOP blocks infrastructure debate as negotiators near deal

McConnell says GOP will not vote to raise debt ceiling, setting up clash in Congress

Republicans threaten to hold up debt ceiling days before deadline, raising potential for political showdown

McCarthy yanks all GOP picks from Jan. 6 committee

Ted Cruz is blocking diplomats from being confirmed, and it has nothing to do with their qualifications

Paul Gosar was a beloved dentist. Now he’s a MAGA congressman. His former patients need a spit bowl.

Citing her ‘reprehensible behavior,’ Utah’s Mike Lee lines up against Biden’s pick to oversee public lands

More than 609,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 34,236,000 cases have been reported.)

More than 91 million live in US counties with high Covid-19 infections. It's time to reset and put masks back on, experts say

U.S., Germany reach agreement on Russian gas pipeline, ending dispute between allies

U.S. judge blocks Arkansas ban on nearly all abortions

Schumer leaves door open for second vote on bipartisan infrastructure deal

Pelosi rejects Jordan, Banks for Jan. 6 committee

Watch the entire CNN town hall with President Joe Biden

Biden says CDC will advise unvaccinated kids to wear masks in school

Biden splits from Trudeau, extending travel curbs at U.S.-Canada land border

Still bullish on bipartisanship and filibuster, Biden sees infrastructure bill moving ahead on Monday

Biden to convene private sector leaders for cybersecurity talks in August

Biden: Republicans who say Democrats want to defund the police are lying

Biden to Tap Career Diplomat to Senior State Department Management Post

Biden nominates Victoria Kennedy to be ambassador to Austria


Dow rebounds more than 500 points, recovering most of Monday’s losses

Millions may soon face lower unemployment benefits or lose them altogether

Opinion: Biden’s child tax credit should be obvious. Yet the result is revolutionary.

Republicans poised to block Senate infrastructure 'framework' on Wednesday

Senate Republicans warn Schumer they won't help on Wednesday's high-stakes infrastructure vote

Kentucky lawmaker faces scrutiny for comparing Fauci to Jonestown cult leader

Growing number of Republicans urge vaccinations amid delta surge

Suddenly, Conservatives Care About Vaccines

McConnell urges Americans: 'Get vaccinated' as cases spike

After waiting, Steve Scalise gets COVID vaccine, calls it 'safe and effective'

McCarthy proposes 5 Republicans to sit on Jan. 6 panel

‘If anybody is lying here, senator, it is you,’ Fauci tells Sen. Paul in heated exchange at Senate hearing

Juan Williams: The GOP is criminally reckless on COVID

More than 609,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 34,180,000 cases have been reported.)

Delta variant now accounts for 83% of all sequenced Covid cases in the U.S., CDC Director Walensky says

New study suggests Johnson & Johnson less effective against variants

Trump inaugural chairman charged with acting as ageny of UAE

Schumer feels pressure from all sides on spending strategy

Schumer defends tight infrastructure deadline as GOP threatens to tank key vote

DeFazio warns he's no rubber stamp for Senate infrastructure bill

Sanders: GOP ‘nervous’ about ‘overdue’ progressive policies in budget, infrastructure bill

Texas Democrats Face Covid Outbreak and a Stalled Voting Rights Push

Texas Governor Abbott Signs ‘Trigger’ Bill Outlawing Abortion upon Roe Reversal

Biden says US has 'a way to go' on coronavirus

Biden puts cyber at center of his agenda

Biden to nominate Big Tech adversary Jonathan Kanter to helm the Justice Dept.’s antitrust division


Delta variant fears send Dow tumbling more than 700 points in worst one-day decline of 2021

Dow tumbles 700 points for its worst drop since October as investors fear a Covid resurgence

Inflation story is a big deal this time around, says Peter Boockvar

Bill Ackman still sees a massive economic boom despite the delta variant, says rates to rebound

Jim Jordan, four other Republicans chosen by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to serve on panel investigating Jan. 6 riots

Conspiracy theories are common on the right — but few Republicans adhere to all of them

Confidence in Big Business, Big Tech Wanes Among Republicans

State, Dems call out Cruz over holds ahead of key Russian talks

GOP says Schumer vote will fail

Biden wants spending to boost economy, but GOP to block vote

DeSantis warns he'll take legal fight against CDC's COVID-19 cruise ship rules to Supreme Court if necessary

Florida congresswoman claims Fox News and Ron DeSantis are responsible for state’s COVID surge

More than 608,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 34,117,000 cases have been reported.)

Dr. Fauci on delta variant, risks to children, breakthrough COVID and booster shots

Garland formally prohibits seizure of reporters' records

US blames China for hacks, opening new front in cyber offensive

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on immigration, COVID misinformation, 2022 polls

Schumer to push Senate forward on bipartisan infrastructure bill, budget resolution this week

Schumer sets up Wednesday infrastructure showdown

Manchin to back nominee for public lands chief

Florida congresswoman claims Fox News and Ron DeSantis are responsible for state’s COVID surge

Biden Argues Massive Government Spending Will Help Fend Off Inflation, Not Exacerbate It

Biden says 'it turns out capitalism is alive and very well'

Biden has canceled $1.5 billion in student loan debt so far. It doesn’t mean broad forgiveness will come soon

Biden clarifies comments about Facebook ‘killing people’ with vaccine misinformation

Biden administration, workers grapple with health threats posed by climate change and heat

Biden opens new cyber fight with China

Biden to host Jordan’s Abdullah Monday for first meeting with Arab leader

Biden sends detainee home in step toward shutting Guantanamo


Stock futures are flat after major averages post first negative week in four

‘It kept food on my table.’ Maligned by some bosses, unemployment benefits helped Americans weather the pandemic

U.S. likely past 'peak' for economic growth, but economists don't expect sharp drop

GOP lawmakers hold California protest after 3 cancellations

Graham says he'd 'leave town' to stop $3.5T spending plan

DeSantis slams Biden administration's 'double standard' on Cuban immigrants

New infections rising in every state; Fauci says we'd still have polio if vaccine had drawn COVID-like misinformation: Live COVID updates

Feds step up pressure on social media over false COVID-19 claims

Democrats, Republicans struggle to finish infrastructure proposal as key Senate deadline looms

Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani could face criminal investigation in Arizona over their attempts to overturn election

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 July 18, 2021

PBS News Hour Weekend Full Episode July 18, 2021

Why Democrats' $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill is a losing game

Democrats seek to tackle climate change with import tax

Klobuchar urges limits on protections for Big Tech

Fact check: Biden doesn't want to monitor private texts for vaccine misinformation

Biden seeks to prove his skeptics wrong

Biden's rules: Will they encourage competition?

Catholic bishops' effort to deny Biden communion risks alienating church members, a majority of whom support abortion rights


In Texas, Top Two Republicans Steer Ship of State Hard to the Right

Here's What Key Republican Legislatures Are Plotting Next On State Voter Restrictions

How Republican Vaccine Opposition Got to This Point

Poll: Americans oppose new Texas-style GOP voting restrictions, prefer Democratic reforms

In this summer of covid freedom, disease experts warn: ‘The world needs a reality check’

Delta variant takes hold in U.S. as coronavirus cases rise nearly 70 percent

AP: Few AZ voter fraud cases, discrediting Trump’s claims

‘There’s no playbook’: Exiled Texas Democrats race to keep up momentum as Republicans in Austin ramp up pressure for their return

Democrats See Edge in Early Senate Map as Trump Casts Big Shadow

Biden calls on Congress to pass voting rights bills on anniversary of John Lewis's death

Biden's silence on filibuster strains Democrats' patience

Biden calls court's DACA decision 'deeply disappointing,' vows to appeal it

Biden calls judge’s decision to halt DACA program ‘deeply disappointing,’ says DOJ will appeal ruling


Dow drops nearly 300 points on Friday, snaps 3-week winning streak

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to discuss stablecoins with regulators next week

Earnings could be the biggest driver for markets in the week ahead as investors watch bonds

Labor shortages hit small businesses hard

McConnell calls for withdrawal of Biden public lands nominee

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis asks Cuba protesters to stop blocking roads, an illegal act under his 'anti-riot' law

Four Pinocchios for Ron Johnson’s campaign of vaccine misinformation

Kevin McCarthy's trip shows House Republicans see the path back to power is with Donald Trump

Utah Sen. Mike Lee tops $1M, a personal record, as he faces tough GOP challengers

Republicans shift views on the coronavirus vaccine under Biden

Arizona audit muddles on with no clear end in sight

Ex-Trump official: 'No. 1 national security threat I've ever seen' is GOP

More than 608,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 34,031,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC director warns of 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' as cases rise

Covid deaths on the rise again in the U.S. after weeks of decline, CDC says

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy issues advisory on dangers of health misinformation amid rise in coronavirus cases 

White House: Florida accounts for 20 percent of all new COVID-19 infections

U.S. judge blocks new applicants to program that protects undocumented ‘Dreamers’ who arrived as children

Brooks and Capehart on Indigenous boarding schools, Biden budget, child tax credit

Democrats push sweeping climate legislation amid a scorching summer

Manchin Says No Filibuster Exception for Voting Rights Bill

Manchin signals he'll be team player on spending deal

Biden says platforms like Facebook are 'killing people' with Covid misinformation

Biden to Ship Millions of Vaccines to Africa

Biden: US will protect Haiti embassy, won’t send troops

Biden to meet with Iraq's prime minister in late July


S&P 500 closes lower as investors brush off better-than-expected earnings results

Yellen sees ‘several more months of rapid inflation’ before easing, worries about housing impact

Fed Chair Powell grilled by grouchy senators over inflation and climate change, even as economy rebounds

Watch Fed Chair Powell speak live to Senate banking panel on the economy and policy

Fed Chair Powell: Temporary inflation doesn’t need a monetary response

Jobless claims hit new pandemic low, while New York manufacturing notches record high

35.2 million families just got the first monthly child tax credit payment

GOP fumes over Schumer hardball strategy

Pro-impeachment Republicans outpace GOP rivals in second-quarter fundraising

Tom Cotton Tried To Mock One Of Biden’s Judicial Nominees. It Backfired.

Joni Ernst, Chuck Grassley say they can't do anything to help Afghan interpreter's asylum case at this point

The GOP-led hysteria over antiracist education has arrived in Massachusetts

Whatever the spin after the fact, Republicans knew the reality of what was unfolding during the Capitol riot

More than 607,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,990,000 cases have been reported.)

At least 185.1 million people have received one or both doses of the vaccine in the U.S.
(This includes more than 160.4 million people who have been fully vaccinated.
388.7 million doses have been distributed.)

Vaccine hesitancy morphs into hostility, as opposition to shots hardens

Los Angeles County to require masks indoors — regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status: Live updates

Schumer pressures Dems to wrap up infrastructure, reconciliation before August recess

Schumer sets new infrastructure deal deadline as IRS provision faces strong blowback

Democrats’ budget prohibits higher taxes for those making less than $400,000. Here’s who might pay more

Senate Democrats eye drug pricing policies to fund $3.5 trillion budget deal

Schumer: Marijuana legalization will be a Senate priority

Biden sees U.S. child tax credit as 'giant step' to counter poverty

White House prepares to fight back in the Covid vaccine disinformation war

White House convenes mayors to discuss strategies on crime

Biden supports Senate push on military justice overhaul, Gillibrand says

Biden administration proposes sweeping protections for Alaska’s Tongass National Forest

Joe Biden’s agenda depends on steering two trains at once

Biden meets with Merkel in his first session with a European leader at the White House

Biden says no plans to send troops to Haiti 'at this moment'

Biden’s new China doctrine

Biden to warn US companies about doing business in Hong Kong


S&P 500 ekes out small gain as the Federal Reserve stays the course with easy policy

Banks on Wall Street report bumper second-quarter profits

Powell says the Fed is still a ways off from altering policy, expects inflation to moderate

Fed Chair Jerome Powell: Rising home prices remain a concern

McConnell: Biden voting rights speech 'utter nonsense'

Here’s where GOP lawmakers have passed new voting restrictions around the country

Opinion: Republicans are dismantling the right to vote. But they’ve enshrined the right to infect.

Under Trump, Republicans touted the coronavirus vaccines. Now, under Biden, they’re questioning them.

The GOP confronts a hijacking by the anti-vaccine crowd — meekly

Anti-vaxxers gain power on right, triggering new fears

DeSantis sells ‘Don’t Fauci My Florida’ merch as new coronavirus cases near highest in nation

Tennessee abandons vaccine outreach to minors — not just for COVID-19

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney says it’s ‘moronic’ for conservatives to politicize the COVID vaccines

Some Republican leaders are speaking out in favor of Covid vaccines.

McConnell touts vaccines as some Republicans cast doubt on them

Trump fan Mike Lee praises Biden’s choice of Jeff Flake, a Trump foe, as ambassador

'Breaks my heart': George W. Bush says Afghanistan troop withdrawal is a mistake

House Republicans post record fundraising ahead of 2022 race

More than 607,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,952,000 cases have been reported.)

More than 150 companies back update to Voting Rights Act

DACA recipients losing jobs as pandemic paperwork backlog leads to expired permits

Joint Chiefs chairman feared potential ‘Reichstag moment’ aimed at keeping Trump in power

Democrats confident their plans are coming together

Top Senate Democrats introduce new proposal to decriminalize marijuana

Oversight Democrats launch investigation into GOP Arizona election audit

Select committee on Capitol attack to hear police testimony July 27

Manchin signals support for immigration in budget deal

Biden rallies Democrats: 'We're going to get this done'

Biden rallies Senate Democrats on spending goals after they reach $3.5 trillion budget deal

Biden rallies Democrats on Capitol Hill for his spending plans

Biden says US democracy threatened by Republican ‘subversion’

Biden administration warns Cubans, Haitians against fleeing to U.S. amid unrest


Dow closes 100 points lower as hot inflation report overshadows strong earnings

Inflation climbs higher than expected in June as price index rises 5.4%

Inflation just jumped the most in years, yet markets are largely ignoring it. Here’s why

Surging prices for used cars, gasoline, food and airfares are driving the jump in inflation

Citizenship for America’s 11m undocumented immigrants would boost the economy

McConnell: Biden troop withdrawal from Afghanistan 'a global embarrassment'

GOP won’t help advance stuck ATF nominee

Cheney fundraising surge continues, as Wyoming congresswoman sets second straight record

Tim Scott sets new July goal for Senate to pass police reform bill

Abbott says Democratic lawmakers will be arrested when they return to Texas

Texas Senate passes voting bill after House Democrats flee state

Judge orders Maryland to keep expanded unemployment benefits in place; Hogan won’t challenge decision

The bogus GOP claim that Biden is responsible for higher gasoline prices

Opinion: Republicans refusing to get vaccinated are owning no one but themselves

More than 607,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,913,000 cases have been reported.)

Here’s a map showing where low vaccination rates meet high case counts as U.S. Covid infections surge

Supreme Court won’t halt federal mask mandate for travel

William Barr clashes with former Trump appointee from Pa. over handling of election-fraud claims

Senate Democrats hit speedbumps with big spending plans

Senate Democrats announce plans for $3.5 trillion budget package to expand Medicare, advance Biden priorities

Manchin draws red line in infrastructure talks

Texas Democratic lawmakers who left the state to block restrictive voting law plead with Congress to act

Harris, Manchin to meet Texas Democrats who left state in effort to block GOP election bill

Biden: GOP state voting restrictions are 'un-American'

Biden warns that American democracy is under threat — a message targeting many in his own party

Biden goes after Trump and the 'big lie' in speech on voting rights

Biden gives an angry cry for action on voting rights but stops short of calling for filibuster reform

Biden calls passing voting legislation ‘a national imperative’ and castigates voting restrictions based on ‘a big lie’

Biden picks former West Virginia health official as nation’s drug czar


Dow jumps 120 points to close just shy of 35,000 on earnings optimism

Inflation expectations surge, hitting new high for New York Fed survey

Janet Yellen Warns That Coronavirus Variants Threaten Global Recovery

The Republican Party’s top lawyer called election fraud arguments by Trump’s lawyers a ‘joke’ that could mislead millions

Rand Paul requests probe into allegations NSA spied on Tucker Carlson

Graham: Bipartisan infrastructure pay-fors are insufficient

'That makes no sense at all': GOP senators dispute Trump's characterizations of the January 6 rioters

Scalise raises $9 million as GOP prepares for 2022 House battles

It's time for Lisa Murkowski to join the Democrats

More than 606,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,873,000 cases have been reported.)

Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count

COVID-19 case count spikes hit almost every state

FDA adds new warning on Johnson & Johnson vaccine related to rare autoimmune disorder

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on rewriting the Capitol attack, defunding police

Legal threats to Donald Trump ‘more serious than ever before’, experts say

Democrats closing in on deal to unlock massive infrastructure bill

House Democrats advance spending bill without amendment that bans federal funds for abortions

Texas Democrats leave the state to block restrictive voting legislation and other GOP priorities

Biden speaks with local leaders about reducing gun crime

In long-awaited speech, Biden to decry voting restrictions

Biden calls on Cuban leaders to ‘hear their people and serve their needs’ amid largest protests in years

Biden walks a tightrope on Cuba

Biden: Lack of competition hurts workers

Biden: Lack of competition results in high prices for goods, services


Stock futures open mostly flat ahead of the kickoff of earnings season

G20 greenlights global corporate tax rate of at least 15% to stop 'race to the bottom'

Lee blasts critical race theory and then launches fundraising ask on the issue

'The battle for party control': Republican candidates nationwide test the value of a Trump endorsement

Texas GOP advances voting restrictions as hundreds push back

GOP Rep. Rips Greene, Boebert For Comparing Biden’s Vaccine Campaign To Nazism

Trump, DeSantis lead CPAC straw poll

Fauci: Lack of full FDA approval for COVID-19 vaccines merely a 'technical issue'

Fauci says there should be more covid vaccine mandates at the local level

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Fox News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace 7/11/21 - Exclusive: Greg Abbott

State of the Union with Jake Tapper 7/11/21 | CNN Breaking News Today Jul 11, 2021

This Week with George Stephanopoulos 7/11/2021 | ABC News Sunday July 11, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - July 11th, 2021

PBS News Hour Weekend Full Episode July 11, 2021

[FULL] Life, Liberty & Levin 7/11/21 | FOX BREAKING NEWS July 11th, 2021

Democrats hit crunch time in Biden spending fight

‘Unprecedented level of vitriol’: Kamala Harris, embracing No. 2 role, ends up in spotlight’s glare

Biden's midterm strategies start to come into focus

Listen up: Biden speaks volumes in a whisper to make a point

Biden under pressure to pick new breed of federal prosecutors

Amid signs of fragility, Biden and Bennett move to shore up Jordan’s Abdullah


Earnings season begins in the week ahead with eye-popping growth set to validate market’s 2021 run

Rent prices are soaring as Americans flock back to cities

GOP Pols Forced to Admit the ‘Big Lie’ Is BS During Farcical Texas Showdown

Alaska GOP endorses Murkowski primary challenger

Murkowski: Trump has 'threatened to do a lot' to those who stand up to him

Trump tells GOP lawmakers to halt infrastructure push: You're 'being played'

Republican immigration proposal falls flat

The US recorded more than 20,000 new COVID-19 cases each of the past four days as the Delta variant spreads

‘This is not a great outcome’: SCOTUS ruling brings fear of explosion in voting restrictions

Texas Democrats reportedly weigh leaving state to block Republican-led voting bill

Members of Congress demand immediate funding for Capitol Police, but face headwinds in the Senate

Congressional Democrats face hard bargaining and no mistakes to pass Biden’s agenda

Voting rights advocates eager for Biden to use bully pulpit

Clyburn suggests a filibuster carveout for legislation related to Constitution in lieu of elimination

President Biden challenges Big Ag, saying consolidation is costing farmers — and consumers — too much

Biden taps LA’s Jewish mayor Garcetti as ambassador to India

Vacancies remain in key Biden administration positions

The Memo: Biden struggles to impose his will as problems multiply

Biden urged to harden government for future pandemics


Dow jumps 440 points to record, rebounding from one-day slide

We Can Zone Our Way Out of a Downtown Recession

Retired workers leave a void
(Boomers laid off in pandemic are quitting job market, putting the economy at risk.)

The debt ceiling deadline is the end of July — Democrats have options, but no clear plan yet

Rick Santorum caught on tape saying Republicans 'don't want the people's will to be done immediately'

Cawthorn: Biden door-to-door vaccine strategy could be used to 'take' guns, Bibles

GOP and Fox News rush to turn vaccine door-knockers into terrifying straw men

DeSantis parts with Trump in response to Surfside tragedy

Toyota to stop donating to GOP lawmakers who objected to certifying Biden’s win

More than 606,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,819,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC says students vaccinated against the coronavirus can go maskless in fall

99.2% of US Covid deaths in June were unvaccinated, says Fauci

Missouri becomes ground zero for COVID-19 battle

Brooks and Tumulty on earmarks, Afghanistan withdrawal, NYC mayor’s race

The Trump administration used an early, unreported program to separate migrant families along a remote stretch of the border

Senate may work into August to pass infrastructure plan, set the stage for huge spending bill

Schumer wants Senate votes soon on Biden's domestic agenda

Warren slams Wells Fargo decision to close customer credit lines

Biden declares war on anti-competitive practices with sweeping order

Biden signs order to crack down on Big Tech, boost competition ‘across the board’

Biden’s bid to take on big business sets off battle over who holds power in U.S. economy

Biden's latest executive order empowers workers in 3 key ways

Amid growing frustration, White House pushes voting rights

Biden to deliver big voting rights speech next week in Philadelphia

Biden administration cancels $55.6M in student loan debt for fraud victims

Biden tells Putin the U.S. will take ‘any necessary action’ after latest ransomware attack, White House says

What Biden understands about Afghanistan

Biden fires Social Security boss, a Trump appointee who refused to resign


Dow drops more than 250 points amid global economic recovery concerns, S&P 500 slides

U.S. weekly jobless claims unexpectedly rise to 373,000, as job growth slows

In Michigan, Pro-Impeachment Republicans Face Voters’ Wrath

Utah’s Spencer Cox ups his bipartisan ties, joins Biden’s Council of Governors

Texas Republicans renew efforts to pass voting restrictions in special session

McConnell: House, Senate GOP wins in 2022 would check Biden

McConnell Hit With Some Home Truths After Saying He’s ‘Perplexed’ By COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

White House: Actually, Republicans are trying to defund the police

Trump-allied GOP chairs turn on fellow Republicans

GOP Women’s Group Blasts Greene and Boebert: ‘Carnival Barkers’

A federal judge blocked Florida's new law targeting social media companies

More than 606,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,785,000 cases have been reported.)

Why has America’s vaccination program slowed so much?

Americans will need masks indoors as U.S. heads for ‘dangerous fall’ with surge in delta Covid cases

Virtually all new Covid deaths and hospitalizations are among unvaccinated people, White House says

New study on delta variant reveals importance of receiving both vaccine shots, highlights challenges posed by mutations

Pfizer to seek FDA authorization for booster of COVID-19 vaccine

Fox News amplifies anti-vaccine messages after Biden push

Vice President Harris announces $25 million for DNC voter registration efforts ahead of midterms

Biden forcefully defends Afghan pullout despite Taliban gains

Biden sets Aug. 31 Afghan exit date amid Taliban surge: ‘Status quo was not an option’

Civil rights leaders find meeting with WH 'encouraging' amidst voting rights battle

Putin Is Testing Biden’s Cyber Resolve


S&P 500 rises to new record as Big Tech stocks gain

Fed officials kept a patient tone in terms of tightening monetary policy, minutes show

Fed minutes show growing debate over when to pull stimulus

‘Five-alarm fire’: Slow trickle of rental aid heightens concern about eviction crisis

McCarthy nailing down GOP members for Capitol riot panel as Republicans' defense strategy comes into view

Kevin McCarthy chooses sabotage

House Republican says colleagues' 'job' is to slow Democratic priorities

Video shows GOP Rep. Chip Roy say he wants '18 more months of chaos and the inability to get stuff done' so Republicans can take back the House

House Republicans unveil legislative plan to break up Big Tech and stop censorship

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene refers to Nazi-era 'brown shirts' in opposing vaccination push

Election fraud is the GOP's new fundamentalism

Trump ally seeks ‘forensic investigation’ of 2020 election in Pennsylvania

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox Is a Different Kind of Republican

Sen. Cornyn wants Senate to OK keeping DACA recipients in the U.S.

DeSantis risks Trump backlash as his star rises

More than 3,999,000 people have died from the coronavirus worldwide More than 185 million cases have been reported.

More than 605,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,754,000 cases have been reported.)

WHO urges extreme caution against completely lifting public health measures

Without climate change, record Pacific Northwest heat wave would have been near impossible, researchers say

Trump sues Facebook, Twitter, Google over social media bans

Senate eyes taking up bipartisan infrastructure deal as soon as July 19

Biden pitches bipartisan infrastructure deal along with his plan to boost spending on education, child care and health care

Biden shifts to pitching his American Families Plan, emphasizing Democratic priorities

Biden’s plans to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy are losing momentum

Biden announces door-to-door outreach, outlines other strategies to boost vaccinations

Biden makes new push for vaccines
(As a highly contagious variant spreads, the focus includes getting doctors to encourage patients to get shots.)

Inside Biden's pragmatic approach to coronavirus rules

Biden to issue executive order to curtail noncompete clauses

Biden jabs at McConnell for highlighting bill he voted against


S&P 500 snaps 7-day winning streak, Dow falls 200 points

As oil hits its highest level in six years, here’s how Cramer and other pros are playing it

McConnell vows 'hell of a fight' over Biden infrastructure plan

Mitch McConnell Admits Democrats Deserve All The Credit For $4 Billion Coming To Kentucky

What Does Mitch McConnell Do Now?

‘Hope they all get prosecuted,’ SC’s Lindsey Graham says 6 months after Capitol riot

Rep. Mo Brooks says he can’t be sued for inciting Capitol riot because he is a federal employee

Kinzinger says he suspects some lawmakers knew what was going to happen on Jan. 6

Texas Republicans back off changes to Sunday voting before next attempt to revise election law

How G.O.P.-Backed Laws in Montana Could Hurt Native American Voting

GOP congressman warns against party getting 'too greedy' in redistricting efforts

A GOP strategist who once worked for Giuliani says the Republican Party under Trump has basically embraced 'neofascism'

Far-Right Extremist Finds an Ally in an Arizona Congressman

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Ripped For Reprehensible New Claim About COVID-19

The GOP's main voter bloc is shrinking

See How Vaccinations Are Going in Your County and State

Risks rise as vaccination gap with Trump counties grows wider

Pentagon cancels $10 billion JEDI contract challenged by Amazon, ending long-contested cloud-computing deal

Bipartisan House group’s endorsement of Senate infrastructure plan could trip up Pelosi’s strategy

Amid critical race theory controversy, teachers union chief vows legal action to defend teaching of ‘honest history’

House Democrats take different approach to economic, national security threats posed by China

Exclusive: Democrat García will not back reconciliation without immigration

Biden zeroes in on Delta variant as U.S. nears 160 million fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Biden announces door-to-door outreach, outlines other strategies to boost vaccinations

Biden’s new Covid vaccine push focuses on workers, students, doctor’s offices to stifle delta variant

Biden appeals for unity six months after Capitol riot

'I feel good': Biden sends message to Putin about US ability to retaliate for ransomware attacks


Central banks face up to the daunting task of quitting QE

Maryland’s top court upholds emergency order keeping enhanced unemployment programs in place for now

In ramp-up to 2022 midterms, Republican candidates center pitches on Trump’s false election claims

Pennsylvania Republicans take steps to conducting Arizona-style election audit

Republicans Who Backed Trump’s Election Lies Called Out For False Patriotism On July 4

GOP Rep Thomas Massie Schooled After Claiming Military ‘Will Quit If the COVID Vaccine Is Mandated’

Opinion: Texas Republicans rush to guard the Alamo from the facts

Opinion: Republicans want to make America more like China

Covid: Fauci Says He’d Wear a Mask in Places With Low Vaccination Rates

What the Delta variant could mean for the Pfizer vaccine

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on the battle over voting rights, the fight against COVID-19

With trillions at stake, Democrats hurtle toward key decisions on Biden’s agenda

Bipartisan spending deal meets fresh resistance from key Democrats

Progressives ramp up Medicare expansion push in Congress

Five big questions about the Jan. 6 select committee

Pressure grows for Biden to ease pandemic travel bans

Biden is gun salesman-in-chief, threats driving surge in purchases


After months of tepid news, White House hopeful ‘rip-roaring’ economy is here

'We are in a race’: GOP governors implore residents to overcome vaccine hesitancy as delta variant rises

Allen West announces GOP primary challenge to Abbott in Texas

Try and try again: GOP tests out myriad attacks on Biden

National Review editor blasts GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham as 'an idiot' over infrastructure claims in scathing op-ed

Republicans revive soft-on-crime rhetoric amid rise in US homicides

St. Louis Newspaper Bashes GOP, Josh Hawley For 'Contempt' Of Democracy

They kept the wheels on democracy as Trump tried to steal an election. Now they’re paying the price

You had the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine. Should you try to get a booster dose of Pfizer or Moderna?

6 months after Capitol assault, corporate pledges fall flat

Sunday Talk Shows - News

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 7/4/21 FOX NEWS BREAKING NEWS July 4th.

CNN State of the Union with Jake Tapper 7/4/21 | CNN Breaking News Today July 4, 2021

This Week with George Stephanopoulos 7/4/2021 | ABC News Sunday July 4, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - July 4th , 2021

[FULL] Life, Liberty & Levin 7/4/21 | FOX BREAKING NEWS July 4th, 2021

Moderate Democratic Sen. Bob Casey Jr. says GOP-led restrictive voting bills 'are about white supremacy'

Sinema emerges as Senate dealmaker amid progressive angst

Clyburn: Trump could be called to testify before Jan. 6 panel

As Biden prepares to host 1,000 for Independence Day, desire to declare victory collides with need for caution

Watch President Biden's Full July 4th Remarks

Celebrating nation's birth, Biden urges Americans to help end COVID-19 pandemic

Biden says U.S. is close to "independence from a deadly virus"

Biden announces investigation into international ransomware attack

Post-ABC poll: Biden earns high marks for handling the pandemic, but many Republicans resist vaccination

Biden gets low marks on immigration policies, poll shows


Why so many jobs are going unfilled
(Workers are plentiful, but flood of openings lets them be picky. It won’t last, experts say.)

Republicans eyeing White House take hard line on immigration

State-level Republicans are “reforming” how elections are administered

Republicans on Jan. 6 select committee will reportedly try to blame Nancy Pelosi for the Capitol riot

Republicans have more friends across the political divide than Democrats, study finds

Greg Abbott’s Radical Term in Texas

‘We are all victims’: How Republicans became the party of the persecution complex

Delta variant prompts new lockdowns
(The rapid global spread of the coronavirus mutation is a reminder the pandemic is far from over)

Biden will host a July Fourth bash to celebrate his successes, but big challenges still loom

Biden administration formally launches effort to return deported veterans to U.S.

Biden: 'Initial thinking' recent ransomware attack not by Russian government


S&P 500 rises for a 7th straight day after strong jobs report, best winning streak in 10 months

U.S. adds 850,000 jobs in June, better than expected

Five takeaways from the June jobs report

With employment up, more people are voluntarily leaving their jobs

Fed could be a surprise catalyst for the markets in holiday week

Drivers will face the highest July 4th gasoline prices in 7 years and they are heading higher

GOP divided on anti-Biden midterm message

2 Republican state lawmakers liken coronavirus protections to Nazi laws

Sen. Ted Cruz Calls Joe Biden 'Jimmy Carter 2.0' And It Doesn't Go So Well

GOP could see a record number of female House candidates in 2022

More than 604,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,693,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC warns 25% of new Covid cases are Delta variant

5 states where the coronavirus delta variant is spreading

15 million people in the U.S. have missed their second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, CDC says

U.S. military vacates main air base in Afghanistan but slows withdrawal plan

Federal judge slaps down Biden’s move to limit states’ tax cuts

Brooks and Capehart on Trump Org indictments, Supreme Court ruling on Arizona voting laws

Records show pressure by Trump, allies on Arizona officials

DNC chair hits Cruz over Biden criticism: 'You aren't qualified enough to tie his shoes'

Biden unveils unprecedented government-wide strategy to encourage US citizenship

Biden credits relief legislation passed with only Democratic votes as he touts new jobs report

‘Now we are trying to figure out how to live with it’: Inside Biden’s push to crush covid

White House to trumpet return to normalcy despite delta variant

Biden nominates Amy Gutmann as U.S. ambassador to Germany


S&P 500 hits sixth-straight record, Dow adds 100 points as Wall Street kicks off the second half

U.S. deficit to hit $3 trillion in 2021, then fade as stimulus relief expires, CBO says

Job growth likely will look stronger in June report as companies scramble to find workers

Weekly jobless claims total hits new pandemic-era low of 364,000

McCarthy reportedly makes 'stark threat' to Republicans over Jan. 6 committee

McCarthy 'shocked' Cheney accepted Jan. 6 panel assignment from Pelosi

Kinzinger on McCarthy warning about Jan. 6 commission: 'Who gives a s---?'

Republicans Can’t Stop Congress from Investigating the 1/6 Insurrection, But They’re Trying to Every Way They Can

Supreme Court upholds Arizona voting laws that lower court found were unfair to minorities

More than 604,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,675,000 cases have been reported.)

Experts push FDA to fully authorize Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines

Prosecutors allege a 15-year tax fraud scheme as the Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg are arraigned on multiple criminal charges

The Memo: Dangers intensify for Trump as Vance brings charges

Garland imposes moratorium on federal executions

Democrats Brace for a Narrower Path to Challenge New Voting Laws

House Democrats call on McCarthy to take 'immediate action' on Rep. Greene

Pelosi names Republican Cheney to select committee investigating Jan. 6 attack on Capitol by pro-Trump mob

House passes $760 billion transportation and water bill, making its pitch on infrastructure

Biden 'deeply disappointed' by Supreme Court ruling on voting restrictions

Biden calls on Congress to 'repair the damage' after Supreme Court's voting rights decision

'We can do it': Biden brings message of comfort to Surfside

Biden talks of his own anguish as he meets family members in Florida

Biden pledges help with wildfires to Western states

President Joe Biden calls an Iowan's mother after signing VA mental health law named for her son

130 countries sign on to global minimum tax plan, creating momentum for Biden push

White House says over half of new hires are women, narrowing gender pay gap


Dow rises 200 points, S&P 500 hits record high as Wall Street wraps up strong first half of 2021

Wall Street powers through the first half of 2021 with U.S. stocks at record highs

Private payrolls rise 692,000 in June, easily topping expectations

Home sales rebounded last month to highest level since 2005, shocking even the Realtors

GOP congressman flouts mask rules on airline flight to Texas

Milwaukee Newspaper Torches GOP Sen. Ron Johnson With Long List Of His Failings

Senate Republicans rebel against Biden plan to strengthen IRS

DeSantis feuds with Trump over Florida rally amid search for survivors in Surfside

Republican governors from around the country are sending law enforcement to the border

Murkowski has the moxie to take on Trump. Will she?

The GOP’s big lie about the U.S. debt
(Republicans fret over federal spending but skate over the toll of their tax cuts for the wealthy)

Grassley: SCOTUS ruling letting California hog rules stand will hurt farmers, consumers

Why Is Ted Cruz Threatening Angela Merkel?

More than 604,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,658,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC director: Vaccinated people 'safe' from delta variant, do not need to wear masks

The Delta variant has now been detected in all 50 states and Washington, DC

Masks Again? Delta Variant's Spread Prompts Reconsideration of Precautions

Federal judge blocks Florida law that would penalize social media companies

Trump ranked fourth from worst in C-SPAN's 2021 presidential rankings

Over G.O.P. opposition, the House forms a select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

House set to vote on its own infrastructure plan

Black Caucus presses Democratic leaders to expedite action on voting rights

Biden Gained With Moderate and Conservative Voting Groups, New Data Shows

Support for Biden erodes among Democrats as U.S. looks past pandemic: Reuters/Ipsos poll


Stocks close little changed despite strong readings for home prices and consumer confidence

Stocks should add to gains in the second half, but there are two big concerns

A key indicator shows we are past peak inflation fear, supporting the stock market rally

The continuing GOP fiction that President Biden supports defunding police

GOP Rep. Paul Gosar appears to ally with white nationalists — again

GOP mega-donor funding deployment of South Dakota troops to border

More than 603,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,646,000 cases have been reported.)

Delta is fast becoming the world’s dominant strain of SARS-CoV-2

Tracking Covid-19 vaccines in the US

Moderna says early evidence suggests its COVID-19 vaccine works against Delta variant and others

WHO recommends masks even for fully vaccinated; Pfizer, Moderna vaccines may offer long immunity: COVID-19 updates

U.S. military commander in Afghanistan warns of chaotic civil war

Supreme Court says no right to hearing for some immigrants

On narrow vote, Supreme Court leaves CDC ban on evictions in place

Pelosi rebuffs McConnell on infrastructure

Manchin says he's on board with Democratic-only infrastructure bill

House Democrats take aim at Trump legacy in Homeland Security spending bill

House passes bill to remove Confederate statues from Capitol

Democrats fear Mitch McConnell is stoking infrastructure 'infighting'

Biden tells Rivlin he won’t allow Iranian nukes on his watch

Biden, in Wisconsin, pitches bipartisan infrastructure deal as a ‘generational investment’

Biden takes his bipartisan infrastructure deal road show to Wisconsin

Biden will visit Florida condo tower collapse site Thursday

Can Democrats win on crime issues? Biden thinks so


S&P 500, Nasdaq rise to record highs to start the week led by Facebook

McConnell attacks Democrats’ infrastructure strategy, threatening deal despite Biden’s olive branch to GOP

McConnell urges Biden pressure Democrats on infrastructure plan

As Nikki Haley visits Nevada with an eye on the 2022 election, host says the 2024 election has 'already started in Iowa'

Republican congressman says Marjorie Taylor Greene 'doesn't do anything' but 'try to be famous'

U.S. House Republicans oppose Democratic-led China bill

Pence faces fierce resistance from GOP's pro-Trump base

Poll: 6 in 10 GOP voters favor new $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan, boosting Biden’s hopes of a big bipartisan win

More than 603,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,630,000 cases have been reported.)

See How Vaccinations Are Going in Your County and State

The Delta variant will cause 'very dense outbreaks' in these five states, expert says

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says daily new Covid cases in the U.S. won’t ever go to zero

Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Likely to Produce Long-Lasting Immunity, Study Suggests

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on infrastructure plan, Jan. 6 select committee

The U.S. and Iran near a breaking point

Pelosi may include Republican on Jan. 6 select committee

House passes bills to boost science competitiveness with China

Biden hosts Israel’s president for Oval Office visit as countries reset relationship

Biden: Americans can be proud of the infrastructure deal

Biden, Pelosi on collision course

The Biden tax hikes are coming into view

Housing crisis poses crucial test for Biden administration’s economic plans

First on CNN: US ships first Pfizer vaccine doses abroad, donating 2 million to Peru


Is the Fed keeping steady or moving too slow?

Larry Summers, other top economists unworried infrastructure proposal will trigger inflation

GOP senators say bipartisan infrastructure deal is back on track after Biden's clarification. Manchin backs 2nd bill.

Sen. Mitt Romney says he trusts Biden on infrastructure reversal

China poses bigger danger than Russia, says Sen. Mitt Romney

McConnell urged Barr to speak out on Trump's election claims

Ron Johnson calls for Republicans to run for local office and 'take back our culture'

In Arizona, GOP Lawmakers Strip Power From a Democrat

The GOP’s Trump-less blueprint to winning back the House

Calls rise for FDA to fully approve COVID-19 vaccines

As variant rises, vaccine plan targets ‘movable middle’

U.S. targets Iran-backed militias in Iraq, Syria strikes

US said to weigh removal of sanctions on Iran’s Khamenei amid nuclear talks

Sunday Talk Shows -- News

Sunday with Chris Wallace 6/27/21 | BREAKING NEWS TRUMP JUNE 27, 2021

State of the Union With Jake Tapper and Dana Bash - CNN Breaking News Today Jun 27, 2021

This Week With George Stephanopoulos 6/27/21 | ABC Breaking News Today Jun 27, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - June 27th, 2021

[FULL] Life, Liberty & Levin 6/27/21 | FOX BREAKING NEWS June 27th, 2021

Biden's walk-back appears to put infrastructure back on rails, even as deal's durability is tested

Biden shift reassures Republican senators on bipartisan infrastructure deal

Biden reverses himself on infrastructure, says he would sign bipartisan deal

Biden orders U.S. airstrikes on Iran-backed militias in Iraq-Syria border region

New Cuba policy on hold while Biden deals with bigger problems


Inflation looks bad now, but it’s pretty much sticking to the script

The jobs report will move markets in the week ahead as stocks enter the second half riding high

The market can solve America's labor shortage — if Washington will let it

Ted Cruz joins forces with other GOP lawmakers to call for an end to mask mandates for vaccinated travelers, ahead of Independence Day

Pennsylvania GOP is trying to 'cancel' critical race theory academics, critics point out

A bipartisan deal, an angry GOP reaction and the long road ahead for Biden’s agenda

As U.S. states and cities hit vaccine goals, deep disparities persist

Supreme Court sides with credit agency, oil refineries and Native Alaskans in flurry of rulings

Trump’s endorsements: revenge against enemies, rewards for friends and purveyors of election falsehoods

Democrats blast Sinema logic on filibuster

Biden: 'Not my intent' to imply veto for bipartisan infrastructure package

On Infrastructure, Biden Tests the Limits of Having It Both Ways

White House faces calls to embrace vaccine passports

Biden assures Afghans of continued aid
(Meeting comes ahead of U.S. withdrawal of troops, as the Taliban continues to advance.)

Was the Biden-Putin Summit a Success?


S&P 500 climbs to another record led by bank shares, notches its best week since February

Key inflation indicator posts biggest year-over-year gain in nearly three decades

McConnell criticizes Biden for calling for two-track infrastructure plan

McCarthy pans deal: Biden gave GOP 'whiplash'

GOP senators warn they could pull support for Biden deal

‘We have a deal’ — Biden, with Romney on hand, unveils infrastructure plan. What might Utah get?

Senate Republicans urge CDC to lift public transportation mask mandate

Doctor blasts Wisconsin senator's COVID vaccine skepticism

GOP-led Arizona legislature signs off $1.9B income tax cut

Top Ohio Republicans Are Ditching Trump's 'Pity Party' Rally In The State

More than 603,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,600,000 cases have been reported.)

6 warning signs that the Delta variant is coming for unvaccinated Americans

Department of Justice sues Georgia over voting law

Brooks and Capehart on Biden infrastructure deal, crime plan, Georgia lawsuit

Trump Organization could face criminal charges in New York next week

Kamala Harris makes her first visit to the US-Mexico border as vice president

Harris visits southern border, facing criticism from both sides on Biden immigration policies

House panel backs 2.7 percent pay raise for federal workers

As Democrats spar over advancing Biden’s climate agenda, they move to cut methane

Congressional Democrats urge Biden to reverse Trump moves on Israel

Transportation Secretary Buttigieg weighs on White House’s bipartisan infrastructure deal

‘We have a deal’ — Biden, with Romney on hand, unveils infrastructure plan. What might Utah get?

Bipartisanship Lives, and Biden Takes a Bow

What’s in the White House, Senate bipartisan infrastructure package

Russia Policy Puts Biden Under Pressure Across Europe


S&P 500 closes at a record, Dow jumps 320 points as Biden reaches infrastructure deal

Jobless claims hold above 400,000 for the second week in a row

Federal Reserve gives U.S. banks a thumbs-up as all 23 lenders easily pass 2021 stress test

Lindsey Graham says he won't be 'extorted by liberal Democrats' over infrastructure deal

McConnell slams Biden for already 'caving' to left on infrastructure deal

Giuliani’s N.Y. law license suspended in connection with efforts to overturn 2020 election

Defund the military? GOP’s anti-woke crusade dips into dicey territory.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley: 'I'm not too worried about what any poll says'

New polls show GOP willingness to subvert 2020 election

As federal voting legislation falters, state Republicans push to exert new powers over elections

Pence contradicts Trump on January 6, calling plan to decertify 2020 election 'un-American'

Mitch McConnell’s Transformation Into Hypocritical Trump Toady Laid Bare 

More than 602,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,583,000 cases have been reported.)

Covid is already deadlier this year than all of 2020. So why do many in U.S. think the problem’s over?

Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated

Pfizer says COVID vaccine is highly effective against Delta variant

Americans More Divided on Social Than Economic Issues

Pelosi announces a select committee will investigate Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob

Nancy Pelosi: No infrastructure deal unless Senate passes second bill filled with liberal priorities

House passes veterans contraception, LGBTQ business bills previously blocked by GOP

Democrats seek to calm nervous left

Manchin says Democratic-only infrastructure bill 'inevitable'

Joe Manchin’s proposed changes to America’s voting laws deserve wide support

Biden signs on to a bipartisan infrastructure compromise, but says it must be accompanied by a larger package.

Biden says he won't sign bipartisan bill without reconciliation bill

Biden discusses bipartisan infrastructure deal from White House

Biden whisperer, longtime Washington lobbyist helps secure breakthrough in infrastructure talks

Biden on trusting Republicans on infrastructure: “I’ve worked with a lot of these who are people in the room. I know them.”

Biden targets law-breaking gun dealers in anti-crime plan

White House deploys top officials in vaccine blitz

Biden administration says it’s pushing Ramallah to reform terror payment policy

Biden administration bars imports of solar panels linked to forced labor in China’s Xinjiang region

Opinion: Biden says he is testing Putin. The answer will come in Syria.


S&P 500 closes slightly lower, snaps two-day winning streak

Fed Chair Powell says it’s ‘very, very unlikely’ the U.S. will see 1970s-style inflation

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warns of 'absolutely catastrophic' hit to economic recovery this summer if US can't pay its bills on time

GOP-led Michigan Senate investigation finds no evidence of election fraud

Lawmakers launch Republicans-only climate change caucus

Right-Wingers Who Demanded Kamala Harris Visit the Border Are Now Mad She’s Going

President Joe Biden nominates Cindy McCain for UN ambassador-level position

Joint Chiefs chairman clashes with GOP on race theory, 'white rage'

Far-right activist Ammon Bundy is running for Idaho governor, tapping an anti-establishment trend

In sentencing regretful Capitol protester, federal judge rebukes Republicans

More than 602,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,567,000 cases have been reported.)

The Delta Variant Is a Grave Danger to the Unvaccinated

CDC safety group says there’s a likely link between rare heart inflammation in young people after Covid shot

Justice Department takes over Iranian media sites in broad crackdown on disinformation

Bipartisan group of senators to brief Biden on infrastructure ‘framework’ after potential breakthrough in talks

Senators say White House aides agreed to infrastructure 'framework'

Kamala Harris to visit US-Mexico border area regarding migration

Schumer vows to advance two-pronged infrastructure plan next month

Pelosi to announce whether she will create a select committee to investigate Jan. 6 attack on Capitol by pro-Trump mob

President Joe Biden nominates Cindy McCain for UN ambassador-level position

Biden emphasizes investment in police, communities to combat crime

Biden lays out strategy to tackle rising homicides

Biden has proposed a new agency to turbocharge medical treatments. But there’s a fight over where it should live.

Biden gets 56 percent approval rating in Fox News poll

Biden administration removes Rodney Scott as head of U.S. Border Patrol


S&P 500 jumps for a second day, Nasdaq hits all-time high amid bitcoin’s comeback

Fed chair looks in unlikely place for clues on economy’s future: Lumber

Can We Stop Corporations from Hiding Their Profits Overseas?

Senate Republicans block debate on elections bill, dealing blow to Democrats’ voting rights push

Susan Collins to Vote ‘No’ on ‘Unusually Divisive’ Biden ATF Nominee David Chipman

More than 601,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,554,000 cases have been reported.)

Fauci declares delta variant ‘greatest threat’ to the nation’s efforts to eliminate Covid

Democrats’ signature voting bill fails in Senate test vote, leaving future of elections measure in doubt

Harris casts tiebreaking vote to confirm OPM nominee

Pelosi quashes reports on Jan. 6 select committee

Schumer vows next steps after 'ridiculous,' 'awful' GOP election bill filibuster

Schumer blasts GOP over voting rights bill: 'A rot at the center of the modern Republican Party'

Progressives make demands before signing on to bipartisan infrastructure deal

Manchin open to Biden's 'human infrastructure' plans and undoing some Trump tax cuts

Opinion: Manchin got Republicans to admit to the ‘big lie.’ Democrats should celebrate.

Democrats signal a shift toward accepting voter ID laws

Sinema calls out her Democratic colleagues on the filibuster — gently

White House draws ire of progressives amid voting rights defeat

U.S. to narrowly miss Biden’s July 4 vaccination goal, White House says

White House: 70% of Americans 30 or older get COVID-19 shot

Biden launches an effort to head off violent crime — and political peril for his party

Biden expected to meet with lawmakers this week to discuss latest infrastructure proposals

Job Approval of Biden Steady, Congress Down


Dow rallies 580 points for best day since March as market roars back from post-Fed sell-off

Regulators tell Biden U.S. financial system in good shape-White House

Senate Republicans: Newly proposed ATF rules could pave way for national gun registry

Activists gear up for battle as Senate Republicans prepare to block voting rights bill

White House slaps down Jim Jordan attack on gas prices

Republican Party outspends Democrats in May in bid to retake U.S. Congress

Iowa Poll: More Iowans now approve of the job U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst is doing than disapprove

Liz Cheney’s Unlikely Journey From G.O.P. Royalty to Republican Outcast

More than 601,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,539,000 cases have been reported.)

A Guide for Covid-19 Risk in Your County

Garland tries to untangle the Trump legacy at the Justice Department

U.S. Preparing More Sanctions Against Russia, Sullivan Says

WH advisor: No strong evidence unemployment benefits are 'pulling people out of the labor force'

7 killed, more than 40 injured in 10 mass shootings across the US over the weekend

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on NYC mayor’s race, vaccine divide, infrastructure

Federal judge tosses most claims against Trump, Barr and U.S. officials in clearing of Lafayette Square

Schumer unloads on GOP over elections bill: 'How despicable of a man is Donald Trump?'

Schumer backing plan to add dental, vision and hearing coverage to Medicare

Democrats make full-court press on expanded child tax credit

Democrats go down to the wire with Manchin

Sinema defends filibuster ahead of Senate voting rights showdown

Progressives crank up filibuster pressure on Sinema with million-dollar ad buy in Arizona

White House slaps down Jim Jordan attack on gas prices

Biden outlines vaccine plan, set to miss global-sharing goal

Biden’s top tax rate on capital gains, dividends would be among highest in developed world

Biden and Congress face a summer grind to create legislation

Biden won’t back down from looming Catholic rebuke, will keep attending Mass


The economy isn’t going back to February 2020. Fundamental shifts have occurred.

Republicans, spurred by an unlikely figure, see political promise in targeting critical race theory

DeSantis edges Trump in new 2024 straw poll

Rubio pushes for new China sanctions amid questions over coronavirus lab leak theory

Republicans eye Nashville crack-up to gain House seat

Congress barrels toward debt cliff

Fewer than a third of Iowans would vote for GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley if he seeks an 8th term, poll finds

GOP Senators Express Skepticism on Manchin Voting-Bill Compromise

Opinion: Why so many Republicans talk about nonsense

I'm a Trump voter from Arizona. My state's Democratic Senator, Kyrsten Sinema, needs to support Joe Biden's American Jobs Plan.

Justice Breyer, under pressure from left to retire, takes the long view

Sunday Talk Shows --News

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 6/20/21 FULL | FOX BREAKING NEWS June 20, 21

CNN State of the Union with Jake Tapper 6/20/21 | CNN Breaking News Today Jun 20, 2021

This Week With George Stephanopoulos 6 20 21 ABC Breaking News Sunday June 20, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - June 20th, 2021

[FULL] Life, Liberty & Levin 6/20/21 | FOX BREAKING NEWS June 20th, 2021

Democrats set to pare down gun control bills in aim for unity

Democrats seek new ways to expand Medicaid in holdout states

Democratic clamor grows for select committee on Jan. 6 attack

Court victory feeds Democrats’ hopes on healthcare

Joe Manchin, at the apex of his power, finds few allies in his quest for bipartisanship

Biden to host Rivlin at White House next week


The Fed will continue to dominate the market in the week ahead after sell-off

How Republican States Are Expanding Their Power Over Elections

GOP increasingly balks at calling Jan. 6 an insurrection

GOP congressman lashes out at Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday: 'Are we going to do one for the Native American Indians?'

The Republicans who voted against the Juneteenth holiday think it will 'create confusion' alongside July 4

Ron Johnson booed at Juneteenth celebration in Wisconsin

Kevin McCarthy appears to say Trump has told him he wants to be House speaker

Fires are intensifying, and Utah Sen. Mitt Romney wants a new national strategy to fight them

Democrats facing tough reelections back bipartisan infrastructure deal

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signs three new gun laws inspired by Boulder shooting. Here’s how they’ll work.

Biden struggles to sell democracy abroad when it faces challenges at home

Bidenomics Is ‘America First’ With a Brain

Biden urges more Americans to get vaccinated but is silent on July 4 target

With Vaccination Goal in Doubt, Biden Warns of Variant's Threat

Biden says delta Covid variant is ‘particularly dangerous’ for young people


Dow falls more than 500 points to close out its worst week since October

Dow falls more than 500 points to close out its worst week since October

Explaining the volatile stock and bond market moves this week following the Fed’s update

11 GOP senators back bipartisan infrastructure plan, boosting its chances of moving forward

Lindsey Graham: 2022 Elections Will Determine How Long GOP Remains Party of Trump

Graham quips key to working with Trump: We both 'like him'

Ted Cruz likens Democrats to the Terminator, and 6 more notable moments from the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference

Abbott vetoes funding for Texas legislature over Democrats' walkout

The GOP’s gaslighting on Biden, Putin and Trump

Republican governors’ misleading spin on new voting restrictions

Mike Pence called 'traitor' by hecklers in Florida

More than 600,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,514,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC director warns delta variant could soon become dominant coronavirus strain in US

Brooks and Capehart on Trump emails to DOJ, Biden-Putin summit, Juneteenth

39 senators who now support changing or eliminating the filibuster previously opposed doing so

Biden marks milestone of 300 million coronavirus vaccination shots in 150 days

Biden objects to raising gas tax to pay for infrastructure

Biden freezes military aid to Ukraine after Putin summit as leaders plea for help

Catholic bishops back document that could lead to limits of Communion for Biden


Dow falls for a second day following Fed policy update, loses 210 points

Mortgage rates shoot higher after Fed Chairman Powell’s comments

Jobless claims show surprise increase to highest level in a month

The Economic Gauges Are Going Nuts. Jerome Powell Is Taking a Longer View.

McConnell vows to block voting legislation, spurning Manchin’s compromise offer

McCarthy slams Biden for giving 'Putin a pass' after years of silence on Trump's relationship with Russian president

GOP congressman refuses to shake hands with D.C. police officer who protected the Capitol on Jan. 6, officer says

Justice Dept.: Missouri governor can't void federal gun laws

For Republicans, ‘Crisis’ Is the Message as the Outrage Machine Ramps Up

Affordable Care Act survives third Supreme Court challenge, as case from GOP-led states and endorsed by Trump administration is rejected

Obamacare survives after Supreme Court rejects latest Republican challenge

Ted Cruz Calls Obamacare a Democratic Plot to Keep People Alive So They Can Vote

More than 600,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,499,000 cases have been reported.)

The fast-spreading delta Covid variant could have different symptoms, experts say

What keeps me up at night’: COVID gamma variant worries Washington state health official

Former White House adviser says dangerous coronavirus variant is 'like Covid on steroids'

The quest for a pill to fight viruses gets a $3.2 billion boost

Supreme Court unanimously sides with Catholic adoption agency that turned away same-sex couples

Schumer to force vote Tuesday on sweeping election bill

Harris has a specific focus on voting rights
(With prospects for Senate legislation an uphill fight, she’s rallying activists.)

House votes to repeal 2002 authorization for military force with strong bipartisan support and a White House endorsement

Manchin gives Democrats a path forward — if they want it

The corrupt reality of Joe Manchin's bipartisanship

Pennsylvania governor says Republican voting bill is based on 'fringe conspiracy theories'

Biden signs Juneteenth bill, creating new federal holiday commemorating end of slavery in U.S.

Biden: See genuine prospect to improve Russia relations

Russian media apparently sees Biden as a shrewd statesman, not a bumbling dotard, after Putin meeting

Biden approaches economic point of no return

Joe Biden appoints Lina Khan to head the Federal Trade Commission


Dow falls 260 points after Fed signals 2 rate hikes in 2023

The Fed moves up its timeline for rate hikes as inflation rises

The Federal Reserve now forecasts at least two rate hikes by the end of 2023

Federal Reserve meeting full recap: Chair Jerome Powell’s market-moving comments

Fed estimates inflation will grow faster than projected just 3 months ago and moves up expectations for rate hike

May retail sales fell 1.3% as Americans spend less on goods

Ten GOP Senators Announce Support for Infrastructure Compromise

Republicans don't want to overhaul the economy as Biden's infrastructure plans draw strong public support

Factbox-Republicans erect voting barriers in politically crucial U.S. states

Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger condemn Gosar for 'lie' about Jan. 6 shooting

Nikki Haley warns Republicans on China: 'If they take Taiwan, it's all over'

14 Republicans vote against making Juneteenth a federal holiday

RNC, without 'a hint of irony,' slams Biden for meeting with Putin

Texas announces $250 million border wall down payment, online fundraiser

Marjorie Taylor Greene leads conspiracy-heavy attack on Fauci

More than 600,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,488,000 cases have been reported.)

WHO says delta Covid variant has now spread to 80 countries and it keeps mutating

The Political, Legal, and Moral Minefield That Donald Trump Left for Merrick Garland

Congress votes overwhelmingly to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. The day commemorates the end of slavery in Texas in 1865.

Manchin outlines demands on voting legislation, creating an opening for potential Democratic compromise

Manchin meets with Texas lawmakers on voting rights

Watch live: Biden holds press conference after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Biden says he got what he wanted from Putin summit

Biden and Putin agree to resume nuclear talks, return ambassadors to posts

Biden, Putin hold 'positive’ summit but divisions remain over human rights, cyberattacks, Ukraine

Biden, Putin aired differences at a high-stakes summit but agree on little

4 takeaways from the Biden-Putin summit

Don’t miss the significance of the Biden-Putin discussion of the Arctic

Biden’s Worried About Ukraine’s China Fling

Biden’s Plan to Cooperate With Europe on Tech

Biden urged to make next stimulus checks automatic, tied to the country's needs


S&P 500 and Nasdaq slip from their records ahead of key

Producer prices climb 6.6% in May on annual basis, largest 12-month increase on record

The Fed is heavily favored to stay the course with easy policies through 2021, CNBC survey shows

Republicans move to block inquiry into Trump DOJ’s secret data seizure

Republicans set their infrastructure trap

Jordan tears into DOJ officials for hostility to Meadows' election fraud inquiries

GOP senator: I want to make Biden a 'one-half-term president'

21 Republicans vote against awarding medals to police who defended Capitol

More than 599,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,474,000 cases have been reported.)

More than 600,000 people have died from Covid in the U.S. as officials race to vaccinate more people

Newly deemed ‘variant of concern’ delta accounts for 10 percent of U.S. cases, CDC says

Bipartisan group of senators introduces $40 billion bill to close the digital divide

Schumer to trigger reconciliation process on Wednesday

Democrats raise fresh alarms on emerging Senate infrastructure compromise

Newly released emails show Trump pressured DOJ to challenge election results, House Oversight says

Pelosi vows to launch a Democrat-run Jan. 6 probe: ‘We can’t wait any longer’

Biden arrives in Geneva ahead of Putin summit after meeting with E.U. leaders in Brussels

Biden moves to undo Trump trade legacy with EU deal

President Biden arrives in Geneva for highly anticipated Putin talks

A summit with Vladimir Putin tests Joe Biden’s new foreign policy

NATO expands focus to China, a win for Biden in his first trip to the battered alliance

Biden administration to expand program admitting young Central Americans

Biden to nominate Tom Nides as ambassador to Israel; Ken Salazar, ‘Sully’ Sullenberger also get posts

White House to Democrats: Get ready to go it alone on  infrastructure

White House features McConnell home state in videos highlighting crumbling infrastructure

Biden’s domestic terrorism strategy details unprecedented focus on homegrown threats

Death penalty should be reinstated for Tsarnaev in Boston Marathon bombings case, Biden administration tells Supreme Court


Nasdaq rises to an all-time closing high, S&P 500 ekes out another record

Mitch McConnell offers another strong hint that he’s probably not going to meet Democrats halfway

McConnell says 'highly unlikely' he would let Biden fill a Supreme Court vacancy in 2024 if GOP wins back Senate

 McConnell warns he's willing to intervene in 2022 GOP primaries

McCarthy Warns ‘Our Country Is In Crisis’ in Letter to GOP Caucus

Rand Paul says the idea of majority rule 'goes against' American democracy

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan rips into Joe Biden for attending the same G-7, NATO summits with US allies that Trump went to multiple times

Fact-checking Sen. Ron Johnson's continued efforts to mislead on Covid-19 and January 6 insurrection

George P. Bush's 'risky' move: Challenging Texas' pro-Trump attorney general

G.O.P. Bills Rattle Disabled Voters: ‘We Don’t Have a Voice Anymore’

The GOP’s increasingly blunt argument: It needs voting restrictions to win

More than 599,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,460,000 cases have been reported.)

A new coronavirus variant is on the rise. Here's why experts are concerned

Novavax says its Covid vaccine is 90% effective, plans to submit data to FDA in third quarter

Senate Democrats, Republicans prepare to sell nearly $1 trillion infrastructure deal to White House

Garland says Justice Department will strengthen policies for obtaining lawmakers’ records

NATO members unite to face evolving threats from Russia and China

Tamara Keith and Lisa Lerer on Biden-Harris performance abroad, GOP midterm strategy

Exclusive: Democrat exploring 'patriot tax' on multimillionaires' wealth

Biden looking to build momentum for Putin meeting

Biden will give Putin a list of demands. The Russian president may ignore them.

Biden congratulates PM Bennett in phone call as US embraces new government

Biden says Republican Party is 'fractured,' thanks to Trump

Biden to NATO: Republican Party is ‘vastly diminished’ after Jan. 6


McConnell seeks to divide and conquer Democrats

GOP congressman says US should 'start thinking about hitting back' at Russia

GOP ramps up misleading attack on Democrats' policing policy

Susan Collins: Bipartisan infrastructure plan proposes user tax for electric vehicle 'free riders'

Republicans open new line of attack on IRS

Utah Republicans approve resolution condemning critical race theory

Trump Says Senate Would Be 60 Dems vs. 40 Republicans if Not for Him, Rips McConnell

Sunday Talk Shows -- News

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 6/13/2021 | Fox Breaking Trump News Today June 13, 2021

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 6/13/2021 | Fox Breaking Trump News Today June 13, 2021

This Week with George Stephanopoulos 6/13/2021 | ABC Breaking News Today June 13, 2021

Meet The Press 6/13/2021 | NBC Breaking News Sunday Jun 13, 2021

Life, Liberty & Levin 6/13/21 8PM | FOX June 13,21

G-7 takes stronger stand against China, at U.S. urging

Democrats seek balance on drug prices

Manchin faces growing pressure from Democrats over Biden agenda

G-7 leaders wrap up summit; Biden says ‘America is back at the table’

President Biden says Queen Elizabeth II ‘reminded me of my mother’

Biden prepares to confront Putin

Biden says Putin is right about US-Russia relations being at 'a low point' ahead of summit

Biden aims to bolster troubled Turkey ties in first Erdoğan meeting

Majority of Americans trust Joe Biden to negotiate on US behalf with foreign counterparts: POLL


Markets await the Fed’s meeting before making the next big move in the week ahead

The Fed could be facing a jobs headache in its inflation fight

Four states cut off federal unemployment benefits Saturday - and the White House is very unlikely to step in and prevent the loss of stimulus jobless aid

Senate Republicans Introduce Bill Requiring Congressional Approval for New Iran Deal

GOP Senator Confronts HHS Secretary on ‘Birthing People’ Phrase: ‘Mom Is a Pretty Good Word’

Cheney rips Arizona election audit: 'It is an effort to subvert democracy'

Republican attacks on Biden agenda can’t break through conservative media’s culture wars

Utah GOP leaders will again tackle critical race theory, gun rights

Harris attends DC Pride rally

Progressives want to tighten screws beyond Manchin and Sinema

Biden tells Chuck Schumer to 'go ahead' with calls for $50,000 in student-debt cancellation

White House vows to hire Jewish liaison after key groups left out of Israel call

Biden presses G-7 to take firmer stance against China

Biden gets thumbs up from Macron, who says U.S. is 'definitely' back

Biden to hold solo press conference following Putin summit

Did Biden give Boris Johnson a $6,000 bike and get a Wikipedia printout in return? Not exactly.

Opinion: Biden wants Russia’s cooperation. But Putin thrives on chaos.


S&P 500 ekes out another record close, posts third straight winning week

Where Are the Workers to Rebuild Local Economies?

Undervaccinated red states are nowhere near herd immunity as dangerous Delta variant spreads

Missouri governor to sign bill that seeks to nullify federal gun laws

YouTube suspends Ron Johnson for 7 days

Oregon GOP legislator ousted over state Capitol breach

Look who’s leading the charge for a GOP climate-change caucus: a Utah Republican

More than 598,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,431,000 cases have been reported.)

Moderna says it hasn’t found a link between its Covid vaccine and heart inflammation

CDC to hold 'emergency meeting' on heart inflammation after COVID-19 vaccines

Bipartisan Senate infrastructure deal would cost about $1 trillion

Garland announces expansion of Justice Department’s voting rights unit, vowing to scrutinize GOP-backed voting restrictions and ballot reviews

Justice Dept. watchdog to probe Trump-era leak investigations, including secret subpoenas for data from Congress, journalists

Trump DOJ subpoena sought data on 73 phone numbers, 36 email addresses, Apple says

Brooks and Capehart on Biden at the G-7 summit, the Justice Department under Trump

Democrats demand Barr, Sessions testify on Apple data subpoenas

'Time is running out’: Democrats split over Biden’s relentless focus on infrastructure

‘Simmering Democratic tensions show signs of boiling over

Biden and G-7 leaders will endorse a global minimum corporate tax of at least 15%

Biden tries to erase Trump's 'America First' on world stage

Biden officials move to reinstate Alaska roadless rule, overturning Trump policy

Biden returns $2 billion in border wall funds to the military


S&P 500 climbs to a new record close, shrugging off inflation fears

Why inflation is rising and whether you should worry

U.S. budget deficit for fiscal 2021 so far tops $2 trillion

Consumer prices jump 5% in May, fastest pace since the summer of 2008

Weekly jobless claims fell for a sixth straight week to new pandemic-era low

4 million Americans quit their jobs in April — a 20-year record. Many of them worked in the retail sector, which is in the middle of a massive labor shortage.

Homeowners got $2 trillion richer during the first three months of the year

GOP Sens. Graham and Sasse praise Biden's purchase of 500M Pfizer vaccines to share globally

Lindsey Graham’s new China lab-leak theory: That critics’ dismissals cost Trump reelection

GOP Senators Demand Fauci Resign or Be Fired

Texas governor announces plan to build southern border wall

'We will see a financial crisis' if COVID-19 benefits are left in the budget: Kevin Brady

The Controversial Arizona Election Review Is Drawing Republicans From Across The U.S.

More than 598,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,415,000 cases have been reported.)

Moderna asks FDA to clear Covid vaccine for adolescents 12 to 17

Ten Senate Democrats and Republicans say they reached five-year, nearly $1 trillion infrastructure deal

Bipartisan Senate group reaches infrastructure deal without tax hikes — but leaders still need to sign off

Trump Justice Dept. secretly subpoenaed records of two Democrats on House Intelligence Committee

Schiff calls for inquiry after report that Trump DOJ targeted Democrats in Congress

U.S. Senate's Schumer will 'look at' bipartisan infrastructure pitch

Manchin Says He Will Continue to Support Hyde Amendment

Newsom slams judge who overturned California's assault weapons ban as state appeals ruling

Pelosi backs Jewish Dems’ rebuke of Ilhan Omar for comparing U.S., Israel to Hamas, Taliban

Pelosi, leaders seek to squelch Omar controversy with rare joint statement

Gore pressed Biden to stick with climate plans as liberals fear White House is softening its agenda

Global approval of the United States has rebounded under Biden, survey finds

Biden raises concerns over Northern Ireland in meeting with Britain’s Boris Johnson

Why Biden's foreign trip is so unique and so important

No European Honeymoon in Biden’s First Overseas Trip

Biden restores $929 million for California high speed rail withheld by Trump


Dow ends session 150 points lower for its third straight day of losses

More than 2.3 million new stimulus checks have been sent. Here’s who will get the money

Top Republican accuses White House of 'moving goalposts' on infrastructure - but she didn't budge on either of Biden's requests

Lindsey Graham’s New Spin On Trump’s COVID-19 Failings Is Too Much For Folks Online

Gohmert asks if federal agencies can change Earth's or moon's orbits to fight climate change

Utah’s Mike Lee, Mitt Romney split over tech investment to take on China

Republican governors touted their states’ election security in 2020. Then they pushed new voting restrictions in the name of election security.

Harris says she will visit the U.S.-Mexico border, calls GOP criticism ‘shortsighted’

More than 597,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,403,000 cases have been reported.)

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says ‘more dangerous’ Covid variant unlikely a major risk to U.S. until fall

Seattle is first major US city to see 70 percent of residents fully vaccinated, mayor says

HUD to reinstate Obama-era fair housing rule gutted under Trump — minus the ‘burdensome’ reporting requirement

House moderates unveil $1.25T infrastructure plan

Democrats hit major political wall in efforts to close gender pay gap, raise minimum wage

House Judiciary releases McGahn testimony on Trump

Senate Democrats befuddled by Joe Manchin

Biden arrives in U.K. to press a message: 'The United States is back'

Biden Aims to Bolster U.S. Alliances in Europe, but Challenges Loom

Biden’s personal diplomacy to be tested by allies — and one adversary — on his first trip abroad

The new guy? Biden debuts at democracy's most exclusive club

Biden administration to buy 500 million Pfizer coronavirus vaccine doses to donate to the world

Biden quietly moves to start closing Guantánamo ahead of 20th anniversary of 9/11

Obama 2.0’: Israel pleased with Biden handling of Gaza war, but alarmed by Dems

President Biden surprises Parkland graduates with congratulatory message

‘Keystone pipeline canceled after Biden had blocked permit

Biden pushes protection for more streams and wetlands, targeting a major Trump rollback

Biden revokes and replaces Trump executive orders that banned TikTok


S&P 500 ends day flat as benchmark continues to hover near its record

Job openings set record of 9.3 million as labor market booms

Senate Republicans hold up Biden personnel nominee over ‘critical race theory’ and abortion rights

As DeSantis takes aim at cruise industry, Republicans step up attacks on longtime allies in corporate America

Gov. Greg Abbott: Texas businesses are now forbidden from requiring proof of vaccination

Hogan administration defends decision to cut federal unemployment benefits

Graham says family members aren't working due to unemployment benefits

Senate GOP blocks bill to combat gender pay gap

Mitch McConnell Opposes Voting Measure Sought By Joe Manchin

Trump backers lose big as Ciattarelli claims GOP nomination in N.J.

More than 597,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,378,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC issues updated COVID-19 travel guidance for dozens of countries

Fauci says U.S. must vaccinate more people before Delta becomes dominant Covid variant in America

Senate approves sprawling $250 billion bill to curtail China’s economic and military ambitions

Harris tells Latin Americans the U.S. can offer them hope

Harris rejects criticism over lack of border visit: 'And I haven't been to Europe'

Senate Democrats missed their window to undo most of Trump's last-minute rule-making

Democrats try to pin down Manchin on voting rights

‘New Mitch McConnell’: Democrats go from wooing to booing Manchin for blocking Biden’s agenda

Joe Manchin is opposing big parts of Biden’s agenda as the Koch network pressures him

White House infrastructure talks with Capito collapse, leading to fingerpointing as Biden shifts strategy

Biden ends infrastructure talks with key Republican

Biden’s global vaccine strategy draws scrutiny ahead of G-7 pandemic talks

From The Queen To Putin, Here's What Biden Has Planned For His Trip To Europe

Is Biden’s Global Corporate Tax a Revolution—or a Retreat?


Dow falls more than 100 points to start the week, S&P 500 struggles to reach new high

The Fed is in early stages of a campaign to prepare markets for tapering its asset purchases

Rejecting Biden’s Win, Rising Republicans Attack Legitimacy of Elections

In Arizona 2020 Election Review, Risks for Republicans, and Democracy

The Republicans’ Wild Assault on Voting Rights in Texas and Arizona

Some GOP governors cutting unemployment aid have ties to businesses that may benefit

Josh Hawley wants Anthony Fauci out, but he knows who really fumbled the pandemic

Why Republicans don't want major corporations like Amazon to pay even a minimum tax rate of 15%

The Trump era changed Rubio. But he hasn't given up on his White House dream.

More than 596,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,358,000 cases have been reported.)

Vaccination rates fall to new lows; UK may delay reopening as infections rise; Moderna shot coming soon for kids: Live COVID-19 updates

A different kind of COVID-19 vaccine is coming, and it could be 'even more protective'

Justice Department recovers majority of Colonial Pipeline ransom: 'We turned the tables on DarkSide'

Supreme Court unanimously backs limits on immigrants with temporary protected status seeking green cards

Bipartisan group prepping infrastructure plan as White House talks lag

Amy Walter and Errin Haines on voting rights legislation and the filibuster

Harris arrives in Guatemala to tackle migration causes

In Guatemala, Kamala Harris details efforts to stem the tide of migrants to U.S.

Schumer faces cracks in Democratic unity

Democrats reach turning point with Manchin

Joe Manchin just *totally* screwed Democrats

Biden promises the feds will stop trampling journalists’ rights. But we need more than words.

Biden will probably fall short of July 4 vaccination goal because of states that didn’t vote for him

Political winds shift against Biden

Biden follows Trump in defending Puerto Rico benefits exclusion


Latest jobs report reveals post-Covid economy's long climb

Graham: 'It's time for the Russians to pay a price' for cyberattacks

Republican leaders say they want to focus on the future, but Trump is far from done with the past

Trump's grievances cloud Republican agenda heading into 2022

Trump and his allies try to rewrite, distort history of pandemic while casting Fauci as public enemy No. 1

The Republicans’ Wild Assault on Voting Rights in Texas and Arizona

Sunday Talk Shows -- News

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 6/6/21 FULL | FOX BREAKING NEWS June 6, 21

CNN State of the Union with Jake Tapper 6/06/21 | CNN Breaking News Today Jun 06, 2021

This Week with George Stephanopoulos 6/6/2021 | ABC News Today June 6, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - June 6th, 2021

Life, Liberty & Levin 6/6/21 8PM | FOX June 6,21

Manchin comes out against election reform bill, reiterates opposition to changing filibuster

Manchin says he will not support voting rights bill, in blow to Biden agenda and a warning to his colleagues

Why Harris is going to Guatemala and Mexico
(Answers to questions about her first trip out of the U.S. as vice president.)

Biden heads to Europe this week. Some Europeans are wary.

Biden administration to announce new efforts to fight smuggling, trafficking

Biden vows his support for the ‘critical role’ the arts play in America

Vaccination rates fall off, imperiling Biden’s July Fourth goal

Biden under pressure to help boost global vaccine supply


Yellen says inflation could reach 3 percent this year as recovery continues
(The Biden administration and Federal Reserve maintain that the price increases are temporary)

Yellen's 'crucial' role in G7 tax agreement shows 'multilateralism is back,' EU official says

G-7 countries reach agreement on 15 percent minimum global tax rate

Top House Republican Kevin McCarthy calls on Dr. Anthony Fauci to resign or be fired

Fauci hits back at GOP criticism over emails: 'It's all nonsense'

The GOP is failing to make a villain out of Biden and has run out of ideas - so now they're getting desperate and turning on their own.

GOP rival Becky Edwards slams Mike Lee as too ‘strident,’ says Trump was rightfully impeached

Bye-bye Miss American Pie — whatever happened to the Republican Party and conservatism?

Texas Republicans are a preview of national GOP rule

For GOP candidates, there’s no escaping the influence of Trump

Biden rejects new GOP infrastructure offer but will meet with Sen. Capito again Monday

White House rejects latest GOP offer on infrastructure with talks set to continue next week

Biden faces challenge with Democrats on infrastructure package

Biden said considering ex-Israel ambassador Dan Shapiro for a Mideast envoy role

Did Biden Break the Glass on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?


S&P 500 rises on Friday to close out winning week near a record high

Fed’s Mester lauds jobs report but says it’s not enough to change policy

U.S. economy adds 559,000 jobs in May, as the recovery shows signs of strength amid headwinds

Jobs report fuels partisan fighting over White House economic agenda, infrastructure

New Senate report to detail security failures on January 6 but will fuel fight for probe over Trump's role

Republican election audit fever 'unsustainable' for U.S. democracy, experts warn

Rep. Matt Gaetz under investigation for potential obstruction of justice in sex probe

Conservatives are spending big on bashing Anthony Fauci

More than 595,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,325,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC director urges parents to vaccinate teens, pointing to increase in severe cases

Brooks and Capehart on infrastructure talks, VP Harris’s role and Trump’s influence

Federal judge overturns California's decades-old ban on assault weapons

Facebook suspends Trump’s account for two years following oversight board criticism

House Democrats unveil $547 billion transportation bill, a spending boost that highlights partisan divide

Democrats claim vindication, GOP cries witch hunt as McGahn finally testifies

Biden says ‘America is on the move again’ as he touts latest jobs report, credits his policies

Biden responds to the May jobs report: ‘Our plan is working’

Biden says jobs report bolsters case for government spending

Biden touts 'historic progress' on economy as jobs numbers fall short

Biden rejects new GOP offer as spending talks drag on

Biden's new $1 trillion infrastructure offer reportedly swaps in 15 percent minimum corporate tax for tax hike

Biden wants GOP to back more spending, minimum corporate tax rate for infrastructure plan

Joe Biden Surrenders On Federal Unemployment Benefits

Biden gives ICE attorneys more discretion to drop immigration cases

Biden partners with nonprofits to screen asylum-seekers

The Biden administration seeks to rally allies and the private sector against the ransomware threat
(No longer considered only a criminal matter but a danger to national security)

Biden prohibits U.S. investment in 59 Chinese companies allegedly tied to military, surveillance

Biden admin formally ends Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' immigration policy

Biden administration moves to bring back endangered species protections undone under Trump


Dow ends day flat as economic comeback plays offset losses in tech

The national eviction ban expires this month. But renters still have protections in these states

States canceling extra unemployment benefits will cost local economies $12.3 billion

Jobless claims fall below 400,000 for the first time since the early days of the pandemic

Companies hired nearly a million new workers in May, ADP says

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Suggests Jan. 6 Riot Wasn't As Bad As Portrayed

Utah Rep. Blake Moore describes scary day at the Capitol, defends his vote for a Jan. 6 investigation

GOP congressman says it's time to stop 'fetishizing the idea of overthrowing the government'

Rand Paul calls planned Fauci book 'science fiction'

Court sides with Ted Cruz in campaign finance lawsuit

Sen. Grassley, who’s still considering reelection run, urges bipartisanship to keep Iowa caucuses first-in-the-nation

Pence says he and Trump may never 'see eye-to-eye' on Jan. 6

More than 595,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,304,000 cases have been reported.)

New daily COVID cases drop to below 10,000 in the U.S. Is the end finally in sight?

U.S. details global coronavirus vaccine plan, with first 25 million doses headed to Asia, Latin America, Caribbean, Africa

Trump's 3 Supreme Court appointees joined the 3 liberal justices to limit a landmark federal cybercrime law

Facebook to end a longtime exception made for politicians who break its rules

Manchin isn't ready to support Democrats passing infrastructure on their own

Sinema defends filibuster, sparking progressive fury

30 House Democrats urge Biden to do more for global vaccine distribution

'Five-alarm fire': Liberals use Jan. 6 panel blockade as rallying cry to abolish filibuster

US Senate Democrats push Blinken to address ‘humanitarian emergency’ in Gaza

Old-Guard Senators Defy Changes in How Military Treats Sex Assault Cases

Biden offers tax concession in infrastructure talks with key Republican

Biden expands Trump order by banning U.S. investment in Chinese companies linked to the military or surveillance technology

Biden tries new strategy with moderates as frustration grows

Biden's real superpower is being a white guy


Stocks rise slightly as the S&P 500 hovers near a record

Companies spending more on wages and supplies, but still can’t find enough workers, Fed report says

3.7 million Americans set to lose unemployment benefits early as 25 states exit federal programs

Two experts on what the Fed’s Beige Book says about the economy

Senate closes in on bipartisan police reform deal

Here’s where GOP lawmakers have passed new voting restrictions around the country

George P. Bush announces bid for Texas attorney general

Observers of Arizona’s GOP-led election audit document security breaches, prohibited items on counting floor

To build a crowd for a pro-Trump rally, Nevada GOP consultant sought help from Proud Boys

The Republican Party is trying a new kind of politics

More than 594,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,286,000 cases have been reported.)

Twelve U.S. states have 70% of adults at least partially vaccinated

Biden may hit July 4 vaccine goal, but millions of unvaccinated Americans will keep COVID alive this summer

Harris gets new high-stakes role with voting rights effort

Pelosi details next steps for Jan. 6 probe after Senate defeat

House Democrats press key GOP senator to release hold on aid to Palestinians

Pressure mounts on Manchin as ‘panic’ sets in among Democrats over voting rights

Parliamentarian: Democrats only get one more chance to sidestep GOP this year

Arizona secretary of state alleges procedure errors at audit

Joe Biden Meets With Key GOP Senator As Time Runs Out On Infrastructure Talks

Biden, top GOP negotiator agree to continue infrastructure talks Friday

Biden’s bid to bolster unions
(President sees groups as key to policy goals. But labor leaders face hurdles in priorities.)

Biden declares June a ‘national month of action’ in bid to boost vaccinations

Offering beer, babysitting and barbershop outreach, the White House launches new initiatives to boost vaccination

Biden scores 70 percent approval rating among American Jews


Stocks start June flat despite energy rally, Dow adds 40 points

Oil jumps to two-year high as OPEC and allies reconfirm gradual production increase

Everything’s becoming a subscription, and the pandemic is partly to blame

Millions of Americans could face eviction as housing protection expires in June

Millions of vacant jobs add up to a massive wake-up call

McConnell signals concern over changes to qualified immunity in police reform

Graham says Israel will request $1 billion from US after Gaza war

Rep. Liz Cheney rebukes former Trump advisor Michael Flynn for suggesting a coup 'should happen' in the US

Republicans fear Trump will lead to a ‘lost generation’ of talent

Republicans Are Outlining Their Strategy to Steal Future Elections in Plain Sight

Republicans target Washington state to help flip U.S. House as Matt Larkin challenges Rep. Kim Schrier

Texas GOP’s thwarted voting bill continues to give away the game

Disputing Racism’s Reach, Republicans Rattle American Schools

Biden Is Going Protectionist. Republicans Are Going Off the Deep End.

More than 593,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,269,000 cases have been reported.)

Moderna applies for full FDA approval of its Covid vaccine

Will the Excelsior Pass, New York’s Vaccine Passport, Catch On?

Pelosi floats Democrat-led investigation of Jan. 6 as commission alternative

Democrat wins New Mexico special election for U.S. House, overcoming a Republican emphasis on rising crime

Democrats set for filibuster brawl amid escalating tensions

Biden commemorates the 100th anniversary of Tulsa race massacre

At Tulsa event, Biden announces Harris will lead a push for voting protections in response to states’ recent ballot restrictions

Biden prioritizes US voting rights law as restrictions mount

Biden unveils new effort to narrow racial wealth gap as he commemorates Tulsa massacre

Biden calls out Sinema, Manchin for voting 'more with Republicans'

Biden to resume infrastructure talks with key Republican Capito on Wednesday

Biden administration suspends oil and gas leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Biden admin signals it in no rush to allow Canadian drug imports

Biden Is Going Protectionist. Republicans Are Going Off the Deep End.


Texas governor to veto state legislature funding after Democrats walk out over election bill

Texas' GOP lieutenant governor suggests Republicans only have themselves to blame for Democrats killing election bill

Texas Republicans plot to resurrect restrictive voting bill after Democrats’ walkout

US Sen Cruz: Biden showed 'weakness,' emboldened Hamas

Pentagon chief fires back at Sen. Ted Cruz, says U.S. military will never be 'soft'

Graham meets with Netanyahu in Jerusalem

Opinion: What unites the GOP: Checking Democrats’ lurch to the left

Juan Williams: GOP extremism is poisoning the nation

Vaccines 2.0: Next-generation COVID-19 shots will be cheaper, easier to deliver and protect against more viruses, industry leaders say

South Korea expands vaccination with J&J's COVID-19 shot offered by U.S

'Democracy itself is in peril:' Biden delivers warning while honoring fallen service members on Memorial Day

Biden warns 'democracy itself is in peril' in Memorial Day address at Arlington National Cemetery

Biden calls for 'day of remembrance' on 100th anniversary of Tulsa Race Massacre

Biden set for G-7 boost in bid for all nations to impose minimum global corporate tax

Biden might make it easier to swiftly deport migrant families

Biden shows little desire to reverse Trump's Cuba policies

Biden pushes for a deal
(White House gives GOP a week to reach compromise on an infrastructure bill.)

Who benefits? US debates fairest way to share spare vaccine

The next three months could shape Biden's next three years in office


It might take a year for U.S. to return to pre-pandemic employment levels

GOP's Capito says Biden 'has his heart' in infrastructure negotiations

Texas Senate approves stringent voting restrictions after all-night debate

Mitt Romney's successful 2012 campaign could serve as a template for 2024 hopefuls

Tom Cotton once again makes media look foolish

Mitch McConnell Is A 'Spineless McWorm' On Damning New York Daily News Cover

Sunday Talk Shows - News

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 5/30/2021 (Full)|Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace May 30 2021

CNN State of the Union with Jake Tapper 5/30/21 | CNN Breaking News May 30, 2021

This Week with George Stephanopoulos 5/30/2021 | ABC News Today May 30, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - May 30th, 2021 | Meet The Press | MSNBC--Preempted this week

Life, Liberty & Levin 5/30/21 8PM | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS May 30,21

Backlash against US store selling yellow star anti-vaccination patches

Texas Democrats block restrictive voting bill by walking off the floor to deny GOP-majority House a quorum

Supporters of a tougher line on Israel split over tactics and message

Democrats' use of Congressional Review Act puts filibuster debate in new light

Democrats plot next move after GOP sinks Jan. 6 probe

For Biden, a deeply personal Memorial Day weekend observance

For Biden, a personal Memorial Day observance

As a negotiator, Biden leaves GOP senators unsure how far he will go

Biden again calls out antisemitism; Congress pushes appointment of special envoy

Biden says human rights on the agenda with Putin


Economist surprised Trump-era tax break survived Biden budget plan

Two New Stimulus Checks May Be on the Way – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Even in the face of surging grocery prices, retail beef and pork prices cause sticker shock

Texas Republicans finalize bill that would enact stiff new voting restrictions and make it easier to overturn election results

The GOP push to revisit 2020 has worrisome implications for future elections

'Hoping something sticks': Arizona election audit promises more intrigue than answers

McConnell returns as Senate 'grim reaper'

The Republican Party, Racial Hypocrisy, and the 1619 Project

Opinion: The really scary reason Republicans don’t want to face the truth about Jan. 6

Vietnam detects highly contagious new coronavirus variant as infections surge

Yes, we'll probably need coronavirus booster shots - but which one?

Democrats grapple with the enemy within: What to do about the filibuster rule that could kill their agenda

Rep. Connolly calls for Biden to create Jan. 6 commission

Biden blasts Texas voting bill: 'An assault on democracy'

Biden is reportedly planning a massive asylum overhaul at the southern border

Biden budget to maintain Israel support, restore Palestinian assistance and ties

The 'blue collar' White House: A tetchy president who does bicep curls and is intent on a second term


S&P 500 gains slightly to wrap up 4th straight positive month, sits less than 1% from record high

A key U.S. inflation gauge rose 3.1% year over year, higher than expected

Republican senators block a commission to study the attack on the Capitol

GOP senators block Jan. 6 commission, likely ending bid for independent probe of Capitol riot

Senate Republicans block January 6 commission

The six GOP senators who backed Jan. 6 commission bill

Sen. Murkowski delivers pointed criticism of fellow Republicans, including McConnell, who oppose Jan. 6 commission

Kinzinger slams Gaetz speech: 'This is why we need a January 6 commission'

Ted Cruz follows suit from red states and introduces a bill to ban the federal government from using vaccine passports

The GOP Now Stands for Nothing

American Democracy Isn’t Dead Yet, but It’s Getting There

More than 592,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,220,000 cases have been reported.)

Renewed focus on Wuhan lab scrambles the politics of the pandemic

Brooks and Capehart on Jan. 6 commission vote, Biden budget, Floyd death anniversary

Senate Democrats prepare to work on Biden infrastructure plan ‘with or without’ Republicans

Progressive Democrats pan antisemitism while lumping it with other forms of hate

White House criticizes latest GOP infrastructure offer but says talks will continue

Biden budget expects hot — but not overheating — economy heading into 2022 midterm elections

Biden budget drops Hyde Amendment to allow public funding of abortion

Biden Looks to the Future in First Defense Budget

Biden budget would give CDC its biggest funding boost in nearly 20 years

Biden budget includes his big-ticket spending plans, would boost health, education funding

Biden proposes giving federal employees a 2.7 percent raise next year

Biden goes on offensive against economic critics, argues rising wages show his agenda is working

Biden administration to reimpose sanctions on Belarus over diverted flight


Dow ends day more than 100 points higher amid solid jobs data, a jump in Boeing shares

Yellen says the government is operating like it’s 2010, calls for more aggressive spending

The Fed keeps expanding its powers, and that’s making some people nervous

Jobs picture shows more improvement as unemployment claims slide

JPMorgan CEO Dimon: U.S. 'poised for strong economic rebound'

Senate GOP unveils its $928 billion infrastructure counteroffer to Biden — here’s what’s in it

The GOP’s brazen move to strip power from a fraud-narrative-busting secretary of state — again

Paul Ryan to criticize Trump’s hold on GOP, but not by name

Paul Ryan slams Trump in speech about future of Republican Party

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan to urge GOP to return to Reaganism, end Trump fixation

GOP Sen. Rick Scott to block DHS nominees until Biden visits border

McConnell urges Senate Republicans to vote against Jan. 6 commission

Joe Manchin slams Republicans opposed to Jan. 6 commission: 'No excuse'

Murkowski voices frustration with GOP over Jan. 6 commission: 'Something bad happened'

Why Sen. Mitt Romney met with President Biden to discuss federal aid for families

Ron Johnson holds up Senate's holiday weekend exit

GOP snag complicates Schumer's China bill — again

Republicans slam Wall Street CEOs for appeasing ‘the woke left,’ Democrats allege inaction on climate, worker welfare and racial justice

More than 591,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,193,000 cases have been reported.)

Yes, we’ll probably need coronavirus booster shots. But which one?

Judge says Trump's 'steady drumbeat' of the Big Lie could continue to inspire his supporters to take up arms

Trump and Giuliani ask judge to drop Capitol riot conspiracy case

After Skirting Filibuster Fight for Months, Democrats Near a First Battle

AP Interview: Michigan official warns of democracy threats

Biden to Propose $6 Trillion Budget to Make U.S. More Competitive

Biden’s budget will include $5 trillion in new federal spending over the next decade

Biden warns Republicans not to 'get in the way' of more spending

Biden says his economic plan is working but urges additional ‘generational investments’

Biden calls out Republicans taking credit for rescue plan

Biden administration wants to give more power back to states to block pipelines

Environmentalists condemn Biden's backing of Alaska oil drilling project


S&P 500 ekes out a small gain in light trading, boosted by reopening plays

GOP readies $1 trillion infrastructure counteroffer, but most of it apparently comes from COVID-19 funds

Susan Collins to support breaking Jan. 6 commission filibuster

Republicans call for Fauci’s termination over shifting position on Wuhan lab funding

GOP gambles with Pelosi in opposing Jan. 6 commission

GOP senator miffed over busted deal seeks to block China bill

Romney blasts political extremes in speech accepting JFK award

AP FACT CHECK: House GOP falsely blames Biden for gas prices

Gosar is the Republican that Democrats want to avoid

More than 590,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 33,170,000 cases have been reported.)

Children should keep masking up, CDC director says, even as some experts question the need

Resistance to vaccine mandates is building. A powerful network is helping.

Democrats start putting GOP on notice as patience runs thin

Dems promised to lower drug prices, but plans are sputtering

Joe Biden orders his intelligence agencies to investigate the origins of covid-19

White House to face key decisions on climate, elder care if bipartisan deal with GOP emerges

Biden moves forward with missile deal to Israel despite progressive opposition

Biden nominee for ATF director supports AR-15 rifle ban

Biden Nominates Union Lawyer To Labor Board, Could Soon Flip Control To Democrats

Prairie chickens are dying out on the Great Plains. Biden’s efforts to save them could spark fight on key oil patch

Will Biden Blink Over Navalny?


S&P 500 erases gains and ends day slightly lower as market rally stalls

Home prices in March saw highest growth in over 15 years, S&P Case-Shiller says

Wall Street is facing a $9 trillion problem

How Biden’s tax plan may impact U.S. companies and overseas profits

Republicans plan to send Biden nearly $1 trillion infrastructure counteroffer this week

McConnell: Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal will hamper counterterrorism efforts

The GOP’s shifting arguments against a Jan. 6 commission

An amendment by Rand Paul barring the NIH from funding some types of research in China passed in the Senate amid new debate on COVID-19's origin

Kevin McCarthy condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'appalling' Holocaust comparison

The GOP has no clue what to do about Marjorie Taylor Greene