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(Page 20) BEGINNING April 1,2021


S&P 500 ends day 0.7% lower, Nasdaq sheds nearly 2% for worst day since March

Yellen’s comments on inflation spark confusion, clarification as White House tries to navigate economic pressures

Treasury Secretary Yellen says rates may have to rise somewhat to keep economy from overheating

U.S. trade deficit surges to record; shortfall with China keeps rising

Cheney could be 'toast' in fight with Trump over GOP future

Romney defends Cheney: She 'refuses to lie'

'I've had it with her': McCarthy criticism of Cheney on hot mic

Gender politics hound GOP in Cheney drama

WSJ editorial board: 'Purging Liz Cheney for honesty would diminish' GOP

Ohio GOP will discuss possible censure of Rep. Anthony Gonzalez for impeaching Trump

DeSantis schedules special election to replace Alcee Hastings for January

Once GOP governor of Florida, Crist now runs as Democrat

Major corporations, business groups come out against Texas voting law

Republican seeks to use Obama energy policies to criticize Biden

Opinion: Elected Republicans are lying with open eyes. Their excuses are disgraceful.

More than 577,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 32,485,000 cases have been reported.)

Pfizer plans to file for full FDA approval of Covid vaccine at the end of this month

Judge orders DOJ to release memo Barr used to clear Trump of obstruction of justice

Giuliani’s Legal Bills Are Growing. His Allies Want Trump to Pay Them.

Many states are pushing through more permissive gun laws

The surge in children at the border has faded — and so has the attention paid to it on the right

Schumer ‘Actively Exploring’ Granting Citizenship to Millions of Illegal Immigrants Without GOP Support

Pelosi mocks House GOP looking for 'non-threatening female' to replace Liz Cheney

Biden’s new Covid vaccination goal is for 70% of adults to have at least one shot by July 4

White House will make unordered vaccine supply available to other states

Biden’s ‘owning the libs’ problem on the coronavirus vaccine

Biden sets new vaccine goals as White House grapples with its message

Only the ‘lucky few’ will pay higher taxes under Biden’s plan, analysis finds

3 things missing from Biden’s extensive plans

The Biden administration starts to unwind Trump’s border legacy


Dow climbs more than 200 points on the first trading day of May, retail stocks lead gains

Yellen: Biden’s phased-in spending plan won’t fuel inflation

How Biden’s real estate tax plan may hit smaller property investors

McConnell: No Senate Republicans will back Biden on $4T

McConnell says GOP open to $600 billion for infrastructure

Grassley asks Blinken to provide potential conflicts involving John Kerry

Allies of GOP leader vow to oust Liz Cheney

Republicans are crusading against 'wokeness'

Cheney hits back at Trump over election 'big lie'

Cheney slams Trump’s attempt to brand 2020 election ‘the Big Lie,’ sparking new calls for her to leave GOP leadership

The Republican Party Has Developed New Rites of Initiation: You Must Push the Big Lie

Florida Republicans reportedly fear they miscalculated on new voting restrictions

Florida Republicans rushed to curb mail voting after Trump’s attacks on the practice. Now some fear it could lower GOP turnout.

Florida Gov. DeSantis suspends all remaining Covid restrictions: ‘We are no longer in a state of emergency’

Will Infrastructure Be a Casualty of the GOP War on Cities?

More than 576,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 32,442,000 cases have been reported.)

Reaching ‘Herd Immunity’ Is Unlikely in the U.S., Experts Now Believe

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Here’s why it’s important even for young Americans to get a second Covid shot

2 in 5 American adults fully vaccinated as daily average of new Covid cases falls below 50,000

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Republican support for Trump and vaccine politicization

Biden says he will raise refugee cap from 15,000 to 62,500, after widespread criticism for extending Trump-era levels

Biden's Proposals Aim to Give Sturdier Support to the Middle Class

Biden admin proposes phase out of climate-damaging refrigerant

Biden is talking to Republicans, but for only so long

Biden said to tell Mossad chief that US not close to return to Iran nuke deal


Is the US headed toward a new housing bubble?

Online share of retail sales jumps to 19% amid lockdowns: U.N.

For Republicans, fealty to Trump’s election falsehood becomes defining loyalty test

Mitt Romney, Republican sphinx

GOP lawmaker charged with ‘knowingly’ letting rioters breach the Oregon Capitol

Republicans have edge in nationwide redistricting

2020 census paints muddled future for GOP

GOP wrestles with role of culture wars in party's future

GOP ramps up attacks on Biden's border wall freeze

GOP Seeks to Empower Poll Watchers, Raising Intimidation Worries

Former Ethics Chief Slams Cruz's Warning To 'Woke' CEOs As 'Most Openly Corrupt' Ever

Biden's Expansive Infrastructure Plan Hits Close to Home for McConnell

Fauci vs. Rogan: White House works to stomp out misinformation

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U.S. to launch trade talks on COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Blinken says China acting 'more aggressively abroad' - '60 Minutes' interview

Washington Post, New York Times, and NBC News retract reports on Giuliani

Democrats face growing list of swing-district retirements, dimming midterm prospects

Texas Democrats concede lockout in House special election

The Biden Administration Will Pay Farmers More Money Not to Farm


March US incomes surge as relief rolls out, spending jumps

More earnings, April’s big jobs report and inflation worries could swing markets in the week ahead

GOP frustration with Liz Cheney 'at a boiling point'

Bid to censure Romney for Trump impeachment votes fails

‘Lefty social engineering’: GOP launches cultural attack on Biden’s plan for day care, education and employee leave

U.S. about to run out of adults who are eager to get vaccinated

Oregon hit with COVID-19 surge
(Governor reimposes restrictions on bars and restaurants as the virus sends younger adults to the hospital.)

Court watchers buzz about Breyer's possible retirement

Democrats signal they’re open to concessions on infrastructure

Harris-led campaign to stem migration from Central America faces steep challenges

Vice President Harris will chair the National Space Council

Biden stakes claim to being America’s most pro-union president ever

Biden immigration moves under scrutiny from left and right

Obama not spared as Biden administration subtly criticizes previous North Korea strategies

Biden administration to restrict travel from India starting Tuesday

Biden calls Netanyahu to express condolences over ‘heartbreaking’ Meron tragedy


Stocks fall on Friday, but S&P 500 gains 5% in April

U.S. economy added 916,000 jobs in March, as women reenter workforce and recovery gains steam

McConnell wants '1619 Project' removed from federal grant programs

Rep. Scalise: Biden's infrastructure plan has "very little to do with roads and bridges"

Eight Republican 2024 candidates speak in Texas next week, but not Trump

House GOP accuses Biden of politicizing census

Republicans reveal their red line

President George W. Bush Interview

More than 575,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 32,316,000 cases have been reported.)

TSA extends mask requirement for planes, other public transportation in U.S. until September

U.S. joins aid shipments into virus-ravaged India as travel ban looms

White House is split over how to vaccinate the world

Justice ramps up Giuliani probe

CNN Poll: Americans are divided on what causes problems in US elections

Brooks and Capehart on Republican ideals, Biden’s joint address and agenda

Democrats accuse GOP of new lows in culture wars

Manchin says he doesn’t support D.C. statehood bill, dealing advocates a major blow

Sen. Hickenlooper: I'm "optimistic" we can reach bipartisan solution on infrastructure

President Biden hits the road to pitch families and jobs plans

Biden rallies in Georgia to mark 100 days

Biden reminisces about his frequent rail travel in marking Amtrak anniversary, touting infrastructure plans

Biden plugs infrastructure with a personal favorite: Amtrak

'One god-awful mess': Biden lays border crisis on Trump admin's refusal to cooperate

Biden cancels military-funded border wall projects

Biden administration deploys key diplomat to India amid coronavirus crisis

Biden to veer from Trump, Obama policies in taking on NKorea

Biden administration forges new path on North Korea crisis in wake of Trump and Obama failures

New Yahoo News/YouGov poll: At 100 days, Americans say Biden has faced bigger challenges and performed better than Trump

The false and misleading claims President Biden made during his first 100 days in office


S&P 500 notches record close after strong earnings from Facebook and Apple

Consumer-fueled economy pushes GDP to 6.4% first-quarter gain

Jobless claims drop 13,000 to 553,000 as economy heals

Inflation – feared by investors – is showing in earnings. Here’s why it can be good news

McConnell brushes off Trump criticism: 'We're looking to the future, not the past'

GOP lawmaker who voted to overturn Biden’s election win wants to help him on criminal justice reform

GOP senators call for probe of Kerry's alleged intel-sharing with Iran

Utah’s elected officials weren’t impressed with President Biden’s address to the nation

Ted Cruz was roasted for appearing to nod off as Biden spoke. He blamed the president: ‘Boring, but radical.’

Sen. Tim Scott’s comments on race ignite a fiery debate

Mitt Romney says he favors monthly cash payments for families over Biden's proposed federal childcare program

Cheney on fist bump with Biden: 'We're not sworn enemies. We're Americans'

Florida joins Georgia in passing new voting restrictions, including limits on vote-by-mail, drop boxes

Many Republican voters agree with Biden - 'trickle-down economics' has failed, poll shows

More than 574,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 32,257,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC outlines path for U.S. cruising to resume by mid-July

People seeking coronavirus vaccine appear eager to receive Johnson & Johnson

Colorado’s K-12 school outbreaks now infecting more students than they did at December peak

U.S. Senate overwhelmingly passes $35 billion water infrastructure bill

Conservative justices split in ruling for immigrant fighting deportation

U.S. coronavirus aid to begin arriving in India amid record surge of cases

Trump lashes out at McConnell again, saying Republicans need new leadership

FBI warned Giuliani, key Trump ally in Senate of Russian disinformation campaign targeting Biden

Democrats seek to push Medicare expansion as part of Biden’s $1.8 trillion families plan, defying White House

3 new gun bills, spurred by Boulder shooting, being pushed by Colorado Democrats

Biden says too-small Republican infrastructure plan would be a non-starter

Biden’s $4 Trillion Economic Plan, in One Chart

Biden, in speech to Congress, offers sweeping agenda and touts democracy

Biden marks 100th day plugging jobs plan in Georgia

Biden makes big government feel inevitable

Biden: White supremacists are the ‘most lethal terrorist threat’ to US

At 100 Days, Biden Is Transforming What It Means to Be a Democrat

U.S. pushes ahead with nuclear plans despite watchdog concerns


S&P 500 closes flat after Fed keeps rates near zero, Dow falls 160 points

Fed holds interest rates near zero, sees faster growth and higher inflation

A full recap of the Fed’s interest rate decision and Chair Jerome Powell’s press conference

How to tax capital without hurting investment -- President Joe Biden should improve the design of his taxes on Wall Street

Hit both by pandemic and quality problems, Boeing reports more losses

More $1,400 stimulus checks are sent as the IRS processes tax returns

A lawmaker wanted to ban ‘divisive’ teaching on race. Then he mentioned ‘the good’ of slavery.

Moderate Republicans leery of Biden's renewed call for unity

Graham to vote with Democrats to reverse Trump methane rule

Senate votes to nix Trump rule limiting methane regulation

Lindsey Graham Mocked For Desperate Money Plea Involving Golf -- And Trump

Grassley, Johnson call for removal of housing regulator watchdog

Cheney: 'Wishful thinking' by Trump she won't seek 4th term

Sen. Tim Scott responds to Biden: 'America is not a racist country'

More than 573,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 32,199,000 cases have been reported.)

Vaccination keeping elderly out of hospitals; 'new normal' nears as US case counts fall; pandemic baby bust: Live COVID-19 updates

Trump supporter found guilty of threatening to kill members of Congress after Jan. 6 insurrection

Justice Department has charged at least 400 people in Capitol riot so far

Federal agents execute search warrant at Giuliani’s home

Pentagon says US Navy fired warning shots at Iran boats in Gulf

Democrats fume over silence from DeSantis on Florida election

Senate Reinstates Obama-Era Controls on Climate-Warming Methane

Biden to unveil $1.8 trillion plan for children and families — here’s what’s in it

Biden’s big bet: He can remake the economy without any negative side effects

Biden makes case for sweeping change

4 takeaways from Biden’s first address to Congress

Biden calls out China, Russia in joint address to Congress

Biden will pledge to tackle immigration overhaul in address to Congress, while signaling openness to more targeted deal

Biden's first 100 days: What he's gotten done

Biden praised for delivering 'the most honest closing line of any presidential speech'

Jewish group endorses Biden’s pick for appeals judge, tipped for Supreme Court


S&P 500 closes flat near a record high ahead of Big Tech earnings

'Biden boom' extends to stock market surge in first 100 days

How the Fed’s gamble on inflation may pay off

The Fed will stay put in 2021 despite growing concerns about overheating economy, CNBC survey says

Jerome Powell is a heavy favorite on Wall Street to be renominated as Fed chair

Why are American workers becoming harder to find?

McConnell signals any immigration deal has to address border

Tensions simmer as McCarthy won't say whether Cheney should remain in House GOP leadership

Opinion: Kevin McCarthy shows why the country needs a Jan. 6 commission

Republican absences allow Senate to confirm Biden nominee without Harris' tie-breaking vote

GOP senators quietly meet with White House on infrastructure, happy with what they hear

Republicans embrace Trump in effort to reclaim Senate

Arizona governor signs bill blocking abortions based on genetic issue

Oklahoma governor signs 3 anti-abortion bills into law

The Republican plot to steal the 2024 election

More than 572,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 32,151,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC says fully vaccinated Americans can go without masks outdoors, except in crowded settings

Colorado surpasses half-million COVID-19 cases as hospitalizations continue to rise

Pfizer CEO: Oral drug to stop coronavirus could be ready next year

West Virginia to pay residents $100 to get COVID-19 vaccine

U.S. Navy ship fires warning shots after close encounter with Iranian vessels

Leading House Democrat to propose sweeping benefits, tax credits for families

Manchin pumps brakes on Biden infrastructure plans

White House hammering out details of increasingly likely Biden and Putin summit

Biden To Propose Free Preschool As Part Of Sweeping American Families Plan

Biden to issue executive order raising minimum wage to $15 for federal contractors

The refugee cap the Biden administration touted — then ditched — is back on the table

White House seeks to make massive boost to IRS enforcement centerpiece of new spending plan

Biden releases money in push to modernize US electric grid

Biden faces mounting pressure on forgiving student loan debt

To lead ICE, Biden picks Texas sheriff who criticized Trump’s immigration policies

Biden fares better than Trump over his first 100 days: Reuters/Ipsos poll

'Biden boom' extends to stock market surge in first 100 days


S&P 500 rises slightly to all-time high ahead of big earnings, Nasdaq hits new record close

Biden’s 100-day stock market performance is the hottest going back to the 1950s

New census numbers shift political power south to Republican strongholds

House GOP retreat to Florida fraught with peril

Led by Mitt Romney, lawmakers complain Utah’s share of money to improve public lands is ‘shockingly low’

Apples to apples, the Senate GOP infrastructure proposal is smaller than it appears

Montana governor signs trio of bills restricting abortion

GOP worries fiscal conservatism losing its rallying cry

Supreme Court rebuffs GOP bid to revive Trump's 'public charge' rule

Cheney breaks with McCarthy on scope of Jan. 6 panel

Rick Santorum Says 'Nothing' Was In America Before White Colonizers Arrived

More than 3,114,000 people have died from the coronavirus worldwide
(More than 147 million cases have been reported.)

More than 571,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 32,102,000 cases have been reported.)

At least 141 million people have received one or both doses of the vaccine in the U.S.
(This includes more than 95.9million people who have been fully vaccinated. 290.7million doses have been distributed.)

U.S. vaccination pace slows as average daily cases drop below 60,000

Michigan's latest COVID-19 wave is hitting people in their 30s and 40s especially hard

Supreme Court to hear gun-control case next term on carrying weapons outside home

EPA moves to give California right to set climate limits on cars, SUVs

Census shifts House seats: Five takeaways

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Biden’s upcoming joint address to Congress, GOP response

Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan to seek open US Senate seat in Ohio

‘We Can Turn It Around’
(John Kerry on the deep roots of his environmentalism, how he negotiates with the Chinese on climate, and the unshakable momentum of the green marketplace.)

Biden to propose increase in capital gains tax; Harris meets with Guatemalan president

White House defends Biden's proposal to increase capital gains taxes

Biden committed to increasing capital gains tax through “stepped-up basis”

Biden capital gains tax hike would only hit 0.3% of households, White House advisor says

Biden’s 100-day stock market performance is the hottest going back to the 1950s

Biden’s Budget Could Allow Schools to Invest in Tech

Biden administration set to relax outdoor mask guidance

In fight against virus, Biden looks for path back to normal

The biggest surprises of Biden's first 100 days in office


Homeless relief is on the way, but the crisis could get worse as evictions loom

In rapidly changing Georgia, many Republicans remain obsessed with the last election

Election conspiracies live on with audit by Arizona GOP

Republican-led legislatures push forward with efforts to restrict voting access

McCarthy skirts questions about phone call with Trump during riot

Almost half of Republicans say Chauvin jury reached wrong verdict: poll

Graham: Biden has been 'very destabilizing' in first 100 days

Rand Paul on the first 100 days: 'It's Biden's way or the highway'

If the GOP's attacks on corporate America are confusing you, it's because the whole party is confused

Mike Pence's COVID Rule-Busting Vail Vacation Cost Public $757,000 In Security Costs Alone

Vaccine doses are refused as demand falls
(Interest in COVID shots is so low in some areas that shipments are turned down.)

21,000 tested positive in one week after first vaccine dose: analysis

Sunday Talk Shows - News

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This Week With George Stephanopoulos 4/25/21 | ABC News Today April 25, 2021 Full Show

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Life, Liberty & Levin 4/25/2021 Full | Fox Breaking News April 25, 2021

Democrats push for chokehold ban, limited immunity in police reform talks

Democratic senators push Biden to include health care in American Family Plan

New proposal to lower Medicare age to 50 could be a lifeline to millions

Biden will close the first chapter of his presidency before a sparse crowd — and with a historic backdrop

White House says Israeli delegation will not change US position on Iran deal

White House’s new $1.8 trillion ‘families plan’ reflects ambitions — and limits — of Biden presidency

India sets another daily coronavirus case record; U.S. pledges help

Americans give Biden mostly positive marks for first 100 days, Post-ABC poll finds


Taxes and inflation will be key themes for markets in the week ahead

The jobs are here. Where are the workers?

GOP's 'elder statesman' James Baker praises Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal plan

The fading GOP establishment moves to support Cheney as Trump attacks and McCarthy keeps his distance

Are Red States in Denial About Improving Economic Prospects?

Texas Republicans Targeting Voting Access Find Their Bull's-Eye: Cities

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signs bill nullifying federal gun restrictions

Coronavirus dashboard: Catch up fast

Anthony Fauci Delivers Short, Sharp Shutdown Of GOP Senator's Vaccine Doubt Bluster

With OK from experts, some states resume use of J&J vaccine

Men lag women in coronavirus vaccinations, especially in Black communities

Lawmakers brace for bitter fight over Biden tax plan

Democrats warn Waters censure move opens floodgates

Troy Carter wins House special election in Louisiana

Biden takes careful approach to police reform

Biden calls mass killing of Armenians a ‘genocide’ in break with previous presidents


S&P 500 rebounds more than 1%, ends the volatile week flat

Final capital gains tax increase likely will be much less than Wall Street fears, Goldman says

Ron Johnson questions 'big push' to vaccinate 'everybody'

GOP-backed recount of Maricopa County ballots appears on track to move forward after initial pause ordered by Arizona judge

The Rise of Ron DeSantis

Ted Cruz maintains ties to right-wing group despite its extremist messaging

‘Gaslighting 101’: Sen. Ted Cruz Ripped For One Of His Biggest, Boldest Lies Yet

Asked to rate Biden, here’s what Mike Lee and Chris Stewart said after the laughter stopped

Sen. Tom Cotton Comes Up With Novel Way To Hail Whiteness, Gets Harsh Smackdown

Caitlyn Jenner officially announces challenge to Newsom in California recall

More than 570,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 31,958,000 cases have been reported.)

Health officials lift pause on Johnson & Johnson vaccine following panel recommendation

Single dose of Pfizer-BioNTech or Oxford-AstraZenca vaccine reduces infection rate by 65%, study finds

CDC recommends pregnant women get coronavirus vaccine

Senate committee to take up Biden judicial nominees in preview of potential Supreme Court fight

Brooks and Capehart on Chauvin verdict, Biden climate plan and Capitol riot investigations

Border crossings leveling off but remain near 20-year high, preliminary April data shows

Democrat Joe Manchin says there’s one GOP senator he’d endorse ‘in a heartbeat’

Manchin floats breaking up Biden's infrastructure proposal

Biden to visit UK, Belgium for G-7 and NATO meetings in first overseas trip as president

Biden touts jobs from tackling climate change, including some ‘we haven’t even conceived of yet’

Biden working group targets jobs for fossil fuel communities

Biden wants to hit wealthy Americans with new tax hikes to fund childcare and education. Here's what it could mean for you.

Biden's 'trickle-up' economics is just what America needs

Here’s what countries pledged on climate change at Biden’s global summit


Dow closes more than 300 points lower following reports of Biden eyeing capital gains tax hike

U.S. jobless claims fall to 547,000, another pandemic low

Jobless claims fall again as employment picture gains strength

Senate Republicans unveil $568 billion counteroffer on infrastructure upgrades

Senate Republicans outline their own infrastructure plan — here’s what’s in it

Key GOP senators say they’re open to corporate tax increase

As the voting-rights fight moves to Texas, defiant Republicans test the resolve of corporations that oppose restrictions

Senate Republicans take step to revive debt ceiling brawls with White House

As economy spikes, Republicans are still waiting for the ‘Biden depression’ that Trump predicted

Top Trump ally Lindsey Graham praises Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for refusing to abolish the filibuster

GOP attorneys general group in turmoil after Jan. 6 Trump rally

Female Republicans 'horrified' by male GOP lawmaker's description of Cheney: report

Liz Cheney vs. MAGA

More than 569,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 31,893,000 cases have been reported.)

The number of Americans getting vaccinated is on the decline

Health officials lean toward resuming Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine — but with a warning

Bipartisan bill would fix decades-old student loan problem for divorced Americans

Bill to combat hate crimes against Asian Americans passes Senate with bipartisan support

Pelosi floats new proposal for bipartisan Jan. 6 commission

House Approves D.C. Statehood, but Senate Obstacles Remain

White House sees GOP proposal as legitimate starting point

How the Biden capital gains tax proposal would hit the wealthy

Biden plan would nearly double capital gains tax for wealthy: report

Biden’s bold move to recognize the Armenian genocide

President Biden kicks off virtual climate summit

Five takeaways from Biden's climate summit

Biden pledges international finance plan as he presides over virtual global climate summit

Joe Biden asserts America’s role in the fight against climate change

Biden ushers in a new era of climate geopolitics

Biden pledges to slash greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030

As Biden convenes world leaders, U.S. pledges to cut emissions up to 52 percent by 2030


Dow closes 300 points higher to snap a 2-day drop, small caps jump more than 2%

G.O.P. Bills Target Protesters (and Absolve Motorists Who Hit Them)

GOP Rep. Steve Scalise argues D.C.'s crime rate should disqualify it from statehood

Murkowski explains why she's voting for Biden nominee

Top Senate Republican holds up Biden’s CMS nominee over Texas Medicaid waiver

Cornyn, Sinema to introduce bill aimed at addressing border surge

Arizona governor declares state of emergency, sends National Guard troops to border

Arizona governor vetoes strict sex education legislation

DeSantis suggests Chauvin jury may have been 'scared of what a mob' would do

Remember the debt limit? Top Republican revives demand for spending cuts

How the GOP Is Creating Harsher Penalties for Protesters

More than half of Republican voters back Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal plan, poll finds

More than 568,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 31,827,000 cases have been reported.)

U.S. sees unprecedented drop in vaccinations over past week

Thanks to Republican Anti-Vaxxers, the U.S. May Never Reach COVID-19 Herd Immunity

Garland announces Justice Dept. probe into Minneapolis police

Democrats reenergized for criminal justice legislation

Schumer vows to undo federal marijuana laws; GOP continues to balk

Harris casts tiebreaking vote to advance Biden nominee

'Hell no, don't raise them!': Manchin dismisses GOP-favored gas taxes and user fees to pay for infrastructure

Biden’s climate summit offers rare ‘breathing space’ with Putin amid growing rifts

Promising the earth—what can be achieved at Joe Biden’s climate summit?

Readout of the Third National Climate Task Force Meeting

Watch live: Biden gives update on Covid vaccination campaign

Biden presses employers to provide paid time off for vaccine shots, recovery

Biden announces tax credit for businesses giving paid leave for Covid vaccinations and recovery

Biden administration says it ‘strongly supports’ making D.C. the 51st state

Five major immigration promises Biden hasn't yet fulfilled

Boeing, Microsoft and Amazon among big donors to Biden’s inauguration


Dow closes 250 points lower for back-to-back losses, reopening plays lead decline

The predictable economic effects of climate change have started to appear

Unemployment benefits cut short for more than 300,000 during pandemic, study says

Clean energy jobs in Colorado, nationally are rebounding after pandemic-caused plummet

House rejects GOP attempt to censure Rep. Maxine Waters over remarks about Chauvin trial

Florida's DeSantis signs controversial law targeting 'rioters,' local police reform efforts

What Mitt Romney told Joe Biden in his White House meeting on infrastructure

Romney introduces legislation to tackle Social Security's funding shortfalls

Collins: There's a 'real issue' with 3 principles behind Biden's $2T infrastructure plan

Earmarks split Utah’s lawmakers, with Mike Lee and Mitt Romney vowing to seek none

Republicans go after Stacey Abrams at Senate hearing on voting rights

Cruz: Biden comments on Chauvin verdict 'grounds for a mistrial'

McConnell vents over 'fake news'

GOP eyes new strategy to derail Biden infrastructure plan

Jim Jordan, Val Demings get in shouting match about police during hearing

St. Louis lawyer who pointed gun at Black Lives Matter protesters considering Senate run

George W. Bush said he's troubled by 'the capacity of people to spread all kind of untruth'

‘It’s almost like insanity’: GOP base continues to lash out over Trump’s defeat

More than 567,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 31,763,000 cases have been reported.)

The Next-Generation COVID-19 Vaccine: Every Variant-Targeting Shot In Development

Opinion: The covid-19 vaccines are an extraordinary success story. The media should tell it that way.

***Chauvin found guilty of murder and manslaughter in Floyd case***

Jeffries roasts McCarthy over Waters: 'Clean up your own mess'

Senate Democrats split over legalizing weed

Biden calls for confronting systemic racism after Chauvin convicted of murder in Floyd’s death

Biden and Harris celebrate Chauvin guilty verdict: 'A giant step forward'

'It can't stop here': Biden, after Chauvin verdict, calls for passage of George Floyd bill

Biden will hold a big climate summit this week to reestablish U.S. leadership. Not everyone may follow.

Biden plans to cut emissions at least in half by 2030

Biden wants to crack down on corporate tax loopholes, resuming a battle his predecessors lost

How politics is shaping Biden’s infrastructure proposal

Biden’s recovery plan for families set to cost more than $1 trillion, extend enhanced child tax credit

Biden overruled Blinken, top officials on initial refugee cap decision: report


Dow slips more than 100 points from a record, Nasdaq closes 1% lower

Republicans tell Biden no corporate tax hike for infrastructure

Top House Republicans request meeting with Kamala Harris over border ‘catastrophe’

House Republicans ask Pelosi to reschedule Biden's address to Congress

U.S. Supreme Court brings end to another Republican election challenge

GOP sheds college-educated voters

GOP Rep. Stivers to step down as balance in House remains tight

Whitmer: State won't close down again following GOP lawsuits

Trump's fight with Murkowski roils GOP with new Alaska Senate challenger emerging

Rift between GOP, corporate America creates opening for Biden’s tax plan

Why the GOP is fretting about its inability to define Biden

More than 566,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 31,702,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC says fewer than 6,000 Americans have contracted Covid after being fully vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccines are free to all, experts stress

Garland says DOJ is 'pouring its resources' into stopping domestic terrorists 'before they can attack'

Why Political Sectarianism Is a Growing Threat to American Democracy

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on the infrastructure package, fundraising in the GOP

Donald Trump's most dangerous political legacy

Manchin throws support behind union-backed PRO Act

Maxine Waters just inflamed a very volatile situation

Biden tells bipartisan group of lawmakers he is ‘prepared to compromise’ on infrastructure

With Afghanistan decision, Biden restores foreign policymaking process that Trump had largely abandoned

ICE, CBP to stop using ‘illegal alien’ and ‘assimilation’ under new Biden administration order

ICE, CBP to stop using ‘illegal alien’ and ‘assimilation’ under new Biden administration order

Biden Choice for Justice Dept.'s No. 2 Is Seen as a Consensus Builder


Rick Scott navigates Trump, winning back the Senate — and his own ambitions

Rick Scott navigates Trump, winning back the Senate — and his own ambitions

GOP memo on Big Tech shows lawmakers ready to ‘burn down the internet,’ legal expert warns

Sen. Ted Cruz accused Rep. Maxine Waters of 'actively encouraging riots and violence' after she protested the police killing of Daunte Wright

GOP White House hopefuls move forward as Trump considers run

Trump’s grip on GOP looms as support falters for independent probe of Capitol riot

Fauci: GOP’s refusal to get vaccinated hurts efforts to lift restrictions

George W. Bush: 'It's a problem that Americans are so polarized' they can't imagine him being friends with Michelle Obama

What you need to know about the coronavirus right now

Half of US adults have received at least one COVID-19 shot

Pause of Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine likely to be lifted by Friday, Fauci says

US and China agree to cooperate on climate change after talks in Shanghai

The U.S. embarks on a huge climate reset

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Senate Democrats settling on 25% corporate tax rate

Biden to hold second meeting with bipartisan lawmakers on infrastructure

Fourth stimulus check update: Biden faces mounting pressure for new payment

Biden Inherits F.D.R.’s Supreme Court Problem


Concerns over inflationary pressure on earnings will test stocks in the week ahead

Republicans talk unity in Georgia but censure Kemp, others

GOP acknowledges struggle to bring down Biden

Republicans who backed Trump impeachment see fundraising boost

A pair of 'pro-police' GOP bills in Missouri draw scrutiny from free speech advocates

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel comes under pressure to show more independence from Trump

Five global concerns for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause

There was Trump-Russia collusion — and Trump pardoned the colluder

US, China agree to cooperate on climate crisis with urgency

Biden says Iran enriching uranium to 60% not ‘helpful’ to nuke deal talks

Biden administration removes Trump-era restrictions on fetal tissue research

Even as supply lines strain, Biden is in no rush to scrap Trump’s steel tariffs


Dow climbs 160 points to another record, posts 4th straight week of gains

Fed’s Waller says the economy is ‘ready to rip’ but policy should stay put

Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, and other GOP lawmakers who criticized Trump or voted to impeach him have spent tens of thousands of dollars on private security

Kinzinger: Republicans who join 'America First' caucus should be stripped of committees

McCarthy: GOP not the party of 'nativist dog whistles'

On guns and the pandemic, GOP Rep. Jim Jordan epitomizes a maximalist position on 'liberty'

How the GOP Lost Its Clear Voice on Foreign Policy

GOP agrees on one thing: Biden's infrastructure plan is bad. Now comes the hard part.

A pair of misleading GOP attacks on Biden’s infrastructure plan

‘A nicer version of Trump’: GOP donors flock to DeSantis

A cybersecurity expert who promoted claims of fraud in the 2020 election is leading the GOP-backed recount of millions of ballots in Arizona

Sen. Lee hopes to make getting a firearm silencer easier under new bill

More than 565,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 31,537,000 cases have been reported.)

Vaccinations in the U.S. are surging with many states nearing half of residents jabbed

The Blood-Clot Problem Is Multiplying

Russia to expel 10 U.S. diplomats in response to Biden administration sanctions

Iran begins uranium enrichment at highest level yet as Vienna nuclear talks continue

Bipartisan House group pushes to scrap SALT cap as infrastructure debate heats up

Brooks and Capehart on police shootings, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan

'Bring it up now!' Biden demands action in the Senate on guns during wide-ranging press conference with the prime minister of Japan

Biden hosts Japan’s Suga as first foreign leader at the White House

Biden is taking a different approach to Putin
(U.S. sanctions do not preclude cooperation, he says after imposing penalties over Russian meddling and hacking.)

Biden’s picks to shore up the federal government’s cybersecurity face a big task

Biden administration to invest $1.7 billion to fight COVID-19 variants

Biden officials rescind Trump’s okay for Texas’s $100 billion-plus Medicaid plan

Biden administration issues first government-wide guidance about how to test federal employees for coronavirus

White House announces it’s keeping Trump-era refugee caps, then backtracks amid furor

Biden quietly relaxed ban on worker visas
(Trump policy spurred shortage in STEM employees. Demand for these skilled hires is also driving illegal crossings into U.S.)

Biden Plans Big Pledge on U.S. Emissions Cuts

Biden White House's secret weapon on infrastructure: small businesses


Dow jumps 300 points to top 34,000 for the first time amid blowout economic data

So far in earnings season, companies are reporting numbers way above what Wall Street expected

Retail sales explode in March as consumers use stimulus checks to spend heavily

Initial jobless claims drop to fresh pandemic-era low of 576,000

Sen. Chuck Grassley says Iowa doesn't have resources for 'baby-sitting' migrant children

Republican U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady will retire from Congress at the end of his term

Voters Like Biden Infrastructure Plan; G.O.P. Still Sees an Opening on Taxes

Liz Cheney says she would not support Trump in 2024: 'We cannot embrace insurrection'

House GOP leader: Won't punish Gaetz unless charges filed

Cruz no longer wearing mask in Capitol

Texas Sen. Cruz opposes hate crimes bill, says it won’t ‘prevent or punish actual crimes’

GOP leaders diverge on Trump, putting party in limbo

Biden’s presidency isn’t splashy, but Republicans still dislike all the ripples

Fauci, Jim Jordan spar over pandemic restrictions

WATCH: Maxine Waters erupts at Jim Jordan and tells him to 'respect the chair and shut your mouth' during COVID-19 hearing

Opinion: Republicans will keep up the craziness until they pay a real price

More than 564,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 31,457,000 cases have been reported.)

Spring wave of coronavirus crashes across 38 states as hospitalizations increase

Pfizer CEO says third Covid vaccine dose likely needed within 12 months

Fauci believes Johnson & Johnson vaccine will get back on track 'quickly'

Top federal science adviser says ‘nothing should detract’ from Americans getting vaccinated

Democratic leaders throw cold water on proposal to expand Supreme Court

Schumer lays groundwork for future filibuster reform

Manchin balks at GOP's smaller infrastructure plan - and says he can back $4 trillion as long as it's paid for

Joe Manchin: Barrier to progress or voice of reason?

Biden administration imposes significant economic sanctions on Russia over cyberspying, efforts to influence presidential election

Biden to Announce Nominees for Key Diplomatic Posts

Biden administration still seizing land near border despite plans to stop building wall: report

Biden starts off presidency with positive approval marks, CNBC survey shows

‘A loss of hope’ — How Joe Biden’s inaction on refugees has real consequences in Utah


S&P 500 falls from record as tech weakness offsets rally in bank shares, Nasdaq closes 1% lower

The economy is running on a stimulus-fueled caffeine high. What will happen when it wears off?

Treasury sends out 2 million more direct payments from coronavirus relief bill

A bloc of Senate Republicans prepare their own infrastructure plan as Biden tries to ramp up outreach

Mitt Romney And Kyrsten Sinema Team Up On Bipartisan Proposal To Increase Minimum Wage

In America, Republican-led states are rolling back electoral and civil liberties

The GOP's economic confusion

Utah Sen. Mike Lee wants to punish Major League Baseball for taking on Georgia’s voting law

No. 2 House Republican says GOP would act against Gaetz

Greitens Senate bid creates headache for GOP

Many GOP officials still privately hope prosecutors, some other outside force will make Trump go away

Shades of 2016: Republicans Stay Silent on Trump, Hoping He Fades Away

More than 563,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 31,384,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC panel postpones decision on J&J vaccine while it investigates rare but serious blood-clot issue

U.S. Senate Democrats plan to advance infrastructure bill to gauge bipartisan support

Democrats signal limited patience for GOP opposition to Biden infrastructure package

Democrats to unveil bill to expand U.S. Supreme Court by 4 seats

House panel approves bill to create commission on slavery reparations

House passes bill to avert Medicare cuts

House committee approves D.C. statehood, setting up likely passage in the full chamber

Biden Team Insists Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Pause Won’t Derail National Rollout

Biden tells Americans ‘we cannot continue the cycle’ in Afghanistan as he announces troop withdrawal

Biden isn’t trying to put a good face on the Afghanistan withdrawal

Biden breaks with Obama, as well as Trump, on everything from Afghanistan to spending

Biden to cancel Trump's pandemic food aid after high costs, delivery problems

Biden proposes summit with Putin after Russia calls U.S. 'adversary' over Ukraine

Biden’s delay on refugees baffles and frustrates allies

Prodded to act on racial justice, Biden picks liaison to Asian diaspora


S&P 500 closes at record, Nasdaq adds 1% as stocks shake off J&J vaccine halt, higher inflation

Consumer prices rise more than expected, pushed by 9.1% jump in gasoline

Consumer prices move higher as White House, Fed monitor inflation

Here’s what major analysts said about J&J, Moderna and other related stocks following the pause news

IRS to roll out payments for $3,000 child tax credit in July

Republicans pray for truce after Trump attacks on McConnell

As Michigan G.O.P. Plans Voting Limits, Top Corporations Fire a Warning Shot

Washington County scolds Romney over his votes to impeach Trump in ‘unconstitutional’ trial

McConnell seeks to end feud with Trump

Gaetz associate said to be cooperating with prosecutors in investigation of the congressman

Lara Trump leads GOP field in North Carolina Senate race, poll shows

Big business is sticking with the Republican party

A battle over tax hikes is causing a GOP identity crisis

GOP senator says bipartisan infrastructure group wants to double Biden's spending on roads and bridges

Republicans Say No To Raising Taxes On Corporations To Pay For Infrastructure

More than 562,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 31,309,000 cases have been reported.)

FDA, CDC call for pause in use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine after ‘extremely rare’ cases of blood clots

Moderna says new data shows its Covid vaccine is more than 90% effective against virus six months after second shot

Colorado’s COVID-19 hospitalizations keep growing as state prepares to give counties control of public health measures

More spreadable B.1.1.7 coronavirus variant now 'dominant' in Iowa

Iran plans major jump in uranium enrichment after Natanz nuclear site attack

Schumer warns Democrats can't let GOP block expansive agenda

Biden insists he’s willing to negotiate with Republicans on infrastructure

Biden gets positive GOP reviews after infrastructure meeting, a hard no on corporate tax hike

Biden will withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, 2021

Biden sparks bipartisan backlash on Afghanistan withdrawal

Biden to address Congress on April 28

Trump gutted Obama-era housing discrimination rules. Biden’s bringing them back.

Biden promises to deliver on police reform during meeting with Congressional Black Caucus

Biden reaches agreement with 3 countries to try to keep migrants from reaching southern border

Administration proceeding with $23 billion weapon sales to UAE


S&P 500 closes flat near record high in another muted session ahead of key inflation data

Market braces for key inflation report Tuesday that may test the Fed’s mettle

U.S. government spent $660 billion more in March than it collected in revenue, the third-largest monthly deficit on record

Why stocks are at a record even with the dark cloud of higher taxes hanging overhead

Nikki Haley says if Trump runs for president in 2024 then she won't

McConnell sidesteps Trump calling him 'dumb son of a b----'

Romney on NRSC awarding Trump: Not 'my preference'

Republicans Ridiculed For Gifting Trump 'Made Up' Tiny Bowl Award

Cornyn draws criticism for tweet questioning if Biden 'really in charge'

Senate GOP opens door to earmarks

Defying Republicans, Big Companies Keep the Focus on Voting Rights

Juan Williams: The GOP is now the party of grifters and kooks

More than 561,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 31,226,000 cases have been reported.)

WHO says Covid pandemic is growing ‘exponentially’ at more than 4.4 million new cases a week

Regeneron to seek U.S. OK for COVID-19 cocktail to be used for prevention

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Biden’s bipartisanship efforts, division within the GOP

Biden says he is ‘prepared to negotiate’ scope of infrastructure plan and how to pay for it

Biden 'prepared to negotiate' size, taxes with lawmakers on $2.25 trillion infrastructure and jobs plan

Against mounting odds, Biden seeks GOP support for infrastructure plan

Biden faces pressure from Pelosi, Sanders over whether to double down on Obamacare or expand Medicare

Joe Biden hopes to stop American multinationals booking huge profits abroad

Biden administration drops plans for police oversight, citing George Floyd bill

Biden set to accept fewest refugees of any modern president, including Trump, report says

Biden is poised to expand Bears Ears and Grand Staircase monuments. The real question is by how much?

Biden picks 1st woman to be Army secretary

Biden picks former New Jersey attorney general to lead DEA

Biden picks Tucson police chief to run U.S. Customs and Border Protection


Fed Chairman Jerome Powell: Economy, job creation on the cusp of ramping up

Fed's Powell: U.S. economy at an 'inflection point' - CBS '60 Minutes'

Biden Republicans? Some in GOP open to president's agenda

Could Ron DeSantis Be Trump's GOP Heir? He's Certainly Trying.

GOP senator dismisses Trump-McConnell feud

Nevada Republican Party votes to censure GOP secretary of state

Trump goes after Pence, McConnell in speech to party donors

Trump reportedly targets 'stone cold loser' McConnell in off-the-rails RNC speech

'An existential threat': The Republicans calling for their party to reject QAnon conspiracy theories

In GOP bastions, legislatures press ‘culture wars’

The G.O.P.’s Matt Gaetz Problem

South African COVID-19 strain can 'break through' vaccine: researchers

As variants surge, a patchwork of surveillance efforts have ramped up to detect them

For immigrants, IDs prove to be a barrier to a dose of protection

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This Week with George Stephanopoulo‪s 4/11/21 | ABC News Today April 11, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - April 11th, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News

Life, Liberty & Levin 4/11/21 | FOX BREAKING NEWS Today April 11, 2021

Pentagon chief declares 'ironclad' US commitment to Israel

Pentagon chief declares 'ironclad' US commitment to Israel

With Warning to Democrats, Manchin Points the Way for Biden's Agenda

Biden to meet Monday with bipartisan lawmakers about infrastructure

The Memo: Biden's five biggest foreign policy challenges

Empty federal posts, including immigration and FDA heads, raise concern as Biden administration lags


Has the economic recovery arrived?

Florida newspaper blasts DeSantis's ban on COVID-19 passports: 'Makes no sense'

Sen. Mike Lee warns Biden may be planning more gun restrictions

How a Defeated Trump Is Making a Muddle of the G.O.P.

Pfizer requests FDA clearance for vaccine in kids ages 12 to 15

Senate filibuster's racist past fuels arguments for its end

US defense chief due in Israel Sunday amid rising Iran tensions

Kerry expected to travel to China in first visit by top Biden official

Trump officials celebrated efforts to change CDC reports on coronavirus, emails show

Manchin again becomes the center of attention on Biden’s infrastructure plan

Democrats see political winner in tax fight

Democrats see opportunity in GOP feud with business

Biden’s agenda faces crucial test as moderate Democrats draw lines and GOP rallies opposition

Biden’s new slate of aid to Palestinians comes under intense scrutiny


Dow jumps nearly 300 points to a record high, gains 2% for the week

The economy is on the cusp of a major boom and economists believe it could last

McConnell, GOP slam Biden's executive order on SCOTUS

Romney blasts end of filibuster, expansion of SCOTUS

Mitch McConnell-aligned super PAC backs Lisa Murkowski, setting up clash with pro-Trump candidate

In new book, John Boehner says today’s GOP is unrecognizable to traditional conservatives and dishes on his time in politics

Cruz on Boehner: 'I wear with pride his drunken, bloviated scorn'

Bowing to Trump? GOP brings leaders, donors to his backyard

The GOP is Trump’s party, so ‘all Republican roads lead to Mar-a-Lago’

New marijuana legalization effort focuses on Republicans, including Utah’s Mike Lee

House Ethics panel opens investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz as he faces sex-trafficking allegation

More than 560,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 31,042,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC ramps up scrutiny of rare post-vaccination ‘breakthrough infections’

Colorado in “fourth wave” of COVID-19, state officials say — but it’s expected to be less severe than deadly fall spike

U.S. cases involving Brazil variant on the rise, according to CDC data

New study says Moderna vaccine leads to more side effects than Pfizer vaccine

Brooks and Capehart on the filibuster, reconciliation, and the American Jobs Plan

Breaking down Biden’s plan to curb ‘blemish’ of gun violence in America

Manchin says 'January 6 changed me' as he calls for bipartisan cooperation

Biden will discuss infrastructure plan with bipartisan members of Congress on Monday

Biden has options beyond a corporate tax hike to pay for infrastructure, as negotiations get underway

Biden seeks huge funding increases for education, health care and environmental protection in first budget request to Congress

Five takeaways from Biden's first budget proposal

Biden calls for an extra $1.2 billion to help fund more tax audits of rich Americans

Biden asks Congress for 16% increase in non-defense federal spending

Biden has promised to raise the minimum wage for federal contractors. Their advocates want him to do even more.

Biden Creating Commission to Study Expanding the Supreme Court

Biden to surge vaccinators, testing to hard-hit Michigan

Biden administration slaps export controls on Chinese firms for aiding PLA weapons development

Biden will let Breyer decide when to retire, aide says


S&P 500 notches another record high as major tech stocks gain

Weekly jobless claims higher than expected

Fed will hike rates sooner, but bull market is on for 2021, says Jeremy Siegel

U.S. trade deficit hits record high as economy gains speed

Republicans are concerned about the debt again, even as they admit Trump grew it

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds: 'I strongly oppose vaccine passports,' will take steps to limit their use

First GOP lawmaker calls on Gaetz to resign

Georgia's GOP lieutenant governor says Rudy Giuliani's false voter fraud claims triggered voting restrictions

More than 559,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 30,960,000 cases have been reported.)

Nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated. Many countries may not hit that target this year.

Researchers identify five new cases of ‘double mutant’ Covid variant in California

Colorado’s COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to increase as outbreaks tick upward, too

Fauci says new Covid-19 cases are at a disturbing level as the US is primed for a surge

Manhattan district attorney seizes evidence from Trump executive’s former daughter-in-law

Pelosi wants Biden infrastructure bill done by August

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg: Corporate America 'can do more to pay their fair share' in taxes

New Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Americans favor every key aspect of Biden's infrastructure plan

Biden calls gun violence in the U.S. an ‘epidemic’ and ‘embarrassment’ as he announces executive orders to tighten restrictions

Biden calls U.S. gun violence an ‘international embarrassment’ as he outlines executive actions

Biden has a new point man on guns. He faces a steep hurdle in the Senate.

Biden-GOP infrastructure talks off to rocky start

Biden seeks to ease housing shortage with $5 billion 'carrot, no stick' approach

How Biden stimulus bill will target homelessness

Biden willing to negotiate on corporate taxes, but 'sick and tired' of non-payers

Biden administration spending $60 million per week to shelter unaccompanied minors

Tracking Biden’s environmental actions

It’s Still Hard to Be America’s Ally
(Biden wants to rebuild relationships, but old friends aren’t so sure.)


S&P 500 ekes out a record close as Fed plans to stick with easy policy

Fed officials say easy policy will stay in place until economic ‘outcomes’ are achieved

Biden tax plan would recapture $2 trillion in corporate profits from overseas, Treasury says

Stimulus checks: 25 million more payments sent in latest round, IRS says

McConnell says companies should stay out of politics — unless they’re donating money

McConnell backs away from warning businesses to stay out of politics

‘Appropriate’ or ‘not very smart’? Where Mitch McConnell draws the line on corporate political engagement.

Republicans' fake crusade against corporate power

Why Kentucky Just Became the Only Red State to Expand Voting Rights

Sen. Marsha Blackburn Mocked For Griping About Funding Elder Care

Moderate GOP senators and Biden clash at start of infrastructure debate

GOP lawmakers slam EPA chief over firing of science advisers

Republicans leverage attention on anti-Asian hate incidents in bid to overturn affirmative action

GOP House fundraisers accuse people who uncheck their recurring donation box of being Trump 'DEFECTORS' and prey to 'the Radical Left'

John Boehner: Trump's 'bulls---' cost GOP the Senate and 'led to mob violence'

More than 558,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 30,881,000 cases have been reported.)

At least 110 million people have received one or both doses of the vaccine in the U.S.
(This includes more than 64.4 million people who have been fully vaccinated.225.3 million  have  been distributed.)

U.K. variant dominates U.S. amid record-setting vaccinations

With millions vaccinated, rare side-effects of jabs are emerging

Manchin says there is ‘no circumstance’ where he would vote to get rid of the filibuster in blow to Biden agenda

These are the White House staffers working with Kamala Harris on curbing Central American migration

Biden open to negotiating on corporate tax hike, but says U.S. must take bold action on infrastructure

Biden open to negotiating on corporate tax hike, but says U.S. must take bold action on infrastructure

Biden's infrastructure plan is huge; his political margins are minuscule

Biden to nominate official from gun-control group to head ATF

Biden to announce executive action on ghost guns, red flag laws

Biden to take first limited steps on gun control, including on 'ghost guns' and pistol braces

Biden seems ready to extend US troop presence in Afghanistan

‘A moment of peril’: Biden sees infections climb on his watch


Dow falls nearly 100 points from a record high, S&P 500 breaks a 3-day winning streak

Janet Yellen calls for a global minimum tax on companies. Could it happen?

Consumers spent $900 billion more online in 2020. Here’s who will keep the biggest gains

McConnell warns biz off political speech, says it's 'stupid'

McConnell warns businesses of 'serious consequences' after many condemn Georgia's restrictive voting law

Republicans ramp up attacks on corporations over Georgia voting law, threaten ‘consequences’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issues order prohibiting 'vaccine passports'

Arkansas legislators pass ban on transgender medical treatments for youths, overriding governor’s veto

New Georgia Poll Shows Kemp Losing Governor’s Race to Can of Coca-Cola

Why Republicans Can’t Seem to Lay a Glove on Biden

More than 557,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 30,805,000 cases have been reported.)

Five states account for nearly 44 percent of new US COVID-19 cases

Michigan is the new coronavirus hot spot. The U.K. variant is partly to blame

Colorado confirms first cases of COVID variant that reinfects survivors easily.

Encouraging signs that the vaccine rollout is having the desired effect

The next few weeks 'are going to be critical,' Fauci warns

US set to join talks aimed at salvaging Iran nuclear deal

Talks on reviving Iran nuclear deal begin on ‘right track,’ Tehran envoy says

Is Big Business the Democrats’ New Best Friend?

Schumer gets his game changer

The White House says it wants to pass Biden's infrastructure package by the summer, sooner than expected

What's Crucial in Biden’s Infrastructure Bill: Water Investments

Biden still considering cancellation of as much as $50k per person in student debt

We’re still in a life and death race against the virus': Biden cautions pandemic is not over yet

Biden makes all adults eligible for a vaccine on April 19

Biden exceeds expectations on vaccines — so far

Joe Biden's surprising presidency


Dow climbs 370 points to close at a record high amid optimism on the economic recovery

The Fed could come under fire for easy policy while the economy soars and inflation rises

Fed’s Mester lauds jobs report, but says loose policy is staying put

Yellen speech confirms that the U.S. is back on the world stage

After new law, McConnell warns CEOs: 'Stay out of politics'

McConnell downplays need for aid to home state's government

Biden's big infrastructure plan hits McConnell, GOP blockade

Mitch McConnell Is Barking Scared Now That Corporate Power Is Against Him

McConnell urges Republicans to get vaccinated for COVID-19

Rand Paul Claims Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Infringes on Bridges’ Right to Crumble

Mike Huckabee's Outrageous Tweet Is a Perfect Example of Charles Barkley's Comment about Divisive Politics

Arkansas governor vetoes bill banning medical treatments for transgender youths

Cheney snags victories ahead of her next battle with Trumpworld

Rubio asks MLB commissioner if he'll give up Augusta golf club membership

Gaetz defends himself: I'm 'not a monk'

Republicans mobilize for showdown that will help define the Biden presidency

Time back home with voters only emboldens Republicans to oppose Biden’s agenda

Fauci pushes back on GOP criticisms, calling claims ‘bizarre’

More than 556,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 30,742,000 cases have been reported.)

FEMA to take over mass vaccination site in Pueblo, increase COVID-19 immunizations

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Georgia’s voting law, election fundraising rules

The staggering scale of the Trump campaign’s opt-out fundraising scheme

Democrats Prepare Plan to Raise Taxes on Multinational Corporations

Manchin says he won't support corporate tax hike to 28 percent

Manchin asks CDC to look into West Virginia HIV outbreak

Senate parliamentarian rules Democrats can sidestep two more GOP filibusters

Parliamentarian gives Democrats potential new tool for reconciliation in early ruling

Biden says higher corporate tax won’t hurt economy; Manchin opposes 28% rate

Biden defends infrastructure proposal against GOP attacks that it goes beyond traditional projects

On Iran nuclear deal, Biden faces more distrust in Tehran and sharpened knives in Washington


Dow futures jump more than 100 points after blowout jobs report

With stimulus cash and jobs spike, U.S. emerges as main engine for global economic recovery

Coke-free zones: Georgia Republicans ban Coca-Cola from office over voting law criticism

Iowa governor signs bill allowing handgun purchases without background check

DeSantis spars with '60 Minutes' over vaccine rollout: 'What you're saying is wrong'

Why some Republicans think vaccine passports will backfire on Democrats

Biden's big infrastructure plan hits McConnell, GOP blockade

GOP lawmakers pull support of candidate following comments about Chinese immigrants

Opinion: Arizona Republicans’ desperate crusade to find nonexistent voter fraud

CDC director walks tightrope on pandemic messaging

Fauci touts vaccinations: 'This is not going to last forever'

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Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 4/4/2021 | FOX BREAKING NEWS Apr 4, 2021

CNN State of the Union with Jake Tapper 4/04/21 | CNN Breaking News Today April 04, 2021

This Week With George Stephanopoulos 4/04/21 | This Week ABC Today April 04, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast Full April 4th, 2021 Meet The Press NBC News

Life, Liberty & Levin 4/4/21 FULL | FOX BREAKING NEWS April 4,21

US: Jordan’s King Abdullah ‘has our full support’; kingdom denies coup plot

How Much Is Former President Trump Still Costing Taxpayers?

Biden will push through infrastructure plan if no Republican support -energy secretary says

Biden hopes to build on wave of U.S. optimism
(The national mood is improving, and he’s making big plans while the public is receptive.)

How Joe Biden tamed the left — at least for now

Gun control advocates applaud Biden funding plan but say more must be done

Biden and the waning of the ‘neoliberal’ era


Kemp: Voting law 'worth the boycotts as well as the lawsuits'

More GOP-led states risk corporate backlash like Georgia's

After MLB leaves Atlanta over Georgia law, focus turns to Masters

HP, Dow, Under Armour among nearly 200 companies speaking out against voting law changes in Texas, other states

GOP senators push to end MLB antitrust status

Inside a stealth ‘persuasion machine’ promising Republican victories in 2022

One Republican's Lonely Fight Against a Flood of Disinformation

Americans are rushing to get vaccinated as covid-19 cases spread

US vaccinates 4 million people in one day

Blinken tells Israel: Palestinians should enjoy same rights, freedoms as you do

Here are NJ projects that could get help from Biden's infrastructure plan (including Gateway)

Schumer says Senate will move ahead on marijuana legalization

Congressman says he’s consulted with Israel about US Capitol security

White House: GOP has 'struggled to articulate a reason' to oppose infrastructure plan

White House says bills are bipartisan even if GOP doesn't vote for them

The next phase of Biden’s presidency will be harder — and riskier


Jobs report blows past expectations as payrolls boom by 916,000 in March

U.S. economy adds 916,000 jobs in March, one year after the pandemic took hold

Republicans say Biden's not focused on infrastructure, but their voters like some of his proposals

DeSantis issues executive order banning vaccine passports

Georgia governor on MLB decision: League 'caved to fear' and 'liberal lies'

GOP congressional candidate on Chinese immigrants: 'I don't want them here at all'

Republicans quietly say Gaetz's days in Congress are numbered

Republicans blast MLB for moving All-Star Game

Utah Sen. Mike Lee says Delta, Coca-Cola should apologize for criticizing new GOP Georgia election law

MLB joins over 60 other companies in rebuking Republicans this year

More than 554,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
More than 30,566,000 cases have been reported.

CDC says 100 million people have received at least one vaccine dose

Fully vaccinated people are at low-risk from travel, CDC says

MLB will move its All-Star Game out of Atlanta as backlash to Georgia voting law continues

Border crossings in March jumped to highest level in 15 years, data shows

U.S. officials and other signatories to Iran nuclear deal to meet in Vienna next week

U.S. and Iran agree to indirect talks on nuclear deal

Brooks and Capehart on Biden’s new infrastructure plan, Georgia’s voting law

White House could attempt to advance $2 trillion infrastructure package without GOP votes

Biden credits American people for jobs numbers

Biden says his new infrastructure plan could create 19 million new jobs

Biden lifts Trump sanctions on international court officials

S&P 500 climbs more than 1% to close above 4,000 for the first time

Jobless claims rise again after declining to lowest level during the

Every step of the way': McConnell pledges battle over Biden infrastructure plan

Republican lawmakers hit back after Delta CEO blasts Georgia voting law as undemocratic

GOP lawmakers request briefing on Democrats' claims of 'suspicious' Capitol tours before Jan. 6

DOJ probe into Gaetz involves cash payments to women

Utah’s Romney, Curtis reintroduce bill to advance Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Sen. Mike Lee supports the use of vaccine passports by private businesses

More than 553,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 30,497,000 cases have been reported.)

Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine effective after 6 months; Moderna starts variant trial

Billions in New Obamacare Subsidies Are Now Available on

Democrats, Republicans and businesses gird for battle over Biden’s proposed tax hikes

U.S. Navy sets up shop in Putin's 'backyard' with Sea Shield exercise

New York attorney general probes Trump Organization's CFO

Manchin after border visit: 'Past time to do immigration reform'

White House unveils $2 trillion infrastructure and climate plan, setting up giant battle over size and cost of government

Biden’s infrastructure plan aims to turbocharge U.S. shift from fossil fuels

Infrastructure plan calls for $80 billion for rail. It could transform passenger service.

Inside Biden's new 'Jobs Cabinet:' An extensive effort to notch infrastructure win

At first Cabinet meeting, Biden gives five secretaries a ‘special responsibility’ on jobs plan

Biden’s New Deal and the Future of Human Capital

White House moves to reshape role of US capitalism

‘We can do this’: Biden unveils pro-vaccine TV ads, network of grass-roots leaders to push shots

White House asks governors for help with Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Biden Plans to Repeal Trump-Era Sanctions on ICC

Biden lets H-1B visa ban expire
(His reported decision on a moratorium enacted by Trump is a boon for tech firms.)

Biden wants more seniors to get care at home instead of in a nursing facility

Biden quietly giving Palestinians $75 million to help regain ‘trust’ after Trump

Biden admin lauds talks on readmitting US to Iran nuke deal

Biden says he would ‘strongly support’ moving MLB All-Star Game out of Georgia over voting law


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