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S&P 500 rises lifted by tech shares, closes out best month since November

Treasury Secretary Yellen to restart hedge fund oversight panel as part of financial reform goals

Treasury Sec. Yellen lays out aggressive agenda for financial system

Private payrolls hiring bursts at fastest pace since September on rise in hospitality hiring

Pending home sales fell over 10% in February, as record low supply stifles the housing market

Business world divided on whether to fight corporate tax hike in Biden’s infrastructure plan


McConnell pans Biden's infrastructure plan as a 'major missed opportunity'

House Freedom Caucus chair writes to Biden objecting to infrastructure proposal

Kemp deputy expresses concerns about Georgia's new voting law: 'There were some things I didn't like'

McCarthy calls allegations against Gaetz 'serious,' plans to speak with him

Sarah Palin encourages mask wearing after revealing COVID-19 diagnosis

Republicans seek to make vaccine passports the next battle in the pandemic culture wars

Republicans go to war over vaccine passports

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney said he will not vote for new federal gun laws

More than 552,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 30,421,000 cases have been reported.)

Pfizer-BioNTech says Covid vaccine is 100% effective in kids ages 12 to 15

Delta, Coca-Cola forcefully condemn Georgia elections bill as activists ramp up pressure on corporations

Georgia sports teams and major companies such as Coca-Cola and Delta Air Lines condemn new state voting law

Pentagon sets policies for transgender troops to openly serve again, reversing Trump-era bans

EPA dismisses dozens of key science advisers picked under Trump

Top Trump adviser warned then-president on virus supply shortage, then pursued controversial deals

N.Y. Seeks Trump Insider’s Records, in Apparent Bid to Gain Cooperation

Iowa Democrat drops attempt to contest House race, citing ‘toxic campaign of political disinformation’

Why Democrats' infrastructure bill could end up a long way from the plan Biden introduces

President Biden unveils his $2 trillion infrastructure plan – here are the details

Biden promises 'once-in-a-generation' investment during pitch for $2 trillion infrastructure and climate plan

White House unveils $2 trillion infrastructure and climate plan, setting up giant battle over size and cost of government

White House plan calls for large expansion of federal government’s role in transportation

What’s in Biden’s $2 trillion jobs and infrastructure plan?

5 key takeaways from Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan

Joe Biden’s strong start
(The administration unveils a plan to rebuild America)


Dow slips more than 100 points from a record high, Apple and Microsoft lead losses

Wall Street awaits Biden infrastructure plan, but it may not be ready for the new taxes

McConnell after Kentucky passes vacancy law: 'I'm not going anywhere'

Mitch McConnell Makes Appeal To Republican Men: 'No Good Argument Not To' Get Vaccine

GOP Congressman 'Happy' To Tout COVID-19 Stimulus Funds That He Voted Against

Georgia governor criticizes 'ridiculous' calls for boycotts over voting law

Florida COVID numbers face new scrutiny

GOP lawmakers ask Mayorkas for documents on warnings from DHS to Biden on immigration

What Mitt Romney thinks of Biden administration so far, and where GOP is headed

Sen. Toomey accuses the Fed of overstepping on climate change and other social issues

Rep. Matt Gaetz faces Justice Dept. investigation over alleged relationship with teen girl

Pence lays groundwork for 2024 run after defying Trump over 2020 election

Republican politics and right-wing media continue to fuse

Opinion: The GOP is facing a sickness deeper than the coronavirus

More than 551,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 30,352,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC Director Walensky stresses ‘hope,’ not ‘doom,’ after touring Hynes Convention Center

As U.S. braces for fourth pandemic wave, one governor asks for more vaccines in hot spots

The Fourth Surge Is Upon Us. This Time, It’s Different.

Judge rules Trump campaign's nondisclosure agreement is invalid

New York business leaders push Biden, Schumer to ditch the cap on SALT deductions

Senate Democrats propose capital gains tax at death with $1 million exemption

Democrats torn on Biden's bipartisan pledge

President Biden will unveil his $2 trillion infrastructure plan today – here are the details

With an eye on history, Biden moves on big, bold and progressive infrastructure package

Here’s how Biden’s infrastructure package will likely tackle climate change

Biden’s infrastructure and climate plan emerges as congressional wrangling begins

Biden signs legislation extending pandemic-era loan program for small businesses

White House announces new measures to counter anti-Asian violence

Biden announces 11 'racially diverse,' progressive judicial nominees to federal bench

Biden’s first slate of judicial nominees aims to quickly boost diversity in federal courts

White House: Biden committed to nominating 1st Black woman to Supreme Court

Biden’s border ‘crisis’ has little to do with the border


Dow closes up nearly 100 points at new record, shrugging off fallout from margin-call rout

Ted Cruz Complains He Was Taunted At The Border And You Know What Happened Next

McConnell blames election-related ‘confusion’ for Republican vaccine reluctance

Murkowski faces new Republican challenger after drawing Trump's ire

McCarthy calls on Pelosi to reject efforts to contest Iowa House race

Graham on Georgia legislation prohibiting giving water to voters in line: 'Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me'

Lindsey Graham’s AR-15 scenario is not the reality of South Carolina gun violence

DeSantis vows to take executive action against 'vaccine passports'

Georgia Governor Declares Water a Gateway Drug That Leads to Voting

New lawsuit challenges Georgia's GOP-backed election law

GOP seeks control in local elections
(Republican lawmakers in some states are granting themselves broad powers and limiting voter access.)

Josh Hawley became a pariah in Washington after the insurrection. Does it matter?

Why Transgender Girls Are Suddenly the G.O.P.’s Culture-War Focus

More than 550,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 30,286,000 cases have been reported.)

Vaccines are great, but testing and tracing will stamp out transmission

CDC director warns of 'impending doom' as Covid-19 cases spike in most states

Pfizer, Moderna vaccines are 90% effective after two doses in study of real-life conditions, CDC confirms

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on the push to reform gun laws, end COVID-19

 Supreme Court rejects bid to make Hillary Clinton testify about private email server

Feuds, fibs and finger-pointing: Trump officials say coronavirus response was worse than known

Schumer eyes bypassing filibuster for third bill

Why Joe Biden isn’t afraid of debt any more
(Donald Trump and the covid pandemic have changed the politics of spending big)

Biden warns ‘we’re in a life-and-death race’ with COVID-19

‘This is deadly serious,’ Biden warns about increase in coronavirus cases even amid progress on vaccines

Biden urges states to reimplement masks after CDC director said she’s ‘scared’ about rising cases

Biden says 90% of U.S. adults will be eligible for Covid shots by April 19 with sites within five miles of home

White House sees no federal mandate for COVID-19 verification

Biden administration launches major push to expand offshore wind power

Biden administration threatens tariffs on UK goods in 'tech tax' row

Biden Must Follow the Law and Sanction Nord Stream Now

New Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Stimulus checks and COVID optimism raise Biden's approval rating to highest level yet

New Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Americans give Biden mixed reviews on immigration and the border


Credit Suisse slides 10% at the open as it warns of ‘significant’ losses following U.S. hedge fund hit

The deepening economic divide: How the pandemic has hurt small businesses

Maine GOP rejects motion to censure Collins

Toomey, Murphy say expanded background checks on gun sales could pass Senate

CDC rejects cruise company request to sail in July

Another Covid-19 surge is avoidable, top health officials say. Here's what could fuel or curb another spike

Cases of coronavirus variants spiking in Florida

What you need to know about the coronavirus right now

‘Vaccine passports’ are on the way, but developing them won’t be easy

Birx tells CNN most U.S. covid deaths ‘could have been mitigated’ after first 100,000

Fauci says he and Birx had 'bad cop,' 'good cop' roles on Trump coronavirus task force

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Family groups crossing border in soaring numbers point to next phase of crisis

U.S. won't lift Chinese import tariffs anytime soon, Biden's new trade rep says

Raised to identify as Black, Harris steps into role as a voice for Asian Americans amid rise in hate incidents

Biden to unveil major new spending plans as Democrats eye bigger role for government

Under Biden, Democrats Are Poised to Raise Taxes on Business and the Rich

Biden Administration Building Back Better Government IT

Biden faces decision time on eviction moratorium

Biden administration’s strides on diversity

President Joe Biden said the Justice Department is looking into a new law in Georgia restricting access to voting, which he called an 'atrocity'

Biden's plan for reelection freezes Democratic field

Biden receives high marks on COVID-19, lags on immigration, guns: POLL


The end of the quarter could create volatility for markets in the week ahead

Sen. Mike Lee calls migrant camps at southern border ‘unacceptable’

Republicans in Washington state still pushing the election conspiracy that won’t die

Arkansas gov. signs law letting doctors refuse to treat on basis of morality, religion

Florida's DeSantis threatens lawsuit if CDC doesn't enable U.S. cruises to resume by summer

The Republican surrender to gun violence

Opinion: Georgia’s shameful new voting laws are a product of GOP desperation

Opinion: Mitch McConnell needs to remember why Republicans are in such poor standing in D.C.

Mulvaney calls Trump's comments on Capitol riot 'manifestly false'

North Korea says U.S. took wrong first step over missile test

Testing and tracing could have worked better against covid-19

Pregnant women 'didn't have the data' – until now: COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, even for babies, study shows

Meet the senators at the center of the filibuster fight

In Washington, Policy Revolves Around Joe Manchin. He Likes It That Way.

 Biden administration prioritizes 'crucial' infrastructure project that Trump snubbed

Johnson & Johnson to deliver 11 million vaccine doses next week, Biden administration says

Biden walks the union line, making a play for blue-collar workers


S&P 500 closes at a record, Dow jumps 450 points as stocks rally in the final minutes of trading

The Fed has embraced the ‘punchbowl’ and has no intention of taking it away

America’s long-ailing manufacturers are fired up

Michigan GOP chair calls top Democratic women 'witches'

Republicans ask U.S. Supreme Court to let them defend Trump immigration rule

Kemp fires back at Biden: Nothing 'Jim Crow' about Georgia law

Ted Cruz’s misleading memories of his 2013 gun proposal

Mitt Romney gets Profile in Courage Award for impeachment vote

After Trump tried to intervene in the 2020 vote, state Republicans are moving to take more control of elections

Far-Right Extremists Move From ‘Stop the Steal’ to Stop the Vaccine

More than 548,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 30,110,000 cases have been reported.)

More Americans to become eligible for vaccines and FEMA sites to open

US sets new daily record for number of vaccines administered, White House says

White House surprisingly announces Johnson & Johnson is on track to meet vaccine goal

Fauci disputes Trump CDC director's COVID lab theory

In show of bipartisan solidarity, 26 governors and more than 60 former officials condemn anti-Asian attacks

Brooks and Capehart on voting and gun violence legislation, Biden’s first news conference

Pelosi taps commander of D.C. Guard to become House sergeant-at-arms

Democrats introduce ‘DeJoy Act’ in opening salvo against USPS leader’s mail-slowing plan

Democrats push Biden to make expanded tax credits that help low-income Americans permanent

Democrats assail Georgia law, make case for voting overhaul

O'Rourke slams Cruz for video of border visit

Biden assails Georgia voting law: 'This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century’

Biden condemns GOP-backed voting restrictions in Georgia as an attack on the Constitution

President Biden planning executive actions on guns, White House says

Biden invites world leaders including Putin and Xi to climate summit

Biden’s Eightfold Path to Citizenship

Biden fires majority of DHS advisory council members

Biden nominates swing vote Sen. Joe Manchin's wife for $160K federal job


Dow climbs 199 points in late-day rebound led by stocks benefiting from reopening

Fed says banks will have to wait until June 30 to start issuing buybacks and bigger dividends

Weekly jobless claims tumble to lowest level in more than a year

Jobless claims fall to lowest level of the pandemic

Senate extends pandemic assistance for small businesses for 2 months

On The Money: Social Security gives IRS data for COVID-19 relief checks | Senate passes bill heading off Medicare cuts

Georgia governor signs into law sweeping voting bill that curtails the use of drop boxes and allows challenges to voting eligibility

Republicans Push for Greater Power Over How Elections Are Run

GOP senator tweets statue of himself holding gun to Biden: 'Come and take it'

Ted Cruz is selling 'spring break' tank tops featuring himself with a mullet: 'McConnell in the front, MAGA in the back'

Anti-Cheney measure stalls in Wyoming

Trump inspired Republican Senate candidates create early tensions over direction of the party

More than 547,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 30,035,000 cases have been reported.)

Vaccines open to all adults by April 15 in three biggest states; Joe Biden doubles target to 200M doses in 100 days: Latest COVID-19 updates

Signs of life amid signs of concern in the second year of the coronavirus pandemic

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says only 0.1 percent of Trump administration’s covid farm relief went to Black farmers

Pelosi: Bipartisanship will take back seat in Biden's infrastructure plan

Schumer and Murphy plan “boldest legislation possible” for gun reform that GOP will back

Boulder mayor to gun owners: Banning assault weapons is not tyranny

Democrats push Biden on returning war powers authority to Congress

Congressional Democrats aim to reinstate rules on methane gas emissions from oil and gas works

Manchin pushes Dems for voting rights compromise amid talk of killing filibuster

Biden talks southern border, voting rights, filibuster and Afghanistan in first press conference (entire press conference)

Biden says he plans to seek reelection in 2024, faces questions on filibuster, immigration, Afghanistan

4 takeaways from Biden’s first news conference

Biden blasts Republicans for suddenly caring about the national debt now that a Democrat's in the White House

Biden signals short delay in withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan

Biden commits $10 billion to close racial and other gaps in vaccine coverage

Biden May Be the Most Pro-Labor President Ever; That May Not Save Unions


S&P 500 reverses gains and closes lower as tech sells off, Nasdaq falls 2%

Yellen supports banks’ share buybacks. Sen. Warren wants BlackRock designated too big to fail

Fed Chair Powell: Monitoring commercial real estate very carefully

Just how anchored are America’s inflation expectations?  

McConnell says he and Biden aren't talking


Mitch McConnell is wrong. Here’s the filibuster’s ‘racial history.’

Ted Cruz Falsely Suggests CDC Guidelines Are Why He Won't Wear A Mask On TV

Graham seeks to impose strict limitations on asylum system


Extremism and bad candidates cost the GOP the Senate before. What does the party do now?

Republicans Fear Flawed Candidates Could Imperil Key Senate Seats

Republicans Push for Greater Power Over How Elections Are Run

More than 546,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 29,968,000 cases have been reported.)

US records over 30M coronavirus cases amid vaccination effort

AstraZeneca updates vaccine efficacy to 76 percent

North Korea launched two ballistic missiles, U.S., Japanese officials say

Americans have 'no right' to carry guns in public, 9th Circuit Court rules

Angus King signals he would nix filibuster for voting rights

Rachel Levine, historic transgender nominee, confirmed as assistant health secretary

As Democrats press for national gun control, GOP states move to expand firearm access

Democrats plan to squeeze GOP over filibuster

Biden taps Harris to lead efforts to stem the flow of migrants at the southern border

Biden assigning Harris to lead diplomatic efforts in Central America to address immigration

Shootings spur Biden to call for tighter gun rules

Biden urges schools to reopen, but teachers' union resistance continues

Biden is extending Obamacare enrollment through most of the summer

Biden sees himself as a two-term president


Dow closes 300 points lower as Caterpillar leads afternoon slide

Fed chair, treasury secretary’s message to Congress: Recovery has a long way to go

Powell and Yellen agree valuations in the market may be high, but aren’t worried about stability

Yellen, Powell say more needed to limit US economic damage

Powell: Important for people to get vaccinated for economic recovery

Cruz accuses Democrats of playing 'ridiculous theater' in proposals following mass shootings

Ted Cruz slams Democrats' gun control measures: 'It makes it worse'

Senate GOP continues to resist push for expanded background checks in aftermath of recent mass shooting

McConnell rips Dems for engaging in 'coordinated campaign' to smear Senate filibuster as 'racist'

GOP Congressman blasts tax hikes to pay for infrastructure plan

Republicans sound early note of opposition against $3 trillion White House infrastructure plan

The Georgia GOP Is Begging Biden To Act On Battery Plant, While Dems Stay Silent

Will appealing to White grievance be the ticket for the GOP in 2022? Ron Johnson may be the test case.

We need more than thoughts, prayers, and gestures. We need gun reform

More than 544,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 29,902,000 cases have been reported.)

Pfizer begins early stage clinical trial testing oral antiviral drug for Covid

North Korea fires short-range missiles in challenge to Biden administration

After mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, Senate Democrats promise a vote on new gun regulations

Manchin says he doesn't support House-passed background check bill

Duckworth drops threat to oppose Biden picks over diversity concerns

Senate confirms Vivek H. Murthy as surgeon general

Biden's Next $3 Trillion Effort Would Be Gamechanger for Parents

White House considers splitting $3 trillion recovery plan

White House eyes tax increases on companies and the wealthy to fund infrastructure, setting up clash with GOP

Biden mourns 10 killed in Boulder and calls for ban on assault weapons

Biden eyes executive action to impose new gun-control measures

Biden team searching for new ways to slow border surge

Biden’s Recovery Plan Bets Big on Clean Energy


Stocks rise as tech rallies amid falling yields, Nasdaq closes more than 1% higher

Assaulting the Truth, Ron Johnson Helps Erode Confidence in Government

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson falsely claimed Greenland only recently froze and now admits he has 'no idea' about its history

GOP Senator Slammed For Criticizing Biden's 'Humane Treatment Of Immigrants'

Georgia GOP voting bills advance as some provisions dropped

Mo Brooks launches Senate bid in Alabama

House conservatives ramp up efforts on child care bills

More than 543,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 29,844,000 cases have been reported.)

Covid cases rise across more than half of the U.S. as country races to vaccinate

AstraZeneca vaccine is 79% effective against symptomatic Covid-19, company says

How effective is the first shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine?

After record 2020 election turnout, states look to limit voting options

Amy Walter and Errin Haines on COVID stimulus relief, Biden immigration policy

Amy Walter and Errin Haines on COVID stimulus relief, Biden immigration policy

Democratic Senators Plot Path Forward On Raising Minimum Wage

Democrats vow to go 'bold' — with or without GOP

Ed Markey’s ahistorical attack on the filibuster

Biden team searching for new ways to slow border surge

Biden team searching for new ways to slow border surge

Biden eyes $3T package for infrastructure, schools, families

White House officials to meet with energy industry execs ahead of climate, infrastructure plan, sources say

Biden administration says data on AstraZeneca vaccine 'encouraging,' but awaits FDA decision

Opinion: The Biden team began exactly the reset we need on China


Romney says he cares about racial justice. Now’s his chance to vote that way.

Rep. Tom Reed apologizes for sexual misconduct detailed in Post report, won’t challenge Cuomo in 2022

Johnson, Grassley indecision freezes key Senate races

McCarthy hires top Trump official to run political operation

Florida's DeSantis positions himself as Trump's heir to the WH

Another coronavirus surge is unlikely but the pandemic isn't going away, former FDA chief says

Five myths about coronavirus vaccines

AP sources: Iran threatens US Army base and top general

Pentagon chief in Afghanistan on unannounced visit as deadline to withdraw U.S. troops looms

State of emergency in Miami Beach extended to April 11 as spring breakers overwhelm the city

Garland Is the Last, Best Chance to Uncover Trump’s Role on January 6th

Lead Capitol riot prosecutor says Trump could be culpable for his role

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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - March 21st, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News

Life, Liberty & Levin 3/21/2021 8PM , FOX BREAKING NEWS March 21,2021

DNC raises $18.4 million in highest year-to-date haul ever

Biden hampered by lack of confirmations

Biden steps up family expulsions as U.S.-Mexico border arrivals keep climbing

Team Biden: 'All options on table' in debate to fly migrants to northern border

Biden says he will visit border 'at some point'

There's a five-alarm crisis on the border — and Team Biden imposes a media blackout


The Fed could be a source of market volatility as Powell and others speak in the week ahead

The Fed can fight inflation, but it may come at the cost of future growth

'An all-hands moment': GOP rallies behind voting limits

GOP warns HR 1 could be 'absolutely devastating for Republicans'

Arizona Republicans target the state's mail voting system in series of bills

GOP hammers Democrats over Iowa Democrat's election challenge

Susan Collins is baffled as to why the White House 'would want to alienate' her

Julia Letlow wins special election in Louisiana to replace her late husband

Opinion: Mitch McConnell is running scared

Anthony Fauci Warns That Current Phase Of COVID-19 Pandemic Is ‘Not A Good Place To Be’

Florida tops 2 million coronavirus infections

Senators see dire conditions in packed border stations, as officials consider flying migrants north

A hostile meeting sets the tone for US-China relations

‘It’s not a local issue anymore’: D.C. statehood moves from political fringe to the center of the national Democratic agenda

The surge of migration presents an unexpected challenge for Biden and his team

Biden steps up family expulsions as U.S.-Mexico border arrivals keep climbing

Biden, Harris imply Trump bears some responsibility for surge in violence against people of Asian descent

Biden administration to launch cyber attacks on Russia as feud with Putin escalates


Dow closes more than 200 points lower as banks sell off, breaks a two-week win streak

The Fed will not extend a pandemic-crisis rule that had allowed banks to relax capital levels

Jobless claims unexpectedly jump despite relaxed economic restrictions

As Republicans Shun Vaccines, Congress Toils to Return to Normal

Ron Johnson’s misleading citation of data to back his ‘concern’ about BLM protesters

This Is How Twisted Kevin McCarthy Has Become By His Loyalty to a Vulgar Talking Yam

More than 541,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 29,692,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC says three feet between students is usually enough, a change that paves the way for more in-person instruction

U.S. Rushes to Expand Vaccine Eligibility in a 'Race Against Time'

Here are the highlights from the heated exchange between the U.S. and China in Alaska

US and China clash at UN meeting on combatting racism

Brooks and Capehart on COVID vaccine hesitancy and the Georgia attacks

Racist anti-Asian hashtags spiked after Trump first tweeted ‘Chinese virus,’ study finds

Democrats under pressure to act alone on immigration if Senate Republicans don’t sign on

Drug pricing, climate, immigration: House Dems eye ‘kitchen sink’ for next big bill

Democrat introduces resolution to expel Green

Feinstein opens door to supporting filibuster reform

Chuck Schumer Turns Mitch McConnell’s ‘Scorched Earth’ Threat Back On Him

Biden eyes new goal after U.S. clears 100 million coronavirus shots since Jan. 20

Biden approval grows as more Americans receive vaccinations: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Biden, Harris denounce attacks on Asian Americans: ‘Our silence is complicity. We cannot be complicit.’

Biden, Harris offering solace to grieving Asian Americans

Biden and Harris discuss voting rights with Stacey Abrams in Atlanta


Nasdaq tumbles 3% as soaring yields hit tech shares, S&P 500 closes 1.5% lower

Stock futures rise slightly after Thursday’s sell-off

Fed sees stronger economy and higher inflation, but no rate hikes

Jerome Powell Promises Not to Take Away the Punch Bowl

Ted Cruz releases holds on Biden nominees as administration looks to get tough on Russia pipeline

Graham on proposed return of talking filibuster: 'I would talk 'til I fell over'

McCarthy in combative exchange with CNN's Raju on election

McConnell: Pelosi trying to 'overturn a state-certified election' in Iowa

GOP senator blocks bill to prevent private debt collectors from seizing stimulus checks

Republicans seize on immigration as border crossings surge

Why Sen. Lee and other Republicans criticized the Equality Act during its first Senate hearing

Mitt Romney says aging Congress isn’t equipped to come up with plan to counter China

GOP lawmaker references lynching during anti-Asian violence hearing: ‘Find all the rope in Texas and get a tall oak tree’

Here we go again with the theater’: Fauci pushes back on Rand Paul’s amateur epidemiology — again

More than 540,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 29,626,000 cases have been reported.)

As COVID Rates Rise, Vaccine Supply Ahead of Schedule

Trump faces an onslaught of legal problems, as investigations and dozens of lawsuits trail him from Washington to Florida

House passes bills to open path to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants, legal status for farm workers

House rejects GOP resolution to boot Swalwell from Intel panel

Asian American lawmakers implore Republicans to tone down rhetoric in wake of attacks

Will Democrats target the filibuster?
(It may be hard to get a bill to the 60 votes needed to pass the Senate, but change has its own risks.)

Liberals Grow Impatient With Biden’s Foreign Policy Decisions

Becerra squeaks through confirmation vote to become HHS secretary

Biden said he will meet goal of 100 million vaccines in his first 100 days on Friday

Biden will send Mexico surplus vaccine, as U.S. seeks help on immigration enforcement

Biden and Harris to visit Georgia, a battleground that paved way for agenda

Biden’s muddle on immigration

Hostility rises between Biden, Putin

Internal Biden memo said to back 2-state solution along 1967 lines

Biden meets with UN Security Council members to talk climate


Dow climbs 189 points to close above 33,000 for the first time as Fed sticks to easy policy

Fed sees stronger economy and higher inflation, but no rate hikes

U.S. jobless rate will fall to 4.5% this year, and inflation will rise temporarily, Federal Reserve projects

U.S. has issued 90 million stimulus checks worth $242 billion, Treasury says

IRS pushes filing deadline to May 17 as agency grapples with backlog of returns

'Unlawful': GOP demands probe into Biden's border wall halt

Republican attorneys general threaten key element of the $1.9 trillion stimulus

Susan Collins Casts Lone GOP Vote to Advance Becerra HHS Nomination

House Republicans vote to approve restoring earmarks after decade-long ban

Sasse Hits Whitehouse’s ‘Paranoid Obsession’ with FBI’s Kavanaugh Background Check

Graham warns of repercussions if Democrats gain another Senate seat in 2022

More than 535,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 29,563,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC releases new workplace testing guidance

US-China tensions run high ahead of critical meeting

Trump’s Incomplete Border Wall Is in Pieces That Could Linger for Decades

U.S. Senate Democrats introduce sweeping election reform bill facing steep odds

Senate Democrats introduce bill to shield stimulus checks from debt collectors

House votes to reauthorize landmark Violence Against Women Act

Border surge puts Democratic push for immigration reform on shaky ground

Tai confirmed as top U.S. trade negotiator

Biden tells Democrats to make the Senate work again

Filibuster fight looms as Biden leans in

Biden administration wants the financial sector to face up to climate risk

Biden vows Russia's Putin will 'pay a price' for election meddling

Biden decries 'brutality' against Asian Americans after spa shootings

21 states sue Biden for revoking Keystone XL permit



Dow retreats from record, falls nearly 130 points ahead of Fed rate guidance

The Fed must walk a fine line Wednesday as financial markets hang in the balance

America’s banks have too much cash

Mitch McConnell darkly threatens 'scorched earth Senate' if Democrats eliminate the filibuster

Top Senate Republican issues stark warning as Democrats take aim at filibuster

Romney, Lee vote against Deb Haaland’s historic confirmation as green groups, energy interests weigh in

GOP state lawmakers and election officials launch commission to examine voting laws

Migrants are not overrunning U.S. border towns, despite the political rhetoric

Republicans struggle to drown out Biden's 'Help is Here' pandemic relief tour

A number of Republican lawmakers are saying no to COVID-19 vaccines

McCarthy decries ‘political stunt’ after troops visit lawmaker’s office

RNC plans aggressive counterprogramming to Biden campaign to sell COVID relief

More than 534,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 29,503,000 cases have been reported)

Army initially pushed to deny District’s request for National Guard before Jan. 6

Momentum of Capitol riot inquiries stalls amid partisan flare-ups

Trump: Supreme Court should be 'ashamed' for not reversing Biden win

Democrats question Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s claim that terrorists are crossing the border: ‘He is either wrong or lying’

Senate Democrats say Covid relief plan makes it easier for Biden to cancel student debt

Bob Menendez calls Ron Johnson 'racist' on Senate floor over Capitol riot remarks

Biden tells migrants 'don't come over' in ABC News exclusive interview

Biden highlights impact of relief package on small businesses at Pennsylvania stop

Biden spotlights COVID relief feats
(With vaccinations and monetary aid, the president aims to reignite Americans’ faith in government.)

Biden and allies launch stimulus campaign focused on competitive battleground states

Biden, for the first time, says he wants to overhaul the filibuster

5 tax hikes that may be coming under Biden: strategist


Dow notches another record high, rising 170 points on reopening optimism

17 Reasons to Let the Economic Optimism Begin

Biden's stimulus will keep America's economy humming for years, Goldman Sachs predicts

Yellen pushes global minimum tax as White House eyes new spending plan

McConnell Hits Biden’s ‘Bizzare’ Goal of Small Gatherings by July 4th

Ted Cruz Mocked After He Demands Military Stop Bullying Tucker Carlson

National Black Farmers Association calls for Graham to apologize over 'racist' comments

Judge orders Arizona GOP to pay $18K in failed presidential election lawsuits

GOP visits border, criticizes Biden policies

Texas GOP launches avalanche of bills to curtail voting

Ron Johnson keeps digging

More than 533,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 29,448,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC chief warns of another Covid surge as Americans travel for spring break

COVID deaths fell 22% last week, daily vaccinations set record

New EPA administrator: ‘Science is back’

Exclusive: U.S. Congress launches probe into multibillion-dollar 'clean coal' tax credit

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Biden and the growing migrant crisis

Juan Williams: Trump's jealous rants can't hide his failures

Pelosi releases draft proposal for bipartisan Jan. 6 commission

Pelosi promises to move fast on infrastructure

Democratic senators pressure Biden to cut some taxes for rich people in infrastructure bill

No. 2 Senate Democrat torches filibuster

California’s First Latino Senator Wants Immigration Overhaul Now

Deb Haaland confirmed as interior secretary, becoming the first Native American U.S. Cabinet member

Jared Kushner praises Biden's Iran policy

The White House is set to unveil a wide-reaching, billion-dollar campaign aimed at convincing every American to get vaccinated

Biden touts ‘shots in arms and money in pockets’ that coronavirus relief package will provide

Biden planning first major tax hike in almost 30 years: report

Biden reverses course in U.S. Supreme Court drug sentencing case

Biden administration will use Dallas convention center to shelter migrant teen boys

Border crisis threatens Biden's political momentum


With the COVID relief bill, get ready for the return of inflation (and that’s not necessarily a bad thing)

These Utah Republicans haven’t given up punishing Mitt Romney for his impeachment vote

Poll: Majority of Iowans do not want Grassley to seek reelection

COVID-19 vaccines cause mostly mild side effects, CDC finds

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Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 3/14/21 Full | Fox breaking News | March 14, 2021

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This Week With George Stephanopoulos 3 14 2021 FULL ABC Breaking News Sunday Mar 14, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - March 7th, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News

Life, Liberty & Levin 3/14/21 FULL | Fox Breaking News | March 14, 21

The United States and Iran warily circle each other over reactivating nuclear deal

Trump was supposed to be a political Godzilla in exile. Instead, he’s adrift.

U.S. Democrats push to make COVID-19 relief bill aid to the poor permanent

Democratic majority shrinks, but finds unity

Democrats bank on relief aid to win back wary working class

Biden struggles to unravel web of Trump immigration rules

Biden’s push for equity faces critical test amid shifting strategies to open schools

Biden says of Cuomo investigation: 'We should see what it brings'


The Fed could be a catalyst for bonds, and that could drive growth stocks in week ahead

The Stimulus Bill Is the Most Economically Liberal Legislation in Decades

Stimulus checks: Debt collectors can garnish your $1,400 payment

GOP goes on the attack against Biden relief bill

Gov. Ron DeSantis said 'any type of lockdown' in Florida is 'insane,' despite Biden's warning of possibly reinstating restrictions

Critics call Sen. Ron Johnson's insurrection comments racist

A GOP lawmaker says the ‘quality’ of a vote matters. Critics say that’s ‘straight out of Jim Crow.’

Infectious diseases expert Michael Osterholm says COVID variants are a "whole new ballgame"

5 Things You Might Not Know About Moderna

With clock ticking before exit deadline, U.S. appears poised to postpone troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

Democrats rush to Biden's defense on border surge

Democrats finding support for Biden in small-city America

Biden will deploy FEMA to care for teenagers and children crossing border in record numbers

White House says indirect diplomacy with Iran underway

Biden’s sweeping ambitions delight liberals — but pose political risks for his party


Dow climbs 290 points to close at another record, surging yields hit tech stocks again

The housing market stands at a tipping point after a stunningly successful year during the pandemic

US economy poised to grow more than previously thought due to stimulus, fast vaccine rollout

Companies are scaling back layoffs because of Biden’s stimulus package

Stimulus Solves Most — But Not All — State and Local Budget Problems

Congress delivered big Covid relief bills over the past year – but months of inaction took a major toll

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson says he never felt threatened during Jan. 6 Capitol attack, calls mob 'patriots'

Dr. Seuss goes to Washington: How the GOP plans to use the culture wars to win elections

The Democrats’ coronavirus relief package is popular. Republicans hope to dent it.

McConnell backs new process to fill Kentucky Senate vacancy

GOP leader to try to force Swalwell off panel

DeSantis to Biden: Thought of reinstating COVID-19 restrictions 'insane'

A Republican’s comments on Black Lives Matter get pushback for calling to mind stereotypes

More than 531,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 29,301,000 cases have been reported.)

Moderna and IBM Plan to Collaborate on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain and Distribution Data Sharing

Eli Lilly says antibody cuts COVID-19 deaths, hospitalizations by 87 percent

US passes 100 million COVID-19 vaccinations

Supreme Court cancels arguments in Medicaid work requirement case

U.S. Justice Department says will file 100 more cases over Capitol attack

IRS starts sending $1,400 direct payments

Brooks and Capehart on the historic COVID relief law and a year of life in the pandemic

New Adversary Looms for Trump as Vance Exits Manhattan D.A. Race

Cuomo refuses to resign amid Democratic uproar over sexual harassment accusations

Senate Democrats want the IRS to go above and beyond in helping the unemployed with their 2020 tax bills

House Democrats kick off work on an infrastructure package after enacting Biden's stimulus plan

Biden, Democrats take victory lap on $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package

Biden, Democrats celebrate passage of coronavirus relief package

Biden sets nation on seven-week sprint to near-universal vaccine access

Biden hails a change in 'paradigm' as he celebrates relief bill

Biden in TV speech tells Americans, only we together can defeat the virus

Biden's vaccination goal sounds ambitious. It's actually pretty realistic.

How new immigration legislation would fit into an already complex system

Biden officials fall behind in race to add more shelter space for migrant teens and children

Quad Summit’s Vaccine Deal Is Biden’s Bold First Move in Asia

Biden Team Engaged in ‘Rigorous’ Debate Over Ending Forever War


S&P 500 jumps 1% to a record as Biden signs new stimulus, Nasdaq rallies 2.5%

These 5 charts show the pandemic's brutal impact on American workers

How GOP-backed voting measures could create hurdles for tens of millions of voters
(At least 250 new laws have been proposed in 43 states to limit mail, early in-person and Election Day voting.)

Did Republicans just sign their midterms death warrant? 

Republicans will pay in 2022 for opposing the COVID-19 relief plan

Republican Retirements Are the Price Mitch McConnell Is Paying for Selling Out His Party to Donald Trump

Only 11 percent of Republicans view the pandemic as the country's most pressing issue, poll finds

Maryland GOP governor applauds Biden after prime-time COVID-19 address

Opinion: Roy Blunt wanted compromise and cordiality. He couldn’t survive the Trump GOP’s descent.

After sinking Neera Tanden over old tweets, GOP looks to same playbook for other Biden nominees

Sen. Mike Lee introduces bill on faith-based adoption agencies amid effort to expand LGBTQ protections

Sen. Mike Lee says massive voting rights bill was ‘written by the devil himself’

Conservatives are a lot more demanding of partisan loyalty than liberals

More than 529,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 29,233,000 cases have been reported.)

To End the Pandemic Faster, Don’t Give Up on State Mask Policies

Fauci blames 'mixed messages' for Covid death toll

Trump's own Defense secretary says he was responsible for Capitol riot

Michael Cohen has seventh meeting with Manhattan DA as Trump investigation ramps up

Recording reveals details of Trump call to Georgia’s chief elections investigator

House passes bill to expand background checks for gun sales

Democrats’ messaging shifts as they pass Biden stimulus bill: From economic crisis rescue to poverty relief"

Biden signs $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, clearing way for stimulus checks, vaccine aid

Biden signs $1.9 trillion stimulus into law; some could see stimulus payments this weekend

Biden to direct states to make all U.S. adults eligible for vaccine no later than May 1

Biden vows 'America is coming back’ after year of collective suffering due to pandemic

Joe Biden’s stimulus is a high-stakes gamble for America and the world

3 takeaways from Biden’s first primetime address to the nation

Millions to see drop in premium costs
(COVID aid bill expands Obamacare, boosting health plan subsidies to benefit the poor the most)

Biden wants bipartisan support for infrastructure, but GOP and Dems are already drawing battle lines

Biden rescinds Trump's 'public charge' rule

Biden faces backlash over surging numbers at border

The Biden administration’s first showdown with China

How Biden Benefits From Limiting His Own War Powers


Dow rallies 460 points to close at a record as bond yields fall, House passes new stimulus

McConnell voted to confirm Merrick Garland as attorney general 2 years after saying blocking his Supreme Court nomination was the 'most consequential thing I've ever done'

McConnell boasted that GOP group had outraised Trump's

Mitch McConnell faces bipartisan unpopularity: poll

GOP senator applauds restaurant stimulus money after voting against relief bill

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Busts Lindsey Graham’s Big ‘Magic’ Myth About Donald Trump

More than 528,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 29,172,000 cases have been reported.)

Why the CDC is still urging caution for vaccinated people

Trump told Ga. investigator he won the state: 'You'll be praised' for 'the right answer'

Congress adopts $1.9 trillion stimulus, securing first major win for Biden

The House passed the American Rescue Plan. Here’s what it offers unemployed workers

What’s in Congress’s $1.9 trillion covid bill: Checks, unemployment insurance and more

New Stimulus Package Brings Big Benefits to the Middle Class

A $60 billion surprise in the Covid relief bill: Tax hikes

Merrick Garland confirmed as attorney general

Marcia Fudge confirmed as first Black woman to lead HUD in more than 40 years

Senate confirms Michael Regan to lead EP

Congress adopts $1.9 trillion stimulus, securing first major win for Biden

Biden wants to sell the stimulus. The White House is still figuring out how.

Biden under pressure to get $1,400 payments out quickly

Biden announces plan to secure an additional 100 million doses of J&J vaccine

On war powers, Biden has pushed for both more congressional oversight and broad presidential authority

President Biden Must Follow the Advice of Candidate Biden on Iran


Nasdaq roars back 3.6% for its best day in 4 months, S&P 500 adds more than 1%

A top House Republican says the GOP has gone 'off the rails' and risks becoming a 'regional party'

Between Trump and a hard place: Senate's McConnell faces bipartisan unpopularity: poll

Blunt's retirement deals blow to McConnell inner circle

'Bad news': Wave of GOP retirements signals battles ahead

GOP Texas lawmaker introduces bill to allow death penalty for women who have abortions

Arkansas governor signs near-total abortion ban into law

GOP leaders reiterate commitment to working with Trump amid back-and-forth

Republican donations surge despite corporate boycott after Capitol riots

Sen. Mike Lee cites popular Latter-day Saint hymn in opposition to COVID-19 relief plan

Lee likens effort to restore congressional earmarks to legal bribery

Gov. Kim Reynolds signs law shortening Iowa's early and Election Day voting

Trump's pitch for campaign donors sparks wariness among GOP officials

What the GOP voting restrictions actually do vs. what proponents claim

Koch network pushes private-sector health-care agenda to counter Biden’s public option

More than 526,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 29,029,000 cases have been reported.)

Relief bill is most significant legislation for Black farmers since Civil Rights Act, experts say

U.S. says visa applicants denied due to Trump 'Muslim ban' can reapply

Manhattan prosecutors intensifying probe into Trump's New York estate: report

Pelosi says GOP will vote against COVID-19 relief and then take credit for it

House passes bill aimed at strengthening unions

Boosted Obamacare subsidies could soon be available at

Democrats spar over COVID-19 vaccine strategy

How Democrats learned to stop worrying and hand out fat stacks of cash

In defense of Joe Manchin

Pentagon chief approves extension of National Guard deployment at the Capitol; Biden continues selling relief package to public

How Biden Is Trying to Help Working-Class Voters in Red-State Alabama

After Trump eased them, Biden reinstates sanctions on Israeli mining tycoon

How U.S. aid for reproductive health could change under Biden

Biden’s Justice Dept. already has split from Trump. Merrick Garland will go even further.

Biden won't put his name on relief checks, unlike Trump

Biden, House Democrats take different paths on GOP extremes

Supreme Court agrees to dismiss challenge to Trump public charge rule


Dow rises 300 points to touch a record, Nasdaq sheds 2% as rotation out of tech continues

Lindsey Graham points to GOP’s reality under Trump: It’s a hostage situation

What Is Happening to the Republicans?

Roy Blunt’s Senate exit highlights big opportunity for GOP’s Trump wing in 2022

Meet the GOP voters who could decide whether the U.S. reaches herd immunity

To show loyalty to Trump, Republican state officials nationwide push new voting restrictions

RNC fires back at Trump, says it 'has every right' to use his name in fundraising appeals

GOP stumbles give Democrats new hope in Texas

Iowa governor signs bill to shorten early voting, close polls earlier

Fact check: Prisoners also got relief checks from the pandemic bills Trump signed and Cotton voted for

More than 524,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 28,976,000 cases have been reported.)

Health experts worry about variant-driven surge as states lift restrictions

New study warns Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines could be far less effective against South Africa variant

Fully vaccinated people can visit with nearby grandchildren, dine indoors with one another, CDC says

Fully vaccinated? Here are the CDC guidelines for what you can do after receiving a COVID vaccine

Justice Amy Coney Barrett riles conservatives with moderate rulings

U.S. proposes interim power-sharing government with Taliban in Afghanistan

Russian disinformation campaign working to undermine confidence in Covid-19 vaccines used in US

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on the American Rescue Plan

Trump ramps up battle with Republican leadership

U.S. Supreme Court dumps last of Trump's election appeals

Democrats' Relief Bill Shores Up A Million People's Pensions. That's A Huge Deal.

Joe Manchin pledges to block Biden's infrastructure bill if Republicans aren't included

Pelosi says Capitol riot was one of the most difficult moments of her career

Biden to deliver prime-time address Thursday, marking first anniversary of virus restrictions

Biden orders review of campus sexual misconduct rules

To Face Off Against China, Copy Its Playbook
(Biden should unite allies with a giant “Made in the Free World” project.)


Why rising interest rates unnerve stock investors
(When Treasury yields climb, bonds start looking good again.)

Know when to hold 'em: Pence 'playing his cards right' in plotting political return

Graham: Trump can make GOP bigger, stronger, or he 'could destroy it'

GOP senator defends Cheney, Murkowski after Trump rebuke

McConnell planning an 'escape hatch' in case he leaves Senate before term expires, report says

Scientists underestimated the coronavirus — and are racing to keep up with evolution

World on brink of fourth wave of coronavirus

What the Coronavirus Variants Mean for the End of the Pandemic

Don't drop the masks yet. One coronavirus variant is 'increasing exponentially' as the US races to vaccinate

Sunday Talk Shows News

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 3/7/21| FOX BREAKING NEWS Mar 7, 2021

CNN State of the Union with Jake Tapper 30721 CNN Breaking News Mar 07, 2021

FULL This Week With George Stephanopoulos 3/7/21 - ABC Breaking News Sunday Mar 7, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - March 7th, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News

Life, Liberty & Levin 3/7/21 FULL - Breaking News March 7, 2021

B-52s again fly over Mideast in US military warning to Iran

US, South Korea reach agreement on cost-sharing for troops

Democrats near pressure point on nixing filibuster

Narrow relief bill victory provides warning signs for broader Democratic agenda

‘We need the government’: Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief plan reflects seismic shifts in U.S. politics

President Biden's approval on COVID-19 steady as country wary about reopening: POLL

Border crisis creates new risks for Biden

Biden signs executive order promoting voting rights on 56th anniversary of ‘Bloody Sunday’

Biden nominates two female generals to oversee four-star commands

Biden’s wooing both labor and environmentalists on climate change. Oil pipelines may drive them apart.


Stocks face the crosscurrents of higher interest rates and fiscal stimulus in the week ahead

Ron Johnson's lazy obstruction exposes the reality of the filibuster

Tommy Tuberville introduces anti-trans amendment to COVID relief bill, gets voted down

Cruz puts hold on Biden's CIA nominee

Republicans aren’t fighting Democrats. They’re fighting democracy.

2,000 page report shows House GOP posting attacks on 2020 election

In Oregon, Scientists Find a Virus Variant With a Worrying Mutation

Legislators Battle Whether to Restrict or Expand Voting

Exclusive: Georgia prosecutor probing Trump taps leading racketeering attorney

Senate passes Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill after voting overnight on amendments, sends measure back to House

What’s in the Senate’s $1.9 trillion covid bill: Checks, unemployment insurance and more

Biden announces $1,400 payments will begin this month

Biden stimulus showers money on Americans, sharply cutting poverty in defining move of presidency

Biden to sign executive order aimed at increasing voting access

Biden getting 1st shot at making mark on federal judiciary

Biden administration moving to address a global compromise by Chinese and other hackers of Microsoft email servers


Dow rallies 570 points in big turnaround, Nasdaq ends wild day 1.6% higher

Job growth surges in February on hiring jump in restaurants and bars

February jobs report: Economy adds 379,000 payrolls, unemployment rate falls to 6.2%

Black and Hispanic women aren’t sharing in the job market recovery

The $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus plan won't 'overheat' economy: Biden economic advisor

America’s payrolls smash through expectations

The quiet crisis of long-term unemployment

A day after forcing marathon bill reading, Johnson says 'preference' to leave Senate

Biden's relief bill isn't getting bipartisan support like previous stimulus bills. What do Republicans dislike so much?

McConnell makes failed bid to adjourn Senate after hours-long delay

It Appears Mitch McConnell Has Done All the Dirty Work Of Which He's Capable

Ex-House Speaker Paul Ryan Is Fundraising For Pro-Impeachment Rep. Liz Cheney

Fighting Biden virus aid, GOP rekindles Obama-era strategy

GOP governors scorn pandemic restrictions as they compete for primacy in a pro-Trump party

South Carolina Republicans Face a Trump-Fuelled Schism

What Republicans talk about when they talk about the 'working class'

More than 521,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 28,831,000 cases have been reported.)

After states lift restrictions, CDC says mask mandates can reduce deaths

U.S. Supreme Court dismisses 'sanctuary' funding dispute

House impeachment manager Eric Swalwell sues Trump, Giuliani for allegedly inciting Capitol riot

Who’s to Blame for Stalling U.S.-Iran Negotiations?
(Biden was expected to revive the nuclear deal quickly—but as pro-Iran militias attack U.S. forces in Iraq and Washington strikes back in Syria, direct talks aren’t on the horizon.)

Brooks and Capehart on the COVID relief debate and the political divide on voting rights

Senate Democrats announce deal on unemployment insurance, allowing Biden bill to move forward

Democrats reach deal on unemployment aid, allowing $1.9 trillion relief bill to go forward

Biden helps broker Senate deal on unemployment benefits

Biden’s Stimulus Is the Dawn of a New Economic Era
(The United States’ massive relief package is more than a technocratic policy. It’s a democratic triumph.)

Biden: Jobs report shows American Rescue Plan urgently needed

Biden tells agencies to ignore Trump’s orders thumping federal workers

Pressure grows on Biden to end the filibuster

Biden’s strong coronavirus numbers reinforce the folly of Trump’s approach

Biden adds Big Tech critic Tim Wu to his economic staff

Biden called off strike against second target in Syria to avoid killing civilians, say officials


Dow falls more than 300 points as Powell fails to ease rate fears, Nasdaq goes negative on the year

Fed Chairman Powell says economic reopening could cause inflation to pick up temporarily

Markets fall after Fed Chair Powell urges patience

Republicans Won Blue-Collar Votes. They’re Not Offering Much in Return.
(Party leaders want to capitalize on Donald Trump’s appeal to the white working class. But in recent weeks, they’ve offered very little to advance working people’s economic interests.)

Chuck Grassley says he could support raising the minimum wage to $9 or $10

N.C. Republicans censured their senior senator for voting against Trump. But they are silent on Rep. Madison Cawthorn.

The Republican grievance perpetual motion machine

Murkowski emerges as focus of Biden effort to find GOP support for his agenda

Alabama's Republican governor extends face mask mandate

West Virginia's GOP Governor Calls Lifting Mask Mandates An Ill-Advised 'Macho Thing'

Scaramucci says if GOP goes with Trump in 2024 he'll 'liquidate' the party

GOP state lawmakers seek to nullify federal gun limits

Ron Johnson grinds Senate to halt, irritating many

Top Republican: 'Outrageous' to extend National Guard deployment at Capitol

Merrick Garland’s AG confirmation delayed by GOP lawmakers

Trump inadvertently boosts Biden's stimulus messaging with another statement raging against McConnell

More than 519,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 28,762,000 cases have been reported.)

About half of American seniors still need a coronavirus vaccine shot

America’s digital divide is blocking the most vulnerable people from vaccines

U.S. flirting with COVID 4th wave by lifting restrictions, experts warn

Court raises bar for some immigrants to avoid deportation

LastTexas family detention centers expected to transform into rapid-processing hubs?

Senate votes to open debate on Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill

Senate votes to take up COVID-19 relief bill

How Much Longer Can This Era Of Political Gridlock Last?

Capitol Police request extension of National Guard to protect Congress

Trump State Department appointee arrested in connection with Capitol riot

In Trump probe, Manhattan district attorney puts pressure on his longtime chief financial officer

Trump Weighs 2024 Run Without Mike Pence, Allies Say

Biden supports making a temporary $3,000 payment to parents in the stimulus bill permanent going forward

Is Biden’s Outreach to Republicans Real?


Stocks pull back after big rally, Dow closes more than 100 points lower

Republicans Accuse Biden of Trying to Score Political Points by Ending Pandemic

Sunk Cost King Mike Pence Is Still Pushing the Big Lie After It Nearly Got Him Killed

Pence breaks silence to criticize 2020 election

EXCLUSIVE: How the Senate GOP is scrambling to 'strengthen' 2nd Amendment in face of Biden 'threat'

Garland's AG nomination delayed by GOP roadblocks

DeSantis's rising GOP profile fuels 2024 talk

Senate GOP will force clerks to read bill to delay COVID-19 relief vote

Susan Collins Will Vote For Interior Secretary Nominee Deb Haaland

The real post-Trump GOP divide: House vs. Senate

IG finds misuse of office by Elaine Chao at Transportation

More than 517,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 28,695,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC director urges people to keep masking and distancing 'regardless of what states decide'

As Texas and Mississippi move to open ‘100%’ and lift mask mandates, health officials warn: ‘It’s still too early’

Dr. Fauci has a stunningly simple way to explain how Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine differs from Pfizer's and Moderna's shots

Five takeaways from dramatic Capitol security hearing

D.C. Guard chief says ‘unusual’ restrictions slowed deployment of backup during Capitol riot

Capitol Police say intelligence shows militia group may be plotting to breach the Capitol

Supreme Court Case Could Limit Options to Fight Republican Voting Restrictions

House scraps plans for Thursday session after security officials warn of possible plot to breach Capitol

House Democrats pass sweeping elections bill as GOP legislatures push to restrict voting

House passes expansive police reform bill named in honor of George Floyd

Biden limits eligibility for stimulus payments under pressure from moderate Senate Democrats

Eager to act, Biden and Democrats leave Republicans behind

Buried in Biden's stimulus plan is a 29 percent spending hike in Obamacare subsidies

Team Biden surprises with positive vaccine news

President Joe Biden slams governors for lifting mask mandates, calls it ‘Neanderthal thinking’

Biden Gives Turkey the Silent Treatment

As Biden weighs human rights and security in Mideast, some see peril for Israel


Stocks pull back after big rally, Dow closes more than 100 points lower

10% GDP growth? The U.S. economy is on fire, and is about to get stoked even more 

‘It just sucks’: America’s jobless owe thousands of dollars in taxes on their unemployment

Trump’s return at CPAC puts GOP divisions back in the spotlight

Trump's reemergence poses risks for GOP, media

Trump's cash plea could complicate GOP fundraising efforts

More than 515,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 28,628,000 cases have been reported)

Merck will help make Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine as rivals team up to help Biden accelerate shots

Why Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine will help in the fight to end the pandemic

How falling levels of COVID-19 tests could threaten pandemic fight

Fauci: U.S. must stick with two-shot strategy for Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna vaccines

Texas Drops Its Virus Restrictions as a Wave of Reopenings Takes Hold

FBI director says domestic terrorism ‘metastasizing’ throughout U.S. as cases soar

FBI Director Wray knocks down conspiracy theory that January 6 rioters were 'fake Trump protesters'

FBI director testifies on Capitol riot security failures

Supreme Court to consider scope of voting rights protections for minorities as GOP pushes to tighten rules

Supreme Court appears to favor upholding voting laws lower court found unfair to minorities

U.S. hits Russians for Navalny poisoning, signaling tougher stand

Rhode Island Gov. Raimondo is confirmed as commerce secretary

Senate to move forward on $1.9 trillion virus relief bill; Schumer says ‘we’ll have the votes’

Senate Democrats call for automatic stimulus checks and extra unemployment benefits

Senate to move forward on $1.9 trillion virus relief bill; Schumer says ‘we’ll have the votes’

House plans for immigration bills add uncertainty on Biden proposal

WATCH LIVE: Pres. Biden on the coronavirus pandemic

Biden vows enough vaccine for all US adults by end of May

White House withdraws Tanden nomination; Biden says U.S. will have enough vaccine doses for every adult by end of May

Biden meets with Mexican president amid growing pressure on immigration

Can Biden Finally Put the Middle East in Check and Pivot Already?
(The new administration, like previous ones, has a Middle East quagmire. But it’s trying some nuanced moves to break free.)


Stocks rocket higher in broad rally to start March, S&P 500 jumps 2% for best day since June

Get ready for more bond-market scares

Fed policy changes could be coming in response to bond market turmoil, economists say

Rep. Jim Jordan’s false claim that Pelosi denied a request for National Guard troops

Jim Jordan calls for House Judiciary hearing on 'cancel culture'

Some GOP state lawmakers help spread COVID-19 misinformation

Murkowski says no decision after Tanden meeting

Republican rips GOP lawmakers for voting by proxy from CPAC

GOP may hold keys to Democrats' long-sought minimum wage hike

Anti-Trump conservatives rally to back Vanita Gupta, Biden’s pick for key Justice Dept. post

2nd Democrat calls for investigation of DeSantis's vaccine distribution

Senate confirms Miguel Cardona as education secretary

Senate panel votes to advance Garland's nomination to be AG

More than 513,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 28,573,000 cases have been reported.)

Pentagon: U.S. strike on Syrian compound killed one fighter, wounded two more

Iran rejects offer for informal nuclear talks with US, demands sanctions relief

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Trump’s CPAC appearance and Biden’s immigration policies

Litigation Tracker: Pending Criminal and Civil Cases Against Donald Trump

Democratic senators propose clean energy tax credits

Senate Democrats to drop minimum wage plan in $1.9 trillion stimulus bill

Senate Democrats negotiating changes to coronavirus bill

Democratic voting bill would make biggest changes in decades

Democratic lawmakers put forth Senator Warren's tax on the ultra rich

It's like the Obamacare repeal-and-replace fight all over again

Biden works to unify Senate Democrats on $1.9 trillion relief bill

Biden administration to pay transportation, healthcare for families separated under Trump

The five reasons Biden explicitly endorsed union elections

Biden tries to reset relationship with Mexican president

Biden's approval tops 60 percent in new poll


Once Trump’s ‘enemy,’ Fed emerges as White House ally in rejecting concerns about overdoing stimulus

Overstuffed $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill endangers future growth and prosperity: Kasich

Allies of Rep. Adam Kinzinger launch super PAC to support Republicans who have bucked Trump

Rick Scott: GOP is ‘voters' party,’ not Trump's

Republican Sen. Sasse slams Nebraska GOP for "weird worship" of Trump after state party rebuke

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel says despite GOP divisions over Trump impeachment, the party 'overwhelmingly' agrees on most issues

CDC recommends Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine, enabling inoculations to start this week

Fauci urges Americans to take any vaccine available to them when eligible

Kavanaugh dismays conservatives by dodging pro-Trump election lawsuits

Neera Tanden’s confirmation fight is the first morality play of post-Trump Washington

Sunday shows - Trump's reemergence, COVID-19 vaccines and variants dominate

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 2/28/21 FULL | FOX BREAKING NEWS February 28, 2021

CNN State of the Union with Jake Tapper 2/28/21 | CNN Breaking News Today Feb 28, 2021

This Week With George Stephanopoulos 2/28/2021 [FULL] | ABC Breaking News Sunday Feb 28, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - February 28st, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News

FULL] Life, Liberty & Levin 2/28/21 | FOX BREAKING NEWS February 28, 2021

Five takeaways from CPAC 2021

Trump revamps MAGA movement to fight Biden agenda

Watch live: Trump speaks at CPAC

Trump teases 2024 presidential run in lie-filled CPAC speech

Senate mulls changes to $1.9 trillion coronavirus bill

Senate Democrats nix 'Plan B' on minimum wage hike

Border Democrat Henry Cuellar warns Biden about immigrant fallout

Biden offers support to union organizing efforts

Biden team readies wider economic package after virus relief

Biden’s Saudi Arabia problem


Rising interest rates may continue to test the stock market in the week ahead

Most House Republicans voted not to certify some election results. Democrats are still seething.

The making of Madison Cawthorn: How falsehoods helped propel the career of a new pro-Trump star of the far right
(Cawthorn has emerged as one of the most visible figures among newly arrived House Republicans, who have promoted baseless assertions and pushed a radicalized ideology that has become a driving force in the GOP)

Mike Lee argues the left is attacking the Bill of Rights

After impeachment vote, Rep. Herrera Beutler draws pro-Trump challengers

McCarthy: 'I would bet my house' GOP takes back lower chamber in 2022

Collins urges Biden to revisit order on US-Canada border limits

Ted Cruz Mocks AOC Days After She Raised $5 Million for Struggling Texans

Republicans sued over proxy voting in the pandemic. Now they're using it to speak at CPAC.

Former CPAC Chair Minces No Words Slamming What The Event, GOP Have Now Become

Johnson & Johnson’s 1-dose shot cleared, giving U.S. 3rd COVID-19 vaccine

Getting the vaccine will protect you from the coronavirus — and it may keep people around you healthier, too

‘It’s Donald Trump’s party’: How the former president is building a political operation to cement his hold on the GOP

Democrats' minimum wage backup plan is a combination of carrots and sticks

Senior Democrats explore tax largely hitting Fortune 1000 companies not paying $15 an hour

Democrats don't trust GOP on 1/6 commission: 'These people are dangerous'

Biden hails House passage of $1.9T virus bill, now to Senate

What’s in the House’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus plan

Biden calls for 'quick action' in Senate on coronavirus relief package

Biden signals ‘significant changes’ in US-Saudi ties

Biden explains justification for Syria strike in letter to congressional leadership

Touring Texas damage, Biden calls for unity
(President emphasizes empathy for victims of all political stripes, a contrast to Trump’s disaster responses.)


Dow drops more than 460 points to end losing week on rate fears

Dissecting the House GOP spin against Biden’s $1.9 trillion covid relief bill

Key Republican senator won't push for Medicaid work requirements in Iowa this year

Mitt Romney says if schools want pandemic aid, they need to offer in-person classes

Sen. Mike Lee rejects as ‘horrible policy’ idea of removing president’s sole authority for nuclear launch

Romney again pushes for stop to sale of flavored vaping products

At CPAC, Cruz and Hawley remain defiant about Capitol riot

Cruz hits back at Boehner for telling him to 'go f--- yourself'

Jim Jordan says Trump should lead GOP after keeping promises over four years in office

McCarthy: No commitment from Trump to not target Republicans

More than 509,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 28,396,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC director warns recent decline in U.S. Covid cases may have stalled as variants spread

FDA vaccine advisers recommend authorization of Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine

US strikes Iran-backed fighters in Syria, in 1st military action under Biden

Israel said very pleased with US strikes in Syria: ‘Biden is not Obama’

U.S. says Saudi crown prince approved Khashoggi killing, imposes visa restrictions on 76 Saudis

Brooks and Capehart on COVID relief, CPAC and President Biden’s nominees

House Democrats pass Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief plan despite setback on minimum wage

'Plan B' for $15 minimum wage unveiled

Biden Won’t Penalize Saudi Crown Prince Over Khashoggi’s Killing, Fearing Relations Breach

Biden vows to hold Saudi Arabia accountable after Khashoggi report released

Biden says U.S. will hold Russia accountable over Crimea

US strikes Iran-backed fighters in Syria, in 1st military action under Biden

Israel said very pleased with US strikes in Syria: ‘Biden is not Obama’

Biden to hold virtual bilateral meeting with Mexican president

Joe Biden’s $1.9trn stimulus package is one of the most popular bills in decades

Biden defends vaccine rollout as he marks 50 million vaccinations

Biden pushes full-time school, but districts are cautious after CDC weighs in

Biden is hiking the cost of carbon. It will change how the U.S. tackles global warming.

'We're in for the long haul': Biden visits Texas following storm, promises increased COVID relief

‘It’s not the time to relax,’ Biden says after touring coronavirus mass vaccination site in Texas


Dow falls 560 points amid surging yields, Nasdaq sheds 3.5% in worst sell-off since October

Weekly jobless claims drop sharply but labor market remains challenged

Minimum wage increase imperiled in covid relief bill by Senate official’s ruling

Mitch McConnell accuses Democrats of plot to 'nationalize' elections

McConnell says he'd back Trump as 2024 GOP nominee

The GOP might oppose one of the most popular bills in decades. How risky is that?

Kevin McCarthy and Chip Roy defended Liz Cheney and criticized Trump. Now both have reversed course.

Romney’s child benefit proposal gaining diverse fans

Dissecting the House GOP spin against Biden’s $1.9 trillion covid relief bill

GOP rallies solidly against Democrats' virus relief package

Haley isolated after Trump fallout

Conservatives go after Cheney for Trump CPAC remarks

Rand Paul criticized for questioning of transgender health nominee

Here are the three GOP lawmakers who voted for the Equality Act

Conspiracy theories and lies drive rift within GOP

The Republican Party Is Now in Its End Stages

More than 506,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 28,321,000 cases have been reported)

Approved coronavirus vaccine options could soon double in U.S.

Why experts like Dr. Fauci think 'there's a really good chance' the worst of the U.S. pandemic is behind us

Judge rules CDC eviction moratorium unconstitutional

Senate confirms former Michigan governor Granholm as Energy secretary

Neera Tanden: First Cabinet-Level Casualty of the Twitter Age?

Trump’s tax returns have been turned over to Manhattan district attorney

Minimum wage increase imperiled in covid relief bill by Senate official’s ruling

Democrats launch sweeping bid to overhaul US election laws

Democrats hesitant to raise taxes amid pandemic

House votes to pass Equality Act, prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

Biden administration conducts strike on Iranian-linked fighters in Syria

Biden speaks with Saudi king ahead of expected release of report on Khashoggi

Biden puts a twist on 'America First' even as he moves to unravel Trump's foreign policy

Biden marks the 50 millionth coronavirus vaccination in the United States

Biden lifts Trump-era ban blocking legal immigration to US

Biden, facing resistance in Congress, courts GOP governors


Dow jumps 420 points to a record close in another intraday reversal, recovery plays lead rally

As Nasdaq 100 continues losing streak, traders look for stocks to buy at a discount

Stimulus: CEOs of Google, Zillow, BlackRock, Visa, and more back Biden's $1.9 trillion proposal

America's unemployment problem is much worse than it seems

Mitch McConnell: Nancy Pelosi's plan for investigating the Capitol attack is a 'bizarre partisan concept'

The GOP’s increasingly novel relationship with the Constitution

Republicans introduce a torrent of new laws to restrict voting

Sen. Mike Lee presses Interior nominee Deb Haaland on pending fate of Utah monuments

Mitt Romney criticizes Biden’s HHS secretary nominee over abortion, expansion of Medicare

GOP moderates appear open to Becerra as health secretary

McCarthy, Cheney clash over whether Trump should speak at CPAC

Rep. Jim Jordan's 'Trump Is The Leader’ Of The GOP Tweet Goes Awry

Adam Kinzinger says the battle with Trumpism has to be fought in public

More than 503,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 28,245,000 cases have been reported.)

FDA review confirms safety, efficacy of single-shot Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, especially against severe cases

US hits game-changing moment in COVID-19 fight

Long-term effects of COVID-19 given name by experts, Fauci

Hearing for Haaland, first Native American pick to run Interior Dept., focuses on fossil fuels

Sen. Manchin to back Haaland for interior secretary; White House stands by Tanden for OMB

Neera Tanden committee votes delayed as alternatives to lead White House budget office surface

Manchin flexes muscle in 50-50 Senate

Democratic fury with GOP explodes in House

Biden officially undoes Trump’s designation of Seattle as an ‘anarchist jurisdiction’

Biden reverses Trump actions on visas, architecture, cities

Biden administration may undo certain Trump-era mortgage rules

Biden orders sweeping review of U.S. supply chain weak spots

Biden nominates three to USPS board of governors as DeJoy testifies on mail crises


Nasdaq closes 2.5% lower as Big Tech gets hit, economic comeback plays lift Dow

Powell says inflation is still ‘soft’ and the Fed is committed to current policy

Powell to lawmakers: Economic recovery still has a long way to go

McConnell to support Garland for attorney general

GOP Senate leaders sound off on COVID relief bill

Collins: Biden's $1.9T coronavirus package won't get any Senate GOP votes

Republicans release bill to 'gradually raise the federal minimum wage to $10'

Liz Cheney: GOP must not 'trivialize' gravity of Capitol riot

The Republicans Finally Face Merrick Garland—and Act as if They Were the Ones Unfairly Treated

Ron Johnson’s extreme effort to distance Trump supporters from the Capitol Riot

House GOP warns Biden against lifting sanctions on Iran

Chuck Grassley unapologetic about blocking Merrick Garland from U.S. Supreme Court

Mike Lee probes how far attorney general nominee Merrick Garland might push gun control

Romney: 'Pretty sure' Trump would win 2024 GOP nomination if he ran for president

Poll: Vaccine acceptance rising — except among Republicans

More than 501,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 28,170,000 cases have been reported.)

Vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna pledge massive boost to U.S. supply after sluggish rollout

U.S. supply of Covid vaccine to substantially increase next month, manufacturers tell Congress

Expert outlines 5 possible reasons the pandemic’s weakening — and why we need to ‘stay humble’

Poll: Vaccine acceptance rising — except among Republicans

Five big takeaways on the Capitol security hearings

Former Capitol security officials blame intelligence lapses for deadly Jan. 6 riot

Senate confirms Biden’s nominee for ambassador to United Nations

Tom Vilsack confirmed for a second stint as agriculture secretary with strong Republican support

Judge bans enforcement of Biden's 100-day deportation pause

Moderate Senate Democrats target state aid fund in Biden covid relief bill

Democrats in standoff over $15 minimum wage

Biden holds first bilateral meeting with a world leader, a virtual session with Trudeau

Biden administration preparing to sanction Russia for SolarWinds hacks and the poisoning of an opposition leader

Biden attempt to resurrect Iran nuke deal off to bumpy start

Biden Takes On Trump’s Migrant Policies and Confusion Reigns at the Border

First migrant facility for children opens under Biden


Nasdaq closes 2.5% lower as Big Tech gets hit, economic comeback plays lift Dow

The market is getting nervous about Powell’s testimony this week

The Jobs the Pandemic May Devastate

State Lawmakers Defy Governors in a Covid-Era Battle for Power

Colorado Republicans want to change automatic mail voting and other election laws. Democrats say it’s just to appeal to the GOP base

GOP targets Florida voting laws
(Republicans tout the state’s system but still want to restrict access — part of a wave inspired by Trump.)

Graham, Trump huddle to talk GOP's 2022 strategy

GOP not worried about voting against popular relief bill

Susan Collins says she'll vote against Neera Tanden nomination for OMB

Republicans demand equal representation on 1/6 Commission

In Pennsylvania - an important swing state - thousands have quit the GOP since the US Capitol riot

Former RNC Chair Has 3 Short Words For Republicans Wanting A Trump Party

More than 499,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 28,101,000 cases have been reported.)

FDA says Covid vaccines that target new variants won’t need large clinical trials to win approval

In a virus-ravaged city, nearly 400 million vaccine doses are being made — and shipped elsewhere

Fauci: U.S. political divide over masks led to half a million COVID-19 deaths

Supreme Court won’t take up challenge to Pennsylvania presidential election results

Merrick Garland tells senators Capitol riot investigation will be his first priority as attorney general

Merrick Garland’s confirmation hearing for attorney general - 2/22 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

DHS cancels Trump-era citizenship test, goes back to Bush test

Immigration advocates want Biden to do more to prevent discriminatory policies

Supreme Court again rejects Trump’s bid to shield tax returns, other financial records from Manhattan prosecutor

Manhattan’s prosecutor will see Donald Trump’s financial records

Trump lashes out after Supreme Court decision on his financial records

House panel advances $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill as Democrats move toward passage this week

Schumer sets up confirmation blitz in Senate

Kerry’s claim that ‘we have nine years left’ to avert the climate crisis

Joe Manchin says he'd support adding $11-per-hour minimum wage to relief package

AOC raises nearly $5 million in Texas relief efforts

Biden boosts pandemic lending to smallest businesses

Biden asks high court to drop 2 Trump-era Medicaid cases

Biden, Harris hold moment of silence as US tops 500,000 COVID deaths

 Biden mourns 500,000 American lives lost to coronavirus

Biden marks grim milestone of 500,000 COVID-19 deaths, but promises 'America will smile again'


U.S. economy may have its best chance in years to break from era of subpar growth

Republicans eye federal funds to help pay Texans’ exorbitant energy bills

Steve Scalise, No. 2 House Republican, Still Won't Say Election Wasn't Stolen

Arkansas' GOP governor says he won't back a Trump 2024 bid

Crist calls on DOJ to investigate DeSantis over coronavirus vaccine distribution

Pence declined invitation to attend CPAC: reports

500,000 dead, a number almost too large to grasp
(Here are three ways to visualize the monstrous death toll of the coronavirus in this country)

US study suggests efficacy of 1st Pfizer, Moderna shot increases with time

Pfizer vaccine stops COVID-19 spread: Israeli study

As US death toll nears 500K, Dr. Anthony Fauci says Americans could be wearing masks in 2022: Latest COVID-19 updates

Merrick Garland says that as attorney general he will fight discrimination, domestic terrorism

Sunday shows - COVID-19 dominates as grim milestone approaches

Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace 2/21/21| Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace February 21, 2021

State of the Union With Jake Tapper 2/21/2021 [FULL 9AM] CNN News Today February 21, 2021

This Week With George Stephanopoulos 2/21/2021 [FULL] | ABC Breaking News Sunday Feb 21, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - February 21st, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News

Life Liberty and Levin 2/21/21 | Fox Breaking News | February 21, 2021

Democrats face unity test on Biden's $1.9T bill

Progressive Democrats push for $15 minimum wage as House set to consider stimulus bill

Crist calls on DOJ to investigate DeSantis over coronavirus vaccine distribution

Biden to hold moment of silence for 500K COVID-19 deaths

Beyond 100M: Biden team aiming for bigger vaccine numbers

White House says Biden is ‘eager’ to go to Texas, possibly as soon as this week

Biden’s low-key approach to storm wins praise but courts risks

As Biden seeks end to Yemen war, rebels press offensive for strategic province


Stronger economic data could power stocks that thrive in a rebound in the week ahead

Republicans Struggle to Derail Increasingly Popular Stimulus Package

Economic hardship and anxiety have accelerated the Republican Party’s radicalization, experts say

GOP: McConnell-Trump civil war will hurt Republicans

Impeachment vote becomes defining moment for GOP senator

Lee says Romney shouldn’t be punished for impeachment vote

Lindsey Graham said ‘Count me out’ after the Capitol riot. But he’s all in with Trump again.

State GOP lawmakers propose flurry of voting restrictions to placate Trump supporters, spurring fears of a backlash

What's safe after COVID-19 vaccination? Don't shed masks yet

As cases drop and immunity grows, signs of hope emerge
(Conditions are ripe for virus spread to continue to decline as spring approaches.)

Biden declares major disaster in Texas as focus shifts to who is responsible for the winter weather crisis

Texas weather: President Biden declares major disaster

Biden administration tries to transition from campaigning on immigration to managing a dysfunctional immigration system

Biden pays a visit to ailing former GOP Sen. Bob Dole


S&P 500 falls slightly on Friday to end a losing week

Ted Cruz: Poster child for bad travel decisions

Cancun fallout threatens to deal lasting damage to Cruz

Trump fans tout DeSantis as their COVID hero and possible 2024 nominee. But Florida's data tells a different story.

Lee after Romney's impeachment vote: There's enough room in GOP 'for both of us'

Lindsey Graham latest Republican to 'bend the knee' to Trump in Mar-a-Lago visit

Judge rejects Rep. Devin Nunes defamation suit against CNN

More than 494,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 27,915,000 cases have been reported.)

COVID-19 vaccines cause mostly mild side effects, CDC finds

6 million doses of vaccine delayed due to winter weather

Brooks and Capehart on President Biden’s first month in office and Rush Limbaugh’s legacy

An assault on this democracy demands answers
(Only a 9/11 Commission-style investigation can provide a full accounting of the Jan. 6 insurrection.)

House panel unveils $1.9T relief package

READ: House Democrats' mammoth COVID-19 relief bill

House aims to vote on Covid relief bill by the end of next week, Pelosi says

Democrats go bold on immigration
(Lawmakers announce broad reform bill pushed by Biden that will face headwinds.)

U.S. begins admitting asylum seekers blocked by Trump, with thousands more waiting

US says it’s ready to restart talks with Iran on its nuclear program

Sen. Manchin opposes Neera Tanden as Biden's budget chief, imperiling nomination

Biden won't pull Tanden nomination, says she'll get the votes

Biden Outlines How Trump 'Failed' To Help Americans Get COVID-19 Vaccines

President Joe Biden planning trip to storm-ravaged Texas, but 'I don't want to be a burden'

Biden to critics of $1.9 trillion relief plan: ‘What would they have me cut?'

Biden administration, vaccine makers scramble to outflank coronavirus variants

Biden tells G7 leaders U.S. will 're-engage'

Biden repudiates Trump on Iran, ready for talks on nuke deal

Biden pledges to reassert U.S. leadership in global diplomacy and welcome talks with Iran

Biden says U.S. commitment to NATO is 'unshakeable'

‘An attack on one is an attack on all’ — Biden backs NATO military alliance in sharp contrast to Trump

U.S. officially rejoins Paris accord, vowing to make up for lost time
(The Biden administration is pledging that the United States will now lead the global effort to combat climate change)

What Biden and Putin Can Agree On


Dow falls from record amid disappointing jobs data and weak Walmart forecast

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen makes push for major stimulus, sees bigger risk in not doing enough

Biden tax hikes would likely phase in slowly, Treasury Secretary Yellen says

Yellen says U.S. will keep tariffs on China in place for now

Trump-McConnell clash threatens to settle into a cold war as GOP eyes midterms

Trump ready to make McConnell's life miserable

Trump-McConnell rift divides GOP donors

Trump-McConnell feud threatens Republicans' path to power

Sen. Collins responds after Maine's Republican Party condemns her vote to impeach Trump

Romney explains impeachment vote, calls on senators to affirm Biden won

Sen. Ted Cruz faces storm of controversy for flying to Cancun as Texas grapples with power outages caused by severe weather

SC governor signs abortion ban; Planned Parenthood sues

More than 491,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 27,840,000 cases have been reported.)

Can vaccinated people still spread COVID-19? How long does immunity last? Here’s what science knows now

Fauci: Vaccine for COVID-19 variant 'likely will take several months'

Iran says it will reverse nuclear actions when U.S. lifts sanctions

Millions Join Class-Action Suit Against Trump Demanding Past Four Years Back

Biden’s new VA chief inherits oversight office from Trump viewed as abetting corruption

House to grill Facebook, Google, Twitter CEOs as Washington seeks to crack down on disinformation, antitrust

Pelosi's pick to lead Capitol probe says police 'complicit,' helped rioters

Biden to lay out his foreign policy at G-7, Munich summit

Biden signals reset of U.S.-Israel relations
(President’s delayed call to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggests a post-Trump policy change.)

Biden authorizes supplies for Texas amid power outages, approves new disaster declarations

Biden rolling out plan for $4 billion global vaccine effort

White House announces $4 billion in funding for Covax, the global vaccine effort that Trump spurned

Biden wants a 'public option' health plan. Two Senate moderates say they have just the bill

Tracking Biden’s environmental actions

Joe Biden’s climate-friendly energy revolution

Biden memo for ICE officers points to fewer deportations and strict oversight

Biden to Announce Broad Plan to Reverse Trump Immigration Policies

Democrats call for ‘big, bold’ action on immigration as Biden’s bill is introduced

Native Americans ‘Left Out in the Cold’ Under Trump Press Biden for Action


Dow rises to another record led by Verizon and Chevron, but tech weakness weighs on S&P 500

Millions of jobs probably aren’t coming back, even after the pandemic ends

The hidden holes in America’s social safety net


McConnell ‘laughed’ at Trump’s blistering attack and plans to ignore former president from now on

Graham defends McConnell following Trump’s attack

Mitt Romney says he will push to raise the minimum wage

‘Humans Against Mike Lee’ campaign launches to unseat senator for opposing Trump impeachment

Sen. Mike Lee gripes that tech giants ‘want to control what information we are allowed to access’

The overwhelming lesson of the Trump era: Republicans often rebuke Trump — when they have latitude

'I got no defense' Ted Cruz admits in controversy over energy policies in California and Texas

Lindsey Graham says Republicans 'don't have a snowball's chance in hell' of regaining a Senate majority without Trump

More than 489,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 27,773,000 cases have been reported.)

COVID-19 Cases Are Dropping Fast. Why?

Lab studies suggest Pfizer, Moderna vaccines can protect against coronavirus variant

J&J has only a few million Covid vaccine doses ready as it nears U.S. launch, Biden official says

Fauci: There's evidence COVID-19 vaccines don't just protect you - they may stop you from spreading the virus to others, too

U.S. accuses three North Koreans of conspiring to steal more than $1.3 billion in cash and cryptocurrency

Lawsuits arrive for networks and lawyers who backed Donald Trump

Riot lawsuit just part of Trump's post-impeachment problems

Biden hosts labor leaders in Oval Office to discuss coronavirus relief, infrastructure

Biden White House memo reveals strategy to pressure Republicans on COVID relief

Biden indicates he’s open to negotiation on $15 minimum wage

Biden-ordered review of supply chain to include electric car batteries, medical supplies and rare earth metals

Biden faces backlash from left on student loans

White House: Biden’s first call to Mideast leader will be to Netanyahu

Biden on ‘Short Leash’ as Administration Rethinks China Relations

Biden Mulls Special Envoy for Horn of Africa

Riyadh Seeks Biden’s Forgiveness

S&P 500 closes slightly lower as investors grow concerned about surging bond yields

Why some state and local governments are desperate for more stimulus aid

Trump rips McConnell in lengthy statement after being acquitted in impeachment trial

Trump tells GOP to ditch McConnell, vows to back primary challengers

Ron Johnson and the emerging hoax-ification of the Capitol riot

Republicans who voted to convict Trump in impeachment trial face backlash

Mitt Romney accused of being ‘deep state’ agent in proposed censure motion

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s family bashed him for opposing Trump: ‘We are thoroughly disgusted with you!’

Sen. Pat Toomey faces censure over impeachment vote: 'We did not send him there to do the right thing'

North Carolina Republican leaders vote to censure Burr over impeachment vote

GOP exploitstactic to stop Biden
(Republican attorneys general are embracing the legal playbook Democrats used over the last four years.)

GOP eyes the playbook California used to stymie Trump

Ted Cruz's tweet about Calif. energy policy resurfaces

GOP Sens. Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton announce bill to raise the minimum wage that also bars undocumented workers

Opinion: Trump’s rot has reached the GOP’s roots

More than 486,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 27,705,000 cases have been reported.)

Former President Trump faces serious criminal, civil investigations after White House

House Homeland Security chairman sues Trump and Giuliani, accusing them of inciting Capitol riot

Democrats focus on passing Covid relief bill after Trump’s acquittal

Focus on Capitol Hill turns to passing Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill

Biden zeroes in on policy: Here are 6 top priorities

Biden administration increases the number of Covid vaccine doses shipped weekly to states and pharmacies

Biden says vaccines will be available for all Americans by end of July

White House announces another bump in vaccine supply; winter storm disrupts vaccination sites nationwide

Biden lays out timeline to vaccinate 'every single' American

Biden says goal is to reopen schools five days a week in first 100 days

Biden extends protections for homeowners. Here’s what you need to know

The Biden administration is waving money at a dozen states to expand Medicaid

Biden asked for 6 months of extra unemployment benefits. Here's why House Democrats gave him 5.

Biden balks at $50K student loan forgiveness plan

Heartland factories losing ground as Biden readies manufacturing push

Biden’s Middle East woes are already piling up

Biden faces imminent decision time on future of Iran nuclear deal

Biden administration won’t rule out retaliation for rocket attack in Iraq


McConnell defends acquittal in WSJ op-ed but blasts Trump's 'unhinged falsehoods'

McConnell doesn't rule out getting involved in Republican primaries

Opinion: Now begins McConnell’s project to shrink Trump’s GOP influence

Maine GOP to consider censuring Collins over vote to convict Trump

North Carolina Republican Party votes to censure Burr for vote to convict Trump

Mitt Romney facing possible censure in Utah: Report

Ron Johnson says Capitol attack 'didn't seem like an armed insurrection'

GOP weighs future after trial
(In wake of Trump’s acquittal, Republicans are divided on the power ex-president will hold in party.)

Trump’s acquittal further polarizes factions within the GOP

Divided over Trump’s legacy, Republicans save his political future

75 percent of Republicans want Trump to play prominent role in GOP: poll

Thousands of Republicans drop party affiliation following Capitol riot

Poll: A majority of Americans say they want Trump to be unable to hold future office

A GOP donor gave $2.5 million for a voter fraud investigation. Now he wants his money back.

Support grows for Capitol riot inquiry after Trump acquittal

Four reasons experts say coronavirus cases are dropping in the United States

7 Virus Variants Found in U.S. Carrying the Same Mutation

CDC chief warns it's too soon in U.S. to lift COVID-19 mask mandates

WHO approves AstraZeneca/Oxford COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Trump’s control of the Republican Party

Pelosi announces '9/11-type' commission to probe Capitol attack

Biden Takes Center Stage With Ambitious Agenda as Trump’s Trial Ends

Biden is winning Republican support for his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan. Just not in Washington.

Here's what's in Biden's $1.9 trillion economic rescue package

Biden, Hill Democrats plan to unveil immigration reform bill this week

Biden pledges action on guns amid resistance


Wall Street regulators signal tougher approach to industry after GameStop frenzy

Trump 'ready to move on,' rebuild GOP to retake Congress, Republicans say

After impeachment acquittal, Trump remains dominant in GOP

Senate GOP ready to turn page on Trump

‘A moment of truth’? After years of Trump’s lies, amplified by MAGA media, that proved impossible for most Republicans

Utah’s Mitt Romney votes — again — for impeachment; Mike Lee opposes it as Senate acquits Trump

Cassidy pens column explaining vote to convict Trump

Louisiana Republican Party Censures Sen. Bill Cassidy For Voting To Convict Trump

Lindsey Graham says Mitch McConnell speech slamming Trump could haunt Republicans in 2022

History Will Find Trump Guilty

Opinion: The massive GOP betrayal of our democracy requires a forceful Democratic response

Average new US virus cases below 100K for 1st time in months

COVID-19 Vaccinations in the United States

Study Says Pfizer Vaccine Has Dropped Symptomatic COVID-19 Cases By 94 Percent

Oxford-AstraZeneca begins a vaccine trial for children. It’s the youngest group yet to be tested.

How 1 governor says Biden's vaccine rollout compares to Trump's

Sunday shows - Trump acquittal in second impeachment trial reverberates

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 2/14/21 | February 14,21

State of the Union With Jake Tapper 2/14/21 | CNN News Jake Tapper February 14, 2021

This Week With George Stephanopoulos [FULL] 2/14/21 | ABC Breaking News Sunday Feb 14, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - February 14th, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News

Life, Liberty & Levin 2/14/21 Full | Fox Breaking Trump News Today February 14, 2021

N.Y. investigating $280M in loans to 4 Trump properties

Biden plans to focus on coronavirus in first G7 meeting

Biden administration has "deep concerns" about WHO's COVID-19 probe

Here's what's in Biden's $1.9 trillion economic rescue package

On Parkland anniversary, Biden calls for tougher gun laws

Biden finds a few Trump moves he'll keep

Biden has started erasing Trump’s legacy. Now the hard part starts.

What Biden means for American Catholics
(Church leaders warn against his policies, but laypeople tend to relate to his views.)

As impeachment trial ends, Biden’s White House eager to turn page on Trump

Pelosi rips into ‘cowardly’ Republican senators after Trump acquitted


Trump acquitted on impeachment charge of inciting deadly attack on the Capitol

4 final takeaways from Trump’s impeachment trial

How Democratic and Republican senators voted on Trump’s second impeachment

How the Question of Trump’s Behavior During the Capitol Assault Shook Up the Impeachment Trial

Trump’s defense is short on facts
(Attorneys for the ex-president dodge questions and finish quickly in his Senate impeachment trial.)

McConnell unloads on Trump: 'Morally responsible' for provoking mob

McCarthy and Trump got into expletive-filled argument during Capitol riot, sources say

North Carolina GOP condemns Burr for impeachment vote against Trump

Toomey on Trump vote: 'His betrayal of the Constitution' required conviction

Collins: Trump 'incited an insurrection' to prevent transfer of power

Johnson confronts Romney after vote on witnesses

Even with acquittal, GOP sees trial ending Trump's shot at future office

Trump conviction vote exposes GOP divide

'Only just begun': Donald Trump thanks Senate Republicans for second impeachment acquittal

Five things to know about new CDC coronavirus guidelines

COVID-19 vaccines can adapt to new variants. Here’s what it will take

Nation’s public health service, deploying to fight covid-19, waits on vaccines

Pelosi rules out censure after Trump acquittal

Biden on Trump acquittal: 'Substance of the charge is not in dispute'

Biden administration says it intends to close Guantanamo prison

EPA to jettison major Obama climate rule, as Biden eyes a bigger push

President Biden may struggle to get new $3,000 benefit to many of America’s poorest families

Biden’s vaccine push runs into distrust in the Black community

‘Not a dis’: White House denies Biden is snubbing Netanyahu by not calling him


Stocks inch higher Friday, closing out a positive week

The Fed’s new focus on employment above inflation has important investing implications

Jobless claims slide to 793,000
(The still-high figure indicates the labor market recovery has essentially stalled.)

All eyes on Republican senators after strong presentation by House managers

GOP senators face defining vote on Trump

Mike Lee meets privately with Trump’s lawyers, even though he acts as juror in impeachment trial

Nikki Haley Slams Trump’s Election Claims: ‘We Shouldn’t Have Followed Him’

Nebraska Sen. Sasse bets political future on opposing Trump

Tuberville defends account of Trump call during Capitol riot

New details about Trump-McCarthy shouting match show Trump refused to call off the rioters

No. 2 GOP senator suggests he's open to censuring Trump

Even with acquittal, GOP sees trial ending Trump's shot at future office

Graham’s post-election call with Raffensperger will be scrutinized in Georgia probe, person familiar with inquiry says

The Chamber embraces Biden. And Republicans are livid.

Impeachment trial shows him under attack — but Pence remains loyal to Trump

A large share of Republicans want Trump to remain head of the party, CNBC survey shows

More than 479,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 27,427,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC gives road map for safely reopening schools

Fauci says all Americans could start to get vaccinated in April. Here are the numbers to back up his prediction.

White House says it's not looking to require COVID-19 tests before domestic flights

With More Vaccines Secured, Biden Warns of Hurdles to Come

Trump lawyers center defense around attacks on Democrats

Trump’s call to ‘fight’ was just political speech, impeachment lawyers say in seeking acquittal

Trump's Impeachment Defense Team Won't Say When He Knew About Capitol Attack

Trump lawyer made false claims about evidence, source says

Trump lawyer struggles to answer key questions from Republican senators

Trump's Impeachment Defense Is the Triumph of Shamelessness and Absurdity

5 takeaways from Day Four of Trump’s impeachment trial

LIVE COVERAGE: Trial ends for day as Senate moves to vote

Trump Is Guilty
(There’s no doubt who must be held responsible for attacking the Capitol and trying to overturn the results of the election.)

Once impeachment is over, the threat to Trump shifts to real courtrooms

Trump might be forced to give up his biggest cash flow, as rest of his businesses flounder

DHS will admit 25,000 migrants waiting in Mexico

Postmaster general’s new plan for USPS is said to include slower mail and higher prices

Brooks and Capehart on Trump’s Senate trial and Biden’s pandemic response

House advances $1,400 payments, unemployment boost as part of Covid relief plan

Biden admin to begin processing migrants who were forced to 'Remain in Mexico' under Trump

Emergency declaration at border was ‘unwarranted,’ Biden said. Thousands of troops remain there.

Biden plows ahead on pandemic agenda — with an eye on Trump’s trial

Biden administration to move Friday to rescind Medicaid work requirements

Biden’s goal to reopen schools meets high-stakes political test

Biden zeroes in on task at hand
(Eager to turn page on Trump, White House ignores impeachment trial to tackle agenda.)


Dow closes flat near a record as the market’s February rally pauses

Deficit projected at $2.3 trillion for 2021, not counting additional stimulus, CBO says

U.S. federal debt to exceed size of economy even before Biden stimulus is approved, CBO says

McConnell not pressuring GOP to acquit Trump

GOP senators praise impeachment managers but say Trump will be acquitted

GOP senators met with Trump's impeachment team to talk strategy

NRCC finance chair: Republicans who voted for Trump impeachment will not be penalized

Managers seek to make GOP think twice about Trump acquittal

Where Republican senators stand on Trump's 2nd impeachment trial

The important thing about the Mike Lee impeachment trial dust-up

Dozens of former Republican officials in talks to form anti-Trump third party

More than 473,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 27,326,000 cases have been reported.)

Can Vaccines Keep Up With Rapidly Evolving Coronavirus?

COVID vaccine: Biden says U.S. is securing 600 million doses by July

Covid-19 vaccines could be available to the general public in April in the United States, Fauci says

Impeachment managers rest case against Trump, implore Senate to convict to prevent future violence

Four takeaways from Day 3 of Trump’s impeachment trial

‘Deliberate’ and ‘premeditated’
(House impeachment managers use graphic video, ex-president’s own words in building a case against him.)

Timeline: How Trump picked the rioters over his vice president

New data show the failures of Donald Trump’s China trade strategy

Pelosi expects Covid relief will be signed into law before unemployment programs expire

House Panel Clears $1,400 Stimulus Payments, Family Tax Credits

"Did not do his job": Biden blasts Trump's COVID vaccination efforts

Biden says US is securing 600 million vaccine doses by July

White House not ruling out domestic travel bans to stop coronavirus mutations surge

'Overwhelm the problem': Inside Biden’s war on COVID-19

Biden administration tells Supreme Court Obamacare is constitutional, should be saved

The Biden White House Is Tossing Obama’s Economics Playbook

In first call with China’s Xi, Biden stresses U.S. commitment to allies and human rights

Biden: US needs to 'step up' with infrastructure plan, or China will 'eat our lunch'

Tracking Biden’s environmental actions

Biden to sign executive order addressing chip shortage

Biden considering prominent Republicans for ambassadorships


Dow ekes out a record closing high as tame inflation soothes investor concerns

Fed Chair Powell says rates will stay low for a while, citing bleak jobs picture

This Chart Reveals How Much Money Families Will Get From Stimulus Package

Mitt Romney has harrowing cameo in impeachment videos that show Capitol violence

Sen. Cassidy’s impeachment trial vote shows he might want to be a bipartisan dealmaker

A Washington state Republican made the strongest case yet for Trump’s impeachment, but is anybody listening?

Utah Sen. Mike Lee says inflammatory comments from Trump ‘not different’ from some by Democrats

Impeachment trial descends into chaos over Lee objection

Grassley says Trump impeachment trial could wrap up by early next week — possibly sooner

Murkowski: I don't know how Trump could be elected again

Gaetz hits back at Kinzinger PAC targeting 'Trumpism'

Graham assures Trump of acquittal after rocky start to trial

GOP senators draw criticism for appearing to pay half-hearted attention to impeachment trial

Former Republican officials in talks to form center-right anti-Trump party: report

‘There’s Nothing Left’: Why Thousands of Republicans Are Leaving the Party

GOP leaders on three committees push Pelosi on stimulus markups

More than 469,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 27,222,000 cases have been reported.)

Threat posed by South African strain of COVID-19 likely to boost J&J’s vaccine application
(The drug maker’s one-shot vaccine works better than AstraZeneca’s against the highly contagious variant.)

Masks should fit better, or be doubled up to protect against coronavirus variants, CDC says

5 takeaways from Day 2 of Trump’s impeachment trial

Impeachment managers show chilling new video from Capitol attack

House impeachment managers emphasize the danger to Pence and other top officials in harrowing retelling of Jan. 6 attack

Previously unpublished video shows Pence, Romney, Schumer and others rushing to evacuate the Capitol

Trump impeachment trial: Rep. Joe Neguse says Trump “summoned, assembled and incited” mob

Democratic impeachment managers praise Mike Pence for standing up to Trump

Georgia prosecutors open criminal investigation into Trump’s efforts to subvert election results

Democrats are using their coronavirus relief package to try expanding health coverage

White House builds business coalition to support Biden’s Covid relief plan

Biden raises concerns with Xi in first call with Chinese leader as president

How the Biden Administration Can Expand Rural Broadband


S&P 500 falls slightly, snapping 6-day winning streak

Job openings increased toward the end of 2020, but a big employment gap remains

Senate votes trial constitutional; six Republicans vote 'yes'

Bill Cassidy joins five other Republican senators who broke ranks to vote that Trump's impeachment trial is constitutional

GOP senators send clear signal: Trump's getting acquitted

Senate finds impeachment trial is constitutional, but most Republicans still disagree

Republican Rep. Nancy Mace on the Capitol insurrection: ‘We need to rebuild our party’

More than 466,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 27,127,000 cases have been reported.)

How a sluggish vaccination program could delay a return to normal and invite vaccine-resistant variants to emerge

U.S. to start sending COVID-19 vaccines directly to community health centers

FDA issues emergency use authorization for Eli Lilly's COVID-19 antibody combo

J&J CEO says people may need annual Covid vaccine shots for the next several years

Fauci: Masks needed until 'level of virus is so low it's not a threat at all'

Divided Senate votes to proceed with impeachment trial of Trump

Senate approves measure to proceed with trial

Over and over and over, arrested rioters say what spurred them: Trump

4 takeaways from Day One of Trump’s second impeachment trial

As Trump’s impeachment trial begins, his defense is a mess

Changing political winds — and a unique crisis — allow Democrats to go it alone on stimulus package

Democrats propose leaving out high earners from stimulus checks and trimming jobless benefits

Manchin urges Biden to reverse on Keystone pipeline

Biden and Yellen met with CEOs of JPMorgan, Walmart, Gap to talk stimulus

Biden backs House Democrats' proposed threshold for COVID-19 checks

White House says Biden is too busy to pay much attention to Trump impeachment trial

As Biden Pushes for Racial Equity in Vaccination, Data Is Lagging

Analysis: Child poverty a hidden focus of virus relief plan

Biden must make a tough decision on Afghanistan — and quickly


Dow jumps more than 200 points to a record, six-day winning streak is best since August

Markets set high hopes for Biden's relief plan

CBO report finds $15 minimum wage would cost jobs but lower poverty levels

The Jobs Crisis Is Broader Than It Seemed

Yellen: Biden's plan could restore full employment by 2022

GOP registration drop after Capitol riots reflects growing trend

Kinzinger in op-ed calls on GOP senators to convict Trump in impeachment trial

Liz Cheney calls on GOP to stop 'embracing' Trump ahead of Senate impeachment trial

Ted Cruz Swipes At 'Team Biden,' But 'Team Cruz' Gets Totally Dunked Instead

Rep. Ron Wright has died after battle with covid-19

Republican Sen. Richard C. Shelby announces he will retire in 2022

The Republican Party Is Radicalizing Against Democracy

More than 463,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 27,033,000 cases have been reported)

‘We have to be ready to adapt,’ says WHO chief about the spread of virulent new virus variants

CDC director warns Covid variants could reverse the recent drop in cases and hospitalizations

New variants threaten to reverse progress against COVID-19

Fauci says U.S. vaccinations to increase in spring as Biden administration nears doses goal

DOJ to seek resignations of most Trump-appointed US attorneys: report

Wave of departures leaves federal court seats for Biden to fill

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Trump’s impeachment and his enduring influence

Senate sets stage for rapid impeachment trial of Trump on charge of inciting Capitol riot

Schumer, McConnell announce agreement on schedule, format for Trump trial

House Democrats reject plan to sharply curtail $1,400 stimulus payments in new stimulus proposal

Sen. Raphael Warnock indicates support for keeping stimulus check income thresholds in the Biden relief package

Democrats' coronavirus relief plan would raise minimum wage to $9.50 this year

Democrats unveil one-year plan to send up to $3,600 per child to households

House Democrats settle income debate for direct payments

Denis McDonough confirmed as President Biden’s Veterans Affairs chief

President Biden urges Congress to expedite stimulus payments: ‘We don’t have a second to waste’

Biden takes a step correlated to winning a second term: Reinstating the presidential weekly address

Biden says US won’t lift sanctions before Iran stops uranium enrichment

Joe Biden prepares to leave his mark on the federal judiciary

What to Expect From Biden’s Immigration Policies


U.S. Treasury's Yellen: Americans earning $60,000 should get stimulus checks

GOP Rep. Liz Cheney says Trump ‘does not have a role as a leader of our party going forward’

Graham says Trump will have 'a place in history' for Capitol riots

GOP senator compares Trump impeachment proceedings to Soviet 'show trial'

Senate Republicans back Trump as impeachment trial nears

Kevin McCarthy told Liz Cheney to apologize for voting to impeach Trump

U.K. coronavirus variant spreading rapidly through United States, study finds

Vaccine inequity prompts calls for federal response

South Africa suspends Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine rollout after researchers report ‘minimal’ protection against coronavirus variant

Sunday shows - Trump impeachment trial, stimulus dominate

Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace 2/7/21| Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace February 7, 2021

CNN State of the Union with Jake Tapper 2/7/21 | CNN BREAKING TRUMP NEWS Today February 7, 2021

This Week With George Stephanopoulos 2/7/21 [FULL] | ABC News Today Feb 7, 2021

Meet The Press with Chuck Todd [FULL] 2/7/2021 | NBC News Today February 7, 2021

Life, Liberty & Levin 2/7/21 | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS February 7,2021

Donald Trump Banned From Future Readmission to SAG-AFTRA

Majority of Americans say Trump should be convicted, barred from holding federal office in impeachment trial: POLL

Congress mulls tightening eligibility for stimulus checks

Senior Democrats to unveil $3,000-per-child benefit as Biden stimulus gains steam

House impeachment managers, Capitol riot defense lawyers, federal prosecutors agree Trump is culpable

Rioters' words loom large for senators set to weigh Trump's role in attack

U.S. Senate to pause Trump impeachment trial at end of week for Sabbath

Biden discusses vaccinations, school reopenings, foreign policy in first network interview as president

Biden immigration policy looks beyond reversing Trump

New Biden rules for ICE point to fewer arrests and deportations, and a more restrained agency

Biden’s aid plan starts war on child poverty
(Relief package’s help for parents draws little notice, but could have a major lasting impact.)

‘An easy choice’: Inside Biden’s decision to go it alone with Democrats on coronavirus relief

Trump administration’s handling of the Covid ‘even more dire than we thought’, says Biden

Biden expects to take NFL up on offer to use stadiums as vaccination sites

US moves to rejoin UN rights council, reversing Trump anew

Can Biden actually help Yemen?


Fiscal stimulus prospects and strong earnings tailwind may propel stocks in the week ahead

GOP is too torn to fight Biden
(President enjoys a rare chance to tackle crises his way as divisions consume Republicans.)

Reps. Louie Gohmert, Andrew Clyde hit with $5,000 fines for dodging metal detectors

Republicans advance more than 100 bills that would restrict voting in wake of Trump's defeat

Republicans worry Greene could be drag on party in suburbs

Wyoming Republican Party censures Cheney over Trump impeachment vote

GOP senator urges Biden to confirm US will keep embassy in Jerusalem

Daines seeks to block Haaland confirmation to Interior

Ex-GOP congressman suggests many Republicans are discussing whether to form a new anti-Trump party

59.3 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines distributed, 39 million administered: U.S. CDC

Mutated virus may reinfect people already stricken once with covid-19, sparking debate and concerns

Trump’s lie that the election was stolen has cost $519 million (and counting) as taxpayers fund enhanced security, legal fees, property repairs and more

Trump’s access to sensitive briefings will be determined by intelligence officials, White House clarifies

Supreme Court says California worship restrictions violate religious rights

Kamala Harris has already broken 2 Senate ties on COVID relief. She could give Democrats more victories in the future

President sends in troops to help state combat virus
(Biden invokes war powers to boost vaccine efforts and mitigate inequities for vulnerable groups.)

Biden inherited a USPS crisis. Here’s how Democrats want to fix it.

Biden moves to revoke terrorist designation for Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthis

Biden administration suspends Trump asylum deals with El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras


S&P 500 rises to another record Friday, rallies 4.7% in best week since November

Payrolls barely grow to start 2021 even as the unemployment rate fell to 6.3%

Even with unprecedented gains, the jobs market is still struggling to get back to normal

The economy gained just 49,000 jobs in January as recovery sputters amid pressure from virus

Republicans claim they are being silenced as they speak to millions of viewers

After losing committee assignments, Marjorie Taylor Greene says she has been ‘freed’ to push the GOP further right

On right-wing cable TV, Sen. Mike Lee calls articles of impeachment ‘irresponsible’

GOP lawmakers fined $5,000 for bypassing House security screenings

GOP lawmakers call for Pelosi to be fined over new screenings

Cotton Tries to Force Dems to Vote on Court-Packing

The post-Trump identity crisis that’s fracturing the GOP

More than 457,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 26,742,000 cases have been reported.)

What you need to know about the coronavirus variants

Pentagon to deploy troops to deliver COVID-19 vaccines

Biden has a plan to address COVID-19 disparities. Here’s what experts recommend

Brooks and Capehart on the Republican Party’s identity crisis

Blinken holds first call with Chinese counterpart

Trump funnelled money from donors into private business after election loss, report finds

The cottage industry behind Trump’s pardons: How the rich and well-connected got ahead at the expense of others

House passes budget resolution, paving way for Biden's COVID-19 relief plan

Senate vote paves way for passage of Biden’s economic relief plan

US Senate okays keeping embassy in Jerusalem permanently, in vote of 97 to 3

Biden beefs up administration with Asia experts as the U.S. prepares to take on China

Biden’s Yemen policy breaks with Obama. There may be more daylight to come.

Joe Biden puts Saudi Arabia on notice

Biden Puts a Kinder, Gentler Spin on ‘America First’
(To lead abroad, Joe Biden argued in his first foreign-policy speech as president, America must heal itself.)

Biden says Trump should not receive intelligence briefings because of his ‘erratic behavior’

Biden sharpens attack over GOP stimulus approach as Democrats advance plan in Congress

  Biden rips GOP for 'all of a sudden' showing fiscal restraint

Biden harnesses Defense Production Act to speed vaccinations and production of protective equipment

Biden defends passing $1.9 trillion stimulus without GOP support — ‘We don’t have to wait’

Bad jobs report boosts Biden stimulus case

Biden says the $15 minimum wage hike likely won't be part of the COVID-19 relief package

S&P 500 jumps 1% to a record high, posts its fourth positive day in a row

Jobs growth likely rebounded in January, but the extent of the recovery depends on hotels and restaurants

Jobless claims: Another 779,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims last week

Yellen warns of 'tough months' ahead, urges congress to act

Airlines, labor unions push for a third round of federal aid with travel demand still depressed

McConnell and the GOP are preparing a barrage of budget amendments to water down Biden's COVID-19 stimulus package

Cruz blocks vote on Biden Commerce secretary nominee over Huawei concerns

GOP senator warns his party must decide between 'conservatism and madness'

Mitt Romney proposes $350 monthly child allowance

A Republican, Mitt Romney, argues for child benefits in America

Moderate Mitt Romney and far-right Rand Paul join to oppose allowing transgender youth in girls’ sports

Michigan Republican defends impeachment vote to upset voters

DeSantis: Penalize Social Media That Blocks Politicians

Despite denouncing QAnon months ago, Kevin McCarthy now says, ‘I don’t even know what it is’

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley says his re-election decision is 'several weeks off'

Sen. Ben Sasse slams Nebraska GOP committee’s plans to censure him for criticizing Trump

Republicans worry their big tent will mean big problems in 2022 elections

7,600 active Utah Republican voters have left the party since the U.S. Capitol attack

Conservative group calls out Republicans by name in scathing new Fox News ad

More than 454,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 26,611,000 cases have been reported.)

At least 2 Americans have been dying of covid-19 every minute for nearly a month

Johnson & Johnson seeks emergency use of COVID-19 vaccine developed with Beth Israel

FDA will propose guidelines to deal with new variants

Trump quickly rejects impeachment managers' request for testimony at impeachment trial

Judge blocks Texas effort to remove Planned Parenthood from Medicaid

Live updates: Senate moves forward on budget bill to pass Biden economic relief plan

Senate Dems hope to pass COVID economic relief by early March

Here’s the new Democratic plan for $1,400 stimulus checks

House ejects Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees over extremist remarks

‘America Is Back,’ Biden Says
(The new president returns to traditional foreign policy—with a big dash of populism.)

Biden strikes tough tone on Russia in diplomatic push

Biden to freeze withdrawal of U.S. troops from Germany

Biden recommits U.S. to global alliances, ends support for Saudi-led war in Yemen in first major foreign policy speech

Biden faces a relieved but cautious Europe

Biden withdraws Judy Shelton's Fed nomination


S&P 500 ekes out small gain for its third positive day, Alphabet pops

How the average stimulus check could change under Biden vs GOP plans

McCarthy moves to keep splintering GOP intact, with protection for both Cheney and Greene

McCarthy announces no disciplinary actions against Greene

Defend or rebuke? House GOP faces difficult vote over Greene

Republicans rally to keep Cheney in power

Romney: GOP 'should have nothing to do with' Marjorie Taylor Greene

'She doesn't represent the party': Sen. Joni Ernst condemns Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

For the first time, Mike Lee votes for one of Biden’s Cabinet nominees — Pete Buttigieg

Jim Jordan, Amid Pandemic: Cancel Culture 'Most Dangerous Thing' Happening Today

State Republican Leaders Are Rushing to Exploit Trump’s Big Lie

More than 449,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 26,487,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC director says schools can safely reopen without vaccinating teachers

How The COVID-19 Vaccines Compare To Each Other

AstraZeneca vaccine cuts virus transmission by two-thirds after one dose – study

The pandemic has nudged millions of Americans into Medicaid

United States extends nuclear treaty with Russia for five years

Supreme Court cancels hearing on border wall

Senate fully transfers power to Democrats by passing organizing resolution

Pelosi released a press release denouncing Minority Leader 'Kevin McCarthy (Q-CA)'

House vote unlocks partisan path for Biden coronavirus relief bill

House Democrats clear path for Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill

House approves budget resolution for COVID-19 package

Democrats Likely To Drop Paid Sick Leave From COVID-19 Rescue Bill

House to vote on removing GOP’s Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committees

House votes to impose fines of up to $10,000 on lawmakers who flout security screening

Biden wants $1,400 stimulus checks, but signals a compromise with GOP is possible

Biden might get an $11 minimum wage—but not $15

Biden moves quickly to make his mark on federal courts after Trump’s record judicial nominations

Biden pays respects as policeman killed in Capitol attack lies in state


Dow jumps 470 points, posts best day since November as the GameStop trading mania unwinds

CBO sees rapid growth recovery, labor force returning to pre-pandemic level by 2022

Coronavirus stimulus checks: How Biden's and GOP proposals differ

Gulf grows between GOP's McConnell, McCarthy

Not a single Senate Republican voted to advance the stimulus package that would give most Americans a $1,400 one-time check

GOP senator says Covid relief ‘figure should not be foreordained’ after Biden meeting

Mitt Romney says Biden shows ‘genuine interest’ in working with GOP on pandemic aid package

Romney: Disingenuous to criticize Democrats after big spending under Trump

The GOP’s biggest response to Trump’s baseless voter fraud push could still be coming

Rick Scott’s zombie claim about voter fraud in 2018

Rep. Liz Cheney’s vote to impeach Trump prompts a voter rebellion in her home state

Lindsey Graham has a warning for Democrats who want to call witnesses at Trump's impeachment trial

Lindsey Graham proven wrong immediately after trying to defend numerous Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's statements

House Republicans weigh stripping Greene from committee assignments as GOP senators repudiate her views

House Republican lawmakers seek to remove Omar from committee assignments - Fox News

More than 445,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 26,369,000 cases have been reported.)

U.S. Covid hospitalizations and cases are falling, but new strains could undo that progress

U.S. to start distributing coronavirus vaccines directly to pharmacies

Trump's New Lawyers Not Expected to Focus on False Election Claims in His Defense

Poor handling of virus cost Trump his reelection, campaign autopsy finds

Senate Democrats take first step toward big COVID-19 bill

Democrats take first step to passing Covid relief without GOP as Biden meets with Republicans

Manchin backs budget reconciliation for relief bill but with a warning

Progressives target Manchin, Sinema with new PAC

Trump’s actions described as ‘a betrayal of historic proportions’ in trial brief filed by House impeachment managers

House Democrats make constitutional case for impeaching Trump in scathing memo

Senate confirms Alejandro Mayorkas as homeland security secretary

From Mayor Pete to Secretary Buttigieg: Appearances hint at expansive role for next transportation chief

Biden urges Senate Democrats to go big on his relief package, warns against smaller plan

Biden tells Senate Democrats that GOP coronavirus plan is "too small"

Biden calls Democrats, urges big COVID-19 relief bill

Biden Plans To Raise Wages For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Workers Without Congress

Biden boosting vaccine allotments, financing for virus costs

Biden administration announces direct vaccine shipments to pharmacies

Biden issues new immigration orders, while signaling cautious approach

Biden signs immigration orders as Congress awaits more


Dow jumps 220 points, rebounds from worst week since October as market looks past trading mania

U.S. unemployment rate to remain above pre-pandemic level through decade, CBO says

Republicans push for $1,000 stimulus checks. Here’s who would qualify for the money

Romney among GOP lawmakers urging Biden to meet with them on virus relief

Biden, Senate Republicans hold lengthy meeting on coronavirus relief bill
(Senators sound hopeful tone exiting meeting, say they intend to continue working with administration)

Biden, GOP senators agree to more COVID-19 talks after 'excellent' first meeting

An estimated 29 million people would lose out on stimulus payments under GOP proposal

West Virginia Gov. Calls for Large-Scale Stimulus: ‘If We Throw Away Some Money Right Now, So What?’

GOP’s McConnell blasts ‘loony lies’ by Ga. Rep. Greene

McConnell: Marjorie Taylor Greene's views are a 'cancer' for the GOP

Greene draws rebuke from right as Republican Jewish Coalition condemns 'anti-Semitic comments'

An Emboldened Extremist Wing Flexes Its Power in a Leaderless G.O.P.

Ted Cruz Slammed For Saying Trump Impeachment Is 'Vindictive'

Graham shoots down request for Merrick Garland confirmation hearing Feb. 8

Missouri church leaders call for Hawley's resignation over election claims

RNC chairwoman expresses regret over Giuliani news conference

Dozens of former Bush officials leave Republican Party, calling it 'Trump cult'

Blinken: If it further breaks deal, Iran could amass material for nuke in weeks

More than 441,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 26,250,000 cases have been reported.)

How bad are these coronavirus variants? Here's what experts say.

Monitoring the Coronavirus Outbreak in Metro Areas Across the U.S.

A fast, at-home coronavirus test will be available to Americans this year

White House to invest $230 million in rapid coronavirus test

Fauci urges COVID vaccinations to stop new strains: 'Viruses cannot mutate if they don't replicate'

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on bipartisanship under President Biden

As Trump Raked In Cash Denying His Loss, Little Went to Actual Legal Fight

Trump appointees aggressively lobbied against giving states COVID-19 vaccine rollout funds

Pelosi, Schumer announce bill to circumvent GOP on coronavirus

House Democrats move swiftly to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of committee assignments

Biden to begin efforts to reunify migrant families separated by Trump administration

Yahoo News/YouGov poll: More than two-thirds of Americans side with Biden on COVID relief — and most support the rest of his agenda

Biden meets with 10 GOP senators at White House on pandemic relief

White House plays down prospects for Biden-GOP meeting on relief bill

Biden asks U.S. Supreme Court to cancel asylum, border wall arguments

The Race to Dismantle Trump’s Immigration Policies

Biden threatens sanctions on Myanmar after military coup

Biden may revoke Trump's access to classified intelligence


For McCarthy and McConnell, Two Paths on Trumpian Crisis Management

What Capitol attack? Amnesia sets in among Republicans in Washington

Arkansas' Republican governor praises Biden administration's 'seamless' vaccine distribution

On the Trail: GOP divided over growing anti-democratic drift in party

Republicans scramble to unify heading into next election cycle

South Carolina GOP censures Rep. Rice for impeachment vote

Trump loyalists in South Dakota turn on home state senator

GOP lawmakers seek tougher voting rules after record turnout

GOP Rep. Kinzinger starts PAC to challenge party’s embrace of Trump

Covid-19 hospitalizations drop, but January has been the deadliest month of the pandemic. Here's what to expect next

Coronavirus mutations add urgency to vaccination effort as experts warn of long battle ahead

Coronavirus updates: Experts urge faster vaccinations and efforts to curb spread in response to virus variants

Sunday shows - COVID-19 relief dominates

FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace 1/31/21 | Fox News January 31, 2021

State of the Union With Jake Tapper 1/31/2021 [FULL 9AM] CNN Breaking News Today Jan 31, 2021

This Week With George Stephanopoulos 1/31/21 | ABC News Today Jan 31, 2021

Meet the Press - 01/31/2021

Life, Liberty & Levin 1/31/21 FULL | FOX BREAKING NEWS January 31,2021

  Trump names 2 lawyers to impeachment defense team

Biden to meet with Senate Republicans offering covid relief counter-proposal

Biden plans first major foreign policy speech on restoring 'America's place'

Biden reverses Trump last-minute attempt to freeze $27.4 billion of programs

Biden tempers expectations for high-dollar donors who hoped to get plum diplomatic posts


Wall Street braces for bumpy trading in the week ahead as the GameStop short squeeze unfolds

The Three Biggest Lessons of the Coronavirus Economy

How Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, promoter of QAnon’s baseless theories, rose with support from key Republicans

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Controversies Are Piling Up. Republicans Are Quiet.

Romney blasts news of Trump call with Taylor Greene: 'Lies of a feather flock together'

While Mike Lee opposes impeaching Trump, he suggests censuring liberal congresswoman

Senate GOP has little interest in punishing Trump

GOP faces electoral conundrum in Georgia, new poll suggests

More Republican Congress members linked to extremist groups

South Carolina GOP censures Rep. Rice for impeachment vote

CDC requires face masks on airlines, public transportation

Moderna asks FDA to authorize 5 additional doses per Covid vaccine vial to speed distribution, source tells CNBC

US fighting vaccine shortage, but ramping up manufacturing not easy, experts say

Fauci hopes to see US kids being vaccinated by summer

Top Trump impeachment lawyer Bowers leaves team: reports

Horned Viking 'Shaman' Who Stormed Capitol Now Willing To Testify Against Trump

Legal Pressure on Trump Increases With Judge's Order in Fraud Inquiry

‘Be ready to fight’: FBI probe of U.S. Capitol riot finds evidence detailing coordination of an assault

Democrats weigh expanding lower courts after Trump blitz

House Democrats building elaborate, emotionally charged case against Trump

Biden reignites immigration fight in Congress

Biden wants Democrats to keep Trump trial short

Biden reportedly expected to nominate judges with legal backgrounds 'historically underrepresented on the federal bench'

Biden Visits Walter Reed, the Hospital That Treated Both Him and His Son

Why Biden Has a Better Shot at Saving the Climate Than Obama Did


Dow drops more than 600 points Friday, suffers worst week since October amid GameStop trading frenzy

United Airlines warns thousands of employees that their jobs are again at risk, labor unions seek more government aid

How McConnell derailed Trump's impeachment trial before it started

How Mitch McConnell blew his 'LBJ moment' and handed the GOP back to Trump

As Wisconsin's Johnson weighs future, Trump ties take a toll

GOP under pressure to take action against Marjorie Taylor Greene

GOP group launches billboard campaign urging Cruz, Hawley to resign

Center-right Republicans fear party headed for disaster

Trump meets with McCarthy, agrees to help Republicans take back the House

Republicans condemned Trump. Now they're seeking his help.

GOP strategist predicts what will become of the GOP if Donald Trump isn’t convicted

Trump may poison the party, but Republicans have decided they need him

Ignoring calls to pull back, Gaetz slams Cheney in her home state

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is trying to hold together a party that Donald Trump might want to tear up

GOP Sen. Rob Portman says Trump impeachment trial post-presidency could set a dangerous precedent

Ahead of Friday’s March for Life, Utah senators back anti-abortion legislation

Sen. Mike Lee has voted no on every one of President Joe Biden’s Cabinet-level nominees so far. Here’s why

Republicans face a choice between Donald Trump and reality

More than 435,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
More than 25,860,000 cases have been reported.)

Coronavirus updates: Variant prompts travel curbs as Fauci calls U.S. spread a ‘wake-up call’

As Covid vaccine rollout expands, Black Americans still left behind

More covid-19 vaccines pass clinical trials

J&J says its Covid vaccine is 66% effective, but the single shot may fall short against variants

Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine, how it works and why it matters

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines may be even more effective than previously thought, new data suggests

Brooks and Capehart on Biden’s first full week and the state of the Republican Party

Trump White House donated 8,700 ventilators to other nations. Officials now don’t know where many of them are, watchdog finds.

Judge orders tax lawyers to hand over Trump organization docs to NY AG

‘The perfect target’: Russia cultivated Trump as asset for 40 years – ex-KGB spy

DOJ pulls Trump administration's harsh charging and sentencing policy

Federal workers would be eligible for paid leave for more reasons under this House bill

Biden urges swift passage of his coronavirus relief plan, highlighting ‘the cost of inaction’

Biden administration readies battle plan as Covid variants reach the U.S.

Biden signs orders reversing Trump policies on Obamacare and abortion

Biden signs executive orders at furious pace

Biden administration halts effort to install Trump loyalists on Pentagon advisory boards