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U.S. needs estimated $4.5 trillion in stimulus to recover, analysis argues

Trump and his GOP allies vow to ‘fight on’ after Supreme Court rejects legal challenge to overturn election results

Republican officials have followed Trump along his dangerous and destructive path

The Texas GOP had a fit after the Supreme Court rejected their bid to flip the election in Trump's favor, and now they're hinting at secession

The Supreme Court Rejects Texas’s Shameful Lawsuit, But There Has to Be a Reckoning

'An Indelible Stain': How the GOP Tried to Topple a Pillar of Democracy

After dud Texas lawsuit, Republican Sen. Ben Sasse says that the Supreme Court 'closed the book on the nonsense.'

DeSantis defends incident involving former health employee: 'It was not a raid'

GOP Congressman-Elect Praises Maskless Trump Supporters: 'This Is A Phony Pandemic'

First coronavirus vaccine shipments set to arrive in states Monday

Tracking vaccine distribution, state by state

As he rails on election, Trump largely mum on toll of virus

Analysis: The election is over; Trump's attacks will linger

Pro-Trump protestors, counter-protesters and police clash in DC after day of election demonstrations

'They chose to subvert the Constitution': Pelosi slams House Republicans who backed Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn election results

Lawmakers Who Backed Texas Lawsuit Should Be Barred From House: NJ Congressman

Biden’s attorney general search narrows

Trump says Supreme Court 'let us down' on election challenge

Trump ramps up criticism of Bar

Trump discussed the possibility of firing Attorney General William Barr during a Friday meeting


S&P 500 falls for a third straight day to close out losing week as stimulus uncertainty remains

COVID relief negotiations stumble near finish line. What’s next?

100,000 in Washington could lose unemployment benefits

Fox News poll: Majority say US worse off than it was 4 years ago

Supreme Court dismisses bid led by Texas attorney general to overturn the presidential election results, blocking Trump’s legal path to reverse his loss

House Republicans who didn't sign onto the Texas lawsuit

Texas GOP chair floats secession for 'law-abiding states' after Supreme Court defeat

Giuliani says Trump team 'not finished' after Supreme Court defeat

Ted Cruz says Senate will likely blockade Biden's nominations based on debunked election fraud allegations

Trump Ally Nunes Seeks to Derail Key Bill Funding Intelligence 
(The spy agencies will still get money, but Trump’s House allies are trying to hobble much-needed reforms.)

Congress votes to send defense bill to Trump with veto-proof majorities

Sen. Mike Lee blocks bills to create U.S. Latino, women's history museums

Republicans have ‘concerns’ about Trump — but won’t let reporters quote them by name about it

It’s Not Just Trump’s War on Democracy Anymore
(Republicans have gone far beyond merely humoring their losing leader.)

More than 294,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 15,888,000 cases have been reported.)

'Third wave' COVID cases are falling in the Upper Midwest. Will the rest of America follow?

Pfizer/BioNTech's vaccine passes another step as FDA issues emergency use authorization

FDA issues emergency use authorization for Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine

Shields and Brooks on the Republican’s latest election challenge

Trump's desperate gambit to stay in office alarms Europeans, who know about coups

As he rails on election, Trump largely mum on toll of virus

Analysis: The election is over; Trump's attacks will linger

Pelosi: GOP 'brought dishonor to the House' for supporting election lawsuit

Democrat asks Pelosi to refuse to seat lawmakers supporting Trump's election challenges

Sen. Wyden: One $600 stimulus check, without robust unemployment insurance, would be a 'disaster'

Trump signs one-week government funding bill as Congress buys time for Covid relief

White House orders FDA chief to authorize Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine Friday or submit his resignation

Trump injects himself into the vaccine approval process — yet again


Stocks close little changed as stimulus negotiations drag on, unemployment data disappoints

Jobless claims spiked in the U.S. last week, with 853,000 people seeking new benefits

Jobless claims rise more than expected after break from holiday

1.4 million American workers apply for unemployment benefits, as relief bill negotiations drag on

Stealing to survive: More Americans are shoplifting food as aid runs out during the pandemic

McConnell rejects bipartisan Covid relief plan while House adjourns until next week

Missouri Republican Sen. Hawley unveils plan for second $1,200 stimulus checks

Relief talks show GOP divisions

Economic relief talks in disarray as congressional bickering intensifies
(Hopes for a $908 billion deal are fading as Senate GOP leadership distances itself from the talks)

Senate squabbling sparks shutdown threat

House GOP ready to sacrifice military bill and troop pay to appease Trump

Shutdown a possibility as Rand holds up defense bill

Graham says Stacey Abrams 'conned' Georgia GOP into helping Biden win

GOP puts big money on Georgia runoffs

With time running out, Trump and GOP allies turn up pressure on Supreme Court in election assault

The GOP Abandons Democracy
(One hundred and six Republican members of Congress, and 18 state attorneys general, are asking the Supreme Court to overturn the election.)

FDA advisory panel endorses Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

Covid live updates: UPS, FedEx prepare to distribute vaccines; France extends lockdown until January

The Trump administration is delivering on a 2020 vaccine, but not at the levels the president suggested

More than 291,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(More than 15,582,000 cases have been reported.)

U.S. death tolls will exceed 9/11 every day for two to three months, Redfield says

More Than 3,100 Dead From COVID-19 In U.S. In Grim Single-Day Record

Almost one in five Americans may have been infected with covid-19

U.S. military dispatches B-52 bombers to Middle East as show of force against Iran

US to sanction Turkey over Russian defense system

The Trump team throws in the towel on proving voter fraud

Lawyers' group calls for disciplining Trump legal team over 'dangerous' fraud allegations

Why the Texas lawsuit to overturn the 2020 election may be the most outlandish effort yet

Sen. Wyden: One $600 stimulus check, without robust unemployment insurance, would be a 'disaster'

Pennsylvania AG blasts Texas election suit as 'seditious abuse' of judicial process

 Biden picks Denis McDonough for Veterans Affairs, Susan Rice for top domestic policy job

Trump pressures congressional Republicans to help in his fight to overturn the election

Trump EPA finalizes rollback making it harder to enact new public health rules


Dow falls more than 100 points as tech drop pushes stocks off record highs

Companies have raised more capital in 2020 than ever before

Stimulus checks aren't in the bipartisan relief proposal. Here's what Congress is offering instead

Covid relief talks hit another wall as Congress runs short on time to send help

Momentum stalls for COVID-19 relief bill

Romney: 'Nuts' to invite doctor who questioned coronavirus vaccine to Senate hearing

Republicans plot their first and last Trump rebellion
(The annual defense policy bill is where GOP lawmakers draw the line)

GOP Texas senator questions 'legal theory' behind Trump's lawsuit to challenge state's election results

GOP senator won't rule out challenging Electoral College results in Congress

Trump asks Cruz to argue Texas case

Senate rejects attempt to block Trump's UAE arms sale

The Republican fixation that’s blocking more stimulus

At least 288,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 15,362,000 cases have been reported.)

US sets new record with over 3,000 COVID deaths in a single day

"Be Cautious" Taking COVID Vaccine If You Have This Condition, Warns Fauci

AP-NORC poll: Only half in US want shots as vaccine nears

U.S. Partisanship Is Harming Counterintelligence

Letter from 1,500 attorneys says Trump campaign lawyers don’t have ‘license to lie’

Trump can’t kick his coronavirus herd-immunity kick

The final countdown to Donald Trump’s defeat

Pelosi, Schumer blast $916B White House coronavirus relief proposal

House approves one-week spending bill as stimulus talks drag on

Biden faces a changed world and no end of foreign policy challenges from China to Iran

Biden defense nominee’s need for a congressional waiver sows discomfort among Democrats

Trump virus coordinator Birx seeks role in Biden government

Biden selects Katherine Tai as U.S. trade representative

Biden is giving most-coveted jobs to those he knows well. That may help Doug Jones get Justice.

Trump says he will intervene in Texas election lawsuit

Trump asks Cruz to argue Texas case


Stocks rise to record highs, S&P 500 closes above 3,700 for the first time

Restaurant Closings Top 110,000 With Industry in ‘Free Fall’

A $4.5 billion Trump food program is running out of money early, leaving families hungry and food assistance charities scrambling

Many Americans ‘worried about their next meal’

Support grows for stimulus checks, but they may wait

Supreme Court rejects GOP bid to reverse Biden’s Pennsylvania win

As Biden passes 'safe harbor' milestone, Republicans on inaugural committee refuse to say he won

Mitt Romney tears into Republicans who are threatening to protest the Electoral College vote that will confirm Biden's election victory

McConnell and McCarthy say they believe in democracy — but stand by as Trump incinerates it

McConnell backs off demand for liability protection in Covid stimulus negotiations

White House pushes Senate GOP to include $600 stimulus payments in relief package

Republicans Make Clear Their Georgia Senate Strategy: Attack Warnock

GOP officials overwhelmingly side against Trump’s voter fraud claims — when forced to decide

What Brian Kemp reveals about Donald Trump's true nature

At least 285,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 15,129,000 cases have been reported.)

Covid live updates: U.S. adds 1 million cases in just four days, now above 15 million

Pfizer vaccine moves closer to getting the OK in the US

Gottlieb confirms U.S. government turned down Pfizer offer for more vaccine doses

Feds passed up chance to lock in more Pfizer vaccine doses

Fresh supply concerns emerge as Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine is on the cusp of approval

Getting a vaccine has been a huge undertaking. How all 50 states scramble to dole them out is the next massive challenge.

US has to overcome Covid-19 denial and pull together, Fauci says

Fauci says Covid could be under control in ‘back half of 2021’ if enough people are vaccinated

U.S. steps up punitive action against China
(Washington penalizes 14 officials and OKs arms sale to Taiwan.)

Trump’s Attacks on Local Officials Are Spreading Hatred and Inciting Violence

Coup or no coup, Trump sets dangerous precedents

The Trump State Department’s Swan Song? A Strange, Flawed China Paper.

White House vaccine rollout marred by confusion, false claims

Pelosi, Schumer hit Trump but cite 'progress' in COVID relief talks

U.S. Speaker Pelosi backs putting $1,200 checks for people in next COVID-19 bill

Democrats would need to twist themselves into pretzels to give Biden’s Defense pick a waiver

Defense bill clears House with veto-proof majority, despite Trump threats

Biden lays out plan to combat covid in first 100 days, including requiring masks on interstate buses,trains

Biden picks Vilsack for agriculture secretary and Rep. Fudge for HUD

Why I Chose Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense

The Virtual Transition
(Biden’s landing teams are steering clear of an administration that has often served as a COVID-19 superspreader event.)

Trump Cheers ‘Terrific’ Rise in COVID Cases During Off-The-Rails Vaccine Summit

Trump taps Conway, Chao to government posts in waning days of administration


Dow falls more than 100 points as Covid-19 cases continue to rise, Nasdaq hits record

Unemployment, sick leave and housing aid are set to expire in weeks, threatening Americans with sudden financial ruin

Millions of Americans are heading into the holidays unemployed and over $5,000 behind on rent
(Economists warn many unemployed families won’t be able to pay rent and utilities without more stimulus aid from Congress)

New hope for coronavirus relief package as November jobs report highlights deep pain

Lawmakers face hurdles to COVID relief deal

Mitt Romney ‘can’t wait’ to get the vaccine

GOP women’s record-breaking success reflects party’s major shift on recruiting and supporting female candidates

Many Georgia Republicans put Trump ahead of party and expect him to stay as president, hurting chances in Senate runoff

Senator says Trump, McConnell likely to back COVID-19 relief

Coronavirus liability protection for companies remains 'red line' and 'poison pill' of stimulus talks

McConnell says Senate will pass defense bill despite veto threat

Trump critic: I am not afraid of Trump

Cruz offers to argue Pennsylvania election case before Supreme Court

Conservative nonprofit group challenging election results around the country has tie to Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis

At least 282,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 14,927,000 cases have been reported.)

What you need to know about the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines

Covid live updates: Trump to sign ‘America First’ vaccines policy as first U.S. approval could be days away

No additional doses of Pfizer vaccine for U.S. until summer, as Britain begins administering it

Amy Walter and Errin Haines on Biden’s picks to oversee the pandemic

Juan Williams: Trump is feasting on a dying GOP

I'm Going to Miss All These Euphemisms for 'Lying Your Hindquarters Into Next Tuesday'
(The Trump administration* screwed up again, and they lied about it again.)

December 8 will put the nail in Trump's unhinged effort to overturn the election

As Trump rants over election, his administration accelerates push to lock in policy and staffing gains

Federal judge dismisses Sidney Powell lawsuit that sought to overturn Trump loss in Georgia

Warren signals concerns about bipartisan coronavirus framework

Rep. Cedric Richmond: GOP has been 'absolutely neutered' by Trump

Trump’s Arab allies are already testing Biden

Biden picks thorn in Trump's side as new health secretary

Biden to name retired Gen. Lloyd Austin as defense secretary

Biden mulls options in case Republicans try to block cabinet picks

Trump personally asked Pa. GOP House Speaker for help changing election results

Trump administration rejects tougher standards on soot, a deadly air pollutant
(“People of color and the poor — that is who gets hit the hardest by this,” one activist says)


Trump’s refusal to concede stalls GOP reckoning over 2020 loss

GOP White House hopefuls wait to see what Trump does next

Georgia governor rebuffs Trump’s call for special session to overturn election results, top official says

Krebs says it's "well past the time" for GOP to acknowledge Trump defeat

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani tests positive for COVID

Barr considering stepping down before Trump's term ends

Europe is beating the pandemic’s surge. The U.S. is not

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed promised a flood of covid vaccines. Instead, states are expecting a trickle.
(The administration pledged several hundred million doses in 2020. Companies will actually ship about 10 percent of that.)

Operation Warp Speed chief predicts ‘significant decrease’ in deaths among elderly by end of January

Fauci's plea 'Wear a mask' tops list of 2020 notable quotes

Sunday shows: Health officials anticipate vaccine distribution, warn of worsening pandemic

Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace 12/6/20 | Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace December 6, 2020

CNN News 2020 - CNN Live Today 12/6/2020 - State of the Union With Jake Tapper

This Week With George Stephanopoulos December 6, 2020

Life, Liberty & Levin 12/6/20 FULL | Mark Levin December 6, 2020

ABC's Stephanopoulos to GOP senator on presidential race: 'Why can't you accept the results?

Trump’s Final Days of Rage and Denial

Trump is leaving press freedom in tatters. Biden can take these bold steps to repair the damage.

Power struggle sparks tensions among Senate Democrats

Manchin slams Trump for 'dangerous' political 'posturing' during pandemic

Biden picks Xavier Becerra as nominee for health and human services secretary

Biden picks MGH infectious diseases chief to oversee CDC

Defense bill offers Biden’s team a new framework to counter China

Trump admin set to approve Arizona land swap for mine opposed by Native Americans


Any progress on stimulus could give the market a boost in the week ahead

Jobs report hints at stalling economy
(Employers last month added fewer than half as many positions as in October amid soaring virus cases.)

Senate GOP brushes off long-shot attempt to fight Biden win

Just 27 congressional Republicans acknowledge Biden’s win, Washington Post survey finds

GOP Rep. Kinzinger wages a lonely fight against Trump’s falsehoods and right-wing disinformation

William Barr’s Break with Donald Trump

Coronavirus updates: Southern California to enter lockdown; daily cases reach another record

As Virus Spreads, CDC Draws Up an Urgent Battle Plan

Anthony Fauci says he's accepted job as Joe Biden's chief medical adviser

A Trump Immigration Policy Is Leaving Families Hungry

AP FACT CHECK: Trump floods rally with audacious falsehoods

Defiant Trump insists election was 'rigged' at rally for Georgia Senate Republicans

Biden Transition Tests the U.S.-U.K. ‘Special Relationship’

Pentagon blocks visits to military spy agencies by Biden transition team

White House signals no rush on coronavirus stimulus: 'We don't believe the recovery is in jeopardy'

Trump demands names of the congressional Republicans who said they recognize Biden as winner

Trump calls Georgia governor to pressure him for help overturning Biden’s win in the state

Trump floats a Doug Collins run against Kemp for Georgia governor

Trump airs election grievances in 100-minute address at largely maskless rally in Georgia


Dow jumps more than 200 points to a record even after a big U.S. jobs report miss

November jobs report: US economy adds 245,000 jobs, unemployment rate falls to 6.7%

Employment growth slows sharply in November amid coronavirus surge

America’s economic recovery no longer looks so strong

Blue State or Red, Pandemic Upends Public Services and Jobs

With $10 billion in PPP loans doled out in Colorado, some business owners feel left out in the cold. One got a check for $54.

Why Business Should Back a Biden Climate Plan

Stimulus talks end week on optimistic note

How Sen. Mike Lee proposes to end ‘discrimination’ in U.S. immigration system

Ron DeSantis Is the Yammiest of the Vulgar Talking Yam's Lackeys
(In perfect imitation of his idol in the White House, the Florida governor sidelined any real experts that he had on hand in Florida.)

Florida Governor Misled Public on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mitt Romney blasts Trump for 'heartbreaking' loss of life caused by poor leadership

At least 277,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 14,346,000 cases have been reported.)

CDC quietly adjusted Covid death data, shows higher relative toll on Black, Hispanic people

CDC recommends people wear masks indoors when not at home

Washington coronavirus hospital admissions surge to highest level since pandemic began

New Mexico hospitals at 102% ICU capacity, and other states are not far behind

Coronavirus relief proposal on Capitol Hill would put billions toward vaccine distribution

New COVID-19 Vaccine Data Shows It May Be Effective For Up to a Year

Federal judge restores DACA, orders DHS to accept first-time applications from immigrants

Appeals court OKs White House diverting military funding to border wall construction

Shields and Brooks on the damage done by Trump’s claims of election fraud

Trump failed to remake the Fed in his image. His legacy may be polarizing its confirmations.

Michigan appeals court delivers latest defeat against Trump campaign lawsuit

Trump raises $495 million since mid-October, including a massive haul fueled by misleading appeals about election fraud

Pelosi sees ‘momentum’ toward a Covid stimulus deal as job growth slows

House votes to decriminalize marijuana as GOP resists national shift

Senior Democrat calls on Pompeo to cancel holiday parties, citing ‘significant health risk’

Biden warns the economy is stalling after ‘dire’ jobs report, calls for ‘urgent action’ on Covid stimulus

Under Biden, NOAA’s profile is set to rise as climate change takes center stage

Biden: ‘Hard to tell’ how much Fakhrizadeh killing complicates detente with Iran

Biden taps Murthy as nation’s top doctor, offers Fauci key role as covid team takes shape

Biden officially clinches Electoral College votes with California certification

Trump orders Pentagon to pull nearly all troops from Somalia

Trump rushes to lock down oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before Biden takes office

Trump administration appoints loyalists Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie to Defense Business Board


S&P 500 falls slightly from a record on coronavirus vaccine concerns

Southwest Airlines warns it could furlough 6,800 employees to cut costs

The pace of job gains likely slowed in November due to the impact of virus shutdowns

Economic relief talks get new life as Democrats rally around compromise measure

Stimulus Checks Excluded From Latest COVID-19 Relief Legislation

Pelosi and McConnell resume talks as Congress rushes to strike a Covid stimulus deal

Momentum builds for bipartisan $908 billion stimulus package as more GOP senators express support

Senate confirms Christopher Waller to the Fed board as Judy Shelton’s path narrows

Chuck Grassley: Congress should approve aid to help states administer coronavirus vaccine

Georgia Republicans Contort Themselves to Avoid Trump’s Fury

Trump roils Georgia GOP as party waits to see if presidential visit helps — or hurts — in crucial Senate runoffs

Republicans need to move beyond Trump ahead of Georgia Senate runoff, say GOP strategists

David Perdue appears to tacitly acknowledge Biden’s victory in video call with Republican group

Trump reportedly derailed a GOP meeting about the Georgia Senate runoffs by praising QAnon

Mo Brooks planning to challenge Electoral College votes

Republican U.S. judges choose Constitution over Trump as election fraud cases keep failing

Giuliani rips Dems who act like they have more credibility than thousands who signed affidavits

Trump's Lawyers Are Making Such a Mess That Newt Gingrich Felt Compelled to Say Something

At least 275,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 14,115,000 cases have been reported.)

US records over 14 million coronavirus cases

True Pandemic Toll in the U.S. Reaches 345,000

Why Pfizer’s Covid vaccine has been authorized in the UK but not the U.S. yet

States need to distribute coronavirus vaccines. But they struggled with past immunization effort

Pfizer chairman: We're not sure if someone can transmit virus after vaccination

Not All Frontline Workers Want First Round of COVID Vaccine

As 2,798 Americans die, Trump’s ‘most important speech’ makes only passing reference to pandemic

Conservative pundit fears now is 'most dangerous' part of Donald Trump’s presidency

Trump exits as he entered, spreading chaos
(In his final days, the president continues to make baseless claims.)

Trump’s losing battle with reality

Donald Trump’s Latest Grift May Be His Most Cynical Yet

The Dangerous Possibilities of Trump’s Pardon Power

Wisconsin Supreme Court won’t hear Trump election lawsuit

Pelosi and McConnell resume talks as Congress rushes to strike a Covid stimulus deal

Biden says China must play by 'international norms

Biden Endorses $908 Billion Covid Relief Plan as ‘Down Payment’

Among first acts, Biden to call for 100 days of mask-wearing

Trump says he's 'disappointed' Barr hasn't 'looked very hard' at baseless voter fraud claims

Trump doubles down on Section 230 repeal after GOP pushback

Trump is worried that he may be prosecuted in New York after he leaves office


S&P 500 ekes out record close as Wall Street weighs new round of stimulus talks

China continuing to outpace the U.S. economy, CFO survey reveals

McConnell, Schumer seem far apart on unemployment benefits, stimulus proposals

Senate GOP leader sticking with partisan COVID-19 relief plan

Lamar Alexander's parting shot: Senate needs 'a change of behavior'

Romney and bipartisan group propose a $908 billion emergency COVID-19 relief package

‘Someone’s going to get killed’: GOP election official in Georgia blames President Trump for fostering violent threats

GOP leader McDaniel to run for 3rd term with Trump's backing

GOP lawmaker blasts incoming freshman over allegations of presidential voter fraud

Republican frustration builds over Cabinet picks

List of Republicans breaking with Trump grows longer

Trump's threat to veto annual defense policy bill falls flat on Capitol Hill

Mike Pence Backs Away From the Trump Election ‘Fraud’ Train Wreck

At least 272,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 13,903,000 cases have been reported.)

U.S. reports more than 200,000 new infections and 100,000 hospitalizations for first time

CDC shortens 14-day quarantine recommendation to 7 to 10 days

WHO tightens mask guidelines

FDA chief meets with Meadows again as Trump remains frustrated with pace of vaccine approval

Winter could be ‘most difficult time in the public health history’ of the US, CDC director says

White House warns COVID-19 cases at dire levels, says patient care could be compromised

Operation Warp Speed chief predicts coronavirus vaccines for all Americans by June

Trump rehashes bogus vote-fraud claims for 46 minutes in his 'most important speech' ever

The big lie from Donald Trump

Release of PPP loan recipients' data reveals troubling patterns

Trump’s dwindling prospects to overturn the election: A guide

Trump fired me for saying this, but I’ll say it again: The election wasn’t rigged

Trump backers, including Flynn, edge toward a call to 'suspend' Constitution to head off Biden taking office

Pelosi and Schumer back $900 billion coronavirus stimulus plan as basis for negotiations

Democratic economists call for big spending, total rethink of deficits as GOP seeks austerit

Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly sworn into Senate, cutting into GOP majority

Biden holds roundtable with workers; Trump draws rebukes for questioning election integrity

Biden plans to spurn Trump immigration restrictions, but risk of new border crisis looms

Biden facing growing pressure over secretary of defense pick

Biden caught between progressives and national security veterans on CIA pick

Trump administration sets wave of executions for days leading up to Biden inauguration


S&P 500 rises 1% to a record closing high to kick off December, building on historic rally

Mnuchin defends shut down of Fed emergency loan programs

More than half of emergency small-business funds went to larger businesses, new data shows
(The Trump administration has emphasized PPP loans to small firms, but data released Tuesday shows that most of the $522 billion went to about 600 larger companies and chains)

McConnell shoots down bipartisan $900 billion coronavirus stimulus plan as stalemate drags on

McConnell offering new coronavirus relief bill after talks with Mnuchin, Meadows

McConnell shrugs as Georgia Republicans excoriate Trump and Washington over bogus election claims

Senate coronavirus aid proposal calls for $17 billion for airlines

Cruz urges Supreme Court to take up Pennsylvania election challenge

US Supreme Court asked to block Biden win in Pennsylvania

Senate Republicans called out for hypocrisy after complaining about Biden nominee's tweets

Ohio GOP lawmakers are trying to impeach Gov. Mike DeWine over his covid-19 rules. He says they’re ignoring reality.

At least 269,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 13,702,000 cases have been)

Coronavirus live updates: U.S. vaccine chief sets immunization timeline as hospitals prep for distribution

First Covid vaccines to be offered to health workers, nursing homes, CDC panel says

These are the top coronavirus vaccines to watch

Appearing with Polis, Fauci urges Coloradans to keep up COVID-19 precautions: “We can crush this outbreak”

Barr says he hasn’t seen fraud that could affect the election outcome

DOJ has not found fraud that would reverse Biden win over Trump, Attorney General William Barr says

Justice Dept. investigated potential ‘bribery-for-pardon’ scheme involving White House

Ex-election security chief weighs legal options after Trump campaign lawyer says he should be shot

Federal judge strikes down Trump administration rules restricting visas for skilled workers

The President* Is Running a Direct-Mail Scam from Inside the White House

Nevada governor: 'Unconscionable' for Trump to suggest Reno's COVID-19 surge unit 'fake'

Trump Is Rapidly Becoming Irrelevant

Biden starts receiving top secret President’s Daily Brief

Biden’s Climate Change Plans Could Mean Jobs for Michigan

Biden pledges ‘a recovery for everybody’ as he introduces economic team in Delaware

Biden would not act immediately to remove Phase 1 agreement with China - NYT

White House summons FDA chief Stephen Hahn to discuss why agency isn’t moving faster on Covid vaccine

Trump threatens to veto major defense bill unless Congress repeals Section 230, a legal shield for tech giants

Trump to restart foreign deals, breaking a post-presidency norm

Trump has discussed possible pardons for three eldest children, Kushner


Dow falls more than 200 points to end November, but still posts biggest monthly gain since 1987

Federal Reserve says key bank lending rate will be phased out by June 2023

Unemployment statistics during the pandemic have been inflated by backlogs, according to GAO report

Don't expect a second stimulus check this year. Here's what Congress is talking about instead

Mitch McConnell is still playing hardball on coronavirus relief

Senate confirms two Trump picks for energy regulation panel

GOP lawmaker says he's been called a 'traitor' by people close to him for recognizing Biden win

Graham: Trump should attend Biden inauguration 'if' Biden wins

Predictably, some Republican voters in Georgia are turning on the party

Marco Rubio is already suiting up for the politics of destruction

Biden budget pick sparks battle with GOP Senate

How Sen. Mike Lee proposes to hold Facebook, Google, Amazon more accountable

Rand Paul: Anthony Fauci owes apology to 'every single parent and school-age child in America'

Trump’s latest Fox News rant was one of his most dangerous. Republicans can’t ignore it.

At least 267,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 13,519,000 cases have been reported.)

Covid in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count

Nearly the entire U.S. has become a COVID hot spot, government map shows

Officials worry about hospital capacity as US hits record number of Covid-19 patients hospitalize

The trickle-down tragedies of the pandemic

As Moderna submits vaccine for FDA approval, Fauci says ‘close the bars and keep the schools open’

Scott Atlas resigns as Trump’s coronavirus adviser after months of feuding with administration health officials

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Biden’s Cabinet picks and Trump’s fraud claims

Trump’s Disgraceful Endgame

Georgia governor rejects Trump's call to 'overrule' elections officials with emergency powers

Supreme Court seems skeptical of Trump's census plan

Trump Lawyer Says Krebs Should Be ‘Taken Out at Dawn and Shot’ for Defending Election

Live updates: Arizona, Wisconsin certify Biden’s win; president-elect names inauguration planning committee

Biden announces economic team, confirms Janet Yellen as Treasury nominee

Biden taps diverse economic team with a focus on workers

Biden's favorability rating rises while Trump's slips: Gallup

Trump headed to Georgia as turnout driver, but also a threat


With all eyes on Georgia, RNC chair tries to convince Republicans to vote in runoff elections

In Key States, Republicans Were Critical in Resisting Trump's Election Narrative

GOP turns to Biden transition

South Dakota's governor encouraged people to go shopping the same day the state reported its highest single-day COVID-19 death total

Pennsylvania Republican ‘informed of positive Covid result while in meeting with Trump’

Fauci warns Thanksgiving travel could worsen Covid-19 surge

Sunday shows - Health officials warn pandemic is 'going to get worse'

Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace 11/29/20 | Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace November 29, 2020

CNN News 2020 - CNN Live Today 11/29/2020 - State of the Union With Jake Tapper

This Week With George Stephanopoulos November 29, 2020

Life, Liberty & Levin 11/29/20 FULL | Mark Levin November 29, 2020

Fox News Host Pulls Apart Election Lies Trump Spouted On Network Hours Earlier

Is Trump headed to another campaign or to a courtroom?

'Firehose of falsehood:' How Trump is trying to confuse the public about the election outcome

20 days of fantasy and failure: Inside Trump’s quest to overturn the election

The Cost of Trump’s Assault on the Press and the Truth

For Trump advocate Sidney Powell, a playbook steeped in conspiracy theories

Biden hires all-female senior communications team, names Neera Tanden director of OMB

Biden’s plans will help those ‘fearful of outliving their retirement savings’

Joe Biden’s Catholic faith has shaped his life and approach to politics. How will it shape his presidency?

The assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist raises the stakes for Biden

Wisconsin recount confirms Biden’s win over Trump, cementing the president’s failure to change the election results

Ossoff warns of 'paralysis' if Republicans keep control of Senate

Trump rages against '60 Minutes' for interview with Krebs

‘My mind will not change in six months’: In first post-election TV interview, Trump renews baseless claims of voter fraud

Trump continues to deny he lost in first post-election interview, says FBI and DOJ 'missing in action' against 'total fraud'


Who is Janet Yellen, Biden’s pioneering pick to lead the Treasury amid a deep crisis?
(Yellen brings an impressive résumé as a top economist and policymaker. Her leadership style is sometimes compared with that of Mary Poppins: firm but kind, and always prepared.)

McConnell halts in-person Republican lunches amid COVID-19 surge

GOP congressman calls party's refusal to acknowledge Biden's win a 'massive grift' and says Trump 'forgot he was serving people and not himself'

Republicans lob accusations of elitism at ‘Middle Class Joe’ — a sign of the upended politics of populism

Former CIA head, Cruz trade jabs over killing of Iranian nuclear scientist: 'You are unworthy to represent the good people of Texas'

Coronavirus updates: US surpasses record 200K daily cases; Colorado Gov. tests positive; NFL orders shutdown of team facilities

First doses of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine has flown to US from Belgium

Trump's Touted 'Coronavirus Drug' Linked To Psychiatric Disorders

Not a hearing: Arizona legislators, Trump lawyers plan public meeting on election at Phoenix hotel Monday

Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit against mail ballots with prejudice in another defeat for Trump

Biden's Plan for Seniors Is Not Just a Plan for Seniors

Biden looks to career officials to restore trust, morale in government agencies

Biden needs to overhaul our immigration system. Because of Trump, it won’t be easy.

Record Asian American turnout helped Biden win Georgia. Can it help flip the Senate?

Trump moves to strip job protections from White House budget analysts as he races to transform civil service

Trump’s bid to exclude undocumented immigrants from reapportionment arrives at Supreme Court

Trump considering kicking off 2024 run during Biden's inauguration


S&P 500 closes at another record Friday, gains 2% on week

Thanksgiving Day online sales hit record $5.1 billion, up 21.5% from last year, Adobe says

Black Friday 2020 looks bleak at stores, malls, as shoppers stick to couch surfing during the pandemic

Consumer confidence dropping as Black Friday arrives: Morning Brief

Republicans ready to become deficit hawks again under a President Biden

GOP mulls its future after Trump

Texas Supreme Court denies Republicans’ petition to throw out more than 100,000 drive-thru votes

At least 264,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 13,078,000 cases have been reported.)

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Soar Past 13 Million As Holiday Season Kicks Off

In nine states, at least 1 in 1,000 people have died of coronavirus-linked causes

A Thanksgiving marked by surging covid-19 cases and questions about a leading vaccine candidate

Coronavirus updates: AstraZeneca CEO touts a new vaccine trial in response to doubts raised in U.S.

America will be the first country to roll out a covid-19 vaccine

Fauci: Christmas and New Year's won't be 'any different' than Thanksgiving

Prominent Iranian nuclear scientist killed in ambush attack, bringing threats of revenge

Iraq fears Trump’s final weeks could see confrontation between U.S. and Iran

Capehart and Abernathy on why Trump is still casting doubts on the election

Federal appeals court panel rejects Trump request to block certification of Pennsylvania’s election results

When he leaves office, can ex-President Trump be trusted with America's national security secrets?

Biden adds to vote margin over Trump after Milwaukee County recount

Biden needs to bring Republicans on board in foreign policy

Trump administration proceeds with rollback of bird protections despite objections of scientists, environmentalists

Trump remains in a battle of wills with Iran

Trump rails against Twitter in late night tweets

Trump commits to stepping down if electoral college votes for Biden

Trump Now Insists Biden Must 'Prove' He Won 80 Million Votes To Enter The White House


Trump’s baseless election fraud claims in Georgia turn Senate runoffs into a ‘high-wire act’ for Republicans

GOP effort to invalidate more than 2.5 million votes in Pennsylvania dealt another setback

IDF preparing in case Trump launches parting strike on Iran

Coronavirus updates: US number of cases 8 times bigger than reported, CDC says; AstraZeneca vaccine faces questions; WHO encourages exercise

County faces perilous moment on virus
(Infection rates are at ‘most alarming’ levels yet, official says, as holiday heightens risk.)

Coronavirus deaths reach ominous levels unseen since early in the pandemic

Coronavirus cases are skyrocketing again in cities

Trump's inner circle is telling him that Giuliani and the rest of his legal team are making him look like an idiot, report says

The end of the embarrassment

Since Election Day, a Lot of Tweeting and Not Much Else for Trump

Trump, Carson tout covid-19 treatments as lifesavers. But regular people find them harder to get.

Fact-checking Trump’s cellphone rant of election falsehoods

Trump’s imprint on Supreme Court shows conservative effect in key coronavirus ruling

Trump rule eases effort to strip-mine near Okefenokee Swamp

Trump says he will leave White House if Biden wins Electoral College vote

Trump encourages Americans to 'gather' in Thanksgiving proclamation despite coronavirus surge


Dow pulls back more than 150 points after reaching 30,000 milestone

Weekly jobless claims higher than expected as labor market takes hit from rising Covid cases

Fed weighed adjusting bond purchases to provide more help to economy ‘fairly soon,’ minutes show

The K-shaped recovery is getting worse

Yellen’s Mandate: Massive Stimulus, Assuaging Fears of Inflation
(New Treasury nominee hailed as the right woman for the moment.)

Mnuchin to put $455B in COVID-19 relief funds beyond successor's reach

McConnell still mum on Biden’s win as Trump administration begins transition

Former Republican House speaker Paul Ryan tells Trump to concede and stop ‘undermining democracy’

Nearly a sixth of the Senate Republican caucus has tested positive for coronavirus

Governor of Wyoming tests COVID-19 positive

Georgia secretary of state says he's a Trump voter 'now being thrown under the bus by him'

At least 261,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 12,752,000 cases have been reported.)

U.S. hits highest death toll since May with hospitals already full

California, Texas set nationwide records for new coronavirus infections in a single day

The Midwest is America’s covid-19 hotspot
(The disease is killing more than 550 people there every day)

The CDC is expected to shorten Covid quarantine time, something most everyone seems to agree on

U.S. Supreme Court backs religious groups over New York virus curbs

Troop pullout fuels concern
Allies and foes worry U.S. withdrawal plan will leave Afghanistan with more instability.)

Trump campaign sued for attempting to disenfranchise Black voters

Trump Stress-Tested the Election System, and the Cracks Showed
(Even in the absence of a questionable outcome or any evidence of fraud, President Trump managed to freeze the passage of power for most of a month.)

Strongmen review: a chilling history for one nation no longer under Trump

Joe Biden calls for shared sacrifice to fight the pandemic as Trump rails about baseless election accusations

Team Biden can finally start preparing for the massive coronavirus vaccine effort

Joe Biden’s Cabinet Picks Send a Clear Message: The Adults Are Back in Charge

Biden tells Jordan’s king he is eager to ‘support a two-state solution’

Biden soars as leader of the free world

Trump pardons Flynn despite guilty plea in Russia probe

Trump invites Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers to White House after calling in to baseless voter fraud event

Trump cancels plans to attend Pennsylvania GOP event on election


Dow surges more than 400 points, closes above 30,000 for the first time ever

Yellen will face host of political problems as Biden's treasury secretary

Janet Yellen will lead Joe Biden’s Treasury. What does she stand for?
(Both progressives and conservatives can find what to like about the former chair of the Fed)

McConnell pushed Trump to nominate Barrett on the night of Ginsburg's death

Biden seeks swift Cabinet votes, but GOP Senate stays silent

Rubio signals opposition to Biden Cabinet picks

Sen. Mike Lee continues to defend Trump’s questioning of election results

Sen. Chuck Grassley says he's planning to return to work next week after COVID-19 diagnosis

Giuliani admits to exaggerating claims of voter fraud after saying Detroit had more voters than citizens

At least 259,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 12,567,000 cases have been reported.)

These are the top coronavirus vaccines to watch

Coronavirus live updates: U.S. testing vaccine distribution plans, surgeon general urges people to ‘hold on’

Doctors say CDC should warn people the side effects from Covid vaccine shots won’t be ‘a walk in the park’

Trump came in promising so much winning. He’s going out with so much whining.

Where is Trump still trying to fight election results?

Trump went along with Biden's transition only after aides told him he didn't have to admit he lost, report says

For Trump, it’s all over but the tweeting

Live updates: Pa. and Nevada certify Biden’s wins; president-elect introduces national security team

Biden picks diverse, tested national security team

Biden Has the Team Obama Always Wanted
(The next U.S. administration will feature the most cohesive group of foreign-policy hands in at least a generation.)

In tapping Blinken, Biden will be served by confidant with deep Jewish roots

Biden team denies president-elect wants Democrats to accept smaller relief deal

Biden transition team receives official Operation Warp Speed briefing, HHS’ Azar says, after weeks of delays

Biden says staff has spoken with Fauci: 'He's been very, very helpful'

Biden says outreach from Trump admin has been 'sincere' as transition begins

Biden sends signal he is serious about climate change with John Kerry pick

Two more parting shots from Trump aimed squarely at disabled workers

Trump brags about Dow 30,000 at surprise news conference, leaves after a minute

Trump tells allies he plans to pardon Michael Flynn


Dow jumps 300 points on vaccine hope, hits high of day on news Yellen may be Biden’s Treasury pick

The stock market is entering a strong seasonal period where it tends to rise

Economists are calling for more stimulus checks. Here’s where assistance plans stand

Economists nervously watching pandemic for signs of further financial impacts

Republican national security experts call on Trump to concede, begin transition

Why the Trump campaign’s big legal flameout in Pennsylvania seems like a turning point, even for Republicans

GOP senator says Biden's vote lead 'has not changed,' urges country to 'move forward'

Biden moves forward as GOP breaks with Trump rise

Trump relents on transition as Republicans join mounting calls for him to acknowledge Biden’s win

John Kasich Stunned GOP Isn't Defending Democracy Against Trump

Guadagno: GOPers ‘cowardly and shameless’ for backing Trump election claims

Republican official: Trump efforts to undermine Georgia results could 'suppress the vote' in U.S. Senate runoff elections

At least 256,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 12,396,000 cases have been reported.)

More than 85,700 coronavirus patients hospitalized nationwide, shattering records (again)

AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine up to 90% effective and easily transportable, company says

Fauci warns of 'stunning number of deaths' from coronavirus

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Biden’s White House transition

Business leaders, including many who backed Trump, say it’s time to make way for Biden
(More than 160 CEOs call on the administration to allow for the changeover to begin for the good of the country.)

Trump may have made it easier for Biden to go after the drug industry

Trump cries fraud; courts aren’t buying it
(As judges continue to reject his baseless claims, expert warns that the lawsuits are a danger to democracy.)

A major Trump donor’s company got a 3 percent government-backed pandemic loan. It sells title loans at a 350 percent annual rate.

Democrats face increasing pressure to back smaller COVID-19 stimulus

Feinstein to step down as top Democrat on Judiciary Committee

Durbin seeks to become top-ranking Democrat on Judiciary panel

Biden brings back the establishment

In Break From Trump, Biden Opts for Experience, Expertise for Top National Security Jobs

Michigan certifies Biden win; a setback for Trump challenge

Joe Biden names picks for secretary of State, Homeland Security chief, director of national intelligence

Biden picks Janet Yellen to lead Treasury

John Kerry to join Biden administration as National Security Council official dedicated to climate change

How the Biden Administration Can Free Americans from Student Debt

Trump says he’s directing his team to cooperate with Biden officials as GSA allows formal transition to begin

The Trump administration takes grey wolves off the endangered list

Many stimulus programs are due to expire at the end of 2020, threatening the US economy during the COVID-19 pandemic's most challenging phase

Murkowski calls on Trump to begin transition process, decries 'pressure campaign on state legislators'

Pressure grows from GOP for Trump to recognize Biden election win

GOP senator calls for cooperation on Biden transition: 'I'd rather have a president that has more than one day to prepare'

Trump’s quest to overturn election runs into quiet resistance from local and state Republicans

Kasich: Republicans 'either in complete lockstep' or 'afraid' of Trump

Chris Christie calls the conduct of Trump’s legal team a ‘national embarrassment’

Duty or Party? For Republicans, a Choice on Whether to Enable Trump

Reporter Carl Bernstein names 21 GOP senators who 'repeatedly expressed extreme contempt for Trump'

‘The end is in sight’: Experts express optimism about COVID-19 pandemic coming to a close

Coronavirus vaccine news: Reasons for hope and hesitation

Group of 20 leaders call for global coronavirus vaccine access as U.S. labs near approval

White House vaccine chief says first Americans could be vaccinated next month

Sunday shows - Virus surge dominates ahead of fraught Thanksgiving holiday

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 11/22/20 - Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace Nov 22, 2020

CNN News 2020 - CNN Live Today 11/22/2020 - State of the Union With Jake Tapper

This Week With George Stephanopoulos 11/22/2020 FULL (ABC) George Stephanopoulos November 22, 2020

Life, Liberty & Levin 11/22/20 FULL | Mark Levin November 22, 2020

Wisconsin officials: Trump observers obstructing recount

Trump Campaign Lawyers Step Up but Are Swiftly Knocked Down

Team Trump offering 'fire hose' of conspiracy Kool-Aid for supporters

Trump’s lonely G-20 marks a fitting end

Biden builds an administration as Trump holes up in mostly empty White House

Biden’s Covid-19 Mission
(As Donald Trump continues to find new ways to make things worse, Joe Biden is preparing to take immediate action on an escalating crisis.)

Biden picks Antony Blinken as secretary of state, emphasizing experience and the foreign policy establishment

Biden to nominate Linda Thomas-Greenfield for UN ambassador: reports

What Biden’s agenda on the environment could mean for the Pacific Northwest

Biden faces politically thorny decision on Trump prosecutions

Trump administration pulls out of Open Skies treaty with Russia


Stocks may continue to struggle Thanksgiving week amid Covid-19 outbreaks

GOP lawmaker patience runs thin with Trump tactics

GOP senator congratulates Biden, says Trump should accept results

Most Republicans greet Trump’s push to overturn the election with a customary response: Silence

GOP Michigan ex-governor says state board will certify Biden winner over 'bully' Trump

Republican leaders ask Michigan election board to delay certification of results, in latest GOP effort to cast doubt on the vote

Republican leaders swore an oath to defend the Constitution. That means telling Trump it’s over.

Republicans bring out the big guns in Georgia runoff election, but Trump’s refusal to concede sparks concern

Republican Resistance Looms in the Senate for Biden's Nominees

Coronavirus updates: Experimental drug cocktail given to Trump gets FDA authorization; US hits 12 million cases; California curfew to begin

Michigan group sues Trump campaign for alleged mass voter suppression

A vindictive Trump seeks to undermine Biden’s presidency

In last-ditch bid to stay in office, Trump deploys his favorite tactics to bully and intimidate

Trump’s election legal strategy is all but doomed, but still could damage American democracy, experts say

In scathing opinion, federal judge dismisses Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania

Justice Dept. meets Trump, Giuliani vote-fraud claims with silent skepticism

Anger builds in Black community over Trump’s claims of voter fraud in big cities

Shutdown deadline nears as White House, Congress tangle over VA funding

Judge slaps down Trump appointee who has sought to reshape Voice of America and related agencies

What each G-20 leader has said about Trump — and Biden

This stimulus provision – which Republicans call essential – is actually a 'poison pill': Gillibrand

Biden forges ahead with the transition while Trump paralyzes Washington

Janet Yellen, Jewish former Fed chief, on Biden’s treasury secretary short list

Trump addresses virtual G-20 summit, heads out before session on pandemic

Trump turns on Pfizer over vaccine timing

Trump campaign files for new recount in Georgia

Trump privately plots his next act — including a potential 2024 run


Dow closes more than 200 points lower to end down week amid concern over rising Covid cases

JPMorgan becomes first major bank to say first-quarter GDP will decline because of Covid surge

Mnuchin says he and GOP leaders will discuss plan to pass targeted stimulus with Democrats’ help

Mnuchin says people are misunderstanding Fed funding decision, there’s plenty of firepower left

Mitch McConnell says Congress should redirect unspent stimulus money to prop up small businesses, backing Mnuchin in his fight against the Fed

McConnell proposes shifting funds to COVID aid

Cheney, top GOP lawmakers ask Trump campaign for proof of election fraud

GOP governor, a Trump critic, calls for end to president’s ‘ridiculous challenges’ of Biden win

Mitt Romney calls Trump’s actions ‘undemocratic,’ while the Utah GOP stands with the president

More conservatives break with Trump over election claims

Analysis: With silence, GOP enables Trump's risky endgame

Sen. Rick Scott tests positive for Covid, says he has ‘very mild symptoms’ and will work from home

At least 253,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 11,906,000 cases have been reported.)

Pfizer applies for emergency vaccine approval as U.S. cases reach new high

When Pfizer, Moderna vaccines could be available, and the genetic science behind how they work

Fauci gets frustrated: 'Get rid of these ridiculous conspiracy theories'

Some governors ignore CDC advice on Thanksgiving gatherings

Shields and Brooks on the danger of Trump’s refusal to concede

A Timeline of the Certification Process That Trump Is Trying to Disrupt

How Trump is sabotaging Biden -- and America

Trump Is Getting More Desperate—And More Dangerous
(As Trump’s odds of success decrease, the risks that his ever more extreme efforts pose are increasing.)

Not going gentle—how harmful is Donald Trump’s refusal to concede?

Trump suffers twin defeats in his effort to overturn Biden’s victory in key states


Trump Abused U.S. Sanctions and Failed to Get Results. Biden Can Do Better.

NY probing Trump’s tax write-off for consulting fees paid to Ivanka

Hoyer on Trump election challenges: 'I think this borders on treason'

Biden taps several long-time aides for White House roles

Biden calls Trump’s attack on electoral process ‘totally irresponsible’

Georgia certifies election results confirming that Biden beat Trump

Trump makes late-term bid to lower prescription drug costs

Trump to participate in virtual G-20 summit amid coronavirus surge


Stocks rise as Wall Street turns to tech for safety amid increasing Covid-19 cases

Unemployment claims rise as pandemic shutdowns increase nationwide

Mnuchin decision cuts Fed lending power, but sources say emergency programs can be revived

Washington takes a break with major economic pain on the horizon

With Logan traffic still down, Massport cuts 25 percent of its workforce

McConnell, Pelosi hunt for funding deal as shutdown deadline looms

GOP increasingly accepts Trump's defeat — but not in public

Romney on Trump election tactics: 'Difficult to imagine a worse, more undemocratic action' by president

Sasse condemns Giuliani's 'wild press conferences': They 'erode public trust'

The corrosive consequences of GOP leaders humoring Trump as he sows doubt in democracy

GOP’s post-election tactics are causing more concern about suppressing the Black vote, even after it happened

Why the GOP is sticking with Trump’s election deceit

Utah’s two senators split over Trump’s move to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, Iraq

Pompeo Visits West Bank Settlement and Offers Parting Gifts to Israeli Right

At least 251,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 11,709,000 cases have been reported.)

America’s 250,000 covid deaths: People die, but little changes

US seeing unprecedented coronavirus spread, White House says

Top Pentagon official tests positive for coronavirus

States That Imposed Few Restrictions Now Have the Worst Outbreaks

CDC strongly recommends that people not travel for Thanksgiving

Dr. Fauci says vaccinating people who disregard Covid as ‘fake news’ could be ‘a real problem’

Trump is reportedly going straight to Republican state legislators in an attempt to overthrow Biden's win

Threats and Tensions Rise as Trump and Allies Attack Elections Process

What Will a Vengeful President Do to the World in His Final Weeks?

Trump should quit and 'not be embarrassing', Czech president says

Democrats nominate Nancy Pelosi for another term as speaker, as she suggests it could be her last.

Schumer says McConnell agrees to discuss Covid relief, as aides negotiate government funding

With Trump Defeated, Why Are Democrats So Downcast?

Illinois Sen. Duckworth says 'silence is deafening' from Republicans on Trump's election maneuvers

Biden's health care policy will change Medicare in 2 big ways

Biden on suing the GSA: 'We haven't ruled it out'

Biden isn't taking a hardline lockdown stance, as Trump had claimed

Biden vowed to ban new drilling on public lands. It won’t be easy.

Ga. hand recount confirms Biden’s lead; president-elect speaks virtually with governors

Trump is reportedly going straight to Republican state legislators in an attempt to overthrow Biden's win

Threats and Tensions Rise as Trump and Allies Attack Elections Process

Trump campaign asks Pennsylvania court to declare Trump winner

Trump campaign drops Michigan ballot lawsuit — president called GOP county election officials

Trump invites Michigan Republican leaders to meet him at White House as he escalates attempts to overturn election results

As defeats pile up, Trump tries to delay vote count in last-ditch attempt to cast doubt on Biden victory


Dow falls more than 300 points for a second day of losses as rally to records pauses

The stock market appears stuck at these levels — Here’s what could get it moving again

Manufacturers association calls on GSA to begin transition process

If Congress doesn’t act, 12 million Americans could lose unemployment aid after Christmas

As Covid-19 cases surge, Congress sounds pessimistic about a new relief package

Republicans Confirm Another One Of Trump's Unqualified Court Picks

Senators move to block Trump's $23B UAE arms sale

GOP breaks with Trump firing of cyber chief: Adds to 'confusion and chaos'

GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler accused of violating ethics rules with fundraising pitch

Graham rebuffs 'the Squad' on calls for him to resign over Georgia meddling

Mitt Romney criticizes Trump for withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan, Iraq

Trump allies more outraged than Democrats over his Afghanistan pullout

Sen. Mike Lee again gripes that Twitter, Facebook are biased against conservatives — including him

At least 249,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 11,524,000 cases have been reported.)

More than 3 million people in U.S. estimated to be contagious with the coronavirus

US military reports record 1,300 coronavirus cases in one day

‘Tired to the bone’: Hospitals overwhelmed with virus cases

Pfizer says its coronavirus vaccine is safe and 95% effective and that it will seek regulatory review within days

Pfizer says its COVID-19 vaccine is 95 percent effective, safe for older people

Coronavirus vaccines are one thing Trump got right

Trump seeks to settle scores in final days

Trump's last-minute foreign policy dumps are reportedly an attempt to overwhelm Biden and drown his agenda

Trump in exile: How he will remain a force in the GOP, and a threat to Biden's politics of unity

The National Security Risks of Trump’s Temper Tantrum

It's Donald Trump vs. democracy. Which side are you on?

Judge Halts ‘Public Health’ Expulsions of Children at the Border
(A federal judge ruled Wednesday that a public health emergency decree did not give the Trump administration authority to expel unaccompanied children before they could request asylum.)

Biden builds White House team and tries to show dangers of Trump’s intransigence

Biden's DIY transition proceeds without Trump assistance

How Biden's White House media operation will differ from Trump's

Biden holds event with front-line health-care workers

Biden Wants to Rejoin Iran Nuclear Deal, but It Won’t Be Easy
(President Trump is applying more sanctions on Iran that would be hard to reverse. Tehran, facing elections in June, has its own demands.)

Joe Biden: We'll soon be 'weeks or months' behind on COVID response without cooperation from Trump

Joe Biden’s economic record will be shaped by the Federal Reserve


Trump campaign requests partial Wisconsin recount, deposits $3 million to challenge Biden victory

Trump campaign to request recount in two counties in Wisconsin; he trails in the state by about 20,600 votes

Trump is reportedly upset Biden will steal his coronavirus vaccine thunder


Dow falls more than 150 points as rally to record highs takes a breather

Some Washington residents told they have to repay jobless benefits

Republican Officials Have Got to Start Telling Their Voters the Truth About the Election

McConnell: Transfer of power will happen on time

Sen. Charles E. Grassley, third in line for the presidency, tests positive for covid

Senate blocks Judy Shelton nomination to the Fed

The Republican governors who are changing their tunes on masks

Republicans sound alarm on Georgia Senate runoffs as they privately weigh Trump’s influence

In reversal, GOP officials in key Michigan county certify ballot count after striking a compromise with Democrat

GOP senator: Trump shouldn't fire top cybersecurity official

GOP senators congratulate Harris on Senate floor

Graham becomes center of Georgia storm

Ted Cruz Tweet About Mask-Wearing Senator's 'Fake Virtue' Falls Flat On Its Face

State GOP lawmakers say they'll seek to impeach Whitmer

At least 247,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 11,358,000 cases have been reported.)

California rolls back reopening amid surge
(The announcement of new restrictions comes as the state breaks its single-day record of new coronavirus cases.)

What you need to know about the Moderna and Pfizer coronavirus vaccines

FDA authorizes first COVID-19 test that gives results at home

Dr. Fauci says as many as 20 million Americans could get vaccinations around the end of the year

Dr. Fauci says the Covid outbreak isn’t a political issue: ‘You can’t run away from the data’

Trump Is in Denial—and America Is Unsafe

Trump's transition sabotage threatens vaccine rollout

Georgia elections chief says Trump 'suppressed' GOP vote, cost himself state

Rudy Giuliani's conspiracy theories could be dangerous to democracy, experts say

‘Disgraceful!’ — Lawyer blasts Trump attorney Giuliani for seeking to toss Pa. votes to reverse Biden win

Pelosi and Schumer ask McConnell to restart coronavirus stimulus talks as cases surge

Biden’s early moves foreshadow a cautious presidency

Biden says virus requires military mindset for Thanksgiving, beyond: 'We're at war. For real.'

Who Joe Biden is picking to fill his White House and Cabinet

CEOs embrace Biden as president-elect while many Republicans still won't acknowledge his win

Trump to reduce troops in Afghanistan by almost 50%, trim deployment in Iraq

Trump Administration Finalizing Last-Minute Safety Net Cuts

Trump is angry at vaccine makers, so he's pushing a last-minute plan to lower drug prices

Trump fires top election security official; Biden names senior staff


Dow jumps 470 points to a record as another potentially effective vaccine fuels recovery hope

Surging coronavirus infections prompt new lockdowns, challenging the recovery

Md. Gov. Hogan tells Trump 'the time has come' to concede

Georgia secretary of state says Graham, other Republicans have pressured him to toss legal ballots

Graham denies pressuring top Georgia election official to throw out some ballots

Third GOP senator comes out against controversial Trump Fed nominee

Iowa governor reverses course, issues statewide mask mandate

State GOP lawmakers say they'll seek to impeach Whitmer

Pulling US troops out of Afghanistan would be as 'humiliating' as Vietnam War defeat, top Republican says

Chuck Todd: Every GOP senator declined interviews this weekend

At least 246,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 11,198,000 cases have been reported.)

Covid in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count

Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker

WHO tempers prospect of a coronavirus vaccine with warning of a long fight to come

Moderna says preliminary trial data shows its coronavirus vaccine is more than 94% effective, shares soar

Here’s what you need to know about the Moderna vaccine announcement

Dr. Fauci says masks, social distancing will still be needed after a Covid-19 vaccine—here’s why

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on the Biden transition, pandemic polarization

Election results under attack: Here are the facts
(A compilation of the misinformation, disinformation and many rejected legal challenges by the Trump campaign to try to overturn votes.)

Trump's national security adviser: It 'obviously' looks as if Biden won

Trump backers drop court cases challenging voting results in four states, another setback in bid to undo Biden win

The Cities Central to Fraud Conspiracy Theories Didn’t Cost Trump the Election
(Yet Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Detroit have become the targets of G.O.P. allegations of voting shenanigans.)

How a Minneapolis Suburb Turned Blue, Despite Trump’s Law-and-Order Pitch

Trump aims to undermine Biden's legitimacy even as legal challenges fizzle

Trump’s Iran agenda is about to end in failure

Juan Williams: Defeated Trump is in legal peril

Trump’s COVID-19 adviser tells Michigan to 'rise up' over Whitmer's new restrictions

President-elect Biden calls on Congress to 'pass a COVID relief package like the HEROES Act'

Biden says Trump’s lack of cooperation in transition means ‘more people may die’

Biden’s COVID efforts blocked
(As Trump refuses to concede and deaths rise, calls increase to start formal transition.)

After defeating Trump, Biden faces a Democratic Party straining at the seams

Biden campaign manager to serve as deputy chief of staff

Trump administration to cut troop levels in Afghanistan and Iraq in sprint to deliver on president’s promise

Trump officials rush to auction off rights to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before Biden can block it


Raging virus triggers new shutdown orders and economy braces for fresh wave of pain

With COVID on the rampage, will you get a 2nd stimulus check soon?

GOP leaders in 4 states won by Biden quash dubious Trump bid to flip electors
(Rejecting a scheme backed by some of the US president’s allies, Republican lawmakers in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin say they won’t defy the will of the voters)

GOP shows limited appetite for pursuing Biden probes

2 more GOP governors push Trump to start the formal presidential transition process with Biden

Republicans increasingly urge Trump to begin formal transition

John Bolton urges Republicans to publicly reject Trump's voter fraud claims

GOP Sen. David Perdue won't debate Democratic challenger ahead of run-off election

A secretive Republican group called Amish PAC ended the election cycle with money in its pocket

‘The showdown of all showdowns’: Control of the Senate hinges on Georgia’s wild runoff elections

Biden Asked Republicans to Give Him a Chance. They're Not Interested.

U.S. hits 11 million COVID-19 cases as restrictions increase, holiday worries mount

As the Pandemic Surges, CDC Issues Increasingly Assertive Advice

Why a coronavirus vaccine might not get things back to normal

Sunday shows - Election results, coronavirus dominate headlines

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 11/15/20 - Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace Nov 15, 2020

CNN News 2020 - CNN Live Today 11/15/2020 - State of the Union With Jake Tapper

This Week With George Stephanopoulos 11/15/2020 FULL (ABC) George Stephanopoulos November 15, 2020

Life, Liberty & Levin 11/15/20 FULL | Mark Levin November 15, 2020

A day-by-day timeline of how Trump is blocking the kind of presidential transition he got from Biden and Obama

John Kelly blasts Trump for not helping with the transition: 'The downside to not doing so could be catastrophic'

Trump lost at the ballot box. His legal challenges aren’t going any better.

The federal government’s chief information security officer is helping an outside effort to hunt for alleged voter fraud

Biden Asked Republicans to Give Him a Chance. They're Not Interested.

Biden administration will seek to restore stability at Pentagon, analysts say

Trump Pentagon Purge Could Accelerate His Goal to Pull Troops From Afghanistan

Trump walks back tweet saying Biden 'won' election

Trump says Biden ‘won’ because vote was ‘rigged,’ then says he’s not conceding
(After appearing to acknowledge losing election, US president follows up by saying ‘I concede NOTHING!’ as he continues to push unfounded accusations of fraud)

Trump campaign jettisons major parts of its legal challenge against Pennsylvania’s election results


Raging virus triggers new shutdown orders and economy braces for fresh wave of pain

COVID-19 is threatening the economy. So are McConnell and the GOP

Republicans face setbacks in three key legal challenges; Trump law firm quits

North Dakota governor changes tack and issues mask mandate

Minn. GOP State Senate Warns Only Republicans Of COVID Outbreak

In Georgia, a laborious, costly and historic hand recount of presidential ballots begins

We’re serving our country. Now Trump says votes like ours don’t count.

Federal judge rules acting DHS head Chad Wolf unlawfully appointed, invalidates DACA suspension

Thousands of mask-less Trump supporters rally in D.C., falsely claiming president won election

Violence erupts between counter-protestors, Trump supporters following DC rally

Susan Rice: Trump administration not helping Biden transition poses national security threat

Trade will fade to background under Biden’s ‘tweet-free’ policy

‘Time will tell’: Trump comes closest yet to admitting election defeat

Trump rails against Georgia recount process

Heads roll as Trump launches post-election purge

In Trump’s final days, a 30-year-old aide purges officials seen as insufficiently loyal

Trump mulls a future outside the White House as 2020 options fade


S&P 500 rises more than 1% to a record close to cap off strong week as big value rotation continues

Economic Risks Are High as Chances for Quick Stimulus Narrow

RNC to spend at least $20 million on Georgia's Senate races

Trump and GOP rush to “quietly pack the FEC with partisans” after election, watchdog group warns

Young Kim takes down Democrat in California House rematch

Rep.-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene, supporter of QAnon, denounces House mask requirement

Spencer Cox rejects Trump’s claim of voter fraud, says there’s ‘no evidence’

At least 243,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 10,734,000 cases have been reported.)

Almost Every U.S. State Is Now Officially a Coronavirus Hot Spot

New Mexico at ‘breaking point’ as U.S. shatters coronavirus case record again

Virus sidelines at least 130 in Secret Service

Covid-19 vaccine may have unpleasant side effects. That will mean it's working.

'We blew it': U.S. reaches 'explosive' COVID-19 spread as virus is nearly impossible to control, experts say

Dr. Birx advises no extended family gatherings in Utah for Thanksgiving, Christmas

U.S. reports record 153,400 new Covid cases as Dr. Fauci urges Americans to be careful: ‘It is not futile’

Shields and Brooks on election results, Trump’s resistance

As Trump continues to push false claims of fraud, top officials say election was most secure in history

Prosecutors who AG Bill Barr dispatched to investigate Trump's evidence-free claims of mass election fraud say they found no substantial irregularities

It goes from bad to worse for the Trump legal team

Trump’s attempts to challenge the election results suffer further setbacks

As Soon as Trump Leaves Office, He Faces Greater Risk of Prosecution

Trump takes no questions in first public remarks since losing election

Is This a Coup, or Just Another Trump Con?

Pelosi: McConnell in for rude awakening when Biden takes office

Democrats allege GOP refusal to accept election results is imperiling U.S. coronavirus response

Biden calls for 'urgent action' from Trump amid COVID-19 surge

A new take on federal COVID policy
(Trump’s plan was to downplay risk to lift the economy. Biden bets on the opposite.)

Biden finds support among Republicans as Trump scrambles to salvage his strategy to contest the election

Who are Biden’s potential senior appointees, and what are their views on Israel?

Biden considering Yellen as possible Treasury secretary

Biden projected to win Georgia, Trump projected to win North Carolina

Trump: New York won't receive COVID-19 vaccine immediately

Trump takes no questions in first public remarks since losing election

Trump puts Giuliani in charge of election lawsuits

Trump strikes out in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania ballot challenges, Biden’s lead more secure

Biden projected to win Georgia, Trump projected to win North Carolina


Dow closes more than 300 points lower amid fears virus resurgence could slow down economic recovery

Here are the things that scare Jerome Powell the most about the economy right now

U.S. airline employment to reach lowest levels in decades after pandemic cuts 90,000 jobs

Washington state leads nation in new jobless claims

Millions Face Loss of Jobless Aid: ‘Without It, I’m Dead in the Water’
(Emergency federal programs to assist the unemployed in the pandemic will expire at year’s end if there is no congressional action.)

Democrats and Republicans are still far apart on economic stimulus deal as coronavirus infections surge

Pandemic aid may have to wait for Biden
(Congressional leaders remain over $1 trillion apart on COVID relief — and Trump White House has left talks.)

Senior GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley says Biden should receive classified intelligence briefings from Trump administration

Trump and his followers are on the 'crazy train' with unhinged election conspiracies, Republican congressman says

Senate Republicans relent, say Biden should start getting access to intel

Growing number of Republicans say Biden should have access to classified briefings

How long can Republicans keep helping Trump delegitimize the election?

Karl Rove was a warrior in the GOP’s voter fraud crusades. Even he says it’s over for Trump.

‘Utah Politics’ podcast: Mitt Romney on the election, conspiracy theories and more

Texas senator suggests it's too soon to declare Biden the winner because Puerto Rico is still counting votes

‘We’re the ones who won’: McCarthy guarantees 2022 House majority after GOP stymies Democrats in suburbs

Arizona's GOP attorney general: Trump likely lost state, no evidence of fraud

Delaying Biden’s transition could have national security implications, analysts and former officials warn

2020 turnout is the highest in over a century

The U.S. is poised for another wave of covid-19 deaths, public health experts warn

Average Covid cases and hospitalizations rise in nearly every state across U.S.

These charts show how serious the fall Covid-19 surge is in the US

At least 242,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 10,557,000 cases have been reported.)

US notches grim record of over 152,000 new coronavirus cases in one day

Fauci urges American public to double down on COVID-19 safety measures amid surge

As Trump stews over election, he mostly ignores the public duties of the presidency

Trump’s attacks on election outcome prolong tech’s emergency measures

Trump’s Post-Election Tactics Put Him in Unsavory Company

Pelosi calls on Republicans to 'stop the circus and get to work' on COVID

The Seven Pillars of Biden’s Foreign Policy

Biden Must Restore America’s Reputation as a Beacon of Press Freedom
(After four years of hostility to journalists and a free press, the United States must repair the damage Trump has done at home and abroad.)

Biden projected to win Arizona and its 11 electoral votes

Biden got the highest percentage of eligible voters in about half a century

What Trump has in store for Israel, Middle East during final 70 days in office

Trump retreats from public eye in post-election fight

Trump told advisers he could announce 2024 bid shortly after certification of Biden win: report

Trump criticizes Fox: 'They forgot the Golden Goose'


S&P 500 and Nasdaq rise as investors buy tech shares beaten up this week, Dow closes flat

McConnell says he does not expect interrupted presidential transition

GOP Senator Pat Toomey Calls on Trump Admin. to Cooperate with Biden Transition Team

GOP senator says Biden should get access to intelligence briefings

Why GOP superlawyer Ben Ginsberg is bucking his party and blasting Trump’s baseless election claims

Republicans echo Trump’s baseless election claims, undermining Biden’s transition

Arizona's GOP AG says people voted Republican, but not for Trump

Mitt Romney says wearing masks doesn’t show lack of commitment to conservatism

Florida Gov. DeSantis’s new data analyst: an anti-mask sports blogger with no credentials

Republicans who could serve in a Biden government

Election Officials Nationwide Find No Evidence of Fraud

Military voters included on Trump campaign list of 'improperly cast' ballots

Trump lawyers suffer embarrassing rebukes from judges over voter fraud claims

Georgia will recount presidential election ballots by hand as Biden’s lead over Trump grows

Coronavirus updates: US sets single-day case record as hospitalizations reach all-time high; New York, Ohio, Indiana tighten restrictions

US hits record COVID hospitalizations, passes 1 million cases already this month

Hospitalizations hit all-time high as U.S. sets another record with 145,000 new infections

New US coronavirus cases top 140,000, a record high for daily count

At least 240,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 10,367,000 cases have been reported.)

U.S. prepares for worst four months of the pandemic as it stares down the ‘darkest’ days yet

The Surging Coronavirus Finds a Federal Leadership Vacuum

Ex-Defense Secretary: Trump admin acting more like dictatorship than a democracy

Trump’s big election lie pushes America toward autocracy
(Clinging to power by claiming you are the victim of internal enemies is a very dangerous tactic. Don’t underestimate where this can go.)

Trump may accept results but never concede he lost, aides say

Biden's Pennsylvania lead is now big enough to avoid an automatic recount

Biden plays it cool as Trump refuses to concede

State Department won't give Biden messages from foreign leaders: report

Student debt cancellation already in focus amid President-elect Biden transition

How Biden aims to amp up the government’s fight against climate change

Biden’s choice of Ron Klain to run White House signals rejection of Trump-era chaos

Here Are the Experts Leading Biden’s Transition at Federal Agencies
(Normally, they’d already be landing inside government agencies, preparing for a smooth transfer of power—but can’t yet as Trump levels unfounded claims about election fraud.)

Who Are Contenders for Biden’s Cabinet?

Trump campaign sues Michigan to prevent certification of Biden win

Trump, Biden attend Veterans Day events


Dow closes more than 250 points higher, but Nasdaq slides as investors rotate out of tech stocks

GOP unveils $1.4T spending bill amid post-election turmoil

Like Mitt Romney, Utah Rep. John Curtis now recognizes Joe Biden as president-elect

GOP senator says Trump should cooperate on transition

Baker slams Trump challenge to election results; says it is ‘not in the best interest’ of the country

Utah Sen. Mike Lee still refuses to say Biden won election

GOP senator: Trump 'may not have been defeated

Republican Sen. Thom Tillis defeats Democrat Cal Cunningham in North Carolina

Martha McSally refuses to concede Arizona Senate race even as math shows she can’t win

Invigorated House Republicans aim to squeeze Democrats

Pennsylvania Republicans plan 'extraordinary measures' to delay election results

Trump wants a recount in Wisconsin, but the RNC is shifting staff from that state to Georgia for Senate fight

Most Republicans don’t yet dare to cross Donald Trump
(For now they have more to gain from indulging him than from accepting his defeat)

If Republicans Push This Long Enough, It Will Take on a Life of Its Own

Barr sparks DOJ firestorm with election probes memo

Supreme Court appears ready to uphold Affordable Care Act over latest challenge from Trump, GOP

With coronavirus cases spiking nationwide, all signs point to a harrowing autumn

Coronavirus live updates: California imposes tougher restrictions on more counties, SF rolls back reopening

At least 239,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 10,221,000 cases have been reported.)

The U.S. has absolutely no control over the coronavirus. China is on top of the tiniest risks.

White House uncertainty grows over Trump post-election actions

Postal worker admits fabricating allegations of ballot tampering, officials say

White House tells federal agencies to proceed with plans for Trump’s February budget in latest sign of election defiance
(The directive is a new example of Trump aides acting as if he won the election and won’t leave office on Jan. 20)

Five Reasons Donald Trump Lost the Presidency

How Trump Sold Failure to 70 Million People

Trump is now sabotaging national security to soothe his bruised ego

More Top Pentagon Officials Out After Trump Sacks Esper
(“It’s embarrassing for the United States,” a former senior intelligence officer who served under Trump said of the recent spate of firings.)

Biden says people need coronavirus relief 'right now' as Republican and Democratic divisions hold up a stimulus package and $1,200 checks

Biden urges nation: ‘Wear a mask’
(As president-elect unveils pandemic task force, he warns of a ‘dark winter’ before a vaccine is available.)

Biden speaks on health care, calls Trump refusal to concede ‘an embarrassment’

Trump said to notify US Congress of F-35 sale to United Arab Emirates

Trump Administration Removes Official Who Oversees National Climate Assessment

Trump accuses FDA, Pfizer of deliberately delaying vaccine news until after vote

Trump Plans PAC in Hopes of Keeping Hold on GOP


Dow climbs more than 800 points as vaccine news, Biden victory rev up markets

Dow surges more than 800 points in biggest rally in 5 months after positive Pfizer vaccine news

Federal deficit surged in October as pandemic spending continued: CBO

America’s Economy Is Fragile. So Is Biden’s Economic Team.

McConnell declines in floor speech to congratulate Biden as president-elect

Mitch McConnell: Trump is '100% within his rights' to challenge election

Lindsey Graham’s curious and conspiratorial argument for why Trump should fight election results


As Trump Refuses to Concede, G.O.P. Remains Divided

Even in defeat, the embers of Trumpism still burn in the Republican Party

Trump supporters launch small, disparate efforts to fight election results as no GOP or Trump allegations of irregularities have been proved

Trump readies suits; allies dig in
(Senior Republicans stand by president’s refusal to concede as President-elect Biden plans for transition.)

Georgia GOP senators call on Georgia secretary of state to resign

31 former GOP House members urge Donald Trump to accept Joe Biden election win

Barr clears Justice Dept. to investigate alleged voting irregularities as Trump makes unfounded fraud claims

At least 238,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 10,086,000 cases have been reported.)

Monitoring the Coronavirus Outbreak in Metro Areas Across the U.S.

Biden coronavirus advisor Osterholm says U.S. is ‘about to enter Covid hell’

COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough: Pfizer Reports Huge Success Rate

Pfizer’s and BioNTech’s vaccine is the start of the end of the pandemic

Trump’s defeat is a blow for the world’s demagogues and dictators

Facebook takes down a widespread network of pages tied to Stephen Bannon for pushing misinformation
(The pages, which promoted the ‘Stop the Steal’ effort and other misleading messages related to the election, were removed over the weekend, while the former top Trump strategist’s account was frozen)

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Biden’s win, upcoming challenge

Pelosi says Esper firing shows Trump intent on sowing 'chaos'

Manchin shoots down chance that Senate Democrats nix filibuster, expand court

Biden announces coronavirus task force made up of physicians and health experts

This Is Why Dr. Fauci Isn't on Joe Biden's COVID Task Force

Biden plans to move fast on the pandemic and the economy

Joe Biden will need to hit the ground running to restore ties with Europe

Biden's Commitment to Competence Is an Automatic Reproach to the Current Administration*

Trump Fires His Embattled Pentagon Chief by Tweet

Refusing to concede, Trump blocks cooperation on transition

A little-known Trump appointee is in charge of handing transition resources to Biden — and she isn’t budging

Trump campaign files new election lawsuit in Pennsylvania

Trump readies suits; allies dig in
(Senior Republicans stand by president’s refusal to concede as President-elect Biden plans for transition.)


Dow futures rise as part of post-election rally

With the election over, what about your 2nd stimulus check?

Top Republicans Are Silent on Biden Victory as Trump Refuses to Concede

Lindsey Graham: If Trump concedes election, Republicans will 'never' elect another president

Republicans split on Biden win as Trump digs in

GOP senator hedges on acknowledging Biden win: 'It's time for the president's lawyers to present the facts'

Romney: A ‘graceful departure' is not in Trump’s nature

George W. Bush congratulates Biden on win and his 'patriotic' victory speech

Republican Maryland governor: 'Whether you like it or not, it's time to get behind the winner of the race'

Republican Philadelphia official responsible for vote counting says office getting death threats

U.S. becomes first nation to cross 10M COVID-19 cases as third wave of infections surge

Tracking Covid-19 cases in the US
(Since January, novel coronavirus has spread to nearly every state and territory)

Utah governor declares new state of emergency as coronavirus spreads

Dr. Fauci Just Said When We'd Return to "Normality"

Sunday shows - Biden win reverberates

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 11/8/20

CNN News 2020 - CNN Live Today 11/8/2020 - State of the Union With Jake Tapper

This Week With George Stephanopoulos 11/08/2020 FULL (ABC) George Stephanopoulos November 08, 2020

Life, Liberty & Levin – 11/8/20 | Fox News

Trump takes on new role: Lame duck
(Still breaking norms, he declines to concede. Next could come pardons — and more firings.)

Jared Kushner said to approach Trump to urge him to concede defeat

Outside the White House, the Site of Anti-Trump Protests Hosts a Celebration

Biden to announce coronavirus task force as part of presidential transition

Biden has ambitious plans to curb the coronavirus. But they could face big hurdles in a divided country and Congress.

Biden focuses on transition, while Trump spends the day at his golf course

Biden’s plans for unity could crash into the Republican Senate

World leaders congratulate Biden and Harris on election win

‘Good news’: America’s allies celebrate Biden win, hope for more cooperative relations

After hours of silence, Netanyahu congratulates Biden, but doesn’t say what for

Local leaders optimistic about what Biden’s election will mean for Seattle and Washington state

Donald Trump still hopes lawsuits will make up for his lack of votes
(The president’s strategy of litigating his way to a second term is full of bluster—and futility)

Trump, a president obsessed with winning, spends the day refusing to admit his loss to Biden


When he takes over as president, Biden will get a surprisingly strong jobs market

Cruz, Graham add fuel to Trump's inflammatory, false vote-fraud charges

Trump lost — so what happens to the GOP?

Joining Trump's war on voting was a test of loyalty for the GOP. Will it keep up the fight?

Trump Is Deliberately Eroding Faith In Democracy. The GOP Is Helping.

‘It’s a slaughter,’ doctors say of new coronavirus wave

Texas becomes first U.S. state to exceed 1 million coronavirus cases

Trump refuses to accept Biden victory, promises legal challenges

Trump refuses to accept election results, says it’s ‘far from over’

How Trump’s erratic behavior and failure on coronavirus doomed his reelection
(The same impulses that helped lift the president to victory in 2016 contributed to his undoing four years later.)

'This isn't over!': Trump supporters refuse to accept defeat

The darkness lifts

Hundreds pour into Denver’s streets to celebrate Biden’s victory

Joe Biden triumphs over Trump, prompting celebration across the U.S. and congratulations from abroad

Joe Biden elected president; Trump first incumbent defeated in nearly 30 years

A President-Elect Shaped by Tragedy and Tradition
(Joseph R. Biden Jr. has spent his career devoted to institutions and relationships. And those are the tools he will rely on to govern a fractured nation.)

Biden says ‘honored’ by election, pledges to be president ‘for all Americans’

Joe Biden, in victory speech, says, ‘This is the time to heal in America’

Biden calls for America to ‘marshal the forces of decency’

Biden plans immediate flurry of executive orders to reverse Trump policies

Kamala Harris, daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, elected nation’s first female vice president

Kamala Harris Makes History as First Woman and Woman of Color as Vice President

‘A beautiful thing:’ Kamala Harris breaks the White House glass ceiling and makes history

Conor Lamb defeats Trump-backed challenger for reelection in Pennsylvania

Trump refuses to accept Biden victory, promises legal challenges

Trump refuses to accept election results, says it’s ‘far from over’


For continuing Election Results

 S&P 500 closes flat, but posts best week since April even with election undecided

Job growth stronger than expected in October, unemployment rate slides to 6.9%

American business and the election

McConnell and Pelosi are once again at odds over the size of a coronavirus stimulus package

McConnell says big stimulus bill not needed after better-than-expected jobs report

Pennsylvania Republicans win Supreme Court order to enforce separation of late-arriving ballots

Supreme Court orders separate count of late-arriving Pa. ballots

Republican Senator: No evidence to support Trump’s vote-fraud claims

Romney: Trump's election fraud claim wrong, 'reckless'

Republicans must follow Mitt Romney’s example and rebuke Donald Trump

GOP splits over Trump’s false election claims, unfounded fraud allegations

Graham: Biden 'deserves a Cabinet' if he wins

Backing Trump’s falsehoods, two Senate allies attack legitimacy of vote count
(Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz warn Republicans may reject ballot results if they turn against president)

With GOP at crossroads, Trump team employs fear tactics in bid to keep Republican lawmakers in line

Republicans are amplifying the president’s lies. This has never been more dangerous.

Fight for Senate majority boils down to Georgia

Georgia Senate race between Perdue, Ossoff heads to runoff

With attention on the election, COVID-19 numbers continue to surge

Coronavirus updates: New U.S. cases surpass 128,000, setting record for third straight day

Trump’s unconscionable assault on American democracy, and its ripples for Israel
(The president’s incendiary demand to halt the vote count, and his unsubstantiated charges of fraud, also raise concerns and disturbing echoes in Jerusalem)

Trump’s Language of Hate Has Deep Roots in American Religious Bigotry

Softening of Trump's evangelical base may have proved critical

Shields and Brooks on election results, national divisions

Centrist Democrats talk leadership changes after negative election results

As Biden inches closer to victory, U.S. allies cautiously weigh outreach amid Trump threats

Biden's confident assessment: ‘We’re going to win this race’

Biden expresses confidence that he’ll win as states keep tallying votes

Suburban Denver voters supercharged Joe Biden’s Colorado win over Donald Trump

Trump turns angry as possible defeat looms

Trump's baseless election attacks undermining U.S. image abroad

Trump campaign, falling behind in the count, is failing in the courts

President Trump’s false claims of vote fraud: A chronology


For continuing Election Results

Dow surges more than 500 points, heads for best week since April as post-election rally continues

Fed holds interest rates steady near zero, says economy is still well below pre-pandemic levels

751,000 seek U.S. unemployment benefits as coronavirus hobbles economy
(Congress’ failure so far to provide more aid for struggling individuals and businesses are threatening to deepen Americans’ economic pain)

The stock market’s best returns have occurred under Democratic presidents with a split Congress

Mitch McConnell is already preparing to torpedo Joe Biden's Cabinet picks

Mitch McConnell Has Let It Be Known He Will Continue to Be an Obstructive Jackass If Joe Biden Wins

McConnell opens door for lame-duck deal on emergency spending

Romney after Trump briefing: 'Counting every vote is at the heart of democracy'

Graham to donate $500K to Trump's legal defense fund

Republicans rebuke Trump over claims of voter fraud

Election splits Congress, GOP bolstered as Democrats falter

US again breaks daily coronavirus record with 118K new cases

Away from U.S. election fever, coronavirus rages on

Judges in two states reject Trump campaign lawsuits as the president continues to press unsubstantiated claims of fraud

Judges have tossed Trump campaign challenges in Michigan, Georgia

2020 Election Live Updates: Military ballots could be key in whisper-thin-margin Georgia

USPS processed 150,000 ballots after Election Day, jeopardizing thousands of votes

AP FACT CHECK: Trump fabricates election corruption

Trump, as lead narrows in counts in Pa., Ga., repeats baseless claims of fraud

Win or Lose, Trump Will Remain a Powerful and Disruptive Force
(Even if he is defeated, he has made clear that he would not shrink from the scene.)

By Declaring Victory, Donald Trump Is Attempting an Autocratic Breakthrough

Trump Is Powerless to Stop the Count
(The president has run up against something he cannot control.)

Networks cut away from Trump's White House address

'Count every vote' protesters march in Philadelphia as Trump falsely claims victory

Trump backers converge on vote centers in Michigan, Arizona

Facebook bans ‘STOP THE STEAL’ group Trump allies were using to organize protests against vote counting
(The group, which had attracted more than 360,000 members, was among widespread efforts by conservative activists to spark protests challenging the legitimacy of the election.)

Long at odds with Trump, Defense Secretary Esper has prepared a resignation letter, say officials

White House approves nearly $3B drone deal with UAE: report

Pelosi reportedly declares election a 'big win' for Democrats. Moderate Democrat profanely disagrees.

While Americans voted, the Trump administration quietly revoked the union rights of immigration judges, which could jeopardize their independence

Trump predicts 'lot of litigation' in fight to keep his job


For continuing Election Results

Stocks rally on Election Day, with the Dow jumping more than 500 points

Here’s why the stock market is rallying even though the election outcome is still uncertain

McConnell says reaching an economic stimulus deal is ‘job one’ when Senate returns

Republican allies break with Trump, say take time to count all the votes

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham to Win Reelection over Well-Funded Challenger Jaime Harrison

Collins Wins 5th Term in US Senate as Gideon Concedes Costly Maine Race

Monitoring the Coronavirus Outbreak in Metro Areas Across the U.S.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb warns of a ‘sustained period’ in the U.S. of ‘well above’ 1,000 Covid deaths per day

Coronavirus updates: United States tops 100,000 new virus cases in a day for first time

Coronavirus cases exceed 100,000 in one day for the first time, even as the nation is split on the pandemic vs. the economy

At least 233,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S. 
(At least 9,479,000 cases have been reported.)

Doctors, hospitals blast Trump's baseless claims they inflate coronavirus deaths for money

Unlike previous lethal viruses, this one will define a major election

If Trump Wins, Washington’s Brain Trust Is Eyeing the Exit Door
(At the State Department, Pentagon, and other agencies, some senior officials can’t take four more years.)

Trump falsely asserts election fraud, claims a victory

Trump’s Brief Speech from the White House Made America’s Troubles Worse

News organizations rebuke Trump over unsubstantiated, explosive victory claim

For most US Jews, Trump’s immigration policy is working against him

Trumpism is here to stay

Judge blocks Trump immigration rule
(Key policy denying green cards to those who use food stamps or other benefits is struck down.)

While you weren't sleeping: Democrats disappoint in House and Senate races

Biden urges patience; Trump claims without evidence Dems trying to ‘steal’ race

Biden May Win, but Trump Remains the President of Red America

Joe Biden Receives Most Votes In Presidential Election History

Trump sues in 3 states, laying ground for contesting outcome

New Trump campaign lawsuit targets late-arriving Georgia mail ballots


Dow jumps more than 400 points to start November as U.S. election looms

U.S. economy faces severe strains after election with Washington potentially paralyzed

Election 2020: The economy fades as a top voter concern

The real results of Trump’s trade tariffs

Trump says GDP proves he ‘was right’ about coronavirus recovery. Economists aren't so sure

Last stand of the Republican moderate

Cindy McCain reveals 'the final straw' with Trump that led to Biden endorsement

Ex-RNC officials won't back Trump

Martha McSally’s Humiliation, and the Republican Party’s

‘We Love What They Did’: Marco Rubio Praises Texas Trump Fan Caravan That Swarmed Biden Bus

The Republican Party has lurched towards populism and illiberalism

Federal judge rejects GOP challenge to invalidate nearly 127,000 votes in Democratic-leaning Houston

Coronavirus live updates: Connecticut rolls back reopening as virus surges; Regeneron’s antibody drug will be in short supply

At least 230,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 9,287,000 cases have been reported.)

Gottlieb predicts Thanksgiving will be 'inflection point' for winter coronavirus surge

Top Trump adviser bluntly contradicts president on covid-19 threat, urging all-out response
(“This is not about lockdowns … It’s about an aggressive balanced approach that is not being implemented,’ says internal White House report that challenges many of Trump’s pronouncements.)

Internal memo shows Birx contradicting Trump on pandemic: This is 'most deadly phase' yet

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Dr. Birx calls for Utah 'required tests' and limited interactions

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on suburban voters, election results timing

Obamacare marketplaces survived Trump's term better than expected

Exclusive: Tired of Trump, Deutsche Bank wants out but sees no good options - sources

President Trump tells advisers that he fears prosecution if he loses the election: report
(Trump fears not only the state and local investigations already underway but also possible new federal probes)

Trump is reportedly telling advisers if he loses, he expects intense scrutiny from prosecutors

Trump baselessly claims Supreme Court's ruling on Pennsylvania mail ballots will 'induce violence'

Trump says he might fire Fauci. Technically, he can’t.

Trump's Plan Isn't Merely Cheating. It's a Hijacking.
(The president*'s campaign is stating, flatly, that it intends to pretend he won re-election because only votes cast on Election Day are legitimate votes.)

Pelosi says House is prepared to decide president if election results are disputed

Watch live: Trump holds Monday night rally in Grand Rapids

Something must be done’: Trump lashes Supreme Court for ruling on Pennsylvania ballots

(Nearly 100 pro-Trump vehicles surrounded a Biden-Harris campaign bus on a Texas interstate, which according to a campaign official, “put our staff, surrogates, supporters, and others in harm’s way.”)


GOP tries to save its Senate majority, with or without Trump

Graham’s Bitter Closing Pitch: Libs Hate Me, So Vote for Me

Alaska GOP senator’s ad against Jewish challenger criticized as anti-Semitic

Texas high court denies GOP effort to reject Houston votes

Conservative Supreme Court justices are threatening a post-election coup
(They are pushing a theory that makes a mockery of America’s constitutional design.)

At least 31 states set their one-day coronavirus case records in October

Coronavirus updates: October cases 57% higher than September total; wear a mask at home if a family member is ill

Fauci: We 'Could Not Be Positioned More Poorly' On COVID-19

‘A whole lot of hurt’: Fauci warns of covid-19 surge, offers blunt assessment of Trump’s response

The coronavirus election

Sunday shows - Election countdown dominates

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 11/1/20

CNN News 2020 - CNN Live Today 11/1/2020 - State of the Union With Jake Tapper

This Week With George Stephanopoulos 11/01/2020 FULL (ABC) George Stephanopoulos November 01, 2020

Life, Liberty & Levin – 10/31/20 | Fox News

Dishonesty Has Defined the Trump Presidency. The Consequences Could Be Lasting.

Trump put up walls to immigrants, with stinging rhetoric and barriers made of steel and regulation

Why Trump Can’t Afford to Lose

Democrats grow more anxious about Pennsylvania

Biden aide on UAE F-35 sale: Only Israel was meant to have those jets in region

Biden’s still locked in a bitter fight. But the jockeying is already underway for jobs in his would-be administration.

FBI investigating alleged harassment of Biden campaign bus by Trump supporters

Trump stages five rallies in five states in pre-election sprint

Trump lashes out after FBI announces investigation of Biden bus incident

White House blasts Fauci over 'politics' behind dire coronavirus warning

Trump suggests he might try to fire Fauci post-election


As the market falls and investor fear builds, assessing the odds of a year-end comeback

Republicans shift from challenging rules to preparing to challenge individual ballots

Trump and GOP look to courts to change the rules on counting votes

Trump drags down GOP senators, giving Democrats more paths to the majority

Want to save the GOP? Vote for Joe Biden: Trumpism must be isolated to be destroyed

American Medical Association rips Trump's claim that doctors inflating COVID-19 numbers

18 Trump rallies have led to 30,000 COVID-19 cases: Stanford University study

President Trump's split with health advisers on coronavirus fuels speculation of shake-up

White House sidestepped FDA to distribute hydroxychloroquine to pharmacies, documents show. Trump touted the pills to treat covid-19.

Obamacare repeal would lead to more than 21 million Americans losing health insurance, study finds

Get-out-vote rally participants in North Carolina say police pepper-sprayed them

Biden Team Cancels Texas Event After Highway ‘Ambush’ by MAGA Cavalry

Yes, Trump has an agenda for a second term. It’s all about him.

Judges nominated by President Trump play key role in upholding voting limits ahead of Election Day

Seattle Times editorial board endorsements: Election 2020 presidential, national and Washington state races (Biden)

Democrats on edge as Biden-Trump fight nears end

Biden campaign cancels event in Texas after pro-Trump cars surrounded its bus

Trump approves selling F-22 Raptor to Israel — Saudi report

Trump declares 1 November to be ‘national day of remembrance for those killed by illegal aliens’


Dow closes more than 150 points lower as Wall Street posts its worst one-week sell-off since March

From Exxon to Charles Schwab, white-collar job cuts are mounting

Fed eases terms of Main Street lending program to help more small businesses

McConnell says Congress will take up stimulus package at start of 2021

McConnell expects coronavirus stimulus in 2021, while Pelosi and Trump push for a deal sooner

Top Senate GOP super PAC makes final $4.6M investment in Michigan Senate race

Republican Senate Candidates Are Chickening Out of Their Debates From Maine to Mississippi

Mike Pence at Des Moines rally: Joni Ernst is an 'unwavering ally of President Trump and the MAGA agenda'

Five Reagan White House lawyers endorse Biden, saying Trump has ‘fomented hatred’

U.S. reports world record of more than 100,000 COVID-19 cases in single day

At least 229,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.
(At least 9,036,000 cases have been reported.)

Regeneron halts trial of COVID-19 antibody drug in sickest hospitalized patients

Trump’s pandemic agenda shoved government scientists aside. They’re attempting an 11th-hour comeback.
(Alarmed by the worsening pandemic and a president who mocks the virus at rallies, health agency scientists are challenging the administration’s approach in ways small and large)

Swing-state voters face major mail delays in returning ballots on time, USPS data shows

Election Violence in the United States Is a Clear and Present Danger

Trump, Biden crisscross Midwestern battleground states

Trump pitches 'back to normal' as Biden warns of tough days

Shields and Brooks on 2020 election predictions

Majority of Americans say Trump has damaged US standing in the world, Independent poll reveals

Trump’s COVID-19 response is a national defense failure

Not so great—the Donald Trump audit

'American fiasco': House coronavirus oversight report rips Trump admin's pandemic response

Kamala Harris knows things no vice president has ever known

Biden’s call for ‘national mask mandate’ gains traction in public health circles

In final stretch, Biden camp seeks voters who stayed home in 2016

No, Biden did not confuse George W. Bush and Donald Trump

Trump rolled back more than 125 environmental safeguards. Here’s how.
(The administration has allowed more pollution, drilling and logging while weakening protections for animals such as bees, bears and birds)

U.S. unveils more sanctions on Iran and sells off Iranian oil

White House informs Congress of plans to sell as many as 50 F-35s to UAE

Trump says Supreme Court will have aided a Biden win

Trump lashes out at state officials over virus restrictions at Minnesota rally


Stocks rebound from massive sell-off, S&P 500 closes more than 1% higher as tech gains

U.S. GDP booms at 33.1% rate in Q3, better than expected

U.S. economy recoups two-thirds of ground lost in first half of year, but there is still far to go

The American Economy Was Hit by a Bus. It’s Healing, but Slowly.
(Why the G.D.P. numbers out today can mislead.)

Weekly unemployment claims dip slightly in last report before election
(751,000 people filed claims for new benefits, a modest decrease as economy continues to struggle)

U.S. weekly jobless claims total 751,000, vs 778,000 expected

Coronavirus, consolidation taking toll on energy jobs

Mitch McConnell’s approval drops nationwide despite political win with Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination

GOP sees path to hold Senate majority

Lindsey Graham, you're on your own

Georgia senator to skip debate after Democratic rival goes viral

In a pivotal race in North Carolina, Democrats try to paint the incumbent as ‘pharma’s favorite senator’

Wilbur Ross Remained on Chinese Joint Venture Board While Running U.S.-China Trade War

Tracking Covid-19 cases in the US

U.S. reports nearly 90,000 new coronavirus cases amid surges in every swing state

Coronavirus cases are on the rise in every swing state
(The Midwest, which helped deliver Trump the presidency, is now the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.)

COVID Death Toll Could Be 25 Percent Higher Than Data Shows

Coronavirus updates: El Paso, Texas, to go on 2-week shutdown; New York tops 500K cases; Wisconsin runs low on ICU beds; 227K US deaths

Moderna says it’s preparing global launch of Covid vaccine as it takes in $1.1 billion in deposits

States say they lack federal funds to distribute coronavirus vaccine as CDC tells them to be ready by Nov. 15

White House science office says Trump ended COVID-19 pandemic as US hits record cases

On virus, Trump and health advisers go their separate ways

Trump’s vaccine promises meet reality

COVID surge erodes Trump’s support
(President trails Biden in Midwestern states that have been hit hard in latest wave. He faults the media.)

Despite GDP growth, polls suggest Trump’s advantage on economic stewardship is narrowing

Trump failed to deliver a Rust Belt revival, imperiling his reelection chances

How Trump waged war on his own government

Pelosi wants 'big' health care, infrastructure push in 2021

Mnuchin accuses Pelosi of pulling a ‘political stunt’ as stimulus talks stall

Biden, in LGBTQ interview, vows to pass Equality Act in first 100 days

Here's how the Biden tax plan would affect each U.S. state

Obama, Trump battle in new wrinkle for 2020 campaign

New Trump rule requires health plans to disclose costs up front

Trump says US allies are 'in many ways worse than the enemy' and claims Germany preferred Obama

‘Bad things are going to happen to him’: Trump threatens unmasked ‘Anonymous’ whistleblower at Florida rally

Trump slams Pennsylvania mail-in ballot deadline extension as a 'disaster'

Facing Gap in Pennsylvania, Trump Camp Tries to Make Voting Harder
(Trailing in the polls, President Trump and his campaign are pursuing a three-pronged strategy that would effectively suppress the mail-in vote in the critical state of Pennsylvania.)


Dow sheds more than 900 points as surging virus cases lead to shutdowns

Stock market slide muddles Trump’s economic message days before 2020 election

Dow sinks more than 900 points for its worst drop since June amid rising virus cases globally

As Washington delays stimulus, the Fed is running out of ways to help the economy

Unemployment benefits from Trump's executive memo run out as stimulus deal fails to materialize

Boeing to cut thousands more employees as losses mount

McConnell says Barrett nomination helped some vulnerable GOP incumbents, gives even odds on holding the Senate

McConnell: Battle for Senate 'a 50-50 proposition'

McConnell and Schumer's relationship shredded after court brawl

Lindsey Graham, Thom Tillis pushed for controversial casino after donations from gambling mogul

Cruz in heated exchange with Twitter's Dorsey: 'Who the hell elected you?'

Facebook, Google, Twitter CEOs clash with Congress in pre-election showdown

Trump's disrespect of Sen. Martha McSally was painful to watch

Fox News cuts off Lindsey Graham in the middle of his latest money plea

Flake cuts ad for Biden: 'Character' matters

U.S. Supreme Court deals blow to Republicans in Pennsylvania, North Carolina vote-by-mail fights

Former U.S. attorneys — all Republicans — back Biden, saying Trump threatens ‘the rule of law’

Why I’m Leaving the Republican Party

Covid cases, hospitalizations continue to surge as U.S. reaches ‘critical point’ in pandemic

White House could have traced and contained its covid-19 outbreak. It chose not to.
(“It’s only unknowable if you don’t want to know,” former CDC director says.)

Trump admin’s pandemic surrender draws impassioned response from WHO
(WHO officials were exasperated by Trump admin’s suggestion to give up on pandemic.)

Here are the Trump administration’s four most profound failures in the pandemic

Trump’s attacks on political adversaries are often followed by threats to their safety

Trump's disrespect of Sen. Martha McSally was painful to watch

Trump campaign event use of Marine Corps helicopter raises ethics questions

Trump’s Phase 1 China deal comes apart at seams

How Trump Lost the Balkans
(The administration’s see-no-evil diplomacy has produced a dangerous unraveling across the region.)

In America, far-right terrorist plots have outnumbered far-left ones in 2020

The U.S. has already hit 53% of total 2016 voting

Nancy Pelosi says the stock-market slide could force Trump to quickly negotiate a large stimulus deal

Democrats see signs of hidden Biden voters flipping from GOP

More Utah women are donating to Biden as Trump struggles with female voters

'Bidencare' is taking shape as a health care policy proposal

Biden: No excuse for looting and violence in Philadelphia

Biden blasts Trump for Omaha rally that left supporters stranded in the cold

Trump to strip protections from Tongass National Forest, one of the biggest intact temperate rainforests


Dow falls more than 200 points as coronavirus cases continue to rise, tech shares lift Nasdaq

Wall Street banks and their staff are leaning left

Executives pocketed big bonuses before declaring bankruptcy, firing thousands

Unemployment benefits from Trump's executive memo run out as stimulus deal fails to materialize

The Rust Belt boom that wasn't: Heartland job growth lagged under Trump

Trump’s Carrier deal fades as economic reality intervenes

Amazon to hire 100,000 workers for seasonal surge

Ted Cruz is asked why national debt is paramount to Republicans only when a Democrat is in the White House

Cruz: Hunter Biden attacks don't move 'a single voter'

Republicans could suffer from Chinese company’s failure to buy Montana beef

Utah Sens. Romney and Lee join GOP parade of praise for Amy Coney Barrett before confirmation vote

‘Fat and Happy’ With a Conservative Court, Are Republicans Losing a Winning Issue?
(President Trump and his party pushed Justice Barrett’s confirmation through in record time. But they could find that satisfied voters, who no longer fear the specter of a liberal court, are also complacent.)

Trump wants election night result, but GOP has fought to make sure many ballots won't be counted by then

GOP governors have overwhelmingly encouraged masks. Trump still resists them.

U.S. coronavirus infections hit record levels, with hospitalizations and deaths on the rise

Hospitals across 38 states report increase in coronavirus patients

Covid hospitalizations rising in 36 states as U.S. hits another record for average new cases

Hospitals in nearly every region report a flood of covid-19 patients

GRAPHIC-Spared early on, 'Trump country' now leads in coronavirus cases, deaths

Fauci: Early COVID-19 vaccines will only prevent symptoms, not block the virus

White House science office says Trump ended COVID-19 pandemic as US hits record cases

‘Reckless and false’: Doctors blast baseless Trump conspiracy theory that hospitals are inflating COVID-19 deaths

With eye on China, India and U.S. sign accord to deepen military ties

Early-voting surge scrambles Election Day expectations as some states gallop toward 2016 turnout levels

Trump is right: He can’t contain the virus. But a better president could.

In search of President Trump’s mysterious health care plan

Ballrooms, candles and luxury cottages: During Trump’s term, millions of government and GOP dollars have flowed to his properties

Judge rejects Justice Dept. bid to short-circuit defamation case brought by woman who accused Trump of rape

Angry Democrats try to focus on health care as they watch Barrett confirmation

Bloomberg Funds Last-Minute Advertising Blitz for Biden in Texas and Ohio

Biden pushes into Trump territory

Joe Biden will travel to Iowa Friday, underscoring close presidential race


Trump predicts massive stimulus deal after election, but negotiations have mostly ended
(Congress fails to deliver even as economic, health care conditions worsen amid pandemic’s continued toll)

Trump says stimulus deal will happen after election

Trump's pitch to women on coronavirus recovery: 'We're getting your husbands back to work'

Trump looks to shore up support in Nebraska


Dow closes 650 points lower, posts worst day since early September

Record earnings beat is still not good enough for the market and profit misses are severely punished

Stimulus deal before Election Day looks less likely as Pelosi pushes Mnuchin over virus testing

Senate confirms Barrett to Supreme Court, cementing its conservative majority

Barrett takes first oath as Supreme Court justice after highly partisan Senate vote

Justice Clarence Thomas administers constitutional oath swearing in Amy Coney Barrett

Murkowski predicts Barrett won't overturn Roe v. Wade

McConnell tees up Trump judicial pick following Supreme Court vote

McConnell’s intriguing comment about the GOP and ‘the next election’

Poll: Nearly 7 in 10 US Jews think Republican Party holds anti-Semitic views

Monitoring the Coronavirus Outbreak in Metro Areas Across the U.S.

Average daily new coronavirus cases in U.S. hit all-time high, Gottlieb warns of ‘exponential spread’

The US is close to having 'exponential spread' in some areas, and the hardest part may still be ahead, former FDA official says

El Paso imposes curfew as virus cases overwhelm hospitals

US health official says pandemic clearly can be controlled

Curfews, mask mandates and stay-at-home orders: Experts share which work best

Giving up on controlling COVID-19 is 'dangerous' -WHO

Fauci: The US is still in the first wave of COVID-19

‘Passion and expertise’: UW’s Dr. Vin Gupta shares coronavirus insights with the nation

Trump Survived the Coronavirus, but He Can’t Escape it

Trump revives 'Sleepy Joe' attacks, but gets the facts wrong

White House efforts to conceal Pence team’s coronavirus outbreak show Trump’s penchant for secrecy

Worst place, worst time: Trump faces virus spike in  Midwest

As Trump says news about COVID should be illegal, WH chief of staff says goal is to 'defeat' virus, not 'control' it

Supreme Court rejects request to extend Wisconsin’s deadline for counting mail-in ballots

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Trump’s pandemic message, House outlook

'You will never, never get your credibility back': Schumer warns GOP that they have no right to tell Democrats how to run things when they're the majority after Barrett's confirmation

Democrats urge Bloomberg to invest in Senate races as McConnell-linked super PAC spends big

Trump’s conservative imprint on the federal judiciary gives Democrats a playbook — if they win

Biden goes on offense in Georgia while Trump target Midwest

Biden stretches lead over Trump in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania: poll

Exclusive: New analysis shows how women helped fuel a Biden fundraising surge

Trump admin to announce coronavirus vaccine will be covered under Medicare, Medicaid: report

President Trump declares coronavirus is ‘ending’ as virus rates spike and financial markets dip

Trump claims the worsening U.S. coronavirus outbreak is a ‘Fake News Media Conspiracy’ even as hospitalizations rise

As Trump says news about COVID should be illegal, WH chief of staff says goal is to 'defeat' virus, not 'control' it


Barrett nomination clears Senate hurdle, putting her on course to confirmation to Supreme Court

Collins and Ernst split on Barrett confirmation in tough re-election bids

How Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn busted Ted Cruz’s Obamacare bubble

Who's to blame for stalled stimulus talks?

At least 5 of Vice President Pence's aides test positive for coronavirus

Coronavirus updates: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo rips White House 'surrender'; 45 states report rise in weekly cases; US deaths top 225K

As holidays near, the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, putting families in a quandary about celebrations and travel

CDC staffers say morale inside the agency has plummeted during the pandemic

More than 57 million Americans have already voted, suggesting a huge voter turnout for 2020. But it's not clear who that would favor.

Sunday shows - Spotlight shifts to positive tests among Pence aides

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 10/25/20

CNN News 2020 - CNN Live Today 10/25/2020 - State of the Union With Jake Tapper

This Week With George Stephanopoulos (Full) October 25 2020

Life, Liberty & Levin 10/25/20 - FULL SHOW - October 25, 2020

Lesley Stahl: Giant health care book in Trump interview had 'no comprehensive health care plan'

4 years in, Trump has plenty of unfinished business

How Trump abandoned his pledge to ‘drain the swamp’

Trump’s Bitter, Vainglorious Fantasy of America on the Debate Stage

Trump claims he won two Nobel peace prizes before correcting himself during rambling rally speech

Not crazy about Biden, but fed up with Trump

Senate Democrats hold talkathon to protest Barrett's Supreme Court nomination

Initially spurned by his own party, mocked by his opponent, Joe Biden has emerged more popular as he closes in on a job he has wanted for decades

Biden laps Trump in big money from Washington state as some traditional GOP donors sit this one out

Biden on attacks on mental fitness: Trump thought '9/11 attack was 7/11 attack'

Joe Biden Reportedly Planning Visit To Georgia Where Polls Show Very Tight Race

New Hampshire paper backs Biden in its 1st Democratic endorsement in a century

Trump administration says coronavirus pandemic will not be contained

White House signals defeat in pandemic as coronavirus outbreak roils Pence’s office

Trump intensifies fracking assault on Biden in Pennsylvania

Trump to escalate campaigning as Biden steps up own travel


Fearful calls flood election offices as Trump attacks mail-in voting, threatening participation in GOP strongholds

'Of course not': McConnell responds to questions about whether there are health issues the public should be warned about concerning his bruised hands

Senators battle over Supreme Court nominee in rare Saturday session

Murkowski's nod gives Barrett extra boost for Supreme Court

As Governor Resists Mask Mandate, Iowans Sour on the GOP

Dr. Scott Gottlieb warns of ‘staggering’ Covid death totals in U.S. as infection rates increase

A rare COVID-19 complication was reported in children. Now, it's showing up in adults.

Home tests could help in the fight against the coronavirus. So where are they?

Fauci Reverses Stance on Federal Mask Mandate As COVID-19 Cases Spike

‘Follow the Fauci’ — Shepard Smith makes a plea to the country

Ethiopia blasts Trump remark that Egypt will 'blow up' dam

Trump’s historic assault on the civil service was four years in the making

In Trump Donations, Big Tax Write-Offs and Claims That Don't Always Add Up

Spin, hyperbole and deception: How Trump claimed credit for an Obama veterans achievement
(President Trump has told mistruths about the 2014 VA Choice Act more than 156 times, seeking to deny the contributions of rivals including Barack Obama and John McCain.)

45 reasons not to reelect the 45th president

Biden's oil stance jars Democrats in tough races

Obama slams Trump in Miami: 'Florida Man wouldn't even do this stuff'

Trump privately tells donors it would be ‘very tough’ for GOP to hold Senate

'COVID, COVID, COVID': Trump complains media too focused on pandemic as US hits record cases – election updates

Trump goes on offensive against Biden with trip to New Hampshire


Dow closes slightly lower, snaps 3-week winning streak

Mnuchin downbeat on economic relief talks with Pelosi as clock runs out ahead of election

Stimulus deal signed by President Trump before election increasingly unlikely as time runs out

Why the Pandemic Is Forcing Women Out of the Workforce

National Republican Party Formally Backs QAnon Supporter

Senators Collins, Murkowski Vote Against Moving Forward with Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation

Sen. Mike Lee calls Democratic protest of Supreme Court vote ‘pious pearl-clutching’

Senate GOP to drop documentary series days before election hitting China, Democrats over

Democrats play defense, GOP goes on attack after Biden oil comment

Republican House candidate's website attacks critic for going to 'work for non white males'

GOP pollster says Trump won the final debate but Biden ‘won the war’

U.S. breaks daily record for coronavirus cases with over 84,000 new infections

'At Capacity': COVID-19 Patients Push U.S. Hospitals to Brink

Fauci Says Trump Hasn't Been To A Coronavirus Task Force Meeting In 'Several Months'

Trump quietly closed the U.S.'s vaccine safety office last year. Researchers are scrambling to replace it.

Wearing masks could save more than 100,000 US lives through February, new study suggests

Remdesivir not a 'magic bullet' but could help speed up recovery, experts says

WHO says some countries ‘are on a dangerous track’ as Covid cases begin to stress health systems

Second Trump-Biden debate has fewer interruptions but more counterpunches

5 takeaways from the final Trump-Biden debate

AP FACT CHECK: Falsehoods and fumbles in Trump-Biden debate

Biden wants to raise federal minimum wage. Trump doesn’t. A look at their debate disagreement.

Trump undercuts his own effort to tie Biden to Wall Street in final debate

Loan payments loom as Trump fights for his political future – and the future of his business

Armed Trump supporters at Florida polling site were off-duty guards and had not been hired, officials say

Shields and Brooks on final presidential debate, key Senate races

Judge orders Postal Service to restore high-speed mail sorting machines

Biden cleans up oil spill after debate, spotlighting Democratic divisions and governing challenges

Biden says he will start working on coronavirus relief during transition if elected

'Bidencare' makes its debut at the final presidential debate

Biden swats away attacks as Trump tries to go after son Hunter

Biden has surged ahead of Trump in donors – Including in the states that matter most

With Netanyahu on phone, euphoric Trump predicts ‘one unified family’ in Mideast

Sudan and Israel agree to normalize ties, the third such accord since August


Stocks close higher after Pelosi points to progress on coronavirus stimulus talks, banks lead gain

Weekly jobless claims drop to nearly their lowest level since the pandemic started in March

GOP-led Senate panel advances Amy Coney Barrett despite Democrats’ boycott

Republicans vote to advance Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate

The Ultimate “Bullshit Job”

GOP’s Marco Rubio: I’m open to voting for higher Covid stimulus because Americans need help

McConnell helps ‘working families’ by killing coronavirus relief. That’s rich, Mitch.

Senate Republicans fume as Mnuchin gives ground to Pelosi in search of deal

'Really dumb politics.' Some Republicans mystified by McConnell's hard line on coronavirus stimulus

GOP power shift emerges with Trump, McConnell

Susan Collins 'Truly Grateful' For Endorsement From Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Abortion Group

At least 222,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.

Emergency approval for a coronavirus vaccine could undermine efforts to keep researching it

FDA advisory committee debates safety and efficacy standards for a coronavirus vaccine

FDA approves first COVID-19 drug: the antiviral remdesivir

Scorecard: Grading the debate performances of Donald Trump and Joe Biden

5 takeaways from the final 2020 presidential debate

Five takeaways from the final Trump-Biden debate

The U.S. has hit 100% of total 2016 early voting
(At least 47.1 million have voted nationwide, and there are still 12 days until Election Day)

Trump admin has known for weeks that Iran, Russia hacked local governments, say officials

Trump Promised Seniors Drug Discount Cards. They May Be Illegal.

Trump’s Crackdown On Diversity Training Is Fascist. And Terrifying.

So, you think Trump has been good for Israel?
(Think again. This administration has damaged Israel's core interests, ceding its honest broker role while over-hyping the UAE deal)

Pelosi cautions that Congress may be far from passing a stimulus bill despite progress on a deal

House Democrats Pledge to Continue Investigations Into Pompeo—Regardless of Election Outcome

Biden, squeezed on the Supreme Court, promises a commission to consider changes

Obama unleashed in first Biden rally
(Dialing up his public role, the ex-president calls Trump corrupt and dangerous, urging voters to turn out.)

Obama’s 10 deepest cuts against Trump in Philadelphia

Trump executive order strips protections for key federal workers, drawing backlash

Trump defends family separation in debate, says immigrant kids whose parents can't be found are 'so well taken care of'


Stocks close slightly lower as coronavirus stimulus talks continue

'They only care about votes': As millions slip into poverty, voting may be the only leverage for a 2nd stimulus check

Stimulus package is unlikely to get through Congress before the election, Goldman Sachs says

Economy won't bounce back until 2022 even with good vaccine rollout, new report finds

Feeling the pinch, GOP Senate committee restructures $20 million loan one month before the election

Graham wants to review ActBlue's source of small-dollar contributions

McCarthy faces pushback from anxious Republicans over interview comments

White House pushing for stimulus deal within next 48 hours

Mitt Romney says he did not vote for Trump in the 2020 election

It is probably too late for Senate Republicans to distance themselves from Trump

Senate Republicans try to ignore Trump’s attacks on Fauci

Why Senate Republicans would rather approve a Supreme Court nominee than coronavirus stimulus

How Republican Senators Account for the Trump Presidency

CDC redefines COVID-19 close contact, adds brief encounters

Unprecedented vaccine trials on track to begin delivering results

Dr. Fauci thinks this is when the public will be able to do things that 'feel like normal'

US says Iran, Russia obtained voter registration info

U.S. government concludes Iran was behind threatening emails sent to Democrats

Why 780 retired generals and former national security leaders spoke out against Trump

President Trump has a habit of bashing women who challenge him — here’s a look back

Trump’s farmer bailout gave $21 billion to red counties and $2.1 billion to blue ones

Signs that Trump’s act has worn thin
(Voters he must win over say they’re exhausted as president makes himself the center of attention.)

Trump’s Assaults on Immigrants Drive Georgia’s Latino Voters

Funding for Planned Parenthood went up – yes, up – during the Trump administration

Labor chiefs call 'emergency' session over Trump election threats

Senate Democrats block GOP’s $500 billion coronavirus aid bill as Pelosi-Mnuchin talks continue

Pelosi: Trump bank account in China a 'national security issue'

Obama to campaign for Biden in Florida

Biden's Social Security and SSI plan would lift 1.4 million out of poverty, study finds

Biden foreign policy begins with telling the world: ‘America’s back’

Jaime Harrison on Lindsey Graham postponing debate: 'He's on the verge of getting that one-way ticket back home'

Trump casts doubt on hopes for quick stimulus deal after aides expressed optimism

White House looks at cutting Covid funds, newborn screenings in ‘anarchist’ cities

Trump and advisers considering firing FBI director after election: WaPo

Trump, unhappy with questions from ‘60 Minutes’ host Lesley Stahl, threatens to release interview himself


Dow closes more than 100 points higher as Pelosi says she is ‘optimistic’ about possible aid deal

Millions of Americans are entering poverty amid pandemic as stimulus runs out

Progress, but no breakthrough, on coronavirus relief

Pelosi and Mnuchin make progress in stimulus talks, but big differences remain, White House chief of staff says

McConnell warns White House against making stimulus deal as Pelosi and Mnuchin inch closer

McConnell signals Senate Republicans don't want bigger Covid relief bill before election

Pandemic relief talks inch ahead but McConnell is resistant

Senate to vote Monday to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court

Why some Senate Republicans are tiptoeing away from Trump

Fearing a loss, GOP senators keep distance from Trump and begin to ponder party's future

Some in North Dakota wish for tougher virus tack by governor

Administration officials alarmed by White House push to fast track lucrative 5G spectrum contract, sources say

Republican Voters Take a Radical Conspiracy Theory Mainstream
(QAnon, with encouragement from the president himself, has moved from online message boards to political rallies and congressional campaigns.)

GOP pollster Luntz blasts Trump campaign as worst he's ever seen

The coronavirus pandemic has caused nearly 300,000 more deaths than expected in a typical year

At least 220,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.

Experts say CDC's guidance on wearing masks on public transportation 'should increase compliance'

Here Are All the Side Effects of Every Top COVID-19 Vaccine in US

A majority of U.S. states are now on New York’s Covid travel restriction list, Cuomo says

Voters want Senate to prioritize coronavirus relief over Supreme Court, new poll finds

Spanish-speaking Latino voters are being bombarded with disinformation ahead of the election

Trump is ‘tired’ of talking about covid-19. But he cannot avoid the virus. And he cannot help himself.

The president fights facts with attacks
(Truth-telling Anthony Fauci is Trump’s latest target)

Why does President Trump go after Dr. Fauci?

Trump isn’t even trying to slow the virus’s spread

Press: The wheels are coming off Trump's wagon

Tax records show Trump maintains a Chinese bank account: NYT

Trump loses bid to block deadline extension for North Carolina ballot

'Democrat-run cities' fuel the economy, keep many red states afloat

Biden holds massive cash advantage over Trump ahead of Election Day

Former top special operations commander who oversaw bin Laden raid says he voted for Biden

Trump to drop Sudan from terror list in presumed prelude to Israel normalization

Trump calls on Barr to appoint special prosecutor to investigate Bidens before Election Day

Trump abruptly ends '60 Minutes' interview before planned taping of joint appearance with Pence

Trump's closing pitch to voters admits that America has to be made 'great again' all over again


Dow closes more than 400 points lower with one day left until Pelosi’s stimulus deadline

7.1 million American households didn’t have a bank account last year—the lowest rate since 2009

As Washington scrambles for more bailout money, the Fed sits on mountain of untapped funds
(Hundreds of billions of dollars from the Cares Act remains uncommitted and may go unspent despite scramble by White House to produce more aid)

Coronavirus stimulus: White House ups offer to 'almost $1.9 trillion' ahead of Pelosi's Tuesday deadline

Goldman Sachs says Democratic sweep would unleash ‘substantially’ more stimulus

Trump’s Labor Secretary Is a Wrecking Ball Aimed at Workers

GOP blocks Schumer effort to adjourn Senate until after election

Senate Republicans offer constitutional amendment to block Supreme Court packing

Senate GOP eyes Oct. 26 for confirming Barrett to Supreme Court

GOP senators voice fears of a painful Trump loss

Behind in Polls, Republicans See a Silver Lining in Voter Registrations

Supreme Court denies GOP request to stop extended period for returning mail ballots in Pennsylvania

U.S. charges Russian intelligence officers in several high-profile cyberattacks

Coronavirus hospitalizations are growing in 37 states as Fauci warns the world not ‘on the road’ to ending pandemic yet

Covid in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count

Monitoring the Coronavirus Outbreak in Metro Areas Across the U.S.

Moderna CEO expects COVID-19 vaccine interim results in November:

Pfizer, BioNTech start combined trials of COVID-19 vaccine candidate in Japan

Dr. Birx reportedly asked Pence to remove COVID-19 adviser pushing 'junk science'

Virus dominates campaign’s homestretch
(In words and actions, Trump and Biden display wildly different approaches.)

Trump is 'sitting' on $9 billion earmarked for COVID-19 testing because of a controversial advisor, report says

Trump’s den of dissent: Inside the White House task force as coronavirus surges

Trump’s attacks on Gretchen Whitmer help explain his struggles with women and in Michigan

Enough about Hunter Biden. What about Ivanka Trump?
(Trump’s strategy of focusing on Hunter Biden becomes a way to turn the corruption spotlight away from the Trumps and onto the Bidens).

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on final campaign messages, early voting

Yahoo News/YouGov poll: The tide turns against Trump as Biden surges to his largest-ever lead among likely voters

Biden's plan to revive Iran talks could calm the Middle East – but on Israel he and Trump largely agree

Biden takes cautious approach ahead of second Trump debate

Trump campaign demands change to final debate topics

Trump: Biden will 'listen to the scientists' if elected

Trump attacks ‘Fauci and all these idiots,’ says public is tired of pandemic, public health restrictions as infection rates rise

Trump calls Dr. Anthony Fauci a ‘disaster,’ says Americans ‘are tired of Covid’ as nation faces spiking cases


As pandemic surges and economy stalls, Trump fails to live up to dealmaker image in face of partisan gridlock

Federal judge strikes down Trump's cuts on food stamps for unemployed

Ernst Struggles in Iowa as Republicans Battle to Hold Senate Amid Trump's Woes

Lindsey Graham uses Amy Coney Barrett hearing to complain about Democratic rival's fundraising

Alaska GOP senator routinely voted for policies that benefited family's chemical company

Jacksonville seeks $150K from GOP convention host committee

The Republicans are fundamentally unserious people

As coronavirus cases rise, red-state governors resist measures to slow the spread, preach ‘personal responsibility’

How the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally may have spread coronavirus across the Upper Midwest

Twitter removes tweet from top Trump Covid adviser saying masks don't work

Fauci says he was 'absolutely not' surprised Trump got coronavirus after Rose Garden event

Whatever happened to Deborah Birx?

Sunday shows - Trump Michigan rally grabs the spotlight

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 10/18/20

CNN News 2020 - CNN Live Today 10/18/2020 - State of the Union With Jake Tapper

This Week With George Stephanopoulos 10/18/2020 FULL (ABC) George Stephanopoulos October 18, 2020

Life, Liberty & Levin – 10/18/20 | Fox News

Undecided voters in Arizona wary of Trump, crave stability

Ditching The Donald: Trump’s largest voter base is fleeing at an alarming rate

National steelworkers union shines 'Biden Harris' sign on Trump Tower in Chicago

Walled-off comfort zone in Palm Beach
(Trump’s adopted Florida hometown is ‘dripping with money.’)

Trump’s 2016 campaign pledges on infrastructure have fallen short, creating opening for Biden

Among Vietnamese American voters, the Trump-Biden presidential race inflames old wounds

Election live updates: Biden campaigns in North Carolina; Trump visits Nevada, California

Pelosi sets Tuesday deadline for reaching stimulus deal with White House

Pelosi: White House made 'unacceptable changes' to testing language during negotiations on coronavirus stimulus

Schumer labels McConnell's scheduled coronavirus stimulus vote as 'a stunt'

Michigan Gov. Whitmer calls Trump's latest attacks 'incredibly disturbing'

Biden: Trump 'continues to lie to us' about coronavirus

Democrats’ stunning fundraising

Trump sets hectic campaign pace; frontrunner Biden keeps more subdued profile

Despite past Democratic wins, Trump making a play for Nevada

Trump turns his ire toward Cabinet members

Trump takes attack to Michigan governor
(He stokes chants of ‘Lock her up!’ at rally, days after authorities report a plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer.)


More volatility is likely ahead as rising cases, lack of stimulus overshadow strong earnings

Millions of Americans are entering poverty amid pandemic as stimulus runs out

Latest Mnuchin-Pelosi call produces 'encouraging news on testing' for stimulus package

McConnell details $500 billion COVID-19 bill set for Wednesday vote

One of Kentucky's largest newspapers endorses McConnell's challenger

Fearing a 'Bloodbath,' Republican Senators Begin to Edge Away From Trump

US records more than 70,000 new COVID-19 cases in one day, reaching midsummer levels

Coronavirus case increases hit record highs in at least 7 states

Mnuchin to lead Israeli-American delegation to UAE and Bahrain

The United States Isn’t Doomed to Lose the Information Wars
(China and Russia are ramping up their disinformation campaigns in the lead-up to the November vote. It’s time for Washington to fight back.)

Trumpworld’s Corruption Is as Globalized as the Ultra-Rich the President Mingles With

'Please Like Me,' Trump Begged. For Many Women, It's Way Too Late.

'Stunning': Biden slams Trump for shrugging off Whitmer kidnapping plot

Joe Biden Is the Candidate for Anyone Who Wants Off This Frightening Thrill Ride of a Presidency*

Trump holds back-to-back rallies in Midwest, Biden campaign warns race is neck-and-neck

Trump digs in on conspiracy theory over bin Laden raid

'Stupid and obnoxious': Trump attacks GOP senator who accused him of pandering to dictators


Dow closes 100 points higher, snaps 3-day losing streak on strong retail sales data

U.S. budget deficit breached $3.1 trillion in 2020 as pandemic slammed economy

U.S. government budget ends fiscal year with a more than $3 trillion deficit

More Americans fall into poverty after federal stimulus programs end

Retail sales post big gain in September as consumers show unexpected strength

Poll shows Affordable Care Act challenge a liability for McConnell at home

Republicans sense the Trump train has finally gone off the rails, and they're tiptoeing toward the exits

Republicans increasingly seek distance from Trump

Fearing a ‘Blood Bath,’ Republican Senators Begin to Edge Away From Trump

Slamming Trump, G.O.P. Senator Warns of a ‘Republican Blood Bath’
(Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska issued a scathing takedown of President Trump during a telephone town hall with constituents, saying he cozied up to dictators and white supremacists.)

GOP’s Sen. Sasse says Trump mistreats women, flirts with white supremacy and secretly mocks evangelicals

With Gardner trailing Hickenlooper, national GOP groups scale back spending in Colorado

Repeal loses its appeal for GOP
(Republicans who had opposed Obamacare now run away from a promise to nullify it.)

Georgia senator mocks Harris's name before Trump rally: 'Kamala-mala-mala, I don't know'

Live updates: U.S. surpasses 64,000 new coronavirus infections two days in a row for first time since late July

Almost all of Wisconsin is classified as a COVID 'hot spot'

A rare COVID-19 complication was reported in children. Now, it's showing up in adults.

Pfizer says it will not have a coronavirus vaccine until late November, allaying fears of a rush for approval before Election Day

Remdesivir has ‘little or no effect’ in reducing coronavirus deaths, WHO says

White House puts ‘politicals’ at CDC to try to control info

Shields and Brooks on the Barrett hearing, dueling town halls

Town hall shows how deeply in denial Trump remains about coronavirus

Trump refuses to disavow QAnon as he and Biden hold dueling town halls

Evangelicals opposed to Trump step out of the shadows with new groups and ads

John Kelly called Trump 'the most flawed person' he's ever met: report

At the NBC Town Hall, the President Demonstrated That He Is Completely Insane
(Also, that he has no plan for any issue facing the United States at this time. He has no second-term agenda.)

Trump’s struggles in the suburbs put North Carolina in play for Biden

Supreme Court will review Trump plan to exclude undocumented immigrants from calculations for congressional seats

Pelosi defends not speaking to Trump for an entire year

Democrats' Anger Over Barrett Could Have Big Consequences in the Senate

Judiciary Democrats try to delay Barrett confirmation after CNN's KFile finds omissions in Senate paperwork

Trump administration announces deal with CVS and Walgreens to administer coronavirus vaccine to seniors in long-term care

Trump administration rejects, then approves, emergency aid for California fires, including biggest blaze in state history

Trump administration rushing through regulations without public comment or analysis as it prepares for probable loss

Trump plays down virus as he steps up pitch for second term

Trump blasts Susan Collins over SCOTUS amid reelection fight

Trump tweets fake news story from satirical conservative website


Stocks close lower for a third day amid concern over U.S. stimulus, Europe coronavirus spike

7 months into the pandemic, small business owners don’t know how much longer they can hold on: ‘We are in survival mode’

Jobless claims jump, hitting highest level since mid-August

United Airlines posts $1.8 billion net loss in pandemic slump, cuts cash burn

Not even a pandemic can break rich cities’ grip on the U.S. economy

Mnuchin says he’ll give ground in stimulus talks while Trump says he would raise his offer

Pelosi, Mnuchin cite progress in economic relief talks but eye obstacles with Senate Republicans

GOP adapts Obamacare message
(Fearing a voter backlash, Republicans downplay idea that Supreme Court might strike down the law.)

McConnell shoots down $1.8 trillion coronavirus deal, breaking with Trump

Maine’s Referendum on Susan Collins’s Reputation

Graham to Democrats: 'Y'all have a good chance of winning the White House'

           Nebraska Sen. Sasse rips Trump over COVID-19, foreign policy

First Amendment plays an unexpected starring role in Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing

Barrett confirmation hearing day four: ‘We have the votes,’ McConnell says of nomination

Christie says he was in ICU for 7 days battling Covid-19, urges Americans to wear masks

Coronavirus live updates: New single-day cases in U.S. reach highest level since late July

Fauci on coronavirus herd immunity: 'That is nonsense and very dangerous'

Fauci warns Americans may have to ‘bite the bullet’ and cancel Thanksgiving

Barrett, Vowing Independence, Is Haunted by Trump's Demands

Six takeaways from Trump and Biden's dueling town halls

5 takeaways from the dueling Trump and Biden town halls

Biden draws sharp contrast with Trump in low-key town hall

Trump fields questions on coronavirus, conspiracy theories in combative town hall

Trump pressed on conspiracy retweets by Savannah Guthrie

Trump bashes NBC ahead of town hall, adds it's 'a free hour on television'

Trump struggles to mount clear closing argument against Biden, careening toward Election Day with disjointed message

Tapper: Trump completely misrepresented a CDC study

It's Going to Take Decades to Measure the Rot, Decay, and Corruption of the Trumpian Swamp
(Making the Washington swamp his own is the greatest actual real estate deal he ever made.)  

White House was warned Giuliani was target of Russian intelligence operation to feed misinformation to Trump