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Stocks rise after Fed signals no rate hikes in 2020

Federal Reserve predicts no interest rate cuts in 2020, ignoring Trump’s calls to boost the economy

McConnell says Senate to take up trade deal after impeachment trial

Senate Republicans come around to idea of not having witnesses in impeachment trial

Utah Rep. John Curtis now against impeachment as Rep. Ben McAdams stays on the fence

Lindsey Graham Opens Michael Horowitz Hearing by Slamming Media Coverage of His Report

Two reviews of Trump-Russia probe to have opposite conclusions: official testifies

GOP senator to FBI: 'Someone's got to be fired'

Senate confirms Trump's 50th circuit judge, despite 'not qualified' rating

World Leaders Stood Behind Bill Clinton When He Was Impeached. Not So Trump.

In new legal memo, White House budget office defends withholding aid to Ukraine

Inspector general says the FBI is not vindicated by his report on Trump campaign probe

DOJ inspector general testifies on Capitol Hill

Jewish groups divided on Trump order targeting college anti-Semitism

Trump Reached a New Level of Apocalyptic Fearmongering at His Pennsylvania Rally

House Judiciary holds marathon 2-day debate ahead of committee impeachment vote

House Judiciary debates articles of impeachment against Trump

How Colorado’s 4 House Democrats came to support Trump’s impeachment

Democratic Rep. Van Drew to vote against Trump impeachment, says others could join him

Vulnerable Democrats feel heat ahead of impeachment vote

Mike Bloomberg to donate $10 million to House Democrats targeted by GOP

House passes bill establishing Space Force, parental leave for federal workers

House passes massive defense bill, which now heads to Senate

House passes bill that would give legal status to thousands of undocumented farmworkers

Kelly leads McSally in Arizona Senate race: poll

Trump welcoming Russia’s top diplomat back to the Oval Office is one of his most brazen moves yet 

After bipartisan pushback, Trump ditches effort to kill major federal agency

Trump executive order on anti-Semitism stirs confusion

Trump assaults facts to survive impeachment

Trump ramps up Facebook ads against impeachment 'WITCH HUNT'


Stocks slip as investors brace for looming trade deadline

How could 63 million people be wrong? The GOP strains to make precedent-related defenses of Trump.

Republicans use trade deal to bolster argument against impeachment

Growing divide between Trump and McConnell over impeachment trial

McConnell: Senate won't take up impeachment trial before Christmas

GOP senator blocks bill aimed at preventing Russia election meddling

Controversy on phone records intensifies amid impeachment

GOP opposition appears to fizzle as plan advances to create Space Force, parental leave for federal workers

Congress Flexes Foreign-Policy Muscle With Rebukes of Trump

Pentagon IG opens review into troop deployment at border

U.S. Lawmakers Move to Punish Turkey for Buying Russian Missile System

Attorney general sharpens attacks on FBI’s Russia probe, dismaying some in his own department

Giuliani says Trump asked him to brief Justice Dept. and GOP senators on his Ukraine findings

Federal judge blocks $3.6 billion transfer to border wall

Trump’s NATO parade of falsehoods and misstatements

Trump’s Penny-Pinching Dooms His Korean Diplomacy

Trump's approval dips among independent voters amid impeachment

House Democrats unveil two articles of impeachment against Trump; White House predicts ‘full exoneration’ in GOP-led Senate

Democrats reach cusp of impeachment

Read the Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump

Pelosi's whiplash moment brings praise and criticism

House Democrats and the White House have a deal to move forward with USMCA trade agreement

Democrats Introduce Sweeping Plan To 'End The Criminalization Of Immigration'

Biden narrowly ahead in Iowa as Sanders surges, Warren drops: poll

Joe Biden leads two national polls, while Michael Bloomberg debuts in top five

Trump to meet Russia's foreign minister on Tuesday: Ifax

Trump lashes out at FBI director in wake of Justice Department inspector general’s report

Trump Dismisses Articles Of Impeachment Against Him, Says His Actions Weren't Crimes

Trump pays $2 million in damages ordered by judge over misuse of charity funds, according to NY attorney general

Trump on removal of protester at rally: 'We don't want to be politically correct'

Watch: Trump holds rally in Pennsylvania


Dow falls 100 points, snaps 3-day winning streak as Apple shares slide

Kevin McCarthy Conjures Up the First-Term Rule in Defense of Trump

Impeachment fight flares at House Judiciary hearing: 'You weren't elected by anybody'

Impeachment witness to meet with Senate GOP Tuesday

GOP lawmaker criticizes Democratic counsel over facial expression: 'Be very careful'

A free pass for Trump? GOP presses edge in key battlegrounds

Houston police chief excoriates McConnell, Cornyn and Cruz on gun violence

GOP senators worry Trump made 'problematic' concessions in trade deal

Documents show US leaders misled public on progress in Afghanistan War

Desperate to Save Diplomacy, White House Blocks U.N. Meeting on North Korean Atrocities

FBI showed no political bias in Russia probe, Justice Department report says

FBI was justified in opening Trump campaign probe, but case plagued by ‘serious failures,’ inspector general finds

Chris Wallace: Allegations against Trump 'far broader than the Clinton impeachment'

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Warren vs. Buttigieg, candidates of color

WATCH: House impeachment hearing

Lawyer for Democrats calls Trump ‘a clear and present danger’ as he argues case for removal

Democrats to lay out articles of impeachment on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress on Tuesday

Trump impeachment: House Democrats to announce at least 2 articles of impeachment Tuesday

Why the Democrats' impeachment drive is in trouble — and what Nancy Pelosi needs to do about it 

Nadler boils down impeachment case: 'No president should put himself before the country'

White House, congressional Democrats on cusp of revised North American trade deal

Democrats rip Barr over IG statement: 'Mouthpiece' for Trump

Trump ignored Barr's warnings about Giuliani because he loved his TV appearances

Trump business dealings argued at federal appeals court in emoluments case

How Trump May Finally Kill the WTO


Republicans mount ad blitz on impeachment, making some vulnerable Democrats nervous

GOP Tactic on Impeachment: Turn Ukraine Allegations Against Biden

Republicans question Democrats' resolve as public turns against impeachment

Top Republican: Democrats' weekend document dump shows impeachment inquiry is a 'farce'

Meadows: 'I don't see a single Republican defecting on impeachment'

Meadows says Republican colleagues 'wrong' for suggesting Trump's phone call was inappropriate

Cruz on House impeachment inquiry: 'This is 'kangaroo court'

Ted Cruz becomes latest Republican to push debunked claim

Chuck Todd challenges Cruz after senator pushes theory that Ukraine meddled in election

Trump, GOP shift focus from alleged surveillance abuse to DurhamRussia probe

Gaetz says Giuliani’s trip to Ukraine is ‘weird’

Nunes: 'Sickening' that Schiff obtained his phone records

Florida Republican says Pensacola shooting 'has to inform on our ongoing relationship with Saudi Arabia'

Pensacola shooting updates: FBI is investigating the incident as an act of terrorism

National security adviser: Pensacola shooting appears to be terrorist attack

North Korea warns United States of an unwelcome ‘Christmas gift’

North Korea claims to have carried out a ‘very important’ test at rocket launch site

Trump is running out of time to make his deals

Inside Giuliani’s dual roles: Power-broker-for-hire and shadow foreign policy adviser

For Trump, Instinct After Florida Killings Is Simple: Protect Saudis

Jewish groups denounce Trump's 'vile' remarks at Israeli American Council

Former acting solicitor general:Trump could be impeached on obstruction of justice, bribery, abuse of power

FULL FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace 12/8/19 | Breaking Fox News December 8, 2019

Democrats gear up for high-stakes Judiciary hearing

Dems split on using Mueller evidence in impeachment articles

Colorado’s Democratic lawmakers focus on obstruction as impeachment vote looms

Judiciary Democrat: 'This is a classic example of an impeachable offense'

Nadler: A jury would convict Trump in 'three minutes flat'

Nadler: Trump will do everything to make sure 2020 is 'not a fair election'

Schiff: Blowback to obtaining phone records 'has only come from the far right'

Democrats express confidence in case as impeachment speeds forward

Biden rallies with John Kerry in early primary states 

Biden: 'I'd add' Warren to my list of potential VP picks

Mike Bloomberg’s money buys him a very different kind of campaign. And it’s a big one.

Challenger takes on S.C. Senate race with rags-to-prominence story, record fundraising

Trump: Democrats changing impeachment guidelines hours before next hearing

Trump tells pro-Israel conference that some US Jews don’t love Israel enough

Trump heads to court in fight over emoluments

Trump: Fox News 'panders' to Democrats by having on liberal guests

Trump rips media coverage that 'mocked' him during NATO summit

Trump Downplays North Korea Missile Tests, Says Kim ‘Too Smart’ 

‘See, we can make a deal’: Trump thanks Iran after prisoner exchange


Conservative Twitter Account Exposes Lindsey Graham’s Hypocrisy Day After Day After Day

Here are the Senate Republicans who could vote to convict Trump

Pence's office questions Schiff's request to declassify more material from official's testimony

North Korea's U.N. ambassador: "Denuclearization" off the table

North Korea conducts 'very important test': KCNA 

The U.S. economy just gave Trump leverage

Tech finds surprise ally in Trump amid high-stakes tax fight

Construction of private border wall continues despite order from judge to temporarily stop

Updates: Investigators trace gunman’s movements in weeks leading up to Pensacola air base shooting

LA Times editorial board calls for Trump's impeachment

Will impeachment be forgotten by November 2020? Don’t be so sure.

Democrats huddle to draft impeachment charges against Trump

Judiciary panel releases report defining impeachable offenses

Judiciary Cmte. lays out 55-page report on constitutional basis to impeach Trump

Why moderates are holding back on impeachment

Impeaching Donald Trump Is Already a Win for Democrats

Trump plans to fight back in Senate
(The White House confirms that it won’t take part in the House’s impeachment proceedings.)

Trump: Giuliani to deliver report on Ukraine trip to Congress, Barr

Trump Says Giuliani Will File a Report on Findings From Ukraine

Trump calls Warren 'Pocahontas,' knocks wealth tax

Trump campaign runs misleading anti-impeachment Facebook ads


Dow surges more than 300 points on blockbuster jobs data, S&P 500 erases losses for the week

Jobs growth soars in November as payrolls surge by 266,000 

Here’s where the jobs are — in one chart

Blowout jobs report means Fed may sound even less likely to move on interest rates

Senate passes bill to permanently fund historically black colleges and universities

House GOP leader says ‘we get USMCA done’ this year despite Dem focus on Trump impeachment

House Republicans will unveil their own drug pricing bill as countermove to Nancy Pelosi 

'Dark money' ties raise questions for GOP Sen. Ernst of Iowa

Susan Collins facing massive ad buy attacking tax vote

North Carolina GOP Rep Says He Won’t Seek Reelection After District Redrawing

Rep. Duncan Hunter says he will resign ‘shortly after the holidays’

Amash says he will vote in favor of articles of impeachment

Congress, White House near deal to create Space Force in exchange for paid leave for federal workers

Calls between Giuliani and White House budget office in doubt

Giuliani draws attention with latest trip to Ukraine

Supreme Court halts subpoena to Deutsche Bank for Trump records

Trump followed through on only half of the proposals he said he was ‘looking into’ this year

Nancy Pelosi made her case for articles of impeachment at a CNN town hall. Here are the 5 biggest takeaways.

House Judiciary Committee formally receives impeachment report

Democratic senator says he knows 'handful' of GOP colleagues considering vote to remove Trump

Democrat says he expects to oppose articles of impeachment against Trump

Impeachment hearing didn't go as Chairman Nadler planned

House passes bill to restore key parts of Voting Rights Act

Rebuking Trump, House backs measure endorsing two-state Israeli-Palestinian solution

Joe Biden is putting the finishing touches on an immigration plan as he seeks to reassure Latinos 

Poll: Biden leads, Sanders second as top tier slips

Trump says he will 'temporarily hold off' on declaring Mexican drug cartels as terror organization

Trump speaks with Saudi king after Pensacola shooting

Trump calls for review of water efficiency standards, saying people flush the toilet '10 times, 15 times'

Trump denies report that he still uses personal cell phone for calls

White House rejects House Democrats’ invitation to participate in impeachment process as Trump focuses on friendly Senate


Stocks close little changed in choppy trading 

How Republicans’ latest defenses of the Trump-Zelensky call fall short

House Republicans try to put law schools on trial as part of their Trump impeachment defense 

Turley: Democrats offering passion over proof in Trump impeachment

GOP Leader McCarthy: Democrats Had "Prewritten Timeline" on ImpeachmentGOP Leader McCarthy: Democrats Had "Prewritten Timeline" on Impeachment

Senate confirms eight Trump court picks in three days

GOP senator bows to White House on Armenian genocide measure

Trump Keeps Butting Into Senate Races, Causing Headaches For GOP

Republican Tom Graves announces retirement from House

Florida Republican calls to hang ‘traitor’ Ilhan Omar and other Democrats

North Korea threatens to resume calling Trump ‘dotard’

Pelosi announces House to draft articles of impeachment against Trump

Impeachment hearings live updates: Pelosi asks committee chairs to proceed with articles of impeachment

Democrats consider bribery, obstruction for impeachment articles against Trump

Pelosi lashes out at reporter: 'Don't mess with me'

House Ethics Committee informs Duncan Hunter he can no longer vote after guilty plea

Bloomberg: Trump should be impeached

Presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg lays out national gun control plan in Colorado church

John F. Kerry endorses Joe Biden, as the former vice president seeks a boost for his candidacy

Biden calls Iowa voter a ‘damn liar’ after he brings up his son and Ukraine

Trump asks Supreme Court to shield financial records from House Democrats

Trump to hold campaign rally in Michigan

Trump's economic message is buried under impeachment news. It's endangering his 2020 strategy. 

A look inside Trump’s anti-impeachment spin factory


Dow jumps more than 100 points, rebounds from 3-day

Job growth is slowing in the trade war, but that may not be clear in Friday’s payroll data

Trump could spark a global recession if he imposes more China tariffs, economists predict 

Trump's legal team huddles with Senate Republicans 

Judiciary Republican asks impeachment witnesses if they voted for Trump

GOP witness Turley urges Democrats to slow down impeachment push

Gaetz clashes with Stanford professor: 'It makes you look mean'

Jim Banks Asks Graham to Subpoena Adam Schiff’s Call Records in Letter

Nunes Claims He Doesn’t ‘Recall’ Whether He Spoke with Indicted Giuliani Associate Lev Parnas but ‘It’s Possible’

Push to investigate Bidens sets up potential for Senate turf war

U.S. military must overhaul body armor for women, senators say

Mitt Romney votes to advance FDA nominee despite concerns about vaping

Iran building hidden arsenal of short-range ballistic missiles in Iraq: report

Pompeo’s Departure Is Restoring the State Department’s Swagger

After Trump’s Hong Kong Democracy Act, China Is Still Winning

State Department pressured to turn over impeachment documents from potential Giuliani-Pompeo call

Barr’s handpicked prosecutor tells inspector general he can’t back right-wing theory that Russia case was U.S. intelligence setup

New research helps explain how Trump successfully muddied the water on Ukraine and impeachment 

Believe It or Not, Impeachment Is About to Get Even More Partisan

WATCH: House impeachment hearing

Watch: House Judiciary impeachment hearing

Live coverage: Witnesses say Trump committed impeachable offenses

Impeachment hearings live updates: Nadler says scholars’ testimony is ‘clear and compelling evidence’ that Trump abused his power

Democrats debate scope of impeachment charges

5 takeaways from the Judiciary Committee’s first impeachment hearing

House committee chair calls for investigation into $400 million border wall contract

Democrat announces retirement, says Russia probe and impeachment inquiry 'have rendered my soul weary'

Biden hammers Trump over video of world leaders mocking him

NATO summit ends with Trump calling Trudeau ‘two-faced’ after video of world leaders apparently mocking the president

Trump returns to impeachment fight after NATO clash

White House, Trump family slam impeachment witness for 'classless' Barron Trump reference

Trump administration tightens work requirements for SNAP, which could cut hundreds of thousands from food stamps

Trump mulls sending additional 14,000 troops to Middle East

Trump suddenly loses interest in stock market


Dow drops more than 250 points, falling for a third day as Trump hints at trade deal delay

McConnell: Senate could pass partisan rules package for impeachment trial

House GOP leader defends Nunes: He 'has a right to talk to anybody'

Nunes files defamation suit against CNN over Ukraine story

Republicans raise concerns over Trump pardoning service members

Republicans Defending Trump on Impeachment Should Fear the Judgment of History

U.S.-Europe Trade War Reerupts in London

2 key Trump-Ukraine events we should be paying more attention to

Former US intel official says Trump would often push back in briefings

Appeals court refuses to block House subpoena for Trump’s financial records

House Intelligence Committee sends report on Trump and Ukraine to judiciary panel, paving way for possible articles of impeachment

Read the House Intelligence Committee’s full impeachment report

House Intelligence Committee advances impeachment report

Top Democrat: 'Obstruction of justice' is 'too clear not to include' in impeachment probe

House Intelligence report says Trump abused power

Schiff says investigators seeking to identify who Giuliani spoke to on unlisted '-1' number

Phone records detail extent of Giuliani, White House contacts

Schiff says Nunes phone calls are 'deeply concerning'

House passes resolution disapproving of Russia being included in future G7 summits

Powerful House panel to hold Medicare for All hearing next week

Warren hits Bloomberg, Steyer: They have 'been allowed to buy their way' into 2020 race

Senator Kamala Harris ends presidential bid

Trump, Macron hold tense meeting: 'Would you like some nice ISIS fighters? I can give them to you'

Trump’s wild NATO display

Trump announces Camp David for G-7 summit next year

Trump slams Iran over ‘big numbers’ killed in protest crackdown

Trump's position on supporting Iran protests: No, yes and no comment

Trump says Tuesday’s market drop is ‘peanuts’ and won’t force him to make a bad China deal

Trump administration to introduce plan cutting food stamps for 750,000 people


S&P 500 posts biggest decline in nearly two months, Dow drops 250 points to kick off December

Republicans draft counter-report as Democrats release witness list for Wednesday hearing

Senate Intel found no evidence of 2016 Ukrainian interference: report

Kennedy doubles down on alleged Ukraine meddling amid criticism

House Republicans defend Trump's actions in new report responding to impeachment inquiry

Republicans Do Their Best to Distance Trump From Giuliani in Impeachment Report

Republican privacy bill would set U.S. rules, pre-empt California: senator

Georgia governor’s pick for Senate seat could set up potential clash with Trump

Rep. Duncan D. Hunter says he will plead guilty Tuesday to misusing campaign funds

Ukraine's president rejected one of Trump's main defenses for withholding military aid, but denied there was a quid pro quo

Impeachment hearings start again this week. Here’s what you need to know

Barr disputes key inspector general finding about FBI’s Russia investigation

North Dakota company that Trump touted gets $400 million border wall contract

Chris Cuomo: Republicans Are Choosing ‘Trump Over the Truth’

Amy Walter and Domenico Montenaro on 2020 Democrats’ ‘volatility,’ impeachment politics

Judiciary Panel Will Step Back Into Spotlight, but Trump Keeps Distance

House Judiciary announces impeachment witnesses

Pelosi faces tough choices on impeachment managers

Nancy Pelosi says at climate summit: 'We are still in'

Biden: 'I don't need an Obama endorsement'

White House opens new fronts in trade war, targeting Brazil, Argentina and France

Trump floats taking case to Supreme Court to stop impeachment

Trump says Democrats ‘not nice!’ for holding impeachment hearings while he’s overseas — but GOP did same to Clinton

Trump campaign revokes credentials for Bloomberg News reporters over decision not to investigate 2020 Dems

Trump twists Ukraine leader’s comments as he calls for an end to the impeachment inquiry

Trump and Netanyahu discuss ‘threat from Iran’ in second call in weeks

Trump heads to NATO summit and Britain braces for impact


Trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, and hardly a voice of caution to be heard

Judiciary Republican: It would be to Trump's advantage to have attorneys at impeachment hearing

Top Judiciary Republican: 'My first and foremost witness is Adam Schiff'

Lawmakers turn attention to potential witnesses at Judiciary impeachment hearings

Perry ends final day as Energy secretary

Kennedy explains why he walked back comments about Ukraine election hack

Georgia governor set to buck Trump on Senate appointment

When China stumbles, the world economy will shudder

Supreme Court poised to hear first major gun case in a decade

Trump faces uphill 2020 climb

Trump faces two impeachment deadlines as inquiry shifts focus

Trump's Intervention in SEAL Case Tests Pentagon's Tolerance

F­o­x N­e­ws Sunday with Chris Wallace 12/1/19 | Breaking Fox News December 1, 2019

Top Judiciary Democrat dismisses poll showing declining support for impeachment: 'Our job is to follow the facts'

Judiciary Democrat who worked on Nixon impeachment says alleged Trump misconduct is worse

Demings: 'We're not willing to play that game' of waiting for officials who refuse to testify

Judiciary Democrat: House impeaching Trump not a 'foregone conclusion'

Bloomberg pollster: Candidate's campaign will focus on climate change, guns, education and income inequality

Trump heads to NATO summit and Britain braces for impact

White House: Trump will not take part in Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearing

Trump’s counsel says president won’t participate in House Judiciary’s first impeachment panel, calling it unfair

White House won't participate in first Judiciary impeachment hearing

READ: White House's letter to Nadler saying it won't participate in impeachment hearing

Trump faces two impeachment deadlines as inquiry shifts focus


Judiciary Republican calls for panel to expand list of impeachment witnesses

McConnell once called Biden ‘a real friend’ and a ‘trusted partner.’ Now he’s quiet as Trump, GOP attack him.

Rick Perry dances toward the exits

Where's Lindsey? After GOP Outcry, Graham Emerges as a Trump Defender

The job no GOP senator wants: 'I'd rather have a root canal'

Ilhan Omar's opponent banned from Twitter after suggesting congresswoman should be hanged

Poll: Majority of Republicans say Trump better president than Lincoln

China wants U.S. tariffs rolled back in phase one trade deal - Global Times

Trump promised Wisconsin's farmers his trade wars would pay off. They're still waiting

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to lead Democratic delegation to UN climate conference

Adam Schiff's star rises with impeachment hearings

House Intelligence Committee to review impeachment investigation report Monday

How a fight over health care entangled Elizabeth Warren — and reshaped the Democratic presidential race

Biden launches Iowa trip with focus on Trump, rural America

Trump's border wall hangs over spending talks

Trump administration plan 'would cut food stamps for millions of people'

Trump’s photo op play: Facing impeachment, the president strives to look hard at work


Stocks fall to end November, but post biggest monthly gains since June

Corporate debt nears a record $10 trillion, and borrowing binge poses new risks

Ex-GOP lawmaker: Former colleagues privately say they're 'disgusted and exhausted' by Trump

Georgia governor's adviser hits back at Gaetz: 'We don't care what you think'

Gaetz warns Georgia governor of possible primary challenge if he doesn't tap Trump's favored Senate pick

Lawmakers bypass embattled Mulvaney in spending talks

Refuting Trump, Taliban says ‘too early’ to speak of resuming talks with US

China threatens to take ‘strong counter-measures’ against US after Hong Kong bill signings

Mexico warns will not allow US military operations against cartels

Time Is Running Out for Trump's North Korean Diplomacy, Analysts Say

CNN: Ukrainian government could announce probes beneficial to Trump

Trump’s evangelical support mystifies his critics, but in Wisconsin, it looks stronger than ever

Shields and Brooks on impeachment public opinion, shifting 2020 Democratic race

Nadler sets Dec. 6 deadline for White House to say if it will take part in impeachment hearings

House Dems give Trump deadline for asserting privilege in impeachment probe

The Senate jury pool is tainted

Fears mount about Biden's South Carolina firewall

Trump to decide if he wants lawyers at impeachment hearings


McConnell says he's 'honored' to be WholeFoods Magazine's 2019 'Person of the Year'

North Korea launches two projectiles in Thanksgiving message to Trump

Backlash in Mexico at Trump plan to list cartels as 'terror' groups

China furious, Hong Kong celebrates after US move on bills

China furious, Hong Kong celebrates after US move on bills

Ousted Navy Secretary Richard Spencer says Trump’s intervention in Navy SEAL case was ‘shocking and unprecedented’

Trump’s big, ‘exonerating’ piece of Ukraine evidence takes a hit

Trump impeachment: White House 'can't find any record' of call which president insists exonerates him

Farmers rake in aid from Trump
(The president hopes billions of dollars will shore up rural base, which could be pulled onto fence by tariffs.)

Tucker Carlson calls Trump 'full-blown BS artist' in segment defending him from media coverage

Obama looms over divided Democratic primary

Bloomberg taps journalist to helm Jewish outreach for 2020 run

Trump announces restart to Taliban peace talks in surprise Afghanistan visit

Trump makes presidential history with no recess appointments

Trump mocks Newsweek over story on Thanksgiving plans


Stocks rise for a fourth day in a row, hit record highs

A top JP Morgan banker says CEOs tell him they are worried about 2020 despite stocks’ record highs

Black Friday shopping chill points to wider fears of slower consumer spending 

In Florida and elsewhere, GOP pressured over climate change

Republicans tried to rig the vote in Michigan – but ‘political novices’ just defeated them

Georgia governor fumes at ‘attacks’ over Senate appointment

Justice review of Russia probe to find no spying by FBI: NY Times

Judge temporarily stays McGahn subpoena

Appeals court stays ruling that former White House counsel Donald McGahn must comply with House subpoena

Giuliani calls Trump to say he was joking about 'insurance policy'

Giuliani was in talks to be paid by Ukraine’s top prosecutor as they together sought damaging information on Democrats

Trump Has Begun the Process of Selling Out Rudy Giuliani

Five reasons Trump cannot easily scapegoat Rudy Giuliani for the Ukraine ‘drug deal’ gone bad 

Ex-Navy secretary slams Trump's 'shocking and unprecedented intervention' in new op-ed

Trump, the Constitution, and the military chain of command
Witness testimony and records raise questions about account of Trump’s ‘no quid pro quo’ call

House Oversight Committee sues William Barr, Wilbur Ross for documents in census probe

Schiff makes a case for himself

Latest 2020 Democratic primary polls show Buttigieg surge in Iowa and New Hampshire, and Biden lead in Nevada and South Carolina

Bloomberg bets 2020 campaign on unprecedented strategy

Trump signs bill supporting Hong Kong protesters despite Chinese opposition

Trump set to spurn impeachment hearing, White House says


Stocks rise to another record as Best Buy leads retailers higher

Lindsey Graham, John Kennedy, Marsha Blackburn preview an extreme Senate GOP defense of Trump

Texas GOP rep predicts heavy Democratic presence in state ahead of 2020

Why are Republicans in Congress sticking by Trump on impeachment?

In ordering McGahn to testify, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson broadly rejects Trump’s absolutist claims 

DOJ moves to halt judge’s ruling that McGahn must testify

Two OMB officials resigned in part over concerns about Ukraine aid hold, official testifies

A wealthy Venezuelan hosted Giuliani as he pursued Ukraine campaign. Then Giuliani lobbied the Justice Department on his behalf.

Mass mobilization could tip the scales on impeachment

Trump was briefed on whistleblower complaint before releasing Ukraine aid

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on impeachment public opinion, Bloomberg’s 2020 campaign

House Judiciary schedules first impeachment hearing as Trump claims he is protecting the presidency

The House Judiciary Committee Has Trump's Impeachment Hearing On The Books

House Judiciary impeachment hearing to feature constitutional lawyers

The Return of Jerry Nadler

Democrats say Ukraine aid documents from OMB show 'pattern of abuse'

A closer look at Bloomberg
(What are the leading obstacles for the three-time New York mayor?)

Trump says he stood up to the 'deep state' by intervening in war crime cases

Trump denies sending Giuliani to Ukraine on his behalf

Trump says he will designate Mexican drug cartels as terror organizations

President Trump Signs Federal Animal Cruelty Bill Into Law

Watch:Trump holds homecoming' rally in Florida


Stocks jump to records after one-week pause, Dow adds more than 150 points

Americans, not Chinese, pay Trump tariffs - New York Fed study

Sen. Graham refuses to back down on investigating Bidens

Republican leaders are avoiding TV interviews as impeachment looms

Rising GOP star thrust into spotlight with Trump defense

New McCarthy ad praising Trump includes Russian stock footage

Rick Perry says Trump is the 'chosen one' sent 'to do great things'

Nunes faces potential ethics review over alleged meeting with Ukrainian official

Kennedy walks back comments on potential Ukraine interference: 'I was wrong'

No ‘End Date’ for U.S. Troops in Syria

Judge rules former WH counsel McGahn must testify under subpoena

Supreme Court stays House subpoena for Trump financial records

Investigators scrutinize Giuliani firm and donations to Trump super PAC as part of broad probe

Democrats eye multiple articles of impeachment as some push to go beyond Ukraine scandal

Schiff says report will be forwarded to Judiciary Committee soon after Congress returns next week

Mike Bloomberg is running for president. These are the causes he supports and industries they would affect

Mike Bloomberg is likely the most China-friendly 2020 candidate. That could be a liability. 

Trump defends intervening in war-crimes cases

Trump puts Kushner in charge of overseeing border wall construction


Graham blocked Armenian genocide resolution upon request from White House

Impeachment will make some Senate Republicans squirm

Kennedy on Russia probe IG report: 'I'm not going to draw conclusions based on allegations by the anonymous source'

Trump’s GOP support hardens despite damning impeachment testimony

Nunes threatens to take CNN, Daily Beast to court over story about meeting with Ukrainian prosecutor

Nunes denies allegation he met with top Ukrainian prosecutor about Bidens

GOP Congressman: Trump's 'prerogative' to weigh in on Navy SEAL review

White House review turns up emails showing extensive effort to justify Trump’s decision to block Ukraine military aid

Probe finds Mulvaney sought to justify Ukraine aid holdup after the fact

The Trump-Ukraine whistleblower has a statutory right to confidentiality: it's the law

Defense secretary fires Navy chief over SEAL war crimes case

Pro-Trump media still promoting debunked conspiracy theories

The far-right agenda of Trump’s most controversial aide

Fox News' Wallace calls out GOP senator for pushing debunked conspiracy theory

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 11/24/19 | Breaking Fox News November 24, 2019

Top Dem says ethics investigation into Devin Nunes likely

Schiff says he wants to speak with constituents before deciding on impeachment

Schiff dismisses Trump's call for him to testify: 'What would I offer in terms of testimony?'

Himes: 'I don't think any Democrat in the Congress' is less committed to impeachment after last two weeks

House Intelligence has video, audio recordings from Giuliani associate at center of Ukraine probe

Giuliani associate prepared to testify Nunes aides scrapped Ukraine trip to avoid alerting Schiff

Schumer praises former Navy chief after ouster

Democrats target housing shortage as advocates warn of crisis

Democrats pledge sharp turn in US ties with Saudi Arabia

Trump draws ire after retreat on drug prices pledge

Trump taps Ambassador to Norway Kenneth Braithwaite to replace ousted Navy chief


Trump, GOP skeptical Pelosi will go through with impeachment

Former Republican National Committee Chair Exposes Hypocrisy Of Current RNC: 'SOBs'

Lawmakers reach deal on spending levels, skirting — for now — fight over Trump’s border wall demand

Bolton could flesh out Ukraine story
(Ex-national security advisor may yet appear to testify in impeachment hearings about Trump’s actions.)

Barr's Legal Views Come Under Fire From Conservative-Leaning Lawyers

State Dept. docs show Pompeo, Giuliani contacts before ouster of Ukraine ambassador

Giuliani quips he has 'insurance' if Trump throws him 'under the bus'

Giuliani defends 'insurance' comment, saying he has a safe full of evidence on Bidens

In Trump’s Washington, the rogue actors are the real players — and the experts are increasingly irrelevant

Impeachment witnesses come under threats, harassment

House Armed Services Committee Chairman: Ethics investigation into Nunes 'likely'

Democrats work to bring labor on board trade deal

Biden reveals four women he could pick as his running mate

Bloomberg vows not to take campaign donations, presidential salary

Trump: Park rangers will patrol Mexican border, arrest migrants

Trump's Defense: Malign Accusers and Attack Facts

The Democratic ticket Trump doesn't want in 2020


Stocks rise slightly, but S&P 500 posts its first weekly decline in over a month

Personal loans are surging. That's an economic red flag. 

GOP senator opposes quick dismissal of Trump articles of impeachment

How Trump keeps making it tougher for his GOP impeachment defenders

Impeachment witnesses tested Republican defenses of Trump one by one

To defend Trump, Republicans spew wacky, wild-eyed conspiracy theories

House GOP disregards expert warnings that debunked Ukraine theory helps Russia

GOP congress members blamed Ukraine for election hacking. Russia's been trying to make that happen for years.

Congress might buck its promises to reduce health-care costs 

Republicans Now Support a Form of Paid Leave. So What’s the Holdup?

Bolton re-emerges after public hiatus charging White House froze his Twitter account

New documents show contacts between Giuliani and Pompeo

Giuliani associate willing to inform Congress of meeting between Nunes and former Ukrainian official

Justice Dept. watchdog finds political bias did not taint top officials running the FBI’s Russia probe but documents errors

DOJ urges Supreme Court to side with Trump in ongoing legal battle over tax returns

Donald Trump’s America Can’t Fight Xi Jinping’s China

In new Yahoo News/YouGov poll, most voters think Trump committed abuses — but are split on impeachment

Fox's Napolitano sees evidence to 'justify about three or four articles of impeachment against the president'

Shields and Brooks on impeachment hearing revelations, Democratic debate takeaways

Democrats set to open new chapter in impeachment

Biden lashes out at Graham on Ukraine: 'I'm just embarrassed by what you're doing'

Trump says administration will soon release plan allowing states to import drugs from Canada

Trump says he wants Schiff to testify at Senate impeachment trial

Trump on impeachment: 'I want a trial'

Trump uses Camp David to schmooze GOP lawmakers as impeachment vote looms


Stocks post three-day losing streak

GOP lawmaker says Trump's statements on Ukraine call 'misguided foreign policy'

Sen. Graham begins Senate investigation into the Bidens

Graham requests State Department documents on Bidens, Ukraine

The GOP’s impeachment questions repeatedly backfired on Thursday

Republicans repeatedly counter inquiry witnesses by misrepresenting past testimony

Utah Rep. Chris Stewart defends Trump after ambassador claims ‘quid pro quo’ in Ukraine dealings

White House and Republicans discuss limiting impeachment trial to two weeks

Romney calls lunch with Trump 'delightful'

RNC bought nearly $100,000 worth of copies of Trump Jr.'s new book

U.S. Recognition of Settlements Will Harm Israel More Than It Helps

Live coverage: Impeachment spotlight shifts to Fiona Hill, David Holmes

Fiona Hill's extraordinary answer distills what impeachment is about

Hill said she told Sondland that his efforts in Ukraine would ‘blow up’

'I think this is all going to blow up': Witness says EU ambassador was running 'domestic political errand'

Hill, Holmes offer damaging impeachment testimony: Five takeaways

State Department official gives 'firsthand' account of Trump pushing for investigating Biden

Watergate prosecutor says that Sondland testimony was 'tipping point' for Trump

Poll finds sharp swing in opposition to impeachment among independents

FBI official under investigation for allegedly altering document in Russia probe

After Sondland bombshell, Democrats look to expand Trump probe to Pompeo, others

House Dems, Trump administration fail to reach deal on USMCA trade agreement

Former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg files papers to join Democratic race for president

Trump signs short-term spending bill just ahead of shutdown deadline

Trump says China isn’t ‘stepping up,’ and trade talks show signs of languishing

Trump rebukes 'unstable' Iran over internet shutdown

Trump steps up GOP charm offensive as impeachment looms

Watch: President Trump defends himself against Amb. Sondland's testimony


Dow drops more than 100 points on report ‘phase one’ trade deal may not be completed this year

Fed officials see little need for further rate cuts, minutes say

Amash: GOP acts like 'we're all stupid' over impeachment hearings

Nunes's facial expression right before lawmakers took break from Sondland testimony goes viral

Tensions rise in Senate's legislative 'graveyard'

Senate scraps plan to force second stopgap vote ahead of shutdown

GOP senator blocks vote on House-passed Violence Against Women Act

In wake of impeachment testimony, no signs yet of GOP cracks

Jim Jordan blasts Sondland over omitting Trump's 'no quid pro quo' demand

Witnesses called by GOP to defend Trump offer more bad facts for the president 

Republicans defend Trump as concerned with Ukrainian corruption but aides tell a different story

Republicans portrayed Vindman as disloyal. They have no sense of decency.

Graham: Report on alleged surveillance abuse in 2016 to be released Dec. 9

Budowsky: Trump destroying GOP in 2018, '19, '20

U.S. approves first licenses for tech sales to Huawei

Pompeo Can’t Escape
(The secretary of state has been trying to distance himself from the impeachment hearings, but today’s explosive testimony put him at center stage.)

Full Replay: Ambassador Gordon Sondland Testifies At Morning Session Of Impeachment Inquiry

Sondland acknowledges Ukraine quid pro quo, implicates Trump, Pence, Pompeo and others

Sondland: 'Everyone was in the loop,' ambassador says about high-level efforts to pressure Ukraine

Five bombshells from explosive Sondland testimony

Sondland brings impeachment inquiry to White House doorstep

Sondland’s testimony advances likely impeachment charge of obstruction

Sondland throws Giuliani under a caravan of buses

5 takeaways from Gordon Sondland’s blockbuster testimony

3 things we learned in Gordon Sondland’s Trump impeachment testimony

Watch live video: Trump administration officials Laura Cooper, David Hale testify

Defense official testifies that Ukrainians asked about status of security assistance on same day as Trump call

Trump approval ticks up amid impeachment battle: Gallup

Poll: Trump leads top 2020 Democrats in Wisconsin

House Judiciary Committee approves landmark marijuana legalization bill

Schumer: Leadership trying to work out competing surprise medical bill measures

Maloney hammers Sondland on changing testimony — and extracts key concession

Winners and losers from the November Democratic debate

4 key takeaways from the 5th Democratic debate

Biden says he's most feared foe: 'Trump doesn't want me to be the nominee'

Biden: Impeachment hearings show Trump doesn't want me to be Democratic nominee

Trump says U.S. is still talking to China on trade

Trump Expected to Sign Hong Kong Bill Despite China Threats

Trump to flip 11th Circuit to majority GOP-appointed judges; third appeals court to change majority

Trump's memo to self on Sondland testimony: 'I want nothing'


This economic trend could hurt Wall Street’s bullishness and revive recession fears

Trump’s Tax Cuts Were Working Until He Started His Trade War

McConnell hopes Senate impeachment trial 'not too lengthy a process'

McConnell: 'Inconceivable' Senate will have votes to remove Trump

GOP plays risky game with attacks on Vindman

Vindman clashes with GOP

'Devin Nunes Is An Idiot' hashtag trends after Vindman corrects lawmaker about his official title

Republicans Have Rolled Out at Least 22 Trump-Ukraine Defenses, Many of Which Contradict Each Other

Republicans are pushing the U.S. to accept quid pro quo as the new normal

Congressional Republicans are repeating many baseless conspiracy theories in Trump's impeachment inquiry. Here's why they're all bogus.

Susan Collins to oppose Trump judicial nominee

U.S. Senate Passes Hong Kong Democracy Bill, Drawing China’s Ire

Retiring GOP congressman to Trump: 'Don't punch down'

Ohio farmer who left GOP over Trump's agricultural policy to challenge Jim Jordan

South Dakota governor doubles down on 'meth, we're on it' anti-drug campaign

Full text of Pompeo’s statement on settlements

Live coverage: House holds third day of public impeachment hearings

Five things to know about Tuesday's impeachment hearings

7 takeaways from Tuesday’s impeachment hearings

Attacked at the Impeachment Inquiry, Alexander Vindman Testifies to the Power of Truth

Applause breaks out after Vindman says he's not worried about testifying because 'this is America'

US Army prepared to move Vindman to secure location

Volker says he should have recognized push for probe into Ukrainian company was connected to Biden

What Sondland allegedly said after Trump hung up on July 26 badly undercuts him and the president 

Trump cannot gaslight his way out of impeachment

House passes short-term spending bill to avert Friday shutdown

2020 Dems slam Trump decision on West Bank settlements

Trump threatens higher tariffs if China doesn’t make a trade deal

Trump’s real Middle East plan

Trump calls latest impeachment hearings 'a great day for Republicans'

Trump impeachment: President mocks witness for wearing military uniform


Stocks hit a record, but then give up gains and end the day little changed

McConnell 'can't imagine a scenario' in which Senate removes Trump

GOP senator calls impeachment 'sabotage' effort, raises questions about witness on eve of testimony

What did Ron Johnson know about Trump’s intentions with Ukraine?

Cruz, Graham and Cheney call on Trump to end all nuclear waivers for Iran

Lindsey Graham announces hearing with DOJ inspector general

IRS whistleblower case advances as Senate staff looks at whether political appointee meddled with audit of Trump or Pence

Ukrainians ‘came to understand what was required’ to get a meeting with Trump, military assistance, State Dept. aide told Congress

AP Exclusive: US officials knew of Ukraine’s Trump anxiety

Holmes: I’d ‘never seen anything’ like Trump-Sondland call

READ: Closed-door testimony of State Department official David Holmes

The Trump administration’s immigration jails are packed, but deportations are lower than in Obama era

Trump caves again to corporate lobbying pressure as he flip-flops on flavored e-cigarettes 

Most Americans say Trump should be impeached and removed from office: Poll

California to stop buying from automakers that backed Trump in emissions battle

Judge orders Democrats to give notice if they request Trump's NY tax returns

Fox's Neil Cavuto rips into Trump over attacks on Chris Wallace's impeachment coverage

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Buttigieg’s surge, Democratic wins in the South

Democrats summon nine key players in bid to take down Trump

Democrats release two new transcripts ahead of next public impeachment hearings

Pelosi slams GOP counterpoints ahead of three-day impeachment hearing marathon

House Democrats probe whether Trump lied to Mueller

Trump says he will ‘strongly consider’ testifying in impeachment probe

Trump administration says Israel’s West Bank settlements do not violate international law


Johnson: Whistleblower 'exposed things that didn't need to be exposed'

Johnson: I'm writing a letter to 'lay out what I know' about Ukraine aid

Jordan pushes back on questions about whether he is 'comfortable' with requesting Biden investigation

House Intelligence Republican: Trump Yovanovitch tweet 'not witness intimidation'

Republican congressman calls new details about Trump revealed in impeachment testimony 'alarming'

GOP rep on impeachment: 'I think the evidence is crumbling'

GOP divided over impeachment trial strategy

Impeachment hearings likely to get worse for Republicans

Impeachment hearings don't move needle with Senate GOP

Another warning for Republicans: Trump can’t win you your election

Conservatives seek to stifle new 'alt-right' movement steeped in anti-Semitism

Sondland notified Trump officials of investigation push ahead of Ukraine call

Trump Hails New Farm Aid Billions As Report Reveals Money Helps Wealthy, Southerners

Trump’s Bureaucratic Arson

President Trump's medical exam was unscheduled, source said

Here are pro Trump-media's defense tactics on impeachment

Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace 11/17/19 | Breaking FOX News Today November 17,2019

Nancy Pelosi: Trump will have 'every opportunity to present his case'

Pelosi: 'I find it a waste of my time' to 'just be talking about what Republicans say'

Trump's actions on Ukraine 'an impeachable offense,' says House Dem on Intelligence Committee

Intelligence Democrat: Stop using 'quid pro quo' to describe Trump allegations

House Intel Democrat: Sondland's testimony will show 'solicitation of a bribe'

Democrats seize on report of FedEx's $0 tax bill to slam Trump's tax plan

Biden says he won't legalize marijuana because it may be a 'gateway drug'

Trump reversed course on flavored e-cigarette ban over fear of job losses

Trump said ‘frustrated’ with Netanyahu as deadlock delays peace plan

Trump attacks Pence aide who called Ukraine call 'inappropriate'

Trump rips 'nasty' and 'obnoxious' Chris Wallace after he presses Scalise about impeachment


America's workers continue to struggle despite 'strong' jobs reports

Trump promised Wisconsin's farmers his trade wars would pay off. They're still waiting

Elise Stefanik emerges in impeachment hearings as key Trump defender — and GOP celebrity

Courts force North Carolina Republicans to map out a new political future

Barr defends Trump's use of executive authority, slams impeachment hearings

How a CIA analyst, alarmed by Trump’s shadow foreign policy, triggered an impeachment inquiry

Morrison said he was 'not comfortable' with Ukraine President Zelensky being involved in US politics: the latest

Senior national security official ties key official more closely to Trump on Ukraine in impeachment inquiry

New witness claims firsthand account of Trump's push for Ukraine probes

READ: Foreign service officer Jennifer Williams' closed-door testimony from the House impeachment inquiry

Budget official says he didn't know why military aid was delayed

Resistance or unhinged behavior? Partisan hatred reaches Trump's family

Shields and Brooks on impeachment testimony, newest 2020 Democrats

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards wins reelection to a second term

Obama Warns Contenders About Leaning Too Far Left

New poll catapults Buttigieg to frontrunner position in Iowa

White House backs Stephen Miller amid white nationalist allegations


Dow jumps more than 200 points to 28,000, posts 4-week winning streak

McConnell nukes House Ex-Im Bank bill in rebuke to Waters

Rep. Nunes blasts Democrats for spending time on impeachment inquiry instead of 'solving problems'

GOP lawmaker blasts Democrats hypocrisy amid impeachment fallout

Audience applauds, GOP microphone turned off at end of Yovanovitch hearing

Republicans Thought Yovanovitch Would Be a Pushover. She Beat Them Up Instead

Kim Jong Un’s Warning for Trump

Watch live: Former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testifies in public impeachment hearing

Live coverage: Ex-Ukraine ambassador testifies in public impeachment hearing

Impeachment witness provides firsthand account of hearing Trump demand ‘investigation’ of Bidens by Ukraine

Five takeaways from ex-ambassador's dramatic testimony

4 takeaways from Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony

Six memorable moments from Ex-Ukraine ambassador Yovanovitch's public testimony

State Dept. official confirms Trump-Sondland conversation on Ukraine probes

Chris Wallace on Yovanovitch testimony: 'If you're not moved, you don't have a pulse'

Bret Baier says Trump tweet added an article of impeachment in real time

Conflicting White House accounts of 1st Trump-Zelenskiy call

Federal prosecutors investigating Giuliani's gas industry links in Ukraine

Roger Stone Is Convicted of Impeding Investigators in a Bid to Protect Trump

California and nearly two dozen other states sue Trump administration for the right to set fuel-efficiency standards

Schiff delivers opening statement on Day 2 of impeachment hearings

Pelosi: Trump tweets on Yovanovitch show his 'insecurity as an imposter'

Yovanovitch impeachment testimony gives burst of momentum to Democrats

Trump issues pardons in war-crimes cases, despite Pentagon opposition to the move

Trump Issues Rule to Force Hospitals to Reveal Negotiated Prices

Trump appeals to Supreme Court again, this time to block House committee’s subpoena seeking his financial records

Trump to attend NATO summit in London, days before UK vote

Trump denies witness tampering; State official says president asked about ‘investigation’ into Bidens

Trump defends Yovanovitch attack: 'I have freedom of speech'


S&P 500 ekes out record close despite Cisco and Walmart losses

U.S. Farm Finances Worsen Despite Trump Trade War Aid

Johnson opens door to subpoenaing whistleblower, Schiff, Bidens

Jordan calls Pelosi accusing Trump of bribery 'ridiculous'

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, a Trump ally, concedes reelection bid

GOP Rep. Ross Spano under investigation by Justice Department

Republicans say they have a right to confront the whistleblower. Here’s why that’s wrong.

What are Republicans going to do after Donald Trump leaves office?

Turkish media paints White House visit as Erdoğan triumph over Trump

Mike Pompeo 'on shifting sand' as impeachment probe reveals his Ukraine role

AP source: Second US official in Kyiv heard Trump call

Career White House budget official expected to break ranks, testify in impeachment inquiry

Experts: Trump Has No Constitutional Right to Confront Whistleblower

Trump’s perplexing insistence on ‘keeping’ Middle Eastern oil

Giuliani under investigation for alleged campaign finance, lobbying breaches: report

Democrats sharpen impeachment case, decrying ‘bribery’ as another potential witness emerges linking Trump to Ukraine scandal

Pelosi says Trump has admitted to bribery as impeachment probe intensifies

How Adam Schiff avoided a circus 

Nancy Pelosi says a USMCA trade deal breakthrough could be ‘imminent’

Watch CNBC’s full interview with 2020 Democratic candidate Tom Steyer

Following school shooting, Biden speaks out: 'We have to protect these kids'

Trump says US to leave some troops in Syria ‘only for the oil’

Trump asks Supreme Court to shield his tax returns from prosecutors, setting up historic separation-of-powers showdown

Trump files to dismiss lawsuit from Bolton aide on impeachment testimony

Watch: Trump holds rally in Louisiana

Trump knocks testimony from 'Never Trumpers' at Louisiana rally


Dow closes at record high as Disney pops more than 7%

Fed’s Powell says interest rates unlikely to change as long as growth continues

McConnell discounts quick dismissal of Trump impeachment articles: 'We'll have to have a trial'

Senate GOP waves Trump off early motion to dismiss impeachment charges

GOP senator: Republicans don't have votes to dismiss impeachment articles

Republicans discuss a longer Senate impeachment trial to scramble Democratic primaries

Graham: Senate trial 'must expose the whistleblower'

Graham says Schiff should be a witness in Trump impeachment trial

Graham blocks resolution recognizing Armenian genocide after Erdoğan meeting

Jon Huntsman expected to run for governor in Utah

Erdoğan says he returned Trump's letter warning him not to be 'a tough guy' or 'fool'

Watch live: William Taylor, George Kent testify in first impeachment hearing

Key takeaways from first public impeachment hearing

New testimony ties Trump more directly to Ukraine pressure campaign

Diplomat ties Trump closer to Ukraine furor

Plurality in battleground states support Trump's impeachment

U.S. to lose thousands of health-care workers if 'dreamers' must leave 

Appeals court clears way for Congress to seek Trump financial records

Democrats seize on new evidence in first public impeachment hearing

Impeachment hearing breaks into laughter after Democrat invites Trump to testify

Trump administration suspends oil and gas production on 130 plots in Utah after challenge

President Trump Participates in a Joint Press Conference with the President of Turkey

Trump slams impeachment 'witch hunt' in Oval meeting with Erdoğan 

Trump: Erdoğan has 'great relationship with the Kurds'

Trump says he worries about Israel as missiles fly, jokes at political deadlock

Trump denies knowledge of call mentioned in impeachment hearing

Trump derides impeachment witnesses as 'NEVER TRUMPERS!’


S&P 500 and Nasdaq inch higher to record highs with Disney pacing gains

GOP senators warn against Trump firing intelligence community official

Republicans shrug off growing evidence, stand with Trump against impeachment

Lindsey Graham basks in the impeachment spotlight

Republican Critics, Fearing Trump, Toe an Anti-Impeachment Party Line, for Now

Mark Sanford exits GOP presidential primary

Jim Jordan: Latest allegation of ignoring sexual misconduct is 'ridiculous'

Tom Cotton's only Democratic rival quits race in Arkansas

Divided Supreme Court leans toward allowing Trump to end DACA

White House to use webcams to create live feed of border wall construction

Mulvaney drops plans to file lawsuit on impeachment testimony

Trump calls Medicare-for-all 'socialism.' Doctors once said the same about Medicare. 

Live updates on impeachment: Schiff fires warning at GOP over whistleblower

Schiff: Trump could be impeached for bribery

Democrats sharpen their message on impeachment

Rep. Connolly says Democrats already have 'smoking gun' to impeach Trump

Democrats announce eight witnesses, including Vindman, Sondland and Volker, for next week’s public impeachment hearings

New deposition transcripts deepen Russia linkages to the impeachment inquiry 

Trump impeachment is blueprint to overthrow government from within

Democrats face make-or-break moment on impeachment

Democratic Ad Campaign Spotlights Trump Voters With Regrets

Trump: The economy has exceeded expectations

Trump seeks to shift spotlight from impeachment to economy in NY speech

Trump credits Ivanka for role in creating '14 million jobs' via worker pledge

Trump rails on Fed, notes other countries have negative rates: ‘Give me some of that money’

Trump advisers exploring tax proposal that would lower ‘middle class’ rate to 15 percent

Trump calls Medicare-for-all 'socialism.' Doctors once said the same about Medicare. 

Trump says he'll meet with dictators if it helps the US

Trump threatening to fire Mulvaney


Dow ekes out record close as Boeing jumps, but trade and Hong Kong worries cap gains

Moderate Republicans building 'farm team' to recapture House in 2022

14 Republicans and Trump appointees who have indicated his Ukraine call was hardly ‘perfect’

Rep. Peter King’s retirement could make the Republican path to a House majority even tougher

Utah Rep. Chris Stewart, a Trump defender, misses half of the impeachment hearings

Perry backers secured lucrative Ukraine gas deal after his meeting with new president

Chief Justice John Roberts, who's clashed with Trump, would oversee impeachment trial

Giuliani associate: He told Ukraine aid depended on Biden probe 

Pentagon official cited alarm over hold on aid to Ukraine

Top diplomat said request for specific probes in Ukraine was 'contrary' to U.S. policy

Mulvaney to file separate suit to fight impeachment subpoena

White House struggles to get in sync on impeachment

White House infighting flares amid impeachment inquiry

Supreme Court again confronts Trump’s authority, this time over DACA recipients

Judge sides with NY officials in Trump tax return lawsuit

Trump NYC Veterans Day speech met with protests

'Lock him up': How Trump turned Veterans Day into an angry sporting event

Trump approval among women hits lowest point in more than a year: poll

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on public impeachment hearings, Bloomberg’s possible 2020 bet

Democrats release three new transcripts as part of impeachment inquiry

Impeachment week: Trump probe hits crucial point

House Democrats, ex-Bolton aide ask judge to block Mulvaney from joining lawsuit

Democrats challenge election laws in battleground states

Kentucky Democrat moves closer to McConnell challenge

Democrats on edge as Iowa points to chaotic race

Trump tells veterans in New York the "nation is forever in your debt" 

Trump expected to postpone decision to place tariffs on EU autos

The Trump Administration’s Plot to End DACA Faces a Supreme Court Test


Falling investment revives attacks against Trump's tax cuts

Graham: Impeachment is invalid until we know whistleblower's identity

Graham on the impeachment inquiry: 'I made my mind up. There's nothing there'

Nunes pressed on Fox News about comparing impeachment inquiry to a 'coup'

Intelligence panel Republican: 'How we treat this whistleblower will impact whistleblowers in the future'

Johnson dismisses testimony from White House officials contradicting Trump as 'just their impression'

Rand Paul says Trump has 'every right' to withhold Ukraine aid over corruption

GOP senator on asking foreign countries to investigate Americans: 'It depends on the circumstances'

Top Armed Services Republican: Trump's Ukraine call 'inappropriate' not 'impeachable

'Doubling down on stupid': GOP warns Adam Schiff not to block Hunter Biden as impeachment witness

GOP senators plan to tune out impeachment week

Republicans, Democrats brace for first public testimony in impeachment inquiry

"Everybody Wants to be Treated With Respect": John Kasich, former Governor of Ohio

In Seeking to Join Suit Over Subpoena Power, Mulvaney Goes Up Against the President

U.S. will leave up to 600 troops in northeastern Syria to prevent ISIS resurgence, top general says

Giuliani associate says he sought to pressure Ukraine to investigate Bidens

Haley: Top Trump aides tried to get me to undermine him

FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace 11/10/19 | Breaking Fox News November 10, 2019

Intelligence panel Democrat: 'I think we will end up calling' some witnesses on GOP list

Schiff denies GOP calls for Trump whistleblower to testify: 'Redundant and unnecessary'

Swalwell: Depositions provided evidence of an 'extortion scheme'

Speier says impeachment inquiry shows 'very strong case of bribery' by Trump

Democrats debate how to defeat Trump: fight or heal

Trump urges allies to not 'be led into the fools trap' of saying Ukraine call 'was not perfect, but is not impeachable'


House GOP asks for Hunter Biden and whistleblower to testify in impeachment probe

Nunes demands Schiff testify behind closed doors in Trump impeachment inquiry

In Virginia, Republicans confront a fearful electoral future

Mulvaney asks to join lawsuit over conflicting demands for impeachment testimony

Key impeachment witnesses to know as public hearings begin

Impeachment tests Barr-Trump relationship

Schiff warns GOP: Impeachment probe won't undertake 'sham' investigations into Bidens

Centrist Democrats seize on state election wins to rail against Warren's agenda

Virginia Democratic legislature makes historic picks for leadership

Trump administration proposes fee for asylum applications, spike in other immigration fees

Trump launches African-American outreach effort for 2020

Trump tears into impeachment probe, witnesses in early Twitter spree

Trump blames media for his behaviour, makes series of false claims then says whistleblower's lawyer should be sued for treason


S&P 500 inches higher to another record close, capping fifth-straight weekly gain

US consumer sentiment rises slightly as outlook for the economy improves

Republicans think Trump needs a 'quarterback' as impeachment proceedings go public

Lindsey Graham Takes His Red Meat Trump Defense To Iowa Republicans

Suburban Vote This Year Flashes Warning Signs for GOP

GOP senator defends calling Pelosi 'dumb': 'What I said was accurate'

Trump encounters GOP resistance to investigating Hunter Biden

Trump Is Poison for Suburban Republicans—So Why Won’t They Turn on Him?

Pompeo hits Iran on IAEA inspector, amplifies claim of undeclared nuclear materials

NSC official testified there was 'no doubt' Trump pushed quid pro quo

READ: Transcript of testimony by Trump security official Alexander Vindman

Top White House official told Congress ‘there was no doubt’ Trump sought quid pro quo with Ukrainians

New transcripts tie Mulvaney to quid pro quo effort

Mulvaney defies House subpoena, cites immunity 'one minute' before deposition

Bolton attorney 'dismayed' over lack of subpoena

Career Diplomats Pushed Back on Trump’s Attempt to End ‘Temporary Protected Status’ for Central American Migrants

Book by ‘Anonymous’ describes Trump as cruel, inept and a danger to the nation

Trump lawyers to appeal tax return decision to Supreme Court next week

Shields and Brooks on public impeachment hearings, Kentucky election results

Democrats release transcripts from Hill, Vindman depositions in impeachment probe

Democrats aim to impeach Trump by Christmas

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: 'I am open to suspending deportations'

Bloomberg officially files to run in Alabama presidential primary

Trump rules out total rollback of Chinese tariffs

In latest China pivot, Trump says partial trade deal might not be completed this year

Trump administration unveils new plan for notifying public on 2020 election interference

Trump aims to pit black voters vs. immigrants

Trump says he's considering attending Russia's May Day parade

Trump rails against impeachment: 'They shouldn't be having public hearings'

Trump on Dems' impeachment probe: 'We're kicking their ass'


Dow rises more than 150 points to record as investors dump bonds and buy stocks on trade optimism

GOP senators request records related to Hunter Biden influence at Obama State Dept.

GOP senator wants to know whistleblower identity if there's an impeachment trial

Jordan: Republicans to subpoena whistleblower to testify in public hearing

Senate Intel chair doesn't want whistleblower's identity disclosed

GOP senator rips into Pelosi at Trump rally: 'It must suck to be that dumb'

Republicans warn election results are 'wake-up call' for Trump

GOP senator: House Democrats using Space Force as leverage in border wall fight

Republicans again shift their defense of Trump over impeachment inquiry barrage

House GOP looks to protect Trump by raising doubts about motives of his deputies

Johnson, Grassley ask State Department for Hunter Biden docs

Ex-attorney general Jeff Sessions announces bid for Senate seat he relinquished in Alabama

Senators push for deal on impeachment trial rules to avoid political brawl

China, U.S. make progress in trade talks, raising hopes of a breakthrough

Trump trade adviser pushes back on reports of US-China tariff deal

US envoy to Syria says Trump administration didn't do enough to prevent Turkish invasion

Whistleblower lawyer send cease and desist to White House over Trump's attacks

Trump ordered to pay $2 million to charities over misuse of foundation, court documents say

Pressure builds on Pompeo as impeachment inquiry charges ahead

Bolton willing to defy White House and testify if court clears the way, according to people familiar with his views

Top diplomat says Giuliani's 'campaign of lies' took down veteran ambassador

Democrats release transcript from top diplomat's testimony in impeachment probe

Democrats unveil proposal for 'millionaires surtax'

Mulvaney subpoenaed by House Democrats in impeachment inquiry

Bloomberg signals interest in entering presidential race

Trump boasts that his landmark law is freeing these inmates. His Justice Department wants them to stay in prison.

Trump's Ukraine request: 'Investigations, Biden and Clinton

Trump: Joe and Hunter Biden ‘must testify’ in impeachment inquiry

Trump hits 'political hacks in New York' after settling Trump Foundation lawsuit


Stocks close little changed as rally loses steam on trade-deal uncertainty

US paid record $7.1 billion in tariffs in September: analysis

Graham: Schiff comment on inquiry findings 'full of crap'

Sen. Lindsey Graham flip-flops on Trump quid pro quo

Graham: Trump administration 'incapable of forming a quid pro quo,' Ukraine policy 'incoherent'

Graham: 'Brett Kavanaugh lived a life we should all be proud of'

Rand Paul blocks Senate resolution backing protection for whistleblowers

Senate Republicans struggle to coalesce behind an impeachment strategy

Sessions expected to announce plans to run for Senate

Republicans get blown out in the suburbs – again – in off-year elections 

Republican incumbent Bevin requests recanvass in Kentucky gubernatorial race

Kentucky GOP files complaint against potential McConnell challenger

US accuses Iran of ‘nuclear extortion’ as Tehran expands enrichment at key plant

Judge urges House to negotiate with Trump in tax return fight

Trump’s ‘conscience rule’ for health providers blocked by federal judge

Trump makes falsehoods central to impeachment defense as incriminating evidence mounts

How Trump’s foreign policy mixes religion with money

Live updates: Acting ambassador says it was his ‘clear understanding’ U.S. military aid would not be sent until Ukraine pursued investigations that could help Trump

Taylor testimony shows concern about Giuliani influence, 'irregular' foreign policy channel

4 big takeaways from Bill Taylor’s full transcript

House to hold public impeachment hearings next week

Democrats set stage for Watergate-style TV hearings

Democratic gains mark setback for Trump on Medicaid work requirements

Longtime Rep. Pete Visclosky announces retirement

Trump to meet with Turkey's Erdoğan at White House following tensions

Trump Turns U.N. Visas, Travel Restrictions Into Foreign-Policy Cudgel

Trump wanted Barr to hold news conference saying the president broke no laws in call with Ukrainian leader

Trump rails against House Democrats, impeachment inquiry during campaign rally: 'It's all a hoax'

Watch: Trump holds rally in Louisiana


Dow inches higher to another record

Mitch McConnell claims Senate trial 'would not lead to a removal' of Trump if held today

Paul's demand to out whistleblower rankles GOP colleagues

Paul says he 'probably will' disclose whistleblower's name

Republicans break with Trump and Rand Paul on whistleblower unmasking

Graham says he won't read the Trump impeachment transcripts

Graham: 'I don't know' if quid pro quo is impeachable offense

Republicans consider putting Jordan, Meadows on Intelligence for impeachment

Republican wins Mississippi governor race

Former Republican unleashes on the ‘rotten to the core’ politicians of the GOP

Mexican president rebuffs Trump's offer to 'wage war' on cartels

Is the United States Really Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement?
(Yes, but the process takes a long time. Final withdrawal will occur one day after the 2020 election—but Washington may still be able to get back in.)

Pompeo Faces Political Peril and Diplomats' Revolt in Impeachment Inquiry

DOJ places new legal barrier between Democrats and Trump impeachment witnesses

White House dismisses impeachment transcripts: Trump 'has done nothing wrong'

Key diplomat changes testimony and admits quid pro quo with Ukraine

Sondland, Trump's appointee, changes testimony to say there was clear quid pro quo

Once again in the Trump administration, religious freedom trumps LGBT rights

Trump trails Democratic rivals in national survey as independents move away

Appeals court rejects Trump's attempt to withhold tax returns from local prosecutors, setting stage for Supreme Court fight

Schumer blasts Paul for calling on media to name 

Top Democrat introduces measure to require Trump to recognize Turkish human rights abuses in Syria

Democrats score suburban wins in warning sign for GOP

Democrats win control of Virginia legislature

Democrat declares upset victory in Kentucky governor race

Trump formally pulls out of landmark Paris climate agreement

Trump seeks to ease coal pollution rules
(Two proposals target Obama-era orders on cleaning up ash and toxic heavy metals.)

Trump: US ready to 'wage war' on drug cartel 'monsters'


Stocks rise despite weak earnings from Caterpillar and Boeing, bringing S&P 500 closer to record

McConnell to Republicans: Defend Trump on process

GOP protest overshadows impeachment hearing

Republicans storm closed-door impeachment hearing as escalating Ukraine scandal threatens Trump

GOP lawmaker shares audio of phone call he made from highly classified SCIF room

Shelby expects another funding stopgap, potentially through March

The Memo: GOP schisms deepen as Trump impeachment pressure rises

GOP lawmaker condemns Trump over 'human scum' comment

No. 2 GOP senator: 'Picture coming out of' diplomat's testimony 'not a good one'

GOP stands by Trump, gingerly, after diplomat's testimony

Senate GOP blocks three election security bills for second day

Graham walks back 'that's nuts' comment on GOP congressmen storming impeachment hearing

Graham walks back rebuke of GOP storming of SCIF: 'Good reason to be upset'

You Can Pick Out All Your Favorite Wingnuts as They Commit a Dangerous Breach of National Security

State Dept. ordered to turn over Ukraine documents

Five takeaways from US envoy's explosive testimony

Federal judges seem skeptical of Trump arguments in tax case

Trump’s parallel universe of diplomacy

Trump's new challenge is officials dishing dirt

Support for impeachment inquiry reaches new high: poll 

Impeachment inquiry might be public by mid-November

House chairman asks sergeant-at-arms to 'take action' after Republicans bring electronics to secure hearing

Colorado governor mocks Trump for saying he's building wall there

Biden extends polling lead over 2020 Democrat rivals to widest margin in six months

Trump says U.S. will lift sanctions on Turkey, calling cease-fire in Syria ‘permanent’

Trump and Pelosi are still working on a drug pricing deal despite impeachment drama

Trump approved GOP crashing impeachment testimony: Bloomberg

Trump told Republicans to fight. They took the brawl underground.

Trump blasts 'Never Trump' Republicans as 'human scum'

Trump targets free school meals
(To save thousandths of a percent of the U.S. budget, the president wants to throw about half a million children off the lunch program)

Trump says US is building a wall in Colorado


Stocks slide after some disappointing earnings from McDonald’s, Travelers

Pennsylvania factory layoff hints at Trump 2020 troubles

Here's how Trump inflated his economic record at his Cabinet meeting 

Senate Republicans block two election security bills

Paul blocks vote on House-passed Syria resolution for second time

Mitch McConnell Contradicts Trump's Claim They Spoke About His Ukraine Call

McConnell has complicated history on impeachment

Trump’s 'lynching' tweet draws outrage — and some Republican support

Conservative Republicans unveil latest ObamaCare replacement plan

Graham to introduce resolution condemning House impeachment inquiry

Then and now: How Republicans downplay subpoenas when they target Trump

Partisan squabbles endanger congressional response to Trump's course on Syria

Pence on Syria: 'Our troops are coming home'

Pence swipes at Democrats for embracing 'far-left agenda,' impeachment

Russia and Turkey reach deal to push Kurdish forces out of zone in northern Syria

Diplomat says Ukraine aid was tied to political investigations

READ: Diplomat describes pressure put on Ukraine to open 'investigations'

READ: Top US diplomat to Ukraine's opening statement for impeachment inquiry

Live updates: Taylor’s testimony on alleged Ukraine quid pro quo called ‘damning,’ as firestorm continues over Trump’s lynching tweet

Susan Rice: Lindsey Graham is 'a piece of s--t'

POLL: Support for impeaching Trump soars among independents - Reuters/Ipsos poll

Support for impeaching, removing Trump at all-time high in CNN poll

Support for impeachment inches up in poll

Democrat: Top diplomat's testimony on Ukraine is 'sea change' in impeachment probe

Democrats say they have game changer on impeachment

Al Green: Tru VIDEO DEMmp is 'no better than those who burn crosses'

Waters clashes with Trump officials over 'disastrous' housing plans

Trump compares impeachment inquiry to a 'lynching'

President Trump Debuted Two New Assaults on the Constitution in Two Days

Trump hotel cancels Christian aid group's event to support the Kurds


S&P 500 rises, moves closer to record high on trade and earnings optimism

Falling profit margins raise some alarm: ‘It can be a precursor to layoffs and a recession’

A few Republican cracks on impeachment are showing

Graham says he's 'increasingly optimistic' Trump's Syria strategy will succeed

Rand Paul confronted over 'Republican bullshit' in restaurant

Reversals on G-7 and potentially Syria show Trump buckles in the face of enough Republican pressure 

Kentucky GOP governor candidate who lost in primary endorses Democrat

China’s attacks on US businesses are ‘completely inappropriate,’ Mike Pompeo says

U.S. has begun reducing troops in Afghanistan, commander says

Mulvaney faces uncertain future after public gaffes 

Veterans group backs lawsuits to halt Trump's use of military funding for border wall

Trump’s Cabinet meetings have become about everything but the business of his Cabinet

Amy Walter and Tamara Keith on impeachment public opinion, 2020 Iowa poll numbers

Democrats see impeachment proceedings taking longer than some initially expected
READ: Pelosi's 'fact sheet' on Trump impeachment

House rejects GOP measure censuring Schiff

Schiff punches back after GOP censure resolution fails

Diplomat who raised Ukraine concerns to testify in Trump impeachment probe

Trump says Israel, Jordan asked US to leave troops in Syria

Trump declines to participate in Weather Channel 2020 climate change special

Trump dismisses 'phony Emoluments Clause' after Doral criticism

Trump urges GOP to defend him more strongly on impeachment

Trump urges GOP to fight for him


Turkey sanctions face possible wall in GOP Senate

Graham: 'Stupid' for Trump to ask China to investigate Biden

Trump-Graham relationship tested by week of public sparring

Romney: Republicans don't criticize Trump because they fear it will help Warren

Romney appears to confirm name of secret Twitter account

Hurd: No Ukrainian officials have told State Department 'they felt like their arms were being twisted'

Fox's Wallace says 'well-connected' Republican told him there's a 20 percent chance GOP will vote for impeachment

Defense chief says US troops leaving Syria will go to western Iraq

Secretary Mike Pompeo defends deal brokered with Turkey to temporarily halt military operations in Syria

Pompeo on Mulvaney admission of quid pro quo: 'I never saw that in the decisionmaking process'

Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace 10/20/19 [Full] | Breaking Fox News October 20, 2019

Mulvaney seeks to correct quid pro quo remarks in withering interview with Fox's Chris Wallace

Once a ‘power grab,’ now a Trump tool
(A president who once harshly condemned Obama’s executive orders is issuing them at a much faster pace.)

Amash rips Trump over move to send troops from Syria to Iraq

Pelosi and congressional delegation make unannounced trip to Afghanistan in outreach to allies after Trump’s decision on Syria

House Democrat pledges 'there will be open hearings' in impeachment inquiry

Democratic senator: Pompeo 'lives in a parallel alternate universe' on Syria

Warren says she will unveil plan to finance 'Medicare for All'

Warren says making Israel aid conditional on settlement building is 'on the table'

Trump lashes out at Pelosi as she visits Jordan to discuss Syria 

Trump leaning toward keeping a couple hundred troops in eastern Syria

Trump reversed course on hosting G-7 at his club after learning that impeachment-weary Republicans were tired of defending him


McConnell rips Syria withdrawal as ‘a strategic nightmare’

As Inquiry Widens, McConnell Sees Impeachment Trial as Inevitable

Growing number of Republicans struggle to defend Trump on G-7 choice, Ukraine and Syria

Graham: I'm seeking to make Trump successful 'but not at all costs'

Florida GOP Rep. Rooney says he won't seek reelection

Defense chief: US troops leaving Syria to go to western Iraq

White House staggers after tumultuous 48 hours

Trump's sea of troubles deepens

Trump’s season of weakness: A president who prizes strength enters key stretch in a fragile state

Erdoğan got the best of Trump, experts warn

The case against Donald Trump

Giuliani Mixes His Business With Role as Trump's Lawyer

Senate Democrats want Warren to talk costs on 'Medicare for All'

Ocasio-Cortez throws support to Sanders at Queens rally

Trump says next year’s G-7 won’t be held at his resort, after all

Trump embarks on Twitter spree amid impeachment inquiry, Syria outrage


Dow drops more than 250 points to end the week as Boeing and J&J plunge

Mitch McConnell: Withdrawing from Syria is a grave mistake

Sen. Mitt Romney raises a troubling theory about Trump and Turkey

Republican leader struggles to defend Mulvaney quid pro quo press conference remarks

Shifting explanations for withholding aid draw GOP alarm

Before Mick Mulvaney confirmed a Trump-Ukraine quid pro quo, so did Sen. Ron Johnson — quietly

Senate GOP braces for impeachment trial 'roller coaster'

Scalise, Cole introduce resolution to change rules on impeachment

Perry won't comply with subpoena in impeachment inquiry

'Final straw': GOP ex-Ohio Gov. Kasich supports impeachment

GOP debate co-chair rejects claim of bias against Trump

Fighting continues in Syrian town despite cease-fire deal

Kurdish group PKK pens open letter rebuking Trump's comparison to ISIS

Can our friends trust the US as an ally? Most Americans say Trump's Syria move has hurt

Mulvaney admission deals blow to White House impeachment defense

Mulvaney says there was a quid pro quo in Trump withholding military aid to Ukraine — then tries to walk it back

Exclusive: Giuliani pushed Trump administration to grant a visa to a Ukrainian official promising dirt on Democrats

Trump officials say aid to Puerto Rico was knowingly stalled after Hurricane Maria

He lied.’ Ohio voters struggle after Trump promised jobs

Trump job approval slips 2 points in Gallup poll

Supreme Court agrees to hear challenge to consumer agency

Shields and Brooks on Trump’s Syria ‘blunder,’ impeachment outlook

Leading Democrats blast Trump over ‘sham ceasefire’ in Syria

Impeachment inquiry shows Trump at the center of Ukraine efforts against rivals

The impeachment inquiry is making Nancy Pelosi more popular

At tense congressional hearing, Democrats argue for expanding the Voting Rights Act

Democrats introduce 'THUG Act' to block funding for G-7 at Trump resort

Trump touts Turkey cease-fire, even as it appears shaky

Trump insists Turkish leader wants cease-fire

Trump knocks Romney as 'Democrat secret asset' in new video

Trump presidential campaign threatens to sue CNN, news network calls it a 'PR stunt'


Stocks rise after strong Netflix and Morgan Stanley earnings, Brexit deal hopes increase

The Federal Reserve could soon pause in its latest rate-cutting cycle

Senate fails to override Trump veto over emergency declaration

Failed Senate vote sets up big fight over border wall, budget

Testimony from GOP diplomat complicates Trump defense

McConnell invites Dems to go harder against Trump on Syria

Paul blocks Senate vote on House-passed Syria resolution

Graham, Van Hollen introduce Turkey sanctions bill

Romney slams ceasefire deal, calls Trump's Syria move 'a bloodstain' in US history

Liz Cheney rebukes Trump for saying U.S. doesn’t need to worry about terrorists ‘7,000 miles away’ 

GOP cautions Graham against hauling Biden before Senate

Pence announces Syria cease-fire deal with Turkey

Mulvaney ties withheld Ukraine aid to political probe sought by Trump

Mulvaney walks back comments tying Ukraine aid to 2016 probe

US Ambassador Sondland says Trump directed officials to work with Giuliani on Ukraine

A Blockade Against Impeachment Is Crumbling as Witnesses Agree to Talk

Ex-special ops commander: 'Our republic is under attack from the president'

'Climate change will not be on the agenda' of next G-7, White House says

Judge rules DOJ improperly redacted court filing related to Mueller probe

Majority of Colorado voters support Trump impeachment inquiry and nearly half back removal from office, poll finds

House Democrats are pushing forward on their partisan drug-pricing bill 

Schiff: Mulvaney comments on Ukraine aid have made things 'much, much worse'

Democratic senator rips Trump's 'let them fight' remarks: 'Enough is enough'

Democrats' debate divisions open the race to new (or old) faces

Elijah Cummings, Democratic chairman and powerful Trump critic, dies at 68

Trump praises Turkey's Erdoğan after US announces cease-fire deal

Trump accuses Biden of 'quid pro quo' hours after Mulvaney remarks

Trump has awarded next year’s G-7 summit of world leaders to his Miami-area resort, the White House said

Trump confirms Rick Perry to step down as Energy secretary

Trump offers condolences on frequent foe Cummings: 'Very hard, if not impossible, to replace'

Trump holds campaign rally in Dallas


Stocks slip as weak retail sales offset solid earnings

US retail sales unexpectedly decline in a sign that consumer economy could be cracking

The economy probably only grew 1.5% in Q3 amid consumer weakness, CNBC tracker shows

McConnell: Senate will hold impeachment trial

GOP warns Graham letter to Pelosi on impeachment could 'backfire'

Graham warns Trump Syria pullout could be 'complete and utter national security disaster'

Senate to try to override Trump emergency declaration veto Thursday

Cheney unveils Turkey sanctions legislation

GOP congressman slams Trump over report that U.S. bombed former anti-ISIS coalition headquarters

Lawmakers hit Trump administration for including tech legal shield in trade negotiations

Texas GOP speaker tape: Lawmaker 'vile,' Trump 'killing us'

US to restore 'targeted assistance' to Central American countries after migration deal

US warns Chinese against using untraceable ships to hide Iran oil shipments

Tax and loan documents for Trump properties showed inconsistencies

Farmers: New Trump ethanol proposal reneged on previous deal

Gallup poll: Majority of Americans now support Trump's impeachment, removal

Fourth defendant in Giuliani associate case taken into custody at New York airport

House passes resolution rebuking Trump over Syria pullout

Schumer seeks focus on health care amid impeachment fever

War of words at the White House

Trump disparages Pelosi at their first meeting since impeachment inquiry began, Democrats say

Pelosi describes Trump's 'very serious meltdown' during White House meeting on Syria

Pelosi makes Trump photo of 'meltdown' her new Twitter cover photo

Pelosi fires back after Trump 'meltdown': 'We have to pray for his health'

Trump's extraordinary letter to Turkey's Erdogan

Trump claims Turkish incursion into Syria 'has nothing to do with us' and Kurds are 'not angels'

Trump says Turkish offensive has 'nothing to do with us'

Trump called Pelosi a 'third-rate politician' during Syria meeting, top Democrats say

Trump calls Mattis 'world's most overrated general' over ISIS comments

Trump says lawmakers should censure Schiff


Dow surges more than 200 points, closes back above 27,000 as JP Morgan surges on earnings

McConnell tees off on Democrats over impeachment

Trump's GOP impeachment firewall holds strong

Graham opens door to calling Hunter Biden to testify

Former GOP lawmaker Pete Sessions subpoenaed over dealings with Giuliani associates

Trump-GOP tensions over Syria show signs of easing

Pence rejects Democratic request for documents

Erdoğan says he will never declare Syria ceasefire: Turkish media

The United States Still Needs a Syria Strategy
(Leaving the refugee crisis unresolved while legitimizing the brutal Assad regime will only do further harm to U.S. interests in the Middle East.)

China Threatens to Retaliate If U.S. Enacts Hong Kong Bill

Syria furor underscores Trump's isolation

Trump’s Syria Policy Is a Strategic and Political Disaster

Ukraine and Syria messes got worse because Trump didn’t heed, or hear, warnings from his aides 

'Five Eyes' in the dark: Will Trump and Barr destroy trust in U.S. intelligence?

Federal investigators have been looking into Giuliani's dealings in Ukraine since early 2019

Trump’s ex-Russia adviser told impeachment investigators of Giuliani’s efforts in Ukraine

Giuliani pressed Trump to eject Muslim cleric from U.S., a top priority of Turkish president, former officials say

Giuliani says he won't comply with subpoenas from Democrats

Federal judge overturns ObamaCare transgender protections

Pelosi: No House vote on impeachment inquiry

Pelosi holding off on vote for impeachment inquiry for now: 'We're not here to call bluffs'

Watch Live: Pelosi holds a press conference on impeachment inquiry

Pelosi says 'all roads seem to lead to Putin'

Democrats gauge support for vote on impeachment inquiry

Impeachment threatens to create conflicts for Democratic candidates

Democrats zero-in on John Bolton as potential witness

Biden warns Isis fighters will strike US over Syria withdrawal

Winners and losers from the October Democratic debate

Trump imposes higher tariffs on Turkey

Trump administration issues plan to reverse limits on logging in Tongass National Forest


Stocks slip as doubts emerge about the China-US trade agreement 

Graham throws support behind Trump's Turkey sanctions

10 top Republicans who continue to deny the undeniable

GOP braces for impeachment brawl

House Republican to introduce legislation calling for formal investigation into Bidens

GOP rep says he was kicked out of Trump aide's deposition

Ex-GOP official and farmer: I wouldn't vote for Trump again if he walked on water

Louisiana Republicans score big legislative wins

Oregon GOP's push to recall Democratic governor fails due to lack of signatures

Watch CNBC's full interview with Secretary Steven Mnuchin on...

Syrian troops enter key towns in northeast under deal with Kurds

EU countries agree to halt arms exports to Turkey

Fury over Trump Syria decision grows

Trump’s lose-lose game in Syria

Syria chaos poses new political perils for Trump by uniting Democratic and GOP lawmakers against him

Trump Followed His Gut on Syria. Calamity Came Fast.

Trump hands Putin another win with Syria pullout 

Trump unlawfully declared national emergency to fund border wall, court rules 

Ex-Trump aide on Russia testifies for 10 hours as part of impeachment inquiry

Polls show 17-point swing toward impeaching Trump

Amy Walter and Domenico Montanaro on voters' impeachment views, GOP backlash to Syria move

Pelosi says Trump sanctions package on Turkey 'falls very short'

Pelosi, Graham seek deal on Turkey sanctions in response to Trump's Syria withdrawal

Trump hypes China trade deal as new doubts emerge

Trump: Let Assad, Russia or China protect the Kurds

Trump calls for cease-fire in northern Syria and imposes sanctions on Turkey

Trump calls on Turkey to broker ceasefire


Trump is falling short on taming the deficit—here's why 'it could get ugly'

Furious Republicans prepare to rebuke Trump on Syria

Republicans wrestle with impeachment strategy

GOP congressman: 'We all know' Turkey wouldn't have attacked if U.S. troops remained at border

GOP senator defends Trump's decision on Syria

Ted Cruz: Trump was wrong to ask China to probe Bidens

Trump’s retreat in Syria turns into a mess

Time to weigh options for a new course of action in Syria

Turkey-backed forces claim key Syria town

U. S.-allied Kurds strike deal to bring Assad’s Syrian troops back into Kurdish areas

Mattis warns 'ISIS will resurge' without U.S. pressure on Syria

Mnuchin defends delay in sanctions against Turkey: 'This is a complicated, developing situation'

Lawmakers and Trump Officials Debate Fallout From Turkey Action

Secretary of State Pompeo Grilled By Local Reporter in Testy Interview

Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace 10/13/19 [FULL] | Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace October 13, 2019

Pentagon chief vows to cooperate with impeachment probe

Polls show support for impeachment but not removal, yet

Trump faces bipartisan criticism for Syria withdrawal

Intelligence Committee Democrat: 'No requirement' for impeachment inquiry vote

Engel: 'I'm disgusted' US president would be comfortable with Erdogan

Senate Democrat on Turkey sanctions: 'For God's sake, what are they waiting for?'

Nancy Pelosi Responds to Trump on Impeachment at The New Yorker Festival

Schiff: Whistleblower testimony might not be necessary

Protecting whistleblower’s identity is ‘our primary interest,’ Schiff says

Tlaib says Democrats have discussed detaining White House officials who don't testify

Biden: No family members would 'have an office' in my WH

Hunter Biden says he will resign from Chinese company board and won’t take foreign work if his father is president

As Trump withdraws U.S. forces from northern Syria, his administration scrambles to respond

Trump warns Democrats will lose House seats over impeachment

Trump campaign video taken down after complaint from Queen

Trump called head of Fox News to complain about coverage


McConnell tightlipped as impeachment furor grows

For Sen. Susan Collins, a tough reelection got a lot tougher with Trump impeachment inquiry

Rubio hits Warren's 'crude' and 'vulgar' response to opposition to same-sex marriage

U.S. forces say Turkey was deliberately ‘bracketing’ American troops with artillery fire in Syria

Five ways Trump's Syria decision spells trouble

US-China trade deal: What it is, is not, and may become

Trump’s envoy to testify that ‘no quid pro quo’ came from Trump

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said under investigation for lobbying violations

Impeachment has put Trump in a different place. He’s showing it every day.

Drip, drip of revelations damages Trump

Trump says he's an 'island of one' on Syria

Trump releases $50 million to protect ethnic and religious minorities in Syria

No refugees allowed? Trump’s plan to give states and cities a veto prompts an outcry.

Trump defends Giuliani amid reports of federal investigation

Trump says Giuliani is still his lawyer

Trump takes his stump speech to the Values Voter Summit


Dow jumps 300 points after Trump says US has trade deal with China that will come in phases

Graham-Trump rollercoaster hits dizzying speed

Are Senate Republicans certain that Trump can return to office?

Republicans Trash Trump on Syria—but Not Ukraine

Sen. Graham calls Trump decision on Syria ‘biggest blunder of his presidency’

Bad polls for Trump shake GOP

Chuck Grassley warns IRS to stay out of NRA drama: It's not a 'political weapon'

U.S. to send 1,800 additional troops to Saudi Arabia to boost defenses against Iran

Defense secretary insists US has not abandoned Kurds

Federal judges rule against Trump in 3 cases on executive powers

Federal appeals court upholds House subpoena for Trump’s financial records

Judge blocks Trump 'public charge' rule

Federal judge declares Trump border proclamation unlawful

Giuliani allies held on federal charges
(Pair facing campaign finance violations also worked with Trump’s lawyer on Ukraine.)

Cracks emerge in White House strategy as witness testifies

Trump, DOJ ask appeals court to block NY tax return subpoena

Support for Trump impeachment inquiry rises, new poll shows

White House rips judge's ruling blocking 'public charge' rule

Shields and Brooks on Trump's Syria pullout, impeachment politics

In marathon testimony, Dems see an ambassador scorned, while GOP defends Trump

Trump's EU ambassador to testify after Democrats' subpoena

Ex-Ukraine ambassador arrives to give testimony

Ousted ambassador Marie Yovanovitch tells Congress Trump pressured State Dept. to remove her

State sought to block Yovanovitch testimony, say Democrats

CBO: Pelosi bill to lower drug prices saves Medicare $345 billion

Trump announces limited trade deal with China

Trump expands his authority to sanction Turkey amid Syria offensive

Donald Trump distances himself from Rudy Giuliani: 'He has been my attorney'

Trump says he’s replacing McAleenan as acting DHS secretary

Watch: Trump holds rally in Louisiana


Dow rises more than 100 points after Trump tweet stokes trade-deal hopes

GOP lawmaker after Syria decision: 'Pull my name off the "I support Donald Trump" list'

Trump’s Syria decision tests the bounds of Republican support as he demands solidarity on impeachment

Pence attempts to explain away what the world heard Trump say on White House lawn

Turkish forces push deeper into Syria as Kurds fight back

In Its Fight with Venezuela, the Trump Administration Takes Aim at Cuba

Pompeo adviser resigning

Why evangelicals oppose Trump over Syria

At least four national security officials raised alarms about Ukraine policy before and after Trump call with Ukrainian president

US soldier in Syria: 'I am ashamed for the first time in my career'

Giuliani associates tied to Ukraine efforts are subpoenaed in House impeachment inquiry

Five things to know about arrest of Giuliani associates

Prosecutors say Giuliani associates were trying to leave the country with one-way tickets when arrested

Ex-top Trump Russia aide to testify about 'shadow policy' on Ukraine

Trump's former Ukraine envoy was dismissed after she pushed Giuliani to go through official channels: report

Ousted Ukraine envoy expected to testify in impeachment probe despite White House vow not to cooperate, congressional aides say

Democrats launch new impeachment offensive after White House refuses to cooperate

Why not vote? Democrats say it's impeachment either way

House Democrats subpoena Rick Perry in impeachment inquiry

Oversight panel to subpoena Trump officials next week over deportation deferrals

House Appropriations Chairwoman Nita Lowey to retire

Trump says he will meet with Chinese vice premier Friday amid trade talks

Trump defends Syria move at rally: 'Bring our troops back home'

Trump is bringing back the mandate to buy health coverage — but just for immigrants 

Trump distances himself from indicted Giuliani associates

Trump asked Tillerson to help broker deal to end U.S. prosecution of Turkish trader represented by Giuliani

'Off-script' Trump rails against impeachment, Democrats at feisty rally

Trump puts election-year politics at center of impeachment case

Trump attacks Sessions: A 'total disaster' and 'an embarrassment to the great state of Alabama'

Trump lashes out at Fox News over impeachment poll numbers: 'Whoever their Pollster is, they suck'


Stocks rise for the first time in 3 days as traders hope for US-China trade progress

Low expectations for trade talks: ‘If you’re looking for good news, they didn’t cancel the trip’

The Trade War Is Only Getting Worse

Fed officials saw rising risk of recession at last meeting

The revealing splits in GOP senators’ reactions to impeachment

GOP, Trump look to smother impeachment inquiry

Graham tells Pelosi GOP won't impeach Trump over Ukraine call

Tillis says impeachment is 'a waste of resources'

Trey Gowdy joins Trump's legal team

Graham threatens to call Volker to testify if Democrats don't release testimony

Congress set for showdown with Trump over Kurds

Trump faces growing GOP revolt on Syria

Graham, Van Hollen announce new Turkey sanctions

Pence open to releasing transcripts of call with Ukraine

Turkey’s Erdogan tests the limits of Trump’s threats

Turkey launches offensive against U.S.-allied Kurdish forces in northern Syria

US moves 2 British IS members known as 'Beatles' from Syria

Trump’s new actions, inactions on Kurds, Syria, Iran have Israel deeply worried

Pompeo insists US didn't give Turkey 'green light' to invade

Rights Groups Miss Out on Millions in Foreign Aid Due to U.S. Spending Restrictions
(Congress won’t let Trump gut foreign assistance. So the administration made it harder to disburse funds, leaving aid programs in China, Iraq, and elsewhere in the lurch.)

Giuliani predicts Senate Judiciary will call on Biden to testify on Ukraine

Support for impeachment reaches highest level in Fox News poll

Matt Drudge, an influential figure in conservative media, sours on Trump as he faces impeachment

Trump’s refusal to comply with House subpoenas depends on an absolutist view of executive power 

Donald Trump's business ties to Turkey in the spotlight

Democrats plow ahead as Trump seeks to hobble impeachment effort

Joe Biden calls for impeachment of President Trump

Trump seeks to distance himself from Turkish invasion of Syria

Trump defends Syria move: The Kurds 'didn't help us' in Normandy

Trump administration dials up pressure on Beijing as new tariffs loom 

Trump asked Tillerson to interfere in DOJ case against Giuliani client: report

Trump rips NBA coaches Kerr, Popovich


McConnell blasts House Democrats over handling of impeachment inquiry

GOP discontent deepens on Trump impeachment messaging

 Murkowski warns against rushing to conclusions on Trump impeachment

Gowdy in talks to join Trump's impeachment defense team

The GOP theory that Ukraine ‘set up’ Trump

Senators demand briefing on Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria

Trump’s Syria pullback plan imperils allies
(GOP lawmakers oppose allowing Turkey entry to target Kurds and risk Islamic State’s resurgence.)

Bipartisan Senate report calls for sweeping effort to prevent Russian interference in 2020 election
(GOP-led panel endorses finding that Russia interfered to help Donald Trump)

Republicans Have No Leg to Stand On and They Know It

Turkey says it will cross into Syria 'shortly,' issues warning to Kurdish fighters

Impeachment probe clouds prospects for U.S.-China trade talks 

The latest on the Trump impeachment inquiry

Trump-Sondland phone call on Ukraine talking points emerges as key to impeachment probe

Polls flash warning signs for Trump on impeachment

Poll: Majority of Americans say they endorse opening of House impeachment inquiry of Trump

Furor over pulling troops from northeast Syria began with troubling Trump phone call and White House statement 

U.S. judge balks at Justice Dept. bid to deny House access to Mueller grand jury materials

Pelosi blasts White House for refusing to cooperate in Trump impeachment probe

Pelosi hits back at Trump over letter: 'Only the latest attempt to cover up his betrayal of our democracy'

Schiff: State withholding Sondland texts, messages on personal device

House panels to issue subpoena to Gordon Sondland, ambassador to E.U., after Trump administration blocks deposition to Congress

'Tell the truth ... for a change': ex-President Carter's advice to Trump

Minneapolis mayor responds to Trump: I don't have time to be 'tweeting garbage out'

Trump fires back on impeachment

White House tells Pelosi, committee chairs it won't cooperate with impeachment inquiry

READ: White House letter to Pelosi rejecting cooperation in impeachment inquiry

Trump directed Perry, State Dept. officials to talk to Giuliani on Ukraine

Trump defends Turkey in wake of fierce GOP criticism

Trump’s New Order For Medicare Packs Potential Rise In Patients’ Costs

Trump goes to war with Minneapolis over $500,000 security bill


Stocks slide as traders have doubts about a US-China trade deal

Federal deficit estimated at $984B, highest in seven years

House GOP touts poll showing impeachment advantage for Republicans

GOP senator: 'Not appropriate' to ask foreign governments to investigate Biden

Republican response tracker: GOP mostly silent on Trump's call to investigate Biden

Former George W. Bush chief of staff endorses Trump impeachment inquiry

Anxious GOP treads carefully with Trump defense

Mitch McConnell criticizes Trump's Syria pullout

Republicans urge Trump to reverse course on Syria withdrawal

GOP lawmakers blast Trump's Syria decision as 'grave mistake,' 'disaster in the making'

Republicans deliver rare rebuke of Trump, slamming his Syria withdrawal decision

Liz Cheney calls Trump's Syria move 'a catastrophic mistake'

Rand Paul: Trump 'once again fulfills his promises' with Syrian pullout

Trump’s foreign policy has taken a turn, and the GOP doesn’t have a good answer

Susan Rice calls Trump decision to pull troops from Syria 'batshit crazy'

Perry denies he is planning to resign

Trump’s Credibility With China Plummets
(The U.S. president’s casual request for an investigation of the Bidens has Beijing saying no thanks—and largely ignoring his demands as trade talks look headed for a tough run.)

Trump Throws Middle East Policy Into Turmoil Over Syria

Trump abandoning Kurdish partners in Syria sends a chilling message to every other American ally 

Federal judge rules Trump must turn over his tax returns to Manhattan DA, but Trump has appealed

Trump’s Defeat on Tax Returns Signals a Big Problem for the President

Federal judge knocks DOJ stance that sitting president can't be indicted

Live updates: Trump dodges questions on China, House panels subpoena Defense and OMB documents

Trump takes heat from right over vaping crackdown

Amy Walter and Tamara Keith on Trump’s Ukraine call defense, Sanders’ heart health

Democrats subpoena Pentagon, budget chiefs in impeachment push

Trump defends Syria move: 'It's time to come back home'

Trump defends Syria decision amid Republican backlash

Five things to know about Trump's decision on Syria, Turkey and the Kurds

Trump suggests Pelosi committed treason, should be 'immediately impeached'

White House to battle impeachment by stalling, attacking


Mitch McConnell vows to squash Trump impeachment push

Top Senate Republican: 'I doubt the China comment was serious'

Key Republicans split with Trump on Biden investigation push

Lindsey Graham vows whistleblowers will testify in public if House votes to impeach

Jordan refuses to say whether Trump asking China for investigation was appropriate

‘Out on a limb’: Inside the Republican reckoning over Trump’s possible impeachment

Trump's GOP challengers split on impeachment vote 

'Senator Johnson, please': GOP Senator refuses to answer questions over Ukraine

Powell: 'The Republican party has got to get a grip on itself'

Brennan: Republican senators 'running scared' of president because he 'comes after them with a vengeance'

2PM Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace 10/6/19 | Breaking Fox News October 6, 2019
Pentagon distances itself from Ukraine controversy

Judge orders White House to preserve records of Trump's dealings with foreign leaders

Tax-return whistleblower in spotlight amid impeachment fight

White House dismisses news of second whistleblower: Trump 'has done nothing wrong'

Former Trump Organization executive says she expects President Trump will resign

Top House Democrat: 'We have Trump appointees who are clearly unnerved by the lawlessness of this president'

House Democrat: Trump 'dangerously abused his oath of office'

House Democrat: Impeachment inquiry 'likely to stay narrowly focused'

Murphy says voters want Congress to focus on facts, not 'loyalty to the cult of Donald Trump'

Trump told Republicans he doesn't want impeachment on his 'resume'

Trump: 'Nervous Nancy' Pelosi as guilty as 'Liddle' Adam Schiff of treason

Trump praises Woodward, slams other journalists over 'Face the Nation' segment


GOP Sen. Johnson says Trump blocked Ukraine aid

Collins: Trump's call for China to probe Biden 'completely inappropriate'

Romney ramps up rhetoric on Trump, but what's his next move?

GOP searches for impeachment boogeyman

GOP senators, it’s time to stop forfeiting your soul to Donald Trump

Pompeo says he sent response to House investigators, but subpoenaed documents remain undelivered

North Korea Breaks Off Nuclear Talks With U.S.

North Korea missile test raises fears of new capabilities

Window narrows for Trump trade deals

Mounting evidence buttresses claims in whistleblower complaint

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson turns on Trump for asking Ukraine to investigate his rival Joe Biden: ‘There’s no way to spin this’

Biden faces dual challenges from Trump, Warren

Trump told House Republicans that he made Ukraine call because of Perry

Trump accuses Democrats of 'interfering' with 2020 election and 'continuing to interfere' with 2016

Trump calls for Romney's impeachment

Trump criticizes supposed second whistleblower

White House struggles to contain Ukraine fallout


Dow rallies more than 350 points after ‘Goldilocks’ jobs report

Economy adds 136K jobs in September as unemployment hits 50-year low

The U.S. economy is cooling, but it’s not collapsing

Republicans emerge from IG hearing with focus on Schiff

McConnell vows to block Trump impeachment in fundraising pitch

McConnell signaling Trump trial to be quick, if it happens

Romney: Trump requesting Biden investigation from China, Ukraine 'wrong and appalling'

Rubio: Trump asking China about Biden investigation 'not a real request'

GOP senator says he confronted Trump over Ukraine in August

Iranians tried to hack U.S. presidential campaign in effort that targeted hundreds, Microsoft says

Second intel official considering filing complaint over Trump

The 7 most explosive exchanges in Trump's Ukraine envoy texts

2020 Vision: More Americans are lining up behind impeachment — and the next step, conviction

Trump’s calls with foreign leaders have long worried aides, leaving some ‘genuinely horrified’

Why the Ukraine and China calls may be only the tip of the Trump iceberg

Trump’s Call for China to Investigate the Bidens Shows How Far He’ll Go to Save Himself

Trump suggests without evidence that pharmaceutical industry could be pushing impeachment probe

Trump's rage may backfire on impeachment

Mark Shields and Ramesh Ponnuru on Trump, Ukraine and 'quid pro quo'

House Democrats subpoena White House for Ukraine documents

Democrats claim new momentum from intelligence watchdog testimony

House panels seek Ukraine docs from Pence for Trump impeachment inquiry

Biden: Trump has 'indicted himself by his own statements'

Joe Biden: Donald Trump "unhinged" and "corrupt"

Trump holds call with House GOP amid impeachment inquiry

Trump says House Democrats 'unfortunately' have the votes to impeach

Trump sides with farmers in ethanol proposal, angering oil industry

Trump suspends entry for migrants who will 'financially burden the United States healthcare system'


Stocks rise, rebounding from steep 2-day sell-off

Services survey shows economy is weaker than expected amid slowdown fears

GOP senator says he doesn't remember signing 2016 letter urging 'reform' of Ukraine prosecutor's office

Republicans Signed Letter Supporting The Ukraine Reforms Biden Was Pushing

McCarthy calls on Pelosi to suspend impeachment inquiry

Trump’s removal would require Republican dissidents. But those who speak out become targets of viral disinformation.

Sasse breaks with Trump's call for probe: 'Americans don't look to Chinese commies for the truth'

2020 Vision Thursday: How a tough impeachment vote could threaten the GOP's Senate majority

GOP turns furor on media amid impeachment fight

Nunes files $77M suit, alleging Iowa farm story defamed him

Energy Secretary Rick Perry expected to resign next month

Both sides dig in after marathon Trump-Ukraine briefing

Ukraine: Text messages show U.S. diplomats believed U.S. aid was linked to Trump's demand for Biden probe

Trump wanted Ukraine to launch investigations before meeting with Zelensky, texts show

Volker warned Giuliani's information on Ukraine wasn't credible

IRS whistleblower said to report Treasury political appointee might have tried to interfere in audit of Trump or Pence

Trump warned by FEC chair over soliciting Biden probes

Perilous times for Trump: By 45%-38%, Americans support impeaching him over Ukraine allegations, poll finds

Trump should be worried about what latest economic news means for 2020 

The 2016 campaign never ended. Trump’s preoccupation with the last election gets him into trouble.

House Democrats release Trump officials' text exchanges discussing Ukraine

House questions Volker as impeachment probe ramps up

Democratic lawmaker: Trump's 'high crimes' are 'hiding in plain sight'

Pelosi rebuts GOP call to end Trump impeachment inquiry

Schiff: Trump requests to China, Ukraine are 'fundamental breach' of office

Trump asserts he has 'absolute right' to ask other countries for help probing corruption

Trump urges China to investigate Bidens

Trump officials drafted statement for Ukraine leader to pledge desired probes

Trump White House dares Pelosi to hold impeachment inquiry vote

Trump Won’t Let Latest North Korea Missile Test Halt Nuke Talks

Trump will issue an executive order to help attack Medicare-for-all 

Trump suggests his administration look at starting its own news network 


Dow plunges more than 450 points as Wall Street continues its rough start to the fourth quarter

September private payrolls report shows the pace of hiring is slowing

Rumblings of Recession Get Louder
(With U.S. manufacturing taking its worst hit since the Great Recession, signs of a global economic downturn are everywhere.)

House Republicans voice concerns about White House's impeachment messaging

Polling points to warning signs for GOP on Trump

Beneath the impeachment spin: Growing GOP concern

McCarthy shares 'Stranger Things' parody video criticizing impeachment

New York Times reporter fact-checks McCarthy on whistleblower claims

Graham sends letter asking countries to cooperate with Barr probe into Russia investigation

Sessions says he still supports Trump despite ouster as AG

Pence's Team Is Trying To Distance Itself From The Ukraine Scandal

Trumpism represents a repudiation of American exceptionalism 

The Tyrannical Mr. Trump

San Francisco pushes back as Trump claims city waterways have 'tremendous pollution'

House Democrats threaten to subpoena White House for Ukraine docs

Whistleblower contacted Schiff's committee before filing complaint: report

Dems say State watchdog turned over 'packet of propaganda'

Trump administration to expand DNA collection at border

Trump involved Pence in efforts to pressure Ukraine’s leader, though officials say vice president was unaware of allegations in whistleblower complaint

Trump blames impeachment probe for stock losses as recession fears rise

Trump fumes amid impeachment furor

Trump lashes out at impeachment inquiry in fiery news conference

Trump lashes out at Democrats leading impeachment inquiry

Trump: Democrats wasting time on 'bulls---' with impeachment inquiry

Trump approval climbs to highest level of 2019 amid impeachment inquiry


Dow drops more than 300 points after weakest manufacturing reading in 10 years

US manufacturing survey shows worst reading in a decade

Fed Chair Jerome Powell weathers wave of criticism about his leadership 

GOP uneasy with Giuliani

GOP lawmaker pushes back against Trump's attack on whistleblower

Senior GOP senator rebukes Trump, says whistleblower 'ought to be heard out'

Graham sending letter to countries asking them to cooperate with DOJ probe into Russia investigation

North Korea fires unidentified 'projectiles' from eastern coast: report

State approves $39M weapons sale to Ukraine

Mike Pompeo and Bill Barr are increasingly implicated in the impeachment inquiry

Pompeo rejects Dem demands for officials' testimony

Pompeo, Democrats trade threats over impeachment depositions

At the heart of impeachment, a potential dagger for Trump's re-election

Support for Trump impeachment surges 9 points in new poll

‘A presidency of one’: Key federal agencies increasingly compelled to benefit Trump

Schiff becomes key Democrat in battle with Trump

House committee chairs warn Pompeo that stonewalling could be used as evidence of obstruction

Democrats warn GOP, Trump putting whistleblower safety at risk

Mike Pompeo may be involved in 'blatant cover-up' Democrats charge in new salvo aimed at top diplomat

Amash pledges to join Democrats to impeach Trump

Red-state Democrats worry impeachment may spin out of control

Maxine Waters: Trump should be imprisoned and 'placed in solitary confinement'

Trump says he's becoming victim of a 'coup'

Trump targets ‘pathetic’ Federal Reserve after worst manufacturing reading in a decade

Trump Administration Proposes Yet Another Food Benefit Cut

Trump admin abruptly delays funding for human trafficking victims: report

Trump suggested shooting migrants in the legs: NYT

White House eliminates advisory boards for marine life, invasive species

Trump calls on Republicans to vote out Democratic Louisiana governor amid GOP infighting


Dow rises nearly 100 points to end tumultuous third quarter

McConnell: Senate would have 'no choice' but to take up impeachment

McConnell dismisses idea of delisting Chinese companies in the US

Watch CNBC's full interview with Senate Majority Leader Mitch...

Flake tells GOP: Trump 'does not deserve reelection'

Kevin McCarthy and the ‘but not impeachable’ defense of Trump

GOP senators attack whistleblower's credibility

GOP Rep: Trump's 'Civil War' retweet 'beyond repugnant'

Trump amps up attacks on whistleblower as some Republicans call for more strategic response to impeachment

Thornberry joins list of retiring Texas Republicans

Republican Rep. Chris Collins resigns House seat ahead of guilty plea to insider-trading charges

CNN Poll: Support for impeaching Trump rises among independents and Republicans

Juan Williams: Trump's grip on GOP Senate may come loose

Barr personally asked foreign officials to aid inquiry into CIA, FBI activities in 2016

DOJ says Trump contacted foreign countries to assist Barr's Russia inquiry

Five things to know as Ukraine fallout widens for Trump

Support for Trump impeachment, removal grows by 10 points in a week: poll

How Trump Could Further Erode Democracy During Impeachment

Intel community watchdog appears to push back on Trump allegations of changes to whistleblower rules

Trump impeachment: Giuliani and Pompeo dragged further into rapidly developing investigation

Amy Walter and Tamara Keith on Democrats’ impeachment path

U.S. House impeachment probe intensifies as Trump rages about inquiry

House Democrats subpoena Giuliani for Ukraine documents

House Intel Dem: Giuliani could be held in inherent contempt if he ignores subpoena

Democrats appear to be on more solid footing for impeachment now that the Ukraine allegations are out

House Progressive circulates letter seeking changes to Pelosi drug pricing bill

Trump suggests Schiff be arrested for treason for exaggerating call with Ukraine

Trump: White House 'trying to find out' whistleblower's identity

Trump amps up attacks on whistleblower as some Republicans call for more strategic response to impeachment

Trump asked Australian leader to help look into Mueller probe's origins


GOP lawmaker blasts Trump for quoting pastor warning of civil war over impeachment

Jim Jordan defends White House hiding transcripts, says administration has to protect against leaks

Graham: 'I have zero problems with this phone call'

Republican leadership memo suggests Senate can't block trial if House votes to impeach

'60 Minutes' correspondent presses McCarthy on impeachment inquiry

Ukrainian Embassy confirms DNC contractor solicited Trump dirt in 2016

Giuliani says he will cooperate with Trump impeachment inquiry — only if the president gives him the green light

Giuliani spars with Stephanopoulos over whistleblower report: 'Donald Trump was framed by the Democrats'

‘The president of the United States is the whistleblower,’ Stephen Miller says 

Majority of Americans view Trump’s effort to pressure Ukraine as ‘serious’ problem: poll

Will impeachment create an even more polarized nation?

Lawyers express concern for whistleblower's safety

Staring down impeachment, Trump sees himself as a victim of historic proportions 

Impeachment fight poses wildcard for Trump economy

F­o­x N­e­ws Sunday with Chris Wallace 9/29/19 [ Full ] | Breaking Fox News | September 29, 2019

Amash calls McCarthy incompetent, dishonest after '60 Minutes' interview

Nancy Pelosi has put the Trump impeachment inquiry on a fast track. Here's the plan, timeline and key players 

Democrats count on Schiff to deliver focused impeachment inquiry of Trump

Schiff says he plans to subpoena Giuliani for documents

Senate Democrat: Giuliani was 'attempting to speak for the United States government' in Ukraine interactions

Jeffries predicts more Republicans will support impeachment inquiry

Democrats take Trump impeachment case to voters

Impeachment shakes up Democratic White House race

Trump demands to meet whistleblower, warns of 'Big Consequences'

Trump blurs lines between personal lawyer, attorney general


Republicans show signs of discomfort in defense of Trump 

Republicans might oppose impeachment, but do they condone what Trump did? 

Senate Republicans have barely challenged Trump over Ukraine. Don't expect them to turn against him in an impeachment trial.

How Mitch McConnell could give impeachment the Merrick Garland treatment

Embracing President Mike Pence might be GOP's best play

FEC chair tweets memo on foreign election activity, alleges GOP colleague tried to block her

Iranian foreign minister warns U.S. 'won't be able to finish' any war it starts

Kremlin warns US against releasing private calls between Putin and Trump amid Ukraine scandal

Barr draws heavy flak over role in Ukraine scandal
(The attorney general is behind ‘a cover-up of the cover-up’ in an effort to again protect Trump, critics say.)

Judge bars Trump fast-track deportation policy, saying threat to legal migrants was not assessed

Public opinion polls show shift toward impeaching Trump

Donald Trump's top business allies quiet on impeachment

For Trump, a high-velocity threat like none he's ever faced

Trump’s fixation on revenge for Mueller probe leads him back into impeachment zone

Pelosi: Impeachment worth losing House in 2020

Pelosi: Turning Texas blue is 'our hope for the future'

Liberals keep foot on the gas on impeachment

Trump rips impeachment as 'single greatest scam'

Trump Singles Out 4 Congresswomen Of Color, 2 Jewish Lawmakers As 'Democrat Savages'

Trump tells Jewish leaders in New Year’s call: ‘I don’t want’ war with Iran


Stocks fall as US considers limiting China investment

McConnell encouraged Trump to release transcript of Zelensky call: report

McConnell challenger McGrath backs impeachment inquiry

House conservative introduces resolution to censure Schiff

GOP battens down the hatches after release of Trump whistleblower complaint

GOP senators will back Trump — again

First House Republican backs impeachment inquiry

Vermont GOP governor backs Trump impeachment inquiry: 'These are serious allegations'

As the public edges toward impeachment, will the GOP follow?

Pence seeks to dodge impeachment spotlight as his Ukrainian moves attract notice 

Mike Pompeo subpoenaed by House committees over Ukraine scandal

How Bill Barr Turned the Justice Department Into a Cover-up Operation for Trump

From 'America's mayor' to Trump's pit bull: Rudy Giuliani emerges as central figure in Ukraine firestorm

US official: Trump’s special envoy to Ukraine has resigned 

Trump Impeachment Inquiry Puts State Department in the Crosshairs

Intelligence community strikes back — an impeachment game-changer

More than 300 former officials call Trump’s actions concerning Ukraine ‘profound national security concern’ 

Support for Trump impeachment rises 12 points in new poll

Judge blocks Trump administration from detaining migrant children indefinitely

Deutsche Bank reveals it has two individual tax returns tied to House subpoena

Shields and Brooks on the politics of impeachment

Top Democrats accuse Trump of trying to intimidate whistleblower to obstruct justice 

Democrats subpoena Pompeo for Ukraine documents

Pelosi: Attorney general 'has gone rogue' to protect Trump

McConnell challenger McGrath backs impeachment inquiry

House for second time approves measure blocking Trump's emergency declaration for wall

Trump signs stopgap measure, funding government through November

Trump demands Schiff resign over account of Ukraine call

White House limit access to Trump calls with Putin, Saudi Arabia

Trump told Russian officials in 2017 he wasn’t concerned about Moscow’s interference in U.S. election 


Stocks fall as investors remain on edge about trade war and impeachment

The Republicans' early response to impeachment: discredit, doubt, delay

Senators fret over prospect of Trump trial

Why Mitch McConnell Could Be Key In the Trump Impeachment Battle

Senate passes stopgap spending bill to keep government open through Nov. 21, sending measure to Trump 

Second GOP senator to oppose Trump judicial pick

Graham on Mueller: I don't care about the obstruction of justice stuff

Senate confirms Scalia as Labor secretary

N.Korea doubts prospects for future summit with US

US to deploy 200 personnel, missile system to Saudi Arabia

READ: The declassified whistleblower complaint

The five most serious charges in the whistleblower's complaint

Five takeaways from Trump whistleblower hearing

Whistleblower complaint says Trump sought to enlist Ukraine's help in 2020

Whistleblower claimed that Trump abused his office and that White House officials tried to cover it up 

White House Tried to ‘Lock Down’ Ukraine Call Records, Whistle-Blower Says

Maguire contradicts Trump: I think the whistleblower did the 'right thing'

Trump faces storm of his own making

All the president’s lawyers. Four government attorneys find themselves embroiled in Trump's Ukraine mess. 

Democratic chairmen: Trump's 'treason' comments constitute 'reprehensible' intimidation

Democratic senator on Trump's 'treason' comments about whistleblower: 'I worry about threats on his or her life'

Democrats zero in on Ukraine call as impeachment support grows

Democrats see whistleblower report as smoking gun

Democrats call for House leadership to cancel recess and focus on impeachment

Schiff 'flattered' by Trump's attacks over Ukraine probe

Biden accuses Trump of trying to 'hijack' 2020 election with foreign help

Democrats decry Trump's push to slash number of accepted refugees

Biden advisers weigh new Wall Street tax as Warren, Sanders pitch aggressive levies on wealthy 

Trump dismisses grounds for his impeachment as ‘a joke’

Trump's Attack on Whistle-Blower in Private Meeting Was Caught on Video

Trump is finalizing an executive order allowing imports of some prescription drugs 

Trump administration imposes 18K limit on refugees, the lowest ever

Trump nominates Peter Gaynor for FEMA administrator


Stocks jump after Trump says a China deal could come soon, Ukraine call memo released

Senate again votes to end Trump emergency declaration on border wall

GOP senator on whistleblower complaint: 'There's obviously lots that's very troubling there'

Cracks emerge among Senate Republicans over Trump urging Ukrainian leader to investigate Biden 

GOP on political tightrope as impeachment talk heats up

Whistleblower complaint declassified on eve of high-stakes testimony

GOP senator set to meet with Trump amid spending stalemate

Chuck Grassley: Drug pricing reform key to keeping GOP's Senate majority

U.S. announces asylum deal with Honduras, could send migrants to one of world’s most violent nations 

The Ukraine call record shows Trump talking like a mob boss 
(That’s a very, very good relationship we have with Ukraine. It would be a shame if something happened to it)

Trump's economic agenda is imperiled by impeachment drive 

Trump’s was preparing for impeachment ‘weeks’ before Ukraine scandal; now he wants to go ‘nuclear’ on Biden

Impeachment Inquiry Clouds Trump’s U.N. Display

Trump’s Not-So-Excellent Day

MSNBC cuts from Trump speech: 'We hate to do this, really, but the president isn't telling the truth'

17 states sue Trump administration over weakening of Endangered Species Act

White House memo shows Trump pressed Ukraine leader to look into Biden

READ: White House memo of Trump's call with Ukrainian president

7 takeaways from the rough transcript of Trump’s call with Ukraine’s president 

White House accidentally sends anti-impeachment talking points to Democrats

Acting director of national intelligence threatened to resign if he couldn’t speak freely before Congress on whistleblower complaint 

Judge issues one-day pause of NY prosecutors' subpoena for Trump's tax returns

FDA under pressure to move fast on vaping

Democrats read whistleblower's complaint and call it 'disturbing'

House Intel member calls whistleblower complaint 'deeply disturbing'

Democrats debate best path forward for Trump impeachment proceedings

Furor grows after White House releases readout of Trump call

Where House Democrats stand on impeaching Trump

Democrats ask Pentagon to probe delayed Ukraine aid

Murphy: Background check talks continue despite Trump Ukraine criticism

Trump’s was preparing for impeachment ‘weeks’ before Ukraine scandal; now he wants to go ‘nuclear’ on Biden

Trump, Japan strike deal to slash tariffs on US farm goods, boost digital trade

Trump casts doubt on USMCA, says Pelosi may not have time to sign it


S&P 500 drops the most in a month on Trump impeachment concerns

Wall Street is getting worried about a possible President Warren 

Senate GOP vows to quash impeachment articles

McConnell: 'I was not given an explanation' for Ukraine aid delay

Republican lawmakers scramble to contain Ukraine whistleblower fallout

Senate GOP Unanimously Approves Dem Resolution Calling for Release of Whistleblower Complaint

GOP lawmaker introduces measure to remove Nadler as Judiciary chairman

Senate confirms top Interior lawyer accused of lying to Congress

Consequential GOP class of 1994 all but disappears

Intel chief vows to handle Trump whistleblower complaint 'appropriately'

Giuliani pursued shadow Ukraine agenda as key foreign policy officials were sidelined 

Iranian president asserts 'wherever America has gone, terrorism has expanded'

The United States Can’t Cede the U.N. to China
(U.S. leadership is badly needed at this month’s U.N. General Assembly.)

World postal union rejects Trump's favored reform plan

NYT publisher details troubling moment U.S. refused to help reporter in danger

Trump’s Ukraine Defense Is the Same One He’s Used for Years: I Did It. So What?

Trump says impeachment drive is a plus, yet tweets with fury

Amash responds to Trump: 'It's not about the transcript of a call'

Pelosi announces launch of formal impeachment inquiry into Trump

Pelosi announces impeachment inquiry, says Trump’s courting of foreign political help is a ‘betrayal of national security’ 

A dozen House Democrats just pivoted toward impeaching Trump. Here’s why each is a big deal. 

Centrist Democrats urge caution over impeachment inquiry

Schiff says whistleblower wants to speak to House Intel panel

Warren announces expansion of presidential campaign

Trump scoffs at rising impeachment calls: 'It's nonsense'

Trump confirms he held up Ukrainian aid

Trump to release whistleblower complaint to Congress

Trump condemns globalism, touts nationalistic view of foreign affairs at U.N. 

Trump hits China and Iran in subdued speech to U.N.

Trump officials threaten to withhold highway funding from California for its ‘chronic air quality problems’ 


Stocks close little changed amid worries about the global economy

McConnell says GOP Intelligence chairman wants to hold closed-door briefing on whistleblower complaint

Fight over Trump's wall raises odds of 'continuous' stopgap measures

Mnuchin again demonstrates why he is Trump's most loyal surrogate

Seoul: US-N Korea nuke talks will likely resume in 2-3 weeks

In Ukraine, Trump’s allies are corrupt oligarchs and Russian stooges

A global forum with few allies for Trump
(At U.N., president lacks partners to help ease crises abroad.)

Ukraine controversy follows Trump to UN assembly

Trump ordered hold on military aid days before calling Ukrainian president, officials say

Fox News legal analyst says Trump call with Ukraine leader could be 'more serious' than what Mueller 'dragged up'

In R.I., New York Times publisher condemns Trump’s attacks on press

Judge temporarily blocks logging in nation's largest national forest

Amy Walter and Tamara Keith on Warren’s poll numbers, Democrats on impeachment

Congress wants answers on Trump's dig for Biden dirt

Murphy blasts GOP on whistleblower response: 'We're watching this country turn into a banana republic'

More Democrats threaten impeachment over Trump's dealings with Ukraine

Pressure on Pelosi to impeach Trump grows

Senate Democrats to force vote this week on Trump's border wall emergency declaration

Warren comes under new pressure over Medicare for All and higher taxes

Biden extends lead over Warren, Sanders

DNC raises qualifying thresholds for fifth presidential debate

At U.N., Trump focuses on religious freedom, not climate

Trump defends raising corruption on call with Ukraine leader

Trump denies explicitly tying U.S. military aid to demand for Ukrainian probe of Biden

Trump mocks Romney with video contrasting their presidential bids


Romney: Trump asking Ukraine to investigate political rival 'would be troubling in the extreme'

Trump’s takeover of GOP forces many House Republicans to head for the exits  

GOPState Senator Runs Ad Saying She's 'Not Afraid To Shoot' Gun Control Groups Down

Fight over Trump's wall raises odds of 'continuous' stopgap measures

Pompeo doubles down on blaming Iran for oil attacks: 'This was a state-on-state act of war'

Giuliani, Fox's Roberts clash on appropriateness of Ukraine contacts

FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace 9/22/19 | FOX News Today Sep 22 , 2019

Standoffs With Iran Test Trump's Resolve to Use Military Force

Trump walks tightrope on gun control

Trump and his ilk clash with the global climate movement

Democratic senator: Pulling out of nuclear deal 'isolated the United States rather than isolating Iran'

Schiff: Impeachment 'may be the only remedy' if Trump pushed Ukraine for dirt on Biden

Democrats go all out to court young voters for 2020

Progressive group to spend $50M boosting Sun Belt turnout

Trump suggests he mentioned Biden in phone call with Ukrainian president 

Trump says he will consider releasing transcript of Ukraine call

Trump doubles down on call to investigate Biden after whistleblower complaint: 'That's the real story'

Trump's top adviser on Asia to serve as deputy national security adviser


Alaska Republican Party cancels 2020 primary

Iowa GOP swipes at 2020 Democrats' meat positions as candidates attend annual Steak Fry

Iranian official: U.S. sending troops to Saudi Arabia is 'posturing,' and 'going the wrong direction'

Iranian official: 'I'm not confident that we can avoid a war'

Ukrainian official denies Trump pressured president

Ukraine could badly damage both Donald Trump and the Democrats

'Whistleblower' furor gains steam

ICE to resume family detentions at Texas facility

Gorsuch says US Supreme Court not split on partisan lines

Pelosi calls for law to indict presidents, Amash says the remedy is impeachment

‘He knows I’ll beat him like a drum’: Biden accuses Trump of abusing power to smear him 

Biden: I never talked to son Hunter about overseas business dealings

Trump to meet Ukraine leader at UN General Assembly

Trump to boast to UN about US success, but troubles mounting

Trump goes after New York Times, Washington Post: 'They have gone totally CRAZY!!!!'


Dow falls for second day, drops more than 100 points after China officials cut US visit short

Where’s the clamor over our disastrous national debt?

Pennsylvania, Wisconsin lost the most factory jobs in the past year

Warning signs flash for Tillis in North Carolina

Nikki Haley moves back to SC, fuels political speculation

Chinese trade negotiators cancel US farm visit, cut trip short

Missing piece to the Ukraine puzzle: State Department's overture to Rudy Giuliani

Why Ukraine being the focus of Trump’s whistleblower complaint is particularly ominous 

Trump ordered to appear for deposition in case involving his security guards

Trump asked Ukraine president to investigate Biden's son eight times in one phone call: reports

California, 23 other states sue Trump over vehicle emissions rule

The Trump administration’s anti-trans rhetoric and actions show his campaign pledge to the LGBT community was hollow 

Shields and Brooks on the whistleblower complaint, Saudi oil attack

Biden blasts Trump, demands he release transcript of call with foreign leader

Joe Biden's 2020 Ukrainian nightmare: A closed probe is revived

Warren: Congress is 'complicit' with Trump 'by failing to act'

2020 Vision: Why Warren's honeymoon may be coming to an end

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio drops out of race for 2020 Democratic presidential nomination

Trump approves troop deployment in response to attacks on Saudi oil sites

Trump administration reaches deal to send asylum seekers to El Salvador in an effort to deter migrants from entering the United States 

Trump says he's sanctioning Iran's national bank

Trump says he doesn’t need a trade deal with China before the 2020 election

White House exempts dozens of Chinese goods from tariffs

Trump calls relationship with North Korea's Kim 'the best thing' for US

Trump welcomes Pelosi drug pricing plan, signaling openness to a bipartisan deal 

Trump asked Ukraine president to investigate Biden's son eight times in one phone call: reports


S&P 500 closes flat, hovering near record high

In turnaround, McConnell backs $250 million in election security funding 

Cruz endorses GOP candidate for Senate in New Hampshire

GOP Rep. Tom Reed collapses just before television appearance

Vice President Mike Pence says White House is ‘hopeful’ for a deal with China — but it’s not clear ‘they want to do it yet’

U.S. to withdraw and withhold funds from Afghanistan

Iran warns U.S. of ‘all-out war’ if attacked 

Whistle-Blower Complaint Sets Off a Battle Involving Trump

Whistleblower complaint about President Trump involves Ukraine, according to two people familiar with the matter 

Whistleblower complaint based on multiple incidents; watchdog won't disclose info

Giuliani says 'of course' he asked Ukraine to look into Biden seconds after denying it

Federal judge blocks California law requiring Trump tax returns

In standoff with Iran, Trump is reaping what he sowed

Large majorities back gun measures to curb violence
(Most gun owners favor background checks, training and other policies)

George Conway: If Trump pushed Ukraine to investigate Biden, he 'should be impeached and removed from office'

House votes to avert shutdown, fund government through November

Democrats to seek ways to compel release of Trump whistleblower complaint

Democrats press Nadler to hold Lewandowski in contempt

Democrats blast HUD for removing LGBT language from grant competition

Warren shows signs of broadening her base

Trump administration resumes deferred deportation for critically ill migrants

‘Our relations are with Israel’: Trump appears to give embattled Netanyahu the cold shoulder 

Trump sues Manhattan prosecutor over tax returns, says immune from criminal probe

Trump administration says joint UNC, Duke program portrays Islam too positively


Stocks close flat as Fed fails to clearly signal more rate cuts in 2019

Fed approves quarter-point rate cut but is divided on further action this year

Fed delivers second rate cut to head off global risks

Business leaders expect drop in economic growth

GOP signals unease with Barr's gun plan

Defense bill talks set to start amid wall fight

GOP group slams Mike Pence for 'who cares?' comment in response to Trump business conflicts

McConnell says Congress in 'holding pattern' on gun control

Trump administration floats background check proposal to Senate GOP

Pennsylvania state senator resigns after being arrested on child porn charges

Pompeo calls attacks on Saudi oil facilities ‘act of war’ as Trump orders increase in sanctions on Iran 

Risking food safety, USDA plans to let slaughterhouses self-police

Trump’s Awful Middle East Policies Are Coming Back to Haunt Him

For Trump, all foreign policy is a hostage negotiation 

Ignore the circus. Look at what Trump is doing to the environment, immigrants and health care. 

Trump faces difficult balancing act with reelection campaign

Trump conversation with foreign leader part of complaint that led to standoff between intel chief, Congress: report

Trump’s communications with foreign leader are part of whistleblower complaint that spurred standoff between spy chief and Congress, former officials say 

Senate Democrats block government spending bill

Pelosi: Lewandowski should have been held in contempt 'right then and there'

Rep. Waters charged on three counts

Trump Sanctions Iran Again, Inching Toward Economic Blockade

Trump says he has 'many options' on Iran

Federal Reserve makes small interest rate cut. Trump slams central bank for having ‘no guts.’ 

Trump bars California from setting stricter fuel standards

Trump names Robert O'Brien as next national security adviser

Trump to withdraw FEMA chief nominee: report


Stocks rise slightly ahead of the Fed’s decision on interest rates

Recession fears among fund managers rise to highest level in a decade

Fed poised to cut rates as Trump keeps up pressure

Republicans wary of US action on Iran

GOP struggles with retirement wave

California GOP congressman won't seek re-election

House adds 2 GOP members after special election wins

Sen. Susan Collins faces fresh fire after emergence of new Kavanaugh allegation 

Times correction gives GOP lifeline in latest Kavanaugh controversy

Pennsylvania state senator charged with child porn possession

Billions spent on U.S. weapons didn’t protect Saudi Arabia’s most critical oil sites from a crippling attack

With Saudi Oil Under Attack, Trump's Deference to It Returns to Fore

Trump to visit as doubt grows over homelessness plan

White House restrictions on Corey Lewandowski’s testimony push the limits of executive privilege 

Lewandowski, Democrats tangle at testy hearing

Kavanaugh impeachment push hits Capitol buzz saw

Nadler considering holding Lewandowski in contempt

Democrats introduce bill to block taxpayer-funded spending at Trump properties

Schiff says Trump intel chief won't comply with subpoena over whistleblower

Trump fires back at Graham over Iran criticism

Trump to revoke California's tailpipe waiver

Trump heads to heart of resistance in California

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to take up challenge to consumer bureau


Dow snaps 8-day winning streak on fears spiking oil will slow the global economy

Senators struggle to get spending bills off ground as shutdown looms

Ted Cruz knocks New York Times for 'stunning' correction on Kavanaugh report

Ron Paul: US interest rates are going negative, and the Fed can’t stop it

Iran's strength and strategy show with Saudi oilfield attacks

New York attorneys subpoena eight years of Trump tax returns

Trump's Big Mistake: Trillion-Dollar Deficits Don’t Make America Great

Prospects for Trump gun deal grow dimmer

Trump's economic approval takes hit in battleground states: poll

Stu Rothenberg and Domenico Montanaro on 2020 gun policy, Democratic debate takeaways

House committee launches investigation into Transportation Secretary Chao

Progressive tax-the-rich push gains momentum

New storm rises over Kavanaugh

Elizabeth Warren picks up endorsement from key group

Trump stops short of directly blaming Iran for attack on Saudi oil facilities