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GOP Senator: 'I Don't Agree' With Trump's Latest Attack On Democrats

Liz Cheney: 'Send her back' chant 'inappropriate' but not about race, gender

Ted Cruz: 'Fox News went all in for Trump'

Illinois GOP group shares, then deletes meme labeling minority congresswomen 'Jihad Squad'

Two senators want antifa activists to be labeled ‘domestic terrorists.’ Here’s what that means. 

US notes advance in Mexican migration enforcement

The United States Is Going After China’s Banks

Five things to know about Turkey's rift with Trump

Emerging budget deal likely to include few or no actual spending cuts, while lifting debt limit for two years 

Election security to take back seat at Mueller hearing

10 questions for Robert Mueller

Donald Trump’s Idea of Selective Citizenship

Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace 7/21/19 [ Full ] | Fox News Today July 21 2019

Chris Wallace presses Stephen Miller on 'send her back' chant at Trump rally

'Very substantial evidence' Trump is 'guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors,' House Judiciary Chair says

Nadler has privately voiced support for impeachment inquiry against Trump: report

Two Democrats vow to press forward on Trump impeachment

Cummings: 'No doubt about it' Trump is a racist

Schiff: Trump 'has decided racism is good politics'

Top Democrat insists country hasn't moved on from Mueller

Biden campaign taps foreign policy vet Nicholas Burns as adviser

Trump welcomes Pakistan’s troubled leader 

Trump says he will meet with Schumer 'ASAP' after border visit

Trump lashes out at Washington Post over reporting: 'Presidential Harassment!'

Trump struggles to win over voters reaping economic boom

Trump tweets, rally chant dominate Sunday shows as president continues attacks


Ted Cruz: Trump's chances of winning reelection are '50-50'

Rubio criticizes reporters, Democrat for racism accusations against McCain

Ana Navarro lashes out at Rubio for calling outrage over Trump's 'go back' tweet 'self righteous'

RNC raises nearly $20.8M in June

Senator’s speech an anti-Semitic dog whistle or poli-sci speak?

Pompeo: There's 'no indication' Iran will change direction

Federal judge temporarily halts congressional Democrats’ subpoenas of Trump financial records

Immigrants on edge over prospect of ICE raids

Trump falsely claims Democratic congresswomen spoke of ‘evil Jews’
(The president also misrepresents comments by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to assert four women of color called ‘our country and our people ‘garbage”)

Budget talks between White House, Pelosi spill into weekend

Mueller's testimony poses risk for Trump, but also Democrats

Virginia Democrats vow to boycott event if Trump attends, invoke 'send her back' chants

Ocasio-Cortez tears into Trump's immigration agenda: 'It's about ethnicity and racism'

Harris faces pressure to define policy proposals

Trump telling aides to look at potential spending cuts if he wins reelection: report

Trump defends response to rally chant: I did not 'lead people on'


Stocks fall, S&P 500 and Nasdaq post worst week since late May

Trump wades into debate over controversial Fed speech Thursday, calls for end to tight policy

GOP rattled by Trump rally

Send her back!’ chant: Sen. Tillis says Trump doesn’t control crowd, while Rep. Walker fears it will define GOP 

Republicans are courting Asian American voters. Telling the ‘Squad’ to go home is a terrible start. 

Trump and the GOP are sneaking a Trojan horse into the 2020 dialogue 

EXCLUSIVE: Trump campaign, RNC training army of volunteers in key 2020 states

Trump confirms he authorized Rand Paul to negotiate with Iran

GOP senator praises Pelosi work on debt ceiling, saying a deal ‘doesn’t need to be perfect’

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps seizes British-flagged, Liberian-flagged tankers in Strait of Hormuz

Iran is becoming a drone superpower

In a War, Iran Could Go After a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier and Win

Iran Overtures Are the Latest Setback for Bolton 

'Horrific for all': Pentagon intelligence chief says Iran does not want war

US moves forward on operation to counter Iran, begins sending troops to Saudi Arabia

Judge upholds a Trump admin alternative to Obamacare

Appeals court rejects Trump administration's request to dismiss Democrats' emoluments lawsuit

Trump’s Skimpy Health Insurance Plans, Coming to a Market Near You

Times Investigation: Trump administration has gutted programs aimed at detecting weapons of mass destruction

New poll finds Trump’s job performance gets thumbs-down from 53% of Utah voters

What Americans think of Trump’s ‘go back’ to your country tweets

Shields and Brooks on Trump’s attacks, Biden vs. Sanders on health care

House gears up for Mueller testimony

More than 90 House Democrats want to open an impeachment inquiry into Trump

Trump faces new hit on deficit

Ocasio-Cortez hits DHS chief for 'images of my violent rape' in Facebook group

Trump administration weighs allowing no refugees into US next year

Trump administration planning changes to U.S. citizenship test 

Trump confirms he authorized Rand Paul to negotiate with Iran

Trump steps up attacks on 'Squad'

Trump rips 'phony' New York Times columnist who called him a 'racist'

Trump complains of 'crazed' media coverage over 'send her back' chants

Trump vows congresswomen ‘can’t get away with’ criticizing U.S. 

Trump fumes over Ilhan Omar's 'welcome home' crowd


S&P 500 rises on hopes the Fed will take a more aggressive easing approach

GOP wants commitment that Trump will sign budget deal

Republican lawmakers ask Trump not to delay Pentagon cloud-computing contract

Senate poised to pass Sept. 11 victims bill, after votes demanded by Sens. Mike Lee, Rand Paul 

Rand Paul accuses Jon Stewart of being 'part of left-wing mob' after criticism over 9/11 victim fund

Graham: Every Republican president or nominee 'will be accused of being a racist'

Graham: I don't remember anyone treating McCain the way they're treating Trump

Poll: McConnell is most unpopular senator

McConnell: Trump 'on to something' with attacks on four congresswomen

Top Missouri newspaper condemns GOP's 'shameful silence' on Trump's 'racism'

The Abyss Is Opening Under China-U.S. Relations
(Cool heads are needed in both Beijing and Washington.)

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on the debt limit and trade

FBI believed Trump was closely involved in hush-money scheme, unsealed documents show

FBI tied Donald Trump and top aides to 2016 effort to silence a porn star, new court files show

Trump’s business allies and over 400 bundlers give his 2020 war chest a boost

Trump repeated an unfounded claim that freshman lawmaker Ilhan Omar married her brother to sneak him into the US

AP FACT CHECK: Trump distorts Omar's words on terrorism

Fox News legal analyst calls Trump's attacks on minority Democrats 'racist'

EPA will not ban use of controversial pesticide linked to children’s health problems 

House passes bill to hike the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour

Health care moves to center stage in Democratic primary fight

Schumer leading Democratic trip to inspect border facility

Dems open to killing filibuster in next Congress

Barr probe sets up showdown between Obama intelligence chiefs, dissenters

Third Kentucky Democrat announces challenge to McConnell

It’s Biden v. Harris Part 2 at next Democratic presidential debate

Omar stops traffic with impromptu news conference blasting Trump

Democrats call for increased security after 'send her back' chants

Trump says the U.S. Navy downed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz 

Trump taps Scalia's son as Labor secretary pick

Trump says he disagrees with 'send her back' chant

Trump: Those chanting 'send her back' are 'people that love our country'

Trump repeated an unfounded claim that freshman lawmaker Ilhan Omar married her brother to sneak him into the US

AP FACT CHECK: Trump distorts Omar's words on terrorism


Dow drops 115 points as stocks fall for a second day on concern about earnings

US deficit to hit record high, surpassing $1 trillion in 2019

Senate passes bill making hacking voting systems a federal crime

Rand Paul blocks Senate from approving 9/11 victim compensation fund

9/11 victims bill stalls as Republican senators seek conditions for funding 

Jon Stewart rips into Rand Paul after he blocks 9/11 victim compensation fund: 'An abomination'

GOP lawmaker: 'I'm a person of color. I'm white.'

Potential budget deal faces one last hurdle

White House, Congress inch toward debt, budget deal

States need more federal funds to secure elections: report

Federal guidance identifying 'go back to where you came from' as discrimination goes viral after Trump comments

Poll: Most Americans call Trump's tweets targeting 4 congresswomen 'un-American'

America’s Road to Reputational Ruin
(The decline in U.S. soft power didn’t start with Trump, but he accelerated it this week with his racist tweets.)

Trump's options are narrowing to lower drug prices and score a political win 

Is Trump right when he tweets that tariffs bring in government revenue? Here are 5 things you need to know. 
(Tariffs haven’t been a major source of U.S. revenue in 100 years. Here’s why.)

Trump officials accused of lying in court about the real reason for citizenship question

Judge says probe tied to Trump hush-money payments is over

House votes to kill impeachment effort against Trump

Here are the 95 Democrats who voted to support impeachment

House votes to block Trump’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia, setting up a likely veto 

House votes to hold Trump Cabinet members Barr, Ross in contempt

Schumer calls on FBI, FTC to investigate FaceApp

Liberal Democrats warn: We'll sink minimum wage bill if moderates change it

Trump diverting Central America aid
(Funds for Guatemala and Honduras will go to opposition leader in Venezuela instead.)

Trump administration’s push for energy production on public lands would increase Colorado’s emissions, report finds

Administration pushes back on quick budget deal: 'We have a way to go'

Trump blasts Mueller investigation as 'bulls---'

Trump blasts 2020 Dems during campaign rally

Trump blasts minority Democrats, rally crowd chants 'send her back'


Stocks slip from record highs after Trump says ‘long way to go’ on trade talks with China

Powell says ‘uncertainties’ have increased chances of a rate cut

Senate ratifies long-stalled tax treaty

Republicans scramble to contain Trump fallout

GOP put on the back foot by Trump's race storm

White identity politics drives Trump, and the Republican Party under him 

Reporter presses McConnell on if it's racist to tell his immigrant wife to 'go back to her country'

Poll: Trump GOP support rises after racially charged tweets

The four Republicans who voted to condemn Trump's tweets

What do Sen. Mitt Romney, other Utahns say about Trump's statements against minority congresswomen?

Former Texas judge leaves GOP over Trump

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele calls evangelicals who support Trump 'the biggest phonies of all'

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: We can't depend on the government to protect...

Why Roy Moore 2020 is a Republican nightmare

North Korea hints it may resume nuclear testing, accuses U.S. of reneging on pact 

Jewish groups condemn Trump’s tweet targeting some Democratic congresswomen

Liberal US Jews say Trump is weaponizing Israel to defend his racist tweets

Toxic 2020 is unavoidable conclusion from Trump tweets

ACLU, others file suit in San Francisco federal court to halt Trump asylum ban 

In win for Trump administration, appeals court stymies union challenge to civil service restrictions 

House votes to condemn Trump for 'racist comments'

Green files articles of impeachment against Trump, setting up floor vote

House votes against striking Pelosi remarks from record

Philadelphia mayor: Trump would 'go to hell' if he had to go back to where he came from

Biden campaign hired former Bill Clinton, Obama speechwriter after first debate

Trump administration blasts WTO ruling on China

Trump Administration: Title X Abortion Restrictions Now in Effect

Trump Renews Attacks Against Dem Congresswomen: ‘Pro-Terrorist,’ ‘Vile’

Trump praises GOP unity in opposing resolution condemning tweets

Trump: I don't have a racist bone in my body

White House abruptly cancels Trump meeting with GOP leaders


Stocks eke out a record close, but Wall Street remains cautious on upcoming earnings reports

Half of the companies that have reported earnings so far say the strong dollar is hurting them

Investors track new Washington drama as debt ceiling deadline approaches 

WH projects $1 trillion deficit for 2019

Republican silence on Trump’s racist tweets shows how fearful they’ve become of defying him and losing voters

GOP Congressman Calls Trump's Racist Tweet 'Obviously Not Racist'

Lindsey Graham Just Debased Himself Again While Running Cover for Trump's Racist Twitter Tirade

Republicans are quiet as Trump urges minority congresswomen to leave the country 

Lindsey Graham’s and the GOP’s initial responses to Trump’s ‘go back’ tweets are a mess 
(They’re all over the place, and they’re often nonsensical.)

Two GOP lawmakers back Trump's comments on Democratic lawmakers: 'I'll pay for their tickets out of this country'

Member of Senate GOP leadership says Trump tweets are racist

Meghan McCain knocks Lindsey Graham for defending Trump's tweets: 'This is not the person I used to know'

Fox personalities blast Trump's remarks

Cruz in 2016 said 'something fundamentally wrong' with Christians who back Trump: book

Juan Williams: GOP in a panic over Mueller

Iran's top diplomat warns US is 'playing with fire'

Trump’s racism cements his party’s place among the West’s far right 

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Trump's tweet storm, Biden's strategy shift

House Democrats seek to move past rifts with minimum wage bill

Pelosi knocks White House fallback plan on debt limit, putting pressure on late-stage budget talks 

Pelosi announces House resolution to condemn Trump's 'xenophobic tweets'

House Democrats introduce resolution condemning Trump for 'racist' comments

‘This is the agenda of white nationalists’: Four minority congresswomen condemn Trump’s racist remarks 

Dems erupt over Trump attacks

Al Green to force impeachment vote following incendiary Trump tweet

Lock them up, Elizabeth Warren says about border agents who mistreat immigrants 

Biden rolls out plan for older Americans

Biden releases health care plan that builds upon Obamacare

Trump steps up attacks on minority congresswomen

Trump rejects criticism that his tweet about four minority lawmakers was racist, says they ‘hate our country’ 

Trump to end asylum protections for most Central American migrants at US-Mexico border

Trump administration begins formally enforcing new abortion restrictions

WH projects $1 trillion deficit for 2019

Trump weighs ousting Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross - NBC

Trump puts hopes for Fed revolution on unconventional candidate

Trump tells White House counselor Kellyanne Conway to ignore congressional subpoena 


GOP struggles to find backup plan for avoiding debt default

Republicans make U-turn on health care

NY Republican: Democrats vilifying ICE agents to pander to radical left for votes

These Republicans signed the ‘never Trump’ letters in 2016. Now some are having second thoughts. 

Congress mobilizes on cyber threats to electric grid

The frightening reality of a war with Iran

As immigrant families wait in dread, no sign of large-scale enforcement raids 

Kellyanne Conway on President Trump's immigration policies, push for citizenship count - with Chris Wallace 7/14/19

‘His own fiefdom’: Mulvaney builds ‘an empire for the right wing’ as Trump’s chief of staff 

Trump's most openly racist rhetoric yet is not at all surprising

Trump trails Biden, other 2020 Democrats in new poll

Top Democrat blasts Trump's 'racist tweet' about progressive congresswomen

Trump's tweets unify a fractured Democratic Party

'Racist and un-American': Harris condemns Trump for latest attacks on Democrats

Ocasio-Cortez reminds Trump, 'I come from the United States' after the president suggests congresswomen of color should 'go back' home

Pelosi: Trump's attack on Democratic lawmakers reaffirms his plan to make 'America white again'

Klobuchar: Trump 'wants this chaos' caused by expected ICE raids

Trump tells progressive congresswomen to 'go back' where they came from

Trump doubles down after telling Democratic congresswomen to 'go back' to their countries


GOP balks at White House push for standalone vote on debt ceiling

Ex-British ambassador said Trump left Iran deal to spite Obama

Thousands protest ICE across cities targeted for weekend raids

Amid hurricane emergency, Trump fired off dozens of tweets promoting his golf course, skewering Andrew McCabe, and criticizing journalists

Racial politics roil Democratic Party

Four heated moments from House hearing on conditions at border facilities

Progressive groups slam House Democratic leadership's 'escalating attacks' on progressives

Buttigieg makes new pitch to attract black voters

Warren travels country to build primary momentum

Ex-ICE chief blasts House Democrat after tense hearing: 'He ran out of there like a little girl'

Trump knocks Mueller after deal struck for him to testify

Trump attacks Mueller, accuses him of 'Illegal Deletion'

Trump lashes out at 'major sleazebag' McCabe

Trump campaigns on more of the same
(As Democrats draft innovative plans, he’s sticking to favorites like ‘America first’ and ‘Build the wall.’)


Dow jumps 240 points to all-time high as Wall Street ends record-breaking week on a high note

Mnuchin warns US could hit debt ceiling in early September

GOP balks at White House push for standalone vote on debt ceiling

Republicans check Trump on Powell attacks 

Cruz calls on Tennessee to change law honoring early KKK leader: 'This is wrong'

Dems, GOP trade blame over migrant conditions at border

House Republicans dismissive of Paul Ryan's take on Trump

Mitt Romney Defends Paul Ryan Amid Trump Attacks: 2012 Election Loss Was My Fault

“Congratulations Again, Mr. President”: Trump and the Co-opting of the G.O.P.
(He is a Twitter cry baby, but it’s more calculated than it looks.)

Iran’s nuclear program seems to be accelerating. Will Saudi Arabia take a similar path? 

How Europe Can Save What’s Left of the Iran Nuclear Deal
(With the help of Russia and China, European leaders can prevent the total collapse of the 2015 agreement—and keep the region safer.)

What is the Russian S-400 air defense system, and why is the U.S. upset Turkey bought it? 

How Trump could use tariffs to fight back against France’s tax on US technology giants

ICE raids are looming. Panicked immigrants are skipping work, hiding out and bracing for the worst

Planned ICE raids show Trump runs the U.S. like his business — with no idea what he's doing

Pence says he's 'not surprised' after visiting crowded detention facilities

Pence tour of migrant center shows men crowded in cages

Trump's census opponents warn the fight isn't over

Judges appear deeply skeptical of Trump arguments against financial records subpoena

Appeals court blocks Trump administration birth control rules

9th Circuit rules in favor of Trump admin in 'sanctuary city' case

Mueller to give extended testimony after appearance postponed

Trump's Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta resigns amid Epstein plea fallout

Mark Shields and Ramesh Ponnuru on Democratic divisions, citizenship data

House approves 9/11 victims bill, sends it to Senate

House approves defense bill after adding liberal sweeteners

House votes to restrain Trump on war with Iran, setting up showdown with the Senate 

House Oversight examines Trump family separation policy

Biden touts foreign policy credentials
(The candidate says he’s best qualified  to restore America’s pre-Trump standing.)

Trump admin asks Supreme Court to allow military funds for border wall construction

Trump says nationwide immigration arrests to begin Sunday

President Trump attacks former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan

Trump complains China isn't buying US agricultural products, despite his earlier claims


Dow hits 27,000 for first time ever

Fed chairman warns of 'unthinkable' harm if debt ceiling isn't raised

Fed’s Powell says US homebuilders hit by ‘a perfect storm’ of Trump’s immigration policy, tariffs 

Fed rate cut may not keep Trump at bay
(Central bank chief signals a decrease this month, probably of a quarter point, but the president wants more.)

Powell has some bad, good and ugly news for Trump 

GOP frets over nightmare scenario for Senate primaries

Alabama senator says Trump opposed to Sessions Senate bid

Arizona GOP governor reverses course after Betsy Ross flag controversy, now 'welcomes' Nike facility

SC’s Lindsey Graham encourages Trump to ‘admit climate change is real’ and find solutions

France adopts new tax on big tech, despite U.S. pressure 

U.S. allies risk becoming collateral damage in Iran fight

Erasing Obamacare Could Undermine Trump’s Own Health Initiatives

Beware the Trump administration’s plans for ‘fresh thinking’ on human rights 

Trump social media summit attendees clash with reporters in Rose Garden

Senior Trump administration official to leave post next week

Pelosi says she is seeking to finalize deal to raise debt ceiling and resolve budget impasse before August recess 

Pelosi says she's done talking about fight with 'Squad'

Democrats rush to support Pelosi amid fight with Ocasio-Cortez

House panel votes to subpoena Kushner, former attorney general Sessions in investigation of whether Trump obstructed justice

Members to have little time to question Mueller

House Democrats request briefing on Epstein, Acosta

Warren responds to Trump retreat on census citizenship question: 'Wow, he's going to follow the law?'

Democrats warn push for border crossing decriminalization will prove costly in 2020

Biden attacks Trump’s foreign policy as an embarrassment 

Sanders says he backs abolishing Electoral College

Moulton: Trump voters 'know that he's an a--hole'

Trump drops bid to add citizenship question to 2020 census

Trump administration plans immigration enforcement operation

White House pushes Congress to strike deal as Treasury could run out of cash faster 

Trump kills key drug price proposal he once embraced 

Beware the Trump administration’s plans for ‘fresh thinking’ on human rights 

Trump accuses social media companies of ‘terrible bias’ at White House summit decried by critics 


Stocks soar as Fed Chair Jerome Powell hints interest rate cut likely in July 

Stocks close higher, S&P 500 hits 3,000 for the first time as Fed chief signals rate cut ahead

High anxiety hits Senate over raising debt ceiling

Senators briefed on assault allegation against top Trump military nominee

Senate committee approves FAA nominee over Dem objections

Conservatives ask Barr to lay out Trump's rationale for census question

Republicans say they're satisfied with 2020 election security after classified briefings

Lindsey Graham’s infantilization of Trump

Graham blames press for resignation of U.K. ambassador

From Roy Moore to Kris Kobach: Why Senate Republicans are heavily involved in primaries again 

Heavy loss by woman candidate in RepublicanNC runoff sparks shock

N. Korea vows to respond to South's purchase of F-35 jets

Diplomats Fear Chilling Effect of British Ambassador’s Resignation

Mnuchin signals he wants debt ceiling vote before August recess

Appeals court dismisses Emoluments Clause lawsuit in win for Trump

Second judge rejects Justice Department request to change census lawyers

23 Governors Join California's Fight Against Trump Administration's Rollback of Fuel Efficiency Rules

Trump officials defend use of facial recognition amid backlash

Trump's 'Salute to America' cost more than $5M

Trump’s Fourth of July event and weekend protests bankrupted D.C. security fund, mayor says 

Democratic leaders seek balance amid liberal push to go big on immigration

Dems struggle to quell infighting

Pelosi scolds Democrats for public barbs

Democrats voice confidence Pentagon bill will survive party squabbling

McConnell's Democratic challenger says she likely would have voted for Kavanaugh

Poll: Biden leads 2020 Democrats by 5 points, followed by Warren, Harris

Trump: sanctions on Iran 'will soon be increased, substantially'

Trump increasingly boxed in on census citizenship question

Trump distances himself from Epstein, will look ‘very closely’ at plea deal
(US president says the two had a falling-out 15 or so years ago; offers support for Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s handling of sex trafficking case)


Dow posts 3-day slide as Wall Street awaits Powell testimony

Make America's deficits great again

Cruz to hold hearing on Google's alleged anti-conservative bias next week

Acosta on shaky ground as GOP support wavers

Sen. Ted Cruz argues a citizenship question on the US census is 'basic common sense

Cruz: First boot on Mars will be 'an American astronaut'

McConnell says he and Obama are both 'descendants of slaveholders'

Gun debate ends abruptly in Virginia as GOP-controlled legislature adjourns after 90 minutes 

Congress needs more authority in international arms sales

‘What’s the point?’ Lawmakers fess up to not fully reading the Mueller report
(Time for a Mueller report reality check: Only a small segment of America’s most powerful have read it.)

Greenblatt: Trump may decide to release peace plan before Israeli elections

Border arrests drop for first time this year as Mexico migration crackdown appears to cut crossings 

Judge rejects Justice Dept request to pull lawyers from census case

Appeals court rules Trump can't block people on Twitter

Census paves moment of truth for the Supreme Court and rule of law

National Economic Council's Larry Kudlow on a rate cut and the Fed's...

Michael Flynn won't testify against former business partner, will be designated co-conspirator

The President's Latest Rant About Wildfires Is Mind-Numbingly Stupid

Fox News cuts into Trump speech to deliver a brutal real-time fact check

House Democrats seeking testimony from two Mueller deputies

Dem tensions snag defense bill

Pelosi takes fire from progressives over border

Pelosi says she'll no longer address anything Barr says

Democrats look to demonize GOP leader

Billionaire anti-Trump activist Tom Steyer enters 2020 race with pledge to spend $100 million

Democrats irked as billionaire Steyer joins 2020 race

Kentucky Democrat announces challenge to McConnell

White House threatens to veto $733B defense policy bill

Trump defends Acosta amid Epstein scrutiny

Trump calls British ambassador a ‘very stupid guy’ and a ‘pompous fool’ 

Trump peeved at Fox News for airing 'F--- Trump' chant: report


$15 minimum wage would boost pay for 17 million but 1.3 million would lose their jobs, CBO says

Small businesses are starting to lose faith in Trump's America

The economy is lifting Trump’s approval rating but leaving many Americans behind 

Trump vs. Obama on jobs

GOP senators decline to criticize Acosta after new Epstein charges

Mia Love says she's poised to run again, none of Republicans in race so far can beat McAdams

Former Rep. Scott Taylor announces US Senate bid in Virginia

 Federal grand jury probing GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy

Iran surpasses uranium enrichment limit in its first major breach of nuclear deal 

Judge rules against Trump on drug pricing disclosures

DOJ asks appeals court to block Democrats' Emoluments Clause lawsuit against Trump

Barr says Trump administration can legally add citizenship question to census

Barr: House Democrats creating 'public spectacle' with Mueller testimony

Pompeo launches controversial commission to examine 'unalienable rights'

NY governor signs bill allowing Congress to obtain Trump's state tax returns

White House directs former aide not to answer over 200 questions in congressional probe

Trump has referred to his Wharton degree as ‘super genius stuff.’ An admissions officer recalls it differently. 

The Trump administration has changed its story on the census citizenship question at least 10 times in four months 

Trump's legal battles over census go public

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Biden's outlook, House Democratic divisions

Pelosi: House will 'soon' vote on contempt for Barr, Ross over census docs

Trump associate Felix Sater to testify Tuesday before House Intel

Pelosi: Census citizenship question is effort to 'make America white again'

Elizabeth Warren raises $19 million in second quarter, ahead of Sanders but behind Biden

Swalwell drops out of presidential race, will seek reelection to House

Trump says he will 'no longer deal with' UK's ambassador to US

Trump defends environmental record that critics call disastrous


Moody's economist: We'll see the markets 'tank' if the Fed doesn't cut rates

Meet the key Senate player in GOP fight over Saudi Arabia

Affordable Care Act threatened as Trump administration, GOP states fight US House, Democratic states in court

5th Circuit decision on ACA could create political havoc for GOP 

Amash criticizes Trump, Pelosi in first Sunday show appearance since leaving GOP

Amash responds to Trump: Congress is elected to defend the Constitution, not 'one person'

Hurd: 'I shouldn't be the only African-American Republican in the House'

Peter King: Improper behavior by FBI officials 'going to come out'

The Latest: Japan concerned over Iran's uranium enrichment

Iran set to breach limit on enriched uranium within ‘hours’ 

FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace 7/7/19 | Fox News Sunday July 7, 2019

Cuccinelli: White House actions on immigration coming in 'next few months'

McAleenan denies 'unsubstantiated' allegations of inadequate food, water for children at border stations

Cuccinelli: 'I do think' citizenship question will be on 2020 census

FBI, ICE using state driver's license photos without consent for facial recognition searches: report

Justice Department shifting census case to new team of lawyers

New York Times Hits Back At Trump Claim Of 'Phony' Story On Migrant Detention

New York Times responds after Trump criticizes its reporting on border centers

Aided by a strong economy, Trump approval rises, but a majority also see him as ‘unpresidential’ 

Trump sees a border threat. Others see a crisis of conscience. 

Trump misleadingly says prescription drug prices have gone down

Crowd chants 'F--- Trump' during Fox News broadcast at French sports bar

Democratic senator: White House has 'used cruelty to children' as a tool of immigration policy

Moulton knocks Trump for lack of military service

Trump sees a border threat. Others see a crisis of conscience. 

Trump: 'I want the press to go in and see' migrant detention centers

Trump unleashes on Fox News: 'They forgot the people who got them there'


Amash says decision to leave Republican Party was made 'in this current Congress'

Susan Collins says she doesn't regret Kavanaugh vote 'in the least'

Five things to know about Iran's breaches of the nuclear deal

UK ambassador to US called Trump 'inept,' 'incompetent' in memos: report

Ex-ethics chief rips Trump July 4 event as 'taxpayer-funded campaign ad'

Is President Donald Trump losing his fight to save coal? Third major company since May files for bankruptcy

California Gov. says Trump wants to help with earthquake recovery

US House members talk restoring aid to Palestinians with Israeli, PA officials

Democrats test limits of oversight powers on Trump

Ocasio-Cortez hits back at Pelosi after she knocked progressives for voting against spending package

Kamala Harris tries to turbocharge her campaign but faces lingering questions

Biden to invoke Obama in defense of civil rights record

Biden says he was wrong in comments about segregationists

Trump says he doesn’t know if his golf clubs still have undocumented workers 

Fear of immigration raids looms as plans for ICE ‘family operation’ move forward 

Trump and the coming moment of truth for the federal judiciary


Stocks fall from record highs after strong jobs report dampens hope of a Fed rate cut

Hiring rebounds in June, easing fears of a U.S. recession 

‘This doesn’t look like the best economy ever’: 40% of Americans say they still struggle to pay bills 

GOP lawmaker calls for Amash to leave Republican Conference

Russia readies S-400 missiles for Turkey amid warnings of U.S. sanctions on NATO ally

Top USCIS official suggests census citizenship question could help with ‘burden’ of illegal immigration 

Justice says it is reviewing 'all available options' on census

Government lawyers affirm administration will pursue adding citizenship question to 2020 Census, according to statement to judge

Judge skeptical as Trump lawyers plot to restore citizenship question

ACLU asks court to block Trump efforts to add citizenship question to census

New York AG slams reports of Trump executive order on citizenship census question

Fed Should ‘Take Back’ Rate Hike, White House’s Kudlow Says

Internal memo shows officials were aware of Border Patrol agent Facebook group as early as February 2018: report

Hopes dim for passage of Trump trade deal

David Brooks and Karen Tumulty on Trump's July 4 event, 2020 Democrats

Democratic Senate hopes hinge on Trump tide

Most 2020 Democrats say ending child separation would be their day-one priority for migrant children

Joe Biden Accuses Kamala Harris of Taking His Busing Position ‘Out of Context’

Sanders backs AOC after Biden suggests her politics are too far left for the general election

Trump considering executive order on citizenship question for census

Trump just admitted something he probably shouldn’t have about the census citizenship question 

Trump predicts military will see 'big spike' in recruitment thanks to his July 4 celebration

Trump hits Obama, Biden over 'mess' with China and North Korea

Trump mistakenly claims Revolutionary War soldiers 'took over airports' in 'Salute to America' speech


Rep. Justin Amash, lone GOP critic of Trump, leaves Republican Party 

Rep. Justin Amash sounds like a guy who might just run for president 

Why nearly 350,000 workers in mostly red states aren’t seeing wage increases, even though their local lawmakers passed them 

Trump’s undocumented former employees call on president to spare them from deportation

Texas may cost Trump 2020

Trump avoids politics — but not the rain — at Salute to America event 

'Relax and speak to America': U.S. soldiers in Trump's military parade are handed instructions on what not to say

Trump’s Fourth of July celebration thrills supporters, angers opponents 

Fight for black voters intensifies as Biden struggles

Buttigieg scolds man at campaign event who calls for black people to 'stop committing crimes and doing drugs'

FULL DAY: Salute to America, TRUMP SPEECH, Parade and Fireworks from DC 7/4/19

SALUTE TO AMERICA: President Trump HISTORIC Lincoln Memorial speech

Trump focuses July 4 speech on celebrating armed forces

President Trump Delivers Remarks to United States Service Members

Trump's Independence Day salute: Five things to watch

Trump team buries the Hatch Act
(Reelection bid relies on trappings of White House to an unprecedented degree)

Trump warns Iran nuclear threats will ‘come back to bite you’

Reversing course, Trump administration will look for a way to add citizenship question to 2020 Census 


Dow blasts past record in shortened session on heightened Fed expectations 

Job creation has another rough month in June as private payrolls rise by just 102,000

GOP senator knocks Ocasio-Cortez for comparing Trump admin detention centers to concentration camps

Senate GOP raises concerns about White House stopgap plan to avoid shutdown

Several of Trump’s GOP allies raise alarms about administration’s budget proposal 

Prominent Republicans File Brief to Support L.G.B.T. Rights in Legal Case

New poll has good news for Gov. Jared Polis but says Sen. Cory Gardner faces an uphill climb in 2020
(Republican senator’s favorability lags Trump’s among registered Republicans)

Former GOP Governor John Kasich says Republicans are 'in a coma'

Iranian president warns Tehran will increase uranium enrichment ‘as much as we want’ on Sunday

North Korea: Trump tries to undermine peace with sanctions

El Paso, Texas, becomes a flash point in the U.S. border crisis

Five critical findings from watchdog report on border detentions

DHS chief orders investigation into reports of secret Border Patrol Facebook group

DOJ reverses, says it's trying to find ways to include citizenship question on 2020 census

9th Circuit rejects Trump admin request to allow use of military funds for border wall

Appeals court places Trump abortion referral ban on hold

Federal judge blocks Ohio's 'heartbeat bill' abortion ban

Trump’s bromance with authoritarians

Trump's tax returns won't answer all of Democrats' questions 

Celebrating Trump’s Fourth of July
(The president’s military parade only furthers his vision of a Trumpified, dumbed-down America that may no longer be up to the task of global leadership.)

Poll: 45 percent of Americans say Trump should be impeached

Democrats on high alert to block any funding for Trump's border wall

Hispanic Democrats press House leaders to act quickly to address border crisis

Democrats decry use of park fees for Trump's July 4 event as 'slush fund'

Reversing course, Trump administration will look for a way to add citizenship question to 2020 Census 

Trump dismisses furor over conditions for migrants

Trump’s Fighter Jet Sale to Taiwan Advances Despite China’s Protests

Trump’s latest Fed moves are another step in trying to take control of interest rates

White House insists Trump's 'Salute to America' won't be political


S&P 500 posts new record close, but trade worries cap gains

GOP sees potent Trump attack line: health care for immigrants

Graham: 'I will not invest a dime' in Mideast peace plan that results in one state

House GOP mocks Kaepernick in tweet cheering on women's national soccer team

A GOP governor wants to cancel a Nike contract after flag-shoe flap, but the city it’s headed for isn’t backing down 

McConnell urges Nike to release 'Betsy Ross' shoes: 'I'll make the first order'

Iran-Linked Hackers Said to Be Ready for Attacks on U.S. Targets

Israel preparing for possible 'military conflagration' with Iran, official says

Trump’s envoys take a hammer to Mideast peace 

Judge blocks Trump policy keeping asylum-seekers locked up

Federal judge blocks Barr order on indefinite detention for asylum seekers

Jewish activists shut down traffic in Boston to urge Trump to 'close the camps'

Government watchdog photos show dangerous conditions at Border Patrol sites for migrants

Conservative justices surprise court watchers with swing votes

President Trump should consider these next moves on North Korea

Trump’s incoherent monologue on homelessness 

Trump approval rating dips to 44 percent: poll

Park Service diverts $2.5 million in fees for Trump’s July Fourth extravaganza 

House Democrats sue Treasury to turn over Trump tax returns

Democrats celebrate announcement on citizenship census question

House Democrats to hold hearing next week on treatment of migrant children

Democratic outrage grows over conditions at border detention centers

Border agents confiscated lawmakers’ phones. Joaquin Castro captured photo and video anyway. 

Lawmakers condemn ‘vulgar’ posts in secret border agent Facebook group 

Border aid fallout tests Pelosi-Schumer relationship

Oregon governor prepared to use executive powers to pass climate legislation after GOP walk

Mark Kelly raised $4.2M for Arizona Senate bid

Trump administration drops citizenship question from 2020 census

Trump admin issues notices of $500K fines for immigrants in US illegally: NPR

Trump says he intends to nominate Christopher Waller for Fed board

Trump says Mueller 'must' stick to report's findings during testimony

Trump to hold campaign rally on day of Mueller testimony


S&P 500 closes at new record as chipmakers get a boost from US-China trade truce

Stocks surge on U.S.-China trade cease-fire; S&P 500 closes at record high 

Top GOP lawmakers allege House Democrats are less effective

What Roy Moore tells us about the Republican Party 

How Close Is Iran to a Nuclear Bomb, Really?

Israel will be destroyed in half an hour if America attacks Iran: senior Iranian MP

Border crossing shut down after 'large and unruly group' forms in Mexico

Mixing 5G and weather satellites could skew forecasts of next major storm

No tanks, Trump. Real Washingtonians aren’t interested in your party. 

Trump is giving Kim Jong Un major concessions — and may now be asking for less in return 

Trump's deal with China offers less than meets the eye 

Trump’s apparent ignorance of basic political terms is on full display overseas 

Editorial: The Trump administration has failed at the border; we must be more humane

Fact check: Trump told the troops he gave them their first raise in years. He didn't.

Megan Rapinoe and the U.S. women’s team take on Trump 

Lawmakers describe migrants held in cell with no running water after tour of Texas facility 

Democrats decry 'inhumane conditions' at migrant detention camps

Democrats have lurched leftward on health benefits for undocumented immigrants 

Schumer: Trump's meeting with North Korean leader 'one of the worst days' in American diplomacy

Democrats running out of options to stop Trump from moving two USDA offices 

Democratic debates kick off Iowa summer sprint

Pete Buttigieg raises $24.8 million in the second quarter as his White House bid gains momentum

First black female senator defends Biden from Harris: 'For her to take that tack is sad'

Harris hops past Biden in early race for Black Caucus support

CNN Poll: Harris and Warren rise and Biden slides after first Democratic debates

Trump calls Korea trip ‘legendary’
(U.S. foreign policy analysts are less impressed with the outcome of his talks with Kim Jong Un.)

Trump raises 2020 stakes by elevating North Korea, China on agenda

Trump: Trade talks with China have 'already begun'

Trump: Iran 'playing with fire' by exceeding uranium stockpile limit

Trump says US will keep strong intel presence in Afghanistan

Trump signs bipartisan IRS reform bill

Trump looking 'very strongly' at delaying census

Trump says immigration raids will happen after July 4

Trump asks for tanks, Marine One and much more for grandiose July Fourth event 

Trump: Cuomo using New York attorney general as 'bludgeoning tool' against me


Internal cracks emerge in GOP strategy to avoid shutdown

Top GOP senator says he's concerned over Trump lifting Huawei ban

Kudlow reassures concerned GOP: Trump not going easy on Huawei

GOP senator: ‘Underestimate Joe Biden at your own peril’

Ted Cruz seeks federal action against Portland mayor after antifa attacks journalist

Cruz calls for 'legal action' against Portland mayor after clash between far-right, antifa protesters

GOP Oregon lawmaker who threatened police during climate bill boycott hit with formal complaint

Republicans funding Marianne Williamson’s campaign for the entertainment value

Chinese publication warns that trade deal with U.S. is in serious question

Federal judge orders CBP to let doctors into migrant children detention centers

Trump is sincerely trying to put US-North Korea relations on a better path

Donald Trump's future depends in part on Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong Un

Trump-Kim mini-summit: 'Reality show' or a new reality in diplomacy?

Beyond ‘Freedom’s Frontier,’ Trump scores his biggest live show yet in North Korea 

Analysis: Trump’s diplomacy puts relationships over results

Kudlow hits Democratic candidates' economic policies: 'I don't understand what planet they're describing'

Trump adviser: Fed chair should not be 'independent' of administration

'Sorry To Interrupt Your Campaign Speech': Chris Wallace Dings Larry Kudlow In Interview

Open: This is "Face the Nation," June 30

15 questions Congress should pose to Robert Mueller

In an astonishing turn, George Soros and Charles Koch team up to end US ‘forever war’ policy

McGahn subpoena fight to test limits of executive 'immunity'

'Racist and vile': Democrats unite after Trump Jr. shares post questioning Kamala Harris's race

Jesse Jackson: Harris 'established Biden on the states' rights side of history'

Castro: Nobody has called for allowing an unlimited number of immigrants into the US

2020 Democratic candidates pan Trump's North Korea visit

Democratic presidential contenders slam Trump for his meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un 

Sanders hits Trump on North Korea visit: 'We need real diplomacy'

Obama CIA director warns Trump-Kim meeting will 'weaken sanctions enforcement against North Korea'

Illinois governor signs order protecting transgender students

Trump becomes first sitting president to set foot into North Korea 

Trump is sincerely trying to put US-North Korea relations on a better path

Trump’s Curious Rendezvous with Kim Jong Un at the D.M.Z.

Trump’s reality show takes over U.S. foreign policy 

Donald Trump's future depends in part on Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong Un

Trump defends election meddling remarks to Putin


How healthy is the U.S. economy? Here’s what 7 key indicators reveal. 

Graham says Harris will 'be a force to be reckoned with"

McConnell relishes role as 2020 debate villain

Oregon Republicans end carbon bill walkout

Chris Christie after debate: 'Biden is still the most electable Democrat' 

Iran vows to ‘soon’ breach uranium stockpile limits, as European efforts fall short 

US deploys stealth fighters to Qatar airbase amid Iran tensions

U.S. and China agree to restart trade negotiations following meeting between Trump and Xi at Group of 20 summit 

Truce in US-China trade war as 2 rivals seek breakthrough

Supreme Court stokes DACA fight for 2020

Trump consultant behind mock Joe Biden election website

Rather rips Trump for 'deeply strange behavior' at G-20: He 'is praising almost any autocrat he can find'

‘A betrayal’: Inside the bitter rift between Pelosi and Schumer over border bill 

Debates reshape Democratic race

Biden tells fundraisers he refuses to accept 'old guy' criticism

U.S. and China agree to restart trade negotiations following meeting between Trump and Xi at Group of 20 summit 

Kim Jong Un will join Trump for a meeting at the Korean demilitarized zone, South Korean President Moon Jae-in says 

As G-20 reaffirms fight against climate change, Trump again stands apart 

Trump Meets Putin at G-20 While Ukrainian Sailors Remain Jailed
(The U.S. president drew a red line when 24 Ukrainians were seized last year. Now his sit-down with the Russian president is back on.)

Trump tells Saudi crown prince he’s doing ‘a spectacular job’

Trump: If no Israeli-Palestinian peace deal during my tenure, it’ll never happen


Stocks rise to close out Dow’s biggest June gain since 1938, S&P 500′s best first half in 2 decades

Retail gets wrecked, but two stocks could see revival

Senate rejects attempt to curb Trump's Iran war powers

GOP lawmakers press Trump to cut deal with China at G-20

Conservative organization using claims of 'secret list' of liberal judges to rally Republican base

GOP Pennsylvania lawmaker yells over Dem reading letter from former homeless man in viral video

Supreme Court to review DACA program protecting young undocumented immigrants 

U.S. Supreme Court declines Alabama bid to revive abortion restriction

Judge permanently blocks Trump from using billions in military funds for border wall

Shields and Brooks on Democratic debates, Supreme Court rulings

House Ethics Committee investigating Gaetz over Cohen threats

2020 Democrats don't want to talk about China. That's a problem. 

Winners and losers from two nights of Democratic debates

Kamala Harris changes answer on abolishing private health insurance, saying she misheard debate question 

Biden defends civil rights record after clash with Harris

Biden says he ‘fought my heart out’ on issues of racial equality 

Biden sees support from Democrats slip 10 points after debate

Jimmy Carter: Trump only won in 2016 because of Russian meddling

Trade war hangs in balance as Trump and Xi finally meet 

Trump under pressure for China trade breakthrough

Trump, Putin share a 'cheers' at G-20 dinner

In Japan, Trump appears to make light of Russian election interference during meeting with Putin 

Trump offers to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in DMZ

Trump praises Saudi crown prince, declines to say whether he'll bring up Khashoggi

Trump's regulatory approach will boost incomes by $3,100: White House


S&P 500 snaps 4-day slide as bank shares rise, Wall Street awaits Trump-Xi meeting at G-20 summit

Mitch McConnell Looms Larger Than Donald Trump at the First Democratic Debate

Republicans demand Trump face rape investigation

Supreme Court rules against Trump on census citizenship question

Americans Want Their Leaders to Obey the Laws of War
(New research claims that the U.S. public doesn’t care about protecting enemy civilians. It is wrong—and dangerous.)

20 questions for Robert Mueller

As Trump touts stocks, bonds send an ominous message

How Trump's Plan to Redefine Poverty Would Impact Health Care and Food Stamps

Twitter adds labels for tweets that break its rules — a move with potentially stark implications for Trump’s account 

House sends Trump border aid bill after Pelosi caves to pressure from moderates

House Democrats cave, will take up Senate border bill

Rex Tillerson airs concern about Jared Kushner’s secret dealings with foreign leaders 

Winners and losers from the Democratic presidential debate’s first night 

Warren shines in first Democratic debate

Dem candidates rip Trump on China ahead of crucial trade summit

Democrats unite at debate in endorsing health care to undocumented immigrants

Democratic debate: Harris takes on Biden on race; candidates talk guns, abortion, economy

Sanders admits he would raise taxes on the middle class to pay for programs

Trump arrives at global economic summit with full agenda and list of grievances 

Trump slams Democrats over health care for undocumented immigrants

Trump to push for delay on census in wake of Supreme Court ruling

As second Democratic debate wraps, Trump camp focuses on Biden


S&P 500 falls for a fourth straight day as Wall Street gets ready for US-China trade talks

Senate passes $4.6 billion bill for border crisis, but key differences with House remain 

Two Republican senators say rape allegation against Trump should be investigated while many in GOP stay mum

GOP Holds Voter-Registration Advantage in Races for Governor and President

How Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao turned a Kentucky town into their personal swamp

Mnuchin: ‘We were about 90% of the way’ on China trade deal and there’s a ‘path to complete this’

Kremlin confirms Putin-Trump meeting at G-20 summit 

Five things to watch as Trump heads to G-20 in Japan

If Trump backs down from his latest Iran threat, will he lose support? We checked. 

U. S. asylum officers say Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy is threatening migrants’ lives, ask federal court to end it 

Did Trump just joke about John McCain’s death? 

As Mueller reluctantly agrees to testify, Trump goes on the attack and Democrats hope for the best

Five things to watch when Bob Mueller testifies 

Gorsuch joins liberal justices in ruling against federal criminal statute

Democratic debate night: Fact checking the candidates on the issues

Winners and losers from the Democratic presidential debate’s first night 

House panel votes to authorize subpoena for White House’s Conway after she fails to show for hearing 

Schiff calls viral photo of drowned immigrants product of Trump's policies

Warren: I have a 'plan' for dealing with McConnell 

Senate Democrats wish talk on reparations would go away

Democratic debate: Candidates tackle immigration 

Trump heads to the G-20, and Japan braces for impact 

Trump says war with Iran would not involve ground troops or last long 

Trump to reporter: What I say to Putin at G-20 is none of your business

Trump not planning to block Mueller testimony: lawyer

As Mueller reluctantly agrees to testify, Trump goes on the attack and Democrats hope for the best

Trump says big tech companies like Twitter are ‘all Democrats’ and purposely repressing his reach

Trump weighs in on first Democratic debate

In rambling interview, Trump pronounces Biden 'a lost soul'

Did Trump just joke about John McCain’s death? 


Dow drops more than 150 points in worst day of June after Fed officials curb rate-cut enthusiasm

CBO projects 'unprecedented' debt of 144 percent of GDP by 2049

Major companies are ringing alarm bells, trying to warn Washington about more tariffs

Consumer confidence drops more than expected, reaching its lowest point in nearly two years

Powell asserts Fed independence as Trump blasts central bank

Senate GOP blocks election security bill

McConnell opens door to vote on Iran war authorization

'I believe the president': GOP stands by Trump on sexual assault allegation

Texas freshman courts right-wing support, and a tough 2020 race, with hard-nosed tactics 

GOP lays debate trap for 2020 Democrats

GOP launches new fundraising platform to capitalize on Republican small-dollar donor base 

Oregon Republicans remain in ‘undisclosed locations’ as Senate leader suggests climate bill won’t pass 

Head of Pennsylvania GOP resigns over alleged
explicit texts

Christie Says Trump Failed the Country by Not Listening to Him

Economic Band-Aids Won’t Bring Peace to the Middle East
(European leaders should not lend support to a Trump administration plan that dangles economic carrots to Palestinians while entrenching the Israeli occupation.)

Trump and Xi meet Saturday — If it goes poorly, the global economy could teeter into recession

‘Now comes the reckoning’: Trump arrives at global gathering with most of his foreign policy gambits hanging in the balance 

Latest U.S. steps on Iran may lack sting
(Sanctions on supreme leader and top envoy are seen as more bark than bite and muddy Trump’s offer to talk.)

400,000 households could lose food stamps under Trump plan expected soon

U.S. returns 100 migrant children to overcrowded border facility as HHS says it is out of space

Federal judge rules Trump emoluments lawsuit can proceed

Mueller to testify publicly on July 17

Stephanie Grisham to take over as White House press secretary

House passes $4.5B border funding bill

The four House Democrats who voted against the border funding bill

House Democrats unveil changes to border bill to win over progressives

House approves $383 billion spending package

House passes emergency funding bill for migrant care crisis

Proposals to tax the wealthy are gaining steam. That could help some 2020 Democrats. 

Trump warns Iran of ‘overwhelming force’ in the event of an attack on ‘anything American’ 

READ: Trump's full exclusive interview with The Hill


Amash after Trump says he doesn't need Congress approval to strike Iran: 'Constitution: Wrong'

Utah’s Sen. Mike Lee says Trump ‘made the right call’ by halting Iran strike

Democrat Sara Gideon announces run against Susan Collins

West Virginia GOP chair praises state lawmaker's op-ed on 'shame of LGBTQ Pride'

Pompeo seeks support from allies to monitor Persian Gulf region amid tensions with Iran 

Gorsuch sides with liberal justices in finding gun law to be 'vague'

'Imagine your own children there': Grim reports mount from border detention camps

Government moves migrant kids after AP exposes bad treatment

Trump’s erratic policy moves put national security at risk, experts warn 

Despite new law, Trump administration has not given Puerto Rico emergency food stamp aid 

The Trump administration has reportedly buried reports warning that climate change will harm crops and cause health problems

White House to block Conway from testifying over alleged Hatch Act violations

Tamara Keith and Thelisha Eaddy on South Carolina's significance for 2020 Democrats
Pelosi to Trump: 'You're scaring the children of America'

Nearly 80 House Democrats want to open
an impeachment inquiry into Trump

Oversight calls for administration docs on security clearance overhaul

Democratic lawmaker calls Trump a 'moron' for his handling of Iran

Trump imposes new sanctions on Iran, warns U.S. ‘restraint’ is limited 

Trump: I do not need congressional approval to strike Iran

Trump signs executive order to compel disclosure of health-care prices 

Trump says he has the power to remove Federal Reserve chairman 'if I wanted to'

Trump declines to say he has confidence in FBI director

White House to block Conway from testifying over alleged Hatch Act violations

White House threatens veto of House border bill

Trump vehemently denies E. Jean Carroll allegation, says 'she's not my type'


Texas Republican: Migrant conditions in his state the 'worst' he's seen

GOP rep: 'This story is not over' if Iran continues 'aggressive' and 'provocative' behavior

Cotton: I hope Trump's statement 'got through' to Iran's leaders

Cotton: 'Healthy skepticism warranted' when dealing with Democrats on immigration

McConnell to meet with 9/11 first responders following Jon Stewart criticism: report

Pence: Reports of conditions in detention centers prove 'Congress has to act'

Former NATO chief: Tensions with Iran highest in 30 years

Former Joint Chiefs chairman: 'The last thing in the world we need right now is a war with Iran'

Immediate crisis with Iran abates, but potential for conflict persists

Pompeo accuses Iran of spreading ‘blatant disinformation’ on downing of drone 

Huawei digs in for a long battle with the U.S. 

Supreme Court set to deliver ruling on census citizenship question

High-stakes legal fight looms over Trump pollution rule

Leaked documents show 'red flags' of Trump officials

Why are headlines still taking Trump at his word?

Nancy Pelosi: House Democrats to pass part of Trump's emergency border funding

Congress unlikely to reach deal on Trump border bill before break

The House-passed bills that have ended up in the Senate 'graveyard'

House Oversight Committee to vote on authorizing subpoena for Kellyanne Conway

Schiff would support impeachment if White House ignores a final court decision on documents, testimony

Democrats seek to ban federal spending at Trump businesses

Sanders to propose canceling entire $1.6 trillion in U.S. student loan debt, escalating Democratic policy battle 

Trump says he's not looking for war while warning of 'obliteration like you've never seen'

Trump: Bolton would take on the whole world at one time

Trump mum on FBI investigation of Khashoggi killing


GOP lawmakers want Mulvaney sidelined in budget talks

Trump urged to quickly fill Pentagon post amid Iran tensions

War-weary Republicans and Democrats express relief after Trump calls off strike on Iran 

Trump’s Iran Response Underlines Republican Rift Over National Security

Bolton lands in Israel ahead of unprecedented security summit

Iran warns US the region could be ‘set on fire,’ vows to defend its borders

US finds itself isolated in Iran conflict

White House's Kushner unveils economic portion of Middle East peace plan

VA employees say agency is actively retaliating against whistleblowers

Pelosi called Trump Friday, asked him to halt ICE raids

Pelosi welcomes Trump’s decision to put ICE raids on hold hours before they were to start 

Democrats try for a ratings blockbuster during two nights of presidential campaign debates 

President Trump postpones nationwide immigration enforcement sweep

Trump delays operation to deport migrant families

Trump claims media got it wrong on Iran strike: 'I never called the strike' back

Trump vows more sanctions on Iran, says military action is still 'on the table'

Trump approved cyber-strikes against Iran’s missile systems 

After a tense week, Trump strikes an unusually friendly tone toward Iran 


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