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The GOP is attacking socialism, but Trump Fed pick Stephen Moore pits capitalism against democracy

Bill Weld’s Presidential Run: Finally, a Republican Tells the Truth About Trump 

Karl Rove: Sanders could win presidency in 2020

US intel suggests North Korea didn't conduct successful weapon test: report

Trump’s USMCA trade agreement would have a limited but positive impact on U.S. economy, report finds 

How Much Slower Would the U.S. Grow Without Immigration? In Many Places, a Lot

Read the Mueller Report: Searchable Document

Read the redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the Trump-Russia probe

Mueller report findings: Mueller rejects argument that Trump is shielded from obstruction laws 

Mueller’s report paints a damning portrait of Trump’s presidency 

Mueller’s Damning Report
(It lays out everything Congress needs to investigate the president for obstruction of justice.)

Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president  

Mueller report suggests Congress should judge whether Trump obstructed justice

Mueller report recounts 10 ‘episodes’ involving Trump and questions of obstruction

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction 

Mueller report: The winners and losers

Five takeaways from Mueller's report

The 7 most interesting nuggets from the Mueller report

Mueller discovered new ways Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 election

Mueller report shows how Trump aides sought to protect him and themselves

Trump aides ignored pleas to kill probe, Mueller report says

'I do not recall': Read Trump's written answers to Mueller on Russian contacts, TrumpTower meeting

In unflattering detail, Mueller report reveals Trump actions to impede inquiry

The Latest: Report shows Trump trying to shut down probe

Trump campaign attempted to obtain Hillary Clinton’s private emails 

Barr defends Trump on obstruction, says he faced 'unprecedented' situation

Trump took no action to thwart Mueller probe: attorney general

Heavily redacted Mueller report leaves major questions unanswered

William Barr Is a Complete Tool. It's Time for Robert Mueller to Testify.

Top Dems: Barr 'deliberately distorted' portions of Mueller report

House Judiciary Chair Jerrold Nadler calls special counsel Robert Mueller to testify by May 23 after Attorney General William Barr’s news conference

Pelosi, Schumer call on Mueller to testify after 'Barr's regrettably partisan handling' of report

Dems plan Monday call on Mueller report: 'Congress will not be silent'

Harris: Integrity of US justice system 'took a real blow' with Barr's actions

Hoyer: 'Impeachment not worthwhile' after seeing Mueller report

Dem lawmaker: There isn't a crime Trump could commit that would cause GOP to turn on him

Trump’s Yemen Veto Could Still Cost Saudis
(Democratic lawmaker mulls sanctioning Saudis tied to the humanitarian blockade on the war-torn country.)

Democrats are encouraging changes to vaccination laws as measles outbreak grows 

Trump after Mueller report release: 'I'm having a good day'

Trump declares 'Game Over' on Mueller investigation with 'Game of Thrones' image

Trump called some Russia scoops 'fake news' but Mueller report shows they were very real

Trump to visit Japan in May to meet with Abe, new emperor

Trump spoke with Abu Dhabi crown prince on Thursday: White House


Republicans seem to have already made up their minds on the Mueller report 

GOP lawmaker: Trump 'not quite popular enough' to advance an immigration bill

Some in GOP fear Buttigieg run for governor

GOP Sen. Rick Scott: ‘If you like Bernie Sanders, why don’t you go ahead and move to Caracas?

Three reasons you should be startled by how the Senate rebuked Trump ’

Rick Perry planning to leave Trump administration

Ted Cruz slammed for mocking Disney’s $5M pledge to rebuild Notre Dame: 'How much did you donate?'

Rep. Chris Collins, charged with insider trading, raised just $5,000 in first quarter 

China eyeing Trump’s late May Japan trip for potential Xi summit

North Korea announces test of ‘tactical guided weapon’ 

Washington in frenzy over release of Mueller report

AG William Barr to hold news conference Thursday on special counsel Robert Mueller's report

Mueller report will be lightly redacted, revealing detailed look at obstruction of justice investigation 

DOJ plans to let some lawmakers view Mueller report 'without certain redactions'

3 ways the Mueller report still threatens Trump 

Barr to withhold bail from asylum seekers in latest asylum crackdown 

Why William Barr should resign

Trump allies say they're 'not concerned' about the Mueller report

We are cutting government regulation at the expense of patients' lives

The Unlawful Ambitions of Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy

The Trials of Patrick Shanahan
(After months of uncertainty, Trump’s acting defense secretary is making his presence felt inside the administration.)

Cain says he won't back down, wants to be nominated to Fed

House Dems demand Barr cancel 'inappropriate' press conference on Mueller report

Nadler says DOJ won't deliver Mueller report to Congress until after Barr press conference

Democratic divide over immigration: Support for undocumented migrants is trumping border security 

Cummings invites Stephen Miller to testify before Oversight Committee on 'troubling' immigration policies

A divided Congress is getting little done
(Democrats, in control of the House, blame Senate Republicans, namely McConnell.)

Dems introduce bill to tackle 'digital divide'

Obama fundraiser and former hedge fund executive Eric Mindich plans to help Joe Biden in 2020 campaign

Rising Democratic star Pete Buttigieg enlists Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton fundraisers to build his 2020 campaign war chest

Trump administration announces new measures against Cuba 

President looms large over McConnell-Pelosi spending ceiling talks

Trump shifts gears, launches attacks on Pelosi

The Trump administration is quietly making it harder for some people to apply for federal jobs

Trump says he'd like to run against Buttigieg

Trump says he offered his 'great experts' to Pope Francis, Macron to rebuild Notre Dame


GOP senators divided on Trump trade pushback

Trump gives nod to vulnerable GOP Sen. McSally with bill signing

Collins receives more donations from Texas fossil fuel industry than from Maine residents

Conservatives urge Trump to stick with Moore for Fed

Sanders courts GOP voters with 'Medicare for All' plan

It’s Been Over 300 Days Since a Pentagon Press Briefing. That Should Concern All Americans — Including the Military

Trump attorney general's ruling expands indefinite detention for asylum seekers

Barr rules that asylum seekers must be detained during deportation proceedings

SanctuaryCity Mayors Respond to Trump's Threat 'With Open Arms'

Most Americans don’t feel tax law enriched them
(As filing season ends, only about 1 in 4 support changes, poll finds)

What you won't see in the Mueller report

Trump anticipates Mueller's vindication but aides fret about his temper

'Breakdown-level anxiety': Mueller report release puts Trump exoneration claim to test

Trump’s Trade War With China Doesn’t Look Like a Win

How Trump’s border crisis is driven by climate change

Trump’s new Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, confirmed days ago, is now under investigation

Pelosi: 'No taint' of anti-Semitism in Democratic Party

Pelosi warns there will be no U.S.-U.K. trade deal if Brexit harms the Irish peace accord 

House Democrats subpoena Deutsche Bank, other financial institutions tied to Trump 

Sanders becomes Dem front-runner

Dems see lane to Buttigieg victory

O'Rourke declines to sign pledge barring fossil fuel money

Inslee calls on DNC to hold debate focused on climate change

John Walsh, former U.S. attorney, joins Senate race against Cory Gardner

Trump vetoes measure ending US support for Saudi-led war in Yemen

Trump moves to resist House inquiries, setting up fight over congressional subpoena powers 

Trump says Russia probe 'con job,' as fuller report looms

Trump says he has no regrets about sharing Ilhan Omar video 

Trump tears into 'crazy' Bernie Sanders after Fox News town hall 

Trump claims supporters were kept out of Fox News's Bernie Sanders town hall


After a battle over a Muslim politician divided their party, the GOP fights to keep Texas red 

Bill Weld officially announces he is challenging Trump for GOP nomination in 2020

William Weld to challenge 'unstable' Trump for the 2020 Republican nomination

Israel’s national security adviser to meet with Bolton for Iran talks

The United States Owes the World $1 Trillion
(By failing to live up to its international climate change agreements, the United States has cost the world a bundle in damage.)

Poll: Only 18 percent say they are paying less under Trump tax law

Five things to watch on first Tax Day under Trump's law

While campaigning, Trump said he'd be a consumer champion. Guess what's happened

Lawyers for Trump urge president’s accounting firm not to comply with House subpoena 

Mueller report’s release is expected Thursday, Justice Dept. says 

Amy Walter and Lisa Lerer on Democrats' 2020 fundraising rules

A guide to Democratic talking points not far off the mark 

House Democrats demand documents related to Trump administration plan to release detained immigrants in liberal congressional districts

Pelosi calls Trump’s tweet aimed at Omar ‘beneath the dignity of the Oval Office’ 

Dems rally behind Omar as Trump escalates attacks

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says socialism is ‘not the view’ of the Democratic Party

Pelosi warns Democrats of liberal 'menace' ahead of 2020 vote

Bernie Sanders and his wife earned $1.7 million in past two years, returns show 

Bernie Sanders gets support for 'Medicare for All' proposal from Fox News audience

2020 Dem hits back at Trump for giving 'firefighting advice' to Paris: 'Do your own damn job'

Trump says Federal Reserve is holding back stock market, economy

Trump hits Mueller team's credibility ahead of report's release

Trump focuses on divisive messages as 2020 reelection bid takes shape 

Trump attacks 'very fake' New York Times for tax law piece


McConnell lays out agenda as House bills pile up

Scott: Need to 'consider' using military to get aid to Venezuela

Rep. Cheney: Socialism 'driving the agenda of the Democratic Party' 

Pompeo 'confident' US will continue 'progress' with North Korea on denuclearization

9 unanswered questions for the Mueller report

Barr’s spy talk emboldens Trump’s allies ahead of Mueller report’s release 

A Survival Guide for the Trump White House

Omar says she has faced increasing number of death threats since Trump tweet

Pelosi calls on Trump to take down his tweet of Omar video

Pelosi: Progressive Dem wing represented by Ocasio-Cortez is 'like five people'

Homeland Security chairman sees no way Trump's idea to transfer migrants to sanctuary cities is legal

Democratic rep rips into Trump administration's 'sanctuary cities' plan, calling it 'manufactured chaos' that simply cannot work

Senate Dem: Trump 'using immigrants as pawns'

Nadler: Trump has 'no moral authority' to talk about 9/11

Nadler wants 'the boss of everybody' Stephen Miller to testify before Congress

Democratic proposals to overhaul health care: A 2020 primer

Hillary Clinton remembers Nixon investigation: 'We deserve to see the Mueller report'

Buttigieg calls for 'a new American spring' in campaign launch

Trump peace package for Middle East likely to stop short of Palestinian statehood 

Trump, despite solid U.S. growth, says Fed should fire up crisis-era stimulus

Trump Slams Fed Again, Says Stocks Should Be 5,000-10,000 Higher

Trump revived attacks on sanctuary cities to distract from Mueller report release: report

Trump escalates Omar controversy

Trump, Pelosi to meet on bipartisan infrastructure deal

Trump rips into Pelosi after 'puff piece' '60 Minutes' interview

Trump learns to love acting officials


Conservative groups defend tech from GOP crackdown

Congress opens door to fraught immigration talks

Robert De Niro tears into Republicans: 'We're not going to forget' about what you did under Trump

Kim open to another summit with Trump, with conditions

Trump’s plan to send migrant detainees to sanctuary cities draws concerns about cost, legality 

WH spokesman: We're working with DHS, ICE to try to send undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities

Five things to watch for in restricted Mueller report

House Democrats to subpoena accounting firm for Trump’s financial records 

House Democrats give IRS hard deadline of April 23 to turn over Trump tax returns, say administration’s concerns ‘lack merit’ 

Pelosi angry over Trump plan to send illegal crossers to sanctuary cities

Pelosi calls Trump 'sanctuary city' proposal 'unworthy of the presidency'

Sanders sees path to beating Trump in Rust Belt

Trump demands that undocumented immigrants be taken to sanctuary cities

Trump questions why Democrats should get Mueller report


Dow rises 260 points, S&P 500 posts 3rd weekly gain led by Disney, JP Morgan

GOP senator issues stark warning to Republicans on health care

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley doubts Obamacare will be ruled unconstitutional

GOP grows tired of being blindsided by Trump

All the Trump nominees Senate Republicans have tanked 

Oversight Republicans to chairman: Investigate Obama aides

Republicans want to look like pioneers on preexisting conditions protections 

Will Congress Let Trump Build More Nuclear Weapons?
(The administration and Capitol Hill are on a collision course over the future of U.S. nukes.)

18 Jewish groups urge Congress to pass bill to end Trump’s travel ban

Appeals court rules Trump admin can temporarily continue to send asylum seekers back to Mexico

Controversial Trump administration ban on transgender troops goes into effect

James Comey says he’s more worried about Trump than Russian disinformation campaigns 

W. Samuel Patten sentenced to probation after steering Ukrainian money to Trump inaugural 

Trump's Fed board nominee has a history of 'radical' views on economy, democracy: CNN

5G is about to get a big boost from Trump and the FCC 

Shields and Brooks on Trump’s sanctuary city idea, Democrats' reparation views

Dems ask Justice Dept to release findings of Acosta-Epstein investigation

Dems counter portrait of discord

Abrams: Schumer has been 'relentless but thoughtful' about Senate bid

Buttigieg on Pence: 'I'm not critical of his faith, I'm critical of bad policies'

Trump says administration giving ‘strong considerations’ to releasing immigrant detainees in ‘sanctuary cities’ 

Trump Contradicts White House Over Sending Migrants to Sanctuary Cities

Trump told border official he'd pardon him if he went to jail over immigration moves: CNN

Trump’s decision on Pentagon chief nomination to await conclusion of ethics probe 

She’s very good with numbers’: Trump says he considered his daughter Ivanka to lead the World Bank 


Fourth GOP senator comes out against Trump Fed pick Cain

McConnell to Trump: Don't pick Cuccinelli to lead DHS

Republicans writing off hard-line DHS candidate

Mitch McConnell tells 2020 Republicans to run 'independent' of Trump

McConnell: Pelosi dealing with her own liberal 'Freedom Caucus'

GOP leader on 2020: We need a 'referendum on socialism'

GOP lawmaker doubles down on criticizing Kerry's political science degree as not 'science'

Congress punts on disaster aid amid standoff with Trump, Dems

Manchin says he supports Collins reelection 

Kim Jong Un is skirting sanctions and pursuing this energy strategy to keep North Korea afloat

Washington Tries a Softer Approach in Anti-Huawei Campaign
(The Trump administration claims progress in signing up European allies in the fight against Beijing.)

Assange charged in computer hacking conspiracy by US

Ex-Obama counsel indicted for false statements, concealing Ukraine work

Barr echoes Trump’s ‘spying’ claim
(The attorney general is reviewing whether federal surveillance 
of a 2016 campaign aide was improper.)

Rosenstein: 'Bizarre' to say Barr misleading public on Mueller report

Herman Cain expected to withdraw from consideration for Fed: report

David Bernhardt confirmed as new Interior chief

The 6 most potentially damaging congressional investigations for Trump, ranked 

House chairman threatens to find Justice official in contempt of Congress

Dems say attorney general undermined credibility with Trump talking point

House panel launches probe of EPA’s air policy chief 

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren wants to raise $1 trillion in revenue with a new 7% tax on corporate profits over $100 million

Lawmakers are trying to prove they're serious about lowering drug costs 

Divided Dems look to regroup

Trump disavows past enthusiasm for WikiLeaks after Assange’s arrest 

Trump seizes on Barr's 'spying' remark

White House proposed releasing immigrant detainees in sanctuary cities, targeting political foes 

Washington Tries a Softer Approach in Anti-Huawei Campaign
(The Trump administration claims progress in signing up European allies in the fight against Beijing.)


Republicans to Trump: Your immigration shake-up makes no sense 

Senate Republicans push White House to stop purge at Homeland Security 

The growing signs of a rift between Trump and the Senate GOP 

Grassley: 'I'm gonna have to accept' Trump changes at Homeland Security

GOP senators raise concerns about Miller's ascension

Herman Cain’s Fed board bid is in danger as three GOP senators plan to vote against Trump’s pick

GOP lawmakers lay into Twitter, Facebook over alleged bias

GOP Texas lawmaker reintroduces bill to allow death penalty for women who have abortions

Vice President Mike Pence backs Trump’s call to lower interest rates, citing low consumer inflation

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says US and China have agreed on the trade deal enforcement mechanism

Live coverage: Barr faces Senate panel as he prepares release of Mueller report

Mnuchin gets riled but Barr keeps his cool in pugnacious congressional appearances 

Barr testimony opens new partisan fight over FBI spying on Trump

Barr alludes to 'spying' on 2016 Trump campaign

Treasury to miss Dem deadline for Trump returns

Stephen Miller says tough immigration policies protect Americans. His critics see something darker. 

Nostalgia Is a National Security Threat

Pelosi: Barr is 'off the rails'

Senate Dems call for Barr to walk back 'spying' allegation

House votes to reinstate Obama-era net neutrality rules

Democratic candidates embrace gun control in notable shift 

Democrats put harassment allegations against Trump on back burner

Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren releases 2018 tax returns showing $900,000 income

Inslee knocks Trump for wind turbine remarks

Gregory Craig, ex-Obama White House counsel, expects to be charged in relation to Ukrainian work with Manafort, his lawyers say 

Trump says he will have to send more troops to the US-Mexico border

Trump signs executive orders seeking to speed up oil and gas projects 

Trump Executive Order Will Aim to Prevent States From Blocking Pipelines

If Trump has his way, this major federal agency is on the way out 

Trump rejects giving Dems tax returns, citing audit


Dow falls a second day, loses 190 points with investors nervous about earnings 

McConnell: Net neutrality bill 'dead on arrival' in Senate

Trump's plan to name Herman Cain to Fed meets Republican pushback

Republicans press Trump to drop Herman Cain’s Fed nomination

Hate crime hearing shows lawmakers still can’t agree on basic facts

Mnuchin reveals White House lawyers consulted Treasury on Trump tax returns, despite law meant to limit political involvement 

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin battles with Democrats over Trump’s tax returns

Treasury expected to miss Dem deadline on Trump tax returns

Fight escalates over Trump's tax returns

Attorney General William Barr says Mueller report’s release likely ‘within a week’ 

White House won’t say if Trump has seen the Mueller report

The single-sentence Russia bombshell that Attorney General Barr delivered to Congress

4 key takeaways from William Barr's testimony on the Mueller report

Barr forms team to probe FBI actions in Russia investigation: report

White House to appeal court ruling on sending asylum seekers to Mexico

Aurora ICE facility has kept documents about a legal resident’s death a secret. Now the ACLU is suing.

Twelve days of chaos: Inside the Trump White House’s growing panic to contain the border crisis 

Trump’s turnover problem | With Chris Cillizza

Trump's 'business ties' to Iran's Revolutionary Guards reemerge, a day after he designated it a terror group

Warner Bros. Is Filing A Copyright Claim Over Trump's 2020 Video For Using The "Dark Knight Rises" Score

House Democrats cancel budget vote as liberals demand more spending on social programs 

Top House Democrats demand answers from White House on its latest attempt to abolish Obamacare

House passes bill to modernize IRS

Democrats press Barr over Trump’s war on Obamacare

Grand jury material becomes key battle-line in Mueller report fight

How Nancy Pelosi is leading divided Democrats through political turmoil, Trump's administration

Nancy Pelosi once again mocks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for using Twitter for back-up support

Bernie Sanders says he will release his tax returns by April 15

Trump is teeing up stress tests for several institutions, from DHS to DOJ and the IRS 

Trump denies plan to separate migrant families, blames Obama for ‘cages’ 

The High-Stakes Battle Between Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve

Trump holds call with Saudi crown prince to discuss human rights issues, Iran


US wine exports slipped about 5% in 2018, reflecting impact of retaliatory tariffs from China

Top Republican calls on Nadler to have Mueller testify

Senate Homeland Security chairman sounds alarm over 'leadership void' at DHS

GOP fears Trump return to family separations

Grassley warns Trump is 'pulling the rug out from' under immigration officials

Full Romney: Immigration is 'overwhelming our system'

Judge halts Trump policy requiring asylum seekers stay in Mexico

20 States File Motion to Block Trump Border Wall Funding

Fed hits back over Trump claims that monetary 'tightening' is hurting the economy

Fed proposes easing post-crisis rules for big banks

Secret Service head Alles leaving, career official tapped

Kevin McAleenan is taking over DHS. Will he be ‘tough’ enough for Trump? 

Few Americans think they're getting a Trump tax cut: NBC/WSJ poll

Tax refunds through March down $6 billion from last year

Press: What's Donald Trump trying to hide?

America Is Wide Open for Foreign Influence

Trump Cabinet down to three women amid administration turnover

Cain's nomination faces uphill climb

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Buttigieg's values, Trump's immigration strategy

House Judiciary chair calls on Mueller to testify before committee

Lawmakers get first crack at Barr post-Mueller

Omar: 'Stephen Miller is a white nationalist'

Pete Buttigieg is pushing back on Mike Pence and a Christianity that does not support LGBT rights 

Cuomo to back NY effort to obtain Trump tax returns

Rep. Eric Swalwell joins the crowded 2020 presidential field 

Trump pushed to close El Paso border, told admin officials to resume family separations and agents not to admit migrants

Trump told border patrol agents to defy law, block migrants

Trump reportedly wants to revive one of his least-popular policy proposals: Family separation

Trump administration cancels MLB deal with Cuba 

Trump to designate Iranian military unit as a terrorist group 

Trump replaces Secret Service director

Trump removes Secret Service director as purge of DHS leadership widens 

Trump called Secret Service director 'Dumbo' because of his ears: NY Times

Trump moves to install loyalists

Trump seeks to campaign on problems he promised to fix 


Nielsen out at Homeland Security

Romney: 'Moronic' for Dems to go after Trump's tax returns with legislative action

Paul Ryan told GOP lawmakers he wouldn't 'defend' Trump after 'Access Hollywood' tape: book

Donald Trump has secured the future of our American courts

Mulvaney: Democrats will 'never' see Trump's tax returns

Secrecy behind Saudi nuclear talks infuriates Congress

Legislation slows to crawl in divided Washington

US pulls troops out of Libya amid rise in violence

New NAFTA deal 'in trouble', bruised by elections, tariff rows

Scrutiny and suspicion as Mueller report undergoes redaction 

US attorney general pressed for evidence clearing Trump

Giuliani: Nadler should have access to 'everything' in Mueller report

Schiff: Trump's presidency will 'cement' relationship between Dems, Jewish community

Nadler: 'There was in plain sight open collusion'

House chairman blasts Nielsen's tenure as a 'disaster from the start'

Dem Reps say they were denied access to immigrant detention center

Dem on tax returns request: Trump 'least transparent president in half a century'

Top Dem on push for Trump's tax returns: 'This is not political'

Trump says DHS Secretary Nielsen leaving

Trump says he made snap decision on Golan after history crash course

Trump says Mueller team 'illegally' leaking to press


GOP gets used to saying 'no' to Trump

Progressive Jewish group protests Trump's Republican Jewish Coalition speech

Herman Cain Opens a New #MeToo Minefield for Republicans

The GOP is making Ocasio-Cortez more popular

Grassley sarcastically hails History Channel for playing history

In one week, 4 major Trump-policy spins and flips

As Trump struggles to curb unauthorized immigration, his rhetoric gets tougher, but quick solutions are elusive 

Five things to watch in Trump tax-return fight

Pelosi outlines a path to victory for House Democrats in 2020 — and guarantees it 

Generational challenges lie ahead for Biden and Buttigieg 

Obama: I worry progressives may undercut Democratic allies

Trump administration nearly doubles H-2B guest visa program, which brings many Mexican workers

Trump admin revokes visa of International Criminal Court prosecutor pursuing Afghan war crimes

Trump: I have not read Mueller report, 'though I have every right to do so'

Trump wants to stiff New York on homeland security spending - including $36M on TrumpTower security, lawmakers say


US STOCKS-Wall Street rises on jobs data, trade optimism

Economy rebounds with 196K jobs in March, unemployment holds at 3.8 percent

America's bustling jobs market is still leaving some people behind

In Trump’s Economy, the Invisible Hand Belongs to the Government

Mitch McConnell is making the Senate’s minority party increasingly powerless 

GOP senator rips Dem rep seeking Trump taxes: 'It must really suck to be that dumb'

Why a GOP Mayor Was Pushing Climate Change Policies in Congress This Week

Joe Biden finds defenders in unusual places: Fox News and the GOP 

Mike Pompeo 'confident' a third N. KoreaSummit will happen

Netanyahu: I’ve told Trump I won’t evacuate ‘a single person’ from settlements

Court Ruling Implies That Barr Must Redact Grand-Jury Info from Mueller Report

Note to Team Mueller: If you don't indict, you can't incite

For Trump, 'complete and total exoneration' ain't what it used to be

Tax-return fight tests Mnuchin's loyalty to Trump

Trump lawyers issue letter fighting tax return request

Trump lawyer urges Treasury against releasing president's tax returns until DOJ gives opinion

Trump’s false claims about Mexico’s immigration system 

Border fencing labeled first section of Trump's wall was approved under Obama

Why cars and produce are taking a hit from Trump’s latest border moves

Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen says he has new access to 14 million files, seeks delay in prison term

Federal judge in Maryland blocks Trump administration’s plan to add citizenship question to 2020 Census 

Nearly 70 percent of Americans are okay with a gay president, poll says 

Shields and Brooks on Trump’s border threats, Barr's handling of Mueller report

House Dems sue Trump over national emergency declaration

Schumer’s claim that ‘blue slips’ were a ‘longstanding requirement’ for judicial nominees 

Elizabeth Warren wants Senate filibuster to go away

Top Democrat says Trump impeachment is 'off the table until it's on the table'

Nancy Pelosi urges caution on 'Medicare for All,' says Obamacare is best path to 'quality, affordable' health care

Biden: 'I'm not sorry for anything that I have ever done'

 Trump visits the U.S.-Mexico border at Calexico Amidst Protests

Trump hires law firm to fight bid by Congress to get his income tax returns

Trump says law '100 percent' on his side in tax return fight

Trump ditches his nominee to lead ICE, saying he wants someone ‘tougher’ for top immigration enforcement role 

Trump: 'I don't see Biden as a threat


Dow climbs more than 150 points, S&P 500 posts first 6-day winning streak in over a year

Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham says the president should release his tax returns after Democrats make a formal request

Rand Paul blocks resolution calling for release of Mueller report

McConnell caught between Trump, GOP on disaster relief

Lee, Romney oppose diverting funds from Utah military projects for Trump's border wall

Flake opens up about threats against him and his family

GOP base wakes up in Wisconsin

Iowa Republican on Trump claim: If windmill noise caused cancer I'd have 'church bell cancer'

Alabama Holocaust Commission condemns GOP lawmaker's use of Hitler phrase 'big lie'

Marine Corps general reportedly leaked a sensitive memo questioning Trump's border plan

Over 750,000 people could lose food stamps under Trump administration proposal

Disaster relief talks stalled by Trump feud with Puerto Rico

William Barr rejects Democrats' demands for Mueller report

Will Mueller’s report ever see the light of day? Investigators will leak it if subpoenas fail, experts say

In Mueller’s Report, Look for Obstruction of Elections, Not Just Obstruction of Justice

Trump obstruction evidence stronger than AG Barr suggested, some Mueller team members claim

Potentially damaging information in Mueller report ushers in new political fight 

The Trump tax return fight is coming back in a major way

White House maneuvers to block release of Trump’s tax returns 

Chuck Schumer Calls Mitch McConnell’s Nuclear Option Vote ‘Disgraceful’

House votes to reauthorize Violence Against Women Act, closing 'boyfriend loophole'

House votes to end US support for Yemen conflict, setting up Trump's second veto

Democrats seize on Mueller-Barr friction

House Dems seek documents on Trump's businesses from Capital One

Biden hits back at Trump: 'Presidential, as always'

Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio joins Democratic presidential race 

Trump delays closing US-Mexico border for at least a year

Trump threatens tariffs if Mexico does not help with immigration, drugs

Trump says 'we'll know over the next four weeks' if a China trade deal happens

Trump blasts report that Mueller aides think Barr sugarcoated his summary

Trump lashes out at New York Times for Mueller reporting 

Trump plans to nominate Herman Cain to Fed board, aiming to add supporter to independent central bank 


GOP triggers 'nuclear option' to speed up Trump picks

GOP moves to appoint judges even faster. 
(Even before the rule change, the Senate is approving Trump picks at a record pace.)

The GOP’s capitulation to Obamacare 

The 8 Republicans who voted against Trump's anti-ObamaCare push

The GOP’s response to White House whistleblower: Nothing to see here 

Cruz: 'Devastating' if Trump closes U.S.-Mexico border

Grassley: Trump saying wind turbine noise causes cancer is 'idiotic'

Gowdy: I'll be surprised if Barr ever produces everything in the Mueller report

Charles Koch wants a more open border. Immigration is one reason he’s backed away from the GOP

Congress has NATO’s back, despite Trump’s unilateralism 

Bolton Builds Anti-China Campaign at the U.N.
(The U.S. national security advisor, who has largely ignored the United Nations, is suddenly concerned that Beijing has too much influence there.)

Some on Mueller’s Team Say Report Was More Damaging Than Barr Revealed

Some Mueller team members say final report more damaging to Trump than Barr summary suggests: NY Times

Limited information Barr has shared about Russia investigation frustrated some on Mueller’s team 

The Economy Is Growing, But Many People Aren't Feeling the Benefits

News industry leaders fighting back against claims by Trump

FBI is examining whether President Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort is vulnerable to foreign spies

House panel votes to authorize subpoenas to obtain full Mueller report 

House Judiciary Committee approves subpoenas for Mueller report

House votes to rebuke Trump’s attempt at a court-ordered destruction of Obamacare 

House committee chairman asks Internal Revenue Service for six years of Trump’s personal and business tax returns 

House Judiciary panel to hold April hearing on white nationalism

House panel votes to subpoena White House, Trump campaign aides

Schiff presses intel leaders for details on how Chinese woman gained unauthorized access to Mar-a-Lago

Sen. Elizabeth Warren unveils a bill to make it easier to jail executives for company abuses

Liberals infuriated by pro-incumbent House Dem policy

Inslee fundraises off Trump claim that wind turbine 'noise causes cancer'

‘I get it’: Joe Biden, accused of inappropriate physical contact by multiple women, says he will change his behavior 

Trump now says he never wanted new ObamaCare replacement vote

Trump keeps talking about Puerto Rico like it isn’t the U.S. It doesn’t seem like a mistake. 

Trump said 'who the f--- are you' to GOP lawmaker after criticism of tweets: New book


Dow snaps 3-day winning streak as Walgreens falls on earnings

McConnell to Trump: We're not repealing and replacing ObamaCare

GOP shuts down Trump health push

GOP, Dems balk at latest Trump foreign aid cuts

Cruz slams Yahoo report saying he missed Ocasio-Cortez's point on $7 airport croissants: 'Uh, no'

Report — spurred by Utah’s Orrin Hatch — says U.S. firms need the government to double the number of highly skilled foreign workers they are allowed to hire

Barr's summary gambit could backfire, al la Nunes's memo

Alabama GOP lawmaker files bill that would ban nearly all abortions

New trans protections face strong conservative opposition on Hill

GOP lawmaker Mark Walker ensnared in federal corruption probe

North Carolina Republican Party chairman charged in bribery case

Bipartisan group introduces legislation to protect federal workers' health benefits during shutdowns

Number of refugees down sharply, again, under restrictions set by Trump administration 

White House looks to minimize economic impact of Trump’s threatened closure of Mexico border 

As Trump threatens to close border, experts warn of billions in economic damage

Donald Trump's Legal Problems Are Far From Over. Just Look at What's Happening in New York.

Dem tax-writers forming working group on SALT deduction cap

House panel votes to subpoena former White House official over security clearances 

House Oversight Committee votes to subpoena testimony and documents related to citizenship question on 2020 Census 

Could this House bill close the pay gap between women and men?

Democrats tell Attorney General William Barr: Give us everything about the Mueller report now

Chicago elects Lori Lightfoot as first black female mayor in city’s 182-year history

Bernie Sanders is more pragmatic than you may think 

Biden readies presidential run amid allegations

Biden controversy splits Dems on generational, political lines

Trump shifts on border shutdown threat

Trump eases up on border shutdown threat

Trump seems inclined to close border despite potential chaos

Trump leaves Washington reeling with policy whiplash as he struggles with domestic agenda 

Trump admin asks courts to dismiss legal challenges to emergency declaration

Trump says NATO countries' burden-sharing improving, wants more

The tweetstorm after the storm: Trump attacks Puerto Rico over hurricane relief

Pivot to center? Not Trump

Trump says GOP will take back House, suggests votes are being tampered with


Dow rallies more than 300 points to start off new quarter on strong US and China data

Massive disaster relief bill stalls in Senate over Puerto Rico dispute 

GOP lawmakers root against Trump in court on ObamaCare

'The most accessible President that I have ever seen': Republicans explain why they won't quit Trump

Cutting aid and closing ports: Here's what's happening at the southern border

Trump’s approach to the migrant crisis might not get him the results he wants 

It’s been six months since Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, and Trump has done nothing 

The President Is Now Making 22 False Claims a Day. Media Coverage Has Got to Reflect That.

Mueller handed Democrats their next line of attack against Trump

White House staffer tells Oversight Committee of 'grave' concerns with security clearances

White House whistleblower says 25 security clearance denials were reversed during Trump administration 

Tamara Keith and Lisa Lerer on Biden behavior and 2020 fundraising

House panel to vote Wednesday on authorizing subpoena for Mueller report

Dems ramp up subpoena threats

House Oversight Committee to issue subpoena over White House security clearances

Nine White House officials of interest in Dem security clearance probe

House Dems fail to agree on budget resolution

Senate Democrats reportedly to introduce constitutional amendment to abolish Electoral College

Democrats keep Silicon Valley at arm’s length

Antitrust is all the rage. Monopolies and mergers emerge as major issues in the Democratic primaries. 

Crisis hits Biden as new allegation emerges

Pelosi: Accusations against Biden don't disqualify him

Feinstein defends Biden: He is 'a warm, tactile person'

Wife of ex-Defense secretary defends Biden, says viral photo of them used 'misleadingly'

Susan Rice defends Biden amid allegations of inappropriate behavior

Buttigieg becomes first winner in fundraising primary

Liberal think tank: Congress should request Trump's tax returns

Trump says vote on healthcare can wait until after 2020 election

Trump says vote on GOP's health care proposal won't come until after 2020 election

Trump wades into his administration's census battle

Trump administration heightens effort to return asylum seekers to Mexico

Trump slams Puerto Rico after disaster aid bill stalls

The President Is Now Making 22 False Claims a Day. Media Coverage Has Got to Reflect That.


GOP on defensive over Dem votes on policies geared toward women

For Trump’s ‘Party of Healthcare,’ there is no health-care plan 

Graham gets assist from Pence in reelection campaign kickoff

Mulvaney: Mueller report 'not designed' to exonerate Trump

Mulvaney: It would take 'something dramatic' for Trump not to close border

Mulvaney: No one will lose health care coverage if courts rule against ObamaCare

Top White House aide: Trump decided to fund Special Olympics because 'the public wanted' it

Border row pitches Mexican president into deep water with Trump

A tepid view of Trump in Golan Heights
(His recognition of Israeli sovereignty is received coolly by the people who live here: ‘It is provocative.’)

Poll: Largest share at 4 in 10 say Mueller findings did not clear Trump

Longtime sports writer says Trump 'cheats at the highest level' at golf

Durbin: Trump threat to close border 'totally unrealistic boast'

Durbin: Allegation against Biden not 'disqualifying, but it should be taken seriously'

Biden responds to allegation of unwanted touching, kissing: ‘Not once — never — did I believe I acted inappropriately’ 

Biden accuser Flores: 'I want him to acknowledge that it was wrong'

Dems worry Mueller findings could expand executive power 

House Dem: Mueller report will show 'plenty of reason to be concerned' about Trump campaign contacts with Russia

2020 Dems sprint toward critical FEC deadline

Trump White House presses threat to close U.S.-Mexico border this week 

Trump says he is 'saving' Barrett for Ginsburg seat: Axios

Trump tees up a health care fight with an uncertain outcome

For Trump’s ‘Party of Healthcare,’ there is no health-care plan 


GOP frets as Trump squanders advantages

With social program fights, some Republicans fear being seen as the party of the 1 percent 

Senate GOP wary in Trump’s revived health care battle

GOP shifts focus to investigating Obama officials

Ex-GOP senator Flake hopes a Democrat beats Trump in 2020

US halting aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

Tensions between the United States and Russia over Venezuela increase

Federal judge declares Trump’s push to open up Arctic and Atlantic oceans to oil and gas drilling illegal 

The U.S. government's counterterrorism center doesn't track white supremacists. Some think it should.

Mueller report findings upend partisan views of probe, poll finds

Giuliani takes aim at 'phony politicians' leading FBI over Russia investigation

Trump decrees rarely affect policy
(A Times review of 101 executive orders finds that after the fanfare, most don’t accomplish what president claims.)

Fact check: Trump twists facts of a migrant girl's death

White House in disarray: Trump's victory lap clouded by chaos

Questions mount over Mueller, Barr and obstruction

Trump plans to cut U.S. aid to 3 Central American countries in fight over U.S.-bound migrants 

Trump decrees rarely affect policy
(A Times review of 101 executive orders finds that after the fanfare, most don’t accomplish what president claims.)


S&P 500 notches best start to a year since 1998, Dow rises more than 200 points on trade optimism

White House advisor Larry Kudlow says Fed should 'immediately' cut rates

Corporate America's best tax days may be over when Republican tax cuts expire

McConnell signals he won’t play a leading role in crafting the health-care bill Trump wants 

GOP faces tough battle to become 'party of health care'

GOP zeroes in on Schiff

Barr expects to release nearly 400-page Mueller report by mid-April

ICE cuts family detention capacity, is likely to release immigrant families directly into the United States 

Judge blocks California's ban on magazines holding more than 10 rounds

Mueller report will be delivered by ‘mid-April, if not sooner,’ attorney general tells Congress 

Mueller’s report should be made public, most Americans say

Trump eager for trade deal with post-Brexit Britain - Bolton to Reuters TV

The 43 most 'well, that happened' lines from Donald Trump's Michigan rally

Trump’s misleading spin on the 2018 GDP growth rate 

Shields and Brooks on Mueller report, Trump's health care move

Democrats say they will accuse Barr of a ‘coverup’ if he delivers incomplete Mueller report 

House Democrats look to use budget process to pressure Trump administration to comply with investigations 

House Dems seek subpoena against former White House official over security clearances

Buttigieg slams Trump's 'MAGA' slogan as 'false promise' to workers affected by automation

Trump threatens to close 'large sections' of US-Mexico border next week over illegal immigration

Trump administration awards $1.7 million family planning grant to anti-abortion clinics

Trump's NAFTA face-lift hits bipartisan roadblock in Congress

Trump’s North American trade deal at risk of stalling in Congress


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