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GOP senator scolds Trump: We have due process 'for a reason'

Top GOP congressman: 'How many Jews were put in the ovens because they were unarmed?'

Rubio bemoans lack of civility amid gun control debate

13 House Republicans call on Sessions to appoint second special counsel

For many Republicans, Trump’s offshore drilling plan and beaches don’t mix 

Cindy McCain sounds off on Trump: ‘We don’t need more bullying, and I’m tired of it’ 

Chris McDaniel announces Republican primary challenge against Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi 

They're Here to Fix Climate Change! They’re College Republicans.

This race may be GOP’s ‘canary in the coal mine’ Pennsylvania campaign worries GOP

Hope Hicks to step down as W.H. communications director

Hope Hicks resigns from White House

Hope Hicks' totally ridiculous explanation for why she quit

The unseen power of Hope Hicks 

Jared Kushner's No Good, Very Bad Day

Kushner group got millions in loans after a White House meeting: report

Kushner’s Business Got Loans After White House Meetings

How Will Jared Kushner Do His Job Without Top-Secret Intelligence?

Kelly, Kushner tension simmers amid West Wing uncertainty

More than 30 White House aides stripped of top secret security clearances: report

Mueller investigation examining Trump’s apparent efforts to oust Sessions in July 

Mueller Risk Index gauges danger to markets of the Trump-linked Russia probe 

Ex-Trump aide Paul Manafort pleads not guilty, faces Sept. 17 trial

Legal defense fund for Trump aides launches amid questions about donor transparency 

Here’s why #BoycottTheNRA worked so quickly 

Walmart says it will no longer sell firearms and ammunition to people younger than 21

Dick's Sporting Goods will stop selling assault-style rifles 

Big hearing today on N.J. lawmaker push for 7 new gun laws in wake of mass shootings

American workers will see only a tiny portion of the corporate tax windfall

Veterans choice applies to types of treatments, not just access

Cyber chief says Trump has given him no new authority to strike at Russian interference threat 

Jerome Powell’s Big Challenge

Supreme Court questions state law banning political apparel at ballot box

Treasury, IRS Launch New Withholding Calculator

Dems surge in generic ballot as economy fades from spotlight

Feinstein’s trouble underlines Democratic Party’s shift to left

Democrats considering a new strategy to expand health coverage as frustrations build with Obamacare

Democrats’ new gun-control strategy: Flatter Trump on TV 

Miss. Dem launches Senate bid against Wicker

Trump, Congress pay respects to Billy Graham as he lies in honor at the Capitol 

Trump says ‘bump stocks’ are gone, may use executive order to ban device 

Trump: 'Take the guns first, go through due process second'

Trump offers support for 'comprehensive' approach on guns

Five takeaways from Trump’s meeting on guns

Trump’s gun meeting went off the rails quickly 

Trump reportedly berated Hope Hicks over her testimony to the House Intel Committee

Trump lashes out at Sessions over alleged surveillance abuses 

Trump’s Most Dangerous Attack on Racial Justice May Be His Judges

Hispanic Caucus to Trump: 'You have thwarted every' DACA fix

Trump peace plan could recognize Palestinian state – report

Trump Losing College-Educated Whites? He Never Won Them in the First Place

Poll: Majority believes Trump is racist

Trump Nobel Peace Prize nomination probed amid fakery concerns

University Faculty Votes To Revoke Donald Trump's Honorary Degree


GOP leaders jockey on guns

House GOP rejects calls for new gun legislation

GOP focuses on law enforcement mistakes — not new gun laws

Congress to focus on background checks after Florida massacre

Sen. Hatch unveils legislation to prevent school shootings with intervention, technology

How one Florida Republican came to support a ban on assault weapons after the Parkland shooting 

Three reasons you should expect congressional gridlock on gun control 

Sen. Bob Corker won't seek third term

Sen. Bob Corker will not run for reelection 

Arizona Republicans pick Debbie Lesko to replace Trent Franks 

Texas race isn't guaranteed Republican anymore

Right warns GOP agenda can’t stop at Trump’s tax law

GOP Ignores Its First Black Chairman Michael Steele At Its Own Awards For African Americans

Trump could haunt House Republicans in November

Report: Kushner Loses Access to Daily Brief

Jared Kushner reportedly loses access to top secret intelligence

Kushner’s overseas contacts raise concerns as foreign officials seek leverage 

Ivanka and Jared Kushner's right-hand man Josh Raffel is leaving the White House

WashPost: Foreign Officials Discussed Manipulating Kushner

Mueller team asking about Trump's business dealings in Russia: report

Mueller team asks about Trump's Russian business dealings as he weighed a run for president

Mueller Moves To Dismiss Charges Against Gates

New Mueller bombshell hints that Rick Gates may have delivered the goods in Trump-Russia probe

Carl Bernstein: Mueller focused on Kushner 'like a laser'

In Russia probe, Hope Hicks refuses to answer questions about Trump administration

Hicks acknowledges white lies, but won't talk White House in testimony

Justice department seeks reimbursement from manufacturers, distributors for opioid crisis

#NeverAgain Is Different Because Survivors of School Shootings Can’t Grieve in Private Anymore

Companies learn the hard way: There's no easy way to take sides in polarized America 

United Airlines severs ties with NRA, continues to contribute to Planned Parenthood: Watchdog

FedEx won't drop NRA from discount program

Major News Organizations Agree To Ignore Everything President Says Going Forward

Twenty states sue federal government, seeking end to Obamacare

In a first, openly transgender recruit signs up for U.S. military

Supreme Court curbs rights of immigrants awaiting deportation

Dems flip two GOP-held seats in special elections

Super PAC launches $250k ad buy to boost Dem in heated Pa. race

Shocker: Democrats’ predictions about the GOP tax cut are coming true

Democrats furious Trump didn't tell NSA chief to fight Russian meddling

Dems fear overreach as left presses assault weapon ban

Schumer faces big test on gun debate

Trump stops short of full endorsement of gun proposals

Trump’s election may have hurt stocks for gun manufacturers

Trump gets a seminar on federalism as governors push back on arming teachers 

Judges unleash ‘political weapon’ against Trump

Court rules Trump can build border wall

Months Late, Trump Administration Changes Family Planning Program's Priorities

Groups working to end AIDS fear losing ground under Trump

Anti-Semitic incidents in US more than doubled within 2 years – report

Trump regurgitates Fox News commentators in early morning tweetstorm denying collusion with Russia

Trump names longtime aide Brad Parscale as campaign manager for 2020 reelection effort 


Supreme Court declines to enter controversy over ‘dreamers,’ rejects Trump administration’s request to review lower court rulings 

Supreme Court declines to take up ‘Dreamers’ controversy

House GOP to offer 'school safety' response to Florida shooting

Trump-backed gun measure faces hurdle from three Republican senators

What will Congress realistically do on guns after the Florida shooting? 

Congress steps into thorny gun debate

Senate's midterm calculations could scuttle gun debate before it begins

John Kasich "Common sense gun laws in America

Mia Love is not on board with arming teachers, but John Curtis could get behind it

Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle threatens Delta for cutting NRA ties

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker sued for not calling special elections

Former GOP Rep. Doug Ose drops out of California governor's race

Conservative firebrand Chris McDaniel to enter Mississippi Senate race, setting up divisive GOP primary

Roy Moore is haunting the GOP Senate primary in Missouri

How the Republican tax law hurts the poor and helps the rich, in one chart

Utah teachers say they’re worried about school shootings — but adding gun training to their duties is ‘absurd’

Expanded background checks for gun buyers picked up a big endorsement: ‘Fox & Friends’ 

Florida sheriff says he won’t resign over criticism following mass shooting

At Governors Meeting, Guns Absent From Agenda

Amy Walter and Tamara Keith on Congress’ gun struggle

Poll: Americans trust Mueller more than Trump on Russia

Russia investigation: Rick Gates' testimony could be 'the end' of the Trump Presidency, says Watergate lawyer

Lawsuit: 100,000 noncitizens registered to vote in Pennsylvania

Immigration has no correlation to crime or terrorism in the US

Trump says he's 'writing out' bump stocks 

Trump-backed gun measure faces hurdle from three Republican senators

Trump’s backtrack on gun control has begun 

Trump says he would have rushed in to protect students from gunman at Florida high school 

Trump said he would charge a gunman. Here’s what he’s actually done in the face of danger. 

Washington governor confronts Trump at White House

'Don't worry about the NRA,' Trump tells US governors

The Trump Campaign Used a Parkland Victim's Photo in a Fundraising Email

Trump has long vowed to slash government. Now the knives are finally coming out. 

President Trump’s consistent misrepresentation of how the diversity visa lottery works 

Is President Trump about to start a trade war? 

This Trump administration health-care rule would return us to the bad old days 


Senate pivots to stopgap 'Dreamers' deal

Republican congressman Brian Mast supports ban on assault weapon sale 

GOP lawmaker calls for tougher rules on background checks, bump stocks

GOP senator 'skeptical' about raising age requirement for certain gun purchases

GOP rep: Background checks offer 'false senses of security'

Gun control dominates conversation as Congress returns

Florida governor: I disagree with Trump proposal to arm teachers

Scott: I believe in the Second Amendment but 'I'm a dad'

Florida House Republicans Demand Sheriff's Ouster Over Parkland Shooting Response

Florida reps split on proposal to arm teachers

Kasich ponders end of two-party system

NRA lashes out at boycott movement as United, Delta and other corporations cut ties

NRA Boycott: Full List of Companies That Cut Ties With Gun Lobby Over Florida Shooting

Petitions call on Apple, Amazon to ditch NRA TV channel

NRA spokeswoman denies conflict with Trump on guns

NRA spokeswoman pushes back on raising age for buying semiautomatic rifles, an idea Trump has suggested 

Florida shooting survivor rips NRA: 'They act like they don’t own these politicians'

David Hogg meets Dan Rather

More governors willing to consider gun law changes after Florida shooting 

Poll: Support for stricter gun laws rises to highest level in decades

Poll: Americans support tougher gun laws, don't expect Congress to act

Florida lawmakers call for suspension of Broward sheriff after Parkland massacre as he defends ‘amazing leadership’ 

As Winter Games close, North Korea says it is willing to talk to the U.S., according to Seoul 

What we learned from the Democratic response to the Nunes memo — and what we didn’t

Nunes vs. Schiff: Five key areas where they disagree

Feinstein loses California Democratic Party’s endorsement

Schumer blasts Trump over proposal to ax hundreds of millions for school safety

Dem senator: I will 'absolutely' work with Trump on gun reform

Trump at Governor's Ball: School safety is top priority

Trump legal team considering ways he could testify before Mueller

Five things to know about Trump's new North Korea sanctions

Teachers To Trump: “Bone Spurs Will Prevent Us From Carrying Guns In School”

Reality intrudes on President Trump's 'fantasyland'

CNN Poll: Trump approval slides, matches lowest point of presidency

Trump's Approval Rating Drops Back To His Worst With 2 New Polls

Exclusive: Trump privately pushing personal pilot to run FAA 


Obstacles — and silence — on Capitol Hill even as clamor for new gun laws grows 

Seven gun control measures Congress could consider after Florida shooting

Impeachment talk a sign of GOP’s long-term worry about court

House panel releases Democrats’ memo defending FBI surveillance of ex-Trump campaign aide 

House Democrats release intelligence memo defending DOJ, FBI investigation

U.S. House Intel Committee Democratic memo defends Russia probes

Schiff on Trump calling him 'phony': I though he was 'supposed to be good' at nicknames

Schumer: Trump Must 'Step Up and Lead' on Gun Control, Immigration

Democrats count on new Pennsylvania map as keystone to U.S. House majority 

Fla. students face an NRA that’s even more powerful than before

Urgency and Frustration: The Never Again Movement Gathers Momentum

The NRA is using Trump’s playbook to attack the news media. It must be getting desperate. 

Loesch takes starring role for NRA

The NRA used to be much more bipartisan. Now it's mostly just a wing of the GOP

Companies scramble to distance themselves from NRA

NRA Blasts 'Cowardice' Of Corporate Partners Turning Away From Gun Group

CPAC official: Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele got the job 'because he's a black guy'

'Painfully stupid': Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele responds to racial insult hurled at him during conservative conference

Can We Really Expect Teachers to Act Like Soldiers? Three Veterans Weigh In.

Mueller Is Steadily Working His Way Up the Food Chain

Melania Trump’s parents will soon be citizens. They can thank ‘chain migration.’ 

 Trump floats new gun measures as gun owners talk ‘betrayal’floats

Trump doubles down on arming teachers: 'The bad guys love gun-free zones'

President Trump says arming teachers would be up to states and ‘very inexpensive’ 

After testy call with Trump over border wall, Mexican president shelves plan to visit White House 

Details emerge on Trump's latest plan to undercut Obamacare

Trump Fights Complacency at Summit Sapped of Insurgent Energy

Trump: 'The generals would love' to have a military parade

Donald Trump's approval rating rises to 50 per cent in new poll


GOP Michigan governor: 'I don’t think having more guns is a good thing'

Florida Gov. Rick Scott backs raising age for rifle purchases to 21 

Florida shooting survivor: We should call AR-15s ‘Marco Rubio’ because they’re both easy to buy

Trump’s push to arm teachers gives the NRA what it wants and highlights GOP radicalization 

Meghan McCain Discovers Donald Trump Lies, Blasting Her Cancer-Stricken Father At CPAC After Promising To Stop

Devin Nunes's Safe Seat Is Looking Less Safe

Former Trump campaign official Rick Gates pleads guilty to 2 charges 

What Rick Gates’s Guilty Plea Means

Why Richard Gates is a key player in the Mueller probe

New Manafort indictment alleges secret payments to European politicians

Mueller's team has leveled over 100 criminal charges against 19 people 

Mueller is about to take a big step closer to Trump 

Mueller and Trump: Born to wealth, raised to lead. Then, sharply different choices. 

Brooks and Marcus on Florida school shooting rage, Rick Gates’ guilty plea

The N.R.A. Lobbyist Behind Florida’s Pro-Gun Policies

This is how the NRA 'politically weaponized' its membership 

Avis, Hertz join the list of companies bailing on partnerships with the NRA

Four sheriff’s deputies hid during Florida school shooting

'I've never been so unimpressed by a person in my life': Parkland shooting survivor delivers a biting critique of her phone call with Trump
Parkland Survivor To Melania Trump: Stop Donald Trump Jr. From Cyberbullying Me

We’re combat veterans. We support the students demanding gun reform. 

‘Scripted’ controversy: CNN releases emails of correspondence with Florida student 

The day they ask me to carry a gun in the classroom is the last day I teach’

US educators say no to ‘arms race’ in schools

Trump has proposed arming ‘weapons talented teachers.’ Here’s what veterans had to say. 

A big question in the debate about arming teachers: What about racial bias? 

Top Justice Dept. official alerted White House 2 weeks ago to ongoing issues in Kushner’s security clearance  

Two top White House advisers may leave over tensions with Trump: sources

So, Who Will Be the Next Person Kicked to the White House Curb?

Toys R Us reportedly planning more store closings, corporate layoffs

Trump’s push to arm teachers gives the NRA what it wants and highlights GOP radicalization 

Trump says armed teachers would best protect students because they ‘love their pupils’ 

Trump: Teacher with concealed weapon 'would have shot the hell out of' the Florida school shooter

Training Trump’s army of gun-toting teachers wouldn’t be simple or cheap

CPAC goes full Trump for 2018

CPAC 2013 - Donald Trump

Trump blasts McCain over health care vote

Trump warns Dems will 'take away your Second Amendment'

This might be Trump's most inflammatory anti-CNN tweet yet 

Fact-checking Trump’s error-filled tweetstorm about the Russia investigation 

Inside Trump’s Dirty Deals Abroad 

Trump says chief of staff Kelly will handle decisions about Jared Kushner’s security clearance 

Trump administration unveils sanctions aimed at starving North Korea of resources 

Trump blasts Russia's actions in Syria as 'a humanitarian disgrace'

Trump infrastructure plan comes up $1 trillion short of its funding goal, analysis finds


GOP lawmaker calls for Ryan to bring up gun safety legislation

After Florida Shooting, Paul Ryan and NRA Allies Targeted in Campaign To Oust Them in 2018

Congress' Republican leaders silent so far on Trump's gun proposals

Sen. Pat Roberts: Nobody under 21 should have an AR-15

Rubio supports raising age limit to buy a rifle, will consider ban on large-capacity magazines

Fla. GOP lawmakers move ahead on raising age minimum for buying assault rifles 

Florida Gov. Rick Scott stays in sync with the NRA as he faces a reckoning on guns 

Grand jury indicts Missouri governor who admitted affair

This Nevada Republican Senate candidate may have gravely miscalculated his attack on Ivanka Trump

Organizers plan for 500,000 attendees at ‘March For Our Lives’ gun-control march in Washington

Women’s March leader works behind scenes on ‘student-led’ Parkland gun-control protest

What I Saw Treating the Victims From Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns

Florida Shooting Survivor Not Given Scripted Question But Pulled For Speech At CNNTown Hall, Network Source Claims

Column:  To the Parkland students facing criticism after shooting: March on, hold your heads high

DOJ to prioritize prosecutions for those who lie on gun background checks: report

The Gun-Control Debate Could Break America

Florida sheriff rebukes NRA spokeswoman who claims she's 'fighting' for shooting survivors

NRA chief blasts Democrats, the FBI and the media after Florida massacre

NRA goes on the offensive after Parkland shooting, assailing media and calling for more armed school security 

NRA spox: 'Many in legacy media love mass shootings'

Special counsel Mueller files new charges in Manafort, Gates case 

Mueller files new charges against Manafort and Gates

Pence warns conservatives: Pelosi and 'motivated' Democrats could take back Congress

Questions Swirl as Melania Trump’s Parents Obtain Green Cards

Enjoy your last two months of unrestricted internet

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who called raising gas taxes a 'horrible idea,' says Trump is considering a hike

Immigration agency drops ‘nation of immigrants’ from mission

Millions of jobs are still missing. Don’t blame immigrants or food stamps. 

Schumer: I'm 'amazed' how fast Trump caved to NRA

Gabby Giffords Uncorks Gun Ad Against Florida Gov Rick Scott

Sen. Tammy Baldwin urges Trump to take action on gun control

Steyer joins gun groups in push to register high school students to vote

Dems want gun control, but worry it could cost them midterms 

The real reason Congress banned assault weapons in 1994 — and why it worked 

‘ATTACKS WOULD END!’: Trump doubles down on arming some teachers, defends NRA 

Trump tiptoes toward possible fight with NRA

Trump signals shift on guns

Trump predicts NRA will back raising age limit on gun purchases

Trump vows to push comprehensive gun background checks: 'Raise age to 21'

Armed teachers, background checks and age limits: Read Trump's ideas to stop school shootings

Tweeters Rip 'Zombie' Donald Trump Over 'Listening Session' Cheat Sheet

The Trump administration takes its first big step toward stricter work requirements for food stamps 

Trump’s economic vision ignores immigrants, but it will need their labor

Trump threatens to pull U.S. immigration agents out of California due to ‘sanctuary’ status

Trump's tentacles have reached the mergers space, as well

Trump set the tone for a year of 'hate-filled rhetoric', Amnesty says


House Oversight a gavel no one wants

Senate Republicans not on board with Trump's protectionist agenda 

GOP senator suggests we need fewer immigrants because robots are coming 

Controversies pile up for White House, alarming GOP

Are Senate Republicans killing 'blue slip' for court nominees?

Trump's former bodyguard makes $15,000 a month from a GOP 'slush fund'

Toomey, sensing ‘momentum,’ plans revival of bill to expand background checks 

Angry students, parents confront Rubio for gun control

6 things Marco Rubio said at the CNN town hall that made news in the US gun debate

Rubio breaks with Trump, doesn't support arming teachers

NJ Politics Digest: Congressman Shoots Down Calls for Gun Control Measures

Congresswoman claims most mass shooters are Democrats

See what your members of Congress have done about gun control

Florida survivors, lawmakers and the NRA talk about guns: Highlights (Town hall meeting in Florida 2-21-18)

Lawmakers give icy reception to shooting survivors advocating gun control

Calls for new gun laws are falling on deaf ears

The Latest: NRA protests minimum age hike for rifles

David Hogg a Stoneman Douglas student, not a ‘crisis actor,’ despite conspiracy theories

Students take charge of gun-safety movement with some help from existing groups 

Florida high school students demand change to gun laws at boisterous rally 

Florida deputies will carry rifles on school grounds after Parkland shooting

Paul Manafort and Rick Gates are reportedly facing new charges in Mueller probe's money laundering case

Mueller investigating whether Paul Manafort offered banker a job in Trump White House in exchange for loans

Senators Push for Bipartisan Deterrence Against Russia Following Mueller Indictments

Donald Trump Jr. admitted a decade ago that many family assets come from Russia

10 governors shaping the future of politics

Cooper: These conspiracy theories are sick

Conspiracy Theories Have Made Us a Nation Within a Nation

The huge questions about Melania Trump's immigration history nobody will answer 

Doug Jones just called arming teachers "the dumbest idea I've ever heard," and YES, thank you

Democrats demand $700 million to stop Russian election intrusions

Here are 3 key Senate races that show why Democrats are at risk of losing seats in 2018

Trump pledges to 'strongly' consider concealed carry in schools

Parents and Students Plead With Trump: ‘How Many Children Have to Get Shot?’

Trump suggests supporters should pressure Sessions to investigate Obama's inaction on Russian meddling 

The Trump administration is missing in action in Europe 

Europeans rip Trump on climate change, import record amounts of U.S. coal

How Trump can (and probably will) spin out of questions about Melania's parents and 'chain migration' 

Trump's approval rating dips to 37%, new poll finds


NJ Politics Digest: These Congressmen Voted to Allow More Concealed Guns

Big Republican missteps needed for Democrats to win in November

Trump’s base warms to Ted Cruz after president’s amnesty ‘betrayal’

Idaho pol faces ethics complaint after yelling at college students about abortion

A lawmaker’s aide called school-shooting survivors ‘actors.’ Within hours, he was fired.

Grassley, Dems step up battle over judicial nominees

Pence was set to meet with North Korean officials during the Olympics before last-minute cancellation 

Koch Groups: Gas-Tax Increase Would Hit Trump States Hardest

Partners HealthCare will outsource some expensive, back-office jobs to India

White House says Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner can do job without security clearance

The unwitting: The Trump supporters used by Russia 

In Mueller probe, son-in-law of Russian businessman pleads guilty to false statements 

Mueller charges lawyer tied to Gates and Manafort with lying in Russia probe

Special counsel Robert Mueller charges lawyer with false statements in Russia probe

How Bob Mueller Bought Himself More Time

Assigning Blame for Russia’s Election Meddling

Lawmakers feel pressure on guns

Florida survivors, lawmakers on collision course over guns

Gun-control groups take out NY Times ad naming lawmakers who have accepted NRA donations: report

Supreme Court declines to take up challenge to California’s 10-day waiting period for gun buys

Shooting survivor: I'm not a crisis actor

Right-Wing Media Uses Parkland Shooting as Conspiracy Fodder

Trump Jr. ‘likes’ tweets attacking Florida massacre survivor

Implementing States' Medicaid Wishes Won't Be Cheap

Punishing the poor isn’t just bad policy, it’s wasting taxpayer money

FCC to officially rescind net neutrality rules on Thursday

Keep America strong and proud by defending the arts and humanities

Dems ponder gender politics of 2020 nominee

Democrat wins state House race in Kentucky after a Republican's scandal and suicide

Grassley, Dems step up battle over judicial nominees

Trump awards Medal of Valor to 12 Americans

Trump moves to ban bump stocks

Trump orders regulations drawn up to ban bump stocks

Trump's talking points on Russia take a turn for the desperate 

Inside Donald Trump's Twitter-Fueled Weekend Meltdown

There's a specific reason why Trump leveled an unprecedented level of frustration toward the Russia probe this weekend

White House bristles at criticism of Russian election meddling

Trump's best defense on Russia could be offense against China

Art of the defense deal: Trump aims to dramatically boost U.S. arms exports

Trump Administration Takes Another Step To Roll Back Obamacare

The Health 202: Trump administration pulls back from key Medicare goals 

Schwarzenegger rips Trump: 'Defending gerrymandering' won’t drain the swamp

Trump claims he 'never met' the woman who says he forcibly kissed her at TrumpTower


Congress punts fight over Dreamers to March

What's next for DACA recipients as deadline approaches?

McConnell's response to Russian attack is back in the spotlight

Most Americans say Trump, Congress not doing enough to stop mass shootings, Post-ABC poll finds 

GOP congressional candidate defends AR-15 giveaway

Another House Republican announces retirement plans 

Parkland students call out Trump, Rubio and the NRA

Poll: Most Americans support GOP tax law

Bill Gates Slams GOP Tax Legislation: 'I Need to Pay Higher Taxes'

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis' new policy on transgender troops expected by Wednesday

Trump Jr. to give foreign policy speech while on ‘unofficial’ business trip to India 

Mueller reportedly crossing Trump ‘red line,’ investigating Kushner’s business dealings

Mueller's interest in Kushner grows to include foreign financing efforts

Mueller threatening new charges against Paul Manafort in bid to deplete ‘resources,’ attorney says

How A Plea Reversal From Michael Flynn Could Uncover More Federal Corruption

Colorado voters hit by Russia’s tweets in presidential election: Analysis shows troves of voters exposed to propaganda

Stelter debunks pro-Trump media talking points

Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders under fire as Russian indictments reopen old wounds for Democrats

Juan Williams: Evangelicals sell their souls for Trump

Why Parkland students have emerged as a powerful political voice 

Teens stage White House 'lie-in' to protest lack of gun control

New Pennsylvania congressional districts a ‘dream’ for Democrats

Calls mount from Dems to give platform to Trump accusers 

Trump expresses support for senators’ gun bill 

Trump supports efforts to improve gun background checks

Parkland students call out Trump, Rubio and the NRA

Trump endorses critic Romney in Utah Senate race

Indictment hinders Trump claims

Trump lashes out over Russia probe in angry and error-laden tweetstorm 

Trump Gets Caught in His Own Web of Lies

Trump Criticizes Everyone But Russia for 2016 Election Meddling

Shep Smith goes after Trump for not condemning Russia in tweetstorm

Whatever Trump Is Hiding Is Hurting All of Us Now

9 totally unpresidential things Donald Trump tweeted over Presidents Day weekend

Most Americans say Trump, Congress not doing enough to stop mass shootings, Post-ABC poll finds 

NY Daily News rips Trump for golfing amid funerals for Florida shooting victims


RepublicanFla. rep calls for debate on ‘gun safety laws’

GOP senator: 'The problem is not owning an AR-15'

Kasich pleads with Trump to take action on gun control: 'Mr. President, I ask you to do this'

Ohio Governor John Kasich Breaks With GOP In 'Wake Up' Call for Tighter Gun Laws After Florida Mass Shooting

John Kasich Says He Doesn't Think Congress Will Change Gun Policy

House Speaker Paul Ryan Slammed After He Snubbed Florida Teacher On Gun Control

Top GOP donor: 'I will not write another check' until candidates support assault weapons ban

GOP senator: 'There will be hell to pay' if Russia tries to meddle in 2018 midterms

Trey Gowdy praises Robert Mueller, says Russia probe on right track

Paul Ryan: Deficit increase is due to entitlement spending

Outgoing GOP rep: Republican Party 'heading into trouble' in election

Republicans becoming more bullish about midterms

Lawmakers call for withdrawal of Trump proposal that could impact 9/11 responders' health care

Clapper on Mueller probe: 'I do think there are other shoes to drop'

Trump Campaign Finances May Be Next 'Shoe To Drop' In Russia Probe, Says Former Intel Chief Clapper

Limbaugh warns Trump not to claim he’s vindicated by Mueller

Sanders: Trump not speaking out against Russia 'is a horror show'

Dem senator: 'Hard to say' Russian meddling did not affect election outcome

Schiff: 'Of course' Russian indictment doesn't clear Trump campaign of collusion

Democratic Congressman has blasted President Trump’s response to the recent mass shooting

Dems hit stock buybacks in tax law fight

Jeh Johnson emphasizes public’s role in preventing violence: ‘We are not a police state’

Immediately After Interviewing Parkland Students, Fox News Invites Criticism Of Them

Florida teen shooting survivors announce 'March for Our Lives' demonstration in Washington

Florida students turn to activism in wake of shooting

Fla. shooting survivors vow not to return to school until Congress takes action

Former Trump aide Richard Gates to plead guilty; agrees to testify against Manafort, sources say

Pentagon budget euphoria could be short-lived

Top U.S. officials tell the world to ignore Trump’s tweets 

David Gergen: Trump's attacks on media pose 'growing' threat to America 

Trump administration assault on bipartisan immigration plan ensured its demise 

Mr. Trump to the ‘dreamers’: Drop dead. 

Trump, Ryan meet at Mar-a-Lago amid calls for action on gun violence

Trump takes heat for saying FBI missed shooter warnings because of Russia

Trump's anger boils over with Russia probe

Trump’s Evolution From Relief to Fury Over the Russia Indictment

Fact-checking Trump's error-filled tweetstorm about the Russia investigation 

Trump lashes out over Russia probe in angry and error-laden tweetstorm 

Trump Tweets 14 Times in 24 Hours on Russia Investigations

'They are laughing their asses off in Moscow': Trump takes on the FBI, Russia probe and 2016 election 

Donald Trump's Russia delusion bubbles over

Trump tweets another anti-CNN cartoon — this one by the same artist who drew Clinton in blackface 

Can Trump Read? President Shares Poll That Shows Democrats Ahead But Claims GOP Is Leading

Tools of Trump’s Fixer: Payouts, Intimidation and the Tabloids

Trump is having a Presidents’ Day sale


The 14 GOP senators who voted against Trump’s immigration framework

McConnell: GOP expects to lose Senate, House seats in midterms

Grassley to Trump: Tell Putin to 'butt out' of US elections

Hatch sends apology letters to Porter's ex-wives: report

3 billboards near Miami are trolling Sen. Marco Rubio after the Florida school massacre

Mueller names social media accounts in indictment — here are the tweets

Protesters escorted out of GOP fundraiser with chants of ‘no more guns’

Florida students chant 'you are responsible' at gun control protest

‘People are angry’: Pain turns political in Parkland after school shooting 

Five key takeaways from the Russian indictments

The rise of ‘Putin’s chef,’ the Russian oligarch accused of manipulating the U.S. election 

McMaster says evidence of Russian interference is ‘now really incontrovertible’ as he woos European allies 

New White House security clearance policy could put ‘bull’s eye’ on Kushner 

Haley to address AIPAC conference; Trump-Netanyahu to meet March 5

Dems say GOP focus on mental health is redirection from gun control

Mueller’s new indictments put the pressure on Trump to act 

Trump fumes over 'Fake News Media' as he distances himself from Russia indictments

Trump breaks with McMaster: Election results 'were not impacted or changed by the Russians'

People have strong reactions to the president's smiling visit to Parkland victims

'Shame on You!' Student Tells Trump at Florida Anti-Gun Rally

Stoneman Douglas student Emma Gonzalez rips Trump’s response to Parkland shooting in powerful speech

Trump says FBI missed Florida shooter warnings spending 'too much time trying to prove Russian collusion'

Trump: Dems could have passed gun control under Obama

Trump has a unique chance to get something major done on gun control — if he feels like it


House passes changes to Americans With Disabilities Act over activists’ objections 

Dreamers’ Fate Is Now Tied to Border Wall and Other G.O.P. Immigration Demands

GOP looks for Plan B after failure of immigration measures

Sen. Jeff Flake: President Trump shouldn't be impeached, but his behavior is bad for national security

Republicans just got some much-needed good news on the recruiting front

Romney makes Utah Senate bid official

The NRA Placed Big Bets on the 2016 Election, and Won Almost All of Them (interesting facts)

Special counsel Mueller: Russians conducted 'information warfare' against US during election to help Donald Trump win

Mueller charges Russian nationals for meddling in US election

Mueller indicts 13 Russians for interfering in US election

Mueller indicts 13 Russian nationals over 2016 election interference

Russian troll farm, 13 suspects indicted for interference in U.S. election 

Robert Mueller just made it impossible for Trump to call the special counsel probe a 'total hoax'

4 things we learned from the indictment of 13 Russians in the Mueller investigation

Five things to know about the Russian indictments

How to disrupt an election: Fake IDs, fraud and Facebook

How the Russians did it 

Here are some of the most important quotes from Mueller's indictment of Russians

This Is What $1.25 Million Dollars a Month Bought the Russians

There’s No Longer Any Doubt

Clinton aide on Mueller indictments: Russia 'laughing at us' and 'will act again'

Cummings: Mueller's Russia Indictments Indicate Trump Cover-Up

Judge lashes out at ‘unacceptable’ delays in setting trial of Manafort and Gates in Mueller probe 

The FBI said it failed to act on a tip warning of the suspected Florida school shooter's potential for violence 

Rick Scott says FBI director Wray should resign over Florida shooting

A ‘Mass Shooting Generation’ Cries Out for Change

Five states allow guns to be seized before someone can commit violence 

Alleged Florida shooter member of school rifle team given NRA grant: report

As gun debate rages, Trump changes the subject

4 basic questions about the AR-15 

Pelosi: Gun victims 'paying the price for our inaction'

Feingold to Speaker Ryan: “Have You No Shame”

Corn and Ponnuru on Russia probe indictments, Florida school 

Kelly makes changes to White House security clearance process after abuse allegations against top aide 

More than 40 percent of Trump's first Cabinet-level picks have faced ethical or other controversies 

Trump's Cabinet has been rocked by a number of ethics scandals — here's a complete guide

Inflation and Stocks Are Both Up, and That’s Stirring Some Worries

How the New Tax Law Could Slow Disaster Recovery in Small Towns

Commerce recommends Trump restrict imports of steel and aluminum, escalating trade conflict

Bannon refuses to answer questions not pre-approved by the White House

Fact Checker Analysis The White House's spin that its budget reduces the deficit by $3 trillion

Trump meets Florida shooting victims, first responders

Vice mayor of BrowardCounty calls Trump a hypocrite ahead of Florida visit

The NRA Placed Big Bets on the 2016 Election, and Won Almost All of Them (interesting facts)

Trump's gas tax would wipe out 60% of tax cut benefit for individuals, analyst estimates

Trump gets recommendation for steep curbs on imported steel, risking trade war

Trump claims Democrats 'abandoned' DACA recipients, even though he canceled the program last year

Trump: New Mueller indictments show campaign 'did nothing wrong'

Fact Checker  Analysis Video: Trump's repeated claim the United States has spent $7 trillion in the Middle East

German defense minister slams Trump’s military-heavy approach to security 

The latest alleged Trump affair cover up is a damningly familiar tale 

Trump’s Stormy Daniels problem gets worse

Donald Trump Affair With Playboy Model Karen McDougal Detailed in Ronan Farrow New Yorker Piece


Senate rejects Trump immigration plan

Senate rejects immigration bills after Trump veto threat

GOP senators float fallback plan to protect Dreamers

Bipartisan amnesty dies in Senate; McCain plan also fails

Immigration bills fail in Senate, casting doubt on whether Congress can resolve fate of ‘dreamers’ 

Bipartisan DACA, border security deal fails in Senate, putting immigration bill's future in doubt

Nearly 100 immigration plans never given chance despite ‘open debate’ talk

Both sides of immigration fight unhappy with Senate debate

Senators fume after immigration bill failure

Ted Cruz: Republicans moving to the left of Obama on immigration, will lose majority 

Graham blasts Homeland Security statement as 'poisonous'

House GOP pushes hardline immigration plan as Senate deals fail

Republicans leave immigrants’ lives hanging in the balance, say it’s time to move on

Immigration bills fail in Congress, leaving ‘dreamers’ in limbo 

The Congressional Stalemate Over Guns and Immigration Isn't Going Away

GOP chairman: Congress should rethink CDC ban on gun violence research

The Finance 202: Gas tax divides Republicans 

Romney’s Trump feud looms over Utah Senate race

Republican Kevin Cramer to run for Senate in North Dakota in boost for GOP 

White House blames 'Schumer Democrats' for defeat of Trump immigration plan

Jeff Sessions’ absurd response to the Parkland school shooting

Student who survived Florida shooting pleads with Trump and Congress: 'Please, take action' 

America’s Failure to Protect Its Children from School Shootings Is a National Disgrace

Casting blame on Russia probe, far-right fumes at FBI in aftermath of Florida shooting 

White Nationalist Leader: Shooter Was One of Us

Officials Haven't Found Evidence Linking Florida Shooting Suspect To White Supremacists (UPDATE)

After Florida, is the tide finally turning on gun control?

Obama ran out of words on mass shootings. Trump has struggled to find them. 

Tillerson meets with Turkish leader without translator in break from protocol

Activists for disabled fear House bill would gut Americans With Disabilities Act

Gates close to plea deal with Mueller in Russia probe: report

CNN Exclusive: At least 100 White House officials served with 'interim' security clearances until November

Reince Priebus says the Trump administration's chaos issue is far worse than reported

Gabrielle Giffords: 'If Congress Won't Act, American Voters Must'

Democrats go on defense as the Republican tax plan grows more popular

Trump Says Florida Students Should Have Done More To Prevent Deadly Shooting

Trump: Making schools safer is 'top priority' after Florida shooting

Trump administration stakes out bipartisan ground in gun debate

Student who survived Florida shooting pleads with Trump and Congress: 'Please, take action' 

'President Trump, please do something!' - Grieving mother demands answers after daughter is killed in Florida school shooting

New York Post to Trump: 'Please act' on gun control

Trump may release a prisoner from Guantanamo

Trump Wants to End States' Power to Make Food Stamps More Accessible During Recessions

Trump budget seeks 23 percent cut at EPA, eliminating dozens of programs 

Reince Priebus says the Trump administration's chaos issue is far worse than reported

LeBron James: Donald Trump doesn’t ‘give a f—k about people’


Trump backs GOP immigration plan, rejects limited approach on ‘dreamers’ 

Immigration debate slows in Senate

Senate reaches bipartisan DACA deal, but Trump vows to veto anything short of his demands

Bipartisan group reaches deal on immigration, fulfilling some Trump demands 

McConnell keeps firm grip on immigration debate

New immigration plan from Colorado’s Gardner, Bennet would bolster border security, include parts of the Dream Act

Senators criticize Trump budget request for IRS

The Memo: Frustrated Republicans urge White House to turn the page

GOP women chafe at Trump’s mixed signals on abuse charges

People are defecting from the GOP. But not to the Democrats

Romney postpones announcement on Senate race after shooting

Report: Mitt Romney to announce US Senate run in Utah on Thursday

Grassley ‘incensed’ by Sessions criticism of proposed sentencing reform legislation

Pence on Porter: WH could've handled better

Tillerson rejects Israeli official’s claim that US is ‘not in the game’ in Syria

White House National Economic Council official resigns over security clearance

The Health 202: Planned Parenthood goes on the offense 

The 'winning' continues as Walmart announces another massive round of layoffs

Amended disability bill takes us back to a darker time

Underfunding the State Department could hurt U.S. exports — and U.S. companies 

ICE launches new immigration sweeps in L.A. area; at least 100 detained so far

Bharara trolls WH: Every member of Mueller's team has a permanent security clearance

The Rob Porter scandal engulfing the White House is now under congressional investigation 

The White House’s evolving explanations in the Rob Porter scandal are making less and less sense 

Adam Schiff: Dems Won't Revise FISA Memo Response

Elizabeth Warren makes a bold statement about Trump and 'Pocahontas' — and 2020, too, it seems

House Dem asks Trump to ‘get off his ass’ to do something about school shooting

Dems vie to win back blue-collar voters in pivotal Pa. race

Trump backs GOP immigration plan, rejects limited approach on ‘dreamers’ 

Trump's recent economic plans could hurt the white working-class voters who backed him 

President Trump signed these Medicare changes into law. Here’s what to watch for

Trump suggests 25 cent increase in gas tax, senator says

We're about to get the clearest picture yet on how far Trump will go to wreck Obamacare

Donald Trump's Dangerous Game 

Trump Has Good Instincts but Lacks Know-How

Amid Rob Porter controversy, Trump declares he's 'totally opposed to domestic violence' 

Trump's military parade would cost between $10 million and $30 million, White House budget director says

Trump's approval rating has dropped in every state but one over the past year


Republicans lose fear of deficits

Conservatives lash out at GOP spending binge

Will Republicans be able to dismantle the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? 

McConnell wants to wrap up immigration debate this week

The Senate’s main players on immigration legislation

GOP senator calls Trump's immigration plan the 'best and final offer' as debate starts

House GOP leaders will whip conservative immigration bill

Burned by the budget, right warns Ryan on immigration

Trump spars with GOP lawmakers on steel tariffs

GOP worries North Dakota Senate race is lost without Kevin Cramer

Politician quits after comparing immigrants to ‘rabid raccoons’

FBI director contradicts White House account on background investigation of aide accused of spousal abuse 

FBI chief contradicts White House account on Porter background check

The Memo: Porter saga exposes bare tensions in Trump’s White House

WH official to WaPo: Kelly handling of Porter saga 'amounts to dereliction of duty'

WH banned new interim security clearances late last year: report

White House reels as FBI director contradicts official claims about alleged abuser 

White House plays defense after FBI testimony

Sarah Sanders is at her worst at a strange time — when she’s talking about respect for women 

People are leaving the Trump White House in record numbers

Russia planning a replay for 2018 vote, intel chiefs warn

The nation’s top spies said Russia is continuing to target the U.S. political system 

Ex-CIA analyst: Trump giving Russia 'green light' to interfere in US elections

US security chief calls national debt 'a dire threat'

A White House Budget Fit for the King of Debt

11 (mostly bad) ways Trump's budget would have an impact on you, Jersey

White House budget proposal includes huge deficits, cuts in safety net 

Dems block McConnell from setting up immigration votes

Trump would cut more in federal infrastructure spending than he proposes to add, Democrats say

Maxine Waters tears into Kelly: 'He has no credibility'

Booker to stop accepting donations from corporate PACs

Internal Dem polling shows Trump's standing on the rise

Democrat Margaret Good Flips Seat in Florida, The 36th Democratic Flip Since Trump's Inauguration

Democrat wins state race in Florida 

Pennsylvania's Democratic governor rejects Republican legislature's redrawn congressional maps for being too partisan

36 people who could challenge Trump in 2020

Trump calls immigration debate ‘last chance’ for action as Senate weighs competing plans 

Second US judge blocks Trump from ending DACA program

Trump spars with GOP lawmakers on steel tariffs

The Daily 202: Trump budget highlights disconnect between populist rhetoric and plutocrat reality 

Trump's budget sheds light on plans for welfare reform

Trump wants to cut back on food stamps for the poor and substitute with packaged food deliveries

Trump Budget Calls for Work Requirements for Housing Aid

Trump's budget may delay future tax refunds

Trump Proposes Unprecedented Expansion of School Choice

Trump still unconvinced Russia meddled in 2016 election

It's the Super Bowl of wonks, but will Trump really listen?

Trump’s Net Approval Rating Is Positive in Just 19 States, Half As Many As At the Start of His Presidency

In 49 States, Trump Is Even Less Popular Now Than He Was on Inauguration Day

Trump's lawyer says he paid adult film star out of his own pocket

Longtime Trump attorney says he made $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels with his money 


AP News in Brief at 11:04 p.m. EST 2/13/18

Senate to start DREAMer debate and anything could happen

Senate braces for showdown over ‘Dreamers’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell throws his weight behind immigration bill that mirrors President Donald Trump's demands

The Daily 202: Freewheeling immigration debate in Senate will test power of conservative outside groups 

Politico: Susan Collins "explodes" at broken promise to hold vote on guaranteeing health insurer pay

All the Trump Budget Cuts Congress Will Ignore

Kansas senator says Trump pledged not to cut crop insurance. Trump’s budget cuts it

Alabama congressman writes off domestic abuse as ‘soap opera news’

Big Republican Advantages Are Eroding in the Race for House Control

Will GOP Women Take A Stand Against President Donald Trump? 

GOP candidate's parents make max donations to his Dem opponent

Juan Williams: The GOP has been corrupted by Trump

America's foreign policy muscle is withering -- as China beefs up its own

Justice Dept. proposes eliminating office that helps communities combat racial conflict

Jeff Sessions Faces Fresh Racism Charge After Praising ‘Anglo-American Heritage of Law Enforcement’

By deporting 200,000 Salvadorans, Trump may be boosting gang recruitment 

A Pentagon chart misleadingly suggests the U.S. is falling behind in a nuclear arms race 

Melinda Gates: President Trump’s ‘Misguided’ Budget Shows U.S. Doesn’t Care About Women and Children

State Department, USAID Face Drastic Budget Cut

Trump budget trifecta: Plan aims to gut Obamacare, roll back Medicaid expansion, cut Medicare

Trump’s budget hits poor Americans the hardest 

White House budget plan proposes cutting CFPB budget, restricting enforcement powers 

Trump budget proposes elimination of public TV, arts funding

The 22 agencies and programs Trump's budget would eliminate

Five questions about the new Trump budget and health issues

Drain the swamp? The meaning becomes muddy

The Selective Empathy of #MeToo Backlash

White House declines to answer key questions about Porter timeline

Trump defense of aide accused of domestic abuse collides with the 

Why it matters that the White House can’t get its story straight on Rob Porter 

Rob Porter is my ex-husband. Here’s what you should know about abuse.

Rob Porter Scandal Epitomizes Trump’s Sleazy Administration

Democrats say infrastructure plan burdens local gov’t

Democrats lack plan, concessions for deal to protect Dreamers as immigration debate begins

How Nancy Pelosi ginned up $50 million for Democrats in 2017

Chuck Schumer just dropped a big hint about Democrats' midterm election campaign strategy

Trump releases 2019 budget with $3 trillion in cuts

The Trump administration's $200 billion infrastructure plan unveiled Monday includes a mix of grants and loans

Trump Infrastructure Plan Wants to Stop ‘Overreliance’ on Federal Money

Trump budget calls for 2% reductions in discretionary spending after 2019

White House budget proposes increase to defense spending and cuts to safety net, but federal deficit would remain 

State Department, USAID Face Drastic Budget Cut

Trump budget trifecta: Plan aims to gut Obamacare, roll back Medicaid expansion, cut Medicare

Trump wants to overhaul America’s safety net with giant cuts to housing, food stamps and health care 

Trump’s budget hits poor Americans the hardest 

Five questions about the new Trump budget and health issues

White House budget plan proposes cutting CFPB budget, restricting enforcement powers 

Trump budget proposes elimination of public TV, arts funding

The 22 agencies and programs Trump's budget would eliminate

Trump administration wants to sell National and Dulles airports, other assets around U.S. 

Trump: Not sure Israel truly wants peace, settlements ‘complicate’ peacemaking


GOP senators offer stiff security plan as ante in immigration debate

Up next in the Senate: Immigration. And nobody knows what will happen. 

In big reversal, new Trump budget will give up on longtime Republican goal of eliminating deficit 

Trump, GOP at new crossroads on deficit

Rand Paul rails against 'wasteful spending' after forcing brief government shutdown

Paul: Deficit spending no better under Republicans

Freedom Caucus chairman on budget deal: 'The swamp won and the American taxpayer lost'

Conservative GOP rep has 'big concerns' with Speaker Ryan

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan: Paul Ryan has 'got problems'

G.O.P. Squirms as Trump Veers Off Script With Abuse Remarks

Flake: White House saying it could have handled Porter allegations better an understatement

Flake: It's not a joking matter to call someone treasonous

Devin Nunes wants ‘ridiculous’ Democratic memo released

Devin Nunes creates his own alternative news site

Sen. Bob Corker's second thoughts on retiring

Where there is abuse, there is cover-up': Rob Porter's ex-wife slams Trump for supporting former aid after abuse allegations

Conway: Trump has 'full confidence' in Kelly

Conway: 'I have no reason not to believe the women' accusing Porter

Mulvaney: Trump 'absolutely not' discussing Kelly's departure

White House aides defend chief of staff John F. Kelly, insist Trump is not looking for replacements 

Trump officials do damage control after staff turmoil

Ginsburg: 'Macho atmosphere' dominated 2016 election

Schiff: Trump doesn’t want to release Dem memo because it 'undermines his claim of vindication'

Gillibrand: If Trump wants due process, we'll have hearings on allegations against him

GOP praises, Dems question tax-cut boost in paychecks

Senator: Dems can be ‘flexible’ on Trump’s wall

102 Democrats in Congress urge Trump not to cut Palestinian aid

White House to unveil $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan

Trump to roll out plan to overhaul US infrastructure

Trump's budget to request border wall funding

Trump budget to include billions to combat opioid epidemic

The Trump administration wants to turn the International Space Station into a commercially run venture, NASA document shows


Texas GOP lawmaker: Trump wall 'expensive and least effective’ security plan

Pro-Trump GOP lawmaker calls for release of Dem memo, says Americans deserve to see it

Rand Paul revels in role of Senate troublemaker

Meghan McCain says John McCain 'doing really good' in cancer fight

Justice Department's No. 3 official to resign

Questions swirl about aide's security clearance

Rob Porter's not the only one — the Trump White House has been plagued by people not getting security clearances

Nicolle Wallace: Why don't women in White House 'walk out'?

Hope Hicks: The quiet one in Trump’s White House suddenly feels the glare 

White House under John Kelly is not so calm and competent after all 

EPA chief’s questions about climate science draw new scrutiny

Schumer, Pelosi rip Trump's decision to block Dem memo

Schumer: Orthodox Jews should have done more to oppose Trump over rising hate

Speier: Trump's view on harassment 'beyond rehabilitation'

Trump Sold a $40 Million Estate to a Russian Oligarch for $100 Million—and a Democratic Senator Wants to Know Why

Trump picks fight against the #MeToo movement

Very turbulent’: Trump and White House consumed with turmoil amid abuse allegations 

As domestic abuse claims roil the White House, Trump says lives are being ruined ‘by a mere allegation’ 

As list of Trump White House scandals grows, so does women’s disapproval 

New York Times: Trump standing by Hope Hicks amid Porter scandal

President Who Loves Making False Accusations Suddenly Pleads 'Due Process'

Bernstein: No modern president lied like Trump

Trump could be a danger to U.S. democracy, authors say

Poll finds almost no one thinks Trump's military parade is a good idea

Trump Hires Russian, Chinese Generals To Consult On Military Parade, Saying “I Want The Pros Involved” (JOKE)


Trump signs massive spending deal into law and ends year's second government shutdown

Trump signs budget deal ending shutdown

Brief government shutdown ends as Trump signs spending bill

House passes deal to end shutdown

Rand Paul calls out hypocrisy of GOP in the Trump era

Congress is spending as if we’re in a recession instead of saving up to fight the next one

Massive infusion of spending ends era of restraint for federal agencies, Pentagon 

In budget deal, new signs of clipped wings among GOP’s fiscal hawks

Congress raids the Federal Reserve's piggy bank once again, this time to help pay for the new budget deal

With Budget Deal, the G.O.P. Tosses Out the Economics Textbooks

Winners and losers from the overnight shutdown

12 of the most important things in Congress’s massive spending deal 

Today's Massive Budget Deal Makes Big Medicare Changes

The Senseless $15 Billion Tax Giveaway Buried In The Budget Deal

Bitter immigration fight is no closer to ending after budget deal passes

Will budget deal cause economy to overheat? More debt, stimulus could hurt economy

Budget Deficits Are Projected to Balloon Under the Bipartisan Spending Deal

The Dow has now lost over 40 percent of what it added during Trump’s presidency 

US weekly jobless claims total 221,000, vs 232,000 expected

Iowa could lose thousands of jobs with NAFTA pullout. But is the hit 4,900 or 138,000 jobs?

Full Interview: Vice President Mike Pence from Pyeong Chang

Jeff Sessions Says People Should 'Tough It Out' and Take Aspirin Instead of Opioids

White House reportedly knew about the abuse claims against Rob Porter for a year, but kept him on the job

Kelly offers account of Porter exit that some White House aides consider untrue 

With John Kelly under fire, Mick Mulvaney reportedly emerges as possible next Trump chief of staff

John Kelly reportedly told Trump he’s willing to resign

Second White House official departs amid abuse allegations, which he denies 

Shields and Brooks on budget deal economics, White House domestic 

Military Times: 89 Percent of Readers Reject Trump's Parade

Even the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden thinks Trump’s military parade is a bad idea 

What’s Trump’s parade really about? His bottomless insecurity. 

For the first time, Democrats can win the House just by winning the closest races 

The Latest: Democrats criticize Trump decision on their memo

Democrats see no leverage left to push DACA fix with budget deal done

In Pennsylvania, tax arguments from Dems, GOP get early test

Trump signs massive spending deal into law and ends year's second government shutdown

Trump signs budget deal ending shutdown

Brief government shutdown ends as Trump signs spending bill

Trump Budget to Target Drug Prices, Out-of-Pocket Costs, Azar Says

Trump will not immediately release Democrats’ memo on FBI surveillance 

Trump won’t release Democratic memo over security concerns, asks for revisions

Breaking with tradition, Trump skips president’s written intelligence report and relies on oral briefings 

Dan Coats’s over-the-top defense of Trump’s intelligence briefings 

Trump on former White House aide: 'He says he's innocent' 

What Donald Trump gets dead wrong in his Rob Porter defense

Trump frustrated with Hicks' role in Porter scandal

Fact Checker  Analysis President Trump’s claim that ‘wages are now, for the first time in many years, rising’

Trump administration may target immigrants who use food aid, other benefits

Trump admin considers rule that could limit immigrants' ability to stay in US

Trump wants to deport immigrants who use public benefits

Trump tells Israel it will also have to make ‘hard compromises for peace’

Trump should listen to urgent Gaza warning


Senate passes sweeping spending bill, sends measure to House for crucial vote to end government shutdown 
2:05 AM 2/9/18

Senate votes to reopen government, passes budget deal

Dow plummets more than 1,000 points, closing below 24,000

Dow plunges more than 1,000 points, falls into correction territory

Asian markets drop sharply after Dow dips into correction territory 

Here's why the stock market is in turmoil and why it's not likely to end anytime soon

Government shuts down for second time in three weeks as spending plan stalls in Senate

A government shutdown will begin at midnight. The Senate has recessed until 12:01 a.m. without passing a spending bill. 

Congress to miss shutdown deadline as Senate goes into recess

Rand Paul blocking spending vote, says can't 'look the other way'

Senate stumbles shutdown, as Rand Paul blocks vote

Frustrated Republicans accuse Paul of forcing pointless shutdown

What you need to know about the Senate budget deal

The giant Senate budget deal includes some huge changes for Americans' health care

Budget deal is brimming with special tax breaks

Paul Ryan says he has the votes for budget deal

The Memo: Nunes ‘bombshell’ fails to move debate

Here's an Actual Nazi on CNN. He's Running Unopposed for a Republican Nomination to Congress.

House Intel committee infighting so fierce, wall could soon divide staff: Report

The Daily 202: Improving poll numbers give Republicans hope that the midterms might not be so bad 

U.S. troops may be at risk of ‘mission creep’ after a deadly battle in the Syrian desert 

Dozens at White House lack permanent security clearances 

John Kelly’s credibility is at risk after defending aide accused of domestic violence 

The White House’s Rob Porter debacle is a sign of incompetence or hubris — or both 

White House officials knew about Porter's abuse allegations and scrambled to protect him

Hope Hicks, elusive Trump aide, in the spotlight amid Rob Porter scandal 

Porter ex-wife: He asked me to downplay abuse

Mattis says U.S. service members in DACA will generally not be deported

EPA’s Scott Pruitt asks whether global warming ‘necessarily is a bad thing’ 

Ben Carson, or the tale of the disappearing Cabinet secretary 


CNN Key Races: Strong fundraising shifts several House races in Democrats' favor

How Eric Holder Plans to Break Republicans' Statehouse Control

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner texted with Russian oligarch lobbyist in effort to contact dossier author Christopher Steele

Trump Is All Talk On Iran

Trump wants a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. Does this look like America

Fact Checker  Analysis
President Trump’s claim that ‘thousands and thousands’ of
 MS-13 members are off the streets

White Women in the Rustbelt Are Turning on Trump

White House to give phones to senior advisers for political calls


McConnell tees up budget deal

Senate leaders announce two-year budget deal

Mitch McConnell says Senate leaders have reached a major budget deal

Senate leaders agree to two-year budget deal

Sweeping budget deal would add $500 billion in federal spending, end months of partisan wrangling 

What are spending caps?

Senate budget deal includes $20 billion for infrastructure projects

Senate budget deal includes $2B boost for NIH

Sanford: Debt & deficit require presidential leadership

Can Speaker Ryan Convince House Republicans to Support the Budget Deal?

Exclusive: Pressure grows on Paul Ryan to commit to immigration debate

Paul Ryan ducks CNN reporter's memo question

Republicans are completely reversing themselves on the deficit

Washington is on track for more government spending and bigger deficits — even under Republican control

NJ Politics Digest: Paul Ryan’s Tax Cut Tweet Targeted in NJ Races

The fatal flaw of the Nunes memo conspiracy theories, in one exchange 

The GOP’s Coming ObamacareCapitulation

GOP worries about top recruit facing McCaskill

Cory Gardner’s siege of the Justice Department over marijuana enters second month

Pennsylvania Republican Wants to Impeach Justices Who Threw Out Gerrymandered Map

Worries swirl despite stocks’ rebound Stocks rebound; stimulus worries rise

John Kelly’s Immigrant Bashing Lands Him in Hot Water

FBI: No evidence of homicide in border agent’s death cited by Trump 

Russia successfully hacked into voter rolls during 2016 election

Voters think lawmakers care more about party than country. How will that play out in midterms? 

Democrats slam Republican tax cut for $97 billion wave in corporate share buybacks

Democrats Need to Win 28 Seats to Control the Senate. Republicans Need Only 8.

Nancy Pelosi’s filibuster-style speech tops eight hours in bid to force immigration votes 

Trump: Wall Street sell-off would be 'big mistake'

Pressure builds on Trump to release Dem countermemo

Trump administration to release new policy on transgender troops

Trump continues to cast some immigrants as criminals

Trump keeps flip-flopping on an interview with Mueller  

Trump sees 'BOMBSHELLS' in FBI texts about Clinton email probe

Trump keeps giving Republicans reasons to bang their heads against the wall 

Former general rains on Trump’s grand parade


House passes stopgap spending measure with defense money

Senate leaders see two-year budget deal within their grasp 

Top Senate leaders negotiating budget deal to keep government open 

Senate leaders near two-year budget deal to prevent shutdown

Shutdown less likely as Senate closes in on budget agreement

Hatch introduces bipartisan bill to clarify cross-border data policies

Republican agenda clouded by division

Do Republicans want to ban abortion after 20 weeks with no exceptions? 

Devin Nunes' Trumpian media strategy 

The Nunes memo is looking like a bust for Trump 

Commentary: Nunes tried to discredit the FBI. Instead, he proved it's onto something.

Nunes Refused to Tell House Intel What’s Next for His DOJ-FBI Probe

Trump dossier author misled FBI, Grassley says in criminal referral to Justice Dept.

Where Do Republicans Go From Here?

The cowardice among Republicans is staggering 

A new nuclear arms race is upon us

The World Doesn’t Need Any More Nuclear Strategies

Pence does not rule out meeting with North Korean officials during Asia trip 

Pentagon: War in Afghanistan will cost $45 billion in 2018

Tillerson: Russia already looking to interfere in 2018 midterms

Mattis: Plans for new U.S. nuclear weapon could be bargaining chip with Russia

New documents show how Mueller quickly expanded investigation

John Kelly treats Trump "like a mushroom," according to White House ally

Citizenship question drives uncertainty over 2020 census

Quality medical care in rural communities is out of reach for millions

Carter Page speaks out — and struggles — after explosive memo

Joe Lieberman: We’re well beyond partisanship, our national government has lost civility

Rep. Adam Schiff: FISA court knew of political bias, never saw ‘salacious’ part of dossier

Dems say Trump will look like he has something to hide if he avoids Muller interview

Speier on Trump's desire for military parade: 'We have a Napoleon in the making'

Pelosi tries to force House vote on Nunes memo

Sen. Tammy Duckworth: I swore an oath to the Constitution, not to clap when Trump demands 

Holder redistricting group targets GOP control in states

Dems pick up deep-red legislative seat in Missouri

Trump said he’d shrink the trade deficit with China. It just hit a record high.

The Trump tax cuts are looking hollow right now

White House says Trump will rely on FBI, intel advice on releasing Democratic memo

White House backtracks on Trump's statement that he would 'love' a shutdown

Trump: 'I'd love to see a shutdown' over immigration

Trump immigration plan could keep whites in U.S. majority for up to five more years 

White House Chief of Staff: Trump not expected to extend DACA deadline 

The Finance 202: Is Trump driving the stock market selloff? 

In Russia Inquiry, Lawyers Tell Trump to Refuse Mueller Interview

NYT: Fearing Perjury Trap, Trump Lawyers Say Don't Meet Mueller

Trump’s ‘marching orders’ to the Pentagon: Plan a grand military parade 

Trump has declared war on our climate — we won’t let him win

Trump was 'joking' when he accused Democrats of treason, White House says

Trump Campaign Releases Ad Slamming Dems For ‘Utterly Disgraceful’ Sitting During SOTU

Reality is catching up with Trump — everywhere

The Trouble Before the Storm


Dow Jones futures fall by 600 points after massive Monday sell-off

Dow closes down nearly 1,200 points after plunging more than 1,500 points in volatile trading 

Dow falls more than 1,000 in biggest daily point-drop ever

Here's why investors are nervous about stocks right now

Asian stocks plunge after bloodbath on Wall Street 

The Daily 202: More memos are coming. Here are six questions about ‘Phase Two’ of the Nunes investigation.

6 tortured arguments Republicans are making about the Nunes memo 

Republicans are uniting to impugn ex-spy Christopher Steele. But to what end? 

House panel clears release of Democrats’ rebuttal to GOP memo, forcing showdown with Trump 

House Intel votes to release Dem countermemo

House panel votes to release Democratic memo on Russia probe

Trump touts GOP unity, but Congress is split ahead of shutdown, immigration deadlines

With deadline looming, McConnell’s plan for Dreamer debate still unclear even to GOP

Freedom Caucus backs GOP plan to tie CR to defense spending

GOP leaders to attach defense funding to CR

The government could shut down if Congress doesn't act this week

Congress returns with just days to avoid shutdown

Yes, another government shutdown is entirely possible 

Kimberly-Clark Uses GOP Tax Break to Sucker Punch Wisconsin Workers

GOP probes put new focus on State

GOP eyes changes to Right to Try bill

New bipartisan immigration plan introduced in Senate by McCain and Coons 

Illinois Holocaust denier, Jew-hater set to be Republican nominee for Congress

Supreme Court refuses to block Pa. ruling invalidating congressional map 

Sound the alarm: National GOP breaks glass in Pennsylvania race

Poll: Most in GOP think FBI, DOJ trying to 'delegitimize' Trump

The political peril of taking credit for a booming stock market

Jerome Powell’s challenge at the Fed 

America’s crucial nuclear nonproliferation treaty with Russia

Democratic senators: Trump lacks ‘legal authority’ for preemptive, ‘bloody nose’ strike on North Korea

Meet Rep. Adam Schiff, the Democrat Trump just made the face of opposition on Russia 

Duckworth fires back at Trump: I swore an oath to the Constitution, not 'Cadet Bone Spurs'

White House responds to U.S. stocks plummeting

Trump’s stock-market mistake

The Latest: White House says economic fundamentals 'strong'

CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News Cut Away from Trump’s Economic Speech for Coverage of Dow Plunge

Trump's embarrassing split-screen moment on stocks

Trump touts GOP unity, but Congress is split ahead of shutdown, immigration deadlines

Bipartisan immigration bill surfaces, Trump knocks it down

Trump lawyers warn him against Mueller interview: report

Trump labels some Democrats 'treasonous' for their State of the Union reaction

Trump: Pelosi is GOP’s ‘secret weapon’ in midterm elections

Memo to the Public: The President Wants to Make the FBI His Instrument

Trump thought the British were protesting their health service. They weren’t. 

Some Philadelphia Eagles players skipping White House visit over Trump


Republican lawmakers distance themselves from Trump on memo 

GOP rep: I don't think memo vindicates Trump

Lawmakers dispute ‘vindication’ for Trump in Intel memo

House intelligence panel to take up Democratic memo Monday: sources

Gowdy: Memo has no impact on Russia probe

Gowdy: Surveillance warrant would not have been authorized without dossier

Gowdy: Trump should not fire Rosenstein

GOP rep: Memo doesn't give Trump reason to fire Rosenstein

Gov. Kasich: Efforts to discredit DOJ & FBI becoming 'a great alarm'

Gov. Kasich: “in my lifetime I’ve never seen this country divided like this”

GOP opponent slams Gillibrand for shifting gun control stance

Fractured GOP struggles with immigration strategy

Polls swing toward GOP, easing fears of midterm disaster

Holocaust denier is sole GOP contender in Illinois race for Congress: reports

FBI hired dossier author Steele to investigate Trump, fired him for lying about media leaks

Nunes ‘abused’ his power on intelligence committee, former CIA director says 

Austin, Texas Votes to Boycott Border Wall Businesses

How is the special election for Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District shaping up?

House Intel Dem blasts GOP rep for failing to disclose key info in Nunes memo

Durbin: 'Of course' memo does not vindicate Trump in Russia probe

House Intelligence Dem: Use of Steele dossier in FISA application 'small and insignificant'

Trump Is Probably the 'Most Dangerous' President, Schumer Says to Rally 2018 Midterm Democrats

Dems dominate GOP in cash race for key seats

Trump’s Unparalleled War on a Pillar of Society: Law Enforcement

Trump’s request for even more nuclear weapons is flawed overkill

North Korea slams Trump's State of the Union address

There’s been a mysterious change in Trump's demeanor — and no one knows why

Trump takes a thinly veiled shot at NFL protests in presidential message prior to Super Bowl

Chris Ruddy says Trump is "riding a high"


Loudest GOP voices ignore Ryan’s lead on Nunes memo, attacking FBI and Justice Dept. 

Republicans open to releasing Democrats' countermemo

GOP document alleges, doesn’t prove FBI abuses Experts dismiss memo findings

Does the GOP memo show the FBI spied on the Trump campaign? 

Once the party of law and order, Republicans are now challenging it 

This is the week that the GOP truly became the party of Trump

GOP turns Pelosi's words into weapon for tax law

Poll: Majority of Americans want Robert Mueller to interview Trump under oath

The Memo: Firestorm over Russia probe intensifies

Carter Page, Ex-Trump Aide Once Shunned by Right, Is Back at the Center of the Russia Case

Carter Page Touted Kremlin Contacts in 2013 Letter

Experts warn: Dangerous politicizing of U.S. intelligence

Inside the FBI: Anger, worry, work — and fears of lasting damage 

Panetta on memo release: 'I have never in my lifetime seen anything like this happen'

The U.S. government is set to borrow nearly $1 trillion this year, an 84 percent jump from last year

Adam Schiff: 'Misleading' FISA Memo 'Cherry-Picked' Data

Top Democrat: Nunes memo is 'deliberately misleading,' won't allow Trump to fire Rosenstein

Trump says memo release 'totally vindicates' him in Russia probe

Trump says surveillance memo vindicates him in Russia probe

Trump shares op-ed tearing into FBI over findings in Nunes memo

Trump on North Korea: ‘We have no road left'


Dow drops 666 points and posts its worst week since 2016 

Economy adds 200K jobs in January

U.S. hiring accelerates; annual wage growth strongest since 2009

11 companies that are laying off up to 2,000 N.J. workers by April

New job report statistic disproves Trump's talking point on black unemployment

The Full Text of the Nunes Memo

The full Nunes memo, annotated 

Release of disputed GOP memo on FBI surveillance unleashes waves of recrimination 

'That's it?' Nunes memo draws outrage and derision.

Sentence buried in GOP memo may undercut Trump efforts to discredit Russia probe 

6 key takeaways from the GOP memo alleging FBI bias in the Russia investigation

Five takeaways from the Nunes surveillance memo

Memo: Papadopoulos info triggered FBI's Russia investigation

What the Nunes memo actually proves (Not much)

The Surprise in the Nunes Memo

GOP memo alleges bias against Trump in FBI probe

The memo’s description of a supposedly key news report is wrong 

Partisanship is shaping people’s views on the GOP memo 

Comey underwhelmed by GOP memo: ‘That’s it?’

The Trump White House’s laughable spin that releasing the Nunes memo is all about ‘transparency’ 

Nunes: I did not read material summarized in the memo

Devin Nunes admits he didn't view the underlying intelligence his memo was based on

Sen. John McCain on Nunes memo release: 'We are doing Putin's job for him'

GOP lawmaker accuses FBI of treason after anti-Trump bias memo released

The Nunes memo is a giant, damaging distraction

5 Points On How The Nunes Memo Is Basically One Big Self-Own

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta discusses GOP memo release

CNN legal analyst rips Nunes memo: It's 'an embarrassment to the United States Congress'

Chris Wallace on Nunes Memo: ‘I Wouldn’t Say It’s Worse Than Watergate’

‘The Memo’ eclipses agenda at GOP’s policy retreat

Congress barrels toward spending deadline with no deal in sight

House presses Senate GOP on filibuster reform

NJ Politics Digest: GOP Incumbents Lag in Congressional Fundraising

Nunes opponent raises over $100k in campaign donations amid memo controversy

FBI director addresses staff in internal video, sources say

AG Sessions in wake of explosive memo: ‘No department is perfect’

Shields and Brooks on the Nunes memo aftermath, Trump’s State of the Union bump

Mulvaney shakes up consumer bureau office that polices racism in lending

Pentagon unveils new nuclear weapons strategy, ending Obama-era push to reduce U.S. arsenal 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: ‘As long as I can do the job full steam, I will be here’

Senator seeks documents on Russia money links to the NRA 

Top Dem on Russia: Trump doesn't like people 'questioning his greatness'

Trump: Allegations in memo 'a disgrace'

Trump claims Russia-probe memo vindicates him; Dems say no

Trump threatens tariffs on China for refusing to help deportations

Trump’s tax cuts are rocketing us into the debt ceiling 

Trump’s speech ratings were even worse than you might have thought 

Trump said to mull unveiling peace plan even if Abbas maintains boycott

Federal workers on edge over Trump call for firing power

A ‘winning’ presidency for Trump is one with no compromising 


Senate GOP leader cautions Nunes on FBI memo

Battle over Nunes memo tests Congress’ ability to oversee FBI

The director of the FBI seems prepared to publicly dispute the Nunes memo once it is released

The GOP’s big tax-cut gamble appears to be paying dividends 

The G.O.P. Tax Cut Is Draining the Treasury Even Faster Than Expected

Federal government will be unable to pay all bills sooner than expected, due to new tax law 

As shutdown deadline looms, GOP leaders eye yet another short-term spending bill

The Freedom Caucus Is Flirting with Another Government Shutdown

House planning vote to keep government open until March 22

U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin urges Congress to raise debt ceiling as another shutdown looms

House GOP warming to ObamaCare fix

Republican National Committee has huge financial edge heading into 2018 midterms 

Trump’s optimism faces reality check in divided Congress and GOP 

Trump urges compromise as US Republicans wrestle with immigration

This ‘safe’ Republican congressman is losing the race for campaign cash

Pennsylvania GOP Leader Refuses Court Order to Turn Over Gerrymandering Data

After Four Years of High Achievement, Janet Yellen May Be Leaving the Fed at the Right Time

Charles Lane: Yellen, more than Obama or Trump, gets credit for good economy

Trump doesn’t deserve the credit for the economy. Neither does Obama. 

How much credit should Trump get for the economy?

Furor grows over Nunes intel memo

Getting to the Bottom of the Memo Cesspool

House Intel Dem: Nunes should be off panel 'yesterday'

Dems vow to repeal parts of GOP tax law

Black Dems take lead in push to impeach Trump

Trump to approve release of GOP memo Friday over objections from law enforcement, intelligence community 

‘Never any hesitation’: Trump was quickly persuaded to support memo’s release 

Sean Hannity Has Been Advising Donald Trump on the Nunes Memo, Because of Course He Has

Sean Hannity denies report about advising Trump on Nunes memo: 'A total lie, fake news'

Trump’s optimism faces reality check in divided Congress and GOP 

Trump urges compromise as US Republicans wrestle with immigration

Trump mocks 'the resistance' at RNC winter meeting

How much credit should Trump get for the economy?

Trump claims his State of the Union ratings were highest ever. Obama, Bush and Clinton had higher 

Trump’s Speech vs. Trump’s Tweets

Trump stuck to the script but gave Americans nothing of substance

The Many Failed Vindications of Donald J. Trump

Trump administration strips consumer watchdog office of enforcement powers in lending discrimination cases 

Trump administration takes aim at California desert protection plan

In confronting North Korea, Trump risks disaster 


Rep. Trey Gowdy announces plans to retire, return to justice system

GOP faces new shutdown threat from within

GOP lawmakers say Trump would make mistake in firing Rosenstein

FBI challenges accuracy of GOP’s surveillance memo 

Schiff accuses Nunes of altering memo before sharing it with Trump for release 

FBI Expresses 'Grave Concerns' About Releasing Memo

The FBI’s extraordinary public rebuke of the Nunes memo — and President Trump 

CDC director resigns over financial conflicts including stock in tobacco, beer and soda companies

White House seeks 72 percent cut to clean energy research, underscoring administration’s preference for fossil fuels 

Sears lays off 220 employees at corporate headquarters: CNBC

NAACP event delivers different view of State of the Union 

Jewish groups criticize Trump on immigration, praise him on Iran

'Dreamers' turn their backs on Trump’s immigration policy

Congress’s telling body language during six key moments of Trump’s State of the Union address

Ugly Undertones Shade Trump’s State of the Union

The Divisiveness of Trump’s State of the Union

A uniquely depressing State of the Union 

The myth of the Trump reset is finally dead 

Democrats to Trump: Not good enough

Withdrawal of U.S. envoy candidate and tough talk from Trump worry South Korea 

U.S. extends provisional residency for 6,000 Syrians rather than deporting them to war zone 

Mueller Zeros In on Story Put Together About TrumpTower Meeting

Mueller to question former spokesman of Trump legal team: source

Mueller wants to know if Trump pressured Jeff Sessions for recusing himself

Trump decided to release an allegedly dangerous memo containing classified information — without even reviewing it 

FBI chief has 'grave concerns,' clashes with Trump over GOP memo

Trump-FBI feud over classified memo erupts into open conflict 

With FBI statement on memo, Christopher Wray could now be in the president’s crosshairs 

Exclusive: Trump asked Rosenstein if he was 'on my team'

Robert Reich: Trump’s Coming After Medicare and Social Security Next

The Transcript of Trump’s State of the Union Address

Poll: 75 percent of State of the Union viewers approved of Trump's address (read entire poll)

Trump talks togetherness while pushing partisan agenda in State of the Union

Trump preaches cooperation, but can he follow through?

Analysis: Trump speech puts emotion ahead of problem-solving

Trump's State of the Union Takes Hard Line on Government Workers

Trump’s plans for immigration, infrastructure meet swift resistance in Congress

Donald Trump’s Constitution Helps the Rich

Trump’s speech exposed Trumpism’s biggest and ugliest lies 

Five takeaways from Trump’s State of the Union

Fact checking: The wrong and the misleading

What Trump didn't say in his State of the Union address

State of the Union analysis: Trump's speech was remarkable for what he didn't say

Trump just took ‘telling ordinary Americans’ stories’ to a whole new level

Trump's State Of The Union Gets Brutal Review From New York Daily News

NJ Politics Digest: Poll Shows New Jersey Really Doesn’t Like Trump


Rep. Paul Gosar wants ‘illegal aliens’ arrested at the State of the Union. That probably won’t help the GOP with Latinos. 

RNC Troubled By Steve Wynn Sexual Assault Allegations, Plans To Keep His Money Anyway

Ryan defends release of memo on alleged surveillance abuses but warns against tying it to Mueller probe 

Paul Ryan sees 'no reason' for Trump to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Collins becomes centrist power player

Senate confirms Trump’s 13th Circuit Court judge, disregards ‘blue slip’ protest

The good economy might not bail out Republicans in the midterms after all

Why we might want to be skeptical of the GOP memo criticizing the FBI 

Justice Dept. officials appealed to White House to halt release of memo alleging FBI abuses related to author of Trump dossier

Internal Justice Department probe eyes McCabe’s role in final weeks of 2016 election 

CIA cautions North Korea could nuke US within a ‘handful of months’

Companies Are On A Cheap Charm Offensive For Trump’s Tax Bill

Few U.S. adults report bonuses, raises from Republican tax law

Iowa utilities will deliver $147 million in tax reform savings to consumers

It ‘feels a bit like 2006’ for stocks and the economy. That should scare us. 

The risks of an economic 'hard landing' are rising in the US

Disagreement on North Korea policy derails White House choice for ambassador to South Korea 

Schumer: 'Slanderous' Memo Full of Innuendo, Omissions

Joe Kennedy III reacts to Trump: ‘Bullies may land a punch,’ don’t win

Van Jones Tears Into Trump’s SOTU: ‘Sweet-Tasting Candy With Poison In It’

Trump’s first State of the Union address, annotated 

Trump's State of the Union address: Live updates

Trump urges bipartisan cooperation after year of bitter feuds

Trump calls for unity, pushes GOP agenda in State of the Union speech

At the State of the Union, Trump touts tax cuts and immigration deal

Trump touts black employment rate, Congressional Black Caucus offers no reaction

Winners and losers from Trump’s State of the Union address 

CNN's Reality Check Team vets Trump's State of the Union

Fact-checking Donald Trump's 2018 State of the Union speech

Fact checking the 2018 State of the Union address 

The Hidden Extremism Of Trump’s State Of The Union

Trump pitches immigration overhaul to divided Congress during first State of the Union

6 takeaways from Donald Trump's first State of the Union speech

Angry over Israel, Trump tells Congress to give aid only to 'friends of America'

Trump booed over chain migration comments at State of the Union

Trump protesters chant 'lock him up' outside Capitol ahead of State of the Union

State of the Union puts Trump into a rare situation: a diverse audience

There's a Russia-sized cloud looming over Trump's first State of the Union address

The Memo: DOJ turmoil clouds Trump's big speech

Trump advisor Cohn: President to focus on $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan in State of the Union

Names of campaign donors to be flashed during live-stream of Trump’s State of the Union speech 
This Is Disgusting. Trump Is Using State Of The Union Speech As A Fundraiser.

Nine questions about President Trump’s businesses and possible conflicts of interest 

Trump lawyers say ‘high threshold’ for Robert Mueller interview not met

Trump is reportedly talking about asking Attorney General Sessions to prosecute special counsel Mueller

Trump, reversing 2009 move, vows to keep Guantanamo open indefinitely 


GOP confident tax overhaul will be a 2018 winner

Powerful GOP House Appropriations chair Frelinghuysen to retire

Lawmakers call on Trump to drop bid for legal immigration cuts

Republicans give voice to audacious effort to discredit FBI, Mueller

Republicans on House panel vote to release a secret FBI FISA abuse memo

Here’s what’s actually in the Justice Department memo that Republicans claim is so shocking

Republicans start to donate Steve Wynn contributions following sexual misconduct accusations

Koch brothers network spending more to save the GOP in the midterms than ever before

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, frequent target of Trump's ire, steps down

New Acting FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich Might Be a Trump-Russia Probe Witness

How the partisan divide on the Russia probe affects voter trust

Sen. King: “It would be a huge mistake” to fire Mueller

Exxon/Mobil plans to invest $50 billion in five years amid tax reform

Why everyone is freaking out about a White House plan to nationalize the country’s 5G data networks 

U.S. military reviewing its rules after fitness trackers exposed sensitive data

NAFTA Talks Stalled, As World Moves on Without U.S.

#MeToo, immigrants will have strong presence in SOTU address

Sen. Cardin: We should allow Mueller to get his job done

Maxine Waters to respond to Donald Trump's State Of The Union speech

All Signs Point to Big Democratic Wins in 2018

Trump's first State of the Union will focus on the economy, trade and immigration

Trump’s five goals for State of the Union address

What to watch in Trump’s first State of the Union address

Can Trump stick to a script beyond the State of the Union?

Trump says solar tariff will create ‘a lot of jobs.’ But it could wipe out many more. 

Trump seems to think that a low black unemployment rate proves he is not racist 

Mayors Skeptical of Trump Infrastructure Plan

How Trump may end up expanding Medicaid, whether he means to or not

Trump's Latest Climate Change Interview Was Absurd

Trump’s Shadow Hangs Over NATO

Trump declines to implement new Russia sanctions

Trump's war on Russia probe reaches new peak

How a classified four-page Russia memo triggered a political firestorm 

On Flight to Davos, Trump Erupted Over DOJ Role in Russia Probe


Republicans in Congress divided over protecting Mueller from being ousted by Trump 

Top Republican lawmakers warn Trump not to fire Mueller

Reports that Trump tried to fire Mueller prompt lawmakers' 

GOP goes on offense with 20-week abortion vote

GOP debates releasing controversial memo

Graham: Mueller should probe report Trump wanted to fire him

Graham: FISA memo should not be released now

Lindsey Graham Urges RNC To Consider Returning Funds Steve Wynn Raised

Collins optimistic Congress will reach immigration deal

Collins: Trump should 'never' talk about Russia probe

Collins: Republicans should give back Wynn donations

Gowdy says he trusts Mueller, urges others to 'leave him the hell alone

McCarthy: No need 'right now' for legislation protecting Mueller

McCarthy calls for House Intel memo's release to the public

The Memo: Republicans hope for calm amid storm at State of the Union

State of the Union, under a cloud 

Koch network to spend about another $20 million promoting GOP tax law  

Trump's State of the Union will be answered by a cacophony of resistance voices

Gates: Mueller could 'elate some people and anger some people' with findings

Starr: Grounds for impeachment if Trump lied about trying to fire Mueller

NAFTA talks that were supposed to end last year might continue into 2019 

CNN host fires back at Trump’s Twitter attack on Jay-Z

Van Jones on the racial unemployment gap

Fox, GOP, Trump conspiratorial feedback loop

An Article of Impeachment Against Donald J. Trump

Asia's strongmen follow Trump's lead on fake news

Schumer’s to-do list: Fix DACA, win the Senate, manage Trump 

Democrat Manchin won't say he thinks Trump obstructed justice

Duckworth: Trump has no right to question others' support for military

Trump wages Twitter war with Jay Z

Trump: I would be tougher in Brexit talks than Theresa May

Trump: 'I wouldn't say I'm a feminist'

Donald Trump reveals love affair with UK as he blasts ‘unfair’ EU and admits he has no clue who Jeremy Corbyn is

Trump warns against EU's 'unfair' trade policies

Trump sought release of classified Russia memo, putting him at odds with Justice Department 

Trump Doesn't Understand Why He Can't Give Orders to 'My Guys' at the 'Trump Justice Department’: Report


Steve Wynn resigns as RNC finance chairman amid sexual misconduct allegations 

Steve Wynn resigns from RNC amid sex harassment claims

Republicans are urged to return their own scandal-engulfed major donor's money

Forget Senate negotiators — House conservatives could have the last word on immigration 

Congress takes the sting out of ObamaCare

Koch network to spend $400 million during 2018 midterm election cycle

Immigration proposal contains bitter pills for both sides 

Five hurdles to getting an immigration deal

Tillerson heading to Africa to mop up Trump’s ‘shithole’ mess

Booming city economies push middle class out

Kaiser Poll: Voters Worried About NKorea, Healthcare

Senators rush to protect Mueller from Trump with new law

Trump’s flirtation with firing Mueller inspires new demands from Democrats to protect the special counsel

Trump releases 2018 Holocaust day statement, this time mentions Jews

Amid turmoil, Trump seeking a reset with State of the Union

Trump gets chance to sell nation on rebuilding plan

Trump willing to sign a revamped Paris climate deal

Trump immigration plan hits wall of opposition

Trump says US ban on importing elephant trophies to remain in place: report

Trump reportedly working to get Nunes memo released

Could lying about trying to fire Mueller put Trump in even more hot water? 

Trump’s own actions put him at risk New arguments for impeachment

Trump ordered aides to smear possible FBI witnesses: report

The Answer to Whether Trump Obstructed Justice Now Seems Clear

Questions That Mueller Might Ask Trump


House Republicans in Texas are facing their biggest midterm challenge in 25 years

Mia Love has a small lead over Ben McAdams in ‘exceptionally close race’ to represent Utah in Congress, new poll shows

GOP candidate says feminists have ‘snake-filled heads,’ hopes daughters don’t become ‘she devils’ 

Women aren’t backing the GOP tax law Ivanka Trump is touting 

Satisfaction with the moral climate of the U.S. drops — except among Republicans 

The Mueller confrontation that Republicans were trying to avoid has just arrived 

The Mueller Bombshell Proves Republicans Are Running Out of Time

Hometown newspaper editorial board: Nunes 'doing dirty work' to protect Trump

Dreamer Deal Isn't A Compromise. It's A Racist Ransom Note.

What does Mueller want, and how close is he to getting it? 

Mueller keeps Russia cards close to the vest

It’s Now Likely Mueller Thinks Trump Obstructed Justice

Mueller team interviewed Facebook staff in Russia probe - Wired

Fox News hosts ramp up ‘deep state’ conspiracies

Shields and Brooks on Trump’s attempt to fire Mueller, ‘America 

US economy grew at 2.3% in 2017

U.S. trade panel strikes down 300 percent tariffs on Canadian jets, dealing a blow to Boeing 

White House plan would reduce environmental requirements for infrastructure projects 

EPA Reverses 'Major Sources' of Pollution Policy

Are Work Requirements for Medicaid Doomed?

Mattis stresses diplomacy in handling North Korea's 'reckless rhetoric'

Opioids From China Are Flooding the US

New poll shows Russians are defiant in face of U.S. sanctions 

Report: Kim Jong Un is draining his slush fund over nuclear missile tests

Employee bonuses are a tax reform 'gimmick,' ex-Treasury chief Summers says

Dems seek to undermine any good PR for tax law

President Trump Addresses the World Economic Forum

Why Donald Trump's boring speech at Davos was a win for him

Trump touts economy at Davos

Trump tells Davos: 'America first does not mean America alone'

Trump declares America open for business under his tenure

Trump gets normal. For how long?

Davos crowd boos after Trump attacks media as 'fake'

UN's rights chief expresses alarm over Trump's Davos speech

America needs more than a self-congratulatory campaign-styleState of the Union

Trump slams report he tried to fire Robert Mueller as ‘fake news’ 

It’s Now Likely Mueller Thinks Trump Obstructed Justice

Trump’s handling of the Russia investigation has never looked more like a coverup 

Trump 'venting' about Rosenstein: report

Here's what Trump wants in an immigration bill

Trump’s Unorthodox New Legal Strategy to Kill DACA

Trump's immigration plan draws harsh reviews from left and right, and some conservatives label him 'Amnesty Don'

US judge blocks Trump's attempt to deport Cambodians without due process

Trump plans to ask for $716 billion for national defense in 2019 — a major increase

Trump poised for clash with DOJ over classified memo

Trump bristles under some of his orderly chief of staff’s restrictions 

Lawsuit on Trump Emoluments Violations Gains Traction in Court

Out of Control

 Why I’m thankful for Donald Trump


GOP lawmakers condemn Trump’s tariff decision 

GOP senators back Trump's immigration proposal

11 people who will shape the immigration debate

Rep. Meehan will not seek reelection after sexual harassment backlash

Senate panel to release interviews with Trump Jr., others involved in meeting with Russian lawyer 

Republicans Are All in on the 'Secret Society' Conspiracy Theory

What tax cut? GOP risks selling an invisible policy change

Billionaire investor Howard Marks is throwing cold water on the GOP tax law

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele: Trump’s evangelical backers need to ‘shut the hell up’

Paul Ryan’s latest political gambit is appalling, even for Paul Ryan

The real reason for all those Trump bonuses

Heritage calls Trump immigration proposal a ‘non-starter’

Six months in, Kelly emerges as policy force

Missing FBI texts have been recovered, inspector general says 

Medicaid work rule sparks lawsuit

Mueller fired, backed off when White House lawyer threatened to quit

Poll: 67 Percent Say Trump Isn't a Good Role Model for Kids

Bill Kristol was once the voice of the Republican Party. Now he's one of Trump's biggest opponents

America First’ is a hard sell in Davos 


Dems eye GOP rep's seat after sexual harassment allegations

Dem rep: Trump can’t be trusted to keep immigration promises

Democrats pan Trump's immigration framework

54 lawmakers send letter urging Trump to restore Obama-era pot guidelines

Rep. Joe Kennedy to deliver Dem response to Trump's State of the Union

Impeach Trump Campaign Leader Tom Steyer Won't Fund Dem Groups Following Immigration Compromise

Trump lands in Davos, abroad again while Russia looms at home

Xi's economic mastermind may have just forced Donald Trump to change his Davos speech 

Trump should put confrontation aside at Davos

Poll Shows Trump Economic Agenda Deeply Unpopular

Trump in Davos: threatens Palestinians, reassures Brits

Trump Threatens To Pull Aid To Palestinians If They Don’t Pursue Peace

Trump: I would reconsider a massive Pacific trade deal if it were 'substantially better'

Trump says dollar will get 'stronger and stronger,' Mnuchin was misinterpreted

Trump to support path to citizenship for 1.8 million Dreamers

Trump supports path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million ‘dreamers’ in new White House proposal 

Trump planning to sign executive order keeping Gitmo open: report

Trump to announce $1.7 trillion infrastructure package at State of the Union

Trump Has A History Of Being Cocky And Unprepared Under Oath

Poll Finds More Americans Think Trump Is Biased Against Black People


GOP Sen. Corker says he thinks there may be 'a little coordinated effort' as companies hype tax bill benefits

GOP fuels ‘secret society’ talk with FBI text messages

GOP feud with FBI ratchets up

Senate faces difficult path to immigration deal

Senate confirms Trump health secretary

Senate-House divide on immigration in spotlight after shutdown fight

Rep. Luke Messer: Ending child tax credit for illegal immigrants will help pay for border security

House Republicans Want to Return to Hated Immigration Ban of the 1920s

Sessions' aura of integrity fades with report of interference with FBI

Limited Strikes on North Korea Would Be an Unlimited Disaster

Trump administration imposes more North Korea sanctions on 9 entities

Tax Reform and Uncertain Economy Driving State Budget Proposals

Federal deficit could jump whopping $154 billion if these five states do end run around Trump tax law

Tax law showers cash on lobby firms

Nike’s Huge Renewable Energy Buy Pours Cold Water On Trump’s Coal Goals

Four takeaways from the short-lived shutdown 

The Great 2018 Kick-the-Can-Down-the-Road-on-Immigration-for-Two-More-Weeks Accord

Mueller reveals he wants to interview Trump about Comey, Flynn: report

These 6 Women Had No Plans To Run For Office. Then Trump Came Along.  

Anatomy of an Echo Chamber: How the Democrats' Shutdown Loss Became a "Win"

Eight reasons Joe Manchin is right: The Senate ‘sucks’ 

Trump says he is willing to testify under oath in US-Russia probe

Trump says he would speak to Mueller under oath in Russia probe

Trump says he's open to citizenship path for DACA recipients

Trump says he'll propose a way to citizenship for 'Dreamers'

The timing of Trump’s political grilling of Andrew McCabe is the most problematic of all 

Trump administration seeks new ways to allow people to dodge Obamacare’s individual mandate 

The Health 202: President Trump may have inadvertantly boosted Obamacare enrollment 

Donald Trump’s solar and washer tariffs may have now opened the floodgates of protectionism 

White House says Trump believes in a 'free-floating' currency

Goldman CEO Blankfein has 'really liked' what Trump has done for the economy

Memo: Trump faces challenges in Davos

In Davos, Trump faces the powerful 'establishment' he's repeatedly shredded

Trump's US Rally Cry Jolts Davos: 'Long Way to Go! Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!'

Trump will tell globalists at Davos that his nationalist agenda is working 

The Finance 202, Davos Edition: Trump trade officials and India may be on a collision course 

Netanyahu and Trump to meet at Davos economic conference

Trump administration imposes more North Korea sanctions on 9 entities

Trump Lashes Out After Schumer Withdraws Offer On Border Wall

Mayors’ group calls off Trump meeting after Justice Department threatens sanctuary cities

Poll: Trump trails Biden, Sanders by wide margin in 2020


Senate moderates see influence grow after shutdown fight

Senator used 'talking stick' in negotiations

Emboldened conservatives press Ryan to bring hard-right immigration bill to floor

The Senate will take up immigration, but will the House — and Trump — follow? 

Shutdown for What? A DACA Deal May Not Pass the House Because Republicans Say ‘That Would Anger Our Base’

Shutdown deal: Dems face angry base, GOP has hard choices

Scott faces GOP headwinds ahead of potential Senate bid

Senate confirms Jerome Powell as Fed chairman

‘It’s the economy, stupid’: GOP prepares to sell tax law as its 2018 survival strategy 

Shutdown and Children's Health Insurance Saga Come to an End

The odds are still against a deal to legalize DACA 

Immigration talks quickly hit a wall

These companies announced wage hikes, bonuses, benefits in afterglow of Trump tax reform

N.J.-based Johnson & Johnson posts $10.7B loss after U.S. tax change

AT&T wants Congress to pass a net neutrality law 

Evidence suggests a massive scandal is brewing at the FBI

Exclusive: New signs Gates may be negotiating with Mueller's team

Mueller seeks to question Trump about Flynn and Comey departures 

Sessions interviewed by special counsel probing possible Trump campaign ties with Russia 

Tensions swell between Sessions and FBI over senior personnel from Comey era 

It’s looking more and more like Jeff Sessions is doing Trump’s political dirty work 

Wall Street warns New Jersey home values could tumble 7.5 percent

US official: No country can take over US peace role
As Pence departs, White House officials say ties with PA severed following Jerusalem recognition; Netanyahu to tell EU leaders: 'Last chance to amend Iran deal’

Dems sour on shutdown tactics

DACA advocates rally outside Schumer's NYC home

Schumer comes under fire over funding deal

Schumer: Democrats 'cut the best deal we could'

The Case For The Democratic 'Cave' 

Chuck Schumer yanked his offer to Trump to partially fund the border wall in exchange for DACA

Democrats' shutdown deal looks worse and worse

Poll: Democrats, Trump to blame for government shutdown

The Daily 202: Seven takeaways from the failed Democratic government shutdown 

The Progressive Attacks on Senate Democrats Over the Shutdown Are Premature

A Billionaire Keeps Pushing to Impeach Trump. Democrats Are Rattled.

Trudeau promotes Time's Up, #MeToo movements in Davos speech

Trump can take a bow for current economic upswing

Trump: If there's no wall, there's no DACA fix

Trump waives dozens of environmental rules to speed up construction of border wall

Trump aims at China with tariffs on solar panels, a move Colorado industry says could cost 2,000 jobs

China Warns Trump Administration Will 'Suffer Complete Humiliation' if Washington Continues to Provoke Beijing

Davos diplomacy scene not exactly a natural fit for Trump

Leaked Trump Infrastructure Plan Would Put Onus on States

Trump's move may nudge holdout GOP states to expand Medicaid

Trump won’t seek new authority for wider Syria mission after hammering ISIS

Trump asked the acting FBI director whom he voted for during Oval Office meeting 

Trump Is Ready to Pull Another Fast One

CNN Poll: Nearly 8 in 10 say Trump ought to testify for Mueller if asked

Poll: Democrats, Trump to blame for government shutdown


Trump signs spending bill to end government shutdown

Shutdown ends after Democrats agree to trust that McConnell will allow ‘dreamer’ vote 

McConnell promises immigration debate if government reopens

House votes to end government shutdown, sending legislation to Trump 

Senate votes to end shutdown

Senators strike a deal to end government shutdown

Sens. Burr, Warner say spending bill limits Congress' authority to oversee intelligence programs

‘A blank check’ for Trump administration? Tweak in funding bill worries Senate intel leaders

GOP revels in fast start for Trump tax law

Here's how your senators voted on the measure to reopen the government

Winners and losers of the government shutdown 

Who’s to blame for the government shutdown? A look at the political fallout

Can Congress reconcile major immigration differences?

Terrifying forecast for North Korea’s nuclear arsenal

Pence in Knesset: Embassy to open in Jerusalem in 2019, Iran will never get bomb

Offshore Drilling Isn’t Worth the Risk

This new Trump book could do even more damage than Michael Wolff’s. Here’s why. 

There Are Some Things You Can't Shut Down

White women helped elect Trump. Now he’s losing their support. 

Crowds At Trump Impeachment March Are 50 Times Larger Than For His Inauguration

Left says Dems caved on shutdown

Democrats caved on the shutdown, and they’re admitting it 

'I'm leaving the Democratic Party today': Democrats are infuriated by their own party's deal with the GOP to reopen the government

Latino activists and lawmakers critical of reopening government without ‘dreamer’ solution 

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court just gave Democrats a big win on redistricting 

Women and independents drive advantage for Democrats ahead of midterm elections, Post-ABC poll finds

Trump signs spending bill to end government shutdown

Trump: 'Democrats cave' on shutdown

Trump slaps big tariffs on imported solar panels in major escalation of a trade fight with China

Trump pledged to revive the coal industry, but little has changed one year into his first term

Here’s a report card for Trump’s first year in office 

Trump in the World That He Insults

The Disappearing Dealmaker

Republican voters say 2 to 1 that Trump’s Twitter habit hurts his presidency instead of helping it 

'I've got another nut job here': Trump reportedly eyeing replacements for John Kelly


Senate fails to reach deal, extending shutdown for third day

Senate sets noon Monday vote after it is unable to reach deal to open government

Senate adjourns without deal to end government shutdown; vote postponed until noon Monday 

As shutdown reaches third day, Republican leaders face big divide on immigration

No deal in sight as shutdown extends to second day

McConnell opposes Trump on ending filibusters

Moderate senators race to strike a deal to end government shutdown 

Ryan: House would back Feb. 8 funding bill

Speaker Ryan on ‘Face the Nation’: Open up the Government

Rand Paul: Shutdown blame game is 'ridiculous' on both sides

Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul share what they think it will take to re-open the government

Graham rips into White House's Stephen Miller

With Trump Advisor Stephen Miller In Charge of Immigration, 'We Are Going Nowhere' GOP Senator Says

Cotton: I won't commit to an immigration deal just because Trump supports it

McConnell to bring up bill on immigration, border security next month

Charles Koch donated $500K to Ryan days after GOP tax plan passed

10 Things to Know for Monday

Sunday Shows focus on shutdown chaos

Top White House aide defends Trump ad against Democrats

Trump's budget chief says shutdown could last more than a week

Mulvaney on Republican opposition to funding bill: ‘What difference does it make?’

Mulvaney: Trump wants a fix to DACA

Schumer offered Trump something Democrats hate for something Republicans broadly like 

Schumer tweaks Trump ego in shutdown blame game

Durbin: Doing away with the filibuster would be the 'end of the Senate'

Durbin: Democrats not willing to extend short-term funding past January

Durbin won't predict if government will reopen before Monday evening

Duckworth slams Trump: I won't be lectured on military needs by a 'five-deferment draft dodger'

Gutiérrez: Trump wants to end legal immigration to the US

Dem senator compares negotiating with GOP to convincing kid to do homework

Shutdown could hurt Democrats seeking reelection in Trump states 

Women’s Marches nationwide set sights on ballot box while praising #MeToo.

Trump calls for Republicans to trigger 'nuclear option' if stalemate continues

Trump's impact: 'Shorter attention spans!'

Shutdown: A familiar partisan ritual takes on new meaning in the Trump era 

Trump willing to support legal status for 'Dreamers' in exchange for border wall: White House sources

What Trump was saying during the last government shutdown

Trump releases op-ed about his accomplishments during government shutdown

Trump reportedly asked South Korea's president to publicly give him kudos for the talks with North Korea

The Finance 202, Davos Edition: The Trump administration is sending a lot of people to Davos 

Trump's trip to globalist gathering in Davos is now up in the air because of the shutdown, White House says

‘Language as a weapon’: In Trump era, immigration debate grows more heated over what words to use 


First day of government shutdown ends in standoff

Congressional leaders refuse to budge on shutdown’s first day, but negotiations continue 

In spending fight, Republicans embrace Trump’s hard-line stand on immigration 

Nerves fray as shutdown talks at impasse

Shutdown fight turns ugly as both sides dig in

Blame game boils over in shutdown fight

Speaker Ryan Rips Senate Dems' 'Shakedown Strategy': 'Utter Madness'

Congress looks for way out of government shutdown

‘Negotiating with Jell-O’: How Trump’s shifting positions fueled the rush to a shutdown 

GOP lawmaker removed from ethics panel after report of misconduct settlement 

Schumer says he offered to discuss border wall as part of Trump deal

Schumer: Shutdown talks with Trump are like ‘negotiating with Jello’

Everything you need to know about a  government shutdown

Poll finds public optimistic about the economy, critical of Trump, split on issues 

Los Angeles draws 600K participants to Women's March

Clad in pink and vowing to vote, activists around the globe flood streets for another Women's March 

The women who marched in 2018

Jewish groups gear up for Women’s March 2018

Trump Tweeted Support For The Women's Marches. It Backfired.

Shutdown dynamics highlight the state of politics on Trump’s anniversary 

Trump's dealmaker image tarnished by U.S. government shutdown

Trump privately saying Democrats caused shutdown, but he'll be blamed

Post-shutdown, uncertainty hangs over Trump Davos trip

Trump campaign ad on murder raises heat in shutdown fight

Trump trolls women’s marches amid global protests

Trump Tweeted Support For The Women's Marches. It Backfired.

Trump support carries both rewards and risks for Israel

As a candidate, Trump criticized Obama’s use of executive power. So guess what powers President Trump has been leaning on? 

One Year In, Trump’s Middle East Policy Is Imploding

A year of Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda has radically changed the U.S. role in the world 

The Memo: How Trump changed everything

Trump, nation reach end of exhausting first year


Government Shuts Down As Congress Fails To Reach Spending Agreement

Funding for government lapses as short-term spending bill stalls in the Senate 

U.S. government shuts down, lawmakers continue hectic negotiations

Vote on funding bill fails in Senate, virtually assuring government shutdown at midnight 

McConnell announces 10 p.m. vote in last-ditch effort to avert government shutdown ahead of midnight deadline 

Hopes fade as shutdown clock ticks down

Blame game ramps up as shutdown nears

The senators whose votes will determine whether the government shuts down 

Republicans divided over shorter stopgap funding bill

GOP senator amid looming shutdown: Country 'being run by idiots'

Poll: Most would blame Trump, GOP for shutdown

Fierce battle erupts over releasing intelligence report

Nobody Knows How to Play This Game Anymore

Republicans on Trump: ‘We can’t trust the SOB’

Trump budget chief predicts shutdown deal within 24 hours

Kelly's hardnose tactics vex some in West Wing

Here are the dramatic tweets and policies Tillerson and Mattis reportedly had to hold Trump back from

Mattis unveils new strategy focused on Russia and China, takes Congress to task for budget impasse 

Pentagon Drops Climate From National Defense Strategy In Retreat From Bush-Era Policy

Trump’s Pentagon Tries to Move on from the War on Terror

Pence heads to Jerusalem, epicenter of rift with the Palestinians

Supreme Court to take up Trump travel ban

US to sell F-35 fighter jets to Belgium in estimated $6.5B deal

Why Women's March organizers are turning their attention to Nevada this year

'The reason was simple — Trump won': Why 9 women decided to run for political office

Democrats shut government down, but they're still struggling to explain why

Schumer after Trump meeting: Progress but no deal yet

Trump-state Dems introduce bill to withhold lawmaker pay during shutdown

Shields and Brooks on government shutdown blame, Trump’s first year

White House slams Dems as 'obstructionist losers' as Congress misses shutdown deadline

Trump admin pledges to minimize impact of government shutdown

If the government shuts down, there will be a strong case that Trump is a big reason 

Trump misfires with claim that military would ‘shut down’ during government shutdown 

Trump hails 'excellent' meeting with Schumer on shutdown

Short-term budget would give Trump authority to change intel spending, lawmakers say 

Trump holds off on planned departure to Mar-a-Lago ahead of possible government shutdown 

President Trump Addresses March for Life Participants and Pro-Life Leaders

Exclusive: Trump's coal job push stumbles in most states - data

Trump’s false claim that alleged terror suspect brought two dozen relatives to U.S. 

Trump faces pivotal decision on tariffs

The Daily 202: Friday news dumps tell the story of Trump’s first year 

How Twitter defined the first year of Trump's presidency

The Meaning of “American Carnage”

Poll: More than half of Americans strongly disapprove of Trump


The Latest: Schumer says very short-term funding would be OK

House approves bill to keep government open as Senate Democrats threaten to block it 

House approves spending bill, shifting shutdown drama to Senate

Freedom Caucus backs funding bill, clearing way for House passage

Shutdown looms larger in Senate after House vote

McConnell: Democrats holding country 'hostage'

WHIP LIST: Shutdown looms as Senate lacks votes to pass House spending bill

Senate takes shutdown drama into final day

GOP senator flips on House funding plan

Congress doesn’t need the president’s permission

The threat of a government shutdown is rising as the clock ticks down

Senate votes to extend NSA spying program

GOP sees omens of a Dem wave in Wisconsin

Trump's tendency to move Republicans off message is a major midterm concern

House panels to grill Comey’s former chief of staff on FBI probe of Clinton

Blame This Congress, Shame This Congress

Supreme Court says North Carolina does not have to immediately redraw congressional maps that a lower court ruled unconstitutional

Latest budget showdown worries Pentagon, risks delaying Trump's military buildup

Trump's consumer protection bureau has an odd budget request: Zero

Trump officials weigh keeping national parks open even if government shuts down 

The World Has Officially Lost Confidence In U.S. Leadership Under Trump

FBI Investigates if Trump Campaign Received Russian Money Funneled Through NRA

Human rights groups accuse border agents of damaging containers of water left for migrants

Senate Democrats gather votes to block spending bill; White House slams Congress over possible shutdown 

Dem shutdown strategy: Force McConnell to deal

Sen. Kaine condemns 'unacceptable' expanded U.S. mission in Syria

Lawmakers changing the way they watch the State of the Union because of Trump

Wife of deported Michigan man to attend State of the Union with Democratic congresswoman

Public Sees Better Year Ahead; Democrats Sharpen Focus on Midterm Elections

Trump's Quietly Growing List of Victories

Trump visits Pennsylvania to sell tax law — and to try to save a House seat for Republicans 

Trump pushes back on chief of staff’s claims that border wall pledges are ‘uninformed’ 

The Chaos President vs. His Iron-Fisted Chief of Staff

How Trump's TV habits raised the risk of a shutdown

New Trump Office Would Protect Conscience Rights of Doctors

The World Has Officially Lost Confidence In U.S. Leadership Under Trump

Trump claims credit for what is still mostly Obama’s economy

Trump’s claim that immigrants bring ‘tremendous crime’ is still wrong 

One year in, Trump's environmental agenda is already taking a measurable toll 

The planet just had its hottest 4 years in recorded history. Trump is dismantling efforts to fight climate change. 

Rebuffing Netanyahu, Trump says US embassy won’t move to Jerusalem within year

Trump Ordered Bannon to Limit Testimony

CNN, New York Times top Trump’s list of ‘fake news’ awards

Trump lawyer used private Delaware company to pay adult film star: report


Republicans move ahead with vote to avoid a government shutdown

Divisions over immigration, military dollars threaten to derail government spending bill 

House conservatives demand vote on tough border bill to avoid shutdown

Republicans lack votes to prevent a shutdown

White House backs GOP's short-term spending bill — but Lindsey Graham says he's against it

Republicans unveil funding plan with children's program to get Democrats' votes

Shutdown drama grips the Capitol

Perfect storm builds against Republicans in California

Congress honors a master Senate dealmaker amid a budget impasse 

Sen. Jeff Flake delivers a searing indictment of Trump's war on the press

Jeff Flake's 20 most damning lines about Donald Trump's assault on the press

Mitch McConnell: Senate needs to figure out where Trump stands on immigration bill before it can pass one

Paul Ryan: Republicans need to 'pay attention' to Democrats' big special election win

Fearing Trump blowback, Republicans say 'no thanks' to 2018

Kelly expresses optimism about ‘dreamer’ deal without suggesting timeline 

Kelly calls some of Trump’s campaign pledges on immigration, wall ‘uninformed,’ meeting attendees say

Democrats and Republicans are divided on whether Trump is dividing them

Survey: Few big companies planning wage hikes after GOP tax plan

Apple pledges to spend $350 billion and bring 20,000 jobs to the U.S. within next five years 

Dow closes above 26K for first time

Poll: Under Trump, global approval of U.S. leadership hits historical low

Haitians barred from applying for visas for low-skilled work in U.S.

Tax Law Could Deliver Billion-Dollar Blow to Social Services

White House official: House intel panel broke an agreement on limiting scope of questions for Bannon

Steve Bannon reportedly strikes a deal with Mueller, will avoid grand jury—for now

Bannon agrees to Mueller interview but delays Hill return as White House seeks to limit testimony 

The Resurgent Threat of White-Supremacist Violence

American Sh*thole

Durbin: Majority of Senate will support DACA deal

Dem senator: I'm 'optimistic' we can pass an infrastructure bill

Schumer: ‘Very Strong’ Support Among Dems for Blocking GOP Budget Bill

21 states sue to keep net neutrality as Senate Democrats reach 50 votes

Sen. Cory Booker says Kirstjen Nielsen lied under oath about Trump’s comments

Democrats Face Difficult Battle to Retake the House in 2018

SIREN: The Democratic wave looks like it is getting bigger

2020 Dems pose a big dilemma for Schumer

The Memo: Trump’s volatility scrambles prospects of a deal on DACA

Trump, in new interview, accuses Russia of helping North Korea evade sanctions

Trump makes fewer public trips than recent presidents. Will that hurt the Republicans in November? 

Trump Slips Again, Names His “8 Crappiest States” In Meeting With U.S. Governors

Trump's language on immigrants provokes a backlash in the pulpits

The Trump Administration Targets the Poor

Key quotes from Reuters interview with Trump

Trump’s Grandest Goal: To Make the Truth Irrelevant

What we learned from 365 days of Trump polls

AP FACT CHECK: Trump presidency creates an alternate reality

President Trump has common form of heart disease

Porn star: During our affair, Trump said I reminded him of Ivanka

Here are President Trump's ‘Fake News Awards’ ‘winners’

Trump's Approval Rating Among Black And White Americans is Sinking, Despite What the President Says


GOP leaders pitch children's health funding in plan to avert shutdown

Shutdown looms as Republicans seek short-term spending deal for government 

Lawmakers see shutdown’s odds rising

McCarthy: ‘No deadline on DACA’

Inside the tense, profane White House meeting on immigration 

Senators Say White House Hardliners Seek To Poison Immigration Talks

As Shutdown Talk Rises, Trump’s Immigration Words Pose Risks for Both Parties

GOP rep: 'Sheet metal and garbage' everywhere in Haiti

Lindsey Graham Sends Trump a Message: We Need ‘a Reliable Partner in the White House’

McCain rips Trump for attacks on press

8 Congressional Chairmen Are Calling It Quits. Here's Why And What It Could Mean

Political tensions high as government shutdown deadline looms

This is the central spending issue that could make or break the government shutdown fight

The bill to avoid a government shutdown could include a slew of changes to Obamacare's taxes

White House: Trump remarks didn't derail shutdown talks

In Trump's White House, lies beget lies

WH directs Bannon to avoid answering Hill queries in Russia probe

The Finance 202: Businesses fret over lack of deal on 'dreamers' 

Do lawmakers respond to immigrants’ requests? The answer depends on ethnicity and race. 

The economic, political and cultural significance of coal in America

It’s Lights Out for Sam’s Club Workers, Despite Trump’s New Tax Law

Work Requirements May Be Just the Beginning of Medicaid Changes Under Trump

Watchdog says democratic freedoms waning in US under Trump

North Korea scoffs at Trump’s ‘nuclear button’ tweet

North Korea calls Trump a ‘lunatic’ and a ‘loser’ in response to nuclear button tweet 

Homeland Security secretary grilled over Trump comments

Justice will ask Supreme Court to intervene, allow Trump administration to end DACA 

House Intel panel subpoenas Bannon

Bannon subpoenaed by special counsel and House committee to testify on Russia probes 

WSJ breaks new Jared Kushner story on security risks of Wendi Deng Murdoch friendship

Fox News shelved story on Trump and porn actress Stormy Daniels before election 

US withholds $65 million from UN agency for Palestinians

Dems search for winning playbook

Intel Dem decries White House 'gag order' after Bannon testimony

Durbin: WH should release any tapes from 's---hole' meeting

Trump is sharp, but needs to lose weight: White House doctor

Donald Trump's physical revealed he might be obese — here's how much weight he needs to lose according to his BMI

A window inside Trump's morning 'executive time'

Trump kicks CNN reporter out of Oval Office

Trump Administration Will Appeal DACA Ruling

Trump's 'merit' list for immigrants: Those with skill, job, English welcome

Trump's first year of diplomacy finds friends and foes

No, Trump’s approval among black Americans hasn’t doubled 

Last Week Was a Degrading Embarrassment. And a Microcosm of Trump

Voters Give Trump an 'F' Grade for First Year in Office, Poll Shows


Gov. John Kasich MLK Day PSA 2018 

GOP leaders face most difficult shutdown deadline yet

Paul Ryan is already giving up on his biggest goal for 2018

How Republican Lawmakers Responded to Trump’s Vulgar Immigration Remarks

Avlon: Cotton, Perdue being 'utterly dishonest'

Jeff Flake isn’t just comparing Trump to Stalin. He’s comparing Republicans to Stalin’s enablers. 

Flake: GOP should stand up to Trump's Stalin-like attacks on media

Kevin McCarthy relishes role as Trump’s fixer, friend and candy man 

Even Joe Arpaio Can’t Keep Arizona Republican

GOP senators eager for Romney to join them

Jeb Bush backs Romney for Utah Senate run

GOP's satisfaction with the nation's direction highest in 10 years new poll shows

Commentary: "It's the economy, stupid" could be trumped

Salvadorans living in Iowa brace for deportation orders

Why focusing on 'shithole' totally misses the point

How Trump’s reported s***hole comments put DACA talks in jeopardy

On MLK Day, U.S. grapples with furor over Trump’s words

MLK’s son bashes Trump for ‘shithole’ remark

Pastor denounces Trump's 's--thole' comments with Pence in pews

At two of the nation’s most historic black churches, sermons reflect on Martin Luther King and take sharp aim at Trump 

South Africa, Ghana summon US diplomats after Trump remark

Schumer: 'I totally believe' Durbin on Trump's 's---hole countries' comments

Dems aim for, and GOP worries about, midterm election wave

Devin Nunes is under mounting pressure to release the transcript of a House Intel interview with Fusion GPS

Hagel says Trump 'an embarrassment'

Court battle brewing over work rules for Medicaid

President Trump delivered a weekly address on Jan. 15, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. 
On MLK Day, President Trump visits Trump golf course 

'No, I'm not a racist,' Trump says as administration is forced to renew DACA permits 

Trump said he didn't care about CBC's demands during tense immigration meeting: report

Haiti supporters protest Trump near Mar-a-Lago

Trump blames US Senator Durbin for blowing immigration deal

Trump blasts Senator Durbin over ‘shithole countries’ claims

Trump attacks 'Dicky Durbin' over 's---hole' remarks

Bitter Abbas to Trump: We reject your peace ‘deal of the century’

Donald Trump speaks at a fourth-grade level, the lowest of last 15 U.S. presidents, according to analysis


GOP faces brutal Arizona primary fight

GOP senator: Trump did not make 's---hole' comment

Cotton hits Durbin for claims of Trump's 's---hole countries' comment

GOP Rep. Mia Love calls Trump's 's---hole' comment racist: 'I can't defend the indefensible'

GOP’s harder line mimics Trump Republicans follow Trump’s lead

Did Trump say African countries were 'shitholes'? Here's a breakdown of conflicting memories of people in the meeting

Hopes for immigration deal fade as lawmakers trade barbs and denials on Trump’s use of vulgarity

Paul: Both sides 'destroying the setting' for immigration compromise

Rand Paul Says Calling Trump 'A Racist' Hurts Immigration Talks

Gardner: Bipartisan DACA solution possible despite Trump's 's---hole countries' comment

Flake: Trump's rhetoric about the media 'has real damage'

Flake to denounce Trump media attacks as Stalinist in Senate speech

New alarm among Republicans that Democrats could win big this year 

GOP may increase IRS’s budget

Poll: Most Americans support DACA

US resumes DACA applications after judge blocks end to program

Five hurdles to a big DACA and border deal

British lawmaker: Trump is an ‘asteroid of awfulness’

All 54 African UN envoys blast Trump’s ‘s--thole’ comment as racist

Africa: AU Ambassadors Demand Apology From Trump Over 'Racist Remarks'

Tom Brokaw suggests hearing aids for senators who do not recall Trump’s ‘s—-hole’ remark

Why journalists are asking 'Is Trump racist?'

The words Trump uses, and the words the media must use in response 

How Flynn Could Actually Take Down the Trump Administration

Meet the 24-year-old Trump campaign worker appointed to help lead the government’s drug policy office 

Dem lawmaker to boycott Trump's SOTU after 's---hole' comment

Trump: 'I'm the least racist person you will ever interview'

Trump says that he is ‘not a racist’ and that he never used vulgarity to describe poor countries in immigration debate 

Trump’s move against Salvadorans won’t make them leave — or help U.S. workers

Trump may be digging himself into a ‘shithole’

White House attacks WSJ over Trump interview 

Trump Calls Wall Street Journal Fake News Over Kim Jong-Un Quote

The ‘genius’ of Trump: What the president means when he touts his smarts 


Republicans in immigrant-rich Fla. scramble in wake of Trump’s remarks 

Gowdy steps down from Ethics Committee, citing 'challenging workload'

Arpaio arrests Ward’s chances as McSally launches Arizona Senate bid

Hawaii officials say 'false alarm' on alert about inbound ballistic missile

After Trump Tax Break Pfizer Ends Funding For Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Research And Gives Billions to Investors

Toyota, Mazda announce $1.6 billion production plant to be built in Huntsville, Alabama

EMILY’s List eyes $90 million haul for 2018

From Norway to Haiti, Trump’s comments stir outrage

In Norway, Trump’s comments on immigration rejected as backhanded praise

‘It’s like a double sword in your heart’ — local Haitians react to Trump’s insults

Bar Associations Respond to President Donald Trump's 'Repugnant' Policies, Remarks

Is Trump a racist? The answer for many seems to be yes

The Memo: Trump remark ignites racism accusations

'S---hole' projected onto Trump hotel

Trump allies see 's---hole' controversy as overblown

CNN panel erupts after black televangelist Pastor Mark Burns gives biblical defense for Trump

Hundreds protest Trump's attendance at Davos forum: report

Chelsea Manning files for US Senate bid in Maryland Investors

Here’s why Issa, Royce retirements could help lead to Democratic control of the House 

‘The wave versus the map’: Democratic control of Senate moves from preposterous to possible 

Trump, condemned for ‘shithole’ countries remark, denies comment but acknowledges ‘tough’ language 

Trump defends vulgar remarks while partly denying them

A President Who Fans, Rather Than Douses, the Nation’s Racial Fires

London mayor mocks Trump 'stable genius' comment after right-wing protestors disrupt speech

Iran vows ‘serious response’ to new sanctions and rebuffs Trump’s demands on nuclear deal 

Trump: Dems 'Doing Nothing to Fix DACA'

Trump Lawyers to Continue Talks With Mueller on Interview

Trump does more damage to himself than his opponents ever manage to do 

Poll: Trump's approval rating erodes in Georgia


Paul Ryan says he doesn't think the House will pass entitlement reform this year

Paul Ryan predicts no shutdown, says GOP won't 'tackle' Medicare, Social Security

Ryan calls Trump 's---hole' remarks 'unhelpful' and 'unfortunate'

Trump Supporter Rick Scott Denounces His 'Shithole Countries' Comment

A day later, Lindsey Graham breaks public silence on Trump’s ‘shithole’ remarks

Former Republican party chairman says Trump’s ‘s***hole’ comments prove he's racist

GOP senator: Leaking Trump’s alleged Oval Office comments ‘undermines trust’

Grassley pressed on Trump at town hall

How Trump’s ‘shithole countries’ comment could make a government shutdown more likely

John Kasich and Jeb Bush Jr.: A Bad Idea on Immigration

4 Health Programs (Other Than CHIP) That Congress Has Left in Limbo

Carrier Employees, Soon to Be Laid Off, Feel Betrayed by Donald Trump

Coal on the Chopping Block as Trump Ponders NAFTA Withdrawal

Is the Trump tax cut good or bad for the middle class? 

State’s proposed tax dodge faces questions Would Trump fight state tax dodges?

Neo-Nazis celebrate Trump ‘s---hole’ comment: He’s ‘on the same page as us’

Trump loyalists rush to defend the indefensible — and get left holding the bag 

From Norway to Haiti to Triangle, Trump's comments stir fresh outrage

The “Shithole Countries”—and the Rest of the World—Respond to President Trump

‘Here is what my #shithole looks like’: African countries and Haiti react to Trump’s remark 

Africa calls Trump racist after 'shithole' remark

‘Reprehensible and racist:’ Trump’s remarks outrage Africans

49k in NJ told by Trump they’re from a Shithole Country

MLK nephew: Trump 'racially ignorant and racially uninformed'

Shields and Brooks on Trump’s ‘s***hole’ comments, ‘Fire and fallout

Democrats to try to censure Trump over harsh immigration comment

Senator confirms Trump’s ‘shithole’ remark, says there was so much more

Top Democrat: Trump's 's---hole countries' comment reveals he really wants the US to be a 'white society'

Pelosi insists on 'clean' DREAM Act amid Trump furor

Dems fear ‘Stephen Miller ambush’ on immigration

Schiff lays out Republican efforts to block access in Russia probe 

Trump acknowledges ‘tough’ language but appears to deny ‘shithole’ remark 

'Shithole' to racist: One word from Trump gets newsrooms talking about another 

A Racist in the Oval Office

Trump will extend Iran sanctions relief, keeping Obama-era nuclear deal alive—for now

Trump waives Iran sanctions for what administration says is last time

Trump hits the brakes on Senate immigration deal

Trump just praised earmarks. Here’s what the fuss is about. 

WSJ interview shows Trump would rather banter with the media than attend to official duties

How Much More of Trump's Insanity Are We Willing to Take?

Trump Exposed as the Emperor With No Clothes

White House physician says Trump in 'excellent health'

Trump's lawyer reportedly paid a porn star $130,000 just before the election to keep her quiet about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump

WSJ: Trump lawyer arranged porn star payment for her silence in October 2016

A Year Later, Trump Is Less Popular Across Voting Blocs. See by How Much.

GOP Rep. Mia Love Calls On Trump To Apologize For 'Shithole Countries' Comment