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(Page 11) BEGINNING December 15, 2018


US banks made $28 billion in extra profits thanks to GOP tax bill

Hogan blasts RNC for ‘unprecedented’ steps to shield Trump from a primary 

North Carolina board orders a new election in U.S. House race tainted by fraud accusations

N.C. board declares a new election in contested House race after the GOP candidate admitted he was mistaken in his testimony 

‘The Maine electorate has had it with her’: Constituents turn on Susan Collins

GOP's Collins would back resolution criticizing emergency

Steve King spins GOP punishment into political weapon

AP FACT CHECK: Senator makes false national emergency claim

Pompeo rules out 2020 Senate bid

U.S. won't partner with countries that use Huawei systems: Pompeo

US-China trade talks draw criticism for lack of women in pictures

Obama judge, Trump judge, Clinton judge to hear border wall emergency challenges

National Emergency Jeopardizes $6 Billion in Funding for States

Most Americans think Trump emergency declaration will be struck down in court: poll

Stephen Miller’s claim that ‘thousands of Americans die year after year’ from illegal immigration 

With fewer undocumented workers to hire, U.S. farmers are fueling a surge in the number of legal guest workers 

Judge imposes full gag order on Roger Stone after he apologizes for 'stupid' Instagram crosshair post

Five takeaways from McCabe’s allegations against Trump

Mueller's Russia investigation: Trump's legal team braces for report, hasn't talked with special counsel in 'weeks'

White House braces for Mueller report

People are getting smaller IRS refunds because they didn't adjust their paycheck withholding, says Trump's tax law writer GOP Rep. Kevin Brady

NJ Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns

White House Climate Panel to Include a Climate Denialist

Dems to introduce measure blocking Trump's emergency declaration

Dems face challenges to beating Trump in court

Schiff urges GOP colleagues to share private concerns about Trump publicly

Dems face tough vote on Green New Deal

Democratic senator floats subpoena for Mueller report

Trump urged Europe to take back its ISIS fighters. He appears less keen on taking back those from the U.S. 

Trump seeks new momentum with pivot to foreign policy

The Trump administration keeps breaking up migrant families. Here's how it does it

Trump, adult children urge dismissal of marketing scam lawsuit


Texas GOP rep opposes Trump’s use of national emergency to get border wall

The 10 GOP senators who may break with Trump on emergency

Trump shouldn’t be forcing Republicans to choose fidelity to him or to the Constitution 

Members of Congress voice alarm about report that Trump has grown frustrated with Coats 

Putin warns new weapons will point toward U.S. if missiles are deployed in Europe 

Justice Department preparing for Mueller report as early as next week

Mueller report may be 'anti-climactic,' says ex-intelligence director

Supreme Court limits power of states and localities to impose fines, seize property 

Trump’s national emergency looks like a 2020 loser 

Immigrant advocacy groups seek restraining order to block Trump asylum policy

Trump apparently not familiar with his administration's push for global decriminalization of homosexuality

Five things to know about Trump confidant Tom Barrack

New York Times publisher Sulzberger rips Trump for 'dangerous' rhetoric after the president called the newspaper an 'enemy of the people'

Andrew McCabe exacts tell-all revenge on Donald Trump

Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen to testify before U.S. House oversight panel next week

Poll: Majority think Roe v. Wade should remain law

Pelosi asks members to support resolution against emergency declaration

Pelosi says House will vote on resolution opposing Trump’s emergency declaration 

Durbin after reading Green New Deal: 'What in the heck is this?'

Trump trade chief to face lawmakers ahead of crucial China deadline

Dems seize on Times bombshell to push allegations of Trump obstruction

Klobuchar's 2020 bid highlights Democratic split on Medicare-for-all 

Talk grows that Trump will fire Dan Coats

Talks between Trump administration and California over fuel-economy standards break down

Trump declares New York Times 'enemy of the people'

Trump says release of Mueller report will be up to Attorney General Barr

Trump apparently not familiar with his administration's push for global decriminalization of homosexuality


How the border wall battle could hurt the economy

Arkansas governor signs 'trigger' abortion ban bill

John Kasich Rips Trump For ‘End Runs Around Congress’

Trent Lott thinks Joe Biden is the strongest Democratic presidential candidate

I owe how much? Americans shocked by impact of new tax law

Lawsuits challenging Trump's national emergency declaration use his words against him

Lawsuits mount against Trump's 'emergency' measure

Trump’s ‘authoritarian’ streak stirs backlash at home and abroad 

Intimidation, Pressure and Humiliation: Inside Trump’s Two-Year War on the Investigations Encircling Him

Roberts again sides with liberal Supreme Court justices in disagreeing with lower court interpretations 

Ginsburg returns to Supreme Court for oral arguments

Dems think they're beating Trump in emergency declaration battle

Top Trump appointees promoted selling nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia over objections from national security officials, House Democratic report says 

Dems launch investigation into Trump administration's dealings with Saudi Arabia

House Democrats investigate White House plan to transfer nuclear technology to Saudis

Elizabeth Warren's plan to fund universal child care with 'millionaire tax' hints at growing divide among 2020 Democrats

Amy Klobuchar's novel pitch for the Democratic nomination: Pragmatism

The 10 Dems most likely to win the 2020 presidential nomination

Trump expresses confidence he’ll prevail against ‘Open Border Democrats’ who sued to stop his emergency declaration 

Trump nominates Jeffrey Rosen to replace Rosenstein at DOJ

Enjoy your life’: Trump puts new attorney general in an awkward position from the start 

Trump wanted top ally in charge of Cohen probe: report

New report on alleged attempt by Trump to influence investigators

Trump administration to cancel $929 million in California high-speed rail funding


The national emergency will haunt Republicans come election season

Smaller tax refunds put GOP on defensive

N. Carolina elections head says ballots handled illegally

Republican campaign paid for 'coordinated, unlawful' absentee ballot scheme in NC 9th District election, investigators said

Congress passed a mixed-bag of immigration policy while Trump was focused on the wall

Congress closer to forcing Trump’s hand on Saudi support

Allies wary of Shanahan's assurances with looming presence of Trump

Exclusive: U.S. blocks North Korean air traffic revival ahead of Trump-Kim summit

White House confirms new trade talks with China

White House defends Trump’s emergency declaration as lawsuits and political battles mount 

Third migrant dies in Border Patrol custody in as many months

Trump’s national emergency declaration unpopular among majority of Americans

People protest Trump's national emergency for a border wall on Presidents' Day

Coalition of states sues Trump over national emergency to build border wall 

Coal loses another battle, despite Trump

Five things to watch as Barr takes the reins of Justice, Mueller probe

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to step down in March: official

Andrew McCabe: The full 60 Minutes interview

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on national emergency poll, 2020 challengers

Elizabeth Warren: Trump administration officials are obligated to invoke 25th Amendment

Trump waives laws to build wall
(The administration repeatedly sets aside environmental protections to speed border construction.)

Trump calls discussions about removing him "treasonous"

Trump Demands End to Maduro Regime in Broad Attack on Socialism

Trump warns Venezuelan military leaders they could ‘lose everything’ over socialism 

Trump: Venezuelan military personnel backing Maduro are 'risking their future'


GOP rep: Trump emergency declaration puts US in 'uncharted territory'

GOP senator voices concern about Trump order, hasn't decided whether he'll back it

White House, GOP defend Trump emergency declaration

Rep. Kevin McCarthy says President Trump has the authority to declare a national emergency

Graham: Trump made 'persuasive case' that border is broken

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Kentucky Kids Need 'Secure Border' More Than A School

Trump 'united the opposition and divided' GOP with emergency move: Matthew Dowd

GOP senator says Republicans didn't control Senate when they held majority

Graham: McCabe revelations 'beyond stunning'

Senate panel will probe McCabe’s claim that Rosenstein raised possibility of ousting Trump through 25th Amendment, Graham says 

Green New Deal: Republicans talk up climate change plan – but not because they like it

Congress allows Violence Against Women Act to lapse

Dershowitz: Trump's emergency declaration was a ‘mistake’

California AG says state will 'definitely and imminently' sue Trump over national emergency declaration

White House defends Trump’s emergency declaration as lawsuits and political battles mount 

Stephen Miller signals Trump ready to veto resolution against emergency declaration

Fox's Wallace presses Stephen Miller for example on Trump emergency declaration

Chris Wallace calls out Limbaugh for being ‘outraged’ when Obama took executive action

McCabe: Trump said 'I don't care, I believe Putin' when confronted with US intel on North Korea

Ex-FBI official: 'Crime may have been committed' by Trump

U.S. cannot back Syrian forces who align with Assad: U.S. commander

Schiff: 'Hard to imagine a poorer case' than Trump's on emergency declaration

Dem senator thinks Senate may be able to block emergency declaration

Senate Dem: 25th Amendment talks don't reflect 'some deep state conspiracy'

Female Dems see double standard in Klobuchar accusations

Trump 'united the opposition and divided' GOP with emergency move: Matthew Dowd


‘A recipe for disaster’? Trump’s border emergency drags the GOP into a risky fight ahead of 2020. 

Dems ready aggressive response to Trump emergency order, as GOP splinters

Congress must step up to protect Medicare home health care

Tax Refund Fiasco Is Political Payback For Republicans

Pence met with silence after mentioning Trump in Munich speech

Trump foreign policy under attack from all sides at European security conference 

Experts worry Trump will cede too much to N. Korea

Business, conservative groups slam Trump’s national emergency declaration

Protests planned across US on Presidents Day in response to Trump's national emergency for border wall

Trump’s declaration of national emergency hit with first lawsuits 

Ann Coulter: Trump Trying 'To Scam The Stupidest People In His Base'

Ann Coulter slams back at Trump: The only emergency is our 'idiot' president

A Weak and Rambling President Declares a Fake National Emergency

Heather Nauert withdraws her name from consideration for UN Ambassador job

At least 20 abortion cases are in the pipeline to the Supreme Court. Any one could gut Roe v. Wade. 

Dems ready aggressive response to Trump emergency order, as GOP splinters

Voice Of Reason Nancy Pelosi Calls BS On Trump's "National Emergency"

‘Finish that wall’: Trump seeks to turn his failure to build the wall into campaign rallying cry 

Fact-checking Trump’s announcement of a national emergency 


Dow jumps nearly 450 points, clinches 8th straight weekly gain

Shutdown averted: President Trump has signed a sweeping spending bill hours before funding expired for parts of the government 

Trump's Emergency Plan Splits the GOP After McConnell Backs It

Former GOP House Intel chair: McConnell eating 'manure sandwich' with Trump's national emergency

Republican Senators Express Disapproval With Border Funding Bill and National Emergency Declaration

Former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld announces plan to challenge President Trump for Republican nomination 

Pompeo stresses importance of U.S. friends, a day after Pence blasted key allies 

U.S. to slash payouts from 9/11 victims fund

What President Trump’s National Emergency Announcement Really Means

Trump doesn’t let facts get in the way of declaring a national emergency

Trump shows fresh disdain for the rule of law with national emergency declaration 

Trump's disgraceful 'national emergency' was inevitabile

Trump’s national emergency declaration once again highlights his affinity for strongmen — and authoritarianism 

Trump’s Bizarre, Rambling Announcement of a National Emergency

A State of Unreality
(Trump’s emergency declaration is going to run into four hurdles.)

Here's where the money for Trump's border wall will come from

Trump looks to raid Pentagon budget for wall money using emergency powers  

Coulter fires back at Trump: 'Only national emergency is that our president is an idiot'

Coulter defends Paul Ryan: This is 100 percent Trump's fault

Ann Coulter and Hannity? The off-topic things Trump said in national emergency speech

Ann Coulter and Hannity? The off-topic things Trump said in national emergency speech

Parkland father slams Trump for declaring national emergency

Jim Acosta spars with Trump over national emergency: ‘I believe in facts’

First lawsuit filed against Trump emergency declaration

Protesters gather outside Trump hotel in New York over emergency declaration

Mueller recommends Manafort serve at least 19 years in prison

New filing suggests Mueller has evidence Stone communicated with WikiLeaks

Supreme Court to hear census citizenship case this term

Ginsburg back at Supreme Court

Shields and Brooks on Trump's national emergency, Democratic platform shift

To fight Trump’s national emergency, Democrats will rely on a 67-year-old legal precedent 

Democrats vow to fight Donald Trump's 'unlawful' national emergency as he reveals $8bn border wall plan

Trump declares emergency for border wall, House panel launches probe

Trump stealing funds from military needs for wall: Defense committee chairman

Schumer upset over McConnell’s plan to fast track vote on Green New Deal

Shutdown averted: President Trump has signed a sweeping spending bill hours before funding expired for parts of the government 

Trump’s bewildering national emergency press conference, annotated 

Trump declares national emergency to build border wall, setting up massive legal fight

I didn’t need to do this’: Trump just kneecapped his own case for a ‘national emergency’ 

Trump said conservative pundits don’t decide policy — then praised his favorite talk-show hosts 

Trump denies he takes orders from Sean Hannity

Trump has done much for abortion foes and they love him for it 

Trump taps FEMA official to lead agency


Holiday sales were a huge disappointment, retail report says

U.S. Senate passes border security bill, sends to House

Congress passes bill to avert shutdown as Trump vows to declare national emergency to build wall

Grassley snaps when McConnell interrupts him to announce Trump will sign spending bill, declare national emergency

What’s in the 1,169-page border-security bill to avert a government shutdown 

GOP braces for Trump's emergency declaration

Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele Warns GOP On Trump's Emergency: You Will Rue This

House Democrats to challenge Trump’s emergency declaration; Republicans divided on action

Senate confirms Trump's attorney general pick William Barr, who will now oversee Mueller probe

'I don't see buybacks as a problem' — GOP Sens Pat Toomey and Rick Scott slam fellow Republican Marco Rubio's tax proposal

GOP senator: Your smaller tax refund is not the point

GOP wants to pit Ocasio-Cortez against Democrats in the Senate

Drama hits Senate Intel panel’s Russia inquiry

Pence urges EU to pull out of nuclear deal, says Iran planning ‘new Holocaust’

US and China trade negotiators in Beijing reportedly deadlocked on forced technology transfers

White House moves toward ban on Huawei
(Draft executive order would bar the Chinese telecom giant and others from selling equipment in the U.S.)

An emergency declaration by Trump will lead to lawsuits. Lots of them. 

ACLU says planned national emergency declaration is 'clear abuse of presidential power'

Trump’s national emergency and its massive unintended consequences 

Bill Kristol resurfaces video of Pence calling Obama executive action on immigration a 'profound mistake' (video half way down page)

TVA defies Trump, votes to shut down two aging coal-fired power plants 

Acosta on Trump rallies: Worse than what you see on TV

McCabe: There were 25th Amendment discussions at DOJ to remove Trump from office

House passes border deal, setting up Trump to declare emergency

House Democrats to challenge Trump’s emergency declaration; Republicans divided on action

Pelosi warns GOP: Next president could declare national emergency on guns

Rule change sharpens Dem investigations into Trump

Senate Democrat wants documents related to Khashoggi killing

Trump will sign spending bill, declare a national emergency and 'other executive action' to build wall

If Donald Trump signs this border funding compromise, it's a MASSIVE capitulation

‘Off the rails’: Inside Trump’s attempt to claim victory in his border wall defeat 

An emergency declaration by Trump will lead to lawsuits. Lots of them. 

Trump’s national emergency and its massive unintended consequences 

Two years in, Trump’s appeals court confirmations at a historic high point 

Trump blasts former FBI official McCabe after explosive interview


How the ballooning $22 trillion national debt will affect Americans

Trump tariffs bring in additional $9 bn in first quarter

Congress advances border security bill without Trump border wall

House hits gas on border deal

Congress rushes to avoid shutdown as Trump says he'll look for 'landmines' in spending plan

House to vote Thursday on border security plan as Trump signals he's willing to sign the deal

Lawmakers introduce bill to fund government, prevent shutdown

Ted Cruz says billions in assets tied to 'El Chapo' should fund the border wall

GOP rep deployed to southern border with Air National Guard unit

A GOP proposal could snatch your student loan payment right from your paycheck

Poll: Voters overwhelmingly approve of border deal, want Trump to sign it

The Border Deal Is What a Defeat for Donald Trump Looks Like

Contractor back pay not included in shutdown deal

Federal judge finds ex-Trump campaign chairman Manafort lied to Mueller probe about contacts with Russian aide 

How Team Trump keeps changing its story in the Russia investigation

Trump confidant Thomas Barrack apologizes for saying U.S. has committed ‘equal or worse’ atrocities to killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi 

Americans continue their march to low-tax states

Howard Schultz’s campaign about nothing 

House passes measure to end U.S. military involvement in Yemen, repudiating Trump’s backing of Saudi-led coalition 

Dem lawmakers call for FBI probe into Trump golf clubs' hiring of undocumented immigrants

Pelosi runs tight ship as more stormy waters await

Trump tweets about California's plans for high-speed rail. Gov. Newsom responds: 'Fake news'

2020 Dems eager to challenge tech giants

Joe Biden is talking to top Democratic donors as he moves toward making a decision about a 2020 presidential run

Trump suggests he’s open to border deal as lawmakers scramble to resolve late snags 

Short changed, here's how Trump could get more money for the wall without Congress 

Trump mulling 60-day delay for China tariff deadline

Trump shields the Saudi crown prince 


National debt tops $22 trillion for the first time

Dow rallies more than 350 points on tentative deal to avoid government shutdown, trade hopes

GOP leader presses Trump to agree to border deal

Lawmakers line up behind bipartisan border deal to avert shutdown, as Trump signals he may sign it 

McConnell to set up vote on Ocasio-Cortez's 'Green New Deal'

The Senate just passed the decade’s biggest public lands package. Here’s what’s in it. 

GOP Sen Marco Rubio takes aim at stock buybacks, an issue under attack by Democrats

Senate Intel chair slams Trump fixer Michael Cohen, as House Democrats staff up probes 

Susan Collins defends her Brett Kavanaugh vote after he dissents in abortion access case

What’s in the tentative deal to avert shutdown

U.S. commander says North Korea unlikely to give up all nuclear weapons

South Korea pushes back at Trump claims about more money for troop agreement

Four in five Americans want Mueller’s report made public in its entirety. That may not happen. 

A record 7 million Americans are 3 months behind on their car payments, a red flag for the economy 

Press advocacy groups condemn attack on BBC cameraman at Trump rally

Neomi Rao, Trump’s nominee for D.C. appeals court, apologizes for past writing on date rape 

‘No crisis exists’: El Paso officials tell Trump to stop the falsehoods about their border city 

Trump’s failed shutdown strategy produced an even worse deal than he started with 

Democrats face tricky questions about state laws expanding access to late-term abortion

Dems seeking path to Senate majority zero-in on Sun Belt

Midwest Dems hinge 2020 runs on winning back Rust Belt

Schumer urging ex-congressional candidate Amy McGrath to run against McConnell

House Democrats gear up for showdown over Mueller report

Trump: 'I'm not happy' with border security deal, but another shutdown looks unlikely

Trump criticizes border wall deal: 'Can't say I'm happy'

Trump 'not happy' with deal, weighing options for building wall

Trump touts deal as providing $23B for border security

Trump’s failed shutdown strategy produced an even worse deal than he started with 

Five takeaways from Trump's El Paso rally on border wall, shutdown talks

‘No crisis exists’: El Paso officials tell Trump to stop the falsehoods about their border city 

Trump calls on Omar to resign over remarks condemned as anti-Semitic

Trump flaunts his concern for minorities. Native Americans need not apply.


GOP promotes Trump line mirroring Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign slogan

Most Utahns back the special counsel’s investigation of Trump and his team, but Republicans don’t, poll shows

Lawmakers may have a deal to prevent another government shutdown

Lawmakers have a deal on border security that avoids shutdown

Millions of Americans could be stunned as their tax refunds shrink

Trump’s ‘tax scam’: Some taxpayers get unwelcome surprise after filing returns

Treasury calls reports on dip in tax refunds 'misleading'

Trump allies fret as legal troubles multiply

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Democratic divides in the 2020 contest

Adam Schiff widens the Trump probe
(It’s legitimate for Congress to ask if the president has been swayed by foreign and financial interests.)

What’s actually in the ‘Green New Deal’ from Democrats?

Joe Kennedy introduces resolution rejecting Trump’s transgender military ban

Rep. Omar apologizes after House Democratic leadership condemns her comments as ‘anti-Semitic tropes’ 

Slamming Trump's 'political theater,' California Gov. Gavin Newsom pulls National Guard from border

Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar will reject corporate PAC money in 2020 bid

O'Rourke counters Trump's border claims in rival El Paso rally

Watch live: Trump holds rally in El Paso

Fact check: Trump says 10,000 at El PasoCounty Coliseum rally; Fire Department says not true

Trump on spending deal: 'We're building the wall anyway'

Trump swipes at O'Rourke at Texas rally

Trump orders government to prioritize artificial intelligence


Rep. Walter Jones, GOP rebel and Iraq War critic, dies at age 76

Key GOP senator: Border wall talks are stalled

GOP senator 'optimistic' about immigration compromise

GOP rep: Trump is 'right to have contingency plans' if border wall talks fail

Meadows: I expect Trump 'to take some kind of executive action' if he doesn't get border wall funding

Sen. Graham says Democrats are willing to give more funding for the wall in exchange for less ICE detention beds

Trump, Dems have reasons to work together, but tensions are boiling over

Shutdown looms as border talks break down over immigration enforcement 

Talks collapse on border deal as U.S. government shutdown looms

Mulvaney: Government shutdown on the table

Mulvaney: Trump can 'move money around' to get wall funding

Mulvaney expects action this week on White House leaks

More of Trump's personal schedules leaked to press: Axios

Supreme Court's ‘10th justice’ favors unusual tactic for Trump cases

The abortion debate

United States and South Korea reach stopgap deal on troop cost-sharing 

U.S. destroyers sail in disputed South China Sea amid trade tensions

Dem rep: 'If Mick Mulvaney were president, we could’ve solved' border talks at Camp David retreat

House Intelligence chairman voices concern that Mueller’s scrutiny of Trump’s finances isn’t adequate 

Democrat vows to move forward with impeachment, dividing his party

Armed with new power, Democrats push for stricter U.S. gun laws

Democratic 2020 hopeful blasts GOP for 'fiscal hypocrisy'

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, touting herself as dogged Midwesterner, announces her Democratic presidential bid 

Klobuchar hits back at Trump: 'Looking forward to debating you about climate change'

Trump’s new Syria timetable raises concern among key anti-ISIS allies

Trump: 'I had no choice but to work very long hours!'

Trump’s Year 3 aims for dramatic sequels to rival originals

Trump officials considering Mar-a-Lago for next meeting with China's Xi: report

More of Trump's personal schedules leaked to press: Axios


GOP leader promises ‘action’ against Democrats accused of anti-Semitism

State GOP is in a bind over Trump
(In vote for next party chair, Republicans are split. Do they double down or chart a new direction forward?)

Can't live with Trump, can't live without him: California Republicans' challenging future

Democrats slam Collins for Kavanaugh vote in wake of Supreme Court ruling on Louisiana abortion law 

Likely deal would give Trump fraction of desired wall money

Withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria is proving easier said than done 

Stars align for trade deal with China

Global Newsstand: Negotiations with the Taliban are necessary, but not ideal, and more

Average tax refunds down 8.4 percent as angry taxpayers vent on Twitter

Spotlight returns to Roberts on abortion

Discrimination against foster parents will hurt LGBTQ youth

Yet another Trump doctor has contracted Trumpitis 

Elizabeth Warren makes presidential campaign official

Warren launches White House bid with call for 'structural change'

Democrats slam Collins for Kavanaugh vote in wake of Supreme Court ruling on Louisiana abortion law 

Beto O’Rourke to join anti-wall march in El Paso as Trump holds a rally for it a mile away 

Va. Gov. Ralph Northam says he wants to focus rest of his term on racial equity 

Trump divides Democrats with warning of creeping socialism

Trump makes Native American joke about Warren campaign announcement: 'See you on the campaign TRAIL'


Republicans Got Us Into This Mess, and They Have to Get Us Out of It

Trump and the GOP Tax Plan Screwed Middle Class Parents Out of a Refund

Firm owned by Trump's longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller has received $225,000 from Republican National Committee

Congressional negotiators near border deal that would offer Trump less money for barriers than he has demanded 

Lawmakers divided over how to end shutdowns for good

A bill to hobble OPEC is advancing in Congress. Trump's support is the question

US troops to leave Syria by end of April — report

US vows it will be ‘relentless’ in working to deter Iran missile program

Exclusive: U.S. in direct contact with Venezuelan military, urging defections - source

Trade war headlines could get much worse before they get better as the US looks to Europe

White House refuses to meet Congress' deadline on Khashoggi killing

60K immigration court hearings were delayed during government shutdown

Some 'zero tolerance' kids might never get their parents back, U.S. admits

‘My whole town practically lived there’: From Costa Rica to New Jersey, a pipeline of illegal workers for Trump goes back years 

Trump once advocated a ‘huge financial penalty’ for those employing undocumented immigrants 

Is President Trump the ‘Offshorer-in-chief’? 

President Trump’s fantastical human-trafficking claims 

Under Trump, EPA inspections fall to a 10-year low 

In combative hearing, Whitaker says he did not discuss Mueller probe with Trump but dodges other inquiries 

WATCH: Trump’s family separation policy under scrutiny in House hearing

Five takeaways from acting AG's fiery House hearing

3 things we learned in testimony on family separation under Trump

‘Mr. Chairman, I see that your five minutes is up’: Matthew Whitaker very shaky performance 

Shields and Brooks on Virginia turmoil, Supreme Court abortion ruling

Democrat to acting AG: 'We are not joking here'

After being waylaid by the shutdown, House Democrats are moving ahead on health care, guns and the environment 

How congressional Democrats could fight a Trump wall national emergency declaration

Dems wary of killing off filibuster

John Dingell: My last words for America 

Trump touts Kim summit: North Korea will become economic 'rocket'

Trump team cuts corners in Medicaid overhaul
(The rush to let states set work requirements ignores federal rules that call for assessing the effects of change.)

Is President Trump the ‘Offshorer-in-chief’? 

President Trump’s fantastical human-trafficking claims 

Trump, not especially vigilant on diet, declared 'in very good health'


Dow drops more than 200 points as Trump won't meet Xi before US-China trade deadline

Top Senate tax writer says GOP will not tweak state and local deduction limits

Top GOP immigration negotiator Sen. Richard Shelby says a deal to avoid another shutdown could come by Monday

Senate panel’s party-line vote advances William Barr’s nomination to be Trump’s attorney general 

Republicans beg Democrat to drop quest for Trump tax returns

Fresh faces bring familiar GOP refrain: Dems are too extreme

As 5G war with China heats up, could a Cold War-inspired plan be the solution?

Kurdish Commander Laments American Betrayal, Urges U.S. to ‘Be Loyal’
(Trump’s plan to withdraw troops from Syria leaves U.S. ally at the mercy of old enemies.)

Supreme Court on 5-to-4 vote blocks restrictive Louisiana abortion law 

Trump’s troop deployment strung ‘lethal’ razor wire on the border. This city has had enough. 

CNN Poll: Almost everyone wants a public report on Mueller's findings

Mueller eyes Manafort meeting with Russian partner in 2016: court filing

‘Late-term’ abortions challenge both sides 

Institutional silence on Trump’s mental state

Whitaker agrees to testify before Congress after saying earlier he wouldn’t do so if under subpoena threat 

Democrats are under pressure to go after Trump's tax returns as hearings and investigations begin

Democrats step up work to get Trump tax returns

Dems build case for obtaining Trump's tax returns

Democrats in House focus on investigations
(Lawmakers will hold hearings on Trump officials and programs, while working on gun and pay equality bills.)

Dems ready to issue subpoena for phone records linked to TrumpTower meeting

Schiff defends hiring from administration as Trump feud deepens

2020 Dems walk fine line with support for ‘Medicare for all’

Trump says he will not meet Chinese President Xi before March trade deal deadline

Trump credits people of faith for 'abolition of civil rights' at National Prayer Breakfast

Trump presses anti-abortion message at bipartisan National Prayer Breakfast

‘Unlimited Presidential Harassment’: Trump lashes out again at Democrats for stepped-up oversight 

Trump’s claim that Republicans never investigated Obama is ludicrous 

White House: Trump has not followed diet and exercise plan ‘religiously’


Earnings forecasts are very negative but here's why it's not all bad

US trade deficit narrows much more than expected in a win for Trump

Republicans suggest Trump won’t get all the wall money he wants — but they are unclear about what he wants 

Congressional negotiators seek contours of border deal as shutdown looms 

‘They know it’s his party’: Despite tensions with Trump, GOP lawmakers roar with approval for their president 

Pence says government shutdown wasn’t a mistake, can’t guarantee there won’t be another one 

U.S. cuts some military assistance to Cameroon, citing allegations of human rights violations 

Pompeo slams Venezuelan president for efforts to block humanitarian aid 

Pentagon official: No plans to develop new missile system amid end of Russian arms treaty

Arizona city officials want border wall's razor wire removed

Inside Wisconsin’s Disastrous $4.5 Billion Deal With Foxconn
(A huge tax break was supposed to create a manufacturing paradise, but interviews with 49 people familiar with the project depict a chaotic operation unlikely to ever employ 13,000 workers.)

New poll finds overwhelming support for an annual wealth tax

Mueller probe filings raise prospect of more indictments

Top Foreign-Policy Takeaways From Trump’s State of the Union
(What the president said—and didn’t say—about America’s place in the world.)

State of the Union Draws Polarized State and Local Responses

Trump's extreme rhetoric against the press is 'dangerous,' says New York Times CEO

Fact-checking President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address 

Six takeaways from the State of the Union

Trump presents a false choice between investigations and prosperity in State of the Union 

In his SOTU, Trump calls for unity — while repeatedly needling Democrats 

Expect Trump to make more 'socialism' jabs as he faces tough 2020 re-election fight

Trump’s tweets could be used against him in court if he declares a national emergency 

Trump Wanted $20 Million for 2006 Moscow Deal, Developer Says

Pelosi treated Trump like a misbehaving teenager last night. Just ask her daughter. 

New Trump-Russia probe will focus on reports of money laundering, ‘financial compromise,’ Schiff says 

Democrats launch new probe of Trump's finances, Russia ties

Trump lashes out as Democrats step up inquiries of president and administration 

Assault weapons ban push tests Dem support

Virginia Attorney General Herring says he wore blackface in college

Read the full transcript of President Trump’s State of the Union speech

Trump’s top 5 State of the Union policy proposals, ranked from ‘might happen’ to ‘absolutely, definitely not’ 

Trump’s State of the Union fails to mention the state of the planet: Hot and getting hotter

Trump, honoring Holocaust survivors, seems blind to events of today

Trump blasts Schiff as 'political hack' over new investigation

Trump, Democrats clash over probes

Trump warned Democrats not to investigate him. Instead, they’re playing hardball. 

Trump now says he wants more legal immigration


GOP senators think Trump would win vote on emergency declaration

Congress is beginning to check Trump’s worst foreign-policy impulses 

Energy Secretary Rick Perry is designated survivor for 2019 State of the Union

Meghan McCain hits back at Trump: ‘The greatness of my father’s life and legacy haunts you’

Iraqi president says Trump did not ask permission to 'watch Iran'

Top general says he wasn't consulted before Trump announced Syria withdrawal

Analysis: Trump delivers State of the Union in the same place but faces a new political reality

Fact check: What Trump said (and didn't) during his State of the Union address

Fact-checking Trump's State of the Union address

Trump veers between comity, confrontation at raucous State of the Union

The Shrunken State of Donald Trump’s Presidency

Trump's Legal Problems Might Outlast Robert Mueller's Investigation

Virtually every organization Trump has run in recent years has been under investigation. Here’s where those probes stand. 

Is an Iron Curtain Falling Across Tech?
(The conflict around Huawei may be the first shots in a new cold war.)

Abrams offers progressive counterpoint to Trump in Dem response

Abrams rebukes Trump for his immigration stance in official Democratic response 

Biden: Abrams achieved 'in a matter of minutes' what Trump failed to do in entire State of the Union speech

Booker pushes unity and optimism as party seethes about Trump

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren want the rich to pay a lot more in taxes — here's why history may be on their side

Climate change on front burner after 8 years of GOP rule

Zero tolerance or rush to judgment? In the Trump era, Democrats hasten to push out the accused 

Dem presidential field looks smaller than expected

President Trump’s State of the Union transcript, annotated 

Trump uses State of the Union to defiantly defend his immigration agenda, announce date of next summit with North Korea’s Kim 

Donald Trump demands border wall, slams investigations in State of the Union speech

Trump calls for rejection of 'politics of revenge' in speech that jabs Democrats

Trump’s abortion remarks fire up both sides

Trump will meet Kim Jong Un in Vietnam for 2nd nuclear summit

Trump to Pledge HIV Cure By 2030, Despite Controversial LGBTQ Policies

Trump Finds an Unlikely Ally Over Russia’s Nuclear Violations—NATO

Senate GOP warns Trump against using national emergency for border wall

Graham: There could be GOP 'war' over border wall

‘It’s way too many’: As vacancies pile up in Trump administration, senators grow concerned 

Trump campaign takes steps to prevent a challenge within GOP

U.S., South Korea agree 'in principle' on sharing troop cost: State Department

How U.S.Mission Creep in Syria and Iraq Could Trigger War With Iran
(One previously unreported incident from 2017 illustrates the risks of Trump’s latest plan.)

Europeans fear Trump may threaten not just the transatlantic bond, but the state of their union 

Federal prosecutors issue sweeping subpoena for documents from Trump inaugural committee, a sign of a deepening criminal probe 

Federal prosecutors subpoena Trump inaugural committee

Purge of undocumented workers by the president’s company spreads to at least 5 Trump golf courses 

Power Up: Trump's State of Disunity 

Will anyone buy Trump's call for unity in SOTU speech?

Leak of Trump's daily schedule prompts White House fury

Trump comments spark Iraqi demands for US exit

Trump’s response to concerns about his handling of race relations sends a clear message 

The real value of ‘Trump tax bonuses’
(Some U.S. workers treat $1,000 lump sum from private firms as a windfall, while others see it as a lifeline)

Trump will give State of Union to sea of opponents

Trump doesn’t believe his own damaging rants about ‘fake news’

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Northam scandal, State of the Union expectations

Dems seize on Trump feud with intelligence leaders

Democrats Push Plan to Increase Social Security Benefits and Solvency

Among 2020 Democrats, a debate over 'Medicare-for-all'

Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer’s plan to limit buybacks shows how Democrats see an opening to hammer Trump on tax cuts in 2020

Senate Dems block Sasse measure meant to respond to Virginia bill

Northam clings to power, but grip appears tenuous

After rough January, Trump seeks rebound with big speech

Will anyone buy Trump's call for unity in SOTU speech?

5 things to watch in President Trump's State of the Union address

White House announces Trump guests for State of the Union

Trump campaign takes steps to prevent a challenge within GOP

Trump embraces a new nuclear arms race 

Trump comments spark Iraqi demands for US exit

Trump’s response to concerns about his handling of race relations sends a clear message 

Trump to nominate senior Treasury official Malpass to lead World Bank

Trump to nominate David Bernhardt, a former lobbyist, as the next Interior secretary 


GOP Senate chairman on making a border security deal: 'It could happen'

Scott: Emergency declaration not my 'first choice' for Trump to build wall

Congress can avoid trumped up national emergency declaration

GOP chairman: Trump should 'respect' opinions of intel leaders

GOP senator: 'Imperative' for Trump to listen to intel chiefs

Out-of-state money boosts Collins after Supreme Court vote

Former Homeland Security secretary urges lawmakers to stop trying for 'political wins' on immigration

Poll: Most oppose Trump declaring national emergency to fund border wall

Syria says US-led coalition hit its forces in the east

Palestinians refuse to meet with Trump’s adviser, so he’s tweeting them 

Dem lawmaker 'confident' bipartisan group will strike deal on border funding

House Democrats dig in as the majority, with focus on agenda and Trump 

Congressional Black Caucus leaders call on Northam to resign

Northam meets with senior staff and considers options, including resignation 

Sherrod Brown: 'We have a president who’s a racist'

Covering a historic field of presidential hopefuls

Trump builds anticipation around State of the Union

‘A watershed moment’: Trump faces crossroads amid mounting threats on all sides 

Trump: People saying 'something very special' happening with race in US

Trump refuses to comment on whether Mueller report should be made public 

Trump: Pompeo 'absolutely not leaving' to run for Senate

'I wasn't happy': Trump says he pushed Mattis to resign

Trump said 'you have to get rid of' the Russia probe and parroted a Kremlin talking point in a wide-ranging interview

Trump wants to keep troops in Iraq to 'watch' Iran

Trump: U.S. military intervention in Venezuela 'an option'


Congress in painful start to avoid second shutdown

President Trump faces criticism from his own party on declaring a national emergency

America’s border wars: What the Border Patrol doesn’t want you to know

What to expect — or fear — when Trump meets Kim again

'Roger Stone did nothing wrong': Stone greeted with chants, applause at Women for Trump 2020 campaign kickoff

Deutsche Bank turned Trump down for loan in 2016: report

Tulsi Gabbard officially launches 2020 campaign

Gov. Northam refuses to step down, despite flood of calls for his resignation over racist photo 

Trump’s State of the Union to focus on “choosing greatness”
(The president Trump is striving for a unifying tone)

Trump taps Ronny Jackson to receive promotion and be his top medical adviser, despite investigation 

Trump ties racist photo in Virginia to abortion, election


Payrolls surge by 304,000, smashing estimates despite government shutdown

Why the shutdown didn’t tank the January jobs report 

U.S. job gains largest in 11 months; unemployment rate rises

McConnell privately cautions Trump about emergency declaration on border wall 

Mitch McConnell just made it much easier for Democrats to accuse Republicans of voter suppression 

Endorsing Trump isn’t the easiest decision for some Republicans

Senate vote shows 2020 Democrats are more aligned with Trump on Syrian pullout than the GOP 

Virginia GOP calls for Northam to resign after KKK, blackface photo

Judge considers gag order in Roger Stone case

Dozens of undocumented workers terminated from Trump properties

The tale of the tape: The reality of human trafficking is nothing like Trump's version

Foxconn says it will actually build factory, cites “conversation” with Trump 

Shields and Brooks on Northam photo scandal, abortion and border standoffs

Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey joins the 2020 presidential race 

In bid for White House, Booker seeks unity over ‘politics of hate’

Democrats are zeroing in on Treasury’s Mnuchin

‘A whole lot of carrot’: Pelosi keeps young and restless caucus on the same page 

Dems warn against deporting former Trump golf course workers

Dem lawmaker to bring former Trump property undocumented worker to State of the Union

Bloomberg funding secret operation aimed at defeating Trump in 2020

Gov. Ralph Northam ‘deeply sorry’ after photo emerges from his 1984 yearbook showing blackface, KKK hood 

Trump: 'Good chance' I will declare emergency to build wall

Trump administration to suspend nuclear treaty with Russia

Five takeaways on Trump decision to suspend nuclear treaty with Russia

Here are all the treaties and agreements Trump has abandoned

Trump clouds deadline for trade deal
(After he indicates flexibility for further talks with China, White House says March 1 date is firm.)

Trump steps up attacks on Pelosi for opposing border wall funds

Trump: Pelosi is 'very bad for our country'

Trump sees himself as a 'victim' of unfair media coverage


Senate advances bill warning against 'precipitous withdrawal' from Syria and Afghanistan

Republicans want Trump to keep out of border talks

GOP poised to rebuke Trump

Senate rebukes Trump’s plan to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria, Afghanistan 

Republicans seize on liberal positions to paint Democrats as radical 

US to withdraw from arms control treaty with Russia on Friday

U.S. envoy raises prospect of compromise in North Korea talks

ISIS could reclaim land in 6 to 12 months without military pressure, warns Pentagon draft report

How Trump’s trade war with China could heat up 

FEC: Trump campaign owes Treasury over $1 million in travel expenses

Trump: assured by Rosenstein he's not a target of Mueller probe - NYT

Supreme Court's conservatives appear poised to expand Second Amendment gun rights

Dems give themselves some wiggle room in border talks

House Democrats schedule a hearing in a big formal step toward focusing on Trump’s tax returns

Pelosi signals openness to new border ‘infrastructure’

House Democrats Unveil Social Security Expansion Bill With Unprecedented Support

Warren: Billionaires should ‘stop being freeloaders’

Manchin sends McConnell jam after he's quoted suggesting he'll 'crush him like a grape'

House Democrat warns ethics committee about Steve King promoting white nationalism website

Two Georgia Dems plan to skip Trump’s State of the Union

Booker tells lawmakers he is running for president and seeks their support

Trump says State of Union address to stress 'unity'

President Trump and Nancy Pelosi harden their positions in the latest border wall fight – with nearly 2 weeks to go before the next shutdown deadline

Trump, Pelosi remain at odds over wall funding

Trump predicts failure by congressional committee charged with resolving border stalemate 

Trump: Just call them walls and stop playing political games

The chances of Donald Trump declaring a national emergency at the border just went way up

White House abruptly cancelled meeting with intel chiefs day after contradicting Trump

Trump insists he's on same page as intel chiefs after insulting them

Trump considering former presidential candidate Herman Cain for the Fed

Trump tells conservative outlet that he is ‘confined’ to list of 25 potential Supreme Court nominees for his next pick amid concern about RBG’s health

Trump claims he loses 'massive amounts of money' being president


McConnell blasts House bill that makes Election Day a federal holiday

No GOP appetite for a second shutdown

A Growing Chorus of Republican Critics for Trump’s Foreign Policy

72 percent in poll think Trump, Congress will fail to reach border deal

Some SuburbanState Lawmakers Are Leaving the GOP

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy Joins Fox News as Ranks of Cable-News Contributors Swell

Kentucky governor says America is 'getting soft' after schools cancel classes due to cold temperatures

Lawmakers question border deployment

Lawmakers seeking to avoid new shutdown meet for first time

Advisor to Chinese leaders says Trump trade demands are ironically better long term for China than they are for the US

U.S. Intervention Could Be Maduro’s Lifeline
(Attempts at regime change have backfired on Washington before.)

DHS operated fake university in Michigan to apprehend undocumented immigrants

Fed Chair Powell says economy will make back most of shutdown effect in the next quarter

Federal Reserve says it will be ‘patient’ on rate hikes, a change that Trump urged 

Mueller says evidence against Russian firm was used in ‘disinformation campaign’ apparently to discredit special counsel’s Russia probe

Will Roger Stone flip on Trump? His answers about it are curious. 

The lowest-paid shutdown workers aren’t getting back pay 

Foxconn scraps plan to build factory in Wisconsin, will hire white-collar workers instead 

Trump’s ‘wrecking ball’ on science is posing a threat to public health and the environment 

More than half of Utah voters say they won’t vote to re-elect President Trump in 2020

Look at This Embarrassing F*cking Moron

Steve Bannon on working for Trump: I did 'the Lord's work'

Schumer: Past time for Intel leaders to 'stage an intervention' with Trump

Congressional Black Caucus faces tough decision on Harris, Booker

House backs 2.6 percent pay raise for civilian federal employees 

Insult to injury for Trump: Democrats take a rare lead on ‘border security’ after shutdown 

Trump digs in on border wall funds, but Democrats’ opening bid is zero 

After standoff, Trump is inviting third kick of a mule
(Despite losing to Democrats, he is threatening another shutdown)

In latest attack on intelligence agencies, Trump ignores where they actually agree 

Trump cheers as Dow breaks 25,000 -- for the third time

Trump Eyes Limit to States' Power to Block Pipelines

Trump says he has not spoken to Whitaker about end of Mueller probe

Trump’s ‘Space Force’ May Now Become Part of the Air Force


Odds of a recession spike to a three-year high, according to CNBC’s Fed survey

Senate panel postpones William Barr’s confirmation vote amid Democrats’ concerns

McConnell calls for releasing as much of Mueller's report as possible

Top GOP senators propose repealing estate tax, which is expected to be paid by fewer than 2,000 Americans a year 

Border deal doesn’t need word ‘wall,’ House GOP leader McCarthy says

Trump confidant Sen. Lindsey Graham floats tying border wall money to critical debt ceiling increase

Collins: I’m not prepared to endorse Trump for 2020

Jeff Flake "will not be a candidate" in 2020 presidential race

Lawmakers push to end shutdowns — for good

North Korea ‘Unlikely to Give Up’ Nuclear Arsenal, Says National Security Team

US intel heads list North Korea, not border, as threat to US

The Unintended Consequences of Trump’s Decision to Withdraw From Syria
(It has already empowered Russia and Iran while undermining the Kurds.)

America Has a Commitment Problem
(Eight reasons that Washington has repeatedly made the mistake of making promises around the world it can’t keep.)

Pentagon: Several thousand more troops to the Mexico border

Asylum seeker is sent back to Mexico as Trump administration rolls out new policy

A year after Trump touted ‘right to try,’ patients still aren’t getting treatment 

A big Trump case hinges on the definition of ‘emoluments.’ A new study has bad news for him. 

George Conway slams Trump: 'Your stupidity knows no bounds'

Trump friend and advisor Roger Stone pleads not guilty in Mueller case, calls it ‘a lynching’

U.S. government shutdown cuts deep for Native Americans

Eyes on Kavanaugh and Gorsuch as Supreme Court weighs whether Louisiana abortion law can go into effect

JoshuaTreeNational Park could take 300 years to recover from government shutdown damage

Democrats tap Georgia’s Stacey Abrams to deliver the response to Trump’s State of the Union address 

Democrats’ 2020 presidential contest is wide open as danger mounts for Trump, new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows 

Dem duo poses test for Trump, GOP

Pelosi puts tight grip on talk of Trump impeachment

Democrats do not plan to consider 'Dreamers' issue in U.S. border fund talks: Hoyer

Some Dems float idea of primary challenge for Ocasio-Cortez

The Trump administration’s tentative deal with the Taliban could return Afghanistan to chaos 

Trump, sounding off on climate change, loses an argument to actual climatologists — government ones

Trump boosts bills to teach his favorite book — the Bible — in public schools

Trump’s company plans to expand check of employees’ legal status following report that it hired undocumented workers for years 

President Trump tweets nonsensical figures on illegal immigration 

Trump's Twitter insult about 'Team of Vipers' might be helping Cliff Sims sell books


Dow drops more than 200 points as weak Caterpillar, Nvidia guidance stokes China fears

Nervous investors cite Washington politics as their top cause for concern

‘Mean as a Snake’: When President Trump Met the Real Mitch McConnell

New Jersey state senator leaves GOP, giving Dems largest majority in decades

Chris Christie says he warned Trump the Russia investigation would not go away

Most Americans — and some GOP senators — don’t want Trump to declare a national emergency to get his border wall

The government shutdown cost the economy $11 billion, including a permanent $3 billion loss, Congressional Budget Office says

‘It feels like we are still hostages’: Federal contractors who lost health insurance during shutdown remain in limbo 

Border Patrol wives invite Pelosi to border to see why they want wall

Justice Dept. charges Huawei with fraud, ratcheting up U.S.-China tensions 

Sanctioned Venezuela Oil Firm Gave $500,000 to Trump’s Inauguration—And Is in Debt to Moscow

Ryan Crocker: The Taliban Will ‘Retake the Country’

Acting AG: Mueller probe is 'close to being completed'

Stone heading to DC court in Mueller saga’s latest twist

Michael Cohen to testify behind closed doors to House Intelligence Committee, chairman says

Post-shutdown negotiations look brutal for Trump

Divisions linger in Trump World over ‘emergency’ gambit

Press: Trump wastes 35 days for nothing

Midway through first term, Trump is not meeting the public’s modest expectations for his job performance, poll finds 

Did Trump’s tax cuts boost hiring? Most companies say no

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on shutdown fallout, 2020 presidential race

Kamala Harris takes questions at CNN town hall

5 House freshmen get seats on panel probing Trump's WH

Top advocacy group says Democrats should improve existing health coverage laws, not write new ones 

Donald Trump accepts Nancy Pelosi's offer to deliver State of the Union at the Capitol on Feb. 5.

Trump ordered 15,000 new border and immigration officers — but got thousands of vacancies instead

Trump administration announces sanctions targeting Venezuela’s oil industry

In Trump’s World, Nukes Are Self-Defense

President Trump will sit down with CBS' Margaret Brennan for Super Bowl interview


GOP senator 'reasonably optimistic' border security negotiations will be successful

Republicans distance themselves from shutdown tactics

Collins predicts lawmakers will agree to barriers, 'but not to the degree' Trump wants

Rubio: 'I don’t think shutdowns are good leverage'

Rubio: Trump declaring national emergency for border wall 'a terrible idea'

McCarthy: Trump is 'only one who has been reasonable' in shutdown negotiations

Rubio disputes that the United States would participate in a coup in Venezuela 

Graham says Trump floated using military force in Venezuela

Christie: Roger Stone indictment is 'pretty damning'

Ex-GOP senator to Trump: Don't let ‘whack-a-doodles’ run things

Poll: Most Americans think US is on wrong course


How the government will reopen

Government shutdown cost U.S. more than Trump's wall demand

Trump shutdown gambit was a folly, and he learned that Pelosi wasn’t bluffing

Ann Coulter Trashes Trump in Bill Maher Interview

U.S.-Taliban talks appear closer to pact after marathon negotiations in Qatar  

Special counsel indicts Trump advisor

Five takeaways from Roger Stone’s indictment

I'm a Transgender Navy Veteran, and I Was Willing to Give Up Everything

Surging drug prices poised to become hot-button issue in 2020 race

Pelosi issues blistering statement: ‘What does Putin have on' Trump?

‘Pelosi does not mess around’: Democratic speaker emerges triumphant from shutdown 

Likely 2020 Dem contenders to face scrutiny over Wall Street ties

Trump wounded by border wall retreat in deal to end shutdown

‘Prisoner of his own impulse’: Inside Trump’s cave to end shutdown without wall 

Trump caves’ or ‘Genius’: Right wing splits after Trump ends shutdown with no wall funding 

‘After surrendering in shutdown standoff, Trump again vows to build wall 

Trump’s golf course employed undocumented workers — and then fired them amid showdown over border wall 

How Donald Trump's relationship with Nancy Pelosi changes everything in Washington

Trump donates $100,000 from salary to alcoholism research

'The people want the Truth!': Trump gloats over the loss of American media jobs

Trump considers Biden to be his 'most dangerous potential opponent'


FAA briefly halts flights into LaGuardia amid staffing shortages, shutdown

Dow gains for fifth straight week after deal reached to temporarily reopen government

House approves bill to reopen the government, sends measure to Trump for his signature 

Congress votes to reopen government after Trump agrees to end shutdown

Shutdown ends without funding for Trump’s border wall

The Shutdown Deal Is the Same One Trump Previously Rejected
(The president relented to political pressure on Friday, agreeing to reopen the government after 35 days without receiving money he demanded for a southern-border wall.)

Post-ABC poll: Trump disapproval swells as president, Republicans face lopsided blame for shutdown 

Donald Trump caved. And now the government is going to re-open.

Trump just ran into a woman who told him ‘No,’ and he backed down. How will that play with his base? 

Omar, Tlaib come under fire from GOP

Coulter blasts Trump over shutdown deal: 'Biggest wimp ever to serve as president'

Lou Dobbs slams Trump's move to end shutdown: 'Illegal immigrants are surely pleased’

Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone indicted by special counsel in Russia investigation 

The 7 biggest claims in Robert Mueller’s new indictment of President Trump associate Roger Stone

With a Godfather reference and a Nixon quote, Mueller accuses Roger Stone of witness tampering

What Roger Stone’s indictment means for collusion 

4 takeaways from Trump confidant Roger Stone’s indictment

Former Stone associates indicate willingness to testify against him

Paul Manafort faces sealed Feb. 4 hearing on Mueller probe allegations he lied after pleading guilty

Shields and Brooks on shutdown resolution, Roger Stone indictment

Pelosi Won, Trump Lost

Pelosi after Stone indictment: 'What does Putin have on the president'?

Trump signs bill to open the government, ending the longest shutdown in history 

Trump: Ending shutdown was ‘in no way a concession’

Trump: We need fair deal, or government will close again

White House: Trump 'moving forward' on wall 'with or without' Dems

Post-ABC poll: Trump disapproval swells as president, Republicans face lopsided blame for shutdown 

Donald Trump caved. And now the government is going to re-open.

Trump just ran into a woman who told him ‘No,’ and he backed down. How will that play with his base? 


Economists worry 'zero growth' may be reality as shutdown drags on

Homeowners are thinking twice about remodeling because rates are rising, values aren’t gaining as much and fewer homes are selling

GOP senators read Pence riot act before shutdown votes

Shutdown continues: Senate blocks bills to fund government amid fight over Trump border wall

Shutdown showdown: Senate votes down two bills to end shutdown after Trump agrees to postpone State of the Union 

Senate rejects two measures to end shutdown

‘This is your fault’: GOP senators clash over shutdown inside private luncheon 

How senators voted: These lawmakers crossed the aisle to vote for plans to reopen government

Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen subpoenaed by Senate Intelligence Committee to testify before he goes to jail

House Republican introduces bill to grant Trump more tariff power

GOP compares Ocasio-Cortez to Trump

U.S. officials to start pushing asylum seekers back across the border

North Korea's Kim praises Donald Trump's 'unusual determination'

Homeland Security ex-officials warn of security risks from shutdown

National air traffic controller union leader: 'Stressed' workers ‘making mistakes’ amid shutdown

Southwest Airlines: Hawaii flights likely delayed for months

An unintended consequence? Shutdown highlights the importance and value of government. 

During Shutdown, Mayors Show What Bipartisanship Looks Like

Trump officials keep showing they have no idea what it’s like to live in the real world 

Wilbur Ross says unpaid federal workers shouldn’t need food banks, they can just get a loan

Watch CNBC's full interview with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross...

Why Many Federal Workers Can't Follow Wilbur Ross' Financial Advice

Civil penalties for polluters dropped dramatically in Trump’s first two years, analysis shows 

Bluster, bombast, backing down: What happens when someone says no to Trump? 

Why Trump Can’t Find a Way Out of the Shutdown Mess He Created

Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Is Down to 34%

Senate Democrats reject Trump's 'pro-rated' wall funding pitch

Schumer Shoots Down Bill to PayCoast Guard

Dem senator explodes at Ted Cruz for 'crocodile tears' over shutdown

Pelosi says Wilbur Ross' confusion about why federal workers are going to food banks during the shutdown shows a 'let them eat cake kind of attitude'

Elizabeth Warren proposes ‘wealth tax’ on Americans with more than $50 million in assets

George Conway Hails Chuck Schumer For Getting 'Dim-Witted' Trump To Own Shutdown

Colorado pushes back on President Donald Trump’s policies
(State Democrats resist policies on sexual misconduct, reproductive rights, climate change, voting rights and immigration)

Former VP Joe Biden calls for national unity

White House demands ‘large down payment on the wall’ as Senate tries to reach shutdown deal

Trump floats ending shutdown with a 'down payment' on wall, but Pelosi doesn't blink

Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Is Down to 34%

The Trump administration is working on Medicaid block grants 

The Trump administration has lost more than 90 percent of its court battles over deregulation

Trump’s Venezuela gambit
(He recognizes the leader of the South American nation’s opposition as the legitimate president.)

North Korea's Kim praises Donald Trump's 'unusual determination'


Existing-home sales slide 6.4% in December

Boeing warns that a prolonged government shutdown could hurt its business and the aviation industry

The GOP is in a very familiar shutdown position: Losing it badly

Editorial: Sen. Cory Gardner to break with Republicans on Trump’s wall — it’s the right thing to do

In the first town hall of his term, Romney blames federal leaders for using people ‘as pawns’ in government shutdown

John Kelly, former DHS secretaries call on Trump, Congress to end shutdown

New friction in U.S.-China trade talks points to hurdles for a deal 

Trump’s outside China advisor says there will not be a breakthrough in trade talks soon

Pompeo says Venezuela's Maduro can't 'break diplomatic relations' with US

U.S. rejects Maduro decision to sever diplomatic ties

U.S. to defy Venezuelan order for American diplomats to leave Caracas in 72 hours 

Pompeo: Peace efforts to begin ‘immediately following Israeli elections’

10 sobering quotes from the new National Intelligence Strategy 

Furloughed government workers will be owed $6 billion in back pay by end of this week 

Shutdown stories: Federal workers say no relief in sight

Air travel union leaders release dire safety warning as shutdown continues

Voters want to end the government shutdown — and more of them think Trump should compromise

Trump disapproval grows as shutdown drags onward

Trump's approval rating drops further amid extended shutdown

AP-NORC poll: 6 in 10 Americans blame Trump for shutdown

‘Folded Like A Cheap Suit’: Twitter Users Taunt Trump For Being ‘Outplayed’ By Pelosi

The Artful Dealmaker Has No Leverage and Sinking Support. But He Does Have a New Slogan.

Poll: Increasing number see Mueller probe as justified

Michael Cohen postpones congressional testimony because of threats to family from Trump and Giuliani

Blumenthal: ‘Clearly’ Trump is violating law against intimidating witnesses

No. 3 House Democrat floats possible $5.7 billion in border funding

Pelosi tells Trump: No State of the Union address in the House until government is opened 

Pelosi ups ante in Trump showdown

Pelosi tells Republicans: 'Take back your party'

Momentum for earmarks grows with Dem majority

Diverse Democratic field lines up for 2020

Trump: I will deliver State of the Union 'when the shutdown is over'

White House seeks list of programs that would be hurt if shutdown lasts into March 

President Trump spins asylum restrictions as humanitarian relief 


Stocks slide on renewed fears of a global economic slowdown

Never-Ending Government Shutdown Could Kill 2019’s Largest IPOs

Shutdown in U.S., slowing growth in China fuel concerns over global economy 

GOP seeks to change narrative in shutdown fight

McConnell sets up votes on Thursday on competing proposals to reopen government

Senate to vote on dueling government funding bills

Senate will vote Thursday on competing GOP and Democratic bills to end shutdown

Trump’s border wall offer looks doomed in the Senate as 800,000 government workers face another lost paycheck during shutdown

Mitch McConnell Got Everything He Wanted. But at What Cost?

Poll shows 25 percent view McConnell favorably, lowest among leaders in survey

Grassley to hold drug pricing hearing

House passes bill expressing support for NATO

Judge refuses to certify Republican as winner of House vote

The GOP has become the Soviet party 

Hundreds of IRS employees are skipping work. That could delay tax refunds. 

TSA calls for backup help at airports facing callouts during shutdown: CNN

Coast Guard chief: 'Unacceptable' that service members must rely on food pantries, donations amid shutdown

Shutdown hits national security employees across government

Federal judiciary has enough funds to operate through end of January

State Dept. forced to cancel border security conference amid shutdown

Banks, phone companies, nonprofits roll out help for federal workers amid government shutdown

Supreme Court allows Trump restrictions on transgender troops in military to go into effect as legal battle continues 

Supreme Court undermines Trump’s strategy on government shutdown with immigration decision 

DACA program that protects young undocumented immigrants not likely to get Supreme Court review this term 

Supreme Court Allows Redacted Appeal in Possible Mueller Case

Here’s What Michael Cohen’s Testimony Will look Like Next Month, Per His Lawyers

Rudy Giuliani is Donald Trump's worst possible spokesman | With Chris Cillizza

Power struggle paralyzes 'irrelevant' White House press shop

Former White House aide: Trump offered NASA unlimited funding to go to Mars

House Democrats turbocharge committee probes of Trump

John Kerry told an audience at Davos that President Donald Trump should resign

Trump prepares two versions of State of the Union address as shutdown tensions escalate 

Trump seeks to move ahead with big speech despite Pelosi shutdown concerns

'No Cave!': Trump shoulders shutdown blame, bets Democrats will pay in 2020

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to quickly take up census citizenship question 

Trump says he directed Sarah Sanders ‘not to bother’ with White House press briefings 

Trump exasperated by gaffe-prone Giuliani

Art of the deal: In politics, Trump finds negotiations a different ballgame

Fact-checking Trump’s claim that he has a 50-percent approval rating among Latinos


Senate immigration bill includes border wall money, 52,000 detention beds, 750 border agents

Senate Republicans all but surrender to Trump on wall despite shutdown’s toll 

Congress to pursue divergent paths to reopening government, but stalemate no closer to resolution 

Graham angers Dems by digging into Clinton, Obama controversies

Of course Trump has something on Lindsey Graham: His voters 

The shutdown today: No signs of progress

10 percent of TSA workers called out Sunday as shutdown continues 

Calls escalate for Trump to end shutdown and trade war amid fears of economic slowdown 

Trump voters now blame him for the government shutdown 

Debate builds over making Mueller report public

Giuliani backtracks on comments Trump sought Moscow deal throughout 2016

John Kelly said getting fired ‘would be the best day I’ve had’: report

‘Absolutely out of control’ 

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on shutdown pressure, Mueller’s BuzzFeed rebuttal

Kamala Harris announces presidential campaign

What does Kamala Harris believe? Where the candidate stands on 9 issues

Joe Biden: White America 'has to admit there's still a systemic racism'

House Democrats bringing new scrutiny to education secretary

2020 Dems seize on MLK Day for campaign messaging

Al Sharpton criticizes Trump’s ‘secret’ visit to MLK monument

Trump offers to limit his border wall to strategic locations

Trump's shutdown solution hangs in limbo

Trump two years in: The dealmaker who can’t seem to make a deal 

Trump claims media 'smeared' students involved in encounter with Native American man

Trump, Pence commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with brief visit to national monument 

Donald Trump said more than 6,000(!) untrue things in 2018


The Latest: Shutdown proposal unlikely to break logjam

How Mitch McConnell Is Prolonging the Shutdown, and What He Did to Turn the G.O.P. Into the Party of Trump

Senate to take up Trump's border-immigration plan next week

GOP senator: Trump immigration plan to reopen government 'represents progress, not perfection'

GOP senator: 'First Amendment was bruised' by BuzzFeed report

GOP rep suggests congressional pay should be revoked during shutdown

GOP rep: Dems think negotiating with Trump ‘like compromising with the devil’

US senator says Saudi crown prince must be 'dealt with' over Khashoggi murder

Pence: Trump's immigration proposal to reopen government 'is not amnesty'

Pence's shocking use of Martin Luther King's words

Experts warn of persistent ISIS threat after suicide bombing

Ex-US envoy in ISIS fight: 'There's no plan for what's coming' after US troop withdrawal in Syria

BuzzFeed sticks by disputed MichaelCohen-TrumpTower report as Republicans decry media bias

Giuliani says Trump might have talked to Cohen about his testimony: 'So what?'

Giuliani: Trump did not tell Cohen to lie

Rudy Giuliani: Talks of TrumpTowerMoscow may have continued throughout 2016 election

Number of TSA checkpoint agents calling out during shutdown stresses major airports 

Federal employees get perks taxpayers can only dream of

Homeland Security Committee chairman: 'I would not rule out a wall in certain instances'

Why Democrats Said No to Trump’s Border Compromise

Senate Dem: Trump immigration proposal a 'starting point'

Dems lash out at Trump for recalling furloughed workers

Tulsi Gabbard: Shutdown 'negotiations shouldn't be done on television'

Schiff: Congress will 'absolutely' investigate claims raised in BuzzFeed report

Trump and Pelosi take aim at each other during shutdown 

Trump attacks top Democrat for rejecting Mexico wall deal

Trump’s latest offer to end shutdown gets cool response

Trump suggests he could deport 11 million migrants if he doesn’t get border wall funding in veiled shutdown threat: ‘Be careful Nancy

Trump says no amnesty for 'Dreamers,' signals support in broader deal

'Amnesty is not a part of my offer': Trump defends proposal from critics on left and right

Trump defends immigration proposal against 'amnesty' criticism from conservatives

Trump yields on 3 immigration policies in effort to reach compromise on wall

Fact-checking Trump's border speech and DACA offer

Trump pines for global warming during snowstorm, confusing weather with climate


Graham urges slow Syria pullout to prevent ‘nightmare’ scenario for Israel

Rove warns Senate GOP: Don't put only focus on base

America's youngest generation could be a problem for the GOP

The financial strain deepens for furloughed government employees

What the Shutdown Means for a T.S.A. Agent at America’s Busiest Airport

For a Besieged F.B.I., the Shutdown is the Latest Trump-Era Assault

Inside the Mueller team’s decision to dispute BuzzFeed’s explosive story on Trump and Cohen 

Native American elder confronted by teens in MAGA hats speaks out

‘I march for all women’: Thousands gather for third Women’s March after year of controversy 

Real progress needed at Trump-Kim II: analysts 

Ann Coulter blasts Trump shutdown compromise: ‘We voted for Trump and got Jeb!’

Democrats signal they'll reject Trump shutdown proposal

'It's anyone's guess what happens next': Democrats shoot down Trump's plan to end shutdown

Pelosi faces tough decision with Trump

As shutdown drags on, Democrats’ massive class of newcomers makes its mark 

Trump meets with families of Americans slain in Syria 

President Trump delivers remarks about border security

Trump Touts Border Wall In San Antonio, Which Has No Wall And Isn't On The Border

Trump offers a deal on immigration and shutdown, and it hits a wall

Trump pitches new plan to reopen government amid Dem pushback

Trump offers 3-year extension of protection for ‘dreamers’ in exchange for $5.7 billion for wall; Democrats call it a ‘non-starter’ 

Concern over shutdown grows in Trump World

Donald Trump Sparks Anger With 'Send A Brick' To Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer Campaign

Trump: Impeach me if you want to see a stock market crash


Dow jumps more than 300 points, posts first 4-week winning streak since August

Senate GOP blocks bill to reopen Homeland Security

McConnell's maneuvers take backseat to Trump in shutdown

Bush calls for end to shutdown, delivers pizza to Secret Service

Congressional GOP conspicuously silent on latest Trump, Cohen news 

Pressure mounts for Trump to reconsider Syria withdrawal

Graham: Revelations Bruce Ohr warned feds of biased Christopher Steele 'are stunning'

Republican lawmaker who yelled ‘Go back to Puerto Rico!’ apologizes to Latino colleague 

Shutdown’s invisible costs: Cyberthreats, untrained firefighters, bug invasions 

Shutdown puts dozens of federal transportation safety probes on hold

'There Is Real Hardship Being Felt By Innocent Federal Employees': DC Judge

States report sharp increase in unemployment claims by federal workers as shutdown approaches one month 

Robert Mueller's office shoots down BuzzFeed's Cohen perjury report

Mueller's office disputes BuzzFeed report that Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress

BuzzFeed stands by Cohen report: Mueller should 'make clear what he's disputing'

Why we may never know the true number of family separations

Supreme Court inaction suggests DACA safe for another year

Lack of diversity in Trump's first judicial nominees for 116th Congress

“Are We Really Where We Are?”: Trump, Putin, and Washington’s Unbelievable New Normal

Trump’s dismal popularity among foreigners may be costing the US billions in exports

Brooks and Marcus on shutdown stagnation, Michael Cohen report

Pelosi abandons Afghanistan trip, accuses Trump of imperiling lawmakers with disclosure 

Pelosi accuses Trump of outing trip to Afghanistan

Dems revive impeachment talk after latest Cohen bombshell

Trump to Hold Second Meeting With North Korea’s Kim Next Month

Trump, Kim Jong Un to hold second summit

Trump teases 'major announcement' about shutdown on Saturday

Trump plans 'major announcement' on border, longest shutdown

Trump’s Muscular New Plan to Fend Off Russian and Chinese Missiles

Trump wants to revive infrastructure talks. It’s likely to include building a wall. 

Trump and Pence give surprise addresses at antiabortion March for Life 

Trump's battle with Pelosi intensifies

Trump is about to clobber the auto industry

Lack of diversity in Trump's first judicial nominees for 116th Congress


Recession warnings pile up as shutdown wraps up fourth week

Stocks rise after report says US considering easing China tariffs during negotiations

McConnell blocks bill to reopen most of government

McConnell courting Pompeo to run for an open Senate seat in Kansas 

Mitch McConnell: Democrats’ Anti-Corruption Bill Aims To ‘Swing Elections’

Rebuking Trump, over 130 House Republicans challenge plans to lift sanctions against Putin ally 

Mitt Romney Fails His First Test on Russia

Senate Republicans eye rules change to speed Trump nominees

On the Senate floor with a gun on her hip, Republican says packing heat can deter violence 

GOP Rep. Tom Marino resigns from Congress

Top Judiciary Republican sees potential for bipartisan agreement on cyber issues

Pence: US is still waiting for North Korea to take 'concrete steps' toward denuclearization

North Korea envoy in U.S. for talks with Pompeo, possibly Trump

Trump and Democrats are in parallel universes when it comes to the border 

Thousands more migrant kids separated from parents under Trump than previously reported

Mnuchin refuses to testify at hearing on shutdown impacts

Paychecks, IPOs and GDP data: Here are the next things the government shutdown could disrupt

DC train system losing $400k per day during government shutdown

State Department diplomats called back to work, for now 

State Dept. employees ordered back to work as Trump nixes Pelosi trip and Davos delegation, citing shutdown 

Veteran underemployment — it's a minefield here at home

Trump loses support among his core voting groups as the shutdown drags on, polls say

Small businesses are starting to lose faith in Trump's America

Trump, like Gorbachev, has lost faith in what his country stands for

‘Impeach Donald Trump’: The Atlantic says it’s time in blistering cover story

Mueller asks Trump associate about campaign ties to Israeli intel firm — report

Attorney accuses Trump of trying to intimidate Cohen ahead of congressional testimony

Michael Cohen says he tried to rig online polls ‘at the direction’ of Donald Trump

Rudy Giuliani Just Soft-Opened Trump's New Defense: My Campaign Colluded, But I Didn't Know!

Pelosi Says She ‘Doesn’t Care’ After DHS Contradicts Claim that SOTU Should be Cancelled

Democrats and activists punish Trump with a new strategy: Ignoring him 

Democrats demand investigation after report that Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress 

Schumer recruiting top-notch candidate for McCain Senate seat

Tulsi Gabbard apologizes, again, for past antigay views 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Torches Trump For Shutdown In First House Floor Speech

Trump stops House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to visit troops in Afghanistan right before military plane was due to take off

Trump says he’s canceling Pelosi’s foreign trip a day after she asked him to delay his State of the Union speech 

Trump fires back at Pelosi, cancels her foreign travel

Trump cancels delegation's trip to Davos amid shutdown

Donald Trump just dunked on Nancy Pelosi's CODEL and yes that is actually the headline

Trump’s letter to Pelosi accomplished its main goal: Owning the libs 

Trump says US will develop space-based missile defense

Trump’s executive order will aggressively cut more forest trees

Trump administration to appeal ruling against 2020 census citizenship question

Trump boxed in by right-wing media as government shutdown drags on

Trump loses support among his core voting groups as the shutdown drags on, polls say

Small businesses are starting to lose faith in Trump's America


Shutdown’s Economic Damage Starts to Pile Up, Threatening an End to Growth

Trump Slump? Government Shutdown & Trade War Leave Markets on Edge

90 (and counting) very real direct effects of the partial government shutdown

Senate Republicans stand with McConnell on the sidelines of shutdown fight 

GOP Sen David Perdue: If Trump agrees to reopen government, then ‘where’s the leverage’ for him to get his wall?

Georgia senator concerned shutdown could affect Super Bowl

Utah’s Sen. Mike Lee leaves Russia probe to others, focuses on criminal justice reform, immigration and civil asset forfeiture in questioning attorney general nominee

Senate rejects effort to block Trump on Russia sanctions

Pence declares ‘ISIS is defeated’ hours after attack kills Americans in Syria 

Mike Pence amends claim that 'ISIS has been defeated' following deadly attack on U.S. troops

Christie: Trump is surrounded by ‘amateurs, grifters, weaklings’ and ‘felons’ — but it’s not really his fault 

Suicide blast kills four Americans in Syria, a sign of remaining extremist danger 

Four Americans killed in Syria blast weeks after withdrawal announcement

Pentagon seeks to expand scope and sophistication of U.S. missile defenses 

No wonder there’s a shutdown: New poll shows how much Republicans and Democrats really disagree on immigration 

For now, the skies remain safe, officials say, but the shutdown is stressing the nation’s air safety system 

If Shutdown Persists, Can States Fund Food Stamps and Welfare on Their Own?

USDA calls back 2,500 workers from shutdown furlough as farmers wait for trade war bailouts

New poll shows federal workers don’t prefer a border wall to getting paid

Time for shutdown reality check

Giuliani: 'I never said there was no collusion' between the Trump campaign and Russia

Rudy Giuliani says Trump didn't collude with Russia but can't say if campaign aides did

Nielsen: Secret Service prepared to secure State of the Union

Why Trump Doesn’t Have to Deliver a State of the Union Speech to Congress

Federal agency ‘improperly’ ignored constitutional concerns before allowing Trump to keep lease to his hotel, internal watchdog says 

Can Trump claim credit for $26 billion in savings on prescription drugs? 

The school that hired Karen Pence requires applicants to disavow gay marriage, trans identity 

Top Trump official resigned over White House plan to withhold disaster-relief funds from Puerto Rico: report

Citing 'security concerns' due to government shutdown, Speaker Pelosi urges delay of State of the Union address

Nancy Pelosi to Trump: Reschedule State of the Union address or just submit it in writing to Congress because of shutdown

Pelosi pulls State of the Union surprise on Trump

Pelosi’s bold letter about postponing Trump’s State of the Union, annotated 

Facing Trump’s tantrum, Pelosi takes away the TV 

‘She wields the knife’: Pelosi moves to belittle and undercut Trump in shutdown fight 

Democrats introduce bill to hike federal minimum wage to $15 per hour

The Democrats’ capitulation to William Barr 

Barr hearing: Feinstein says she won’t vote for attorney general nominee unless he promises to release Mueller report 

Senators grill EPA nominee Wheeler over climate policies

Trump signs bill guaranteeing back pay for federal workers impacted by shutdown

Trump's move to ease Russia sanctions survives Senate vote

Trump snubs highlight Pelosi’s grip on Dems


Trump administration admits shutdown is more costly than expected

Trump administration doubles estimate of shutdown cost to economy from original forecast

Shutdown bites economy, U.S. Coast Guard, as talks to end impasse stall

McConnell blocks House bill to reopen government for second time

Missing in action McConnell suggests no shutdown deal in sight 

Pence on border wall: Trump won't be ‘deterred’ by Dem ‘obstruction’

Two Republicans Push ‘Border Bonds’ to Let Americans Finance a Wall

West Virginia Republicans unveil plan to give $10M for Trump's wall

Some in GOP split with White House on Russia sanctions

GOP maps out early 2020 strategy to retake House

House passes resolution condemning white nationalism

House votes overwhelmingly to condemn white nationalism amid furor over Rep. King’s remarks 

John Kasich signs with CNN as senior political commentator

Most voters believe there’s a border crisis — but they don’t think Trump’s wall will solve it

Trump’s big beautiful border wall: A history | With Chris Cillizza

What Kissinger Knew That Pompeo Does Not

Farmers stick with Trump despite shutdown and trade war. For now. 

Farmers’ faith in Trump is slipping
(Trade war and the government shutdown hurt their bottom line.)

Delta CEO: Government shutdown tab $25 million and counting

Government shutdown: TSA absences cause airport delays, terminal closures

Veterans groups demand end to shutdown: 'Get your act together'

The essence of involuntary servitude’: Federal unions sue the Trump administration to get paid for shutdown work 

U.S. tax agency to bring 46,000 furloughed workers back

Barr fields questions on Mueller probe, independence from Trump at attorney general confirmation hearing 

Barr confirms he shared his Mueller memo with lots of people around Trump 

Trump attorney general pick William Barr: Special counsel Robert Mueller would not be ‘involved in a witch hunt’

9 takeaways from William Barr’s confirmation hearing 

5 takeaways from Barr’s testimony

Federal judge rules against Trump administration’s push for citizenship question on 2020 Census 

Court Blocks Trump Administration Restrictions on Birth Control

Poll: A majority of Americans support raising the top tax rate to 70 percent 

Democrats turn down White House invitation for shutdown talks

Rank-and-file Democrats reject Trump’s invitation to shutdown talks, back Pelosi in opposition to border wall 

Ocasio-Cortez to join House panel overseeing financial sector

Maxine Waters takes the reins of a powerful House committee. Wall Street is nervous. 

Gillibrand announces exploratory committee to run for president on Colbert

Trump's favorite poll shows his approval rating has plummeted amid shutdown

Trump administration admits shutdown is more costly than expected

Trump administration doubles estimate of shutdown cost to economy from original forecast

Trump administration recalls tens of thousands of federal workers as it seeks to blunt shutdown’s impact 

Trump administration calling nearly 50,000 back to work, unpaid, as shutdown drags on 


Government shutdown threatens to take real bite out of economic growth 

Chinese Investment in the United States and Europe Plummets

Pressure on Senate Republicans to break shutdown impasse grows 

Senators restart shutdown talks — and quickly hit roadblocks

Trump and lawmakers paralyzed over shutdown as both sides remain dug in 

House Freedom Caucus calls for Congress to work on shutdown through break

GOP senators rebuke Trump for using 'Wounded Knee' as 'punchline'

Lindsey Graham ‘hell-bent’ on replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg despite Supreme Court saying she is 'cancer free'

Chuck Grassley helped Trump redefine the judiciary. Now he will fend off demands to see president’s tax returns

House Republican leaders move to strip Rep. Steve King of his committee assignments over comments about white nationalism

GOP leaders strip Steve King of committee assignments

Another GOP lawmaker calls on Steve King to resign over white supremacy comments

Steve King slams GOP leaders for 'political decision' over comments on white 

GOP’s John Kasich is looking to join CNN or MSNBC amid speculation he could run for president in 2020

Kasich: Republican Party is mired in the 1950s and ignores today's America at its peril

Bipartisan Senate group forming in search of shutdown deal amid impasse between Trump, party leaders 

Standoff over military costs strains U.S.-South Korea ties
(Fears of American troop reduction on peninsula rise)

Pentagon extending mission of troops at southern border

As shutdown extends, Trump losing support of white working-class voters 

Trump’s polls sag amid wall fight

Shutdown will slow air travel, cause long airport lines: Former...

Farmers already hurt by Trump’s trade war prepare for more pain — from the government shutdown

As longest-ever shutdown drags on, federal worker protest grows

More than 42,000 immigration hearings canceled due to shutdown: report

Trump AG nominee to say Congress, public should know results of Mueller probe

Read Attorney General nominee Barr’s prepared Senate testimony

Tax Cut Is Better (for Companies) and Worse (for Everyone Else) 

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on government shutdown polling

Why Democrats are unlikely to cave on Trump’s border wall as longest government shutdown ever drags on

An Obamacare lawsuit would make it easier for House Democrats to sue Trump over a border wall 

Democrats’ desire to subpoena interpreters in Trump, Putin meetings raises ethical questions 

Dems zero in on Trump and Russia

Senate Dems set to take aim at new Trump attorney general pick

Trump promises on coal, steel and China trade are all falling flat

Trump defends trade policies to farmers, vows fair deal with China

Trump rejects suggestion to allow government to reopen temporarily while talks continue 

As shutdown extends, Trump losing support of white working-class voters 

Trump’s polls sag amid wall fight

Trump says ‘I never worked for Russia,’ calls claim ‘a whole big fat hoax’ after explosive report of FBI probe

The 1 giant question Donald Trump still hasn't answered on Russia


Pressure on Senate Republicans to break shutdown impasse grows 

Top Republicans oppose border 'emergency' as shutdown drags on

The Republican Test at the Border
(If Trump does declare a national emergency, a humanitarian crisis could become a constitutional one.)

Americans blame Trump and GOP much more than Democrats for shutdown, Post-ABC poll finds 

Graham: Trump's 'not going to give in' on shutdown fight

Republican Senator Graham urges Trump to open U.S. government temporarily

GOP senator: 'I would hate to see' Trump declare national emergency over border

Scalise: Trump wants Congress to solve shutdown problem

Republicans seek to temper fallout from latest Russia bombshells

GOP shrugs off report that Trump concealed details of Putin meetings

Graham says he'll ask FBI director about reported investigation into whether Trump was working for Russia

Ted Cruz: Americans outside D.C. don't care about Russia investigation

McCarthy to meet with Steve King about white supremacy remarks: 'Action will be taken'

Cruz condemns King's white supremacy remark: 'It was stupid' and 'he needs to stop'

Pompeo: US withdrawal from Syria a 'tactical change'

Pompeo: 'Ludicrous' to think Trump is threat to US national security

'Major concerns': Resolution of border wall showdown not likely to end shutdown

As Shutdown Continues, Thousands Of Federal Workers Visit D.C.-Area Pop-Up Food Banks

HoustonAirport shuts down TSA security checkpoint amid government shutdown

William Barr’s confirmation hearing expected to be a battle over Mueller’s future 

Manafort developments trigger new ‘collusion’ debate

Bernstein's latest on Trump-Putin relationship

Judge blocks Trump contraception rule in 13 states

Kaine on Trump border wall: Democrats don't want to 'waste taxpayer money on a vanity project'

Dem demands 'ironclad assurances' from Barr on Mueller investigation ahead of confirmation hearings

Dem senator: Mueller needs to finish probe if FBI believed Trump might be working for Russia

Durbin: 'So many questions' about why Trump is 'so chummy' with Putin

New House Oversight chairman willing to battle Trump admin in courts over subpoenas

House lawyers meeting Monday to evaluate subpoenaing Trump's interpreters: Democratic aide

House Oversight chairman accuses Trump of making 'a lot of money' off presidency

Booker tries to shake doubts about pharmaceutical ties ahead of 2020

Trump threatens to 'devastate' Turkey's economy if it attacks Syria's Kurds

Trump, Republicans shoulder more blame for shutdown than Democrats: poll

Trump chastised Mulvaney during shutdown meeting: report

Trump’s border wall battle could soon give way to bigger fights with Democrats over Russia and impeachment 

Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in administration 

Trump mocks video of Warren with her husband


Five ways the shutdown is affecting the economy

77 (and counting) very real direct effects of the partial government shutdown

Longest shutdown in history takes a toll in Colorado, could cost state up to $201M per month

GOP rejected Obama's executive reach, but accepts Trump's

Rand Paul becomes first GOP senator to oppose anti-BDS bills

Trump, Congress break record for longest shutdown

With Trump’s nominee in limbo, envoy post in UAE stays empty

Trump may declare a national emergency in the border wall battle. Here’s what that means. 

TSA workers can expect a paycheck this week as their boss gives them a bonus 

Comey responds to Trump's Twitter attack with FDR quote: ‘Judge me by the enemies I’ve made’ 

Where the investigations related to President Trump stand

Schumer to force vote on U.S. decision to lift sanctions on Russia firms

House Democrats eye reported FBI probe of Trump

Dems struggling to help low-wage contractors harmed by shutdown

Congressional Black Caucus calls for Steve King to be removed from committees

Julián Castro announces 2020 White House bid, swipes at Trump

Trump blasts FBI counterintel probe into whether he worked for Russia

Trump backs off national emergency to build border wall as shutdown becomes longest ever 

‘We will be out for a long time’ unless Democrats budge, Trump says, as shutdown enters 4th week 

Trump, Congress break record for longest shutdown

Trump concealed details of meetings with Putin from senior officials: report


If the shutdown lasts two more weeks, the cost to the economy will exceed price of Trump’s wall

This week in Trumponomics: The pointless Trump shutdown starts to hurt

U.S. government shutdown may depress January job growth

GOP senators propose bill to pay 'excepted' workers during shutdown

Mitch McConnell could end the shutdown. But he’s sitting this one out.

‘It’s a bad precedent’ — GOP Sen. Grassley warns Trump not to declare a national emergency to get his border wall

Sen. Mitt Romney rebuffs Trump’s latest border wall strategy: ‘I don’t want to see a declaration of national emergency’

‘The last election was a wake-up call.’ Why GOP leaders are turning on Steve King. 

Once again, Republicans rely on Sen. Tim Scott to speak against racism 

The Shutdown Has Foggy Bottom in a Funk
While diplomats file for unemployment benefits and seek school lunches for their children, Mike Pompeo is making unpaid workers organize a big ambassadors’ conference in D.C.)

Tensions rise in federal prisons during shutdown as weary guards go without pay and work double shifts 

FBI agents group: Government shutdown putting national security, investigative operations at risk

U.S. shutdown sends grain traders, farmers hunting for data

Banks offer relief to furloughed workers

Businesses offer furlough freebies, shutdown specials and assistance to federal workers

Government shutdown sets record as longest in U.S. history. When will it finally end?

Legal obstacles await if Trump declares emergency for wall

Here’s why the new trade deal with Mexico likely won’t pay for a southern border wall, despite Trump’s claims

Americans don’t want Trump’s border wall. This is what they want instead. 

GoFundMe is refunding all donations made to the 'Build the Wall' fundraiser

US to convene global summit on Iran next month, Pompeo says

U.S. military announces start of Syria withdrawal 

John Bolton and the muddled Syria withdrawal mess 

U.S. to Ease Limits on Humanitarian Aid to North Korea

Exclusive: Trump team should be allowed to ‘correct’ final Mueller report, says Giuliani

Comey firing prompted FBI to probe whether Trump was working for Russia: NYT

F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia

FBI investigated how Trump's actions seemed to benefit Russia

Shields and Brooks on border wall negotiations, Mueller updates

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: Trump’s border wall is not immoral but would be ineffective and a waste of money

No. 2 House Dem likens federal employees who work during shutdown to slaves

Government shutdown: Pelosi says Trump prefers 'soap opera' over serious negotiations

Dems eye lawsuit if Trump declares border emergency

House votes to reopen Interior, EPA as shutdown fight wages on

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii says she will seek the 2020 Democratic nomination for president 

‘New party, who dis?’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has everybody shook

Trump backs off national emergency to build border wall as shutdown is set to become longest ever 

Trump’s plan to take money from Puerto Rico to build the wall could come back to bite him 

In 2016, Trump said he would use eminent domain to build the wall 

Donald Trump says he’s a great negotiator. But on the shutdown, he’s struggling. 

Trump's trade war is far from over 

Trump Org hires former WH ethics lawyer to deal with congressional probes


Fed Chairman Powell says he is ‘very worried’ about growing amount of U.S. debt

Mitch McConnell blocks Senate Democrats' move to reopen government

Republican Senator Graham: Trump should use emergency powers to fund wall

Facing gridlock, GOP senators seek big immigration deal to end shutdown

The Shutdown Is Making Senate Republicans Squirm

Emergency declaration option for wall tests GOP

GOP senators promise AG nominee Barr won’t touch Mueller’s probe 

House Republican leaders criticize Rep. Steve King for defending white nationalism 

See How the Effects of the Government Shutdown Are Piling Up

‘Pay the workers, furlough Trump’: Federal workers rally at White House for end to shutdown 

Border Protection officers sue Trump administration over pay missed during shutdown 

Federal workers protest shutdown outside McConnell’s local office in Kentucky

Wall fight underscores Trump’s weaknesses 

Trump’s wall needs private property. But some Texans won’t give up their land without a fight. 

Will Trump go after foreign aid to pay for his border wall? 

Trump could take billions from disaster areas to fund wall

Mueller investigating Ukrainian presence at Trump inaugural

Michael Cohen to testify before House panel in early February 

Shutdown showdown: Democrats press to reopen government as Trump heads to border 

5 Democrats who can make Trump’s life miserable | With Chris Cillizza

House Democrats are considering ambitious health-care legislation. But they should remember GOP failures. 

House passes bills to fund Transportation Dept., HUD, Agriculture

Black Caucus sees power grow with new Democratic majority

Amid shutdown, Trump visits Texas in effort to boost argument for border wall 

Trump lies his way through a visit to the border with Mexico as he escalates his ‘emergency’ threat

Trump administration lays groundwork to declare national emergency to build wall 

Trump says 'the law is 100% on my side' for national emergency

Trump claims he never said Mexico would cut a check for the wall. Let’s go to the tape. 

‘He’s a gut politician’: Trump’s go-to negotiating tactics aren’t working in shutdown standoff 

Trump Admits That He Lied About Mexico Paying for Border Wall

Trump promises to pay federal workers after shutdown

Trump cancels trip to Davos amid standoff over shutdown

Trump: 'Real collusion' is Dems and cable news guests saying border emergency is 'manufactured crisis'

Trump’s claim that job growth is due to companies ‘moving back’ 


GOP seeks health care reboot after 2018 losses

GOP senators challenge Trump on shutdown strategy

House votes to reopen Treasury Dept., IRS

Shutdown impasse: 8 House Republicans break with Trump on shutdown strategy, back Democrats’ plan to reopen Treasury without new border wall funds 

Poll: 59 percent of GOP say new Congress will do same or better than old one

Iranian Leader Calls Trump Officials ‘First Class Idiots’ During Pompeo Mideast Tour

Mike Pompeo Is Flying Solo in the Middle East

Coast Guard families told they can have garage sales to cope with government shutdown
(‘Bankruptcy is a last option,’ the service said in a tip sheet published on a website.)

Food stamps, housing subsidies and other services for America’s poor at risk as shutdown drags on 

The government shutdown spotlights a bigger issue: 78% of US workers live paycheck to paycheck

Workers brace for missing paychecks

As shutdown grinds on, furloughed workers rally

Food inspections by the FDA have been sharply reduced, alarming critics 

Already reeling from tariff war, some farmers aren’t receiving government support checks amid shutdown 

Trump farm bailout money will go to Brazilian-owned meatpacking firm, USDA says 

Firefighters union rips into Trump over threat to withhold FEMA funding from California

Exclusive: Mueller Is Holding Top Secret Intelligence That Will Sink the Trump Presidency

The new Russia revelations are more consequential than Trump’s newsless immigration speech 

President Trump will not answer any more questions from Mueller -Giuliani

Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Mueller probe, is leaving the Justice Department

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to brief lawmakers on Thursday about easing sanctions on companies linked to Putin friend

Three economists ran the numbers on Trump’s border wall. They find it’s a bad investment. 

It's OK to Say the President Is More Dishonest Than Other Politicians. It's the Truth.

House passes bill that would end shutdown, but Senate unlikely to take up

Trump says federal workers support his border wall shutdown, Pelosi says he's 'almost' delusional.

Dems look to chip away at Trump tax reform law

Democrats embrace ports of entry crackdown amid Trump border standoff

Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer, who has pushed for Trump’s impeachment, won’t run for president in 2020

Trump calls meeting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi a ‘total waste of time’ after he storms out

Trump walks out of meeting with Democrats over shutdown

Trump says emergency declaration coming without border deal with Dems

Trump just undermined his own border-wall ‘national emergency’ 

Trump dubs media the 'Opposition Party,' accuses press of working with Democrats

Trump threatens to cut off federal funding for California wildfire relief

Trump administration working on Arctic oil leases despite shutdown

A beefed-up White House legal team prepares aggressive defense of Trump’s executive privilege as investigations loom large 


Kasich: Trump must put the country ahead of his politics

Trump and congressional leaders set third meeting over shutdown

Graham: Secure the border then end the shutdown

McCarthy: Trump talked about the facts on border security

GOP operatives dig for dirt against rising star O’Rourke

Trey Gowdy blasts Elizabeth Warren's lobbying claim: 'Demonstrably and factually untrue'

China standoff could end before U.S. government shutdown 

Pompeo lands in Jordan, kicking off Mideast tour ramping up pressure on Iran

Kurdish official asks for US clarifications over withdrawal

Supreme Court rules against mystery corporation from ‘Country A’ fighting subpoena in Mueller investigation 

Paul Manafort shared 2016 polling data with Russian associate, according to court filing 

Federal workers in Washington aren’t the only ones going without pay

Trump is reportedly frustrated with his staff for not defending his border wall on TV

A growing number of Americans blame Trump for shutdown

The wall has become the symbol of the Trump presidency — and his credibility gap 

Fact-checking Trump’s claims about the southern border

Trump says there’s a ‘crisis’ at the border. Here’s what the data says

7 key questions about what President Trump’s company faces in 2019 

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will deliver Democrats’ response to Trump’s Oval Office border wall address

Pelosi cranks up shutdown pressure on Trump, GOP

Democrats: Trump has 'chosen fear' in border wall fight

Pelosi, Schumer slam Trump for using Oval Office to 'stoke fear'

Freshman Dem lawmaker says Trump brought dishonor to his office with shutdown

Ocasio-Cortez: Immigrants coming to US ‘acting more in American tradition’ than Trump

Trump calls for border barrier; Democrats want shutdown ended

Democrats launch fresh push for background checks for all gun sales 

Trump’s prime-time address on the border wall shutdown, annotated

Trump takes wall fight to American public with prime-time TV address

Trump Escalates Border Wall Fight in National Address

Five takeaways from Trump’s Oval Office address

Fact Check: Trump's prime-time speech on the government shutdown

Trump Channels Hannity and Lou Dobbs, Fearmongers for the Wall

Trump makes humanitarian case for wall, calling border situation ‘a crisis of the soul’ 

Trump on border wall: 'Choice between right and wrong'

Trump and congressional leaders set third meeting over shutdown

Trump is reportedly frustrated with his staff for not defending his border wall on TV

Trump told reporters border visit wouldn’t ‘change a damn thing, but I’m still doing it’: NYT

Trump calls for border barrier; Democrats want shutdown ended

Fact-checking Trump’s claims about the southern border

Trump says there’s a ‘crisis’ at the border. Here’s what the data says

Trump team promises shutdown won’t stop food stamp payments in February, says program lacks funds for March 

Trump to urge Congress to back bill expanding tariff powers

US pullout from Syria to be done in ‘prudent’ way, Trump says

7 key questions about what President Trump’s company faces in 2019 


Ex-GOP Rep. Ryan Costello joins group pushing carbon tax

Mia Love goes to work for CNN, says she’ll bring an ‘unleashed’ Republican perspective

Senators renew attempt to protect special counsel Mueller

It’s hard to have a foreign policy with a president who doesn’t know his own mind 

Trade talks open in Beijing amid optimism about an end to U.S.-China dispute  

Jose Andres invites Trump to visit shelters at border, says there's no national emergency

What will it take to end the shutdown? Watch these three things. 

Napolitano: If Trump bypasses Congress on border 'he's not a president he's a prince'

Trump supporter complains shutdown is 'not hurting the people he needs to be hurting'

White House rules IRS can issue tax refunds during shutdown, aims to bring back agency employees 

5 Companies Resisting President Trump’s Policies In 2018

House Armed Services chairman: Trump is ‘acting like drunken sailor’ on Syria troop withdrawal

Democrats demand air time to counter Trump's border speech

Democrats plan to jam up Senate over shutdown fight

Congressional Democrats turn up the heat on GOP over shutdown 

Dem senator pitches wall funding in exchange for immigration vote

As Trump prepares border visit, Democrats seek other ways to say ‘No border wall’ 

Trump: 'May declare a national emergency' to build wall

Elizabeth Warren already owns two huge policy issues that could shape the 2020 presidential race

Gov. Gavin Newsom proposes healthcare mandate, Medi-Cal expansion to more immigrants without legal status

‘No different from my original statements’: Trump denies changes to Syria exit plan 

Trump discusses Syria, Afghanistan plans with foreign leaders

Trump, Trudeau agree to press China on detained Canadians -Ottawa

Trump to address nation on wall

Trump will address the nation before visiting the southern border as lawmakers continue to grapple over wall funding amid shutdown

Trump will address nation and visit border to press for a wall as shutdown drags on 

Trump's political 'crisis' over border wall may soon turn into a real one 

Trump claimed ex-presidents told him they wanted to build a wall. Four of them say it’s not true. 

The Trump administration’s misleading spin on immigration, crime and terrorism 

Trump: 'May declare a national emergency' to build wall

For years, Trump promised to build a wall from concrete. Now he says it will be built from steel. 

Trump's team maneuvering to block parts of Robert Mueller's report


Collins: Senate should vote on funding bills passed in House

Pete King: GOP has 'obligation' to make concessions to Democrats on border wall

As shutdown drags on, Trump officials make new offer, seek novel ways to cope with its impacts 

Border lawmakers press Trump to beef up existing security

Armed Services chairman: Trump 'doesn't really understand' border security

How the Border Wall Is Boxing Trump In

Pompeo has some explaining to do
(In Mideast, he’ll work for a coalition against Iran while defending Trump’s regional disengagement.)

Bolton Puts Conditions on Syria Withdrawal, Suggesting a Delay of Months or Years

Contradicting Trump, Bolton says no withdrawal from Syria until ISIS destroyed, Kurds’ safety guaranteed 

Top Trump aide Bolton visits Western Wall, stoking Palestinian fury

Sarah Sanders: Trump 'means what he says' that shutdown could last months or years

Mulvaney: Trump offering to take concrete wall 'off the table'

Mulvaney pushes back on Graham criticism: ‘He’s not as good a politician as Donald Trump or else he'd be president’

Mulvaney says being chief of staff is 'actually a lot of fun'

News service revives sketchy story linking Michael Cohen to Prague, Trump to Russia

Five things to know about the TrumpTowerMoscow proposal

Durbin: 'Can't say that we're close' to ending government shutdown

Top Dem plans hearings on Trump's national security strategy, citing 'lack of transparency'

Schiff: Trump's threat to declare national emergency a 'non-starter'

Hoyer calls on McConnell to back House bills to reopen government amid shutdown

Schiff: Trump cannot criticize language after turning my name into a profanity

Dem lawmaker: 'Kind of odd' for GOP to be 'clutching their pearls' over profane call to impeach Trump

Pelosi tamps down talk of impeachment 

Trump sticks to demand for border wall funding as shutdown drags on 

Trump: 'I don’t care' that most federal employees working without pay 'are Democrats'

Trump considers declaring national emergency to build border wall

Trump's idea to declare national emergency raises legality questions


Negotiators to meet again Sunday after 'productive' shutdown talks fail to resolve impasse

Pence and White House officials leave meeting with congressional aides with no end to shutdown 

Pompeo seen as top recruit for Kansas Senate seat

Pompeo and Bolton head to Mideast amid tension over Syria pullout

No timeline for US withdrawal from Syria, State Department official says

Pentagon chief of staff resigns

Unions say TSA workers can’t afford to man checkpoints without a paycheck

Hundreds of TSA screeners, working without pay, calling out sick at major airports

CNN Hits Back After Trump's DHS Denies TSA Workers Are Calling Out Sick Amid Shutdown

Trump's tax returns may not come as quickly as some think

Is the December Job Report Good News For President Trump?

Record-Breaking Number Of Americans Want To Get Out Of U.S. Forever
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slams Republicans for criticizing fellow Democrat Rashida Tlaib

Where Warren stands on top defense issues

Trump sows fresh confusion on shutdown

Trump tweets 'not much headway' on shutdown as key services threatened

Trump administration presses ahead with Alaskan drilling plan despite shutdown

After years of Trump’s dire warnings, a ‘crisis’ has hit the border but generates little urgency 


Dow jumps more than 700 points, propelled by Powell’s comments and a blowout jobs report

Manufacturing industry posts biggest annual job gain in 20 years

Economy adds robust 312K jobs in December, well above expectations

Trump threatens years-long shutdown for his wall as GOP support begins to fracture 

Senators warm to immigration deal as shutdown solution

The GOP’s pernicious link between terrorism and the border wall 

For the first time, GOP women join Senate Judiciary Committee 

Chuck Grassley: I'm only three heartbeats from the presidency

Pat Roberts won't seek Senate reelection

Recently re-elected Maine state lawmaker leaves Republican Party

Millions face delayed tax refunds, cuts to food stamps as White House scrambles to deal with shutdown’s consequences 

While federal workers go without pay, senior Trump administration officials are poised to get $10,000 raises 

The Blob Is Lying About Trump’s Sudden Syria Withdrawal
(The president's shift in policy has been portrayed as a surprise—but America's foreign-policy machinery was quietly tasked with preparing for it months ago.)

American detained by Russia was convicted of trying to steal thousands of dollars while deployed to Iraq as a Marine 

Russia isn't out to decide our elections, they want to divide us and damage our country

Federal grand jury working in Mueller probe is extended

Appeals court sides with Trump on transgender military ban

Trump’s base did not elect him to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan 

Can a wall stop drugs? Spot the heroin in this picture.

Shields and Brooks on government shutdown, new Congress

Pelosi takes power and sets high bar for Trump impeachment

Democrats’ sleeping giant: Impeachment 

Nancy Pelosi Holds Press Conference After Day 1 As Speaker, Say "There Will Be No Wall"

House Democrats begin scrutiny of Trump with a bill to protect the special counsel 

Dem rep asks pay to be withheld during shutdown

House 'will open up money-laundering inquiry' into Trump-Russia ties, says key Democrat

Democrats’ plan to clean up Washington takes a swipe at corporate America

US House Democrats Just Made It Easier for Investigators to Depose Witnesses

Warren's trip to Iowa tests themes for a likely 2020 run

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez floats 70% tax on wealthy to pay for ‘Green New Deal’

Trump threatened to keep the government closed for ‘months or even years’ in meeting with top Democrats

Trump says he could keep shutdown going for months or years

Trump is considering using emergency powers to build a border wall

Trump rages about impeachment talk as Democratic leaders play down the issue

Trump says Democrats' impeachment talk is 2020 ploy


Dow tumbles more than 600 points on Apple plunge, rising fears of an economic slowdown

Apple’s slowdown in China ripples through global financial markets 

Key reading of the manufacturing sector falls to lowest level in more than 2 years

US national debt reaches a new high under Trump

Cracks beginning to show in GOP shutdown resolve

Max Boot: Let’s hope Mitt Romney can give the GOP some backbone

Can Romney chart a course that has eluded other GOP critics of Trump? 

Colorado’s Cory Gardner breaks ranks with Senate Republicans, calls for end to government shutdown
(Maine’s Susan Collins also breaks ranks with GOP to oppose requiring border wall money)

House Ethics Committee says Rep. Thomas Garrett misused official resources, was ‘trying to run out the clock’ on probe 

Pence backs 'no wall no deal' amid partial government shutdown

Israeli official ‘in shock’ as Trump says Iran ‘can do what they want’ in Syria

American charged with espionage in Russia has an unlikely background for a spy 

Justice Dept. investigating whether Zinke lied to inspector general 

Where do the investigations related to Trump stand?

What his many departing aides had to say of Trump

House passes legislation to re-open government despite opposition from Trump

House Democrats vote to deny Trump wall money, defying veto threat 

Nancy Pelosi reclaims House speaker’s gavel as Democrats prepare to take on Trump

The 15 Democrats who voted against Pelosi

The new Congress: Pelosi retakes House gavel as shutdown continues 

Exclusive: Nancy Pelosi vows 'different world' for Trump, no more 'rubber stamp' in new Congress

Nancy Pelosi says Trump is not immune from indictment. Some legal experts agree. 

Democratic leaders face backlash if they compromise on wall

Dem introduces bills to eliminate electoral college, stop presidents from pardoning themselves

Maxine Waters: Much of my work will be undoing Mulvaney's 'damage' to CFPB

Trump makes surprise first-time appearance in the White House briefing room

Trump proves an enigmatic negotiator as government shutdown continues with no end in sight 

Trump Sees His Leverage Dwindle as Shutdown Pushes Toward Third Week

Trump in the mood to grumble
(He talks about his ‘lonely’ holiday, defends Syria decision and criticizes Mattis.)


Stocks rise, barely, on first day of trading after swinging around all day

Apple just confirmed the stock market's biggest fear

McConnell suggests shutdown could last for weeks

Senate approves 77 Trump nominations in end-of-Congress deal

Senate sets Barr's confirmation hearing

Romney asserts his independence — and Trump’s GOP critics see an opening 

Mitt Romney’s anti-Trump op-ed earns an RNC rebuke — from Romney’s own niece 

Romney Niece’s Tweet-Bashing of Uncle Mitt Was ‘Dictated’ by RNC, Says Michael Steele

Graham: Trump giving up on border wall fight would be the 'end of his presidency'

Drug companies greet 2019 with U.S. price hikes

With Mattis Gone, the Pentagon Is Playing Musical Chairs

There’s a hidden cost in Trump’s new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico 

Pompeo accepted almost all Netanyahu’s requests, senior Israeli official says

As shutdown impasse drags on, DACA protections-for-border wall deal resurfaces

Trump’s shutdown has paralyzed immigration courts. Oh, the irony. 

White House: Democrats 'not serious' about reopening government

OldPostOfficeTower on Trump property to reopen during shutdown with federal funding

When will Trump administration live up pro-life values at EPA?

Tomorrow is the day Donald Trump's presidency totally changes

What to watch: Five fights awaiting Trump, Congress

Pelosi digs in as shutdown drags on; White House meeting ends without deal

Pelosi on negotiations with Trump: ‘Nothing for the wall’

How Nancy Pelosi will handle challenges from left and right

Warren: The Democratic Party is going to say 'no' to the billionaires

House Democrats have a good shot at getting Trump’s tax returns in the next Congress, but his administration could fight back

Liberal revolt threatens to derail House Democrats on their first day in charge 

Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer plans to visit early primary states Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada as he considers 2020 run for president

Harry Reid: Donald Trump 'the worst president we've ever had'

Trump says there was a stock market ‘glitch’ in December, but it will rise when trade deals fixed

A defensive Trump calls a Cabinet meeting and uses it to boast, deflect and distract 

Trump sticks to his demand for a border wall after suggesting he could work with Democrats

No deal to end shutdown; Trump says 'could be a long time'

Trump says U.S. officials to make plea to lawmakers for border wall

Trump falsely claims Mexico is paying for wall, demands taxpayer money for wall in meeting with Democrats 

Trump: Iran ‘can do what they want’ in Syria

Trump gives new Pentagon chief a taste of his world view

Not too good’: Trump rips Mattis’s performance as the Pentagon seeks stability 

‘Trump cries ‘fake!’ about media reports of White House chaos. But they keep getting proven right. 

The foremost experts on various topics according to Trump, most of whom are Trump 


Stocks are down after a volatile year, but that’s not the whole picture

GOP feeling health law’s sting
(After years of working to gut Obamacare, some Republicans now pledge to save its most popular benefits.)

Mitt Romney: The president shapes the public character of the nation. Trump’s character falls short. 

Romney assails Trump in New Year's op-ed: 'The president has not risen to the mantle of the office'

Romney attacks Trump, saying he causes dismay around the world

U.S. fires tear gas to stop migrants from breaching border

Trump campaign manager hits back at Romney over op-ed slamming president's character 

White House: Pelosi's plan to reopen the government 'a non-starter'

A timeline of the Mueller probe’s biggest developments

Top Pentagon spokeswoman resigns amid internal investigation 

What’s in a name? Trump, allies back away from idea that the border wall needs to be a wall. 

Texas county swears in 17 black female judges after historic midterm election

The Top Ten Democrats for 2020

Warren pledges to donate salary during shutdown

Cuomo at Ellis Island: This is the place where Fred Trump came to America

Trump invites congressional leaders to White House for border security briefing 

Trump complains Senate isn't confirming ambassadors

Donald Trump ends 2018 with a Fox News interview — his 41st since inauguration

Trump fires back at McChrystal over 'immoral' remark: He 'got fired like a dog by Obama'

Trump’s winners for the year? Americans. The losers, he says, are Democrats running against him. 

Trump Contradicts Himself On Border Wall In Tweets 11 Minutes Apart


US stocks post worst year in a decade as the S&P 500 falls more than 6% in 2018

All three market indexes finish 2018 in the red 

Oil prices just had their worst year since 2015 — here’s what went wrong

Murkowski’s broken promises grow as Arctic Refuge oil development barrels forward

GOP lawmaker: Pelosi, Schumer have 'American blood' on their hands by not funding wall

North Korea’s Kim ready to meet Trump but warns U.S. not to misjudge patience 

Kim Jong Un: North Korea may 'seek a new path' if US doesn't negotiate

Syrian troop withdraw will take four months

Shanahan begins as Pentagon 'CEO': 'Doesn't have the moral and ethical constraints that Mattis has'

‘Hold fast’: Defense Secretary Jim Mattis departs with a new message, but no fanfare 

U.S. Enters New Year’s Eve on 10th Day of Partial Government Shutdown

Trump, lawmakers brace for prolonged shutdown

Mueller fuels foreign lobbying crackdown

Democrat introduces five-week funding bill to reopen government

House Democrats ready strategy to reopen government, deny Trump wall money 

Pelosi, Schumer: 'Height of irresponsibility and political cynicism' if GOP rejects funding deal

Warren announces White House bid, getting early jump on 2020 race

Trump closes out 2018 with a litany of complaints

Trump digs in, lashes out amid shutdown standoff

Trump isolated in his demand for wall
(As shutdown rolls on, allies say $5 billion for a barrier is unlikely.)

Trump says he ‘NEVER ABANDONED’ the idea of a concrete wall, disputing Kelly 

Trump claims there’s a 10-foot wall around the Obamas’ D.C. home. He is wrong.

Trump jabs at Warren: 'Ask her psychiatrist' if she can win in 2020


Senate Appropriations Committee chair: Congress looks 'silly' amid shutdown

Shelby defends Fed chairman, says Trump can’t fire him without cause 

Graham says becoming Trump ally ‘absolutely’ worth it: ‘I’ve had more access to this president than every president combined’

Graham says he will hold hearings on deaths of children in CBP custody

Graham rips Obama over Iraq troop withdrawal: 'That's a bunch of bulls---, pardon my French'

Graham more upbeat on Syria troop withdrawal after Trump meeting

Shutdown compromise? Republicans float 'Dreamer' extension in exchange for border wall funding

Military women, female veterans are shifting away from GOP

Michigan Governor Vetoes Bill Some Said Would Limit Incoming Democrats

Exiting lawmakers jockey for K Street perch

John F. Kelly says his tenure as Trump's chief of staff is best measured by what the president did not do

John Kelly paints yet another dim portrait of Trump 

John Kelly Confirms He Was Lying All Along: The White House Is in Chaos

White House chief voices 'nothing but compassion' for migrants

John Kelly Blames Jeff Sessions For Family Separation Policy

Border chief directly contradicts Trump on Central America

Federal government shutdown enters second week with no resolution in sight 

No meeting scheduled to end shutdown before new year

Immigration is pressure point for both sides in shutdown showdown

Videos Show Migrant Children Being Slapped, Dragged At Since-Shuttered Arizona Shelter

Conway: Trump may veto spending bill depending on what’s in it

Giuliani rips Mueller: ‘It’s time to put up or shut up’

FBI, New Jersey investigators gathered evidence of undocumented immigrants who say they worked at Trump golf course, lawyer says 

Top Supreme Court cases to watch in 2019

Judge who struck down ObamaCare says it will remain in place during appeal process

Former U.S. commander calls Trump dishonest and immoral 

Jeffries: Democrats refuse to pay $5B for Trump's government 'ransom note'

Top Democrat: Deaths of migrant children in US custody ‘unacceptable, un-American, and unconscionable’

Tester: Deaths of migrant children are ‘everybody’s fault’

President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday Edition

Trump claims Dems are to blame for deaths of migrant children in US custody

Trump's promise of a wall may not be fulfilled as advertised

Trump claims 'wall' around Obamas' DC home is 'same thing' as border wall

2018, the year Donald Trump upended the US-Israel relationship

Putin tells Trump that Moscow is open for dialogue

'I know Putin': How a drumbeat of 2018 revelations shadows Trump's presidency


McConnell at center of shutdown impasse but uncharacteristically disengaged 

Retiring GOP lawmaker blasts Trump's threat to close border as 'angry eighth-grader’s tweet'

Trump, GOP seek to shift blame for shutdown to Pelosi

Congress ends with Trump’s fight for wall, shutdown and GOP leaders hard to find 

Trump, Pelosi likely to tussle on impasse
(Republicans appear happy to foist the government shutdown on the Democrats’ leader in the House.)

Departing senators warn: There's a problem with the current state of politics

Jeff Flake Won't Rule Out 2020 Run: 'Somebody Needs To' Challenge Trump

DHS chief blames Congress, courts for ‘humanitarian crisis’ at southern border

Letter suggesting furloughed workers do chores to cover rent was posted by accident, OPM says 

Cyberattack from outside the U.S. hits newspapers across the country,preventing distribution, source says

Meet Trump's pick to take over the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Poll finds 33 percent would definitely or likely back Trump for reelection  

The Mueller investigation: What to watch for in 2019

Exclusive: Russian Ex-Spy Pressured Manafort Over Debts to an Oligarch

O'Rourke rips Trump's border wall in video: 'A symbol of division'

Trump says "big progress" on possible China trade deal

Trump veers between hard-liner, dealmaker on shutdown

Trump politicizes deaths of two immigrant children to score points in border wall fight 

Trump blames child border deaths on Democrats

Trump retreats from public view as government shutdown continues over border wall fight 

Trump, Pelosi likely to tussle on impasse
(Republicans appear happy to foist the government shutdown on the Democrats’ leader in the House.)

Trump threatens to cut aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador

Trump Issues Executive Order Freezing Pay Rate for Federal Workers

Trump’s focus on pleasing his most ardent supporters raises questions about reelection strategy 


House GOP probe into FBI, DOJ comes to an end

Flake: ‘Highly unlikely’ Trump will follow through on threat to close border

Lindsey Graham Vows To Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats: 'No Wall Money, No Deal'

Hoyer says House will not seat a North Carolina Republican amid questions about integrity of election

Republican behind 'deportation bus' campaign reports to jail

Trump is staying in Washington during the shutdown. Where are the congressional leaders? 

US confirms Pompeo and Netanyahu to meet in Brazil
(Israeli PM to hold talks with top diplomat weeks after Trump decision to pull out of Syria, putting Jerusalem at odds with Washington)

Trump visit offends Iraqi officials
(Several politicians perceive a slight to Baghdad’s sovereignty and call for U.S. troops to withdraw.)

Trump’s visit to Iraq prompts concerns about politicization of military 

Ilhan Omar slams Trump for possibly revealing top secret military information: 'He literally can't get anything right'

Trump’s military visit may not score him the political points he hoped for 

Border closure could cost billions

Trump used her slain daughter to rail against illegal immigration. She chose a different path. 

Poll: Majority of voters want Trump impeached or censured

Trump’s job is about to get much harder with divided government 

Nauert faces questions about qualifications at UN

U.S. limits on coal plant mercury emissions too costly: Trump's EPA

Gerson and Capehart on the government shutdown outlook, politics in 2019

‘Green New Deal’ divides Democrats intent on addressing climate change 

Key players in new fight over Trump tax returns

Ocasio-Cortez slams GOP and Trump over shutdown: 'This isn't how you treat people'

Sen. Mazie Hirono donates salary to help federal employees in Hawaii amid 'unfair, completely unnecessary' government shutdown

Hoyer says House will not seat a North Carolina Republican amid questions about integrity of election

Trump, Dems dig-in as shutdown heads into second week

Trump threatens to shut down southern border as government funding stalemate drags on 

Shutdown Day 7: Trump threatens to close border without wall funding

Trump threatens to shut down the border ‘entirely.’ Here’s why he can’t do that. 

Trump huddles with Pence, Mulvaney, Kushner as shutdown hits one week

Trump Administration Suggests Furloughed Federal Employees Perform Manual Labor to Pay Rent

Trump to cancel New Year’s plans, stay in DC as government shutdown drags on

Trump is staying in Washington during the shutdown. Where are the congressional leaders? 

In Reversal, Trump Signals Further Boost in Defense Spending

Trump administration asks top investor for advice on markets amid wild ride for stocks

Trump’s job is about to get much harder with divided government 

Poll: Majority of voters want Trump impeached or censured


U.S. markets close in positive territory after challenging day 

Dow closes more than 250 points higher in wild session, erases 600-point drop

Trump's military moves accelerate GOP search for next McCain

Government shutdown likely to extend into next year as Trump and Congress fail to break border wall stalemate

Congress meets briefly, takes no steps to end shutdown

Shutdown Likely to Go Into 2019 as Trump Fumes, Congress Is Idle

Shutdown to drag into next week — and next year

Congress punts shutdown into new year, when Democrats will retake the House 

Progressives set to push their agenda in Congress and on the campaign trail. The GOP can't wait.

Federal Union Chief Slams Trump's Comments About Democratic Workers As 'Preposterous'

Poll: More Americans blame Trump for shutdown than Democrats

U.S. to check health of migrant kids in custody
(Boy’s death sparks Homeland Security decision)

How Patrick Shanahan, the New Acting Secretary of Defense, Won Over the White House

Giuliani backtracks: Trump will not give Mueller any more written answers

Giuliani calls for Mueller to be investigated for destruction of FBI evidence

Russian firm indicted in Mueller probe says special counsel collected nude selfie with records

Military walks a fine line in discussing Afghanistan after Trump orders withdrawal plans 

Like Obama, Trump is eroding American credibility
(The US pullout from Syria is both a strategic and a moral mistake)

Progressives set to push their agenda in Congress and on the campaign trail. The GOP can't wait.

Mike Bloomberg prepared to spend at least $100 million on a 2020 campaign for president if he decides to run

Trump says he wants to visit border wall before State of the Union

Trump tweets video of secretive SEAL team in Iraq 

Trump bragged to service members in Iraq about a 10 percent raise they haven’t been given 

Trump: We give Israel billions, it can defend itself in Syria

Trump’s War on the World Order

Trump puts isolationism at center stage


Dow soars more than 1,050 points, its biggest point gain in history, recovering from days of losses 

Despite Rebound, Markets Remain Spooked by Trumpnomics

3 reasons why the Dow just rose more than 1,000 points in a day

Early holiday shopping numbers are on track to break season records 

Fight over North Carolina race set to drag on for months

GOP Senator Says Shutdown Means Time To 'Hunker Down Like A Jackass In A Hailstorm'

Border wall impasse awaits senators returning to Washington

Mike Huckabee On Backlash To Trump's Santa Call: He Didn't Boil The Girl’s Bunny

Saudi Arabia clarifies Trump tweet: No new Saudi pledges to rebuild Syria

U.S.-China Trade Talks to Take Place in Beijing in Early Jan.

Mattis sends final message to troops as defense secretary

Partial government shutdown enters fifth day with no end in sight 

The shutdown could hurt Trump’s already low approval with women 

Nielsen deploys Coast Guard medics to border, Hoyer vows probe of child deaths 

The end of the Mueller investigation is near! No, really. Anytime now. 

Trump's national security team is constant source of turnover

Watergate prosecutor compares Trump ‘poor me’ tweet to end of Nixon presidency

The two favors that may have helped Trump avoid fighting in the Vietnam War 

Hedge funds and banks prodded Trump administration to lift sanctions on Russian oligarch

Dem rep after visiting migrant camps: It's like watching an episode of 'Locked Up Abroad'

Dems' state-level gains in 2018 are positioning them well for 2020, progressive strategist says

Ex-Obama national security official: Trump confused ‘troop visit with a campaign rally’

Former ICE chief Tom Homan rips Nancy Pelosi for doubting border wall works

Trump makes surprise visit to US troops in Iraq, talks shutdown and defends Syria military withdrawal

Trump visits U.S. troops in Iraq for first trip to a conflict zone 

Trump Brags To Troops About A Fictional Giant Pay Raise He Got Them

Trump defends decision to leave Syria during visit to Iraq

Trump says he has 'no plans at all' to withdraw troops from Iraq during his first visit to troops in a combat zone

Trump shows no signs of backing down over the border wall, shutdown during Iraq visit

Trump says he will wait however long it takes to get border wall money as shutdown drags on 

Trump's national security team is constant source of turnover

The two favors that may have helped Trump avoid fighting in the Vietnam War 


An 8-year-old migrant has died in U.S. custody on Christmas Day 

Effort to halt market plunge falters
(Mnuchin’s attempts to calm volatility create more worries instead as Trump again slams Fed. Dow falls 2.9%.)

Trump once boasted of market gains, now tweets cause drops

GOP digesting Democratic blue wave
(San DiegoCounty Republicans try to regain their footing as they look to 2020.)

Susan Collins Delivered 2018's Most Shameful Hijacking Of Feminism

What Ronald Reagan actually said about border security — according to history, not President Trump 

National security after Mattis should alarm Americans of all political parties

Judge orders North Korea to pay more than $500 million in damages for Otto Warmbier’s death 

AP FACT CHECK: Trump confuses with claims of new border wall

Trump's coalition cracking over his policies and personality

Trump is incompetent, impulsive and amoral. Heaven help us all. 

Schumer and Pelosi accuse Trump of plunging country into chaos as markets tank

2020 Dems go on offense over drug prices

Trump in Christmas remarks says shutdown won't end until he gets money for wall

Trump vows not to reopen federal government until wall funding is secured  

Trump claims only 'Olympic champion' could climb border wall

AP FACT CHECK: Trump confuses with claims of new border wall

Trump chaos pervades holiday season

‘I am all alone’: An isolated Trump unleashes a storm of Yuletide gloom 

Trump vows allies will no longer ‘take advantage’ of US military aid


Markets stage one of worst Christmas Eves ever, closing down more than 600 points as Trump blames Fed for stock losses in a tweet 

Economy Is Strong. Leadership Is Shaky. Which Will Win Out in 2019?

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin checks in with economic agencies on shutdown response as market turmoil continues

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin startles Wall Street with unusual calls to top bank CEOs 

Trump’s week of tumult shakes many in GOP

Trump’s Fed feud roils markets, alarms Republicans

Lindsey Graham Doubles Down On Wall Funding: 'We're Not Going To Give In'

Maine congressman ends legal challenge to opponent's victory

Potential fallout from government shutdown: Republicans look to be on losing end, RealClearPolitics co-founder says

Government shutdown could delay aid payments to farmers hurt by the Trump-China trade war

Does Donald Trump Think That the War on Terror Is Over?

Meet Trump’s pick to take over for Mattis at Pentagon

Ben Carson’s HUD dials back investigations into housing discrimination 

NASA puts return to moon in crosshairs with ambitious timetable

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Mattis departure, government shutdown

House Dems to focus on gun control, immigration and climate change, Swalwell says 

Trump spends his Christmas Eve ranting about his enemies and the Fed’s rate hikes

Trump hands out lumps of coal to enemies on Christmas Eve

Trump answers Christmas Eve calls from Children looking for Santa Claus

Trump Sows Chaos On Day 3 Of His ‘I Want A Wall’ Christmas Shutdown

Trump calls report about him 'lashing out' at acting AG Matt Whitaker 'fake news'

Trump has weighed dismissing Mnuchin: Bloomberg

Trump open to visiting Turkey in 2019 but no 'definite' plans, White House says


GOP senators at odds over Trump’s Syria decision

Sen. Rand Paul celebrates 'Festivus' with tweet-storm 'airing of grievances'

2 opposing views of Syria and Mattis, from Bob Corker and Rand Paul

Corker: Border wall standoff is a 'made-up fight'

Corker: Trump making 'devastating' decisions on foreign policy

Lindsey Graham doubles down on wall funding

Crack in Trump’s other wall
(Decisions on Syria and shutdown dampen support of Senate GOP)

Chris Christie compares Trump to '72-year-old relative'

Devil in details blocks agreement on Trump border wall -- or fence

‘Very possible’ shutdown could last into new year, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney says 

Mulvaney: No concern Trump's presidency is in 'crisis'

Mick Mulvaney Says Trump 'Now Realizes' He Can't Fire Federal Reserve Chief Jerome Powell

Top Trump official calls banks amid market rout

Defense Department signs executive order to withdraw troops from Syria

With ‘trimmed’ sails, Pentagon heads into uncharted waters 

Trump losing support of America’s millionaires — even Republicans — poll finds

Ruth Bader Ginsburg back to working after surgery

Panetta: 'Almost every important area that is key to this country is confronting crisis'

Senate Dem knocks border wall as '4th century strategy'

Coons: 'No path’ toward Trump getting $5 billion for wall

Schiff: Trump conversations with acting attorney general 'wrong at every level'

Dems push for increased scrutiny of Trump’s court picks

Durbin signals he will run for reelection

Trump to oust Mattis two months early, announces new acting secretary of defense

Trump says he will replace James Mattis on January 1

Trump forces Mattis out two months early, names Shanahan acting defense secretary 

Trump rips Mattis, McGurk after resignations

Mattis exit leaves Trump, US further isolated 

Devil in details blocks agreement on Trump border wall -- or fence

Trump losing support of America’s millionaires — even Republicans — poll finds

Trump’s 2018: A year in a stranger-than-sitcom presidency


GOP breaks with Trump over Syria, Afghanistan and Mattis — but lacks power to stop him 

Lawmakers shrug off shutdown drama

Shutdown to drag on for days after Senate adjourns without deal

Shutdown to stretch on until at least Thursday as Senate adjourns with no deal over budget, Trump’s border wall 

Mattis’s blunt resignation letter puts Republicans on notice 

Departing Mattis said to cancel Israel trip, as Israel feels ‘betrayed’ on Syria

U. S. envoy to coalition fighting ISIS resigns in protest of Trump’s Syria decision 

Mnuchin: Trump believes he does not have the power to fire Fed chief

‘This is tyranny of talk radio hosts, right?’: Limbaugh and Coulter blamed for Trump’s shutdown 

Schumer And Pelosi Chide Trump For Triggering Shutdown With 'Temper Tantrum'

Rep. Ted Lieu slams Trump: 'We are not going to build this stupid vanity wall'

Ocasio-Cortez: It's 'completely unacceptable' Congressional salaries are exempt from shutdown

WHIP LIST: Who’s in and out in the 2020 race

Trump defends foreign policy decisions amid personnel resignations

Trump rips 'grandstanding' ISIS envoy McGurk following resignation

‘He takes no ownership — that’s just Trump’: President eschews responsibility for a shutdown he once craved 

Exasperated over the market plunge, Trump asks advisers whether he can fire Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell 

Donald Trump’s Survival Strategy: Chaos, Diversions, and Lily-Livered Republicans

Trump cancels Mar-a-Lago Christmas trip over shutdown


US stock market suffers worst week in nearly a decade

Dow dives 400 points to end its worst week in 10 years

Major parts of the federal government begin shutting down for an indefinite closure 

Government partially shut down in fight over Trump's border wall

Shutdown begins as lawmakers wrestle over Trump's border wall

Partial government shutdown assured after lawmakers leave Capitol without budget deal 

Government shutdown hits after Congress adjourns without a deal on Trump's border wall

GOP senators reject Trump proposal to go 'nuclear' on wall

Government shutdown is all but certain as Congress adjourns without a spending deal

Corker: Breakthrough reached in shutdown stalemate

Senator Graham calls for hearings on troops in Syria, Afghanistan

Ron Paul: A 50% correction will spark depression-like conditions that may be ‘worse than 1929’

Putin warns U.S. of nuclear risk
(Russian president criticizes Washington for threatening to withdraw from treaty.)

Shutdown over Trump’s wall will hurt border security, U.S. border patrol agent says

Trump Leaves Behind Mess for Afghans to Clean Up
(Reports of the withdrawal of U.S. troops took Afghans by surprise. And it gives the Taliban exactly what they want.)

‘A morning of alarm’: Mattis departure sends shock waves abroad 

Mattis resignation and shutdown saber-rattling signal an even more chaotic Trump presidency in 2019 

Mattis’s Resignation Isn’t a Crisis Yet—But It Probably Will Be
(The U.S. secretary of defense was right to resign in protest, but Trump can’t handle the consequences.)

With Mattis Gone, Is Trump Unleashed?
(The defense secretary once restrained him, but now the president has free rein over U.S. foreign policy.)

What the Mattis resignation tells us about how Trump is damaging the military’s credibility 

Jim Mattis: The ‘Mad Dog’ who for two years concealed his true thoughts on Trump

Three reasons that Jim Mattis’s resignation is not just unusual — but startling 

Supreme Court denies Trump administration request to immediately enforce new asylum rules 

4 questions about the Trump administration’s decision to make asylum seekers wait in Mexico

Poll: Public overwhelmingly opposes Trump pardoning his associates

The Small-Town Cost of Donald Trump’s Trade Wars

Trump tariffs would make a ‘steel slat’ border wall much more expensive for taxpayers

Shields and Gerson on Mattis' resignation, congressional stalemate

Schumer, Pelosi: Trump got 'what he wanted' with shutdown

Democrats prepare to investigate Trump from every angle 

After chaotic day, Donald Trump defends wall plan and warns of lengthy government shutdown

Trump has discussed firing Fed chief after latest interest rate hike

Trump apparently already unhappy with new chief of staff

Trump fumed at Whitaker over Cohen guilty plea

Trump is getting closer to a Cabinet full of yes-men

Trump faces new test with midterm election interference report

Trump’s Allies in Conservative Media Put the President ‘on the Griddle’

Trump call with Turkish leader led to US pullout from Syria

Trump move to pull US troops from Syria opens way to turmoil

President Trump has made 7,546 false or misleading claims over 700 days  


Dow’s dive reaches nearly 500 points after White House ups the chance of government shutdown 

House passes stopgap bill with $5B in funding for Trump's wall

House passes criminal justice reform bill

Graham: Afghanistan withdrawal would be ‘paving the way toward a second 9/11’

McConnell 'distressed' over reasons for Mattis resignation

Sen. Corker says Trump canceled meeting while he was waiting at White House

Trump shutdown moves leave GOP senators in disbelief

Shutdown fight isn’t Trump vs. Democrats. It’s Trump vs. GOP. 

GOP lawmaker doubts government workers live paycheck to paycheck

2 more Kansas Republicans just left their party to become Democrats