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(Page 10) BEGINNING September 11, 2018


House results underscore that what’s good for Trump isn’t so good for the GOP 

Senate to get briefing on Saudi Arabia that could determine sanctions

Puerto Ricans may have elected Rick Scott and other midterm surprises

Five things to watch as Congress braces for end-of-the-year shutdown fight

GOP Senator Who Made 'Hanging' Remark Attended 'Segregated' Academy

Dem contrasts 'diversity' with GOP senator in Mississippi

Deal with Mexico paves way for asylum overhaul at U.S. border 

Incoming Mexico gov't: No deal to host U.S. asylum-seekers

First caravan-related violence reported in U.S. as rocks thrown at Border Patrol

Five major takeaways from the federal climate change report

Why Did Chief Justice John Roberts Decide to Speak Out Against Trump?

George Conway Scorches Trump's 'Misleading' Attack On 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals

Dem contrasts 'diversity' with GOP senator in Mississippi

Al Gore accuses Trump officials of trying to 'bury' climate report

Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic freshmen look to shape party as it takes control of House 

Trump in lock-step with Saudi leadership in distrust of CIA

Mexico backs Trump's plan to overhaul asylum rules

Five controversial health actions on Trump's agenda

Trump’s Legal Defense, ‘But I’m President,’ Shot Down By New York Judge


GOP makes inroads with Hispanics in Florida

Cindy Hyde-Smith has embraced Confederate history more than once in her political career 

Romney to host PAC fundraiser: report

A Grave Climate Warning, Buried on Black Friday
(In a massive new report, federal scientists contradict President Trump and assert that climate change is an intensifying danger to the United States. Too bad it came out on a holiday.) 

Major Trump administration climate report says damage is ‘intensifying across the country’ 

10 things we learned from the midterms

Whitaker’s post provides ample tools to disrupt Mueller probe

Trump-Appointed Judge Hands Donald Trump Bad News In Robert Mueller Russia Case, Rules ‘Collusion’ Is A Crime

Roger Stone associate in plea talks with Mueller’s team

New York state judge allows suit against Trump and his personal charity to proceed 

Foreign Leaders Look At Donald Trump And See ‘Preening, Clueless Clown’ Says Pulitzer-Winning ‘WaPo’ Columnist

Dems target another Senate seat in Deep South

Rep. Adam Schiff: Dems Will Probe Trump’s Handling of Intel on Jamal Khashoggi

U.S. House panel to probe Trump's Saudi ties: Washington Post

Impeaching Trump not on House Democrats' to-do list for now

Ocasio-Cortez storms Washington, winning headlines but rankling some colleagues

Obama suggests Trump doesn't share his vision of a 'multi-racial … multi-religious' democracy

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to immediately take up transgender military ban 

Trump administration criticized over timing of climate change report

Trump slams France's wine industry, accusing it of unfair trade practices

Trump rule changes hurt the weakest
(Administration’s own analyses indicate that deregulation could increase deaths, debt and healthcare costs.)

Trump’s ‘America First’ means Americans lose 

Trump denies report he's unhappy with Mnuchin


GOP sits back and enjoys Dem fight over Pelosi

House Judiciary Committee subpoenas Comey, Lynch 

Senate clash looming over nation's longest judicial vacancy

Killing of Khashoggi tests U.S. defense industry as backlash builds on Capitol Hill 

Saudi Arabia celebrates Trump stance
(President’s decision  to ignore journalist’s slaying angers Turkey, Iran and others.)

Mattis says U.S. must balance rights concerns with ‘strategic’ Saudi ties 

Justice Department Reviewing Anti-OPEC Legislation, Official Says

Migrants march to border in Tijuana, push to enter the U.S.

Supreme Court's future rides on Ginsburg's health

Dems are marking their turf in preparation for primary battle

With honey instead of vinegar, Pelosi steadily inches toward the speaker’s gavel 

Trump says he’s thankful for difference he’s made after Thanksgiving call to troops
(“I made a tremendous difference in this country,” President Trump said.)

Trump's rails against court, migrants in call to troops

Trump says he’s thankful for himself this Thanksgiving

Trump dispute with Roberts spills over into Thanksgiving

Trump brushes aside CIA assertion that crown prince ordered killing, defends him and Saudi Arabia 

Trump on Khashoggi killing: Saudi crown prince 'hates it more than I do'

Trump bump: President vows to deliver needed votes to secure Pelosi's bid to be House speaker


A $9 trillion corporate debt bomb is 'bubbling' in the US economy

Economists see the Trump economy slowing drastically next year before a possible recession in 2020

Grassley defends Trump in feud with Chief Justice Roberts: Roberts didn't attack Obama for 2010 swipe

GOP lawmakers call for vote on Trump's trade deal with Mexico and Canada before Democrats take over the House

Pfizer asks GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith for contribution refund, ex-Facebook President Sean Parker condemns hanging comment, does not request money back

Cindy Hyde-Smith’s campaign is dredging up stereotypes some Mississippians would rather forget

OhioCounty GOP Chairman Deletes Image Calling Wildfires ‘God’s Punishment to Liberal California

How Marco Rubio is retrofitting his brand of conservatism for the Trump era 

Senate Demands Answers On Khashoggi Murder After Trump Stands By Saudis 

Trump ally says Saudi sanctions must be in budget, as lawmakers rip Trump’s defense of crown prince 

Trump’s immigration hawks grapple with new court blow

Mexican immigration agents detain 213 migrants in fourth caravan

White House gives Mattis expanded powers for U.S. troops on border

White House authorizes 'lethal force' by troops at border. What does it mean?

U.S. setting up 'observation posts' along Turkey-Syria border

Few Signs of Progress on Denuclearization as U.S., South Korea Cancel Another Major Military Exercise

Israel Justice minister says Trump’s peace plan is ‘a waste of time’

Trump’s tax-cut party is officially over

Rebuking Trump’s criticism of ‘Obama judge,’ Chief Justice Roberts defends judiciary as ‘independent’ 

Chief Justice John Roberts defends federal judges against Trump's attacks in a rare public statement

Chief Justice Roberts pushes back on Trump's criticism of 'Obama judge'

Why Chief Justice John Roberts spoke out

Federal investigators probing possible Whitaker Hatch Act violations

Rudy Giuliani says investigate Hillary — not Ivanka

Dems won popular vote in House races by margin not seen since Watergate

Pelosi flexes political power in Speaker’s race

New York congressman who signed letter against Pelosi now says he’ll support her 

Ocasio-Cortez: Pelosi has my support

Trump to teleconference with military on Thanksgiving

Trump fires off tweet criticizing Chief Justice John Roberts

Trump lashes out at chief justice over immigration rulings

Trump plan would force asylum seekers to wait in Mexico as cases are processed, a major break with current policy 

Trump has vastly inflated the value of the U.S.-Saudi economic alliance 

Trump broke his word on Jamal Khashoggi — plain and simple 

Trump slanders Khashoggi and betrays American values 

What Trump Has Done Is Already Impeachable By Any Reasonable Standard


Dow plunges more than 500 points, erases gain for 2018

The Dow may drop another 2,000 points before the stock market selling is done: CNBC CFO survey

Investors are concerned about Fed’s plan to raise rates: Stephen Moore

Trump just sent the wrong message on a brutal day in the stock markets

Dem Ben McAdams defeats GOP's Mia Love for Utah House seat

Slowing economy looms as 2020 challenge for GOP

Divisions in GOP may leave Trump priority in Senate limbo

AT&T, Leidos and Walmart ask GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith for their campaign donation back because of furor over 'hanging' comments

Mississippi Republican apologizes for 'hanging' remark in Senate runoff debate

Lawmakers consider multibillion-dollar bailout for troubled pensions, retirees 

Ivanka Trump’s email use spurs bipartisan calls for investigation 

Judge bars US from enforcing Trump asylum ban 

Trump gets rebuked by another federal judge as he tests the limits on immigration law 

DHS chief says Trump administration to appeal asylum ruling 'as quickly as possible'

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team defends legitimacy of his appointment 

Acting AG Matthew Whitaker released details of past income that shows $900K from nonprofit

Conservative nonprofit with obscure roots and undisclosed funders paid Matthew Whitaker $1.2 million 

Zinke blames lawsuits by 'radical environmentalists' for creating more wildfires

WaPo Publisher Slams Trump's 'Dangerous' MBS Response: Khashoggi 'Deserves Better'

How Pelosi battle reflects Democratic frustration over leadership 'bottleneck'

Democrats are mostly holding their tongues on Ivanka Trump’s emails 

Pelosi sidelines challenger, wins praise from Obama amid speakership fight 

Fudge endorses Nancy Pelosi in surprise move

Trump calls Saudi Arabia a ‘great ally,’ discounts crown prince’s responsibility for Khashoggi’s death 

Trump Cites Saudi Oil and Lockheed Martin Military Contracts In Defense of Crown Prince

Trump's 'America First' agenda often puts economics above human rights 

What Happened to Trump’s Khashoggi Report?

Trump submits written answers to Mueller’s Russia probe

Trump administration has spent $80M so far on family separations

Trump says Ivanka emails 'fake news' and unlike Clinton controversy

The president’s words and his math just don’t add up
(A closer look at remarks on the election, veterans and Russia inquiry)

Trump thinks he should again be named Time magazine's Person of the Year


Dow plunges about 400 points as Apple, Amazon and Facebook fall

Republicans swallowed the bait whole on Trump’s terrorists-in-the-caravan innuendo 

‘He’s evolving’: Once a sunny conservative, Rubio goes all-in on Trumpism 

Paul Ryan defends Navy admiral who led Osama bin Laden operation after Trump's attacks

Grassley Scolds Trump for Criticizing John Kelly

Grassley to Trump: ‘Show Respect’ and Stop Publicly Bashing Kelly

A bipartisan criminal justice reform bill faces an uphill battle in Congress, even as Trump promises to sign it

U.S.-China trade conflict is worsening

A $12 Billion Program to Help Farmers Stung by Trump’s Trade War Has Aided Few

Is Trump country really better off under Trump? No. It’s falling further behind. 

Trump promised ‘we are going to start winning again’ — but his supporters are losing even more now

Can Trump's Tax Break Turn Distressed Areas Into 'Opportunity Zones'?

Trump’s ban on asylum for illegal border crossers challenged in court 

Trump blasted for criticizing Navy SEAL in charge of killing bin Laden

Retired Army General: Trump is ‘acting like an 8th grader’ in attacking ex-Navy SEAL who led bin Laden operation

Former CIA Officials Rebuke Trump’s Attack on Navy Seal Who Oversaw Bin Laden Raid

White House backs down from legal fight, restores Jim Acosta's press pass

CNN drops suit against White House after Acosta’s press pass is fully restored 

CNN's Carl Bernstein: 'We need to start editing' Trump, stop airing 'propagandist' briefings

Finns respond to Trump by raking country great again

Ivanka Trump reportedly used personal email for government business

Democratic senators sue over Whitaker's appointment as AG

Sixteen dissident Democrats vow to oppose Pelosi as next speaker 

Beto O'Rourke's donors and supporters are prodding him to run for president or against GOP Sen. John Cornyn in 2020

Trump administration prepares to add Venezuela to list of state sponsors of terrorism 

Trump to discuss launch of Mideast peace plan with advisers this week 

Trump to grant troops authority to protect border personnel from violence

Trump sides with Saudi prince
(He rejects conclusion by CIA that kingdom’s de facto ruler sought killing of journalist.)

Trump discussing visit overseas to troops following criticism

Trump stokes new unlikely feud

Trump’s pattern of insulting war heroes continues with commander of bin Laden raid 

3 takeaways from Trump’s testy Fox News interview 

From dire warnings to happy talk: Trump changes his tune after the midterms

Trump seethes, two weeks after midterms

President Trump’s crowd-size estimates: Increasingly unbelievable 

Donald Trump's old feud with Smokey Bear comes back to burn him


Rick Scott defeats Bill Nelson in Florida Senate race after recount fight

Senate barrels toward showdown over Trump's court picks

Senate Republican pushes back against claim that Trump covered for Saudi crown prince

Rand Paul: 'Evidence is overwhelming' that Saudi crown prince was involved in Khashoggi murder

Graham urges McConnell to allow vote on bill to protect Mueller

Graham urges GOP leadership to bring vote on criminal justice reform

Bucking McConnell, Sens. Graham And Paul Call For Vote On Criminal Justice Bill

Flake: Arizona ‘certainly is’ winnable for Democrat in 2020

Trump attacked over acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker — by Republicans

Asia-Pacific summit ends without joint statement amid US-China tensions

Retired lieutenant general tears into Trump over attacks against Navy SEAL: 'Disgusting'

Presidential proclamations cannot take away the right to seek asylum

An Exhaustive Timeline of Our New Acting Attorney General's Astoundingly Crooked Career

‘Nothing on this page is real’: How lies become truth in online America 

Schiff: Democrats will challenge Whitaker's appointment

Nancy Pelosi faces a serious challenge from Democrats in bid to be House speaker

Dem House newcomers split on supporting Pelosi for Speaker

Democrat Bill Nelson concedes to Rick Scott in Florida race for Senate 

‘Something being legal does not make it right’: Abrams says she still has concerns about Georgia’s election 

Dem gains put Sunbelt in play for 2020

Trump’s relationship with Saudi crown prince under pressure

President Trump Criticizes a Retired Four-Star Navy Admiral for Not Finding Bin Laden 'Sooner' in Wide-Ranging New Interview

Donald Trump's 'Fox News Sunday' Interview Covered A Lot. Here's What You Need To Know.

Trump says he did not know Whitaker was critical of Mueller before picking him for acting AG

Trump says he wouldn’t stop acting attorney general from curtailing Mueller probe 

Trump attacks Adam Schiff as ‘little Adam Schitt’ in tweet

Trump considering changes at 'three or four or five' Cabinet positions

Trump endorses Pelosi for House speaker: ‘Can you believe it?’

Trump gives himself an A+ on presidency: 'Can I go higher than that?'


Gillum concedes Florida governor’s race to GOP’s DeSantis

Nelson’s chance at win in Florida Senate race dwindles as key counties complete hand recount 

In Mississippi, Republican concern rises over a U.S. Senate runoff that should have been a romp 

California GOP is drifting closer to irrelevance

Republicans are green with envy over Somerville’s ActBlue

White House turnover costs taxpayers more than money

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker Hit With Supreme Court Challenge

Migrant mother in caravan pleads for Trump to 'open the doors for us'

Dems wonder if Sherrod Brown could be their magic man

Gillum concedes Florida governor’s race to GOP’s DeSantis

Democrat Gil Cisneros defeats Republican Young Kim, flipping last GOP House seat in Orange County

Dem women rally behind Pelosi

Trump: Reports on CIA Khashoggi assessment 'premature'

In Khashoggi murder case, Trump is torn between 2 tyrants

California fires: Death toll in Paradise grows to 76 with 1,276 still missing as Trump visits

Trump pledges federal help for burned out Californians but again blames poor forest management for fires 

Trump says other countries do better job of 'cleaning the floors' of the forest than US to reduce fires

Trump set to have close ally Graham in powerful chairmanship

‘This would be a very good time to do a shutdown,’ Trump says 


Mia Love pulls ahead in Utah race as judge dismisses her lawsuit

Sen. Chuck Grassley opts for Finance Committee chairman, setting up Sen. Lindsey Graham to lead Judiciary Committee

Graham set to take over Judiciary

McConnell, Flake clash over protecting Mueller probe

Sen.-elect Mitt Romney says a divided Congress may force people to work together

GOP Senator Says Voter Suppression Is A 'Great Idea'

Only one New England Republican remains in Congress – and she could lose or retire in 2020 

Tax law failed to save GOP majority

Battle Over Wall Risks Shutdown as Lawmakers Scramble to Fund Government

Comey invites House Republicans to hold public hearing after news of possible subpoena

US House Republican to subpoena ex-FBI head Comey, ex-AG Lynch

George Conway: Republican Party has become a 'personality cult' under Trump

China and the EU Are Growing Sick of U.S. Financial Power

CIA reportedly concludes Saudi crown prince ordered Khashoggi assassination

Judge hands CNN a victory in its bid to restore Jim Acosta’s White House press pass 

Supreme Court will hear arguments concerning Census citizenship question 

Whitaker told Trump he has concerns over sentencing reform bill 

Why the Housing Market Is Slumping Despite a Booming Economy

Automaker groups warn U.S. tariffs will undermine new NAFTA deal

After the Midterms, Robert Mueller’s Got a New Wingman on Capitol Hill 

Progressive Democrats ready to push 'Medicare for all' with new House leadership 

Elizabeth Warren: Regulators are ignoring a major economic threat 

House Democrats Want To Investigate Alleged Voter Suppression

Does Pelosi have the votes to become speaker?

The Nancy Pelosi speaker debate is a proxy for the war over the future of the Democratic Party 

Pelosi, potential challenger Fudge hold 'candid' discussion

Stacey Abrams ends bid for Georgia governor and pledges to fight ‘gross mismanagement’ of election

Trump says China wants to make trade deal, but White House officials warn no sign of pact

Trump Returns To Bashing The Migrant Caravan, Calling It A 'Big Con'

Trump Administration Plots Costly Private-Care Expansion for Veterans

Trump explains his no-show at Arlington: 'I was extremely busy on calls'

Trump plans to nominate Andrew Wheeler, former coal lobbyist, as EPA chief 

Is Mike Pence Loyal? Trump Is Asking, Despite His Recent Endorsement

Trump says White House will 'throw out' Acosta if he misbehaves again

Trump: White House working on new rules for reporters

Trump says he’s finished writing answers to questions from special counsel Robert Mueller 

The 1 thing that drives Donald Trump totally crazy about the Mueller investigation

Fact-checking President Trump’s wild Daily Caller interview 


House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy hopes House Democrats in pro-Trump districts will work with him in the next Congress

Graham: Trump’s new AG has ‘concerns’ about criminal justice bill

Key U.S. Senate Republican says acting Attorney General comfortable with Russia probe

Sen. John Kennedy To Trump: 'Tweeting A Little Less Would Not Cause Brain Damage'

GOP leaders aim to avert shutdown over wall funding, but Trump makes no promises 

NY Republican: GOP lawmakers to back Pelosi for Speaker if she backs rule reforms

GOP money group prepares opposition research blitz against Mike Bloomberg if he runs for president in 2020

Kasich: Wouldn’t want presidential run to ‘diminish my voice’

Trump torpedoed Colorado Republicans’ appeal to unaffiliated voters, new post-election poll says

Utah Republican behind in tight race sues to halt vote count

Democrat Katie Porter unseats GOP's Mimi Walters

Florida recount: DeSantis looks certain to win governor’s race; Senate contest goes to a manual recount 

These charts show how Democrats represent the growing modern economy – and how Republicans are left behind

Florida Senate race headed for manual recount

Asia Needs Pence’s Reassurance
(He should confront Trump’s mistakes and put forward a positive agenda.)

Mulvaney positioning himself to be Commerce Secretary

Poll: Trump has little support for reelection bid

Judge postpones decision in CNN lawsuit over Jim Acosta's press pass

Cooper: Trump says things that increase scrutiny

Judge rules Mueller can proceed with case against Russian firm linked to alleged troll farm

Democratic gains erasing House GOP in California

California Democrats Are Still Claiming House Seats

The Latest: Democrat flips U.S. House seat in Maine

Elizabeth Warren says the Fed is making the same mistakes as before the crisis: 'Deeply worrisome'

Nancy Pelosi says she has the votes to become the next House speaker, but a potential challenger has emerged 

Pelosi allies rage over tactics of opponents

The future face of House intelligence
(Burbank Democrat Adam Schiff calls for bipartisanship, vows to change committee’s investigative targets.)

Left wants a vote on single-payer bill in new Congress

2 big new stories show the Trump administration’s aversion to blaming Saudi royals for Khashoggi’s death 

Trump administration sanctions 17 Saudis over Khashoggi killing

Trump claims inner workings of Mueller probe are a ‘total mess’ — but gives no evidence 

Trump to visit California to assess wildfires' impact

Why is Trump talking about cereal and voter ID?

Poll: Trump has little support for reelection bid


McConnell reelected as leader, Thune promoted to whip

Lindsey Graham’s defense of Kavanaugh did not help the GOP with female voters 

Flake to halt judicial nominees until Mueller protection bill passed

Republican senator threatens to vote against judges after GOP blocks vote on Mueller protection bill

Republicans block Senate bid to protect Mueller probe

Rand Paul blocking Trump counterterrorism nominee

House Republicans elect Rep. Kevin McCarthy party leader 

Mitt Romney is telling friends he wants seats on the high-profile Senate Finance and Commerce committees

Newcomer Andy Kim beats GOP Rep. MacArthur in New Jersey

Hyde-Smith's 'public hanging' joke shakes up Mississippi runoff

Midterm results shake up national map

Federal judge gives Florida voters until Saturday to correct signature problems roiling close races 

Historic class storms Capitol

Why American Oil Hasn’t Been a Total Game-Changer
(The U.S. is now the world’s top producer, but Saudi Arabia still holds the key to crude prices.)

White House curtails Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro's public role as Larry Kudlow rips him for comments on China talks

Justice Dept. releases legal memo defending Whitaker’s appointment as acting attorney general 

The legal fight over Matthew Whitaker’s appointment, explained 

Judge to rule Thursday on CNN dispute with Trump

Fox News and other outlets join CNN fight over press access to White House

Mattis calls deployment to the border ‘great training’ as he visits troops in Texas 

Mueller asks for delay in Gates sentencing: filing

Bolton aide exits White House after high-profile clash with first lady

Newcomer Andy Kim beats GOP Rep. MacArthur in New Jersey

Pelosi faces daunting challenge in speaker’s bid as Democratic foes stand firm 

Pelosi and her opponents voice confidence over Speakership battle

Schumer reelected as Senate Democratic Leader

Schumer told Warner to back off of Facebook

House Dems split on how to tackle climate change

An unprecedented number of female military veterans ran as Democrats this year. Here’s why they were unusually successful. 

Trump endorses bipartisan criminal-justice reform bill 

President Trump reassigns Mira Ricardel, the deputy national security adviser the first lady wanted fired

Trump names handbag designer as ambassador to South Africa

Trump Warns Antifa: Other Side Is ‘Tougher Than Them,’ And Full of Military and Police

Trump argues in court filing he can restrict reporter access to White House

‘She’s a disaster’: Trump wants Florida county elections chief fired

As relationship sours, Macron tells Trump France is not vassal of U.S.

Trump’s big 2020 problem: The economy could be in recession 

Trump's mood takes a foul turn: 'He's pissed -- at damn near everyone'

Sullen Trump avoids usual duties
(Reportedly brooding over Mueller probe and election, he skips Veterans Day event and global summits.)

Does Trump actually believe his own hype? 


Republicans Launch Surprise Bid To Prevent Debate On U.S. Support For Bloody Saudi War

Denham loses GOP seat in California

Graham backs bill to protect Mueller

Mitch McConnell’s Spectacularly Tone-Deaf ‘Partisan Politics’ Rant Backfires

Senate GOP readies for leadership reshuffle

Money troubles: The GOP’s problem with cash

How Trump's tax cuts hurt the GOP in America's wealthy suburbs

'Reinsurance' Obamacare fix wins bipartisan support in Senate

Judge orders Georgia to count all votes in contested governor’s race

Georgia election officials ordered to review thousands of provisional ballots

Mattis heads to US-Mexico border to visit troops awaiting migrant caravan

US security chief Bolton vows to ‘squeeze’ Iran

Bolton Is Building a Confrontational Latin America Strategy

White House Economist Larry Kudlow Slams Trump Aide Peter Navarro For Wall Street Jab

John Kelly may leave after clashing with first lady Melania Trump: NBC News

Rumors of a major shakeup rock the White House

Bill cementing cybersecurity agency at DHS heads to Trump's desk

The White House is changing its tune on why it yanked Jim Acosta’s press pass 

CNN sues White House to regain access for reporter Jim Acosta 

Trump appointment of new justice chief called 'unlawful'

Maryland Files Federal Challenge to Trump's Appointment of Matt Whitaker as Acting Attorney General

Majority say Trump should face primary challenge, poll finds

It’s official: Amazon splits prize between CrystalCity and New York 

Melania Trump calls for deputy national security adviser to be fired

Democrats poised for power
(The likely House panel leaders who may make things harder for Trump)

House Democrats to probe Trump impact on FBI, Justice: lawmaker

Democrats took the House. Now they want to take on corporate America

How Democrats Won Over Older Voters—And Flipped the House

New hurdle arises in Pelosi’s march to speakership

Pelosi leans on Dems for support

Nancy Pelosi: 'I want women to see that you do not get pushed around'

Nancy Pelosi celebrates Democrats' midterm victory in New York with donors and possible 2020 candidate Mike Bloomberg 

Progressive House Dem pushes for vote on 'Medicare for all' bill

Liberals look for leverage in House leadership elections 

Trump Renews Attacks on NATO and Trade Imbalances

Trump says ‘nothing new’ in report on hidden missile bases in North Korea 

Trump slams New York Times over North Korea missile program story: 'Just more fake news'

Trump berated British Prime Minister May during call on Air Force One

In a morning tweetstorm, Trump takes repeated aim at France’s Macron

Five days of fury: Inside Trump’s Paris temper, election woes and staff upheaval 

Trump eyes post-midterm shakeup

Trump's 'big victory' diminished as Democrats pick up more wins

Alleging Fraud Without Evidence, Trump Calls to End Recount in Florida Races

Trump alleges voter fraud in Florida

For Trump, even disaster response is colored in red and blue 

Trump’s Asylum Proclamation and the False Distinction Between “Migrant” and “Refugee”

Trump’s attack on asylum is based entirely on false claims 


U.S. stocks skid again on renewed fears that tech sector has run out of steam 

Stocks fall sharply as tech firms drop; Dow loses 600 points

Tariffs are having a negative impact for only about 9 percent of companies, earnings calls show

Jeb Bush calls for removal of BrowardCounty elections supervisor he appointed

Steve King dared a conservative magazine to release audio of him calling immigrants ‘dirt.’ It did. 

Congress braces for high-drama lame duck

Criminal justice reform. It's what's on the table this lame duck session 

The racist GOP needs to stop calling itself ‘The party of Lincoln

Newly revealed North Korean missile bases cast doubt on value of Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un 

Trade discussions resume between US, China

Pence’s meeting with Japan and India crucial to countering China

Lawsuits mount over Florida recount battle as political acrimony deepens 

Majority say Trump fired Sessions because he wanted loyal attorney general to oversee Mueller probe

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen takes the train to Washington to talk to special counsel Robert Mueller's team

Trump’s tariffs bruising beer industry
(Levies on foreign aluminum roil a U.S. market intricately linked to Canada’s.)

Does Heather Nauert Have What It Takes?
(Likely Trump pick would be the least experienced U.N. ambassador ever.)

Tamara Keith and Stuart Rothenberg on election process vs. outcome

Sinema defeats McSally in Arizona Senate race

A reader’s guide: 12 targets as House Democrats prepare to investigate the Trump administration 

Democrats put acting AG on notice
(Lawmakers vow to challenge Whitaker, who has disparaged Mueller’s Russia probe and could squelch it.)

Andrew Gillum outraged by illegal email votes in heavily Republican county

The blue wave was big — and significant — in state legislatures 

Dems gain veto-proof supermajority in California legislature

Dem hopes for 2020 grow in midterms afterglow

Trump approves major disaster declaration for California wildfires as devastation worsens

Trump attacks Florida recount with a wild claim that there are 'missing or forged' ballots

Urging Florida To Ignore Military Votes Fits Trump's True Pattern With The Troops

Trump Leaves World War One Commemorations Isolated Among Allies

Trump makes baseless claim that the stock market is plunging because of the prospect of Democrats investigating him

Trump unlikely to back off tariffs despite less friendly House 

Trump is preparing to remove Kirstjen Nielsen as Homeland Security secretary, aides say 

Does anyone love our military less than President Trump? 


Colorado Republicans’ conundrum: Donald Trump and the unaffiliated voters who loathe him
(Insiders say Cory Gardner’s re-election prospects are grim unless GOP can develop new message)

Mississippi GOP senator sparks criticism with 'public hanging' comment

Graham confident there will be 'no political influence' put on Mueller by Whitaker

Republicans defend Mueller probe as Democrats vow action if new AG Whitaker doesn’t recuse himself

Scott: Nelson 'clearly trying to commit fraud' to win election

Senate campaign chief: Scott 'right to be upset' with vote in Florida

Republicans push back on Trump’s threat to withhold California funding amid wildfire

Moderate Republicans aren’t dead. They’re hiding in plain sight. 

Dem wins leave behind a more conservative GOP conference

Stalled talks with North Korea indicate larger unravelling of progress

Macron denounces nationalism as a ‘betrayal of patriotism’ in rebuke to Trump at WWI remembrance 

Abrams: CNN has strong case for lawsuit

Famed First Amendment lawyer says CNN should sue the White House over Acosta access

Trump does know Matt Whitaker, Kellyanne Conway says 

Team Mueller is Holding ‘Dozens of Sealed Indictments,’ According to Intel Source

Whitaker may have violated group's tax-exempt status

U.S. farmer on trade war: 'We are willing to suffer'

Top House Dem: Pelosi will have 'overwhelming support' of Democrats in bid for Speaker

Pelosi: Whitaker’s appointment to acting AG ‘does violence to the Constitution’

Nancy Pelosi says Democrats' approach to subpoena power will be "very strategic

Top Judiciary Dem threatens to subpoena acting AG Whitaker

Schiff: Acting AG 'will be called to answer' if he interferes with Mueller investigation

Rep. Schiff: Trump response to California fires show 'how little he understands the job'

House Dems preview plans to flex oversight muscles

Schumer’s headaches to multiply in next Congress

Schumer slams Trump, Scott over Florida recount: They 'don't want the votes counted'

Sinema expands lead in nail-biter Arizona Senate race

Democrat Abrams files new suit in Georgia governor's race

Ending tense weekend in France, Trump honors friendship 'sealed in battle'

In Paris, Trump the 'nationalist' stood apart from others

Trump wants to end federal relief money for Puerto Rico

The Post-Midterms Dangers of Donald Trump


Longtime McCain aide blasts ‘despicable’ GOP claim that Dems are trying to steal Arizona senate race

Dana Rohrabacher, a pro-Russia Republican, narrowly loses House seat 

Kemp pushes Abrams to concede in Georgia gubernatorial race

Conservative magazine posts recording of King using derogatory language against immigrants

Recount ordered in Florida's Senate, governor races

Florida orders recount for governor and Senate races

Experts say Trump’s naming of attorney general is illegal

Firefighters' union criticizes Trump over California fire comments

Hollywood blasts Trump over 'demented' tweet about California wildfires

Critics pile on after Trump cancels visit to U.S. military cemetery outside Paris, citing weather 

UK minister condemns Trump for skipping military cemetery visit because of rain

For Democrats, a midterm election that keeps on giving 

Dems race to protect Mueller probe

Dems vow swift action on gun reform next year

Democrat Rouda Wins House Race Over California’s Rohrabacher

Sinema extends lead in Arizona race

Trump to award Presidential Medal of Freedom to Elvis Presley, Antonin Scalia, Babe Ruth and others

Trump distances himself from Whitaker amid scrutiny over past comments and business ties 

Trump tweets 'gross mismanagement of forests' is to blame for California wildfires

‘What a stupid question’: Trump demeans three black female reporters in three days


Dow drops 200 points on worries about slowing global economic growth

McConnell says there isn’t ‘any chance’ Trump will stop Mueller probe 

Three senior Republicans warn Trump not to close Mueller probe – but most remain silent over Jeff Sessions' firing

Lindsey Graham Awkwardly Tries To Walk Back Vow To Unleash 'Holy Hell' On Trump

Flake: Whitaker shouldn't oversee Mueller probe

Flake slams Trump for doubting vote count: There is no evidence of 'electoral corruption'

GOP nerves on edge after Sinema takes lead over McSally

Rubio, GOP attorneys allege election shenanigans in Florida

Battle looms over funding for Trump's border wall

Florida Election Official: Donald Trump And Rick Scott 'Are Trying To Disrupt Our Democracy'

Florida prepares for bitter legal fight over votes

Dozens of mail-in ballots sitting in Miami distribution center

Late-breaking races are washing away Trump’s near-'complete victory' in midterms

Before he is ousted, Sessions limits U.S. oversight of local police

Federal investigators scrutinized Whitaker’s role in patent company accused of fraud, according to people with knowledge of case 

Almost everything about Matthew Whitaker’s appointment is problematic 

As a Senate candidate, Whitaker said he could not support ‘secular’ judicial nominees and that courts should be ‘inferior branch’ 

Trump’s new acting attorney general has long criticized the Russia probe 

How Mueller Could Defend the Russia Investigation From Interference

Nationwide protests held in support of Mueller probe

After Jeff Sessions’ Ouster, Group Launches 6-Figure Ad Buy To Protect Mueller

Lawsuit seeks to block Trump from restricting asylum for migrants who enter U.S. illegally

Border apprehensions for October hit highest number in Trump presidency

Women's rights advocates vow to fight new birth-control rules 

Shields and Brooks on midterm results and GOP ‘lockstep loyalty’ to Trump

Pelosi critics lose momentum in battle over her ascension

Nancy Pelosi: 'Common-sense' gun control a priority of Dem-controlled House

Dems mark Trump tax returns as key part of agenda

Nelson releases video: 'Rick Scott is trying to stop all the votes from being counted'

Sinema widens lead over McSally in Arizona Senate race

Trump rips Macron for proposing new EU army to defend against US

Late-breaking races are washing away Trump’s near-'complete victory' in midterms

Trump defends choice for acting AG, but also says he doesn't know him

Trump is telling people he wants to replace Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross by the end of the year

Trump takes aim at Obama, Clinton, judges, election officials, reporters and a host of others before leaving the country 

Trump calls court block on Keystone oil pipeline 'a disgrace'

Before the midterms, Trump harped on the migrant caravan. Since then, he hasn’t brought it up. 

Trump jabs back at 'Mr. Kellyanne Conway,' an unusual critic

Trump intimately involved in arranging Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal payoffs: report

Trump asked National Enquirer CEO to help campaign by silencing women


S&P 500 snaps 3-day winning streak as the Fed looks to stay the course on raising rates

Fed leaves rates unchanged, notes slowing in business investment

McConnell becomes Trump’s first line of defense

McMorris Rodgers won't run for GOP leadership

Sessions considering run for old Alabama Senate seat

Republicans Freak Out as New Ballots Threaten Florida Senate Win

Rick Scott sues Broward, Palm Beach counties over election results

Georgia's Kemp says he's governor-elect, Abrams fights on

The Republican who once toppled Cantor ran timidly this time in Va.’s 7th District 

The president's party just suffered a historically big wipeout during a strong economy 

Former NJ Gov. Chris Christie visits the White House as Trump considers him to replace Jeff Sessions as attorney general

Treasury Department announces new sanctions for Russian activities in Crimea 

Feds announce new policy to limit asylum claims

Trump can’t immediately end DACA, appeals court panel says, setting up Supreme Court fight 

Voter turnout in midterms highest in 50 years

Record 42 Latinos to serve in Congress; 1 race undecided

Déjà vu: Florida's two biggest 2018 races could head to a recount soon

Recount prospects grow as Florida races tighten

White House shares doctored video to support punishment of journalist Jim Acosta 

Is the ban justified? Can CNN sue? Questions about the White House's action against Jim Acosta answered

National Press Club slams Trump’s ‘unprecedented’ attacks on press and Acosta

Trump’s acting attorney general, Matt Whitaker, has no intention of recusing from Russia probe, associates say 

Trump ousting Sessions tees up tests for these eight people, with Mueller’s probe in the balance 

'Rage-aholic' Trump Launched A 'Coup' By Booting Sessions, Warns Carl Bernstein

Trump’s installation of acting AG was unconstitutional, argues husband of Kellyanne Conway 

Acting Attorney General Whitaker's views on Mueller probe prompt calls for recusal from Democrats and legal experts 

Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly worried about a possible Mueller indictment, while the president is 'very depressed'

Trump’s Effort to Hobble the Mueller Investigation Must Be Stopped

U.S. court case tests Special Counsel Mueller's power, status

American Gun Culture Is Not Freedom. It Is Tyranny.
(A world where you cannot leave your house unarmed for constant fear of being shot is not a free world.)

Judge blocks Keystone XL pipeline

House Democrats plan quick vote to protect preexisting conditions once in majority 

Pelosi: Americans 'deserve real action' on gun control after California shooting

Pelosi: Acting attorney general 'should not be there'

Pelosi faces battle for speaker’s gavel
(She led the Democratic wave in the House, but some are calling for new leadership)

Maxine Waters will soon wield gavel in feud with White House

Schiff: Dems interested in Sessions's testimony about ouster in next Congress

Democratic state AGs call on Whitaker to recuse himself from Mueller probe

Mark Warner scoffs at Trump’s threat of counter-investigations: ‘I’m not sure Mr. Trump understands that we’re independent branches of government’

Dem Sinema pulls ahead of McSally in Arizona Senate race

Democrats Win Total Control of 6 More States. What Will They Do With It?

More than 75 percent of Jews voted for Democrats in the midterm

Midwest Turns Bluer as Local Concerns Outweigh National Issues

Trump administration tightens immigration asylum rules as caravans approach 

The president's party just suffered a historically big wipeout during a strong economy 

Why Trump thinks he won the midterms

Good for Trump, Bad for Trump: How midterm results will help — and hurt — the president

Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly worried about a possible Mueller indictment, while the president is 'very depressed'

The midterms were a referendum on Trump — and he failed


U.S. stock market pushes higher after midterm elections

Republicans credit the 'Kavanaugh effect' for Senate wins against red-state Democrats

McConnell warns House Dems: 'Presidential harassment' may not be the best strategy

Collins: Mueller 'must be allowed' to continue Russia probe

McCarthy announces bid for minority leader

House GOP fight begins: Jordan challenges McCarthy

Trey Gowdy: Sessions was 'dead man walking for several months'

Kemp claims victory in Georgia, prompting threat of legal action from Stacey Abrams

Steve King, Congress's Most Shameless Racist, Has Won Reelection in Iowa

Midterm elections: Democrats capture House as GOP holds Senate 

10 midterm takeaways 

Election fallout: What to watch for now

Record number of women heading to Congress 

In 2018 State Races, Partisans Retreated to Their Corners

America’s urban-rural divide deepens

Make No Mistake, the Midterm Elections Were a Democratic Victory and a Rebuke of Trump

Jeff Sessions forced out as attorney general 

Sessions’s ouster throws future of special counsel probe into question 

Demonstrators gather outside White House to protest Sessions' ouster

Rod Rosenstein no longer overseeing Russia probe

5 things to know about new acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker

Trump’s new acting attorney general once mused about defunding Robert Mueller 

Trump's acting AG was involved in company accused of being a 'scam' by FTC

White House suspends press pass of CNN’s Jim Acosta after his testy exchange with Trump 

White House doubles down on decision to pull press pass from CNN's Acosta

Democrats pick up at least 28 seats to win back the House — giving the party a check on Trump

Nancy Pelosi starts working on her math problem in Speaker vote

Schumer: 2020 'doesn't bode well' for GOP

Wisconsin and Michigan results give Democrats hope for their 2020 chances 

Obama: change 'won't come in one election cycle'

Schiff: It’s ‘abundantly clear’ Sessions was forced out for not ending Mueller probe

Democrats say Sessions firing could spark ‘constitutional crisis’

House Democrats must decide whether to work with GOP on drug prices 

Democrats wrest power from Republicans at the state level

Trump’s post-election news conference: Wounded, angry and on his heels 

Trump scorns GOP midterm losers who did not 'embrace' him

Trump says Republican House candidates who lost should have embraced him

The President Declares the Victory He Was Always Going to Declare Regardless of the Election Results

Trump: ‘I retired’ Jeff Flake 

President Trump says he has 'never used racist remarks'

Trump vows ‘beautiful’ deals with Democrats but threatens ‘warlike’ retaliation to probes 

Trump’s North Korea diplomacy quietly stalls 

Trump to sign executive order revamping policy on asylum seekers

What’s Bad for Trump Is Worse for Putin

Trump Says He Won't Turn Over His Tax Returns. It's Not Up To Him Anymore.


The midterms won't shake up the economy, no matter who wins 

Graham lauds GOP Senate results: 'Conservative judicial train is going to keep running!'

Many authors of GOP tax law will not be returning to Congress

Democrats take the House, Republicans hold the Senate in split-screen midterm vote

Women set record for first-timers elected to the House, and more women making history

Deb Haaland and Sharice Davids Lead a Record Number of Native American Candidates in the Midterms

Why do SO many people not vote in midterm elections?

Forget the Russians. On this Election Day, it’s Americans peddling disinformation and hate speech. 

Election Day misinformation spreads on social media

Voting rights restored for nearly 1.5M felons in Florida

Iran sanctions: US vows 'relentless' pressure as sanctions resume

Pompeo's meeting with North Korean officials postponed

ICE aims to silence detainees’ visitors
(Volunteers are barred from detention center unless they sign a confidentiality form.)

ACLU calls on DOJ to investigate Border Patrol for voter intimidation

Democrats have won control of the House of Representatives

In setback for Trump, Democrats seize U.S. House control

Democrats are going to win House seats today that will be difficult to defend in 2020 

O'Rourke after loss to Cruz: 'I am forever grateful'

Colorado elects first openly gay governor in US history

Bloomberg invokes Pittsburgh attack in new $5M ad campaign for Democrats

Joe Biden wraps midterm blitz. Next up: a 2020 decision.

Trump touts 'tremendous success' after GOP loses House

In setback for Trump, Democrats seize U.S. House control

Trump will awaken to unfriendly House, and Dems poised to investigate

Trump calls Pelosi to congratulate her on House win

Donald Trump’s Final, Bitter Midterm Rallies

With him or against him, Trump looms large over Election Day
(US president rallies base ahead of midterms with fiery rhetoric, but some former supporters turned off: ‘He has diarrhea of the mouth and diarrhea of the brain’)

Trump Launches “Game of Thrones” Showdown with Iran

What Trump should be asking of the CIA on Khashoggi 


'Trump has hijacked the election': House Republicans in panic mode

Republicans’ core message to Georgia voters: Be afraid of Stacey Abrams

GOP gubernatorial candidate launches probe into state's Democratic Party

Ted Cruz hopes to secure 2nd term vs. rising star O'Rourke

Rep. Steve King Makes Bigoted Joke About Supreme Court Justices Kagan And Sotomayor

On the eve of midterm election, Democrats, Republicans make their final pitches 

More than 30 million Americans have voted in the midterms, with a surge of younger voters

Four of the health-care issues at stake in the midterm elections 

8 big questions for Election Day

5 possible scenarios for Election Day, and what they’d mean 

A quick guide to Election Day

Hackers are using malware to find vulnerabilities in U.S. swing states. Expect cyberattacks. 

Without evidence, Trump and Sessions warn of voter fraud in Tuesday’s elections 

U.S. networks drop 'racist' Trump ad as critical elections near

Amy Walter and Tamara Keith on midterm election wild cards to watch

Exclusive: Iran open to talks with US if Trump changes approach to nuclear deal, top diplomat says

Donald Trump's Words Are a Global Disaster
(Our president's rhetoric is being used to prop up strongmen and justify government abuses all around the world.)

Joint Chiefs chair: Troops at border will not 'come in contact with immigrants'

5 reasons to be concerned about deploying U.S. troops along the southern border 

Why It Would Be a Major Military Mistake to Deploy Troops to Confront the Migrant Caravans

Trump's border deployments could cost $220 million as Pentagon sees no threat from migrant caravan

American businesses paid 50% more in tariffs in September due to Trump's trade war, industry coalition says

Huge turnout raises Dem hopes for a wave

Majorities of millennials who plan to vote support Democrats — except among white men 

Menendez opens lead over Hugin in new poll right before Election Day

With 5 million votes already cast, Democrats lead in Florida

Trump fires back after networks yank ‘racist’ anti-immigration ad

Headed into midterms, Trump has all but abandoned his black voter outreach efforts 

Donald Trump Is Fabricating A Border Crisis Before A Major Election

Trump’s closing argument frames midterms as a referendum on his White House

Fox News hosts join Trump on stage at Missouri campaign rally

Watch live: Trump holds final midterms campaign rally in Missouri

Trump turns to Supreme Court to wind down 'Dreamer' immigration program

Trump administration prepares for massive shake-up after midterms

With or without a plan, there’s almost no policy Trump isn’t ‘looking into’ 

Poll: Trump would lose to every top Democrat woman including Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Elizabeth Warren


GOP chairwoman pushes back on criticism of incendiary ad: 'The point is the president’s a problem solver'

GOP chair's midterms message: Economy is booming, 'let's not go back' to Democrats

GOP enters loss-cutting mode
(Vulnerable in the House, party focuses on firing up base and gaining in Senate)

GOP senator: Dems pushing 'false narrative' on pre-existing conditions

Trump-McConnell alliance pays political dividends for Republicans 

Midterms test whether Republicans not named Trump can win by stoking racial animosity 

Robust economy drowned out by Trump’s midterm message

Battleground voters say midterms just as important as presidential election

Lawmakers, forecasters: Election Day up for grabs

Midterms: Horrified by Trump's zero tolerance policy, the next generation are paving the way for immigration reform

9 Senate races that are shaping up to be nail biters and will determine which party controls the Senate

Trump and Obama face off in midterms

New Jersey House candidates decry race's heated rhetoric

U.S. militia groups head to border, stirred by Trump’s call to arms

Pompeo says 'no one's going to argue' he and Trump aren't tough on Iran amid new sanctions

PM praises Trump for Iran sanctions renewal: ‘We’re already seeing results’

Texas communities scramble to help Central American migrants 

DNC chair dismisses economic growth under Trump: 'They have delivered results for very wealthy people'

DNC chairman: Health care is 'under attack' ahead of midterms

Top Senate Intelligence Dem: 'People should vote with confidence' that elections will be secure

Dems are confident about House despite painful 2016 memories

Democrats up 8 points among likely voters ahead of midterms: poll

Top Senate Dem tempers expectations for retaking majority

Warner urges voters to back Dems to serve as check on Trump

Stacey Abrams on Trump’s ‘not qualified’ remark: Republicans are ‘getting scared’ 

Brian Kemp’s office orders ‘hacking’ probe of Georgia Democrats on eve of election he’s competing in 

O’Rourke: I don’t want Dems from outside Texas coming to stump for me

Bloomberg's latest ad buy features personal appeal to voters

Trump and Obama face off in midterms

Trump says Democrats would ruin Florida, his second home

Trump rally in Georgia aims to prevent Democratic miracle in Deep South

Trump Presidency Faces High Stakes In Midterm Elections

A ‘there-it-is’ moment: Trump wows fans by using Air Force One as a campaign prop 

‘Full Trumpism’: The president’s apocalyptic attacks reach a new level of falsity 

PM praises Trump for Iran sanctions renewal: ‘We’re already seeing results’

Pittsburgh mayor says he ended call with Trump after complaints over death penalty laws 


Republicans put in bind over preexisting conditions

Trump’s immigration push lifts Senate GOP

After GOP 2018 tax cut plans fell apart, immigration filled the campaign void 

Corker declines to say whether he voted for Blackburn

On last Saturday before the midterms, Democrats and Republicans make closing arguments on what’s at stake 

Legal decisions and a racist robocall in Georgia gov. race

"A Spark Has Been Ignited With Women"— Why Fighting for Equal Rights Matters

North Korea threatens to restart nuclear program unless U.S. lifts sanctions 

Veterans speak out on border action
(Former senior officers say Trump’s order to deploy troops takes the military too close to electoral politics.)

Army assessment of migrant caravans undermines Trump’s rhetoric 

'We are not killers:' Migrants in caravan respond to Trump

Trump’s border deployments could cost $200 million by year-end 

Drama builds around Stone in Mueller probe

The Jewish left botched its response to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Obama urges Georgians to reject GOP ‘lies’ by voting for Abrams and other Democrats 

Dems fighting for political lives tout support for border security

Poll: Iowa voters favor Democrats for control of the House

Gregg Popovich endorses Beto O'Rourke in Texas senate race

NJ Senate race 2018 polls: Stockton says Bob Menendez has double-digit lead over Bob Hugin

Trump says nothing in the face of Saudi Arabia’s outrageous lies 

Trump calls Gillum‘not equipped’ to be Florida governor

Trump hails arrival of troops at border while pumping up Florida voters

Trump stumps in cities that don't look that much like US

Watch Live: Trump holds a rally in Pensacola 


Stocks fall after wild session as conflicting trade news keeps investors guessing

Economy adds robust 250,000 jobs in October in last employment report before election

Workers are finally seeing higher wages, but it’s a fraction of record corporate profits 
(Wage growth is at its highest level in nine years. Corporate profits are at the highest ever.)

Jockeying already stepping up in House leadership fights

Republicans’ claim of health-care protection flies in the face of reality

Top 10 GOP House seats most likely to flip in a blue wave

Trump’s Nationalism Is Breaking Point for Some Suburban Voters, Risking G.O.P. Coalition

AT&T will no longer donate to Rep. Steve King

Struggling in Kansas, Kris Kobach won’t adjust his tone or focus — even if it costs him the governorship 

Poll: Bredesen, Blackburn in dead heat in Tennessee senate race

Pence says Republicans will keep control of the House

The GOP has become the party of fake news and paranoid fantasies 

Trump and the media get an almost equal share of the blame for politically motivated violence in new Post-ABC poll 

Supreme Court refuses to block young people’s climate lawsuit against U.S. government 

Judge denies Trump’s request for stay in emoluments case  

Judge eases requirements under Georgia 'exact match' rule

Mattis vouched for Trump’s decision to send troops to the border. Trump seems bent on making him regret it. 

5 reasons Trump’s ‘immigration crisis’ is a made-up one 

U.S. to Allow Some Iranian Oil Sales—For Now

White House reimposes oil, shipping and banking sanctions on Iran with limited international support

FDA approves powerful opioid despite fears of more overdose deaths 

Michael Cohen alleges 4 racist things Trump said. Here’s why it’s increasingly believable he said them. 

Brooklyn synagogue defaced with ‘Kill the Jews’ graffiti

Democrats in tough races throw their party under the bus

Judge eases requirements under Georgia 'exact match' rule

Gillum leaves campaign trail in wake of Tallahassee shooting

Andrew Gillum Calls Out Donald Trump For Providing 'Cover' To Racists

Obama slams Trump at Florida rally: ‘They are lying to you’

Watch Live: Obama rallies for Stacey Abrams in Georgia

FBI confirms suspicious package sent to Tom Steyer

Inside a secretive billionaire club’s plan to help Democrats take Congress

Trump signals he wants a trade deal with China 

Trump backtracks on suggestion U.S. troops could fire on migrants

The President Laments That Racist and Anti-Semitic Violence Is Hurting His 'Momentum'
(Donald Trump, American president, wants to talk about The Caravan—not Pittsburgh. Or bombings.)

Trump says 'two maniacs' stopped Republicans' midterm momentum

Trump's target audience for migrant caravan scare tactics: Women

Trump ratchets up racially divisive messages in a bid to rally support in the midterms 

Trump plays to his base instinct
(In midterm races, his presence is likely to galvanize supporters and detractors alike.)

Trump and the media get an almost equal share of the blame for politically motivated violence in new Post-ABC poll 

President Trump has made 6,420 false or misleading claims over 649 days 

Donald Trump Said The GOP Is The 'Party Of All Americans' And Got Savaged


Stocks jump again, bringing 3-day gain in the Dow to more than 900 points

Top GOP super PAC no longer airing TV ads in West Virginia Senate race: report

Ryan-linked PAC launches six-figure Michigan district

Young Americans signal record turnout for midterm elections, reject Trump and the GOP: Poll

GOP infighting spills into public view

Texas, beware! The caravan of criminals is coming — in ad backing Ted Cruz

Perry to visit Ukraine, Poland to discuss alternatives to Russian energy

Pompeo says 'handful more weeks' before U.S. responds to Khashoggi killing

Saudi crown prince described slain journalist as a dangerous Islamist in call with White House 

As New Sanctions Loom, U.S. Push Against Iran Faces Steep Obstacles

With new indictment, U.S. launches aggressive campaign to thwart China’s economic attacks

Defense Secretary Mattis On Doubling Troops At The Border: ‘We Don’t Do Stunts’

Apple, Facebook and Google among 56 businesses telling Trump not to weaken transgender rights

Twelve US execs explain how Trump's trade war affects their bottom lines

When Fighting Domestic Terrorism, You Get What You Pay For
(The Trump administration has gutted the budget for fighting far-right extremists, making it harder to stop attacks like the Pittsburgh massacre.)

Manchin says birthright citizenship 'worthy of looking at"

Trump adviser rules out deal on raising federal minimum wage

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert offered UN ambassador post

Appeals Court Orders Ohio To Count Purged Voters' Ballots

1,600 scientists sign letter opposing Trump’s plan to narrow gender definition

MSNBC blows off Trump’s immigration fearmongering address 

Fox News says the migrant caravan will bring disease outbreaks. That’s xenophobic nonsense.

Democrats in prime position to take House, but battleground district poll shows wild cards remain

Dems move from optimism to confidence about winning House

Democrats are playing 'defense' against the GOP's Wall Street deregulation agenda, Sen. Sherrod Brown says

After nearly 50 years of Republican control, this Virginia House district could flip to the Democrats

Democrats close campaign by hammering GOP on health care

Democratic challenger defies gravity in Upstate New York district Trump carried by 16 points 

Georgia on her mind, Oprah heads to state to endorse Stacey Abrams

Arizona’s Green Party candidate drops out of Senate race and endorses Kirsten Sinema

Trump says he and China's Xi had 'long and very good' trade conversation

Trump says he plans to crack down on asylum seekers

Trump keeps spotlight on immigration, but punts on asylum changes

The President Is Pushing the Exact Conspiracies Cited by the Pittsburgh Shooter 5 Days After the Attack
(Trump is pushing propaganda about immigrants, fueling anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and failing to address political violence.)

Spreading conspiracy theory, Trump points finger at Soros over migrant caravan

Trump, stoking caravan fears, says troops will fire on migrants if they 'throw rocks'

That anti-immigrant ad is the essence of the Donald Trump presidency  

Trump shocks with racist new ad days before midterms

Watch Live: Trump holds a rally in Missouri

Trump concerned Zinke broke rules amid DOJ referral

Trump defends calling media 'the enemy of the people': 'It's my only form of fighting back'


Stocks surge to cap off wild October, but S&P 500 posts biggest monthly loss since 2011

The stock market lost nearly $2 trillion in October. Here's what happened

Yellen says rising deficit is unsustainable: 'If I had a magic wand, I would raise taxes'

U. S. workers see fastest wage growth in a decade, but inflation takes a toll 

Republican senators ask Trump to end nuclear energy talks with Saudi Arabia 

Pressure grows on House GOP to denounce Steve King

Steve King calls his critics 'cannibals', vows he’ll be reelected easily

The GOP decried ‘King Obama.' Now it’s mostly quiet on Trump’s effort to revise the Constitution by himself. 

Rep. Mia Love, Ben McAdams oppose President Trump’s idea to end birthright citizenship

Trump's birthright citizenship comments just made life harder for Republicans in tight races 

This economy should mean a decent Republican midterm. But then there’s Trump. 

Trump surprise rattles GOP in final stretch

House races become more nationalized in Trump-era midterms 

Arizona's Senate race illustrates Republicans' health-care bind 

More voters associate with Trump than GOP: poll

Money is pouring into Florida at the last minute as Trump and Obama battle to sway midterm voters

Rare drop in NRA election spending as gun-limit groups rise

The Kavanaugh confirmation polarized women, and motivated them to vote — some for Republicans, some for Democrats. 

The Scheme to Smear Robert Mueller Is About More Than the Midterms

How a right-wing effort to slime Mueller with a sexual assault allegation fell apart

US mosque bomb plotters blame Trump’s rhetoric for their attempted attack

Pfizer CEO: 'Business as normal' on drug prices next year despite Trump pressure

Trump Rollback Of Disability Rules Can Make Doctor’s Visits Painstaking

Next tariffs will hit buyers harder
(New levies may sting consumers 10 times more than earlier ones.)

General Barry McCaffrey: Trump Is Bordering On Unconstitutional Behavior | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Children sworn in as US citizens while dressed in Halloween costumes

Can Andrew Gillum Break Republicans' Winning Streak in Florida?

Early signs point to a Latino wave for Democrats

Flood of campaign cash puts Democratic long shots in striking distance of GOP incumbents

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Trump steel tariff exemptions favor US subsidiaries of foreign companies

Trump backs off executive order threat, says Congress is better path to end birthright citizenship

Trump's attack on Ryan seen as advance scapegoating

Trump Backhands Paul Ryan For Challenging His Controversial Immigration Plan

Feeding caravan hysteria, Trump says border troops may reach 15,000

Trump highlights days-old violent clash between caravan and Mexican authorities 

Trump admin will apparently not renew program to fight domestic terror

Trump says Democrats will tank the stock market. History suggests otherwise. 

‘Pushing every button’: Trump mobilizes the government in campaign’s final days 

Trump Made Ron DeSantis The GOP Nominee In Florida. He's Pushing Him Again For Governor.

Trump faces Election Day deadline on Russia

Trump Is Pushing the United States Toward Nuclear Anarchy
(The White House wants to leave the INF Treaty. New START could be next. The death of these agreements would fuel a new arms race.)


Dow rallies more than 400 points in bounce as brutal October nears a close

Paul Ryan shoots down Trump's birthright citizenship plans

Graham to introduce legislation to end birthright citizenship

How NASA became an election issue for Rep. John Culberson

House Republican campaign chairman rebukes Rep. Steve King for ‘completely inappropriate’ comments on white nationalism

Land O'Lakes ends support for U.S. Rep. King after furor over views

A good sign Republicans have bailed on the House? Look where Trump’s going. 

GOP scrambles to save suddenly vulnerable House candidates in Trump districts 

GOP State Senate Contender Accused Of Sending Anti-Semitic Mailer

Poll shows Cruz up 10 on O'Rourke in Texas Senate race

US poised to strengthen ties with Brazil's 'Trump of the Tropics'

Mattis: No diplomatic solution on Russia arms treaty yet

First NAFTA, next North American security

Vietnam Is Winning the U.S.-China Trade War

Closed voting sites hit minority counties harder for busy midterm elections

Immigrants facing Trump-ordered deportations plead with U.S. citizens to think of them at the polls 

69 percent of Americans are stressed about the country’s future, says new survey 

Most Americans think Trump has encouraged white supremacists, and some are worried he has become a 'legitimizing voice' for hate groups

Shooting victim’s family shuns President Trump in Pittsburgh as top officials decline to join him 

Hundreds join protest of Trump’s visit to Pittsburgh

Foxman after Pittsburgh: Trump is a demagogue, a threat to democracy and Jews

Rabbi Has One Haunting Question For Trump Defender After Synagogue Shooting

Mike Pence Is Under Fire for Appearing with a Fake Rabbi to Commemorate the Pittsburgh Shooting

Nikki Haley: Don’t Blame Shootings on Trump’s Rhetoric, Unless I Do

Zinke’s own agency watchdog just referred him to the Justice Department 

Mueller asks FBI to investigate claims women were offered money to say he behaved inappropriately 

Kanye says he’s been ‘used’ and is ‘distancing’ himself from politics

Dem rep: Trump has ‘created a permissive environment’ where bombings, shootings happen

Joe Biden says he's 'sick and tired' of the Trump administration

Dems seek to expand House fight one week before midterms

Factbox: Democrats gain steam in analyst forecasts for U.S. House races

Dem senators request classified briefing on Khashoggi

Trump visits Pittsburgh after massacre at synagogue, but top officials decline to join him 

Shooting victim’s family shuns President Trump in Pittsburgh as top officials decline to join him 

Trump makes solemn visit to Pittsburgh, even as officials shun his timing

Hundreds join protest of Trump’s visit to Pittsburgh

Trump’s visit to Pittsburgh after synagogue massacre creates tensions in grieving city 

Trump claims he can defy Constitution and end birthright citizenship

Trump’s proposal to end birthright citizenship is unconstitutional 

Trump plans executive order to end birthright citizenship

Trump says no other country has birthright citizenship. He’s wrong. 

Donald Trump Making Sure The Florida Governor’s Race Is All About Him

With racial tension high in Florida race, Trump calls Gillum a 'thief'

Trump and Illinois Governor Administrations Knew About Cancer Risks From Local Plant for Months

The Trump administration is planning its next move on drug prices 

Trump defrauded investors in marketing scheme, lawsuit says 


Embattled tech stocks drag down rest of market in late-day plunge 

Midterm elections: Fearing loss of the House, Republicans blame each other. 'Welcome to Washington'

GOP, Dems offer sharply different closing arguments for midterms

Top Republican defends anti-Semiticads attacking George Soros the day after synagogue slaughter

Trump, GOP defiant amid allegations that incendiary rhetoric contributed to climate of violence 

Republicans Look to Safety Net Programs as Deficit Balloons

These Republicans are misleading voters about our Obamacare fact checks 

Intel Withdraws Funding For White Supremacist GOP Congressman Steve King

Jeff Sessions heckled by religious leaders

US reportedly planning tariffs on remaining $257 billion in Chinese goods if Trump-Xi talks fail

Pentagon sending 5,200 troops to border

Second migrant caravan defies heavy police presence, enters Mexico

White Evangelicals Have Turned on Refugees

Net Neutrality on Pause: California Agrees Not to Enforce New Rules as States Fight FCC in Court

Suspicious package headed to CNN's Atlanta headquarters intercepted

Colin Powell Lambastes Trump Over Immigration, Press And How He Doesn’t Play Nice

Pittsburgh mayor: Our priority is funerals not Trump’s visit

Thousands signed a letter saying Trump was not welcome in Pittsburgh. He plans to visit anyway. 

Pittsburgh synagogue shootings deepen divide in Jewish community over Trump 

Knocking Trump, Pittsburgh mayor calls for gun control after synagogue shooting

39 percent say Trump, 28 percent say media responsible for toning down rhetoric

US Muslims raise over $100,000 for synagogue victims

Tamara Keith and Susan MacManus on what Florida’s midterms mean for Trump in 2020

Democrats hold 17-point lead against Republicans ahead of November midterms in latest poll

Beto O'Rourke within striking distance of Ted Cruz, new poll finds

Jimmy Carter wades into Georgia governor's race

Democrats tiptoe around Trump in House races that will decide majority 

Dems warn party message lacks punch

Why Florida Democrats need young people and Puerto Rican voters to turn out this election

Team Clinton says there’s no way Hillary’s running again

President Trump, first lady to visit Pennsylvania on Tuesday to commemorate synagogue mass shooting victims 

How the Trumps and conservative media helped mainstream a conspiracy theory now tied to tragedy

The President Refuses to Take a Shred of Responsibility. His Propagandists Are Working Overtime.

Trump on toning down his rhetoric: ‘You should go about your life’

Trump: ‘Dishonest’ to say I called all media ‘enemy of the people’

Trump renews attacks on media as ‘the true Enemy of the People’ 

Trump: We will 'build tent cities' for migrant caravan

Trump tax cuts fail to spark investment boom 

Trump says he will respond to 'some' of Mueller's questions

'Nothing 'happy' about the tragedy': Pharrell Williams's legal team sends Trump a cease-and desist letter after synagogue shooting


Lankford: Trump should be 'more clear' in his rhetoric

Pence: Don’t link political rhetoric to Pittsburgh synagogue shooting 

Steyer accuses No. 2 House Republican McCarthy of anti-Semitism

Poll: Senate candidates separated by less than 3 points in Florida, Arizona and Indiana

Politicians make bipartisan call for unity after week of violence

How much responsibility does Trump bear for the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh
(Political rhetoric matters, and he has had some unfortunate things to say about Jews.)

Trump’s Caravan Hysteria Led to This
(The president and his supporters insisted that several thousand Honduran migrants were a looming menace—and the Pittsburgh gunman took that seriously.)

Hospital President Who Looked Pittsburgh Mass Shooter in the Eyes: ‘He Listens to the Noise’

Scaramucci: Trump 'controls the news cycle,' should tone down rhetoric

Jewish leaders tell Trump he's not welcome in Pittsburgh until he denounces white nationalism

Pittsburgh mayor pushes back on Trump suggestion to arm houses of worship

The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting and the Escalating Crisis of Hate-Fuelled Violence in the Trump Era

Pittsburgh synagogue rampage spotlights rising anti-Semitism in America

Anti-Defamation League director: Rise in anti-Semitism 'more than what one man does'

Steyer accuses No. 2 House Republican McCarthy of anti-Semitism

Mattis: Military moving equipment to border ahead of migrant caravan

Mattis: Talks with Europe on U.S. withdrawal from arms pact yield no alternatives 

Transgender fight could prove major test for Supreme Court

Most Americans Say Their Finances Haven’t Improved Under Trump

Gloves come off as Gillum, DeSantis enter final days of Florida race

Schiff: 'Not enough' for Trump to say 'the right words' in response to tragedy

Dem senator: Both parties must discourage 'aggressive advocacy'

Obama's DHS secretary: Our toxic environment includes ‘incivility’ from leaders

‘Staying on the sidelines is no longer an option’: How Silicon Valley is trying to help Democrats capture Congress in 2018 

Iowa Newspaper Breaks Tradition To Back Rep. Steve King's Democratic Challenger

Hillary Clinton leaves door open for 2020 run: 'I'd like to be president'

Trump points finger at media for 'division and hatred' plaguing US

Trump falsely says NYSE opened day after Sept. 11 attacks to justify holding rally after Pittsburgh shooting

Trump mocks Democratic megadonor Tom Steyer, the target of a pipe bomb, as ‘stumbling lunatic’ 

Trump base will be tested in midterms

Viral clip of Donald Trump and his umbrella is a metaphor for his whole presidency


Rand Paul blasts Saudi Arabia at rally with Trump Jr.

Pipe bombs threaten to derail GOP midterm messaging

Voters are finally on to the GOP 

Control of U.S. Senate may hinge on possible Mississippi runoff

Midterms 2018: Voting machines are changing Texas voters’ ballots, state officials admit

‘He felt that somebody was finally talking to him’: How the package-bomb suspect found inspiration in Trump 

Suspected synagogue shooter appears to have railed against Jews, refugees online 

Mattis: US to take further action over Saudi journalist’s killing

Dem leadership hopefuls dole out millions in campaign cash

Flush North Carolina Democrats hope to reverse GOP control

Democratic senator's rhetoric in Indiana bid resembles Trump

Obama calls on Americans 'to fight the rise of anti-Semitism' after synagogue shooting

Mural of 'superhero' Beto O'Rourke in Austin vandalized in just days

Trump calls for death penalty in anti-Semitic killings

Trump says he will travel to Pittsburgh after deadly synagogue shooting 

An Arrest in the Mail-Bombs Case, and Trump Against the Truth Once Again

President’s mixed messages
(In bomb crisis, Trump gives ‘presidential’ speech, then reverts to attacks)

'The Greatest Idea I Think I’ve Ever Had.' Trump Repeatedly Boasts About a Vets Healthcare Law at Rallies. Obama Passed It in 2014

Trump wants ‘peace through strength.’ He still wants the Pentagon to cut its planned budget. 

Trump stokes debate about new Cold War arms race

Ten days from Election Day, Trump stands at the center of the storm 

Watch: Trump hosts MAGA rally in Illinois


Dow dives nearly 300 points, S&P 500 dips into correction levels in another wild day on Wall Street

There's a major reason for this stock sell-off that people are missing, and it's only getting worse

Grassley’s novel advice to Iowa Republicans: Elect a GOP governor, because I’m old 

Grassley again refers Avenatti to DOJ for criminal investigation

Utah members of Congress say everyone needs to tone down caustic political rhetoric

Corker’s imminent departure puts Saudi sanctions in doubt

Republicans are mischaracterizing nearly all their major policies. Why? 

Republicans push ahead with conservative Trump judicial nominees

Suspicious packages sent to Sen. Cory Booker, James Clapper

Bomb suspect arrest: What we know about Cesar Sayoc

Suspect's van -- plastered with Trump, Pence stickers -- a focus of bomb investigation

Mail bomb suspect displayed rage — and love for Trump — on social media pages

Man in Florida arrested, charged in connection with mail bombs sent to public figures 

Arrest made in connection with pipe bombs

Mail bomb suspect arrested in Florida

Lawyer for mail bomb suspect’s family: 'He found a father in Trump'

What we know about the suspicious packages suspect

This is the logical conclusion of our poisonous political environment

Trump’s communication hubris, and its repeated potential threats to national security 

Even for Trump, There Is Such a Thing as Too Far

Trump, supporters defiant in wake of bombing accusations

'We will not be terrorized,' CNN's Acosta says in accepting journalism award

Here’s what the Russians think about the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from a nuclear arms treaty 

New Russian hacks raise alarms in US

China said listening to Trump’s phone calls with some wealthy Jewish friends

Facebook finds evidence of Iranian disinformation campaign

US: 'Everything on table' to block migrants at border

Shields and Brooks on the mail bombs and politics as an identity

Steyer reacts to suspicious package by renewing call for Trump impeachment

Obama: If Republicans really cared about Clinton's emails they would be 'up in arms' over Trump's iPhone

Obama takes jab at Trump: ‘Nobody in my administration got indicted’

Will Latinos make a difference for Democrats in the midterms? 

O'Rourke scrambles to win over Latino voters in Texas

More Georgia Drama: Democrats Say More Than 4,700 Voter Applications Are Missing

Now a Democrat, Bloomberg gives $11 million to help party in midterms

Democratic groups outraise Republicans in October in wake of Kavanaugh fight

Heidi Heitkamp raises eye-popping $12.5 million after Kavanaugh 'no' vote

U.S. Democratic campaigns target healthcare as Republican weak spot: Reuters poll

To win the Midwest, labor-backed coalition pursues minorities who haven’t voted before in midterms 

Republican’s Russian links a hot issue
(Democrats pledge to release Rohrabacher’s testimony on 2016 meetings if they win.)

Dems hold active discussions on 2020 debates

Trump says media coverage of explosive devices slowing GOP momentum ahead of elections 

Did Trump just suggest the postal bombs are a ‘false flag?’ 

Why Donald Trump Can’t Stop Attacking the Media Over the Pipe-Bomb Packages

Trump accuses media of trying to 'score political points' after suspect charged for mail bombs

Trump blasts CNN in 3 a.m. tweet for ‘blaming me’ for bombs 

Trump says media uses bomb case to score political points against him

Trump bemoans political incivility, then goes after the media and Democrats

Trump rejects calls to temper rhetoric: 'I think I've been toned down'

Is Trump’s refugee policy really so extraordinary? The walk isn’t, but the talk is. 

Fact Checker Analysis
Trump’s claim of jobs from Saudi deals grows by leaps and bounds

A caravan of phony claims from the Trump administration 

Trump Wants to Be President of a One-PartyState
(The commander in chief constantly conflates his partisan and presidential roles—even in the middle of a bomb-scare crisis.)

Watch live: Trump holds MAGA rally in Charlotte, NC

Trump, at Charlotte Rally, Tries to Rebuild Political ‘Momentum’ by Reviving Old Attacks


Dow surges 400 points as tech jump leads recovery from Wednesday's sell-off

GOP alarmed Obamacare attacks could cost them the House

Grassley refers Avenatti and Swetnick to Justice for a criminal probe 

Trump fights uphill GOP battle on pre-existing conditions

Senate candidate Corey Stewart doesn't waste any sympathy on CNN over bombing attempt

Virginia Beach Republican congressman tries to weather scandal and wave of Democratic spending

Unity fizzles as president, lawmakers, media point fingers

Changing story again, Saudi Arabia says killing was planned

The U.S.-Saudi relationship is worth preserving — but not under the current terms 

CIA director briefs president on audio purportedly capturing the killing of Jamal Khashoggi 

US won't talk to China on trade until it gets specific plan to halt tech theft

FBI on 10 bomb-like devices: 'We are treating them as suspected explosive devices’

Suspected explosives sent to Biden, De Niro as investigation into pipe bombs expands to 10 packages 

Authorities find suspicious package at TimeWarnerCenter in NYC for second straight day

The connection between hateful rhetoric and terrorizing acts is glaringly obvious, but some refuse to see it 

US bomb threats put spotlight on vitriolic political rhetoric

Someone Sent CNN a Bomb. The President Called for Civility—Then Attacked the Media.

Former Defense Sec: Trump should learn how to act after terrorist attacks

Bolton’s Whisper Campaign to Oust Mattis

Nielsen: We don't have any intention to 'shoot at people' crossing border illegally

‘Zero Tolerance’ Immigration Policy Surprised Agencies, Report Finds

Trump officials weighing travel restrictions at Mexico border as migrant caravan continues

The honest truth about the migrant caravan | With Chris Cillizza

Pew survey: It’s getting harder to be Latino in America 

‘People are worried and people are scared.’ These workers are hurt by Trump’s trade war, but ineligible for his bailout 

Caitlyn Jenner: I thought Trump would help trans people. I was wrong. 

McCaskill, Hawley point fingers in civility debate

Andrew Gillum Wants Ron DeSantis To Show Him Some Respect

NJ Senate 2018: Trump, corruption dominate only debate between Bob Menendez and Bob Hugin

Democrats call for investigation into Trump’s iPhone use after a report that China is listening 

In key House districts sought by Democrats, fear of defeat becomes fuel

Gillibrand: If reelected ‘I will serve my six-year term’

Dallas Morning News Endorses Beto O'Rourke

Biden to campaign for two Democrats in Iowa

Trump doubles down on blaming media as suspicious packages continue to surface 

Trump wants us to be at war with one another. His latest rage-tweets confirm it. 

Trump administration to limit intel it shares with Congress on North Korea

Trump prepares plan to close border to Central American migrants and deploy troops

Trump considering plan to ban entry of migrants at southern border, deny asylum 

Trump Can’t Put ‘Maximum Pressure’ on Tehran and Keep Gas Prices Low

Trump says he’s taking ‘revolutionary’ action to lower drug prices 

Salesman Trump pitches fear, promises and riches
(Anything to make the sale to GOP voters — never mind if it’s true)

White House pushes back against report on Trump's cellphone use

Soooo wrong’: Trump slams New York Times report about Chinese spies listening to his calls

Trump used charity money to buy his own portrait because no one else would


Dow plunges more than 600 points in another day of losses, officially wiping out its 2018 gains 

Dow erases gains for the year, tumbles more than 600 points as stocks extend October swoon

Stock market volatility is back, and history shows these Dow stocks thrive during turbulent times

‘We have a serious problem’: Paul Volcker is worried about something worse than inflation 

Amid a poisonous political campaign, GOP leaders condemn explosive packages 

Cruz blames Maxine Waters, Cory Booker for 'actively encouraging' political divide

Republican Campaigns Resume Attacks Against Soros and CNN Hours After Bomb Scares

High-ranking Senate Republican calls post-election vote on Trump tax cut ’highly unlikely’

Key GOP senators contradict Trump on middle-class tax cut claims

Rick Santorum excuses Trump’s blatant lying to Americans: ‘It’s the president’s shtick’

Saudi crown prince calls Khashoggi’s slaying a ‘heinous crime,’ vows perpetrators will be brought to justice 

Turkish president holds first talks with Saudi crown prince amid fallout from Khashoggi killing

China and Russia listen in on Trump's personal phone calls: NYT

Homemade bombs sent to Obama, Clinton, CNN offices and Holder, officials say 

Bombs targeting Dems raise new fears

Package addressed to Rep. Maxine Waters found at South L.A. mail facility is similar to those on East Coast

Another suspicious package sent to Rep. Maxine Waters

Law enforcement looking into potentially suspicious package addressed to Biden: report

Who got what, when: A timeline of when the bombs were found

Amid incendiary rhetoric, targets of Trump’s words become targets of bombs 

CNN president tells Trump 'words matter' after mail bomb found

Racial animus moves to the forefront in midterm battle

Georgia governor candidates are both targeting pro-business GOP moderates in the home stretch 

Five takeaways from Menendez, Hugin's first and only debate

Stacey Abrams focused on rural Georgia in debate, Brian Kemp on scaring voters

Florida governor debate: Gillum clashes with DeSantis in heated final exchange before vote

Could a Democrat win the Kansas governor’s race? It’s looking possible. 

Fed says the new NAFTA isn't going to help US dairy farmers

Trump tariffs start biting U.S. companies 

Justice Department says businesses can discriminate against transgender employees

White nationalist leaders arrested in L.A.; private messages show effort to 'reimagine' movement

Caravan furor stokes wall fight

Dem leaders slam Trump's response to bomb threats: His 'words ring hollow'

Jewish Dems launch ad campaign targeting voters in US swing districts

Oversight of Trump administration's Obamacare actions at top of Democratic wish list 

Trump condemns 'political violence,' calls for national unity

After pipe bomb scare, Trump asks rally, 'Do you see how nice I am behaving tonight?'

Trump Bashes Media for ‘Endless Hostility’ at Rally Following CNN Bomb Scare

A witches’ brew of over-the-top Trump attacks 

Trump’s hardening line on Saudi Arabia and Khashoggi: From ‘It’s not a citizen’ to ‘worst cover-up ever’

Trump’s Blank Check Diplomacy is Remaking the U.S.-Saudi Relationship

Photo of large crowd not taken at Trump rally

Trump signs opioids law at White House event

Trump keeps promising to protect pre-existing condition coverage — but his policies say otherwise

President Trump’s war on federal waste

Trump faces litmus test in Florida

Donald Trump lies. And he is doing a lot more of it lately.

Photo of large crowd not taken at Trump rally


Stocks roar back from 500-point loss in the Dow, but still end the day lower

RNC shifts $3.5M apiece to House and Senate campaign arms

NJ Senate race: In the age of Trump, Bob Hugin tries to win as a moderate Republican

Ted Cruz Is Now Truly the Devil's Advocate

In Florida’s burgeoning suburbs, white voters siding with Republicans try to keep a surge of young and minority voters at bay 

The women’s wave is coming. Republicans should be worried

Trump fuels GOP’s midterm momentum

What tax cut? Here’s what Trump and the GOP want to talk about instead

Are Republicans seeking to ‘get rid of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security’? 

House Republican tax lawmaker pledges to work toward new Trump tax cut

House Republicans postpone Rosenstein interview

Jeff Flake Tells 'The View' He Doubted Brett Kavanaugh But Voted For Him Anyway

US to revoke visas of Saudis implicated in Jamal Khashoggi killing

Kushner gave the Saudi Crown Prince a "hit list" of enemies from US intel, including Khashoggi?

National security adviser John Bolton rebuffs Russian appeals to remain in key nuclear-arms pact 

Would INF Withdrawal Recreate a Nuclear Hair-Trigger World?
(Junk enough arms control treaties, and the Cold War balance of terror will reign once again—this time with China in the mix.)

Pence won't say if US should maintain ban on nukes in space

Illegal immigrant families set record in 2018; top 100,000 for first time

US watching new migrant caravan forming in El Salvador: report

Shepard Smith Delivers Comprehensive Fact Check of Migrant Caravan Fear-Mongering

A convenient omission? Trump campaign adviser denied collusion to FBI source early on

‘I’ve never seen these positions politicized’: White House rejection of veterans judges raises concerns of partisanship 

How Your Political Donations Can Actually Make a Difference in This Year’s Midterms

Dem senator: Trump withdrawing from arms treaty a ‘gift to Putin'

Dems divided over Pelosi's 'transitional' Speaker pitch

House Democrats consider how they would balance investigating and cooperating with Trump 

Democratic Governors Now Have a Chance to Become the Majority

Hollywood donors flood Dems with midterm cash

Trump says Saudis staged 'worst cover up ever' on Khashoggi

Trump said to question Netanyahu commitment to peace, threaten to get ‘tough’

President Trump Just Called Himself a 'Nationalist.' Here's What That Means—and Why It's So Dangerous.

Trump promises to unveil ‘resolution’ for middle-class tax cut in midterm messaging move 

Trump's latest middle-class tax cut pitch could backfire 

Trump fuels GOP’s midterm momentum

From ‘Lyin’ Ted’ to a ‘good friend’
(Trump campaigns in Texas for the embattled senator, once his bitter rival.)

Trump: 'Good chance' Space Force will move forward next year

Trump Administration Moves to Define “Transgender” Prompts Swift, Fierce Reaction

Trump admits there's no evidence to back up claim of 'unknown Middle Easterners' in migrant caravan

Trump tweets don’t halt caravan
(President threatens  to cut off U.S. aid to nations that can’t stop ‘people from leaving.’)

Caravan coverage has taken over the news cycle. That’s exactly what Fox News and Trump wanted.

Trump: Fed chairman 'almost looks like he’s happy raising interest rates'


Paul to Saudi government: 'It takes a lot of damn gall' to lecture US

Trump and Republicans settle on fear — and falsehoods — as a midterm strategy 

Majority of Republicans supports 'Medicare for all,' poll finds

Trump is still a drag on GOP

The hidden costs of the GOP’s deficit two-step 

CIA director headed to Turkey amid Khashoggi investigation

Mnuchin meets with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman despite outcry over government’s role in journalist’s death 

What the INF Treaty means for the U.S. and Europe — and why Trump mentioned China 

Arms pact looms over Russia talks
These Workers' Paychecks Aren't.

Unemployment Looks Like 2000 Again. But Wage Growth Doesn’t.

Supreme Court shields Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross from answering questions in census controversy 

Secret Service had to break up fight between Kelly and Lewandowski

CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta Rips Trump as ‘Dishonest, Deceptive Person’

‘I'm the scary transgender person the media warned you about': Mom of transgender child speaks out after Trump administration report

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on the president’s campaign focus on ‘Trump country’

DNC head: Trump is putting 'fear of God' into Latino voters

In Texas Senate race, Betomania confronts Trump’s mega-MAGA rally for Cruz

Kamala Harris and Cory Booker campaign for South Carolina's black vote

Big Dem donors stick to sidelines as 2020 approaches

Generic Democrats in Midwest faring better than more fiery liberals in Sun Belt 

Dems lower expectations for 'blue wave'

Exclusive: President Trump calls Jamal Khashoggi's death 'a plot gone awry'

Trump 'not satisfied' after talk with Saudi leader MBS

What Trump doesn’t seem to get about his soft response to Saudi Arabia 

Trump’s claim of jobs from Saudi deals grows by leaps and bounds 

Trump presses on immigration while Washington and world talk Khashoggi 

The World’s System for Resettling Refugees Benefits the United States
(By dismantling it, Trump would leave the country—and refugees—worse off.)

Trump vows to reduce aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador as migrant caravan grows 

White House aides hadn’t heard of Trump's new tax cut: report

Trump eyeing a 10 percent middle-income tax cut plan

Trump and Republicans settle on fear — and falsehoods — as a midterm strategy 

This might be Trump’s boldest lie yet

President Trump's remarkable, misinformation-filled midterms media blitz

Trump’s comfort zone this year: Smaller venues and rapturous fans in places where he remains popular 

Trump distances himself from a potential GOP thumping

Why Trump’s popularity is ticking up

Watch replay: Trump campaigns for Cruz in Texas


GOP warns economy will tank if Dems win

GOP lawmakers criticize Trump’s decision to withdraw from nuclear arms treaty 

GOP risks messy leadership struggle after November vote

Lawmakers point fingers at Saudi crown prince in Khashoggi's death

Rand Paul: Saudi explanation of Khashoggi's death 'insulting'

Corker calls for 'collective' response from Western countries if Saudi crown prince found responsible in Khashoggi's death

GOP senator: If crown prince involved in Khashoggi killing, removal should be ‘explored’

Cruz: Trump isn't friend or foe, he is 'the president'

GOP senator on potential additional tax cuts: 'We can't go further into debt'

GOP’s sudden healthcare switch
(After years of trying to kill Obamacare, candidates pledge to save its popular parts.)

Sasse on the four things you need to be happy

Angry diners confront Mitch McConnell in Kentucky restaurant

Wisconsin's Walker confronts dire political outlook

Ex-lawmaker urges Americans to publicly confront officials

Inside the Saudis’ Washington influence machine: How the kingdom gained power through fierce lobbying and charm offensives

Washington Post publisher calls Saudi announcement on Khashoggi a 'coverup'

Bipartisan calls for Saudi Arabia to face repercussions mount in wake of Khashoggi killing 

Saudi attempts to distance crown prince from Khashoggi killing haven’t quieted uproar 

Turkey vows to reveal 'naked truth' over Khashoggi death

Gorbachev calls Trump's withdrawal from arms treaty 'a mistake'

Libertarians poll high enough to tip key races

Voter-Suppression Tactics in the Age of Trump

Migrant caravan expands to 5000

Stelter: Trump is 'Mr. Misinformation'

Special counsel examines conflicting accounts as scrutiny of Roger Stone and WikiLeaks deepens 

Schiff predicts Trump will accept Saudi denials of involvement in Khashoggi's death

Schiff suggests Trump has 'financial motives' that influence Saudi Arabia policy

Durbin calls for expulsion of Saudi ambassador in response to Khashoggi's death

Manchin wrestles with progressive backlash in West Virginia

Gillum clashes with DeSantis in Florida debate

O'Rourke declines to respond to Trump attacks: There's enough 'bitterness, name-calling, partisanship'

Democrats slide in battle for Senate

Democrats Hold a 9-Point Lead in Midterms. But Trump's Job Rating Is at an All-Time High

Dems zero in on Trump’s alleged conflicts of interest

Joe Biden: American Values Are Being ‘Shredded’ By Trump

In Post interview, Trump calls Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed a ‘strong person’ who ‘truly loves his country’ 

Trump prizes strength, but the world may see weakness in reluctance to confront Saudis 

Are Saudi ties so valuable?
(Trump stresses economic importance to the U.S., but doubts remain)

Trump says US will ‘turn away’ migrant caravan at border

President Trump threatens to turn away thousands of Central Americans as migrant caravan continues north

Trump administration considers narrow definition of gender, threatening transgender protections

Trump's job approval rating reaches an all-time high in new poll


What do Republicans need to win? Selective memory loss. 

Is the GOP facing a 'thumping' or 'shellacking' — or can it pull off an escape?

Trump: Georgia Republican accused of voter purges would make 'great governor'

Ted Cruz's Facebook live broadcast goes hilariously awry

Pelosi heckled by Miami Republicans, Proud Boys at campaign event

2nd Member of Alt-Right Group `Proud Boys` Arrested in Connection with Brawl at GOP Club

‘The Saudis still aren’t coming clean’: Doubt expressed on explanation of Khashoggi’s death 

9 key questions Saudi Arabia hasn’t answered about the killing of Jamal Khashoggi 

Who is Saudi Arabia’s crown prince? A reformer and ruthless ruler

Khashoggi outcry galvanizes critics against Saudi arms sales 

How Russian trolls manipulated American politics

Early voting hints at huge turnout

In Alaska, a 1st-time House candidate takes on the nation's most entrenched incumbent

Dems struggle with Trump's approach to culture war 

O'Rourke's rise raises hopes for Texas Dems down ballot

Trump says Saudi claim Khashoggi died in fight at consulate is credible

Trump in a corner on Saudi Arabia

Trump believes Kushner relationship with Saudi crown prince a liability: report

Trump: US will pull out of nuke treaty with Russia

Trump says US will pull out of intermediate range nuke pact

Trump teases new tax cut legislation

Trump: Georgia Republican accused of voter purges would make 'great governor'

Trump threatens ‘maximum penalties’ for voter fraud

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again 

At dueling events, Trump and Biden keeping focus on Nevada


Corker: Administration must make 'independent, credible determination' on journalist's death

Trump boosts McSally, bashes Sinema in Arizona

Why Republicans are never going to be successful playing the race card to win black voters 

Trump and Republican lawmakers stoke migrant caravan conspiracy theories

GOP plays hardball in race to confirm Trump's court picks

McConnell: Entitlement Cuts Probably Won’t Happen Under Trump

Maxine Waters gets company in new GOP line of attack

Rep. Jason Lewis mocks women traumatized by unwanted sexual advances 

Rep. Steve King’s endorsement of white nationalist mayoral candidate in Canada draws rebuke from conservative news outlet 

Saudis say journalist killed in ‘fight’ at consulate; 18 detained

Saudi Arabia fires 5 top officials, arrests 18 Saudis, saying Khashoggi was killed in fight at consulate 

Mnuchin still plans to attend Saudi anti-terror financing meeting after Khashoggi disappearance 

Jim Mattis, Meeting His Chinese Counterpart, Tries to Ease Tensions

Bolton headed to Russia amid fears US leaving nuclear deal

Justice Dept. charges Russian woman with interference in midterm elections 

Migrant caravan heading for US clashes with police in Mexico

F-bombs and a storm-out among Trump's top staff as tensions rise over border policies

The Trade War Has Claimed Its First Victim
(Tariffs from the United States, Canada, China, Mexico, and the EU may have damaged the WTO beyond repair.)

Nikki Haley joins a growing list of Trump officials who criticize Trump on their way out the door 

Trump appointee tapped days ago to run Interior Department’s watchdog office resigns amid controversy 

AP-NORC Poll: Just 1 in 4 thinks Kavanaugh told entire truth

Paul Manafort to be sentenced Feb. 8 in federal court in Virginia 

Shields and Brooks on health care, Trump's Khashoggi reaction

Dem senator calls for US action after 'preposterous' Saudi explanation

For a Change, Democrats Seem Set to Equal or Exceed Republicans in Turnout

Adding to candidates’ billion-dollar haul, Democratic leaders maintain intense House fundraising pace 

NJ Politics Digest: State Dems Can Thank Trump for Bob Menendez’s Lead Over Hugin

There’s still no evidence Robert Menendez slept with underage prostitutes. A new attack ad says it anyway. 

Democratic attack ad falsely knocks Republican on preexisting conditions 

Kamala Harris and other prominent Democrats want to repeal Trump's tax cuts and replace them with cash payouts for the poor and working class

Trump calls Saudi explanation for journalist's death credible, arrests 'good first step'

Trump pledges to support pre-existing conditions coverage even as his administration backs lawsuit to scrap it

Trump boosts McSally, bashes Sinema in Arizona

Trump’s fixation on immigration reflects his belief that the midterms will be a base election 

Trump seizes on immigrant 'caravan' for midterm push

Trump and Republican lawmakers stoke migrant caravan conspiracy theories

Trump orders quicker environmental review of California water projects

The President of the United States Just Explicitly Endorsed Political Violence


Dow falls more than 300 points as the market's October struggles persist

Conservatives mount a whisper campaign smearing Khashoggi in defense of Trump 

Gov. John Kasich - Defend American Values!

Trump threatens drastic action on immigration in bid to energize GOP voters 

Trump attacks fuel GOP fears about losing suburban women

GOP war room blasts endless stream of criticism at Democrats, with Warren its latest target 

Republican candidates trying to have it both ways on Obamacare

It's triple trouble for Republicans on health care 

House GOP leader McMorris Rodgers faces Obamacare backlash

New Vanderbilt poll finds Bredesen with narrow edge over Blackburn in Senate race

Ted Cruz Looks Stale and Old and Past His Time

White House underscores support for Saudi allies
(Amid international outrage over missing journalist, Trump and Pompeo say they trust Riyadh to investigate.)

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin drops out of Saudi conference amid outcry over Khashoggi disappearance

State Dept. denies report Pompeo heard recording of Khashoggi's murder

Crown prince under scrutiny in journalist’s disappearance even as Saudis search for exculpatory explanation 

China's stock market is getting pummeled and history shows that is bad news for US markets

Kelly, Bolton reportedly get into White House screaming match

Interior Secretary Zinke’s travel practices raised red flags, report finds 

Mueller assembles team of cooperators in Russian probe

Mueller's Russia investigation 'appropriate and independent': Rosenstein

As midterms near, Democrats accuse GOP of plotting to cut Medicare, Social Security 

Vicente Fox endorses Beto O'Rourke in Texas Senate race

O'Rourke: I called Cruz 'lyin' Ted' because of his continued 'dishonest' attacks

O'Rourke gives 'a definitive no' to possibility of running in 2020

New Vanderbilt poll finds Bredesen with narrow edge over Blackburn in Senate race

Cory Booker says the U.S. needs to ‘reexamine’ its ‘entire relationship’ with Saudi Arabia

Senators demand Trump disclose Saudi ties and 'suspend business relationships'

Jimmy Carter Says Brett Kavanaugh 'Unfit' To Serve As Supreme Court Justice

In Shift on Khashoggi Killing, Trump Edges Closer to Acknowledging a Saudi Role

Trump says it appears that missing journalist Khashoggi is dead 

Trump rebukes Saudis, but also gives them more time

Jamal Khashoggi’s apparent murder is Trump’s first tough foreign policy test — and he’s failing

Saudi storm darkens for Trump

At Montana rally, Trump praises congressman for assaulting reporter 

Trump threatens military action if Mexico doesn't stop immigration 'onslaught'

Trump Opens New Front in His Battle With China: International Shipping

Trump administration pushes EPA's science overhaul to 2020

Trump says midterms about ‘Kavanaugh, the caravan, law and order and common sense'

‘I am on the ticket’: Trump seeks to make the election about him, even if some don’t want it to be 

Trump threatens drastic action on immigration in bid to energize GOP voters 

Trump attacks fuel GOP fears about losing suburban women


GOP leaders hesitant to challenge Trump on Saudi Arabia

Corker: Trump administration 'clamped down' on Saudi intel, canceled briefing

Growing number of Republicans sounding a lot like Democrats ahead of elections 

Republicans Are Now Running as the Defenders of Healthcare—While Simultaneously Trying to Gut It

The GOP's paradox: The economy is popular, but Trump is not 

McConnell calls deficit ‘very disturbing,’ blames federal spending, dismisses criticism of tax cut

Republicans Ignore the Obvious Effect of Their Tax Cuts

The Trump tax cuts were supposed to be a big win for the GOP – but now they might not be enough to save the Republican House majority

Five takeaways from Cruz, O'Rourke debate showdown

How Scott Walker is trying to withstand a ‘blue wave’ in Wisconsin 

Conservatives fear Trump will cut immigration deal

Ben Sasse Reacts To Trump's 'Horseface' Comment: 'That's Not The Way Men Act'

Protesters confront Cruz at airport over Kavanaugh vote

Pompeo’s trip fails to rectify Saudi crisis
(No breakthrough is reported after talks with the king and crown prince over a missing journalist.)

Saudi Arabia transfers $100 million to U.S. amid crisis over Khashoggi 

Evangelical leader: Not worth risking ties with Saudi Arabia over missing journalist

China is still the wildcard in the stock market's wild ride — here's why

Record number of families crossing U.S. border as Trump threatens new crackdown 

Trump's trade war is starting to whack car companies like Ford, Honda, and BMW

Fed indicates it's staying the course on rate hikes despite growing criticism from Trump

Treasury official charged with leaking info on ex-Trump advisers

Don McGahn departs as White House counsel, officials say

Mueller's quiet period has not been very quiet

Mueller's team asking Manafort about Roger Stone: report

Mueller reportedly close to delivering findings in Russia probe

Meet the man poised to battle Dems from the White House

Joe Biden, 75, doesn’t mind if you think he’s too old to take on Trump, a fellow septuagenarian 

Biden: I hope Dems don't move to impeach Trump if they retake the House

Biden: Trump administration 'coddles autocrats and dictators'

The Fix’s midterm Senate rankings: Heidi Heitkamp’s seat is the most likely to flip 

Poll: Dem Donnelly has 4-point lead in Indiana Senate race

Dems go on offense against GOP lawsuit on pre-existing conditions

Democrats Pounce On Mitch McConnell For Blaming Debt On Social Security, Medicare

As midterms near, Democrats accuse GOP of plotting to cut Medicare, Social Security

Dems damp down hopes for climate change agenda

Democratic candidates for Congress have raised a record-shattering $1 billion this election

Trump’s preferred Jamal Khashoggi narrative collides with increasingly grim evidence 

Trump says he expects answers on Saudi reporter’s disappearance by ‘end of the week’

New poll: Trump’s Israel policies don’t sway most US Jews

Trump says each Cabinet secretary should slash 5% of their budgets after he pledges to cut spending

With ‘Horseface,’ Trump chose his base over women who could swing the midterms 

Trump submits 2017 federal income tax returns

Pump and Trump


Dow jumps more than 500 points, posts best day since March as earnings fuel rally

Budget Deficit Jumps Nearly 17% in 2018

‘He had this guy murdered’: Sen. Lindsey Graham blames Saudi crown prince for missing journalist 

Lindsey Graham Rails Against Saudi Crown Prince: He's A 'Wrecking Ball'

Saudi mystery drives wedge between Trump, GOP

A Chorus of Republican Lawmakers Demand Steve Mnuchin Withdraw From Saudi Summit

169 House members urge Trump administration to allow exclusions from the latest China tariffs

Mitch McConnell says a vote on Trump's NAFTA replacement won't happen until next year

Cruz leads O'Rourke with three weeks to go

Five takeaways from Cruz, O'Rourke's debate showdown

The latest on the missing Saudi journalist

Suspects in disappearance of Khashoggi linked to Saudi security services 

Why is the Trump administration cleaning up Saudi Arabia’s mess? 

Trump appears to make room for Saudis to deny involvement in Khashoggi disappearance 

Jared Kushner 'deeply involved' in White House response to Khashoggi’s disappearance

Chief Justice John Roberts Emphasizes the Judiciary's Independence After Kavanaugh Confirmation

Mattis: ‘I’ve never registered for any political party’ 

Bayer may outsource some drug research - works council

White House to release fall regulatory agenda

O’Rourke, trailing Cruz in Texas Senate race, comes out swinging in final debate

A 'looooong shot for Democrats' against powerhouse Rep. Jim Jordan just got a little bit shorter

Democrats’ hope for Ohio
(Richard Cordray bets his consumer financial watchdog role will pay off)

Dems target small cluster of states in battle for House

New poll suggests Democrats won't sweep midterms

Michael Bloomberg for President? Experts Weigh in on How He Could Succeed in 2020

Trump sides with Saudis as clamor grows over Khashoggi disappearance

Saudi crown prince vows wider probes into Khashoggi case but still denies knowledge of journalist’s fate, Trump says 

Why is the Trump administration cleaning up Saudi Arabia’s mess? 

Trump appears to make room for Saudis to deny involvement in Khashoggi disappearance 

Trump: 'I have no financial interests in Saudi Arabia'

Caravan of more than 1,000 migrants moves north, triggering outrage from Trump

Trump threatens to cut off aid to Honduras over immigrant 'caravan'

Trump is considering a new family separation policy. Here’s what we know about migrant children still under U.S. custody

Trump assures Mattis he is ‘100 percent’ safe in his job

Trump, Feinstein feud intensifies over appeals court nominees

Trump stocks federal appeals courts with conservative judges at record pace

The Trump administration may not be able to force drugmakers to advertise their prices 

Trump: Cohen 'lying' that I directed him to break law

Trump: I won't accept the blame if Dems retake House

Trump tops $100 million in fundraising for his own reelection 

Trump goes on 12-tweet Twitter tirade


In Trump country, Republican candidates this year fall flat 

Mitt Romney’s latest attempt to backtrack on Trump tells us what to expect from him in the Senate 

Hatch mocks Warren over DNA test with his own results showing '1/1032 T-Rex'

Suspicious letter sent to Sen. Susan Collins' home

China just asserted its hold over the South China Sea. Will ASEAN nations push back? 

Wall Street, Trump forced to confront Saudi ties 

Can Donald Trump handle the truth about Jamal Khashoggi?

Jeff Sessions rips federal judges over anti-Trump bias

FBI investigated whether McCabe leaked info about Flynn and Trump to media

Carl Icahn says tariffs are a 'dangerous game' and have caused stock market crashes

Judge dismisses Stormy Daniels' defamation suit against Trump, orders her to pay president's legal fees

Juan Williams says there is no real separation between Fox News, Trump administration

Amy Walter and Tamara Keith on President Trump’s shifting campaign strategy

Joe Biden appeals to working-class whites who defected to Trump. Is that how Democrats win again?

Dems fear party is headed to gutter from Avenatti’s sledgehammer approach

Beto O'Rourke will not share $38 million he raised with other Dem Senate candidates

Warren DNA test reinvigorates fight with Trump

Trump to send Pompeo to meet Saudi king

Wall Street, Trump forced to confront Saudi ties 

Trump says 'rogue killers' could be to blame for Saudi journalist

Trump Embraces Foreign Aid to Counter China’s Global Influence

Trump makes new overtures to Democrats

Trump, defiant, unloads on '60 Minutes' 

6 takeaways from Trump’s ‘60 Minutes’ interview 

Trump attacks ‘Crazy Bernie’ Sanders over Medicare plans

Trump promised $1 million to charity if Warren proved her Native American DNA. Now he’s waffling. 


Vulnerable Republicans throw ‘Hail Mary’ on pre-existing conditions

GOP pollster: Republicans may hold on to the House in midterms

GOP plays blame game while fighting to save House majority

Rubio: Response to death of Saudi journalist 'can't be symbolic'

Flake: 'Doesn't seem to be' any other explanation than Saudi involvement in journalist's disappearance

Flake: Republicans should be at the forefront of combating climate change

Lawmakers, Wall Street shrug off Trump's escalating Fed attacks

McCarthy in-laws’ firm scrutinized
(House leader’s family benefited from U.S. program for minorities based on disputed ancestry)

Maine faces consumer backlash after Senator Susan Collins backs Kavanaugh

A senator snatched a student’s phone while being asked about Georgia voter registration uproar 

NYC Republican Club Vandalized Ahead of ‘Hipster-Fascist Clown’ Gavin McInnes Event

Rust Belt race hinges on Trump

Electoral battle for Hispanics intensifies in Florida

NBC issues correction after Trump’s Robert E. Lee comment

CNN’s Stelter Wonders If Trump’s Rhetoric Allowed Murder of WaPo Writer

Saudi Arabia forcefully rejects ‘threats’ over Khashoggi disappearance as international crisis simmers  

Kudlow: Trump is 'very serious' when he threatens punishment against Saudi Arabia

Kudlow defends Trump attacks on Fed: 'Nothing wrong with him weighing in'

Poll: Democrats' lead in House races growing

Senate Dem: Republicans 'don't want to hear the information' on climate change

Georgia gubernatorial candidate confident election will be fair despite allegations of voter suppression

Joe Biden leads a wide field of Democratic contenders for the 2020 presidential election, according to new CNN poll

Elizabeth Warren builds expansive Democratic campaign effort ahead of likely 2020 bid 

New York's Cuomo blasts Trump, Republicans in protest clash

Trump suggests Mattis may be next to resign

Trump unsure whether Mattis will leave, says he is ‘sort of a Democrat’ 

Trump says he has 'no intention' of shutting down Mueller probe

Trump defends family separations at border

Trump says climate change not a hoax, not sure of its source

Trump on rally blitz as he tries to stave off Dem gains 

Trump: 'I don't trust everybody in the White House'

Trump says GOP wouldn't have 'won' on Kavanaugh without speech mocking Ford


GOP remains the favorite to keep control of Senate

Collusion judgment looms for key Senate panel

McCarthy introduces bill to fully fund Trump's border wall

Collins blasted ‘dark money’ groups in Kavanaugh fight. One just paid to thank her for her vote. 

Voters say they are more likely to cast ballots in this year’s midterm elections 

March to the Polls rally in Chicago draws thousands

Five things to watch for in deteriorating US-Saudi relations

North Dakota soybean farmers, caught in the trade war, watch the season run out on their crop 

Three reasons Mueller may not charge Trump with obstruction

Neil deGrasse Tyson says Trump's Space Force could be a 'fatal mistake' if done wrong

O’Rourke faces pivotal point in Texas battle with Cruz

How a Democratic House would check this erratic president 

‘It keeps me awake at night’: Democrats fear lackluster Latino support could undercut bid for Congress 

In Iowa, Cory Booker's early work sets him apart

Trump vows ‘severe punishment’ if U.S. determines Saudi Arabia killed Khashoggi 

Trump meets pastor freed from Turkish prison at White House

Trump has chosen Washington lawyer Pat Cipollone as next White House counsel, people familiar with decision say 

Trump calls on blacks to ‘honor’ Republicans with votes, then praises Confederate general Robert E. Lee 

Trump’s business ties to Saudi Arabia run long and deep

How Trump’s Impulsiveness, Vanity, and Cronyism Could Tank the Economy

Trump praises McConnell's role in battle over Kavanaugh

Watch live: President Trump hosts rally in Kentucky


Stocks rebound, ending their worst week in six months

Ron Paul: US is barreling toward a stock market drop of 50% or more, and there's no way to prevent it

Cruz says he's willing to participate in debate with O'Rourke on CNN

Republicans see silver linings in deep-blue states

Republicans play defense on preexisting conditions 

GOP candidate threatens Pa. governor: 'I'm going to stomp all over your face with golf spikes'

GOP senator seeking information on FBI dealings with Bruce Ohr, former DOJ lawyer

Adelsons set to spend tens of millions more on Republican midterm candidates

More Americans disapprove of Kavanaugh’s confirmation than support it, new poll shows 

Kavanaugh tensions linger after bitter fight

Mnuchin Spins a False Claim About Tax Cuts and the Deficit

This week in Trumponomics: A flash of panic

China’s trade surplus with the U.S. hit a record $34.1 billion in September amid trade war 

Trump’s Latest China Salvo Could Hurt U.S. Nuke Industry

The Week in Public Finance: How the New NAFTA Deal Impacts States

Obamacare Premiums Will Drop for the First Time, and by Double Digits in Some States

Georgia’s held-up voter registrations reinforce black Americans’ fears about voting rights

Shields and Brooks on President Trump’s ‘angry mob’ rhetoric

How America’s urban-rural divide is changing the Democratic Party

No, Beto O’Rourke’s insane $38 million fundraising haul does not mean he can win Texas 

Trump to call Saudi king about missing journalist

Amid outcry, there are few signs Trump will cut off Saudis

Trump’s $110 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia: still fake 

Trump administration weighs new family-separation effort at border 

Trump administration proposes tough rules on protests

Trump seems to think Kanye West speaks for black Americans. But Kanye speaks for Kanye. 

Trump: 'We’ve learned how to live with' the 'fake news' media

Trump: 'Robert E. Lee was a great general'

Watch live: Trump holds rally in Lebanon, Ohio


Dow drops nearly 550 points, sending its two-day loss total to nearly 1,400 points  

Senators warn Trump that Saudi relationship is on the line

Graham on punishment for Saudi journalist's disappearance: 'Everything would be on the table'

Senate confirms 15 Trump judges after GOP leaders, Democrats strike deal

Senate heads home to campaign after deal on Trump nominees

GOP loads up lame-duck agenda as House control teeters

Murkowski is taking heat for her Kavanaugh vote. But her support for Arctic drilling could help her. 

McConnell, at odds with Trump, says ‘nobody’s going to beat’ Murkowski in Alaska 

Republicans and Democrats paint scary visions for health care if the other side wins 

GOP candidates try to blunt Democrats’ preexisting conditions attacks 

GOP fractured over filling Supreme Court vacancies in 2020

In key Virginia House race, Comstock says reports of her death are greatly exaggerated

Poll: Walker down 10 points in Wisconsin

Watch NEC Director Larry Kudlow's full interview

Kelly called Warren 'impolite,' 'arrogant' after phone call: report

Mulvaney calls for unity at consumer bureau amid racial controversy

FBI Chief Says Kavanaugh Investigation Was 'Limited In Scope' At White House Direction

Trump's lawyers preparing answers to questions in Russia probe: source

Social Security cost-of-living adjustment will raise benefits 2.8% in 2019

Fox & Friends Was Desperate—Again—to Hang Up on President Fox News Grandpa

Memo to the media: Stop spreading Trump’s fake news 

Progressives furious about Senate judicial nominee deal

Here’s where Democrats are really picking up Trump voters 

Democratic candidates are upending the money race
(The party soars with small donors and digital innovation. The totals, even for long shots, stun GOP.)

Democrats aim for big gains in state legislatures

Democratic Congress would hold EPA accountable on climate change, senator says

Dems struggle to mobilize Latino voters for midterms

Beto still trails Cruz in Texas Senate polling

Andrew Gillum condemns Ron DeSantis for negative ads aired before Hurricane Michael

Trump says curbing arms sales to Saudi Arabia in response to missing journalist is ‘not acceptable’ 

The Investigators Trump Says Are in Turkey Don’t Seem to Be There

Trump, Xi meeting in November getting on track

Trump Administration Releases Final Rule for Legal Immigrants Using Public Benefits

Trump likes Dina Powell for U.N. job, but she could face some resistance within the White House 

AP source: Dina Powell tells Trump she doesn't want UN job

Trump says the Federal Reserve caused the stock market correction, but he won't fire Chair Powell

Nothing to See Here! Trump Insists His Relationship With John Kelly Is Thriving

Trump’s Message for 2020: the Democrats Are a “Wacko” Mob

Here’s what happened at Kanye West’s incredibly bizarre meeting with Donald Trump 

Kanye West tells Trump MAGA hat made him feel like 'Superman'


Dow drops 800 points, led by tech shares, as stock market investors fear higher rates

Stocks suffer worst loss in 8 months with the Dow plunging more than 800 points

Cramer: I don't think the economy is as good as Jay Powell thinks

GOP sees new hope to expand Senate majority

Trump and the GOP are playing ‘the man card’ headed into the midterm election 

GOP shrugs off dire study warning of global warming

Grassley says he would not allow Supreme Court vacancy to be filled in 2020 

Senate defeats measure to overturn Trump expansion of non-ObamaCare plans

The Latest: McConnell says no GOP senator for Sessions' job

McConnell sputters as news host refuses to accept his revisionist Supreme Court history

Here’s how Susan Collins gaslit the nation — and revealed herself to be just another partisan flunky

Tom Cotton’s fact-free theory on the leaks of Ford’s letter 

Mitt Romney Calls Family Separations A ‘Dark Chapter In American History’

GOP lawmaker rips mic from Democratic candidate's hands during debate

Rosenstein’s interview with Trump’s congressional allies postponed indefinitely 

With Bolton ascendant, Haley’s departure sparks fears 

With Nikki Haley’s departure, Israel loses its staunchest ally at the UN

Following in Bush 41’s footsteps? Five takeaways from Nikki Haley’s departure as U.N. ambassador. 

U.S., China look for weapons beyond tariffs to ramp up trade fight

US trade war would make world 'poorer and more dangerous'

Ford announces plan to lay off workers after tariffs cost them $1B

Trump’s Tariffs and Target Are Killing Dollar Tree

One Of America's Oldest Coal Companies Just Filed For Bankruptcy

The 5 surprising things about the new USMCA trade agreement 

Mnuchin warns China about devaluing its currency

How Trump Can Get a Better Deal on Iran
(The United States needs to keep Europe on board, go beyond sanctions, and ensure lasting bipartisan support for its new policy.)

FBI director defends ‘limited’ Kavanaugh background probe 

Roberts refers judicial misconduct complaints against Kavanaugh to federal appeals court in Colorado 

Should USA Today have published Trump's op-ed?

Dems eye ambitious agenda if House flips

Poll: Kavanaugh confirmation energizes Democrats more than GOP

Dems to force health care vote weeks before Nov. midterms

Democrats see hypocrisy in GOP attacks on ‘liberal mob’

Democrats Are Ignoring One Key Voting Group: Veterans

Trump after stock drop: 'The Fed has gone crazy'

Trump talked with Jeff Sessions’s own chief of staff about replacing him as attorney general 

Trump rails against Dems at Pennsylvania rally as Hurricane Michael batters Florida

Trump and the GOP are playing ‘the man card’ headed into the midterm election 

Trump tries to stoke senior citizens' fear with attack on Democrats' 'Medicare for all' proposals as GOP faces midterm onslaught over health care

AP FACT CHECK: Trump distorts Democrats’ health care ideas

‘Too dangerous to govern’: Trump paints a dark picture of Democratic control 

Trump repeats claim without evidence that paid protesters disrupted his rallies

Regular churchgoing doesn’t make Trump voters more moderate. It makes them more enthusiastic for Trump. 

My Private Oval Office Press Conference With Donald Trump, Mike Pence, John Kelly, and Mike Pompeo 

Trump says 'no one more competent in the world' than daughter Ivanka to replace Nikki Haley as UN ambassador


Nikki Haley resigns as Trump’s U.N. ambassador 

Something doesn’t smell right’: The curious timing of Nikki Haley’s exit 

GOP on timing of Haley’s announcement: ‘Unusual and odd'

Susan Collins’s wrong claim on Planned Parenthood and Supreme Court justices 

Susan Collins becomes top 2020 target for Dems

Grassley pledges to raise $3M for Collins after Kavanaugh fight

Pro-Kavanaugh Dark Money Group Launches Campaign To Support Susan Collins

Murkowski brushes off GOP backlash: 'I'm good with' Kavanaugh vote

Former GOP Congressman David Jolly unloads on Sen. Lindsey Graham: 'He's lost his mind'

GOP senator wants Apple, Amazon to give briefing on reported Super Micro hack

‘An angry mob’: Republicans work to recast Democratic protests as out-of-control anarchy 

Sprint to midterms is on, as Kavanaugh furor reverberates

Kavanaugh becomes new flashpoint in midterms defined by anger

Mike Pompeo and His Chinese Counterpart Trade Harsh Words

U.S. and China clearly display frosty relations

5 Interesting Supreme Court Cases Kavanaugh Could Decide This Term

Missouri judge rules officials can't tell voters photo ID required to cast ballot

Reversing Roe wouldn't criminalize abortion everywhere 

CNN poll: Democrats are fired up and maintain a strong 2018 lead

A Month Before Election Day, Democrats Poised for Legislative Gains

Democrat Wexton leads Rep. Comstock by 12 points in Northern Va. district, survey finds 

Beto O’Rourke May Benefit From an Unlikely Support Group: White Evangelical Women

Trump says he wants to hold next Kim summit after midterms

Trump says second summit with Kim Jong Un could be held at Mar-a-Lago

Trump expands anti-China effort

Trump bent on taking 'America First' to next level at U.N., diplomats say

Trump raises ethanol use in gasoline, appeases farmers ahead of elections

Trump's economy means soaring deficits, too 

Trump faces new decision on second most powerful court

Trump apparently misunderstands ‘Fox & Friends’ joke, makes baffling tweet 

Trump rally crowd chants 'lock her up' about Feinstein

Trump touts Kavanaugh confirmation at raucous Iowa rally


McConnell says GOP was 'literally under assault’ — by people protesting an alleged sexual assault 

Ryan: GOP base 'activated' and 'animated' by Kavanaugh fight

Ryan says 'big fight' coming over border wall after election

Why the Kavanaugh fight could hurt the GOP’s chances of keeping the House and help it keep the Senate 

Will Republicans Lose Their Majority in Congress? Ask Pyongyang
(North Koreans are watching the U.S. midterm elections closely, wondering how the results might affect negotiations with Trump.)

Utah’s highly watched Mia Love-Ben McAdams race is now a ‘toss-up

Utah’s Hatch, Lee cheer on as Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed in the tightest Supreme Court vote in modern history

Republicans believe U.S. economic system is fair to most Americans 

The junk science Republicans used to undermine Ford and help save Kavanaugh 

Suburban voters will decide control of Congress

CNN Poll: Majority oppose Kavanaugh, but his popularity grows with GOP

The lasting effect of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings

Brett Kavanaugh is the first member of the Supreme Court to hire an all-female class of law clerks

Pompeo hails 'another step forward' after 2-hour meeting with Kim Jong Un

China tells Trump administration to stop its ‘misguided’ actions and allegations  

China Slams Brakes on U.S. Crude Oil Imports

How the opioids bill could halt exploitation of addicted Americans

Planet has only until 2030 to stem catastrophic climate change, experts warn

Tamara Keith and Shawna Thomas on the Kavanaugh election effect

Survey of battleground House districts shows Democrats with narrow edge 

Court fight lingers, to their dismay
(Impeach Kavanaugh? Many Democrats are put in awkward spot.)

Trump, Kavanaugh celebrate confirmation

Trump apologizes to Kavanaugh for sexual misconduct allegations during confirmation

Trump says Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was 'proven innocent' in confirmation battle

Trump says calls to impeach Kavanaugh are ‘an insult to the American public’

Trump uses Kavanaugh to embrace another culture war: The backlash to #MeToo and changing gender norms 

Trump predicts Democrats will vote for Republicans because of Kavanaugh stance

Trump to announce pro-ethanol measure on Tuesday ahead of Iowa trip: sources

Trump on Rosenstein: 'Not making any changes'

Trump cozies up to steel
(Industry is surging under the president’s recent tariffs. But will its workers benefit?)

No state has seen President Trump’s approval rating drop farther than Utah, new poll shows

Was There a Connection Between a Russian Bank and the Trump Campaign?


Defiant Republicans hope Kavanaugh fight will stoke their voters next month 

Republican Party boss: Kavanaugh confirmation will help GOP candidates 'across the board' in midterms

McConnell calls Kavanaugh confirmation proudest moment as senator

McConnell: 'Simply inaccurate' that Senate is broken after Kavanaugh fight

The GOP attains domination — at least for a few weeks 

Brett Kavanaugh and the G.O.P.’s Bargain with Trump

Susan Collins swings back at Planned Parenthood over Supreme Court double-standard

Collins: I believe Ford believes her testimony, but no corroboration it was Kavanaugh

Susan Collins slams Trump: He ‘was not respectful’ to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Susan Collins: Ford's Testimony Made Me Wonder If Kavanaugh Should Withdraw

Collins: Kavanaugh vote ‘right up there’ among hardest decisions ever made

Graham: I'm 'happy as a clam' effort to 'railroad' Kavanaugh failed

Rep. Steve King Uses Sleeping Baby To Celebrate Kavanaugh's Confirmation

GOP senator: If Kavanaugh wasn't angry during testimony, 'people would be very suspicious'

Taylor Swift makes most public political statement of her career, says she cannot support Marsha Blackburn

Kasich: 2018 will be 'good year for Democrats'

Bitter partisan battle wounded Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court he’s joined 

Jewish women’s groups denounce Senate for confirming Kavanaugh

‘Rock bottom’: Supreme Court fight reveals a country on the brink 

CNN’s Brian Stelter Breaks Down the ‘Questionable Editorial Decisions’ in Kavanaugh Coverage

Christine Blasey Ford still unable to live at home due to death threats, lawyers say

Pompeo, Kim Jong Un agree to hold 2nd summit with Trump as soon as possible 

UN report predicts catastrophic consequences if greenhouse gas emissions not reduced by 2030

Trump refugee policy leaves thousands stranded outside US

April Ryan: Trump sees women reporters as weak

Dems see blue 'tsunami' in House as Senate path narrows

Dems look to women to take back the House after Kavanaugh fight

Dem senator: Kavanaugh confirmation 'underscores' health care, Mueller investigation as key midterm issues

Manchin faces firestorm at home following Kavanaugh vote

Coons: 'Premature' for House Dems to talk about impeaching Kavanaugh

Hirono: Roe v. Wade won't be overturned, but will be nullified

Hirono: Collins comments about Ford 'insulting'

Kerry decries ‘broken’ Washington

Trump, GOP aim to weaponize Kavanaugh vote ahead of November

Donald Trump Praises Women Supporting Brett Kavanaugh: “It Is A Beautiful Thing To See”

What's next from The New York Times' Trump tax team?

Trump has lost $1 billion in personal wealth since running for president


Senate confirms Kavanaugh to Supreme Court after bitter partisan battle

Senate installs Kavanaugh on Supreme Court

Senators representing less than half the U.S. are about to confirm a nominee opposed by most Americans 

Brett Kavanaugh sworn in as Supreme Court justice

McConnell calls opposition to Kavanaugh a ‘great political gift’ to Republicans 

McConnell: Kavanaugh win 'a shot of adrenaline' for GOP midterm chances

Graham: Kavanaugh turned out to be the 'slut whore drunk' of the Ford story

The effort to unseat Susan Collins in 2020 is already underway

The Kavanaugh court is the one conservatives have worked decades to build 

With Kavanaugh confirmed, a bloc of conservative justices may set the Supreme Court's agenda

The winners and losers of the Supreme Court fight 

Senate races move right, House races move left in political fallout from Kavanaugh confirmation fight 

FormerYaleLawSchool Dean: Kavanaugh's confirmation an ‘American tragedy’

Deborah Ramirez: Senators' Actions Make Me 'Feel Like I’m Right Back At Yale’

Backlash to Trump claim that Soros paid anti-Kavanaugh protesters

The trade war and its costs
(The longer the U.S.-China feud, the more unpredictable its outcome)

Will Iowa voters who flipped for Trump have 'buyer's remorse' in 2018?

Dem 2020 primary season is unofficially underway

Trump celebrates Kavanaugh victory at Kansas political rally

Trump says Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski ‘will never recover’ for voting no on Kavanaugh 

Trump doubles down on ‘paid professional’ anti-Kavanaugh protesters

Trump connects Kavanaugh confirmation to midterm elections

Trump: ‘Hundred percent’ Ford named wrong person

Trump: If I fought Biden, ‘it would not last long’

Watch live: Trump holds rally in Topeka, Kansas


Deficit soars to $782 billion in 2018

The unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since 1969. Here’s why

Divided Senate clears way for Kavanaugh’s confirmation to Supreme Court 

Senate set for rare all-night session ahead of Kavanaugh vote

How Mitch McConnell uses Senate rules to rack up GOP wins 

Flake to vote 'yes' on Kavanaugh

Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner on Kavanaugh: “I will be voting to approve his nomination.”

Susan Collins will vote to approve Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

Minutes after Sen. Susan Collins announced her support for Brett Kavanaugh, the site to fund her opponent was so overwhelmed that it crashed

Susan Collins Triggers $2 Million In Pledges To 2020 Opponent With Kavanaugh Vote

For shame, Republicans: The disingenuousness of Susan Collins and other Kavanaugh-supporting senators

Murkowski says she opposes Kavanaugh's nomination, but will vote 'present'

Murkowski reveals why she bucked GOP in key Kavanaugh vote

GOP senator: Kavanaugh 'won't feel like a winner' after confirmation

From Susan Collins to Lindsey Graham: The politicians and players whose legacies will be shaped by the Kavanaugh fight 

Chuck Grassley Says Workload May Deter Women From Joining Judiciary Committee

GOP lawmaker reports 'threatening' Twitter messages to police

Bitter Tenor of Senate Reflects a Nation at Odds With Itself

How Kavanaugh got the votes

Here’s why confirming Kavanaugh could seriously undermine the Supreme Court’s public standing 

How Kavanaugh could threaten the hard-won legitimacy of the Roberts court

Kagan warns that Supreme Court may not have a swing vote anymore

If Kavanaugh is confirmed, impeachment could follow. Here’s how. 

Ford lawyers blast 'numerous false claims' about FBI investigation ahead of Kavanaugh confirmation vote

Pence escalates criticism of China
(Beijing is guilty of ‘unprecedented’ election meddling, the vice president says.)

It’s No Longer Just a Trade War Between the U.S. and China
(Vice President Pence’s fierce attack and allegations of tech spying escalate the conflict.)

Mike Pence and the Trump administration’s complicity in downplaying Russian election interference 

Hawks Will Only Drive South Korea Away From America

Tariffs Have Cost 685 Americans Their Jobs So Far, Data Show

Shields and Brooks on Kavanaugh confirmation showdown

Manchin says he will vote for Kavanaugh

Why is Heidi Heitkamp voting against Kavanaugh? 

Sen. Leahy: Kavanaugh confirmation battle damaging to Senate and Supreme Court

Liberal groups won't support Democrats backing Kavanaugh

Possible 2020 Dems react to Kavanaugh securing votes needed for Senate confirmation

Key lawmaker promises investigation into Kavanaugh if Dems retake House

Trump tweets back at 'very rude elevator screamers' confronting senators on Kavanaugh

Trump says Pentagon to produce lithium sea-water batteries


Dow falls the most in 2 months on fears of rising rates as 10-year yield hits highest since 2011

Republicans aim to confirm Kavanaugh on weekend; protesters arrested

Brett Kavanaugh: Procedural vote set for Friday morning as senators weigh FBI report

Kavanaugh moves closer to Senate confirmation as GOP argues FBI report exonerates the judge 

Make-or-break GOP senators signal support for Kavanaugh after FBI report

How the only 5 senators who matter are thinking about the Kavanaugh vote

Protester who confronted Flake in elevator: He’s 'torn between his conscience and his party'

Key Republicans signal satisfaction with FBI report, increasing confirmation odds for Kavanaugh 

Grassley says FBI found 'no hint' of Kavanaugh misconduct, while Democrats slam probe as 'incomplete'

Colorado’s Cory Gardner reviewing FBI report on Kavanaugh after listening to sexual assault survivors
(The senator wants to finish reading the FBI report before making a decision, spokesman Casey Contres said.)

GOP senator may miss Kavanaugh vote for daughter’s wedding

Kavanaugh’s path to confirmation begins to solidify

Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court would give Republicans a win that lasts a generation – but it could hurt them in the Senate this year

GOP sees Kavanaugh as boost for Senate, danger for House

Hatch tells group of female protesters to 'grow up'

Bitter partisan battle over Kavanaugh enters final chapter

Congressional Republicans tentatively agree to raise federal worker pay, rebuffing Trump 

GOP candidates pay the price for attempts to kill Obamacare and its guarantee of coverage for preexisting conditions 

Heavy risks for GOP in battleground races in state
(New poll shows that in six most contested California House districts, Republicans hold a lead in none.)

In deep-red Tennessee, Republicans are anxious about the U.S. Senate race 

GOP Rep. Kevin Brady calls Democrats' efforts to obtain Trump's tax returns 'dangerous'

GOP ads falsely depict Democrats as supporters of Sanders’s health plan

FBI background check of Kavanaugh appears to have been highly curtailed 

The F.B.I. Probe Ignored Testimonies from Former Classmates of Kavanaugh

Factbox: Witnesses in the Kavanaugh FBI probe

Brett Kavanaugh is a D.C. creature, but his political payback talk is pure Jersey

The rise and the reckoning: Inside Brett Kavanaugh’s circles of influence 

Scores of Kavanaugh protesters arrested after descending on Senate building

Nationwide anti-Kavanaugh protests intensify

FBI report fails to calm Kavanaugh chaos

Retired justice says don't confirm Kavanaugh

Pence accuses China of anti-Trump campaign

China’s Influence Operations Are Pinpointing America’s Weaknesses

For Canada and U.S., ‘That Relationship Is Gone’ After Bitter Nafta Talks

Seven Russian intelligence officers indicted on conspiracy charges

Blind focus on ‘energy dominance’ may cripple Endangered Species Act

Democrats Rage After Viewing FBI's Brett Kavanaugh Investigation Report

Red-state Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp says she will vote no on Kavanaugh

Hopes for infrastructure deal with Trump rise if Dems win House

Trump signs law expanding hate crime protections to religious institutions

As FBI delivers its report on Kavanaugh, Trump decries 'totally uncorroborated allegations'

Federal judge, citing Trump racial bias, says administration can’t strip legal status from 300,000 Haitians, Salvadorans and others — for now

Trump touts 50 percent approval rating, says he's 'working hard'


'Rip-roaring hot' jobs market sees private payrolls surge by 230,000, highest since February

McConnell sets Friday test vote on Kavanaugh nomination

Mitch McConnell: Brett Kavanaugh Protesters Won't 'Scare Us'

Senate moves ahead on Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination with a procedural vote expected Friday 

Senate sets preliminary vote Friday on Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh after reviewing FBI report

Senate GOP expects FBI report by Wednesday afternoon

Senators will view FBI report on Kavanaugh Thursday

Kavanaugh fight puts Senate on edge of precipice

Sasse: I encouraged Trump to pick someone other than Kavanaugh

Jeff Flake says it does no good to have an FBI investigation ‘that just gives more cover’ on Kavanaugh allegations

Lindsey Graham’s head-turning defense of Trump isn’t what you think 

McConnell denounces Kavanaugh 'feeding frenzy,' doubles down on vote this week

GOP candidate Hawley releases ad slamming Senate "circus" on Kavanaugh nomination

Sen. Bill Cassidy challenges anti-Kavanaugh protester: 'You know it's unfair'

Sen. Orrin Hatch faces backlash, accusations of ‘slut-shaming’ for posting Utah man’s letter questioning validity of Kavanaugh accuser

Female GOP senators take up side on Kavanaugh debate

GOP at odds over FBI’s probe
(As Trump mocks Kavanaugh’s accuser, some balk at plans to keep findings secret and vote this week.)

Trump's Mockery Of Christine Blasey Ford Draws GOP Concern

2020 primaries loom over GOP senators on Kavanaugh

Republicans shift their Kavanaugh strategy to attacks on Ford

Senate easily passes sweeping opioids legislation, sending to President Trump 

Why 2018 may be the end of moderate Republicans — forever

A new survey shows that the Republican Party is not the party of Trump 

Is the U.S.-China Trade War About to Become a Currency War?

The U.S. and China are playing a dangerous game. What comes next? 

U.S. terminates 1955 treaty with Iran, calling it an ‘absolute absurdity’ 

Big oil and gas companies are winners in Trump's new trade deal 

San Francisco judge suspends Trump administration's decision to end protected status for hundreds of thousands of immigrants

Kavanaugh, Ford hit with attacks over credibility

Mark Judge's ex gives sworn affidavit apparently corroborating Swetnick's accusation

Ford attorneys slam FBI's Kavanaugh investigation for not interviewing Ford, witnesses

Why the FBI hasn’t interviewed Kavanaugh or Ford

Whom the FBI has spoken to in the Kavanaugh inquiry — and whom it hasn’t

More than 40 potential sources have not been contacted by the FBI in Kavanaugh investigation

Five things to know about the FBI's Kavanaugh investigation

Brett Kavanaugh’s anger may be backfiring 

What matters about Kavanaugh, and what doesn't

Supreme Court, missing a justice, considers a trucking case that could rattle the economy

Democrats are breaking fundraising records. Republicans blame 'outsiders.' 

Russia collusion bombshell: DNC lawyers met with FBI on dossier before surveillance warrant

Senate Democrats suggest past FBI background checks on Kavanaugh include evidence of inappropriate behavior 

Trump’s shot at Ford seems to backfire

Tax Dodger Donald Trump Is Looking Out for His Own Kind

N.Y. tax agency weighs probe after report that Trump family built wealth through tax-avoidance schemes and fraud 

Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father


Dow jumps more than 100 points to all-time high, rallies for a second day to start fourth quarter

Corker predicts Kavanaugh will be confirmed, says Dems 'overplayed their hand'

Senate GOP coy on when final vote on Kavanaugh will happen

GOP says FBI report will be secret; Dems say issue now is Kavanaugh credibility

Expanded FBI probe into Kavanaugh allegations shows the leverage of three undecided GOP senators 

‘Tribalism is ruining us:’ Flake uses Kavanaugh fight to plead for civility and cooperation 

Flake says his Kavanaugh vote depends on FBI probe results

Graham to Trump: Renominate Kavanaugh if vote fails

Republicans on Senate panel release explicit statement about Kavanaugh accuser’s sex life  

Three former Kavanaugh clerks tell Senate they are 'deeply troubled' by allegations

Primary lessons: Two parties in flux, both defined by President Donald Trump

Is China Really Meddling in U.S. Elections?
(So far little evidence supports President Trump's claim.)

Forget Stanford, Tsinghua Beckons
(America is losing African and Asian students to China.)

Pompeo to meet with North Korea's Kim on Sunday

USMCA, Trump’s NAFTA replacement, is big. And that’s just in terms of syllables. 

Labor reserves crucial judgment on NAFTA 2.0

Envelopes sent to Mattis, Navy chief test positive for ricin

Envelope believed to contain ricin sent to Trump

What the FBI might be looking for in the Brett Kavanaugh

FBI navigates political minefield and deadline in Kavanaugh inquiry 

FBI interviews in Kavanaugh investigation go beyond initial White House mandate

FBI completes interview of Kavanaugh's high school friend

Deborah Ramirez’s attorney: FBI has not contacted witnesses who may have information about Boulder woman’s allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

Lawyers for Kavanaugh accusers question FBI's thoroughness

Some witnesses say they called FBI in vain as end of Kavanaugh probe looms

More Yale classmates come forward claiming Brett Kavanaugh has been lying

The bar fights back at Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh’s temperament and credibility emerge as flash points in Supreme Court fight 

More Than 500 Law Professors Condemn Kavanaugh For ‘Lack Of Judicial Temperament’

Kavanaugh warned of possible condo eviction in 1983 letter

Poll details New Jersey opposition to Brett Kavanaugh nomination, especially among women

The Supreme Court Cases for State and Local Governments to Watch

New York Times investigation: Trump helped his parents evade taxes, 'including instances of outright fraud'

Showtime to air documentary on NYT Trump tax story

For Private Prisons, Detaining Immigrants Is Big Business

Michael Bloomberg jolts Senate battle with $20 million for Democrats