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Federal judge says DACA can’t end while lawsuit is pending 

House lawmakers predict another short-term spending bill

Republicans seem to be flailing their way to a government shutdown

House votes next week on abortion bill

House Republicans press for harder-line immigration bill

GOP anxious with Trump on trade

Paul Ryan-linked groups rack up record $66 million to protect House GOP majority

Joe Arpaio, the fiery former sheriff from Arizona, will run for Senate 

McConnell reaches out to 'Hillbilly Elegy' author about Senate run

McConnell decries 'obstruction' on judicial nominees, irony weeps

Cory Gardner to meet with Jeff Sessions after doubling down on threats over marijuana enforcement change

GOP senators: Trump border wall would be more like a 'fence'

Judges: North Carolina must redraw GOP’s gerrymandered map 

What didn't Republicans want you to see in the Fusion GPS transcript?

WH plans to erase data from Trump voter fraud panel

The White House struggles to silence talk of Trump’s mental fitness 

White House rejects Bannon's apology

Trump’s personal lawyer sues BuzzFeed over Russia dossier

FBI chief calls unbreakable encryption 'urgent public safety issue'

The US is reportedly considering a 'bloody nose' attack to humiliate North Korea — here's how it could go down

US to sell Japan $133M in missiles to counter North Korea threat

For first time, Justice Dept. yanks naturalized citizenship in new ‘Operation Janus’ crackdown

In reversal, anti-immigration groups are open to deal to let 800,000 DREAMers stay

Budget office cuts cost estimate of children’s insurance

Stephen K. Bannon leaves Breitbart after blowup over comments in Trump book 

If Russia probe goes near Trump's finances, 'he's sunk,' 'Fire and Fury' author Michael Wolff says

Effort to repeal oil, gas, and mining law could fuel corruption

Democrats need all the firepower they have to win back Washington

Not seeking re-election, Shea-Porter backs effort to impeach Trump

Trump drilling boost could boost Nelson's chances in Fla.

Senate Democrats just released full testimony on the Trump-Russia dossier. Here's what's in it

Dianne Feinstein releases Fusion GPS transcripts despite Chuck Grassley's opposition

Net neutrality activists are celebrating as Democratic senators clear key hurdle to voting against the FCC 

Fusion GPS founder claimed FBI had Trump source during campaign 

Fusion GPS: Author of Trump-Russia dossier thought Trump 'was being blackmailed' by Russia

Lawyer: ‘Somebody’s already been killed’ over Trump dossier

Trump tax law poised to create windfall for states

5 takeaways from President Trump's speech to the nation's farmers in Nashville

‘It’s not a fabrication’: Six times the firm behind the infamous dossier contradicted Trump’s claims 

Judge blocks Trump admin from ending DACA program

Trump says he'll sign DACA deal, pursue comprehensive immigration reform

Trump, lawmakers agree to parameters of potential immigration deal

Trump Suggests Comprehensive Immigration Reform If He Gets His Border Wall

Trump urges Congress to pass ‘bill of love’ to protect ‘dreamers’ but reiterates demand for border wall 

Trump says he’ll take heat for immigration deal

The 40 most remarkable lines from Trump's 55-minute immigration talk-a-thon

We got a glimpse of Trump negotiating today. It … didn’t go well. 

Trump Wants to Expand Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling. Does the Industry?

AT&T Layoffs Stir Union Action, Putting More Heat on President Trump

Trump to attend World Economic Forum in Switzerland, a gathering synonymous with wealth and power

Trump to attend World Economic Forum in Davos, White House confirms

Trump has whiffed on trade so far. Here's what he needs to do in 2018

Facing staffing exodus, Trump struggles to fill West Wing

Trump says he could beat Oprah Winfrey in a presidential race

Trump’s Twitter Threats Put American Credibility on the Line

The Increasing Unfitness of Donald Trump

Trump New Approval Ratings Show He's the Least Popular President to Enter a Second Year in Office and It's Not Even Close


EXCLUSIVE: House GOP eyes revival of pork-barrel spending, viewed as essential to deal making

Republicans' 2018 talks 'grounded in reality' at Camp David

The Daily 202: Why Trump and Republicans are suddenly talking up bipartisanship 

As Congress Debates CHIP, Some States Could Run Out of Funds Sooner Than Expected

GOP tax bill faces a hard sell to voters after tough road to passage

In next round of budget talks, ‘dreamers’ are set to dominate

This week: Clock ticks toward shutdown deadline

Trump’s border wall becomes flashpoint in shutdown fight

House Foreign Affairs chairman to retire

Trump is already complicating the next big Republican goal

Former GOP rep: Trump's mental health 'a grave conversation'

Trump-appointed regulators reject plan to rescue coal and nuclear plants 

Supreme Court turns away challenge to Mississippi anti-LGBT law

Former Pals Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions Jockey to Win Trump’s Favor

Why states may get away with creative income tax maneuvers

South Korea accepts Olympic team from North as countries kick off high-level talks

A new Korean war would kill more U.S. military personnel than you might think 

US attorney throws future of legal pot in Mass. into doubt

Cannabis chaos — Sessions has no exit strategy for his war on drugs

I was on Trump’s voter fraud commission. Its demise was inevitable. 

In possible boon for White House, Fed ready to lay low as tax plan kicks in

Mueller indicates he will likely seek interview with Trump 

Democratic hope for ending GOP majority in Virginia House hangs on a thread 

Democrats move to offense on health care; seek ‘big ideas'

Dem hopefuls flock to Iowa

Sources: Oprah Winfrey 'actively thinking' about running for president 

Prospect of President Winfrey thrills Dems

Billionaire Tom Steyer will funnel $30 million into 2018 elections to help Democrats

Trump’s border wall becomes flashpoint in shutdown fight

Report: Trump will visit border wall prototypes after State of the Union address

Trump is already complicating the next big Republican goal

Trump Administration Refuses Court Order to Turn Over Voter Commission Documents

Trump touts African American and Hispanic unemployment numbers

Trump tells farmers he supports crop insurance, signs executive order to aid rural internet access

Trump's lawyers are negotiating with Mueller's team about interviewing the president: NBC News

200,000 Salvadorans may be forced to leave the U.S. as Trump ends immigration protection 

Strong Economies Lift Presidents. Trump Seems an Exception.

Donald Trump and the Rule of Law

If You Thought 2017 Was Bad, Just Wait for 2018

Trump's 'Real' Work Schedule Is Really Code For Lie-Ins, Relaxing And TV Time

10 Other “Very Stable Geniuses” Who Made A Mess With Their Madness


Republican senator slams Wolff's 'looseness with the truth' in new Trump book

Graham: I would not serve in Trump's Cabinet

Disaster aid becomes hostage to funding fight

A January Government Shutdown Will Be All About Trump's Wall...And Could Last Weeks

Here are the people closest to Trump who might doubt his mental fitness 

Rush to defend Trump from book’s claims creates more debate

Tapper cuts off Miller after heated interview

Tapper cuts off interview with Trump adviser full interview

Trump aide Stephen Miller rips Wolff book as ‘grotesque work of fiction’

White House adviser Stephen Miller calls Bannon an ‘angry, vindictive person’ over comments in Wolff book 

CIA director pushes back on claim in Wolff book: Trump reads

On the Cover: Behind White House Doors With Michael Wolff

Wolff: Concept of 25th Amendment 'alive every day' in Trump's White House

Wolff: I have no politics when it comes to Trump

Carl Bernstein: 'We're in a real constitutional crisis' 

Bannon apologizes for comments about Trump family in bombshell book

Gary Cohn: Government May Push Back Against State Tax Workarounds 

Bharara: I believe Trump 'doesn't listen to his lawyers'

DOJ's pot memo creates big decision for US attorneys

Obama’s popularity is rising even as Trump is president

Trump flexes foreign policy muscle as new year begins

Mixed signals on infrastructure plan emerge from Trump retreat

Trump reiterates 'Mexico will pay for the wall' after $18B request to Congress

Trump takes new tack to weaken ObamaCare

It's not genius for Trump to point to Reagan when defending his mental stability

Theresa May not worried about President Trump’s mental health

Falling apart?' Trump's insults not forgotten in Atlanta


Trump, GOP leaders to discuss 2018 agenda at Camp David retreat

Jeff Flake says no evidence of ‘sonic attacks’ in Cuba

House GOP intensifies assault on Mueller probe

The Justice Department lacks key leaders, and a Republican senator is threatening to keep it that way 

This year is shaping up to be a clash of Republican idealists vs. realists 

New Hampshire's GOP governor opposes Trump's offshore drilling expansion

Why Older Americans Should Be Terrified by the GOP Tax Plan

GOP leaders happily stand by Trump as he becomes increasingly unhinged

Sessions under fire from all sides

Murphy, other top Dems look to offset Jersey pain after Trump gutted property tax breaks

‘A giant symbol’: In fight over Trump’s wall, Democrats who once supported a border barrier now oppose it

More Trouble in Coal Country: 370 Mining Jobs Lost in One Blow

We’re seeing institutions start to waver as constraints to Trump’s impulses 

‘Fire and Fury’ author predicts his book will help end Trump’s presidency

The Memo: Trump can turn page on book storm

Trump’s extraordinary tweetstorms mark an unsettling start to 2018

Donald Trump suggests he wants US law to limit free speech in wake of publication of explosive new book

Trump strikes back at 'Fire and Fury' allegations from Camp David

Trump unloads on Russia investigation, libel laws and explosive new tell-all book during press conference

Trump boasts that he’s ‘like, really smart’ and a ‘very stable genius’ amid questions over his mental fitness 

The Increasing Unfitness of Donald Trump

Three views of Trump

Trump, GOP leaders to discuss 2018 agenda at Camp David retreat

Trump's Looming Trade War with China

Trump says he’s open to talks with North Korea, hopes rogue nation participates in Winter Olympics 

Trump cools to idea of taking on welfare programs, seeing little chance of success in Congress


GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Blasts Sessions' Marijuana Policy

Top GOP candidate drops out of Ohio Senate race

GOPer: Trump’s Startling Plan to Kill Social Security in Second Term

2 GOP senators urge criminal probe of Trump dossier author

Senior Republican refers Trump-Russia dossier author for possible charges 

‘That’s the model’: Republican Cory Gardner stands up to President Trump 

Economy adds 148K jobs in December

Massive new data set suggests economic inequality is about to get even worse

If 2017 posed problems for feds, 2018 could be worse with attacks on pay, benefits 

Rex Tillerson: 'I intend to be here for the whole year' as secretary of state

Tillerson: Negotiations underway for a fix on Iran nuclear deal

The people Jeff Sessions’s marijuana directive could end up hurting the most 

Report: EPA head Scott Pruitt has voiced interest in attorney general job 

3 Important Takeaways From the Latest Mueller Investigation Bombshell

The most potentially damning new revelation about Russia, Trump and Sessions 

People will die if HHS weakens requirements for essential health benefits

Inside the New Proposed Federal Rules for Association Health Plans

Silicon Valley’s biggest lobbying group says it will help sue the FCC over net neutrality 

California offshore drilling could be expanded for the first time since 1984 under federal leasing proposal 

Shields and Brooks on Russia revelations, Trump-Bannon rift

Steyer bought Wolff book for every member of Congress

Trump book author Michael Wolff made a damaging admission on the ‘Today’ show 

A Trump biographer reviews 'Fire and Fury'

Michael Wolff, king of the beat sweetener: ‘I certainly said what was ever necessary to get the story’ 

'People Regret What They Said To Me,' Michael Wolff Tells NPR About Trump Book

Michael Wolff to Trump: 'Where do I send the box of chocolates?' 

Michael Wolff’s Exposé Sparks Fury Inside White House

Michael Wolff's Trump Book Raises Serious Questions

As ‘Fire and Fury’ is published, Europe openly debates: ‘Is Trump still sane?’ 

Brinkley: bombshell Trump book may be doing nation a favor

Trump World frustrated, angry over new book

New scrutiny for Trump's mental fitness after book, tweets

Here's how Trump's first-year record on stocks and jobs compares to past presidents' performance

Trump's directive on recusal adds to obstruction questions

8 times Trump tried to call off the dogs in the Russia probe 

Remember Trump’s Pitch on Health Care Associations? Now We Know What He Meant

Trump's firing sets back AIDS prevention efforts

Trump administration considers eliminating immigration policy seen as a lifeline for thousands

Trump poised to take action on Medicaid work requirements

Trump administration targets recreational pot, placing thousands of marijuana businesses in California at risk 

Trump’s disgraceful use of ‘dreamers’ as a bargaining chip

First phase of Trump border wall gets $18 billion price tag, in new request to lawmakers 


Senate Judiciary boss says Comey likely leaked classified information

Chuck Grassley has become Donald Trump's staunchest ally in his war with the FBI

Republican wins Virginia seat that ended in a tie

Sen. Rob Portman: New tax law took US corporate tax code from worst to 'one of the best'

There are problems with the Republican tax bill. Deficits aren't one of them.

There's No Way Congress Is Going to Fix Entitlements

Confusion over Trump's border wall delays spending talks

Senior GOP Rep. Gregg Harper to retire at end of term

2 GOP lawmakers are calling on Sessions to resign — and it looks like a ploy to kill the Russia probe

Questions about Trump's fitness raised by bombshell new book pose growing threat for Republicans in 2018 elections

Washington's growing obsession: The 25th Amendment

Legalized marijuana use threatened as Sessions rescinds Obama-era directive that eased federal enforcement 

Dow closes above 25K for first time

Manufacturing in the U.S. Just Accelerated to Its Best Year Since 2004

Born in the U.S.A. and working in the fields — what gives? 

FBI launches new Clinton Foundation investigation

Former Trump legal team spokesman reportedly quit because he believed statement on Trump Tower meeting was obstruction of justice

Lieu: Trump attempt to stop Sessions recusal screams of 'guilt’

There is Evidence Trump Campaign Committed 'Crimes,' Says Democrat on House Intelligence Committee

In shift, Democrats try to keep Sessions as attorney general

Michael Wolff’s Withering Portrait of President Donald Trump

"You Can’t Make This S--- Up": My Year Inside Trump's Insane White House

Wolff book publisher on Trump cease-and-desist letter: We are 'proceeding with the publication'

DC bookstore selling new book on Trump admin at midnight

5 surprising allegations from the new book about Trump's presidency

10 things from the explosive new book drawing fire and fury from Trump

If Michael Wolff’s Access to Trump Surprises You, Then You Don’t Know Michael Wolff

The Memo: Bannon firestorm consumes Washington

The Memo: Bannon fights for survival

Mercer issues rare public rebuke of former ally Bannon 

President Trump tries to quash bombshell book 

Situation All Fouled Up, Not Normal

Trump lawyer seeks to block insider book on White House

Trump’s cease-and-desist letter: A ‘desperate’ attempt to silence Bannon 

Trump lawsuit over White House book 'nonstarter,' legal experts say

Stelter: This is bigger than Trump vs. Bannon; it's about Trump's capability 

How Donald Trump's White House team handles his giant ego

Trump ordered WH lawyer to stop Sessions from recusing himself in Russia probe: report

Obstruction Inquiry Shows Trump’s Struggle to Keep Grip on Russia Investigation

NYTimes: Mueller learned of Trump attempt to stop Sessions recusal

Trump administration proposes rules for health plans without certain ACA protections 

4 Attacks on Sustainable Business Launched by the Trump White House Over the Holidays

Trump aims to open nearly all federal waters to offshore drilling in biggest lease sale ever

Trump proposes massive expansion of offshore drilling


The Memo: DACA tensions roil GOP

This is what Orrin G. Hatch’s retirement means for the Senate 

Republicans are already admitting they need to fix their gigantic tax law — but that will be nearly impossible to do

Republicans passed their tax bill. Now they’re spending $10 million to promote it. 

Will the government shut down in January? Never say never. 

Doug Jones and Tina Smith sworn in as senators

Robert Mueller's Trump Grand Jury Isn't Fair Because There Aren't Enough White Men, Fox News Says

Net Neutrality Supporters Launch New Campaign To Reverse Unpopular FCC Decision

Israelis voice warnings, Palestinians talk of ‘blackmail’ in wake of tweets by Trump 

Ex-Trump campaign chairman Manafort challenges his indictment in Russia probe by filing lawsuit against Mueller 


Outrage Defined 2017

How to Survive Trump’s Second Year: Engage Politically

Itching for a fight, Dems vow to hold the line

Trump abolishes controversial commission studying alleged voter fraud 

White House to announce cuts in 'security assistance' for Pakistan

Expert warns against Trump's Pakistan threat: 'They are going ballistic about this'

Trump Can Help Iran’s Protesters By Rejecting His Own Iran Policies

President Trump is expected to face a difficult 2018

Despite New Tax Promises, AT&T Layoffs Undercut Trump Brand

Trump's Locker Room Talk and Nuclear War Talk Finally Converged

Trump’s big-stick approach to North Korea suddenly becomes extremely literal 

Donald Trump and North Korea: Big Button, Small President

No surprise: Trump didn't give up old Twitter habits for the new year 

Never Trump Doesn’t Owe Anyone an Apology

Ex-campaign aide claims he was once ordered to explain the Constitution to Trump: Report

Michael Wolff’s unbelievable — sometimes literally — tell-all about the Trump administration

Donald Trump just took a flamethrower to Steve Bannon

Trump slams Bannon: ‘When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind’

Trump says Bannon ‘not only lost his job, he lost his mind’ as president’s lawyers send cease-and-desist letter 

The history of Trump and Bannon’s complicated relationship

Donald Trump Did't Want to Be President

Bernstein: Trump is a toxic president


Congress faces January logjam

Congress will return to a full slate of difficult issues 

Congress returns to work with slimmer GOP majority to accomplish Trump's agenda 

6 things we'll regret about the Trump tax cuts

Five fights facing Congress in 2018

Congress heads toward showdown over 'Dreamers'

Republicans should use newfound momentum to fix the budget

Republicans say don’t worry about the exploding deficit; they have a theory 

As top Judiciary Republican, Graham could preside over Trump & the Russia probe

House Russia probe poised to break down along partisan lines

Hatch announces retirement from Senate

Senator Hatch to retire, paving way for Romney run in Utah

GOP Rep. Shuster won't seek reelection

Michele Bachmann Says She’s Considering Running For Al Franken’s Senate Seat

What is DACA and why is it ending?

Judge tosses AHA challenge to 340B cuts

China covertly offering North Korea missiles, aid to halt nuclear program

North Korea preparing for another missile launch: reports

Kim Jong-un’s Overture Could Drive a Wedge Between South Korea and the U.S.

Dem senator: Trump's remark on nuclear button 'borders on presidential malpractice'

Dem rep: Can Congress have some say before Trump pushes nuclear button?

The Daily 202: Trump’s true priorities revealed in holiday news dumps 

Trump to North Korean leader Kim: My ‘Nuclear Button’ is ‘much bigger & more powerful’ 

Iran blasts Trump for comments on protests

President Trump threatens to cut aid to Palestinians

Trump Threatens Aid To Palestinians After U.S. Says It Will Withhold Millions From Pakistan

Rhetoric rises as US vows to withhold aid to Pakistan

Trump Administration Relaxes Financial Penalties Against Nursing Homes

Trump urges Justice Department to ‘act’ on Comey, suggests Huma Abedin should face jail time

The stunning abnormality of Donald Trump's war on Justice (and justice)

Sally Yates Calls Trump's DOJ Tweet 'Beyond Abnormal, Dangerous'

Trump lawyers talked with special counsel team

Iowa went big for Trump, but there are signs its voters are souring on the president 

Trump: Hispanics will start 'falling in love' with me

President Trump has made 1,950 false or misleading claims over 347 days 


GOP set to shift tactics on ObamaCare in 2018

GOP senator defends First Amendment and 'shared facts' in New Year's Day video

Congress heads toward showdown over 'Dreamers'

House expands Russia probe to FBI, Justice use of unconfirmed dossier to snare Trump

Juan Williams: GOP establishment using Trump for its own ends

Winners and losers from 2017, the year in politics 

North Korean leader says he has ‘nuclear button’ but won’t use it unless threatened 

James Comey Expresses Hope For 'More Ethical Leadership' In 2018

Donald Trump’s 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

The Memo: Trump in 2018: Five things to watch

Perils abroad, full plate at home, as Trump opens 2nd year

Trump says ‘time for change’ in Iran, people ‘hungry’ for freedom

Donald Trump Rages Against Iran, Pakistan In First Tweets Of 2018

Pakistan responds to Trump’s tweet: US has 'given us nothing but invective and mistrust'

Trump, through Twitter and the Times, dominates holiday news cycle

Trump: I use social media because it’s the ‘only way to fight…dishonest press’


Top GOP Races To Watch In 2018

House Republican: ‘We're not talking about taking away benefits from those who deserve those benefits’

The GOP tax plan creates one of the largest new loopholes in decades

14 GOP Senators Set to Cash In on Tax Plan’s ‘Corker Kickback’

Graham: 2018 will be year of 'extreme danger'

‘You just can’t tweet here’: Graham urges Trump to lay out Iran strategy 

Devin Nunes, targeting Mueller and the FBI, alarms Democrats and some Republicans with his tactics 

Pence became ultimate tie-breaker in 2017

2017's top ten news stories

Minimum wage raises coming to 18 states on New Year’s Day

Mullen: We're closer to a nuclear war with North Korea than ever before

North Korea's Kim Jong Un issues fiery statement on nuclear weapons: 'This is reality, not a threat'

Kim says US should know North Korean nuclear force a reality

Chief Justice Roberts says courts will examine protections against sexual harassment 

Bernstein: Trump presidency characterized by his lies

Carl Bernstein: 'No Reason to Believe Anything Trump Says'

Democrats should get on board with making Trump tax cuts permanent


President Trump wishes happy new year to ‘enemies' and 'haters'

Trump earns praise for support of Iranian protesters

An ‘effort to erase LGBTQ people’: Activists denounce Trump’s firing of HIV/AIDS council 

CNN host: Trump resigned US as world's leader

Trump accused of not spending enough time with Barron by Democrat Steve Cohen


GOP lawmaker: FBI, DOJ officials 'should be held in contempt' if dossier docs not turned over

How Scott Pruitt turned the EPA into one of Trump’s most powerful tools 

North Korea refuses to give up nukes if US keeps up ‘blackmail’

U.S. needn’t fear Russia, RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan says

The New York Times reports that the FBI's Russia probe was helped by an Australian diplomat's tip-off

'Make America Gay Again' banner welcomes Mike Pence outside his vacation home

DNC Chairman: Dems are 'on a Roll,' Have 50-state Plan

2020 Dem primary could be a New York affair

Democrats haven’t been this confident since... 2016 

After arrest of demonstrators, Trump warns Iran ‘the world is watching’

In surprise, Trump maintains many Obama-eraRussia policies

Russian president calls for 'pragmatic cooperation' in New Year greeting to Trump

Trump calls for border wall funding in any DACA deal

How the Trump era is changing the federal bureaucracy 

The Memo: Trump’s NYT interview sets 2018 stage

In a 30-minute interview, President Trump made 24 false or misleading claims 

Time at Mar-a-Lago is a respite for Trump — and a headache for his staff 

Trump Isn't 'King', Can’t Do Whatever He Wants, Bush Ethics Lawyer Warns


Five key decisions for the GOP on health care

ITEP Responds to MacArthur on GOP Tax Plan

Marco Rubio says tax bill 'probably went too far' on corporate handouts

The Republican tax bill spurred more than 120 public protests in November 

New tax law expected to slow rise of home values, creating winners and losers 

Republicans were hoping to move past Roy Moore, but he won’t let them 

Year in Review: In GOP Country, an Emerging Democratic Threat

Russian tankers fueled North Korea via transfers at sea: sources

After Trump criticism, China denies selling oil illicitly to North Korea

Stock markets wrap up best year since 2013 as investors shrug off bad news 

Goldman Sachs to give execs early bonuses due to Trump tax law: report

Military to begin accepting transgender recruits after Trump delays appeal

Regulations protect jobs, and it's a problem

U.S. to Roll Back Safety Rules Created After Deepwater Horizon Spill

San Juan Mayor Says Trump Lacks 'Good-Hearted' American Values

Puerto Rico mayor tears into Trump 100 days after hurricane, as half of island still remains without power

Shields and Brooks on political polarization and social reckoning in 2017

Fuming Trump finds fresh target in US Postal Service on Twitter

Trump to repeal Obama fracking rule

Trump Reportedly Terminated All Members Of HIV/AIDS Council Without Explanation

Donald Trump wants to bring inflation back

The big problem with Trump’s strategy to attack Michael Flynn’s credibility: His own mouth 

How Trump tried to redefine America’s role in the world in 2017

Democracy and Facts in the Age of Trump

Politifact: Trump claim that he signed more first-year bills than any other president is 'false'

One nation, divided under Trump, with perilous consequences 

Places that backed Trump skewed poor; voters who backed Trump skewed wealthier 

Donald Trump’s Ghostwriter Tells All


Newt Gingrich: ‘The stage is being set’ for GOP landslide in 2018

5 lessons from a Republican year of governing dangerously 

McConnell and the Senate may have to hold off on entitlement reform

Quiet jockeying for McCain seat angers Republicans

How Sen. Pat Toomey turned the Republican tax bill away from populism 

Confusion reigns as people try to figure out property tax rules

In a Complex Tax Bill, Let the Hunt for Loopholes Begin

How The New Tax Plan May Affect You: Answers From An Expert

Get ready for a revived brawl over single-payer healthcare in California 

Most Americans do not support making cuts to programs for people with low incomes 

Dollar Set for First Yearly Loss Since 2012 as Euro Pads Gains

Alabama certifies Doug Jones’s victory over Roy Moore in Senate election 

Lieu: Trump doesn’t understand climate change or is intentionally misleading people

Dems rail against Trump after global warming tweet

Trump says Chinese oil shipments to North Korea ‘very disappointing’

Trump Is Bluffing About Attacking North Korea in 2018

Trump sparks outrage after snidely casting doubt on global warming in tweet

War between Trump, media set to intensify

Five obstacles to Trump's infrastructure ambitions

Trump says he understands legislation better ‘than any president’

Trump: I will win in 2020 because ‘media will tank’ without me

Trump says Russia probe will be fair, but timeline unclear: NYT

Russia probe makes US 'look very bad': Trump

Trump: Even if there was collusion with Russia, 'it’s not a crime'

Shake-ups on steroids: Trump’s staff turnover rate at 33% in first year

Report: TrumpDC Hotel employee wrote in email that Trump ‘is definitely still involved’ in Trump Org.

Trump supporters SEE WHAT YOU’VE WON!


Republicans’ failure on health care is even greater than they realize 

Debate rages in the GOP over ObamaCare repeal

Jeff Flake is the latest Republican to acknowledge the GOP’s race and gender problem 

Orrin Hatch, Jeff Flake and the no-win scenario GOP senators face with Trump 

The Memo: Five Republicans who could primary Trump in 2020

All eyes on Sen. Hatch as he weighs reelection bid

GOP intraparty clash poised to shape U.S. Senate contest in Mississippi

Tax cuts might create jobs. But where are the workers? 

Tax collectors' phones are ringing. People are lining up. The property tax rush is on. 

House Intel panel subpoenas McCain associate over Trump dossier

How Republicans Could End Up in a Nightmare Scenario in 2018

Obamacare Will Survive in 2018

Mueller Investigation: Did Trump, Kushner and RNC Help Russia Use Big Data to Target U.S. Voters?

Cities Sue Over Pentagon’s Failure to Report Crimes to Gun Database

Democrats’ case for Trump-Russia grand conspiracy crumbles with lack of evidence

Democrats build case against tax bill but don’t call for repeal 

Trump and His Allies Spent Christmas Waging War on Our Republic

Trump adds Jeff Sessions to the fall guys list in Alabama loss 

Trump readies tougher ‘America first’ line for China trade in 2018 

Trump sent fewer Mexicans home from US in 2017 than Obama in 2016

The United States Should Resolve to Avoid War With North Korea in 2018 - Trump

Trump legal team readies attack on Flynn’s credibility 

Trump's Clinton tweets cut against Comey firing explanation


Victorious on taxes, GOP wonders: What's next?

Here's where home prices could take the biggest hit thanks to tax reform

GOP tax reform and changes to your paycheck

How the Republican Tax Plan Will Directly Affect You

The business case against the Republican tax reform victory

Why are so many Americans angry about a tax cut?

GOP frustration rises with Trump on trade

GOP lawmaker: Federal agencies need to be ‘purged’ of ‘deep state’ bias

Loose talk about war with North Korea is irresponsible - Kasich

Are White Women Finally Turning Against Republicans? Poll Shows Educated Voters Don't Want GOP in Congress

America Is Nowhere Near a Constitutional Crisis

Kremlin trolls burned across the Internet as Washington debated options 

FBI Agents Association reports $140K in donations amid Trump criticism

Report: Foreign leaders and former US diplomats see America's global influence waning

Trump claims he's boosting U.S. influence, but many foreign leaders see America in retreat 

Dems see 2018 as best chance in years to win back House

Trump slams FBI, Obamacare in post-Christmas tweets 

Trump slams 'tainted' FBI, 'crooked' Hillary over 'pile of garbage' dossier

Trump and his tweets show the power of how he communicates

Trump’s top 10 accomplishments of 2017

Law enforcement leaders say Trump’s strong support for police saves lives

Trump Could Save More Than $11 Million Under the New Tax Plan

Donald Trump has changed the presidential Challenge Coin and it's a disgrace

Trump was saying "happy holidays" back when Obama was wishing us "merry Christmas"

Trump’s first year was even worse than feared

Trump has now spent more than a 3rd of his presidency at his properties and a 4th at his golf clubs

Trump dismisses 'fake polls': 'Nobody is going to beat us'


Republicans knock holes in Affordable Care Act but don’t demolish the law

Utah paper tells Hatch to 'call it a career' in blistering editorial

GOPer: Trump’s Startling Plan to Kill Social Security in Second Term

Nikki Haley negotiates $285M cut in ‘bloated’ UN budget

Rosie O’Donnell tells Paul Ryan he’s going ‘straight to hell’

The current state of CHIP: What happens next as the children’s health program runs low on funds

Anti-Trump Groups Plan Massive Protests If Trump Fires Mueller

Embattled FBI admits it can’t verify dossier claims of Russia, Trump campaign collusion

Seeing Trump as ‘lost cause,’ Abbas said to widen boycott to US consular staff

Trump looks to seize political momentum in 2018

Trump roils the globe in first year as commander in chief

GOPer: Trump’s Startling Plan to Kill Social Security in Second Term

President Trump Cuts Funding To U.N. After Israel Vote

Trump lawyers looking forward to 'expeditious' end to Russia probe

Trump dines on world leaders’ dime, yet to reciprocate gesture

Bethlehem locals say President Trump ruined Christmas


Departing GOP lawmakers warn that their party could lose majorities in 2018 

Retiring Republicans warn party to be ‘prepared for the worst’

Retiring GOP rep: Congress 'worse off' than when he was first elected

Trump, GOP make peace after tax win — but will it last?

Trump and Republicans deliver gift that keeps on giving for Americans BY RONNA MCDANIE

Why Older Americans Should Be Terrified by the GOP Tax Plan

AT&T Announces Thousands of Layoffs, Firings Just In Time for Christmas

Flake on chaos of Trump campaign: 'Was that campaign even capable of colluding with anybody?'

Flake: Trump rallies reflect 'spasms of a dying party'

Kudlow insists tax bill will pay for itself

Russia issues stern warning U.S. is fueling new bloodshed in Ukraine 

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Joins Former Intel Officials to Defend Besieged FBI Leaders

No longer a ‘lonely battle’: How the campaign against the Mueller probe has taken hold

North Korea declares latest U.N. sanctions ‘an act of war’ 

A package for Steven Mnuchin caused a bomb scare. It turned out to be filled with horse manure. 

Sanders: Trump should stop 'bragging' about Americans losing health insurance

Can net neutrality be a potent political issue for Democrats?

Trump's Christmas wish: 'We've got prosperity. Now we want peace'

Hours after signing tax bill, Trump reportedly tells friends: 'You all just got a lot richer'

Trump again lashes out at FBI acting director Andrew McCabe

Trump retweets image that appears to depict CNN's blood on shoe

Trump gives ACLU to American detained in Iraq
Pentagon must give access to American detained in Iraq

Despite Trump's hopes, US-Russia relations are getting chilly

Doubting the intelligence, Trump pursues Putin and leaves a Russian threat unchecked


Will the tax bill help or hurt Republicans in 2018? It depends on who’s talking.

Can salesmanship about the tax bill change the GOP’s midterms fortunes? 

Tax overhaul could benefit self-employed

GOP senator slams 'dubious' report on charitable giving

New year to be a challenge for Republicans in Congress

Congress braces for a chaotic January

Mattis to troops on North Korea: ‘storm clouds are gathering’

12 things we can definitively say the Russia investigation has uncovered so far 

Facing Republican attacks, FBI’s deputy director plans to retire early next year 

Dems see tax bill as giving them midterm advantage

Trump rails against deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, 'leakin James Comey,' and 'phony' Clinton investigation

Second appeals court rejects Trump request to delay transgender troop enlistment

Federal judge partially lifts Trump ban on refugees

Trump Travel Ban Dealt Blow by San FranciscoAppeals Court

New Jersey advocates assess Trump immigration plan that could split families

Trump signs tax plan and NJ companies raise minimum wage, boost benefits

Trump's tax law creates new challenges for IRS

Trump supporters greet tax law with shrugs and measured hope

Trump administration renews mining leases near Minnesota wilderness, reversing Obama 

Trump Vows to Kill 50 Years of Federal Health and Safety Protections

The Distrust That Trump Relies Upon

Ex-GOP lawmaker warns Trump: FBI attacks are 'gonna bite you in the ass'

Trump reportedly said all Haitians have AIDS, Nigerians have huts


Trump signs sweeping tax bill into law 

When Will the New Tax Plan Kick In?

5 things to do before Jan. 1 to lower your tax bill 

New rules set off rush to prepay taxes

Tax reform ‘going to hurt’ New Jersey home values, analysts say

The Republican tax bill will make it harder for states and cities to pay their bills. 

The tax bill should've been called The Inequality Exacerbation Act

Workers Won't Profit From Corporate Tax Windfall

Trump’s working-class supporters are about to pay the price 

Tax cut complete, hawks push for military increase

Republicans, fearing midterm disaster, seek course correction

McConnell takes aim at Bannon as he looks ahead to challenges facing Republicans in 2018 

The Republican Grovelling at the White House Was an Alarm Call for 2018

Is an anti-Trump wave ahead for GOP in 2018? Signs say yes

FBI thwarts ISIS-inspired Christmas terror attack on San Francisco

Government scientists blocked from the biggest meeting in their field 

Jewish and evangelical Americans are divided over plan to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem 

Officials: US agrees to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine

U.N. imposes new sanctions on North Korea over missile tests 

Shields and Brooks on how politics of 2017 will affect 2018

Politico: Dems 'Block Dozens of Trump Nominees'

The Memo: Impeachment fervor fuels Dem tensions

Trump signs sweeping tax bill into law 

Trump signs GOP tax plan and short-term government funding bill on his way out of town

Trump offers pens to media after tax bill signing

Trump claims companies are 'showering their workers with bonuses' following tax plan passage

Trump says US ‘foolishly spent $7 trillion in the Middle East

Trump predicts that Republicans 'will start working with the Democrats' on infrastructure

Trump Has Lost the Most Support in These States Since November 2016

President Trump lashes out at media for not covering his accomplishments

Trump praises conservative group Quoting Turning Point USA one day after reports surface alleging racial bias

5 ways Donald Trump has failed to 'drain the swamp'

Former U.S. Attorneys Warn Trump About 'Severe Repercussions' Of Firing Robert Mueller


The House passes spending, disaster measures Thursday to avert shutdown 

House votes to avert shutdown with approval of funding bill, and passes disaster aid package 

Senate passes stopgap spending bill, allowing Congress to avert partial government shutdown 

Government shutdown averted as funding deadline moved to January 19

What the Trump tax plan means for YOU
Tax Plan Calculator

34 things you need to know about the incoming tax law 

Taxpayers will have to wait to find out how they did under new legislation

Will You Be A Winner or Loser Under Trump’s Tax Plan? In 4 Updated Easy Charts

The Most Frightening Aspect of Trump’s Tax Triumph

In Tax Overhaul, Trump Tries to Defy the Economic Odds

Broken health-care pledge tests Collins-McConnell relationship

Congress votes to open Alaska refuge to oil drilling

Puerto Rico gov organizing Latinos to vote against Republicans in 2018

The Republican Party Has Bowed, Completely, to the Mad King

ICE approves plan to separate families at border: report

Mueller's Silence Cuts Through Noise of Trump Russia Inquiries

Double losses for the Affordable Care Act further complicate its future 

UN votes 128-9 to condemn US Embassy move to Jerusalem even after Haley's warning

U.N. resoundingly rejects U.S. decision on Jerusalem in pointed rebuke 

Pence pays surprise visit to Kabul 

Mattis gives US troops a pep talk at Guantanamo

Franken to resign in early January

Rep. Schiff: Reports Claiming Secret Probe Into FBI 'All Too Accurate'

After Alabama, Pollsters See Reasons To Expect A Democratic Surge

Clinton mulls role in 2018 midterms

Trump stands to save millions under new tax measure, experts say

Trump administration targets certain words, and the bureaucracy pushes back 

To curb illegal border crossings, Trump administration weighs new measures targeting families 

Judge dismisses lawsuit alleging Trump violated Constitution 

Trump signs executive order to expand critical minerals production, says it will end America’s ‘vulnerability’ 

Trump Stands Alone: Global Coal Giant Affirms Climate Change

Trump Twitter spreadsheet tracks “a perpetual campaign against the press”

Most Americans doubt Trump on Russia probe, while Mueller approval tilts positive

Trump says Obamacare is repealed as administration announces nearly 9M just enrolled


GOP tax bill passes Congress 

House approves tax bill, sending sweeping measure to Trump

White House, GOP celebrate passing sweeping tax bill

How Every Senator Voted on the Tax Bill

How Each House Member Voted on the Tax Bill

“Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”  (entire 1097 pages)

House Republicans Don’t Know Some Very Basic Facts About The Tax Bill They Wrote

The Republican tax bill was the easy part. The next debate could be much uglier. 

Trump, GOP take victory lap after passage of tax bill

Trump just admitted the GOP’s tax cuts were deceptively sold 

Tax bill heading to Trump's desk that even Republicans say could hurt New Jersey

13 ways you may get screwed in 2018, New Jersey

Senate passes Trump-backed bill shrinking your big tax break

Six reasons, besides bias, that explain negative media coverage of the Republican tax bill 

Meet some victims of the Trump tax plan

10 key takeaways from the Republican tax bill

Dozens of lawmakers stand to reap a tax windfall due to a GOP loophole

Political winners and losers from the Trump tax-cut bill

The GOP tax bill is business as usual in America’s unequal democracy 

The Republicans’ “Win” on Taxes Is a Loss for American Democracy

Ryan savors tax bill win, but coming fights could roil GOP

Paul Ryan says 'nobody knows' if tax bill will pay for itself

Americans have different ideas about what makes taxes ‘fair.’ But the GOP bill has something all sides oppose. 

The Daily 202: The tax bill is likely to become more popular after passage. Here’s how Republicans plan to sell it. 

Trouble brewing as GOP struggles with spending bill votes

House GOP leaders ditch government funding plan amid infighting

GOP leaders eye another shutdown-averting stopgap, punting big decisions into January 

Congress is dealing 2 big blows to Obama-era health law

Senate GOP pushes off ObamaCare bills until January

Congress Will Not Renew The Children’s Health Insurance Program This Year

Another poll spells trouble for the GOP in 2018 midterm elections

What exactly does 'not going anywhere' mean to Paul Ryan?

Republicans just passed a tax bill. Democrats think the GOP just signed its death certificate. 

Democrats ready year-long assault against tax cut package 

Democrats' 2018 advantage expands

Sen. Mark Warner warns Trump: Firing Robert Mueller would be a 'gross abuse of power'

Trump, GOP take victory lap after passage of tax bill

All 11 over-the-top speeches praising Donald Trump at Wednesday's tax celebration, ranked

Trump says GOP has 'essentially repealed Obamacare' with tax bill

Donald Trump Falsely Claims Tax Bill Means 'We Have Essentially Repealed Obamacare

Here's what Trump's tax plan means for blue collar workers making between $22,000 and $73,000 a year

Trump just admitted the GOP’s tax cuts were deceptively sold 

No tax cuts for Christmas? Trump might delay bill signing

Could Trump’s 2016 tax return be under audit already? 

In Cabinet meeting, Pence praises Trump once every 12 seconds for three minutes straight 

Trump threatens to slash aid to countries backing UN Jerusalem vote

Trump Security Strategy a Study in Contrasts

5.3 Million Puerto Ricans Will Take Revenge on Trump, Governor Says


Senate passes tax bill, pushing it closer to Trump's desk

Senate approves tax bill, sends it back to House for final vote

House forced to revote on GOP tax bill Wednesday

House will have to vote on GOP tax bill again

Republican tax bill slightly delayed over Senate snag 

GOP celebrates as final tax vote nears

The Hill Interview: McConnell: 2017 a great year for GOP

Poll: Public sours on GOP tax plan as Democrats regain lead on economy

New tax law: NJ middle-class families won’t come out ahead, expert says

Bad news, homeowners: Tax bill would end deductions for interest on home equity loans

Battle rages over tax rules for churches

Protesters storm Congress to fight tax bill, as cameras point elsewhere 

Tax Bill Calculator: Will Your Taxes Go Up or Down?

Will your taxes go up or down in 2018 under the new tax bill?

Here's how the final GOP tax bill would hit your wallet

Americans have already made up their minds about the tax bill — and it looks brutal for the GOP

GOP Tax Plan to Add Tightening Pressure in Asia, Goldman Says

Tax bill includes an incentive for US companies to invest in foreign manufacturing

Three looming worries for bankers in final tax reform plan

Tax reform unleashes latest round of DC deficit hypocrisy

The G.O.P. Tax Bill Is Unworkable

House eyes $81 billion disaster funding package as shutdown 

McCain more popular among Dems than Republicans, CNN poll shows

Abortion fight threatens Collins deal, risks shutdown

Senate panel rejects Trump's nominee to lead Ex-Im Bank

The Memo: GOP seeks lift from Trump economy

Impeachment looms over Dem choice on Judiciary

Al Franken’s ability to ‘un-resign’ may be possible

HR McMaster warns the US 'can't tolerate' a nuclear-armed North Korea

Ivanka Trump’s visit to Connecticut high school upsets parents

Trump, at last, looks to notch a legislative win with tax bill. But can he redirect his presidency? 

Trump Asks ‘How’s Your 401(k)?’ But Most Voters Don’t Have One

The International Incidents Sparked by Trump's Twitter Feed in 2017

Trump talked about rescinding Gorsuch’s nomination 

Neil Gorsuch just joined a long list of people not loyal enough to Donald Trump

James Clapper: Putin Treats Trump Like a Russian 'Asset'

Half of American voters think Trump should resign over sexual misconduct allegations

Trump White House 'temporarily' shuts down petition site after not responding to a single petition


GOP on precipice of major end-of-year tax victory

Republicans’ tax bill is limping across the finish line 

Trump, Republicans feel confident as they prepare for vote on tax bill

What’s in the Final Republican Tax Bill

The Final Version of the G.O.P. Tax Bill Is a Corrupt, Cruel, Budget-Busting Hairball

E.J. Dionne: The Republican tax bill is not just bad, it's corrupt

Tax Bill Calculator: Will Your Taxes Go Up or Down?

Bob Corker wants to know how a real estate provision wound up in final GOP tax plan

Want to know how the Trump-Republican tax bill will affect you? It's all here.

8 Winners and 5 Losers in the GOP Tax Bill

Half The Public Say Their Taxes Will Go Up Under GOP Plan

Here’s how to prepay your property taxes for next year before the GOP tax plan goes into effect

Will Americans learn to like the GOP tax bill?

Republicans are joining a festival of corruption 

After Trump bans words including ‘transgender’ at CDC, gay rights activists predict consequences for GOP 

Pence delays trip to Middle East 

Juan Williams: Ground shifts on immigration

U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution rescinding Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Judge orders feds to help two more 17-year-old illegal immigrant girls get abortions 

Trump judicial nominee withdraws after humiliating hearing

Trump labor adviser’s plan for cutting federal compensation, potentially even paid holidays 

Trump sets out national security strategy of ‘principled realism’ and global competition 

Trump releases 'America First' national security strategy

Five Takeaways From Trump’s National Security Strategy

5 things to know about Trump's national security strategy

Bucking Pentagon and intel agencies, Trump's security strategy omits climate change from list of major threats

Trump’s National Security Strategy Deserves to Be Ignored

The Daily 202: Trump risks losing what’s left of his populist street cred with GOP tax bill 

Champion of the ‘Little Guy’? Trump’s Actions Tell Another Story

Ann Coulter blasts Trump for not following through on campaign promise about huge tax loophole

Trump team’s meeting with Mueller’s office poised to ratchet up tensions 

Trump predicts exoneration in Russia investigation as allies fear a 'meltdown'

12/16/17 - 12/17/17

McCain, battling brain cancer, leaves Washington for Christmas break before contentious vote on tax bill

GOP, with tax bill finalized, makes its case to a skeptical public 

The essential tradeoff in the Republican tax bill, in one chart 

Flush with momentum, GOP speeds toward tax votes

On the eve of the tax vote, Republicans place a big bet for 2018

Republicans at state level fret over GOP tax overhaul

GOP chairman worried by Trump's stance on Russian interference

Three Trump judicial nominees stumble — with Republicans

Kasich: People are not happy with GOP being 'small, angry and narrow'

‘I don’t feel like this is for us’: In land of large families, deep uncertainty over impact of tax overhaul

GOP faces 5-day scramble to pass tax bill, avoid government shutdown 

Mnuchin: I can’t rule out a government shutdown 'two days before Christmas'

Poll: Half of voters want Democrats to control Congress

Furious Palestinians reject White House talk of Western Wall as Israel’s forever

Van Hollen on Russia probe: 'What is the White House afraid of?'

Jones promises he will consider voting Republican in the Senate

Dem senator: 'I wanted to be more involved' in GOP tax plan

Bernie Sanders: Taxes Will Go Back Up If Dems Retake Congress

Trump officials decline to extend ObamaCare sign-up deadline

Trump administration bans CDC from using these 7 words

Trump’s greatest mission: erasing Obama’s legacy

After Alabama loss, Trump has ambitious plans to campaign in 2018 midterms

Putin thanks Trump for CIA intel that foiled a planned terrorist attack in Russia

Trump: "My people are very upset" about Mueller obtaining emails

Trump says he won’t fire Mueller, as campaign to discredit Russia probe heats up 

How Fox News and President Trump create an anti-Mueller 'feedback loop' 


GOP unveils final tax bill as they ready for vote next week

The final GOP tax bill is complete. Here’s what is in it. 

READ: The final text of the Republican tax bill

Republicans unveil final version of tax bill

GOP tax bill: A look at the finalized brackets

Republicans have votes to pass tax plan after Rubio, Corker pledge support 

What key Republican senators are saying about voting for the GOP tax plan

Know Before You File: Tax Breaks for 2018

Colleges trash GOP tax bill, say it would hurt financial aid

Five Ways That the Republican Tax Bill Is a Giveaway to the Super-Rich

Michael Bloomberg: CEOs like me don't need the money the Trump-GOP tax bill provides | Opinion

New York's wealthiest are threatening a mass exodus because of the GOP tax plan

Once Unthinkable, Now Possible: Senate Looks Like a Tossup in 2018

Moore tells supporters 'battle is not over' in Senate race

Will Maine’s Susan Collins have a ‘House of Cards’ moment?

Shields and Brooks on GOP tax bill’s economic impact, Doug Jones’ Alabama win

After Trump and Moore, some evangelicals are finding their own label too toxic to use 

Kushner’s legal team looks to hire crisis public relations firm amid Russia probe 

Exclusive: Prominent lawyer sought donor cash for two Trump accusers

The Memo: Omarosa’s exit is headache for White House

The never ending battle over net neutrality is far from over. Here’s what’s coming next. 

Tillerson walks back offer of unconditional talks with North Korea

Report: Some White House officials deem Tillerson 'irrelevant'

Combatting Chinese Economic Coercion in the NSS

Report: Some White House officials deem Tillerson 'irrelevant'

Biden says he owes Anita Hill an apology

Trump lets off steam on a cloudy Friday in DC

Trump’s Biggest Win In 2017? His Judicial Confirmations.

Trump lawyers set for key meeting with special counsel next week

White House ‘cannot envision situation’ where Western Wall is not part of Israel

Poll: Most Say Trump Crossed Line with Russia Contacts

Trump’s Lies vs. Obama’s


Obstacles emerge as GOP races to tax finish

The Finance 202: Wall Street may not get absolutely everything it wants in GOP tax package 

GOP considers letting tax cuts for families expire sooner

Proposed tax for graduate students killed, student loan interest deduction saved in congressional bill 

Rubio to vote against GOP tax bill unless tax credit for working poor is expanded

Marco Rubio opposes current GOP tax plan; Mike Lee is undecided

GOP tax plan: How key senators will vote

VP Mike Pence delays Middle East trip as he could have to break tie on tax bill

Farenthold won't run for reelection

The Latest: GOP leader offers huge budget boost for military

Republicans turn wrath against Steve Bannon after Roy Moore’s loss

Just how much trouble are Republicans in? 

Paul Ryan 'soul searching,' possible he could leave Congress after 2018 elections

Paul Ryan Sees His Wild Washington Journey Coming to An End

The FCC just voted to repeal its net neutrality rules, in a sweeping act of deregulation

Trump's FCC votes to repeal net neutrality 

The FCC’s net neutrality rules are gone. Now this is what could happen to the Web.

EPA watchdog plans to investigate Scott Pruitt’s $25,000 secure phone booth 

Senator: Comey's remarks on Clinton probe heavily edited

Omarosa Manigault speaks out about WH exit: 'I have seen things that have made me uncomfortable'

Nazareth cancels Christmas celebrations to protest US move on Jerusalem

Promising to ‘Make Our Planet Great Again,’ Macron lures 13 U.S. climate scientists to France 

In Alabama, a Victory for Decency and a Loss for Trump

Trump will suspend a rule to limit a pollutant far worse than carbon dioxide

Trump, gold scissors in hand, cuts red tape at White House


Trump's daily briefings often don't include intelligence about Russia to avoid upsetting him

Doubting the intelligence, Trump pursues Putin and leaves a Russian threat unchecked

Trump’s deep insecurity about Russian interference, in stark relief

Trump, Putin speak by phone

Putin, Trump discuss N Korea in phone call

Comparing the ‘Trump economy’ to the ‘Obama economy’ 

Trump’s grade on the economy drops from A- to B

Fans of Trump’s friendliest news network are turning on him 

Iowa Poll: 60 percent of Iowans disapprove of Donald Trump's job performance

President Donald Trump tanks in Tennessee, new poll shows

Trump's poll ratings approaching new historic low: Richard Nixon's during Watergate

Trump's approval rating is
 sinking to unthinkable levels in places you'd never expect

Trump's approval rating hits lowest ever on the heels of Alabama disaster

3 Ways Trump's Narcissism Is Endangering America


Republicans reach compromise tax plan, expanding tax cuts for the wealthy 

Republicans reach a tentative tax deal; Trump says he'd sign a bill with 21% corporate rate

GOP strikes deal on Trump tax cuts

Okay, now Republicans’ tax bill is close to becoming reality 

Factbox: What is in the U.S. Republicans' final tax bill

Key details revealed in Republican tax deal

Republican tax deal is a monstrosity

Chuck Schumer wants GOP to delay tax vote until Doug Jones is seated

Alabama Election Results: Doug Jones Defeats Roy Moore in U.S. Senate Race

Doug Jones' apparent win makes the GOP's tax reform push even more urgent

8 numbers out of Alabama that should terrify Republicans

Republicans relieved by Moore loss in Alabama

Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama ends roller coaster few months for Colorado’s Cory Gardner

Shelby after Moore loss: GOP 'dodged that bullet'

‘A spiritual battle:’ How Roy Moore tested white evangelical allegiance to the Republican Party 

Winners and losers from the Alabama special election 

As Democrats add Senate seat, GOP left to cast blame over Alabama failure 

In Alabama, a lousy night for Republicans and a resounding defeat for Trump 

Ky. lawmaker accused of assault dies in apparent suicide

GOP doesn't want a shutdown, but no one can say how the showdown ends

The Daily 202: Six takeaways from Doug Jones’s stunning win in Alabama’s Senate race 

Alabama was supposed to turn Steve Bannon and Breitbart into kingmakers. Now what? 

Bannon's war against McConnell just lost its biggest battle

The FCC is voting to repeal net neutrality on Thursday. Here’s how to watch live.

Federal Reserve raises interest rates as U.S. economy powers ahead

Tillerson says US embassy unlikely to move to Jerusalem before 2020

Despite Tillerson overture, White House says not right time for North Korea talks

DOJ's Rod Rosenstein says he does not see a reason to fire Robert Mueller

Months-worth of FBI employees' texts dreading Trump victory released to Congress

In 'highly unusual' move, DOJ secretly invited reporters to view texts sent by ousted FBI agents

Trump: IRS confirms taxes will decrease Feb. if reform is passed

Trump’s chutzpah-laden Alabama debacle 

In Alabama, a lousy night for Republicans and a resounding defeat for Trump 

‘I would have won Alabama’: Trump spreads blame for Moore’s loss 

Tapper: Moore's loss is a huge defeat for Trump

Tapper: Third loss may haunt Trump later

Trump Administration Seeks to Slash Counterterrorism Funding

Trump Tweets Consumer Confidence Is at Record High, But It's Not

Trump plan to move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem angers Middle East Christians

'We Are in a Trump-Driven Worst-Case Situation Right Now'

John McCain to Trump: Lay off the 'fake news' claims 

Trump insider: 'It's painfully obvious Mueller will bring charges,' in explosive new report

Half Of American Voters Believe The Women Accusing Trump Of Sexual Misconduct


Alabama Senate results: Democrat Doug Jones declared winner over Roy Moore 

Democrat Doug Jones beats Roy Moore to claim deep-red Alabama Senate seat

Doug Jones’s victory scrambles the Republican congressional agenda 

Analysis: In stunning 2017 defeats, Republicans see vision of difficulties in 2018

GOP plan would stick millions with bigger tax bills—this chart shows your odds of getting hit

GOP eyes raising corporate rate to 21 percent, lowering top individual tax rate

Congressional Republicans in advanced talks to reduce the tax rate for top earners to 37 percent as part of final tax bill 

Why the Tax Bill's Errors Won't Be Fixed

Key GOP voice on immigration accuses bipartisan caucus of withholding a potential ‘dreamers’ compromise 

Sen. Grassley tells Trump to ‘reconsider’ two judicial picks

Senate Confirms Federal Judge Rated 'Not Qualified' To Serve

More Republicans in Congress criticize FCC's net neutrality plan

The Memo: Many in GOP are rooting against their own candidate

Either outcome in Alabama is a self-inflicted wound by Senate GOP 

Roy Moore holds lead in Alabama special election for U.S. Senate 

What I Saw Inside Roy Moore's Barn Burner

‘How is my daughter a pervert?’: Alabama dad’s plain-spoken rebuke of Roy Moore strikes a nerve 

Doug Jones declared victor in Alabama race for Senate; Roy Moore may seek recount 

Alabama's Doug Jones may not take office until 2018

Tillerson, in new overture to North Korea, says ready to talk without pre-conditions

National security adviser McMaster rips Russian 'campaigns of subversion'

Peter Strzok’s anti-Trump text messages handed over to Congress

Putin is outplaying Trump in the Middle East 

French President Macron trolls Trump at climate summit with ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’ awards

Jewish Agency chief: Reform criticism of Trump’s Jerusalem move was ‘terrible’

Trump attacks Gillibrand in tweet critics say is sexually suggestive and demeaning 

Kirsten Gillibrand hits back at Trump for 'sexist smear' after Twitter jab

Dems Accuse Trump of Unsavory Insinuations About Gillibrand

Inside Trump’s legal team: Trying to protect the president from Mueller’s ‘killers’ 

The Trump administration’s tax ‘report’ reads like fan fiction 

Shaheen, Hassan slam Trump but don’t call for him to step down

Diana DeGette joins dozens of U.S. House colleagues in seeking a congressional investigation of Donald Trump and sexual misconduct

59 female lawmakers call for Oversight probe into sexual allegations against Trump

Photos show Trump with accusers he claims he never met

These are the senators calling for Trump to resign over sexual misconduct allegations

Donald Trump Is an “Idiot” and a “Liar,” Americans Say in New Poll

Trump Administration Is the Most Corrupt Government Institution in the United States, Americans Believe

Top Senate campaign Dem to Trump: We'll make sure voters don't forget your support for Moore

Will Trump's lows ever hit rock bottom?


Republicans fret over tax bill's unpopularity

This week: GOP seeks to finish tax overhaul

Analysis: Speed + partisanship – precision = GOP tax bill

GOP tax cuts will pay for themselves — but only if other changes happen too, Treasury says

Sen. Chuck Grassley highlights the problems the GOP tax bill still faces

Report: GOP tax plans would limit taxpayers' ability to write off losses from wildfires

Republicans step up defense of ‘not qualified’ judicial nominees

Doug Jones victory could upend GOP agenda in 2018

Sen. Susan Collins 'Disappointed' That RNC Resumed Support For Roy Moore

Donald Trump, Roy Moore, and the Degradation of the G.O.P.

America Is Heading for an Unprecedented Constitutional Crisis

Microbes by the ton: Officials see weapons threat as North Korea gains biotech expertise 

Putin: US move on Jerusalem may ‘finish prospects’ for Israeli-Palestinian peace

Port Authority bomb suspect said attack was payback for violence in Gaza

New York explosion: Suspect in pipe bomb pledged allegiance to ISIS, officials say

U.S. not granting loan relief to defrauded students: inspector general

New CDC head faces questions about financial conflicts of interest 

Stelter: Is the Roy Moore race a referendum on the media? 

Obama campaigns for Doug Jones, but the Obama effect doesn’t always extend beyond Obama

Trump’s Jerusalem Policy Is More Ambiguous Than It Seems

Trump’s foreign policy driven by campaign vows, instinct and unconventional thinking 

Trump says the failed New York City bombing shows why Congress needs to pass his immigration agenda

Trump slammed for throwing insults at the media in the wake of attempted terror attack in NYC

Trump wants to send U.S. astronauts back to moon, someday Mars

Under Trump, EPA slows actions against polluters

Judge rules transgender people can enlist in military, denying Trump bid to delay deadline

The Trump-inspired mess that could result from Robert Mueller finding Trump broke the law 

It will take more than a visit to a museum for Trump to win over black voters

Is CNN Too Fair to Trump?

Trump angered by Haley saying his accusers 'should be heard': report

Trump accusers renew sexual misconduct charges against him, say it was ‘heartbreaking’ to see him elected 

Women detail sexual allegations against Trump

Trump accusers demand Congress investigate his alleged sexual harassment

4 Trump Accusers Call On Congress To Investigate Sexual Misconduct Claims

Clapper: Trump actions 'look like obstruction'

Donald Trump's #metoo moment is here

Trump Has Lost the Most Support in These States Since November 2016

Brain doctor: President Trump may be suffering from a ‘degenerative brain disorder’


As tax plan gained steam, GOP lost focus on the middle class 

Tax reform: 5 things they’re not telling you

‘Very, very scary’: 8.8 million Americans face big tax hike if Republicans scrap the medical deduction 

Senator says tax group in 'la la land' on GOP plan

Collins: I haven't decided on tax vote

U.S. Senator Collins says undecided on final tax bill vote

Five issues that could derail a spending deal

GOP senator: Moore would 'immediately' face ethics probe if elected

Comstock: It bothers me that Trump and RNC are supporting Moore

Shelby bucks his party and president to oppose Moore for Senate 

Shelby: Trump won't be the difference for Moore in Alabama election

Poll: Percentage of Americans Identifying As Republican Has Dropped Since Trump Won

Senators clash over direction of Russia, Clinton probes

Haley: Women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct should be heard

Media mistakes intensify debate over 'fake news'

Carl Bernstein: I wonder if we would have been fired today for mistake in Watergate story

Health Insurers See Higher Prices And A Big Mess Ahead Without The Obamacare Mandate

Arab foreign ministers blast Trump over Jerusalem

UN Security Council nations denounce Trump’s Jerusalem decision

Trump’s tweet on ‘special’ tax cut bill backfires

Trump accusers to unite for first time, demand congressional investigation into allegations


In White House, mood is perseverance amid the storm

Donald Trump Has Been Involved in 3,500 Lawsuits. These Were the Most Important

Trump Watches Up To 8 Hours Of TV Per Day


GOP lawmakers reconsider proposal to shrink corporate tax cut

Tax conference announces open meeting next week

Flake rebuts Trump: US doesn't have a 'sick' or 'rigged' system

Congress reeling from sexual harassment deluge

Trump critic John Kasich eyes 2020 presidential run, talks future of GOP

Roy Moore’s bid isn’t about Alabama — it’s about America

Alabama Senate race too close to call

NAACP to Hold Separate Event in Mississippi to Avoid Trump

Gaza death toll in U.S. embassy violence rises to 4 as Israel responds to rockets

Palestinians to snub Pence during visit over Jerusalem move

Mueller Says He'll Provide Manafort With 2,000 'Hot' Documents

What Russia did for Trump—A stream of stolen documents defined the campaign

Democrats are setting themselves up perfectly to pummel Republicans on sexual harassment in 2018

Trump’s visit to Mississippi Civil Rights Museum underscores national tension

Trump ignores backlash, visits Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and praises civil rights leaders

Angry protesters across Muslim world lash out against Trump over Jerusalem

It's a War on Hanukkah as Donald Trump did not invite Jewish Democrats to the White House party

Trump calls Romney ‘a great man,’ but works to undermine him and block Senate run

Trump is set to release his health records. Why not his taxes?

Donald Trump’s Approval Ratings Hit All-Time Low


GOP is set to pass a tax cut nobody likes, pushed by a president they like even less

House vs. Senate: The Tax Changes Up for Debate and How
Different Taxpayers Would Fare

Gary Cohn says GOP is working toward fixing one of the tax bill's biggest issues—deductions

The Trump tax cuts could be much worse than advertised

Maine’s Susan Collins was a health care hero, but now advocates are branding her a villain

Collins says she's reconsidering vote on taxes

Final votes by Sens. Collins and Rubio on GOP tax bill up in air if their conditions aren't met

Cory Gardner urged the Senate to expel Roy Moore, but there’s little talk of that among fellow Republicans

Ex-Breitbart spokesman Kurt Bardella leaves Republican party over its support of Roy Moore

Roy Moore's claim that America was 'great' during slavery resurfaces, sparking huge backlash

Like Trump, Moore breaking the rules of modern-day politics

How Republicans are immunizing their voters against whatever Mueller uncovers 

Conservatives ramp up attacks on Mueller

Yes, a government shutdown before Christmas is still possible

Inside the day that set in motion Michael Flynn’s guilty plea 

Hope Hicks reportedly contacted by Russians during Trump transition

Economy adds 228K jobs in November

Trump advisor Gary Cohn: 'We're still not growing wages in this country'

Shields and Brooks on Franken’s resignation, Trump’s Jerusalem 

Democrats’ Senate majority math is suddenly starting to add up

North Korea says war is near as the US doubles down with back-to-back bomber runs

Al-Qaeda urges attacks on US, Israel after Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem

5,000 Palestinians hold violent protests across West Bank, Gaza over Jerusalem

Trump Jerusalem move sparks more protests across Muslim world

Palestinians Reject Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

Trump signs bill to avert government shutdown for two weeks

Exclusive: White House doesn't foresee shutdown, Trump wants 20 percent corporate tax

Trump looks to boost Moore with Friday rally

Fake snow falls on Trump supporters after Christmas-themed campaign rally

Anti-Trump conservatives place $500,000 ad buy against Roy Moore

Email pointed Trump campaign to WikiLeaks documents that were already public

Poll Shows Trump’s Support Dropping Among White Evangelicals

10 Impeachable Trump Offenses That Hardly Anyone Is Talking About

Trump hails Jerusalem decision at White House Hanukkah party


House passes spending bill, sending measure to Senate to stave off shutdown

Senate backs bill to keep government open

Congress passes short-term deal to stave off shutdown, setting up late-December spending fight

Senate sends funding bill to Trump to avert shutdown

Collins considers changing vote on tax bill over amendments

Trent Franks resigns from Congress over discussion of surrogate motherhood

FBI director defends bureau’s integrity as GOP lawmakers press him on Trump, Clinton probes

More than a million children could lose their health insurance next year

The Closing of the Republican Mind

Ex-Ethics director to file second ethics complaint against Conway

7 Other Reasons Every American Should Be Worried About Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore

Doug Jones Is Just A Normal Polling Error Away From A Win In Alabama

Tillerson: Biggest Snag in U.S.-Russia Relations is Ukraine, Not Election Meddling

Palestinians clash with Israeli troops in protests over Trump’s Jerusalem speech

Abbas says Trump’s Jerusalem decision ends historic US role as peace broker

Canada-U.S. Trade Deal Possible If Nafta Fails, Trudeau Says

More details of Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting revealed

Michael Flynn Warning Led Trump to Fire Chris Christie From Transition Team, New Jersey Governor Says

Russian social media executive sought to help Trump campaign in 2016, emails show

Stelter: Fox's pro-Trump hosts are working overtime to discredit Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller Jumps Onto the Trump Money Trail

Schumer walks tightrope on shutdown, immigration fights

Dems seek moral high ground in fight over sexual harassment

Watch live: Franken speaks on Senate floor after calls to resign

Al Franken announces he will resign from the Senate

Franken and Franks resign as misconduct charges batter Congress

After cutting taxes, Trump looking to localities to raise revenue for infrastructure

White House: Tentative deal reached on defense spending

On eve of Trump visit, Mississippi blacks say he’s brought back troubles of the past

Trump’s richest friends are asking for changes to the GOP tax plan, and he’s listening

'It's insane': White House insiders question Trump's grasp of Jerusalem fallout

Doesn’t Trump ever get tired of losing so much?


GOP leaders considering 22 percent corporate tax rate as deadlines near, sources say

House tax positions begin to emerge ahead of talks with Senate

Among the Tax Bill’s Biggest Losers: High-Income, Blue State Taxpayers

NJ Politics Digest: Gottheimer, Lance Try to Save SALT Deduction

Experts are starting to find massive errors in the GOP tax bill after it went through Congress at lightning speed

Government shutdown would hurt economy

GOP leaders tamp down opposition to shutdown strategy

A national sales tax is coming

Ryan pledges 'entitlement reform' in 2018

Ryan says Republicans to target welfare, Medicare, Medicaid spending in 2018

House passes concealed carry gun bill

GOP and Dems bitterly divided by immigration

Republicans hammer Mueller, FBI as Russia investigation intensifies

GOP strategist donates to Alabama Democrat

Heads of Jerusalem churches deliver last-minute plea to Trump

Arabs, Europe, UN reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

‘It’s catastrophic’: U.S. allies reject Trump’s Jerusalem pronouncement

US, Israel gird for backlash as Trump Jerusalem move roundly condemned

Bannon riles up Moore’s backers, and pokes at Mitt Romney

Stumping for Roy Moore, Steve Bannon Spits Fire at Mitt Romney

Robert Mueller Subpoenas Deutsche Bank Over Trump Accounts in Russia Probe

Flynn told former business associate that Russia sanctions would be ‘ripped up,’ according to congressional witness

Whistleblower: Flynn texts broached nuclear plan, sanctions

Scott Pruitt's year of environmental destruction

Avalanche of Democratic senators say Franken should resign

Their patience had worn incredibly thin': How the dam broke on Al Franken

Al Franken expected to resign amid sex harassment claims

Dems look to use Moore against GOP

President Trump Gives a Statement on Jerusalem

Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital

The Memo: Five takeaways from Trump's Jerusalem speech

Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in policy shift that could spark unrest

With Jerusalem Move, Trump Sabotages His Own Mideast Peace Process

Trump’s actions could rip Jerusalem apart

The Biggest Loser in Trump's High-stakes Jerusalem Embassy Decision: Netanyahu

Finally, a President Who Looks at Jerusalem Logically

The Memo: Trump rolls the dice on Jerusalem

Trump's North Korea Sanctions Are Failing As Kim Jong Un Does Business With Dozens Of Countries

Trump rips Dems a day ahead of key White House meeting

Trump again elevates shutdown threat, even as tensions ease on Capitol Hill

Trump says Democrats’ stance on immigration could prompt government shutdown

Trump says government shutdown could happen Saturday

Trump Disbands Federal Climate Resilience Panel

I’m not going to ‘let evil win’: Patagonia’s billionaire owner says he plans to sue Trump

What an Absolute Disaster

Trump hits highest approval rating since September in new poll


House GOP leaders slam a last-minute business tax addition to the Senate tax bill

Tax win will embolden GOP to gut health care for the most in need

Republicans Meet to Merge Tax Plans as Corporations Fret

Quinnipiac: Only 29% of Americans approve of GOP tax plan


House GOP delays work on funding bill amid conservative demands

Right scrambles GOP budget strategy

The race to fund the government is on

GOP leaders agree to consider Dec. 30 spending bill

Right scrambles GOP budget strategy

House Republicans introduce 2-week stopgap to fund government, children's health insurance program

Immigration in spotlight as budget battle intensifies

Senate confirms Kirstjen Nielsen to head Department of Homeland Security, installing a close ally of John F. Kelly

Flake donates $100 to Doug Jones campaign: 'Country over Party'

Jeff Flake's devastating indictment of his Republican Party, in 11 quotes

Divisions in both parties over spending raise risks of a shutdown on Friday

Rep. Conyers retires amid sex misconduct allegations, endorses son as successor

Roy Moore's Spokesperson Just Brought His Senate Campaign to a New Low

Is a Senate seat really worth this?

Is Trump Scaring Voters? Republican Affiliation Dips in Year Since Election, Poll Shows

Gary, Ind., is the newest front in the sanctuary city battle

Russia probe tests Pence in-the-dark defense

Tillerson: U.S. hasn’t had ‘any wins on the board’ in foreign policy

Deportations Of Noncriminals Rise As ICE Casts Wider Net

Wall Street Journal goes to bat against FBI and Robert Mueller for Trump

Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in policy shift that could spark unrest

White House: Jerusalem embassy move a 'recognition of reality'

Five things to watch in Trump's Jerusalem speech

Trump says GOP tax plan is becoming 'more popular.' It is still deeply unpopular, polls say

From taxes to health care to NAFTA, President Trump has forgotten his 'forgotten people'

Trump's lawyer sparks intense debate on obstruction of justice

The White House’s latest fallback: Who cares if Trump colluded with Russia?

Trump greeted by thousands of Utah protesters, some who blocked downtown Salt Lake City streets and faced off with cops in riot gear

Five American Indian tribes, furious over Trump shrinking Bears Ears on his trip to Utah, sue the president

Trump likes to take credit for trends that began before his presidency — and we can prove it

Dan Rather rips Trump’s ‘unrelenting’ attacks on media bias, likens him to ‘bad oysters’

The simple reason Donald Trump endorsed Roy Moore

Trump's Approval Rating Plunges Among Young Voters—Even Republicans

Trump could join Obama in the $1 trillion deficit club

Mike Pence’s Wife Thinks Donald Trump Is ‘Reprehensible’ and ‘Totally Vile’


Moore victory is no victory for the GOP and the nation'

RNC reinstates support for Moore after Trump endorsement

The RNC is funding Roy Moore’s campaign again

Here are the tax plan differences the House and Senate still need to figure out

Republicans’ tax bill still has some major hurdles to get over before it becomes reality

Tax bill on its way to conference committee, but not without a hiccup

Here’s the problem with high-speed tax cuts

House Republicans Already Shooting Down Tax Bill’s Promises

How the tax bill just made it significantly more dangerous to be a woman in America

13 ways the tax bills would affect people: Senate and House differ on key points

Not all businesses like the GOP tax cuts. Just ask some big local industries

In a pro-Trump area, many are skeptical of GOP tax plan

What happened when North Carolina cut taxes like the GOP plans to for the country

This week: Congress seeks to avoid a shutdown

GOP Medicaid work rules imperil care for opioid abusers

Lindsey Graham Warns War With North Korea Is Imminent

Lawmakers seek end to taxpayer-backed sexual harassment settlements

Woman shares new evidence of relationship with Roy Moore when she was 17

Juan Williams: The GOP has divided America

As Trump comes around to Roy Moore, what will the Alabama outcome mean for Senate Republicans? 

Prosecutors: Manafort wrote op-ed with colleague in Russia

Prosecutors say longtime Manafort colleague has ‘ties’ to Russian intelligence

Mueller just abruptly reversed course on his bail agreement with Manafort

Mueller urges judge to deny Manafort's request to lift house arrest

What Flynn’s plea could mean for Kushner and Israel

Trump's lawyer says he was behind President's tweet about firing Flynn

The president ‘cannot obstruct justice,’ Trump’s lawyer says

2 big holes in Trump lawyer John Dowd’s explanation of that disastrous tweet

McMaster: National security team ‘not missing a beat’ because of Trump controversies

U.S. defense chief urges Pakistan to redouble efforts against militants

Arab warnings mount as U.S. suggests move to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel

Supreme Court allows full enforcement of Trump travel ban while legal challenges continue

Trump ally: ‘Robert Mueller poses an existential threat to the Trump presidency’

The Daily 202: Botched damage control efforts keep making the Russia scandal worse for Trump

Frustrated Trump lashes out at FBI

Trump rips FBI over treatment of Flynn, Clinton

As Trump attacks FBI, top Democrat points to obstruction probe

Trump formally endorses Roy Moore despite sex allegations against the Alabama Senate candidate

Trump really will shrink government, starting with national monuments

Schumer and Pelosi will meet with Trump after canceling previous meeting

Donald Trump’s “Fake News” Tactics

Trump Is Not to Blame for the Devastating Republican Tax Bill

Trump accuser: 'It's not shocking' Trump would doubt 'Access Hollywood' tape

There are many ways that Donald Trump can cease being president. One path is far superior to all 


Top GOP senator: House and Senate 'not that far apart' on tax bill

Senator predicts Congress will wrap up tax work in two weeks

McConnell predicts unpopular tax bill will be a winning issue for GOP

McConnell: 'Impossible' to promise every member of middle class gets a tax cut

Collins on support for GOP tax bill: I want to see what comes out of conference committee

GOP Senator Implies Those Who Aren't Millionaires Waste Money On 'Booze, Women'

Mulvaney: I doubt there will be 'significant change' to White House view on corporate taxes

‘This is class warfare’: Tax vote sparks political brawl over populism that will carry into 2018 elections

The biggest political scandal of our time is the national debt

McConnell: There will be no government shutdown

Defense hawks warn spending fix could hobble military

Mitch McConnell backtracks three weeks after saying Roy Moore should drop out: 'I’m going to let the people of Alabama make the call'

Graham: If anyone knows whether there was collusion, it's Flynn

Comey back in the spotlight after Flynn makes a deal

Five takeaways from Flynn's guilty plea

Former GOP House Intel chairman: I believe Comey's testimony is 'credible'

Here's how much the Mueller investigation has reportedly cost so far

FCC's net neutrality repeal sparks backlash

McMaster: Trump not giving up on Mideast peace amid video backlash

Palestinians to Kushner: Peace process ends if Trump backs Israel on Jerusalem

Bush ethics lawyer: Trump lawyer should be disbarred if he wrote Flynn firing tweet

Trump Claims Russia Probe Is Fake News But 'Every Week Another Shoe Drops' Says Top Democrat On Senate Intelligence Committee

‘I never asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn’: Trump goes on tweetstorm about the FBI

Trump says he has nothing to fear from Flynn, then stokes new controversy with tweet

Yates rips Trump over FBI tweet: What's in 'tatters' is his respect for rule of law

FBI agents and James Comey fired back after Trump called their integrity into question

‘I don’t think it’s going to help’: In a pro-Trump area, many voters are skeptical of GOP tax plan

Trump secretly changes staffers’ assignments given to them by Kelly: report

Trump urging Hatch to run again in Utah to block Romney from Senate: report

Protesters spell out 'Go Home Trump' on Utah Capitol lawn ahead of Trump visit

Are Trump's reckless tweets actually a danger?

Billy Bush in NYT op-ed: Trump indulging in 'revisionist history' over 'Access Hollywood' tape

Billy Bush to Trump: Yes, you said that

Trump could be forced to testify on sexual-harassment allegations — and if he lies he could be impeached

Corey Lewandowski Dishes on Trump’s Rants, Meals, and Elton John Obsession During Campaign


Senate passes Republican tax plan in major win for Trump and party leaders

Senate Republicans pass massive, radical social engineering project they call a tax bill

How McConnell kept Republicans in line to win Senate tax bill

Why Republicans who once fought budget debt now embrace it

Oil drilling in ANWR moves ahead as part of Senate tax bill

Winners and losers in the Senate GOP tax bill: A running list

Republican Tax Bill Could Hurt U.S. Military, According to Top Generals

What does the Senate tax plan mean for you?

How an unequal tax cut grew more unequal

Senate GOP repeals ObamaCare mandate

Here are 7 differences Republicans must resolve
between their tax bills

The Biggest Sticking Points Between Senate and House Tax Bills

Trump waffles on size of corporate tax cut, hours after Senate GOP passes bill that met his demands

House conservatives cast doubt on GOP leaders' shutdown strategy

Democrats fume over ‘absurd’ GOP tax bill full of last-minute handwritten edits

The Passage of the Senate Republican Tax Bill Was a Travesty

Alabama race is neck and neck, with voters divided over Roy Moore allegations, poll finds

Inside the secretive nerve center of the Mueller investigation

Top FBI official assigned to Mueller’s Russia probe said to have been removed after sending anti-Trump texts

Kushner reportedly told Flynn to contact Russians over anti-Israel UN resolution

Trump waffles on size of corporate tax cut, hours after Senate GOP passes bill that met his demands

In apparent shift, Trump tweets he fired Flynn for lying to FBI

Trump says Flynn's actions during presidential transition were 'lawful'

Trump: I’m not worried about Flynn’s guilty plea

Trump, asked about Flynn plea, says 'absolutely no collusion'

Top Trump transition official in private email: Russia 'has just thrown' the election to Trump

Legal experts: Trump's tweet could lead to obstruction of justice charges

Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea Sends Donald Trump’s Lawyers Scrambling

Trump’s campaign: Big Macs, screaming fits and constant rivalries


CBO: Senate tax bill increases deficit by $1.4 trillion

Senators vote down Rubio-Lee child tax credit expansion

GOP defeats Schumer bid to delay tax vote

Senate GOP releases new version of tax bill ahead of vote

Heritage Act will 'key vote' Senate GOP tax overhaul

The final tax bill Democrats got from Republicans is covered in handwritten notes — and senators are complaining it's unreadable

GOP tax plan includes special break for conservative college

The Latest: Bill would help pay for private school tuition

McConnell works to salvage tax bill

McConnell says Senate has the votes to pass GOP tax bill

Top GOP senators say they have the votes to pass tax bill

GOP leaders win two key votes for tax legislation

Sen. Jeff Flake to give key vote backing GOP tax bill. The Arizona Republican says he was promised 'dreamers' would be protected.

Corker to vote no on GOP tax bill

As the Senate nears a vote, it’s worth remembering how far from the norm this tax-reform push has been

GOP eyes post-tax-cut changes to welfare, Medicare and Social Security

President Trump says the tax bill will ‘cost me a fortune.’ That’s false.

Contradicted by deficit study, Republican tax plan in disarray

The Senate’s Official Scorekeeper Says the Republican Tax Plan Would Add $1 Trillion to the Deficit

A Capitol Hill Scorekeeper Eviscerates the G.O.P.’s Tax Math

Senate panel advances $3.4 billion plan to dramatically expand benefits for veterans’ caregivers

How tax reform could push more states to legalize marijuana

House Republicans’ divisions threaten plans to avert government shutdown

Oh dear, California will decide who controls the House of Representatives

Chris Wallace on how Flynn's guilty plea will play out

Shields and Gerson on Michael Flynn’s Russia probe 
cooperation, GOP’s tax bill calculation

Robert Mueller just penetrated the White House gates with Michael Flynn’s guilty plea

Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI, is cooperating with Mueller

Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI in Mueller probe

So, What Did Flynn Give Mueller?

ABC News: Flynn Prepared to Testify Trump Directed Him to Contact Russians

ABC News corrects bombshell Flynn report

Flynn reportedly ready to testify that Trump ordered him to contact Russia

Kushner reportedly instructed Flynn to contact Russia

Flynn said to have acted in consultation with Kushner, transition team on contacts with Russian ambassador

Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea Pulls Vice President Pence Closer To Russia Spotlight

Listen: How ex-Trump allies started facing legal problems and today's latest news

Kellyanne Conway under federal investigation after ethics complaint

Tillerson under pressure after White House plan leaks

Russian Parliament plans to ban American journalists

Roy Moore Undermines Winning Republican Coalition

Trump White House caught off guard by Flynn plea

What was Trump so afraid of? Flynn may finally tell us.

The New York Times - Flynn’s Guilty Plea Caps a Bumpy 10 Days For Trump

Trump trip to UK reportedly pushed off after anti-Muslim tweet dust-up

Donald Trump Is Singlehandedly Wrecking the Special Relationship

The LGBT community feels slighted by Trump’s World AIDS Day proclamation

Trump to deliver speech declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel: Report

Trump to hold rally in northern Florida ahead of Alabama special election: report

Listen: A turning point in the Trump presidency, and today’s latest news

President Trump to cut Bears Ears National Monument by 85 percent, Grand Staircase-Escalante by half, documents show

Trump to donate part of his salary to combat opioid addiction

President Trump says the tax bill will ‘cost me a fortune.’ That’s false.

Trump may need his own 'presumption of innocence,' lawyer says


The Senate tax bill has hit a snag, votes to continue Friday

Senate close to a vote on tax reform: Live updates

Senate leaders push tax debate into Friday

As Senate tax vote nears, GOP leaders scramble for votes

Drama: GOP senators hold up tax vote

Inspector general launches inquiry into whether Treasury hid Republican tax bill analysis

How Medicare could see a cut thanks to the Republican tax plan

Marco Rubio wants to make a huge change to the GOP tax bill — and Trump won't like it

McCain a yes on tax reform, boosting Republicans

Collins: Health-care fix will pass before tax bill

GOP to reduce tax relief by $350B to win over deficit hawks

The Tax Bill’s Automatic Spending Cuts

The Tax Bill Is a Health Bill

The Finance 202: Trump and GOP blowing through yellow lights on way to massive tax overhaul

Three reasons Republican senators will end up without real tax reform

House conservatives won't back spending bill with ObamaCare payments

Six things Coloradans should watch in the Senate tax bill

CEOs don’t buy the trickle-down promises of the tax bill

Republicans Insist Tax Cuts Will Benefit Workers, But CEOs Have Other Plans

Estimated deficits and debt under the Chairman’s amendment in the nature of a substitute to H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Senate Republicans consider a future tax increase in their tax bill after report shows current measure drives up deficit by $1 trillion

I’m a Depression historian. The GOP tax bill is straight out of 1929.

Senate women: Rules on harassment must change

Roy Moore's Absurdity Knows No Bounds

A Key Intelligence Advisory Board Has No Members

White House readies plan to replace Tillerson with Pompeo at State, install Cotton at CIA

Intelligence veterans blast Tom Cotton as pro-torture, 'partisan,' and 'wholly unfit' to lead the CIA

Do Not Let Tom Cotton Anywhere Near the CIA

Trump judicial pick didn’t disclose 16,000 ‘provocative and disturbing’ online posts

Schiff: Sessions Won't Say If Trump Tried to Hinder Russia Probe

Ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort agrees to $11.7 million bail deal, lawyer says

Dow closes above 24,000 for first time, S&P 500 hits record high

Dan Rather on Trump-Appeasing Republicans: ‘History is Not Going to Judge These People Well’

Top Democrats call on Conyers to resign over sexual harassment allegations

Israel expects Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital within days

The Finance 202: Trump and GOP blowing through yellow lights on way to massive tax overhaul

Trump judicial pick didn’t disclose 16,000 ‘provocative and disturbing’ online posts

Trump's spread of British far-right group's anti-Muslim videos draws condemnation in U.S. and abroad

State Dept. warned White House about possible increased threats after anti-Muslim tweets

‘I’m just waiting for a call from the White House with an apology.’ Britain’s ‘wrong’ Theresa May speaks out.

Britain furious, Trump unapologetic as fallout swells from anti-Muslim videos

The Trump administration cancels a plan to curtail the use of cluster bombs

This is getting worse

Donald Trump is a psychopath, suffers psychosis and is an 'enormous present danger', says psychiatrist

Joe Scarborough Says He Was Told Trump Has Early-Stage Dementia, Calls on Cabinet to Remove Him

Susan Collins: 'No Reason To Be Concerned' That Trump Is Unhinged


Senate rushes tax bill forward, but Republicans split over key details

Senate GOP votes to begin debate on tax bill

Senate GOP advances tax bill toward vote later this week, but changes are still being made

Senate hits another roadblock in push for GOP’s tax-reform plan

What Republicans say when asked why their tax bill benefits the rich most of all

New Evidence the GOP Tax Bills Tilt Toward the Wealthy


4 popular deductions the GOP tax plan would end

Here's what the Senate Republicans' tax plan means if you're making $25,000, $75,000, or $175,000 a year

The GOP Tax Cuts Are Even More Unpopular Than Past Tax Hikes

Even With ‘Fixes,’ The GOP Tax Cut Plan Would Likely Damage Health Care

Some GOP senators aren't happy about the tool being used to win Corker's tax vote

The CBO just released a report that should worry Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski

Senate GOP to increase passthrough deduction to 20%

A Republican Tax Scam Advances

Trump opens GOP eyes on tax reform

Chances for government shutdown rising

John McCain, families of Code Talkers slam Trump over ‘Pocahontas’ jab

Congressional press office yanks RT's credentials

New missile test shows North Korea capable of hitting all of US mainland

Conservative pressure on Sessions grows

Jeff Sessions: Justice Dept. reviewing marijuana policies

HHS nominee Alex Azar testifies on government role in lowering drug costs

Fed Chair Janet Yellen calls on Congress to adopt policies to stimulate economic growth

As advisory role grows in Afghanistan, so does risk to U.S. troops

How abortion could tip the scales in Alabama

Democrats divided over possible Conyers resignation

Trump pledges new wave of ‘major sanctions’ on North Korea after call with China’s Xi

Missing North Korea Strategy

Trump opens GOP eyes on tax reform

Trump resurrects Moore and embarrasses McConnell again

Trump retweets inflammatory and unverified anti-Muslim 

Trump's Disgusting Retweets Suggest a Larger Problem Is Brewing

Sioux Leader To Trump: 'Leave The Office You Bought And Take Your Swamp Things With You'

The true cost of Trump’s basketball intervention in China

Coal country criticizes Trump's repeal of Obama-era carbon rule

Lawsuit seeks details of Trump administration’s policies on surveilling journalists

Trump Is Commander-in-Chief of the War on Mainstream Media

Is Trump’s ‘alternate reality’ built on lies … or something even worse?

Listen: Trump puts 'Art of Deal' into practice

‘Art of the Deal’ co-author: Trump ‘losing his grip on reality’

Trump's behavior raises questions of competency

Trump veers past guardrails, feeling impervious to the uproar he causes


Why are Republicans in such a rush to pass tax reform? To outrun the truth.

How the Senate tax bill affects rich and poor, in three charts

Senate GOP leadership speak out after meeting with Trump

Senate Republican tax plan clears hurdle with help from two key GOP holdouts

Senate committee advances GOP tax bill, moving closer to floor vote

The Melting Republican Opposition to Tax Cuts

This is the GOP's big gamble on tax reform

Senate Republicans Could Pass Tax Bill By Week’s End


Chances for government shutdown rising

Democrats have already won the tax reform battle

Democrats pull out of White House meeting with Trump

Voters increasingly skeptical of allegations against Roy Moore in Alabama Senate race

North Korea’s latest missile launch appears to put U.S. capital in range

North Korea fires another ballistic missile

North Korea says new missile capable of reaching entire US mainland

Tillerson 'offended' by claims of U.S. State Dept's hollowing out

How Jerome Powell can save the Fed from Trump

Trump’s Fed chair nominee says Wall Street regulations are ‘tough enough’

Foreign lobbying law open to exploitation

Saudi Arabia Is Freeing a New Batch of Former Gitmo Detainees

Trump's chaotic day ends with key Republican tax win, North Korean missile launch

Trump calls North Korea's ballistic missile launch 'a situation that we will handle'

US court rejects bid to block Trump from appointing interim CFPB head

A make-or-break week for Trump

Trump and Democrats trade insults to start tense month of negotiations on year-end priorities

Trump: 'I don't see a deal' to avoid government shutdown

On Trade, Trump Puts Corporate America First

Inside the tweet that broke Trump's day, again

Trump Once Said the ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape Was Real. Now He’s Not Sure.

'Access Hollywood' slams Trump’s questioning of 2005 tape: 'The tape is very real'

CNN's Don Lemon Unloads On Trump Over Racist Insults In Epic New Takedown


Congress returns to nightmare December

Two Republican senators threaten to vote against GOP tax bill

Second Republican senator announces 'no' vote on tax legislation

Rand Paul: 'I plan to vote for the Senate tax bill' despite problems

The Hill's Whip List: Where Republicans stand on Senate tax bill

Any 3 of these 6 Republican senators could kill the tax GOP bill

Wavering GOP senators must face three hard truths on tax reform

GOP lawmaker uses fuzzy math to make case for small-business tax cuts

Lowest-income Americans would take bigger hit than first thought under Senate GOP tax bill, CBO says

In Tax Debate, Gift to Religious Right Could Be Bargaining Chip

Is a GOP win more important than tax plan unpopularity?

Judd Gregg: Tax reform and the debt

Five health-care fights facing Congress in December

Congress has two months to act or 75,000 kids and pregnant women in Colorado will lose health insurance

Congress poised to jam through reauthorization of mass surveillance

House panel to weigh bill expanding gun rights

Goodbye, Republican Congress

John Kelly's former top aide plans to launch a write-in campaign in Alabama against Roy Moore

Right-wing plant tries, fails to dupe the Washington Post with a false Roy Moore story

Michael Flynn’s role in Mideast nuclear project could compound legal issues

Mulvaney settles in at nation’s top consumer watchdog agency

Showdown over top post at key watchdog agency

He Raised Drug Prices at Eli Lilly. Can He Lower Them for the U.S.?

John Conyers' sexual harassment case could upend the entire political landscape

Sen. Al Franken refuses to resign, hopes ‘to learn from my mistakes’

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, longtime advocate for immigration reform, is set to retire, Democrats say

Where Is the Prevention in the President’s Opioid Report?

Trump's latest media targets: CNN and Time

Trump attacks media in his first post-Thanksgiving tweet

Trump blasts Warren as ‘Pocahontas’ while honoring Native Americans

Trump is confronting a major embarrassment by backing Roy Moore — and he seems to know it

A key witness in Mueller's Russia probe had 'a lengthy conversation' with Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Trump’s pick for consumer watchdog bureau orders freeze on hiring and rule-making

Trump is reportedly suggesting the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape was fake news. He should talk to 2016 Trump.

Stelter: This is how Trump shades the truth

Stelter: Why Trump's media attacks are still shocking

Retired general launches remarkable attack on Donald Trump: 'I have wasted 40 years of my life'

CNN's Blitzer fights back against Trump's attack

Trump attacks press, endorses conspiracy blog


GOP leaders in advanced talks to change tax plan in bid to win over holdouts

Despite skeptical public, GOP pushing ahead on tax-cut plan

Senate GOP tax bill hurts the poor more than originally thought, CBO finds

Graham: Failure 'not an option' on taxes

Graham: Trump throwing 'a lifeline' to Moore

GOP senator: Trump should ask Moore to step aside in race

Dem lead in generic ballot polls worries GOP

Carly Fiorina on sexual harassment claims rocking Washington

Congressman Calls Trump 'An Idiot' For Using Egypt Mosque Attack To Promote Border Wall

Former Joint Chiefs Chairman: 'Sad Kelly Supports Trump No Matter What'

Rex Tillerson Is Making the State Department A Lot More White


James B. Comey tweeted about freedom of the press — minutes after Trump attacked CNN

Clock ticking down on NSA surveillance powers

Speier: Congressional reporting system for sexual harassment 'set up to protect the harasser'

Conyers steps aside as ranking Democrat on Judiciary Committee amid ethics probe of sexual harassment claims

Ivanka Throws Gasoline On Roy Moore's Race, Daddy Livid As Dems Capitalize With Ad

CFPB deputy director sues Trump to block Mulvaney from interim leader position

Trump, opponent set up power clash at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Carly Fiorina slams Donald Trump, lawmakers for politicizing sexual misconduct

Trump continues to boost Roy Moore’s Senate bid as other Republicans keep distance

President Trump Vigorously Endorses Roy Moore

Trump draws criticism for position on Roy Moore

Trump lashes out at Democrats over Russia investigation

For Trump, GOP tax bill could have big downside

Trump touts 'big week for tax cuts' as Senate GOP nears critical vote

What's Dangerous About Donald Trump's Foreign Policy?

Trump promotes conspiracy mill website that lauded his achievements

Dan Vallone: Trump has made a habit of appeasing thuggish leaders rather than defending democracy


GOP tax bill draws fire from AARP, universities

GOP bets that tax bill will unlock corporate cash overseas

GOP’s Fridge Promise on Taxes Has Some Seeking Cold, Hard Facts

Why the GOP Tax Bill Is So Unpopular

Grover Norquist talks hurdles facing GOP tax plan

Hidden in GOP tax bill: A plan to turn churches into dark-money spigots

The GOP’s Lonely Deficit Hawks Just Might Kill the Trump Tax Cuts

Could the battle for the GOP’s soul leave Republicans unelectable?

Trump’s defense of Moore compounds split in GOP

Mueller might be the one who’s ‘draining the swamp’

Anger at Mueller burns hot on the right

The shrinking profile of Jared Kushner

Immigration reform won’t stop ISIS

CNN employees respond to Trump after latest attack on network

Former Bush speechwriter: Trump's tweets are a 'direct attack' on the safety of journalists

Fear of Trump crackdown haunts undocumented immigrants

Trump tells Turkish president U.S. will stop arming Kurds in Syria

Trump calls for crushing terrorists with military means

Trump picks fight with CFPB, calls agency a ‘total disaster’

Trump's $1.4 Trillion Tax Cut Is Entering Its Make-or-Break Week

How December Could Make or Break the Trump Presidency

A look at Trump’s on-again-off-again love affair with Time magazine

Angry driver tries to cut into Trump’s motorcade

Trump lashes out at CNN, calls Fox News 'MUCH more important'

Trump’s defense of Moore compounds split in GOP


Republicans are repeating a reckless cycle

Will a Corporate Tax Cut Lift Worker Pay? A Union Wants It in Writing

Why this is the worst time for deficit-financed tax cuts

States prepare to shut down children’s health programs if Congress doesn’t act

Congress has handed Trump a historic presidential victory

Republican retirements give Democrats hope for election wave

Democrats seize on tax plan’s inequities

Poll: Franken's Approval Rating Plummets

Militants kill 235 at Sinai mosque in deadliest assault on civilians in Egypt

Manafort flight records reveal numerous trips to Russia: report

How Jeff Sessions Plans to End Medical Marijuana Before the Year Is Over

Pruitt kicks out professors, researchers under federal grant money rule

Flynn could prove to be key asset in Mueller's US campaign probe, sources say

The White House gives a green light to sexual harassers

Five things to watch in the new Keystone fight

Shields and Brooks on sexual misconduct plaguing politics, GOP 

Trump to head to the Hill next week

Trump calls for 'Wall' and 'Ban' after Egypt attack

Trump Admin. Has New Chance to Target Abortion Funding

Abortion providers brace for new Trump funding fight

Trump vows to repeal and replace ObamaCare 'disaster'

Why Trump should be nervous, but not panicking, after Michael Flynn’s lawyers cut off communication

President Trump is getting outvoted by the mayor of Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulin Cruz, in Time's Person of the Year poll

Time fires back at Trump after 'Person of the Year' claim

Trump blasts NFL chief for ceding ‘control’ to players amid anthem protests

Donald Trump's DC is a chilly place


Expiring provisions threaten to upend promised tax relief

The GOP tax plan got a triple whammy of brutal reviews

Twin GOP tax plans will erode domestic spending

A new analysis shows the Senate GOP tax bill fails a key test that would prevent it from passing

Poll: Economists Unanimous That Debt Would Balloon Under GOP Tax Plan

Will the Government Shut Down in December Over Immigration Reform?

Sen. Flake: President 'Made Big Mistake' Supporting Roy Moore

'If it was my daughter, I'd break his face': Republican lawmaker and former Navy SEAL unleashes on Roy Moore

Congressman on tape tells woman he would report her to Capitol Police because she could expose his secret sex life

Congressional Russia Probes Likely to Head Into 2018

‘Keep coming at me guys!!!’: Donald Trump Jr. meets Russia scrutiny with defiance

Schumer Opposes Gas Tax Hike to Fund Infrastructure Plans

Report says North Korea’s nuclear target list includes White House

Keystone XL Approval Brings High Risk, Few Jobs to Nebraska

Mueller probe grinds on, with no end in sight

Moves by Michael Flynn’s legal team suggest he may be cooperating with special prosecutor: Report

Justices to weigh cell phone privacy in landmark case

Trump in Thanksgiving message: 'The enthusiasm in this country has never been higher'

Trump's Thanksgiving Call to Troops Was 'Insulting,' Retired Lieutenant General Says

Trump Credits Troops and Himself for Military Successes

Trump Tells America “POST THIS!” As He Prepares To Eliminate Equal Internet Access

Trump divulged to Russia details of a daring Israeli raid in Syria — report

Trump replies ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!’ to tweet about his attacks on African Americans

Trump calls ICE union chief after complaints of betrayal

After ditching Paris, Trump’s team has another big international climate decision to make


Senate releases tax bill text ahead of ‘unusually fast’ vote

The Finance 202: There is something very strange about the GOP tax plan

Senate tax bill could undermine tax-harvesting robo-advisors

House Republicans have a little-known plan to raise taxes on teachers by $2 billion

Tax Reform Is Gonna Eat My Lunch!

How the Trump tax cuts will affect you

Worried about moves to tax tuition waivers, Utah graduate students rally against GOP tax plans

Tax Reform Is Gonna Eat My Lunch!

Obamacare is thriving despite GOP attempts to kill it

Actuaries warn Congress mandate repeal would increase premiums

GOP rep apologizes for lewd photo shared on Twitter

Roy Moore campaign refuses to substantiate claims about accuser

Trump, Senate GOP at odds over Roy Moore

Key GOP senator breaks his promise on judicial nominees

Jeff Sessions orders review of gun background check system

Why It’s Harder To Take Down Sex Abusers In Washington Than In Hollywood

Roy Moore’s Communications Director Resigns

Facebook will show users what Russian propaganda they liked or followed

Tax reform is the biggest business story of 2017 for CFOs

Obamacare enrollment tops 2 million with less than one month to go before big deadline

Why Keystone pipeline approval is 'tragically shortsighted and stupid'

Trump looms large in AT&T antitrust battle

Trump's FCC moves quickly to upend internet, media rules

Trump, Senate GOP at odds over Roy Moore

'I'm the only one that matters': Trump is leaving holes in his government

Trump uses sports to score political points amid legislative struggles

Trump lashes out at NFL again: Keeping teams in locker room 'almost as bad as kneeling'

Trump deems LaVar Ball, father of UCLA player, an ‘ungrateful fool’

Donald Trump's LaVar Ball tweets cross a line — even for him

Trump says man who helped convict Klan members in church bombing case is ‘soft on crime’

President Trump and accusations of sexual misconduct: The complete list


Establishment GOP conflicted over potential Moore win

Ex-RNC chair: Trump's comments on Roy Moore 'beyond stupid'

NJ Politics Digest: Lance Has ‘No Reason to Disbelieve’ Trump Accusers

House Ethics panel announces probe of Conyers

Trump’s tax plan would shaft 11 million taxpayers

Don't be fooled: Republicans aren't simplifying the tax code

Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski announces support for repealing individual mandate, a potential boost to tax overhaul

House GOP tax plan would fall $1.3 trillion short of paying for itself, study finds

Economic growth would not pay for Senate tax cuts, analysis says

Fight erupts over tax credit for 'orphan' disease drugs

Congress barreling toward explosive immigration fight

‘It is intentional sabotage’: Utahns rally against Republican tax-reform bills

The Federal Reserve is primed to do a very foolish thing over the Republican tax bill

Facing 'hard decisions,' health centers plead for restored funding

Poll: Moore, Jones neck and neck in Alabama Senate race

The Daily 202: Seven reasons to be suspicious of the DOJ lawsuit to stop AT&T from buying CNN

Trump campaign adviser Carter Page held high-level meetings with Hungarian officials in Budapest

White House military personnel removed amid investigation into contacts with foreign women during Trump’s Asia trip

Rex Tillerson’s secret survival weapon

U.S. diplomats accuse Tillerson of breaking child soldiers law

Keystone Pipeline Leak Underscores Danger of Fossil Fuels

FCC plan would give Internet providers power to choose the sites customers see and use

Rural Democrats, left for dead, see an opening in Pennsylvania

Trump-Vladimir Putin speak for 'more than 1 hour' on terrorism, North Korea, Syria

Trump’s tax plan would shaft 11 million taxpayers

Trump all but endorses Roy Moore

Trump on Roy Moore: 'We Don't Need a Liberal Democrat' in Seat

Ex-RNC chair: Trump's comments on Roy Moore 'beyond stupid'

Federal judge says Trump administration can’t stop funding sex-reassignment surgeries for military members

Trump's NAFTA trade war may derail some small-business manufacturers

Trump's latest move on North Korea is confusing experts

Mission impossible: How an old US law could scotch peace talks before they start

President Trump speaks on AT&T-Time Warner deal: 'not good for the country'

The Daily 202: Seven reasons to be suspicious of the DOJ lawsuit to stop AT&T from buying CNN

61 percent of Americans say Trump should be impeached if his sexual harassment allegations are true

Donald Trump’s tweets about Russia investigation ‘could be an obstruction of justice’


Alabama election has GOP racing against the clock

Why evangelicals are again backing a Republican despite allegations of sexual misconduct

For some GOP women, the ultimate women’s issue right now is the GOP tax plan

Here’s the incredibly unpopular GOP tax reform plan — in one graph

The Finance 202: The competing demands of GOP senators could doom tax overhaul

Here are the Senate Republicans who will decide the fate of the tax bill

Who stands to lose in the GOP tax bill?

Will Cutting the Health Mandate Pay for Tax Cuts? Not Necessarily

The Republican War on College

The Senate just made it a lot easier for Trump to appoint federal judges, over Democrats’ objections

Sen. Lamar Alexander: I like GOP majority, but problems n...

Mueller just requested new documents from the DOJ that could spell trouble for Trump and Sessions

The Justice Department is suing AT&T to block its $85 billion bid for Time Warner

Rex Tillerson denounces anti-LGBT violence on Transgender Day of Remembrance

DHS inspector general: Travel-ban confusion led agents to violate court order

FBI informant gathered years of evidence on Russian push for US nuclear fuel deals, including Uranium One, memos show

Opioid-Crisis Cost Revised to $504 Billion in Sixfold Surge

Keystone XL pipeline clears major hurdle

The politics of sexual harassment revelations

Trump puts North Korea back on state sponsors of terrorism list to escalate pressure over nuclear weapons

As clock ticks on tax bill, White House signals a compromise

Here’s why the Trump administration may actually want Congress to pass a new authorization for military force

59,000 Haitians living in U.S. must leave within 18 months, Trump administration says

Donald Trump Hammered for Hypocrisy on Sexual Assault

Federal judge rules Trump defunding sanctuary cities 'unconstitutional on its face'

Trump White House Goes After White People On Welfare

President* Trump Hears Mueller Knocking

Donald Trump is playing zero-dimensional chess (again)

Report: McMaster called Trump an "idiot" at a private dinner

Donald Trump's national security adviser calls him a 'kindergartner'


Two GOP senators say Roy Moore shouldn’t run for office

GOP senator: Capitol Hill's sexual harassment reporting protocol is 'totally inappropriate'

Senate GOP running out of options to stop Moore

Mulvaney: Accusations against Moore 'credible'

Marc Short: Trump would be campaigning for Roy Moore if he wasn’t ‘concerned’

Flake on hot mic: GOP 'toast' if we become the party of Trump, Moore

Collins: Sexual harassment allegations against Trump ‘remain very disturbing’

Collins still weighing tax bill: 'I think there will be changes'

Lisa Murkowski saved Obamacare. But here's why she may not abandon Republicans on taxes

GOP Tax Bill Is The End Of All Economic Sanity In Washington

Mick Mulvaney defends GOP tax bill (full interview)

Trump administration officials use Sunday news shows to lie about GOP tax bills

Mnuchin: 'I don't know' if individual tax cuts will extend beyond 2025

GOP governors facing 2018 conundrum: Trump

Texas Republicans slam White House over disaster relief request

Alabama's biggest newspapers urge voters to 'reject Roy Moore'

Will Roy Moore's anti-media campaign work?

Lin-Manuel Miranda to Trump: 'We still need your help' in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Unity March draws demonstrators in rally for disaster aid

Kushner under scrutiny in Russian probe

Kushner's attorney accuses Senate panel of 'gotcha game' over documents request

A long winter’: White House aides divided over scope, risks of Russia probe

Special Counsel sends wide-ranging request for documents to Justice Department

Democrats see backlash over Republicans’ tax bill as a key to winning in the suburbs

Report: Trump open to dropping healthcare provision in tax bill

Trump says he should have left UCLA players in jail

Lin-Manuel Miranda to Trump: 'We still need your help' in Puerto Rico

White House struggles to explain Trump’s silence on Moore allegations

Reports: WH Warns 29 Sanctuary Cities to Comply to Get Aid

The Supreme Court has emerged as a critical partisan lever for Trump and Moore

Trump and WikiLeaks: Five things to know

Jewish Home minister threatens to bolt coalition over Trump peace plan

Speier: Trump would lose election in today's sexual harassment climate

Why the press is reexamining claims against Trump

Trump impeachment: House must act now to keep our Republic


The Shocking Math of the Republican Tax Plan

The Difference Between the House and Senate Tax Bills In One Simple Chart

GOP defends Trump judicial nominee with no trial experience

Ad encourages GOP rep to vote no on tax bill

Senate bill would impose new privacy limits on accessing NSA’s surveillance data

Senate Dems Launch Bill to Block Refugee Ban: 'No Real Danger to America'

Jared Kushner is accused of withholding information

US may close PLO’s DC office over Abbas urging ICC to prosecute Israelis

Questions loom over Franken ethics probe

US nuke commander says he would resist ‘illegal’ Trump launch order

4 Veterans Share Their True Feelings About the NFL National Anthem Protests

Trump to take fight over DACA documents to Supreme Court

Trump risks hypocrisy charges with Franken attack

Trump's New Conflict of Interest Could Involve Paying Off Officials To Not Talk About Russia

Trump and WikiLeaks: Five things to know

LaVar Ball says Trump did nothing for his son and his UCLA teammates in China

Trump aides only show him positive polls: report 


Republicans are still a long way from their tax bill becoming reality

The Republican Tax Strategy: Speed, Subterfuge, and Diversion

Tax Overhaul Drama Moves to Senate as House Approves Its Bill

Senate advances tax bill — but some Republicans have problems with it

The 13 House Republicans who voted against the GOP tax plan

Family leave tax credit added to latest GOP tax bill

Senate Republicans Slip 'Flimflam' Paid Leave Proposal Into Tax Bill

‘Don’t spew that stuff on me’: The debate over whether Republicans’ tax bill will only help the rich, in one heated video

Mnuchin says only 'million dollar' earners will pay higher taxes—TaxPolicyCenter and others show otherwise

Who Really Gets a Tax Increase if the Individual Mandate Goes Away?

House passes tax bill but faces skeptical public

The tax-cut package is extremely unpopular, and it's not hard to see why

The Finance 202: 'Biggest tax cut in American history' isn't popular with many Americans

Forget tax reform. The looming government shutdown could be an even bigger disaster for GOP

Free trade is becoming more popular — especially among Republicans

Most Americans say Trump and Republicans responsible for any future problems with Obamacare, poll finds

Middle-Class Families Confront Soaring Health Insurance Costs

Medicare 'Part B' premiums to rise next year for many

Coast Guard says it’s $900 million short after ‘all-hands-on-deck’ hurricane response

Keystone pipeline shut down after spilling 5,000 barrels of oil in South Dakota

The curious journey of Carter Page, the former Trump adviser who can’t stay out of the spotlight

Donald Trump Jr.'s 2016 trip to Paris for lunch with Moscow-linked couple remains a puzzle

The media is giving up its place in our democracy

Shields and Brooks on sexual misconduct in politics, Republican 

Roy Moore scandal ignites fundraising explosion for Democratic challenger Doug Jones

Alabama Governor Plans To Vote For Roy Moore Despite Sexual Assault Accusations

Trump puts elephant trophies decision on hold following criticism

Trump halts big-game trophy decision

Trump’s silence on Roy Moore is deafening

The Term 'Hypocrisy' Doesn't Even Do It Justice

As sex scandals topple the powerful: Why not Trump?

President Trump Is the Biggest Liar the White House Has Ever Seen, Historian Says

Poll: Trump job approval hits new low


House passes sweeping tax bill in huge victory for GOP

House Republicans Pass Tax Bill

The House just passed its big tax bill. Here’s what is in it.

The House just passed a $1.5 trillion tax bill that’s brutal for poor people

Home builders, Realtors oppose House-passed tax reform package

Trump tax reform threatens historic tax credit that preserved Des Moines buildings

Former Pentagon chiefs to Congress: If you’re serious about defense, don’t pass current GOP tax bill

House passes GOP tax bill, upping pressure on struggling Senate effort

House Republicans pass tax plan, Senate plan's future unclear

Senate tax bill would cut taxes of wealthy and increase taxes on families earning less than $75,000 by 2027

GOP tax bill would spike Obamacare premiums nearly $2,000 for families, trigger Medicare cuts

How Medicare could see a cut thanks to the Republican tax plan

Republicans need to 'call Sen. Johnson's bluff' and add more middle class tax cuts now

Alabama GOP rebuffs pressure to abandon Roy Moore

If Roy Moore pulls off Senate win, expelling him is no slam dunk for McConnell

Franken releases new statement, calls for ethics investigation of himself

McConnell: Ethics Committee should review Franken allegations

Republican senators urge White House to back off on adding end date to NAFTA

Report: Mueller Issued Subpoena To Trump Campaign For Russia Documents

Trump's Campaign Foreign Policy Team Under Mueller's Microscope

Russia has deployed a banned nuclear missile. Now the U.S. threatens to build one.

DHS official resigns after comments criticizing blacks for ‘laziness,’ ‘promiscuity’ came to light

Meet the powerful group behind Trump’s judicial nominations

US ambassador ‘confident’ Trump will move embassy to Jerusalem

America Can’t Win Great-Power Hardball

Democrats scramble to contain Franken fallout

Senate Dems Leave No Room For Ambiguity In Denouncing Al Franken

Trump’s ‘Tremendous Success’ Abroad Is Overstated

China appears to have crossed Trump on North Korea

Trump’s Answer to Global Warming? Drill, Baby, Drill!

Trophies from elephant hunts in Zimbabwe were banned in the U.S. Trump just reversed that.

Why Cozying Up to Trump Works

Trump's FCC paves way for media consolidation

Trump’s Homeland Security pick is caught up in a conflict of interest complaint

The Daily 202: Trump voters have buyer’s remorse in North Carolina focus group

Taxpayers pay legal bill to protect Trump business profits


Republicans Slap an Expiration Date on Middle-Class Tax Cuts

Republicans’ risky attempt to repeal the Obamacare individual mandate with their tax plan

The Finance 202: Senate GOP is gambling bigly by rolling back individual mandate in tax package

Every Tax Cut and Tax Increase in the House G.O.P. Bill and What It Would Cost

Those Republican tax cuts will become tax hikes

Republicans Explain Why They Want Permanent Tax Cuts For Corporations But Not People

Trump's top economic adviser can't contain his surprise after CEOs say his tax plan won't make them invest more

Johnson says he will not support tax-reform bill

These House Republicans Could Cause Problems For The Tax Bill

Sen. Cornyn on opposition to tax bill, Roy Moore scandal

Elite colleges with fat endowments are on the defensive as the GOP drags them into a D.C. tax fight

GOP senators seek to 'gut' ACA via state waivers

Why Jeff Sessions may be the GOP’s only Alabama option: Protest votes for Roy Moore

GOP hopes Trump will save Alabama Senate seat

The GOP’s problematic decision to believe Roy Moore’s accusers but not Trump’s

Two more women describe unwanted overtures by Roy Moore at Alabama mall

Congress Questions Trump’s Exclusive Hold on the Nuclear Football

State Department’s plan for staff cuts causing new worry in Congress

Mueller puts spotlight on foreign lobbying

Lawmakers Slam Tillerson’s Bungled State Department Reforms

Richard Cordray is stepping down as head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Tone-deaf Mnuchins pose for money shot

Poll: 95 Percent Support Universal Background Checks for Gun Purchases


Some states reluctant to join DOJ against AT&T-Time Warner deal

Blue Dogs oppose GOP tax package

House Dems introduce articles of impeachment against Trump

Trump gives remarks on Asia trip

The 5 things we learned from Trump’s Asia trip

Trump said he would strike one-on-one trade deals. That’s not happening.

The New TPP May Sink Trump’s Other Trade Dreams

Trump Administration Plan to Add Medicaid Work Requirement Stirs Fears

Three UCLA basketball players held in China are suspended indefinitely and offer apologies

Do Americans Even Care That the President Lies This Much?

North Korean state newspaper announces 'death sentence' for Trump


House GOP moving full speed to get tax reform done by year-end

House panel sets up floor debate on GOP tax reform bill

Senate GOP tax bill will include repeal of ObamaCare mandate

GOP chairman releases modifications to tax bill, including mandate repeal

Republican tax bill could slash $25 billion from Medicare, CBO says

If Trump's new tax plan passes and you make $500,000 a year, you're about to get slammed

3 tax changes that would affect homeowners

A Republican senator finally admitted what's needed to fix the tax bill — and Trump won't like it

Senate Tax Bill Makes Millionaires Eligible For Child Tax Credit

The GOP tax bill is no place to attack reproductive rights

Haste on Tax Measures May Leave a Trail of Loopholes

Ryan: House to mandate anti-sexual harassment training

Ryan: House to mandate anti-sexual harassment training

Mitch McConnell Presses Roy Moore to Step Aside, Says ‘I Believe the Women’

National Republican move against Roy Moore grows — but key Alabama Republicans are not joining in

GOP megadonor Adelson publicly breaks with Bannon

Stock surge raises pressure on GOP to deliver

You want to see how to stand up to Trump?

Sessions grilled by lawmakers from both parties

Sessions: 'No clear recollection of the details' in Papadopoulos meeting

Sessions: 'I've Always Told the Truth'

The huge contradiction at the heart of Jeff Sessions' Russia explanation

Jeff Sessions: We're investigating 27 leaks of classified information

Judiciary chairman hints at dissatisfaction with Sessions

What Tillerson must do on his trip to Burma

Air Force faces serious 2,000-pilot shortage

Were those Russian social media ads powerful enough to influence us? Let’s look at the evidence.

Dems to launch new impeachment push on Wednesday

Dems find an unlikely attack dog on Russia

Apologies to Eric, But There's a New Dumbest Trump

Trump in Asia: A break from the past but uncertain results

Trump’s Asia trip was mostly free of incidents — until it wasn’t

Trump Is Causing Conflict by Playing Peacemaker

Tracking how many key positions Trump has filled so far

Trump faces big choice on Moore’s fate

President Trump has made 1,628 false or misleading claims over 298 days

President Trump slams Obama on US-Philippine relations

Trump brags about poll showing majority of Americans disapprove of his job performance



GOP mobilizes against Moore

McConnell: Roy Moore should step aside

Senate GOP campaign chairman calls for Moore to be expelled if he wins

How the Roy Moore scandal raises GOP concerns for 2018

John Kasich on Roy Moore, Democrats and 2020 (Full)

Tough decisions loom as congressional GOP moves closer to tax-cut plan

Trump calls for major last-minute changes to GOP tax plans

Senate tax tweak would curb pretax 401(k) catch-up contributions

Analysis says Senate bill would hike taxes for 13.8 million

The Finance 202: House aims to pass tax overhaul this week as businesses urge caution

Silicon Valley is freaking out about this provision in the Senate tax bill regarding stock options

Juan Williams: GOP is shackled to Trump

John McCain uses Trump's favourite insult against him after he fails to raise human rights with Duterte

Can Senator Corker Save the State Department?

Sessions considering second special counsel to investigate Republican concerns, letter shows

Another Woman Says Roy Moore Sexually Assaulted Her As A Teen

Woman accuses Moore of sexually assaulting her at 16

Roy Moore allegations prompt reflections on fundamentalist culture in which some Christian men date teens

Mueller has been quiet about his investigation. But his org chart is revealing.

The Secret Correspondence Between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks

Trump Jr. corresponded with WikiLeaks during 2016 Presidential campaign

Trump to visit Capitol Hill amid tax-reform push

Trump calls for major last-minute changes to GOP tax plans

The Daily 202: Six ways Trump’s Putin comments on Asia trip erode U.S. credibility

Trump praises his 'great relationship' with Duterte, ignores questions about human rights

Trump asks China's Xi to intervene in case of detained UCLA players

A year after Trump's election, coal's future remains bleak

Coal miners frustrated as Trump administration suspends health study

Trump’s plan for dealing with domestic terror is missing in action

Trump nominating Azar as next HHS secretary

Trump’s comments create a lose-lose position for Justice

Rewatch the emotional moment between a veteran and President Trump in Vietnam


GOP nears initial victory on tax reform

GOP leaders bullish tax bill will pass the House this week

McConnell to NYT: I 'misspoke' on tax increase for middle class in Senate plan

Key GOP chairman: House will not accept 'total elimination' of property tax deductions

Toomey: 'No good reason' to subsidize high-tax states

Mnuchin: House and Senate tax bills have 'absolute same objectives'

How your tax bracket could change in 2018 under Trump's tax plan, in 2 charts

More than 400 millionaires tell Congress: Don’t cut our taxes

Real estate groups ready to battle GOP on tax proposals

Fight over paid leave heating up in Congress

GOP retreat from Moore intensifies

GOP senator: Moore denial not as strong as the allegations

Toomey calls on Moore to step aside: 'Accusations have more credibility than the denial'

Top Dem calls on Trump to speak out about Moore

White House officials distance themselves from Roy Moore

Former U.S. intelligence officials: Trump being ‘played’ by Putin

Clapper: 'Naive' to think Russia has best intentions toward US

Brennan: Trump called us hacks to delegitimize intelligence report

John Kelly says he doesn’t 'follow' Trump's tweets

Middle ground lost to 'negative partisanship'

Why Alabamians don't trust the Post on Moore

Roy Moore's former colleague says it was "common knowledge" he dated teens

Trump calls Putin sincere, ex-U.S. intelligence heads ‘hacks’

Trump clarifies Putin comments: 'I'm with our agencies' on election meddling

Trump seeks to strike diplomatic balance with Philippines' Duterte

Trump lands in Philippines, offers to mediate on S.China Sea

North Korean insults to U.S. leaders are nothing new — but Trump’s deeply personal reactions are

The 29 most eye-popping lines from Donald Trump's press gaggle in Vietnam

Twitter Trump undermining Teleprompter Trump?

Trump team said finally drafting its Middle East peace plan

Looking Confused, President Walks Into Vietnamese Dinner Wearing Only Pajamas


Republicans had a great week on taxes. Or did they?

The Republican Tax Plan Is Doomed, But It's Still Worth Gawking at in Amazement

GOP rushes to cut ties to Moore

Cassidy pulls endorsement of Moore

Roy Moore’s refusal to exit Alabama Senate race reflects diminished power of Washington

Alabama Governor May Delay Election to Deal With Roy Moore Allegations

Trump judge nominee, 36, who has never tried a case, wins approval of Senate panel

McCain blasts Trump: 'There's nothing 'America First'' about believing Putin

World leaders reach agreement on trade deal without United States: report

US joins calls for return of Lebanon’s PM from Saudi Arabia

Stephen Curry opens up on protests, respecting veterans and Donald Trump

A top secret desert assembly plant starts ramping up to build Northrop's B-21 bomber

James Comey tweets about 'truth' and 'lies' after Trump lashes out at him

Speculation grows around Flynn and Mueller probe

CNBC's Ron Insana: 'Deeply Flawed' Trump Tax Plan Hurts 'Average' Americans

Trump's big, beautiful tour of China

Trump to Asia: Unite on North Korea, but Go It Alone on Trade

Trump says Putin again denied meddling in election and is ‘insulted’

‘He means it’: Trump appears to take Putin’s denial about election meddling at face value

‘He said he didn’t meddle’: Trump talks with Putin about U.S. elections and Syria in brief interactions