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Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Presidential Announcement Full Speech 


Jeb Bush speaks out about gun laws, GOP race

Bush Offers Plan to Repeal, Replace Health Care Law

Day on the Trail: Jeb Bush looks to gain ground

The Shows

Can Jeb Bush reignite his presidential bid in 2016?

Jeb Bush sees conservatism at stake in ‘16

One-on-one with Jeb Bush after the GOP debate

Jeb Bush spars with Donald Trump supporter over foreign policy

Jeb Bush swipes at Trump, doubles down on ideas of reform

Bush upbraids Trump at New Hampshire Republican forum

Norm Coleman: Jeb Bush is 'the man with the plan'

The GOP debate winner was. . . Jeb Bush?

After sixth-place finish in Iowa, Bush looks ahead to primary

PolitiFact: Jeb Bush says Americans consume vast majority of addictive painkillers

Bush TV ad spending in N.H. hasn’t paid off in polls

George W. Bush to stump next week for brother Jeb

Attack on Bush legacy a risky strategy in S.C.

Christie donor backs Jeb Bush

***Jeb Bush withdraws from 2016 Presidential Race***

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson Presidential Announcement Full Speech



My Turn: Reporters should cover issues, not candidates

Education is the fundamental principle of what makes America a success

Ben Carson's MTP Interview

Ben Carson doesn't see 'a political path forward'

Carson signals end to run

***Ben Carson withdraws from 2016 Presidential Race***

Governor Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie Presidential Announcement Full Speech  (C-SPAN)


NJTV News Special Report: 2016: The Christie Campaign

Chris Christie Rand Paul’s To Blame if There’s Another Terror Attack Fox News Sunday FULL Interview

Christie says he'll be in top 10 at debate time

Christie auditions for America’s “enforcer” in new TV spot

Is Christie being trumped as 'tell it like it is' candidate?

"Every Life" Christie New NH TV commerical

Chris Christie Lays Out His Strategy for CNN's GOP Debate
(Christie's  interview with Megyn Kelly)

Gov. Chris Christie: 'The Pope is wrong'

It's About You

Watch: Chris Christie's wise, humane comments about how America gets drug addiction wrong

Gov. Christie on missing cut for FBN's prime-time debate

Chris Christie weighs in on Ben Carson scrutiny

It's Time To Have A President Who Sees The World As It Really Is, Not How He Wishes It Would Be

Christie on Syrian refugees I would not take in any, not even orphans under the age of 5

"New" Seems Fabulous, Until The Moment Comes When You Need Experience

Nothing Left Unsaid

New Hampshire Union Leader endorses Christie

Christie: All I Know Are The Facts. It Didn't Happen.
(Interview on CNN)

Why Chris Christie is showing up in Iowa

My Turn: Christie’s history proves he is weak on Islam

Chris Christie Calls Obama Petulant Child Over Gun Executive Action "He wants to act as a King"

Governor Christie on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

These Challenging Times Demand A Grown-Up

Anger Alone Is Not A Solution

It Would Be Irresponsible To Split The Party And Give Hillary Clinton The White House

I Am Ready To Unite Our Party

Christie eager to ‘prosecute the case’ against Clinton

We’ve Got To Change The System So Folks Aren’t Confronted With The Ugly Truth

Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Chris Christie address N.H. House

Gov. Chris Christie on Opportunities for People with Disabilities

TRUE HEART EPISODE TWO: Have You Ever Cried In Office?

Chris Christie’s 82-Year-Old Dad Has Become His Most Effective Super-Volunteer

Chris Christie day on the trail: The comfortable campaigner

Chris Christie Goes on Epic Rant over "Protected and Coddled" Rubio's "Drive-By" Campaigning in NH

Video - True Heart Episode 3: I'm Asking For Your Vote

Christie bounces between fiery and patient with voters as primary nears

Chris Christie: Employee Town Hall at DYN in Manchester, NH

Chris Christie going home to 'take a deep breath'

***Chris Christie withdraws from 2016 Presidential Race***

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Presidential Announcement Full Speech (C-SPAN)


Special Message from Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz at Washington, D.C. Rally to Stop This #Iran Deal

Ted Cruz: Consistent. Conservative. Trusted.

Ted Cruz at the Values Voter Summit

Ted Cruz on America's Newsroom

Chuck Todd on Meet the Press: “The Cruz moment is coming”

Ted Cruz will join Sean Hannity 10/13/15 on Fox News

Ted Cruz Said Republican Leadership Are 'Effective' Democrats On Meet the Press 10-18-15 '

Ted Cruz on the O'Reilly Factor

Ted Cruz on the Laura Ingraham Show

When the Media Attacks, Ted Fights Back!

Ted Cruz Discusses the #CNBCGOPDebate with Sean Hannity

Ted Cruz on the Steve Deace Show

Ted Cruz Discusses His Simple Flat Tax Plan on the Hugh Hewitt Show

Ted Cruz: Voters are Looking for a Proven Conservative who will Fight for the American People

Ted Cruz on the Lead with Jake Tapper
Saturday, November 14, Ted Cruz will appear on Fox and Friends on Fox News, so be sure to tune in at 9:40 am ET

Ted Cruz Discusses the Paris Terrorist Attacks on Fox and Friends

Let's Debate, Mr. President.

Cruz: GOP voters looking for 'strongest proven conservative'

Congressman Jim Bridenstine: Ted Cruz is ready to be our Commander in Chief

We wanted to let you know that Ted Cruz will join Sean Hannity tonight 12/1 on Fox News at 10 pm ET. Be sure to tune in and tell your friends!
Cruz focuses on 'positive, optimistic, conservative message'
Ted Cruz: People are fed up with the 'Washington cartel'

Trying to Seal the Deal: Ted Cruz Hits the Road

See Ted Cruz in NYC December 9, 2015

Senator Ted Cruz on National Security

My Turn: Cruz has best blueprint to move nation forward

Ted Cruz Secures Trifecta of Key Iowa Endorsements

It’s Cruz, not Trump, who looks more like favorite to win GOP nomination

Congressman Steve King on New Day - December 14, 2015

Ted Cruz with Sean Hannity after the CNN #GOPDebate

Cruz: Obama, Hillary, Dems out of touch with American people

Ted Cruz: 'I will utterly defeat radical Islamic terrorism'

Ted Cruz with Mark Steyn on Hannity - December 21, 2015

The #CruzCountry Christmas Tour Visits Knoxville, TN
The #CruzCountry Christmas Tour Visits Little Rock, AR

Cruz for President National Volunteer Conference Call
December 31st, 2015
11:00AM CST
PIN: 114238

Manny Roman on Why He's Supporting Ted Cruz

Rick Tyler on the Situation Room - December 31, 2015

Ben Ferguson on Ted Cruz: The American people, they like him! - December 29, 2015

THE CONSTITUTION STRIKES BACK - The Cruzade, starring Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz: 'The Washington cartel is panicking'

#CruzinToCaucus Iowa Bus Tour - DAY 1

#CruzinToCaucus Iowa Bus Tour - DAY 2

#CruzinToCaucus Iowa Bus Tour - DAY 3

Ted Cruz on the Glenn Beck Program January 5, 2016

Ted Cruz Has Skyrocketed 19 Points in Three Months in California

Cruz calls North Korea nuclear test a 'crystal ball'

CORRECTED: Cruz still favors slashing ethanol mandate every year for five years

#CruzinToCaucus Iowa Bus Tour - DAY 4

Ted Cruz talks guns citizenship and immigration

CBS joins #CruzinToCaucus

Texas ‘Grassroots Army’ helps Cruz edge out others in Iowa

#CruzinToCaucus Iowa Bus Tour - DAY 5

Ted Cruz: We Need a President Who Will Keep Americans Safe

Ted Cruz vs Jake Tapper on State of the Union FULL interview

Ted Cruz’s Diligent Courting of Evangelicals Pays Off in Iowa

#CruzinToCaucus Iowa Bus Tour - DAY 6

Inside Iowa’s ‘CampCruz

Texan Ted Cruz Supporters Swarm Frosty Iowa to Campaign for their Senator

Rep. Paul Gosar Endorses Ted Cruz

Cruz promises to defend gun rights in NH campaign swing

Ted Cruz Reacts to the State of the Union with NBC's Lester Holt

Ted Cruz Reacts to the State of the Union on Fox News

Ted Cruz Starts to Crack G.O.P. Establishment’s Wall of Opposition

Ted Cruz Scores Nevada AG Laxalt’s Endorsement

Ted Cruz really seems to grasp what’s driving conservative voters

As President, I will have your back!

Ted Cruz with Neil Cavuto after the #GOPDebate

Ted Cruz Joins the Frank Luntz Focus Group after the #GOPDebate

Trump, Clinton, Cuomo, and de Blasio Demanded an Apology

Ted Cruz begins 5-day swing through New Hampshire

The Fastest Thing that can Change with a New President is Foreign Policy

As President, I will Defeat ISIS

Ted Cruz on the Kuhner Report - January 18, 2016

Ted Cruz finds eager religious audience in moderate New Hampshire

Ted Cruz on Hannity January 20, 2016

Ted Cruz Faith In Action

Bob Vander Plaats: Ted Cruz is a Consistent, Conservative Champion of our Values

We Need a Consistent, Proven Conservative as our Next President

Jack Welch: Ted Cruz Does What He Says He’s Going to Do

Congressman Steve King putting it all on the line endorsing Ted Cruz

On Roe v. Wade Anniversary, Texas Senator’s Backers Say ‘Choose Cruz’

Brent Bozell: The Establishment knows Ted Cruz can’t be bought

Glenn Beck Officially Endorses Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz on Media Buzz - January 24, 2016

How Ted Cruz Can Win Iowa

Gov. Rick Perry Endorses Ted Cruz for President

Glenn Beck on CNN's New Day

Rick Perry: Ted Cruz is a consistent conservative

Governor Rick Perry on CNN Newsroom

Tell Donald Trump to Accept Ted Cruz's Debate Invitation:

Caucus For Cruz on February 1st

Ted Cruz on the Kelly File After the #GOPDebate

Cruz edging Paul with House conservatives

Ted Cruz on CNN's State of the Union

Ted Cruz wins Iowa caucus: 'Tonight is a victory for the grassroots' – video

Editorial: Cruz won Iowa the old-fashioned way: He earned it

Mark Meadows on Coast to Coast - February 2, 2016

Congressman Jeff Duncan Endorses Cruz for President

My Turn: Ted Cruz chose money over American values

Ted Cruz on the Sean Hannity Show - February 3, 2016

Glenn Beck on the Kelly File - February 4, 2016

Ted Cruz Has Raised $3 Million Since Iowa Caucus

Steve Lonegan on MSNBC

Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Primary Night Speech

Stuart Stevens: I think Cruz should probably be the odds on favorite

Ted Cruz on the Kelly File: As President, I'll Repeal Every Word of Obamacare

South Carolina Focus Group Wants to #ChooseCruz

We Need a President Who Will Stand Up for the Bill of Rights

Ted Cruz on ABC's This Week After the CBS #GOPDebate

Ted Cruz: Senate Can’t Let Democrats Use Scalia’s Death to Erase 2nd Amendment

Cruz vows to filibuster Obama SCOTUS picks

Ted Cruz: 2016 Is a ‘Referendum’ on the Supreme Court

Ted Cruz picks up another Freedom Caucus endorsement

Dr. James Dobson Endorses Ted Cruz for President

Cruz's military buildup dwarfs other candidates' proposals

Defend the Right to Life | Ted Cruz

Jack Kingston Endorses Ted Cruz | February 17, 2016

New national poll finds Cruz in dead heat with Trump

Cruz comes out on top in GOP town hall

Chicago court will reportedly hear case on Cruz presidential eligibility

Ted Cruz on the Mike Gallagher Show | February 18, 2016

Ted Cruz at the Conservative Review Convention | February 19, 2016

Cruz appeals to Nevada voters by promising to turn over government-owned land

Conservatives are Uniting Behind our Campaign | Ted Cruz for President

Ron Nehring on CNN | February 21, 2016 | Ted Cruz for President

Ted Cruz on CNN's State of the Union | February 21, 2016

Ted Cruz under fire

Ted Cruz Fires Top Aide Rick Tyler Over Misleading Video Attacking Marco Rubio

Analysis: Cruz's tax plan is better than Trump's

Ted Cruz on the O'Reilly Factor | February 22, 2016 | Ted Cruz for President

Conservative Leaders Hedge on Support for Cruz

Ted Cruz does little to tamp down Super Tuesday expectations

Cruz wins libertarian GOP congressman's endorsement

Gov. Greg Abbott Endorses Ted Cruz

In Texas homecoming, Ted Cruz remembers the Alamo

Ted Cruz on the Kelly File Town Hall in Houston, Texas | February 24, 2016

Ted Cruz’s delegate math problem

Ted Cruz with Jake Tapper After the CNN #GOPDebate

Ted Cruz faces must-win situation in Texas primary

Ted Cruz Moves Aggressively to Court Younger Voters

Cruz: GOP needs to ‘come together’ to beat Trump

Cruz looking ahead to ‘very good night’ on Super Tuesday

Jack Welch: Truth and Trust Go with Ted Cruz | Ted Cruz for President

Donald Trump Should Release His Tax Returns | Ted Cruz for President

Ted Cruz on the Mark Levin Show | February 29, 2016

Ted Cruz Calls on Donald Trump to Tell the New York Times to Release the Tape

Ted Cruz would have dropped out if he lost Texas

The GOP “Pro-Israel” Choice

Ted Cruz on the Kelly File | March 2, 2016

Greg Abbott on Fox News | March 2, 2016 | Ted Cruz for President

Ted Cruz raised nearly $12 million in February — his biggest month yet

I will have your back

Ted Cruz on the O'Reilly Factor after the #GOPDebate | March 3, 2016

Ted Cruz on the Kelly File after the #GOPDebate | March 3, 2016

Ted Cruz at CPAC

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz trade wins as Marco Rubio and John Kasich fade

Ted Cruz: The way to beat Donald Trump is for us to continue to unite

I will have your back

Ted Cruz Keeps Up Pressure on Donald Trump; Bernie Sanders Takes 2 on ‘Super Saturday’

Cruz wins CPAC straw poll

Ted Cruz at #CPAC2016

Ted Cruz on CBS's Face the Nation | March 6, 2016

Alice Stewart on CNN: It's Time to Unite Behind Ted Cruz | March 7, 2016

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Endorses Ted Cruz for President | March 7, 2016

Chuck Norris to stump for Cruz in NC

Neil Bush, Jeb's brother, joins Ted Cruz's finance team

Cruz wins in Idaho

Carly Fiorina: It is Time to Unite Behind Ted Cruz | March 9, 2016

Jack Welch: Ted Cruz is best for jobs, freedom, and security | March 9, 2016

Rick Perry: This race is down to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz | March 9, 2016

Ted Cruz’s Prospects Ascendant, Though Perhaps Not With Senate Peers

Carly Fiorina on Morning Joe | March 10, 2016 | Ted Cruz for President

Ted Cruz Plays Up Cuban Heritage Before Florida Primary

Ted Cruz in Raleigh, NC Townhall with Megyn Kelly

First on CNN: Cruz super PAC decides attacking Rubio in Florida isn't worth it

Ted Cruz with Megyn Kelly after the CNN #GOPDebate | March 10, 2016

Cruz's first Senate endorsement

GOP Establishment Coming to Terms With the Idea That Ted Cruz Is the Only Candidate Who Can Defeat Trump

Cruz wins most delegates at stake Saturday in Wyoming

Ted Cruz Scours Overlooked States, Eyeing a Long Delegate Fight

Ted Cruz's no-compromise stance on guns

Cruz: Responsibility in campaigns 'starts at the top'

Ted Cruz allies 'mystified' over super PAC sitting on $10 million

Ted Cruz on Meet the Press | March 13, 2016

Carly Fiorina: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the System | March 13, 2016

Donald Trump Has Been A Key Funder of Liberal Illinois Democrats | Ted Cruz for President

Ron Nehring on MSNBC | March 14, 2016 | Ted Cruz for President

Ted Cruz urged to apologize for attacks against Mitch McConnell

Ted Cruz on the Kelly File | March 16, 2016

Ted Cruz plots a path to 1,237 delegates -- but keeps his backup plan

First on CNN: Lindsey Graham to fundraise for Ted Cruz's presidential bid

With Marco Rubio Out, Ted Cruz Confronts a New Foe in John Kasich

Nikki Haley backs Ted Cruz

Carroll to Rubio supporters: “Cruz is your guy”

Grant | Ted Cruz for President Ad

Lee | Ted Cruz for President TV Ad

Andrew Breitbart on Donald Trump: Of course he's not a conservative

Trump, Cruz battle for Arizona

McCain Adviser: Cruz Will Pull Upset Win in Arizona

New poll shows Ted Cruz with a big lead in Utah

Ted Cruz Visits the Border in Arizona | March 18, 2016

Ted Cruz Interviews with Sean Hannity in Phoenix, Arizona | March 19, 2016

Arizona Republicans at odds over Trump and Cruz immigration rhetoric

Ted Cruz holds rally in Phoenix

Ted Cruz speaks at AIPAC

Ted Cruz on Special Report with Bret Baier | March 21, 2016

Ted Cruz on the Kelly File | March 21, 2016

Ted Cruz: We Can No Longer Surrender to the Enemy Through Political Correctness

Ted Cruz: Police need to 'patrol and secure' Muslim neighborhoods

Cruz Hits Trump on NATO 'Surrender' in Wake of Brussels Attacks

Ted Cruz cruises to victory as Utahns shirk Donald Trump in GOP caucuses

Scott Walker: Ted Cruz only viable alternative to Donald Trump

Jeb Bush backs Ted Cruz for president

Jeb Bush endorses Ted Cruz, who he says will help ‘overcome the divisiveness and vulgarity’ of Donald Trump

Jeb Bush endorses Cruz as a 'consistent, principled conservative'

Desperate GOP establishment turns to Ted Cruz

Emerson Poll: Cruz Leads Trump in Wisconsin

Fox News Poll: Cruz, Trump Statistically Tied

Obama goes after Cruz for urging patrols of Muslim neighborhoods

Wisconsin: Next stop for the anti-Trump crusade

U.S. Muslims defy Cruz’s call for surveillance

Cruz pulls a Trump on Muslims

Cruz emboldened, but needs a near miracle to catch Trump

Cruz on Trump's attacks on his wife: 'Leave Heidi the hell alone'

Cruz on Trump's attacks on his wife: 'Leave Heidi the hell alone'

Ted Cruz, Day After Brussels Attacks, Belittles Donald Trump on Foreign Policy

Ted Cruz on Mornings with Maria | March 23, 2016

Republicans Deserve a Candidate Committed to Conservative Principles | Ted Cruz for President

Bill O'Reilly Agrees to Moderate a Debate -- Will Donald Trump Accept?

Ted Cruz: Donald Trump is Scared | March 24, 2016

After Utah caucus buoys Cruz, candidates reload for April fights

New York Muslims Reject Ted Cruz’s Prescriptions for Monitoring

Republicans hold Ted Cruz in a loveless embrace

Cruz Calls Trump a “Sniveling Coward” as Feud Over Wives Escalates | NBC Nightly News

Cruz touts tax plan, rips Trump's 'empty promises'

Alice Stewart on Erin Burnett OutFront | March 24, 2016 | Cruz for President

Cruz calls Wisconsin 'critical' to battle for GOP nomination

Is it time for Ted Cruz fans to stop complaining about John Kasich? Ohio Politics Roundup

Why I believe Ted Cruz is religious liberty's only hope

Cruz Backs Away From Pledge to Support Trump If He's GOP Nominee

Cruz: Tabloid report ‘garbage’ from ‘Trump and his henchmen’

Trump aide fulfills threat to 'spill the beans' on Heidi Cruz

Cruz angrily denies adultery allegations, blames Trump

Wisconsin Polls Show Cruz Leading Trump

Let’s uproot the pernicious, unproven claim that Ted Cruz attacked Donald Trump’s wife

Cruz: 'Obama-Clinton foreign policy' a 'manifest disaster


Ted Cruz on Fox News Sunday | March 27, 2016

Wisconsin Poll: Cruz 36, Trump 31, Kasich 21

PPP Poll: Cruz Surging to Tie Trump Nationally

Ted Cruz: Trump team planted National Enquirer sex scandal story

First on CNN: Cruz forces unload on Kasich in Wisconsin

Jewish voters keen on Clinton, Sanders, widely dislike Trump, Cruz

Ted Cruz on Hannity | March 28, 2016

Walker endorses Cruz ahead of Wisconsin primary

Ted Cruz replies to Bill Bratton on NYPD's demographics unit and the fight against Jihadist terrorism

Cruz to speak to Adelson-backed Jewish group in Las Vegas

Ted Cruz makes pitch to women in Wisconsin

Ted Cruz: I have been blessed to be surrounded by strong women my entire life

Scott Walker on Fox and Friends | March 30, 2016

Poll: Cruz holds wide lead over Trump in Wisconsin

Ted Cruz jokes about running over Donald Trump on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Ted Cruz’s moment to shine

CNN Covers the Latest Development in Ted Cruz's Debate Invitation for Donald Trump

Ted Cruz on the John and Ken Show | March 31, 2016

Senator Ted Cruz Discusses Not Being Liked By His Colleagues

Cruz turns to GOP convention rule to keep Kasich from nabbing nomination

Cruz touts surge in Wisconsin: ‘People are waking up’

Cruz campaign claims North Dakota delegates

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Shift Into High Gear as Wisconsin Primary Looms

In Green Bay, Ted Cruz draws stark differences between him and Donald Trump

Ted Cruz captures first six GOP delegates chosen in Colorado

Wisconsin Congressman Reid Ribble Announces His Endorsement of Ted Cruz

Heidi, Eleanor, and Carly in Madison, Wisconsin

Ted Cruz Is Fuming Because John Kasich Won’t Bow Out

Ted Cruz gains ground in shadow battle for delegates

Trump and Cruz make final pitches to Wis. voters

Ted Cruz Townhall with Megyn Kelly in MadisonWisconsin | April 4, 2016

Ted Cruz seeks to snag delegates away from Donald Trump

Cruz wins Wisconsin primary

Ted Cruz delivers stunning blow to Donald Trump with Wisconsin win

 Cruz deals Trump major defeat in Wisconsin

 Ted Cruz's Victory Speech in Wisconsin | April 5, 2016

Cruz Takes Lead for First Time in Reuters National Poll

Despite Wisconsin win, GOP senators in no rush to back Cruz

Heidi Cruz back in the spotlight

Cruz wins Wisconsin, complicating Trump's path to the nomination

GOP learning to love Ted Cruz out of loathing for Donald Trump

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker benefits from Cruz victory

Sen. Mike Lee: “I’d Be Surprised” If Cruz Didn’t Win A Contested Convention

Even after Wisconsin win, Ted Cruz struggles to get establishment GOP support

Cruz Outmaneuvering Trump in GOP Delegate Fight

Ted Cruz Embraces Economic Populism in Interview

Ted Cruz in New York: We Are Building a Broad and Diverse Coalition

G.O.P. Donors, Eager to Defeat Donald Trump, Learn to Love Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz: 'Not Remotely' Any Regrets on 'New York Values' Remark

Cruz stands by 'New York values' criticism

Why Ted Cruz faces tough slog in winning over New York

With rivals absent, Cruz to court Jewish Republicans uncontested

Ted Cruz is working multiple angles to take down Donald Trump

Ted Cruz makes matzo with kids in Brooklyn

convention in Arvada

Ted Cruz on the O’Reilly Factor: This Election is About Jobs, Freedom, and Security | April 7, 2016

Ted Cruz Speaks with CNN's Dana Bash | April 7, 2016

Cruz wins big in Colorado shutout

Beck sees 'end of the GOP' if Cruz, Trump denied nomination

Cruz rails against Trump at Republican Jewish gathering

Cruz predicts GOP 'bloodbath' if Trump is nominated

Ted Cruz at RJC: I'm Here to Thank You and Ask for Your Support | April 9, 2016

John Kasich and Ted Cruz Hunt for Votes in Upstate New York

Fearing Trump, Republican Jews give Cruz another look

It's time for conservatives to rally around Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz’s Wife: ‘I Love the Smell of New York

Simple Flat Tax | Cruz for President

Ted Cruz on the DeMaio Report | April 11, 2016

Ted Cruz brings his campaign to San Diego

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz holds rally in Irvine

Judge: Ted Cruz eligible to be on N.J. primary ballot

Meet Ted Cruz this Friday at the Metropolitan Club!
Monday, April 18th! 
122 East 83rd Street NYC
  Doors: 9:30am
This event is FREE but you must RSVP

Don’t underestimate Ted Cruz

Cruz says he or Trump will be the nominee

Join Heidi at one of our events next Wednesday, April 20th!

8:30 a.m.     Firehouse 1, Wayne, NJ
12:30 p.m.   FreedomPark, Medford, NJ
3:00 p.m.    iPlay America, Freehold, NJ

Dallas Morning News: Cruz Starting Quiet Running Mate Search

Cruz leading charge to kill congressional lame duck

Cruz, Trump battle for delegates as rhetoric swirls

Trump would be a disaster, but Cruz would be apocalyptic

Ted Cruz's long-term delegate strategy is paying off

Heidi Cruz's Priorities as First Lady | April 14, 2016 | Cruz for President

Ted Cruz and Family’s Greatest Hits From CNN’s Town Hall Wednesday Night

Louisiana delegates lash out at media: We're not with Cruz

Donald Trump's Phone Call with Ted Cruz (Joke)

Ted Cruz on CNBC's Squawkbox | April 15, 2016

Ted Cruz FULL SPEECH at 2016 New York State Republican Gala (4-14-16)

Ted Cruz defended Texas ban on the sale of sex toys in state

Daggers drawn as Trump, Cruz wage warfare

Ted Cruz Town Hall with Sean Hannity | April 14, 2016

Cruz sweeps Wyoming GOP convention

Cruz wins all 14 Wyoming Republican delegates

New Ted Cruz ad hits Donald Trump for praising Bill de Blasio

Ted Cruz Says He Can Woo Donald Trump's Supporters

On Monday, April 18th, Ted Cruz will appear in a town hall hosted by Good Morning America on ABC. The town hall will air from 8 to 9 am in your local time zone -- don't miss it!

Tonight 4/18/16 at 8:00 pm ET, Ted Cruz will appear on the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News -- and you won't want to miss it!

Ted Cruz’s Conservatism: The Pendulum Swings Consistently Right

Ink Ted Cruz to a Four-Year Contract

Ted Cruz on the O'Reilly Factor | April 18, 2016

Harrisburg Rally with Ted Cruz and Special Guest Carly Fiorina
TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
(Doors open at 9:00 a.m.)
VENUE: The Antique Automobile Club of America Museum
ADDRESS: 161 Museum Drive, Hershey, PA 17033

Battle for Mass. GOP convention delegates intensifies

Heidi Cruz on America's Newsroom | April 19, 2016

Cruz campaign hunts for ‘Trojan Horse’ delegates

Cruz: 'Nobody is getting 1,237'

Heidi Cruz in NJ. Full Speech!!!

Heidi Cruz Meet & Greet in Wayne, NJ

Ted Cruz joins John Kasich in predicting a contested Republican National Convention in Cleveland

Ted Cruz: 'We’re heading to a contested convention'

Cruz knocks Trump's position on transgender bathroom law

Ted Cruz Calls for Another GOP Debate

Cruz Speech Resonates: Time for Choosing

War Room | Cruz for President

Williamsport Energy and Jobs Townhall with Ted Cruz
TIME: 10: 00 – 11:30 a.m.
VENUE: NuWeld, Inc.
ADDRESS: 2600 Reach Road, Williamsport, PA17701

Scranton Rally with Ted Cruz
TIME: 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.
(Doors open at 1:30 p.m.)
VENUE: Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel
ADDRESS: 700 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, PA18503

Ted Cruz on the Mark Levin Show | April 21, 2016

Ted Cruz, Facing Hard G.O.P. Path, Seeks a Good Argument

Indiana Poll: Trump, Cruz Locked in Tight Race

Cruz tells Hoosiers 'rise up' against the leviathan

Not Easy | Cruz for President TV Ad

'Never Trump' groups collide with Kasich, Cruz

Ted Cruz, likable guy? He’s working on that

Ted Cruz Blames Fox News in Sean Hannity Tiff

Ted Cruz in Monroeville, PA | April 23, 2016

Ted Cruz wins almost all of Maine's delegates at convention

Ted Cruz and John Kasich to Coordinate Against Donald Trump

Ted Cruz: Tax Freedom Day comes way too late

Cruz challenges Trump to pair of Indiana debates

Ted Cruz-John Kasich Alliance Against Donald Trump Quickly Weakens

Ten Reasons Moderates Should Vote for Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz on Hannity | April 25, 2016

Ted Cruz at The Hoosier Gym | April 26, 2016

Cruz rolls dice with Fiorina

Cruz Names Fiorina as Running Mate

Ted Cruz, seeking survival, names Carly Fiorina as VP pick

Ted Cruz names Carly Fiorina as VP pick

CRUZ: Not Collusion With Kasich In Indiana, "CoalitionBuilding"

The parallel universe where Cruz is beating Trump

Fiorina: 'Trump Hasn't Won This Nomination Yet'

In Indiana, the Deal to Stop Trump May Be Backfiring

Ted Cruz found kindred spirits at Harvard’s Federalist Society

Ted Cruz's Indiana plan: Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks

Cruz Hits Boehner for 'Lucifer' Slam

Cruz/Fiorina 2016 Announcement

Colorado's Cory Gardner endorses Ted Cruz for president

Ted Cruz on the Kelly File | April 28, 2016 | #CruzCarly2016

Watch Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina 
tonight April 29th on FOX News
in a Special hour-long interview
with Sean Hannity at 10PM ET

Cruz’s latest fight with fellow Republicans is a reminder: Many don’t like the guy

#CruzCarly for Jobs, Freedom, and Security | TV Ad

Ted Cruz hoping Carly Fiorina will help him with women, California voters

Indiana looms large, but Republican candidates keep an eye on the grand prize: California

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Endorses Ted Cruz

Conservatives can still trump The Donald with Ted Cruz: Thomas Sowell

Fight Club: Cruz Supporter Tears Into Pro-Trump Commentator, ‘Do You Have Any Integrity At All?’

Coin | Cruz for President TV Ad

New Indiana Poll: Cruz Up by 16 Points Over Trump

Former California Gov. Pete Wilson Endorses Ted Cruz

Hannity Interview with Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina | April 29, 2016 | #CruzCarly2016

Ted Cruz Wins 10 of 13 Delegates at Virginia GOP Convention

Pro-Cruz PAC Targets Trump Over Tyson Friendship

Why Rubio hasn't endorsed Cruz

Cruz Spokesman: Delegates Will Abandon Trump 'Like Crazy'

Ted Cruz scrambles to reverse fortunes in Indiana

Cruz campaign in overdrive in desperate bid to wrestle Indiana from Trump

Another delegate rout by Cruz over Trump. But will it matter?

The remarkable lameness of Mike Pence’s Ted Cruz endorsement

Mike Pence: Cruz Is Only 'Principled Conservative' in Race

Gov. Mike Pence: 'I'm Proud to Stand With Ted Cruz'

Reagan's Son Urges Indiana to Vote for Ted Cruz

With her early reveal as running mate, Fiorina says she 'checked the box for Ted

As Cruz (once again) secures more delegates, Trump camp (once again) calls process unfair

Cruz confronts Trump supporter

Cruz: Trump is an 'utterly amoral' bully, narcissist, pathological liar

***Ted Cruz withdraws from 2016 Presidential Race***

Cruz faces tough decision on endorsing Trump

Cruz’s strong 2016 run may enhance his conservative clout

Cruz campaign: We could have stopped Trump if Rubio became running mate

Cruz: I won't make third-party run

Cruz not ruling out re-entry into race if path opens

Wealthy Cruz Donor Pours Millions Into Clinton Campaign

Unconventional #12: Ted Cruz’s last crusade, a Trump-Gingrich ticket (and more!)

Ted Cruz poised to challenge Trump in Texas

Cruz fundraises off Boehner attacks

No Regrets | Ted Cruz 2016

Ted Cruz Says Fight Not Over With GOP Convention Nearing

Washington State Republicans Back Cruz Over Trump

Cruz's campaign is over, but his delegates fight on

Ted Cruz’s Backers Push to Shape GOP Convention

Cruz ally calls for delegate revolt

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina  Presidential Announcement (C-SPAN)



Fiorina outlines hawkish policies on Iran, Russia

Carly Fiorina Tops Hillary Clinton in Head to Head Matchup

Carly Fiorina at the Prestonwood Presidential Forum

CARLY - CNBC GOP Debate Highlights

Carly Fiorina fights back against The View!

Get Something Done

#WhyCarlyWednesday Featuring Tim Mason

FNB Debate: Carly on Job Creation

Carly Fiorina on On The Record 11 19

Carly Fiorina discussing Foreign Policy on Varney & Co 11/19

Carly Fiorina on Fox & Friends 11/19

Carly Fiorina: Strength Against ISIS

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PHOTOS: Fiorinia addresses New Hampshire House

Excluded from the main stage, Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul ask voters to stick with them

Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina Primary Night Speech

***Carly Fiorina withdraws from 2016 Presidential Race***

Fiorina: 'Trump Hasn't Won This Nomination Yet'


Former Governor Jim Gilmore

Former Governor Jim Gilmore Presidential Announcement Full Speech 


Day on the trail: Despite low name recognition and long odds, Gilmore not discouraged

***Jim Gilmore withdraws from 2016 Presidential Race***

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham Presidential Announcement Full Speech 


Graham hits Trump on anti-Muslim comments, outlines foreign policy plan at Monitor editorial board

***Lindsay Graham withdraws from 2016 Presidential Race***

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee Presidential Announcement Full Speech


***Mike Huckabee withdraws from 2016 Presidential Race***

Huckabee: V.P. is the job nobody wants, but nobody turns down

Governor Bobby Jindal

Governor Bobby Jindal Presidential Announcement 
Full Speech (C-SPAN)




***Bobby Jindal withdraws from 2016 Presidential Race***

Governor John Kasich

Governor John Kasich Presidential Announcement Full Speech (C-SPAN)


Fully interview with John Kasich on Face the Nation

John Kasich Has a Plan to Balance the Federal Budget

John Kasich - "Our Next President"
John Kasich's Debate Performance: Presidential


Show your support today!

Gov. John Kasich - Remarks at the Florida GOP Sunshine Summit

John Kasich - National Security Speech
Washington, D.C.
November 17, 2015

John Kasich: We Need Boots on the Ground to Defeat ISIS

John Kasich - "Defending Our Way of Life"

A Conversation With John Kasich

Standing Up to Bullies

Gov. John Kasich: When the voting starts we'll see reality

Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio, joins CBS’ “Face the Nation” on December 13, 2015

Still banking on a New Hampshire win, John Kasich logs 45th town hall in the state

Gov. Kasich on ABC's "This Week":

NH1- Steinhauser: Exclusive Interview with John, Karen, Emma & Reese Kasich

Behind the Scenes in New Hampshire!

Kasich: China never let the markets work, world is paying a price

50 New Hampshire Town Halls

My Turn: Rubio/Kasich is a winning ticket

Sen. Rob Portman Endorses John Kasich for President

Kasich: I can beat Hillary Clinton

John Kasich's Momentum is Growing in New Hampshire

Gov John Kasich - South Carolina GOP Presidential Debate

Kasich: ‘If I get smoked in New Hampshire,’ I’m out


John Kasich - New Hampshire Volunteers

Kasich campaign has been laying groundwork for a surge since the summer

The Kasich Family in New Hampshire

Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Chris Christie address N.H. House

Gov. John Kasich on Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Republicans should vote for John Kasich in N.H.

John Kasich has his sights set on New Hampshire

Editorial: John Kasich for the Republican nomination

Republicans should vote for John Kasich in N.H.

John Kasich makes N.H. his battlefield

At town hall meeting in Bow, Kasich focuses on leadership

The #Kasich4UsBus - New Hampshire

Thank You Volunteers!

Kasich takes breather from town hall push to address Concord High students

John Kasich's 100th NH Town Hall

My Turn: Kasich is best hope for a better future

Presidential Candidate John Kasich Primary Night Speech
Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone to back John Kasich

John Kasich - "100 Days"

John Kasich - "Healing"


CNNTown Hall w/ Gov. John Kasich 2/18/16

Kasich: Sanders wrong on Wall St, it makes economy churn

John Kasich - "Progress"

The Adult in the Room

Montel Williams: Why I'm endorsing John Kasich

Let's Get it Done

Billionaire Druckenmiller: Kasich 'no-brainer' as GOP nominee

John Kasich’s moment

Poll: Kasich pulls ahead of Trump in Michigan

Kasich defends staying in the race despite losses

Arnold Schwarzenegger endorses John Kasich

Romney cuts get-out-the-vote robocalls for Rubio and Kasich

John Kasich may be key to GOP strategy to stop Trump

Fox News Poll: Kasich ahead in Ohio

John Kasich Sees Three-Way Race Without Marco Rubio

The other Republican establishment: John Kasich’s ‘Coalition of the Formers’

Ohio Is John Kasich’s Shot to Become a Lead Republican Contender

Boehner endorses Kasich: reports

Kasich: Trump 'has created a toxic environment'

The 13 minutes that could make -- or break -- Kasich's campaign

Kasich beats Trump in Ohio

Kasich, the Boulder Between the G.O.P. and Trump

Kasich Vows to 'Go All the Way to Cleveland' After Ohio Victory

John Kasich calls Donald Trump's prediction of riots 'unacceptable language'

Wall Street likes Kasich as president: CNBC Fed Survey

Kasich calls Trump's riot prediction 'outrageous'

Gov. John Kasich on State of the Union: Full Interview

Does John Kasich have a path to the GOP nomination?

Full interview: John Kasich, March 20

Full Interview: Does Kasich Have a Path to Victory?

John Kasich speaks at AIPAC

John Kasich Rejects a G.O.P. Call to Quit to Block Donald Trump

Graham: Kasich is better candidate than Cruz — but can't win nomination

Is it time for Ted Cruz fans to stop complaining about John Kasich? Ohio Politics Roundup

Soft and Cuddly? John Kasich’s Old Colleagues Don’t Recognize Him

Despite GOP support, Kasich rejects call for ban on Muslims

Kasich: Trump would be nominee if I had dropped out

Full Interview: Kasich on GOP Primary and Brussels Attack

Kasich quest angering GOP

MSNBC Town Hall w/ Gov. John Kasich
Date: Wednesday, March 30th
7:00PM EST
Where to watch: MSNBC

Kasich Lands Big Endorsement in Wisconsin

Kasich's pizza-gate in NY: He used a fork!

REPORT: Beck and Bateman endorse Kasich

America Still Has a Choice

Kasich predicts open convention: 'It’s going to be so much fun'

Kasich: All sides in abortion debate came together to blast Trump

Kasich says Ohio is rebounding in address

Kasich sees opportunity to advance campaign

John Kasich Will Be the Republican Nominee for President

John Kasich - "One Choice"

Former CIA director backs Kasich

Kasich predicts momentum going into convention

Watch John Live tonight and tomorrow
4/11/16 & 4/12/16
CNN Special w/ John, Karen, Emma & Reese Kasich
Monday, April 11th - 9:00PM EDT
Watch Live: CNN

FoxNewsTown Hall w/ Sean Hannity
Monday, April 11th - 10:00PM EDT
Watch Live: Fox News

Gov. John Kasich Speech - "Two Paths"
Tuesday, April 12th - 10:30AM EDT

Kasich: I wouldn't sign North Carolina 'bathroom' law

John Kasich and Ted Cruz Hunt for Votes in Upstate New York

John Kasich Sees Path to Nomination Despite Low Delegate Count


Kasich targets Cruz, Trump for ‘path to darkness’

The Kasich Family - CNNTown Hall Highlights

With withering words, John Kasich denounces the political paths trod by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

Catching up with John Kasich

NY Daily News Endorses Kasich in GOP Race

Pataki backs Kasich ahead of New York primary

John Kasich links Jesus’ blood to Passover at matzah bakery

John Kasich: Why New Yorkers should vote for me

John Kasich FULL SPEECH at 2016 New York State Republican Gala (4-14-16) (forward to 2:01)

Kasich tells student worried about sexual assault to avoid 'parties with a lot of alcohol'

"Worst-case scenario"

Kasich raises $160,000 at New Jersey fundraiser

Kasich to Trump: Stop whining!

Kasich to Trump: 'Act like you're a professional'

Kasich counts on 2nd-place finishes to launch him into contention

The New York Times Supports John Kasich for GOP Nomination

Daily News Editorial Board says vote John Kasich: His maturity and pragmatism shine, especially in contrast to the dangerous and disgraceful character of Donald Trump

The Republican with the best chance against Clinton in NJ? It’s not Trump or Cruz

John Kasich talks faith, not politics, at NY synagogue 

Sanders and Kasich Should Ignore Any Pressure to Quit

Donald Trump won New York but lost his home turf -- Manhattan

Ted Cruz joins John Kasich in predicting a contested Republican National Convention in Cleveland

John Kasich: The GOP 'doesn't like ideas' Tri-County Sun Times

Does John Kasich's survival strategy now depend on support from the Never Trump movement?

Kasich: 'Zero Chance' of Being Trump's VP

John Kasich: GOP 'going to get creamed' if Trump or Cruz nominee 

John Kasich continues to believe, despite immense odds 

John Kasich defends path to the nomination, touts record at Connecticut town hall

Ohio governor: Primary voters have 2nd thoughts about Trump

'Never Trump' groups collide with Kasich, Cruz

GOP Presidential candidate John Kasich makes stop in CT

John Kasich makes pitch to RI voters at Bryant

Kasich has a better chance than Sanders to become nominee, expert says

Kasich ‘backs off’ in Indiana “to clear a path for Cruz”

Extended interview: John Kasich, April 24

Ted Cruz and John Kasich to Coordinate Against Donald Trump

John Kasich slates a San Francisco town hall ahead of California's GOP convention

Ted Cruz-John Kasich Alliance Against Donald Trump Quickly Weakens

Kasich campaign fails to get him included in Oregon’s voters’ pamphlet

A Brother’s Mental Illness Influenced John Kasich’s Views

John Kasich - “Vote Kasich”

John Kasich hits the Oregon campaign trail

John Kasich Remains in Presidential Race After Asking 'Should I Keep Going?'

John Kasich in Portland: I can beat Hillary

Kasich Says Oregon Republicans Are His Type: More Centrist

Kasich tells Portland town hall he will 'keep going'

USHCC Endorses John Kasich for Republican Nomination

Indiana looms large, but Republican candidates keep an eye on the grand prize: California

John Kasich likes to talk

Ohio Politics Now: Kasich vetting VP candidates as Cruz announces Fiorina as running mate

Kasich defends deal with Cruz at Oregon campaign stop

Kasich loyalists elected to all-important rules committee

Kasich: People are 'probably' born gay

Kasich calls for balance on gay rights, religious beliefs

If newspaper endorsements mattered, Kasich would be king

Security detail protecting Kasich earning thousands in overtime pay

Kasich PAC's Web ads target delegates with vision of victory

Kasich tells NW Portland town hall 'people need a choice'

John Kasich says he could 'expand the field' in California

Will ‘electability’ argument help Kasich?

The Kasich Campaign

John Kasich: GOP won’t win White House by ‘scaring every Hispanic to death’

KASICH: I'm staying in the race until Trump hits the magic number

***John Kasich withdraws from 2016 Presidential Race***

Republican Party prepares for Ted Cruz's next act

What's next for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz?

Kasich Remains Cool to Prospect of Joining Trump Ticket

Kasich: I'm not endorsing Trump (yet) -- or serving as his VP

Former Governor George Pataki

George Pataki Presidential Announcement Full Speech


George Pataki fighting to break into GOP top tier

***George Pataki Exits GOP Presidential Race***

Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul Presidential Announcement Full Speech 


Excluded from the main stage, Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul ask voters to stick with them

***Rand Paul withdraws from 2016 Presidential Race***

Rick Perry

Rick Perry Presidential Announcement Full Speech 


***Rick Perry withdraws from 2016 Presidential Race***

Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio Presidential Announcement Full Speech


Marco's Memorial Day Message: A Time To Put Aside Partisanship

We are on the verge of another American Century
Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio: We Can Expand the American Dream

Marco Rubio: This Century Can Be Greatest Era in American History

A Conversation With Marco Rubio
Iowans: Marco makes us proud
Two Reasons America Can't Have President Hillary Clinton

Marco Rubio: This election will be about the future
Marco Rubio Store

The Rubio Doctrine Strength, globalization and core values should guide American foreign policy

We Need A New President For A New Age

Marco Rubio: We Need Leaders To Show The Way

Marco Calls For a Safe Zone in Syria

Marco Rubio -- Policy For You

Marco on Varney & Co. Interview

Marco: "You will not defeat ISIS from the air" Interview

Marco Discusses Middle East Violence and the Next GOP Debate

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Endorses Marco

Marco Rubio talks American energy in Salem on Friday

Marco talks about how his Faith influences him

Marco Prepares for Huge Rally in Utah

Learn About A New American Century In Two Minutes

Marco Talks About Being a Father and Gives a Campaign Update

Marco's Message is for Every American

Marco Sits Down With Jamie Gangel On CNN's State Of The Union

Universal Agreement Marco Had An Excellent Night

Marco Rubio Discusses The GOP Debate On CBS This Morning

Marco Rubio: Ready For Hillary

Marco Sits Down With John Dickerson on Face The Nation

On heels of debate, Rubio gaining traction among N.H. voters

Marco Talks with Greta Van Susteren

Montana Senator Steve Daines Endorses Marco

Marco Sits Down With George Stephanopoulos On Good Morning America

Congressman Mike Pompeo Of Kansas Endorses Marco

Senator Jim Risch Of Idaho Endorses Marco For President

Marco Stops By Fox & Friends

Marco Sits Down With Maria Bartiromo

Marco Rally In Wisconsin

Marco Discusses The Election With Sean Hannity

A Rubio Four-peat at #GOPDebate

Marco Goes on The O'Reilly Factor to Discuss the Election

Marco Discusses the FBN Debate With George Stephanopoulos

Marco Calls For Generational Change in Iowa

Sen. Marco Rubio on terror threat to U.S., absence of President Obama at Paris rally

Marco Discusses Tax Reform With Bill Hemmer

Rubio: This Is a Clash of Civilizations. Either They Win or We Win.

Marco Speaks at 2015 Sunshine Summit

Rubio: This Is a Clash of Civilizations. Either They Win or We Win.

Marco Responds to the Paris Attacks on This Week

Marco Discusses Foreign Intelligence Gathering at Wall Street Journal Forum

We Must Defeat Radical Islamists

Marco Discusses The Syrian Refugee Crisis On The Kelly File

Congresswoman Mia Love of Utah Endorses Marco

Marco Rubio's First TV Ad: A Civilizational Struggle

Marco Discusses Intelligence on Fox News Sunday

Marco: America Is A Place Where Anyone From Anywhere Can Achieve Anything

Marco Rubio for President TV Ad: "Bartender"

Marco On Faith: God's Ways Are Not Our Ways

Marco On The Importance Of Thanksgiving

Marco Joins Jenna Lee On Happening Now

Darrell Issa Endorses Marco for President

Marco Discusses Cruz's Votes To Weaken U.S. Security On Fox News

Scott Brown: Marco Drawing The Biggest Crowds In New Hampshire

Marco: The Answer Is To Apply Our Principles

CBS Charleston: Marco Talks With Students And Supporters In South Carolina

Marco Addresses The 2015 Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum

Marco Discusses National Security And Obamacare With Neil Cavuto

Marco Responds To The President's Address

Marco Discusses Terrorism With Megyn Kelly

Marco Campaigns In West Miami
Marco Discusses National Security With FOX & Friends
Marco Discusses Public Safety On CBS's This Morning

Marco Rubio TV Ad: Because

Marco Discusses Terrorism And The Refugee Crisis On Hannity | Marco Rubio for President

Marco Tells Megyn Kelly How He Will Protect Americans From Terror | Marco Rubio for President

Marco Discusses His Plan To Defeat ISIS On Good Morning America | Marco Rubio for President

Marco Sits Down With Chuck Todd on Meet The Press | Marco Rubio for President

Marco Sits Down With His Brother Mario On Fox News | Marco Rubio for President

Fox News: Marco Strikes a Major Blow Against Obamacare | Marco Rubio for President

KCCI: Marco Calls For VA Reform In West Des Moines, IA | Marco Rubio for President

Chairman of Benghazi committee endorses Rubio for president

'GMA' Hot List: Marco Rubio 'Not Going to Hyperventilate About Polls'

 My Turn: Rubio/Kasich is a winning ticket

Competing with Clinton?: Marco Rubio wants nomination, shot at Democratic front-runner

At Henniker town hall, Rubio continues to put distance between himself and past Senate vote for immigration reform

Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Chris Christie address N.H. House

Marco In Iowa: My Faith Is The Greatest Influence In My Life | Marco Rubio for President

Buzz builds for Rubio in Iowa

Rubio: I will cancel Obama's Iran deal first day in office

Nikki Haley endorses Marco Rubio

FULLCNNGOPTown Hall: Marco Rubio P1, CNN Republican Presidential Town Hall Feb. 17, 2016

Marcomentum slowed by one key issue

How Marco Rubio turned it around

Rubio gets new wave of establishment endorsements

First on CNN: Rubio prepares for contested convention

Marco Rubio on NBCs The Today Show/Post CNN Debate 2/26/16

Marco Rubio Entices a Receptive Constituency: The Well-to-Do

Marco Rubio continues to slam Donald Trump

Rubio: 'We’re the underdog, and that’s a role that I relish'

Marco needs your help tomorrow for Super Tuesday on the set of Good Morning America!ABC has asked us for Marco Rubio supporters to be part of the audience during the show,which airs live from 7am to 9am.    Interested supporters are asked to arrive at GMA’s Times Square Studio between 6am and 6:30 AM (while it is outside, the weather is forecasted to be nice). During the show, ABC will be selecting some of our supporters to talk about why they support Marco Rubio in front of their 4 million plus viewers!  What:  Live Taping of Good Morning America When: Tuesday, March 1st, 6am-9am. Where: GMA's Times Square Studio at 1500 Broadway  If you have any Marco Rubio gear, please wear it! We will have rally signs on-site for your use. Please RSVP to either or

Rubio: Majority of Super Tuesday voters rejected Trump

A Wounded Marco Rubio Falls Back to Florida

Rubio: I didn't get into this race to 'beat up' on rivals

Rubio: Trump not a true conservative

Marco Rubio’s Policies Might Shut the Door to People Like His Grandfather

Rubio wins Puerto Rico Republican primary

Poll: Trump's Florida lead down to single digits

Mitt Romney Records Phone Message for Marco Rubio’s Campaign

Top Rubio supporters: Trump attacks have backfired

Rubio should quit the race

Five tough questions for Marco Rubio

Rubio: No law can fight climate change

In anti-Trump move, Rubio frees up Ohio supporters to vote for Kasich

Rubio wins D.C. Republican primary; edges out Kasich

Marco Rubio says he's not 'proud' of Donald Trump attacks

Rubio: 'All the gates of civility have been blown apart’ by Trump

Rubio’s political reckoning arrives in Florida primary

Rubio’s Exit and the G.O.P.’s Spoiled Buffet

Here’s What Will Happen to Rubio’s Delegates


***Marco Rubio withdraws from 2016 Presidential Race***

Marco Rubio backers: Run again

Marco Rubio does 'not want to be considered' for Donald Trump's running mate

Rubio not interested as Trump narrows VP list

What will Marco Rubio do?

Senator Rubio Discusses Orlando Shooting with Hugh Hewitt

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum Presidential Announcement Full Speech 


 Sen. Rick Santorum featured in a special one-hour interview with Sean Hannity. The interview will air at 10 PM (EST) on Fox News Channel. 


Rick Santorum puts 2016 focus on traditional values, economy

Rick Santorum: We need to reform our immigration system with you in mind

Santorum calls out fellow GOP candidates on immigration policy FOX News August 21, 2015

"Dangerous. Reckless. Uneducated."

Rick Santorum lays out his plan for defeating ISIS

***Rick Santorum withdraws from 2016 Presidential Race***

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Presidential Announcement Full Speech 


Donald Trump: 'I Will Win The Latino Vote' (Full Interview) 
 NBC News

Donald Trump Signs Loyalty Pledge to GOP FULL Press Conference, RNC Meeting - Sept. 3, 2015

Hannity Donald Trump FULL Interview. We Dont Fight For Victory. We Just Keep Going and Going

Trump touts vague VA reform plan that he says beefs up services while reducing costs

Full Speech HD: Donald Trump Speaks at Rally in Nashua, NH (12-28-15)

Full Video: Donald Trump ‘Today Show’ Interview on Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Sexism
Donald Trump Holds Press Conference Aboard His Plane Before Iowa Rally (12-29-15)

Full Video: Donald Trump ‘Today Show’ Interview on Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Sexism
Donald Trump Holds Press Conference Aboard His Plane Before Iowa Rally (12-29-15)

Billionaire Trump to Spend Millions on Ads in GOP Race

Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Plays "The Woman Card"
Trump backers say their New Hampshire voter database is ‘huge’

Trump: 'Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama gave us ISIS'

Donald Trump makes noise in Sanders’s state with rally in Burlington, Vt.

Donald Trump makes noise in Sanders’s state with rally in Burlington, Vt.

Political Monitor podcast: Trump takes on Hillary and (especially) Bill Clinton

On the trail: Trump enchants, enrages the masses

After FBN Debate 2016 - Donald Trump With Cavuto

Full Speech: Donald Trump Speaks at SC Tea Party Convention (1-16-16)

With primary day nearing, Trump’s campaign stepping up its ground game efforts

Campaign Rally with Donald Trump and Sarah Palin

Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Muscatine, Iowa

Why do GOP voters love Donald Trump?
Voters weigh Donald Trump’s message, antics

GOP braces for Trump Iowa result

Trump overtakes Cruz in Des Moines Register poll

Full Event: Donald Trump Special Event for Veterans in Des Moines, IA (1-28-15)

Trump says skipping debate might have cost him in Iowa

After being bested by Ted Cruz in Iowa, Donald Trump’s front-runner status comes into question

Monitor Board of Contributors: A choice between two Americas

Trump tries for new momentum as Cruz looks for a surge

Donald Trump stands by comments on waterboarding

Trump proves his lasting power with win in N.H.

Donald Trump crushes his GOP rivals in N.H.

Donald Trump proves it’s his race to lose

A portrait of a Trump town: Seabrook, N.H.

Donald Trump 'very seriously thinking' about suing Ted Cruz

Pope suggests Trump 'is not Christian'

Donald Trump fires back at Pope Francis

Donald Trump in Triage Mode After Shocking Conservatives With Health Care Comments

Trump delivers victory speech in South Carolina

Trump emerges stronger after spats, continues domination of Republican race

South Carolina results show that it’s Trump’s world

Donald Trump wins Nevada GOP caucuses

Trump rides momentum into winner-take-all states

Donald Trump on VP pick: We need a political insider

Donald Trump rejects Mitt Romney's ironic tax attack

GOP beginning to face Trump reality

Trump’s rise befuddles Mass. GOP

Trump as CEO and commander in chief?

Trump, Israel and the evangelical vote

Gov. Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump for president

Anti-Trump onslaught begins

Trump, Christie join forces against Rubio

Trump gets first Senate endorsement

Donald Trump stumbles on David Duke, KKK

George Stephanopoulos GRILLS Chris Christie Hard for Flip-Flopping on Trump "This Week" Abc

Super Tuesday Scorecard: Big night possible for Donald Trump

Christie Campaign's Finance Co-Chair Calls on Donors to Reject Trump

Nikki Haley baffled by Christie endorsement

Donald Trump Elicits Shock and Biting Satire in European Media

Even as He Rises, Donald Trump Entertains Conspiracy Theories

Some see strategy in Trump's comments on race

Donald Trump Secretly Told The New York Times What He Really Thinks About Immigration

Rivals slam Trump for blaming KKK stumble on earpiece

 Former Klan leader at center of latest GOP campaign joust

Ryan denounces Trump over KKK dust-up: 'There can be no evasion and no games'

Donald Trump Overwhelms G.O.P. Rivals From Alabama to Massachusetts

2016 lessons so far: Trump's takeover and an enthusiasm gap

7 reasons why Trump is dominating

Trump has executed hostile takeover of the GOP

Major Christie donor joins fight to stop Trump, report says

First on CNN: Donald Trump plans fundraising blitz if he wins GOP nomination, source says

Donald Trump Reply to Mitt Romney at PortlandMaine Rally

‘Never Trump’ Movement Dealt Setback After Super Tuesday

A Fiery Debate on the K.K.K. in 2016. Who Figured?

25 Republicans who won’t back Trump as nominee

Despite Trump visit, Maine caucuses expected to be low-key

Donald Trump snubs CPAC, will skip Saturday speech to conservative group

Jewish Republicans call Trump feckless, dangerous

Trump cites Jews in explanation for not disavowing KKK

Trump nomination could give Dems Congress: Analyst

Why Trump can't be president

ADL: Trump’s statement on Jews, white supremacists ‘obscene’

For some, Donald Trump’s golden brand has lost shine

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz trade wins as Marco Rubio and John Kasich fade

Trump hand-raising raises hackles over Hitler echoes

Veepstakes: Who Trump might pick?

Ex-ADL chief: Trump’s ‘raise your hand’ gambit was deliberate, Nazi-style ‘fascist gesture’

Money Pours In as Move to Stop Donald Trump Expands

Michigan Primary Puts Donald Trump’s Rust Belt Strategy to a Test

New anti-Trump ad: He's always talking $#@!+

Why we should have seen Trump coming

Poll: Trump's Florida lead down to single digits

The Top 5 Reasons Donald Trump Will Not Win Elections

Will Trump Send Working-Class Whites to the Democrats?

More Latinos Seek Citizenship to Vote Against Trump

Could Trump nomination put House up for grabs?

Trump takes Michigan

Trump wins Mississippi primary

Why in the world would American Jews support Trump?

With news conferences, Trump seeks presidential optics

Trying to Read Donald Trump, in Translation

Release the NYT interview, Donald

Trump to GOP: Get in line

Trump vows to end H1-B visa program in Republican debate

Obama: Trump's rise not my fault

Ben Carson to endorse Donald Trump

Florida flooded with anti-Trump ad campaigns

What Does Trump Mean for the G.O.P.?

Riskiest Political Act of 2016? Protesting at Rallies for Donald Trump

What Are Trump Fans Really ‘Afraid’ to Say?

Trump’s not-so-secret PR weapon

Carson: Trump 'intelligent man who cares deeply about America'

Israelis prefer Hillary for president, survey finds
(but feel Israel’s interests would be better served by Trump)

Top Trump staffers are willing to fight

Skirmishes erupt after Trump cancels Chicago rally

How Carson arrived at Trump

Trump Clarifies, and It’s Worse

Donald Trump Urges Party to Unite, but Resistance Remains

Trump on rally shutdown: 'What ever happened to freedom of speech?' 

Trump endorsement divides Carson supporters

Trump has lit a fire. Can it be contained?

Off Main: Is it possible to defend Donald Trump?

Trump: 'I’m just a messenger’ for angry Americans

For Donald Trump, ‘Get ’Em Out’ Is the New ‘You’re Fired’

Carson Endorses the Demagogue

GOP hopeful Donald Trump stands by his campaign rhetoric

Veteran queries Donald Trump over comments on John McCain

The Trump Campaign Gives License to Violence

Trump Reacts to Security Scare at Rally

Trump feeds beast of our worst impulses

Trump campaign manager's behavior prompted staff concerns

Anti-trade Republicans press Trump advantage

Trump's appeal divides Tea Party loyalties in crucial states

Will the Politics of Nostalgia Trump the Politics of the Future?

Voting at a Crossroads

Reform movement blasts Trump for ‘hate speech’

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Are Winning Votes, but Not Hearts

Fox News cancels GOP debate after Donald Trump pulls out

Student activists: AIPAC won’t let us protest Trump

Trump warns of ‘riots’ if GOP witholds White House nod

Stop Trump campaign vows to press on as many in GOP retreat to sidelines

Monitor Board of Contributors: Rise of authoritarianism shouldn't come as a surprise

Donald Trump on brokered convention: 'I think you'd have riots'

New Jersey poised to decide if Trump wins the GOP nomination

Sheldon Adelson on supporting Donald Trump: ‘Why not?’

Will Jewish conservatives finally embrace Trump?

 Trump builds his following by mastering blame game

Big-mouthed clown? China reacts to Donald Trump's rise

Trump: Back me, or voters will riot

Wall Street Journal to Trump: 'Better Be Careful'

Trump intermingling business with politics as he campaigns

Here's what Trump gets wrong

David Duke: Trump-Hitler comparisons may rehabilitate Hitler

40 rabbis said to plan boycott of Trump’s AIPAC address

US democracy at stake amid campaign violence, major Jewish group warns

How Jewish groups plan to protest Trump at AIPAC

Fox lashes out at Trump’s ‘sick obsession’ with Megyn Kelly

Trump calls for boycott of Megyn Kelly’s show

Trump Fires Back: Megyn's 'Ratings Would Totally Tank' Without Me

Trump, Cruz battle for Arizona

Trump’s language up to him

Christie: Trump didn't mean 'literal riots'

Trump’s Jewish lawyer to rabbi protesters: He’s no racist

Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Tucson, AZ (3-19-16)

Senate whip: Trump would need GOP majority to govern

Trump on Romney faith remark: It was a joke

Donald Trump: I consult myself on foreign policy, ‘because I have a very good brain’

Trump's campaign manager involved in altercation at rally

Donald Trump as much a global threat as ISIS jihadis, report says

Trump's anti-Washington campaign hits Washington

Trump 'needs all the help he can get,' donors say

Gaffe proof? Trump vs. Clinton tests political pitfalls

National View: Trump supporters not to blame for campaign violence

Anti-Trump protesters are patriots

Donald Trump Is Finally Uniting Top Republican Donors — Against Him

Donald Trump unveils foreign policy advisers

Unbound Republican delegates could decide Trump nomination

Donald Trump Courts Wary Jewish Voters
Rabbis threaten to boycott Trump’s speech to pro-Israel lobbyists
Ahead of divisive AIPAC speech, Trump claims to be ‘most pro-Israel’

AIPAC braces unhappily for Trump, the ‘most pro-Israel’ presidential contender

Arizona Republicans at odds over Trump and Cruz immigration rhetoric

Juan Williams: Trump plays the race card

Trump questions need for NATO, outlines noninterventionist foreign policy

Donald Trump Pushes Serious Image in the Capital

Donald Trump speaks at AIPAC

Trump Backs Waterboarding and 'a Lot More' After Brussels Attacks

Trump’s Republican Turnout Boost Extends to Battleground States

Trump demands GOP embrace him as Dems unleash new attacks

Trump wins over AIPAC with ‘true friend of Israel’ speech

Free media allowing Trump to save funds

Trump huddles with DC Republicans, leadership absent

Trump says he’ll make Israel pay for defense aid

Trump wins Arizona Republican Primary

Gingrich denies interest in Trump role

Top Experts Confounded by Advisers to Donald Trump

Trump's tariff plan could boomerang, spark trade wars with China, Mexico

Trump is 'poison' for GOP: Republican advisor

Has Donald Trump killed the political gaffe?

CNN/ORC poll: Clinton tops Trump on presidential traits

Moulton compares Trump’s rise to election of Hitler in 1930s

From Trump’s lips to ISIS’ — and the voters’ — ears

Vocal Trump critics in GOP open to supporting Clinton

Clinton-Trump would be the oldest White House match-up in history

Trump’s Terror Dependency

Cruz Calls Trump a “Sniveling Coward” as Feud Over Wives Escalates | NBC Nightly News

Trump's investment funds lose money, billionaire unfazed

Trump’s echoes of Wallace

Trump faces daunting gender gap

Donald Trump’s Trail of Comments About Women

For one week, at least, Trump is running a ‘low-energy’ campaign

Protests against Trump risk backlash in GOP primary

Anti-Trump forces seize on grim polls for Clinton match-up

Women: The Achilles' heel that could doom Trump

Trump heresies are piling up

Donald Trump’s Secret Weapon: Blue-State Voters

Could Trump turn New York red?

Donald Trump reveals when he thinks America was great

Anti-Trump forces seize on grim polls for Clinton match-up

Wrong number? Trump’s TV telephone interviews under fire

Trump effigy set ablaze in Mexico Easter ritual

Why the prospect of Trump nomination has Ohio Republicans thinking 'disaster:' Thomas Suddes

Trump refuses to rule out war with China: 'We need unpredictability'

In Donald Trump’s Worldview, America Comes First, and Everybody Else Pays


Trump surprised by radio host's #NeverTrump pledge
Poll Donald Trump leads in California primary race but threatens a GOP fracture

Trump: Palestinians must stop terror for peace deal

Utah Democrats believe the ‘Trump effect’ will help them in November

How the G.O.P. Elite Lost Its Voters to Donald Trump

Data Download: Trump's Gender Gap Could Be a GenderCanyon

Trump wants to study proposal to allow guns at convention

Mr. Trump’s Dangerous Babble on Foreign Policy

Donald Trump’s Success Upends Battle for Control of Congress

Trump’s delegate danger

Women for Trump: Supporters stand firm despite outbursts

Trump campaign manager charged with battery

Trump says he doesn’t ‘discard people’ after aide is charged

Trump stands by aide after battery charge

Trump: NATO 'Obsolete,' Keeping ISIS Plans Secret

Trump espousing ‘noxious ideas,’ unleashing extremism, says ADL chief

Jewish voters keen on Clinton, Sanders, widely dislike Trump, Cruz

Trump angst pours in from overseas governments

Trump call to punish women for illegal abortions sparks firestorm

Trump reverses statement on women and abortion after outcry

Trump rescinds pledge to back GOP nominee

Donald Trump Starts Wisconsin Bid in Ryan’s Hometown

Trump tries to ignore controversy while stumping in Wis.


Trump Struggles With Presidential Demeanor Ahead of Wisconsin Primary

Donald Trump's 3 positions on abortion in 3 hours

Leading Conservative Female Media Ask Trump to Fire Campaign Manager

Trump says nuclear Saudi Arabia may be inevitable

Trump is worse than Obama on Israel and foreign policy, GOP senator says

Trump’s the one who deserves “punishment” for that ignorant, awful and dishonest abortion answer

Donald Trump, Abortion Foe, Eyes ‘Punishment’ for Women, Then Recants


Why Trump's abortion comments scare Republicans

Trump’s narrow path to 1,237

Trump's March Madness

Trump’s Threat on Pledge Could Cost Him South Carolina Delegates

Donald Trump meets with RNC chair Reince Priebus in Washington

Trump turns media into losers

GOP women pause over giving votes to Donald Trump

Between Playboy’s Pages, a Peek at How a Future Donald Trump Would Campaign

Signs of Wisconsin Backlash Against Donald Trump, Who Trails in Poll

Trump’s momentum appears stalled in Wisconsin

Trump starting a civil war in the Republican Party | Moran

Trump is wrong for America | Stoolmacher

Trump doubles down on nuclear talk: 'Europe is a big place'

Donald Trump has a new catchphrase

Did Trump just expose his kryptonite?

California GOP strategists launch anti-Trump effort

Donald Trump is now the least popular American politician in three decades

Donald Trump is enduring one of the worst weeks of his campaign. Is it a bump or a turning point?

Priebus Won't Turn RNC Over to Trump If He Wins

Trump stumbling in Wisconsin

Trump sued over violence at rally

Anti-abortion groups grit teeth and brace for Trump

Why Should ‘Never Trump’ Mean Ted Cruz?

As Floor Fight Looms, G.O.P. Convention Delegates Become a Hot Commodity

Donald Trump Struggles to Regain His Mojo

Donald Trump Says NATO is ‘Obsolete,’ UN is ‘Political Game’

RNC chairman: 'I don't know' if Trump is strongest candidate

Trump Does It His Way

Electoral Map Is a Reality Check to Donald Trump’s Bid

Trump: Melania will start campaigning Monday

Trump campaign, bullish on N.D. delegate outcome, to receive endorsement from state’s only congressman

Imagining a Trump administration? Count on unpredictability

Trump: Kasich shouldn't be allowed to run

Trump's trouble in Wisconsin

Tennessee approves final delegates over Trump supporters' objections

Ten House seats Dems hope Trump will tilt

Trump not ruling out third-party run

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Shift Into High Gear as Wisconsin Primary Looms

Trump, Schwarzenegger are only celebrity-deep similar

On campuses across the country, students are standing up for Donald Trump

Why Trump’s Antiwar Message Resonates with White America

Trump's latest wild claim: He'll fix the debt in 8 years
Trump calls on Kasich to quit race: ‘He’s taking my votes’

Tay, Trump, and artificial stupidity

Trump's trouble in Wisconsin

Donald Trump’s Struggle in Wisconsin Is About Demographics, Not Momentum

Trump looks to pass commander-in-chief test as rivals see weakness

Trump's prediction of 'massive recession' puzzles economists

Why Trump Can’t Break the G.O.P.

Donald Trump, Stumbling With Women, Enlists Wife to Campaign

6 Talk Radio Hosts, on a Mission to Stop Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Donald Trump and the Nice People of Wisconsin

Trump and Cruz make final pitches to Wis. voters

Seeking surprise win, Trump doubles down in Wisconsin

Melania Trump in Wisconsin: My husband is 'a fighter'

Trump denies scolding Jewish son-in-law over scuttled Israel trip

5 candidates who could become Trump’s VP

Trump to skip Adelson’s Republican Jewish confab this weekend

Donald Trump Won’t Leave Us Alone

Ted Cruz Wins Wisconsin G.O.P. Primary, Pressuring Donald Trump

Roger Stone: 'Cracks in Trump Campaign Begin to Show'

Trump campaign calls Cruz a 'Trojan horse' after Wisconsin loss

Will Wisconsin halt Trump's march to the nomination? Here are 5 things to watch in the primary

Trump effect hits Dem convention

Trump breaks 50 percent mark in New York; Cruz in third place

Trump meeting suggests campaign changes

Donald Trump’s son-in-law’s newspaper says it will stop helping the candidate

Trump hits Cruz over 'New York values' on Long Island

Pennsylvania poll: Trump, Clinton lead rivals

Mike Huckabee: Trump Could've 'Shown a Little Class' After Wisconsin Loss

Rudy Giuliani Says He’ll Vote For, But Not Endorse, Trump

California GOP poll: Trump leads Cruz by 7 points

Trump eyes shift to policy ‘meat’ as convention fight looms

How Donald Trump’s Squeeze on Immigrants Will Backfire

Why Trump Supporters Are Angry — and Loyal

Donald Trump’s Rivals Home In on New York, Hoping to Bruise Him

Poll: 30% Virginia Republicans unsure they will vote for Trump

Poll: Voter disdain for Trump growing

A new poll suggests Donald Trump could be dragging down the entire GOP brand

New poll finds most Americans dislike Donald Trump

AP-GfK Poll: Americans overwhelmingly view Trump negatively

The Daily 202: Key conservatives pushing Mike Lee for the Supreme Court

Here's who Donald Trump is taking foreign policy advice from

Trump Cancels California Trip Amid Signs of Campaign Trouble

Donald Trump broke all the political rules. Is he paying for it now?

Donald Trump needs to win N.Y. — and win big

Poll: Trump has commanding 34-point lead in New York

Mr. Trump Reopens the Wounds of a Hate Crime

Donald Trump’s Health Care Ideas Bewilder Republican Experts

Trump rally oozes fear, anxiety, and paranoia

Politico: Infighting, Turmoil Mark Trump Campaign

My Turn: This bed was made by liberals

Beck sees 'end of the GOP' if Cruz, Trump denied nomination

Cruz rails against Trump at Republican Jewish gathering

Cruz predicts GOP 'bloodbath' if Trump is nominated

What’s Driving Trump and Clinton Voters to the Polls

Donald Trump’s Trial Balloons Are Catching Up With Him

Trump's Saturday delegate disaster

Trump expects to reach 1,237 delegates before July

Outsider status turns against Trump, Sanders

Trump children unable to vote for dad in NY primary

CNN hosting 3 town halls with GOP candidates and families

Why Donald Trump is lying low

Outsider campaigns seek inside track

Clinton and Trump: friends, foes or frenemies?

Candidates – even Trump – shift to delegate hunt

In Pa., Reagan Democrats turn to Donald Trump

Angry Donald Trump blasts Colorado GOP results as "totally unfair"

Trump touts wrong evangelical leader as a supporter

Donald Trump says nomination process is ‘rigged’

Trump Calls RNC, Priebus 'a Disgrace'

Boston Globe Envisions Donald Trump Presidency With Mock Front Page

Donald Trump and New York Tabloids Resume Their Elaborate Dance

Barrage of Attack Ads Threatens to Undermine Donald Trump

Trump, Clinton certified as winners of Mo. primaries

Trump's clash with Las Vegas union highlights his unpredictability

Trump vs. RNC: Priebus pushes back

Donald Trump hires California state director

Ex-Walker campaign manager joins Trump's team

Donald Trump: Rules 'stacked against me'

Trump amassing delegates who might not be loyal to him

Trump barrels into crucial stretch

Donald Trump, Losing Ground, Tries to Blame the System

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly met at TrumpTower to 'clear the air'

Cruz, Trump battle for delegates as rhetoric swirls

Trump would be a disaster, but Cruz would be apocalyptic

Trump seeks lawmaker support on Capitol Hill

Karl Rove comes to Utah to stump for Herbert, talks Trump

Trump aide to Hill GOP: Nomination will be locked up by June

Trump’s son-in-law may buy Jehovah’s Witnesses HQ

Trump's lawyer can't vote for him either Tuesday

Trump rails against the GOP nomination process, but it's hardly novel

Can Donald Trump Win Every Delegate in New York?

Muslims ‘annoyed’ by support for Trump, says top Islamic scholar

Despite Trump, many Republicans seeking office in 2016

Hannity 4/13/16 - SeanHannityDonaldTrumpTown Hall FULL 1 Hour Donald Trump interview

Why Donald Trump is destined to lose

Winning the Delegate Battle, Losing the PR War

Trump visit roils town still healing from Latino’s killing

Trump to Jewish reporters: Why do Jews support Obama when he’s disloyal to Israel?

Despite stumbles, Trump has big lead in NY: Poll

Trump Protesters 4-14-16

Donald Trump FULL SPEECH at 2016 New York State Republican Gala (4-14-16)

‘Trumpo,’ the Unfunny Marx Brother

Daggers drawn as Trump, Cruz wage warfare

Trump on Wyoming Convention: 'I'm Not Wasting My Money'

AP-NORC Poll: That’s rude: More say GOP is discourteous

Trump touts New York 'twang' at rally

Trump threatens 'rough July' if RNC doesn't 'straighten out' delegate system

Michelle Fields says Trump and aide 'defamed' her

In Campaign and Company, Ivanka Trump Has a Central Role

How New York Values Trump

Trump Family Values

The pageant of Donald Trump’s dreams

How Trump can lock up GOP nomination before the convention

Trump welcomed with open arms on Staten Island

Trump's campaign may see some fallout from its fight with the RNC

The Trump campaign has landed in California. Are you ready?

Where do Republican voters stand on Trump's delegate fight with GOP leaders?

Forget what you've heard: Here's how Trump can lock up GOP nomination before convention

Donald Trump Assails ‘Rigged’ Delegate System, Saying He Chooses Not to Exploit It

Trump’s rants risk annoying those who may decide nomination

Trump massacred in delegate fights once more

Could Trump Be Impeached Shortly After He Takes Office?

Donald Trump joins his 'diversity coalition' for photo op

North Korean official on Trump comments: 'Totally absurd and illogical'

Our Woman in New York: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on Friendly Turf

The return of Roger Stone

Trump lauds bravery on 7-Eleven, means 9/11

 Trump staffers face threat of blacklist

Tenants Thwarted Donald Trump’s Central Park Real Estate Ambitions

Donald Trump’s Jet, a Regular on the Campaign Trail, Isn’t Registered to Fly

Donald Trump New York Primary FULL Victory Speech (4-19-16)

Christie: NJ will help Trump win GOP nomination — ‘take it to the bank’

Internal campaign memo projects Trump will win 1,400 delegates at GOP convention

The new Donald Trump should scare the hell out of the GOP establishment

Donald Trump shows flashes of new discipline as his revamped team takes control

Trump returns to 'Lyin' Ted' moniker

Donald Trump won New York but lost his home turf -- Manhattan

ACLU to represent Trump supporter in New Jersey flag flap

Trump gets help for Pennsylvania's inside game

Trump's troop makes pitch to delegates at RNC meeting

Column Donald Trump has finally discovered strategy

The Test for Donald Trump: Win Delegates, Not Just Voters

How New York, and its Jews, set the stage for a Clinton-Trump showdown

With more chutzpa than experience, Orthodox lawyer advises Trump on Israel

Indiana Poll: Trump, Cruz Locked in Tight Race

More people are filing to become citizens in the face of anti-immigration politics

Donald Trump to Reshape Image, New Campaign Chief Tells G.O.P.

Trump on new $20 dollar bill: ‘Pure Political Correctness’

Trump team tells GOP he has been ‘projecting an image’

Trump Says He'll Wait to Act Presidential

Donald Trump’s Campaign Evolution Might Take Some Time

'Never Trump' groups collide with Kasich, Cruz

Trump at Conn. Rally: No Plans of 'Toning Down' Rhetoric

Trump to alter image by fall, team promises GOP leaders

Trump Renews Attacks on Cruz's Canadian Birth

A ‘presidential’ Trump 2.0? Not so fast

A kinder, gentler Trump?

Donald Trump tells Conn. voters he’s ‘not toning it down’

Trump expected to have solid Tuesday in five states

Trump on Cruz: 'He's bribing people, essentially' for delegates

Donald Trump: 'If I lose, I don't think you will ever see me again'

Trump on Kasich-Cruz alliance: 'It doesn't matter'

Some American Muslims like the fact that Trump’s ‘a little nuts’

Friendship in the Age of Trump

Listen to Donald Trump robocall urging California's 'no party preference' voters to register as Republicans

President Donald Trump? Just Say No

What Wouldn’t Jesus Do?

Pennsylvania's wild card delegates could make or break Donald Trump

Donald Trump lashes out at Cruz, Kasich ‘collusion’

Why I Will Never Vote for Donald Trump

The Donald Trump Pygmalion Project

TrumpUniversity case will go to trial

Trump Calls Kasich 'Slob'

Mexican president urges expats: Stop Trump bid by following Jewish example of unity

Trump Wins 5 State Primaries in a Clean Sweep

Live Stream: Donald J. Trump CLEAN SWEEP Victory Speech Live From Trump Tower, NY - (4-26-16)

Trump’s crushing wins put him in a commanding role

Trump won at least 39 unbound Pa. delegates, according to Washington Post tally

Why Donald Trump Is Probably Two States From Victory

Trump: ‘It’s over, I’m the presumptive nominee’

In invoking 'America First,' Trump stirs memories of pre-WWII isolationist movement

Pepper spray flies as Trump supporters, opponents clash in California

Donald Trump's foreign policy: 'America first'

Full Event: Donald Trump Speaks on Foreign Policy in Washington, DC

O'Reilly: If Trump Is Denied Nomination, 'All Hell Will Break Loose'

GOP warms to Trump

Trump's 'woman's card' jab at Clinton isn't how GOP wanted to get female voters' attention

Trump’s Cabinet: Who it might be

Obama ‘snubbed’ Israel, treated Iran with ‘tender love and care,’ Trump charges

Trump, laying out foreign policy, promises coherence

Trump Releases His Plan for 2nd Amendment… Leaves Millions Furious

Protests rage outside Trump rally in OrangeCounty: roads closed, police car smashed by crowd

Indiana looms large, but Republican candidates keep an eye on the grand prize: California

Donald Trump and his supporters wonder how much being 'presidential' matters

Trump moves to middle in his speech on 'America First' approach to foreign policy

Dems: Trump as GOP nominee will hurt Utah’s Mia Love, other Republicans

Many see a misdeal in ‘woman’s card’ remark

GOP women push Trump on VP pick

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Evansville, Indiana (4-28-16) OldNationalEventsPlaza

Protesters descend on Burlingame to rail against Trump

Protests at Trump California rally turn violent

Full Speech: Donald Trump Speaks at California Republican Convention

Trump seen as inconsistent in Israel, danger in other countries


Trump smuggled in via back entrance to avoid California protesters

Jon Huntsman adds to the growing list of GOP elite supporting Trump

Trump: I Don't Need GOP Unity to Win

Jewish reporter says Trump supporters bombarding her with anti-Semitic rhetoric

Trump seeks approval from foreign policy experts, but hits snags

Plato would be horrified by Trump’s rise

Rubio Warming Up to Trump: 'His Performance Has Improved Significantly'

Pennsylvania GOP senator on collision course with Trump

Trump campaign accuses Arizona GOP of stealing delegate election

Trump: An Indiana win will seal nomination

Go-it-alone fund-raising might limit Donald Trump in fall

Needing to Win, Ted Cruz Trails Donald Trump in Indiana by 15 Points, Poll Finds

Trump said to lack plan for fundraising, vetting of running mate

Trump's delegate hunt and how California may complicate his path

Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump presidency will "lead to another 9/11"

ADL to Trump: Come up with something other than ‘America First’

Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in new poll

Trump looks for Indiana knockout

Poll: Trump Winning California by 34 Points

Trump flops in Arizona delegate fight

Trump says he will try to broker Israeli-Palestinian peace deal

Trump sees a decisive Indiana victory at hand, gears up to take on Clinton

Gov. Jerry Brown: 'Something strange' is fueling the rise of Donald Trump

Donald Trump's latest conspiracy theory involves Ted Cruz's father

Trump Links Cruz's Dad to Lee Harvey Oswald

Donald Trump: Presumptive GOP nominee; Sanders takes Indiana

Donald Trump Primary Night Speech

TRUMP Doubles Down On Banning Muslim Immigrants, Calls For The Prosecution Of Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz The Next Supreme Court Justice

Trump begins weighing VP options

First on CNN: Kasich 'doing the right thing' by dropping out, Trump says

Against all odds: It’s Trump

How Trump did it

Trump closes in on Republican nomination, battle with Clinton

Kochs Still Mull Hillary Support, Turned Off By Trump's 'Personal Attacks and Mudslinging'

Donald Trump takes the reins of a divided Republican Party

Editorial: #NeverTrump movement must show it’s not bluffing

Analysis Trump's visit shines spotlight on California Republican Party's immigration dilemma

Trump supporters more likely to believe conspiracy theories, NJ poll finds

Within 24 hours of being presumptive nominee, Donald Trump flips on minimum wage

Trump punches back: I'm not ready to support Ryan's agenda 

Prominent Republican Jews question loyalty to party under Trump

Donald Trump starts the general election behind Hillary Clinton by a mile

Ryan invites Trump to meeting

Please join in for a New Jersey Rally with
Governor Chris Christie and Donald J. Trump Candidate for
Thursday May 19th

Seven pols who could be Donald Trump’s VP pick (and two who won’t)

Trump's map: Where he needs to win

Kudlow: Trump Must Prove to Americans 'He Can Do the Job' of President

Sheldon Adelson will support Trump as Republican nominee

As Carson Leads Trump's VP Search, Rubio Eliminated

Ten third-party candidate names at top of Never Trump’s list

Patching relationships, Trump pivots toward big fundraising

Donald Trump to testify in TrumpUniversity fraud lawsuit -- after the election

Trump’s misguided message from more than 1,000 years ago

5 not-totally-crazy maps that show Donald Trump losing badly


Donald Trump Seeks Republican Unity but Finds Rejection

Adviser: Trump May Speak Every Night of Convention

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, together

Where Jewish conservatives stand on Trump: A running tally

Trump's Idea to Cut $19 Trillion National Debt: Get Creditors to Accept Less

A Trump proposal for national debt would send rates soaring

Anti-Trump delegates now responsible for nominating him

Trump: 'Taxes for the rich will go up somewhat'

Trump becomes Puerto Rico wild card

Trump picks NJ Governor Christie to head transition team

Forget the headlines: Trump team looking awfully establishment-y in the early going

Mass. voters favor Clinton over Trump, poll finds

Alarmed by Trump, could Wall Street turn to Clinton?

Trump vs. Clinton: Who will voters like least?

Trump likes idea of party unity, but on his terms

Former 'stop Trump' megadonor switches sides

Trump's empty administration

Trump, pivoting to general, lashes out at everyone

Donald Trump’s war on the foreign press

Donald Trump speaks like a sixth-grader. All politicians should.

Chris Christie would head Donald Trump transition team


Trump says he has narrowed potential running mates picks to 5 or 6: AP

Trump goes rogue on higher taxes

Donald Trump, in Switch, Turns to Republican Party for Fund-Raising Help

How a bill becomes a wall (funny)

Trump to Ed Klein: Being 'Rebel' Won't Work, Make Nice with GOP Establishment

Washington Post: Trump Running to Left of Hillary

Sanders, Trump easily win West Virginia primary; Trump picks up Nebraska too

London’s New Mayor Warns Trump: Let In Muslims Or They Will Attack America

Trump Says He Would like Speaker Ryan to Chair Republican Convention

Newt Gingrich Tops Trump's VP List

House GOP warns Ryan to back Trump

Trump Not Releasing His Tax Returns Before November

Donald Trump handed over tax returns in casino bids

Donald Trump: I'll release tax returns after audit

Trump Looks to Giuliani to Solve Muslim 'Problem'

Groups Seek to Register 1 Million Legal Immigrants Against Trump

Trump faults computer ‘error’ for listing white supremacist as delegate

9 Jewish groups support bill banning prevention of US entry based on religion

Jewish author of Melania Trump profile files complaint over deluge of anti-Semitic abuse

Trump says he’ll visit Israel, where he thinks everyone likes him

What We Know About Donald Trump's Meetings on Capitol Hill

Trump, Ryan tout unity in wake of meeting

Ryan 'very encouraged' by meeting with Trump

Trump, Ryan signal unity

Trump and Ryan say they are ‘totally committed to working together’

What happened when Donald Trump came to Capitol Hill

Ryan, Trump set for showdown

Mitt Romney: It's 'Disqualifying' for Trump Not to Release Tax Returns

Woodward: Washington Post Assigns 20 Reporters to Dig Into Trump's Past

Clinton launches blitzkrieg on Trump

Trump's talking points: Unified GOP will 'win big'

Trump says he won’t release tax returns

Trump now says Muslim ban was ‘just a suggestion’

Carson to lead Trump’s outreach to former presidential rivals

Donald Trump will try to work his magic on wary Republican lawmakers

New pro-Trump group pledges to raise $20 million before GOP convention

Why billionaire Trump faces $$$ disadvantage versus Hillary

Taco bowls and crazy tweets: Why Donald Trump will never be presidential

Elizabeth Warren is emerging as top Democratic attacker

Donald Trump, Paul Ryan emerge from meeting with commitment to work together

Trump and Ryan: Who will come out on top in this GOP battle?

How the US presidential election is upending pro-Israel orthodoxies

Is Donald Trump following Bill Clinton's playbook from 1992?

Trump's Butler: Obama Should Have Been Shot

Donald Trump masqueraded as publicist to brag about himself

Union for Border Patrol agents under fire for endorsement of Trump

Trump's border rhetoric emboldens officials on local level to target immigration, activists say

It's not just Paul Ryan who's hard to win over. Donald Trump faces struggle for unity in key battleground states

5 ways Donald Trump's tax returns could spook voters

Super PACs, donors ramp up activity to boost Donald Trump

‘Self-funded’ Trump preparing to seek big-donor money

Adelson formally endorses Trump, says alternative is ‘third term’ of Obama

Putin 'Pleased' With Trump

‘Trump-Putin kiss’ graffiti shows misgivings in Baltic states

Trump offers a preview of his authoritarian presidency

How Much Bad Press Does It Take to Cost Donald Trump a News Cycle?

WaPo: Trump hung up when asked about spokesman

The New York Times interviewed 50 women about how Trump treated them

Obama knocks Trump at Rutgers: 'Ignorance is not a virtue'

Trump tweaks his brand

Trump Insists to Maureen Dowd: It's Not My Voice

Manafort: Trump wasn't posing as his own publicist

How Nixon targeted the Trump electorate

Adelson set to give over $100 million to Israel-supporting Trump

Where Republican donors stand on Donald Trump

Out of the spotlight, some say there is a softer side of Trump

Trump's rise prods NJ immigrants to naturalize

Trump has history of questionable conduct with women — report

Trump's women problem

Trump: Rubio not being considered for VP

Social Conservatives, However Reluctant, Are Warming to the Idea of Trump

Elizabeth Warren, Donald Trump spoiling for a fight

Trump, Clinton face most diverse electorate in history

Trump fights back on questions over women, taxes

Trump: Ryan Praised Me, I'm Tired of Advice

A laughable backlash against the New York Times article on Trump’s treatment of women

On more than one issue, GOP’s Trump sounds like a Democrat

Juan Williams: Trump, false promises and the economy

Jon Stewart — the enabler of Donald Trump

Trump: London mayor made ‘very rude statements’ about me

Donald Trump's former adviser says Trump posed as his own publicist

Rep. Huelskamp: Trump Too 'All Over the Map' on Life Issues

It's not just Paul Ryan who's hard to win over. Donald Trump faces struggle for unity in key states

Adelson Implores Republican Jewish Leaders to Support Trump

Poll shows Trump gaining support in Utah, leads Clinton, Sanders

Trump Counsel: NY Times Should Apologize, Retract Cover Story

Kasich: 'I Am Undecided' on Endorsing Trump

Mark Cuban: If Election Were Today, I'd Vote Hillary

Donald Trump Is Not Expanding the GOP

A peek at Donald Trump's finances

Trump unveils his potential Supreme Court nominees

13 times Trump's potential Supreme Court pick mocked him

Donald Trump asks Megyn Kelly to pardon him for calling her a bimbo (ANYTHING FOR RATINGS)

Trump’s plan to rehabilitate his image: Explain past controversies

How Donald Trump won over big donors

What a President Trump Might Mean for Your Personal Finances

Trump says he’d speak with N. Korean leader over nukes

Former Pa. Gov. Ed Rendell bashes Trump's controversial comments with one of his own

Antitrust threat raises questions about how Trump would wield power

Silicon Valley mocks Trump over his tech bubble warning

Trump's problem with attacking Bill Clinton on economy? His own words

Trump and the Artifice of the Deal
(an outsider think again)


Trump launches media offensive to rehab image

Donald Trump unveils list of his top picks for Supreme Court

Trump announces list of potential Supreme Court picks, including one who has repeatedly mocked him

Clinton’s tech team stumbles toward Trump

Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump not qualified to be president

Will Trump Face Unhappy Hispanics at First New Jersey Campaign Stop?

Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride

Paul Manafort named campaign chairman, chief strategist for Donald Trump

Full Speech: Donald Trump & Chris Christie in Lawrenceville, NJ (5-19-16)

Trump Joins Christie for GOP Rally in Lawrenceville

Donald Trump Holds New Jersey Rally, Fundraisers
(Michael Aron)

Fox News Poll: Trump tops Clinton, both seen as deeply flawed candidates

Exclusive: More than 100 lawsuits, disputes, tied to Trump and his companies

Top Mass. GOP donors are holding back on Trump

Mark Cuban: Donald Trump is 180 degrees wrong on this

Top 10 Donald Trump Failures

On the Lonely Island of ‘Never Trump’

Trump camp makes play for West Coast donors

NRA Endorses Trump for President

Donald Trump Vows To Protect 2nd Amendment At NRA Conference | NBC News
Trump rehashes ‘rape’ allegation against Bill Clinton

Trump backers hurl anti-Semitic tweets at NY Times editor

Donald Trump’s tax rate isn’t the only thing that’s ‘none of your business’

Millionaire investors say Clinton is better for markets: Survey

Trump and Clinton: The two worst things that could happen to America

What Would It Take for Donald Trump to Deport 11 Million and Build a Wall?

These Republicans couldn't possibly vote for Trump, but will they go for Clinton?

Mark Cuban: I'd 'absolutely' consider being Hillary Clinton's vice president

Mark Cuban open to being Trump's (or Clinton's) VP

Trump Meeting With Sen. Bob Corker on Possible VP Slot

GOP Hispanic leaders open to reconciling with Trump

Adelson, RJC ‘laying the groundwork’ for Trump trip to Israel

Donald Trump Calls NY Times Front Page Story About How He Treats Woman A Con Job 5/21/16

Pro-Trump group files unusual financial report

Gowdy Makes A Second Endorsement — ‘I’m Going To Support The Jury”

The very idea of a President Trump scares some, bolsters others in Asia

Trump is used as cautionary tale at commencements

Election model predicts Clinton over Trump

Washington State Republicans Back Cruz Over Trump

Libertarian VP hopeful stands by Holocaust reference to Trump plan

New Jersey voters are sending Donald Trump a clear and brutal message about Chris Christie

Some NRA Members Balking at Trump Endorsement

Moving to Canada’: Trump fuels US relocation dreams

New data backs argument that Trump has not expanded the GOP

Key G.O.P. Donors Still Deeply Resist Donald Trump’s Candidacy

These Wealthy People Refuse to Give Donald Trump Money. Here’s Why.

Big GOP Donors Eschewing Trump, Hampering Fundraising Efforts

Poll: Election 2016 shapes up as a contest of negatives

Jon Huntsman: 'I have concerns' about Trump

Pataki not ready to endorse Trump

Wash Post-ABC Poll: Trump and Clinton Tied For Least Liked Candidate

Trump, Clinton's record unpopularity paves way for a VP that matters

Lindsey Graham Reportedly Quietly Backing Trump

Sen. Bob Corker downplays VP talk after Trump meeting

Donald Trump isn’t empathetic. Is that a problem?

Trump: No Need for GOP Donors, Suggests He May 'SellBuilding'

Want to have dinner with Donald Trump? It'll cost $25,000 (or more)

Donald Trump dismisses concerns about trade war

Trump Campaign Tries to Quietly Woo Muslims

Donald Trump and Conspiracy Theories: A Signal From 2011

Trump leaving neocons in dust

Trump v. Clinton: Battle of the Jewish sons-in-law

Big Picture for Trump vs. Clinton? It’s All in the Framing

Donald Trump Lags Behind Hillary Clinton in Organizing KeyState

Former Marine plans anti-Trump protest

Juan Williams: Electoral map looks grim for Trump

Donald Trump clarifies position on guns in schools

Trump flip-flops on having guns in classrooms: WTF?

Trump: ‘I’m not advocating guns in classrooms’ but ‘teachers should have guns'

Donald Trump’s primary success may have convinced him to make a critical error

Trump: I'm Seeking Donations Because of GOP Request

Paul Ryan urges GOP unity, but he's not 'betting' on a Trump win

Trump escalates attack on Bill Clinton

Four months later, Donald Trump says he gave $1 million to veterans group

What we know — and what we don’t — about the money Donald Trump raised for veterans

Donald Trump has done the unthinkable: Unite Silicon Valley

Evangelicals are the kind of Latinos the GOP could be winning. But probably not with Donald Trump

O'Reilly and Scarborough to Trump: Enough with the Clinton conspiracies!

Polls are showing that Donald Trump might have a big problem if he refuses to release his tax returns

Trump is taxing voters’ patience

New Mexico governor too busy for Trump rally

Trump courts energy industry

Grand Old Primary

Trump campaign rift gets personal

More than 600 American authors are trying to stop Trump

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti says Bernie Sanders supporters won't turn to 'racist' Donald Trump

N.J. financier to head Trump-Republican fundraising committee

Trump Blames 'Dishonest Media' for Discrediting Money Raised for Veterans

Santorum: Why I'm now supporting Trump

Trump Unveils Stable of 20 Republican Donors

Donald Trump relies on a simple phrase: ‘Believe me’

Presidential stakes are high for nuclear arsenal

Trump fires his national political director, campaign sources say

Donald Trump has a woman problem -- 3 of them

Police, protesters clash outside Trump's California rally; arrests made

Protests turn violent outside Trump New Mexico event

Trump accuses New Mexico’s Republican governor of not doing her job

The Daily 202: Trump’s attacks on the GOP’s most prominent Latina, Susana Martinez, should alarm Republicans

New Mexico governor hits back at Trump

Donald Trump’s Top Adviser: ‘This Is Not A Hard Race’

Rowdy protests but no violence this time outside Trump rally

Hispanic Support Eludes Donald Trump

Donald Trump keeps attacking fellow Republicans

Trump, Sanders explore an unconventional presidential debate

Trump to Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend at Huge Biker Rally

On the Mexico border, a surge of migrants ahead of a possible ‘Trump Wall’

That time when Ali G. sat down with the Donald

Greg Gutfeld: THE MAN WHO SOLD THE RIGHT--The story of Donald Trump (in three parts)

Greg Gutfeld: THE MAN WHO SOLD THE RIGHT, PART 2 -- How Trump used reciprocity to seal the deal

THE MAN WHO SOLD THE RIGHT, PART THREE: Donald Trump and the assimilation of behavior

Donald Trump has delegates to clinch GOP nomination

Dump Trump? Some millennials aren't so sure

Meet the Chinese American immigrants who are supporting Donald Trump

WATCH LIVE: The Hill interviews Ben Carson

How Donald Trump is winning over Wall Street

Jeff Sessions open to running as Trump's vice president

The Trump campaign’s problematic definition of ‘pandering’

Donald Trump’s demographic problem, visualized

NYT editor calls out Trump for ignoring supporters’ anti-Semitic tweets

Trump decides he won't debate Bernie Sanders

The 223 People, Places and Things Donald
Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List

San Diego police, anti-Donald Trump protesters clash amid violence

How Would a Donald Trump Presidency Affect Your 401(k)?

Trump raises environmental concern with call for more drilling

Trump wants a sports stadium for his nomination acceptance speech

McConnell: Trump White House will have ‘constraints’

In business and politics, Trump stokes internal rivalries

Nebraska’s Ben Sasse: A ‘Never Trump’ Holdout in the Senate

Cruz holds back support for Trump with eye on abortion

Trump's San Diego rally draws more than 1,000 chanting protesters

Death Threat to Trump at Protest: ‘He’ll Be Dead Within a Week’

In campaign chaos, Donald Trump shows his management style

Report: Trump campaign indicates it's 'not going to have enough money' to fight Hillary Clinton before the convention

Bob Dole: Trump Should Apologize to McCain, Make Gingrich Running Mate

Lewandowski: List of Trump VP candidates 'very small'

Republican senator expects Trump will 'embrace' GOP platform

Giuliani touts Trump as true candidate of 'hope'

Schwarzenegger avoids questions on whether he'll support Trump

So far, the 2016 election is looking a lot like the one that came before it ...

Violence, vitriol toward minorities come to define US presidential race

Welcome to the ‘nothing matters’ election

Trump’s campaign stumbles as it tries to go big

Judge orders release of documents in Trump University suit

Washington Post: 'Trump is pathologically dishonest and morally bankrupt'

Trump champions vets at Rolling Thunder rally at Lincoln Memorial

Trump’s talk makes supporters feel safe in a dangerous world

Iran nuke deal drove Trump to run for president, son says

Trump berates Hispanic judge in TrumpUniversity case: 'He's a hater'

Hundreds Protest Trump in Fresno, Calif.

Political insider sparks backlash from Trump after saying an 'impressive' independent will challenge him

Trump Fires Back After Kristol Hints at Independent Candidate

Trump reportedly wants to cut Social Security ... but won't admit it

Trump’s Memorial Day Message: ‘We Don’t Win With Military’

Juan Williams: The Trump 'disruption' con

Donald just got a big endorsement — from North Korea

Trump: Sessions 'absolutely' to be considered for VP

In agricultural heartland, Trump sides with California farmers over environmentalists

Why Donald Trump keeps popping up in local races he has nothing to do with

Trump at war with press over donations to veterans groups

Combative Trump details millions in aid for veterans, attacks media

Trump: Nearly $6M Raised for Veterans Has Been 'Paid Out'

Trump says he's given $5.6M to veterans groups

Trump launches all-out attack on the press

Donald Trump's 'sleaze' attack on reporter hits new level of media animosity

Tom Steyer launches Spanish-language ads attacking Donald Trump

Inside the TrumpUniversity 'playbooks'

On cutting-edge voter data, Trump critically behind Clinton

Trump faces fundraising questions

Donald Trump perfectly summed up his life philosophy in just 6 words

Unsealed TrumpUniversity 'playbooks' show how controversial school was run

Trump involved in crafting controversial TrumpUniversity ads, executive testified

FormerTrumpUniversity Workers Call the School a ‘Lie’ and a ‘Scheme’ in Testimony

Trump’s personal, racially tinged attacks on federal judge alarm legal experts

Trump turns to Hollywood for convention help

Sheldon Adelson Staff Working to Form Pro-Trump Super PAC

Can Donald Trump Win? These Battleground Regions Will Decide

Trump in 2004: Pregnancy is an 'inconvenience' to employers

The rise of American authoritarianism

Mark Cuban questions if Donald Trump is actually a billionaire

A testy Donald Trump lashes out at news media and says, 'I'm not changing'

Trump's press feud boils over

Don't vote for Trump, former Gov. Whitman tells N.J. primary voters

Exclusive: Trump's 3,500 lawsuits unprecedented for a presidential nominee

Donald Trump attacks both Clintons to applause in Sacramento

Clinton: Trump ‘temperamentally unfit’ for White House

Clinton brings moxie to fight with Trump

BREAKING: Home Depot Co-Founder Makes Stunning Announcement About Trump

Trump said planning Israel trip before July GOP convention

PGA Tour Moves Tournament from Trump Course in Florida to Mexico

Trump aide shoots down Mark Cuban as a potential VP

TrumpUniversity: Sales strategy foreshadowed campaign

First on CNN: Trump ally forms super PAC with $32M in commitments

National Press Club President: What Does Donald Trump Have Against the Constitution?

Predicting November: Doubts creep into Trump-Clinton polls

Millennial voters rise up

Paul Ryan endorses Donald Trump

Paul Ryan: Donald Trump can help make reality of bold House policy agenda -

Latino Republicans spurn Donald Trump

RNC official handling outreach to Hispanic media quits due to Trump

What the search for a Trump alternative is really about

Trump University Was Textbook Fraud

Donald Trump, Legal Experts Fear, ‘Is How Authoritarianism Starts’

How To Turn Trump Fans? Show Them A Greek Tragedy

Why The Chronicle is not endorsing in presidential primaries

I was wrong: Trump WILL be the next president

Paul Ryan's endorsement doesn't apply to everything Donald Trump says

The Seven Broken Guardrails of Democracy

California's registered voters hit record high ahead of Tuesday presidential primary

Trump changes tune on NM governor, seeks her support

AP Interview: In pursuit of GOP unity, Ryan endorses Trump

Trump Has 'Love' for Cruz, Assigns Nickname to 'Lyin' Hillary'

Donald Trump tweeted out 9 graphs proving that Obama failed. We fact-checked them.

Donald Trump’s anti-Semitism controversies: A timeline

Trump’s Jewish adviser: He’s not responsible for supporters’ anti-Semitism

Trump’s judicial standard “not workable” and would “grind system to a halt”


Putting Donald Trump’s $1 Million for Veterans in Context

'It's going to be a big, fat, beautiful wall!': Trump's words make his California climb an even steeper trek

Donald Trump’s attack on ‘Mexican’ judge is so bad, even Kayleigh McEnany can’t defend it

Hispanic leaders frustrated by silence from Trump campaign

What people still aren’t willing to admit about Donald Trump

Ugly, bloody scenes in San Jose as protesters attack Trump supporters outside

Intel's CEO planned, then scrapped, a Donald Trump fundraiser

Trump and New Jersey: Imperfect together | Editorial

Donald Trump Is a 2-Year-Old. It’s Time for the Press to Treat Him Like One.

Trump gets cold shoulder from Silicon Valley

Trump Calls 'Terrible' Jobs Report a 'Bombshell'

Mitch McConnell on Trump's Rhetoric: 'I Wish He Would Discontinue It'

McConnell worries Trump will hurt GOP with Hispanics

Newly released Trump testimony on TrumpUniversity could trigger video deposition battle

TrumpUniversity students got sales pitch instead of wealth, knowledge

These Republican Leaders Support Trump, Believe He Will Violate The Constitution And Incite Violence
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Trump: The US is 'stone-cold broke'

N.H. GOP leaders call for party unity behind Trump at annual meeting

My Turn: People, not Trump, can make a greater America

Trump envisions ‘compromise’ agenda with Ryan

Trump’s choice of partners suggests dubious vetting

Trump -- again -- reverses Libya position

Trump reverses stance on Libya

Gingrich: Trump's judge attacks 'one of the worst mistakes' he's made

Trump defends criticism of judge with Mexican heritage

Trump: A Muslim judge could also be biased

McConnell pushes Trump to change

TrumpUniversity gets an A in deception

1 candidate's campaign is mostly white, mostly male and pays women less

Donald Trump’s campaign pays women less than men

Donald Trump’s Constitutional Worldview

Financial Markets Need Trump-Type of Common Sense

Trump camp taps Jim Murphy as political director

Trump Orders Surrogates to Intensify Criticism of Judge and Journalists

Rubio on Trump: ‘It's wrong, and I hope he stops'

Trump: Gingrich's Remarks About Me 'Inappropriate'

Donald Trump: Newt Gingrich's criticism of judge comment 'inappropriate'

Juan Williams: The fantasy of Trump's appeal

Did Donald Trump (finally) go too far?

Donald Trump does not have a campaign

Many Trump supporters don’t believe his wildest promises — and they don’t care

Yellen on Trump: 'We'll Just See What Happens'

Ryan walks tightrope with volatile Trump

Mark Kirk bails, Paul Ryan fumes over Trump judge comments

GOP senator says he won't back Trump

Trump: Comments about judge 'misconstrued'

Trump has 2-3 weeks to fix campaign: GOP Sen. Corker

Everywhere Republicans turn, it’s all Trump

Chuck Grassley: “I Disagree” With Trump’s Attack On Federal Judge

Sandoval says his vote for Trump not absolute after remarks about judge

Paul Ryan rips Donald Trump remarks as 'textbook definition of a racist comment'

Graham: Trump's judge comments 'un-American'

Trump wins GOP presidential primary in New Jersey

Iowa GOP lawmaker dumps party to protest Trump

“I didn’t think it was necessary"

Trump vice presidential search narrowed to 4 or 5 politicians

Donald Trump reveals simple plan to help every American earn more money

Gingrich: Trump a 'gifted amateur,' judge comments not racist

Trump Plans New Hotel Chain for Millennials

Trump Says 'No Reason' to Raise $1 Billion for Campaign

The media’s $2 billion gift to Trump

GOP congressman: Trump 'likely a racist'

Donald Trump is taking a beating in college commencement speeches

Donald Trump’s got (political) money problems

Pro-Clinton super PAC to launch a ‘Trump Lies’ campaign

Sanders pledges to work with Clinton after meeting with Obama

Trump to give anti-Clinton speech in New Hampshire

Trump son-in-law Kushner emerges as quiet force in campaign

There Are More White Voters Than People Think. That’s Good News for Trump.

House GOP Plan Differs From Donald Trump on Foreign Policy

USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills

Trump stiffed hundreds of workers and contractors in New Jersey, report says

Donald Trump’s Business Plan Left a Trail of Unpaid Bills

Trump continues to Violate Campaign Rule No. 1

He's 'trending poorly': Kasich says it's 'absolutely' possible he'll attend convention and not endorse Trump

Trump’s Energy Plan Is Insane

Is Trump Really A Billionaire?

Israeli poll shows little support for Trump in Arab world

Donald Trump condemns ‘outrageous’ terror attack in Tel Aviv

Trump, kicking off fundraising push, seeks to reassure potential donors in N.Y. meeting

Amid Party Concerns, Donald Trump Meets With His Finance Team

Trump to Mark Cuban: Why Have You Gone Negative on Me?

Clinton says Trump's foreign policy agenda is 'dangerously incoherent'

Trump: "Look At My African-American Over Here!"

David Letterman calls Trump 'despicable,' 'repugnant to people' (Video)

Analysis  Hillary Clinton up, Donald Trump down after a week that flipped the presidential campaign

Analysis Donald Trump is his own chief strategist and campaign spokesman. So what could go wrong?

Fearing Trump, greens run to Clinton

Donald Trump moves to block the release of his video testimony in university lawsuit

CNBC's Ron Insana: 'Erratic' Trump Will Drop Out of Race by November

The Trump Brand Just Took Another Hit

Donald Trump’s Many Unpaid IOUs

Hillary Clinton v. Donald Trump: A Look at the Numbers

Editorial: Ayotte can’t dodge Trump forever

Trump: US must strengthen alliance with Israel

Trump's VP Choices: Newt Gingrich, Jeff Sessions, Condi Rice?

Trump faces surrogate deficit

Reuters Poll: Clinton Leads Trump by 11 Points

Clinton leads Trump by double digits in White House race — poll

Media Organizations Asking Judge for Trump's Video Depositions in Trump U Case

Donald Trump turns combative again amid GOP backlash, ditches teleprompter

Trump on Jeb endorsement: 'Who the hell cares?'

Sessions: 'It was a rough week' for Trump

Ryan: Trump asked me to chair the Republican convention

Ryan hopes for change of 'tone' in Trump campaign

Trump fires at Romney: 'He doesn’t know what a misogynist is'

How Donald Trump Bankrupted His Atlantic City Casinos, but Still Earned Millions

HP CEO Whitman compares Trump to Hitler, Mussolini

Defending Trump is unacceptable: Christian Schneider

Obama’s Full Remarks on Orlando Shooting

Trump to Change Speech from Clintons to Terrorism, Calls on Obama to Resign

Donald Trump says he told us so in anti-immigrant Orlando response

After Orlando Massacre, Donald Trump Says It Shows He Is ‘Right’ About Terrorism

Who Donald Trump listens to

Trump: Clinton Can't Protect LGBT Community While Importing Those Who Want To Oppress Them

Clinton speech wasn't about Trump (but it was)

Trump and Clinton and their very different responses to the Orlando shootings

Clinton Uses Trump's Words Against Him in First General-Election Ad

Trump on Orlando: US in 'Absolute War,' 'Only Going to Get Worse'

After Orlando shooting, Donald Trump defiantly doubles down on, well, everything

Trump doubles down on terror, immigration pitch

Trump pans ‘political correctness’ in post-Orlando address

Trump on Obama and Islam: 'There's something going on'

Dread and Donald in the wake of Orlando

The Biggest Lies in Donald Trump’s ‘Security’ Speech

Trump stretches facts in fiery post-Orlando speech

Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaves With Woman in Private

Trump says he will revoke Washington Post's credentials to cover campaign

Donald Trump moves to block the release of his video testimony in university lawsuit

Trump is running the same campaign that won him the GOP nomination. There’s a big problem with that.

Trump gains slightly on Clinton after Florida attack - poll

The Trump and Clinton responses to the Orlando shooting just reset the political norm

Trump doubles down on Muslim ban after Orlando massacre

Donald Trump Responds to Orlando Attack by Exploiting Fear, Not Easing It

Trump uses Orlando to sharpen 2016 presidential divide

Trump seems to suggest Obama sympathizes with terrorists

Obama goes on tirade against Trump over 'dangerous' Muslim ban, 'radical Islam

‘A lot of people are saying . . . ’: How Trump spreads conspiracies and innuendoes

Clinton hits Trump for pushing 'conspiracy theories'

Trump Faces New Challenges Testing Terror Playbook Against Clinton

This is Trumpism: A personality-fueled run that resonates in an anxious era

Ray Duckler: Outside Trump event, different political world views on display

Trump may not get traditional GOP terrorism bump after Orlando shooting

Clinton Has 12-Point Edge Over Trump in Bloomberg National Poll

Obama, Clinton criticize Trump for proposed Muslim ban

Gawker: Stolen DNC Trump Files Leaked Online

How Trump Stands to Gain by Focusing on Gun Control

Donald Trump: I’m meeting with the NRA about blocking terror suspects from buying guns

Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani Have Bold Plans to Make Trumpism Even Worse

Reuters Poll: Trump's Numbers Rising After Orlando Shooting

Trump says he would host Kim Jong Un in U.S.

Trump threatens to go it alone

A new phase for Trump’s media war

Donald Trump’s response to the Orlando attack is not what Americans were looking for

Muslim leaders push back against Trump for incendiary speech in wake of massacre

Charlie Hebdo draws on Orlando massacre, Trump for shocking new cover

Negative views of Donald Trump just hit a new campaign high: 7 in 10 Americans

Union leaders see no evidence of migration to Donald Trump

Gov. Larry Hogan says he doesn’t plan to vote for Donald Trump

Donald Trump fundraiser to be held at Barry Goldwater's old home in Paradise Valley

Trump's Campaign Hits New Low as Republicans Join Obama in Rebuking Candidate's Response to Orlando Massacre

Ryan: 'Not my plan' to rescind Trump endorsement

Joni Ernst isn't expecting VP call from Trump

Trump May Break with NRA on Gun Sales to People on Terror Watch List

What it could look like if Donald Trump's broader immigration ban were implemented

Trump muddies GOP message on protecting the Constitution

The Daily Trail: Trump to GOP leaders: 'Don't talk. Please be quiet.'

Trump’s campaign hits a wall

Donald Trump, facing new lows in polls, pledges 'to do it by myself'

Donald Trump's image, already bad, has gotten worse, new poll finds

Donald Trump doesn't brag about his poll numbers anymore, and no wonder

Trump’s relationship with RNC sours

Trump on shaky ground with GOP

23 things Donald Trump has said that would have doomed another candidate

Trump and Brexit: How they're similar — and different

Trump may be less popular than ever, but supporters still like him just the way he is

Trump stirs talk in Europe

The Daily Trail: What we've learned in the Year of Trump

What Donald Trump can actually do on immigration

Essential Politics: The beginning of the end for Trump?

Donald Trump just tweeted a poll that shows him losing to Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Embraces Donors, Super PACs He Once Decried

Condi Rice rules out being Trump’s VP

RNC 2016: Young Doctors, Execs Plan Anti Trump Protest for 10,000

Putin praises Trump but says Russia would support any US president

Trump gets mixed response with LGBT pitch

Florida rabbi who protested Donald Trump loses his job

Trump mocks GOP ‘movement’ to stop him at the convention

Trump Considering Speaking Off Site During His Own Convention

#NeverTrump gets liftoff: Delegates speak up

The man who showed Donald Trump how to exploit power and instill fear

Trump veepstakes in overdrive

Donald Trump’s Use of ‘Pocahontas’ Has Native Americans Worried

Unconventional #26: Behind the scenes of the huge anti-Trump protest planned for Cleveland (and more!)

Trump fights racketeering claim in TrumpUniversity suit

Sessions doesn't expect to be Trump's VP

Donald Trump accuses Jeb Bush of trying to oust him at convention

Trump accuses Jeb Bush of mounting convention coup

Many What-Ifs in Donald Trump’s Plan for Migrants

Trump campaign: We're facing an emergency goal of $100,000

Trump Tells Phoenix Crowd: 'I Feel Like a Supermodel'

Donald Trump Open to Gun Law Change, But Says Armed Clubgoers Could Have Stopped Orlando Gunman

NRA officials split with Trump on wisdom of armed club-goers

Trump says US should consider racial profiling

Trump supporters are calling for an Apple boycott because it won't fund the Republican convention (AAPL)

Yes, Political Ads Are Still Important, Even for Donald Trump

Ticket to the White House or political oblivion? The challenge for Donald Trump as he seeks a running mate

Three reasons why the ‘convention coup’ against Trump is not completely insane

Trump just squandered a critical seven weeks of the general-election campaign

Behind the scenes: Angst in Trump’s campaign

Trump's Children Pushed Him to Fire Campaign Manager

Trump fires Lewandowski, begins general-election reboot

Corey Lewandowski out as Trump campaign manager

Corey Lewandowski's full CNN interview with Dana Bash

19-year-old charged after allegedly trying to assassinate Donald Trump

Man who attempted to grab gun at rally wanted 'to kill Trump'

Trump backs racial profiling, citing Israel’s ‘success

Trump turns to ‘the gays’ to bash Muslims

Trump’s business skills not translating to political world

Trump hits a Mormon wall

He’s lined up excuses, but Donald Trump knows he’s losing

Three in four voters of color ‘strongly’ dislike Trump

Trump 'surprised' by criticism from GOP leaders

Sending a coded message: Bush 43 skewers Trump without saying a word

Trump: 'We don't know anything about Hillary in terms of religion

How Corey Lewandowski overplayed his hand

Trump shouldn’t bet on radically changing the electoral map

Inside Donald Trump’s strategic decision to target Muslims

Clinton warns of 'Trump recession'

Trump teases big anti-Clinton speech

Warren Buffett nailed why Donald Trump's businesses failed in a lecture 25 years ago

Mark Cuban: Trump 'doesn't have the cash to fund his campaign'

Maureen Dowd: If Trump stops winning, what’s his raison d’etre?

Trump faces reckoning with Christian right

The Daily Trail: Donald Trump's day started out bad. It got worse.

Donald Trump just collapsed in a key swing state

Donald Trump Lagged Far Behind Hillary Clinton in May Fundraising

Trump loans his campaign more money as fundraising trickles

Donald Trump Hints He May Fund Race Himself

Donald Trump savaged Hillary Clinton today. The problem is he savaged himself too.

Trump: 'Liar' Clinton Is 'Most Corrupt Person Ever to Seek' Presidency, Deserves 'Prison'

The Trump Campaign Let Reporters From Blacklisted Outlets Inside His Event Today

Trump’s secret plan to quash a 'Dump Trump' convention plot

Don’t Assume Donald Trump’s Supporters Believe All His Words

On Trump’s VP shortlist, Israel support runs from muddled to measured

The Daily Trail: How the Trump campaign is trying to right itself

The Daily Trail: Trump may have just shattered fundraising records, says his campaign

Trump gets mixed response from religious conservatives

Trump Is Running a Lean
Operation, but Is It Too Lean?

Donald Trump’s political suicide mission

Would a Trump Presidency Mean Economic Disaster? Let’s Take a Look

Delegate uprising threatens Trump

Some prominent California Trump backers have buyer's remorse

Corey Lewandowski to join CNN

Why is this company using Donald Trump's border wall to sell a camera?

TrumpUniversity seized upon foreclosure crisis

Ben Carson to Donald Trump: Lay Off Hillary Clinton’s Faith

Donald Trump to forgive his loan to campaign

Campaign veteran Bob Paduchik to lead Trump's Ohio campaign

Trump can't recall saying he has one of the world's best memories

Rumsfeld: Trump ‘Absolutely Right’ About Risks Of Terror Infiltration

Trump's VP Front-runner: Sen. Sessions of Alabama

Trump adviser tells Israel to wait to sign military aid deal

Trump’s top example of foreign experience: A Scottish golf course losing millions

A big group of major business leaders just endorsed Hillary Clinton

Trump pledges support after Brexit stunner

Senator Reportedly Trump’s Top Choice For Vice President

Trump up, Obama down after shocking Brexit vote

In Israel, Ivanka Trump may not be considered Jewish

Top Trump aide: He’d back Israeli annexations in West Bank

Trump hails Brexit, says UK ‘took back their country’

Trump attacks shine spotlight on Hillary Clinton’s faith

A deep dive into the news media’s role in the rise of Donald J. Trump

Trump winning over Sanders’ supporters isn't as crazy as you think

Despite Campaign Woes, Donald Trump Flies to Scotland to Tend to Business Interests

Donald Trump had no choice but to give his campaign almost $50 million

Former Trump adviser reveals who 'nobody is talking about' that you should 'keep an eye on' for VP

Donald Trump’s Brexit press conference was beyond bizarre

Why Isn’t Donald Trump Campaigning in Swing States?

Would a Trump Presidency Mean Economic Disaster? Let’s Take a Look

Donald Trump Bankruptcy Math Doesn’t Add Up | NBC News

VIDEO: TrumpUniversity Student DESTROYS Trump, Exposes Total Fraud

What Trump’s money troubles really tell us

George Will: I'm Leaving GOP Because of Trump

Reuters Poll: Clinton Regains Double-Digit Lead Over Trump

Trump Campaign Welcomes Michele Bachmann To Evangelical Advisory Board

Trump clarifies his stance on a Muslim ban, saying he'd ban only those from 'terror states'

Trump hopes for boost from Brexit vote

Republican ex-Treasury chief Paulson slams Trump, to vote for Clinton

Dr. Ben Carson on direction of Trump's campaign

Corker on Trump: Scotland 'one of his best events'

The curious appeal of Messrs. Johnson, Trump and Netanyahu

Kaine: Trump thinks 'it's always got to be about him'

Kaine: 'Nobody should ever say they're ready' to be president

COMPLETE INTERVIEW: Robby Mook Interviewes Newt Gingrich On "Fox News Sunday" (6/26/2016)

Trump's proposed ban on Muslims entering US a moving target

Trump shifts immigration plan: No 'mass deportations'

‘We’re an Easy Target’: Taken In by the Trump Brand

Former Gov. Tom Kean's advice to Trump: Don't pick Christie for vice president

In new poll, support for Trump has plunged, giving Clinton a double-digit lead

NBC/WSJ poll: Clinton leads Trump by 5 points

Clinton up 12 points in national poll

Unconventional #29: The math that makes dumping Trump such a long shot. Plus: How Sanders is still winning (and more!)

Anti-Trump Campaign to Send Advance Team to Cleveland Amid Divisions
Donald Trump’s campaign scrambles to shape up

Trump campaign’s claim that State Department gave $55.2 million to Laureate Education after hiring Bill Clinton

Suit against Trump spotlights all-too-common wage theft

Business promotion and politics par for Trump’s golf tour

Trump Releases 50-Point Attack of Hillary's Record

Trump flexes new digital muscle

Utah’s not the only place where Trump has a Mormon problem

Trump: Cruz, Kasich Shouldn't Speak at Convention Unless They Endorse Me

Donald Trump Back-Pedals on Banning Muslims From U.S.

Trump's failed Baja condo resort left buyers feeling betrayed and angry

Donald Trump’s lawyer tweets image that claims Hillary Clinton ‘murdered an ambassador’

Donald Trump aide tweets pic accusing Clinton of murder

Hillary and Donald are bringing more than delegates to the conventions

Polls show tight Clinton-Trump race in 2016 battlegrounds

ANALYSIS: Poll Shows Deep Hole for Donald Trump, With Room for More Digging

Donald Trump just got hit with a bunch of bad poll numbers in battleground states

People are freaking out about the speech that Donald Trump gave in front of a wall of garbage

Trump slams globalization, promises to upend economic status quo

In His Words: Donald Trump on the Muslim Ban, Deportations

Trump Changing Muslim Ban to Countries With Terror Links

Trump says he will renegotiate or withdraw from NAFTA

Trump-Inspired Anti-Semitism Prompts Fear, Police Reports...and a Gun Purchase

The Donald Trump Story You’re Not Hearing About

Trump promised millions to charity. We found less than $10,000 over 7 years.

Trump hires ex-Cruz aide as communications director

How Trump’s Campaign Could Redraw Voter Allegiances

Donald Trump’s Economic Nostalgia

If Donald Trump Lost, Would He Concede?

There’s a new national poll that Donald Trump will finally be happy about

Trump Likens Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal to 'Rape'

Defying Republican orthodoxy, Trump trashes trade deals and advocates tariffs


Obama, Trump throw down on trade

Trump rips GOP rivals who broke pledge; Kasich touts electability

Fact Checker Pro-Trump group’s ad misrepresents Hillary Clinton’s comments about women

Bush World goes for Clinton, but will a former president?


Donald Trump interview the O'Reilly Factor Fox News 6/29/16

Gingrich, Christie are the leading candidates to be Trump’s running mate

Report: Donald Trump is vetting Chris Christie as a potential VP pick

Indiana's Mike Pence 'In Play' as Possible Trump VP Pick

Trump to meet with Senate GOP next week

Donald Trump: 'I'm running against two parties'

Trump disagrees with man on 'Zionist Israel' -- but lets 'heeby-jobbies' slide

Donald Trump jokes, 'That could be a Mexican plane up there'

Donald Trump Adjusts Some of His Positions

Paul Ryan says he's on the same page with Donald Trump on trade

Trump Escalates Battle With Chamber Over Trade Plan