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New version of health-care bill will help Alaska and Maine — home of two holdout senators

Biggest Flash Points In The Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill

Graham is ‘pressing on’ with the health-care bill. Other GOP senators signal they’re moving on.

Republicans struggle to keep ObamaCare repeal alive

Graham: Budget resolution must keep ObamaCare repeal debate alive

Graham pushes back on working with Democrats on health care reform

Opposition from GOP senators grows, jeopardizes health bill

GOP health bill in major peril as resistance hardens among key senators

Collins: 'Very difficult' to imagine voting for ObamaCare repeal bill 

Sens. Ted Cruz and Susan Collins announce opposition to Graham-Cassidy health care bill, adding to GOP resistance

GOP senator: Repealing ObamaCare 'has nothing to do with politics' 

White House Aide Struggles To Defend GOP Bill's Pre-Existing Conditions Loophole

The Republican health care bill would bring 'close to unprecedented' chaos in the health system


Sen. Cassidy’s misleading claim that preexisting-conditions ‘protection is absolutely the same’

Latest GOP effort to dismantle Obamacare on the brink of failure after defections

HHS head: GOP health bill could result in $820M N.H. Medicaid cut

John McCain Steps Up

McCain decision leaves GOP, ObamaCare and repeal at crossroads

Everything is on the line for McConnell in Tuesday’s Alabama Senate primary

The Latest: Health care groups oppose GOP bill


Lindsey Graham responds to his best friend, John McCain, dealing a critical blow to his major health care bill

McCain says he will vote no on GOP health-care bill, dealing major blow to repeal effort

Looks like John McCain just killed Obamacare repeal, again

Why John McCain opposed the GOP’s latest repeal attempt

Wait, why does Rand Paul oppose an Obamacare repeal?

Joni Ernst is 'leaning yes' on Graham-Cassidy health care bill

Graham and Cassidy go into overdrive to win Murkowski vote

Tens of millions of Americans could lose Obamacare tax credits because thousands of Alaskans won’t

GOP ‘moderates’ give up on concessions they once deemed important 

‘Regular order’ may have just killed GOP’s Obamacare repeal. So what is it?

The Cassidy-Graham bill probably won’t become law. And more than half of America is good with that.

Of Cassidy-Graham’s four co-sponsors, only one has the support of his governor

The Health 202: Cassidy-Graham's abortion ban workaround

Federal estimate shows states’ big win-loss gap by 2026 under Cassidy-Graham bill

The push for single-payer healthcare just went national. What does that mean for the California effort?

Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal plan 'devastating,' could cost California almost $139 billion, state officials warn

The G.O.P. Bill Forces States to Build Health Systems From Scratch. That’s Hard.

Latest Obamacare repeal bill is 'much more dangerous' than previous versions 

GOP ObamaCare repeal takes new step in nixing Medicaid expansion

The fatal flaw in the new Obamacare-repeal bill

Trump to GOP who oppose the latest repeal bill: You'll be known as 'the Republican who saved Obamacare' 

GOP eyes corporate tax rate of 20 percent, retreating from Trump’s lofty goal

Alabama Senate GOP candidates spar over Trump support


Behind the Senate GOP’s high-stakes health-care gamble: Unrelenting criticism back home

Republicans reportedly offer sweeteners to try to win Lisa Murkowski's vote for Obamacare repeal

Who is for and against the Senate ObamaCare repeal bill

Sen. Toomey among undecided Republicans on latest GOP health bill

GOP Senators Waver On Health Care 

GOP senator admits new healthcare bill could harm people with preexisting conditions, but says it won't happen

GOP rep.: 'Terrible thing' to vote on health care without CBO score

GOP takes heavy fire over pre-existing conditions

Which states could win and lose from the new ObamaCare repeal Bill

Health care state of play: The sleeping giant of pre-existing conditions awakens


'Repeal and Go Fuck Yourself' Is in Full Effect

Jimmy Kimmel: Senator Bill Cassidy “Got Caught With His GOPenis Out” In Obamacare Replace Bill

House GOP pushes to loosen gun rules

Trump and GOP face narrow path for tax cut agenda, new poll finds

Jimmy Kimmel’s Rise as a Reluctant Health-Care Crusader


Republicans are voting to repeal Obamacare, but they might not have enough votes

Republicans seem to be confused about what exactly their new healthcare bill would do

Here's What Every Woman Needs to Know About the GOP's Latest Healthcare Bill

New study shows the Republican healthcare bill would leave up to 18 million more without insurance by 2019

Gov. Kasich Says Health-Care Bill 'Smells Like Politics'

The new healthcare bill includes an 'Alaska Purchase' to woo a key senator

GOP takes heavy fire over pre-existing conditions

Republican insists his repeal bill passes 'Jimmy Kimmel test'

Ready to deal this time? Alaska’s Murkowski is in the health-care spotlight. Again.

Why Senate Republicans are in such a rush this month on health care

Obamacare repeal bill will head to vote in Senate next week, GOP leader says

Senate GOP aims to vote next week on ObamaCare repeal

Many GOP senators would shortchange their states by backing the latest Obamacare repeal bill

The two senators who will likely decide fate of ObamaCare repeal

Five things to know about the new ObamaCare repeal bill

This map shows why passing Graham-Cassidy could be a huge political problem for Republicans

Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson Bill Would Reduce Federal Funding to States by $215 Billion

Under latest health-care bill, red states would benefit disproportionately

New health-care plan stumbles under opposition from governors

Here's the biggest problem with the latest Obamacare repeal bill

'Stopgap' health-insurance plan would illegally burden moderate-income Iowans, critics say

This New Healthcare Bill Wrecks Lives in Exchange for, What, Exactly?

RNC taps legal account to help pay for lawyers for President Trump and son Donald Jr. in Russia probes


GOP chairman declares bipartisan ObamaCare fix dead

GOP odds rise on ObamaCare repeal

New push to replace Obamacare reflects high stakes for Republicans

The Hill's Whip List: Republicans try again on ObamaCare repeal

Republicans' repeal and replace effort isn't quite dead yet!

Here’s why the new GOP Obamacare-replacement bill might actually pass in Congress

There will be a huge number missing from the CBO's score of the newest GOP healthcare bill


Senate passes defense bill, leaving several controversial policies unresolved

New GOP ObamaCare repeal bill gains momentum

The Graham-Cassidy Obamacare Repeal Bill Still Covers Fewer People

Republicans' last-chance Obamacare repeal has a giant money problem

McCain blasts latest ObamaCare repeal process

Good luck figuring out if John McCain will vote for Obamacare repeal bill

Forbes: Big Tax Cut Coming, But Ryan Needs to Lose CBO Models

Speaker Ryan’s fuzzy math on the nation’s ‘terrible tax system’

What’s at stake for Republicans in Alabama’s runoff election

Who Is Roy Moore? Alabama Senate Candidate Calls Native Americans And Asian People 'Reds and Yellows'

Republican women convene in Philadelphia, say no such thing as 'women's issues'

Report: Paul Ryan privately said 'only one person wants a wall' with Mexico


GOP eying 'blue slip' break to help Trump fill the courts

Senate Republicans look to revive effort to repeal Obamacare by end of September

Senate Republicans Are Quietly Trying to Jam Through Another Obamacare Repeal Bill

Cotton: Trump called me to say there is no deal on DACA

McCain: Military readiness 'continues to suffer'

Corker pressed as reelection challenges mount

Cohen, close Trump business adviser, to testify in Senate on Tuesday 


Hill Republicans’ influence ebbs, and they’re not sure what to do about it

McCain joins effort to challenge Trump’s transgender troops ban

GOP sees fresh opening with Dems’ single payer embrace

To make their tax plan work, Republicans eye a favorite blue-state break

Congress has new bipartisan legislation to protect the Russia investigation from Trump


Hill Republicans’ influence ebbs, and they’re not sure what to do about it

McCain backs bill to block transgender troops ban

Senator says he nearly has the votes for ObamaCare repeal

Obamacare repeal’s last gasp at '48 or 49 votes,' senator says

Rand Paul goes on Twitter rampage against Republicans' last hope for repealing Obamacare 

Orrin Hatch doubts Trump's corporate tax rate goal is realistic

Senate gears up for final defense bill vote Monday

GOP puts brakes on Trump's DACA deal with Democrats

Top Republican slams White House attacks on Comey: 'Press secretaries don’t get to make that call'


McConnell wants to end practice of allowing senators to block appeals court judges

As G.O.P. Moves to Fill Courts, McConnell Takes Aim at an Enduring Hurdle

GOP worries as state Dems outperform in special elections

Speculation mounts, but Ryan’s job seen as safe

As Trump talks DACA deal with Democrats, GOP leaders try to reassert control

Tucker: Trump Signing Dems' DACA Deal Would Be 'Massive Amnesty,' 'Collapse' of GOP

House moves to make it easier to deport alleged gang members 


What it took for Republicans finally to feel betrayed by Trump

Trump is slowly rupturing the Republican Party, suggests yet another new poll

White House, Republican leaders plan to reveal tax cut details in two weeks

GOP senators make last-ditch bid to repeal ObamaCare

US tax reform will take place because Republicans need a ...

Senate votes down Paul's bid to revoke war authorizations

After threatened standoff, Senate to vote on setting deadline for authorization for military force

Ryan and Pelosi to huddle on Dream Act to protect DACA recipients 

Sen. Rand Paul gains key ally as Kaine joins him in combat authorization fight

McConnell, Schumer in verbal tango over debt limit agreement

House Rejects Sessions Order Giving Cops More Power To Take Innocent People's Stuff

Exclusive: Justice Department declines Senate request to interview FBI officials over Comey firing


This is why Charlie Dent and other moderates are disappearing from Congress

Mitt Romney is considering a Senate run if Orrin Hatch retires, and a new poll shows he'd likely win

Leader’s exit fuels worry for centrist Republicans

Republican lawmakers ponder the exits as GOP tensions rise and midterms loom

Immigration arms race begins on Capitol Hill

Fact Checker --The House Republicans’ claim they have ‘passed more bills’ than recent first-year presidencies

McConnell: No new debt ceiling vote until ‘well into 2018’

Senate GOP struggles with deficit in work on budget, taxes 

Trump’s push for tax cuts is coming up against a familiar challenge: Divided GOP

GOP leaders made a huge wager — and they’re losing

This nifty GOP trick will punish the poor and increase the deficit — at the same time!

Why tax reform might break the Republican Party

Congress Rejects Trump Proposals to Cut Health Research Funds

The final fight of the Republican health care crusade has arrived

The Final Obamacare Repeal-and-Replace Scheme Is Headed for a Ditch

CNN's Tapper: Republican party 'acts as if climate change is not real'

Mueller Is ‘Going for the Kill’ on Trump-Russia Investigation, Republicans Believe: Report


Senate approves resolution condemning white supremacist groups

This week: Congress reshuffles deck for September

Republican Sen. Bob Corker weighs whether to retire in 2018

Rep. Dave Trott is retiring from U.S. House

Senators eye defense bill as a way to challenge Trump’s foreign policy

White House's Kelly: Congress does 'nothing' to protect DACA recipients


GOP fears House retirements could set off a wave 

GOP rep: Trump did not make a ‘good deal’ on debt ceiling

GOP rep: House not talking about changing leadership

McCain: 'We have to understand that the climate may be changing'

McCain on DACA solution: 'It ought to be done in a comprehensive fashion' 

McCain slams Trump's debt deal: 'This was not an exercise in bipartisanship'

John McCain: 'I'm facing a challenge'

Full interview: Sen. John McCain

Congress gives Trump a pass on releasing his tax returns

On DACA, Congress can do the right thing — and get its mojo back


THE MEMO: Trump puts the GOP on notice

Senate Panel Unanimously Rejects Trump's 'Doctrine of Retreat' on Foreign Policy

Paul Ryan's Six Big Mistakes


Trump-GOP relationship reaches new low

Ryan 'not worried about' effort to oust him as Speaker

Freedom Caucus chairman says he's not plotting against Ryan

GOP lawmaker drops effort to force vote to extend DACA protections

Leading moderate announces retirement from House with parting shot at direction of GOP

Why Are Republicans Quitting Congress? Dent, Reichert Add to Turnover Under Trump

Four Texas Republicans just voted against Harvey disaster aid

Utah's Mike Lee votes against Hurricane Harvey relief bill tied to debt limits

Cruz walks political tightrope on debt-ceiling deal

Here Are All the Senators Who Voted 'No' on Hurricane Harvey Relief

Senate panel defies Trump, approves funding for UN climate body

Moderates hope Trump's deal with Dems means new bipartisanship

Dem, GOP demands could sink bipartisan ObamaCare fix

House sends $15 billion Harvey aid package to Trump despite boos, hisses from Republicans

House passes Trump deal on majority Democratic vote

US lawmakers move to push bill slashing PA funding through busy Senate


Tough path for GOP on immigration _ and Trump made it harder

Paul Ryan just signaled that Republicans won't deliver on one of Trump's biggest tax cut promises

Senate resolution to force Trump's hand on condemning Charlottesville hate groups

Republican senator to unveil new Obamacare repeal bill on Monday

Powerful GOP conservatives push back against Trump's deal with Democrats

Republicans jolted by, and Democrats wary of, Trump’s overtures to opposing party

This is why Congress will have a hard time legalizing DACA

Senate approves bill doubling hurricane aid package, extending federal borrowing limit

Trump bucks GOP leadership, backs Democratic deal on debt ceiling, funding government


Republican leaders in the room 'shell-shocked' following Trump deal with Democrats

GOP livid after Trump cuts deal with Democrats

GOP leaders to give Trump bitter pill on spending, debt

The Memo: GOP fears damage from Trump’s move on DACA

Two senators aim to challenge Trump’s transgender troops order in defense bill

The 4 bills Congress is seriously considering to protect ‘dreamers’

Senators want Trump to put money toward going after hate groups

Republicans flirt with 'B' word on health care: Bipartisanship

McCain considers a new Obamacare repeal bill, and activists scramble to stop it

Trump sides with Democrats on fiscal issues, throwing Republican plans into chaos

Trump shocks GOP by siding with Dems

President Trump is now holding the Republican Party hostage


Dreamers face long odds with GOP Congress

Republicans Make Vague Promises To Protect Dreamers Endangered By Trump Decision

Republicans face a divisive fight over immigrants that could define the party's future

Former Senator John Danforth on Trump's DACA Decision

McCain condemns Trump's move to end DACA; other GOP leade...

Cornyn says Senate will add debt hike to Harvey aid

Congress has 25 days to sidestep a government shutdown, deal with a mountain of deadlines and avoid economic disaster

Congress is back! Here are 10 major problems it faces.


Republicans suddenly seem to like unions again

Congress is coming back: McCain set to return, Menendez sets for trial

House vote on Harvey aid scheduled for Wednesday

GOP Lawmaker Mocks Trump’s ‘Great Heart’ In Blistering Response To DACA Threat

DACA decision appears to shift to Congress, but action tough

Will the end of DACA prod Congress into immigration action?

How big business is trying to convince Congress to save the ‘Dreamers’ from Trump

Obstacles await as Congress resumes health care fight


With brutal Sept. to-do list, GOP already clashing over Harvey relief, debt limit

GOP considering a half-trillion-dollar tax-reform trick

Tax reform: Lawmakers consider changing the 401(k) rules


Trump to nominate GOP Rep. Bridenstine as NASA chief

Message dissonance between Trump and his Cabinet sows confusion


Republicans have only one idea. And Trump’s pitch for it is a doozy.

Republicans now have a drop dead date for replacing Obamacare

Harvey response puts squeeze on GOP

Harvey just made it even more complicated for Congress to pass a new defense funding bill

Paul Ryan, other GOP congressional leaders urge Trump not to terminate DACA

Paul Ryan and the conservative case for President Trump to keep DACA

Paul Ryan Calls Alternative Health-Care Proposal ‘Intriguing’

John McCain Didn't Mince Words About President Trump in an Op-Ed

Lawmakers to give bipartisanship a try on ObamaCare


Republicans slip into a ‘predictable spiral’

House GOP Eyeing $1B Disaster Funds Cut to Finance Wall

Conservative leader: Don't tie Harvey relief to debt ceiling

Right accuses left of hypocrisy on antifa


Republicans promise tax overhaul but still have no plan

Sen. John McCain to return to Senate next week

Trump Republicans Invigorate, and Complicate, Party’s Fight for Senate

Christie calls Cruz 'disgusting' over hurricane relief

Why the GOP is stuck with Trump

In Minnesota, four swing-seat Republicans decline to back Ryan for speaker


GOP risks spending confrontation with Trump

Gorka: Trump ‘isolated,’ GOP leaders living ‘fantasy illusion’

Harvey just gave Congress yet another political fight to wage in September

Hurricane Harvey throws another wrinkle into Congress' wild 'budget brawl'

Conservatives draw battle lines in debt-ceiling fight


Republicans don’t know who to talk to at White House

Will the Republican Tax Bill Be Aimed at the Economic Past, or the Future?

Cost of cleaning up Harvey will bring new test of governance for Trump and GOP

GOP lawmaker proposes amendment to stop Mueller investigation after 180 days

Trump-McConnell Feud Sets The Stage For A September From Hell


How Republicans may break their promise that their tax plan won’t raise the debt

If GOP scales back the mortgage interest deduction, Californians would be hit hardest

The tax reform plan eliminates deductions Americans need

Paul Ryan’s Tax Reform is Code for Massive Tax Cuts for Corporations (and Top 1%)

GOP eager for potential Kid Rock Senate bid

Kasich: 'Out of bounds' to use pardon as 'a political wedge'

What if Trump ditched the GOP?


Republican Party formally denounces white supremacist groups

Trump feud with GOP senators threatens foreign policy

The Memo: Trump allies say he needs a GOP scalp

McCain blasts Trump over Arpaio pardon

Trump was wrong to pardon controversial U.S. sheriff, Ryan says


GOP discord might not bode well for raising debt ceiling

GOP lawmakers urge Trump to keep protections for 'Dreamers'

Republicans to vote on condemning white supremacists

Trump is starting to tear the GOP apart

Trump slams another Republican senator, warning Bob Corker that ‘Tennessee not happy!’

4 reasons Trump’s war on Republicans doesn’t make strategic sense (and one reason it does)

Trump distances himself from GOP lawmakers to avoid blame if agenda stalls

Ana Navarro Slams Pardon: 'Slap in the Face' for Latinos


Timeline: The Trump and McConnell feud

Trump and McConnell try to tamp down talk of growing rift

Trump calls out McConnell—again—hours after White House says they're 'united'

10 things Mitch McConnell probably hates about Trump

Acrimony rises within GOP ahead of difficult September

Trump blames GOP leaders for debt ceiling 'mess'

Escalating feud, Trump blames McConnell and Ryan for upcoming ‘mess’ on debt ceiling

Paul Ryan shrugs off Trump jab, assures that debt ceiling will get raised

Trump primary threats could put RNC in a bind 

White House calls GOP senator's remark about Trump's competence 'outrageous'

GOP taken aback by Trump’s verbal bombs

Trump keeps angrily calling Republican senators about the Russia scandal


Mitch McConnell: Republicans working with Trump on 'shared goals

John Kasich full State of the Union interview

No U.S.-Russia cyber unit without Trump notifying Congress, bill says

Trump’s demand to build border wall could upend sensitive negotiations on Capitol Hill

The Republican Party Is Enabling an Increasingly Dangerous Demagogue

30 percent of Republicans say white supremacists don’t carry the most blame for Charlottesville


As Trump heads to Arizona, GOP leaders want him out of Jeff Flake’s Senate race

McConnell, in Private, Doubts if Trump Can Save Presidency

Trump, McConnell haven't spoken since angry phone call, sources say

Trump, McConnell locked in ‘cold war,’ threatening the GOP agenda

Trump told a GOP senator she could only ride on Air Force One if she voted for the healthcare bill


McConnell says there is ‘zero chance’ Congress will fail to raise debt ceiling

McConnell undercuts Trump's claim: 'Most news is not fake'

Paul Ryan is trying to be the leader Donald Trump refuses to be

Paul Ryan: Trump 'messed up' Charlottesville response 

Republican committees have paid nearly $1.3 million to Trump-owned entities this year

Juan Williams: McConnell and Trump headed for showdown

We can and must do better’: Paul Ryan just took a big step back from Trump on Charlottesville. But, why now?

'This fall is not going to be pretty for Republicans,' ex-RNC chairman Michael Steele says


Senate Republicans getting fed up with Trump

Kasich on proposal to end ObamaCare subsidies: 'That would be a disaster'

Kasich on Trump WH shakeups: 'It's hard to get anything done'

Sen. Tim Scott: Trump risks losing moral authority

Bernstein urges reporters to question GOP


The Memo: GOP fears damage done by Trump

After Charlottesville, Republicans remain stymied over what to do about Trump

GOP doubts and anxieties about Trump burst into the open


Where Republican senators stand on President Trump

Romney calls on Trump to address the nation, apologize for Charlottesville comments

Republicans worry tax reform could be victim of their worsening relationship with Trump

Mitch McConnell's secret fury over Charlottesville respon...


Deepening GOP split, Trump attacks Republican senators Graham, Flake as ‘publicity-seeking,’ ‘toxic’

Beck: “There are no ‘very fine’ Nazis or KKK members”

GOP fears damage to brand from Charlottesville

Utah's Mike Lee criticizes Trump's comments defending white supremacists

Sen. Corker isn’t the only Republican who’s increasingly questioning Trump’s stability

Corker: Trump hasn't demonstrated the stability or competence to be successful

Trump's defense of a neo-Nazi rally crossed a line for many Republicans. What will they do about it?

GOP grapples with response to Trump

Colbert Calls Out Cowardly Republicans Who Refuse to Stand Up to Trump


NH GOP members criticize Trump’s ‘blame both sides’ remark

Republicans back away from Trump after his fiery defense of Virginia rally

Romney Slams Trump's Latest Charlottesville Comments

Gov. John Kasich on NBC’s the Today Show

CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC Anchors Have Not Been Able to Book Single Republican

White House to pressure McConnell on ObamaCare


'They are adherents of an evil ideology': Republican lawmakers slam Trump for blaming 'both sides' for the violence in Charlottesville

Joni Ernst on Donald Trump’s delayed rebuke of hate groups: ‘Finally’

GOP stands by Trump after Charlottesville

Immigration battlefield widens for Trump, GOP

John McCain decries ‘smear tactic’ criticism of Trump adviser McMaster

On a “rowdy day” of three town halls, Cory Gardner is shouted down by crowds across the Front Range

GOP Doomed Its Own Health Care Proposals With 'Politics of Destruction'


GOP is more likely to vent ‘personal disgust’ for Trump after Charlottesville

‘We should call evil by its name’: Republicans are standing up to Trump more directly than ever on Charlottesville

Why Mitch McConnell can't get tax reform done

A Party of Fire and Ice: How the GOP Became Like GoT

Some Republicans are pushing a plan to knock out congressional issues in one fell swoop


Republican senator: White nationalists can't be part of GOP base

Graham: Trump must do more to distance himself from white supremacists

Exclusive: Sen. Graham on North KoreaRussia, GOP agenda

Republicans may not have the votes for more spending cuts


Key GOP senators throw support behind McConnell amid Trump feud

Trump barrage stuns McConnell and his allies

GOP senators react to Trump’s Charlottesville comments: “Mr. President - we must call evil by its name

Cory Gardner urges Trump to label Charlottesville white nationalists as “evil”

Rift in GOP gives Democrats an opening to put up barriers between Trump and Russia probe


Key GOP senators throw support behind McConnell amid Trump feud

GOP senators back Senate Majority Leader McConnell after Trump's taunts

How the GOP is quietly sabotaging retirement for millions

GOP debates retroactive tax cuts

Trump and Congress Risk Government Shutdown Over Looming Debt Ceiling 

Republicans are increasingly antagonistic toward experts. Here’s why that matters.

At raucous town halls, Republicans have faced another round of anger over health care



NJ Lieutenant Governor Candidates Will Debate in October

McConnell, Trump point fingers

Trump attacks on McConnell bring rebukes from fellow Republicans

Trump to McConnell: 'Mitch, get back to work'

Trump suggests Senate GOP leader must deliver or step aside

Even on Break, a Congress Weary of Trump Gets No Respite From Him

Senate primaries: How far will Trump go for revenge?

CNN Poll: Nearly seven in 10 judge Congress a failure so far


Republicans are airing their dirty laundry on Obamacare

GOP debates tax cuts vs. tax reform

Constituents Clobber GOP Congressman At Town Hall: 'May You Die In Pain'


Senate majority leader vents about Trump's 'excessive expectations'

Debt limit may be biggest test for House Speaker Paul Ryan's leadership

GOP voters would support Kasich over Trump or Pence in the 2020 New Hampshire primary


Back home, Speaker Ryan can’t escape questions about GOP

Kasich: GOP needs to admit that some people 'need help'

Grassley looms as foil to Trump

The RNC says Trump’s jobs numbers are ‘unprecedented,’ because words don’t matter anymore

The five kinds of Republicans who could primary Trump

Rubio: Trump’s new immigration bill won’t pass


GOP senator: US-Russia relationship 'not good right now' because of Putin

Five tough decisions for the GOP on healthcare

Gap between Trump and GOP becoming a chasm

Republican Shadow Campaign for 2020 Takes Shape as Trump Doubts Grow

Jeff Flake Knocks Republicans For Not Standing Up To Birthers

Full Flake Interview: I'm 'Concerned About the Direction' of GOP

Tillis: Legislation important to 're-establish the public trust' in DOJ


The Memo: GOP questions Trump's Mueller strategy

The GOP has become the party of the grotesque

Republicans aren't tired of winning under Trump. In fact, more think they're losing.

With Few Wins in Congress, Republicans Agree on Need to Agree

McConnell to consider bipartisan plan to pay health insurers 

Murkowski, Collins reflect on bucking the GOP line on health care

Paul Ryan pushed back on Jeff Sessions' veiled threat to journalists

GOP Congress and Trump: Can this marriage be saved?


Senators unveil two proposals to protect Mueller’s Russia probe

Even the Senate Is Fed Up with President* Trump

Lacking White House plan, Senate focuses on infrastructure

Cory Gardner faces angry crowd at Gold King Mine town hall that focused on anything

US House Republicans push for contempt charges against CFPB director


Senate blocks Trump from making recess appointments over break

GOP states move to cut Medicaid

Even Republicans don't like Congress anymore

Immigration battle brewing in the GOP

Recess just started for Congress, and it’s not going to be much fun for Republicans

Cruel September looms for GOP

West Virginia's Democratic governor will flip to Republican Party

Trump, GOP senators introduce bill to slash legal immigration levels

One vulnerable Republican senator just got brutal poll numbers after his vote on the Republican healthcare bill


Republicans’ failure to ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare may cost them at the ballot box

House Republicans rail on Senate GOP for torpedoing health care

Grassley and Ernst, who voted for ill-fated Obamacare repeal bills, aren't surrendering

Political realities set in for Cory Gardner after failed healthcare vote

The Memo: GOP in shock over White House drama

Senate GOP steps up defense of Sessions

Struggling to govern, Trump faces growing Republican unease

Trump erupts at GOP senators: ‘They look like fools’

Trump says repeal and replace is not dead, unless GOP are 'quitters'

Trump threatens insurer payments — and health care enjoyed by Congress


GOP Obamacare repeal bill fails in dramatic late-night vote

GOP Obamacare repeal bill fails in dramatic late-night vote

Senate rejects measure to partly repeal Affordable Care Act, dealing Trump and GOP leaders a major setback

Read the Senate ‘Skinny Repeal’ Bill

GOP senators seem ready to pass Obamacare repeal bill – as long as it never becomes law

The Health 202: Murkowski, Collins and ... McCain sink Obamacare overhaul effort

McCain casts crucial vote to kill 'skinny' ObamaCare repeal

McCain's Moment

GOP senators who blocked Obamacare repeal call for cooperation with Democrats

McConnell: 'Time to move on' after healthcare defeat

ObamaCare repeal: Now what?

Frustrated House GOP to begin five-week recess

Republicans Want the Senate to Return to Normal After Health Care

Five takeaways from ObamaCare repeal’s collapse

Four lessons from the GOP failure to repeal Obamacare

Senators Move to Block Trump From Ousting Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Paul Ryan insists tax reform will be different from Obamacare repeal debacle

Utah Gov. Herbert joins Sen. Hatch in speaking out against Trump’s ban on transgender military service



Guadagno taps Carlos Rendo as lieutenant governor pick

LIVE: Senate debates overhaul of Obamacare

Senate prepares to vote on 'skinny repeal' of Obamacare

Paul Ryan assures wary GOP senators their 'skinny' bill will go to conference

House speaker appears to give boost to Senate health-care push

‘Skinny repeal’ of Obamacare would leave 16 million more people uninsured in a decade

GOP health-care push up in the air after key senators threaten to withdraw their support

Senate GOP leaders work to round up votes for more modest health-care overhaul

Key senator backs 'skinny' ObamaCare repeal

GOP senator’s attempt to troll single-payer supporters falls flat on its face 

Senate Republicans plan to defund Planned Parenthood in 'skinny' repeal

Sen. Cory Gardner’s bad votes on Obamacare repeal and replace

GOP Moderates Are Making Paul Ryan's Life Harder

House members warned recess could be delayed over healthcare

Female senators are increasingly on receiving end of insults from male officials

Congress sends Russia sanctions bill to Trump’s desk, but it’s unclear whether he will veto it

Ryan drops border-tax proposal as GOP unifies around principles

House approves spending bill with funds for Trump's border wall

House Conservatives Move to Abolish Congressional Budget Office

Republicans are starting to draw red lines on Trump firing Sessions and Mueller

The Daily 202: Growing GOP backlash to transgender troop ban underscores Trump’s political miscalculation

NJ Politics Digest: GOP Congressmen Question Trump’s Transgender Ban


Senate rejects Obamacare repeal again, eyes a 'skinny' bill

Skinny’ Obamacare Repeal Would Clash With Republicans’ Health Care Promises

Bare bones repeal plan gains steam in Senate

Republicans Break With Trump On Banning Transgender Soldiers

Sens. McCain and Ernst, both veterans, oppose Trump’s ban on transgender military service

Colorado Republican Ken Buck: “Any American … should be allowed to serve” in military in response to Trump transgender ban

Senate rejects repeal-only ObamaCare plan

Senate Republican plan to repeal, replace Obamacare fails to get enough votes

GOP senators blink on a big chance to repeal ‘Obamacare’

Five things to know about the Senate’s bid to unwind the ACA

The Price of John McCain's Republican Loyalty

White House, GOP close to releasing joint tax-reform principles

Capitol Hill throws up red flags as Trump moves on Sessions and possibly Mueller

Republicans look for California House wins in 2018 midterms

Scalise discharged from hospital

Voter by voter, GOP super PAC tries to separate the party from Trump


Boehner predicts Republicans will ‘never’ repeal and replace Obamacare

John McCain Doesn't Know What He's Voting for, Either

Sen. John McCain: We are the president's equal, not subor...

Senate Republican plan to repeal, replace Obamacare fails to get enough votes

Senate Republican plan to repeal, replace Obamacare fails 

Senate votes against GOP bill to make sweeping changes to Affordable Care Act

GOP congressman blames health care struggles on ‘repugnant’ Republican ‘female senators’

Senate dives into health-care debate despite deep divisions within the GOP

Senate GOP appears to have votes to win initial healthcare motion

Live coverage: Senate begins debate on ObamaCare repeal

Senate GOP health bill clears a big hurdle after dramatic showdown

House votes overwhelmingly to approve new Russia sanctions

House passes Russia sanctions bill, setting up veto dilemma for Trump

House hits Russia with new sanctions, curbs Trump’s authority to ease penalties


John McCain will return to Senate for health care vote

McCain returning to Senate in time for health vote

Senate Republicans Don’t Know What Health Care Bill They’re About To Vote For. That’s Nuts.

This week: ObamaCare repeal vote looms over Senate

Congressional GOP struggles for a win as recess looms

Republicans are in full control of government — but losing control of their party


Senate healthcare bill appears headed for failure

Obamacare repeal hits new Senate roadblock

Trump backers eye GOP primary challenges for Flake, Heller


GOP wrestles with soaring deductibles in healthcare bill

Jeb calls out GOP for backing Trump amid Russia scandals


Senate heads to new healthcare vote with no clear plan

Even GOP Senators Don’t Know What’s in Health Care Bill

CBO: Under the latest Senate healthcare bill, deductibles could be more than some people earn 

Cloud of confusion hangs over health-care bill 

GOP senator says public won’t have ‘luxury’ of learning about health care plan before a vote

Parliamentarian rules against key provisions in Obamacare repeal bill

A Senate Obamacare repeal could throw Colorado’s individual insurance market “into a death spiral”

Vice President Pence’s bushel of false and misleading claims about health care

Hits on federal retirement advance as bill is introduced to fire feds for ‘no cause at all’

Republicans close to blocking Trump from easing Russia sanctions


Sen. John McCain speaks out after brain cancer diagnosis: 'I'll be back soon, so stand-by!'

Republicans rally around Sessions after Trump criticism

Revised version of withdrawn health-care bill would still leave 22 million more Americans uninsured, CBO says

Senate Republicans complain of chaos in healthcare effort

How Republicans Tried to Sell the G.O.P. Health Plan

The Health 202: Conservatives furious and plotting revenge for health-care fail

People need to have health care, says Gov. Kasich

GOP signals infrastructure bill must wait

Ryan says US tax reform consensus nears, does not mention border tax 

House GOP Budget Between a Moderate Rock and a Hard-Right Place

Graham tells Republicans "moment of reckoning" is coming on Dream Act

Most Republicans still say they support Trump. Who’s most likely to break ranks and speak out against him?


John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer

Tensions reach new high between Trump, GOP

Trump calls Senate Republicans to White House for health care push

After Trump scolding, Senate to try again on ObamaCare repeal and replace

Not dead, yet: Trump pushes GOP senators to repeal Obamacare

Why can’t the Senate repeal Obamacare? Because its policies are actually popular.

Republicans Have A Way Out Of Their Health Care Mess: Working With Democrats

Conservatives target Congress, not Trump, after healthcare collapse

Healthcare debacle raises pressure for GOP on taxes

No spending cuts to Medicaid? Then no tax cuts either.

Senate Republicans’ hard lesson: No women, no health-care bill

The Memo: GOP forms circular firing squad

32 million more Americans would be uninsured by 2026 under Senate measure heading to a vote next week, CBO projects

Republicans Are in Control. Why Is Nothing Working?

What Congressional Republicans Really Think About Trump and Russia


How the Republican health care bill fell apart

As McConnell plan fails, will Democrats and Republicans work together to fix health care?

What Mitch McConnell is doing next on health care, explained

GOP reeling after healthcare collapse

With healthcare bill derailed, GOP wonders: What now?

Mitch McConnell refuses to pull the plug on stalled Obamacare repeal plan

GOP's repeal-only plan quickly collapses in Senate

GOP's Obamacare repeal-only push quickly collapses

A Republican Party at war with itself hits the wall on health care

This party will ultimately take the blame for health bill failure

House to consider ‘security’ spending bill before recess

House GOP unveils budget plan that attaches major spending cuts to coming tax reform bill

House GOP unveils budget plan that attaches major spending cuts to coming tax overhaul bill

Trump’s erratic leadership is killing the GOP’s agenda


McConnell calls for vote to completely repeal Obamacare

New GOP health bill lacks the votes to pass

2 more Senate Republicans declare opposition to health-care bill, ending effort to overhaul health system for now

GOP health care bill stalled in Senate after two more Republicans announce opposition

Latest health care bill collapses following Moran, Lee defections

GOP's healthcare problems multiply

This week: ObamaCare repeal faces latest setback in Senate

How Republican governors could kill the GOP’s health-care bill

Amid uncertainty about McCain’s health, Senate returns with GOP agenda in flux

Republicans’ Catch-22 on health care

Judd Gregg: The GOP's healthcare conundrum

The Senate Health Care Bill Is Still Not Dead

Tom Price admits that the new Trumpcare is only repeal, no replace

Mitch McConnell is breaking the Senate

Republicans getting pressure from big business to move on tax reform

Texas Republicans take aim at liberal cities

Top Republicans Aren't Signing Up For Trump's War With The Media

Trump's historically low approval ratings could spell trouble for Republicans

Trump is killing the Republican Party

Republicans used to compare talking to Moscow to talking to Hitler. Trump’s startling new tweet shows that’s changed.


GOP opponents to Senate health-care bill see vote delay as an advantage

After delay, Senate Republicans struggle not to let healthcare stall

Senate majority whip: Healthcare debate will be 'open process'

Paul: I don't think McConnell has votes to pass healthcare bill now

Paul: More conservatives will discover GOP bill does not repeal ObamaCare

There’s a huge problem with one of the biggest fixes to the Senate’s new healthcare bill

GOP holdout: Cruz amendment not the solution on healthcare

New Medicaid worry emerges for centrists

Republican governor fact-checks Pence’s lie about Medicaid

Susan Collins: Pence is wrong about Trumpcare’s Medicaid cuts

GOP Senator Says O’Care Repeal ‘Would Make Sweeping’ Cuts To Medicaid

Price: Insurers' opposition to GOP health bill 'perplexing'

58% of Iowans oppose Congress' actions on health care, new Iowa Poll shows


McConnell defers vote on Senate health-care bill after McCain surgery

McCain to miss week, likely delaying healthcare vote

Five key senators who will make or break healthcare reform

Winners and losers complicate GOP’s path on health care bill

Insurers warn Cruz provision will 'skyrocket' premiums for sick people

Major insurance groups call part of health bill 'unworkable'

New GOP health bill puts centrists in vise 

‘Bare bones’ insurance policies really only work for people who are healthy

If — if — the Senate passes a health bill, get ready for lightning round in the House

White House launches aggressive push to flip GOP governors opposed to Senate health bill


Where Senate Republicans stand on the new health-care bill

New Senate Republicans health-care bill already in trouble

The new Senate health bill is terrible for anyone who is sick, has been sick, or will be sick

The New Senate Bill Has The Same Old Medicaid Cuts. That Tells You Something.

Richest Americans gain the most from the Senate’s health care bill

Winners and losers complicate GOP's path on health care bill

Centrist Republicans push back on GOP healthcare bill 

Moderates holding back support for new Senate bill

Revised Senate Health Bill Tries to Win Votes, but Has Fewer Winners

Sen. Mike Lee ‘withholding judgment’ on GOP health care bill — even though it includes some of his ideas

Sen. Paul to Newsmax: Senate Pushing Obamacare Bailout

House passes $696.5B defense policy bill

Freedom Caucus leader warns McConnell over Senate ad


Senate Republicans unveil revised healthcare bill

GOP releases revised health-care bill in Senate, includes 'skimpy plans'; tough road remains for passage

Five takeaways from the GOP's healthcare reboot

What's Inside Mitch McConnell's Latest Health-Care Proposal

Why the Senate Health-Care Bill Might Never Get a Final Vote

Revised Senate health-care bill still lacks the votes to pass

Sens. Collins and Paul are now 'no' votes on GOP health-care bill, putting passage into deep doubt

New GOP healthcare bill includes version of Cruz amendment

What the Senate bill changes about Obamacare

The Senate’s new health care bill is still a mess

Here are 3 biggest problems in new GOP health bill 

New GOP health care bill could allow cheaper plans with fewer benefits

First on CNN: Graham, Cassidy unveil details of alternative health care plan

Scalise undergoes new operation for bullet wound, condition fair


Analysis: GOP confronts no-win situation on health care 

Senate GOP to offer new healthcare bill on Thursday

McConnell’s health gambit ripples in Kentucky

McConnell presses holdouts: Let’s vote

Utah Sen. Mike Lee delivers ultimatum on health care that could be key

Sen. Rand Paul: 'Senate bill does not repeal Obamacare’

Trump: ‘I will be very angry’ if GOP senators don’t pass a health-care bill

Hill GOP offers muted criticism of Trump son


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