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Donald J. Trump - Presidential Inaugural Address

The Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States

President Trump Full MAGA Rally Speech in HarrisburgPennsylvania 4/29/17


Republicans claim a big victory — and Trump promptly exaggerates it

GOP victories give Trump agenda a little breathing room

Trump holds rally in Iowa

The Trump administration is being sued for rounding up Iraqi Christians

Russia cancels talks with US over tightening of sanctions

Trump: China’s pressure on North Korea ‘has not worked out’

Trump sparks rush of NAFTA lobbying

Trump told Republicans to 'add some money' to health care plan

EXCLUSIVE: Blue Dog Democrats meet with top Trump aides on tax reform

Trump’s Cabinet takes beating over budget plan

Trump talks Mideast peace with Saudi Arabia’s new royal heir

Trump’s silent surge in the Middle East — and the slippery slope to war

Michael Bloomberg to Trump: Stop tweeting and run the government

Tapper: Trump administration isn't transparent 

Trump’s tweets show a fading focus on jobs

How the Trump White House can fix its communications problem

Trump to end interview drought with -- who else? -- 'Fox & Friends'

Trump's Net Worth Slips to $2.9 Billion as Towers Underperform

How popular/unpopular is Donald Trump?


Senate Judiciary Committee Will Probe Trump for Obstruction

Mattis gaining power in Trump’s Cabinet

Trump to tour Kirkwood Community College ag program during Cedar Rapids visit

Trump’s pick for the No. 2 Pentagon job faces tough questions during confirmation hearing

President Trump Participates in an American Technology Council Roundtable

The Memo: Against the odds, Trump renews push on Middle East peace

Trump tweets promo for lawyer’s Fox & Friends appearance, ignores attack on Muslims in London

Trump seeks sharp cuts to housing aid, except for program that brings him millions

Trump likely to reveal this week whether secret tapes exist

Ukraine’s President Has a Remarkably Low-Key Meeting With Trump

Ford may have just placed itself in a perilous situation with Trump


As U.S. Adds Troops in Afghanistan, Trump’s Strategy Remains Undefined

Cuban foreign minister: We will not buckle in face of Trump's sanctions

Who is Trump's new lawyer, Jay Sekulow?

Trump is pulling America back from the global fight against corruption

Trump adviser Kushner heading to Mideast for peace talks

Op-Ed:Trump is setting up his generals as fall guys for Afghanistan

In Trump’s Washington, public business increasingly handled behind closed doors

Trump’s temperament and ongoing legal troubles are scaring off potential candidates for top posts

Mired in scandal, Trump governs like he’s president of the 35 percent

Panama's President Slyly Shoots Down Trump's Brag About U.S. Building Panama Canal

Twitter Is Having Tons Of Fun With Trump’s Odd Statement About Panama Canal

Trump’s Approval Rating Drops Again Following Brag On Twitter


Trump is about to break a major campaign promise

Trump details how he’s profiting off the presidency

Six resign from presidential HIV/AIDS council because Trump 'doesn't care'

THE MEMO: For Trump, danger signs in the polls

Two years ago, they couldn’t look away. Now some Trump supporters are tuning out.

Press secretly rooting for Trump impeachment?

Pence Will Soon be President if Trump Fires Mueller, says Bush Lawyer

Is Trump Closer To Being Impeached?


Under Trump, focus shifts to scrapping regulations

Trump's new Cuba policy is too much for some, not enough for others

Trump takes a Twitter swipe at deputy attorney general, a key figure in Russia probe

Trump’s contradictory coalition roils elections in Virginia, Georgia

Trump White House is pushing to weaken Russia sanctions bill

7 Times Trump Proved He Knows Nothing About History

'Grave concerns' over the Trump administration's view toward civil rights prompts new investigation

Trump Doesn’t Care About HIV. We’re Outta Here

Protest of President Trump comes to U.S. Open

Trump’s Approval Rating Finally Reached 50 Percent, But That’s Not the Full Story


President Trump Weekly Address: 6/16/17

Poll: Trump approval rating sinks as Russian investigation heats up

There's a theme emerging in Mueller's Russia probe that could prove damning for Trump

Trump appears to confirm obstruction investigation, attack Rosenstein in morning tweet rant

Trump acknowledges for first time he’s under investigation

Trump confirms he’s under investigation, launches smear campaign against Deputy Attorney General

Trump fires at deputy attorney general

Trump clamps down on Cuba travel and trade, curbing Obama detente

EXCLUSIVE: Trump officials considered 'ultimatum' to Cuba

Trump announces revisions to parts of Obama’s Cuba policy

Donald Trump's 'America Second' Cuba Policy

Trump’s flip-flops on remarks in his 2015 campaign announcement speech

Trump administration keeps policy on Dreamers, reverses campaign promise

Pro-Trump media ignores president's broken immigration promise

Trump earns $598M as Mar-a-Lago profits spike

Donald Trump Is Proving Too Stupid to Be President

140 characters in search of an editor: The tweets that will haunt Donald Trump

There's a new pathway to Trump's tax returns


Top Republicans Tell Trump: Make Obamacare Work, for Now

Trump questions why ‘crooked H’ wasn’t prosecuted over e-mails

Gun debate under Trump tested by congressman’s shooting

Trump visits U.S. Supreme Court as justices weigh travel ban

Trump's new Cuba policy restricts tourism, military business

Trump warned of a 'constitutional crisis' if president faced an investigation

Donald Trump's Latest Approval Rating Plunges As Support Among Republicans, Whites Drops

CNN boss blames Trump for rising threats towards journalists, and says they are worse than people realize


Nearly 200 Democrats sue Trump citing emoluments clause violation

President Trump Delivers a Statement to the Press

Trump: Gunman who shot lawmaker has died from injuries

Special counsel is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, officials say

Trump being investigated for possible obstruction of justice: report 

Special counsel is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice

The Trump administration detests the Congressional Budget Office. Here’s why it’s important.

Trump, in Zigzag, Calls House Republicans’ Health Bill ‘Mean’

Trump's brand of populism just got a warning signal from across the pond

Fact Check: These Statements by Trump’s Cabinet Don’t Match Policy

Trump predictably abandons the AHCA — and Democrats’ 2018 gift comes early

Trump’s follies distract while Mitch McConnell brews healthcare poison

Here's who is behind LLCs buying Trump real estate

Trump’s lawyer reportedly brags he can get the president to fire government officials

Donald Trump impeachment: Half US voters in favour of launching proceedings against US President


Trump clears way for Pentagon to send more troops into Afghanistan

Trump administration grants work permits to thousands of illegal immigrants

Trump calls House health care bill 'mean'

Trump reportedly told Yellen he considers her a 'low-inte... 

Trump allies’ attacks against special counsel could backfire

If Trump Fires DOJ’s Robert Mueller it Would Trigger a Crisis, say Legal Experts

How Trump could fire the special counsel (if he were foolish enough to try)

The Madness of King Donald

Donald Trump Blocked Veterans on Twitter After They Criticized His Muslim Ban

Trump disapproval rating hits new record high


Republicans to Trump: Hands off Mueller

Another US appeals court rules against Trump's revised travel ban

Federal appeals court upholds freeze on Trump’s travel ban

Appeals court refuses to reinstate Trump travel ban

Anything Trump tweets can be (and just was) used against him in a court of law

D.C. and Maryland AGs: Trump ‘flagrantly violating’ emoluments clause

Bharara says Trump phone calls made him uncomfortable

Cabinet members give Trump unusual tribute

Trump Invites His Employees To Praise Him During Cabinet Meeting

Trump makes bizarre claims at press event as Cabinet members take turns praising him

President Trump's first cabinet panned as 'bizarre'

Post-Orlando Trump counter-terrorism proposals not yet reality

Trump is a new kind of protectionist — he operates in stealth mode

Trump upends the global order

Trump’s Russian leak said to reveal Israeli cyber hack of IS bomb cell 

Trump's budget would cost Iowa $100 million in federal funds

Trump pledges to hold news conference on ISIS fight in 'two weeks'

Trump decision on Afghanistan still weeks away

Trump under oath? This author has experience

Trump cuts would make troops ‘less safe,’ top retired generals say

US President Donald Trump 'cancels' state visit to the UK over mass protest fears



Economy emerges as bright spot for Trump

Trump’s plans for a state visit to the U.K. appear to be up in the air

Trump calls Comey memo leaks ‘cowardly!’


THE MEMO: Team Trump sees silver lining in Comey cloud

Trump faces backlash over $3M HolocaustMuseum cuts

DOJ: Trump can accept payments from foreign governments

Trump Lawyer Has Prominent Russian Clients

Trump’s lawyer in Russia probe has clients with Kremlin ties

Why Trump Is Almost Certainly Bluffing When It Comes to Comey

Trump's Trillion Dollar Plan Is Not Enough


President Trump Weekly Address 6/9/17

Obstruction, or not? Comey testimony makes plain that Trump wounded his presidency

Comey testimony shifts focus to Trump

There’s no indication Comey violated the law. Trump may be about to.

WashPost: Comey Portrayed Trump Abusing Authority

THE MEMO: Bruised by Comey, Trump avoids catastrophe

Bad news for President Trump: Republicans aren't rushing to his defense

Republicans’ emerging Trump defense: A naif in the Oval Office

President Trump says he's '100 percent' willing to speak under oath on Comey conversations

Trump says he would deny pressuring Comey under oath

‘Total and Complete Vindication’? No Way.

Trump thinks he got ‘total vindication’ from Comey. Except he didn’t.

Team Trump can’t get its story straight in response to Comey

Everything President Trump has said about Comey’s testimony, ranked

Did Trump’s actions amount to obstruction of justice and could he be impeached?

Trump refuses to say whether White House tapes exist 

Trump blasts Qatar hours after Tillerson urges end to blockade 

Trump seems to undercut comments from Secretary of State Tillerson on Qatar

Making the Middle East Worse, Trump-Style

President Trump Gives Remarks at Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference

Trump publicly commits to NATO mutual-defense provision

Trump unequivocally pledges to protect NATO from Russia — but still wants unprecedented backpay

Trump to unveil new U.S.-Cuba policy next Friday in Miami

Bush White House Lawyer: Trump's in 'serious Legal Jeopardy'

White House fires back, calls Comey a leaker

President Trump’s misleading claims about new mines and ‘clean coal’ 

Trump's 'infrastructure week' goes off the rails

Media raise concerns about Trump retaliation after seating changes

Trump: ‘Should I Take One of the Killer Networks That Treat Me So Badly As Fake News?’


Pro-Trump media claims vindication in Comey hearing

Trump’s plan to cut basic energy research finds an unlikely opponent: oil executives

Trump's renewable energy cuts alarm former officials

85 percent of the top science jobs in Trump’s government don’t even have a nominee

Trump’s base in rural America could be disproportionately hurt by Medicaid cuts

Outside groups rally to back up Trump

Trump aides tell him to keep Sessions as U.S. attorney general: sources

Trump’s $110 billion Saudi arms deal is ‘fake news,’ officials tell US think tank

Fact Checker --The Trump administration’s tally of $350 billion-plus in deals with Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump Is an Impossible Boss

Donald Trump is a sociopath and I fear he's losing his mind, says former US Labor Secretary 

Trump's blocking of Twitter users violates U.S. Constitution: rights institute

Trump promised to protect LGBTQ people. But he hasn’t even recognized Pride Month.


Poll: President Trump’s job approval drops to lowest point yet

Despite $7 million tax break from Trump, Carrier is still laying off more than 600 workers

Trump says he feels 'completely and totally vindicated' after Comey's testimony

Trump to nominate Christopher Wray as next FBI director

Trump nominates David P. Pekoske to head TSA

Trump May Rue His Middle Finger to Europe

For Qataris, a U.S. air base is best defense against Trump attacks

How Trump’s alignment with Saudi Arabia and the UAE is inflaming the Middle East

Saudi Arabia showers Trump Hotel with cash

The Latest: Trump Proposes Solar Panels on Border Wall

To Keep Control of the Seas and the World, Trump Must Rebuild the Navy 

Does Donald Trump Have an Anger Problem? President Continues Erupting at His Closest Aides


Trump appears to take credit for Gulf nations' move against Qatar

Trump takes credit for Qatar split

Trump jumps into worsening dispute between Qatar and powerful bloc of Arab countries

Trump's Tweets Could Harm Vital Gulf Coalition, Experts Warn

Pentagon can’t square Trump comments on Qatar

Trump blasts Justice Department over travel ban

Trump calls it a travel ban — lawyers call it sabotage

Trump undercuts his lawyers with tweets about travel ban

Trump's 'been clear to me' to try to rebuild Russia ties: Tillerson

Trump, furious and frustrated, gears up to punch back at Comey testimony

Comey tests GOP loyalty to Trump

Trump, GOP plot path for agenda

President’s tax reform push enters next phase 


Despite Trump, many cities and states are fighting climate change. Including Pittsburgh.

D.C. and Virginia, bucking Trump, pledge to honor Paris climate pact

The Trump administration has a recruiting problem

‘Morning Joe': If Trump Were CEO He’d Be ‘Removed Immediately’ For ‘Psychiatric Evaluation’ (Video) 

Is Trump OK? President’s Mental Stability a 'Serious Problem,' Conservatives Say


Trump blatantly lies while smearing London’s mayor for second straight day

London mayor scoffs at Trump’s ‘ill-informed’ criticism

London mayor calls to cancel Trump’s planned UK visit

White House: Trump won't stop Comey from testifying

White House: Trump will not try to stop James Comey testimony by asserting executive privilege

Team Trump on offense ahead of Comey hearing

Trump tweets create new outrage

The Memo: Trump shrugs off Twitter fury

Jake Tapper Rips Trump Flacks’ Spin Dismissing His Tweets: ‘Sheer Nonsense’ 

Trump says it’s a travel ‘ban.’ His staff insisted it wasn’t.

How Trump just completely undermined the legal argument for his travel ban, in 4 tweets

Kellyanne Conway's husband just openly criticized Trump's 'travel ban' tweets

Trump has yet to formally nominate ambassador picks

Trump administration posts 'help wanted' signs for government service

White House tries to regroup, but Trump isn’t helping

Trump, Who Pledged to Overhaul Nuclear Arsenal, Now Faces Increased Costs 

White House formally backs plan to transfer air traffic control system to private corporation

Trump is finding it easier to tear down old policies than to build his own

Solar’s rise lifted these blue-collar workers. Now they’re worried about Trump

Trump Administration Could Permit Oil Companies To ’Assault' Marine Life 

THE MEMO: Is Trump a victim of the 'deep state'?

Trump’s Incompetence Won’t Save Our Democracy 

Poll: Trump's approval rating plummets, inches closer to all-time low 

Support For Donald Trump's Impeachment Is Now Higher Than His Approval Rating 


Trump reacts to London terror by stoking fear and renewing feud with mayor

Trump criticized for tweet about London Mayor after attack

Donald Trump's tweet misleads about London mayor's reaction to bridge, stabbing attacks

Trump is reportedly considering visiting London

The Panic President

Has Trump finally found a court that will endorse the travel ban once and for all?

Trump reignites debate over travel ban

Trump warns after London attack: 'We must stop being politically correct'

US embassy in London directly contradicts Trump's Twitter attack on London's mayor

President Trump admits his executive order is a ban and somewhere, his lawyers are crying 

Trump’s international debacles spell trouble for Israel

Where Trump's border rhetoric meets reality

As Comey looms, Trump to focus on infrastructure

Five things protesters want from the Trump administration

Families say group tied to Trump campaign ‘exploited’ their children’s deaths

How a ‘shadow’ universe of charities joined with political warriors to fuel Trump’s rise

'Outrageous' lack of answers from Trump's press aides

France declares tweet-war on Donald Trump?


Trump tweets for his travel ban as multiple attacks investigated in London

Report: Trump not planning to invoke executive privilege for Comey testimony

Trump plans week-long focus on infrastructure, starting with privatizing air traffic control

Trump hits reset to focus on aging US infrastructure and jobs

Trump to nominate Richard Spencer for Navy secretary

Globe heaps scorn on Trump for Paris exit 

Trump’s reputation as a dealmaker is a sham, walking away from Paris proves it

Trump calls for 'travel ban' amid London terror attacks

Trump Approval Ratings: Russia Scandal And Paris Agreement Hurting Public Opinion Of President

"Make America white again": Trump supporter at White House 


President Trump Weekly Address 6/2/17

Tech Giants Disavow Trump Leaving Paris Climate Deal

Big businesses — even energy companies — disapprove of Trump's decision to walk away from climate deal

World leaders warn Trump: ‘Paris agreement cannot be renegotiated’

Is Trump isolating our strongest allies by backing away from key agreements?

Trump’s tangle with Europe leads the continent to find partners elsewhere

Paris decision underscores the visceral expression of Trump’s worldview

With withdrawal from Paris accord, Trump keeps focus squarely on his most devoted supporters

Trump cements 'America First' doctrine with Paris withdrawal

How Trump’s Policies Will Literally Change The Atmosphere

Trump on NATO funding: Still misleading after months of fact checks

President Trump’s claim that he’s already saved ‘millions of jobs’ on his foreign trip

Trump’s embassy waiver is another key policy disagreement with Israel

Trump’s attack on birth control could fail due to incompetent lawyering

Trump to leave infrastructure out of tax reform 


Trump appeals travel ban case to Supreme Court

FULL SPEECH: President Trump Statement on Climate Agreement 6-1-2017 Withdraws from Paris Accord

Trump on Paris accord: 'We're getting out'

How Trump left the Paris climate deal

Fact-checking President Trump’s claims on the Paris climate change deal

Trump Sought Reassurance From Fox News Before He Dumped Climate Pact

Did Donald Trump Just Make the Planet Hotter? 

Trump eviscerates Obama’s Paris legacy

White House tells allies Trump will exit Paris climate pact

Elon Musk bails on Trump's advisory councils after US withdraws from Paris climate deal

Why CEOs want Trump to keep the United States in the Paris Agreement

Here's how CEOs reacted to Trump's exit from Paris climate agreement

Trump just betrayed the world. Now the world will fight back

Paris climate agreement: World leaders slam Trump decision

Reaction to Trump pulling U.S. out of global climate change accord 

Despite Trump, cleaner energy growth expected to carry on

Trump to keep U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, for now

Trump risks ire of millions of pro-Israel voters by keeping embassy in Tel Aviv

Minister says Trump sounds like Obama on conflict with Palestinians

Trump exempts senior staff from ethics rules

Trump incorrectly labels Philippines robbery a terror attack

President Trump's press-free press strategy

Nigel Farage is 'person of interest' in FBI investigation into Trump and Russia

Donald Trump's Twitter Fingers: The President's Tweets Indicate He's Obsessed With Obama—and Himself


Trump wants to sell lots of weapons to Riyadh. Why are Israel (and its friends) staying mum?

New Trump attack on Germany widens transatlantic rift

Trump's disbelief in climate science looms over Paris decision

Trump nearing a decision on whether to pull U.S. from Paris climate deal, breaking ranks with more than 190 countries

Climate change drama grips the White House

Trump is reportedly withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement

The Trump administration has started rolling back the birth control mandate

White House preps broad exemptions from birth control mandate

How Trump’s budget makes us all vulnerable to bioterrorism

Trump’s window for scoring early legislative victories is shrinking

Trump's impatience with GOP grows

Trump faces shrinking talent pool for new hires

Trump is loving every minute of this ‘covfefe’ distraction. Believe me.

Poll: Support for Trump's impeachment surges

Facing political crisis, Trump leans on familiar ally: Fox News

Jared Kushner 'admitted Donald Trump lies to his base because he thinks they're stupid'

Trump hails signing of deals worth 'billions' with Vietnam 

Why Trump’s tax cuts are dying


President Trump just threatened Germany over trade. Here’s what you need to know.

Trump signals he's ready to exit Paris climate accord, but decision not final

Trump maps new course with allies and autocrats in first foreign trip

President Trump's Trip Abroad: RomeVatican City, & Brussels

Netanyahu: Trump is ‘determined to get a deal’ with the Palestinians

Trump's use of private cellphone raises security concerns 

Fox & Friends 5/30/2017, Breaking News - President Trump Latest News Today

Donald Trump doesn't seem to understand how the Senate works

Trump calls for end to filibuster

Another 'great mystery' in Trump's budget proposal 

Trump’s 3 Percent Growth Projection: Who’s In and Who’s Left Out?

Trump calls for the opposite of Trumpcare

There's So Much Wrong With Trumpcare That It's Hard To Know Where To Start

Here’s the real danger with Trump’s ‘Buy American’ agenda

Trump administration draft rule rolls back birth-control coverage for religious employers

Trump interviews two more FBI director candidates

Trump's White House Is Allegedly About to Get Way More Godfather

Nordic prime ministers trolling President Donald Trump's 'orb' photo is going viral

Poll: Trump's approval rating on the rise as he returns home 

Cuba Rollback Could Cost Trump On Jobs Front


EXCLUSIVE: Trump Set To Roll Back Obama’s Cuba Policies

How President Trump consumes — or does not consume — top-secret intelligence

Big business wants Trump to stick with Paris climate accord

Court says essentially that Trump is not to be believed. Will Supreme Court conclude the same?

Trump yelled at Abbas: ‘You tricked me in DC,’ Israeli TV reports

Trump returns to an increasingly troubled White House and criticism from allies

Trump eyes White House overhaul, outside lawyers and PR team

Juan Williams: Trump's budget hurts his voters

President Trump acted like a 'drunk tourist' during first foreign trip: report

Thanks to TrumpGermany says it can’t rely on the United States. What does that mean?

Trump condemns fatal Oregon stabbings; says victims stood against hate


Trump's 1st foreign trip: 5 takeaways

Thanks to TrumpGermany says it can’t rely on the United States. What does that mean?

After summits with Trump, Merkel says Europe must take fate into own hands

European allies see the two sides of Trump

Trump at conclusion of first foreign trip: 'I think we hit a home run'

White House: Trump trip left no doubt 'who America’s friends are

Trump returns home from abroad — with a Twitter rant about fake news, leaks and ‘the enemy’

Trump, feted and chided abroad, returns to uncertainty at home

Trump travel ban on shaky ground

Trump children meet with RNC to discuss strategy 

While running Trump’s business, Trump’s sons talk political strategy with GOP leaders

Schiff: Anyone working for Trump 'at risk of being used'

More tolls for NJ drivers? It could happen under Trump’s budget

Trump's first overseas trip: Zero press conferences

Gutfeld: NATO Protesters March Against Trump, Not Terror 

Trump Returns to Crisis Over Kushner as White House Tries to Contain It

Trump Pushing Big White House Changes as Russia Crisis Grows


The Memo: Trump returns to challenges at home

5 takeaways from Trump's first overseas trip as president

Trump fails to commit to Paris climate agreement as he concludes first overseas trip

Alternately charming and boorish, Trump plays the role of a lifetime overseas

Emmanuel Macron appears to swerve Trump's handshake at NATO to hug Angela Merkel instead

Trump uses Ramadan message to urge end to violence

Trump family members met with GOP leaders to discuss strategy

Top Trump adviser says POTUS is “looking at” lifting Russian sanctions

Trump considers major changes amid escalating Russia crisis

Donald Trump and the Agony of H.R. McMaster: Will the President Dump His Second National Security Adviser?

Advocates: Money doesn’t match rhetoric when it comes to Trump, opioids

Trump’s budget takes a big bite out of federal retirement benefits


 President Donald J. Trump's Weekly Address: 5/26/17

Top White House officials unveiled series of contradictory messages on top priorities as Trump traveled abroad

Trump scolds NATO allies for not spending more on defense

Trump Goes to Sicily: Day One of the G-7 

White House official: Trump is willing to hear out Europeans on the Paris climate deal

HuffPost: Trump Calls German Auto Importation 'Very Bad'

Hezbollah calls Trump ‘most racist president towards Muslims’

Trump’s proposed budget does the opposite of what most U.S. taxpayers want

Justice Department to seek Supreme Court review in Trump travel ban case

Trump has been 'complete disaster': Boehner

President Trump’s war on the press is dangerous. He’s discrediting a profession he fears

Senate Intelligence Committee requests Trump campaign documents

NJ Legislature Votes to Block Trump’s Immigration Order at Airports

Trump's handlers want to start vetting his tweets so they 'don't go from the president's mind out to the universe'

A scathing resignation memo from the top US student aid official reveals a Trump proposal that may delegitimize the Department of Education

Exclusive: NSA Chief Admits Donald Trump Colluded With Russia

REPORT: Trump To Set Up ‘War Room’ To Repel Russia Probe Attacks 


Federal appeals court largely maintains freeze of Trump’s travel ban

Trump promised to protect the sick and the poor. He lied. 

Trump wants to cut funding for earthquake early warning system, which would likely kill project

There's a $2 trillion mystery in the middle of Donald Trump's budget

President Trump wraps Mideast trip after BethlehemJerusalem meetings

For now, Trump’s peacemaking approach is all unfounded optimism

Facing fuming British prime minister, Trump vows to plug leaks

Trump calls for investigation of U.S. leaks in Manchester bombing probe

Flurry of leaks alarms US allies

Trump’s behavior at NATO is a national embarrassment

Trump chastises fellow NATO members, demands they meet payment obligations

Video seems to show Trump shoving NATO leader to get in front of him

Trump pushes aside Montenegro leader _ who calls it natural

Well, Trump Sure Looks Like He's Making Friends At The NATO Summit

Trump Hands Putin A Win at First NATO Meeting

‘Anyone . . . with a pulse’: How a Russia-friendly adviser found his way into the Trump campaign

Manafort advised Trump team on Russia scandal

Presidents can’t undo national monuments, new study says

How Trump Divides Us, And Lessons From ’67

Despite vow, Trump Organization not tracking all profits from foreign governments


Trump calls Kim Jong Un a ‘madman with nuclear weapons,’ according to transcript of Duterte call 

Donald Trump Playacts Peace in the Middle East

Liberman seems to confirm Trump leaked Israeli intel

On Jerusalem Day, Rivlin decries inequality between city’s Jews, Arabs

Trump arrives in Brussels, a city he once described as a 'hellhole'

Donald Trump's Meeting With Pope Francis Was Full Of Awkward Moments

Did Pope Francis Enjoy His Meeting with President Trump?

Spicer's absence in papal visit reveals Trump's family-first rule

As European leaders sit with Trump, relief that meetings are happening at all

Where Does Trump Really Stand on NATO's Article Five?

NATO Prepares to Be Disappointed by the Cheshire Cat President

Trump budget slashes money for federal lands, needy and health care

Trump Budget Contains Little on Drug Prices Despite Tough Talk


Trump budget underscores new national priorities: slashing the safety net and taxes

President Trump's budget would hit these states the hardest

Republicans give Trump's budget the cold shoulder

GOP congressman rips Mulvaney: Trump's budget 'presumes a Goldilocks economy'

Trump administration warns tax receipts are coming in slowly, government could run out of cash sooner than expected

Trump administration hits reset in FBI director search

5 moments that show Trump isn’t about to get any help from the intelligence community

The Trump administration wants a new round of military base closures. Easier said than done

Will Trump’s ‘principled realism’ let autocrats off the hook?

White House, ethics office feud escalates

Report: President Trump’s disjointed speaking style could indicate cognitive decline

Once again, it’s time to ask: How low can Donald Trump’s approval rating go?


Trump retains Marc Kasowitz as private attorney for Russia probe - reports

Palestinians welcome Trump’s talk of peace but offer lessons in two-state demands

With boundless optimism but few specifics, Trump lays out Mideast peace vision

Trump undermines Senate GOP’s Medicaid backers

Trump's budget is facing massive blowback in Congress — and Republicans are some of the loudest complainers

A lot of 'red states' would get hit hard by Trump's budget

Here are the 66 programs eliminated in Trump's budget

Trump proposes dramatic changes to federal government, slashing safety net programs that affect up to a fifth of Americans

Women will pay the steepest price for Trump’s Medicaid cuts

Trump’s plans to cut food stamps could hit his supporters hardest

Trump’s budget is ruthless to disabled and poor people

It’s not just programs for the poor. Trump’s budget calls for vast changes to government.

How Trump’s budget helps the rich at the expense of the poor

Trump releases budget that slashes government programs

President Trump’s ‘balanced’ budget relies on $2,062,000,000,000 in mystery money

Why Trump's budget can't pass Congress

Lawmakers declare President Trump’s budget proposal ‘dead on arrival’

Ivanka’s Maternity Leave Plan Is A Cruel Joke

The message of Trump’s budget: Get a job!

Trump budget slashes money for clean air and water programs

'We can use peace': Trump and Pope Francis meet


President Trump's Trip Abroad

Trump's stamina forces him to slip up, skip event over exhaustion

Trump meets with Israeli PM Netanyahu (full speech)

Trump becomes first US president to visit Western Wall

Trump in Israel: ‘We have before us a rare opportunity’ to bring peace

Trump’s epiphany: Peace between Israel and Palestine is ‘not easy’

Trump Goes After 'the Ultimate Deal' 

Trump denies an allegation never made against him about Israel and Russia

The Daily 202: Trump hypocrisy continues at home and abroad

Trump asked intelligence chiefs to push back against FBI collusion probe after Comey revealed its existence

Trump close to choosing outside counsel for Russia investigation

Trump’s nominations for U.S. ambassador are hardly draining the swamp

Trump seeks historic cuts to government

Five things to watch for in the Trump budget

Trump Budget Embraces Big Medicaid Cuts

The US may (finally) get paid parental leave under Trump’s new proposal

While You Weren’t Looking, Trump Basically Killed Dodd-Frank

Ford’s New CEO Distances Himself From Trump On Mexico

Trump's groveling speech in Saudi Arabia was a national embarrassment


President Donald Trump Delivers Speech To Muslim World Leaders From Riyadh Saudi Arabia

'Drive them out': Trump calls on Muslims to share burden in terror fight

Trump urges Muslim world to ‘drive out the extremists' 

Trump: 'Terrorists do not worship God, they worship death'

Trump leaves three words out of his Saudi Arabia speech

Abroad, President Trump's reality collides with candidate Trump's words

Warmth and scale of Trump-Saudi embrace could spell trouble for Netanyahu

Damning with deafening praise: Why Netanyahu is unimpressed by Trump 

Trump’s first budget is coming, and the spending cuts are severe

Trump to propose big cuts to safety-net in new budget, slashing Medicaid and opening door to other limits

Trump reportedly plans to sabotage Obamacare by cutting off low-income subsidies

ACLU: Trump refused to turn over Giuliani travel ban memo by court-ordered deadline

White House officials say Trump is 'undisciplined' and 'self-destructive'

Donald Trump's Latest Approval Ratings Plunged, Republicans Flee the President Amid Russia Controversies


Saudis welcome Trump with gold medal, receive arms package

Saudi Arabia courts Trump

Trump receives royal welcome, honors from Saudi leader

President Trump slammed as 'hypocrite' for 'bowing' to the Saudi king

Trump to tell Muslims on first foreign trip: Drive out terrorists

Trump signs ‘tremendous’ deals with Saudi Arabia on his first day overseas

Poll: Trump’s popularity sinks among Israeli Jews

The Memo: Trump base shows signs of cracking

Report: Trump attorney tried to exempt him from signing off on financial forms


President Trump Weekly Address 5/19/17

Trump Told Russians That Firing ‘Nut Job’ Comey Eased Pressure From Investigation

Trump’s Business Ties to Middle East Precede Him

With Trump leaving on his first foreign trip, here are 4 lessons about face-to-face diplomacy

First stop on Trump’s first official trip overseas signals Saudi Arabia’s importance

Trump, dogged by questions at home, makes first trip abroad

Trump says he hasn’t ruled out Netanyahu joining him at Western Wall

Trump’s budget calls for hits on federal employee retirement programs

Trump tells advisers he wants to end key Obamacare subsidies

Trump White House feels under siege

Trump’s media firewall is collapsing as the Russia probe gets closer

Trump needs private attorney to navigate complex probe, his ex-lawyer says

President Trump is practically begging to be accused of obstruction of justice

Poll: Most Utahns disapprove of Trump's job performance


Trump: Joe Lieberman is top pick for FBI director 

Donald Trump’s presidency imploding, Republicans must demand better

White House says full fiscal 2018 budget to be released on May 23

Trump’s budget expected to massively slash research on renewable energy — and ‘clean coal’

Trump Denies Colluding With Russia

Sources: Trump campaign had at least 18 undisclosed contacts with Russians

Trump says naming of special counsel ‘hurts our country’

Trump: I’m victim of 'single greatest witch hunt'

Trump denies telling Comey to back off Flynn investigation

Intel Trump gave Russians came from Jordan, not Israel – report

Analysis: A crisis Trump can’t manage with tweet or taunt

America’s most radical law enforcement figure is headed to the Trump administration

Turkish violence in Washington presents new Trump headache

Once hoped for as a reset, Trump's foreign trip now bogged in White House crises

Trump administration formally launches NAFTA renegotiation

How Roger Ailes helped create Donald Trump

Trump weighs downsizing Spicer’s public role

Comey, Unsettled by Trump, Is Said to Have Wanted Him Kept at a Distance

Donald Trump Jr implies the Comey memo is true

Donald Trump 'will find a way to resign’, says President’s ghostwriter

'No. No. Next question': Trump flatly denies he ever asked Comey to end probe into Flynn


How Trump learned about the special prosecutor

Turmoil over recent Trump controversies triggers the Dow’s biggest losses since September

The Daily 202: Trump’s inexperience contributed to Comey interactions that now cloud his presidency

Trump faces a crisis of credibility — and judgment

Report: Trump knew Flynn was under investigation weeks before inauguration

Trump says Russia probe will reveal no collusion with his campaign 

Right pushes Trump to make staff, press changes

Former Israeli spymasters rip into Trump, say Israel must reassess intel sharing

Trump will not announce promised embassy move during Israel trip

Trump claims he wants closer ties with Russia. Here are 3 reasons that won’t fly.

Trump's favorite tools — hyperbole and exaggeration — turn into traps

Trump’s first full education budget: Deep cuts to public school programs in pursuit of school choice

How dangerous are the cracks emerging in Trump’s wall of support?

Any Half-Decent Hacker Could Break Into Mar-a-Lago

Fears Over Trump’s Mental State Gaining Traction In The Media

Here’s A Closer Look At Donald Trump’s Disturbingly Deep Ties To Russia


If the president says it, is it no longer classified?

Why the latest White House crisis is a really big deal

Trump's intelligence slip-up may be the straw that breaks the camel's back

Another Trump crisis craters GOP agenda

This is why Trump’s loose tongue has compromised U.S. security

Memo: Trump asked Comey to end Flynn investigation

Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation

Notes made by former FBI director Comey say Trump pressured him to end Flynn probe

Trump asked Comey to close Flynn probe: NY Times, citing Comey memo

White House scrambles to limit damage after latest bombshell

White House: Western Wall comments ‘unauthorized,’ do not represent Trump’s stance

Frustration abounds in Trump White House

Toobin: 'Three words: Obstruction of justice'

Translating McMaster’s rhetoric on the Russia-leak story

McMaster: Trump didn't know where intel came from

Israel was the source of secret intelligence that Trump gave to Russians, NBC News confirms

Chaffetz: Trump’s sharing of intel with Russia should be probed — by House Intel panel

Cory Gardner on Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian diplomats: “We simply have to have more information.”

Trump undercuts his own administration again, and now the GOP is taking notice

Trump pushes back on Washington Post report, says he has the ‘absolute right’ to ‘share with Russia

Analysis: Trump intel sharing risks damaging US alliances

Trump welcomes Erdogan amid US-Turkey strains

Trump will have to navigate diplomatic land mines abroad. Here’s how he’s preparing.

Trump taking aim at drug pricing

Here’s how Trump-Pence policy is already affecting LGBT lives in Chechnya

Trump's Best Defense on Russia Is Incompetence

Report: Trump told Comey to consider imprisoning reporters who publish leaks

Does anyone in Trump's White House have credibility?

As Trump’s woes mount, congressional Republicans arrive at a moment of reckoning

Trump is the wrong kind of businessperson to be president

Erick Erickson: Trump's Russia Leak Is 'Far Worse' Than Reported


Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador

Trump revealed classified information to Lavrov at White House meeting - Washington Post

Sources: Trump shared classified info with Russians

The White House provides a non-denial denial for the Russia leak story

Pro-Trump media dismisses bombshell report the president shared classified info

Trump takes heat over intel, 'tapes'

Another appeals court to weigh Trump’s revised travel ban

Judges in travel ban appeal press lawyers about Trump’s comments

Trump weighs candidates to replace fired FBI Director James Comey

The Trump administration wants to send more military advisers to Afghanistan. Good luck with that.

President Trump Has Abdicated the Office of Commander-in-Chief

Trump ordered emergency meeting after global cyber attack: official

Donald Trump Drastically Expands ‘Global Gag Rule’ On Abortion

Trump Administration Will Invest $23.6 Million in Water Reclamation

Trump campaigned on 'America First.' Now he's getting ready for his first trip overseas

White House refuses to say if Comey tapes exist 

President Trump, you can start making peace. Here’s how

The Daily 202: Loyalty is a one-way street for Donald Trump

Despite Campaign Boasts, Trump Has No Idea How To Handle Classified Material

The Scandals of Donald Trump: Presidential Edition

Trump Aides Race to Limit Fallout From Report on Disclosure

Where Is Donald Trump's Promised 24-hour Hotline for Veterans?

Ann Coulter Calls 'Grotesque' Donald Trump A Disappointment

The holiest site in Judaism is becoming a point of conflict between Trump and Israel

NATO Frantically Tries to Trump-Proof President’s First Visit


Poll: Just 29 percent approve of Trump's decision to fire Comey

Trump’s shifting reason for firing Comey could cost him with Hill leaders

The Memo: Dangers ahead for Trump on Comey

Tillerson: Trump weighing whether embassy move will help or hurt peace

‘Dude fires people’: How the chaotic Trump news cycle confuses and misinforms the public

Under Trump, inconvenient data is being sidelined

GOP senator: Trump needs to 'back off' Russian investigation, stop tweeting

Clapper: US institutions 'under assault' from Trump 

Harvard law professor calls for Trump impeachment

Scoop: Trump, irked at cabinet and staff, mulls sweeping shake-up


Trump's war with Comey intensifies

Trump has a long history of secretly recording calls, according to former associates

Five story lines to watch in Trump-Comey fight

Trump’s attempt to intimidate Comey could come back to haunt him

Trump pledges to move quickly to name new FBI director

Four candidates interviewing for FBI director job Saturday 

Robert Gates on Comey: Trump should have had his 'ducks in a row' 

Rep. Ted Lieu: Trump 'Obstructed Justice'

Tumultuous week puts Trump presidency on perilous path

James Clapper destroys Trump’s favorite talking point about the Russia investigation

Valerie Plame on how the intelligence community really feels about Trump

More details emerge about the tense relationship between Trump and Comey

Trump's frustrations are boiling over after Comey dismissal


In firing Comey, Trump has 'fatally compromised' the FBI

Why it’s likely that Trump does have recordings of his Oval Office conversations

Trump suggests there may be ‘tapes’ of his private conversations with former FBI director

Trump’s tweet about ‘tapes’ of his conversations with Comey is a major tell

Nixon’s lawyer says Trump should be afraid of tapes; Woodward explains why

With a threat of 'tapes,' Trump tells ousted FBI chief not to talk to media

Trump's warning to Comey deepens White House crisis 

Trump's Weekly Address 5/12/17

Trump Victory! China Agrees to Open Market to US

Donald Trump Has Compromised Every Major Investigation Into Alleged Russian Interference

Trump lawyers outline president’s Russian income but provide no documents

Trump floats canceling White House press briefings

Federal judge orders Trump to share Giuliani travel ban memo 

Trump wants to divert aid away from women and the environment

What the Tea Leaves Tell Us About Trump’s Trade Agenda

This week just gave a clear snapshot of all Donald Trump's leadership troubles

N.H. Secretary of State Bill Gardner tapped by Trump for election integrity commission

CNN calls Trump's latest attacks 'beneath the dignity of the office of the President'

It Took My Breath Away’: Chris Wallace Offers Stunning, Must-Watch Critique of Trump White House

Does Donald Trump want to be president?

Trump’s own words add fuel to questions about the legality of firing Comey

Defenders or enablers?

Why the Trump White House Is So Leaky

Even Trump’s allies on the right deplore how White House handled Comey affair 

France dislikes Trump even more than Putin, so that's reassuring

Trump’s top aides must go


Trump admits he asked Comey if he was under investigation

Trump contradicts spokeswoman on effect of Comey firing, says it may 'lengthen out the investigation'

Trump: I was going to fire Comey regardless of DOJ recommendation

Trump said he was thinking of Russia controversy when he decided to fire Comey

Trump’s firing of FBI director could be an impeachable offense, constitutional law experts say

Delay seen, again, on Trump growth agenda after Comey sacking

THE MEMO: Trump deals with gravest crisis yet

NBC exclusive — Trump: I was going to fire Comey 'regardless,' he was a 'showboat'

Transcript: Interview with Donald Trump

Trump and Putin to meet in July, Russian state media says

Abbas said to agree to summit with Netanyahu and Trump

President Trump Meets with Former Secretary Henry Kissinger

Trump signs executive order to investigate voter fraud claims 

Lawsuits piling up against Trump

Poll: When thinking of TrumpUS voters say 'idiot' is the first word that comes to mind

May 10, 2017 - U.S. Voters Send Trump Approval To Near Record Low; Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; No Winner In Media War, But Voters Trust Media More 

Poll: Trump’s health care and tax plans are very, very unpopular

How Popular is Trump? Latest Approval Rating Plummets as White Supporters Flee

Experts: Trump’s alleged conversations with Comey improper 


Why did Trump fire FBI Director James Comey? Cover-up of Russia investigation suspected 

Comey’s dismissal may turn the anti-Trump wave into a tsunami

The most powerful reactions to Trump’s abrupt firing of the FBI director
Donald Trump’s Story About Why He Fired FBI Director James Comey Is Already Falling Apart

White House: Trump thought about firing Comey since Election Day 

Inside Trump’s anger and impatience — and his sudden decision to fire Comey

Five questions for Trump after FBI firing

The Memo: Trump ignites firestorm

Trump's firing of Comey endangers his entire presidency

The Daily 202: Firing FBI director Comey is already backfiring on Trump. It’s only going to get worse.

4 reasons Trump has big problems on firing James Comey

Comey’s Firing Came as Investigators Stepped Up Russia Probe

‘Enough Was Enough’: How Festering Anger at Comey Ended in His Firing

A 'white hot' Trump stewed over Comey's fate 

Sense of Crisis Deepens as Trump Defends F.B.I. Firing

Trump hosts Russians, Kissinger at White House day after Comey firing

President Trump has now fired 3 officials who were investigating his campaign or administration

All of Trump’s campaign statements just vanished from his website. So let’s remember them.

More bad news for Trump: His poll numbers just hit a bunch of new lows


BREAKING: Trump fires FBI Director James Comey

Senate ref holds power over Trump agenda

Trump administration delays Paris climate agreement decision

Trump plans to meet incoming French president Macron in Brussels this month

Trump is tweeting about Sally Yates to distract you from her central, devastating allegation

Abbas told Trump to base peace talks on 2008 Olmert maps – report

South Korea elects as its next president Moon Jae-in, who wants better relations with North Korea. That could put him at odds with President Trump.

In blow to U.S.-Turkey ties, Trump administration approves plan to arm Syrian Kurds against Islamic State


Judges appear divided on Trump's travel ban

Trump’s revised travel ban faces legal challenges in courtrooms on both coasts

Sally Yates says she warned White House that Flynn was a blackmail risk

Obama warned Trump about hiring Flynn

Obama warned Trump against hiring Flynn as national security adviser, officials say

Trump Tries to Blame Obama for the Flynn Scandal

Trump is going after Sally Yates before she starts her testimony on Flynn and the Russians

Trump reveals first slate of judicial nominees 

Trump held tax reform hostage, and the GOP paid the ransom 

Trump’s disdain for human rights will backfire — and hurt U.S. national security

Insiders say Trump keeps clashing with his national security adviser

President Trump’s lawyers on revised travel ban repeatedly asked about campaign promises

Russiagate: Trump Is Trying to Put Out a Fire With More Smoke


Trump aims for high drama on first foreign swing

Trump congratulates Emmanuel Macron on his 'big win' in the French election

Why Emmanuel Macron is the anti-Donald Trump

Kushner family pitches wealthy Chinese on ‘investor visas’

Report: Kushner family trying to attract wealthy Chinese investors with US visa prospect


THE MEMO: Trump faces long war on healthcare

The insider and the outsider: McConnell and Trump try for a deal on health care

Trump praises Australia’s universal health care system

Trump questions constitutionality of federal funding to HBCUs

From Mexico to South Korea, Trump Hurting America's Friends Abroad

Mixed Signals From Trump Worry Pro-Israel Hard-Liners

TRUMP Act would put Trump's New York tax returns online

Some pastors praise Trump order, others worry over integrity


President Trump Weekly Address Today 5/5/17

Trump’s itinerary shows bid for coalition to back peace, tackle Iran, fight terrorism

Trump touts 'tremendous' Australian alliance after 'testy' call

Trump: 'Everybody' has better healthcare than US

Trump’s forbidden love: Single-payer health care

Trump may have given up a big weapon in the war on drugs

White House drug policy office facing massive cuts, draft memo says

Trump indicated where he stands on medical marijuana for the first time since he took office

All major networks now refuse to air Trump's 'fake news' advertisement

Trump's "Fake News" Ad Refused by More Major TV Networks

6 things in Trumpcare that Trump promised he would never do


Trump ‘so confident' Senate will pass ObamaCare repeal

Trump signs executive order to 'vigorously promote religious liberty'

Trump signs order seeking to allow churches to engage in more political activity

Why Trump's Executive Order on Religious Liberty Left Many Conservatives Dissatisfied

On Religious Liberty, Trump's Executive Order Doesn't Match Rhetoric

Trump plans first presidential overseas trip, to Israel, Vatican and Saudi Arabia

Trump: I’ll visit Israel, after meeting Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia 

The Russia investigation could finally unlock Trump’s tax returns 

Trump revives lumber wars


Trump meeting with Reps. Upton and Long swings them from 'no' to 'yes' on GOP Obamacare replacement bill

White House leaning toward exiting Paris climate pact

Trump vows to work as 'mediator' for Israeli-Palestinian peace

Trump picks antiabortion activist to head HHS family planning section

Pence: Trump giving ‘serious consideration‘ to embassy move

Why Trump is reaching out and even praising dictators: It's strategy

Trump’s ‘Big’ Plan Based on Big Debt, Claims Ex-Clinton Economic Adviser

23 Environmental Rules Rolled Back in Trump’s First 100 Days

Trump should stop tweeting so much — these 'interjections are harmful,' says powerful GOP Sen. Corker

Environmental groups sue Trump in a bid to defend Obama's Arctic drilling ban

China Says Trump Starting 'Tax War'

This poll number might be the worst one yet for President Trump

Column Introducing the Trump Rule: Ignore every proposal he makes


Trump, Putin speak amid ongoing tensions

Trump and Putin discuss cease-fire in Syria in first conversation since U.S. airstrikes

White House: Trump, Putin discuss SyriaNorth KoreaMiddle East in phone call

Trump keeps praising international strongmen, alarming human rights advocates

Trump’s policies focus of US Reform movement conference

Blaming ‘mercurial’ TrumpUK lawmakers urge Palestine rethink

While in White House, Trumps remained selling points for ‘very special’ Philippines project

Trump’s Environmental Policies Are a Disaster for U.S. Foreign Policy

Trump (hearts) truckers and on the border they are closely watching what he does with NAFTA

Trump, GOP off to a rocky start

Trump: US ‘needs a good shutdown’

Trump raises stakes for next shutdown fight

Donald Trump Gambles on Big Health-Care Victory

President Trump Drops by the Independent Community Bankers Association

Trump's 'big beautiful wall' is not in the spending plan. Will it ever get built?

Trump’s nifty plan to spend more and hurt poor people more — at the same time!

Trump’s 100th-day speech may have been the most hate-filled in modern history

Trump is viewed more unfavorably now than Joe McCarthy — after the Army hearings

Why CNN refused to air Trump’s new ad targeting ‘fake news’

This is why Trump loves 'Fox & Friends'

As Trump prepares order on religious liberty, Pence’s credibility with evangelicals is at stake

Controversial statements Trump's Army secretary pick previously made are coming back to haunt him


White House defends Trump invitation to Duterte despite human rights criticism

Trump invites authoritarian leader responsible for bloody drug war to the White House

President Trump says he would be ‘honored’ to meet with North Korean dictator

Passing 100-day mark, Trump offers mixed signals on healthcare, taxes and North Korea

Trump Wants Health-Care Bill to Protect Pre-Existing Conditions

Amid immigration setbacks, one Trump strategy seems to be working: Fear

The Daily 202: Eight ways Trump got rolled in his first budget negotiation

Donald Trump blames liberal judges for thwarting him on sanctuary cities. He should blame conservative lawyers instead.

Trump unwinding Michelle Obama's school lunch program rules

Donald Trump Won’t Give Up Unsupported Claim That Barack Obama Wiretapped Him

EXCLUSIVE: Trump blasts Russia dossier and Democrats’ use of it

‘Alt-Left’ Strategist Bannon Isn't Going Anywhere, Trump Says

Trump’s glowing op-ed about his first 100 days, with some badly needed context

Trump hints that the US may be sabotaging North Korea's nuclear program



Beyond 100 days, Trump faces more legislative challenges

Trump broke 80 promises in 100 days

100 Days of Whoppers

NYT editor says Trump's attacks are dangerous

Are journalists getting Trump coverage right?

Trump finds comfort in rallying base

Donald Trump's split-screen America was on full display Saturday night

Trump is not ruling out military action against North Korea

Trump on North Korean leader: 'Obviously, he's a pretty smart cookie'

Donald Trump on if he could start nuclear war with North Korea: 'I don't know. I mean, we'll see'

Trump’s ‘Very Friendly’ Talk With Duterte Stuns Aides and Critics Alike

Seven key players for Trump on immigration

Trump: GOP health care bill 'guarantees' coverage for pre-existing conditions

President Trump Full MAGA Rally Speech in HarrisburgPennsylvania 4/29/17

Winners and losers from President Trump’s first 100 days

Trump's First 100 days: The hits, the misses and the effect on NJ

Trump: My first 100 days 'just about the most successful' ever

Trump floods the zone for 100-day anniversary

Trump marks his 100th day in office, lists successes, takes dig at ‘boring’ WHCD

Trump echoes extreme militant group in NRA speech

Trump using executive orders at unprecedented pace

Trump’s executive orders are signed with fanfare — but they deliver little punch

Trump really needs an economic boom. So far, he’s not getting one.

Exclusive: Trump vows to fix or scrap South Korea trade deal, wants missile system payment

Trump signs one-week funding bill to avoid shutdown

President Trump Weekly Address 4/28/17

Trump Signs Order Aimed at Opening Arctic Drilling

Trump signs drilling order that could impact California coast

‘I am going to come through for you,’ Trump vows to NRA

Trump in campaign mode at NRA convention

Judges take Trump at his word — and that’s not been good for the president

Trump now agrees with the majority of Americans: He wasn’t ready to be president

Art of the Bluff: The Limits of Trump’s Negotiation Strategy

Trump misses his old life, thought presidency would be easier

Trump governs as he campaigned: Unconventionally and unpredictably

Has Trump Kept His Campaign Promises?

Trump may have the ‘most executive orders’ since Truman. But what did they accomplish?

100 days in, Trump’s foreign policy appears to be all show. Is there enough substance?

Trump says he’s stopping jobs from going abroad. Here’s the truth.

The latest bad economic news isn’t Trump’s fault, but he has made it his problem

Trump back in campaign mode with pre-100 days media blitz

(Almost) 100 Days of Page One Headlines About Presidents Trump, Obama and Bush

A big winner in Trump's first 100 days? 'Fox & Friends'

Every alert CNN sent in Trump's first 100 days

AP FACT CHECK: Claims about Trump's tax plan don't hold up

TRUMP: I'm 'disappointed' in how Republicans have handled big issues so far

Get off of Twitter': As Trump nears day 100, some stirrings of discontent

Trump’s Tax Plan Hits Its First Land Mine: Blue-State Republicans

Trump tax plan prompts GOP fears about deficit

Trump promised to cut middle-class taxes and target the rich. His treasury secretary isn’t so sure anymore.

Trump’s 'tax plan' isn’t a real plan

Trump tax cuts raise concern of outflow of Israeli startups

Trump tax plan to trigger lobbying frenzy

Who wins and loses under Trump’s tax plan?

Economic reality and contradictions beset Trump's tax plan


Trump Tax Plan Sets Up Trade-Offs for Industries

NJ Politics Digest: Trump Plan Has Bad News for NJ Taxpayers

Trump: ‘We may terminate’ U.S.-South Korea trade agreement

Trump: 'Major, Major Conflict' With North Korea Possible

Did Trump just take an ax to the U.S. trade relationship with Canada?

N.H. businesses discuss impact of Trump tariffs on Canadian lumber

Trump says no plan to pull out of NAFTA ‘at this time’

Trump’s plan for a border wall is literally on shaky ground

The Trump White House is at war with itself about climate change

U.S. chief justice alarmed at Trump administration immigration case stance

Why Trump's $1 trillion infrastructure plan won't work

Trump is about to be 0-4 on his legislative promises for his first 100 days

Trump says he’s stopping jobs from going abroad. Here’s the truth.

Trump barks, but struggles to find his bite

Trump goes on raging tweetstorm against Democrats over negotiations to avoid a government shutdown

This failure may doom Trump’s presidency before it really begins

Trump 'absolutely' considered breaking up 9th Circuit Court

In Fox News poll, only 36 percent of voters would re-elect President Trump

What Hill Republicans think of Trump's tax plan: 'Not even close' to reform 

White House unveils dramatic plan to overhaul tax code in major test for Trump

The White House just outlined its tax plan. Here's what's in it

8 sentences that cast some serious shade on Trump’s tax cut plan

White House unveils dramatic plan to overhaul tax code in major test for Trump

Trump’s tax proposal: What it means for the rich, for the world and for you

If Trump changes your taxes, here are the deductions and breaks that could go away

Trump goes big on tax reform

WashPost: Trump Tax Plan Could Bust The Budget

Federal Judge Says Trump’s Order on Sanctuary Cities Is Likely Unconstitutional

Trump’s immigration crackdown is going to crush the economy—and one sector in particular

Trump’s Foreign Policy: 100 Days of Global Bafflement

Donald Trump has spent 97 days in constant motion. But what has he actually done?

Trump admin rolls out immigration-related crime victims office

Trump picks retired Marine general to lead Secret Service

Talks underway for Trump to make first Israel visit in May

Trump gets tough with Canada

Trump is trying to send North Korea a message. He’s got a long way to go.

Trump orders review of national monuments, vows to ‘to end these abuses and return control to the people’

Trump considers order that would start process of withdrawing from NAFTA

Mattis and Trump: The odd couple that works

CNN/ORC Poll: At 100 days, Trump approval rating shows no sign of growth

This poll number is a testament to the power of fake news

Trump administration talks tough on North Korea, but frustrated lawmakers want details

U.S. lawmakers say Trump administration still lacks clear North Korea plan

President Trump’s promised plan to cut taxes could actual...

US judge blocks Trump sanctuary city order

Republicans offer spending plan without border wall, but Trump vows that it will be built

White House ‘confident’ of averting shutdown as Trump shows flexibility on wall

Trump’s border-wall fantasy is crumbling


‘Another bad act on the part of the Canadians’: Trump administration launches punitive tariffs on Canadian lumber


Adelson, miffed at Trump over embassy about-face, said to shut spigot

Conservative media figures disappointed with Trump meeting

5 Key Questions on Trump’s Plans for ‘Maybe the Biggest Tax Cut’

Infighting cools down in Trumplan

Jake Tapper Says Trump Is 'Cramming Like a College Kid' to Finish His 100 Days

The 100 Day Dash: The Best Presidential Benchmark?

Rush Limbaugh says he is 'very, very troubled' to see Trump possibly caving on the border wall

Wall Street Journal: Opinion Trump’s First 100 Days

Trump’s tax cuts won’t pay for themselves: David Stockman

A fatal flaw in Trump's tax cut: Senate rules

Priebus: Syria strike reflects ‘Trump Doctrine’

Trump seeks symbolic win this week as 100-day milestone nears

Trump's 100 days: What we've learned

These are the 100-day accomplishments Trump is touting

Trump struggled to keep promises in his first 100 days — and it may not get easier

White House considers 'art of compromise' to avoid shutdown

Showdown looms as Trump demands funding for wall on U.S.-Mexico border

The first brick hasn’t been set, and Trump’s border wall is already going south on him

Trump says his base ‘really wants’ a border wall. Polls show most Americans don’t.

Trump: 'I Never Realized How Big It Was'

Mexico’s Revenge

Trump seeks 15 percent corporate tax rate, even if it swells the national debt

Trump to issue new order calling into question two decades of national monument designations

Without naming Iran, Trump says threats to destroy Israel mustn’t be ignored

Trump gets on the phone to Asia as another North Korea flash point looms

Trump suddenly finds himself needing the Fed he once loathed 

Trump to set new executive orders on environment, energy this week

Trump's plan for the 'biggest tax cut we've ever had' is already looking like it could be messy

Trump backs away from demand for border wall money

Trump and his aides take hard line on border wall, as threat of government shutdown looms

Trump condemns anti-Semitism on Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day

Trump eyeing second Supreme Court seat

AP FACT CHECK: When Trump takes credit and assigns blame

Why Trump should think twice before blaming someone else for his meh 100 days

Sanford: Trump primary threats are 'counterproductive' 

Though shovels are ready, Trump officials delay grant for Caltrain upgrade

Trump team raises rhetoric against Iran 

Transcript of AP interview with Trump

‘Everyone tunes in’: Inside Trump’s obsession with cable TV

Showdown looms as Trump demands funding for wall on U.S.-Mexico border

The Trump team has a historic opportunity with Japan — if it can pull together a strategy

Nearing 100 days, Trump’s approval at record lows but his base is holding

Official: Trump's 'big announcement' on tax to be broad principles

Trump: 'Doesn't matter' if healthcare vote is next week

Trump becomes wild card in spending fight

House Oversight Committee calls on Trump’s business to prove he’s not violating the Constitution 

Trump’s threat of steel tariffs heralds big changes in trade policy

With no major legislation to his name, Trump brushes off importance of his first 100 days

Trump to hold 100th-day rally on same night as White House correspondents’ dinner

Mark Cuban grades President Trump's first 100 days

Trump awards Purple Heart at Walter Reed military hospital 

Bomb first, don't explain later: Trump's failure to justify his use of force

Donald Trump’s Earth Day Statement Is Shameful

President Trump's Weekly Address 4/21/17

President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with Prime Minister Gentiloni

Trump wants to ramp up deportations, but ICE probably won’t be able to keep up

Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Is Overwhelming a Strained System

Trump raps Iran for violating ‘spirit’ of nuclear deal

Trump’s threat of steel tariffs heralds big changes in trade policy


The Trump administration is way behind the times on marijuana 

What Trump got wrong on Twitter this week (#8)

The Daily 202: What Trump's giving to charity -- or lack thereof -- foreshadowed about his presidency

Trump signs executive actions to review tax regulations, roll back Dodd-Frank

White House Orders Agencies to Prepare for Potential Government Shutdown

Trump's latest target: Canada?

Trump says 100-day marker is ‘ridiculous.’ But he’s scrambling to show progress by then on taxes, health care.

President Trump Is Not Looking Forward to His 100th Day

Donald Trump Complains About Deadline He Set For Himself


Trump stuns Twitter with patriotic, yet curious, video celebrating American freed from Egypt

Trump: 'I think we'll get both' a vote on health care and keeping government open next week

Trump voices optimism on ObamaCare repeal

Charity worker in Cairo jail for three years freed after Trump administration negotiated release

Trump, alongside Italian PM, says no US role in Libya

Hosting Abbas on May 3, Trump seeks ‘conflict-ending’ deal

Once critical of global deals, Trump slow to pull out of any

Trump and his aides sow confusion by sending mixed signals on foreign affairs

Trump’s pick for rules czar would hand more power to Trump

It’ll be hard for Trump to make the government ‘Buy American’

Trump looks like he'll miss another deadline on another promise 

Trump’s claim that ‘no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days’

The Memo: Trump stuck with low approval ratings


Trump Realizes Being President Is Hard

How Trump’s Twitter Tantrum Against Conservatives Backfired

Furious South Koreans Blast ‘Ignorant’ Trump For ‘Distortion Of History’

President Trump Makes Remarks and Signs the Buy American, Hire American Executive Order

The many ways in which Trump’s ‘buy American’ mantra is hypocritical

Sources: WH looking to revive Obamacare repeal before 100-day deadline

Trump Mulls U.S. Military Options for North Korea, All Grim

Trump eyes cap on charitable deductions

Trump administration says Iran complying with nuclear deal

How Trump's First 100 Days Could End in a Government Shutdown

Trump extends program allowing some veterans to use local doctors, hospitals 

National security issues multiply for Trump

Trump’s ‘Madman Theory’ Isn’t Strategic Unpredictability. It’s Just Crazy.

How Bill O'Reilly created Donald Trump

Trump's inaugural committee raised a record $106.7 million — here's who donated

Are President Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago similar to Obama’s travels?

We just got a huge sign that the US intelligence community believes the Trump dossier is legitimate

Trump's cybersecurity mystery: 90 days in, where's the plan?

Trump’s approval rating still underwater, polls show

‘I am all in’: Lindsey Graham boards Trump train after lengthy feud

Trump pushes 'Buy American, Hire American' policy in Wisconsin

Trump signs ‘Buy American, Hire American’ executive order, promising to fight for American workers

White House confirms Trump congratulated Erdogan on referendum win

What's So Bad About Trump Calling Erdogan?

Trump casually smears 30 percent of Americans while live-tweeting Fox & Friends

Trump’s Unreleased Taxes Threaten Yet Another Campaign Promise

Trump finds himself on the defensive on a pair of government transparency issues

The Daily 202: What does Trump have to hide? Secretive White House unapologetic about clawing back transparency

Trump’s old tweets are becoming a minefield of hypocrisy

Trump Does Have a Foreign Policy Doctrine

Trump's new rules could swamp already backlogged immigration courts

What to watch: White House faces key decision points 

Health insurers asked the Trump administration for reassurance on Obamacare. They didn’t get it.

The Trump family's long history with immigration

Breitbart and Trump relationship: it's complicated 

GOP Sen. Ernst says Trump should spend less time at Mar-a-Lago

Trump is heading for a do-nothing presidency

Lawsuit against Trump over foreign payments expands

President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address 4/14/17

The number of Americans who think Trump keeps his promises is plummeting

Gallup Poll: Majority Say Trump No Longer Keeps His Promises

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

After a series of flip-flops, Trump prepares to deliver on a key campaign pledge

Bold promises, fewer results: Trump's executive orders don't always live up to his claims

With Trump Appointees, a Raft of Potential Conflicts and ‘No Transparency’ 
Trump isn't much for selling the public on trade-offs. Too bad for him, rewriting the tax code depends on it

Changing China: A Trump-led trade war? It could hurt Utah and rapidly growing Beijing 

Immigration arrests rise in first months of Trump administration

Trump to overhaul visa program for high-skilled workers

No one is happy with Trump's picks to lead the much-vilified Ex-Im Bank

Trump chimes in on Georgia congressional election as cash flows to help — or stop — a 30-year-old Democrat

Trump Administration on Board with Solar-Powered Renewable Hydrogen

Changing Trump views toward RussiaChina worry some allies

President Trump says North Korea has 'gotta behave'

EPA emerges as major target after Trump solicits policy advice from industry

Trump asks why people are still talking about his taxes a day after protesters asked for his returns

Trump nominated another person to lead an agency they once worked to eliminate

Trump campaign raking in money for 2020, disclosures show

Seven regulations targeted by Trump

Trump's military actions show departure from 'America first' talk

Trump defends about-face on labeling China a currency manipulator

With Trump pick aboard, top U.S. court tackles religious rights

  Trump lashes out after Tax March protest: ‘The election is over!

Poll: President Trump's approval rating at 40%’

Tracking how many key positions Trump has filled so far

In Putin’s Moscow, a Pliant Press That Trump So Craves

Dan Rather to Trump: Dropping bombs does not make you presidential

This is how Trump distracts you

THE MEMO: Has Trump gone Washington?

Donald Trump’s Companies Benefit From Campaign Funds 

Is Trump Actually in Charge? Or Is It Worse Than We Feared 

Trump is creating a void on climate change. Can California persuade other states to help fill it?

White House’s secrecy about visitor logs will obscure Trump’s conflicts of interest

Donald Trump demands to ride in Queen's gold-plated carriage during UK state visit

Trump and North Korea: Climbing the escalation ladder

Trump's policy changes test pro-Trump media

In a week of reversals, Trump called reporters ‘very honorable people’

Trump’s Policy Reversals, in His Own Words

Why Trump the trade critic now offers an outstretched hand

President Trump has backed off many of his provocative foreign policy promises

 8 things that have clearly surprised Trump about being president

Everything President Trump has tweeted (and what it was about) 

Trump administration won't release White House visitor logs

Trump White House to keep visitor logs private

Trump’s pledge to allow churches to support candidates may be part of tax bill

Trump wants to give the rich a big tax cut. Here’s what his supporters want.

President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with Secretary General Stoltenberg

Trump signs resolution allowing states to block family planning funds 

Trump privately signs anti-Planned Parenthood law

Trump can start cutting the federal workforce right now

Trump’s nationalist base set on edge as Bannon seemingly sidelined

THE MEMO: Trump insiders push back on talk of Bannon's demise

Bannon's departure would rip the mask off the 'blue-collar Trump'

Conservative activists want action from Trump

Trump boasts of hiring only the best, but picks haunt him

Trump’s Army pick faces tough confirmation fight 

Donald Jr. admits there is no barrier between President Trump and his businesses

Trump Reversals Hint at Wall Street Wing’s Sway in White House

President Trump, king of flip-flops (continued)

Trump faces risky ObamaCare choice

President Trump changes stance on 4 campaign positions in just 1 day

Trump's Wall Street faction is starting to win him over

China is suddenly leaning on North Korea — and it might be thanks to Trump

Within Trump’s inner circle, a moderate voice captures the president’s ear

Trump says China has turned back N. Korean coal ships, lauds it as 'big step'

Trump appears dazzled by being able to bomb Syria over dessert

For Trump, alleged use of sarin in Syria prompted a different reaction than other chemical weapons

Trump's stunning u-turns on NATO, China, Russia and Syria

Trump reinforces turnaround on Syria and Russia

Trump says he will not label China currency manipulator, reversing campaign promise

Trump Threatens to Withhold Payments to Insurers to Press Democrats on Health Bill

President Trump Reverses on Candidate Trump’s Economic Views

Trump changes course again, says health-care repeal must happen before tax overhaul

Trump administration moving quickly to build up nationwide deportation force

15 Sanctuary Cities Trump Could Punish the Most

President Donald Trump's tax returns will be audited again this year

The Trump Administration Is Heading for a 100 Day Train Wreck

CNBC survey: Trump's agenda is popular, until he acts on it

Trump just threw Steve Bannon under the bus and backed it up over him

Inside Bannon’s struggle: From ‘shadow president’ to Trump’s marked man

Trump: Rupert Murdoch treats me better than Roger Ailes did

Two key tasks lie ahead after Trump-Xi meeting

Trump is letting China and Mexico off the hook

Trump on North Korea: “After listening for 10 minutes, I realized it’s not so easy”

Trump promised an ‘unpredictable’ foreign policy. To allies, it looks incoherent

Ahead of major decision, Trump is struggling to deliver on his trade promises

Fitch changes its mind: Trump isn't a threat to the world economy after all 

The Memo: Syrian strike changes little for polarizing Trump

On Trump’s Syria Strategy, One Voice Is Missing: Trump’s

Trump Faces Showdown With G-7 Over Climate Stance Next Month

CNN: Trump's Year 1 Travel Cost May Equal Obama's Full 8 Years

Trump is crippling his own administration

Trump admin suspends controversial sanctuary city reports

Trump says he created 600,000 jobs. Not true

Trump won’t definitively say he still backs Bannon

Trump taps lawyer involved with Trump U case for federal job

Trump's proposal to eliminate the Social Security payroll tax may be his worst idea yet

President Trump: 'We are not going into Syria'

Trump-taxes: President scraps tax plan, timetable threatened

Trump administration's August deadline for tax reform gone?

Will Trump’s $600M Fighter Plane Sale to Nigeria Mean More Civilian Deaths?

Trump seeks momentum after Syria strike, Supreme Court win

Will the Syria chemical attack change Trump's mind about refugees too?

Trump officials tell Russia to drop its support for Syria’s Assad

Trump's economy team is missing two big pieces 

The Trump Doctrine sounds suspiciously like the Bush Doctrine

The Trump Doctrine Was Written By CNN

Trump finds his niche: fixing problems that no longer exist

Trump considers trade order that could lead to duties: official 

In a consequential week, Trump leans on the Washington establishment he vowed to disrupt

4 key truths about President Trump

Trump sued for not releasing White House visitor logs

Fewer Americans think Trump is ‘too friendly’ with Russia after strike on Syria

Sorry, Trump. Rubio says ‘Mexico’s not going to pay for the wall’ 

The Trumps Are Wearing Down the Secret Service

Trump-Xi meeting concluded without gaffe, but criticism soon followed

Trump Knocks the Air Out of Republicans

Why Trump keeps doing the opposite of what he said he’d do

Donald Trump reportedly planning a shift to the center as he tries to reset his presidency

Trump and taxes: Back to drawing board, seeks GOP consensus

Key players in Trump's Syria policy

Trump to Congress: Syria strike was in 'vital national security interest' of US

Five questions for Trump on Syria

Ex-NATO commander: Trump-Russia relationship 'going downhill'

Trump's national-security apparatus has a personnel problem

President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address 4/7/17

Trump confronts the contradictions of his foreign policy rhetoric

Many Trump voters welcome U.S. air strikes as show of strength

WH: 'Positive and productive' talks between Trump and Chinese president

Trump presented with assassination as solution to North Korea nuke threats

Trump Fires Warning Shot in Battle Between Bannon and Kushner

Trump, O’Reilly have long friendship

Trump nominates new head of immigration agency

Does Trump Know What to Do After Striking Syria?

Donald Trump is now charting his own path as commander in chief

Tweets show Trump was against bombing Syria before he was for it

Trump’s missile attack on Syria might be satisfying. But it’s not legal.

Trump, Jolted by Images, Forged Decision to Launch Airstrikes in Syria

Trump Badly Wants Pundits’ Approval. TV Loves His Syria Strike. So What Comes Next? 

What did Trump’s strike on Syria really accomplish?

Rubio says President Trump 'has an obligation to act' in Syria

Trump’s Missile Strikes Show He Needs a Broader Strategy in Syria

Syria beckons beyond Trump’s red line

Trump’s media critics praise Syria strikes

With Neil Gorsuch, Trump just got his first major victory. It could be his last for a while.

THE MEMO: Trump's rhetoric meets reality with Xi visit 

California Fights Back 

President Trump Participates in the Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride

White House frustrated by palace intrigue

Report: Trump mulling over major staff shakeup

Trump launches military strike against Syria

Trump kicks off Florida meetings with Chinese president

Trump, Xi land in Mar-a-Lago separately ahead of summit

Trump and Xi’s First Meeting: How Long Will the Cordiality Last?

Trump administration attacks rule protecting retirees from getting ripped off

Trump wants to slash funds for the outside experts who make sure EPA gets the science right

Trump’s EPA moves to dismantle programs that protect kids from lead paint

Trump considers borrowing ‘much more’ than $300 billion to fund U.S. construction projects

Report: President Trump finds back channel to Justice Kennedy through his own children 

Conspiracy Theorist in Chief

Trump feud with Obama intensifies

Analysis: For Trump, the weight of world's problems sink in

Lawmakers to Trump: Time to act on Syria

Trump: 'I now have responsibility' when it comes to Syria

The Memo: Trump shifts on Syria, with few specifics 

In Trump’s world, is it okay to use chemical weapons? Now we will find out.

Trump condemns chemical attack as his U.N. ambassador assails Russia’s role

Offering no evidence, Trump suggests Susan Rice unmasking requests may be criminal 

Trump, Citing No Evidence, Suggests Susan Rice Committed Crime

Trump lacks leverage with Freedom Caucus

Trump is tweeting threats at the Freedom Caucus. Good luck with that.

Trump kills second of two Obama-era worker-safety rules

The Art of Now: Trump Needs to Make a Deal on Infrastructure Immediately

Trump’s War on Journalism 

WATCH LIVE: Trump speaks at joint press conference with Jordan’s King Abdullah

Trump’s shell game on Russia makes everything look suspicious

Trump's economic strategy sounds more like an infomercial than a real plan

Frustration is soaring at Palm Beach County airport as Trump hogs everybody's airspace

Trump doesn't care about governing. But he sure loves feuding.

The Fed isn't sure if Trump can deliver on his economic promises

Trump administration says no longer considering separating women, children at border

Trump, Sissi said to plan peace summit during their meeting

Not natural friends': Trump, Xi will be 'odd couple' at first summit


Trump’s Bad Deal With China

McCain slams Trump’s Syria policy as a ‘disgraceful chapter in American history’

Trump hits Obama after Syrian gas attack

Syrian chemical attacks pose a tough test for Trump

Trump vs. Obama on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Trump claims credit for Ford investment plans that predated his election

Trump’s Authoritarian Vision

White House disavows two controversial tax ideas hours after officials say they’re under consideration

White House says value-added, carbon taxes are not under consideration currently

Most Say Tensions Between Trump Administration and News Media Hinder Access to Political News

For Trump to force China's hand against North Korea, he may need to convince them he's a madman

THE MEMO: Trump set to notch needed win with Gorsuch

Trump donating first-quarter salary to National Park Service

Trump's Secretary of Everything: Jared Kushner

TrumpEgypt's leader bond over terror fight

Trump budget puts legal assistance on the chopping block for low-income Granite Staters

China wants a piece of the US infrastructure boom. Trump won't let it come easy

Trump’s actions will increase emissions. Is that really what we want?

Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel

‘I don’t regret anything’: President Trump is completely un-humbled

President Trump just signed off on killing your Internet privacy protections

Trump's TV Obsession Is a First

Trump is making a huge mistake by giving VIP treatment to China

Trump hits the links with Rand Paul, talks health care, W.H. says

Trump attacks Chuck Todd, promotes Fox News 

Trump’s budget would hit rural towns especially hard — but they’re willing to trust him

Trump tells NBC to stop covering Russia story

Trump remains the center of attention, but he’s increasingly isolated politically

Trump to welcome Egypt’s dictator

Trump pressures China on North Korea before Xi talks

President Trump's  Weekly Address 3/31/17

Trump Signs Two New Executive Orders On Trade

Trump signs executive orders ramping up trade enforcement

Trump’s White House struggles to get out from under Russia controversy

Donald Trump Racks Up Few Wins So Far 

Trump takes risk with Freedom Caucus attack

Trump’s backers want their lawmakers to support his agenda

Trump's response on Russia issue called the 'most suspicious' part of his presidency

5 Trump scandals the head of the House Oversight Committee thinks are no big deal

The coal miners Trump claims to support are about to lose health care, and Congress is MIA 

Trump struggles against some of the forces that helped get him elected

Trump on the warpath against Freedom Caucus

Trump may force thousands of legal immigrants to stop working or head home

Trump learning the hard way the US presidency is weak

Trump tax proposal would mostly benefit New York's wealthy: report

The Trump White House is in deep legal trouble, according to Trump’s own standards

Editorial: Trump’s thoughtless budget

Judge approves $25M settlement of Trump University lawsuit

Trump signs executive orders to crack down on ‘cheaters’ in trade practices

Trump signs off on the Pentagon carrying out offensive strikes in Somalia

Trump admin. hits North Koreans with sanctions over WMD program

Trump administration stops disclosing troop deployments in Iraq and Syria

Trump Says CNN Is Fake News — But That’s Where He Wants Surrogates

Hannity breaks with Trump on health care debacle

Poll: One-in-Three American voters give Trump an 'F' rating

Trump to launch review of trade policy as he levels new threats at China

Trump wants to cut programs that help buildings save energy. This new study says they work.

Trump's climate change executive order won't change coal's fortunes, Shell chair says

Trump signals total GOP surrender on health policy 

Trump appeals Hawaii judge’s new ruling blocking travel ban

Trump budget threatens after-school programs for more than 10,000 N.H. students

Trump has the power to revoke Bears Ears monument declaration, report says

Trump’s agenda is now squarely in Mitch McConnell’s, and the Senate’s, hands

Trump, Freedom Caucus turn on each other

Trump: ‘We must fight’ hard-line conservative Freedom Caucus in 2018 midterm elections

Trump administration hopes to trigger NAFTA renegotiation process before Congress' April recess, Ross says

Trump’s Rapid Rapprochement Plans With Russia Fade

How does Trump intend to square the Israeli-Palestinian circle?

Trump threatens hard-liners as part of escalating Republican civil war

NEW VIDEO: Justin Amash compares Trump tweet to that of a 5TH GRADE BULLY

Trump calls for changes to libel laws in attack on New York Times

As Trump's popularity ticks down, a look at his core supporters

Americans Blame Trump For AHCA Failure: Poll

Federal judge in Hawaii extends court order blocking Trump travel ban

Trump's approval rating sinks to record low for second time in one week

Trump promised to bring back coal jobs. That promise ‘will not be kept,’ experts say.

‘There’s not a hope alive for us’: A factory Trump targeted begins its move to Mexico

This is why Trump’s ‘Art of the Deal’ doesn’t work in politics

Trump can’t keep up with all his promises — and neither can the US budget 

Trump wants to add wall spending to stopgap budget bill, potentially forcing shutdown showdown

Trump and House tax plans have one thing in common: They likely hit nonprofits hard

5 Reasons Trump’s Promised Tax Overhaul Won’t Be So Easy

Trump says coming up with a bipartisan health-care bill will be ‘so easy.’ It won’t be.

THE MEMO: Frustrated Trump looks to turn it around

Trump political groups split over Mercer money

Trump orders government to dismantle Obama’s climate change policies 

Trump climate move risks unraveling Paris commitments

This Component of Trump’s Climate Order Could Do the Most Damage

Trump’s executive order puts the world on the road to climate catastrophe

Trump's unraveling of climate change policies could have big consequences in N.J.

By the numbers, Trump’s big environmental regulation rollback is all kinds of unpopular

President Trump’s company pursues second Washington hotel

Trump signs order to roll back Obama’s climate moves

Trump’s Executive Order Pushes the U.S. Climate Pledge Further Out of Reach

What Trump's climate change order accomplishes -- and what it doesn't

The Giant Trump Climate Order Is Here

Trump's climate policies put China in charge of our future

Trump signs measure making it easier for federal contractors to abuse workers 

Trump's Travel Ban Gets Support From 13 States

Trump’s first 100 days: A big failure, and a new low in the polls

Trump is looking more and more like a man without a plan

The scary statistic that shows why Trump needs to fix Social Security now 

Trump now says he wants to work with Democrats — but it may already be too late

Trump administration sought to block Sally Yates from testifying to Congress on Russia

Trump's business network reached alleged Russian mobsters 


White House plan to help pay for border wall is a long shot

Opinion: Trump’s intriguing idea: Cut debt by selling off federal assets

The big problem with a China meeting? Trump has no China policy.

In healthcare defeat, President Trump learns a costly lesson that could imperil his agenda

Trump’s Choice on Obamacare: Sabotage or Co-opt?

President Trump's  Weekly Address 3/25/17

Trump's approval rating dips to new low after Obamacare repeal failure, poll says

The Trump stock market rally is under siege

Trump appears to make bizarre, backhanded call for Paul Ryan to step down

Divisions threaten Trump’s hope of winning his next big legislative battle: Taxes

Trump to sign order on Tuesday easing energy regulations: officials

Trump moves decisively to wipe out Obama’s climate-change record

President Trump Participates in a Meeting with Medal of Honor Recipients

Speculation grows over Trump FCC pick

Why President Trump has been very good for liberals

Post’s Fahrenthold wins Toner prize for reporting on Trump’s charity


Trump tweets Russia probe 'hoax,' rails against Clintons

U.S. government watchdog to review Mar-a-Lago trips, Trump hotel profits

Is Trump Still Tweeting From His Unsecured Android Phone?

Donald Trump is giving a lot of mixed messages about whom to blame on health care

For Trump, no closing this deal

Fox News host promoted by Trump calls on Paul Ryan to step down

Trump Becomes Ensnared in Fiery G.O.P. Civil War

Netanyahu's honeymoon with Trump ends abruptly

Angry over U.S. healthcare fail, Trump voters spare him blame

Trump taps Kushner to lead a SWAT team to fix government with business ideas

Trump rallies: Campaign-funded, for a reason 

Trump visits Trump-branded property for 8th consecutive weekend

Violence erupts at pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach

Trump faces backlash over comment: 'I never said' repeal Obamacare within '64 days'

Failure of health care bill is a huge setback for Trump

‘The closer’? The inside story of how Trump tried — and failed — to make a deal on health care

Seeds of Health-Bill Defeat Were Sown Months Ago

Trump, GOP fumble chance to govern

The Memo: Winners and losers from the battle over health care

ObamaCare defeat caps difficult week for Trump

Report: Trump 'upset' with Kushner over vacation prior to health care bill vote

Trump learns that dealmaking is not the same as leadership

Trump’s path forward only gets tougher after health-care fiasco

Trump son-in-law's ties to Israel raise questions of bias

Trump and Mnuchin Say Focus Will Turn to Tax Reform

Where Trump can do to undermine Obamacare, now the GOP health bill has failed

Eric Trump says he'll share Trump Organization financial reports with his father

Trump’s conflict-of-interest troubles come roaring back

‘Hello, Bob’: President Trump called my cellphone to say that the health-care bill was dead

New York Times and Washington Post reporters reveal Trump's reaction in first calls after health care bill pulled

House GOP gives up on healthcare bill as Trump suffers first legislative defeat

Donald Trump played a game of chicken with House Republicans. Then he blinked. Bigly.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump overlooks his Obamacare promise

Five takeaways from Trump’s health care crash and burn

GOP health care bill pulled at Trump’s request; Obamacare repeal fizzles

Some Trump-friendly media striking out at him after health care failure

Media basher Trump calls media to defend health care failure

As health care fight dominates media, Trump team floats distractions

It's Never Trump's Fault

Trump approves Keystone pipeline

Trump greenlights Keystone XL pipeline, but obstacles loom

Virginia court gives Trump his first win on updated travel ban

Trump breaks these 3 rules about how U.S. presidents relate to the military

Trump Administration Orders Tougher Screening of Visa Applicants

Fact checking Trump's latest White House jobs announcement

Trump team ultimatum: No more talks, time to vote

Trump delivers ultimatum to House Republicans: Pass health-care measure on Friday or he’ll move on

Trump Demands GOP Health Bill Vote As Negotiations End

The Daily 202: Fresh evidence Trump’s Russia headaches are not going away

President Trump’s cascade of false claims in Time’s interview on his falsehoods

The Trump budget’s bizarre move to cut the weatherization of homes

The Trump administration wants to kill the popular Energy Star program because it combats climate change

Read President Trump's Interview With TIME on Truth and Falsehoods

Fact Check: Trump Misleads About The Times’s Reporting on Surveillance

Report suggests FBI has travel, business, and phone records that could tie Trump's campaign to Russia

Will final health care deal match Trump's campaign pitch?

A President’s Credibility

Trump Slams Own SCOTUS Nominee: 'I'll Criticize Judges'

THE MEMO: Trump faces dangerous week

Trump administration moves to expedite travel ban appeal

Trump to attend NATO meeting in May, White House says

Trump’s budget fattens ‘Republican’ programs (and starves ‘Democratic’ ones)

Trump’s Science Budget Slash Will Impact Business, Too


Trump’s America First Budget Puts Africa Last

If Trump restricts skilled immigrants, the U.S. could lose jobs to other countries

Donald Trump and the rise of tribal epistemology

Trump faces off against Washington Republicans used to saying no

The Wall Street Journal and Trump: a history of hostility

Trump warns GOP on health care: 'We won't have these crowds if we don't get this done'

'A Loss Is Not Acceptable, Folks'

President Trump to Republicans: Vote for Obamacare repeal or lose your seat 

Despite repeated Trump overtures, Sen. Mike Lee remains a no on health care bill

Trump storms Capitol with healthcare plan on the line

Trump, GOP struggle to find healthcare votes

Trump to GOP critics of health care bill: ‘I’m gonna come after you’

The New York Attorney General is gearing up to take on Trump. Here’s how he can win.

Supreme Court limits president’s appointment powers

Trump, Iraqi prime minister confer on strategy to defeat ISIS

President Trump Leads a Bilateral Meeting with Prime Minister al-Abadi

Trump administration cites California law enforcement for failing to cooperate in deportation crackdown

For the first time since the election, Trump optimism is showing signs of cracking

Why Letting Go, for Trump, Is No Small or Simple Task

Trump's Jawboning Won't Deliver Enough Jobs

President Donald J. Trump 3/18/17: Weekly Address

WATCH LIVE: Trump holds rally in LouisvilleKy.

Trump’s approval rating among US Jews is 31%, poll finds

President Donald Trump gives exclusive one-on-one interview to WDRB News

Opinion: Trump’s decisions to expedite the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines could actually slow them down

‘He’s baaaack!’: Trump’s visits to Mar-a-Lago are stretching Palm Beach’s budget and locals’ patience

Trump cuts would hurt Iowans who supported him, critics say

Trump approval rating sinks to new low

Inside Trump’s White House, New York moderates spark infighting and suspicion

The battle to define an ‘America First’ foreign policy divides the Trump White House

Trump brings the boardroom to Washington

Trump may move GOP health care bill to the right, dooming it in the Senate

SPECIAL REPORT: Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings, records show

Trump continues to take salary despite promise, says he’ll donate money later

Donald Trump: A Fox News president

Trump wants the forgotten men and women to stay forgotten

Trump’s ‘draconian’ budget devastates rural communities already hanging by a thread

Trump’s cuts would do nothing to balance the budget

Trump wants to cut arts funding — this is who would lose in New Jersey

Trump to spend 7th consecutive weekend at Trump-branded property, at enormous cost to taxpayers 

What's next for Trump's travel ban?

President Trump fires off new tweet aimed at Germany

President Trump's approval rating drops in Fox News poll

New rifts emerge as Trump administration rejects free trade statement at G-20 meeting

Trump Slams 'Fake News' Coverage After 'Great' Meeting With Merkel

Trump wants to build 30-foot-high wall at Mexican border

Trump Offers No Apology for Claim on British Spying

How Trump Tried to Close the Deal on Health Care

Trump admits his health care plan would benefit rich investors, screw over people who voted for him

White House defends proposed cuts to programs for elderly, minorities and poor 

President Trump won big in these places. Now he wants to eliminate 3 agencies dedicated to helping them.

Trump’s budget cuts hit his base — rural voters

What Trump's Proposed Budget Cuts Would Really Mean for Meals on Wheels

Here's how President Trump's proposed budget hikes and spending cuts might affect Utah

Trump budget plan has major ramifications in N.J.

Five takeaways from Trump's budget request

This West Virginia newspaper front page should scare Republicans

Trump agrees to change Obamacare repeal legislation to win conservatives

Trump: 'ObamaCare is dead'

Outlining budget, Trump puts aid to Israel first while slashing elsewhere

Trump administration files notice it will appeal ruling against second version of travel ban

Trump nominates Boeing executive for Pentagon’s second-in-command

Trump’s delay of this retirement-advice rule is a huge mistake

Why Trumponomics may complicate U.S. foreign policy

Trump’s meeting with ‘catastrophic leader’ Angela Merkel was as awkward as you’d expect

Trump expresses 'strong support' for NATO, presses Merkel on paying dues

Trump warns Germany that trade terms may be changing

Trump meets Irish PM at White House ahead of St. Patrick's Day

Donald Trump's favorite stop for TV interviews: Fox News

President Trump's first budget proposal (PDF FILE)

Trump rolls out a 'hard-power' spending plan — and now the budget battle begins


What Trump cut in his budget

Here's what Trump's budget proposes to cut

The 19 agencies that Trump’s budget would kill, explained

Firing federal workers isn’t as easy as Trump makes it seem in his budget

Trump may have just dealt a blow to his own executive order

Trump makes $1.5B request for border wall

Who Undercut President Trump’s Travel Ban? Candidate Trump

Second federal judge blocks parts of Trump’s revised travel ban

With Trump's new travel ban blocked and his health bill flailing, his agenda is in tatters

Trump federal budget 2018: Massive cuts to the arts, science and the poor

Trump’s budget will probably slash public media, but the biggest losers won’t be PBS and NPR

Trump’s budget will probably slash public media, but the biggest losers won’t be PBS and NPR

President Trump helped write embattled Obamacare replacement bill, Speaker Ryan says as he defends plan

Trump slams court blocking 'watered-down' travel ban 

Trump to shelve fuel mileage rules, inviting a fight with California

Donald Trump to ease Obama-era rule on auto fuel economy standards

Poll: 55% of voters disapprove of Trump's handling of health care

Trump to draw battle lines with his budget

Trump to drop climate change from environmental reviews 

Trump Will Continue Obama’s Biggest Environmental Mistake: More Drilling

Trump administration wants more time to give Intel committee wiretapping proof 

Trump Broadens CIA Powers, Allows Deadly Drone Strikes 

PM to Trump envoy: Peace progress with all neighbors possible under new president 

Trump paid $38m in taxes in 2005, White House says 

Trump official slams CBO score: It's 'just not believable'

Trump said no Americans would lose coverage under Obamacare repeal. Paul Ryan won’t make that promise.

Trump budget opens new fight among Republicans

Trump budget expected to seek historic contraction of federal workforce

Trump reportedly asks State Department for 50 percent cut to UN funding

Nearly 60 congressmen have called Trump's $1 billion cut to the Coast Guard 'cause for serious alarm'

Trump planning to host Chinese president at Mar-a-Lago

Foreign leaders try to find their footing with a mercurial yet crucial ally: Trump

Despite tensions, Mexico engages with Trump administration 

Trump's plan to rapidly expand Border Patrol comes with big risks

As Trump envoy set to visit, Liberman pushes population transfer plan

Trump’s Climate Agenda: Do Less, With Less

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Set to Interview President Trump

Trump budget opens new fight among Republicans

This Level of Corruption Is Unprecedented in the Modern History of the Presidency

THE MEMO: For Trump, an early test of leadership 

Ever unpredictable, Trump throws Mahmoud Abbas a lifeline

House Freedom Caucus chairman: We will work with Trump on healthcare plan

President Donald J. Trump Delivers the Weekly Address

After Warily Circling, Trump and Angela Merkel Prepare to Meet 

It’s too soon to give Donald Trump credit for job-market gains, economists say 

Trump keeps press at arm's length after wiretapping furor

Trump admin weighing cuts to Coast Guard, TSA to fund border wall

Trump weighs cuts to Coast Guard, TSA, and FEMA to bolster border plan

Coast Guard will be 'devastated' by cost-cutting to pay for Donald Trump's Mexico wall

Trump Organization under further FBI investigation for link to Russian bank

FBI Investigation of Russian Bank's Link With Trump Organization's Server Ongoing: Report

Trump and Abbas to speak by phone for first time Friday

Trump to select Scott Gottlieb, a physician with deep drug-industry ties, to run the FDA

Trump promises $1 trillion for infrastructure, but the estimated need is $4.5 trillion

Trump keeps claiming he’s created U.S. jobs since Election Day. Not so.

Donald Trump’s promises are taking a beating in the GOP’s Obamacare replacement

President Trump to Name Three Nominees for FERC

House Oversight Committee raises concerns about record keeping of Trump's tweets

Experts in authoritarianism say Trump’s agenda has settled. And it’s scary. 

A reporter asked President Trump repeatedly for evidence of wiretapping. He didn’t answer.

The price of protecting the First Family is costing taxpayers millions

On nearly every issue, more Americans oppose Trump’s agenda than support it

Even Trump's Staunchest Defenders Won't Back His Wiretap Claim

Four states suing to block Trump's new travel ban 

Washington state wants restraining order applied to Trump's new travel ban

White House cancels open press events by Trump

Media the enemy? Trump sure is an insatiable consumer 

Trump uses bad trade statistics. But there’s a bigger problem.

Trump's Big Health-Care Gamble

Trump administration considers $6 billion cut to HUD budget

Trump warns of 'bloodbath' for GOP if Obamacare survives

Trump will 'look at' Social Security, Medicare cuts: White House budget director

Trump's first big sale: Rallying Republicans on health care

Donald Trump promised to make the ‘best’ deals. It’s time to prove it on healthcare.

Trump courts former foe Ted Cruz

Why Trump’s $1 trillion promise to deliver infrastructure jobs may not happen this year

The Huge January Trade Deficit Shows Trump’s Hard Job Ahead

Trump personally met with Russian ambassador during campaign

THE MEMO: Presidential code smashed under Trump

Why Hawaii says Trump’s new travel ban is still unconstitutional

Things for which we’re waiting to see Trump’s ‘convincing evidence’

Entire US Senate demands Trump take action on threats to Jewish centers

Watchdog presses U.S. lawmakers to probe Icahn's role with Trump

Cummings, Trump find common ground on need for drug pricing reforms

'They ought to be careful': Trump raises eyebrows with heavy promotion of Exxon announcement

China’s anger over U.S. antimissile system poses challenge to Trump

Trump set to roll back federal fuel-economy requirements 

Trump Stands to Gain Financially from EPA Clean Water Rollbacks

How Trump’s Proposed Climate Science Budget Cuts Will Impact You

Trump: ‘Proud to support’ GOP replacement ObamaCare plan 

The full text of the Trump administration’s new travel ban executive order

Five takeaways from Trump’s new travel ban

Trump begins healthcare push: 'Let's get it done'

Can the Freedom Caucus bully Donald Trump?

Planned Parenthood rejects Trump's deal

Will Trump’s unilateral trade approach work? History says no.

Trump hotel in Baku tied to ‘corrupt’ oligarchs, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards — report 

Trump calls Netanyahu to discuss Iranian ‘aggression’

Trump just signed a new travel ban. Here's what changed

Trump’s travel ban’s revised — but lawmakers still want to stop NJ airports from helping with it

Revised executive order bans travelers from six Muslim-majority countries from getting new visas

Donald Trump's Revised Travel Ban Looks A Lot Like The Old One

4 claims the Trump White House made about its travel ban that now look silly

Trump University lawsuits may not be closed after all

Here's who gets punished in Trump's child care plan

Trump is making it harder for Republicans in Congress to accomplish what they want

Trump Tells Planned Parenthood Its Funding Can Stay if Abortion Goes

Inside Trump’s fury: The president rages at leaks, setbacks and accusations

Trump angry and frustrated at staff over Sessions fallout

Tump Calls for Probe Into Wiretap Report He Read on Breitbart

Trump ratchets up Obama attack with wiretapping allegation

Trump’s ‘evidence’ for Obama wiretap claims relies on sketchy, anonymously sourced reports

Trump wary of Russian deal; new advisers urge tougher stand

Trump's immigration orders sow confusion in New Jersey

Trump reportedly went 'ballistic' over Sessions recusal amid Russia firestorm

Keystone pipeline won’t use US steel despite Trump pledge 

Trump, citing no evidence, accuses Obama of ‘Nixon/Watergate’ plot to wiretap Trump Tower

Trump says Obama ordered wiretap, but offers no evidence

The president accused Obama of ‘McCarthyism.’ But Trump’s mentor helped enforce it.

Report: 'Bots' may have inflated Trump's Congressional address tweets

Trump’s proposed defense splurge flunks basic math

Pressure mounts on GOP leaders to back special counsel

GOP takes heat for ObamaCare secrecy

Trump points to job creation as new reason for military buildup

Mixed messages from Trump on immigration

Donald Trump is already breaking a huge promise on the Keystone pipeline

White House proposes steep budget cut to leading climate science agency

Trump’s claim that Waters of the United States rule cost ‘hundreds of thousands’ of jobs

Exclusive: Trump administration considering separating women, children at Mexico border

Trump gives jolt of energy to GOP

Water rule rollback gives growers what they wanted from Trump

Immigration activists open to negotiating with Trump

Trump’s Legislative Agenda Faces Headwinds 

Trump, aboard Navy carrier, vows to boost defense spending

Trump: Sessions 'did not say anything wrong'

Trump has 'total' confidence in Sessions

Why the Trump Agenda Is Moving Slowly: The Republicans’ Wonk Gap

Trump lays out ambitious plans for healthcare and immigration in a disciplined speech to Congress

Trump wants to expand health savings accounts. Here's how they work

White House eyes plan to cut EPA staff by one-fifth, eliminating key programs

Trump’s plan to slash foreign aid comes as famine threat is surging

Trump seeks to parlay post-speech boost into action on contentious agenda

‘Radical Islamic terrorism’: Three words that separate Trump from most of Washington

Princeton’s Megan Crowley, honored by Trump, is an extraordinary young woman

A Trump moratorium on international treaties could roll back human rights — here at home

Trump’s cuts to foreign aid face resistance in Congress

Presidential Trump says 'join forces' for new greatness

In first congressional address, Trump pitches ambitious agenda

Trump speech signals shift: 'Time for small thinking is behind us'

Trump outlines expansive agenda in first speech to Congress

Trump gives his hard-line campaign promises a more moderate tone in address to Congress

Trump touts spending plan, but promise to leave entitlements alone puts GOP in a quandary

Trump throws curveball at Republicans with call for immigration deal

Trump’s Budget Is Aspirational. Reality in Congress Will Change It.

Trump envisions bill allowing many immigrants to stay in US

Trump is open to legal status for some undocumented immigrants in sharp departure from campaign stance

Trump’s unconventional new guru for messaging

'This was a mission that was started before I got here': Trump suggests Obama to blame for raid that lost Navy SEAL

Trump's sprawling agenda faces peril on both sides of the aisle

A $100 billion global arms race Trump wants to win

Trump pitches 37 percent cut to State Department budget

Trump: 'Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated' 

Sources: Trump signed off on checking White House staffers' phones

Trump budget boosts defense by $54 billion, cuts from domestic spending

This week: Trump makes first address to Congress

Among otherwise mediocre poll results, a big gift to President Trump

Here’s a poll number that will make Donald Trump smile

Trump says that classified leaks are devastating America. Here’s the real issue with secrets and leaks.

Trump: New Regulatory Task Forces Can Save Our Economy

With Trump at helm, US takes seat at UN rights council

Trump, McAuliffe toast each other at governors' dinner

Trump pledges to spend 'big' on infrastructure

THE MEMO: Trump takes the fight to Congress
Trump’s choice to be Navy secretary withdraws

Trump Wants Credit for Cutting the National Debt. Economists Say Not So Fast

Five tough questions for Trump on immigration

Trump's job approval at 44 percent in new poll

Trump’s Cabinet has to work as a cleanup crew

Trump administration nixes informal talks with North Korea

Letter-writing former Iran president pens dispatch to Trump 

Trump still has to fill nearly 2,000 vacancies

Trump: I won't attend White House correspondents' dinner

Donald Trump claims to remake GOP as party of ‘the American worker’

Trump's Russia Ties: Poll Shows Americans' Rising Concern

Trump’s Blistering Speech at CPAC Follows Bannon’s Blueprint

Trump is upset the media is not reporting a meaningless statistic about the national debt

Trump’s efforts to obstruct the Russia investigation may have finally gone too far

Trump’s taunts are stirring a level of nationalism Mexico hasn’t seen in years

Trump administration sought to enlist intelligence officials, key lawmakers to counter Russia stories

Trump White House Selectively Bars News Outlets From Press Briefing

White House blocks news organizations from press briefing

Donald Trump’s fake case against the ‘fake news media’

Why it matters that Donald Trump is losing the ‘change’ fight

Donald Trump hasn’t changed. Conservatives have. And CPAC just proved it.

Trump's CPAC speech inspires 'lock her up' chant from 2016 campaign against Hillary Clinton

At CPAC, Trump lashes out at media

Fact Check: Trump Blasts ‘Fake News’ and Repeats Inaccurate Claims at CPAC 

The Trump White House’s press problems just keep getting worse

President Trump Signs Executive Order To Create Regulatory Reform Task Forces | NBC News

Trump calls for building up nuke arsenal to be ‘top of the pack’ 

Trump's 'phenomenal' tax plan may have a hard time paying for itself

THE MEMO: Trump's big immigration gamble

Trump administration puts recreational marijuana in crosshairs

Trump administration rolls back protections for transgender students

February 22, 2017 - Trump Slumps As American Voters Disapprove 55% - 38% QuinnipiacUniversity National Poll Finds; Voters Trust Media, Courts More Than President

White House punts new travel order to next week

White House Issues New Immigration Policy

Trump administration clears the way for far more deportations

Trump's tax plan is coming, but what to expect is an open question 

Donald Trump is losing his war with the media

Trump to roll back Obama’s climate, water rules through executive action

Trump team hopes to finally turn focus to policy

Trump pledges to unite 'divided country' after African-American history museum visit

Trump admin sets stage for mass deportations

Trump steps up deportation push

Trump administration seeks to prevent ‘panic’ over new immigration enforcement policies

Trump to exclude U.S. 'dreamer' migrants from crackdown

Trump Administration Considers Change in Calculating U.S. Trade Deficit

The Trump administration is still a long way off from ditching NAFTA

Trump: Anti-Semitism is 'horrible' and 'has to stop'

Trump energizes the anti-vaccine movement in Texas

Trump expected to rescind protections for trans students

Trump officials weigh fate of birth-control mandate

Trump administration poised to change transgender student bathroom guidelines

New York attorney general bids to become Trump's No. 1 enemy

Trump’s Russia scandal takes an unexpected turn

Longtime friend opens up about Trump

Donald Trump helped reinvent cable TV

Trump announces Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster to be new national security adviser

New Trump travel ban order nearing completion

Five big Trump narratives to watch

Trump’s for-profit enterprise isn’t the ‘Southern White House’

Trump administration drafts plan to raise asylum bar, speed deportations

Trump asked people to ‘look at what’s happening … in Sweden.’ Here’s what’s happening there.

Trump called the news media an ‘enemy of the American People.’ Here’s a history of the term.

Where Trump’s travel ban stands

Trump's Sweden comment raises questions

Sweden has no idea what Trump meant when he said, ‘You look at what’s happening … in Sweden

Trump isn't adjusting well to life in the White House — he's reportedly experiencing 'cabin fever'

Trump is allowing his club members to have input into his policy decisions

Trump, an Outsider Demanding Loyalty, Struggles to Fill Top Posts

Trump Agenda Is Beset by Opposition on Many Fronts 
President Trump hammers news media, revs up base at Florida rally

Trump attempts a reset with a rally, new staff and a renewed fight with the media

President Trump Makes Remarks at Boeing

Consumer protection head in Trump’s crosshairs

Trump’s hardline immigration rhetoric runs into obstacles — including Trump

Trump to interview four candidates for national security job Sunday

Trump looks to energize White House with Florida rally

Trump’s approval rating just hit a new low. But does he even care?

Trump family’s elaborate lifestyle is a ‘logistical nightmare’ — at taxpayer expense

Trump Winery requests permission to import more foreign migrant workers

Trump hires Mike Dubke as White House communications director

Trump's regulatory freeze in full force

Trump Concedes Defeat on Travel Ban—for Now

Trump notes new national security list ‘in play’ after first choice turns down offer

At Boeing, Trump touts American manufacturing, says he's looking at 'big' F-18 fighter order

Full Replay/Transcript: Trump Combative Press Conference With Reporters 2/16/17

Trump tells Jewish magazine's reporter to 'sit down,' blames anti-Semitism on 'the other side'

President Trump rips 'dishonest media,' says administration runs like 'fine-tuned machine'

‘They friends of yours?’: Trump asks black reporter to set up meeting with Black Caucus

Trump says ‘I inherited a mess,’ blasts media and detractors at combative news conference

Trump dismisses aides' alleged contacts with Russia as 'fake news

Trump says he’ll issue a new executive order on immigration by next week

Trump names Alexander Acosta as new pick for labor secretary

Trump’s pick to replace Michael Flynn as national security adviser turns down offer, people familiar with decision say

Trump and Putin are discussing military cooperation in Syria. Mattis says Russia must ‘prove itself first.’

Trump on latest Russia provocations: 'Not good'

Trump Administration Proposes Obamacare Changes To 'Stabilize' Market

Trump rolls back US obligation to two states, but vows to pursue a ‘great peace deal’

Trump considering Arab peace summit in Washington – report

Netanyahu and Trump push reset of US-Israel relationship

Trump calls on Netanyahu to ‘hold back’ on West Bank settlements

Trump allegedly orders dossier on PM’s scandals after remark on his personality

Donald Trump was asked a question about anti-Semitism. His answer was about the electoral college.

Trump now owns Obamacare

Trump knew Flynn misled officials on Russia calls for ‘weeks,’ White House says

Trump: 'Real story' of Flynn resignation is illegal leaks

Trump campaign reportedly had ongoing contact with Russians ahead of election

Donald Trump Just Broadcast a Dangerous Misconception About Autism Rates

Is President Trump Using An Unsecured Phone?

At Mar-a-Lago, Trump tackles crisis diplomacy at close range 

Trump yet to speak to UN nuclear watchdog about Iran deal

President Trump roils sports world

Trump's job approval rating hits a new low

Trump weighs in on on America's trade relationship with Canada: 'We'll be tweaking it'

Few good options in Trump arsenal to counter defiant North Korea

Trump administration invents new story to support claims of massive voter fraud

Trump rebukes Mexico again after meeting with Canada's Trudeau

Report: Trump Won't Tolerate Anti-Israel Agenda in UN

Trump appealing 9th Circuit Court ruling on his immigration ban

Trump defends immigration policies

A hastily called news conference caps a surreal day for Trump in South Florida


Trump seeks to break DC bubble

Report: Trump may be getting frustrated with the challenges of being president

In Third Week, Trump’s Governing Style Runs Into Hurdles

 Trump reaffirms support for Japan after North Korea missile test

In welcoming Abe, Trump affirms US commitment to defending Japan

Palestinians: Trump to brief Abbas after Netanyahu meeting

Trump insists he can bring the cost of $21.6 billion border wall ‘way down’ 

Trump-McCain feud takes new turn

Trump's Florida estate stirs protests, spurs ethics debate

Poll: Country Split On Impeaching Trump 

Trump rips court for ‘disgraceful decision’

Oops: Trump calls court’s decision ‘disgraceful’ — by citing an article that says it was right

Trump administration won’t appeal ruling against immigration order to the Supreme Court, says senior White House official

Trump considers writing ‘brand new’ immigration order

Trump’s Russia strategy collides with foreign policy reality in leaked call with Putin

Trump Administration Poised to Rescind SEC Conflict Minerals Rule

Trump’s election could have a mixed impact on New England’s energy industry

Trump brings big change to climate policies

Donald Trump wants to change U.S. nuclear policy. Most Americans aren’t persuaded.

Trump to Israeli paper: Settlements are ‘not a good thing for peace’

Trump warns Iran president he 'better be careful'

President Donald Trump signs three executive orders targeting drugs, crime

Trump border 'wall' to cost $21.6 billion, take 3.5 years to build: internal report

Trump agrees to follow one-China policy in a call with President Xi Jinping. Earlier, Trump questioned that bedrock policy

Jewish immigration group files lawsuit against Trump refugee ban

As Trump era begins, what does Israel actually want in the West Bank?.

Trump White House besieged by leaks

White House says it's investigating leaks

Trump seeks quick start to trade talks with Japan

Trump questions credibility of senator who disclosed comments by Judge Gorsuch

Trump Blasts McCain: 'Losing So Long He Doesn't Know How to Win'

Will Trump shift on entitlements?

Trump, GOP leaders rally to support Labor nominee Andrew Puzder

 One Facebook Post, Three Misleading Statements by President Trump About His Immigration Order

Trump's attack on Nordstrom blurs the line between the Oval Office and the family business

Trump blasts federal judges over halted travel ban: 'A bad high school student would understand' 

Trump defiant on travel ban, blasts the courts as 'so political'

Trump, judges on collision course

Trump attacks judges weighing travel ban

Trump: I wanted month delay before travel ban, was told no

President Trump 'dangerously wrong' on climate change: Je...

President Trump's Complicated Relationship with the Truth

Trump Admits To ‘Relationship’ With Putin In Resurfaced Video

Trump cozies up to the military

Trump correctly cites rising crime rates in cities

Khamenei tells Trump Iranian response to threats coming soon

Trump falsely claims US murder rate is 'highest' in 47 years

Donald Trump launches Twitter tirade against New York Times after embarrassing White House revelations

President Trump announces his full Cabinet roster

White House ramping up search for communications director after Spicer's rocky start

Trump says Seaside Park bombing was ‘underreported’ — but it wasn’t

Trump says he won't back down on travel order: 'We're going to take it through the system' 

Trump administration giving final green light to Dakota Access pipeline

Trump offers to 'destroy' state senator's career after county sheriff airs complaint 

Trump ready to crack the whip on GOP Congress

Inside the Trump White House: From possible infighting to Trump's typical workday

Trump vowed, ‘I alone can fix it.’ But he discovers power has limits.

President Trump is now speculating that the media is covering up terrorist attacks

Donald Trump is alienating Mexico — and the big winner could be China

Trump: 'If something happens blame' the judge

Trump's top diplomat enters pressure cooker

Trump: Health care replacement could take until 2018

Documents confirm Trump still benefiting from his business

Trust Records Show Trump Is Still Closely Tied to His Empire

Trump is targeting up to 8 million people for deportation

Trump makes right turn on Iran

Trump’s pick for CIA No. 2 prompts Dem fears

Trump lashes out at ‘so-called judge’ who temporarily blocked travel ban

President Trump’s do-it-himself approach just suffered a big — and unusual — early setback

Trump defends Putin, puts down USA when Bill O'Reilly labels Russian 'a killer'

Bank stocks rally on Trump plan to scale back post-crisis regulations

Donald Trump's directive that female staff should ‘dress like women’ causes another social media backlash 

Report: Trump to sign executive orders relative to Dodd-Frank, retirement rule

Trump will get to pick the head of agency that delivers 'phony' jobs report

Trump says not to worry about his phone calls. But they're just the start of how he's shifting foreign affairs

Trump slaps sanctions on Iran over missile test

Trump administration announces 9.2 million ObamaCare sign-ups

Trump delays rule giving savers greater protections

Trump agenda off to slow start in Congress

Trump: I will 'destroy' Johnson amendment

Trump wants to 'destroy' amendment key to separation of church and state

Trump cites warnings against IranTehran shrugs off pressures from ‘inexperienced’ president

Trump: More Israeli settlements may not help achieve peace

Trump’s vaccine views are at odds with those of most Americans, study says

Trump's Ban Said to Threaten GE's Iraq Contracts

Trump hints at cutting federal funds to UC Berkeley after violent protests over Milo Yiannopoulos

Trump to Mexico: Take Care of 'Bad Hombres' or US Might

Trump might defund the NEA. Here's what it could mean for Iowa

Obama’s White House worked for months on a plan to seize Raqqa. Trump’s team took a quick look and decided not to pull the trigger.

Trump’s campaign paid his businesses millions over course of campaign

Trump: I will tell McConnell to 'go nuclear' if Democrats hold up Gorsuch nomination

Trump administration says it’s putting Iran ‘on notice’ following missile test

White House says President Trump doesn't share Bannon's views on Islam

That time Donald Trump held a listening session on Black History Month and did most of the talking

No ‘G’day, mate’: On call with Australian prime minister, Trump badgers and brags

President Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is reportedly getting on Trump's nerves

Ivanka Trump's husband Jared Kushner reportedly has rift with President Donald Trump

Donald Trump UK state visit to be debated in Parliament

Trump’s administration has a new target on trade — and it’s not China or Mexico

Trump has fired the acting attorney general who ordered Justice Dept. not to defend president’s travel ban

Acting attorney general orders DOJ not to defend Trump's travel ban

Prime Minister Netanyahu will visit February 15, White House announces

Donald Trump: I will announce Supreme Court pick Tuesday evening

Trump defiantly says ‘all is going well’ on immigration order amid chaos, while Obama backs protesters

Trump signs executive order to slash regulations

White House considers reversing LGBT protections for federal workers

Trump’s Federal Hiring Freeze: Leaner Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Trump rally turns into Trump tantrum as market fears Washington is getting sidetracked

Two parts of Trump's political agenda are now on a collision course

Amid protests and confusion, Trump defends executive order: ‘This is not a Muslim ban’

Trump defends executive order concerning extreme vetting

Trump just made a sweeping, unprecedented change to the National Security Council

Trump Wants to Enlist Local Police in Immigration Crackdown

Giuliani says Trump asked him how to legally enact ‘Muslim ban’

Trump bars refugees and citizens of 7 Muslim countries

Trump order on refugees creates chaos

Trump’s Holocaust day statement fails to mention Jews or anti-Semitism

Kremlin: President Trump and Putin Talk Syria Coordination, 'Economic Connections' In Phone Call

Trump talks to world leaders amid alarm over Muslim immigrant policy

Trump wants good relationship with RussiaUK Prime Minister says sanctions should stay

British PM splits from Trump on Russia sanctions

Trump: 'Very early' to consider lifting Russian sanctions

Trump signs order to vet refugees

Trump signs order to temporarily shut nation's door to most refugees and start 'extreme vetting'

Trump signs order temporarily halting admission of refugees, promises priority for Christians

Trump holds hourlong call with Mexican president

Trump: ‘Too early’ to talk of moving embassy to Jerusalem

Trump sparks fears of war on science

Trump to GOP lawmakers: ‘Our chance to achieve great change’

President Trump's first interview in the White House Full Version

In his first major TV interview as president, Trump is endlessly obsessed with his popularity

Trump just proposed a $60 billion tax hike

Trump pressured Park Service to find proof for his claims about inauguration crowd

Trump’s freeze on EPA grants leaves researchers and their students in the dark

Trump said set to halt funding for UN agencies, other groups that give PA, PLO full membership

WH: Trump will sign directive on voter-fraud probe

Donald Trump is making major policy pronouncements based on what he sees on TV

Trump signs executive orders on border wall, US 'sanctuary cities'

Trump eviscerates Obama’s immigration policy in two executive orders

Donald Trump to call for ‘major investigation’ into voter fraud

Trump maintains Mexico is ‘100 percent’ paying for border wall

Trump to sign executive order banning Syrian refugees from US

Trump orders construction of border wall, boosts deportation force

Trump on waterboarding: 'We have to fight fire with fire'

Trump: Receiving nuclear codes a 'very sobering moment' 

Trump just got his first approval rating as president — and it's not good

The two main sticking points behind Trump's push to build more cars in the US

Kellyanne Conway just confirmed Trump wants to eliminate health coverage for millions

Trump seeks to revive Dakota Access, Keystone XL oil pipelines

Donald Trump advances controversial pipelines: ‘I am to a large extent an environmentalist’ but ‘it’s out of control’

The Latest: Trump vows to 'send in the Feds' to help Chicago

Trump Doubles Down on Promise to Give Americans a Tax Break

Is Trump ready for war in the South China Sea, or is his team just not being clear?

Donald Trump just forfeited in his first fight with China

Trump administration orders EPA contract freeze and media blackout

Trump files paperwork handing corporate offices of company he still owns to his sons

Trump believes millions voted illegally, WH says -- but provides no proof

Former Hiroshima mayor urges Trump to meet bomb survivors

Trump to sign executive orders enabling construction of proposed border wall and targeting sanctuary cities

Trump set to order construction of Mexican border wall

Trump, GOP set to battle on spending cuts

Trump weighs in on protests around the world

Trump talks replacing Obamacare, reiterates unsubstantiated voter fraud claims

Trump keeps promise to abandon Trans-Pacific Partnership

In call with Netanyahu, Trump vows to ‘closely consult’ on tackling Iran threat

Trump's TPP withdrawal: 5 things to know

Trump team doubles down on media criticism

Trump the Campaigner Isn’t Going Anywhere, First Days Show

Trump tells business leaders he wants to cut regulations by 75% or 'maybe more'

Trump told leaders 'illegals' cost him popular vote

Trump falsely claims 'millions of people who voted illegally' cost him popular vote

Trump is officially making an economic promise that will be nearly impossible to keep