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(Page 2) BEGINNING July 15, 2017


Trump to reinstate US military ban on transgender people

Trump announces ban on transgender people in U.S. military

Trump’s transgender military ban is another case of political malpractice

Why Trump’s Ban on Transgender Service people Is Flatly Unconstitutional

Inside Trump’s snap decision to ban transgender troops

Trump triggers storm with transgender ban 

Trump’s Transgender Ban Strategy: Bigotry to Hide the Corruption

Caitlyn Jenner, Andy Cohen, Joe Biden, and More Denounce Donald Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

Trump just eviscerated his claim to being an LGBT ally

Trump’s stance on LGBT rights has always been confusing

After bizarre speech, Boy Scouts of America distances itself from Trump

Trump speaks to American Legion Boys and Girls Nation

Trump targets Sen. Lisa Murkowski as he keeps pressure on GOP senators over Obamacare

Trump launches new attacks on Sessions

Trump rips Sessions, even as AG attends White House meeting

Rush Limbaugh calls out President Trump for his attacks on Jeff Sessions

You're fired! Or not? How Trump gets rid of people

Trump’s Russian Laundromat


The Trump White House’s War Within

Trump White House Tests a Nation’s Capacity for Outrage

Trump’s Attack on Sessions over Clinton Prosecution Highlights His Own ‘Weak’ Stance

Pro-Trump media furious over Trump's treatment of Sessions

Trump leaves Sessions twisting in the wind while berating him publicly

Trump 'disappointed' in Sessions, won't say if he wants him out

Donald Trump's public bullying of Jeff Sessions is embarrassing

Trump administration cuts short anti-teen pregnancy grants

President Trump Gives Remarks at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree

The Boy Scouts of America distance themselves from President Trump 

Trump's Boy Scout Speech Bashed Obama, Praised Yachting, Reignited the War on Christmas

President Trump, keep in mind that Russia and the West think about negotiations very, very differently

Pressure on Trump grows as Kushner is questioned

The Memo: Trump frustrations grow as pressure rises


Trump urges Senate Republicans to move ahead with health care reform

Trump’s tough talk on health care aims to revive flagging Senate effort

Trump: Senate GOP needs to fulfill promise to end 'Obamacare nightmare'

White House video misleads on CBO health-care estimates

Federal judge allows Trump commission’s nationwide voter data request to go forward

Trump sends Greenblatt to Israel to defuse Temple Mount crisis

Colorado’s David Bernhardt, Trump’s nominee for Interior Department post, is confirmed by Senate

White House Signals Acceptance of Russia Sanctions Bill 

Trump's toxic EPA budget burns chemical safety, child protections | Opinion

Trump labels Attorney General Jeff Sessions ‘beleaguered’

Trump leaves Sessions twisting in the wind while berating him publicly

Trump’s new team offers muddled messages on sanctions, pardons

Most presidents rely on expertise. Trump treats experts like the enemy

Yes, Trump Could Pardon Himself. Then All Hell Would Break Loose

Trump’s defenders insist he’s making America great again. But they can’t stop using shoddy data to prove it.

Exclusive: Trump ponders Rudy Giuliani for attorney general 

Trump Sells Make America Great Again Merchandise Through a Canadian Company

New poll shows Trump with dismal numbers in certain key regions 

Trump suggests the Washington 'swamp' is a 'sewer' in morning tweet

Former Carrier employee slams President Trump: 'He blew smoke up our a***s'


Trump's immigration crackdown straining courts, advocates say 

Trump’s new team offers muddled messages on sanctions, pardons

As Temple Mount tensions persist, where’s Donald Trump? 

Multiple senior Trump administration officials were vulnerable to Russian blackmail

Trump suggests Republicans should ‘protect their president’

Naval Ceremony Turns Political After Donald Trump Asks Crowd To Call Congress

Six Months of Trump: More People Want to See the President Impeached Than Nixon 


Trump unleashes long Twitter tirade day after staff shakeup

In tweet storm, Trump decries ‘illegal leaks’ and asserts ‘all agree’ he has complete power to pardon

'Out and out political warfare': Trump claims 'complete power to pardon' amid the White House's escalating war on Russia investigation

White House won't rule out pardons on Russia

Trump launches all-out assault on Mueller probe

The man who drives Trump’s Russia connection

Here are all the casualties of the Trump administration so far

Polls Show Trump, the Least Popular President Ever, Is Plunging Even Lower


President Trump's 7/21/17: Weekly Address

Don’t expect President Trump’s relationship with the media to get much better after staff shake-up

Trump hits reset button on messaging

Trump administration pulls health law help in 18 cities

What we know about the Trump legal team shakeup

Trump attack puts Sessions in bind 

Trump's Warning to Mueller Proves, Again, That It's All About the Money

Trump could place himself in even more legal jeopardy if he pardons his inner circle 

Can Trump pardon anyone? Himself? Can he fire Mueller? Your questions, answered.

A legal guide to pardoning yourself if you’re the president of the United States

President Trump’s first six months: The fact-check tally

President Trump’s Lies, the Definitive List

There Is No Trump Doctrine, and There Will Never Be One

Here’s what President Trump has done for Russia

Trump DOJ Expands Civil Forfeiture, Enabling More Police Corruption

Trump Was Right: NATO Is Obsolete

Trump to nominate Raytheon lobbyist for next Army secretary

Trump Wants to Sell 700 Million Barrels of US Oil

Here comes Trump's Made in America pipeline plan. Many companies and trade partners are already wary


Layoffs begin at Carrier plant that drew Trump's criticism

Trump has changed his health care stance 3 times in past 36 hours. Here are the receipts. 

Trump threatens electoral consequences for senators who oppose health bill

The Memo: Trump tries to bend Congress to his will

Excerpts From The Times’s Interview With Trump

Trump Made Several Misleading Claims in Times Interview

Donald Trump made 17 false claims in that wild New York Times interview, more than 400 in his first six months

NYT's Trump interview 'was an ongoing negotiation'

What It’s Like to Interview Donald Trump

Trump lawyers looking into special counsel's potential conflicts of interest: reports

Trump team seeks to control, block Mueller’s Russia investigation

Trump Aides, Seeking Leverage, Investigate Mueller’s Investigators

There Is No One Trump Won't Throw Under the Bus

The Daily 202: Trump shows disdain for rule of law with new attacks on Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller

Trump’s ‘America First’ promise leads to Homeland Security adding 15,000 seasonal visas

Trump Cutting Hundreds of Planned Regulations

Trump axes 860 Obama regulations, 179 from ‘secret’ list 

Trump just nominated a climate change skeptic to USDA’s top science post

Trump expected to name Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director 


Tensions reach new high between Trump, GOP

Trump calls Senate Republicans to White House for health care push

After Trump scolding, Senate to try again on ObamaCare repeal and replace

Not dead, yet: Trump pushes GOP senators to repeal Obamacare

Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow

Trump was talked out of declaring Iran in breach of nuke deal

Trump’s wall: The inside story of how the president crafts immigration policy

Trump Administration to Send Thousands of ICE Agents to Target Sanctuary Cities

Supreme Court allows Trump travel ban enforcement, but says it must allow broader exemptions for relatives

Trump: I wouldn’t have hired Sessions if I knew he’d recuse himself

Trump Falling Short on Promise to Fix Trade Deficit

The White House still thinks illegal votes may have given Clinton the popular vote. Basic logic and math disagree.

The Global Consequences of Trump’s Incompetence

Why Trump’s Base of Support May Be Smaller Than It Seems

Lot More Could Go Wrong for President Trump

The Seven Circles of Donald Trump’s Russia Inferno

Is Anyone Else Getting Bored of Donald Trump?


Trump’s erratic leadership is killing the GOP’s agenda

Trump blames Dems, 'a few Republicans' for collapse of healthcare bill

Trump says he'll 'let ObamaCare fail'

Trump suggests Republicans will let ACA market collapse, then rewrite health law

‘Let Obamacare Fail,’ Trump Says as G.O.P. Health Bill Collapses

Health care bill: Pro-Trump media blames Congress

Trump spoke with Putin at the end of the G20 social dinner

Trump and Putin had a previously undisclosed hour-long meeting at the Group of 20 summit in Germany

Trump to nominate Huntsman as Russia ambassador - White House 

Russia says ready to retaliate after U.S. talks end without deal

Amid Russia storm, Trump pivots to Made in America

Eighth person in Trump Tower meeting is identified

Trump has repeatedly broken his core campaign promise

Trump set out to uproot Obama's legacy. So far, that's failed

Where did Trump dig up 45,000 mining jobs?

Trump's steel push hits heavy opposition

Trump Worsens Climate Change Risks With Latest Arctic Drilling Approval

Trump administration will continue to consult with Israel on Syria ceasefire 

What if Macron Wasn’t Just Putting on a Show for Donald Trump?

Inside Trump Family’s Turmoil Amid Russia Scandal: Don Jr. Is ‘Miserable’ and Wants ‘These Four Years to Be Over’

Rupert Murdoch's papers criticize Trump; is the mogul sending a message?

'These realities will destroy Mr. Trump': Wall Street Journal editorial board tears into Trump over Russia 'fiasco'


Trump calls for ‘clean slate’ on GOP health plan

Health care is the top issue for Americans — and they don't like how Trump is handling it, poll says

The Trump administration has quietly cut more than $213 million from teen pregnancy prevention programs

Trump reportedly asked May to 'fix' warm welcome for him in Britain

Cutting legal immigration 50 percent might be Trump’s worst economic idea

Trump officials open border to 15,000 more foreign workers

Trump has no long-term foreign policy vision. Here’s how that’s hurting America.

Trump Stakes $46.2 Million on New Solar Power Technology 

Juan Williams: Trump's war on U.S. intelligence

What Did Trump Know About His Son’s Meeting, and When Did He Know It?

6 defenses of Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting — each more dubious than the last

Trump Goes All In on the 'Collusion Is Normal' Defense

Questions grow over Kushner’s security clearances

First on CNN - Ex-Trump adviser on Russia collusion: 'I heard nothing of the kind'

The threat now lurking behind Trump’s media-slamming tweets

No, President Trump, you haven’t signed more bills than any other president

Trump's historically low approval ratings could spell trouble for Republicans

Iowa Poll: As independents sour on Trump, disapproval rating tops 50%

Higher percentage of Americans want Trump's impeachment than wanted Nixon's as Watergate escalated: Poll

Protesters descend on Trump's Bedminster golf course at the U.S. Open

Trump is killing the Republican Party

Top Republicans Aren't Signing Up For Trump's War With The Media

Six months in, Trump has given just one solo press conference

The White House is trying to kill the daily press briefing

On ‘Made in America Week,’ White House fields questions about what’s not: Trump products


Trump campaign paid firm of lawyer representing Trump Jr. before emails were made public

Controversy over Trump Jr. meeting shows no signs of losing steam

Trump lawyer: Secret Service wouldn’t have let Trump Jr. take ‘nefarious’ meeting

Jay Sekulow full 'State of the Union' interview 

Secret Service: Donald Trump Jr. didn't have agency's protection at time of meeting

U.S. Secret Service rejects suggestion it vetted Trump son's meeting

Secret Service dismisses Trump lawyer's claim about Russia meeting

Trump lawyer: Denials of Russian contacts not 'suspect at all'

Trump re-election campaign doubles spending on legal fees

Trump’s no ‘dying in the streets’ pledge faces reality check

White House unveils ‘Made in America’ week, though many Trump products are made overseas

Trump’s approval rating the lowest since 1975, poll says

6 months in, a record low for Trump, with troubles from Russia to health care (POLL)

Kurson says Trump 'connects' with people

Megan Murphy: Trump has 'almost intentionally removed himself' from health care battle


Poll finds Trump standing weakened since springtime

Trump continues to call Russia story a ‘hoax’ despite new revelations about son’s meeting

The Memo: Team Trump frustrated by Russia cloud 

Newsletter Trump's team can't lie about Russia much longer

Analysis: Slow leak of Russia news flooding White House

Trump faces tough return to Washington 'swamp'

Trump and Macron cement unlikely friendship at Bastille Day event

In memo, Trump administration weighs expanding the expedited deportation powers of DHS

President Trump arrives, watches US Women's Open in Bedminster

Pope Allies Criticize Trump Religious Supporters, Steve Bannon

The latest evidence of Trump’s unfitness may be the most revolting

More Trump Impeachment Articles for Obstruction of Justice Are Coming, Rep. Al Green Says

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