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Romney: Trump's remarks at Putin summit 'disgraceful and detrimental to democratic principles'

‘Disgraceful’ and ‘tragic’: John McCain’s excoriation of Trump on Russia, annotated 

Even Paul Ryan went out of his way to criticize Trump on Russia 

Top Republicans in Congress break with Trump over Putin comments

Flake to introduce resolution countering Trump's Russia summit rhetoric

Trump’s defense of Russia prompts outrage from some Republicans 

'An absolute disgrace': Republicans blast Trump for his 'disgusting' press conference with Putin

GOP senator: Senate should be 'disgusted' by Helsinki summit

GOP senators downplaying Russian interference shows how Trump has co-opted the party 

Republicans come to Trump's defense after remarks with Putin get shredded as 'disgraceful'

Rand Paul: President's summit critics 'mistaken,' suffering from 'Trump derangement syndrome' 

This Is the Moment of Truth for Republicans
(The GOP can either defend the United States or serve the damaged and defective man who is now its president.)

House GOP reverses, cancels vote on Dem bill to abolish ICE

Republicans Target Elections With More Deficit-Boosting Tax Cuts

Watch the full press conference between Trump and Putin

'The United States has been foolish': Read the full transcript of Trump's press conference with Putin

Intelligence chief Dan Coats counters Trump: 'We have been clear in our assessments of Russian meddling'

Cohen backs up intelligence community after Trump casts doubt on Russian meddling

John Brennan: Trump's press conference with Putin 'nothing short of treasonous'

Comey: Trump stood 'next to a murderous lying thug,' refused to back U.S.

Anderson Cooper: Trump performance disgraceful

Hannity Trashes ‘Weak, Pathetic, Visionless, Feckless, Spineless Republicans’ for Criticizing Trump

Russian woman who tried to broker Trump-Putin meetings is busted for espionage

Mueller’s tough choice on Trump
(Seeking a subpoena this summer could spark a bitter court battle before vote.)

Putin refused to look at Mueller indictments during Fox News interview

Chris Wallace interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin

Susan Page and Stuart Rothenberg on Trump and Putin reactions

Trump's trade offensive is producing brutal local headlines 

U.S. Treasury moves to protect identities of 'dark money' political donors

U.S. judge suspends deportations of reunited immigrant families

Biden: Trump, Putin presser was 'beneath the dignity' of the presidency

Pelosi, Schumer: Trump’s news conference suggests Putin has something on him 

Watch the full press conference between Trump and Putin

Five takeaways from Trump's jaw-dropping performance with Putin

Donald Trump sent the worst tweet of his presidency this morning

Trump hands Putin a diplomatic triumph by casting doubt on U.S. intelligence agencies 

Trump slams Russia probe and blames U.S. for bad relations with Putin as the two leaders meet

Trump casts doubt on U.S. intelligence agencies after Putin denies election interference 

Trump Calls Mueller Probe ‘Disaster’ While Standing Next to Putin

The many different ways Trump has described Putin and Russian election interference

Trump refuses to denounce Putin over election meddling at summit, blames 'both countries'

To keep from blaming Putin, Trump shifts all the blame to his own opponents 

Trump dismissed the idea that Putin wanted him to win. Putin just admitted that he did. 

Trump’s news conference with Putin was everything Putin could have dreamed 

Trump Sheds All Notions of How a President Should Conduct Himself Abroad

Trump’s Helsinki ‘disgrace’ caps a destructive European trip  

Trump White House finds new reason to target Medicaid 


Trey Gowdy breaks with Trump: Russia probe is not a 'witch hunt'

Top GOP senator: Trump should be 'clear-eyed' going into meeting with Putin

Sasse: Trump shouldn't dignify Putin with Helsinki summit

Rand Paul on Russia indictments: We should focus on protecting elections instead of 'witch hunt on the president'

Cornyn says Trump conflating probe into Russian meddling with investigation of collusion

GOP senator: NATO summit 'turned out well'

GOP senator: Trump’s policies doing 'permanent damage'

GOP senator: Harley-Davidson is right to move some production overseas

'Undecided' Rand Paul worries about Kavanaugh's views on government surveillance

GOP leaders jockey for affection of House conservatives

In the Cult of Trump, There Is No Red Line for the President to Cross
(As the GOP increasingly comes to resemble a personality cult, is there any red line—video tapes? DNA evidence? a war with Germany—President Trump could cross and lose party support? “Very doubtful,” say a dozen GOP members of Congress stuck hard behind the MAGA eight ball.)

Bolton: U.S. election hack a serious matter, 'hard to believe' Putin didn't know about

Bolton: Indictment of Russian hackers 'strengthens' Trump's hand in meeting with Putin

Bolton: It's 'silly' for Trump to demand extradition of Russian intelligence officers

Protests in Helsinki ahead of Trump-Putin summit 

Just Sitting Down With Trump, Putin Comes Out Ahead

Trump can’t beat Putin at his own game 

In Dissing Angela Merkel and NATO, What Was Trump Telling Putin?

Russians' indictment casts shadow ahead of Trump-Putin summit

Five things to watch for in Trump-Putin summit

The backlash from Trump’s Britain visit will be felt for years to come 

U.S. National Intelligence Chief Sounds Chilling Alarm On Cyber Attacks

Carl Bernstein: Recent indictments show Mueller probe is 'not a witch hunt'

Immigrant kids held in shelters: ‘They told us to behave, or we’d be here forever’ 

On abortion and other issues, Kavanaugh’s heroes are more conservative than Kennedy 

Top Senate Dem: Trump administration's lack of focus on election security an 'embarrassment'

Dem senator warns of possible concessions ahead of Trump-Putin summit

Dem senator: We need other Americans in the room with Trump, Putin

Trump and Putin to hold first summit talks as twitchy West looks on

Summit fever: Trump reaches for big moment with Putin

‘Maybe he’ll be a friend’: Trump highlights common ground with Putin ahead of summit 

Trump wish for warm Putin ties highlights policy disconnect

‘I hadn’t thought’ of asking Putin to extradite indicted Russian agents, Trump says 

Trump going into Putin summit with ‘low expectations’

Axios: Trump 'lashed out' at Putin over propaganda video

President Trump calls media ‘the enemy of the people’

What Trump’s NATO defense plan would mean for the US

Trump calls the European Union a foe of the United States

Trump’s remarks about Europe’s migrants draw charges of racism

Trump slams Strzok’s testimony as a ‘disgrace to our country’

Trump campaign has spent roughly $1.2M on legal fees in 2018


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